Fictional Worlds Quotes

Fictional Worlds Quotes by Dave Gibbons, Erin Morgenstern, Ann Brashares, Frederick Buechner, Rainbow Rowell, Norman Lock and many others.

Comics is all about making it believable and helping pe

Comics is all about making it believable and helping people to get completely lost in a fictional world.
Dave Gibbons
It is perhaps both a blessing and a curse that fictional worlds spring into my mind nearly fully formed and it takes quite a while to sift through everything to find the story.
Erin Morgenstern
I love the idea of fictional worlds kind of all cohering in some way.
Ann Brashares
I’m trying to listen to my past, listen to what’s most deeply going on inside myself, my creative set of fictional characters, a fictional world – to listen to that world, to search.
Frederick Buechner
To really be a nerd, she’d decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.
Rainbow Rowell
Because of an instability at my own core, it comforts me to live, fixed, within a story. If reading is our consolation for having been allotted only one life, I find that writing oneself into a fictional world is even more comforting.
Norman Lock
2D looks so flat. Well, it is, of course, it’s flat. But 3D isn’t. And for an adventure story that takes you into a long-distant, fictional world, it’s ideal, I think.
Ian Mckellen
If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats.
Richard Bach
I’m a writer who never writes about sex. It’s so far from my own fictional world.
Zadie Smith
Having spent so much time in a fictional world, I prefer to read about the real world
Brent Spiner
We willingly enter fictional worlds where we cheer our heroes and cry for friends we never had.
Marco Tempest
It’s so much harder than it looks – to conjure a fictional world that some passing wolf of skepticism can’t just blow down in one breath.
William Finnegan
I want to write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet my standards.
Philip K. Dick