Fluidity Quotes

Fluidity Quotes by Josh Lieb, Ruby Rose, Luke Rockhold, Meghan Daum, Daniel Clowes, Delia Sherman and many others.

I read an awful lot in college - a lot of Dickens, a lo

I read an awful lot in college – a lot of Dickens, a lot of 19th century American stuff, a lot of old mysteries. Maybe it’s helped me attain a certain fluidity with my style.
Josh Lieb
Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other.
Ruby Rose
I am a very technical guy. I’m proud of my technique, my fluidity, and my skill; that’s what I work on every day. I try to out-technique guys.
Luke Rockhold
Much of the magic of language, of course, lies in its fluidity.
Meghan Daum
I feel like I understood the language of comics. I had a real fluidity with that medium at a very early age.
Daniel Clowes
I love the idea of species fluidity, I guess, the sense of the maiden inherent in the swan or seal, the youth inherent in the bear or deer. After all, human beings are animals.
Delia Sherman
I really kind of liked the fluidity and not really being tied down. I saw the kind of people that were tenured and what happened to them there and I thought it was kind of death, really.
Robert Barry
I modelled myself heavily after AJ Styles. I’m a huge AJ mark, so a lot of the things he does and the way he does them are very different as far as the fluidity and just his general athleticism.
Cedric Alexander
The rigidity of a bottle’s form does not affect the fluidity of the liquid it contains.
Leon Krier
Could it be that toxic mimics are toxic because they ignore responsibility, they ignore relationship, they ignore presence, they substitute control for fluidity and choice?
Ward Churchill
Communication can’t always follow the top-down model. With the fluidity of information in business today, leaders need to be masterful listeners; they need to be able to receive as well as send.
Joseph Badaracco
I have always loved the fluidity of language – delighting in dialects, dictionaries, slang and neologisms.
Ben Schott
My own experience of gender has been about a lot of fluidity. In drag, I like to combine aspects of masculinity and femininity and rewrite the rules for those.
Sasha Velour
It’s true that many of the best-known composers were German or Austrian, but we should remember how good the music tradition is in Britain, too, because it has an informality and a fluidity that should really be celebrated.
Max Richter
I think that the same kind of openness and fluidity and willingness to interrogate power that we, as feminists, expect from men in alliance on questions of class should also be the expectation that women of colour can rely upon with our white feminist allies.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
It must be obvious…that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity.
Shunryu Suzuki
I sensed that women wanted to be a little different. My fluidity gave them a way of interpreting their bodies in a more personal, individual way.
Giorgio Armani
I first wrote about Michael Jackson in the 1980s. His skin was growing paler, his features thinner, and his aura more feminine. Some called him a traitor to his race. Some fussed about his gender fluidity. I saw him as a post-modern shape-shifter. But the shifts grew more extreme and mysterious.
Margo Jefferson
My template for everything is organisation. With the ball you have to know the movement patterns, the rotation, the fluidity and positioning of the team. When we have the football everybody’s a player.
Brendan Rodgers
Blood circulated through her veins with the fluidity of a song that branched off into the most hidden areas of her body and returned to her heart, purified by love.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The system of racial classification is fiction, and we need to thoughtfully evaluate whether perpetuating it rigidly or allowing fluidity across the spectrum best supports human rights and social justice.
Rachel Dolezal
It’s my experience that the fluidity of sexuality with younger people is more accepted.
Josh Schwartz
This is the launch of the Doctor Strange film interpretation, of – in my view – a classic, which has been interpreted many times by other graphic artists and this is just our graphic interpretation of The Ancient One. I would say the whole approach is about a kind of fluidity.
Tilda Swinton
The fluidity of thought is based on the flexibility of beliefs and the emotional boundaries surrounding them.
Michael Arndt
Technically I feel total fluidity in writing. I feel there’s nothing technically that I can’t do the way a certain sort of pianist feels that. But that doesn’t mean it comes easily. It doesn’t.
Truman Capote
Part of the value of TASK is not to invest into anything permanent; to really celebrate the moment-the fluidity of creative action.
Oliver Herring
I love the flow of the game. There’s a certain fluidity to basketball. I don’t enjoy watching baseball or football in the same way.
Adam Yauch
I had to let myself imagine a calendar with no lines; when every single day is being predetermined six months in advance, there’s no more fluidity to time.
There’s definitely a luxury to the fluidity of not being a mega-star. I’ve done a ton of really, really odd, off-the-wall movies. There’s this movie I did called ‘Queens of Country’ a couple of summers ago that is so bananas, and if I was at a certain level, I probably would not have done that movie.
Lizzy Caplan
Ever since I started painting, I have tried to get the fluidity and surprise of image connection, the simultaneity of film montage, into painting.
David Salle
Fluidity means that our black identities are constantly changing as we respond to circumstances in our families and communities of origin, and as we interact with a wider world.
Bell Hooks
In order to really move toward what people really think of as some sort of Utopian post-racial society or somehow to really challenge the racial hierarchy, we’re going to have to allow some fluidity.
Rachel Dolezal
Fixation is the way to death. Fluidity is the way to life.
Miyamoto Musashi
Everything that I embody is the fluidity of my own consumption.
Princess Nokia
I think everything has its place. So if the ideas or the fluidity isn’t coming in writing, maybe it’s related to ingestions.
Saul Williams
Fluidity is the way to an empty mind. You must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying.
Bruce Lee
This is the launch of the ‘Doctor Strange’ film interpretation of – in my view – a classic, which has been interpreted many times by other graphic artists, and this is just our graphic interpretation of The Ancient One. I would say the whole approach is about a kind of fluidity.
Tilda Swinton
Life is a cycle, and mime is particularly suitable for showing fluidity, transformation, metamorphosis. Words can keep people apart; mime can be a bridge between them.
Marcel Marceau
The Internet is a giant ‘lab experiment’ for corporate America, and those companies that recognise this and play well within the rules of ambiguity and fluidity will survive and win.
Dan Pena
When you love someone you do not love them, all the time, in the exact same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is a lie to pretend to. And yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in the ebb and flow of life, of love, of relationships.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
When you accurately perceive the fluidity of things, you can also begin to perceive the constancy behind them: the creative, transformative, boundless, immutable Tao.
True genius, in strategy or anywhere, lies in self-control, self-mastery, presence of mind, fluidity of thought.
Robert Greene
I like how blogging emulates fandom because it’s so completist and spontaneous. It really mirrors the way people listen to music, and I like that fluidity with online content.
Carrie Brownstein
It’s interesting. I’ve known quite a few good athletes that can’t begin to play a beat on the drum set. Most team sport is about the smooth fluidity of hand-eye coordination and physical grace, where drumming is much more about splitting all those things up.
Neil Peart
When I see a wall that’s hung with different objects, framed or unframed, what I like about it is its fluidity and rule-breaking nature. Just experiment a bit.
Nate Berkus
Of course there is a lot of fluidity now between art, architecture and fashion – a lot more cross-pollination in the disciplines, but this isn’t about competition, it’s about collaboration and what these practices and processes can contribute to one another.
Zaha Hadid
I think, in a lot of ways, celebrities represent the American dream. They have financial fluidity and options at their disposal.
Adrian Grenier
Theatre, film and television are all modes of storytelling, and many of us are fortunate enough to move freely among them without feeling that we’ve ‘left’ or need to ‘go back’ to one or the other. In fact, if the theatre is to avoid a brain drain, this kind of fluidity is increasingly necessary.
Theresa Rebeck
There is no definitive end to anybody’s story when you’re dealing with the fluidity of chemistry, because when it gets stale, you want out.
Julie Plec
Composing means you have a beginning, middle and end and a fluidity to what you’re doing.
Sandra Bullock
The deluded mind is the mind affectively burdened by intellect. Thus, it cannot move without stopping and reflecting on itself. This obstructs its native fluidity.
Bruce Lee