Frankly Quotes

Frankly Quotes by Jim Jordan, Alexander Armstrong, Alexis Ohanian, Robert M. Gates, Ed Gillespie, Chris Murphy and many others.

The truth is, our corporate income taxes are some of th

The truth is, our corporate income taxes are some of the highest in the world, and frankly, in my judgment it’s unpatriotic if you’re not for reducing the corporate income tax. We want to make it so American companies are on a more level playing field competing with companies around the world.
Jim Jordan
I grew up the son of the village doctor, so my father was quite well known. At home in Northumberland, frankly Dad is the famous one.
Alexander Armstrong
The biggest threat to the Internet is, frankly, always going to be complacency. I want to see more and more of us activated and people thinking of themselves as defenders of it.
Alexis Ohanian
If Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us anything in recent history, it is the unpredictability of war and that these things are easier to get into than to get out of, and, frankly, the facile way in which too many people talk about, ‘Well, let’s just go attack them.’
Robert M. Gates
Frankly, I thought we would have lost the House by now.
Ed Gillespie
I grew up in a pretty economically safe, physically safe household, and, you know, now my life is defined by other people’s trauma and by other people’s emotional experience with it, and I think I’m richer for that, frankly.
Chris Murphy
Frankly, I have no interest in politics.
Kumar Sanu
Whether Canada ends up as o-ne national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion.
Stephen Harper
Frankly, I’m not sure how far I would get if I attended public school today. It’s not just that public schools aren’t producing the results we want – it’s that we’re not giving them what they need to help students achieve at high levels. K-12 education in the United States is deeply antiquated.
Eli Broad
There’s a real danger in doing a sequel. There are some benefits, but that all hinges on how well you execute. Quite frankly, most sequels don’t execute well.
Donnie Wahlberg
I don’t want a lot of guys like me who played the game. Quite frankly, I want blank canvases; I want people to come in with new ideas. I don’t want the biases of their own experiences to be a part of their decision-making process.
Billy Beane
I guess he wanted to see a little more sexual activity because in real life, in bed I think less is more and let the woman come to me. Frankly, I don’t even need a woman there.
Garry Shandling
Relapse happens, especially when you’re dealing with folks who are frankly the least likely to succeed based on their own pasts and difficulties. We can work with the most likely to succeed. I’m not interested in that.
Greg Boyle
I use the setting of a small rural Norwegian community – the kind of place that I know so intimately. I could never write a novel set in a big city, because, frankly, I don’t know what it would be like.
Karin Fossum
I am righteous and righteously indignant, the Tea Party is righteously indignant, and our goal is to not just save the country, but quite frankly, if America goes, so goes the world, so in our desire to save the country, we are trying to save the world.
Andrew Breitbart
Frankly, there is no shorter shelf life other than that of a child actor, than that of the ingenue.
Patricia Arquette
I personally believe that the iPod is a frankly corrosive device because it encourages you to surround yourself with your favorites. The whole idea of a playlist is to surround yourself with your favorite things, and the interesting thing is that when you do that, they cease to be your favorites.
Hugh Laurie
Hillary Clinton, because she’s the Democrats’ presumptive 2016 front-runner, has become the target du jour. Frankly, I don’t know how public figures get through it.
Donna Brazile
People tell me about my record in ICC events, but frankly speaking, the intent has always been the same.
Shikhar Dhawan
I love Joe Biden, but he’s not going to defeat Donald Trump. He’s not. He doesn’t have the energy and, quite frankly, he has a lot of baggage.
Diana Taylor
That was not part of the U.N. resolution; it was not part of the mandate to go on to Baghdad and, frankly, if we had gone into Baghdad and pushed Saddam Hussein off, we would have inherited an even bigger mess than the mess we inherited with the refugee problem.
Les Aspin
Talking about stepping down in five years is frankly not a topic of particular actuality now.
Carlos Ghosn
We never did these kinds of loans that really started this mess, the subprime loans. We just never got into that business. We were enticed a lot of times to do so by a lot of Wall Street-type players, but I, frankly, never understood some of this stuff.
Dan Gilbert
The truth is, there are so many terrific places in New York because it’s the greatest city in the world, and there are so many fascinating places to see that, frankly, it’s humbling.
Paul Rudd
I’m always thinking as an outsider, and I’m always mindful of whether a company can be impactful on a global basis. Frankly, I’m paranoid about anyone anywhere who could be a competitive threat.
Danny Rimer
Frankly I’m fairly boring or fairly busy. Between writing and family, I have little time for anything else.
Harlan Coben
When we’re in a peak, we make a ton of money, and as soon as we make a ton of money, we’re desperately looking for a way to spend it. And we diversify into areas that, frankly, we don’t know how to run very well.
William Clay Ford, Jr.
It’s a joy doing ‘Tango.’ I’d do it till the day I die, frankly.
Sarah Lancashire
The other day, someone called me this generation’s Bruce Dern – I’d never thought of that, and frankly, I don’t know enough of Bruce Dern’s work to comment on it, though he is an incredible actor.
Garret Dillahunt
Some actors, I think, want to feel that they are as creative as the writer. And the answer is, frankly, they’re not.
John Cleese
I frankly think we in the financial service world believe we need appropriate kinds of regulations. No question about that. But when something like Dodd-Frank has been created, sort of in the mystery of night, it is a huge document. It’s vast. It weighs about 10 pounds when I carry it around.
Charles Schwab
I think ‘West Side Story’ is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, musicals ever put onscreen – or stage, for that matter. I, frankly, like Zeffirelli’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ very much, too. I grew up with that… I loved it. I loved the score; I loved the acting.
Kelly Asbury
Frankly speaking, we don’t see any other way for the steady development of the Ukrainian state apart from as a federation.
Sergei Lavrov
Frankly, this is what you dream about – to get picked for the Test team. That’s why you work hard and give it your best day in and day out.
Prithvi Shaw
Frankly, no issue is worth shutting down the government and denying pay to those committed to public service.
Pete Gallego
Well, Australians should speak for the national interests of Australia, and whatever role former Australian prime ministers may have, one of the things you do is speak frankly about the country as you see the country’s best interests, you know?
Paul Keating
In popular culture, when women compete, it’s usually over a man, and it’s usually very nasty. And that is just frankly not my experience. That’s just some kind of popular mythology, it feels like. I find it insulting.
Kelly Sue DeConnick
My desperation for UKIP to do well meant that I really packed the diary and the day in a way that, frankly, wasn’t very bright.
Nigel Farage
Frankly, all the songs from ‘Fiza’ that made news were mine.
Anu Malik
I don’t think about the gender of my readers or about reader expectations. I’m frankly scared to. I figured out a long time ago that if I tried to guess the audience, it would be like me trying to guess which stocks to buy.
Robert Crais
Sure, there’s a chunk of African-Americans out there who associate the Republican Party with racism, frankly particularly in the Deep South. It’s an unfair perception, but it exists. Over a period time, that perception will die away if Republicans are focusing on issues that happen to impact African-Americans.
Artur Davis
Frankly, I would never like to write an autobiography because my life is an open book.
Sudha Chandran
Numbers are not important. Muttiah Muralitharan is a legend with 800 wickets. I don’t even know if I can play the number of matches he has played. It was nice to get noticed but frankly numbers don’t attract me much.
Ravichandran Ashwin
Polonium is, frankly, pretty useless, and no country in the world except Russia bothered to refine it by the late 2000s.
Sam Kean
What he’s really talking about – and I’m speaking for Mike Flynn, not Donald Trump – is that he’s saying, essentially, we have to have options. We have to have a lot of options. And, frankly, we do. We do have a lot of options.
Michael T. Flynn
Over the years, I’ve had a lot of different jobs – newspaper boy, dish washer, naval flight officer, Amtrak board member, Governor and chairman of the National Governors Association – just to name a few. But my most cherished job – and frankly my most important job for that matter – is being a father.
Tom Carper
Frankly, I hadn’t expected my role in ‘Avvai Shanmughi’ to be so significant.
Delhi Ganesh
Women tend to judge other women harshly. We should be kinder to each other, accept that we’re all different and can make different choices. Not go for some kind of stereotypical idea that we’re perfect. Frankly, I’m not perfect.
Cherie Blair
I think everybody goes off and does their own vision. And I don’t take responsibility for other people’s work, frankly. It’s bad enough taking responsibility for my own.
Wes Craven
Frankly, I loved playing there. The Americans are incomparable for the sport’s business, and they’re beginning to truly love football.
David Luiz
Trump says nothing at all, nothing of substance, anyway. You just think he is, because he insists he is, and uses the word ‘frankly’ a lot.
Will Cain
I violated, apparently, an unspoken rule that we are supposed to take care of our own. Frankly, if that invites discomfort, I welcome it. I don’t think there’s enough discomfort in journalism, especially in Washington.
Mark Leibovich
Vitello tonnato is a classic dish from Italy’s Piedmont region that, frankly, sounds patently insane: veal slices dressed in a creamy sauce made from canned tuna and capers. The brain may say no, but the mouth disagrees.
Jonathan Miles
This quarterback Weeden can drive the ball down field. He’s a thing of beauty on throwing a football. His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it.
Jerry Jones
You should always think about the mainstream audience first and foremost, because frankly they are the people who are going to get the show recommissioned. There are not enough genre fans to support shows.
Chris Chibnall
For art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass, and simply for those moments’ sake.
Walter Pater
Acceptance at home is fundamental, yes, but frankly, it’s just not enough. Trans youth, like most young people, spend the majority of their time at school. If you spent Monday to Friday from 8 to 3 being told that you weren’t okay, that you were wrong, how are you meant to think otherwise?
Nicole Maines
I had come out of retirement into a very difficult situation with the PeopleSoft takeover, got through it, and was having a good time, frankly. We just ran out of runway at PeopleSoft. Had we had another year, maybe two years, I think we would have made it.
David Duffield
I had the ability, but I didn’t have the name. They could have built me, which is what they did with Deborah Kerr, but I don’t think I was quite hot enough in the looks department, quite frankly. I was all talent and no looks.
Angela Lansbury
You know, modern liberals are just, I think frankly, totally off the deep end… their only answer is to yell racism and hide.
Newt Gingrich
In ‘The Goods,’ I’m Ed Helms’ dad, and I was known all those years as Kirk Cameron’s father, and now I’m known as Robin Thicke’s father, so I find myself playing myself a lot and, frankly, living up to expectations of what the public’s image of me is.
Alan Thicke
I’m aware of ‘Twilight,’ but I’ve never seen the movies or read any of the books. Frankly, the story leaves me cold – why do a vampire story about abstinence?
Alan Ball
Most science fiction, quite frankly, is silly nonsense.
Alfred Bester
It is remarkable how many misconceptions there are here about life in the developing world and I think that that knowledge gap has done a lot to contribute to the imbalance quite frankly.
Emma Thompson
Frankly, I guess, I don’t really understand why people, why so many people, are so risk averse. You know, there’s always ways to wiggle your way out of any situation if you’re motivated enough.
Eric Betzig
I frankly don’t think it’s going to be a successful war on terrorism until law enforcement agencies like the FBI are willing to share with other law enforcement agencies. If they can’t share information, there’s no way this war can be won.
Patty Hearst
I have a teaching job that allows me to pay the rent and affords me to, frankly, write the books I want to write.
David Shields
I was always a sensitive, sweet kid, but I got brutalized and I became brutal. And frankly, I don’t think it was my natural makeup. I don’t think its anyone’s natural makeup to be a violent brawler.
Andre Dubus III
You can find things about me you don’t like. And frankly, I don’t want to hear it.
Jimmy Swaggart
I’ve been asked that question lots of time before, why wasn’t I on Live Aid? And quite frankly I don’t know. I was riding high in the charts and the styles of music they had were quite varied from Adam Ant to Status Quo to Queen. I would have definitely fitted in.
Shakin’ Stevens
But one does not make living writing poetry unless you’re a professor, and one frankly doesn’t get a lot of girls as a poet.
Jeffery Deaver
If President Obama has his way, you won’t recognize the government, the free market system, or, frankly, America as you once knew it. His admonitions and his audacious policy goals demonstrate very clear motives: equalize, discourage dissent, and become a nation of apologists.
Bob Ehrlich
Frankly, voters in Kentucky really don’t like both political parties.
Amy McGrath
The extraordinary thing about Irving Berlin is that he’s like the American Mozart! It seems as if his songs were always there. How do you put together songs like ‘Always’ or ‘Cheek To Cheek’? Songs of his are, frankly, perfect.
Maury Yeston
I am not sure I will ever wear a waistcoat again, frankly!
Gareth Southgate
If you eat like crap all the time, quite frankly, you’re going to feel like crap.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
We could all do with a little more courage, frankly.
Munira Mirza
Frankly, earmarking is not the problem. It is a symptom of the problem.
Claire McCaskill
What will happen to sex after liberation? Frankly, I don’t know. It is a great mystery to all of us.
Nora Ephron
It’s not easy to have it all. Frankly, you know, you have to give as much to the career that the career requires and, at the same time, you have to give as much to the family as the attention that’s required.
Chanda Kochhar
I think America is strong enough to fix the problems, grace and honor to D.C. I think energy independence and control spending. We have to go to a balanced budget. Quite frankly, as far as our debt goes, I don’t think you can tax your way out of it. I think people are taxed enough.
Ryan Zinke
I myself don’t know what makes my books work. I enter a bookstore and I’m frankly overwhelmed by the number of books in most of them, and I know people are buying mine.
Chetan Bhagat
Frankly, I would never ask a supporter to bet big on me if I wouldn’t bet big on myself. It wouldn’t be fair.
Bruce Rauner
If you are realistic about how our present society works, the economic clout – and a lot of the political clout, frankly – is in the business sector. And it’s the locus of innovation.
Peter Senge
Quite frankly, I’m a member of the investigative committee, one of the senior members of the panel. I don’t take our investigative facts and information from a magazine or some article.
John Mica
Quite frankly, I don’t miss standing in the box or standing on the field playing.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
The profession is never going back to those days when a handful of wealthy people treated publishing like a hobby: one where the business can lose money because the family has lots of it to burn. Frankly, I don’t think that model was ever sustainable, and it really only enriched a small number of writers.
Victor LaValle
Every dollar that we send in State Department aid or humanitarian aid that saves us from having to get involved with very expensive military actions is a good investment. And frankly, helping Israel fight terrorism in the Middle East is much cheaper than us fighting it here on our shores.
Anthony Weiner
Socially I never was an outsider. I have never thought of the conflict element before frankly, but perhaps it was wanting to belong, and at the same time wanting to retain one’s own personality.
Carlisle Floyd
I have nothing snarky to say about Joan Rivers’ appearance. We should all be that happy with how we look on camera, frankly.
Julie Klausner
Quite frankly, Russian aggression in Ukraine and its illegal occupation of Crimea remind us that we still have a good deal more work to do to guarantee the strategic vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace.
Joe Biden
The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent, experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it, if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.
Anthony Burgess
Frankly, health care and politics are ‘inextricably intertwined.’
Angela Braly
Out of college, I had two job offers. One was to be a canoe instructor for Outward Bound. And frankly, that would have paid better than the job I took, working on a policy commission in Washington that focused on immigration policy and refugees. But that decision made all the difference.
Rob Portman
Whatever I feel, I say frankly.
Sharad Pawar
Frankly that’s what makes such a big difference between President Obama on one hand and Mitt Romney on the other. Gov. Romney has not walked in those shoes of the ordinary Americans and frankly I don’t think he has the capacity to quite understand the struggle that the 98 percent of Americans go through every single day.
Ken Salazar
Frankly, I get sick of being considered a ‘young woman filmmaker’ rather than an individual artist, as a man would be.
Gillian Armstrong
And, you know, when you are a kid, everybody wants to be an actor. I think that everybody wants to be in show business, frankly.
Brent Spiner
When I’m looking for a leader who’s gonna sit across the negotiating table from a nuclear Iran, or who’s gonna be intent on destroying ISIS, I couldn’t care less about that leader’s temperament or his tone or his vocabulary. Frankly, I want the meanest, toughest son of a gun I can find.
Robert Jeffress
Frankly, as an entrepreneur, you can do only one thing and be a part of it, but through investing in different ventures, you can be a part of something new and what others are trying to build.
Naveen Tewari
Frankly, seeing my plays with an audience is something I do with gritted teeth; I find the experience very difficult. I love the moment when you have just the dress rehearsal, when no one’s there; that’s kind of the peak to me. When people start filing in, I like to file out.
Richard Greenberg
The American people frankly have been, over many, many years – to be blunt – fat, dumb and happy. If they want their children to compete with children in India, China or Korea, they better get them a far better education.
Eli Broad
Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Frankly speaking, acting offers do come my way.
Ankit Tiwari
I wouldn’t be happy had I only been a teacher, if all I had done was help young people, frankly. I don’t get nearly the joy teaching as I do out of creation.
Barry Hannah
The death tax is unfair, inefficient, economically unsound and, frankly, immoral.
Jon Kyl
I think there’s a pedigree that comes with being from Chicago that gives you some cache outside of L.A. and New York, where, frankly, most of show business really is.
Jay Chandrasekhar
There’s a lot of evidence that shows that if we push as hard as we need to for net-zero emissions, we’ll find ourselves with cities that are more secure, healthier, and have more economic opportunity – are frankly better cities to live in – than if we settle for the status quo.
Alex Steffen
There’s no such thing as anybody who can’t be beat; everybody can be beat. It’s a question of how hard you’re willing to work. It’s a question of the environment, the surroundings. Frankly, there’s a lot of issues with timing.
Pete Gallego
Frankly, I love ‘Scream’: I think it’s one of the great scary/funny movies.
Jay Chandrasekhar
When we heard that America is pulling out of the Paris Agreement, that’s unfortunate, but frankly – speaking purely from my competitive juices point of view – we are delighted that somebody’s not going to look at these opportunities. They’ll be all there for us.
Anand Mahindra
We’re not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it’s not about appearances. It’s about effectiveness.
Katherine Harris
The idea that we are not going to look after the Great Barrier Reef, which is just a wonderful tourism resource that it can be just for one example – we are not going to look after it, we won’t have tight environment regulation, is frankly just not true.
Campbell Newman
Frankly, we actresses are so much in a hurry. We feel we have very few years to shine in our career, so we neglect our personal life. But for me, both aspects are equally important. I don’t want to grow old and have regrets.
Kareena Kapoor Khan
I frankly don’t care if you agree with my stand on abortion. I take that stand because no other stand is consistent with decent principles, and no other standard is consistent with the will of God.
Alan Keyes
Television became defensible – and, frankly, worshipped – because the shows started to be so carefully structured, so attentive to language, and so visually interesting that they suddenly caught people’s eye.
Michelle Dean
Frankly, I don’t want to let trolls into my life.
Eleanor Tomlinson
Quite frankly, I just want to be playing at the highest level of football. That’s the most important thing to me.
Austin Seferian-Jenkins
Hanson is not the pop band that a lot of people think we are. I think we’re a lot more rooted in a lot of music history… we’re songwriters, we’re singers, we’re players first. We’re not entertainers, we’re not celebrities, and frankly, we don’t really want to be.
Isaac Hanson
I don’t pay a lot of attention, frankly, to what Barack Obama says.
Dick Cheney
Quite frankly, I’m running a campaign on the economy and jobs and economic opportunities for the American people.
Cory Gardner
Frankly, I am boring. My life is all about the film set, gym classes, and home.
Disha Patani
I couldn’t join a party that, frankly, tolerates members who are bigots for one thing, homophobes, racists.
Ron Reagan
Frankly, my head can never be bloated.
Look at the films of Walt Disney: ‘Snow White’ came out in February 1938, and I can’t think of another film from that year that’s watched as much. The same is true of ‘Bambi,’ ‘Dumbo’… even, frankly, ‘Toy Story,’ which is probably watched more than any other movie of 1995.
John Lasseter
I think, one day, I might actually try writing a bunch of – a collection of essays maybe on the funnier side of the spectrum. I don’t know. But it’s fun to have, frankly, Twitter as kind of an outlet. When you’re writing about dark things all day, it’s kind of fun to have fun.
Erik Larson
If I could wave a magic wand and be anything, I’d be a really respected, really successful author. That’s a hard combination to get, though. I really enjoy acting, and it’s easier, frankly.
Christine Elise
Shrimp farms are a scourge on the earth, frankly, from an environmental point of view. They pour huge amounts of pollutants into the ocean. They also pollute their next-door neighbors.
Jane Poynter
To me, nuclear weapons are the secret crisis of our time. Frankly, everyone needs to reread John Hersey’s ‘Hiroshima.’
Erik Larson
Before the surge started, frankly, after I left Iraq towards the end of 2006, I was worried that we were losing the war. But after the surge, I felt that we succeeded.
Tom Cotton
I’m not going to be the rock star of the far right and frankly on the rock star of the far left.
Tom Barrett
I quite frankly enjoy the touch and feel of a store, so I am a big bookshop person. Or, I go to an electronics store; Best Buy and Croma are places I could spend a lot of time in.
Ratan Tata
Do we have to regulate derivatives? Yes, we do. ‘Cause when I did this in my investments, frankly, no one knew who could pay who. But derivatives have an important place in our economy.
Jeff Greene
Frankly, it’s embarrassing to have a house filled with giant portraits of yourself.
Burt Reynolds
Frankly speaking, it’s only the script that matters to me the most. If I like the script, then I just commit to myself and go ahead with it. But I also look at the commitment and confidence of the director of the film because it’s him who will shape the film.
Vidya Balan
The elitist way of looking on the runway, frankly, seems old fashioned.
Anna Wintour
I don’t think I am that tough, actually. Well, tough in the sense that I don’t take any rubbish, and that doesn’t make me very popular, frankly. I mean, because some people say something to me, and I just tell them off. I mean, why should I put up with it?
Zaha Hadid
Quite frankly, I don’t want someone with the temperament of a middle school pubescent boy in the president’s office.
Morgan Ortagus
Frankly, I do like the idea that we centralize consumer protection for financial products into one agency.
Jeb Hensarling
The way that I got involved with microtonal music was, frankly, through jazz.
John Eaton
Frankly, I have always dreaded writing – there always seemed to be pain involved, unpleasant self-examination and a lot of fear.
Trent Reznor
It’s hard to make a living doing documentaries. Frankly, if it takes you five years to do a film, and that’s the only film you’re doing, you’re in trouble.
Alex Gibney
I’m very good at what I do, and I don’t turn my hand to something unless I’m very good at it, frankly.
David Bowie
In the army, we do two things every day. We train our soldiers, and then we grow them into leaders, because frankly, we don’t hire out. We grow our own leaders.
Eric Shinseki
You know, frankly speaking, money just doesn’t figure largely in my world view.
Norman Finkelstein
Sometimes, it’s just easier to say yes to that extra snack or dessert, because frankly, it is exhausting to keep saying no. It’s exhausting to plead with our kids to eat just one more bite of vegetables.
Michelle Obama
Donald Trump is either a racist or peddling to it, and both are frankly unacceptable and make him unfit to be president of the United States.
Ana Navarro
I suppose the best advice I ever got, frankly the advice that changed my life, came from my uncle who told me to go to drama school and study acting instead of taking a job, because he said the job would always be there.
Elizabeth Banks
I was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, and quite frankly, I got worn out playing football. I got tired of it. With wrestling, there were so many variables that could go with it, so many directions you could go. Every night, it was different. Every night. It was a different town 7 nights a week and twice on Sunday.
Paul Orndorff
Ive been given work opportunities that many people would kill for quite frankly so you have to look at life in that perspective and just get on with it and enjoy.
Paul Sinha
Frankly, I like DVDs having lots of things on it, but I have issues with it as well, too.
Patty Jenkins
Frankly, Milan kind of sucks as a restaurant city. It’s so fashion-obsessed that people don’t pay that much attention to the food.
Joe Bastianich
Frankly, if you do politics, you should not be thinking about your dignity.
Aung San Suu Kyi
As a comedian, frankly, I don’t care that much about bad jokes.
Dave Rubin
My favorite sport, frankly, is college football. I’m a college football junkie, even though I’m associated with golf and like golf and have played it all my life.
Dan Jenkins
I will be doing a lot of human interest interviews. It involves empathising and listening. Which is a lot of what my day job is about. And, frankly, the priesthood isn’t without its element of showbusiness.
Richard Coles
I became a high school teacher for many years because it was a very tangible, concrete way where I could make a difference, and quite frankly, the kids didn’t care who my father had been, because it was late ’90s; none of them were around or remembered my father.
Justin Trudeau
Frankly, the reason I joined MENSA is because I was dating a guy at the time who spoke five languages and could solve a Rubik’s Cube literally with his eyes closed because it’s just an algorithm.
Ashley Rickards
We’re adults. We’re the ones who should teach the kids what’s good to eat. I don’t think the government should ever regulate what we eat at home, but we’re feeding them in school with tax dollars. Quite frankly, if my tax dollars are being spent to feed kids, I’d rather feed them better food.
Tom Colicchio
We need to develop clean, affordable, and reliable energy sources, and frankly, we need to license that technology to the rest of the world.
Elizabeth Esty
Frankly, TV stars are not that popular. In fact, I don’t have even have a million followers on any of social media accounts.
Nia Sharma
How are we going to make painters by lecturing to them? We are going to make questioners, doubters, and talkers. We are going to make painters by painting ourselves, and by showing the paintings of others. By working frankly from our convictions, we are going to make them work frankly from theirs.
William Morris Hunt
Frankly, you’re heading down a dangerous path if you take seriously what people say about you, and I don’t read most of it.
Helen Skelton
No government, no organisation, no citizen can afford to be less than vigilant in combating bigotry, intolerance and hatred. And frankly, our way of life depends on that vigilance.
Barry O’Farrell
What any candidate should do in any race, frankly, is to show up. There’s no special, secret sauce there. It’s about having real conversations with real people, and when you do that you stay tethered to the things that matter. And that’s what people want.
Gretchen Whitmer
What I’m trying to say is the Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and frankly, I would never want to see that repeated.
Paul LePage
The problem is that at a lot of big companies, process becomes a substitute for thinking. You’re encouraged to behave like a little gear in a complex machine. Frankly, it allows you to keep people who aren’t that smart, who aren’t that creative.
Elon Musk
I find it both fascinating and disconcerting when I discover yet another person who believes that writing can’t be taught. Frankly, I don’t understand this point of view.
Elizabeth George
I am happier when I love than when I am loved. I adore my husband, my son, my grandchildren, my mother, my dog, and frankly, I don’t know if they even like me. But who cares? Loving them is my joy.
Isabel Allende
Daniel Bryan is a friend of mine. It’s sort of funny that the relationship that you saw between Team Hell No on screen, it sometimes goes the same way off screen as well. He is a great human being and good friend of mine, and frankly, the Team Hell No stuff helped me.
As a young prosecutor, I used the Bureau of Criminal Investigation extensively. I saw that there were problems with BCI. Frankly, I thought I could fix them. I thought if I was successful, I could really make a difference as attorney general.
Mike DeWine
Frankly, I just come to the sets, complete my work and go away.
Hiten Tejwani
Quite frankly, I think political correctness is the worst form of censorship. You’re not allowed to speak your mind unless you’re black, or unless you’re a terrorist, or unless you’re an Arab or a minority people. Then you can say what you like. But if you are like a lot of us you are not supposed to say certain things.
Wilbur Smith
What interests me most are the emotional lives of the people. If I don’t have that, it’s not worth doing, frankly.
Christopher Guest
We’ve got a very difficult situation created by this embrace of the so-called Arab Spring. And that’s not getting better. It’s getting worse. The carnage for the people of Syria is horrific, and it’s quite frankly too little, too late to reverse a lot of that.
Oliver North
Every man who says frankly and fully what he thinks is doing a public service.
Leslie Stephen
I write music that sounds complex but isn’t. I frankly never think in terms of theory.
Eric Whitacre
Sonic Youth could never really get it together acoustically – quite frankly, it wasn’t something we were really that interested in.
Lee Ranaldo
I think reality television has made the fashion industry and the beauty industry, any industry – frankly, just life – it has made life seem much different than it really is.
Emily Weiss
The Security Council represents the situation from 1945 – you had the Allies who won the war who occupied that. The defeated guys – the Germans and Japan – were out. The occupied countries had no voice. That was fine in ’45, but today, Germany rules Europe, frankly. They are driving Europe but have no voice.
Mo Ibrahim
I’ve heard players, and I’m talking about some of the best players in the league, question whether I’ve taken steroids or not. Some of the things I hear are pretty funny, and some people are idiots, frankly.
Jake Arrieta
It was not until I had graduated from college that I made a professional commitment to it. Frankly, I didn’t think it wise. I was my own interior parental force, and it’s very difficult to justify a profession as a dancer.
Twyla Tharp
We live inside a democracy, and you know, public will matters in a democracy. I just hope it’s informed public will, and frankly, when the decisions are made, you understand the costs.
Michael Hayden
The Senior Tour is a good concept, although frankly I’m not astounded at its continued success. It gives a lot of guys an opportunity to extend their careers.
Jack Nicklaus
I mean, the United States has had an eighteen-year military commitment in Afghanistan, and frankly, I can’t think of any country other than the United States which is even capable of such a commitment.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Donald Trump did exactly what he said he’d do on the campaign trail and frankly what we should have more of, which is luring companies to stay here by easing regulations, by lowering the tax burden so that more Americans can have U.S. jobs.
Sean Spicer
A lot of the Qur’an is, frankly, cantankerous, vitriolic, man-hating stuff.
Roger Scruton
Love. It isn’t very popular in technical circles to say a lot of mushy stuff about love, but frankly it’s a very very important part of what holds our project together.
Jimmy Wales
Every time I walk through the White House gates, if you don’t stop and take it in and recognize that you are a witness to history, it’s time for you, frankly, to get a new job.
Kristen Welker
Frankly, Governor Romney in his career has created more jobs than the entire Obama cabinet combined, so he could actually talk about it.
Newt Gingrich
My associate director, Lisa Leguillou, is remarkable: flying around, visiting all the companies. She is truly the unsung hero of ‘Wicked’. She has been by my side from day one, and she is invaluable. I frankly don’t know how she does it.
Joe Mantello
So I went to WCW for three years and quite frankly, it was the most miserable three years of my life in terms of business.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
You know, sometimes I think people in politics are always looking for the next job and the next opportunity. And frankly, that’s just not the way I’m wired.
Tina Smith
One of the lessons from Sept. 11 is that America requires a long-term presence in those parts of the world that endanger us. This notion has become controversial, but frankly, the need could not be clearer.
Rudy Giuliani
I frankly couldn’t imagine being a series mystery-fiction writer, churning out book after book about the same viewpoint character.
Robert J. Sawyer
Conservative humor is frankly harder than liberal humor. You get points for just being liberal. You can get more points if you make fun of your own side sometimes.
Ted Rall
I see myself as a perennial expatriate because, frankly, I don’t think I fit comfortably in any conventional form of filmmaking, and I feel at the same time, depending on the project, I fit into many different ones.
Guillermo del Toro
Look at Julie Etchingham and Katie Derham, none of us are spring chickens frankly, I don’t think people want to watch someone who’s wet behind the ears, you have to look like you understand what you are reading about.
Mary Nightingale
I am better suited to be behind the camera. Frankly, I don’t miss being an actor.
Divya Khosla Kumar
When I hear that I realize how quickly time passes and how everybody goes on their journeys and they’re always unbelievable and they never go where you think they’re going to take you and, quite frankly, it also makes me feel a little old.
Rob Lowe
Frankly, ‘Bride Wars’ got made because movies with women need to be about weddings and love.
Casey Wilson
Frankly, I would not have made any difference in Vietnam, but much more is what difference it would have made in me.
Newt Gingrich
I love Memphis. They’ve been good to me, the town and everything else. And quite frankly, I love the NBA and love being involved in it.
Michael Heisley
Non-disabled actors should not still be playing disabled characters in 2020. We’re better than that. It’s frankly offensive and archaic and it makes me so angry I want to punch a wall.
Rosie Jones
If I’m being honest, I think I’d be good at television; I just don’t know if I am interested, because you are kind of geographically responsible to a location, and frankly I don’t know if I retired from tennis so that I could sit around tennis tournaments 12 hours a day.
Andy Roddick
We don’t live in the Garden. We live far from Eden. Every life is full of heartaches. Every life, frankly, is unspeakably sad.
John Eldredge
When people who are not black are interested in what I do, frankly, I’m always surprised. I don’t know if it’s my low expectations for white people or what.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
China, frankly, can be an opportunity for Africa based on the huge infrastructure deficit on the continent, but what needs to happen is that governments and citizens have to build internal ownership of the need of good governance, transparency, accountability, for respect for the environment.
Obiageli Ezekwesili
I ran as a Democrat. I am a Democrat. And, frankly, the values that I hold, I think, are consistent with the values of the Democratic Party. In fact, I think they are the values shared by the majority of Floridians.
Andrew Gillum
Given the opportunity to do another 9/11, our vicious enemy would do it today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. I don’t know why they hate us, and I frankly don’t care, but they do hate us and are driven irrationally to our destruction.
John F. Kelly
I’ve always believed in myself, quite frankly, and believed in my abilities.
Kevin Owens
Frankly my parents didn’t like him. They objected to the things he stood for. Besides, daddy and Hef are the same age.
Barbi Benton
I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Frankly, I’d be shocked if they did.
Chris Murphy
Quite frankly, I didn’t become an actor to become a movie star. I have never dreamed about being the most famous person on the planet. I just want to do really good work.
Anne Hathaway
I really worry about the way in which you, as a celebrity, are disproportionately treated. Frankly, the industry is almost single-handedly designed to interfere with people’s moral chemistry.
Robert Rinder
I am in movies basically for the money, and frankly, I have a hard time believing those who say they act for the love of acting!
Ajith Kumar
People ask me if there are going to be stories of Harry Potter as an adult. Frankly, if I wanted to, I could keep writing stories until Harry is a senior citizen, but I don’t know how many people would actually want to read about a 65 year old Harry still at Hogwarts playing bingo with Ron and Hermione.
J. K. Rowling
Quite frankly, having an uninformed populace works extremely well, particularly when you have a media that doesn’t understand its responsibility and feels more like it’s an arm of a political party. They can really take advantage of an uninformed populace.
Ben Carson
Frankly, many Fox shows are running away from the news rather than reporting on it.
Brian Stelter
Your candor is worth everything to your cause. It is refreshing to find a person with a new theory who frankly confesses that he finds difficulties, insurmountable, at least for the present.
Asa Gray
I think America is going to have to think through whether it wants to uplift the political dialogue or advance an approach that divides and, frankly, can lead to violence.
Jim Leach
Table talk is a part of the game, and frankly, it’s the part of the game that I enjoy most.
Daniel Negreanu
This is not about Republican or Democrat. It is about our children, it’s about our families, it is about our country, and frankly, ladies and gentlemen, it is about the world. We’ve got to leave here and march, and make sure Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are president and vice president of the United States.
John Kasich
Luckily, I’m doing other things besides just modeling, because frankly, I’m a little bored with it.
Rebecca Romijn
I want to say at once that I frankly believe that Irving Berlin is the greatest songwriter that has ever lived…. His songs are exquisite cameos of perfection, and each one of them is as beautiful as its neighbor. Irving Berlin remains, I think, America’s Schubert.
George Gershwin
People have said, ‘Let’s build bridges,’ and frankly, I want to do more than that. I would like break to the walls of ignorance between East and West.
Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani
I’m used to people not paying me a whole lot of attention and underestimating me and, frankly, for me a big challenge is to have people believe that I can be the president of the United States.
Carol Moseley Braun
I don’t want to be Tom Cruise. I’m not after some movie blockbuster career. That’s not the kind of work I’m interested in. And frankly, it’s not the kind of work I’m ever going to get.
Randy Harrison
Frankly, I’ve had the opportunity to get certain accolades, make it to the conference finals, get awards, all this other stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m looking only on championship probability. I just feel like I haven’t accomplished much unless I can somehow get that done.
Daryl Morey
I love practical jokes and humor. That there’s frankly no joke that I don’t think is funny. I love practical jokes, but I don’t like being scared.
Mitt Romney
Frankly, if people aren’t going to cast me because I’m queer, than I don’t want to work with them.
Anthony Rapp
I admit clearly and frankly that early Mexican art formed my views of carving as much as anything I could do.
Henry Moore
Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of soccer. I tell my jingoistic friends in the United States there’s a reason why it is the world’s No. 1 sport. The rest of the planet can’t be wrong.
Billy Beane
The real problem at the moment is that the banks – because of their existing culture, which is frankly anti-business, obsession with short-term trading profits, not focusing on the long term – are throttling the recovery of British industry.
Vince Cable
My favorite thing about acting is that I can play all kinds of different people. Frankly, I don’t consider myself a very interesting person, so the characters I play are usually much more fun.
Nathan Kress
I’m rather cynical about the way the honours system is used, frankly. A whole lot of the honours system is used for political purposes by the government in power.
Peter Higgs
I frankly think the NBA All-Star game has run its course, the whole dunk contest… The game – if those guys actually played hard in that game, it’d be the best watch ever.
Jeff Van Gundy
I’m not sure people would think of me in this light, but frankly, what I enjoyed most about Bain & Company, the consulting firm, was the analytical process of solving tough problems.
Mitt Romney
McVeigh’s lawyer got him the death penalty, which, quite frankly, I could have done.
Jon Stewart
Frankly, I’m a drummer; and when I wanted to let off steam, I would just go and beat the hell out of my drums.
Bob Crane
I think that we have a responsibility to make certain that we are fiscally responsible in order to assure, frankly, future generations don’t have to pay our bills.
Carol Moseley Braun
Frankly, I don’t like publicity.
Randolph Scott
Nutrition advice is, quite frankly, subjective.
Kat Timpf
Adoptive parents are taking on enormous responsibility, both emotionally and financially. Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child’s background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared.
Pat Robertson
If you look at the movies that come out, most of them are bad, so it’s not as if achieving some level of success means you get offered better roles, because frankly they don’t seem to exist.
Jesse Eisenberg
My presence in the social media and on the Internet is much bigger than many of the other candidates, including Mitt Romney. So, when you take the social media and you take the Tea Party citizens movement, you have a combination there that, quite frankly, 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have had a chance.
Herman Cain
When I have an argument with someone, even with someone I am not very close with, I can’t sleep at night thinking about it. It’s terrible. But I still manage speak out frankly because I have also been gifted with the ability to read people. I can sense when they start to get irritated with me, and then, I shift.
Hans Rosling
The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying. This is America, not Saudi Arabia.
Anna Wintour
Frankly, I don’t mind not being President. I just mind that someone else is.
Edward Kennedy
I don’t believe in a golden mean; I don’t believe you find policy wisdom between two polar points. I don’t dismiss that possibility, but I look at the platform that’s so ideologically based, that’s so dismissive of facts, of evidence, of science, and it’s frankly hard to take seriously.
Thomas E. Mann
Frankly I’ve never really subscribed to these adjectives tagging me as an ‘icon’, ‘superstar’, etc. I’ve always thought of myself as an actor doing his job to the best of his ability.
Amitabh Bachchan
Frankly, I am shocked at the complete level of incompetence exhibited by lawyer after lawyer for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump.
Michael Avenatti
I thought I was leaving elected office and politics in order to focus on schooling, but as you know, schooling turns out to be frankly even more political than politics.
Eva Moskowitz
It’s hard for women to talk about these things, and for the doctors to really talk about it too, and to even have the knowledge of what’s going on. That’s why I’m doing this and urging women to speak out and talk to their doctors frankly.
Cybill Shepherd
I am not one of those fat birds who feels miserable because models are thin. Frankly, I feel more insulted by the idea that unless I see other fat birds in fashion magazines, I will be reduced to a sniveling wreck of a human being.
Julie Burchill
I admire any woman who does stand-up, but frankly I’d rather pull out my own eyelids.
Katherine Parkinson
Frankly, most of my friends hold very different political beliefs. It’s just a funny thing in this country that supposedly you can’t sit down and have dinner and enjoy another person’s company if you don’t have the same beliefs. It’s ridiculous.
Patricia Heaton
Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass.
Walter Pater
Men and women do think differently, and frankly, we don’t understand each other. Not at all! But that’s what makes relationships so amazing.
Kevin Hart
Frankly, too many women treat their husbands as accessories instead of priorities.
Laura Schlessinger
To me, race is the single most divisive factor affecting American society. It’s an issue that we are afraid of, that we shy away from, and quite frankly, it amuses me that we are so sensitive to the issue.
Ron Stallworth
I think Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner shared the view that they shouldn’t be in the business of bailouts, but you know, you’re not in the business of bailouts until you frankly think you need to be.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
The only reason to be in politics is public service. There’s no other reason. Frankly, if that’s the best job you can get in terms of money, that’s too bad, you know. Because frankly, it’s not well paid, everyone knows that. So for most people it’s a big sacrifice.
Malcolm Turnbull
Writers do draw inspiration from their own lives, which, quite frankly, might be more interesting than fiction.
Monica Johnson
I believe in the people of our state and making sure the voices of the people of our state are heard in Washington. And that frankly stands in contrast to some of what we’ve seen out of Sen. Tillis.
Cal Cunningham
Frankly, I got into the movies because I like the movies a lot.
Jack Nicholson
I didn’t want to be president of the World Wildlife Fund. I was asked to do it. I’d much rather have stayed in the navy, frankly.
Prince Philip
I think frankly when it comes to chaos you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Nigel Farage
To pretend that there is no such thing as the Muslim world is specious, self-deluding, and – frankly – plain silly.
Mehdi Hasan
When you’ve biked only on quiet cul-de-sacs and college campuses, the idea of riding in the city, right up there alongside the cars, seems, frankly, pretty absurd.
Robin Sloan
To be able to pretend to be something that I’m frankly not is very liberating and exciting.
Hugh Laurie
I reckon I probably worked for Euripides a long time ago. I do think we have many Earth walks and it’s possible that he’s an old friend. Does that sound too stupid for words? Quite frankly I think I’ve been an actor in so many lifetimes.
Joyce DeWitt
The charge frequently leveled against poetry – that it is difficult, obscure, hermetic and whatnot – indicates not the state of poetry but, frankly, the rung of the evolutionary ladder on which society is stuck.
Joseph Brodsky
I’m not a good small talker. I’m not into small talk, frankly.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Renewables need to be developed in an environmentally responsible way. And, you know, I frankly have heard criticisms from even environmentalists saying that some wind farms impact gaming and fishing patterns, whether it’s offshore or onshore.
George P. Bush
Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children.
Dan Quayle
I’m not an education expert, and frankly I don’t want to make education decisions for our state. But I am experienced at successfully managing organizations, and putting people on a path where they can succeed.
Linda Lingle
A lot of times, actors give so much power to the producers and the producing companies because, quite frankly, they have it. But we don’t take the limited power that we have, which the power you initially have is to say ‘no.’ But ‘no’ in a positive way.
Michael Cudlitz
I think when Fox News goes to the Megyn Kellys, the Bret Baiers, and people who don’t have much experience who haven’t covered campaigns, the result is sometimes you have these inane questions that come out and, frankly, waste everybody’s time.
David Shuster
I think there frankly needs to be diverse spaces and voices as communicators. Women, certainly, but beyond that.
Jen Psaki
The only really expensive thing in our family budget, frankly, is private air travel.
Nick Hanauer
I understand that people talk, and frankly, I can’t control that. There’s no point in getting upset over a thing that you can’t control. You just have to let it go.
Arjun Kapoor
Frankly, the only thing China has in easy abundance is people and dirty coal. Neither is the asset they’re made out to be.
Thomas P.M. Barnett
I’m really not interested in other people’s opinions, because I think frankly most of those opinions are either misinformed and adding to this endless ball of hot air we have in our society where everyone thinks their opinion is valuable and sacred and what counts.
H. G. Bissinger
Old age has got to start creeping up on me one day soon, and frankly I’m very scared. I don’t want to be old. I’ve always felt so young. And I want to stay that way.
David Niven
I’m done with President Obama, and frankly, so are my law enforcement friends.
Dan Bongino
I have been married twice, and those were not the happiest times of my life. Part of the problem, quite frankly, is that when you get married, the romance disappears and the children arrive and the love is transferred. It shouldn’t be that way, but too often it is transferred to the children.
Hugh Hefner
If you’re differently-abled, if you’re a person of color, if you express your identity in a way that’s different from the norm, for whatever reason, there’s an implicit bias where people, frankly, sometimes take you less seriously.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
I would be lying if I said I’m not flattered being voted as the ‘Time’s’ Most Desirable Man of 2012. Frankly, I have no idea how the desirability quotient is arrived at. If it is just drop dead good looks, then I have to thank God and my parents for it.
Arjun Rampal
I don’t have dairy because I’m a singer and, quite frankly, I don’t want to mess around with my vocal chords and how those behave, and dairy is an allergen for me.
Cynthia Erivo
Frankly, it was only after ‘Clone Wars’ got cancelled that there seemed to be this universal love-fest from fans.
Dave Filoni
I have absolutely no problem being thought of as an action chick because, quite frankly, very few women have ever done that.
Carrie-Anne Moss
I have no interest in bailing out anybody, quite frankly, and I think banks have to suffer every dollar of loss if they make a bad loan.
Edward Conard
I think being a woman and writing frankly about violence has gotten me some attention, and as someone who wants people to read my books, I can’t complain about that attention, but it does puzzle me that this is something reviewers focus on.
Karin Slaughter
Frankly, the idea that exposed legs are some sort of sexual provocation is an argument one would expect to hear from a religious fundamentalist, not a feminist.
Kirsten Powers
Frankly, there is not much demand from home and I don’t socialise much – no partying, get-togethers and very rare wedding appearances.
Sudha Murty
Frankly, I think it’s flattering to be compared to someone like Michael Bolton, who I think is a phenomenal singer with a spectacular range.
Michael McDonald
Frankly, if you can sell something at $80 a tonne that cost you $20 a tonne, you might want to sell as much as you can.
Kerry Stokes
It’s still the same job, the same anxieties, but it did feel a lot different, that kind of budget, that schedule, and frankly, the slowness of it all, and also having a lot of other units working.
Michael Apted
Sometimes you have to see the thing to know that it exists. Maybe there’s a queer person in a town, but they don’t feel comfortable or safe coming out, frankly, and the only representation they feel that they have or connection they have is on television or in a movie, and that’s really powerful.
Asia Kate Dillon
Earlier, looking lighter or slimmer never mattered to me. Frankly, I didn’t care. I had more important things to do. But when I figured that it’s not that hard, and I have the time, passion and patience to take it up, I jumped onto the health-wagon. I started working out.
You need fighters like me to battle, because frankly The New York Times and the Washington Post are not going to fight the fights that I do.
Al Goldstein
Mighty cultures never – are almost never conquered. They crumble from within. And frankly, I think that a lot of Americans are acting like spoiled brats because everything isn’t working out perfectly every time.
Frank Miller
Frankly, you cannot match the action in a Bond or a Bourne film. Forget budgets, it needs an expertise which I probably lacked.
Sriram Raghavan
We have to fight twice as hard, three times as hard – not only as conservatives, but frankly, as women – to have our voices heard.
Ann Wagner
You know, I think, people of all stripes in California, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, frankly, as I have traveled the state, the number one issue is jobs. And they are looking for which candidate can get the economy back on track.
Meg Whitman
Laurel Canyon and Dawes have become linked in a way that I think is misguided, frankly, to tell a new fan what we sound like. But at one point maybe it wasn’t.
Taylor Goldsmith
I don’t believe that we should limit waterboarding – or, quite frankly, any other alternative torture technique – if it means saving Americans’ lives.
Aaron Schock
Frankly speaking, ever since my debut, I have been offered cop roles. However, I never felt confident about pulling them off, probably due to my short physique or the absence of the required traits in me.
Shamna Kasim
Watch me on CNN/SI. Check out clips from ‘Quite Frankly.’ I’ve always been Stephen A. Smith. I’ve been this way since the day I was born.
Stephen A. Smith
Evolutionary theory informs our understanding of some frankly inexcusable social behavior and renders it perfectly normal.
Richard K. Morgan
If you told me when I was a teen that I would end up being a teacher, I would have said you’re out of your mind, because quite frankly I hated school.
Tim Gunn
That’s, quite frankly, one of the reasons that President Trump was so popular on the campaign trail and that he won, quite frankly, is because he was kind of stating the obvious.
Dagen McDowell
Go right straight down the road, to do what is best, and to do it frankly and without evasion.
George C. Marshall
Because we have more women in power now, frankly we are less likely to go to war. It’s not in our nature really.
Phoebe Fox
One nuclear war is going to be the last nuclear – the last war, frankly, if it really gets out of hand. And I just don’t think we ought to be prepared to accept that sort of thing.
Lawrence Eagleburger
My college, Fitzwilliam, was pretty good but unfashionable and I lived in digs so I was not part of the cloistered ‘old college’ environment, which frankly was a bit intimidating. But I worked hard and settled in by exploring politics and girls.
Vince Cable
The issue that Mr. Trump is talking about and which, really, frankly, I expect the media should be talking about is protecting the American homeland from national security risks and terrorists.
Paul Manafort
My equality rants have been out there so much that people must be getting sick of it, and frankly, so am I, but if a writer wants to do another story about it, then go for it, because the cause is a good one.
Lexi Alexander
Directing is more what I would like to get into eventually. Frankly, I feel like it would be a waste if I didn’t because I’ve spent so much time on film sets, and I know how they work, and I love them, and I love leading them. I would like to do that as a director definitely.
Daniel Radcliffe
Back in the ’90s, folks were not sure if they could trust the Web, and frankly, a lot of the services back then didn’t provide massive value.
Jason Calacanis
One of the reasons the deficit got as big as it did, frankly, was because of the economic slowdown, the fall-off in deficits, the terrorist attacks. A significant chunk was taken out of the economy by what happened after the attacks of 9/11.
Dick Cheney
I frankly don’t watch TV shows that much.
Soni Razdan
People who worry about their hair all the time, frankly, are boring.
Barbara Bush
Frankly speaking, I don’t know much about rock music. But I enjoyed some when I was in college or high school. But I stopped listening after Elvis Presley!
Ban Ki-moon
Sporting competitions seem to be what we obsess over, frankly. So if we can put engineering, science, technology into a format of healthy, fun competition, we can attract all sorts of kids that might not see the kind of activity we do as accessible or rewarding.
Dean Kamen
Quite frankly, Minnesota was where my career kind of turned around, and it all had to do with Flip Saunders and his coaching prowess and his system.
Chauncey Billups
Meanwhile, the Ice Storm was still in development, And that was something I really wanted to do, and frankly I don’t think I was ready to do a big production like this.
Ang Lee
Frankly I’m a bit concerned when it comes to U.S.-China relations.
Henry Paulson
Frankly, Indian women inherit this collective cultural unconscious – this sense of guilt, shame, and dishonour. I think Indian girls need to become shameless and a little selfish, too.
Swara Bhaskar
What bothered me most about chick lit, frankly, was how the term was used to dismiss a huge chunk of the bookstore as silly, girlish prattle.
Rachel Sklar
Fear is that thing that keeps you up there on that other plateau. Fear is that thing that just keeps you closed down, and quite frankly, alone.
Andrew Shue
Before I begin talking about the threats we face, the vulnerabilities that we have, and frankly the courage of the men and women in uniform that stand in harm’s way on behalf of a very grateful Nation, let me first honor the sacrifices of September 11.
Zach Wamp
Quite frankly, I think nothing could do more to immediately bolster national security then enabling us to produce more oil and gas here at home at a price consumers could afford.
Phil Gramm
It’s very, very hard to affect culture. And you can get surprised thinking you’re farther down the path of change than you really are because, frankly, most of us like the way things are.
Carol Bartz
You learn their honesty, you learn their competitiveness. You learn a lot about a person. It’s not that they have to sink the putt and there’s a great deal of talent involved – but you do learn about how competitive a person is on the golf course, and frankly, how honest.
Donald Trump
We were going for simplicity with the Minions and, frankly, I think that’s a huge appeal of the characters. They’re essentially pills with goggles. A child can draw them quite easily.
Chris Renaud
I started my career in the private sector and then became U.S. attorney. I think I was a stronger U.S. attorney, and I frankly think I am a stronger Chair of the SEC, because of that experience.
Mary Jo White
Frankly, I find it very odd that, in a population that’s more than 50 per cent of women, that Hollywood isn’t producing more movies to cater to that audience. The demographic is being grossly underserved, in my opinion.
Phyllida Lloyd
A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. You don’t have that idea when you are arrogant, superficial, and uninformed.
Nelson Mandela
I don’t ever really feel guilty about music, quite frankly. When you’re younger, you think that anything you don’t like, you have to hate. I’m so far beyond that perspective. Although, I will say I resent Bruno Mars for making me like him as much as I do. I wish that he wasn’t so likeable.
Now, academics are not always the easiest people to talk to, and the scholarly papers aren’t always the easiest papers to read, but frankly, psychology papers, especially papers and books on terrorism, are very easy to read, and journalists should be reading them.
Masha Gessen
I joined a very male-dominated profession back in 1986. I wanted to work with big multinational Fortune 500 companies, but you don’t come into the firm and automatically get those. So, quite frankly, a key to my success was that I found male mentors and male sponsors. I think some women are afraid to say that.
Cathy Engelbert
I recognize I have faults. I’m accountable for them, and I try to do what I can to correct them. I will say that it’s unfortunate that everything I do is scrutinized to the point that it is. Frankly, I don’t watch the news, I stay away from political conversations.
George Zimmerman
A lot happens at 50, the best thing being that you just don’t care anymore. At 40, you still care. At 30, you care way too much – and your twenties are quite frankly a nightmare. Bring on 60, I say: just imagine the joy of having grandchildren.
Jerry Hall
I think… as an actor, you never want to overspeak about something because, frankly, you want people to be excited about it but still have relatively low expectations so that people will feel better about it.
Nicholas D’Agosto
Writing’s all I know. Frankly, I’ve never been able to do anything else.
Christopher Buckley
I live in rural New Hampshire, and we are, frankly, short on people who are black, gay, Jewish, and Hispanic. In fact, we’re short on people. My town has a population of 301.
P. J. O’Rourke
I don’t think I’m a follower, frankly.
Rachel True
I’m always listening and watching; my ear is like a boom mike. And judging, frankly. Constantly judging.
Kathy Griffin
Frankly, I don’t know how many companies there are, globally, which are truly global.
Azim Premji
Frankly, I think that the news industry is critically important because it points out things and surfaces truths that can often be uncomfortable. I think that that’s working, and the spotlight has been pointed on things that we have a responsibility to do better, and I accept that.
Mark Zuckerberg
Politicians are easy to attack, but frankly, we are all guilty of not meeting the needs of Africa’s young people properly.
Ama Ata Aidoo
Lita was, quite frankly, a trailblazer. She was the first woman to break down barriers by being different from other women in WWE. She didn’t just break them down: she flew over them, put them through tables, and downright destroyed them.
Natalya Neidhart
President Obama has raised so much money and will raise so much money through the Internet, more than anybody before him. And he frankly doesn’t, I believe, need any of my donations.
Haim Saban
Frankly, it is very hard to remember things from the 1970s.
Glen Campbell
Going back as far as I do covering men’s college basketball, the objections to me being an analyst never came from inside the game. The players and coaches have always showed me the utmost respect and quite frankly my gender has never felt like an issue inside the game.
Doris Burke
Frankly, kicking was just an extra thing that I did. I guess most people remember that I was also a quarterback. But how many people remember that I was a linebacker and a cornerback when I broke into pro ball with the Chicago Bears? I was around when you had to go both ways.
George Blanda
Frankly – and believe me, I say this without any pretense – when I see the road I’ve taken, I have to say that thanks to good luck, because without good luck one can do nothing, I’ve come out pretty well.
James MacArthur
I first read ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as an adolescent. It’s a dense novel, a sprawling, complex monster of a book populated with a prolific number of characters caught up in a narrative structure that, frankly, does not lend itself to conventional storytelling.
Peter Jackson
I’m still very bullish on emerging markets. There’s an emerging middle class. They’re a growing group of customers. And frankly, they want Walmart. They want everyday low price. And that’s why we are continuing to grow in the emerging markets around the world, too.
Mike Duke
Frankly, with HBO and Showtime and cable shows, the DVD box sets and all, you can have a product that doesn’t make you feel like as soon as it’s projected, it’s thrown away. It’s really a piece of art.
Louis Leterrier
And for government and a bunch of men in government, frankly, to get between a woman and her provider is downright dangerous, especially when most of them can’t even spell endometriosis, much less tell you what it means.
Gretchen Whitmer
Frankly speaking, if I care what people write, whether it is positive or negative, I believe, personally, I’m on the wrong path.
John McLaughlin
My retirement is both voluntary and involuntary. One reason, and this is voluntary, is the impact of television. All old movies are turning up on television, and frankly, making pictures doesn’t interest me anymore. Another reason is that the film industry is in a declining state.
Randolph Scott
Frankly, I think that’s something that black people in America have often done – finding ways under very, very difficult circumstances to be subversive, but also to push things forward. And I think that applies to music. I think it applies to dance. I think it applies to a number of things.
Andre Holland
I do think comedy needs to be a living thing, but I think without a great script and fully realized characters, you cannot keep it living. Otherwise, it just becomes long and rambling, indulgent. So I think you need both, frankly.
Melissa McCarthy
More men are ruined by underestimating the value of money than by overestimating it. Let us, then, abandon the affectation of despising money, and frankly own its value.
Orison Swett Marden
I always feel that the best kind of producing – and frankly, it has to do with what I like to do – is you’re the big-picture person.
Kathleen Kennedy
You know, I was at CBS News for 28 years. I may have run an unidentified source. Frankly, I don’t remember.
Bernard Goldberg
I realized I could be myself, and I wasn’t going to pay a consequence for that, and that people liked me for who I am and not necessarily for the generic, sanitized version of myself. And that was very liberating for me and, frankly, a huge confidence boost.
Francis X. Suarez
I was raised in the ’50s. I was taught by my father that how I looked was all that mattered, frankly.
Jane Fonda
I think that still, for the most part, even in 2010, the vast majority of museum shows and gallery shows and gallerists are pretty much dominated by men. So having a sense of what women are up to, for me, frankly, is very, very important.
Carrie Mae Weems
I have done scenes where I’ve had to hold the hand of a girl and tell her that I love her. And frankly I did not enjoy that much.
Mohit Raina
I haven’t made a political statement in quite a long time because, frankly, they get repeated, changed.
Tom Selleck
There are a number of steps that we can take to reinvigorate and rebuild the economic and the physical infrastructure of our country and then to rebuild us, frankly, on a spiritual level.
Carol Moseley Braun
I would prefer to get more sleep, quite frankly, because I think I would be more productive at everything.
Stephanie McMahon
Frankly, people buying a home to let should not be squeezing out families who can’t afford a home to buy.
George Osborne
One of the greatest things that Apple and Jobs were very good at doing was daring to do the very different thing. It’s what I did with my cookbook, frankly.
Nathan Myhrvold
My instincts tell me that you will spiral into a very unhealthy place if you start pondering about how other people think about you and, quite frankly, I don’t want to go there.
Jodhi May
We need to figure out a ‘harvest system’ to collect the produce that stores don’t put out for customers to buy because it’s not perfect looking. Frankly, the stuff left to rot in the storeroom is more beautiful to me than the perfect carrot. I’m a gnarly carrot kind of guy.
Mario Batali
Most victims of ISIL are, in fact, Muslims. So it seems to me that to refer to ISIL as occupying any part of the Islamic theology is playing on a – a battlefield that they would like us to be on. I think that to call them – to call them some form of Islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves, frankly.
Jeh Johnson
There are many people that frankly cannot get themselves to oppose Barack Obama. They make a lot of excuse for him.
Jonathan Turley
Audience response to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back in the ’60s – well, I was frankly surprised by the show’s success and the attendant publicity for David and myself.
Robert Vaughn
Frankly, the idea that we need to be beautiful, if you really think about it, it’s odd. But if you can turn it inward and see yourself as beautiful, that’s what changes the world.
Shonda Rhimes
Like a lot of people, I have been a leader in some things, and I’ve been a follower in some things. I know how to work on a team. And most of life, frankly, to get things done you have to get done, you’ve got to work as a team.
Tim Kaine
In L.A., there’s a considerably different climate. It’s more misogynistic, frankly.
Kari Skogland
Frankly, one of the problems we have in the country is we’re not forming enough families. And that is hurting our economic work, and it’s hurting our economic projections, because the best place for a child is within a strong family unit.
Sam Brownback
I’m at the point, frankly, where I’d rather deal with a misogynist with a copy of Tucker Max’s book in his backpack over someone in sensitive emo-boy clothing, because both are misogynists, only the one with the backpack is more honest about just how scared of women he is.
Julie Klausner
I think, frankly, that I’m a better director than I was an actor.
Jonathan Frakes
I learned this lesson too late, frankly: Do not judge it while you’re doing it. Do not go back and fix things that are 20 pages ago when you’re already 20 pages past that.
Brendan Hunt
I like questions that tee me up to make weird jokes, frankly.
Colson Whitehead
Rather than dull our consciences to the unmitigated violence of abortion, the passage of time has only enabled us to see and, frankly, better understand the innate cruelty of abortion and its horrific legacy – victims – while making us more determined than ever to protect the weakest and the most vulnerable.
Chris Smith
Whatever I gain from writing lyrics, I feel I lose a little bit for the musical aspect by having that lyrical burden on me. But when I’m liberated from worrying about the words, frankly, I feel I’m a better composer.
Alan Menken
It hurts. Frankly, it hurts terribly. I have just lived one of the biggest loss of my career. It will be difficult to digest that moment. It is extremely hard to accept. I am disappointed.
Tony Parker
I tried it, but frankly, I don’t know how to twerk.
Qandeel Baloch
Before ‘Bake Off,’ frankly, if you’d asked most people on the bus if they’d ever heard of me, it would probably only have been those aged over 55. But if they were 15, they wouldn’t have, and that’s the difference with ‘Bake Off’ – it’s loved across the generations.
Prue Leith
I’m very lucky. I do voiceovers, ‘Family Guy,’ on and on, and quite frankly, I’m one of the luckiest actors in the world. I was able to create a character who became iconic.
Adam West
Frankly, sometimes you have to go into the belly of the beast, as they say, and take on some of these individuals even if they’re entirely unprofessional, like Tucker Carlson.
Michael Avenatti
I recurred on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for three years, and at the same time, I recurred for eight episodes on ‘Rescue Me’. And I’d recurred for nine episodes on ‘The Practice’. Frankly, the guest star is often the most compelling character.
Kate Burton
Quite frankly, black folks have always been at the core of what it’s meant to make this nation human.
Alicia Garza
I think what history has done to Jewish people, frankly, cannot be made good by giving them a piece of land.
Daniel Barenboim
Frankly, no one had ever asked me before. My sexuality is something I’m completely comfortable with and open about.
Anna Paquin
A lot of people, quite frankly, think intense attachments to animals are weird and suspect, the domain of people who can’t quite handle attachments to humans.
Caroline Knapp
I’ve never seen anything so abhorrent in my life as Harry Reid. He’s an equal opportunity basher. He goes after everybody, and I think it has been so, frankly, disgusting.
Dana Perino
Geezers might say, ‘I wouldn’t wear make-up even if I was going on TV,’ but why not? You’ll look better. I can most frankly be called a geezer – I’ve earned the right to be called a geezer, a proper stand-up guy, that kind of thing – and if I can wear make-up, so can you.’
Chris Eubank Sr.
I grew up with the religion of ‘Star Wars,’ frankly. That’s when I realized there is something bigger out there… and it’s called The Force.
Trey Parker
Quite frankly, I’m tired of taking insulin and pumping my stomach every three days and pricking my finger and drawing blood out of it every day – it’s a tedious, meticulous, annoying disease that never goes away. And I want to get rid of it like everybody else does.
Elliott Yamin
I could not finance a movie on my own. Frankly, I could not even afford to take a year off. I, like most people in America, need to keep making money.
Rob Thomas
Interestingly enough, the storyboard… that I did for ‘Psycho’ went precisely as I laid it up, and there was no change on that. And frankly, I myself at that point didn’t even really understand the impact that some of these things would have.
Saul Bass
The National Rifle Association has an extensive enemies list, and I am, frankly, insulted that I am not on it.
Alan Colmes
All too often, the word ‘religion’ has become identified with those promoting a frankly anti-scientific view of nature and of our place in the natural world.
Kenneth R. Miller
Frankly, I never thought that I would represent my country one day.
MS Dhoni
I grew up with my cousins, who were as close as brothers, and frankly, I didn’t like what girls were expected to do. I liked horseback riding, playing football, going to rodeos. I wanted to be in jeans all the time, and I couldn’t figure out why I was supposed to conform to a certain standard, so I didn’t.
S. E. Hinton
I find it unnecessary, useless and frankly a bit unnecessary to get into all sorts of debates over President Obama’s religion or the authenticity of his birth. I know for some people that it is an obsession. It is not with me.
Mike Huckabee
In many… cases, of course, the Arab Spring has brought about instability rather than greater stability. And rather than bringing about government that is more representative and more responsive to the people, you’re seeing, frankly, the opposite, or you’re seeing all-out war.
David Petraeus
Frankly, I’m not religious, but I believe in the cause of humanity – doing good work.
Sukhwinder Singh
Inflation was driven by higher labor costs, not higher goods costs. Frankly, I’d love to see a little bit of that. Because I’d love to pay people more. I’d love to see rising wages for everybody.
Douglas R. Oberhelman
Frankly, I would never accept an award from Vladimir Putin because then you kind of give some credence and credibility to this butcher, this KGB agent, which is what he is.
John McCain
I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull. Frankly, it all comes out in the end. Good or bad, I’d rather just let our accomplishments really speak for themselves.
William Clay Ford, Jr.
Quite frankly, the Urban brand organization became too siloed, with too little communication across functional areas. The great creativity that has been the hallmark of our success became stifled.
Richard Hayne
When I went out and started making solo records, I was determined not to, I guess, put my name on an album that sounded like Styx. I wanted to carve my own niche, so quite frankly I went in a different direction.
Dennis DeYoung
Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I never thought acting would be a realistic job for me. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t see people who looked like me doing it. I quickly realized, that’s all the more reason to try.
Riz Ahmed
The American people need to know that money is being used effectively because frankly, the nation can’t afford careless spending, no matter how well-intentioned.
Michael Enzi