Emotional Connection Quotes

Emotional Connection Quotes by Kristen Stewart, Tom Hooper, Bell Hooks, David D. Burns, Ryan Gosling, Moby and many others.

I like women who have an opinion one way or the other o

I like women who have an opinion one way or the other or who have a great sense of humor and a great sense of adventure. I can be friends with women who are not like that, but I don’t have that hard emotional connection.
Kristen Stewart
With the coming of radio as a mass medium, suddenly the world changed. It became about, ‘Can this leader project emotional connection through the way he speaks on the radio?’ And the anxiety about whether he could do that, we’ve inherited.
Tom Hooper
If only one party in the relationship is working to create love, to create the space of emotional connection, the dominator model remains in place and the relationship just becomes a site for continuous power struggle.
Bell Hooks
When two people respect each other, the ability to be vulnerable and to reveal hurt feelings can create a powerful emotional connection that is the source of real intimacy and friendship.
David D. Burns
I grew up in a family of strong women and I owe any capacity I have to understand women to my mother and big sister. They taught me to respect women in a way where I’ve always felt a strong emotional connection to women, which has also helped me in the way I approach my work as an actor.
Ryan Gosling
I guess the most emotional part is when I have that moment when I end up writing something that I really, really love. So not only is there the emotional connection with the music that’s being created, but there’s also the magic of the fact that you’re essentially creating something from nothing.
Marketers know – no matter how deep the emotional connection or brand loyalty – when a product does not perform, rational thought overtakes emotion, and most consumers make a new choice.
Mark McKinnon
The one thing that gives you faith is the fact that people can be apart physically but they can still have an emotional connection.
Steve Coogan
As a viewer, I love watching movies. There has to be an emotional connection.
Ziggy Marley
Most people, without consciously realizing it, absorb a great deal of psychic energy from the people they casually associate with, and even a greater amount from people with whom they have strong emotional connections.
Frederick Lenz
The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.
Julius Erving
When you take on a role, even if the character is somebody that you are dissimilar to, you have to identify with the role and look for an emotional connection even if there is not a biographical one.
Jesse Eisenberg
Eventually, I think you find a spiritual and emotional connection with someone, and I think it unifies you with everyone else. I think if you love one person, it makes you love everyone.
Russell Brand
The failures of other genres to provide an emotional connection with some of their characters and narratives gives memoir a toehold.
Mary Karr
Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection. Lacking attention, empathy hasn’t a chance.
Daniel Goleman
Having emotional connections to things that don’t really exist, like looking at a green ball and really loving that green ball, and being sad whether it’s around or not. Stuff like that. I’ve never done acting at this level before so it was a huge challenge for me. It was a hurdle to overcome just to survive.
Shia LaBeouf
I always choose songs that I have an emotional connection to, and I often feel myself getting very emotional when I sing.
Katherine Jenkins
If you dont have an emotional connection to why you are trying to accomplish your goals, the odds are you wont reach them or will quit trying.
Brett Hoebel
When I go onstage, I’m going to work …I feel like my performance is about an emotional connection. I want to connect with people, whether it’s like a romantic song or a happy song.
Boy George
Zappos uses call center technology to track average call time per agent. But the goal isn’t to reduce this average – it’s more important that we make an emotional connection with the customer, rather than just quickly getting them off the phone.
Tony Hsieh
…if I know him and like him just a little bit more than I already do, our emotional connection will be too strong for me to ever go back to the way I was before him.
Katy Evans
It’s tremendous what can happen when suddenly you make an emotional connection.
Khaled Hosseini
If you see something that you feel is familiar it gives you an important kind of emotional connection.
Marc Newson
The last thing I want is that sense of artifice – rather I want the reader drawn into the story and lost in it and vested in it. So the emotional connection is everything, albeit a connection on my terms.
Steve Erickson
Beneath words and logic are emotional connections that largely direct how we use our words and logic.
Jane Roberts