France Quotes

France Quotes by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Parker Harris, Groucho Marx, Janine di Giovanni, Stendhal, Sarah Palin and many others.

Among leaders in Europe there are those who have prejud

Among leaders in Europe there are those who have prejudices against Turkey, like France and Germany.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
I took a detour to France in my senior year in high school. So that’s part of what ended up sending me, actually, to Middlebury because I went to school with people who were more from the Northeast.
Parker Harris
I’m going to Iowa for an award. Then I’m appearing at Carnegie Hall, it’s sold out. Then I’m sailing to France to be honored by the French government – I’d give it all up for one erection.
Groucho Marx
In America, people know there are always 10 people better than them who are after their job. In France, they know that too – but no one is going to get their job till they go to their grave.
Janine di Giovanni
Far less envy in America than in France.
Tax dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.
Sarah Palin
France, mother of arts, of warfare, and of laws.
Joachim du Bellay
There were no shortcuts, I realized. It took years of racing to build up the mind and body and character until a rider had logged hundreds of races and thousands of miles of road. I wouldn’t be able to win a Tour de France until I had enough iron in my legs, and lungs, and brain and Heart.
Lance Armstrong
Not many French producers work the American way. In France, the director decides everything, he has final cut. I’m trying to do things differently, without the Luc Besson solution.
Thomas Langmann
Give me a few minutes to talk away my face and I can seduce the Queen of France.
In France, the leader of Jacobinism perished on the guillotine; with us, the change of leadership was achieved by means of arrest and banishment. The technique of the process is gentler, but its essence is the same.
Leon Trotsky
A country like France now does two-thirds of its trade within the euro zone.
Jean-Pierre Raffarin
The Frenchman, easy, debonair, and brisk, Give him his lass, his fiddle, and his frisk, Is always happy, reign whoever may, And laughs the sense of mis’ry far away.
William Cowper
I love Europe! France is wonderful. It should be. We’ve subsidised it for 40 years.
Nigel Farage
In France, it’s very suspect when you have a success.
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
When I did a year-long study in 2005 of European countries integrating Muslims into their cultures, France came in the lowest of the rank. Sweden was not far behind, though, which is worrying, as racism in France is much closer to the bone.
Janine di Giovanni
It’s funny because I think that both France and Britain are known for their distinctive styles and everyone says that France is so chic and elegant but I think more than that French women are renowned for dressing in what suits them.
Alexa Chung
I loved France, although I initially thought they were stubborn for always speaking French.
Olivia De Havilland
I don’t need a Rolls-Royce, I don’t need a house in the country, I don’t need to live in the south of France. I’m quite happy as I am.
John Lydon
I find it hard even now not to look on your North African strategy with a jaundiced eye. Cross Channel operations for the liberation of France and advance on Germany, we should finish the war quicker. Yes, probably, but not the way we hope to finish it.
George C. Marshall
Foul fiend of France and hag of all despite,
Encompassed with thy lustful paramours,
Becomes it thee to taunt his valiant age
And twit with cowardice a man half dead?
William Shakespeare
I played for four different clubs in France; I played for Marseille, which is one of the biggest clubs.
Dimitri Payet
Especially on ‘Taken,’ ‘Taken’ was not a big success the day of its release. It was released in France first, and it didn’t do bad, but not as good as it did in the U.S.
Olivier Megaton
France has always had a special place for Apple. This is the best place to discover and chat with all musicians, graphic designers, designers, or photographers who use our products. There is such creative energy.
Tim Cook
On game shows, some people will take the trip to France, but most people will take the washer and dryer pair.
Chuck Palahniuk
I wish I could say that Carla Bruni’s Guess campaign at age 16 led to her current role as First Lady of France, but that might be a stretch.
Paul Marciano
France is not poetic; she even feels, in fact, a congenital horror of poetry. Among the writers who use verse, those whom she will always prefer are the most prosaic.
Charles Baudelaire
‘Luncheon of the Boating Party,’ owned by The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., has served Americans as a symbol of France and French culture, both of which I love, and is as evocative and triumphant an image as that other emissary of France, the Statue of Liberty.
Susan Vreeland
In France and other European countries, film stars are more celebrated. In Germany, if we are good at what we do, we are respected but not acclaimed. And, of course, we are not paid like Americans are.
Barbara Sukowa
Quebec City is the most European of any city in North America; they speak French all the time. There is a part of town called Old Quebec which is really like being in France. The architecture is just gorgeous, food, shopping. I’d say Quebec City is the most beautiful city in North America I’ve seen.
Sebastian Bach
I find it pretty fascinating how humans keep gravitating towards these giant centers. I went to this walled medieval village in France this year, and it was truly the most crazy, beautiful, bizarre place I’ve ever been.
In France, it’s really different the way you live. It’s a non-religious country. The public space is not religious; religion is a private thing.
Michel Hazanavicius
I want to specify that I pay my own taxes in France, for all my income.
Kylian Mbappe
Philip could not have wanted to annex England militarily, since this would have opened another costly occupation struggle, and brought France in against him. He might, however, neutralize Elizabth by supporting her internal Catholic enemies, even provoking civil war.
Peter Padfield
I also had this mistaken dream, fantasy really – perhaps because I’m good at languages – of being able in both Italy and France to become someone else through my fluency in the language.
Harry Mathews
We spoke French at home and I didn’t know any English until I went to school. My mother was French and met my father when he visited France as a student on a teaching placement.
Joanne Harris
If I could snap my fingers and import France’s health care system today, I’d do it.
Kevin Drum
The culture of France is unique because it’s a culture that has a high priority on the arts, more than any other place in the world in our time since Greece. So as a practicing artist, if you will, this is home ground. They love us, so music, literature, art continues to be the center.
Frank Gehry
It is nice in France they adapt themselves to everything slowly they change completely but all the time they know that they are as they were.
Gertrude Stein
What is very interesting when talking about electronic music is that – I would say that rock and roll is called the ethnic music born in America that invaded the world. Electronic music is certainly kind of ethnic music born in countries like Germany and France that has invaded the world.
Jean-Michel Jarre
For our purposes you can consider it a small country between Germany and France.” “But there isn’t anything between Germany and France. Except Switzerland.” “Precisely,” said Jace.
Cassandra Clare
It has always struck me that one of the readiest ways of estimating a country’s regard for law is to notice what arms the officers of the law are carrying: in England it is little batons, in France swords, in many countries revolvers, and in Russia the police used to have artillery.
Lord Dunsany
My first trip abroad was to do a TV version of ‘Les Miserables’ in France with Anthony Perkins. There I was at 12 acting with the guy from ‘Psycho.’ My parents were teachers, and it was hard for them to relate to that world.
Dexter Fletcher
The quality of life of European cities and towns of almost any size make life in America look not just like a joke, but a sick joke, a horror movie. But I’d rather stay involved and do what I can to make this a better place than move to the south of France and enjoy the good life.
James Howard Kunstler
In France, Christmas is a family holiday. You stay home. New Year’s Eve is when you go out.
Alain Ducasse
Europeans, like some Americans, drive on the right side of the road, except in England, where they drive on both sides of the road; Italy, where they drive on the sidewalk; and France, where if necessary they will follow you right into the hotel lobby.
Dave Barry
Listen, if the people in my district wanted to live in France, they’d move to France.
Jeb Hensarling
In the literature of France Moliere occupies the same kind of position as Cervantes in that of Spain, Dante in that of Italy, and Shakespeare in that of England. His glory is more than national – it is universal.
Lytton Strachey
When I was a kid, my mum had a lot of Dumas books in the house, and she’s from France originally. My mother had one particular Dumas book that was a family heirloom – this old, beat-up 1938 edition of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ in French. She came to America after losing her parents in World War II as a little kid.
Tom Reiss
There is a tiger in my room,’ said Frances. ‘Did he bite you?’ said Father. ‘No,’ said Frances. ‘Did he scratch you?’ said Mother. ‘No,’ said Frances. ‘Then he is a friendly tiger,’ said Father. ‘He will not hurt you. Go back to sleep.
Russell Hoban
The first experiments on the biological properties of radium were successfully made in France, with samples from our laboratory, while my husband was living.
Marie Curie
Around here, we’re as happy as God in France.
Herman Koch
People in France are very intrusive when they recognize you. In New York, they are very polite, with quick words, so it’s great.
Audrey Tautou
Quality of life is very important in France. I have many friends who turned down promotions and more money because it would affect their quality of life as a couple or a mother.
Mireille Guiliano
The best meeting I ever went to was a meeting in France where the talk slots were 60 minutes long, but you were told to prepare a five-minute talk. It was absolutely great because the entire talk was a conversation between the speaker and the audience.
Tim Hunt
All you crazy white people “I’m American!”, all you did was come out of your mother’s pussy on American soil. That’s it. That’s it! What, you think you’re better than somebody from France ’cause you came out of a pussy in Detroit?
Chris Rock
We lived in St. Tropez when I was young, and there were a lot of Vietnamese refugees in France at the time, after the war. My mother had many Vietnamese friends who entertained a lot, and she was taught how to make that spring roll. She would make them all the time.
Eric Ripert
I’m a different person. I don’t want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain.
Frances Bean Cobain
I hate France. It’s like the whole country’s on a diet
Gordon Korman
The ESM, the European Stability Mechanism, is not funded by Germany alone. Twenty-seven percent of the bailout package comes from Germany. Italy and France together cover a total of 38 percent. That’s reality. It makes no sense to say that everyone wants to get at Germany’s money.
Martin Schulz
Francois Hollande, the president of France, and Segolene Royal, a senior cabinet minister who once ran for that post herself, have an exceptionally complicated relationship. The two lived together for 25 years, raising four children over that time.
Elaine Sciolino
As CEO of Accenture, I am not French anymore. When I’m in India, I am Indian. We are a company with no physical headquarters. We operate on a virtual level. Our leadership meetings are teleconferences, which is why the Board asked me to stay on in France. And I tell others to stay in their own countries.
Pierre Nanterme
My first flight was to Majorca as a 17-year-old and I went to Seattle to visit a friend after that. But the first time I really ventured out abroad to Canada and Japan as well as to Europe, to France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, was to promote my first album.
Corinne Bailey Rae
When Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark came out, I got to go to Japan and Australia and France, Italy, Germany, everywhere with the movie. That was great, because I love traveling.
Cassandra Peterson
I was a ‘runaway girl’ from France who married an American and moved to New York City. I’m not sure I would have continued as an artist had I remained in Paris because of the family setup.
Louise Bourgeois
I knew it to be very doubtful whether the Cabinet, Parliament, and the country would take this view on the outbreak of war, and through the whole of this week I had in view the probable contingency that we should not decide at the critical moment to support France.
Edward Grey
It goes back a long way. I wanted to make Tristan + Isolde as my second movie. My first movie was The Duellists. And I was standing in a very romantic part of France looking around me thinking, “My God, this would be perfect for Tristan,” and to cut a long story short it never happened because I did Alien instead.
Ridley Scott
We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be detested in France.
Duke of Wellington
Once I started on ‘Frances’ I discovered it was literally a bottomless well. It devastated me to maintain that for eighteen weeks, to be immersed in this state of rage for twelve to eighteen hours a day. It spilled all over, into other areas of my life.
Jessica Lange
France may claim the happiest marriages in the world, but the happiest divorces in the world are ‘made in America.’
Helen Rowland
The U.S., France, Germany and Canada have all responded to the financial crisis by boosting rather than cutting their science funding. The U.K. has not.
Martin Rees
The pomp, power, and military bombast of ‘La Marseillaise’ draws me into the history of France and my own. The surname I was born with was French: D’Orsay; perhaps an ancestor was amongst those troops that marched to this evocative anthem for the first time as they entered Paris 200 years ago!
Engelbert Humperdinck
When something favors France, I say so. When it doesn’t, I say so, too.
Marine Le Pen
France must not be the only country to have a high level of welfare protection and few obligations incumbent on those who receive benefits.
Nicolas Sarkozy
Each had defended his own country; the Germans Germany, the Frenchmen France; they had done their duty.
Ernst Toller
Churchill strikes a note in my life because my father worked on Mulberry Harbour, which was the code name for the temporary concrete harbours which were towed across the Channel to make the D-day landings in France possible.
Ridley Scott
There is a small area of land in Asia Minor that is called Armenia, but it is not so. It is not Armenia. It is a place. There are only Armenians, and they inhabit the earth, not Armenia, since there is no Armenia. There is no America and there is no England, and no France, and no Italy. There is only the earth.
William Saroyan
France needs nothing so much to promote her regeneration as good mothers.
Napoleon Bonaparte
If an Internet company steals content, they shut it down. And let me tell you, Apple France, Yahoo France or Google France, none of them have gone out of business.
Harvey Weinstein
Much of what Germany and France have done in the rescue of Greece has also helped German and French banks, who for a long time were major creditors for Greece and Greek banks.
Mario Monti
We are a great nation, which has lot to offer to the world, but to offer something to the world France has to remain France.
Marine Le Pen
It is true that in France, women put on less things. If they have a necklace, they don’t put on earrings; if they have nail polish, they don’t put on all their rings and all their bracelets.
Ines de La Fressange
My father-in-law, Barney Rawlings, spent a couple of months hiding out in France in 1944, frantically memorizing a few French words to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his ordeal had not inspired in me any action until I started taking a French class.
Bobbie Ann Mason
I don’t know why people are surprised the French don’t want to help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn’t help us get the Germans out of France.
Jay Leno
King Fahd was also committed to the strong and trusting relations between France and Saudi Arabia. This old friendship, which began with an exceptional link established by General De Gaulle, took on a new dimension under his reign, helped by a shared vision of what was at stake regionally and internationally.
Jacques Chirac
It must be good to be in Germany and France, because I have completely forgotten what it is like to be proud of your government.
Edward Norton
France needs to improve training and education and the level of skills of its workforce.
Francois Hollande
As young cook, especially in France, they’re very tough in the kitchen. The idea is to make you humble and learn fast.
Eric Ripert
Those who came to France came to find France, not to turn it into their country of origin. If that’s what they wanted, they should’ve stayed in their country.
Marine Le Pen
Tragedy warms the soul, elevates the heart, can and ought to create heroes. In this sense, perhaps, France owes a part of her great actions to Corneille.
Napoleon Bonaparte
National polls showed that when England and France declared war on Germany, in 1939, less than 10 percent of our population favored a similar course for America.
Charles Lindbergh
Near Marseilles in the south of France, bouillabaisse is a cult food. In Toulouse and Carcassonne, the bean-based stew cassoulet is a cult food. Spain has paella and a number of others. Italy has so many, its cuisine is practically defined by them.
Nathan Myhrvold
He had one illusion – France; and one disillusion – mankind, including Frenchmen.
John Maynard Keynes
You’ve gotta understand: in July of ’44, the Allies were still contained on the peninsula in western France and the destruction of Europe had not really begun. War had not really touched the European continent at that point.
Christopher McQuarrie
At the age of fifty-six Eleanor Stoddard was still a beautiful woman. She owned three hotels in France and another two in England. From nothing at all, she had built an empire. Eleanor had it all. Her one weakness was the young man sleeping beside her.
Barbara Taylor Bradford
France and Italy have not yet signed this treaty or agreed to naval limitation as between those nations, but I have confidence that in time they will do so.
Frank B. Kellogg
France is a fantastic country. It’s between the Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures. We have some of the Anglo-Saxon rigor, and some of the Latin quirkiness.
Xavier Niel
I can’t move back to England. My home is in France now. I’d love to but I can’t. My family’s all there now.
Kristin Scott Thomas
Others import yet nobler arts from France, Teach kings to fiddle, and make senates dance.
Alexander Pope
From France, you can call anywhere in the world for free. Americans can’t do that!
Xavier Niel
In Turkey it was always 1952, in Malaysia 1937; Afghanistan was 1910 and Bolivia 1949. It is 20 years ago in the Soviet Union, 10 in Norway, five in France. It is always last year in Australia and next week in Japan.
Paul Theroux
The basics of acting are really better in America than in Europe. Just the basic “fake laugh” is impossible to get in France.
Thomas Mars
I began by playing for the biggest club in the Lorraine region, went on to the biggest club in France and ended up with the biggest in the world.
Michel Patini
So, ask the travelled inhabitant of any nation, in what country on earth would you rather live? — Certainly, in my own, where are all my friends, my relations, and the earliest and sweetest affections and recollections of my life. Which would be your second choice? France.
Thomas Jefferson
In France everything is a matter for jest. People make quips about the scaffold, about Napoleon’s defeat on the banks of The Beresina, and about the barricades of our revolutions. So, at the assizes of the Last Judgment, there will always be a Frenchmen to crack a joke.
Honore de Balzac
France had a policy, initiated by General de Gaulle, of trying to turn Europe into what was then called a ‘third force,’ independent of the two superpowers, so Europe should pursue an independent course.
Noam Chomsky
The universe is in France; outside it, there is nothing.
Madame de Stael
‘Chocolat’ was a sort of statement of my own childhood, recognizing I experienced something from the end of the colonial era and the beginning of independence as I was a child that really made me aware of things I never forgot – a sort of childhood that made me different when I was a student in France.
Claire Denis
I enjoyed playing for the national team, the French national team, because I think France gave me a lot and gave my family a lot, so to wear the French national team shirt was really good, and I wore it with pride.
Patrick Vieira
As I have said many times before, I was among the first people to experience the German Occupation of France during the Second World War. I was 7-13 years old during the War and did not really internalise its significance.
Paul Virilio
Long live the Republic, long live France.
Marine Le Pen
My interpretation of the word ‘ugly’… I like ugly beauty. That can happen. In France, we have phrase ‘jolie laide.’ We like certain women who are not pretty or cute – it’s the opposite in France of pretty. It’s more strange and interesting.
Francois Nars
I want to go to Italy and France; those are my two places. And I really want to go to Greece. I’ve seen so many pictures on Airbnb that make me think I should be living there. I could eat great salads and be on a boat.
Mary Lambert
But joint pressure from states like Germany, Italy and France could mean a move in this direction. Because something very fundamental is on the line: freedom of movement. I can’t think of any common market that could function without it.
Paolo Gentiloni
If the jests that you crack have an orthodox smack,
You may get a bland smile from these sages;
But should it, by chance, be imported from France,
Half-a-crown is stopped out of your wages!
W. S. Gilbert
I don’t live in France; I live in myself.
Alejandro Jodorowsky
The funny thing in France is that writers are not allowed to retire, because the French government say you are still earning money from books you wrote 20 years ago.
Peter Mayle
Both France and Britain are supportive of India’s bid for a broad-based agreement on trade and investment with the European Union.
Salman Khurshid
France will always be France no matter what, but America involves striving toward an ideal.
Rich Lowry
In England it was enough that Newton was the greatest mathematican of his century; in France he would have been expected to be agreeable too.
Jean le Rond d’Alembert
I have an English identity and a French identity. When I’m in France, I’m more outgoing. And the French part of me cooks, whereas the English part of me writes.
Joanne Harris
It’s a wonderful way to live, and not a bad way to go, either. The average Frenchman is still smiling three months after he’s dead.
Bob Hope
Floral emblems have been often adopted. The houses of York and Lancaster had their roses, the Bourbons of France, the fleur-de-lis, Scotland her thistle, and Ireland her shamrock.
Dorothea Dix
At present, England, America, France, Italy, and Japan constitute the so-called ‘Big Five.’ Even with the rise of Germany and Soviet Russia, the world has only seven Powers. When China becomes strong, she can easily win first place in the Council of Nations.
Sun Yat-sen
Fifteen years ago, France was the promised land of cooking. So I looked at a map, found five restaurants and faxed them to ask for a job. Within five minutes, I got a reply from the then three- star Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier.
Rene Redzepi
There is something in the quality of the French mind to which I have always felt a reluctant kinship. They are the only people I know who can leap into an enormous vocabulary of words and beat them up with the wings of their spirit into a fine hysterical eloquence.
Corra May Harris
France is different from the U.S.A.’s El Dorado, American Dream image.
Marine Le Pen
Madame Bovary is timeless. It is not just about the female condition in France in the 1840s. It’s not a simple cautionary tale. Emma is more than a character; she gives us an insight into human nature. With Emma, we are diving into the complexities of Flaubert’s psyche.
Sophie Barthes
Being an African filmmaker, Africa is what’s important for me. If I were to shot a film in France or elsewhere it would only be because the story that was being told was something that concerned me, and that really called me or needed to be shown on the screen.
Abderrahmane Sissako
I’m stuck somewhere a small island in the middle of the Atlantic where I’m alone. Because in France, they’re like, no, you’re not like us, you’re not a French guy. And in America, they’re like, you’re not like us. I’m really alone in my little thing.
Louis Leterrier
[In ancient Rome,] why did the senate after killing Caesar turn around and give the government to his nephew? Why did France after they got rid of the king and that whole system turn around and give it to Napoleon? It’s the same thing with Germany and Hitler.
George Lucas
Like the Devil, the Norway lobster is known by a variety of different names: cigala in Spain, langoustine in France, Dublin Bay Prawn in Ireland. And in Italy, as well as the U.K., scampi.
Tom Parker Bowles
I don’t believe in nudity for nudity’s sake, but it’s really beautiful when it’s done well, when it’s within a story. I’m very comfortable with my body. I grew up mostly in France, where nudity is not taboo.
Leonor Varela
I don’t ever want to stop learning. And I really want to learn French fluently. It would be great to go and live in France.
Alexa Chung
I’ve been to Paris, France, and I’ve been to Paris, Paramount. I think I prefer Paris, Paramount
Ernst Lubitsch
Being from Israel and a Jew is complex already, but with France, there is a freedom and a mix of culture. I have met musicians from all over the world.
Yael Naim
Once you’ve lived in France, you don’t want to live anywhere else, including France.
John Ashbery
In fact, my mom always told me because I was the daughter of an Army officer born overseas in Paris, France, that under the Constitution she believed that I could never run for president.
Karen Hughes
I was in the invasion of Normandy in southern France.
Yogi Berra
I’m the most Colombian of the Colombians, even though I’ve lived 47 years outside of Colombia. I’ve lived 13 years in New York, and I never did a painting about New York. I’ve lived in France more than 30 years, and I’ve never painted Paris.
Fernando Botero
Useful as a war against France, undertaken by the Government against the will of the people would be for our revolutionary development, just so dangerous must be the effect upon our democratic development of a war supported by blind popular enthusiasm.
Ferdinand Lassalle
I have often heard that the novel is dead. But I see novels produced, I don’t know how many a week, in France. I have the impression it’s carrying along quite well.
Nathalie Sarraute
The French are a race of individuals. There is no type.
Gertrude Atherton
My mission is to put France back on its feet. The priority is employment. Efforts have to be made, but those efforts must be made fairly.
Francois Hollande
If I were living in France, I’d vote for Jacques Chirac, despite the fact that he can’t seem to keep his hands out of the cash till.
Pim Fortuyn
You know, once I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and won the Tour de France five times in a row. But I’m sure you have a good reason to quit.
Lance Armstrong
Europe’s budget plans are better designed: countries from France to Greece are raising retirement ages; others, from Britain to Germany, have created new organisations and rules to encourage fiscal probity. But Europe risks overkill.
Zanny Minton Beddoes
Everything bad about France was transferred to Quebec.
Jacques Villeneuve
But as the Pope has a long arm, which might reach me in France, I have gone a little out of the way to tell him the plain truths contained in these pages.
Edmond About
I’ve never been inspired by a politician in France, and I think a lot of my own generation think that way.
I was getting my Ph.D. in Holland – I speak Dutch – for a number of years before I moved to France because I had one of those offers you couldn’t turn down. They offered me to come and do my films.
Melvin Van Peebles
Places like Belgium and the south of France, Sweden and Copenhagen are really alive. They really love rock ‘n’ roll, they really respond.
Tom Verlaine
Must we be put to shame by much smaller and poorer countries, by Ireland, France, Austria or Sweden, who have understood that a nation’s support of its arts is a matter of both national pride and cultural survival?
Theodore Bikel
I realized how far-reaching the effect of hip hop was when I walked by a jewelry store named Bling in a small, rural town in France. Hip hop has made a huge impact on urban culture. Yet many brands still don’t speak to young people in a tone and manner that’s representative of them.
Steve Stoute
I can train harder and put myself through more punishing efforts now than I used to do, having done the Tour de France, and come off the road now.
Bradley Wiggins
Gardens do offer a temporal tableau and certainly mean differently in different eras and indeed geographies (think of the formal gardens in France).
Martha Ronk
Why PSG? Because to leave United, the biggest team in England, you need something like PSG, which is the biggest in France. I could not play in another English club.
Ander Herrera
In 1940, Germany toppled France in 20 days, and the panzerdivizion symbolized war’s shift from drawn-out conflicts using massive fortifications to rapid-fire engagements built around manned, motorized armor.
Charles Duhigg
The Tour de France would make a great movie. Drugs, corruption, political chicanery, guys risking their lives – everything you need for a great sports drama.
Asif Kapadia
I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.
Louis XVI of France
In America it’s good to show people you are fine, you’re healthy, you’re sporty, you’re happy to do things, to live. And in France it’s more like you don’t have to show you have success.
Lea Seydoux
I never left France for Hollywood nor stashed my money in Switzerland.
Brigitte Bardot
I can’t think of a specific meal, but my favourite country for food has got to be France. I love those restaurants in the middle of the village squares.
Giles Foden
I’m going to France, I’m going to Germany, and I’m going to go wherever God sends me and gives me the strength.
Reinhard Bonnke
When I think of Camelot, I think of the castle in France where we film, but I think it’s wrong to lock it down to one place because it’s all part of our imagination. They are legends for a reason. Their stories have endured for hundreds of years and, hopefully, they will for hundreds of years to come.
Colin Morgan
By the time Joan of Arc was 16 and had proclaimed herself the virgin warrior sent by God to deliver France from her enemies, the English, she had been receiving the counsel of angels for three years.
Kathryn Harrison
Being myself a warm zealot for the attainment & enjoiment by all mankind of as much liberty as each may exercise without injury to the equal liberty of his fellow citizens, I have lamented that in France the endeavors to obtain this should have been attended with the effusion of so much blood.
Thomas Jefferson
Each country has a soul, and France’s soul is equality.
Francois Hollande
But the fact is that I wouldn’t have won even a single Tour de France without the lesson of illness. What it teaches is this: pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.
Lance Armstrong
In America, sex is preached; in France, it is done.
Fritz Lang
There is no word in English for chic. Why should there be? Everything chic is by legend French. Perhaps everything chic is in reality French.
Elizabeth Hawes
France and Germany have the manufacturing and skill base which is useful to us. France is our dependable strategic partner.
Narendra Modi
We can’t return to the 19th century, draw up our drawbridges and say, we don’t have anything to do with each other, Germany will not work with the Netherlands, the UK will not work with France. That’s ludicrous. We are condemned to work with each other.
Nick Clegg
Men take much more notice of older women in France, so I might move there. I think I’m a good bet.
Deborah Moggach
If we went to the Tour, I’d have to think, what would our purpose be? Would it be to win the Tour de France? I’m not sure I want that pressure.
Bradley Wiggins
For reasons I didn’t understand, I felt I needed to learn how to cook the food of France and knew that I was going to have to get over to the country: to Paris, I’d always assumed.
Bill Buford
In France, I guess there’s something like a tyranny in mentalities – we accept success badly, beauty, money. People are certainly envious, and this creates negative energy. This is annoying. I suffered a great deal at one time. I had to fight harder than others. Add to that my marriage to Polanski.
Emmanuelle Seigner
Sugar is more present in America or England than it is in France. I think there is an addiction to sweetness.
Pierre Dukan
Russia, France, Germany and China. They revere their writers. America is still a frontier country that almost shudders at the idea of creative expression.
James A. Michener
Two European nations emerged with credit from the Iraq disaster: France and Germany. Both had the courage to withstand the Bush administration and oppose the U.S.-led invasion.
Martin Jacques
Whether it’s in America, Quebec, or France, if I can tell a story that takes me out of my comfort zone, then I’m surfing.
Jean-Marc Vallee
The favourite bumper sticker in Washington D.C. right now is one that says ‘First Iraq, then France’
Tom Brokaw
I think in France, for example, we can say whatever we want about the French, but going out and dining is more about the intellectual moment to share with the people you dine with than trying to figure out what the chef did with that little piece of salmon or lobster and all that.
Daniel Boulud
There’s something I will say: In the U.S., people are very patriotic. Their patriotism is obvious. In France, for many years, you had to fight to be patriotic. People are pushing us from loving our own country.
Marine Le Pen
My friends asked me to be a reverend at their wedding in France a few years ago. I went on the Internet, and within 15 seconds, I was printing out a certificate which allowed me to officiate at their wedding.
Lucy Punch
For Europeans a president having an affair, especially in France, is a joke. No one cares, it would never bring this kind of trouble to a country.
Julie Delpy
What I gained by being in France was learning to be better satisfied with my own country.
Samuel Johnson
Where Chanel came from in France is anyone’s guess. She said one thing one day and another thing the next. She was a peasant—and a genius. Peasants and geniuses are the only people who count and she was both.
Diana Vreeland
And now with Argentina out, they will be on the plane home with France
Clive Tyldesley
Russia’s now in the middle of a fierce confrontation with Turkey. And that’s one of France’s NATO allies.
Corey Flintoff
One must be aesthetically long-termist in selecting a man – it’s like purchasing a farmhouse in the south of France. Sure, it’s beautiful to look at, but will the roof stay on?
Robert Rinder
I stay in France. Better to be the queen of a village than a servant in a kingdom.
Emmanuelle Beart
After the outbreak of war, in April 1940, we left Geneva with our three children aged 4 years, 2 years and 2 weeks only to become part of the disordered refugee crowds fleeing across France from the German army.
James Meade
During a period of time when Italy is talking about splitting northern and southern Italy, France is talking about splitting with Corsica and Normandy, England is talking about splitting with Wales and Scotland and England. And it goes on and on and on.
Juan Enriquez
In France, they call the people who come to the theatre ‘les spectateurs’; in Britain and Ireland, they are the audience, the people who listen. This does not mean the French are not interested in language. On the contrary. It actually says more about the undeveloped visual sense over here.
Simon McBurney
Every year there’s a jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Getting on the jury is very competitive in France. Not because the French love cinema, but because they love to judge.
Craig Ferguson
France is my home; you are my family. I am carrying all of you in my heart.
Ingrid Betancourt
I have encountered in this world riff-raff and good people. I lose. I win. I defend myself when I am attacked. I take when someone has taken from me. But I beg you to believe me; I have never done an act of espionage against France. Never. Never.
Mata Hari
I spent a whole year in New York without going back to France. And I always came back because my mother was living in New York since I was 13. So I went to summer camps, hang out at the Roxy, go to class for ballet, so I always had part of my life in New York.
Vincent Cassel
The position of vice president does not exist in France; neither does a role comparable that of the first lady of the United States.
Elaine Sciolino
I have defended the interests of France at the G8 in Washington; afterwards I was at Chicago to announce the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan; I have participated in two European summits, so I have fully respected the engagements I made to the French.
Francois Hollande
Up to 1870, it was equally said of France and of Italy that they possessed no folk-tales. Yet, within fifteen years from that date, over 1000 tales had been collected in each country.
Joseph Jacobs
I owe everything to France.
Ingrid Betancourt
In North America, hip-hop and urban music are much more developed than it could be in Europe, except for a couple of markets like France, for example, or Germany, they’re a little bit more aware.
I’m from a little town from the south tip of France, to be able to play in Coachella and meet other artists from all over the world and to connect with people that I love from my hometown is something amazing.
The extremists wanted to divide France; it came together.
Francois Hollande
Be grateful you’re not in the forest in France Where the average young person just hasn’t a chance To escape from the perilous pants eating plants But your pants are safe, you’re a fortunate guy You ought to be shouting how lucky am I
Dr. Seuss
France is an idea, not a territory. They pay more attention to intellectuals here; they give artists and writers the feeling they’re valued.
Theodore Zeldin
Telecoms is a national business. There isn’t a European market. There’s no Telecom Italia in France.
Xavier Niel
I’m stuck somewhere a small island in the middle of the Atlantic where I’m alone. Because in France, they’re like, ‘No, you’re not like us, you’re not a French guy.’ And in America, they’re like, ‘You’re not like us.’ I’m really alone in my little thing.
Louis Leterrier
It was an identity crisis. I was born and raised in France, but I never really felt French, so I needed to find something that I was more connected to. I used to go back to Tunisia every summer, but I was more into the language, my Arabic roots.
eL Seed
France is the most civilized country in the world and doesn’t care who knows it.
John Gunther
In France, I would like to worth with Patrice Chereau, who made Queen Margot.
Louis Garrel
As a European Union member state, as a country committed throughout all its history to the fight for the values that I have made my own, as the fifth world power, as a country that has marked my life and European Union houses part of European Union, France can act if it wishes to do so.
Julian Assange
I am bad at cultural generalizations but I would venture to say that by a wide margin there is less hypocrisy about sex in France than in America.
Frederick Wiseman
Extensive analysis was conducted before deciding whether consumers would respond better to a male or female imprisoned in their phone. Almost every country in the world had a female Siri programmed – but not, initially, in the UK and France.
Sara Pascoe
Having played in U.S.A. in 1994, in France in 1998, as well as the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan – the first on the Asian continent – I have witnessed the excitement and passion unleashed in those different parts of the world.
Gabriel Batistuta
When a garment is in sync with your body and its proportions, it looks and feels amazing, and in France that is something that all women know from a young age.
L’Wren Scott
You know what happened, you know, in 1938: France, England, you know, just sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler.
Milos Forman
My message to France and Europe is that we will make sure Venezuela won’t witness the rise of another Pinochet. And we will do it the democratic way.
Nicolas Maduro
But do you know, I shall not be sorry to die. I shall be glad, Monsieur. And why glad, you ask? Because I love France and hate the Germans who have put this war on us.
Philip Gibbs
My first trophy in France was the Young Player of the Year. I was 17. Chelsea is not just one player. It is not only me. We have signed a lot of players. Now we have some good signings like Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa.
Eden Hazard
It (Arsenal) is an English club but not an English success. It’s probably a greater reflection of youngsters from France and elsewhere in Europe.
Alan Pardew
Have we so soon forgotten those four years of terrible carnage, the greatest war of all time; forgotten the millions of men who gave their lives, who made the supreme sacrifice and who today, beneath the soil of France and Belgium, sleep the eternal sleep?
Frank B. Kellogg
So many of Spielberg’s films inspired my imagination growing up. And then there are British films like ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Waking Ned Devine’ that took me to places I really loved, with characters I just thought were amazing. But the films of Luc Besson showed me France – a really cool side of France.
Doug Liman
An arrant traitor as any is in the universal world, or in France, or in England.
William Shakespeare
Geoffrey Tozer’s death is a national tragedy. For the Australian arts and Australian music, losing Tozer is like Canada having lost Glenn Gould, or France, Ginette Neveu. It is a massive cultural loss. The kind of loss people felt when Germany lost Dresden.
Paul Keating
We back Hinkley Point project. It’s very important for France; it’s very important for the nuclear sector and EDF.
Emmanuel Macron
Forty percent of my portfolio is in the U.S. In the rest of the world, most of the places I invest in or invested in are Brazil, Russia, Germany with a little bit of Turkey, China, India, France and Israel sprinkled in there.
Fabrice Grinda
France and America have a long history of mutual loathing and longing. Americans still dream of Paris; Parisians still dream of the America they find in the movies of David Lynch.
Rosecrans Baldwin
I love as you come into Paris, you’ve got the Arch de Triomphe and all that crazy traffic. Then I love the drive from Paris down to Antibes and you veer off east in through the Alps and you come into the south of France on the mountain road as opposed to the freeway.
Luke Goss
The Europeans must now honor their commitments. That is the position that France is defending.
Francois Fillon
The 1984 European Championships were held in France and that was something important. I felt on form then, even though I was practically always injured at all the World Cups. It’s a great memory. But in any case, the past is past.
Michel Patini
I am, I flatter myself, completely a citizen of the world. In my travels through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Corsica, France, I never felt myself from home.
James Boswell
I had very, very little training in taking an exam to determine a scientist’s life in France.
Benoit Mandelbrot
I am more than proud to be European. I love Europe, I love France, but I have an American mentality, and I don’t know why. The way I see things, the way I talk, I’m the kind of person who, if I want to say something, I will say it – sometimes in Europe, it’s not always what you need to do.
Thierry Henry
I have a cultural background that’s shaped in England, France and Germany. Bringing that in is nice, in terms of how an actor plays a role or speaks in an interview.
Richard Sammel
I have always said the French team is the most important thing that has happened to me. I thought deeply about it and I want to play for France again.
Zinedine Zidane
The King of Prussia is innately a bad neighbor, but the English will also always be bad neighbors to France, and the sea has never prevented them from doing her great mischief.
Marie Antoinette
France has neither winter, nor summer, nor morals. France is miserable because it is filled with Frenchmen, and Frenchmen are miserable because they live in France.
Mark Twain
When I became a man, I put away childish things and got more elaborate and expensive childish things from France and Japan.
P. J. O’Rourke
Germany and France are pinning their hopes on young people, in terms of education, science and innovation.
Francois Hollande
My father played five years for Valence in France’s second division. I’d always cry when he would leave for training. Every morning, I’d say, ‘Dad, take me with you. Please, please take me with you!’
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
It is France. I know the league well. It is my mother tongue. Inevitably, there is an attraction for me. A return? It might not be my first choice, but of course, it is not impossible.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Loving the country, wanting to preserve the culture and identity – protecting the interests of the Americans in America, of the French in France, of the Israelis in Israel – seems to me perfectly legitimate.
Marine Le Pen
In the domain of painting and statuary, the present-day credo of the worldly wise, especially in France, is this: … I believe that art is, and can only be, the exact reproduction of nature… An avenging God has heard the prayers of this multitude; Daguerre was his messiah.
Charles Baudelaire
I went to Paris, I went to France, I went to England, I went to Ireland. In my mind, I can go wherever I wanted to go. I left death row every day.
Anthony Ray Hinton
Everybody knows how complicated this country’s relationship with France has been, in war and in peace. Certainly there have been times when the leaders of France could have done better by us. We should have done better by them on Sunday. Only you couldn’t find us.
Kimberley Strassel
Quarrels in France strengthen a love affair, in America they end it.
Ned Rorem
France is the only nation in which astoundingly small numbers of civilized patrons reside.
Gustave Courbet
Is France a completely open market to G.E.? No, of course not. I think we’re more discerning about China because it’s China, and they’re big, and they’re more concerning. But the best global companies are ones that are nuanced.
Jeffrey R. Immelt
When you succeed, at a certain point, you want to challenge yourself. Otherwise, you become boring. You become a has-been. It’s not very interesting. I don’t want to be this guy who has only succeeded in France. I could say, ‘O.K., that’s it; merci.’ But I’m not interested in that.
Gad Elmaleh
These were African-Arab-Asian values. The only section of Europe that had a high value system during the Dark Ages was the, were those on the Iberian Peninsula in the Spanish-Portuguese area, southern France.
Malcolm X
I really want to learn French so I think it would be great to go and live in France and maybe learn the language for a few months.
Tessa Virtue
Marie Curie is my hero. Few people have accomplished something so rare – changing science. And as hard as that is, she had to do it against the tide of the culture at the time – the prejudice against her as a foreigner, because she was born in Poland and worked in France. And the prejudice against her as a woman.
Alan Alda
Movies dealing with social subjects in France become very paternalist. They want to teach lessons. They don’t show poorness like a normal situation.
Gaspar Noe
For fifty years, debates about French anti-Semitism mainly revolved around France’s record during the Second World War, when the Vichy government collaborated with the Germans.
Tom Reiss
It took Sydney Pollack a long time to get me to do Tootsie. I asked myself if I wanted to play some frothy, ditzy character after I had just done Frances. Obviously, I’m thrilled that I did.
Jessica Lange
I’ve done an awful lot of skiing all over Europe: I’ve done Italy, Austria, France. I skied loads in New Zealand – I did pretty much every ski slope I could find.
Richard C. Armitage
I think my level of cuisine was pretty good even before I came to France, but it’s the wine here that’s really improved my palette – when I have it, anyway. It’s meant to be good for you, right?
Lucy Bronze
American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading, math and science. We’re even trailing France.
Suzanne Fields
Sometimes I just tell my kids, ‘Outside of France, I’m considered completely normal.’ This worked until we traveled to London.
Pamela Druckerman
All my life I have had a certain idea of France.
Charles de Gaulle
It is not what France gave you but what it did not take from you that was important.
Gertrude Stein
Good Americans, when they die, go to Paris.
Thomas Gold Appleton
Being nationalistic in France has nothing in common with being patriotic in America.
Thomas Bangalter
Eh Bien you like this sacred pig of a country?” asked Marco. “Why not? I like it anywhere. It’s all the same, in France you are paid badly and live well; here you are paid well and live badly.
John Dos Passos
In France today, people no longer eat as much heavy food and fat as they did 15 or 20 years ago. These days, French cooking, through the influence of ‘grande cuisine,’ has become a bit lighter. And we are beginning to discover the original flavors of our produce.
Joel Robuchon
One dictum I had learned on the battlefields of France in a far distant war: You cannot save the world, but you might save the man in front of you, if you work fast enough.
Diana Gabaldon
I don’t know a writer who doesn’t feel some sense of glamour and magic and a complex, wistful sadness emanating from the expats of the twenties in France. Some of the sadness, of course, is that we weren’t there.
Guy Gavriel Kay
I was born in Poland, and then I was six years in France. I returned to Poland, and then, at the age of eight and a half, we came to Germany.
Miroslav Klose
I spent seven years in France. Then, I went to Asia for five years. I came to London in 1984 and then America in 1985. In 1991, I opened my first restaurant in New York City.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
I liked Berkeley tremendously, Berkeley was a very leftist campus. I came to love that city as much as I love Paris or the south of France or New York.
Whitfield Diffie
In France, that let down the barriers more than a hundred years ago, the feeling of antipathy is still strong enough to sustain an anti-Jewish political party
Franz Boas
The only decent daily paper of record in France is the online ‘Mediapart,’ which exposes graft and corruption in high places and is feared by the establishment.
Tariq Ali
The five original nuclear weapon states I mentioned – U.S., Britain, France, China, and Russia – under the NPT have committed to the achievement of the elimination of their nuclear arsenals through good faith negotiations of nuclear disarmament – that’s Article Six of the treaty.
John Burroughs
In recent years, I’ve begun the year by driving across France to the Alps, abandoning the January gloom for Alpine winter sun, even if the ski-goggles do give you panda marks when you get a tan. As a child, I was always a bit of a billygoat when I’d go camping with my mates in North Wales, around Snowdonia.
Paul Hollywood
I must represent France, and I want to be elegant, and I want the French people to be proud of me.
Carla Bruni
My grandma is kind of a rock star. She goes to France and all over.
Brandon T. Jackson
Some of the most important caves, like Lascaux in the Dordogne region in France, have had to be closed down. There had been too many people allowed in, and they left a mold on the walls that is spreading and which can’t really be stopped.
Werner Herzog
It is upon record, that three centuries ago the tongue of the Right Whale was esteemed a great delicacy in France, and commanded large prices there.
Herman Melville
Back channels themselves are as old as American diplomacy. Thomas Jefferson was an early enthusiast – he often routed around his secretary of state, once sending a secret letter to the American envoy in France, Robert Livingston, that contained a coded message.
David E. Sanger
Partial legalization, as some are suggesting, is a dangerous path, and we need only look at France and Germany to see how unwise it is to create a permanent underclass.
Zoe Lofgren
My husband is a general’s chauffeur somewhere in France.
Lillie Langtry
My initial plan was to spend a year in France, go to some kind of school and learn a bit of French. I went a year in an American college in the outskirts of Strasbourg, but got a glimpse of a real art school, L’Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, and enrolled the following year.
John Howe
I know where I’m going and I have told the French. I am sure if hope is there, we will be able to put France back on its feet… to live better in five years than we do today.
Francois Hollande
I think I was pretty much hated in France. The French press ignored me. There was a movement when the children of celebrities faced strong animosity.
Lou Doillon
I chose PSG because it’s the biggest club in France and, for a young guy like me, a chance I couldn’t turn down.
Timothy Weah
In America, black urban teenagers have long been lacking in inclusion. In France, there is a comparable lack of inclusion among North Africans. In much of Europe, there has been little attempt to include the Roma.
Edmund Phelps
I have memories of watching the Champions League as a kid in France. We all supported different teams and they were intense moments. Great memories.
Raphael Varane
Creating a top team and being in a position to win the Tour de France will give me a nice feeling. But I know it is not easy to create a top team from zero. You need good riders, good staff, a lot of preparation and, most important, a lot of sponsors.
Fernando Alonso
Gay marriage is a divisive issue in France, where Fillon has vowed to block adoption by same-sex couples. The battle against Islamism also remains a rallying cry; Fillon’s campaign manifesto is called ‘Conquering Islamic Totalitarianism’.
Franklin Foer
France, freed from that monster, Bonaparte, must again become the most agreeable country on earth. It would be the second choice of all whose ties of family and fortune give a preference to some other one, and the first choice of all not under those ties.
Thomas Jefferson
France cannot be France without greatness.
Charles de Gaulle
I am opposed to those who have an ideological vision of immigration, and I think that, given the situation in France, it must stop.
Marine Le Pen
I’m very Belgian, and I will die Belgian. I just have my house in the north of France because I began my career in Paris, even though I don’t live there anymore.
Cecile de France
I will protect and defend France’s vital interests. I will protect and defend Europe.
Emmanuel Macron
When it comes to France, it seems to me the fundamental question is how a former colonial power should interact with its former colony.
Alvaro de Vasconcelos
In France, a first lady has no status, and therefore she isn’t supposed to do anything else.
Valerie Trierweiler
I’m very happy in France making movies.
Michel Hazanavicius
In France they don’t think I’m difficult.
David Bailey
With the world in turmoil and doubt, the American people, faithful to the values that have always defined America’s identity, have expressed with force their faith in progress and the future. At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in France, in Europe and beyond.
Nicolas Sarkozy
The judicial system of Rwanda is not subordinate to France or France’s interests.
Paul Kagame
I remember that the first country I visited was Canada, and then France. After that, I knew that I loved traveling and seeing the world. I feel that I’m so blessed and fortunate to get to visit so many places and see the world.
Brittany Bowe
It’s true that the atmosphere here is quite different from the one in France. People live and breathe football here, and that’s what I like. Every footballer wants to play in the Premier League.
Anthony Martial
I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking.
Clarence Clemons
Everyone says Francois Mitterrand had huge charisma. But before he was president they used to call him badly dressed, old, archaic and say he knew nothing about the economy until the day he was elected. It’s called universal suffrage. When you’re elected, you become the person that embodies France.
Francois Hollande
I was 14 when I arrived at Real Sociedad. No team wanted me in France. I trialled for around eight clubs, and then Real came.
Antoine Griezmann
all the French speak French – even the children. Many Americans and Britishers who visit the country never quite adjust to this, and the idea persists that the natives speak the language just to show off or be difficult.
Olivia de Havilland
George P. A. Healy; “I knew no one in France, I was utterly ignorant of the language, I did not know what I should do when once there; but I was not yet one-and-twenty, and I had a great stock of courage, of inexperience—which is sometimes a great help—and a strong desire to be my very best.
David McCullough
I don’t have to negotiate an arms agreement with Great Britain or with France.
Barack Obama
There’s a very apt saying in show business: “If you don’t go over budget in Paris, you’re either very rich or very sick. ”
Bob Hope
For all of us Frenchmen, the guiding rule of our epoch is to be faithful to France.
Charles de Gaulle
The Tour de France is a wicked sport in the way that it’s not just man against man or woman against woman; it’s not flesh against flesh. It’s flesh against machine.
Ben Foster
As long as Didier Deschamps is coach, I have no chance of getting back into the France team.
Karim Benzema
We are here to condemn the Palestinian occupation of the territories, but also to condemn the recent racist attack in France, against both Jews and Arabs.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
I think that France has not made it clear enough recently to our German friends how important it is to introduce euro bonds as a tool against speculation. And how the necessary budget discipline needs to be accompanied by growth.
Francois Hollande
Me and my sister made up a game called ‘Milky Cow’. We were on holiday in France when I was 12, and there was a kid who had bovine features, and every time we went past her, we’d say, ‘There’s Milky Cow’.
Greg Davies
There’s a big difference between France and the U.S. In the U.S., immigrants must work to live. In France, they’re taken care of by public finances. In France, there are millions of unemployed people already. We cannot house them, give them health care, education… finance people who keep coming and coming.
Marine Le Pen
In France the music schools are a bit old fashioned. I was more excited about doing my own stuff or to play with my friend in my band, than studying the piano.
Yann Tiersen
It is the end. But of what? The end of France? No. The end of kings? Yes.
Victor Hugo
In 19th-century France, artists were part of government. Artists are very sensitive to their time. They’re very thoughtful people – it makes sense to hear what they have to say.
Elizabeth Peyton
I don’t think Obama’s a socialist or evil, I just think he’s wrong and I disagree with him, he’s a leftist, that’s what they are in France and in Great Britain and in Canada.
Jonathan Krohn
When I served as US Ambassador to NATO in the 1970s, the center of gravity in Europe was France and Germany.
Donald Rumsfeld
The colonial power tended to be France or Britain, and the Soviets were proclaimed as anti-imperialists. So, if you align yourself with the Soviets, it fits nicely with that kind of rhetorical division, but in reality it does not get you anywhere.
Nigel Gibson
After a major loss of dynamism in the 1960s, productivity growth rates began dropping in most countries, falling by half in the U.S. in the 1970s and more or less ceasing altogether in France, Germany and Britain in the late 1990s.
Edmund Phelps
France has the least social mobility of any developed country. The social elevator no longer works. It’s broken.
Xavier Niel
When I grow up I would like to be an artist in France.
Keith Haring
A united Europe is our Continent’s only chance to avoid falling off the world’s radar. The heads of government of Germany, France and the United Kingdom also know that their voice is only heard internationally because they speak through the megaphone of the European Union.
Jean-Claude Juncker
If you were asking me how it is to be a Muslim in America, it’s much harder to be a North African in France than to be a foreigner here in America.
Kenza Fourati
Marseille would be the only place that I’d like to play in France, but I think it’s not realistic.
Samir Nasri
France is delighted at this new opportunity to show the world that when one has the will one can succeed in joining peoples who have been brought close by history.
Francois Mitterrand
I’ve had gay friends who grew up in small towns in France who had to lie for most of their lives, even to themselves. But eventually such lies become stronger than the people, and they have to face them.
Guillaume Canet
The French are pretty thin-skinned. The few times I mentioned a French writer in ‘City Boy,’ the relatives would ring up in high dudgeon. I once wrote a mocking review of Marguerite Duras in the ‘New York Review of Books,’ and good friends of mine in France got very angry.
Edmund White
It is impossible to think of France except in terms of individuals.
Andre Siegfried
My father, Prince Aly Khan, and mother divorced when I was only 3. I used to spend summers with him in the South of France.
Yasmin Aga Khan
I don’t have a chateau in France. There’s no private airplane or yacht.
Sam Neill
France has been an American ally for about 250 years. It is a key member of NATO. But President Obama never stood shoulder to shoulder with Hollande and asked for a declaration of war against ISIS.
Lawrence Kudlow
As much as I believe in the Franco-German partnership, I question the idea of a duopoly. European construction is based on a well-balanced and respectful partnership between France and Germany.
Francois Hollande
When I was 16 and arrived in France, I discovered chocolate mousse. I was crazy about the bread, too. Every morning, I’d go to the bakery and get a fresh croissant. It made me feel very sophisticated.
Jerry Hall
In France, even heresy rapidly hardens into dogma.
Storm Jameson
I took an estimated two thousand years of high school French, and when I finally got to France, I discovered that I didn’t know one single phrase that was actually useful in a real-life French situation.
Dave Barry
The American Revolution was a small part of a major world war going on between France and England, so the French intervened and that was a big factor, but the domestic contribution was basically guerrilla warfare.
Noam Chomsky
I am more afraid of making a fault in my Latin than of the Kings of Spain, France, Scotland, the whole House of Guise, and all of their confederates.
Elizabeth I
That’s why workers in France like horsemeat, because it’s like a male thing that makes you strong. Cow meat is a much more female meat.
Gaspar Noe
France was built with swords. The fleur-de-lis, symbol of national unity, is only the image of a spear with three pikes.
Charles de Gaulle
France can never accept that it is no longer a dominating power in the world of culture. This is true both of the French right and the French left. They keep thinking that Americans are primitive cowboys or farmers who do not understand anything.
Adam Michnik
You don’t want to spend much time in Germany or even France in the winter unless you’re in the Alps.
Chris Frantz
France desperately needs to work on its competitiveness and attractiveness.
Alain Dehaze
Our special task, as French Canadians, is to insert into America the spirit of Christian France.
Henri Bourassa
I don’t think that France is responsible for the Vel d’Hiv.
Marine Le Pen
French people are charming, adorable but not extremely generous with foreigners, but they believe in what they do. I feel proud in exchange because what I did in restoration is something I did for La France.
Valentino Garavani
In the south of France the phones cut in and out, the electricity isn’t particularly reliable. I think many people would get very irritated with that life.
Peter Mayle
Jessica Lange in Frances… was dramatic and passionate and one of the strongest performances I’ve seen a woman do
Sherilyn Fenn
If you love food and you love red wine and they put you in France, you’re in a good place and you’re in a bad place at the same time. You have to weigh yourself every day, and you have to have an alarm number. When you get to that number, you have to start putting it in reverse.
Salma Hayek
An old sergeant said, if you want to get to France in a hurry, then join the ambulance service, the French are big for ambulance service.
Frank Buckles
Mosques where sharia law prevails – they exist in France. Refusing to see that means that we do equate Islam with Islamic fundamentalism. We have to denounce and eradicate it.
Marine Le Pen
If the search is for examples that contradict the predictions of standard economic models, a good rule of thumb is to start in France.
Robert H. Frank
France is a nation devoted to the false hypothesis on which it then builds marvelously logical structures.
Gore Vidal
A much larger value is consumed in lettuces than in pineapples,throughout Europe at large; and the superb shawls of Cachemere are, in France, a very poor object in trade, in comparison with the plain cotton goods of Rouen.
Jean-Baptiste Say
I have contacts with the Tour de France which keep me close to cycling.
Bernard Hinault
I have a helicopter that I use for U.K. business trips, and I fly myself. I have a yacht in Antibes in the south of France, which is a sort of indulgence, as we only use it for about four weeks a year. The rest of the time, it is chartered out to people as a business.
John Caudwell
I don’t want to leave my successor and my children to pay for France’s debt.
Francois Hollande
Every sentence spoken by Napoleon, and every line of his writing, deserves reading, as it is the sense of France.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I love using unique names, so I go to a baby names site on the Internet and use the unique names. Sometimes my names have meanings such as ‘strong’, ‘fire’, and Phoenix which means dark red and is Greek. It’s fun to think of a name meaning and matching it with a name. Even Frances means Victory.
Franny Armstrong
Living in France means I see the UK in snapshots. There is something quite nice about being in exile and the things you remember about places tend to be the most vivid details. You don’t get that when you see somewhere every day.
Jonathan Trigell
Kristin Scott Thomas is terrific. She has a career in France and a career in England: how cool is that? I wouldn’t mind that.
Rachael Stirling
The strategy we must follow is to defend the special relationship between Great Britain and Europe and, more specifically, between Europe and France.
Emmanuel Macron
Skiing with friends in Reberty, France, after the Winter Olympics in 2010, was an amazing trip. I was at my happiest surrounded by all those mountains.
Greg Rutherford
I think America and Britain have a different culture from France. They discovered marketing and consumerism before France.
Pierre Dukan
They call people who love London ‘Anglophiles’ and people who love France ‘Francophiles.’ I’d be the New York version of that.
T. R. Knight
My dad’s French, and I spent my summers in France growing up. So I speak French fluently, and obviously, I speak English because I was raised in New York, and I grew up here.
Timothee Chalamet
There is a romantic, often misguided, misconception among the British that life in France is akin to life in Paradise.
Janine di Giovanni
“They order,” said I, “this matter better in France.”
Laurence Sterne
Compared to some of our neighbours, it’s not frowned upon to be a mother and work in France.
Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
The Jewish exodus from North Africa, in the late nineteen-fifties and the nineteen-sixties, brought hundreds of thousands of Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian Jews to France.
Tom Reiss
Be ever more convinced that your guardian angel is really present, that he is ever at your side. St. Frances of Rome always saw him standing before her, his arms clasped at his breast, his eyes uplifted to Heaven; but at the slightest failing, he would cover his face as if in shame, and at times, turn his back to her.
John Bosco
In places like Germany or France the idea of black-white is not so much black-white but “our people and them,” and “them” can be people from the near east like Turks or Muslims or North Africans, all of whom might well be considered white in the United States.
Nell Irvin Painter
What unites us is an unconditional love for France.
Marion Marechal-Le Pen
And it’s best if you know a good thing is going to happen, like an eclipse or getting a microscope for Christmas. And it’s bad if you know a bad thing is going to happen, like having a filling or going to France. But I think it is worst if you don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing which is going to happen.
Mark Haddon
O ye! who teach the ingenious youth of nations, Holland, France, England, Germany or Spain, I pray ye flog them upon all occasions, It mends their morals, never mind the pain.
Lord Byron
That night I looked up at those same stars, but I didn’t want any of those things. I didn’t want Egypt, or France, or far-flung destinations. I just wanted to go back to my life from my childhood, just to visit it, and touch it, and to convince myself that yes, it had been real.
Jenny Lawson
My grandmother was German. She was an immigrant, and my great grandfather fought in World War I and was stationed in France.
Lisa Papademetriou
What I see around the world are movements around people like Macron in France and Trudeau in Canada.
Leo Varadkar
I played golf competitively as a teenager. I actually took a year off after high school and just played golf and went to a university in France for maybe a month and dropped out.
Stephanie Szostak
France has lost the battle but she has not lost the war.
Charles de Gaulle
I find the organic wave much more interesting in America than in France.
Eric Ripert
Now the new things happening in France don’t interest me.
Susan Sontag
[On Napoleon assuming power in France:] The time of Fable is over, the time of History has begun.
Josephine de Beauharnais
Can you imagine a writer in England influencing? Absolutely not. And in France? It used to be, but no more-absolutely not. France used to, at least, have writers as diplomats, but not any more.
Nadine Gordimer
France has been mired in people’s minds for years. In reality, our children are taught that they have every reason to criticize her, to see only the darkest historical aspects.
Marine Le Pen
I think it’s a thing in France, and I think you see it a little bit in Spain with Atletico: the countries and the cities just absolutely love their football. It’s not because they’re just marketing geniuses; it’s because they’ve made it simple.
Lucy Bronze
France does not practice revenge.
Francois Fillon
Pam has always been my glamorous big sister – 13 years older than I. She played on the women’s circuit for nine years and came home to tell me stories of France, Japan.
Tracy Austin
What we’re concerned about is massive immigration of unskilled workers, mostly from the Maghreb and Africa, which pulls down salaries in France.
Marine Le Pen
Do you have feelings for this kind man?” “You shouldn’t ask her such a question,” Frances Catherine said. “But do you, Gillian?
Julie Garwood
The difference between the extras here and in France is the French extras read books. Actually, they hide the book and pretend that they’re acting. Here (in Hollywood), you can see everybody wants his break.
Berenice Bejo
If the only obstacle to the renewal and modernization of France is a choice of personnel, I am completely convinced that the president will make the right choice. What is at stake is not Alain Juppe but France.
Alain Juppe
It’s really weird when we’re out of the country, whether we’re in Brazil or Greece or some crazy place like France or Germany. When you hear your song on the radio or in a store, and you’re in a different country, it’s really freaky and surreal.
Gary Rossington
Who is Alice?” asked mother. “Alice is somebody that nobody can see,” said Frances. “And that is why she does not have a birthday. So I am singing Happy Thursday to her.” – Frances the badger
Russell Hoban
At 17, I went away to Pau in the south of France for a few months to study domestic science – including cleaning windows with newspaper and water – while living with a Catholic family with 10 children.
Mary Berry
I love Frances McDormand so much. I love her career. And I think it’s fun because she gets to do comedy as well as drama.
Rachael Harris
My dream is to have a small company in France.
Israel Horovitz
In England, philosophers are honoured, respected; they rise to public offices, they are buried with the kings… In France warrants are issued against them, they are persecuted, pelted with pastoral letters: Do we see that England is any the worse for it?
John Dewey
On the field, I got to play with some of the best players in the world, from Germany, Sweden, France – I can name five more countries.
Lindsey Horan
France is very welcoming to foreign writers.
Israel Horovitz
What Marie Antoinette was to eighteenth-century France, Mary Pickford is to twentieth-century America.
Frank Crowninshield
In France you cannot not have lunch. If you stopped the French from having lunch, you will have a second revolution, I can tell you this. Not going to work – it is part of the French privilege.
Christian Louboutin
For Irishmen, there is no football game to match rugby and if all our young men played rugby not only would we beat England and Wales but France and the whole lot of them put together.
Eamon de Valera
A friend in the War Office warned me that I was in Kitchener’s black books, and that orders had been given for my arrest next time I appeared in France.
Philip Gibbs
The further off from England the nearer is to France-
Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance.
Lewis Carroll
When people, especially from France, would ask me to talk about or so they could write about New York Jewish humor, I’d say I don’t know anything about New York Jewish humor. I know who Zero Mostel was and I know Mel Brooks, but that’s about all I could tell you about New York Jewish humor.
Gene Wilder
When you succeed, at a certain point, you want to challenge yourself. Otherwise, you become boring. You become a has-been. It’s not very interesting. I don’t want to be this guy who has only succeeded in France.
Gad Elmaleh
I am not shy. I am for an open society. I am for a progressive world. I do not propose to reform France; I propose to transform it at its deepest level.
Emmanuel Macron
I was in the South of France, in Saint-Tropez and I met her when it was totally unexpected. I was very lucky because she was the most beautiful woman in the world at the time. I photographed her very quickly, she was not easy as a model, but her beauty transcended anything I had seen before.
Bert Stern
In France, for instance, I’m told that marriage is now frequently contracted in seven-year terms where either party may move on when their term is up. How shallow and how different from the Europe of the past.
Mitt Romney
I’m proud of the fact that Marine Le Pen in France insults me and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands calls me his opponent. The way I see it is, if these people weren’t attacking me, I would be doing something wrong.
Martin Schulz
We, the French, are viscerally attached to our laicite, our sovereignty, our independence, our values. The world knows that when France is attacked, it is liberty that is dealt a blow.
Marine Le Pen
I am against the Islamisation of France!
Brigitte Bardot
I think I prefer for the listener to decide for themselves what stuff means, because I always hate it when I think a song is about a horse, and then it turns out to be about a damn trip to France.
Amanda Shires
There is only one thing that matters to me: the France team.
Aymeric Laporte
I dreamed of becoming a world champion, I dreamed of becoming France’s champion.
Kylian Mbappe
The excitement of automobile racing did not compare with what I knew must come with aeroplane fighting in France.
Eddie Rickenbacker
Cheerily to sea; the signs of war advance: No king of England, if not king of France
William Shakespeare
When I was first writing, I was writing mostly about sporting events, which was really what my assignments were. I was working on the Tour de France bike race and the Barcelona Olympic Games, and those songs tend to be very big, very bombastic-type music, which is the type of music that I love to write.
John Tesh
I went to Tokyo three years ago. It was a job, though. I did an ad campaign for IBM, so they flew me out there to take pictures of me. It was IBM Global. It went to Australia, France, London, all over the world. But I think the ad campaign was a failure, because of me.
Bobby Lee
It had never been a decision to choose between the French national team or the Senegalese national team because I was growing up in France and playing in the French youth national team, so it was something really normal.
Patrick Vieira
Everywhere I go in America, when they learn I’m from France, the first thing they ask me is if I’m a huge Jerry Lewis fan. I’ve never been able to figure that out.
Gad Elmaleh
As in all his subsequent dealings with France, Ho Chi Minh’s demands were a model of modesty.
Wilfred Burchett
I did get offers from Hollywood, but they were all scripts with monsters in them. If I had done them, I would have disappeared. I would have come back to France anyway, and I would have had to start all over again and lost a lot of time.
Carole Bouquet
Frances and Courtney, I’ll be at your altar/
Please keep going Courtney, for Frances/
For her life, which will be so much happier without me/
Kurt Cobain
We also have favourite place in France, called Charlot Premier in Nice, which does excellent oysters.
Roger Moore
In France, it’s always about life, normal life. We always stick with these realistic things. So when French people are dreaming about American movies, they go and see the thrillers, and Westerns, and science fiction, huge entertaining movies.
Berenice Bejo
WhatsApp provides phone-number-based messaging, and people asked, ‘Isn’t that what SMS is?’ Yes, but SMS is expensive, antiquated, and what WhatsApp did was modernize and level that playing field. For example, in Europe, if France wants to talk to Belgium, it’s extraordinary costly because of border and telecom charges.
Brian Acton
There are high hopes of France and what they’re trying to achieve there by liberalising the labour market and other reforms. You lose some, you gain some.
Kersti Kaljulaid
You know, I left the country when Reagan got in; I went to France.
Tommy Chong
It was a mistake. I was wrong, but I discovered this many years later. I was acting on the basis of this mandate given me by the most important leaders of the world: President Bush’s father, prime minister of France, President Mitterand, the Chinese, everybody.
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
It’s not my job. The Weinstein company, it’s their job to convince people. My job was to make the movie. That’s what I did. I know what we did in France was to have the maximum screenings just to let people talk about the movie and say they enjoyed the movie.
Michel Hazanavicius
I want to have Congolese influences but also influences from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and France. To mix everything up.
There is no hell. There is only France.
Frank Zappa
In Paris they just simply opened their eyes and stared when we spoke to them in French! We never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.
Mark Twain
I taught a master class in film in France, and that was a great experience because I got a chance to study the French film culture and the French film history, so to add… just to expand myself just personally and professionally was really helpful.
F. Gary Gray
I always had a lot of fun in America, with much more freedom than if I had tried to cook in France. I wouldn’t have the same motivation or inspiration, and I wouldn’t have cooked for the same kind of people in France, so it wouldn’t have given me this edge I had in America.
Daniel Boulud
In France we have a saying, ‘Joie de vivre,’ which actually doesn’t exist in the English language. It means looking at your life as something that is to be taken with great pleasure and enjoy it.
Mireille Guiliano
I dont want to return to France, because Ive won everything there – league title, cup, best player, best young player
Eden Hazard
In France it was Joan of Arc; in the Crimea it was Florence Nightingale; in the deep south there was Rosa Parks; in India there was Mother Teresa and in Florida there was Katherine Harris.
Larry Gatlin
France is a very paternalistic society where people have to be introduced.
Gaspar Noe
Since childhood, I’d dreamed of making a film, but producers in France and Germany wanted to make commercial films with chinoiserie. I refused.
Gao Xingjian
There was no studio involved when we made ‘Stargate.’ It was financed through Le Studio Canal+ in France and, after the film was finished, it was sold to MGM. When the film was a success, MGM decided to do a television series based on the movie.
Dean Devlin
Women take great care of themselves in France. It’s a culture dedicated to making women beautiful and to manners.
Alan Furst
For some reason I’m more appreciated in France than I am back home. The subtitles must be incredibly good.
Woody Allen
It was a thought, that. Not to attach yourself to a man, but to confront instead the open world, the wide fields of France and Spain, the ocean, anything. Not just to hitch a lift with the first fellow who looked as though he knew where he was going, but just to go.
Jo Baker
In France, everyone speaks French ’cause they think it’s cool. Gives ’em, gives ’em an excuse to smoke.
Scott Thompson
The best match I’ve ever been in match-wise, I wrestled The Undertaker in France in a coliseum that was built in 300 A.D. by the Romans. It was the most amazing match I’ve ever been in.
Big Show
When I was a child and they burned me out of my home, I was frightened and I ran away. Eventually I ran far away. It was to a place called France. Many of you have been there, and many have not. But I must tell you, ladies and gentlemen, in that country I never feared. It was like a fairyland place.
Josephine Baker
In the 1970s, British food was beginning to get good, whereas in France it was just starting its long, sad decline. My most memorable meals, however, have been in Italy.
Sebastian Faulks
I am just like 99% of my friends in France, who say on their resume they can speak fluent English. In reality, they can’t even count up to three.
Gregoire Akcelrod
It’s really a drag to sit around when you’re old, and think, ‘Ah, gee, I never went to France.’ Go to France. Life is very short; you’ve got to pack it all in there.
Grace Slick
While learning the language in France a young man’s morals, health and fortune are more irresistibly endangered than in any country of the universe.
Thomas Jefferson
Foucault was the one person I met in France that I could talk to. He was a mensch. You know whether you agree with him or not because you know what he is saying.
Leslie Fiedler