Extremes Quotes

Extremes Quotes by Amy Poehler, Jessica Valenti, Loraine Hutchins, Pink, Paul Davies, Jon Franklin and many others.

Going from crying to laughing that fast and hard happen

Going from crying to laughing that fast and hard happens maybe five times in your life and that extreme right turn is the reason why we are alive, and I believe it extends our life by many years.
Amy Poehler
When it comes to people who are saying really extreme things online, we have the tendency to think that they are just kooks, or that you shouldn’t pay attention to them, you shouldn’t take them seriously.
Jessica Valenti
Some have a difficult time with feminism. ‘Why not a human liberation movement?’ they say. The answer is that the power differences between the sexes, races, and classes are still so extreme that invoking humanism, at this time, dangerously denies that fact.
Loraine Hutchins
I was extreme… from skateboarder to hip-hopper to rave child to lead singer of a rock band – I did it all, and all at the same time.
It’s only fashion that has said the pendulum has swung from extreme skepticism about extraterrestrial life to extreme credulity. The truth is somewhere in between.
Paul Davies
Simplicity, carried to an an extreme, becomes elegance.
Jon Franklin
I always tend to remember the funny moments. When I lost my shoe (even though it was funny) there was something motivating about it, I just ended in this spastic emotional way. I tend to remember the more extreme moments.
Laura Bell Bundy
Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.
E. O. Wilson
Partial culture runs to the ornate, extreme culture to simplicity.
Christian Nestell Bovee
I trust that absolutes have gradations.
Jane Austen
I love that you can be laughing one minute and crying the next, and then be shocked the next. I like things that provoke emotions to such extremes.
Courteney Cox
Anticipation is anxiety. I have always had a very extreme anxiety thing.
Truman Capote
Laughter is equally the expression of extreme anguish and horror as of joy: as there are tears of sorrow and tears of joy, so is there a laugh of terror and a laugh of merriment.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I’ve done a lot of training in martial arts. I started out in warring tempo, I did sports jujitsu, and I’ve also practiced extreme martial arts.
Booboo Stewart
Virtuous and vicious every man must be, few in the extreme, but all in the degree.
Alexander Pope
To me, that’s the brilliance of Michael Jordan. He was an incredible, amazing individual player who matched his talents to the team, matched the team’s talents to him, and he lived in the middle of those extremes. I don’t know how you do that.
B. J. Armstrong
When inequality gets to an extreme, it is completely useless for growth.
Thomas Piketty
I like extremes. I like to change things up and keep from getting complacent or stale.
Mark Ruffalo
The most beautiful act of faith is the one made in darkness, in sacrificing, and with extreme effort.
Pio of Pietrelcina
As soon as extreme attachment comes, a man loses himself, he is no more master of himself, he is a slave.
Swami Vivekananda
I have an affinity towards extremes.
Davey Havok
For every nation that lives peaceably, there will be many others to grow hard and push their arrogance to extremes; the gods attend to these things slowly. But they attend to those who put off God and turn to madness.
There’s two extremes in male sport: there’s complete and total worship of them, or complete and utter contempt. Those extremes create huge problems at either end. And it creates distance, too, and leads them into a bubble.
Ellyse Perry
Extremes are ever neighbors; ’tis a step from one to the other.
James Sheridan Knowles
I’ve decided to skip ‘holistic’. I don’t know what it means, and I don’t want to know. That may seem extreme, but I followed the same strategy toward ‘Gestalt’ and the ‘Twist’, and lived to tell the tale.
Calvin Trillin
Tom Ridge announced a new color-coded alarm system. … Green means everything’s okay. Red means we’re in extreme danger. And champagne-fuschia means we’re being attacked by Martha Stewart.
Conan O’Brien
Vegas is the most extreme and allegorical of American settlements, bizarre and beautiful in its venality and in its devotion to immediate gratification.
Joan Didion
I am sure that all politicians seek the home connection with the voter. But [Margaret Thatcher] carried it to extremes.
Hilary Mantel
The imagination is the liberty of the mind It is intrpeid and eager and the extreme of its achievement lies in abstraction.
Wallace Stevens
My hobby is extreme Catholic behavior – before the Reformation.
John Waters
Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true. Most people, however, find that meditation creates more time than it takes.
Peter McWilliams
For extreme illnesses extreme treatments are most fitting.
Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness.
Eckhart Tolle
With this lodging and diet our extreme toil in bearing and planting palisades so strained and bruised us and our continual labor in the extremity of the heat had so weakened us, as were cause sufficient to have made us as miserable in our native country or any other place in the world
John Smith
I shall argue that the problem of grace is fundamentally a problem of integration and what is to be integrated is the diverse parts of the mind – especially those multiple levels of which one extreme is called ‘consciousness’ and the other the ‘unconscious’
Gregory Bateson
When your location is a snowy mountain in the winter the obstacles are pretty extreme.
Travis Rice
Religious speech is extreme, emotional, and motivational. It is anti-literal, relying on metaphor, allusion, and other rhetorical devices, and it assumes knowledge within a community of believers.
Amy Waldman
Language is remarkable, except under the extreme constraints of mathematics and logic, it never can talk only about what it’s supposed to talk about but is always spreading around.
Howard Nemerov
I have in my own life merely carried to the extreme that which you have never ventured to carry even halfway ; and what’s more, you’ve regarded your cowardice as prudence, and found comfort in deceiving yourselves. So that, in fact, I may be even more “alive” than you are. Do take a closer look!
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Having – and keeping to – a regular exercise routine is crucial. And forget about those extreme diets – they aren’t healthy.
Lee Byung-hun
One thing the futurists never get right, though, is that the extreme desire for polyester only lasted a brief period in the ’70s!
Lea Thompson
When I do something I have to do it all the way – that goes for music, with a high-hat, a snare drum, a rhyme, everything. I have to push it to the extreme. That’s how I realized I have addictive behavior. Somebody told me this once, that the thing that makes me bad is the same thing that makes me good at other things.
I’ve always had a very extreme personality, which gets me into major trouble, I’m always all or nothing, and I don’t know the world “balance.” I’m desperately trying to learn it because I think as you get older it becomes very important.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Extreme independence is as destructive to a relationship as total dependence.
James Dobson
As an actor, you most often play relatively average parts, so to get to play extreme versions of anything, those are the most exciting parts.
Neil Patrick Harris
In politics, being ridiculous is more damaging than being extreme.
Roy Hattersley
I think we’re really hungry for family in America, especially when I feel like people are really pulled apart from their families. So, we were interested in the idea of what the extreme version of that would be.
Zal Batmanglij
No-one wants to see violence of any kind on our streets, certainly not any violence that’s justified by extreme nationalist ideas or that targets people because of their religion.
Tim Soutphommasane
When something really extreme happens, you have to find a way to embrace that and include it in how you think about the character. Sometimes it’s not easy.
David Ogden Stiers
Trump has picked the more extreme versions of all Republicans so far, the more aggressive. And I think the thing to watch out for is, I could totally paint a scenario where Trump runs an authoritarian regime. I can totally paint a scenario where he has no control over his own government.
David Brooks
Permitting and protecting even the smallest acts of abuse by a tiny fraction of our officers leads to a culture where extreme acts of abuse are more likely.
Rahm Emanuel
Women with body image or eating disorders are not a special category; [they’re] just more extreme in their response to a culture that emphasizes thinness and impossible standards of appearance for women instead of individuality and health.
Gloria Steinem
We have a government that borrows $4 billion a day. We have a government that owes trillions of dollars in debt, half of that to foreigners, most of that to Chinese investors. I don’t – that is extreme. Not only is it extreme. It’s insane and it’s unsustainable.
Marco Rubio
Generally, there is a lot of truth value in stepping back, observing, then logically generalizing the extremes of what you see.
Criss Jami
I like to sing covers of songs that are at the extreme ends from what I usually listen to.
Yael Naim
There are two equally dangerous extremes-to shut reason out, and to let nothing else in.
Blaise Pascal
The cultural differences between Germany and Nigeria were extreme. The way they dress, the way they carry themselves, their religion. For two years I was overwhelmed.
Extreme cold when it first arrives seems to generate cheerfulness and sociability. For a few hours all life’s dubious problems are dropped in favor of the clear and congenial task of keeping alive.
E. B. White
Most people call my style of dress slovenly, I call it extreme casual. If I didn’t have a mother and a sister for the times I do have to get dressed, I would be absolutely lost.
Joshua Jackson
The extremes of opulence and of want are more remarkable, and more constantly obvious, in [Great Britain] than in any other place that I ever saw.
John Quincy Adams
I want people to take thought about their condition and to recognize that the maintenance of a free society is a very difficult and complicated thing and it requires a self-denying
ordinance of the most extreme kind
Milton Friedman
You need to indoctrinate empathy out of people in order to arrive at extreme capitalist positions.
Frans de Waal
In avoiding one vice fools rush into the opposite extreme.
Perfectionism is the enemy of creation, as extreme self- solitude is the enemy of well- being.
John Updike
It is a melancholy reflection that liberty should be equally exposed to danger whether the government have too much power or too little power and that the line which divides these extremes should be so inaccurately defined by experience.
James Madison
You have to go through cycles of extreme poverty and suffering for a while; they are used to that…They get up early, run hard, rest drink tea, get out and run hard again. Wehn Simon Dirorie gets up at 4 a.m. – I’m dedicated, but I’m not that dedicated.
Keith Brantly
Memo to extreme partisans: If you can’t bring yourselves to love your enemies, can you at least learn to hate your friends?
Walter Kirn
One set at extreme intensity does the muscle-building job. It must be stressed that the one final, all-out set I do takes me to the very limit of my capabilities. If you feel you can attempt a second set, then you couldn’t have been pulling out all the stops during the first set.В It’s not pretty, but it works.
Dorian Yates
i have to cross the river of extreme awkwardness in order to get to the paradise on the other side.
David Levithan
They’re on you day and night. Their oversight is just too extreme [. . .] That’s why our 10-year loan, we paid it back in three years. We couldn’t stand the government. The bureaucracy kills you.
Lee Iacocca
I don’t think I realized the extremes of my proportions until I moved to Paris. I thought I’d be ‘normal’ as a model, but actually, even in that world, I was at one end of the spectrum.
L’Wren Scott
Dont avoid extremes, and dont choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities – that is the art, the secret of balancing.
The amount of horror one used to hear about in one village could be quite extreme. But one might not have heard about all the other villages’ horrors at the same time.
Sharon Olds
Extreme weather events continue to grow more frequent and intense in rich and poor countries alike, not only devastating lives, but also infrastructure, institutions, and budgets – an unholy brew which can create dangerous security vacuums.
Ban Ki-moon
I never understood the need for a “live” audience. My music, because of its extreme quietude, would be happiest with a dead one.
Igor Stravinsky
When Ben Carson said that he would remove all federal funding for universities that had ‘extreme political bias.’ Who would decide what political bias was, and what is ‘extreme’? That kind of policing of ideas has a striking resemblance to the black list, and that’s what happened during that era.
Jay Roach
Global terrorism is extreme both in its lack of realistic goals and in its cynical exploitation of the vulnerability of complex systems.
Jurgen Habermas
The north German does not go in for extremes. He has broader horizons than the men from the mountains of Bavaria and Austria.
Karl Donitz
Climate change is a controversial subject, right? People will debate whether there is climate change… that’s a whole political debate that I don’t want to get into. I want to talk about the frequency of extreme weather situations, which is not political.
Andrew Cuomo
At issue here is a basic law which enables the Supreme Court to quash laws in extreme cases. Up until now, this right of the Supreme Court was not mentioned anywhere, but was just taken. At the same time, we want to enable the Knesset to overrule decisions of the Supreme Court.
Ayelet Shaked
There is always something happening at Schalke. I love the extremes. When we have bad runs, the atmosphere is really bad and you feel that. But you know, when you are on a good run again, it just tops everything – then it is just super!
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Highfalutin moral principles are impossible guides to foreign policy. At worst, they reflect hypocrisy; at best, extreme naivete.
Charles Krauthammer
The public, as a whole, finds reassurance in longevity, and, after the necessary interlude of reaction, is disposed to recognize extreme old age as a sign of excellence. The long-liver has triumphed over at least one of man’s initial handicaps: the brevity of life.
Vita Sackville-West
My friend and I sang an a cappella rendition of Extreme’s “More Than Words” at one of our football pep rallies in a desperate attempt to look cool. For a while, I wore pink Converse All Stars because I thought it made me seem daring and irreverent.
Ed Helms
The extreme self-sacrifice characteristic of group-selected species such as ants and bees can often be found among soldiers.
Jonathan Haidt
Peter Kropotkin described Anarchism as the extreme left wing of socialism – a view with which I completely agree. One of my deepest concerns today is that the libertarian socialist core will be eroded by fashionable, post- modernist, spiritualist, mystic individualism.
Murray Bookchin
Our age knows nothing but reaction, and leaps from one extreme to another.
Reinhold Niebuhr
Fighting is very physical and extreme and you’re very vulnerable. It’s a very mental type of thing.
Gina Carano
Education, like everything else, goes in fads, and has the normal human tendency to put up with something bad for just so long, and then rush to the other extreme.
Anthony Standen
Democracy is corrupted not only when the spirit of equality is corrupted, but likewise when they fall into a spirit of extreme equality.
Baron de Montesquieu
I grew up in somewhat of a war zone in West Philadelphia in 1985, ’86. It wasn’t as extreme as someone coming in the classroom and just unloading on a class, but I knew to take the scenic route to go to the grocery store to avoid certain elements.
Children are contemptuous, haughty, irritable, envious, sneaky, selfish, lazy, flighty, timid, liars and hypocrites, quick to laugh and cry, extreme in expressing joy and sorrow, especially about trifles, they’ll do anything to avoid pain but they enjoy inflicting it: little men already.
Jean de la Bruyere
I don’t know why I go to extremes.
Billy Joel
This is part of the complexity of grief: A piece of you recognizes it is an extreme state, an altered state, yet a large part of you is entirely subject to its demands.
Meghan O’Rourke
Unfortunately, the greatest photographers don’t pay extreme attention to the clothes. If they decide to put a dress in a bathtub or in front of a cow in the countryside with dirt everywhere, well, the dresses come back… ready to be put in the garbage.
Valentino Garavani
In clothes as well as speech, the man of sense Will shun all these extremes that give offense, Dress unaffectedly, and, without haste, Follow the changes in the current taste.
Eating wheat, like ice climbing, mountain boarding, and bungee jumping, is an extreme sport. It is the only common food that carries its own long-term mortality rate.
William Davis
The constraints of melodrama can be a great blessing, because they demand that all the characters involved – as absurd and extreme as they may initially seem – must stay utterly rooted in their own reality, or the whole project collapses.
Stanley Tucci
Relationship is a pervading and changing mystery… brutal or lovely, the mystery waits for people wherever they go, whatever extreme they run to.
Eudora Welty
I’m an extremist, I have to deal with my own extreme personality, and I walk the fine line of wanting to die and wanting to be the ruler of it all.
Davey Havok
Working is the best thing for me because I’m borderline ADHD, so I need some kind of focus or I go a bit extreme. I need work to keep me sensible.
Jaime Winstone
When a book is in its final stages, I’ve just got to be home, looking at it seventeen hours a day, and that’s fine. But all that initial creation of the early drafts, I’d just as soon write it on the road in any extreme place. That’s sort of ideal.
Pam Houston
Victorian society was homogeneous without being homogenized. It was, to paraphrase the epigram about Parliament, a society of extreme eccentrics who agreed so well that they could afford to differ.
Kenneth Rexroth
Bipartisanship helps to avoid extremes and imbalances. It causes compromises and accommodations. So let’s cooperate.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
I think there’s an interesting line drawn towards extreme environments, and the way I define extreme is through a sense of otherness. Or foreignness.
Tavares Strachan
Greece has been, in many ways, a partially dysfunctional society. For example, the wealthy barely pay taxes… to an extent, that’s true elsewhere, including the United States, but it’s been pretty extreme in Greece.
Noam Chomsky
Books of quick interest, that hurry on for incidents are for the eye to glide over only. It will not do to read them out. I could never listen to even the better kind of modern novels without extreme irksomeness.
Charles Lamb
I am aware that many critics consider the conditions in the stars not sufficiently extreme . . . the stars are not hot enough. The critics lay themselves open to an obvious retort: we tell them to go and find a hotter place.
Arthur Eddington
There is no feeling, perhaps, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music,–that does not make a man sing or play the better.
George Eliot
Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigues, I have had my vision.
Virginia Woolf
Female spies typically represented one of two extremes: the seductress who employed her wiles to manipulate men, and the cross-dresser who blended in by impersonating them.
Karen Abbott
I have said the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. But I think if we’re ever going to really tackle the problems posed by jihadi extreme terrorism, we need to understand it and realize that it has antecedents to what happened in Iraq and we have to continue to be vigilant about it.
Hillary Clinton
Music will save your life, but may leave you with a life not worth saving. The characters Phonogram tends to follow are extreme cases.
Kieron Gillen
Climate change is not going away. It will only get more extreme and more dangerous with time. There is no hiding from it. Yes, those living in poverty today will be hit first and the hardest, but we are all going to feel it and see it. We already are.
Mark Ruffalo
I believe He wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help them.
Francis Chan
I dont follow trends. I set my own and I go for the extreme.
If in normal conditions it is skill, which counts, in such extreme situations, it is the spirit, which saves.
Walter Bonatti
That is the most extreme form of nihilism: nothingness (the “meaningless”) eternally!
Friedrich Nietzsche
Twitter is a place where there is extreme vitriol at all times.
Trevor Noah
The weather records of the U.S.A. are the best kept and most accessible in the world, thanks to consistent government/military taxpayer support. There are longer European data sets, but the U.S.A. data is enough to forecast major extreme events.
Piers Corbyn
Destitution and excessive luxury develop apparently the same ideals, the same marauding attitude towards mankind, the intensity of struggle for material goods, — surely showing how perfect is the meeting of extremes.
Alice James
We have no proof that Socrates ever existed. We only know from witnesses to his life that he did. Like Jesus, he never wrote anything down. It doesn’t matter to me whether he did or not exist because we have his teachings, his method of thinking, and his extreme intellectual and moral courage.
Christopher Hitchens
We, as human beings, have the capacity for extreme cruelty.
Lupita Nyong’o
Speak in extremes, it’ll save you time.
David Bowie
It is my view that we cannot conduct foreign policy at the extremes.
Joe Biden
Maybe it’s true that people with less extreme views who are also interested in public affairs have been driven out by a marketplace that doesn’t offer them anything of the tone they want to listen to.
David Frum
Extreme remedies are never the first to be resorted to.
Seneca the Younger
‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.
Alice Walker
What I saw when I was doing research is that in pursuit of a middle ground, people will kind of split the difference between the two extremes that they’re hearing. And I think what’s problematic is that people are seeing vaccinating on schedule, on time, as an extreme position.
Eula Biss
George B. Cortelyou
If one’s object is ascetic, it is far better to stay in London or Paris or New York; there is practically no extreme of heat or cold, physical risk, loneliness, hunger or thirst that cannot, with a little ingenuity, be conveniently achieved in the centres of civilization.
Evelyn Waugh
People like Nick Cave – that ridiculous, over-the-top doom, taking it to extremes – I find it uplifting because it’s like someone else is feeling what you’re feeling and putting it into their music. Someone expressing extreme joy is just as valuable; it’s just the fact that they’re expressing their soul through music.
Matt Bellamy
Football, wherein is nothing but beastly fury and extreme violence, whereoth proceedeth hurt, and consequently rancour and malice do remain with them that be wounded.
Philip Stubbs
An all encompassing uncertainty on the part of any person is either a sign of utter stupidity or extreme intelligence. Only the not so dumb, or the not so smart, are ever certain about anything.
Derek R. Audette
I had written lyrics to a song called The Silent Extreme, which Alex later renamed Humans Being.
Sammy Hagar
There is no such thing as exaggerated art. I even believe that there is salvation only in extreme.
Paul Gauguin
Happiness is the relief after extreme tension
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food, and oxygen. The stubborn retention of it, even in the face of extreme physical hardship, can hold a man’s soul in his body long past the point at which the body should have surrendered it.
Laura Hillenbrand
I hated Shallow Grave, that movie made me angry. And I hated Happiness. I generally hate movies that use extreme violence or gratuitous shock value in place of having a heart. For example: movies that combine extremely sadistic violence with humor I find offensive.
Jesse Michaels
The United States in many ways resembles a Third World country – far more elevated, but it has many of those structural characteristics: the extreme inequality of wealth, the deterioration of infrastructure because it only serves poor people, predatory operations, huge corruption, and so on.
Noam Chomsky
Perhaps the truth is that heavy literature blooms in extremes of temperature.
Roy Blount, Jr.
You know, I live a monastic lifestyle. No, I do. I do live in extremes, basically. I go back and forth. Once every six months, I’ll have a day where I eat more chocolate than has ever been consumed by a human being.
Jim Carrey
To the extreme I rock a mike like a vandal.
Vanilla Ice
I got rid of my glasses and they changed my hair. That’s really all they did. They went shopping for me, so the clothes are different too. It wasn’t like Extreme Makeover where I got a nose job or anything.
Clay Aiken
I think, actually, any morality system that rewards only the extremes is a flawed system. Players don’t approach life that way, they don’t approach games that way, and they shouldn’t be trained to approach games that way. They shouldn’t be in the ‘Star Wars’ mode where, ‘I’ve got to choose every good option.’
Chris Avellone
Would PBS go so far as to give air time to an even more extreme kind of disinformer, a Holocaust denier?
Joseph J. Romm
Abstract knowledge is not enough. At the end of the day, it’s about how one reacts to circumstances in an extreme real-time situation.
Boaz Lavie
Cameron threw her hands up in frustration. “What is this so-called ‘look’?” Whatever it was, she was going to have to start taking extreme measures to guard against it. Amy grinned. “You know the Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom hasn’t eaten for days and he imagines Jerry looking like a ham? Kind of like that.
Julie James
The golden mean in ethics, as in physics, is the centre of the system and that about which all revolve, and though to a distant and plodding planet it be an uttermost extreme, yet one day, when that planet’s year is completed, it will be found to be central.
Henry David Thoreau
I have always been drawn to designing fashions that are rebellious, like black leather jackets on suburban kinds, a corset dress, punk, blue jeans. I love that. Fashion changes all the time, and what is considered extreme or elegant or luxurious (or not luxurious) is changing all the time.
Jean Paul Gaultier
Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?
Anthony Burgess
What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love of liberty…You’re the state where the shot heard round the world in Lexington and Concord.
Michele Bachmann
‘Bernie versus Bernie,’ for me, is these two extremes of capitalism. It’s Bernie Sanders, the ultimate socialist, and Bernie Madoff, the ultimate capitalist.
Kerby Jean-Raymond
We are facing extreme volatility.
Carlos Ghosn
It was tough to try to be serious in front of Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan with all this stuff in my face. There’s never been a character that’s looked this extreme.
Rick Yune
If we want our civilization to survive, we have to watch for the extremes. We have to reclaim our morality, both individually and as the society. To protect ourselves from extremisms, we have to maintain moderation.
Ali Sina
Averages might mean something to bureaucrats and engineers, but the sea had no struck with statistics: it was a succession of unpredictable circumstances and extremes.
Frank Schatzing
At the heart of the problem is the fact that the United States is a racially divided nation where extreme racial inequalities continue to persist.
Robert D Bullard
It goes to extremes – from people saying I’m the best of all-time to people saying, “I hate that white boy.” Who cares? At the end of the day, if people don’t like you, they’re not your friends anyway.
Riff Raff
I think unleashing 3,000 smart bombs against the city of Baghdad in the first several days of the war to me, if those were unleashed against the San Francisco Bay Area, I would call that an act of extreme terrorism.
Pete Stark
I believe in a higher power. I’ve seen and been around people who are very extreme with their faith and pointing fingers and going, “You shouldn’t do that because it’s a sin against God.” It’s like, you know what? We’re people. We’re human beings. We’re fallible. We have faults.
Malcolm D. Lee
Cities tend to be representations of societies: diversity and inequality find their extremes in urban settings. Yet, when war is added onto pre-existing inequalities, high levels of poverty, or even disaster, urban fragility increases exponentially, making it harder to absorb the shocks of warfare.
Peter Maurer
There’s been this attempt to block Donald Trump, in primary candidates and Democrats, that – to try to make everything he says some sort of extreme overstatement.
Jeff Sessions
New Zealanders are so chill. I know they say Australians are chill, and I feel like Australians are chill, but I keep thinking, “If they get drunk, they would commit a hate crime.” Now that is an extreme position to take, but it’s just a feeling I get. New Zealand people, I don’t see that.
Hari Kondabolu
I’ve always gravitated towards people who are extreme. Whether its drugs, or kicking down doors. Normally, the people in my life had to escape to get back.
Keira Knightley
We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts.
John F. Kerry
Not a lot of people know me outside of athletics and believe it or not I am actually quite shy. The exhilaration of a win or tears after falling are the extremes. It takes me a while to get to know someone, but once I do I am very loyal to my old friends.
Sally Pearson
There are black men who are madly in love with white women. God bless them, if that’s what works for them. I just hope that we can strike a balance that portrays black folks and the black family in a light that’s not extreme. Those are the types of characters that I find myself attracted to.
Nia Long
Extreme right-wingers are known for giving God a bad name; extreme left-wingers are known for giving God a weak name. He’s not as simple as conservative versus liberal, old versus new. His wings are balanced. God is both and neither.
Criss Jami
What was called extreme 20 years ago definitely isn’t extreme anymore. When I started, I remember people saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t walk in that!’ It was like, three inches – they look like kitten heels now.
Christian Louboutin
Nature I believe in. True art aims to, represent men and women, not as my little self would have them, but as they appear. My heroes and heroines I want not extreme types, all good or all bad; but human, mortal–partly good, partly bad. Realism I need. Pure mental abstractions have no significance for me.
I’ll tell you an explanation that I find commonly overrated and speculative in the extreme: the idea that things that succeed in popular culture do that because they hit the temper of the times.
Cass Sunstein
I think the extremes are something that’s really interesting to see coalesce in movies.
John Waters
You really don’t want to take that tone with me. (Varyk) Well, I do have several others we can choose from. Contemptuous. Angry. Snide. Aggravated. How about I just settle on extreme sarcasm and we call it even? (Dev)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I work in a business of extremes, so when you are with someone who is very calm and logical, it’s a great kind of balance to have.
Owain Yeoman
Even extreme grief may ultimately vent itself in violence–but more generally takes the form of apathy
Joseph Conrad
I think people do like extremes in cinema. There are very few films told about everyday middle-class couples, which is odd to me, as there are a lot of everyday middle-class couples.
Andrew Haigh
In the real world there are many tones, from white at one extreme, through a large number of medium tones to black at the other extreme. To achieve a three-dimensional effect on paper you need just three – white, black and medium gray.
Stan Smith
Extremes are for us as if they were not, and as if we were not in regard to them; they escape from us, or we from them.
Blaise Pascal
I’m not going to get on any anti-corporation soapbox to an extreme level.
DJ Shadow
They aren’t the brightest crayons in the box -Max(saving the world and other extreme sports)
James Patterson
This is a time that calls for extreme restraint. In a world of outright aggression and violence there can be no winners. To respond to violence with counter-violence only throws oil on the fire.
Tenzin Palmo
I find fame to be quite unnatural. Humans are not built for extreme adoration.
Jada Pinkett Smith
History teaches that when valuations are extreme, “mean reversion,” a move towards historical norms, is likely. Once value stocks turn, the recovery can be fast and intense.
Robert D. Arnott
A mind that is interested in changing…is interested precisely in the things that are at extremes. I’m certainly like that. Unless we go to extremes, we won’t get anywhere.
John Cage
The extremes of jungles, mountains, and deserts are inherently dangerous places.
Bear Grylls
I believe in a relatively equal society, supported by institutions that limit extremes of wealth and poverty. I believe in democracy, civil liberties, and the rule of law. That makes me a liberal, and I’m proud of it.
Paul Krugman
The American doctrinaire is the converse of the American demagogue, and, in this way, is scarcely less injurious to the public. The first deals in poetry, the last in cant. He is as much a visionary on one side, as the extreme theoretical democrat is a visionary on the other.
James F. Cooper
I think the reason I’m an actress is because I love playing kind of a more extreme people.
Melissa McCarthy
We advance in years somewhat in the manner of an invading army in a barren land; the age that we have reached, as the saying goes, we but hold with an outpost, and still keep open communications with the extreme rear and first beginnings of the march.
Robert Louis Stevenson
It showed a kind of obscenity you see only in nature, an obscenity so extreme that it dissolves imperceptibly into beauty.
Richard Preston
Throwing things horrified me. I suffered extreme, paralyzing anxiety when it came to anything remotely athletic. I wouldn’t even run to catch the school bus because I knew I’d trip and then get teased for a year.
Augusten Burroughs
You have to list all your special skills on a form when you get an agent. There’s fencing, stage combat, horse riding, motorbike riding, Spanish, French, German, whatever. I just ticked everything. I talk about 10 languages according to that form. I even ticked the extreme sports box.
Isla Fisher
Crime like virtue has its degrees; and timid innocence was never known to blossom suddenly into extreme license.
Jean Racine
There should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor again excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil.
I’ve always been drawn to the extremes of human behavior, and crime fiction is a great way to explore the lives and stories of fascinating people.
Nick Petrie
Nothing is worse than extreme affliction which destroys the “I” from the outside, because after that we can no longer destroy it ourselves.
Simone Weil
Extreme justice is often injustice.
Jean Racine
Always in a moment of extreme danger things can be done which had previously been thought impossible.
Erwin Rommel
If you want to come fight the good fight to make a difference for people and to try to get the government back on track, where we govern from the middle and not from the extremes, then understand that it’s a lonely road, and you’re going to have a hard time.
Pete Gallego
The essence of pop stardom is immaturity – a wretched little pseudo-musical gift, a development of the capacity to shock, a short-lived notoriety, extreme depression, a yielding to the suicidal impulse.
Anthony Burgess
There being in the make of an English mind a certain gloom and eagerness, which carries to the sad extreme; religion to fanaticism; free-thinking to atheism; liberty to rebellion.
George Berkeley
In conversation avoid the extremes of forwardness and reserve.
Cato the Younger
To shy away from human extremes and human sensuality makes for bone-dry fiction. A world parched of our sexual releases and our tumultuous daily emotional lives is deeply impoverished. It is not lifelike, at least life as I remember living it.
Allan Gurganus
Proponents of same-sex marriage regularly label opponents ‘radical’ and ‘extremist.’ However, given that no society in thousands of years has allowed same-sex marriage, it is, by definition, the proponents of same-sex marriage whose position is radical and extreme.
Dennis Prager
The extreme greatness of Christianity lies in the fact that it does not seek a supernatural remedy for suffering but a supernatural use for it.
Simone Weil
But that the people are stronger than the government, and will resist in extreme cases, our governments would be little or nothing else than organized systems of plunder and oppression.
Lysander Spooner
Mankind likes to think in terms of extreme opposites.
John Dewey
Modeling is about illusion. It’s a fantasy world where models play various roles. By featuring extreme looks, magazines show women how to have fun with makeup and clothes, and to inspire them to experiment – just like we did when we were little girls.
Cindy Crawford
Much literary criticism comes from people for whom extreme specialization is a cover either for grave cerebral inadequacy or terminal laziness, the latter being a much-cherished aspect of academic freedom.
John Kenneth Galbraith
But to gain a perfect view, one must go yet further, over a curving brow to a slight shelf on the extreme brink.
John Muir
I used to write a monthly column for the ‘New York Times’ syndicate. But I stopped because I found it really hard to have one extreme opinion a month. I don’t know how these columnists have two or three ideas a week; I was having difficulty having 12 things to say a year.
Salman Rushdie
There’s also a lot of punch you get from doing an extreme closeup and have it just be that image with nothing around it. There’s a clarity and precision and impact there that you sometimes lose if you put everything else in that background.
Jim Lee
It is the nature of men having escaped one extreme, which by force they were constrained long to endure, to run headlong into the other extreme, forgetting that virtue doth always consist in the mean.
Walter Raleigh
Humans remain entirely atmosphere dependent, so there is no choice but to respond to extreme climatic behaviour and its many effects.
Peter Garrett
I seem to keep returning to my father in poems because his personality was so extreme, so driven. He did everything to excess.
Robert Morgan
I never dared to be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old.
Robert Frost
We who feel that justice is not being done have but one thing to do: that is fight, by argument, by example, by insistence on fair play wherever we have the power to do so. The rest is in the hands of the Lord, or nature, which swings, apparently, from one extreme to another.
Theodore Dreiser
The algebraic sum of all the transformations occurring in a cyclical process can only be positive, or, as an extreme case, equal to nothing. Statement of the second law of thermodynamics, 1862
Rudolf Clausius
Genius is simply patience carried to the extreme.
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
I don’t think young black men, or anybody, should get a criminal record for low-level use. You know, I don’t think that we should spend our law enforcement time jailing or imprisoning marijuana users. But to solve that problem, you don’t need to go to the other extreme of creating Big Tobacco 2.0.
Kevin Sabet
It seems impossible, in fact, to judge the eye using any word other than seductive, since nothing is more attractive in the bodies of animals and men. But extreme seductiveness is probably at the boundary of horror.
Georges Bataille
My craziest ideas come from cartoons. I approach music by taking that cartoon extreme and the real life extreme and finding somewhere in the middle. The animated element lures people in, but the real-life substance puts the nail in the coffin.
Busta Rhymes
This is insane,” I said blankly. “I’m the instrument of an all-powerful primordial deity’s wave of chaos and destruction.” “That’s kind of extreme” said Dante jovially. “It’s not like you work for Google or anything.
Richelle Mead
The strength of an individual is not in his extreme freedom and libertine lifestyle, but in the stalwartness of his character and his moral vigor. The society is made of individuals. What is true for an individual is also true for the society. A society that is not founded on moral values is doomed to fall.
Ali Sina
Terrorism is an example of that extreme madness. People blow themselves up just to kill others. Unconscious reaction to terrorism is equal madness.
Eckhart Tolle
Extreme vanity sometimes hides under the garb of ultra modesty.
Anna Brownell Jameson
There are kids who get on BMX bike when they are eight years old and they go,’Whoa, this is incredible,’ and grow up to do extreme sports. It is the same for me with acting.
Joaquin Phoenix
For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.
As love is union, it knows no extremes of distance.
Juana InГ©s de la Cruz
This behavior may…counteract feelings of’numbness’and depersonalization that aries duriing periods of extreme stress.-153 Girl,Interrupted
Susanna Kaysen
I by no means intend to simplify the challenges women face in any culture. Women are marginalized in all cultures in my opinion, some in more extreme ways than others.
Zainab Salbi
When I was a kid, I was into psychological thrillers. When I was 12, my favorite movie was ‘Thirteen.’ I just really liked movies that showed an extreme range in acting. That’s what made me want to become an actress.
Leven Rambin
The extreme possibilities are the most illuminating.
David Mumford
What I preserved in the figures [at Invisible Man] are those white eyes and white teeth, because that’s still connected to the way in which blackness, in the extreme, has been stigmatized and the way it was often joked that you couldn’t see black people in the dark until they had their eyes open or were smiling.
Kerry James Marshall
Cruel blows of fate call for extreme kindness in the family circle.
Dodie Smith
When I was a barber, me being extreme was how I got popular: you name it, I was drawing it on someone’s head.
Swizz Beatz
India is a functioning democracy despite its extreme poverty, India has stayed the course.
Manmohan Singh
Some people must go to extremes to get the world in balance for themselves. Some can’t bear bright lights, so wherever they go they search for the dark; they turn the lights down, anything to sustain some level of comfort.
Julian Schnabel
I regret that some on the extreme right have been so critical of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and have adamantly opposed the naming of a successor who shares her judicial philosophy and qualities. And their criticism actually reflects poorly upon them.
Patrick Leahy
Body and soul, Black America reveals the extreme questions of contemporary life, questions of freedom and identity: How can I be who I am?
June Jordan
Too much self-centered attitude, you see, brings, you see, isolation. Result: loneliness, fear, anger. The extreme self-centered attitude is the source of suffering.
Dalai Lama
Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths. It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do. A lover whose passion is extreme loves even the faults of the beloved
It is in middles that extremes clash, where ambiguity restlessly rules.
John Updike
I have a rebellious teenage thing. If my mom says I can’t do it, I’m gonna do it. But I’m pretty good. That’s why it was fun to play Sam in The Bling Ring. I got to be someone crazy and wild to the extreme, then go home and relax and get rid of the burden.
Taissa Farmiga
The Buddha’s message was simple but profound. Neither a life of self-indulgence nor one of self-mortification can bring happiness. Only a middle path, avoiding these two extremes, leads to peace of mind, wisdom, & complete liberation from the dissatisfactions of life.
Henepola Gunaratana
Unfortunately, the belief that women are a minority is endemic in most cultures around the world. Obviously some take it to the extreme where violence against women is legal and supported and in other cultures it is more subversive and easy to dismiss as “progress.”
Gillian Anderson
A few years ago the idea that extreme poverty was harmful was on the fringes of the economic and political debate. But having made the case we are now seeing an emerging consensus among business leaders, economic leaders, political leaders and even faith leaders.
Winnie Byanyima
People in love, it is well known, suffer extreme conceptual delusions, the most common of these being that other people find your condition as thrilling and eye-watering as you do yourselves.
Julian Barnes
I listen to anything country and anything classical. Two great extremes.
Richard Burr
NEA includes most bizarre & extreme misuse of tax funds.
Newt Gingrich
The problem of creating something new, but which is consistent with everything which has been seen before, is one of extreme difficulty.
Richard P. Feynman
Art has always got more and more extreme, and it will continue to get more and more extreme.
Marco Pirroni
As far as the style, I can’t say there is one definite style. I probably feel most comfortable writing in a tonal idiom, with considerable, if not extreme chromaticism.
Marc-Andre Hamelin
Moods are such an essential part of the substance of life, of one’s notion of oneself, that even psychotic extremes in mood and behavior somehow can be seen as temporary, even understandable, reactions to what life has dealt.
Kay Redfield Jamison
As a scientist Miss [Rosalind] Franklin was distinguished by extreme clarity and perfection in everything she undertook. Her photographs are among the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any substance ever taken.
John Desmond Bernal
To those who would divide us or drive us to the extremes of either political party, I remind you that Maryland has been called ‘a state of middle temperament.’ Our politics need that middle temperament as well.
Larry Hogan
Let’s be cautious about dreaming up extreme scenarios. The situation in Iraq is still salvageable.
Rand Beers
In extreme situations, the entire universe becomes our foe; at such critical times, unity of mind and technique is essential – do not let your heart waver!
Morihei Ueshiba
There you have the two extremes: the man that is concerned mainly with the hidden life, and the man who seriously concerns himself with the expression of that life. What I want to do is to bring about harmony between the two extremes, for therein lies the Truth. The harmony of life is the understanding of Truth.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Kind words cost no more than unkind ones . . . and we may scatter the seeds of courtesy and kindliness around us at so little expense. If you would fall into any extreme let it be on the side of gentleness. The human mind is so constructed that it resists vigor and yields to softness.
Jeremy Bentham
I think the key to great art and great artists is to just fully be yourself and not be scared of that, and be the extremes of your personality. Show the extremes of your personality and embrace the imperfections. Embrace the things about yourself that you might not like.
King Tuff
I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely.
Charles Bukowski
What I write about is how much influence it’s had in things like state legislatures and governorships and congressional races. The other thing that’s even more important in the long run is that very extreme money has affected the ecosystem of ideology in the country.
Jane Mayer
Push your limit to the absolute extreme.
Gordon Ramsay
A sober, devout man will interpret ‘God’s will’ soberly and devoutly. A fanatic, with bloodshot mind, will interpret ‘God’s will’ fanatically. Men of extreme, illogical views will interpret ‘God’s will’ in eccentric fashion. Kindly, charitable, generous men will interpret ‘God’s will’ according to their character.
E. Haldeman-Julius
Bad luck and (extreme) misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.
If we don’t take effective measures now, the Netherlands could be torn between two extreme rights.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
If there’s anyone out there who has taken extreme to a new level, its Joe De Sena – in adventure racing, in business, and ultimately in the business of adventure! Spartan Up! is must-read.
Robyn Benincasa
But not forgiving yourself often becomes the root of severe self-loathing extreme self hatred and intense inhibitions. It will be next to impossible to truly start over when you feel unforgivable.
Sue Augustine
I’m not into extreme sports or something. I just live a quiet life.
Charlie Kaufman
Drama lies in extreme exaggeration of the feelings, an exaggeration that dislocates flat everyday reality.
Eugene Ionesco
Both in individuals and in masses violent excitement is always followed by remission, and often by reaction. We are all inclined to depreciate whatever we have overpraised, and, on the other hand, to show undue indulgence where we have shown undue rigor.
Thomas B. Macaulay
I do think there are very few extreme right-wing gay Republicans. Although it depends how you define “extreme right-wing.” They’re making a political calculation.
Kirby Dick
No one who was not by nature a lover of logic, and an extreme precisian in the use of words and phrases, could have written the two “Alice” books.
Stuart Dodgson Collingwood
The French don’t think everyone should have the same bank balance, but they’re offended by extremes of inequality.
Pamela Druckerman
I could hear Dean, blissful and blabbering and frantically rocking. Only a guy who’s spent five years in jail can go to such maniacal helpless extremes; beseeching at the portals of the soft source, mad with a completely phsycial realization of the origins of life-bliss; blindly seeking to return the way he came
Jack Kerouac
For me, I am still very happy to be able to do stage design as it’s an opportunity to express the extreme.
Christian Lacroix
People will invite you and seek you constantly if you learn how to give them the extreme pleasure of being clever. People adore the one who encourages them to display their conversational wares and admires the display.
Margery Wilson
For some odd reason, I had an early and extreme multidisciplinary cast of mind. I couldn’t stand reaching for a small idea in my own discipline when there was a big idea right over the fence in somebody else’s discipline. So I just grabbed in all directions for the big ideas that would really work.
Charlie Munger
Ergonomics is about designing for failure modes and extremes: how things break under repetition, stress or other limits. And the goal of ergonomic designis to create an alignment between the user’s limits, the thing you’re designing, and how people will ideally use that thing.
Tristan Harris
If they don’t have that extreme addict personality, you can never understand how a guy can blow 300 or 400 million dollars. If I have to live at the top of the world, I also have to live at the bottom of the ocean. I don’t know how to live in the middle of life.
Mike Tyson
As a soccer player, I wanted an FA Cup winner’s medal. As an actor you want an Oscar. As a chef it’s three-Michelin’s stars, there’s no greater than that. So pushing yourself to the extreme creates a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement, and more importantly, it shows on the plate.
Gordon Ramsay
Shortly after this, I placed my command on our extreme left, to watch and fight the enemy should he make another attack, and went to Cemetary Hill for observation.
John Buford
the very best that can happen is to have energetic opponents. The more extreme they become, the more powerful the reaction they will have to face.
Jostein Gaarder
I’m a person of extremes. I’m usually very polar in a lot of things that I do.
Jessie Reyez
No matter how extreme things get, it still has that ring of truth about it that backs the characters – even though they’re despicable and what they’re doing isn’t right you still care for their fate.
Andy Serkis
I’m much more interested in shows that maybe not everybody loves, but a lot of people REALLY love. That’s how I am as a person. I’m as extreme as the roles in the shows that I like to be on.
Felicia Day
The extreme side of my personality, which I chose to sort of display, was snowballing and getting a life of its own. It was like looking in a mirror and not recognising myself.
Brian Molko
Extremes meet, and there is no better example than the naughtiness of humility.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nothing fools people as much as extreme passion.
Joseph Hall
I could justify violence only in this extreme case, to save the last living knowledge of Buddhism itself.
Dalai Lama
For a successful entrepreneur it can mean extreme wealth. But with extreme wealth comes extreme responsibility.
Richard Branson
We must avoid fastidiousness; neatness, when it is moderate, is a virtue; but when it is carried to an extreme, it narrows the mind.
Francois Fenelon
I think there’s tremendous power in the images we associate with Russian culture and history, these extremes of beauty and brutality that lend themselves to fantasy.
Leigh Bardugo
Death is just a new beginning…at least in my religion. And extreme inebriation seriously helps. (Syn)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I like roles that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum, and there’s special appeal in exploring these slightly forgotten plays that people might think of as subjects for academic term papers instead of live theater.
Geoffrey Rush
The crimes against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere, particularly Lebanon, are so shocking that the only emotionally valid reaction is rage and a call for extreme actions. But that does not help the victims. And, in fact, it’s likely to harm them.
Noam Chomsky
The human soul has need of security and also of risk. The fear of violence or of hunger or of any other extreme evil is a sickness of the soul. The boredom produced by a complete absence of risk is also a sickness of the soul.
Simone Weil
I like to write about things that are extreme in some form. I like to write about something I feel I have to write about.
Suzanne Vega
The qualities and capacities that are important in running-such factors as will power, the ability to apply effort during extreme fatigue and the acceptance of pain-have a radiating power that subtly influences one’s life.
Jim Fixx
the excess of all good things is mischievous.
Lydia M. Child
Do you ask what sort of a maid I desire or dislike, Flaccus? I dislike one too easy and one too coy. The just mean, which lies between the two extremes, is what I approve; I like neither that which tortures nor that which cloys.
I am one Dana when I am talking to my daughter, another when I am talking to the IRS, and another still when I do an interview. These characters are just extreme versions of ordinary human self-switching.
Dana Spiotta
My internal and external life depend so much on the work of others that I must make an extreme effort to give as much as I receive.
Albert Einstein
Extreme seductiveness is at the boundary of horror
Georges Bataille
It’s all or nothing with my makeup. If I get dressed up, I’ll go to an extreme. I’ll wear foundation, bright blue or bright red lipstick with one of my weird purple wigs.
Angelina Jolie
Order always weighs on the individual. Disorder makes him wish for the police or for death. These are two extreme circumstances in which human nature is not at ease.
Paul Valery
Who can be patient in extremes?
William Shakespeare
I didn’t see my character, Core, as a cannibal but as somebody who is extremely passionate and who doesn’t have any conscience. She takes her passion to its complete extreme.
Beatrice Dalle
The events we most desire do not happen; or, if they do, it is neither in the time nor in the circumstances when they would have given us extreme pleasure.
Jean de la Bruyere
This was an age of extremes, a fascinating century of freaks… but nobody loved it.
Alfred Bester
I never thought very many people in the world were very much like John Laroche, but I realized more and more that he was only an extreme, not an aberration – that most people in some way or another do strive for something exceptional, something to pursue, even at their peril, rather than abide an ordinary life.
Susan Orlean
It’s difficult to get large groups of people, to the extreme levels of focus and productivity that you need, for a startup to be successful.
Sam Altman
The extreme positions of the Crossfire Syndrome require extreme simplification – framing the debate in terms which ignore the real issues.
Michael Crichton
Depression is the most extreme form of vanity.
Julie Burchill
The Palestinians are facing a historic junction at which they will have to decide whether they want to remain stuck in a corner of extreme fundamentalism, which will cut them off from the entire world, or whether they are ready to take the necessary steps. My role is to assist in building this process.
Ehud Olmert
Extreme views are never just; something always turns up which disturbs the calculations formed upon their data.
Benjamin Disraeli
Lyc-V is a jealous virus. It exterminates all other invaders with extreme prejudice.
Ilona Andrews
We never know who we are going to be until we are tested, but perhaps we can test ourselves without going to the extremes of war. Perhaps we can be kinder now, live with less now, reach out to others now – and build an inner reserve of a strong identity that will hold us up even when everything else falls away.
Deborah Ellis
there are virtues which are very well in the abstract, but which, encountered in the flesh, can be a source of extreme irritation.
Patricia Wentworth
I was an extreme tomboy. I did competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. I cut my hair like Winona Ryder, with that little pixie cut.
Serinda Swan
The warrior must continue to make decisions in the face of extreme circumstances. He cannot afford to get angry or frightened.
George Friedman
The world is not dialectical – it is sworn to extremes, not to equilibrium, sworn to radical antagonism, not to reconciliation or synthesis. This is also the principle of evil.
Jean Baudrillard
From the subtle to the extreme, our culture and our values are under unrelenting attack from the media.
Tammy Bruce
Hitler was a vegetarian. Just goes to show, vegetarianism, not always a good thing. Can in some extreme cases lead to genocide.
Bill Bailey
Extreme patience and persistence are required,
Yet everybody succeeds at this before being handed
The surprise box lunch of the rest of his life.
John Ashbery
When I see a head from a great distance, it ceases to be a sphere and becomes an extreme confusion falling down into the abyss.
Alberto Giacometti
Groups tend to be more extreme than individuals.
Daniel Kahneman
I totally let myself indulge, but I make little deals with myself. If I have an extra cupcake, I’ll run a couple of extra miles. I think it’s all about balance and not getting into extremes with dieting and exercising. Having a healthy attitude is important, too!
Megan Hilty
Would they not fear that citizens not less tenacious than conscious of their rights would flock from the remotest extremes of their respective states to the places of election, to overthrow their tyrants, and to substitute men who would be disposed to avenge the violated majesty of the people?
Alexander Hamilton
No one runs fast without an extreme amount of training. Like today, you see kids walking around dribbling a basketball. I had a bag with track shoes in it, and I used to go to the track every day.
Edwin Moses
The middle man governs, however extreme may seem to be the men who sit on the Front Bench, in their reactionary or revolutionary opinions.
Beatrice Webb
I’ve never been much for self-revelation. In two decades of public life, I always approached the limelight with extreme caution. Not that I kept my personal life off-limits; rather, the personal life I put on display was a blend of fact and fiction.
James McGreevey
Road cycling, especially up mountains. It’s the heady mixture of endorphins and aesthetics that I love. My wife does it too, and being with her in extreme but beautiful conditions adds to the experience and our relationship.
Gary Kemp
He that had never seen a river imagined the first he met to be the sea; and the greatest things that have fallen within our knowledge we conclude the extremes that nature makes of the kind.
Michel de Montaigne
Extreme hopes are born of extreme misery, and in such a world hopes could only be irrational.
Bertrand Russell
People say history is boring, and that is true because people are boring. We haven’t changed since time began. We’re still the same. We’ve obviously made some changes. When we started, it was all about food, clothing and shelter. Now we watch ‘Top Chef’, ‘Project Runway’, and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
Colin Hay
America is a funny place; it’s a land of extremes, I think. There’s fantastic, and there’s gobsmackingly dreadful. In every realm you could imagine, they do extremes very well or badly, depending on how you look at it.
In times of extreme stress, one can often find energy hidden in even the most exhausted areas of the body.
Daniel Handler
I’ve played all these extreme guys, but playing an everyman type has its own challenges.
Andrew Scott
I remember it was with extreme difficulty that I could bring my master to understand the meaning of the word opinion, or how a point could be disputable; because reason taught us to affirm or deny only where we are certain; and beyond our knowledge we cannot do either.
Jonathan Swift
Skiing in Whistler was great fun. It’s an extreme environment that’s very different to my own and I had never skied before, so I had to learn to take on the elements quite bravely. It was nice to try something new.
Hayley Atwell
You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon-headed combat machine when somebody calls you “chicken man”?
Rick Riordan
In the Horn of Africa now, there are tens of thousands dying from the extreme vulnerability they are living in.
Jan Egeland
Keep a mid course between two extremes.
The increasing frequency of extreme weather events, droughts and floods is in line with what climate scientists have been predicting for decades – and evidence is mounting that what’s happening is more severe than predicted, and will get far worse still if we fail to act.
David Suzuki
I live in the extremes.
Brad Paisley
Well the real concept of basic needs if you cut it right down are simply the physical needs that are unavoidable for all of us. So to have enough calories to keep our bodies going. Have shelter from extreme elements. To have water that is safe to drink, So I think that’s the core of it.
Peter Singer
We want to represent all the French people with ideas that are neither left nor right: patriotism, defense of the identity and sovereignty of the people. If a person like me is described as being extreme-left and extreme-right at the same time, then that isn’t far off the mark.
Marine Le Pen
I haven’t got anything against films that are about the minutia of relationships or customs, but I love extremes.
Danny Boyle
Music is about truth, and truth contains the ugliness and the dark and evil and hate and sadness as well as the happiness and beauty and everything in between. Having all those extremes is itself a satisfying, positive thing.
Andrew W.K.
Racism is so extreme and so pervasive in our American society that no black individual lives in an atmosphere of freedom.
Margaret Walker
If there were biologists among the extremophiles organisms that live in extreme conditions, they would surely classify themselves as normal and any life that thrived in room temperature as an extremophile.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Extreme busyness, whether at school or college, kirk or market, is a symptom of deficient vitality.
Robert Louis Stevenson
The kind of plan that Donald [Tramp] has put forth would be trickle-down economics all over again. In fact, it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cuts for the top percent of the people in this country than we’ve ever had.
Hillary Clinton
The most gloomy prognosis about Jewish life is that it will disappear between the two extremes of ultra-Orthodoxy on the one hand and total assimilation on the other. But those are very exaggerated scenarios.
Simon Schama
Goalkeeping is like extreme sports sometimes – you have to let yourself go
Jens Lehmann
The extreme always makes an impression.
Jeff Hardy
Beethoven suppressed everything, his personal life disappeared until he was locked inside. That is a figure quite extreme.
Michael Tippett
There’s a widespread cultural barrenness across art and political culture. But there are some pockets of resistance on the extreme margins, like the techno-savvy protest movements, small press, the creator-owned comics, that seem to be getting some signs of hope for the future.
Alan Moore
What we do and think in our own lives, then, becomes of extreme importance as it effects everything we’re connected to.
Dalai Lama
‘The Road’ is about that fear that all parents can have. What’s going to happen to your child if you’re not around? It takes those concerns to an extreme. In the film, without me the boy has no food, no shelter, no resources at all.
Viggo Mortensen
I have seen both extremes; when there was no work, I was frustrated and now that I’m overworked, I feel the same. I’m looking for a balance now.
Amit Trivedi
Passion produced out of prayer and praise pushes you to extremes.
Carl Lentz
I almost can’t believe I’m going to make myself vulnerable to him again. But what is love but the most extreme and exquisite form of risk perception? I know that relationships don’t last. And yet, with him, the risk of not being with him is much worse than any other hurt I can imagine.
Megan McCafferty
Reagan was extreme. Beginning of his administration, one of the first things was to call in scabs – hadn’t been done for a long time, and it’s illegal in most countries – in the air controller strike.
Noam Chomsky
Images today have now become so extreme that what used to be considered hardcore is now mainstream pornography.
Gail Dines
In certain extreme cases, medication may be necessary. But it is given far too often, too easily, and too readily. Millions of children already are on tranquilizers, for example, and that is absurd.
Eckhart Tolle
A visionary company doesn’t simply balance between idealism and profitability: it seeks to be highly idealistic and highly profitable. A visionary company doesn’t simply balance between preserving a tightly held core ideology and stimulating vigorous change and movement; it does both to an extreme.
James C. Collins
The attainment of enlightenment from ego’s point of view is extreme death.
Chogyam Trungpa
Justice in the extreme is often unjust.
Jean Racine
Our visibility shouldn’t be subject to such extreme circumstances.
Janet Mock
Glory relaxes often and debilitates the mind; censure stimulates and contracts,–both to an extreme. Simple fame is, perhaps, the proper medium.
William Shenstone
Where victims see adversity, extreme achievers see opportunity.
Robin Sharma
Radical Islamists are serious about killing in pursuit of their extreme objectives. Releasing their soldiers can only embolden them to take more Americans hostage. The deal for Sgt. Bergdahl may well turn out to have been a bargain with the devil.
Cal Thomas
Love is the grand prize and the garbage heap. Love is a spiritual root canal and the only thing that makes life worth living. Love is a little taste of always and a big bite of nothing. And love is everything in between these extremes.
Robert Fulghum
Ambition is an idol, on whose wings great minds are carried only to extreme; to be sublimely great or to be nothing.
Shakti Gawain
We have record high temperatures and record high energy prices across the country, and we’ve seen the dangerous effects caused by extreme temperatures in the past.
Louise Slaughter
Who has reached the extreme limits of scale with the same infallible precision, equally guarded against the false refinement of artificial elegance and the roughness of spurious force? Who has better known how to breathe anguish and dread into the purest and most exquisite forms?
Charles Gounod
I’ll always be a boulevardier. I have an extreme reverence and romantic longing for all that is decrepit and fatalistic.
Rufus Wainwright
The two elements of the suburban pattern that cause the greatest problems are the extreme separation of uses and the vast distances between things
James Howard Kunstler
Lawyers can’t tell you you can’t do something. They can warn you about risks, and in extreme cases tell you that something is such a bad idea you’ll need to get someone other than them to do it but the judgment call of whether the risk is worth it is the entrepreneur’s.
Bram Cohen
Evil people hate the light because it reveals themselves to themselves. … They will destroy the light, the goodness, the love in order to avoid the pain of self-awareness. … [E]vil is laziness carried to its ultimate, extraordinary extreme.
M. Scott Peck
Only by pursuing the extremes in one’s nature, with all its contradictions, appetites, aversions, rages, can one hope to understand a little – oh, I admit only a very little – of what life is about.
Francoise Sagan
I had reached the conclusion myself that sex was not a division but a continuum, that almost nobody was altogether of one sex or another, and that the infinite subtlety of the shading from one extreme to the other was one of the most beautiful of nature’s phenomena.
Jan Morris
Extreme poverty is the best breeding ground on earth for disease, political instability, and terrorism.
Jeffrey Sachs
The Greeks said very, very extreme things in their tragedies.
Edward Bond
I’m really into extreme sports and just having fun.
Kellan Lutz
Human society is made up of partialities. Each citizen has an interest and a view of his own, which, if followed out to the extreme, would leave no room for any other citizen.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Moderation shifts when extremes do.
Mason Cooley
I would like to recapture that freshness of vision which is characteristic of extreme youth when all the world is new to it.
Henri Matisse
in extreme circumstances I think embarrassment is a luxury.
Fred Vargas
Let wealth come in by comely thrift,
And not by any sordid shift;
‘T is haste
Makes waste;
Extremes have still their fault.
Who gripes too hard the dry and slipp’ry sand,
Holds none at all, or little, in his hand.
Robert Herrick
A pure heart is perhaps one which has no natural propulsion towards anything in any manner whatsoever. When in its extreme simplicity such a heart has become like a writing-tablet beautifully smoothed and polished, God comes to dwell in it and writes there His own laws.
Maximus the Confessor
So, at one extreme you have indigenous, tribal societies trying to stem the race to disaster. At the other extreme, the richest, most powerful societies in world history, like the United States and Canada, are racing full-speed ahead to destroy the environment as quickly as possible.
Noam Chomsky
Perfect courage and utter cowardice are two extremes which rarely occur.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
When launching a product called an Energy Drink and named Red Bull, a product that stimulates body and mind, it is a short step to the roots where Red Bull came from. We have been doing this for 20 years – now its called adventure sports, extreme sports, and outdoor sports.
Dietrich Mateschitz
I do not seek to quench your love’s hot fire,
But qualify the fire’s extreme rage,
Lest it should burn above the bounds of reason.
William Shakespeare
Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere.
Kofi Annan
In societies where coolness and being cool is a top priority, the religious replace the word ‘religious’ with ‘spiritual’ to make their faiths seem less extreme.
Criss Jami
I would rather go to any extreme than suffer anything that is unworthy of my reputation, or of that of my crown.
Elizabeth I
All extremes does perfect reason flee, And wishes to be wise quite soberly.
No other German writer of comparable stature has been a more extreme critic of German nationalism than Nietzsche.
Walter Kaufmann
I’ve always enjoyed watching makeup artists – but I’d like to go to the extreme and do monster makeup in movies.
Niki Taylor
I’m curious about the extremes of the world
Matt Prior
Extreme picky eaters may have what’s called Selective Eating Disorder. People with this experience physical and psychological discomfort over certain tastes, smells, textures.
Emily Yoffe
Vermilion alone could render the brilliant red of the tiles on the opposite slope. The orange of the soil, the harsh crude colors of the walls and greenery, the ultramarine and cobalt of the sky achieved an extreme harmony that was sensually and musically ordered.
Maurice de Vlaminck
In nature nothing is at standstill, everything pulsates, appears and disappears. Heart, breath, digestion, sleep and waking – birth and death – everything comes and goes in waves. Rhythm, periodicity, harmonious alternation of extremes is the rule. No use rebelling against the very pattern of life.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
The True Person avoids extremes, self-indulgence, and extravagance.
I want ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ to reach different types of women. The girl I am talking about, it’s me, it’s you – it’s every girl who has struggled with feeling not good enough. I want to talk about all the different extremes that girls go through to feel beautiful.
Alessia Cara
Yin and Yang control man’s actions, and both extremes are a natural reaction.
Ray Davies
A skilled diplomat rarely generates extreme reactions.
Madeleine Albright
We could not bring democracy to South Vietnam at a cost that we were willing to accept. So it was a disaster. That’ is the left extreme.
Noam Chomsky
Hours of preparation for something that is excecuted, with extreme precision, in a few minutes. Just as with a judo throw.
Yves Klein
Be neither too early in the fashion, nor too long out of it; nor at any time in the extremes of it.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
The world community simply should not support such extreme measures when there are so many other pressing issues at hand. The optimal response to greenhouse gases is to start modestly.
Robert O. Mendelsohn
The idea of victimage is a dreadful thing, a product of a safe middle-class perspective. What people who are not safe develop is a tragic wisdom, a wisdom that embraces contradiction and seeks a sense of balance rather than going to extremes.
Gerald Vizenor
I’m not at an extreme, but I do think that Donald Trump is a self-created creature. But the media has feasted on his spectacle and he wouldn’t live without the attention. He’s repaid the favor by attacking the press, but that’s generated more reactive coverage.
David Folkenflik
Naturally, the top does not automatically make us better. Like the samurai frequented ordinary cutthroat, so sometimes extreme mountaineer can be self-centered, mythomaniac or crook to each yourself and the environment.
Wojciech Kurtyka
In truth, knowledge is a great and very useful quality; those who despise it give evidence enough of their stupidity. Yet I do not set its value at that extreme measure that some attribute to it.
Michel de Montaigne
The military is trying very hard right now to put a better face on Guantanamo, and I think they actually have tried to rid some of the extreme versions of abuse that we have read about.
Jane Mayer
When contemplated in its extreme, almost any power looks dangerous.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I don’t watch a lot of TV. I am madly in love, I’m a big sap, I’m madly in love with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I cry every week.
Eva LaRue
Poverty is what we call the extremes at the bottom.
Joseph Stiglitz
An extreme rigor is sure to arm everything against it.
Edmund Burke
Democracy has two excesses to avoid: the spirit of inequality, which leads to an aristocracy, or to the government of a single individual; and the spirit of extreme equality, which conducts it to despotism, as the despotism of a single individual finishes by conquest.
Baron de Montesquieu
I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil, an evil whose possibility spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to the nation-states, on to a surprising and terrible empowerment of extreme individuals.
Bill Joy
Extreme heroism springs from something that no scientific theory can fully explain; it’s an illogical impulse that flies in the face of biology, psychology, actuarial statistics, and basic common sense.
Christopher McDougall
We must always remember that the Chinese revolution was not a peasant’s revolution, but one of the extreme Right.
Salvador Dali
A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
Eric Ries
The political system loves the extremes, it doesn’t so much show a lot love for the moderates.
Claire McCaskill
It is a world of extremes, which can be characterised most clearly in terms of exclusion. That means political exclusion, whereby the rights of citizens are marginalised by the interests of big business: George W Bush’s environmental policy, for example, is clearly formulated in the interests of U.S. energy companies.
Noreena Hertz
Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances.
Leigh Brackett
I think it’s a very firm part of human nature that if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you’ll end up thinking more extreme versions of what you thought before.
Cass Sunstein
Putin has been – and with a lot of the groups, the conservative groups, the more extreme conservative groups that underlie Trump, he’s a bit of a hero because he speaks for traditional values, he’s against the global institutions.
David Brooks
If you ever get the opportunity to work with Quentin Tarantino, you had better believe that it will be an experience of extremes.
Walton Goggins
The mind & body must be subjected to extreme stimulus, by means of drugs & music.
Hunter S. Thompson
Floyd Skloot’s Revertigo is a beautifully-written, moving account of one man’s off kilter life. Who would have imaged a memoir exploring months of extreme vertigo and decades of neurological turbulence would be filled with so much joy and optimism? This gentle, wise, and perceptive memoir never fails to surprise.
Dinty W. Moore
We are seeing every night on the television news now a nature hike through the Book of Revelation. These climate-related extreme weather events have convinced the vast majority of people that the scientists have been right for a long time. We have to address this.
Al Gore
The life we live is just a colourful and deposit toy.
Some of us take it so seriously and fight and cry for it.
Some of us break and throw it.
Either we give extreme importance, either not enough.
Better to stay far from extremes.
Shams Tabrizi
I think that for thousands of years people have made the observation that there are certain kinds of extreme depressive states that seem to be more likely to produce philosophers, people in the arts, unusually brilliant scientists.
Kay Redfield Jamison
You can’t disobey the rules every time you disapprove. However, when you’re considering something that constitutes an extreme abridgement of your rights, conscience is the court of last resort.
Mario Savio
Extremes are vicious, and proceed from men; compensation is just, and proceeds from God.
Jean de la Bruyere
I am interested in power and in the idea of one country exerting power over another. The Soviets took this to an extreme.
Nicholas Royle
No violent extreme endures.
Thomas Carlyle
The dirty little secret is that I grew up in a household where there were no carbohydrates allowed, ever. No cookies, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. My mother was very extreme in terms of what she served. Since I left home more than 40 years ago, I’ve been making it right for myself.
Ina Garten
When you are enlightened, your physical body will still feel pain if you get hurt, but you will not be overwhelmed even by extreme physical pain, because your mind is filled with light, love and understanding.
Frederick Lenz
If I was invincible, maybe I would take up some extreme sports.
Tom Welling
At the extremes it is difficult to distinguish pseudoscience from rigid, doctrinaire religion.
Carl Sagan
Israel has many hopes, and faces extreme dangers. The most prominent danger is Iran, which is making every effort to acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and establishing an enormous terror network together with Syria in Lebanon.
Ariel Sharon
In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly.
Scott Westerfeld
Emma Watson is adorable in the extreme. She is such a lovely person.
Bill Nighy
Development is a fundamental part of our national security. It is extreme poverty – the realities of access to water and food – which creates the long-term drivers of our insecurity. Most wars are fought over scarce resources, and that is going to accelerate in the future.
Rajiv Shah
To practice Extreme Self-Care, you must learn to love yourself unconditionally, accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities.
Cheryl Richardson
Our climate is changing. And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it may be – given the devastation it is wreaking – should be enough to compel all elected leaders to take immediate action.
Michael Bloomberg
Self-destruction is the effect of cowardice in the highest extreme.
Daniel Defoe
With marriage and fatherhood, I’ve finally found two fixed points in my life. They’ve taught me patience. They’ve also taught me that I don’t need to feel guilty about being happy. My emotional seasons are less extreme.
Pete Wentz
Referendums are a democratic instrument, but so are decisions reached in a parliamentary democracy. I advise extreme caution when it comes to referendums. In Germany too.
Martin Schulz
I can go from one extreme to another, from playing at the Sydney Opera House on the Songbook tour to shows with Soundgarden at Voodoo Fest, all in a week.
Chris Cornell
If you would fall into any extreme, let it be on the side of gentleness. The human mind is so constructed that it resists rigor, and yields to softness.
Saint Francis de Sales
the truth is seldom found in extremes. Central truths can be revolutionary if put to work.
Georgia Harkness
This woman did not fly to extremes; she lived there.
Quentin Crisp
This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.
Ben Elton
Avoid excessive merriment. A mind in that state never becomes calm; it becomes fickle. Excessive merriment will always be followed by sorrow. Tears and laughter are near kin. People so often run from one extreme to the other.
Swami Vivekananda
Everybody deals with stress differently. Some people drink, some people use drugs, some people watch TV. I have always found that extreme athletics chills me out and leaves me in a very centered place.
Frederick Lenz
Since [man] is infinitely removed from comprehending the extremes, the end of things and their beginning are hopelessly hidden from him in an impenetrable secret; he is equally incapable of seeing the nothing from which he was made, and the infinite in which he is swallowed up.
Blaise Pascal
Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
Absolutes are absolutely dangerous.
James Tiptree Jr.
Wagner exploited all forms of expression at a composer’s disposal – harmony, dynamics, orchestration – to the extreme. His music is highly emotional, and at the same time Wagner has extraordinary control over the effect he achieves.
Daniel Barenboim
When you write on your own, you can write the extremes. No one else is watching and you can really go as far as you need to.
Kiran Desai
I seem to get cast as one of two extremes. Either I play the butch heavy or totally nice guys.
Tim Pigott-Smith
Humankind has no option but to protect and live in harmony with its natural environment. However, it would be regrettable if in putting an end to revolutionary extremism, we should then come to environmental extremism. We should not forget that all extremes are the same.
Mikhail Gorbachev
The most passionate, consistent, extreme and implacable enemy of the Enlightenment and … all forms of rationalism … was Johann Georg Hamann. His influence, direct and indirect, upon the romantic revolt against universalism and scientific method … was considerable and perhaps crucial.
Isaiah Berlin
When it comes to climate change it’s all the usual barriers: greed, mendacity, ignorance, short-sightedness and so on, manifest in the extreme power of corporations, the weakness of government, and the indifference of citizens.
Dale Jamieson
And if there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the British floods—disasters that, combined, pummeled coastlines beyond recognition, ravaged millions of homes, and killed many thousands—are going to keep coming.
Naomi Klein
Enlightenment is just the beginning, later on come other skills . . . patience, a forgiving nature, extreme attention . . . .
E. J. Gold
[Warfare is] maleness in its absurdest extremes. Here is to be studied the whole gamut of basic masculinity, from the initial instinct of combat, through every form of glorious ostentation, with the loudest accompaniment of noise.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
I love playing characters that go to extreme places, and I love to explore different kinds of psychological landscapes, so it is ultimately a kind of fun, but it’s also complicated and colored by the depth of the nastiness of it, at certain times, as well.
Zachary Quinto
Mahmoud Darwish wrote that “extreme clarity is a mystery.” That sounds right to me. I don’t want anyone hunting for anything ancillary to the true mystery. If that means risking being thought of as glib or dull or banal or stupid or whatever, I guess that will just have to be the way it is.
Matthew Zapruder
To a lot of people, the Second Amendment is an extreme position.
Rush Limbaugh
The Devil, having nothing else to do Went off to tempt my Lady Poltagrue. My Lady, tempted by a private whim, To his extreme annoyance, tempted him.
Hilaire Belloc
If we are extremists, then we are not ashamed of it, for the conditions that our people suffer are extreme, and extreme illness can not be cured with moderate medicine
Malcolm X
To the American people I say, awaken to what is happening. It is the duty of each citizen to be vigilant, to protect liberty, to speak out, left and right and disagree lest be trampled underfoot by misguided zealotry and extreme partisanship.
Robert Byrd
The Millennium Declaration was a solemn pledge to free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty.
Kevin Watkins
The greatest propaganda in the world is our mother tongue, that is what we learn as children, and which we learn unconsciously. That shapes our perceptions for life. That is propaganda at its most extreme form.
Marshall McLuhan
Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction
William James
It turns out the population issue is an easier thing to deal with than the consumption issue. Some obvious extremes in consumption we can deal with. The standard cure for a stuttering economy is to go out and buy an SUV and three more refrigerators. That’s obviously not the way to go.
Paul R. Ehrlich
So-called “inspiration” is no more than an extreme example of a process which constantly goes on in the minds of all of us.
Anthony Storr
Anyone who is seriously interested in me would usually do a little more homework and realise that the extreme criticisms are almost exclusively ideologically based.
Maurice Strong
I read what I like to write: romantic suspense. I also love thrillers and novels of suspense, but I can’t handle extreme violence and torture.
Jayne Ann Krentz
I guess none of the sides of my hyphen are particularly subtle cultures. But perhaps there is also a sense that these characters are all parentless – every character in this book is feral in some way – without any guidance in their upbringing. They find no choice but to seek refuge in extreme behaviors.
Porochista Khakpour
Pushing yourself to extremes blows out the cobwebs of trusted habit. It shakes up what you know to be reliably safe and substitutes the miracle of insecurity.
Robert Genn
People embrace false magical theories in the hope something good will come out of them. In the most extreme of these, good comes out of them only at the end of this life, in paradise.
Subhash Kak
Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.
Adolf Hitler
Nothing doth so fool a man as extreme passion. This doth make them fools which otherwise are not, and show them to be fools which are so.
Joseph Hall
There is no telling to what extremes of cruelty and ruthlessness a man will go when he is freed from the fears, hesitations, doubts and the vague stirrings of decency that go with individual judgment.
Eric Hoffer
Russia had to take the necessary measures in order to prevent the situation in Crimea unfolding the way it is now unfolding in southeastern Ukraine. We didn’t want any tanks, any nationalist combat units or people with extreme views armed with automatic weapons.
Vladimir Putin
While extremely sensitive as to the slightest approach to slander, you must also guard against an extreme into which some people fall, who, in their desire to speak evil of no one, actually uphold and speak well of vice.
Saint Francis de Sales
While we can’t turn off the aging gene, we do go to a lot of extremes to stay young, I’ve noticed.
Andrew Niccol
With people in high office, the old – you go into the extreme, which is absolute power and absolute power corrupts.
Clint Eastwood
The Democrats and Republicans stand at two extremes, characterized by which parts of our lives they emphasize their desire to control.В  Libertarians reject both extremes in favor of the government leaving control of your life to you.
Michael Badnarik
Saudi Arabia is militant Islamic extremism, Wahhabi Islam is extreme and violent. These are the people that execute gays. These are the people that stone women who show their face in public. You don’t hear much about it, but it happens.
Rush Limbaugh
All extremes of feeling are allied to madness.
Virginia Woolf
People are angry that things as common sense as securing the border and eliminating sanctuary cities are being framed as extreme views. They are tired of empty rhetoric without action, and they are hungry for a leader from outside the professional political class.
Carly Fiorina
I don’t know if there are artists out there who love their own records. I haven’t met any, and I’m kind of extreme in the other direction, but therein lies the impetus to keep working and keep making new songs and new records.
Ani DiFranco
You have Extreme and Van Halen and the history that I have with other people I played with. There are some effects that will hopefully break that stereotype.
Gary Cherone
EJECTION, n. An approved remedy for the disease of garrulity. It is also much used in cases of extreme poverty.
Ambrose Bierce
Maybe poets express more directly a sense of sympathy for other human beings. Painting is a little bit more of a retreat from human beings in real life; painting is more about the extreme moments when speech doesn’t help anymore.
Francesco Clemente
A balanced and skillful approach to life, taking care to avoid extremes, becomes a very important factor in conducting one’s everyday existence.
Dalai Lama
Entire ignorance is not so terrible or extreme an evil, and is far from being the greatest of all.
We have an extreme rightwing government in Britain, although it’s called the Labour government. That’s confused a lot of people, but it’s confusing them less and less.
John Pilger
I’m very interested in how idealistic young people can get caught up in all sorts of systems of extreme belief, you know, whether it’s cults or whether it’s suicide bombers.
Emma Donoghue
As human beings, we have the blessing and the curse that we’re able to adapt to almost anything. No matter how extreme the circumstances you’re in, they become normal.
Kevin Powers
My dad thinks Obama is a socialist and all these extreme views.
Jonathan Krohn
. . . in the final analysis, virtue is not found in extremes, but in prudence . . .
Vincent de Paul
People tend to take sides in these discussions. They feel obligated to say baseball is in catastrophic circumstance or no problem at all. I think extremes are misleading. I think there’s a problem and it’s of modest dimensions.
Andrew Zimbalist
I feel… an ardent desire to see knowledge so disseminated through the mass of mankind that it may, at length, reach even the extremes of society: beggars and kings.
Thomas Jefferson
It is with extreme sadness that we hear of the passing of the leader of the world’s Catholics, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, who commanded the three paths of religious learning, philosophical thought and poetical and artistic creativity.
Mohammad Khatami
Or maybe they were just doing it for fun. A lark. Their religion is tolerant of extreme forms of recreation. Boys will be boys, after all, and sociopathic boys will be sociopathic.
Dean Koontz
Get yourself in that extreme state of being next to madness. You should always write with an erection. Even if you’re a woman.
Tom Robbins
To go beyond the bounds of moderation is to outrage humanity. The greatness of the human soul is shown by knowing how to keep within proper bounds. There are two equally dangerous extremes- to shut reason out, and not to let nothing in.
Blaise Pascal
I’m a girl of extremes. When I love something, I’m like a puppy dog (without all the licking). When I’m cranky, I’m a wasp (like a whole hive of ’em). And when I’m angry, I’m a Mother Bear with a predator after her cubs: Dangerous.
James Patterson
Reporting the extreme things as if they were the average things will start you on the art of fiction.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The more she thought about it, the more Madeleine understood that extreme solitude didn’t just describe the way she was feeling about Leonard. It explained how she’d always felt when she was in love. It explained what love was like and, just maybe, what was wrong with it.
Jeffrey Eugenides
The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as a trade secret of Paleontology. Evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils.
Stephen Jay Gould
The thing about social media is that it is anonymous, so it can be much more vitriolic and extreme than normal media and yet it is there for everyone to see. It is kind of like electronic graffiti. The political process is accelerated and intense in a way that I don’t believe it ever really has been before.
Tony Abbott
Your work life is divided into two distinct areas – what matters most and everything else. You will have to take what matters to the extremes and be okay with what happens to the rest. Professional success requires it.
Gary W. Keller
Let a man neither give himself over to pleasures … nor yet let him give himself over to self-mortification … To the exclusion of both these extremes, the Truth-Finder has discovered a middle course.
Gautama Buddha
There’s always the danger that the extreme feminist will end up quite unfulfilled as a girl.
Catherine Marshall
Especially in recent years, the more and more we understand what we are doing, the more we have the science to tell us what we’re doing, the fact that we continue to do it without taking steps to address it strikes me as, among many other things, irreverent in an extreme.
Bill McKibben
The extreme form of power is All against One, the extreme form of violence is One against All.
Hannah Arendt
Most of the writers I know are weird hybrids. There’s a strong streak of egomania coupled with extreme shyness. Writing’s kind of like exhibitionism in private. And there’s also a strange loneliness, and a desire to have some kind of conversation with people, but not a real great ability to do it in person.
David Foster Wallace
To do an extreme metal record is something that is well within my capacity as a musician to write stuff out of the box, write stuff that’s probably more extreme than the band I’m in at the present time, and it’s something that needs to come out of me one way or another.
Phil Anselmo
The issue I focus on the most is extreme poverty. I think it’s kind of out of sight out of mind. I wish there would be more stories about that to connect people to what’s happening. To personalize it, to make it real to people, to inspire them to action.
John Legend
We’ll engage in pretty extreme violence in the world but, you know, the one thing that comes to humans as easily as eating or breathing or sleeping, is sex.
Mark Ruffalo
We are already seeing a degree of instability in the world because Obama seems to have consciously wanted to step back. Donald Trump is going to be “Obama squared,” a more extreme version of the same thing.
Paul Wolfowitz
I have a problem with capitalism, in it’s extreme sense. At the same time communism, I have a problem with that, because every man must feel like a lord in his own manor.
Jaz Coleman
The idea of the extreme makeover is disturbing.
Janice Dickinson
All extremes are bad. All that is good and useful, if carried to extremes, may become-and beyond a certain limit is bound to become-bad and injurious.
Vladimir Lenin
Everything was leveled, there were no extremes of joy or sorrow any more but only habit, routine, ancient family names and rites and customs, slow careful old people moving cautiously around furniture that had sat in the same positions for fifty years.
Anne Tyler
For the purposes of life and conduct, and society, a little good sense is surely better than all this genius, and a little good humour than this extreme sensibility.
David Hume
Every day, it seems, a new extreme weather catastrophe happens somewhere in America, and the medias all over it, profiling the ordinary folks wiped out by forest fires, droughts, floods, massive sinkholes, tornadoes.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Does the end justify the means? Or should it be, Do the ends justify the mean; do the extremes justify moderation?
Daniel N. Robinson
Writing is the only trade I know of in which sniveling confessions of extreme incompetence are taken as credentials probative of powers to astound the multitude.
George V. Higgins
I think that what’s so interesting about her is that she took to an extreme her embrace of peasant life even though she was a singing and dancing European intellectual.
Tom Jaine
Before Watergate and Viet Nam, the American public, as a whole, believed everything it was told, and since then it doesn’t believe anything, and both of those extremes hurt us because they prevent us from recognizing the truth.
Daniel Keys Moran
If you see me performing, you’re going, that guy is simply the most extroverted guy I’ve ever seen. But if you’ve seen me very often on a daily basis and all the while growing up, I was very, very introverted. Very introverted. So I have sort of the extremes of both of those characteristics.
Bruce Springsteen
One will seldom go wrong if one attributes extreme actions to vanity, average ones to habit, and pretty ones to fear.
Friedrich Nietzsche
We need to punch back against the extremes of both the left and the right and define the terms of the debate ourselves.
John Avlon
I would like to fall in love again but my only hope is that love doesn’t happen to me so often after this. I don’t want to get so used to falling in love that i get curious to experience something more extreme – whatever that may be.
Douglas Coupland
I suppose I’ve got a reputation for playing quite extreme characters and making them quite believable.
Michael Sheen
Most religions have always appreciated the extreme power of concentrated thought directed toward the benefit of others, especially when that person is practicing in solitude. That’s why they have contemplative orders.
Tenzin Palmo
Sometimes I just like the feeling of being a minority and seeing how far you can push yourself in extreme circumstances.
Tom Freston
I mopped the floor with my hairThe reason I’m so interested in taking my body to those extreme places is that that’s a place where I learn, where I feel most in my body. I’m really interested in the repetition, the discipline, and what happens to me psychologically when I put my body to that extreme place.
Janine Antoni
In overstepping our limitations, in touching the extreme boundaries of man’s world, we have come to know something of its true splendor.
Maurice Herzog
My childhood was quite extreme. Sometimes I was so weak I could not stand up. But now I am so strong. Life is unpredictable
Ai Weiwei
The peril of the hour moved the British to tremendous exertions, just as always in a moment of extreme danger things can be done which had previously been thought impossible. Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.
Erwin Rommel
She looked around. They had drifted far away from the bank of the canal. “Are we stealing this boat?” “Stealing’ is such an ugly word,” he mused. “What do you want to call it?” He picked her up and swung her around before putting her down. “An extreme case of window-shopping.
Cassandra Clare
If we can live and prosper without killing, why would we not do so? I do not see veganism as ‘extreme’ in any way. I see killing for no reason as extreme in every way.
Gary L. Francione
At a glance, addiction, sex work, mad passion, and all forms of extreme behavior might look like pushing or trying to obliterate boundaries when, more honestly, they are a search for them. I want to find the endpoint, the place where my own powers end, so I can yield to something that I’m certain is bigger than me.
Melissa Febos
The more extreme and the more expressed that passion is, the more unbearable does life seem without it. It reminds us that if passion dies or is denied, we are partly dead.
John Boorman
I guess I get enough real life, in real life, so that’s why I like things that are more extreme.
Rob Zombie
I think anytime that you go to the extreme of any mode of economics, be it capitalism or communism, you have these feedback mechanisms that make the system turn in on itself.
Serj Tankian
So sometimes things are ahead and sometimes they are behind; Sometimes breathing is hard, sometimes it comes easily; Sometimes there is strength and sometimes weakness; Sometimes one is up and sometimes down. Therefore the sage avoids extremes, excesses, and complacency.
Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones but by extreme positions of the opposite kind.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I’m a bit of a worrier, to an extreme. I’ll crack a joke, then worry if I’ve offended someone – even when they’re laughing. I have a guilt complex, always worrying.
Sophia Bush
Hey, I drank milk that was a DAY past its expiration date. Now THAT is extreme!
Kurt Angle
If a person offends you, and you are in doubt as to whether it was intentional or not, do not resort to extreme measures; simply watch your chance, and hit him with a brick.
Mark Twain
‘In-between’ is sort of – an animator does the key poses. He’ll do extremes, you know, like a character reaching out for a glass of water and then another one of him drinking. And the in-betweener has to do all the drawings that goes between those two. You know it could be 12, 23 whatever in-betweens.
Pete Docter
Virtues, of …
Moderation: Avoid extremes. Forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
Benjamin Franklin
The extremes of vice and virtue are alike detestable, and absolute virtue is as sure to kill a man as absolute vice is.
Samuel Butler
The desire of perfection became the ruling passion of their soul; and it is well known, that while reason embraces a cold mediocrity, our passions hurry us, with rapid violence, over the space which lies between the most opposite extremes.
Edward Gibbon
Extreme good, extreme evil: the abilities required are similar.
Margaret Atwood
The chocolate and crisps come in at times. You have to allow the little things that make you happy. I’m not extreme about what I eat.
Naomi Campbell
Our senses will not admit anything extreme. Too much noise confuses us, too much light dazzles us, too great distance or nearness prevents vision, too great prolixity or brevity weakens an argument, too much pleasure gives pain, too much accordance annoys.
Blaise Pascal
Vladimir Putin mainly has friends in Europe among the extreme right, such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France.
Garry Kasparov
Being in a war situation is probably the most extreme situation for a human being to be in.
Boaz Lavie
The media is not about the arena of ideas. The media is not about persuading. The media is about overcoming the will of the people. The media has joined forces with the Democrat Party, members of the Democrat Party, and the extreme radical left in the United States to advance the extreme radical leftist agenda.
Rush Limbaugh
I am an ordinary person, but carried to extremes.
Fay Weldon
The profoundly cynical premise of all religionists is that people are not capable of behaving decently toward one another unless they are lured with promises of pie in the sky and simultaneously terrorized by the threats of extreme nastiness in the eternal afterlife in hell.
Barbara G. Walker
If I’m going to do anything extreme, I want it to have consequences.
Evan Rachel Wood
Although my marriage left me with three beautiful children, it also left me with a healthy dose of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and an extreme desire to be loved again. I was operating on empty, expecting to be paid in full.
Niecy Nash
Texas has arguably the most extreme separation between the well off and everyday people in the United States.
Don Baylor
Red carpets are pretty unpredictable. You can go from one person asking you what you’re wearing to the next person asking you about the situation in Haiti. It’s the extreme juxtaposition, and some of the questions can throw me!
Keith Urban
We address the problems of so many Dutch citizens that are afraid to go out in their neighbourhoods after 10pm, who are afraid to send their children to school because of all the harassment they get from this parallel Islamic society. And people are not extreme in Holland.
Geert Wilders
People have one of two extreme reactions to my book. They either throw it across the room, or they rush out and buy 10 copies. The message I’m giving out, that what we think about becomes true for us, and negative thoughts mean good things don’t happen, isn’t always easy for some people to take.
Louise Hay
You feel as if you’re not living a full life. Which, of course, is why – it’s my theory about why so many people who are heavily into computers are also into extreme sports and S&M. It’s because their bodies are crying out for some kind of action.
Brian Eno
I believe that, by taking an extreme approach, you really get the public to actively engage with a cause or a research ,and that is what motivates me with space exploration.
Nelly Ben Hayoun
There is no vice which mankind carries to such wild extremes as that of avarice.
Jonathan Swift
Love is that orbit of the restless soulWhose circle grazes the confines of space,Bounding within the limits of its raceUtmost extremes.
George Henry Boker