Exhibitionist Quotes

Exhibitionist Quotes by Fantastic Negrito, John Leguizamo, Drew Barrymore, Ben Richards, Lana Turner, Leslie Howard and many others.

I knew I was an exhibitionist. I came from a huge famil

I knew I was an exhibitionist. I came from a huge family. I found an emotional connection being on stage.
Fantastic Negrito
You know, I am kind of a bi-polarish schitzerphrenic. I run the gamut of being incredibly shy and withdrawn to being a crazy-eccentric exhibitionist. And I have always been like that.
John Leguizamo
I loved the world of roller derby because I thought it was such an empowering metaphor, that you get out there and do it. It’s such a rocker, athletic, capable, cool exhibitionist sport; it’s about this great sort of camaraderie.
Drew Barrymore
I wrote about the life of a housing officer in Britain, in a pretty rough area of London. Maybe it was because I’m a big-mouth and an exhibitionist, and I’m slightly egotistical. All those things have to come together for a writer.
Ben Richards
If you stay away from parties, you’re called a snob. If you go, you’re an exhibitionist. If you don’t talk, you’re dumb. If you do talk, you’re quarrelsome. Pardon me while I change my nail polish.
Lana Turner
The truth is that to enjoy acting one must be an exhibitionist at heart, one must revel in those exposures of the emotions which would be agonizing to a shy or reserved person. All the great actors have been and are exhibitionists.
Leslie Howard
I’m kind of an emotional exhibitionist.
Juliana Hatfield
I’m actually not an exhibitionist at all. When you get onstage and you get under the lights playing music, I feel more hidden and more alone than anywhere else. You hide behind your music and let your emotions come out through the music.
Tim McGraw
I’ve always been someone who’s, like, more of an exhibitionist.
Justin Kan
I’m not a show-off; I’m not an exhibitionist.
Kelly Reilly
It was very natural for me to want to disappear into dark theater, I am really very shy. That is something that people never seem to fully grasp because, when you are an actor, you are meant to be an exhibitionist.
Nicole Kidman
Part of me is a sexual exhibitionist.
Kylie Minogue
I was just watching baby videos of me and I was obviously an exhibitionist.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
God, what a ghastly enterprise to be in, though-and what an odd way to achieve success. I’m an exhibitionist who wants to hide, but is unsuccessful at hiding; therefore, somehow I succeed.
David Foster Wallace
When you stand up acoustic in front of an audience, you really are a man without any clothes on. And that can be fun – it depends how much of an exhibitionist you are, I suppose. I quite enjoy it.
Richard Thompson
I started to really enjoy the fact that [princess] Margaret was an exhibitionist. Even on a day-to-day basis, Margaret’s costumes were always so much more dramatic and bold than Elizabeth’s were.
Vanessa Kirby
In a sense, the rumours suggesting I had quit were true: I had retired, but only from the personal-appearance end. I did that because I had always felt conspicuous onstage, and I’m not the sort of person who likes to be an exhibitionist.
Marvin Gaye
We do not accept the Western way of thinking that there are two ways of life. At the same time, the police (here) are not chasing gays. In Africa, sexuality is something very private, even for heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are not parading! But gays want to behave like exhibitionists.
Yoweri Museveni
It was very natural for me to want to disappear into the theatre, I am really very shy.
Nicole Kidman
Sex outdoors is great. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I love the possibility that people might be able to see.
Ali Landry
I’ve done nudity. I’m an exhibitionist. It doesn’t matter.
John Turturro
I try to, at least once or twice a week, have someone over and model, usually a dancer friend or a poet or someone to come over and just stay still for me. Depending on how exhibitionist they are, it will determine the finished work. And I say, “You’re the muse; you come up with it. I’ll draw you however you want.”
Eric Drooker
What every artist should try to prevent is the car, in which is our civilized life, plunging over the side of the precipice — the exhibitionist extremist promoter driving the whole bag of tricks into a nihilistic nothingness or zero.
Wyndham Lewis
I don’t think any actors love taking their clothes off on film, unless you’re an exhibitionist, which I’m certainly not.
Tamsin Egerton
There isn’t a performer on earth that isn’t an exhibitionist. There isn’t any point in being in this business if you’re not an exhibitionist. And, by the way, you can be an exhibitionist and be very shy as well.
Madonna Ciccone
Show me a person who has nothing to hide, and I’ll show you a person who is either exceedingly dull – or a complete exhibitionist
Phil Zimmermann
I’m not a natural performer or exhibitionist. When I was younger, I hated the focus, and it made me feel strange.
Lana Del Rey
I’m the youngest of four in a large, exhibitionist family. The only way to get attention was to throw yourself off the top of a ladder – as one of my cousins used to do – or make people laugh.
Mel Giedroyc
I’m not an exhibitionist. But, honestly, for my art I’ll do anything almost. I’ll go there.
Eva Mendes
I was always an exhibitionist. I liked it when everyone laughed. But I didn’t do plays in high school. I was too nervous.
Marcia Gay Harden
I’m not an exhibitionist in any way, shape or form. I don’t even like having my picture taken!
Megyn Price
Maybe now if you’re not an exhibitionist you’re private. Or maybe it’s just that for a lot of people – sometimes in interesting ways, sometimes in stupid ways – there’s no division between the art object and what surrounds it.
Ben Lerner
[Princess Margaret] was loud, an extrovert, an exhibitionist, loved fashion, loved color, loved music, loved drama, loved the theater, wanted to be a ballerina or actress, was always the little one putting on the school plays, and [princess] Elizabeth reluctantly did it and got stage fright.
Vanessa Kirby
The whole idea of comedy, there is nothing normal about going up on stage to make strangers laugh. But I’m also not an exhibitionist like other comics. I’m not up there talking about masturbating.
Jim Gaffigan
I’m not an exhibitionist; I don’t have a compulsion to share the ins and outs of my daily life with a public audience.
Casey Neistat
If we had 3 million exhibitionists and only one voyeur, nobody could make any money.
Albert Brooks
I’m an exhibitionist, I was an exhibitionist as a kid.
Dave Van Ronk
Exhibitionists have no friends, no friends at all.
Quentin Crisp
I don’t think that I’m modest by any means, but I’m also not an exhibitionist.
Kristen Bell
I think every professor and writer is in some way an exhibitionist because his or her normal activity is a theatrical one. When you give a lesson the situation is the same as writing a book. You have to capture the attention, the complicity of your audience.
Umberto Eco
I think I’m needed – as an artist, as an individual, as an entity, an enigma, an exhibitionist, an entertainer – as an alternative.
CeeLo Green
Leigh Bowery was actually quoted as saying, “Flesh is my most favorite fabric.” I’ve seen many a freak make a scene and go, but Leigh was a special kind of exhibitionist because he was dedicated and saw it as an art form.
Boy George
The exhibitionist loves to flirt with shame
Mason Cooley
I don’t think that just because you go on stage you are an exhibitionist.
Alison Goldfrapp