Freeing Quotes

Freeing Quotes by David Harbour, Rain Dove, Luke Evans, Joss Whedon, Sarah McLachlan, Leon Uris and many others.

There are certain societal laws that are just accepted,

There are certain societal laws that are just accepted, things that are arbitrary. I think the fun thing about psychotics is that they question that. It can be very freeing… like, my ego or my individuality trumps society’s law.
David Harbour
I see the wielding of a pronoun as something that can be freeing for some members of society but a shackle to others like myself.
Rain Dove
I did use my own accent in a play once. It’s a very freeing, liberating experience. Actors are often asked to adopt a different accent, and sometimes a different voice, so when that’s taken away and you don’t have to think about it, that’s a lovely thing.
Luke Evans
I always tend to think just left of center, to remove myself from the world by one step. It is very freeing, and it’s a particular way of coming at stories and looking at them that I find the most beautiful stuff that I know comes from, ultimately.
Joss Whedon
And music has always been incredibly cathartic for me, whether it’s writing my own stuff or singing other people’s music; it’s very freeing.
Sarah McLachlan
I am very proud of this work because it is more about the meaning of the Easter Rising and its relationship to what this whole century has been about, people liberating themselves, freeing themselves.
Leon Uris
I think when you take forever off the table, it does something really interesting to what you think is important. There’s something a little freeing about it.
Lorene Scafaria
I enjoy receiving love from my wife. I’m ecstatic when Kim loves me and expresses affection toward me. Something in me comes alive when she does that. But I’ve learned this freeing truth: I don’t need that love, because in Jesus, I receive all the love I need.
Tullian Tchividjian
It’s freeing to be that person who people turn around to look at, wondering who could have a laugh that loud.
Lolly Adefope
I’m really enjoying being single. I’m not even looking to meet anybody, which is so freeing.
Candace Bushnell
Playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar was the most thrilling thing I’ve done. You get these speeches that were written for men, and you’re running around like an action hero, climbing scaffolding and beating people up. It was very freeing.
Cush Jumbo
I love playing a villain. I think that there’s something freeing about that, and it’s a different kind of challenge.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
I think there’s a freedom in freeing yourself of the baggage of ability.
Simon Helberg
‘Freeing’ a literary work into the public domain is less a public benefit than a transfer of wealth from the families of American writers to the executives and stockholders of various businesses who will continue to profit from, for example, ‘The Garden Party,’ while the descendants of Katherine Mansfield will not.
Mark Helprin
Writing for dance was a wonderfully freeing experience.
Peter Frampton
I used to feel like I had to be the best at what I did, but I realized I don’t have to be the best. It’s so freeing. I’ve never been this happy.
Kirsten Dunst
Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did more to liberate people by defeating the Soviet Union and freeing eastern Europe than the Obamas, the Clintons, and Kerrys of this world ever have. They were all on the wrong side of that debate.
Rush Limbaugh
Self-deprecating humor and brutal honesty is a really freeing thing.
Margo Price
Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Machine learning technologies are helping practitioners deliver better diagnosis and actually freeing up time for patient interaction.
Frans van Houten
I dress in clothing that makes me happy, I make the music I want, I wear glitter and make-up, I express myself better, I don’t feel boxed in. It’s pretty freeing.
Luke Hemmings
I found that I was getting a warm reception for my message of freeing you from the income tax, releasing you from Social Security, ending the insane war on drugs, restoring gun rights, and reducing the federal government to just its constitutional functions.
Harry Browne
When, no matter what you do, everybody’s going to punch holes in it, then you just go and you do what you want. And that’s the most freeing place to be.
Martie Maguire
Skydiving is fascinating, the best part is cruising in the air and realizing that the dice has been thrown and you’re either going to die or not. It’s a very helpless feeling but it’s so freeing.
Bert Kreischer
By bringing about a rational drug policy, we’d be freeing up a lot of resources for real crime. Drug disputes would get played out with courts rather than with guns. So it would make this country a much better place overnight.
Gary Johnson
It was more freeing, mainly because he’s so free anyway. He just is in his performance. So to mimic someone doing a free performance, well, that’s pretty freeing within itself.
Michael Welch
Accepting fear head-on is freeing.
Nina Tassler
The liberation of Iraq, which is already hard to justify from the perspective of American interests, at least had the virtue of freeing Iraqis from a brutal dictator. Despite all the anarchy and violence, life has gotten better for most Iraqis.
Timothy Noah
It makes common sense to be managed by results and it’s freeing to know you are in control of your own destiny. I’m so passionate about this because I have seen how merit-based judgment has helped create individual successes and yield a better system for everyone.
Maynard Webb
Thing is, I went to a born-again Christian high school, was brought up in a traditional Mormon family where these ideas about parenting are of structure and sacrifice. To think outside of that idea of family and parenting that I’ve grown up with is tough but also very freeing.
Paul Walker
I find the constraints of drama actually freeing: It brings everything down to character and action.
Nic Pizzolatto
I’ve always loved massive worlds, whether in fantasy or science fiction. I like the idea of making my own rules as well as utilizing everything that I love or inspires me. It’s very freeing to know you can write a story that can be as big as your own imagination.
Victoria Aveyard
Our focus needs to be on freeing dissidents and continuing to support the opposition movement within Cuba – not rewarding Castro and subsidizing and strengthening his totalitarian regime.
Mel Martinez
Freeing oneself from words is liberation.
It was so freeing to branch out and work with people like Josh Dun of 21 Pilots who played on ‘Savage’ and ‘Almost Had Me.’
It makes sense for Japan to pursue a more independent role in the world, following Latin America and others in freeing itself from U.S. domination.
Noam Chomsky
Part of what made ‘The Bling Ring’ such a fun, freeing experience was that we got to wear these really over-the-top clothes we’d never pick in real life – like for the nightclub scenes, we’d have on these really short, really tight dresses. But you know what – I actually learned how to walk in heels on that set!
Taissa Farmiga
Most of the time when I receive a script, it says something like ‘Rosenberg is the fat, slovenly Mayor, who doesn’t want the kids to use the Skateboard Park’, or ‘Stein is a pompous, rotund attorney, imposing to all.’ It would be so freeing to get a script where my character is simply described as ‘A Man.’
Fred Melamed
As an actor, you are always waiting for someone else to be able to tell you when it’s okay to work, and as a writer, you can just pick up your computer and start whenever you want. That is really freeing.
Matt Letscher
If you’re writing, you’re starting in private. It can really be this amazing, private, freeing experience. Forget that it’s for other people – that comes in later.
Lena Dunham
It’s actually very freeing to be given permission as an artist to let that ride and to really let it ride, to actually experience it and bring it out of you. It’s been uncomfortable and it’s freeing at the same time.
Josh Holloway
Everybody’s a train wreck in their own very special way. But there’s something wildly freeing about someone who’s unapologetic, who knows they’re a wreck and doesn’t even try to hide it, just bulldozes through life.
Melissa McCarthy
The clock of communism has stopped striking. But its concrete building has not yet come crashing down. For that reason, instead of freeing ourselves, we must try to save ourselves from being crushed by its rubble.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
I love photography – I fell in love with photography, I think, because it was my own thing, it wasn’t something I needed other people’s permission to do. So, it was really freeing for me actually to be able to not be a famous person and just to take pictures.
Amanda de Cadenet
I’m quite surprised at how out of control I can be on stage because, actually, I find I like to be in control in life. It’s quite freeing, really.
Michelle Dockery
The 1960s were about releasing ourselves from conventional society and freeing ourselves.
Yoko Ono
It’s freeing to not be caught up in your own personal baggage.
Diane Paulus
I started driving really late. It was super freeing and fun to be able to just drive by myself. But the thing is, I don’t really like driving.
Riley Keough
It’s freeing to be able to consistently make creative decisions and ask creative questions of the team without feeling like, ‘Does this make me vulnerable to getting canned?’ That’s a big part of being in a studio – they can always fire you.
Karyn Kusama
It makes me feel young. Dancing just gives you youth. You can get lost in these moments where the day just seems better. There’s something very freeing about dancing, and I love that.
Nikki Bella
There was never in my mind a desire to give in on the subject of freeing the political prisoners.
Robert Bourassa
Learning to live with not meeting other people’s expectations has been extremely freeing and is the only gift I wish to pass on to any future offspring.
Jenna Wortham
Playing a bad guy is always a freeing experience, because you don’t have the same envelope of restrictions as you have playing a good guy. Good guys restrain themselves; they kind of have their moral fiber cut out for them in varying degrees.
John Travolta
I remember meeting President Obama and looking at him, thinking, ‘Damn, this dude is really our president. He really went out and did it!’ If you look at stories like that, and other stories that I’m sure you could compare to, it’s just about freeing your mind and taking those guards down.
Jamie Foxx
An actor with a genuine gift has the power to transport you from whatever your own pains may be into an entirely different world, freeing you from whatever you may be going through. At its best, it can be better than any medication.
Robert Rinder
I’ve argued for a much less instrumentalist politicized approach, freeing up the arts and enabling them to deliver high-quality projects.
Munira Mirza
It is only by freeing NASA from routine human transport to low-Earth orbit that we can afford to once again see American astronauts exploring distant worlds.
Alan Stern
Improv is so freeing because there are no bounds; there’s no safety net. You just say something and get an instant response.
Nicole Byer
One of my favorite things is producing other artists because, in many ways, it’s a lot more freeing than working on your own music.
St. Lucia
I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone. There’s an amazing interaction with the audience that happens because they are very much another scene partner.
Tatiana Maslany
I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone.
Tatiana Maslany
As American Jews and descendants of immigrants, we never forget where our families came from or what members of our community experienced. Because we remember, we look out for those who are freeing persecution, oppression, and danger.
Jan Schakowsky
Alexander II really used autocracy well to negotiate the freeing of the serfs in 1861.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
There is something very freeing about being anonymous because nothing is expected of you; nothing is getting back to anyone, and no one cares.
Dolly Wells
Just working on stuff off the dribble a lot more. It’s helping me create my own shot and freeing me up a little bit, being able to make plays and make shots.
Khris Middleton
I love anything that involves the ocean. Swimming, snorkelling or surfing are all fun, which distracts from your mind that you are actually doing a workout. Being outdoors in the sun and the salt water is great for freeing your mind and feeling alive.
Samantha Stosur
Theories, for me, are just about freeing your mind. It doesn’t mean the theory is going to work like a scientific theory works. It’s about freeing your mind and making you think a different way.
Steve Martin