Embarrassing Quotes

Embarrassing Quotes by Aisha Tyler, Catherine Reitman, Burt Reynolds, Elizabeth I, Peaches Geldof, Daniel Handler and many others.

If you have a secret, and it's embarrassing to you, whe

If you have a secret, and it’s embarrassing to you, when you tell that story – you own it. It becomes yours, and no one can use it against you.
Aisha Tyler
There’s so much dishonesty with motherhood in general… The truth is it’s just a lot of embarrassing, humiliating moments.
Catherine Reitman
Frankly, it’s embarrassing to have a house filled with giant portraits of yourself.
Burt Reynolds
[To Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, on his return from self-imposed exile, occasioned by the embarrassing flatulence he had experienced in the presence of the Queen:] My Lord, I had forgot the fart.
Elizabeth I
Broadsheets can be scathing. But I have respect for broadsheet journalists because they haven’t succumbed to degrading themselves, to writing pidgin English with all these terrible colloquialisms, the phrasing of which is just, like, embarrassing.
Peaches Geldof
The difference between a house and a home is like the difference between a man and a woman– it might be embarrassing to explain, but it would be very unusual to get them confused.
Daniel Handler
Music has always been a huge part of my life and when I was a kid I was always throwing myself into whatever I could music-related – even if it was a little embarrassing!
Nicky Romero
I like pot, I enjoy pot, I like to smoke it. But, the one thing I don’t like about pot is the subculture it’s spawned. I think it’s embarrassing and really juvenile and uncreative
David Cross
I find the theatre faintly embarrassing for the actors performing on stage. It seems rather showy-off in an undignified way.
Charles Saatchi
The first year I started hockey, I didn’t know how to skate, so I got on the ice with all of the hockey players, and we were doing drills where we had to go backwards in figure eights. And I could not skate, and I just kept falling on my butt, and it was very embarrassing.
Shawn Mendes
I’m sometimes asked about my productivity, which I find a bit embarrassing to be honest. I don’t really have a particularly interesting answer to this question.
Oliver D. Crisp
Actually, I find it embarrassing being a pop star. I prefer it when people just treat me like anybody else, although occasionally there is a side of me, which is indulgent and I expect certain things because of my position. It’s one of the perks.
Michael Hutchence
I think reality television, unless it’s inspirational, which it very rarely is, I think it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing state of affairs that we’re in.
Chelsea Handler
We record Dream Theater shows and I’ll sit on the bus and listen to my playing – what worked, what didn’t. A lot of times it’s embarrassing and humbling, but that’s what you have to do to get better.
John Petrucci
I was good at embarrassing authority. It was fun. There’s a fearlessness that goes along with being a kid.
Tara Stiles
My mistakes do happen on a grand scale and very public level. They’re humiliating, embarrassing. But if nothing bad happens to you, you’ll just continue to act ridiculous.
Christian Slater
I don’t care for sex. I find it an embarrassing, dull exercise. I prefer sports, where you can win.
Norm MacDonald
In 2005, the Iraq war was entering its third year and no one believed that we were going to find WMDs any more. The prewar claims of their certain existence were becoming an embarrassing joke, a big present we’d been offered that was getting ever later in showing up.
Jesse Armstrong
I am a professional transvestite, so I can run about in heels and not fall over.
Eddie Izzard
Life is a series of embarrassing moments which leave you feeling alone in your confusion and shame
Miranda Hart
My musical knowledge is so bad it’s embarrassing. When composers discuss music with someone as primitive as myself, they have to talk about it in terms of senses and emotion, rather than keys and tempo.
Jane Campion
Sometimes the greatest things are the most embarrassing.
Ellen DeGeneres
When I was growing up, it was so embarrassing to be from Jersey.
Tate Donovan
The most embarrassing part of the film is that the new problem posed by simulation is confused with its classical, Platonic treatment … The Matrix is surely the kind of film about the matrix that the matrix would have been able to produce.
Jean Baudrillard
A lot of times, in a store, clothes appear strange to me, their cuts or flourishes arbitrary. Why is this look stylish now? How long will it be stylish for? It’s slightly embarrassing to admit this – because, as a novelist, I’m supposed to be observant – but I’m flummoxed by the way other women dress.
Curtis Sittenfeld
Standup is a place where, as long as it’s funny enough, you can say your most embarrassing things, shameful things and disappointing things.
Sara Pascoe
Even when I was really young, I hated doing commercials, because I would say, “That’s not real acting.” And it’s not. It’s embarrassing what they make little kids do in commercials.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Had Roosevelt been caught, we would have been in a lot of trouble. It would have been very embarrassing.
John Perkins
Our corrupt, partisan media are embarrassing.
Mollie Hemingway
I had the classic 40 meltdown, I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. But then I recovered. To me, it was like a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness.
Keanu Reeves
I was obsessed with Lil’ Bow Wow growing up, and you couldn’t see the white of my walls because they were plastered with his photos. This is even more embarrassing: I had a notebook full of facts about Bow Wow and different pictures. I basically made a biography notebook about him and his life when he was, like, 13.
Samira Wiley
Especially with comedy, you take massive risks because ultimately you’re trying to be funny. If you’re not funny, then it’s really embarrassing and you look stupid.
Dominic Cooper
Everybody was telling me to sit my ass down. Everybody was telling me to get a real job. Everybody was asking me, “What are you doing? You’re ruining your life. You’re embarrassing your family.” That’s all I got. So you can’t listen to that. You have to listen to yourself.
Leslie Jones
I did some pretty embarrassing modeling, like catalogs and QVC. I know there’s probably a stereotype where all pretty girls think they’re unattractive, but modeling is the worst thing for your self-esteem, because you’re never pretty enough, you’re never thin enough.
Whitney Cummings
It’s not like I go out there to be a sex symbol. I mean, it’s nice of course – but embarrassing.
Daniel Craig
I do read very, very quickly. I do process data very quickly. And so I write very quickly. And it is embarrassing because there is a conception that the things that you do quickly are not done well. I think that’s probably one of the reasons I don’t like the idea of prolific.
Jackie French
When I was at The Orlando Sentinel as a sports columnist, it was embarrassing that I was the only black female sports columnist at a daily newspaper in North America.
Jemele Hill
The current constitutional law places the president of the republic in an embarrassing situation.
Jose Eduardo dos Santos
I find the idea that some kids go into acting because of their parents butt-clenchingly embarrassing. I’ve gone out of my way to prove myself as a separate being. I don’t want to be seen as a subset of someone else.
Rachael Stirling
People want to be famous, they want to be loved, they want to be accepted. They want to push aside their past and the things that have been embarrassing to them.
Sandra Bernhard
My first band was called Nubert Circus, a very embarrassing, dumb name. It means nothing. We were kind of grunge. I would say we were more funny punk, a lot of songs about food and stuff like that.
Phil Elverum
The man’s [Bush] embarrassing. He’s not my president and he never will be either.
Julia Roberts
What’s so good about a heaven where, one of these days, you’re going to get your embarrassing old body back?
Marsha Norman
Absolutely, when you talk about the embarrassment that I caused in 2007 for myself, my family, the NBA, it was embarrassing then, and it’s as embarrassing now seeing it play out in a movie 10 years later. It’s tough to watch it. Every time I watch it, I cringe through the whole thing.
Tim Donaghy
I think I’m a good writer. I think I have my own voice, which is unique to everyone, everyone has their own voice; if they would just write from a vulnerable embarrassing place, it’s going to be universal and it’s going to be entertaining. Because everyone is the same and everyone is unique.
Nicole Holofcener
I’m a nervous sharer. I’m nervous to share things in their unfinished state just because, I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing. You know what it could be, but you can’t explain what it’s going to be.
Amanda Shires
I always entertain the notion that I’m wrong, or that I’ll have to revise my opinion. Most of the time that feels good; sometimes it really hurts and is embarrassing.
Anthony Bourdain
It was beyond embarrassing or humiliating or even mortifying. It was ego-slaying!
Wendelin Van Draanen
Women often postpone their lives, thinking that if they’re not with a partner then it doesn’t really count. They’re still searching for their prince, in a way. And as much as we don’t discuss that, because it’s too embarrassing and too sad, I think it really does exist.
Jane Campion
It’s one of those secrets that’s embarrassing to acknowledge, but we do love our students.
Joyce Carol Oates
Being an actor is just kind of embarrassing.
Adam Scott
Just sharing things that are either embarrassing or possibly relatable, searching for that laugh so that someone makes me feel less alone. Like, ‘Oh, they laughed, so they get what I’m saying.
Nikki Glaser
Grover Norquist is a mean-spirited, humorless, dishonest little creep… an embarrassing anomaly, the leering, drunken uncle everyone else wishes would stay home… [He] is repulsive, granted, but there aren’t nearly enough of him to start a purge trial.
Tucker Carlson
For the most part, works of mine are untitled. There was a brief period where I had poetic titles for works, and they’re embarrassing now. I think, for the most part, it’s not something that I have talent for.
Robert Gober
I can’t give birth to my own child; we know that. But it’s still embarrassing to me, and that’s just how I feel. It’s a sensitive subject.
Gigi Gorgeous
[Imagination] must be visited constantly, or else it begins to become restless and emit strange bellows at embarrassing moments; ignoring it only makes it grow larger and noisier.
Patricia A. McKillip
I didn’t like talking about my divorce. I think I viewed that as something that was embarrassing or a failure.
Pete Holmes
Is Adele embarrassing? I think she’s dope.
Bobby Wagner
It’s embarrassing to say you want to be a comedian. Admitting that you want attention and you think you’re such a laugh.
Natasia Demetriou
Fame… it’s been a challenge, let’s put it that way. It’s a privilege and a responsibility, and I’m not sure I carried the responsibility well at times, which is embarrassing. And I’ve had to look and be disappointed in myself occasionally for how I behaved in some circumstances.
William Hurt
I’m not a big fan of guitar face: you know, when someone’s playing guitar, and they make this really embarrassing face, like they smush their lips together and… they look you in the eye, and it’s really humiliating.
Lucas Till
I used to make fun of my friends who had BlackBerries. And I know that the expression CrackBerry has been going around, but now I fully understand it. I’m actually addicted to a piece of machinery, and that’s really embarrassing
John Krasinski
I’m not a very good dancer. My feet don’t point far enough; my extension is embarrassing. Dance, for me, has been hard because it’s a strive for perfection.
Justin Peck
I am a graphic artist heart and soul, though I find the term artist rather embarrassing.
M. C. Escher
I feel like my dad was really, really peak-level embarrassing, whether he was screaming at me or just cheap and rude.
Tana Mongeau
If human beings are to survive in a nuclear age, committing acts of violence may eventually have to become as embarrassing as urinating or defecating in public are today.
Myriam Miedzian
When you fight against your own weaknesses, there’s something embarrassing about it.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Be equal to your talent, not your age. At times let the gap between them be embarrassing.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
I really was the nerd in the car that read vocabulary books. If we were going on day trips, I would quite like to have just stayed in the car with my German and French vocab books. It’s embarrassing to admit to it now.
Susie Dent
No family is complete without an embarrassing uncle.
Peter Morgan
Shopping and buying and getting and having comprise the Great American Addiction. No one is immune. When the underclass riots in this country they don’t kill policemen and politicians, they steal merchandise. How embarrassing.
George Carlin
Going on ‘Howard Stern’ was embarrassing.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
[A] great embarrassing fact… haunts all attempts to represent the market as the highest form of human freedom: that historically, impersonal, commercial markets originate in theft.
David Graeber
My parents were hugely supportive like that. I was always the best – it’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? I was always the best at everything.
Francesca Annis
I know all about love that’s too big to stay in a tiny bucket. Splashing out all over the place in the most embarrassing way possible.
Carol Rifka Brunt
To me, the term ‘best of’ is quite embarrassing, I think of Madonna and Bruce Springsteen and all these amazing artists. I don’t really see myself in that kind of gang, unfortunately.
Amy Macdonald
To make an embarrassing admission, I like video games. That’s what got me into software engineering when I was a kid. I wanted to make money so I could buy a better computer to play better video games – nothing like saving the world.
Elon Musk
I’ve got bits falling off me. I’m not made of rubber. That’s from film stunts. Every single injury I have is related to a movie. I know that sounds fundamentally embarrassing.
Russell Crowe
I have the embarrassing thing where often if you’re watching a film, you kind of go through the emotions and the thought stages that your character went through, but you sort of do it with Tourette’s. So I end up often crying when I’m crying, and looking angry when I’m looking angry, so it’s pretty ugly.
Cate Blanchett
I was way behind physically in high school. They had weight bars that were about forty-five pounds. I couldn’t handle them. Couldn’t even put the weights on. It was embarrassing. So I always figured out ways to avoid lifting when I was young.
Scottie Pippen
It’s almost embarrassing, but I do have one trick for taking portraits on commission. I carry one of these little bicycle horns in my pocket, and once in a while, when someone is sour-faced or stiff, I blow my horn. It sort of shatters the barriers. It’s silly, but it works.
Elliott Erwitt
When you see an article it always has ‘disgraced NBA referee.’ It’s embarrassing and it’s never going to be okay. Unfortunately, I have to move forward and just make things different moving forward.
Tim Donaghy
There are no embarrassing answers-just embarrassing questions.
Carl T. Rowan
It’s always embarrassing when somebody does something praiseworthy of you.
Kris Kristofferson
My mom was a professional fitness competitor, so I go into the gym with her. I train with my dad and mother. It’s embarrassing, because she’s really strong.
Booboo Stewart
Now that I’ve had a book published, it is quite validating, but a bit embarrassing.
Jon McGregor
My first big one-person show was basically a combination of my family, me during puberty, embarrassing newspaper articles that were written about me in high school, my first modeling photos, and terrible things that people said about me on the Internet.
Tom Lenk
A woman puts on a new dress eyeliner lip gloss to please others. A woman paints her toes to please herself. And if there was one thing I was familiar with it was pleasing…There’s no way to finish that sentence without embarrassing myself.
Molly Harper
Russian ladies, for the most part, cherish only Platonic love, without mingling any thought of matrimony with it; and Platonic love is exceedingly embarrassing.
Mikhail Lermontov
You managed not to get eaten then?
Prince Philip
When I was a kid, among the other embarrassing things I would do, and there’s a list of stupid things, but I would make these dumb comedy tapes. I would often make prank phone calls, but I would also do it with friends.
J. J. Abrams
I fear if I cannot think again, if my mind suddenly goes blank. It will be embarrassing.
Goenawan Mohamad
I don’t really get embarrassed a lot because I feel like life goes on. I mean, I fell on stage one time; like, I tripped one time. My voice cracked… That’s pretty embarrassing.
Jay Park
The assumption of merit is easier, less embarrassing, and more effectual than the actual attainment of it.
William Hazlitt
Somebody who never got over the embarrassing fact that he was born in bed with a lady.
Sydney J. Harris
Slightly embarrassing admission: Even when I was a kid, I used to have these little spy books, and I would, like, see what everybody was doing in my neighborhood and log it down.
Heather Brooke
I think when I first started cycling, it wasn’t that popular with kids. I felt almost embarrassed going down the road on my road bike; I didn’t want my friends to see me because it was embarrassing.
Laura Trott
I think that I came of age in the 1970s with my own work, and it was a time of conceptual and process art, and it was very important not to tell a story. If you told a story, when I was a young artist and first came to N.Y., it was, like, an embarrassing way to make art.
Laurie Simmons
It gets embarrassing to say something untrue because you put it online and everyone knows about it, so it’s better to tell the truth.
People would ask, ‘Why is your vocal cord paralyzed?’ I said it was a virus. I didn’t say it was an elective procedure to add hair to the front of my head. It was embarrassing. There’s an embarrassing element to that.
Joe Buck
But you have to understand that I consider myself a very modest artist, or whatever, and not of importance really at all – it is quite embarrassing to me to be asked my opinion about things. I am only a wee Scottish poet on the outside of everything.
Ian Hamilton Finlay
In Russia, tweeting or sharing real news that’s embarrassing to the regime can land you in prison. Imagine, then, the response of the regime to ‘fake news’ that’s damaging to the Kremlin.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
The main aim of conservative politicians is to get through to the next election without being noticed. Nothing is more embarrassing to them than a person who claims not only to share their beliefs but also to be inclined to put them into practice.
Roger Scruton
It’s a little embarrassing that after 45 years of research & study, the best advice I can give people is to be a little kinder to each other.
Aldous Huxley
It’s amazing how many companies aren’t really in tune to the needs of different travelers. There’s just so many embarrassing situations that you go through when you travel. You have to have a sense of humor about it and take it in stride. My whole approach is to embrace spontaneity.
Zach Anner
I found many ways around my dyslexia, but I still have trouble transforming words into sounds. I have to memorize and rehearse before reading anything aloud to avoid embarrassing myself by mispronouncing words.
Philip Schultz
Never forget when posting something on Instagram that it lasts forever. Instagram is embarrassing enough as is, so be careful. A post might not embarrass you in this moment, but it’s likely to in the future. So don’t only think about yourself; think about your future self.
Cazzie David
The word ’embarrassing’ is an insulting word, to tell you the truth.
Peyton Manning
I hate having to pose for photos. It’s just so embarrassing. Everyone is expecting you to know what to do because you’re an actor, but I haven’t a clue.
Claire Foy
It’s stupid and embarrassing that you can describe something to one person and not to another. Until I’ve solved that problem I’m not going to feel like I’ve achieved too much.
Oneohtrix Point Never
I don’t like knowing about other people’s feelings. There is nothing more embarrassing. Just as when you play cards and you see your opponent’s hand. You are sure to lose.
Jean Giraudoux
I used to drink, I did, I had to quit. Man, I was an embarrassing drunk. I’d get pulled over by the cops, I’d be so drunk I’d be out dancing to their lights thinking I’d made it to another club.
Bill Hicks
C’mon. He’d be embarrassing upstairs at the White House. So I think she’d have a hard time. I think a woman president would have to be very conservative to get elected.
Chris Matthews
The thing that drives me nuts is when I get stopped in a crowded place, and they look at me and say, ‘Who are you?’ I don’t know if they’re friends or fans, and I say, ‘I’m Annabella Sciorra’, and they say, ‘What have you done?’ So I start to give them my resume. It’s so embarrassing.
Annabella Sciorra
I am so disappointed in Apple. I don’t even use an iPhone anymore. Their marketing sucks. It’s embarrassing. It’s just garbage.
Casey Neistat
My experiences are universal. I’m not doing anything embarrassingВ  – to me what would be embarrassing is to talk about minutia. It would be embarrassing to get up there and not say anything.
Mary Gauthier
Letters are above all useful as a means of expressing the ideal self; and no other method of communication is quite so good for this purpose. In letters we can reform without practice, beg without humiliation, snip and shape embarrassing experiences to the measure of our own desires.
Elizabeth Hardwick
I’ve often thought having a politician for a parent must be like having a constantly embarrassing uncle.
Johann Lamont
I’m not high maintenance, and I’m not into a highly manicured man. I don’t want to see a lot of hair product. If he’s too showy, that’s embarrassing to me – I wear makeup and take showers, but that’s basically it. I’m not trying to stand out too much.
Cecily Strong
I have, of all the inglorious things, a malignant hemorrhoid. What color bracelet does one wear for that? And where does one wear it? And what slogan is apropos? Perhaps that slogan can be sewn in needlepoint around the ruffle on a cover for my embarrassing little doughnut buttocks pillow.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’ve got ambitions. I’ve always been very ambitious. But I think there’s something nice about not saying all of my dreams, in case they don’t happen and then it’s just really embarrassing.
Plus it’s just embarrassing when someone – oops.’ She pressed a hand to her side, and had the blood draining out of Harper’s face. ‘What? What?’ ‘Nothing. baby’s moving around. Sometimes it gives me a jolt is all.’ ‘You should stand up. You should sit down.
Nora Roberts
I had no idea what to expect moving to New York. It’s embarrassing to say, but I didn’t even realize that people bought contemporary art… that people actually paid for it… I know that’s really dumb. I was really naive. I had no idea artists made money.
Wade Guyton
I’m an old-school, embarrassing Joni Mitchell fan. Her music made a hook in my soul and hasn’t let go for all these years. I even sing her songs as lullabies to my kids.
Edie Falco
I grew up being scared of the water, which is embarrassing to say as an Australian, but it’s true.
Yvonne Strahovski
One thing we should all understand is that we are brutally honest with search engines. You show me your search history, and I’ll find something incriminating or something embarrassing there in five minutes. We are more honest with search engines than we are with our families.
Mikko Hypponen
I have a really embarrassing reaction to horror films. I break out in a fever.
Juliet Rylance
My first job was in sixth grade, sweeping the clay tennis courts at the yacht club near my house, which I was not a member of. Always had to pay my own rent. But I don’t really have any concept of how money works. I don’t know how much things cost. Like a BMW. Or a quart of milk. It’s embarrassing.
Chloe Sevigny
The most embarrassing one is that I had no idea – and please excuse me – that you guys call a condom a rubber. My version of a rubber is an eraser. I’ve done that – very loudly asked for a rubber and people have given me strange looks. That was embarrassing!
Emma Watson
It’s almost embarrassing how well-behaved I was, which is probably why I do things like spit water on myself onstage as an adult.
Karen O
You know how you toilet paper and egg somebody’s house? I did it, right? But I did it back-to-back nights, Saturday and Sunday. They called the police. Good thing nobody got arrested but that was something embarrassing and stupid. Why would you do the same house twice? It was ridiculous.
Jared Dudley
I’m embarrassed when I see Brits abroad; they have their tops off, wear flip flops, and shout at the top of their voices.
Noel Gallagher
When I finished my degree at Oxford, I went and acted for a bit. And I was appalling. And with each part, I thought, ‘Well, that’s embarrassing. I’d better do one more to show people I’m not that bad.’ And, in fact, instead of a taking a year, that’s gone on for 35 years.
Hugh Grant
How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?
Prince Philip
There was an embarrassing moment at a recent Democratic fundraiser. When John Kerry was handed a $10 million dollar check, he said, ‘I do.’
Craig Kilborn
I never sleep alone. If there is no one to sleep next to, I’ll sleep next to a stuffed animal. It makes me feel secure and safe. It’s a little embarrassing to admit it; I’m an old man now. It’s important to me though.
Keith Richards
It certainly is an embarrassing fact, then, for certain classical scholars to have to face, that the Platonic Academy continued to function in Athens for over nine hundred years.
Robert K. G. Temple
I feel like I’m being too Zen. I’m inhaling too much patchouli and incense. It’s embarrassing.
Jimmy Fallon
I wanted to be famous. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I came out to L.A. thinking it would happen in no time. I thought, ‘Once they see me, they’ll be so glad I came.’ I always had a ridiculous amount of self-confidence about what was going to happen to me.
Chelsea Handler
I think there is a problem, though, with the media gushing over [Obama] too much. I don’t think he thinks that he’s all that, but the media does. I mean, the coverage after, that I was watching, from MSNBC, I mean these guys were ready to have sex with him.It’s embarrassing.
Bill Maher
I was collecting Barbies. I know… embarrassing. I sold them all on eBay, and traded them for vintage dishes. So I’ve collected two things.
Kristin Bauer van Straten
You think I don’t know about wrong love, June? You think I don’t understand embarrassing love?
Carol Rifka Brunt
It’s embarrassing to quote Gandhi or something, but being the change you want to see in the world is pretty powerful.
Devendra Banhart
Most of us have nicknames-annoying, endearing, embarrassing.But what about your true name?It is not necessarily your given name. But it is the one to which you are most eager to respond when called.Ever wonder why?Your true name has the secret power to call you.
Vera Nazarian
I think my iTunes is a kind of strange and embarrassing mix of show tunes and artists that I have no perception of whether or not they’re huge or not, you know? I’m the kind of person who doesn’t realize that The Arcade Fire is a big deal, but then I expect everybody to know Cocoon, and people tend to not know Cocoon.
Anna Kendrick
It’s sometimes a little embarrassing to take selfies, but sometimes I want to take a selfie because I’m like, ‘Oh I look cute. I like my hat. I like what I’m wearing, and I want to show it off.’
Diane Guerrero
On ‘Death In Paradise,’ I had a CGI pet lizard and had to react to nothing, which was hideously embarrassing.
Ben Miller
I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing.
Emma Watson
I always find it kind of embarrassing, kind of funny, and kind of exciting. In New York I’m recognized a lot, although nobody says anything. You know, they stare at you just a second too long. But in Paris it’s not as commonplace to be recognized.
Marc Jacobs
I’m a sucker for a sale. I don’t understand why anyone wants to pay full price for anything because everything goes on sale. I love sale websites. In fact – this is almost kind of embarrassing – I’m coming from an Isabel Marant sample sale.
Busy Philipps
I grew up listening to – it’s kind of embarrassing – all classical music.
Caroline Shaw
Me + Love Songs on KOST=embarrassing car jam sesh.
Joanna Garcia
I always find it a bit embarrassing when people sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ Nobody knows when it finishes, so it goes on and on.
Sheila Hancock
The creepy stuff was that I have had sex with women who worked for me on this show. Now, my response to that is yes I have. I have had sex with women who worked on this show. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would, especially for the women.
David Letterman
I feel like a lot of life is distasteful and embarrassing. And you just push through it. You fix what you can, and you let time pass.
Curtis Sittenfeld
Age, with shamefaced relief, has learned the solvent quality of Time. It is this quality which makes possible the contemplation of certain embarrassing heavenly reunions.
Margaret Deland
Early on, I found the attention completely embarrassing. I’d cringe if I saw my picture on the cover of a magazine.
Julie Christie
Hey. Hands off.” “, ““Please. Please, please, soooo pretty. Lemme just have one little touch.” ““Peabody, isn’t it embarrassing enough you’re wearing pink cowboy boots, again, without standing here drooling on my coat?””, [J.D. Robb, Celebrity In Death]
Nora Roberts
The song ‘Humiliation’ is kind of about what if, outside of a dinner party or something, I was blown up by a drone missile, out by the pool. What an embarrassing way to go.
Matt Berninger
But my drive to win is so great … I just step over that line. … It’s very embarrassing, … one of the things you totally regret. So you look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘I was stupid.’
Michael Jordan
I think that phrase is the most horrible phrase in the English language – ‘I don’t know.’ It’s terribly embarrassing.
Jim Morrison
I remember being away somewhere, and I had forgotten it was Valentine’s Day with a person, and that was very embarrassing.
Bradley Cooper
Perhaps the most embarrassing experience is being caught at a lie by a simpleton who sneers at our asinine cleverness.
Franz Grillparzer
It is not without fear and trembling that a historian of religion approaches the problem of myth. This is not only because of that preliminary embarrassing question: what is intended by myth? It is also because the answers given depend for the most part on the documents selected.
Mircea Eliade
Any good history book is mainly just a long list of mistakes, complete with names and dates. It’s very embarrassing.
A. Whitney Brown
Are you kidding me? It’s insane that civil rights are being denied people in this day and age. It’s embarrassing, and it’s heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I’m completely in support of gay marriage. In 10 years we’ll be ashamed that this was an issue.
Chris Evans
God, George Bush makes me want to slash my wrists. He’s so embarrassing I have to leave the room when he’s on the news. What a monkey.
Margot Kidder
I was really enjoying one of the screenings of “Beautiful Creatures” and there was this little 14-year-old boy sitting next to me in the screening and I was laughing at all the jokes and I just felt really judged. I had to keep it down a bit. It’s a bit embarrassing.
Alice Englert
I am completely, utterly obsessed with clothes. To an embarrassing extent.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
Sometimes I think we keep secrets for the wrong reasons. If we could instead find that right person to talk to we might find that talking about an embarrassing story or admitting our frailty might lead to a more authentic relationship with others or ourselves.
Frank Warren
Most friendly fire incidents aren’t investigated properly because of neglect or a natural inclination to cover up the embarrassing fact that they killed one of their own.
Jon Krakauer
I had the classic 40 meltdown. I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. But then I recovered. To me, it was like a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness.
Keanu Reeves
The best work that anybody ever writes is the work that is on the verge of embarrassing him, always.
Arthur Miller
A lot of controversy over this possible invasion of Iraq. In fact, Nelson Mandela was so upset, he called Bush’s dad. How embarrassing, when world leaders start calling your father.
Jay Leno
Dying is the most embarrassing thing that can ever happen to you, because someone’s got to take care of all your details.
Andy Warhol
I’m always ripping clothing. It’s so embarrassing.
Rebel Wilson
When I’m on the red carpet, most people say, ‘Who the hell is that?’ It’s downright embarrassing.
Callum Blue
Basically, my life is so boring, it’s embarrassing.
Hugh Grant
They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet… We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don’t know about anything that’s happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing.
Michael Moore
Using a public bathroom is an incredibly embarrassing experience. I enter the stall but can’t reach the lock on the door.
Sinead Burke
You can get through very serious and sometimes horrible and sometimes embarrassing and very awkward situations with humor. It gives us a way out.
Janet Evanovich
I have about 4 albums of Disney songs, but the embarrassing part is that I know each song word for word, and have dances choreographed for most.
Jessica De Gouw
Try not to worry about embarrassing yourself. That’s a lifetime’s task.
Roger Allam
The internet makes it much easier for politicians to communicate directly with voters – think of the interest when David [Cameron] launched WebCameron, or Tony Blair’s rather embarrassing attempt to catch up on YouTube.
Theresa May
Colby Covington has a very low IQ. He says a lot of stupid things, and it’s almost embarrassing that he represents our country that way.
Ben Askren
Rumer Willis was having a great time at the opening of a club when her twin walked in, also known as her dad, Bruce Willis. How embarrassing for her, she’s out with her friends and they’re like, ‘Umm, Rumer, I think your dad put something in my drink.’
Chelsea Handler
I was doing one of my first plays at the Royal Court, and Matt LeBlanc came to see the play. He came backstage afterwards, and I couldn’t speak. I kept trying to, but no words came out. I just kept thinking, ‘That’s Joey from ‘Friends.’ That’s actual Joey from ‘Friends!” It was so embarrassing!
Bel Powley
I used to run away from the cops and now I stand and chat with them about my art. I’m older now and it is harder to run away from them. It would be embarrassing for an older man to get arrested by someone half your age. So I gave up running.
Ben Eine
The quantum is that embarrassing little piece of thread that always hangs from the sweater of space-time. Pull it and the whole thing unravels.
Fred Alan Wolf
What I hate is when something I’ve done is replaced by something better than what I’ve done. It’s really embarrassing.
Paula Scher
I think the first time I tried to write a romantic song, it was just horrendously embarrassing. I remember thinking, ‘Okay, I’m not going to do that anymore.’ I think that sort of embarrassed me for the next 10 years.
Tobias Jesso, Jr.
Well, Harry Reid and other members of congress, they’re just furious over this Olympic uniform deal. He says we should burn the uniforms, and it’s an embarrassment and a disgrace. Not as embarrassing as congress constantly borrowing money from the Chinese, but still embarrassing.
Jay Leno
My dad had a wildly embarrassing habit for a while, that luckily only came out when he was traveling abroad. When trying to decide what restaurant to eat in, he would boldly stride in to the kitchen of every possible contender and have a look around.
Chris Morocco
It’s a little bit embarrassing to say but… I wanted to be a penguin.
Kei Nishikori
As a work gets more autobiographical, more intimate, more confessional, more embarrassing, it breaks into fragments.
David Shields
It’s embarrassing to be in the only westernized economy that doesn’t have paid family leave and flex scheduling, and that disproportionately helps women.
Christie Hefner
It’s embarrassing when you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on the Best Seller’s List.
Abbie Hoffman
I’ve had bad experiences on red carpets where people didn’t know who I was and were like, ‘Get out of the way!’ It’s so embarrassing to have someone scream at you like you’re not worth anything when you were invited there.
Lamorne Morris
There’s nothing more embarrassing than to have earned the disfavor of a perceptive animal.
Michael Chabon
There’s nobody in the arts in my family. It was kind of embarrassing to even say that I wanted to be an actor.
Frank Grillo
Sadly, I do my homework. I’ve a soft spot for the boring minutiae. I read the Charter of the United Nations before meeting with Kofi Annan. I read the Meltzer report, and then I’ll read C. Fred Bergsten’s defense of institutions like the World Bank and the I.M.F. It’s embarrassing to admit.
It’s tough to strike out. Believe me. I hate striking out. It’s no fun. It’s embarrassing. But there really isn’t anything I can do. It’s just a part of my game.
Jim Thome
I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts yet. Being a compulsive storyteller, I always make up for myself discouraging stories about how such accounts will get me into embarrassing and time-consuming situations.
Etgar Keret
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is now facing a kind of personal dilemma. She can’t decide whether to drop the name Clinton from her name, or drop the name Rodham. They can’t figure out which one is more embarrassing.
Jay Leno
I think I’m a good writer. I think I have my own voice, which is unique to everyone – everyone has their own voice; if they would just write from a vulnerable embarrassing place, it’s going to be universal, and it’s going to be entertaining. Because everyone is the same, and everyone is unique.
Nicole Holofcener
I haven’t grown since I was 13, and every girl cast opposite me isn’t allowed to wear heels on camera, for fear that I would look minuscule. In all of the casting calls for my best friends on every project, it says in big, bold, red letters: ‘Please no high heels.’ It’s a little embarrassing.
Dove Cameron
The thing about death is that it’s embarrassing. No one wants to focus on it for very long. We’re happy to talk about sex all day long but no one wants to talk about the moment where it all ends.
Laurel Nakadate
There’s something a bit embarrassing about saying you’re a magician. It immediately suggests all these horrendous cliches, let alone that you’re a grown-up doing a child’s job.
Derren Brown
After so many years it’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t honestly know how much I want to be directed.
Kevin Bacon
I shop once in six months. My friends often point at my shoes to tell me that they’ve worn out. It’s embarrassing, but it doesn’t affect me too much. I shop when I have to.
Mithila Palkar
I just always feel that you need Degree deodorant when you have those moments whether they are embarrassing or whatever, but every day you should be protected. I wish that maybe I had a type of celebrity to look up to when I was young telling me what to use and stuff.
Ashley Tisdale
Amazing.” Hi stripped off his shirt, wrung it out. “Score one for your honker.” “Thanks, I think.” I cocked my chin at Hi’s substantial midsection. “Nice abs.” “Yeah, I work out twice a month. No expectations. But stop hitting on me, it’s embarrassing.
Kathy Reichs
My dad has worked so hard his whole life. He doesn’t deserve to see his daughters going out embarrassing themselves and flashing their knickers. I want to make my parents proud.
Petra Stunt
It’s about enhancing your body and accentuating your good areas. Shapewear isn’t the ugly, embarrassing granny undies they used to be – they really are sexy.
Ricki-Lee Coulter
Oh, I’d say I like a meal as much as anybody. But I find a certain kind of foodiness silly, gluttonous and embarrassing.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I’ve always found it embarrassing to receive awards.
Sam Shepard
When you lose 4-1, it’s a bit embarrassing.
John Guidetti
Arrey, it’s very embarrassing to be seeing my own dialogues on screen.
Neha Sharma
It can be embarrassing being associated with a character like Finchy – people naturally assume you’re just like him. Some people come up and tell me the most appalling sexist or racist joke they know because they see me as him.
Ralph Ineson
When I grew up, there were no teletypewriters or video calls, so I primarily interpreted phone calls. At that time, where I lived, it wasn’t embarrassing to have Deaf parents; it was cool to be able to speak a different language than everyone else.
Jack Jason
If you have a bad experience on the air, you don’t think you’ve done your job, or you have an embarrassing moment. I guarantee you’ll work harder the next time not to let it happen again.
Matt Lauer
I get embarrassed on the red carpet at awards ceremonies. The whole celebrity thing is embarrassing.
Paul Hollywood
I’d like to think I have a strange affinity for the embarrassing. Not sure what that says about me. But I like the awkward, uncomfortable comedy.
Greg Mottola
It’s almost embarrassing to go back into my liberal background because it was about as shallow a belief system as humanly possible.
Andrew Breitbart
I got caught kissing. Like by my parents. It was so horrible. It’s so embarrassing, I’m blushing.
Katie Holmes
It is the answers, not the questions, that are embarrassing.
Helen Suzman
You can do this” I murmured. “You are my brother. I love you. All the embarrassing bits, all the annoying bits, which I imagine is most of you–a thousand Zias might run away from you if they knew the truth. But I won’t. I’ll still be here.
Rick Riordan
I had this little piece of me that always wanted to be an actress, but I would never say it out loud because it was kind of embarrassing because where in San Jose do you become an actress? You don’t, really. It was very far-fetched. It was similar to me saying, ‘I want to be a princess.’
Anjelah Johnson
Snapchat changed that perception of deleting something as bad. Online, typically you delete something if it’s bad or if it’s really embarrassing.
Evan Spiegel
It’s embarrassing to go through any rebellious stage in front of people that you love and respect, and yet I’m glad I did.
Drew Barrymore
To write an autobiography, you’ve got to expose other people. I hope to get out of this world as gracefully as possible, without embarrassing anyone.
Cary Grant
I think the best comedic actors don’t play it for comedy, they play it for reality. Then you find it funny because it’s real. Playing the genre is the worst thing you can do – it’s embarrassing.
Zooey Deschanel
Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.
Norihiro Yagi
When we see something beautiful it calls up raw, naked emotion and that’s an embarrassing situation to be in.
Wayne White
Jaws’ was the definitive filmmaking turning point for me. It came out in the summer of ’75 and I saw it an obsessive 55 times. They even ran a very embarrassing article about me in the local paper, about the weird kid who’s seen ‘Jaws’ 55 times.
Victor Salva
To the great majority of white Americans, the Negro problem has distinctly negative connotations. It suggests something difficult to settle and equally difficult to leave alone. It is embarrassing. It makes for moral uneasiness.
Gunnar Myrdal
This is embarrassing and personal, but once a month, since I was twelve years old, I go to my favorite jewelry store and try on my dream ring.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I did a shoot for ‘Sports Illustrated,’ and my grandpa called me and asked when my issue of ‘Playboy’ was coming out. It was hilarious as well as embarrassing.
Jasmine Tookes
Dementia is often regarded as an embarrassing condition that should be hushed up and not spoken about. But I feel passionately that more needs to be done to raise awareness, which is why I became an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society.
Kevin Whately
To be let go from a soap opera is the most embarrassing confidence basher in the world. It’s like, ‘Oh, if I’m not good enough for that, I’m not good enough for anything.’
Cam Gigandet
The bastards murdered half my family.
Prince Philip
Like I say, it’s almost embarrassing to talk about. I don’t know if Michael Jordan or Bill Gates or Alexander the Great or anyone is worth this type of money, but that’s the market we’re in today. That’s what Mr. Hicks decided to pay me, and now it’s time to pay him back and win a couple championships.
Alex Rodriguez
I can pour myself into Bon Iver. It’s a thing about self- and mental discovery, and those are all important things. But it’s not 148-shows-over-a-year-and-a-half important, though. It’s a machine, and it’s money, and you just get put on this indie rock cart, and it’s embarrassing.
Justin Vernon
There have been times when I’m writing about things that are personally embarrassing. Like any human being, sometimes I can’t help but wonder – ‘What are the people I know going to think about this?’ So I have to remind myself that all is permissible. Art has to be a free space. Language has to be a free space.
William T. Vollmann
Mr. Anderson thinks that everything inside of him is worthless and embarrassing. Isn’t that right, Todd? And that’s your worse fear.
Tom Schulman
I am not insane,” he said. “A woman of your highly advanced intellect ought to be able to perceive that I am in love. With you. I wish you had told me. It was deuced embarrassing to find it out from your *brother*.
Loretta Chase
There is no shortage of embarrassing facts about healthcare, and people die every day in the U.S. due to preventable errors – would you fly planes if you knew several of them would drop out of the sky every day?
Jaan Tallinn
When people want to built new tracks, they want to look at Silverstone. We don’t want it built like that. It’s quite embarrassing.
Bernie Ecclestone
I read the last Harry Potter, and I cried for at least the last 70 pages. Awful! I was curled into a ball and I just kept sobbing. It was embarrassing. I was loud, and I just kept wiping tears away so I could see the page.
Jesmyn Ward
Good writing is remembering detail. Most people want to forget. Don’t forget things that were painful or embarrassing or silly. Turn them into a story that tells the truth.
Paula Danziger
I am interested in most mythology. Celtic or Christian no more than anything else. I will admit to a pleasure and sense of hope in what I see as the basic teachings of Christ, stripped of the nonsense that has sometimes been accumulated about them and the embarrassing misunderstanding.
Tanith Lee
In the early days of the New England colonies, no more embarrassing or hampering condition, no greater temporal ill, could befall any adult Puritan than to be unmarried.
Alice Morse Earle
It’s a business you go into because your an egocentric. It’s a very embarrassing profession.
Katharine Hepburn
Look closely at the most embarrassing details, and amplify them.
Brian Eno
There is something embarrassing about asking for money, but if I hadn’t done that, I would have not continued to be a professional musician.
Ezra Furman
When I do shows in the U.K., I see lots of people bring their kids to the show. Which is perfect because I am the world’s most embarrassing mom.
Clare Grogan
There are so many things I’ve done that I’m glad I’ve done privately because it’s so embarrassing just anyway.
Alison Sudol
I live in Brooklyn. I moved here 14 years ago for the cheap rent. It was a little embarrassing because I was raised in Manhattan, and so I was a bit of a snob about the other boroughs.
Colson Whitehead
Helena Bonham Carter was one of my biggest crushes. And Rachel Weisz. I think I told her that when we were filming, which was probably a bit embarrassing.
Alicia Vikander
When I was playing before I retired, I never really understood the appreciation and the respect that people gave me. People had treated me like a god or something, and that was very embarrassing.
Michael Jordan
It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? It took me 15 years to make an 18-minute movie.
Andrew McCarthy
I was, like, a really embarrassing, precocious child.
Hailey Gates
After all these years, it’s still embarrassing for me to play on the American golf tour. Like the time I asked my caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with a ham on rye.
Chi Chi Rodriguez
How embarrassing it is to be human.
Kurt Vonnegut
My mum has recorded all my programmes and not watched one. My dad says he finds it embarrassing.
Sue Perkins
It’s so embarrassing to just not feel valued as a creative person.
Jack Conte
Blind adoration, in the age of action, is perfectly valueless, is often embarrassing and, equally, often painful.
Mahatma Gandhi
Removing religious symbols from public places is not neutrality. On the contrary, it sends a highly negative message – that religion is something shameful, embarrassing, or at best strictly private.
Charles Colson
If you go in a confirmation process, you’re going to be asked about the embarrassing or stupid things you said. You should have a view.
David Brooks
Even if I tried to be my dad, it would be a mediocre, slightly embarrassing version.
Jason Ritter
I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for America.
Donald Trump
Though my heart is filled with feelings I want to convey You see, I can’t express them in words If I had not met you I wouldn’t even have such an embarrassing pain
Ayumi Hamasaki
When you screw up in the ring, it’s so embarrassing. But the fans don’t know you screwed up unless you act like you just made a mistake.
Jake Roberts
So few humans seem to fully exist themselves that I wonder if all this endless speculation and haggling about God is really an exploration of a more interesting and embarrassing question about ourselves.
Michael Leunig
I mean, it’s very subtle and a little embarrassing to me, but I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photographed them.
Diane Arbus
I never skimp on TV. I watch an embarrassing amount of TV shows. I don’t even know how I do it.
Dakota Fanning
My first game, I played the first play of the game and called a timeout and got sat down, got benched for the rest of the game, and we won the game. It was the longest day of my life. Long day. Very embarrassing.
Mike Singletary
I’m sure if you see things you wrote when you were 19, you cringe. I saw stuff like angry poetry that I wrote when I was mad at my father, or photos I took where I smeared period blood on myself. It’s embarrassing.
Kathleen Hanna
A breakup is hard enough, and to have it all filmed and have to re-watch it and know that people all across the country are watching you get your heart broken, it is embarrassing. It’s not fun. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
Becca Kufrin
I still get a little nervous when talking to girls. Which is awful, and embarrassing, because I feel like I shouldn’t.
Josh Hutcherson
I’d always tended to regard song lyrics as sort of a bastard medium because they’re subjugated under the music. If you were to regard them as poetry, it would be bad, embarrassing, confessional poetry – a lot of the lyrics I love.
David Longstreth
A lot of things I did were cringy. I look back at interviews, seeing the way I talked and the way I am, and it is embarrassing. I came back from the Olympics, I was shoved in the spotlight and I couldn’t cope that well.
James DeGale
My style as a human being is to indulge people who need to escape, yet I insist on confronting them as a playwright. It’s quite embarrassing, it’s quite unpleasant, it’s quite awkward.
Wallace Shawn
I hope I can make the decision to give up before my legs give up on me. I do not want to be embarrassing on the field and feel one day that I’m not at my best and players can beat me easily in duels.
Thiago Silva
Ooh, it’s too В­embarrassing to share my innermost romantic secrets – although I have written Danielle the odd poem. If anything they are more comedic than romantic. They used to be well В­received but that was before she started studying Shakespeare at drama college. Now I feel so В­inept.
Gary Lineker
My parents are older, and they lead a somewhat sheltered life. It was difficult to talk with them about things that were embarrassing to me, and that I had never spoken to them about.
Anita Hill
I was ashamed to let anyone know that I was living in a shelter. I remember one time coming home and some kids saw me and were like, “What you doing here? This is a shelter!” But I was like, “My mom’s working there.” It was pretty embarrassing.
ASAP Rocky
Barbies were banned at our house, along with television other than PBS. As a kid, I found this horribly embarrassing.
Leila Janah
I think the fashion industry has gotten to a place where it is embarrassing.
Alek Wek
I don’t feel like embarrassing Kurt by talking about what a psycho hosebeast his wife is, especially when he knows it already.
Steve Albini
Mind your own Brazilian!” The words fly out of my mouth before I can stop them. Oops. OK. The trick when you’ve said something embarrassing by mistake is not to overreact. Instead, keep your chin up and pretend nothing happened.
Sophie Kinsella
I was embarrassing against Spinks.
Gerry Cooney
Yesterday Jerry Springer bowed out of the Ohio Senate race. He said, ‘If I can’t run the most embarrassing campaign in America, then I’m out of here.’
Craig Kilborn
I don’t know if it’s embarrassing, but I have a lot of girl Christian music.
Tony Oller
It’s kind of embarrassing, but in my early 20s, I used to want to be a princess. But I didn’t want to have to marry somebody in order to do it!
Tyra Banks
Divorce is an embarrassing public admission of defeat.
Tracy Letts
It’s quite frightening; the business of trying to be funny is very hairy. In comedy, the potential for humiliation is huge. Trying to be funny and failing is about the most embarrassing thing you can do.
Emily Mortimer
I’ve met plenty of embarrassing parents, but Kronos, the evil Titan Lord who wanted to destroy Western Civilization? Not the kind of dad you invited to school for Career Day.
Rick Riordan
Everybody asks me if I sing on this record. Even my mother asks me. I am a very proud person and this is embarrassing.
Rob Pilatus
Primate books are good for us. They remind us that we’re primates, too. And the embarrassing primate books are best. Macachiavellian Intelligence is an excellently embarrassing primate book, and just the thing to make us blush and shuffle our feet.
Michael Bywater
I’m the clumsiest person in the world, so every day brings an embarrassing moment.
Jacob Anderson
I don’t know if I was always an open person, but I think stand-up comics specifically have this way of running towards embarrassing things – whereas regular people tend to run away – because the embarrassing story is always going to be the really funny story.
Aisha Tyler
You know, if I cleaned out my backpack, which I don’t really use anymore, I’d find a bunch of beads. I have a bunch of little girl cousins, they used to paint my toenails and stuff, and they’d make beaded bracelets and there are so many beads everywhere. It’s kinda embarrassing.
Pat Connaughton
The trouble with talking about acting is that it’s like sex. It’s enormously fun to do but just dreadfully embarrassing when you have to talk about it.
Paul Bettany
I’ve worked for 55 years. I’m going to take a little time off, to tell you the truth. It’s just that now in the last couple of weeks, Gelman is pouring it on. ‘Farewell to Regis!’ It’s getting embarrassing.
Regis Philbin
I’ve had a few embarrassing moments in restaurants. I tried to order a quesadilla, and I totally mispronounced the word. And another time, I asked for some toast with Marmite, and they had no idea what I was asking for!
Alexandra Adornetto
I found that stiffly saluting member, of which he was so proud, rather frightening, and to tell the truth I found his pride slightly comical. I thought that that must be embarrassing for him, and thought how much more pleasant it was to be a girl. That, by the way, is an opinion I still hold today.
Anne Desclos
In some ways, calm bodily protest has a nakedness to it that may be deeply embarrassing for observers; an act not unlike the bare-faced Oliver Twist effrontery that stands vulnerably before authority, asking for more or better.
Michael Leunig
I’m sure that when my daughter will bring home her first boyfriend I’ll? be so intimidating that he’ll run away, but embarrassing as well, just to have a bit of fun.
Robbie Williams
Of course, everyone’s parents are embarrassing. It goes with the territory. The nature of parents is to embarrass merely by existing, just as it is the nature of children of a certain age to cringe with embarrassment, shame, and mortification should their parents so much as speak to them on the street.
Neil Gaiman
When Chinese get together – what’s buried stays buried. We don’t even discuss our embarrassing early days struggling in Chicago.
Anchee Min
It’s embarrassing that we all just walk through life blindly accepting that scrambled eggs are fundamentally associated with mornings.
John Green
I would never do a commercial for something that is embarrassing, and I think that people maybe have a different perspective on what is embarrassing or not. Some people think doing a Revlon hair commercial is really cool. To me, that’s embarrassing, but World of Warcraft – not embarrassing, very cool.
Aubrey Plaza
The term ‘human rights defender,’ incidentally, isn’t something I or my attorneys came up with. Personally, I find it a little embarrassing.
Ward Churchill
My first experience on public radio still ranks among the most embarrassing episodes of my relatively short life.
Tucker Carlson
Watch out for people who think it’s embarrassing not to know.
Ray Dalio
I watch so much television, it’s embarrassing.
Nina Arianda
I think my mother was baffled by me. We were polar opposites. She was shy and retiring. I was over-fond of the limelight. Many times in my life, I was conscious of embarrassing her with my carrying on.
Laurie Graham
Someone who has a disability is not necessarily in distress. You may be embarrassing and inconveniencing someone by butting in and making assumptions.
Mallory Ortberg
Once I was playing and moving around and I fell right on my back. Just straight on my back. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.
Tommy Bolin
I think for me, as a gay person, I can convince a lot more people to be for gay marriage by not screaming at them and berating them and embarrassing them and belittling them, but by showing them that we’re all exactly the same.
Dave Rubin
It’s kind of an embarrassing story – that’s why it’s called ‘The Idiot.’ But looking back at your past self, you see that this person had reasons for everything she did. There’s a whole lot of awkwardness, but really, what should one be embarrassed about?
Elif Batuman
Sometimes you leave the house for school, and you realize you’re wearing the same thing as your toddler, which is embarrassing! I try to avoid it at all costs.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I always bump into people that Ive met. Not great friends, but if I bump into somebody Ive known and I wont recognise them. It can be embarrassing at times.
Dario Franchitti
As a cartoonist, my single goal is to create people with whom, for better or for worse – and regardless of how embarrassing it sounds – I can “fall in love” and somehow feel something deeply about, and through.
Chris Ware
A woman, if you’re Most Intelligent or Most Likely to Succeed, that’s an embarrassing thing. Or something that’s not considered attractive, and I think that’s what we need to change.
Sheryl Sandberg
It was the nearest to a casualty on the Spray in her whole course, so far as I know. The young man having come on board with compliments made the mishap most embarrassing.
Joshua Slocum
My father has developed a tradition of surprising us at some point by appearing in fancy dress. He buys a new costume each year and typically gets carried away. A couple of Christmases ago he appeared in an inflatable sumo outfit. It’s endearing, really, and only quite embarrassing.
Pippa Middleton
My parents are older, and they lead a somewhat sheltered life. It was difficult to talk with them about things that were embarrassing to me, and that I had never spoken to them about
Anita Hill
I’ve always waitressed between roles. When ‘Black Mirror’ was on, I was still flipping burgers. Customers would recognise me while asking for extra ketchup, which was pretty embarrassing.
Chloe Pirrie
I enjoy the fact that, as a gay man, there’s relatively little pressure on me to act like a grown-up, but also I see the pitfalls that we’re susceptible to, addiction, isolation, loneliness, mental illness, not to mention the embarrassing fashion choices.
Vestal McIntyre
Stalkers lips curled into a sneer. “You won’t make a move without him, huh? That’s embarrassing.” “No,” I said softly. “It just hurts because you wish it was you.
Ann Aguirre
To be let go from a soap opera is the most embarrassing confidence basher in the world. It’s like, ‘Oh, if I’m not good enough for that, I’m not good enough for anything.
Cam Gigandet
If you took some of the behavior that you see in the fashion world and put it anywhere else, it would just be embarrassing.
Alice Temperley
It’s all right leaping about the stage when you’re 20 but when you get to 25 it gets a bit embarrassing
Bill Wyman
There’s something I find highly embarrassing about it. As soon as I think I’ve written something smart, the next day I’ve got nausea, thinking, “Don’t even try to be smart, it’s absurd.”
Lou Doillon
I was morbidly obese, 120 pounds overweight. It was just embarrassing. I’d be on stage feeling like I was about to collapse. I’d get dizzy spells.
Paul Wall
This is something I haven’t told many people, because it’s embarrassing. We always used to catch flies with our hands. I was the only one who could catch ’em. One-handed, two-handed. I actually studied flies. I’d watch ’em. How do you catch flies? They fly up. If I can catch that, I can catch anything.
DeAndre Hopkins
Olympic officials have disqualified a champion race walker after determining that he was doping. They disqualified him. The man said getting caught doping is almost as embarrassing as getting caught being a champion race walker.
Conan O’Brien
It is not a crime nor an impeachable offense to engage in inappropriate personal conduct; nor is it a crime to obstruct or conceal an embarrassing relationship.
Asa Hutchinson
How embarrassing for man to be the greatest miracle on earth and not to understand it!
Abraham Joshua Heschel
The only way one can display learning is by playing with it. Because the truth is that there’s something embarrassing about displaying heavy knowledge. You feel sort of annoying.
Sarnath Banerjee
The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was when I was wearing a hair extension and it fell out on set.
Oliver Sykes
Realizing you’re not anything special to the kids is always a great sort of reminder that you’re just a regular person. A regular, embarrassing old mom.
Reese Witherspoon
When I first started wearing wigs, I didn’t know you had to anchor them down with bobby pins. I walked out during a windy day and my wig blew off and got stuck to a branch. I was walking while my wig was hanging! If that’s not the most embarrassing thing… but you have to use bobby pins.
Sherri Shepherd
I admit that I look at my social media when I’m killing time, like on a plane and such. It’s just less embarrassing getting caught on Twitter than getting caught playing Candy Crush.
Anna Kendrick
It might be a little embarrassing, but I never ever missed an episode of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ growing up.
Brett Young
It’s a bit embarrassing for a company to be exposed for wrongdoing, but it’s really embarrassing if it’s done by making them the butt of a joke.
Joe Lycett
I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, these musicians and actors talking about politics in interviews or the media actually giving them credibility about it. It’s absurd that a celebrity could speak out on the economy or politics with no more justification than a hit album or a movie.
Paul Stanley
Sometimes I try a Mai Tai. It’s so fruity. It’s a little embarrassing, but I like it.
J. Cole
I’m not scandalous. I think it’s actually embarrassing to be in those, yet some people will do anything to be in those magazines. I’m happy with who I am, and I’m happy with the way people portray me. If it’s too normal, then that’s their opinion.
Hilary Duff
It is disappointing and embarrassing to the science profession that some Nobel Laureates would deliberately use their well deserved scientific reputations and hold themselves out as experts in other fields.
David Douglass
Few things in life are more embarrassing than the necessity of having to inform an old friend that you have just got engaged to his fiancee.
W. C. Fields
Oh, my god!” I said, throwing my hands over my eyes and hurtling my body against the counter. “What?” “You’re naked.” “I’m not naked.” “I’m blind.” “You’re not blind. I’m wearing pants.” “Oh.” That was embarrassing.
Darynda Jones
There is no more embarrassing thing in my life than the fact that I have actually uttered the phrase, ‘I would like to order the Ginsu Knife.’
Jerry Seinfeld
Consumers have to become an appropriately strong and vocal lobby capable of embarrassing the political establishment.
Sucheta Dalal
I think there is a danger there of being mean to people and humiliating people and embarrassing people just because it might get you ratings. It is a disturbing trend.
Bruce Nash
For me, I’m OK doing embarrassing things, when it’s with somebody else. I’m not the only person to look at.
Amy Smart
Ignorance is indeed bliss, but it is also dangerous and embarrassing.
Ted Nugent
Start in a small TV station so you can make all of your embarrassing mistakes early and in front of fewer people!
Diane Sawyer
I still go to a party and say something embarrassing to someone, and then write them a weird e-mail about it the next day, and then write them a text because I think they didn’t get the e-mail. No matter what happens with your level of success, you still have to deal with all the baggage that is yourself.
Lena Dunham
I believe there are more films that involve love and forgiveness than violence, but they often seem fake and are almost embarrassing to watch.
Park Chan-wook
You can do any number of things in the music business aside from trying to look like you’re 25. To me it’s embarrassing.
Grace Slick
I would never do a commercial for something that is embarrassing, and I think that people maybe have a different perspective on what is embarrassing or not. Some people think doing a Revlon hair commercial is really cool. To me, that’s embarrassing, but World of Warcraft: not embarrassing, very cool.
Aubrey Plaza
To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.
Dave Barry
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot . . . That’s all that’s on my mind at the runway, just walking – it’s mad. This modeling thing, it’s pretty easy, but actually it’s also really tough. I mean, this has been really tough. That’s the most embarrassing thing about it, like, “This walking thing is crazy”.
Cara Delevingne
A threatened nation can react to uncertain dangers solely through administrative channels, to the truly embarrassing situation of perhaps overreacting.
Jurgen Habermas
I think what Jewish culture taught me and what the – and Jewish culture now is everyone’s culture – is all these embarrassing things, all these guilt-filled things, all these anxiety filled things are material.
Robert Mankoff
It does not make sense. It cannot exist. It’s impossible, and if it isn’t impossible, it’s irrelevant, and if it isn’t either of those things, it’s embarrassing.
Philip Pullman
Writing is a very intimate thing, especially when you write lyrics and sing them in front of someone for the first time. It’s like a really embarrassing situation. To me, singing is almost like crying, and you have to really know someone before you can start crying in front of them.
Madonna Ciccone
I hate those old falsettos, I really do, and it’s embarrassing since I’ve grown up.
Brian Wilson
Florida sends me a handicap sticker when I’m there. It’s embarrassing. But I can’t walk more than six holes before the whole knee swells up, and then I can’t go anymore.
John Daly
There’s a handful of racing things I’ve done where it was like, ‘Man, that was really stupid and embarrassing.’ But I don’t mind talking about them.
Kyle Larson
I still am very afraid to Google myself. There are some embarrassing roaming photos that I wish weren’t on Google. But I intend to not Google myself.
Nolan Gerard Funk
You look like you’re ready for bed!
Prince Philip
I was a singing guitar player as a kid, and I found it really embarrassing, so I stopped singing and became a drummer.
James Murphy
Award shows in general are just lame excuses to stroke the egos of millionaires, but the ‘ESPY’s’ are an especially embarrassing example.
Sean Evans
I always say that in order to appreciate warm weather, you must experience cold. I wouldn’t change one thing – all the embarrassing moments, the defeats, all of everything – through all of this, I have learned me.
Floyd Patterson
To try to prey on athletes’ livelihoods while one is going through a tough time is embarrassing to me.
Colin Kaepernick
The virtue of art lies in detachment, in sequestering one object from the embarrassing variety. Until one thing comes out from theconnection of things, there can be enjoyment, contemplation, but no thought.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said couldn’t be done.
Sam Ewing
It was shameful and embarrassing that there were two years in a row without a single actor of color nominated. That’s insane.
Matt Damon
My parents were attached to Russian culture by a thousand ineradicable ties. But they did not cut me off from American society, nor could they have. I assimilated wholeheartedly, found my parents in many ways embarrassing, and allowed my Russian to decline through neglect.
Keith Gessen
Out of love for mankind, and out of despair at my embarrassing situation, seeing that I had accomplished nothing and was unable to make anything easier than it had already been made, and moved by a genuine interest in those who make everything easy, I conceived it as my task to create difficulties everywhere.
Soren Kierkegaard
In movies, you get to explore parts of yourself that in real life, people shy away from, like looking stupid or embarrassing yourself or getting too angry, anything inappropriate. As an actor, you walk into those moments.
Jess Weixler
Children don’t require of their parents a past and they find something faintly unbelievable, almost embarrassing, in parental claims to a prior existence.
Kate Morton
If the director says you can do better, particularly in a love scene, then it is rather embarrassing.
Julie Andrews
I’ve always been proud to work in the fashion world, but when I discovered how much pollution the apparel industry is responsible for – nearly 10 percent of global carbon emissions – I was shocked. I think it’s really embarrassing for every one of us involved in the process.
Miroslava Duma
I can’t go to sleep on a train anymore because people take photos of me. You know, dribbling. It’s a bit embarrassing. I go to sleep with my collar up.
Paul Hollywood
It’s my belief that I was a writer – a very hardworking writer – well before I was published. I did care what others thought, and it was embarrassing when people asked me what I had published, so I didn’t talk much about writing; rather, I just kept writing.
Min Jin Lee
There’s so much truly putrid advertising out there it’s embarrassing. But not all advertising is bad. Some of it is really quite mediocre.
Jef I. Richards
To walk around and people ask me who the champion is in my weight class and I have to say Michael Bisping, it’s a little embarrassing, but that’s just the way it goes.
Chris Weidman
Well, it’s embarrassing to be a star.
Christian Bale
It’s pleasant and bothersome and embarrassing all at once. Especially when you haven’t done much and are a celebrity.
Nastassja Kinski
Everything you listen to when you are 17 should be embarrassing, otherwise you are way too cool.
Jessica Brown Findlay
I make no apologies for my quirky sense of humor, my personal challenges, my embarrassing moments, my messiness, and deep personal issues I’ve shared with the world. I have kept it 100% real… Real crazy at times, but always real.
Kenya Moore
A lot of stand-up comedy is embarrassing: too many idiots doing it in orange neckties against brick walls. I find most sitcoms embarrassing, too, because they seem so forced.
Tracey Ullman
Look, the bottom line is, folks: They [Democrats] are unified. Their single objective is taking us out. We do not have that. Look at what’s happening on our side. I mean, it’s atrocious. It is actually embarrassing.
Rush Limbaugh
I make an embarrassing amount of money for a borderline Marxist, just by selling 100,000 records. I don’t sell millions of records, and I don’t need to.
Steve Earle
I find just being on set embarrassing. Mortifying. And that’s with all my clothes on.
Kelly Macdonald
There’s a beautiful, kind of seductive trap in being autobiographical in our writing of songs: We just get stuck in our own syrup, and it’s so personal that it almost can be embarrassing to the listener.
Lizz Wright
I’ve done some stupid things. You just have to take responsibility, go, That was embarrassing, and move forward as best you can.
Kiefer Sutherland
Political art never goes away. I started watching The West Wing show recently and I’m actually learning about how the government works in a way. It’s kind of embarrassing.
Kim Gordon
One loves one’s country the way one loves a family member. And sometimes that family member does really embarrassing, shitty things. But you still love them.
Matt Taibbi
It’s almost embarrassing how much support I have. I mean, I always tell people I feel like I’m perfectly set up to have cancer. I have great health insurance, I have a savings account. I have work lined up. I have friends and family. I have the best doctors I can get.
Tig Notaro
I want to be the kind of actress where, if I’m in the press, I’m in for the right reasons – for my work. To be in the press about family drama is kind of embarrassing.
Ariel Winter
Guys like him ruin it for everybody else. It’s just embarrassing. Or maybe he’s not embarrassed because he probably believes he’s not doing it-that’s how liars are.
Chris Chelios
I was never much of a singer. I was terrible. It’s embarrassing: I was trying to sound like everybody else. I went through a big Cure phase, so I was trying to do that kind of dramatic voice.
Oscar Isaac
There is never an embarrassing silence that can’t be turned into a regrettable conversation.
Robert Breault
When I was a kid… I don’t know which was more embarrassing, when I was really into The Beatles or when I was a hippie.
Cassandra Peterson
There were days I forgot my school clothes, and I would actually go to school with skating tights and a little skirt. It’s very embarrassing… I definitely had to be comfortable in my own skin, and my mom taught me that.
Michelle Kwan
It’s disgraceful and embarrassing that the highest technology in a typical city high school in this country is the metal detector the students pass through at the front door.
Bran Ferren
I should point out that I have a picture of Asbel Kiprop as the screensaver on my phone. Is that embarrassing?
Malcolm Gladwell
It is an embarrassing time to be an American. It really is. It’s humiliating.
Jessica Lange
The best thing about universal free school meals is that they would remove one of the embarrassing signals, easily picked up by children’s supersensitive antennae, of family poverty.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
Whenever the subject of doing reality television comes up, I immediately disregard it, because most people don’t come off well, and it’s embarrassing.
Amanda Hearst
It can be embarrassing. People come up to me and say, ‘I love your show,’ and I have no idea which one they’re talking about.
Dick Clark
In public, an admission of technological inadequacy would be too embarrassing.
Elliott Abrams
I don’t agree with beauty contests. I did it one time. It wasn’t embarrassing being Wonder Woman; it was embarrassing walking around on stage in a bikini. It was ridiculous, stupid, and humiliating.
Lynda Carter
Ooh, it’s too embarrassing to share my innermost romantic secrets – although I have written Danielle the odd poem. If anything they are more comedic than romantic. They used to be well-received but that was before she started studying Shakespeare at drama college. Now I feel so inept.
Gary Lineker
I don’t read music, which is a shame, actually, and I shouldn’t even speak of it because it’s embarrassing, but it’s true.
Susanna Hoffs
And she looks at me with her eyes open wide and a face that says: Oh my God, I’m muckin’ around in my sexy Jesus-boots, in my crazy dreamworld, and I’ve opened the door and let you in on my crazy dreamworld and that’s so embarrassing but, actually, who cares? because it’s funny.
Jaclyn Moriarty
Music ignited a fiery, pent-up passion inside Elvis and inside me. It was an odd, embarrassing, funny, inspiring, and wonderful sensation.
I don’t know what’s more embarrassing in this country, that Michael Phelps fell from the graces for smoking marijuana or that you looked up to a swimmer in the first place?
Daniel Tosh
Comedy is the result of what’s happening, not what people are doing. Because if people are doing comedy. It’s embarrassing. The individual elements have to be straight-faced, serious, realistic with a firm basis. What makes it comedy is a somewhat shifted way to put it together.
Christoph Waltz
The SOAP stack is generally regarded as an embarrassing failure these days.
Tim Bray
I wanted to write in film or something like that. I thought acting was an embarrassing thing to say you wanted to do, especially when you’re young. It seemed really uncool.
Max Minghella
to the Indian, politics are what the weather is to an Englishman. Politics are an introduction to a stranger on a train, they are the standard filler for embarrassing silences in conversation, they are the inevitable small talk at any social gathering.
Santha Rama Rau
I struggle to learn by rote. I’ve had meltdowns on set. Which is embarrassing and shameful.
Benedict Cumberbatch
But I always reassure them that as far as my contractual rights can go, I will protect them and make sure that they have approval over every bit of it so that they know I won’t show something that’s embarrassing.
Jay Roach
Every day, I have a most embarrassing moment.
Steven Hill
You guys are just standing up because I fell, and it’s so embarrassing.
Jennifer Lawrence
The refs are trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to make the right calls, but if you put a lot of pressure on them as far as being in their face, it’s embarrassing. They don’t want to get yelled at a fourth, fifth time.
Mike Conley Jr.
I have a terrible memory. I never remember names or faces. It’s incredibly embarrassing.
Ben Fogle
All powerful people make foolish decisions and end up in humiliating and embarrassing situations, as well as wielding their power.
Jesse Armstrong