Fashionable Quotes

Fashionable Quotes by Sue Perkins, Dave Gahan, Alexander Chee, Rachel Nichols, Henry David Thoreau, Kevin Harrington and many others.

I'm not fashionable.

I’m not fashionable.
Sue Perkins
If you stick around long enough, you’re going to become fashionable eventually.
Dave Gahan
My fascination with women’s clothes began very early. My mother was a very fashionable woman. She also made her own clothes. She had these fashion magazines, and I would draw the women in them. My middle school art teacher suggested that I have a fashion drawing show.
Alexander Chee
I’ve always enjoyed doing dishes. Maybe it was the fashionable yellow gloves that I loved so much. It’s weird, I know, but I find cleaning cathartic.
Rachel Nichols
Ktaadnis an Indian word signifying highest land,… very few, even among backwoodsmen and hunters, have ever climbed it, andit will be a long time before the tide of fashionable travel sets that way.
Henry David Thoreau
When I was starting out, being a young entrepreneur was not fashionable. Parents would ask, ‘When are you going to get a real job?’
Kevin Harrington
I think everybody, from every end of the market place, from young through to old, wants to be fashionable. Everybody. Women want to feel like they’re wearing the right merchandise, regardless of age. They want to be trendy.
Philip Green
Nowadays, it is fashionable for agents to be out. When you call them, they’re always “out.” It’s in, you see, to be out. If they’re in, they’re out. So, they’re always out. That way, they’ll be in.
Mickey Rooney
I’m not fashionable at all, and the fact that I manage to sell pictures without being fashionable is thanks to my gallery.
Paula Rego
I know it’s fashionable to blame your childhood for everything nowadays – thank you, Freud. The thing is, though, I really don’t feel scarred by mine. But perhaps if I’d been in therapy for 10 years, and you were able to read the records, you’d disagree.
Neil Morrissey
They meant abnormal. Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one’s need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood.
Janet Frame
You know, one had as good be out of the world, as out of the fashion.
Colley Cibber
About that time, stronger features became fashionable on the screen.
Marie Windsor
Being fashionable does not mean you have to drain your bank account.
Brad Goreski
He…boasted an unassuming mustache, which was perched atop his upper lip cautiously, as though it were slightly embarrassed to be there and would like to slide away and become a sideburn or something more fashionable.
Gail Carriger
I prefer surveying for a week to spending a week in fashionable society even of the best class.
Ellen Swallow Richards
My favorite jacket is an emergency item. Much like myself, it is both snuggly and fashionable.
Cassandra Clare
I’ve never done a trendy diet or subscribed to a fashionable health fad in my life.
Matthew Hussey
I didn’t want to overdo things with fashion. I wanted to mix and match the basics and classics to make it, you know, effortlessly fashionable.
Jessica Jung
I’ve often been accused of dressing too well. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, though I don’t think I’m particularly fashionable.
A. A. Gill
Foot-binding, which started out as a fashionable impulse, became an expression of Han identity after the Mongols invaded China in 1279. The fact that it was only performed by Chinese women turned the practice into a kind of shorthand for ethnic pride.
Amanda Foreman
You cannot be both fashionable and first-rate
Logan Pearsall Smith
I don’t think I have something that’s pronounceable as a philosophy. … When it was fashionable to say, “May the Force be with you,” I always said, “Force yourself.” … I’ll say again then, “The Force is within you. Force yourself.”
Harrison Ford
I was a communist, but being left-wing was fashionable. I was no different from thousands of middle-class kids.
Miuccia Prada
I like clothes that are fashionable but also have great messages for lifestyle, and 360 does just that – the sweaters are for women of all shapes and sizes and are designed to allow a woman to feel beautiful and chic from the inside out.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
There’s nothing fashionable about a dead animal that has been cruelly killed just because some people think it looks cool to wear.
Stella McCartney
I’m against ignorance. I’m against sloppy, emotional thinking. I’m against fashionable thinking. I am against the whole clichГ© of the moment.
Herman Kahn
Claude Kirk could be hysterically funny and fearlessly bold, and he championed the environment, education, and diversity long before those issues were fashionable.
Ander Crenshaw
Music became so commercialized that I just didn’t want anything to do with it. I renounced the industry before it became the fashionable thing to do.
Billy Squier
There is no evidence that we’ve been placed on this planet to be especially happy or especially normal. And in fact our unhappiness and our strangeness, our anxieties and compulsions, those least fashionable aspects of our personalities, are quite often what lead us to do rather interesting things.
Jon Ronson
You see, I read reviews of people like Paul Simon, and they don’t talk about the fact that he’s looking old or whether he is fashionable; they talk about the music, which is how it should be.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
For an idea ever to be fashionable is ominous, since it must afterwards be always old fashioned
George Santayana
I think it’s become fashionable for the snobbish egghead today to make fun of television. I’ve heard many people, boast, “I would never have a television set in my house,” well, these people are fools.
Bennett Cerf
Travel aesthetics should be just as comfortable and practical as they are fashionable.
Roy Acuff was the first country music star to buy a home in a fashionable section of Nashville. The real estate man said, ‘Mr. Acuff, how do you plan to take care of this?’ since the house was very expensive at the time. Roy said, ‘Would cash be all right?’
Minnie Pearl
We are not peddlers of the fashionable. We believe that good design defies fashion, is truly innovative, eminently sensible, yet a source of inspiration to those who have the pleasure of living with it.
Arthur Erickson
I’d been to Saint Petersburg before, but there’s been a change in people’s minds. Maybe it’s a fashionable thing, but people have returned to the churches. I went to a Russian Orthodox and a Catholic church – both of the queues, enormous!
Manolo Blahnik
There was one man in the Labour government, Robin Cook, whom I had a very high regard for. He had the courage to speak out and to resign over Iraq. He was an admirable man. But resignation over a matter of principle is not a very fashionable thing in our society.
Harold Pinter
I was turning down cigarette campaigns before it became fashionable. I wouldn’t let CBS Radio sell ‘The Stan Freberg Show’ to R.J. Reynolds and American Tobacco, which had sponsored Jack Benny, the man I replaced.
Stan Freberg
‘Teen Vogue’ fortunately has proved you can have smart, political, and fashionable content delivered in one place, and you don’t have to choose.
Elaine Welteroth
Yazoo is the name of an old blues label and also a town in America. I like it because it doesn’t mean a thing, it has no immediate connotations. That’s what I hate about so many names today – they’re so obviously fashionable.
Alison Moyet
As soon as something becomes ‘trendy,’ I go off it. I hate the idea of being a sheep and just following a look because I’ve been told it’s fashionable. Individuality makes the world a much more interesting place.
Eliza Doolittle
I am not ‘fashionable.’ I am particular about what I wear.
Riya Sen
It’s become fashionable these days to say that the writer writes because he is not whole, he has a wound, he writes to heal it, but who cares if the writer is not whole; of course the writer is not whole, or even particularly well.
Joy Williams
There’s more to come. Series 4 [of Peaky Blinders] is coming soon. But I’m proud of making my hometown, which is considered to be completely unfashionable, slightly fashionable. People actually know where it is now.
Steven Knight
I look fashionable every day. And the pendulum swings between more, or less, edgy when I’m with bankers.
Karen Katz
How much the more in judging of the human heart should we distrust all fashionable airs and graces, all tricks and smartness, learnt only to please the outward gaze
Murasaki Shikibu
What is fanaticism today is the fashionable creed tomorrow, and trite as the multiplication table a week after.
Wendell Phillips
If the aristocrat is only valid in fashionable circles, and not with truckmen, he will never be a leader in fashion; and if the man of the people cannot speak on equal terms with the gentleman, so that the gentleman shall perceive that he is already really of his own order, he is not to be feared.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I can’t stand the need to be fashionable.
James May
I’m not trying to be fashionable. Never was!
Dolly Parton
I’ve found that embracing the things that make me a little strange and different from other people, and learning to love that, makes me feel beautiful and fashionable every day.
Sasha Velour
I think as a pregnant woman we’re all looking for stuff that makes us all look cute and fashionable and feel sexy when we’re pregnant.
Jodie Sweetin
The more fashionable doctors in Italy, began to delegate to slaves the manual attentions they deemed necessary for their patients … that the art of medicine went to ruin.
Andreas Vesalius
I like to think, hopefully, people agree that I’m fashionable.
Madison Beer
A fashionable woman is always in love – with herself.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
The fashionable woman is sexy, witty, and dry-cleaned.
Mary Quant
I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.
Gilda Radner
Fashion is a dangerous road to go down. Anybody who is going to have children later in life had best not be too fashionable because the photos will come back to haunt them.
Graydon Carter
I created my bags from the notion of developing a well-edited line of fashionable, but not “trendy” handbags. By designing styles that will be as relevant tomorrow as they are today, my brand has established itself as a modern classic.
Kate Spade
We’ve never been a musically fashionable band. We’ve been successful, but I think that has something to do with us never following the trends.
Curt Smith
The only creature less fashionable in academia than the stereotypical ‘dead white male,’ is the dead white male on horseback.
David Hackett Fischer
In almost any country, probably in Russia in particular, it’s fashionable to criticise people in power. If you come out in support of someone like me, you’re going to be accused of trying to ingratiate yourself.
Vladimir Putin
Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.
Alexander Wang
It’s quite fashionable to say that the education system’s broken. It’s not broken. It’s wonderfully constructed. It’s just that we don’t need it anymore. It’s outdated.
Sugata Mitra
I design for a woman who is on the go. Women are busier than ever, and I wanted to design a collection that can go from day to night and be fashionable. Sometimes I wear three outfits in one day.
Giuliana Rancic
Since the early Nineties it’s been very fashionable to say, ‘It’s all about the music.’
Chris Robinson
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
Coco Chanel
Now, I’m not saying I’m fashionable, but there are sociological interests that matter to me, things that are theoretical, political, intellectual and also concerned with vanity and beauty that we all think about but that I try to mix up and translate into fashion.
Miuccia Prada
I guess I’ve always been really strong minded about what I wear; I’ve never followed what other people consider fashionable or what styles are happening at the time.
Bonnie Wright
It is very fashionable for good-looking ladies to say how hard it is to be beautiful, but that’s not true. There are times when itdepresses and bothers me to see just how easy things are made for a beautiful woman.
Catherine Deneuve
There was a time when villains were stylized as very fashionable with gelled hair, girls in arms and cigar in mouth but now films have come closer to the reality. Realism has entered our industry.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Never put yourself in a position that will put yourself at risk if you make the wrong decision. We spent cash on everything. It’s fashionable to make ‘bet the company’ decisions, but don’t do it.
Joel Spolsky
Being ‘ethnically ambiguous’, as I was pegged in the industry, meant I could audition for virtually any role. Morphing from Latina when I was dressed in red, to African American when in mustard yellow, my closet filled with fashionable frocks to make me look as racially varied as an Eighties Benetton poster.
Meghan Markle
Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.
Amelia Barr
Since science is fashionable today, it allows its fraternity to propose cloddish monstrosities as a solution to man’s problems in many fields. Fashion rules and, anyway, who but the experts can even dare to speak up?
Frank Schaeffer
I glory in the distinguishing grace of God and will not, by the grace of God, step one inch from my principles or think of adhering to the present fashionable sort of religion.
Charles Spurgeon
At least since the first petals of the counterculture bloomed across Europe and the United States in the 1960s, it has been fashionable to affirm that all religions are beautiful and all are true…This is a lovely sentiment but it is dangerous, disrespectful, and untrue.
Stephen Prothero
By a kind of fashionable discipline, the eye is taught to brighten, the lip to smile, and the whole countenance to emanate with the semblance of friendly welcome, while the bosom is unwarmed by a single spark of genuine kindness and good-will.
Washington Irving
Justice Rehnquist was friendly and unpretentious. He wore scuffed Hush Puppy shoes. That was my first lesson. Clothes do not make the man. The Justice sported long sideburns and Buddy Holly glasses long after they were fashionable. And he wore loud ties that I am confident were never fashionable.
John Roberts
Many Americans feel themselves inferior in the presence of anyone with an English accent, which is why an English accent has become fashionable in television commercials; it is thought to sound authoritative.
Edwin Newman
Return to a simpler life, and you will see that behind the expensive cars, the fashionable clothes, the empty celebrities, the fancy houses and the thick layers of make-up life has real meaning. Behind all the lies there is a deep well of wisdom that we can all drink from, and grow wiser, healthier and happier.
Varg Vikernes
This is a very fashionable charge to bring against a company. This is one of the consequences, in this country, of being in the Internet industry. I think it’s quite scandalous, they brought the weakest charges they had.
James Hunt
Totem poles and wooden masks no longer suggest tribal villages but fashionable drawing rooms in New York and Paris.
Mason Cooley
Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one’s need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood.
Janet Frame
There are infinite possibilities of error, and more cranks take up fashionable untruths than unfashionable truths.
Bertrand Russell
I had a ‘the Cure’ hairstyle, bigger even than Robert Smith’s for many years. I used to do jokes about it which went well, but which meant I had to keep sporting it long after it was fashionable.
David Baddiel
People in Hong Kong are stylish and fashionable, which is one of the many reasons making Hong Kong itself such an energetic place.
David Beckham
Drag should push the limits of what is considered fashionable or beautiful.
Sasha Velour
When we start deceiving ourselves into thinking not that we want something… but that it is a moral imperative that we have it, that is when we join the fashionable madmen.
Joan Didion
A tall young man sped swiftly up the wide stone steps leading to the doorway of a mansion in one of Chicago’s most fashionable avenues.
George Barr McCutcheon
Kindness is always fashionable.
Amelia Barr
It is precisely because it is fashionable for Americans to know no science, even though they may be well educated otherwise, that they so easily fall prey to nonsense.
Isaac Asimov
Even if it doesn’t fit the woman, like, let’s say a very short skirt, and the woman doesn’t have the legs or the height to wear the skirt, but she has to wear it because it’s fashionable. Don’t do it! If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t worry about it.
Carolina Herrera
Kerry Washington is the most fun: she cracks me up! Everyone talks about how drop-dead gorgeous, smart, and fashionable she is, and she is all of that, but I must add she’s the hugest goofball. She has the best sense of humor and lightheartedness that makes coming into work every day so delightful.
Darby Stanchfield
We can still be sexy and vibrant, fashionable, classy, and fly until the day we die!
Tina Knowles
It’s fashionable to think that the conservative parties in America are the science deniers. You certainly wouldn’t have trouble supporting that claim. But liberals are not exempt.
Kyle Hill
In a consumer society, expectations dare not plateau, because a growing economy depends on rising expectations… The more we let our level of contentment be determined by outside factors-a new car, fashionable clothes, a prestigious career, social status-the more we relinquish control over our own happiness.
Paul Brand
These women were taking over these former manufacturing warehouses in SoHo and figuring out a way to be fashionable and viable without money. It’s hard to imagine a life like that in Manhattan now – there’s something romantic about it.
Rachel Kushner
What of Art? -It is a malady. –Love? -An Illusion. –Religion? -The fashionable substitute for Belief. –You are a sceptic. -Never! Scepticism is the beginning of Faith. –What are you? -To define is to limit.
Oscar Wilde
Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtue.
Now, it is well known, that a man may with more impunity be guilty of an actual breach either of real good breeding or of good morals, than appear ignorant of the most minute point of fashionable etiquette.
Walter Scott
At a time when there’s younger writers starting up and it’s inevitable that you’re becoming less fashionable, at a time when the industrial pressures apply more and more to books, how do you keep a book you wrote 28 years ago selling well year on year? Because it really is getting harder.
William Boyd
Reductionism is a dirty word, and a kind of ‘holistier than thou’ self-righteousness has become fashionable.
Richard Dawkins
Most of the research which is done is determined by the requirement that it shall, in a fairly obvious and predictable way, reinforce the approved or fashionable theories.
Celia Green
I’m not fashionable, and I know nothing about fashion, but I have my individual style, and style is eternal.
Vidya Balan
It’s more important to be healthy and of good spirit than it is to be thin, just as it’s more important to be an attractive woman than a fashionable one.
Diane von Furstenberg
I am aware it’s easy and may be fashionable to pose with a slum child, and the irony of getting the media along means that it can come across as disingenuous. But you take these things on board, and you hope you mean it whenever you get stuck into something.
Erin O’Connor
I’m concerned with not ever being fashionable.
Grayson Perry
The lack of racial diversity and gender diversity and the lack of female directors – those are not fashionable issues. And they’re not issues that reside solely within the film industry.
Cate Blanchett
With ‘Shallow Grave’ people realised that you could set a film in Scotland and it didn’t have to be about leaky boats in the Highlands. Then ‘Trainspotting’ made it fashionable.
Douglas Henshall
Jargon is the verbal sleight of hand that makes the old hat seem newly fashionable; it gives an air of novelty and specious profundity to ideas that, if stated directly, would seem superficial, stale, frivolous, or false. The line between serious and spurious scholarship is an easy one to blur, with jargon on your side.
David Lehman
I shall be dark and French and fashionable and difficult. And you shall be sweet and open and English and fair. What a pair we shall be! What man can resist us?
Philippa Gregory
Our advanced and fashionable thinkers are, naturally, out on a wide swing of the pendulum, away from the previous swing of the pendulum…. They seem to have an un-argue-out-able position, as is the manner of sophists, but this is no guarantee that they are right.
Anthony Standen
Both Kennedy and Obama exuded a dash of glamour in their roles as commander-in-chief and became the darlings of Hollywood. As president, each brought to the White House a fashionable and accomplished First Lady, two adorable young children and scene-stealing pets.
Kitty Kelley
In the immediate aftermath of the civil-rights movement, Democrats marketed liberalism to us as fashionable, sophisticated and liberating. Today it needs a surgeon general’s warning: hazardous to your family and the values you were taught as a child.
Jason Whitlock
No man ever stood the lower in my estimation for having a patch in his clothes: yet I am sure that there is greater anxiety, commonly, to have fashionable, or at least clean and unpatched clothes, than to have a sound conscience.
Henry David Thoreau
American soldiers wore khaki uniforms during World War II. Men’s khaki trousers became fashionable after the war, as homecoming GI’s decided to continue wearing the soft, comfortable pants in their civilian capacities.
Roger Stone
I never want to promote an ad that makes women feel bad about themselves, because when I was young, I never felt rich enough or fashionable enough or good enough. I felt talked down to by luxury fashion labels. There was a disconnect. They made me feel we weren’t right for each other.
Stella McCartney
I dress to feel comfortable and beautiful, not to be fashionable.
Jeanne Damas
I had a beard way before it was fashionable.
Chris Stapleton
But are they all horrid, are you sure they are all horrid? [Referring to Gothic novels, fashionable in England at the beginning of the 19th century, but frowned upon in polite society.]
Jane Austen
Time is like a fashionable host
That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand,
And with his arm outstretch’d, as he would fly,
Grasps in the comer.
William Shakespeare
The patient, treated on the fashionable theory, sometimes gets well in spite of the medicine.
Thomas Jefferson
Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.
Adolf Loos
I’ve always believed in one nation even when it wasn’t entirely fashionable inside the Labour party… and I believe one nation means building a really solid alliance between the classes.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
If the inner life of our fashionable women were known, how few would deserve the title of lady!
James Merrick
You want everybody to like your work, but when you look at what’s fashionable or trendy, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t exactly fit.
Steven Van Zandt
Make sure the lubricant is unscented. Don’t join fashionable ‘schools of thought.’ Read everything.
Zadie Smith
Fashion is anything which is you and reflects your personality, and if you are comfortable with what you wearing, you’ll look trendy and fashionable for sure.
Yami Gautam
Great style means having a point of view, but evolving your look is even more important. Rushing to embrace every trend will leave you fashionable, but not stylish
Michael Kors
We must protect the minority writers because they are the research workers of literature. They keep it alive. It has been fashionable of late to seek out and force such writers into more popular channels, to the detriment of both writer and an unprepared public.
Anais Nin
Fashion is a way to orchestrate the spectacle of ideas. You can get someone who is fashionable but not terribly stylish, and the other way round.
Grayson Perry
Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.
Bo Derek
Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.
Marc Jacobs
We are now integrated into American society and I don’t like the word fashionable, because fashionable means that it’s going to pass. It’s not like that anymore.
Antonio Banderas
I’m not trying to plant the seed that I’m the most fashionable NBA guy – of course, I think that in my own mind.
Iman Shumpert
I haven’t always been fashionable, but I’ve always not really cared so much about how I dress.
Ashton Moio
I have a problem with fashion magazines sometimes – they seem to have these dogmas or uniforms. ‘This is the way you must look; this is this season’s must-have.’ I really resent the phrase ‘must-have.’ I prefer to decide for myself what I think is beautiful or fashionable.
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
We have to make sustainable living convenient, sustainable business profitable & sustainable change fashionable
Wayne Visser
I begin to grow heartily tired of the etiquette and nonsense so fashionable in this city.
George Mason
My very first school was a primary school in Surrey. I remember being taught to read by the traditional ABC, instead of look-say – that is, whole words at a time – which was fashionable when my children were at school.
Prunella Scales
I’ve said I won’t eat meat until the whole world can eat it responsibly, which is going to be hard. It’s becoming more and more fashionable to eat more and more meat and they’ve just made it fashionable to eat meat in the east in China, which is a massive population.
Douglas Booth
I wasn’t really a fashionable guy in high school.
D’Angelo Russell
Playing in London in 1979 was exciting: it was at the start of new wave, the transition period after punk, and there were a lot of radical, fashionable young people on the streets and in the venues.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.
Alexander McQueen
It’s possible to look really cute and still be comfortable. You don’t have to kill your feet to have a fashionable look.
Laura Marano
Dear child, I only did to you what the sparrow did to you; I am old when it is fashionable to be young; I cry when it is fashionable to laugh. I hated you when it would have taken less courage to love.
Charles Bukowski
Fashion is everything that can pass fashionable
Coco Chanel
Bruno Mars is pretty fashionable. Gary Clarck Junior, who was also in our ad with Jimmy Page, is a super super stylish guy.
John Varvatos
The truth is, I feel sorry for the Old Etonians. Everybody should be judged on his or her own merits. Assuming that toffs are ‘out of touch’ is more modern and fashionable than assuming they have a ‘natural fitness for government,’ but it’s no fairer.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
Every trend in my high school was terrible! I used to wear my hair in a tight bun and let two long pieces hang in the front. I’d also wear really dark eyeliner and bright pink eyeshadow. For some reason, my friends and I thought it was really fashionable to wear a short tie with our uniforms.
India de Beaufort
He looked like an evil male model, showing off what the fashionable college age villain was wearing to Harvard this year.
Rick Riordan
We were a commodity used by corporations to make their brand look fashionable, but then they used us to keep kids out of venues.
Zachary Cole Smith
I have never followed what people say it is ‘fashionable’. I think that a woman must wear what fits her. That is why I created a style appropriated to my type and my artistical genre.
Carmen Miranda
Privacy isn’t dead, although it is fashionable for digerati to say so.
Andrew Curry
I think the problem is that fashion has become too fashionable.
Louise Wilson
Often, we hide our personality and are afraid of bringing it out in our clothes. So, I think when people are fashionable, they are able to express themselves.
Kalki Koechlin
Natural amiableness is too often seen in company with sloth, with uselessness, with the vanity of fashionable life.
William Ellery Channing
Today it is fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not fashionable to talk with them.
Mother Teresa
You know, it’s fashionable right now for people to be cynical. We go in cycles like this and right now a lot of people are saying, ‘Oh, America is doing terribly’ and ‘What are we going to do?’
Barack Obama
Young people are not raw material to be employed by the political class on behalf of whatever fashionable political, military, or social cause catches its fancy. In a free society, their lives are not the playthings of government.
Ron Paul
There were a lot of labels in the ’90s that were fashionable for a time and then crashed.
For the rest, he was the same to all men, the fashionable world and the ordinary people. He judged nothing in haste, or without taking account of the cirumstances. He said, ‘Let me see how the fault arose.
Victor Hugo
Part of the reason for doing ‘Peaky Blinders,’ apart from the fact that it was a personal story and I’ve always wanted to do it, was what was great I felt is that Birmingham is probably the least fashionable city in Britain.
Steven Knight
I’ve always found that word [“hipster”] is used with such disdain, like it’s always used by chubby bloggers who aren’t getting laid anymore and are bored, and they’re just so mad at these young kids for going out and getting wasted and having fun and being fashionable.
Gavin McInnes
I didn’t set out to do something different so much as do something that interested me. I wasn’t trying to be avant-garde – that’s being fashionable. You don’t set out to revolutionize art, you make statements for yourself.
Arnold Newman
What is terrible when you seek the truth, is that you find it. You find it, and then you are no longer free to follow the biases of your personal circle, or to accept fashionable clichГ©s.
Victor Serge
Pujara is not fashionable, he’s very much old-fashioned – he’s not great between the wickets and he’s not a modern, extravagant, in-your-face character like Kohli, Dhawan or Pandya.
Nasser Hussain
I think the reality is that, for me, real fur is extraordinarily old fashioned. I think you look old. Even if you’re 20, and you’ve got a real fur coat, you just look like an old, unaware, unconscious being on the planet. It’s not relevant, it’s not sexy, it’s not fashionable, and it’s not cool.
Stella McCartney
There is no faster way of destroying a man, or mocking his ideas, than making him fashionable.
Paul Theroux
All artists today are expected to cultivate a little fashionable unhappiness.
Lawrence Durrell
First and foremost it is essential to understand the essence, the overall idea of any fashionable variation, and only then include it in one’s repertoire. Otherwise the tactical trees will conceal from the player the strategic picture of the wood, in which his orientation will most likely be lost.
Lev Polugaevsky
I don’t think I’m very fashionable. I drink a fair amount of Barry’s Tea, from Cork – but might that be fashionable? I don’t know.
Ciaran Hinds
Diversity can’t be a fashionable thing: it should be here to stay.
Adwoa Aboah
I couldn’t keep up with trends, I couldn’t really be fashionable. But I really loved clothes. And then I discovered a vintage shop, and realised that I could dress for myself rather than for an industry or trend.
Dawn O’Porter
MRP offer a fun retail experience, and that’s the way the Aussies are. They are so fashionable and on-trend.
Poppy Delevingne
One would like to be grand and heroic, if one could; but if not, why try at all? One wants to be very something, very great, very heroic; or if not that, then at least very stylish and very fashionable. It is this everlasting mediocrity that bores me.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Sarah Palin gave a speech in South Korea. Just what the Koreans needed: Two crazy dictators in fashionable lady’s glasses.
Conan O’Brien
When I was a student almost nobody thought there was any life beyond Earth. Today it’s fashionable to say that there is life all over the place, that the universe is teeming with it, but the scientific facts on the ground haven’t really changed.
Paul Davies
Writing beautiful melodies is not fashionable because it is very difficult to do.
Gian Carlo Menotti
It is fashionable to be a college dropout, no? Like Steve Jobs.
Nimrat Kaur
Peter Kropotkin described Anarchism as the extreme left wing of socialism – a view with which I completely agree. One of my deepest concerns today is that the libertarian socialist core will be eroded by fashionable, post- modernist, spiritualist, mystic individualism.
Murray Bookchin
I was kind of a tomboy. I was the girl in middle school with the floods on – I wasn’t fashionable at all.
Tori Bowie
The Great Seal was an early proclamation of ‘humanitarian intervention,’ to use the currently fashionable phrase.
Noam Chomsky
A fashionable wife! Oh! Never will I be anything so heartless! I have pictured for myself a far higher destiny than this. – Will it ever be more than a picture?
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Every woman deserves to look fashionable, whether a size 2 or 22.
Tina Knowles
I had holes in my jeans well before it was fashionable.
Kenny Rogers
It is fashionable to wax apocalyptic about the threat to humanity posed by the AIDS virus, “mad cow” disease, and many others, but I think a case can be made that faith is one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate.
Richard Dawkins
Among immigrants today, it is increasingly fashionable to reject American exceptionalism in favor of multiculturalism. To pretend that this isn’t happening isn’t optimism; it’s sheer fantasy.
Laura Ingraham
I’ve been collecting synths since the late ’80s. They weren’t very fashionable then, so you could pick up pretty cool stuff for a few hundred quid.
Matt Berry
I understand that coffee and cigarettes are cool, fashionable and all that. But agree the tea with cookies still taste better.
Jared Leto
I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.
Carl Jung
I don’t think I am one of the fashionable actresses in Bollywood but I know what suits me and my body type.
Vaani Kapoor
Fashion is one industry that can really change things around for young boys and girls and make them feel like they are not left out. It can send a message that one doesn’t have to look a certain way to be considered more beautiful or fashionable.
Masaba Gupta
Leonardo DiCaprio is a rare phenomenon. Whereas for so many celebrities an interest in the environment is a fashionable accessory, for DiCaprio it is a thread that runs through everything he does.
Zac Goldsmith
I can’t say I have always been fashionable because we all have hits and misses.
Karen Fairchild
In today’s world, when many of yesterday’s fashionable habits are today’s misdemeanors, we should rejoice that a chocolate dessert can bring so much innocent pleasure.
Marcel Desaulniers
My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease. It rises up in my throat like acid reflux, that fashionable American sickness. I now loathe the United States and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world.
Margaret Drabble
Integrity means you do what you do because it is right and not just fashionable or politically correct.
Denis Waitley
I was a failure in Boston…because they thought I was too fashionable to be intelligent, and a failure in New York because they were afraid I was too intelligent to be fashionable.
Edith Wharton
Those who claim to be in the know say Baros is nothing out of the ordinary as Maldivian islands go – that Reethi Ra is far more fashionable, Soneva Fushi more eco-compliant. Truth to tell, they all look pretty much alike from a distance.
Andrew Neil
The great majority of men, especially in France, both desire and possess a fashionable woman, much in the way one might own a fine horse – as a luxury befitting a young man.
I thought “I’ve coped with some crazy situations, and I can do this.” But working with Roman Polanski is so different from the fashionable and accepted way of directing now.
Olivia Williams
My girls are very fashionable. They have a very good eye for marrying style and fashion.
Erykah Badu
While the Christian message is increasingly becoming less acceptable in fashionable society, we must be always living according to Scripture and prepared to be apologists for Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives.
Jonathan Falwell
I can understand the poor and stupid voting for Marxism or one of its fashionable variants. If you’ve no hope of being other than a slave, you may as well opt for the most efficient form of slavery.
P. D. James
A snob is that man or woman who is always pretending to be something better–especially richer or more fashionable–than he is.
William Makepeace Thackeray
Go into the streets, into the slums, into the fashionable quarters. Go into the day courts and the night courts. Become acquainted with sorrow, with many kinds of sorrow. Learn of the wonderful heroism of the poor, of the incredible generosity of the very poor
Minnie Maddern Fiske
It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Brits are cool at the moment. We’ve taken over the world, what with ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Downton Abbey’, One Direction… to be British is to be fashionable.
Russell Tovey
My lyrics are for strong, independent women who are both smart and fashionable.
Shameik Moore
There’s nothing new about fashionable women borrowing from men’s style; just think of Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot, or Diane Keaton.
Kayleen Schaefer
In high school, it was very fashionable to be disdainful of the bourgeois suburbs, but I secretly liked them.
Jane Hamilton
The Fashionable World is grown free and easie; our Manners sit more loose upon us: Nothing is so modish as an agreeable Negligence. In a word, Good Breeding shows it self most, where to an ordinary Eye it appears the least.
Joseph Addison
In religious matters it is now fashionable to define tolerance as the absence of criticism of any standard religion. All too often, this absence of criticism degenerates into a conspicuous absence of thought.
Paul Blanshard
A fashionable milieu is one in which everybody’s opinion is made up of the opinion of all the others. Has everybody a different opinion? Then it is a literary milieu.
Marcel Proust
[Fur] is really ridiculous. It’s outrageous. We’re not living in igloos. We don’t need to trade pelts anymore. There is this diabolical idea that fur is fashionable. It’s not. It’s death. There’s no excuse for it.
Margaret Cho
I would never stoop so low as to be fashionable.
Dolly Parton
You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season.
Tommy Hilfiger
I’m a very bad Christian, but I am a Christian. I think that all women, unless they are absolutely asleep, must be feminists up to a point. And socialist, well yes, of course, it’s not a fashionable word, but I am very much of the Left.
Ruth Rendell
Vice does not lose its character by becoming fashionable.
John Wesley
Egoism… is not eliminated by economic reorganization or by material abundance. When basic needs are satisfied, new ‘needs’ emerge. In our society, people want no simply clothes, but fashionable clothes; not shelter, but a house to display their wealth and taste.
Peter Singer
It is necessary to make virtue fashionable.
Jose Marti
Scandinavia can be quite fashionable.
Art has a will of its own. It has nothing to do with the taste of the moment or what’s expected of you. That’s a formula for dead art, or fashionable art.
Helen Frankenthaler
I’ve never been fashionable, so I’ll never be out of fashion.
Michael Ball
The truly fashionable are beyond fashion.
Cecil Beaton
Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Yves Saint Laurent
It’s quite fashionable to say that the educational system is broken. It’s not broken. It’s wonderfully constructed. It’s just that we don’t need it anymore.
Sugata Mitra
People always comment about my clothes. They don’t think a fashionable woman can love food and be knowledgeable and actually cook.
Padma Lakshmi
Yes, I love going to fittings and talking about the history of a costume. For ‘Versailles,’ a play set in 1919, the costume designer told me that pocket squares had just been introduced. The tango was becoming fashionable in London, and dancers used them to mop their brows. I love to learn fascinating stuff like that.
Gwilym Lee
It is not fashionable anymore, I suppose, to have a regard for one’s mother in the way my brother and I had then, in the mid-1950s, when the noise outside the window was mostly wind and sea chime.
Colum McCann
Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
Coco Chanel
If people want to change, they will. If they don’t want to, it’s hard to make them do so. The current interest in the environment is a good thing. The best way to make a contribution in fashion is to promote the idea that a fundamental interest in preserving the environment is itself fashionable.
Giorgio Armani
I’ve got uncles who wore garish stuff, you know, electric blue polyester suits, and they carried it off. But my dad never went down that path, he has never been into loud stuff. His style was fashionable, but never sharp.
Clive Lewis
I don’t follow other fashion blogs, but I do follow other fashionistas on Instagram. Many of them are my friends; it’s really cool: they can inspire me, and they’re also my friends. I also look for inspiration in the street; there are so many fashionable women walking around.
Chiara Ferragni
It’s fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about America, about conservative solutions, about the Republican Party. I utterly reject that pessimism.
Mitt Romney
Touring can get really hard if you’re not hitting some fashionable zeitgeist.
KT Tunstall
Outside the Raptors’ organization, I definitely think guys like LeBron James, James Harden and Derrick Rose will show off some great looks. On our team, Kyle Lowry has amazing style. But we have a lot of fashionable guys: Patrick Patterson, Bismack Biyombo and Jonas Valanciunas are all really into fashion as well.
Dwane Casey
I’ve never worn incredible clothes – I’m not used to playing someone so put together and fashionable.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
The real issue that I have is the erasure people are trying to do with my very valid feelings in regard to how plus-size and fat people are treated in fashion. The way that people just kind of overlook us and pretend that, you know, we don’t have style, that we aren’t trendy or fashionable. It’s dehumanizing.
Tess Holliday
We’ve never seen a really fashionable, smart, powerful fat woman on TV before.
Conchata Ferrell
These are fashionable people who call themselves philosophers.
Noam Chomsky
It’s good that people come to the shows because there’s nothing fashionable about Swans. Never has been, really. We’ve never been part of a scene. So the people that come are really there for the music. Fortunately, there’s a lot of young people and a burgeoning female contingent, which is good as well.
Michael Gira
It is impossible to solve health problems of millions of people with the help of pills. People need to put it into practice, have passion for it; healthy lifestyle, fitness and sports should become fashionable.
Vladimir Putin
In housing in the fifties in Britain and the sixties, we pulled down the terraces – destroyed whole communities and replaced them with tower blocks and we built walkways that became rat-runs for muggers. That was the fashionable opinion. But it was wrong.
John Major
For ethical fashion, I really like Reformation. It’s so fashionable – no hemp trousers.
Aisling Bea
Trying too hard to follow every trend. You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season.
Tommy Hilfiger
While my calendar with Moda Operandi often takes me to fashionable locales like Milan and Paris, I am thrilled when opportunities to visit new places present themselves.
Aslaug Magnusdottir
The trouble with normal is it always gets worse, fashionable fascism dominates the scene.
Bruce Cockburn
The clothes at Style369 are fashionable – and have a great sense of fit for curvy girls.
Hayley Hasselhoff
The moral qualities are more apt to grow when a human being is useful, and they increase in the woman who helps to support the family rather than in the one who gives herself to idleness and fashionable frivolities.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
It’s become fashionable to put down people who we then expect to vote for us.
Van Jones
The question was a fashionable one, whether a definite line exists between psychological and physiological phenomena in human activity; and if so, where it lies?
Leo Tolstoy
I always wanted to be fashionable.
John Malkovich
Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself.
Adriana Lima
By the time I got to uni sketch comedy was much more fashionable than stand-up.
Richard Herring
Women are the first to jump on what is fashionable.
Gavin DeGraw
Since it’s now fashionable to laugh at the conservative French Academy, I have remained a rebel by joining it.
Jean Cocteau
One of the most fashionable notions of our times is that social problems like poverty and oppression breed wars. Most wars, however, are started by well-fed people with the time on their hands to dream up half-baked ideologies or grandiose ambitions, and to nurse real or imagined grievances.
Thomas Sowell
It is fashionable to scoff at Americans, but they routinely produce most of the important and ground-breaking entertainment in the world. ‘Popular culture’ is still culture, Shakespeare was once as popular as any of today’s icons with the common people.
Ian O’Doherty
Everyone equates good cinema with boring shots and boring films – where a character takes 10 minutes to walk down a corridor, and still nothing happens at the end of the shot. Those films tried to be cool and fashionable by dispensing with drama, which, in my opinion, is absolute nonsense.
Naseeruddin Shah
There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist.
Ayn Rand
Spirit is now a very fashionable word: to act with Spirit, to speak with Spirit, means only to act rashly, and to talk indiscreetly. An able man shows his Spirit by gentle words and resolute actions; he is neither hot nor timid.
Lord Chesterfield
It has become fashionable in Washington to argue that Obamacare cannot be reversed. That is nonsense. It’s a fight worth waging, and a fight which can be won.
Bobby Jindal
The fashionable Canadian drug habit, instead of cocaine, is to sniff real snow.
Eric Nicol
Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
Adriana Lima
One of the more pretentious political self-descriptions is ‘Libertarian.’ People think it puts them above the fray. It sounds fashionable, and to the uninitiated, faintly dangerous. Actually, it’s just one more bullshit political philosophy.
George Carlin
Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus.
Margaret Thatcher
It is fashionable in some quarters to say our ancestors were all evil. I reject that notion. I also reject the elitist worldview that these United States are anything but the greatest nation in the history of mankind.
Tate Reeves
It was fashionable, youre supposed to be a married lady, so I did.
Dionne Warwick
Fashion is fickle, and I was published because I was fashionable. Because I was gay.
Ali Smith
I do not create a fashionable aesthetic… I create a style based on life.
Issey Miyake
While red carpets always existed, the importance given to fashionable appearances wasn’t that much in the mainstream music space. And now, even though everyone walks the red carpet, singers are expected to just walk down without waiting to be clicked or celebrated.
Neha Bhasin
For the most part, my daily attire is comfortable yet fashionable – I guess you can call it tomboyish.
Justine Skye
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Coco Chanel