Genre Quotes

Genre Quotes by Stewart Copeland, Andy Serkis, Garth Nix, Tyler Perry, Quincy Jones, Edgar Ramirez and many others.

The great opera composers were so good at their job, th

The great opera composers were so good at their job, that the whole genre came to be built around the concept of the composer’s vision.
Stewart Copeland
Performance capture is a technology, not a genre; it’s just another way of recording an actor’s performance.
Andy Serkis
In any genre you’re working in, you can always find a way to tell a particular kind of story. I love fantasy; I love science fiction. I love all kinds of fiction, in fact.
Garth Nix
The important thing for me is, and what I’d like people to know is that, one particular genre does not make it whole. There are many, many different genres and if you ever gave it an opportunity open mindedly, I think you’d find some pretty interesting things there.
Tyler Perry
Few rappers realize the genre sprang from West African griots through Delta slave songs to jazz poetry and the comedic trash talk of ‘the dozens.’
Quincy Jones
I think that the ‘Bourne Trilogy,’ it’s definitely redefined the genre and took it to a new level. It was really great to be part of that experience. It is a very smart movie and a very smart script, great director, and great, you know, fellow actors.
Edgar Ramirez
I think the artists are really the face of the music they make. It’s no longer the genre that dictates it.
Dua Lipa
A modern-day Dickens with a popular voice and a genius for storytelling in any genre, Stephen King has written many wonderful books.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
As long as there’s really good actors that use their clout to support fringe films, whatever genre it is, they’ll still get made.
John Curran
World War II was a historical event, but also a movie genre, and ‘Fury’ occasionally prints the legend. The rest of it is plenty grim and grisly. Audience members may feel like prisoners of war forced to watch a training-torture film.
Richard Corliss
I don’t believe any genre of music can be unilaterally dismissed (aside from like, white-power music or something).
Patrick Stump
I never excluded any genre on my first record.
Deana Carter
I’m not as worried about the process of writing, simply because I think I’ve got that one down, you know? I think I know what brings specificity to these ideas, what brings specificity to the genre elements, or anything else, and it’s personal emotions.
Jeff Nichols
I knew that in Hollywood they tend to pigeonhole talent, and when you experience a little success in one genre, their instinct is to keep you in that box.
F. Gary Gray
I grew up listening to bachata, to some of the greats of the genre. But it was very natural for me to create this type of fusion and to incorporate new beats.
Romeo Santos
I definitely gravitate towards quality genre projects and genre of any kind whether it’s science fiction, horror or really anything. I’m just drawn to quality. I don’t think ‘Darkness Falls’ is horror; there isn’t any gore by any stretch of the imagination.
Emma Caulfield
AJ Styles is of a different genre, and he’s a wonderful part of wrestling, doing things that a lot of guys can’t do.
Terry Funk
It was only through getting interested in more out-there and avant-garde forms that the musical suddenly seemed like such a wonderful genre to me.
Damien Chazelle
I love a good harsh horror movie, when it’s done well. But there are times when it feels cynical. You can tell when a filmmaker loves the genre, and you can tell when someone’s just cashing in a paycheck. Then it becomes a dumbing down – a fetishisation of violence that I react very strongly against.
Drew Goddard
Thanks to the success of Henning Mankell and Peter Hoeg, there wasn’t the same stigma attached to writing genre thrillers in Scandinavia as there was in many other cultures. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Jo Nesbo
“Comic book” has come to mean a specific genre, not a story form, in people’s minds. So someone will call Die Hard “a comic-book movie,” when it has nothing to do with comic books. I’d rather have comics be the vehicle by which stories are told.
Frank Miller
Some of my other stories are talked about as fantasy, some as horror, and some aren’t talked about as genre at all. And the same story will be labeled differently depending on country.
Karin Tidbeck
I don’t really feel like a rock artist, but I guess in the small category of the world of music genres, that’s where I fall in because I’ve got a guitar.
Courtney Barnett
I listen to the Mars Volta and Fiona Apple every day. I feel if you do write music, you write what you listen to, and you couldn’t possibly write in another genre. So those are the two that I usually use.
Christian Serratos
With a genre like film noir, everyone has these assumptions and expectations. And once all of those things are in place, that’s when you can really start to twist it about and mess around with it.
Lana Wachowski
Well, you know, I feel like it’s about a lot of things. The reason that I made it was because I thought it was really funny and unique and just a different genre.
Danny DeVito
When I started off in England, HMV or Tower Records would come to meetings and be, like, ‘We just don’t know what this genre is.’ I don’t really fit in between Rihanna and Beyonce.
Genre categorization is a capitalist (rather than artistic) thing, a symptom of marketing and major-chain bookshelf placement.
Lee Klein
I really liked the script of ‘Alone.’ I thought there were a lot unexpected things in the film, which I would want to watch as a viewer. I did not think like I was doing a horror film; I did not think in terms of genre. I decided on the basis of the script.
Karan Singh Grover
The TV mini-series is kind of a lost genre because the networks have given up on it.
Bonnie Hammer
I’ve never been able to control a first-person shooter, but as soon as I used the Revolution controller, I found it very easy to control the game. So, I think that’s a genre that’s particularly well suited for the controller.
Satoru Iwata
I didn’t consciously make the decision to write an adult novel. I didn’t think of it as my riposte to the YA genre.
Mal Peet
Most of my influences from outside the commerical strange fiction genre came in with university, discovering James Joyce and Wallace Stevens, Blake and Yeats, Pinter and Borges. And meanwhile within those genres I was discovering Gibson and Shepard, Jeter and Powers, Lovecraft and Peake.
Hal Duncan
Sometimes, the action genre does get stale. Although I want to go back and see my favorite characters in their tentpoles – and will religiously do that – it’s really fun to see breakout ideas and concepts. Let’s make some new stories.
David Leitch
But my problem with fantasy, and horror, and related genres, is that sometimes the problems are illogical.
Octavia Butler
I don’t have a checklist. Whatever material excites me, they’ll call for a certain genre or combination of genres. It’ll come naturally and I’ll be eager to learn how that thing works. I learn the rules, and I’ll probably break some of them.
Ang Lee
I’ve always been fascinated by horror films and genre films. And horror films harbored a fascination for me and always have been something I’ve wanted to watch and wanted to make.
Edgar Wright
When I was twelve or thirteen, if you liked something that was outside of your friend group genre, you had to rationalize and explain it in some way. It’s totally irrelevant, I think, now. I don’t think anybody cares. Not young people, at least. Maybe journalists.
Autre Ne Veut
I have been exposed to most musical genres and have learned how to tackle them effectively.
Wendy Starland
I used to love jungle. I still think it’s the ultimate genre, really, because the people making it weren’t musicians.
Aphex Twin
I’m completely open about the fact that I don’t love every genre of metal. I like what I like. It’s got to have some vocal quality and some semblance of melody.
Eddie Trunk
At the end of the day, the Grammys are about recognizing genres that are making an impact.
Keith Urban
In the old days, a TV sync was perceived as not so cool or whittling away at your indie cred. Now it’s seen as much more of an opportunity than a sellout, as a way to find fans who wouldn’t have ordinarily come across their genre of music.
Alexandra Patsavas
If it’s got the feeling, if the music moves you or not, it doesn’t matter what the genre is to me.
Casey James
I’m a very outgoing guy when it comes to music and I like all kinds of sounds of music and genres of music.
Tory Lanez
You usually find me writing what I like to think of as intelligent summer action and genre films.
Max Landis
I was not really aware of the dystopian genre before I read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ Many poets as well, like John Donne and Emily Dickinson, would be the influences; I specialized in Emily Dickinson at university. Both of those poets have really interesting ways of looking at life and death.
Samantha Shannon
When ‘Watchmen’ was published in 1986, the vast majority of comics readers deemed it a watershed in comics history. The 12-part serial comic book was widely acclaimed as a genius subversion of the superhero genre, and it did much to popularize comics to adults.
Lydia Millet
I think what’s fun about the Western genre is the character arcs are very strong and, arguably, more interesting and exciting than the action that is metaphorically representational of those arcs.
Jon Favreau
If the fidelity [ in a book] isn’t maintained, the reader will think your structure is extraneous, or superficial, or that you’re trying to curry favor, or live up to the expectations of some sort of genre or structure.
David Bezmozgis
I owe a lot to my parents, because they kept no genre off limits. Music was always playing in the house. They never told me to be quiet, turn the music down or anything like that. So I felt pretty free and experimental as a kid to kind of figure out my own voice.
Tori Kelly
A look of intelligence is what regularity of features is to women: it is a styule of beauty to which the most vain may aspire.
[Fr., L’air spirituel est dans les hommes ce que la regularite des traits est dans les femmes: c’est le genre de beaute ou les plus vains puissent aspirer.]
Jean de la Bruyere
As a newcomer, I am eager to try every genre of film making.
Aishwarya R. Dhanush
There are people who will always want the genre, whatever it is, to stay traditional, to stay what it was like when you were 15 years old, but I just don’t think music does that. Music is always changing and evolving, just like us as people.
Thomas Rhett
The genre I listen to the most is salsa, so people look at me and see this guy who’s done mostly romantic ballads, but there’s always been this other side.
Luis Fonsi
My folks have played everything from rock, disco, pop, funk, and blues. My dad has always brought and played different genres like jazz, classical, and Latin. With all this in my pocket, I feel I have a taste of everything for my influences.
Haley Reinhart
I think it’s healthy to have a lot of different styles within a genre. It makes it much more interesting.
Little Louie Vega
I think, in Japan, animation isn’t relegated to being a genre unto itself. It’s just a medium by which you can tell any number of stories, be it horror or action or adventure or drama or whatever, and we’re trying to do that as well. Every film that you go see from Pixar, we’re hoping is a little bit of a surprise.
Pete Docter
I know that for category purposes, people have to lump certain artists in with genre that they make their name or their bones in. Nobody can tell me that Taj Mahal is pure blues. Nobody can tell me that Mike Bloomfield was pure blues. It was a lot of other things going on as well.
Joe Louis Walker
In television, women can really run anything. It can be a comedy, it can be a drama, it can be genre, it can be anything. But in films, women are still getting to the top.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Before novels written by women were relegated to their own ‘genre,’ I was introduced to Jane Smiley by a dear professor who raised my awareness of what female authors were bringing to the table of contemporary fiction.
Emma McLaughlin
When I decided to pursue a career as a Muppet Performer when I was in college, it was my hope to be able to play a wide range of Muppet characters in all areas and genres of television and film.
Stephanie D’Abruzzo
Just as a fan and a consumer, I think less of actors as one thing and belonging to one genre or medium. People do all kinds of things.
Adam Scott
What is pop music? It’s not a genre. It’s just the music that is popular at a given point in time.
Jonas Blue
The real genres: good and bad.
Franz Grillparzer
I grew up on genre. If it had a dragon on the cover, I was interested. But horror, especially, really gripped me in its bony fist.
Benjamin Percy
Why does one never hear of government funding for the preservation and encouragement of comic strips, girlie magazines and TV soap operas? Because these genres still hold the audience they were created to amuse and instruct.
John Updike
There is no winning or losing, but rather the value is in the experience of imagining yourself as a character in whatever genre you’re involved in, whether it’s a fantasy game, the Wild West, secret agents or whatever else. You get to sort of vicariously experience those things.
Gary Gygax
I grew up listening to so many different things, and having a dad that also sang, music was innately born into me. Going through high school and college, I’d go see anyone who came to town, it didn’t matter the genre.
Thomas Rhett
I’d love to do a cop film in America. That’s a genre I absolutely adore.
Danny Boyle
I’m a fan of the western genre. When I see a character actor, I see a whole movie behind a scene before and after. There’s a whole other movie behind it.
Gore Verbinski
What scares me is what scares you. We’re all afraid of the same things. That’s why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you’ll know what frightens me.
John Carpenter
They [comic books] are not a genre, they are not something to get hot and cold from one year to the next, they’re the exact same thing as books and plays: they are a source of great stories and colorful characters.
Michael Uslan
There’s a hardening of the culture. Reality TV has lowered the standards of entertainment. You’re left wondering about the legitimacy of relationships. It’s probably harder to entertain the same people with a more classic form of writing, and romantic comedies are a classic genre.
Nancy Meyers
In a weird way, riffing on genres is kind of a reaction to formula. When you watch so much of the programmers and the films that you just think you’ve seen before, it’s kind of going back to the well in terms of trying to conjure up the spirit of what made you excited about films in the first place.
Edgar Wright
The Bee Gees were always heavily influenced by black music. As a songwriter, it’s never been difficult to pick up on the changing styles of music out there, and soul has always been my favourite genre.
Robin Gibb
When ‘American Pie’ happened, I was so lucky to get that opportunity and I just tried to do a good job in that genre. But the films that inspired me as a kid were, like, Malcolm McDowall in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ He was my hero.
Seann William Scott
Comedy’s my first love. I love that so much. You play comedy in drama, too. The difference between genres doesn’t really change the method of acting.
Emma Stone
In ages past, there was less of a dichotomy between good literature and fun reads. In the twentieth century, I think, it split apart, so that you had serious fiction and genre fiction.
Ruth Glick
Genre, to me, is not all that important, and it never has been.
Amos Lee
I think there’s only one reason to write in any genre or to any particular age group: You are called to it. You think it’d be fun.
Greg van Eekhout
I would like to involve myself in some black music. I would like to do some blues and some gospel music. I want to try stuff from other genres and try to widen my musical base.
Greg Lake
I think people associate genre and music style with creativity, but it’s all creativity regardless of what pipeline it comes down.
Aaron Gillespie
SF isn’t a genre; SF is the matrix in which genres are embedded, and because the SF field is never going in any one direction at any one time, there is hardly a way to cut it off.
Larry Niven
I love being an actor, and that’s really the bottom line – in any medium, in any genre – and I want to do it.
Chris Klein
I’ve always found that whatever you say about indie rock, it is the most inclusive genre or title for anything. It doesn’t pin you down too much, like other labels would. It’s just newer, it has less baggage. I’m happy to be in that category.
Andrew Bird
I think that people like getting their money’s worth, so it’s cool to have a load of bands in a similar genre.
Tim Lambesis
I think as far as the action genre goes, I like when it has a sense of humor. I’m a Jane Austen/Jane Eyre kind of girl.
Maggie Grace
I think it’s not only Babymetal’s sound but also the fact that we dance to metal that represents a new way of expressing this genre of music.
Moa Kikuchi
I watched a lot of cooking shows when I was younger on PBS and TLC and those channels. It’s a very cool genre of television.
Thu Tran
I’m glad I’m a woman; I’m glad I’m a rapper because I get to speak to these people who did not get spoken for in this genre.
Generational change within a genre is hard to parse while it’s happening. Only in retrospect can the passing of the baton from ancestors to progeny be clearly discerned.
Paul Di Filippo
When I began to cover songs for YouTube, they all tended to be in the super pop-genre.. as in, smash-hit songs. My writing process was heavily influenced by this – I went from a more heavy punk rock style to straight up sugary-sweet pop.
Alex Goot
I love the essay. It’s my favorite genre to work in.
Meghan Daum
I think it would be a shame for any writer to let their publishers in any way corral them into a single genre.
Emma Donoghue
There’s always music that moves me. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s within the parenthesis of rock or blues, or whatever. It’s usually far more reaching than that. It can be in many different genres.
Jimmy Page
I write across genres so I see them, more often, as complementary instead of separated by boundaries.
Julianna Baggott
On one level, of course, the notion of judging films or books or music against each other is completely ridiculous. Who’s to say ’12 Years A Slave’ is a better film than ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? Or that one album in a certain genre is better than another in a completely different genre?
John Niven
Romance tends to be the whipping boy of genre fiction.
Lauren Willig
My first gig in the business was a guest star on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ so I’m neck deep in sci-fi. It’s been a very good genre to me.
Wentworth Miller
J-Lo finally married into her own music genre. Crappy music.
Doug Benson
I Am Number Four’ definitely borrows from a whole bunch of genres and has a whole bunch of different themes throughout. And I think if it was just one stale two-dimensional thing then it would be kind of boring. And I think they did a fantastic job.
Callan McAuliffe
Basically, I just write whatever story grabs me rather than considering the genre.
Sarah Pinborough
So I get all the references and I totally get the humor and it’s really fun. This – it’s kind of a mash up of so many different genres and things that kind of, sort of are just part of youth culture right now. Music and action and video games, and it’s kind of amazing to see it all piled into one film.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
As a solo artist, it’s so easy to be lumped into a singer / songwriter genre and writing sleepy, sad songs that are very emotionally rich that mean a lot to you, and people just get kind of tired.
Anderson East
I realised that a television show on political lampoon was one genre that was missing.
Cyrus Broacha
Blogging has helped create an expanded awareness of the creative nonfiction genre, generally. But I suspect many bloggers continue to be unaware that they are (or have the potential to be) “literary” or “artful.”
Lee Gutkind
I would agree Paul is a sci-fi genre movie. And a road movie.
Nick Frost
I think my fascination is less with genre figures than with writers in general.
Eric Brown
I don’t really have a preferred genre. It’s more up to the individual project itself and if I feel compelled by it.
Marco Beltrami
I have done a lot of things outside of Science Fiction, but there has been an almost disproportionate amount of that genre in my body of work. I don’t know what to make of it.
Daniel Dae Kim
There is a renaissance of really great genre entertainment happening. But it’s become incredibly audience-specific.
Dean Devlin
I think, specifically with the horror genre, you have to make it very believable because it can come across ridiculous.
Maika Monroe
I’ve really loved steampunk for a long time, ever since ‘Wild Wild West,’ and it’s always been a genre and an era that’s fascinated me. But so often it’s set in England, and that doesn’t really resonate with me, or maybe it just seems a little overdone.
M. K. Hobson
You want to play another kind of character in another genre, and it’s been something I’ve been trying to do if I can in the career so far, and it’s something I hope to continue because it’s interesting to me and you get to do different things as an actor.
Keanu Reeves
I don’t want to be the funny girl or the serious girl. I would hope to touch on all different genres and all different types of characters, which I think I’ve been lucky enough to do, so far.
Yvonne Strahovski
All writing and publishing is very difficult, regardless of genre. There are going to be obstacles no matter what.
Carrie Vaughn
I’m drawn to doing interesting stuff at work. And some of the time with the supernatural, you get to do really crazy, fun things. But I’m not a big genre-fantasy gal, particularly.
Anna Paquin
By reading a lot of novels in a variety of genres, and asking questions, it’s possible to learn how things are done – the mechanics of writing, so to speak – and which genres and authors excel in various areas.
Nicholas Sparks
It’s almost like a genre rule: Don’t Open The Box.
Joel Coen
I’ve definitely received a lot of support in Nashville; it’s a huge music town. I like country music. Like any genre I’m largely unfamiliar with, there are elements I really enjoy and elements that go over my head.
I’ve had a chance to really stretch and do a lot of different genres. When I started acting, my whole focus and intention was to work as a stage actor in a company where you’re asked to different roles – do a comedy, do a tragedy, etc. I haven’t had any reservations about jumping from one type of genre to another.
Kyle MacLachlan
I definitely think that with music my favorite thing about Nashville is that it’s a music hub that accepts and allows all genres to be present, and I think there’s been a kind of fusing of genres lately that for me makes me really happy and excited.
Taylor Swift
For me, writing a song, I sit down and the process doesn’t really involve me thinking about the demo-graphic of people I’m trying to hit or who I want to be able to relate to the song or what genre of music it falls under.
Taylor Swift
Unless a Western’s made money – doesn’t matter who made the money, doesn’t matter what the subject is – if the last one didn’t make any money, you can’t make another one for a four-year period. Westerns more than any genre.
Val Kilmer
Artists in not only country but other genres usually make four or five albums, then they change producers to keep their sound moving forward.
Juice Newton
People get caught up in recreating something, and that actually hurts the genre of music because there’s nothing new.
Trombone Shorty
The primary goal of the so-called nonfiction text is to relay the facts of an event – the facts about a person, the facts of history – which is not why I turned to this genre.
John D’Agata
I love the fans of genre. Genre fans are the best fans. They’re loyal, they’re dedicated, and they’re passionate about the projects. They get it on a cerebral level. Being a part of that culture and that world… It’s very gratifying and very fulfilling.
Julie Benz
Genre fiction, as Terry Pratchett has pointed out, is a stew. You take stuff out of the pot, you put stuff back. The stew bubbles on.
Neil Gaiman
We need heroes of color in all different genres. It’s also valuable for white readers to be able to meet people in books that are different than themselves. That can be a way of expanding their minds and experiences.
Kekla Magoon
The ‘Western’ is the only genre whose origins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself.
Andre Bazin
In novelas, sometimes you get the most ridiculous situations, but you make the best of it. But novelas are a very special genre.
Genesis Rodriguez
The thought about changing my genre of music does cross my mind, but then I remember why I started making music in the first place or why people started liking my kind of music.
If the photographer is to create works that will stand for his spirit in the same way as artists in other genres, he must first – having no ready-made, abstract components such as works and sounds – supply other means to abstraction instead.
Yukio Mishima
We may need simple and heroic legends for that peculiar genre of literature known as the textbook. But historians must also labor to rescue human beings from their legends in science if only so that we may understand the process of scientific thought aright.
Stephen Jay Gould
Nashville has become sort of this go-to writing city for every genre.
Maren Morris
‘I Love Lucy,’ the first classic, really belonged more to the Wacky Woman genre than the domestic sitcom; ‘My Little Margie’ and ‘I Married Joan’ were among the shrill, coarse imitations.
Tom Shales
Sports movies are a genre that I really respond to, but they can be done really poorly and really fall short. The good ones are just so good and inspiring and make you feel good.
David Walton
With ‘Apollo 13,’ I wasn’t sure the genre would work, because space films hadn’t done that well.
Ron Howard
While writing a novel I almost completely stop reading books in the same sub-genre for the duration.
Charles Stross
The Mirror Empire is the most original fantasy I’ve read in a long time, set in a world full of new ideas, expanding the horizons of the genre. A complex and intricate book full of elegant ideas and finely-drawn characters.
Adrian Tchaikovsky
In his essay on the uncanny, Das Unheimliche, Freud said that the uncanny is the only feeling which is more powerfully experienced in art than in life. If the horror genre required any justification, I should think this alone would serve as its credentials.
Stanley Kubrick
Post-war filmmakers gave us the documentary, Rob Reiner gave us the mockumentary and Moore initiated a third genre, the crockumentary.
Michael Moore
Every time you read something about Rolling Stones it always mentions their age and how long can they go on? I think there are certain genres of music where people are allowed to go on, but there is something about rock and roll, I guess because it originally started out to be a teenage rebellion.
Kate Pierson
The lack of diversity, specifically in genre films and the superheroes our kids grow up watching and emulating, they can’t really identify with. When you see the same thing, over and over again, and it seems not to speak of you and your heritage and your culture, it leaves you out of this world a little bit.
Djimon Hounsou
It’s just nerve-wracking in general to write ‘Superman,’ right? I’m a life-long superhero fan, and he is the character that kicked off the entire genre.
Gene Luen Yang
The thing I like about the sci-fi genre is that you get to examine universal themes and polarizing moral choices. The characters have a lot on their shoulders and are often trying to survive in some very difficult and hostile environments.
Jaime Murray
I think most people now listen to different genres when they have different moods. I know I certainly do.
Doug Walters
There are so many music genres competing against each other, but I feel like country music has always been a unified front.
Hillary Scott
I loved writing the Spellman novels, but I never had any plan to only write in one genre.
Lisa Lutz
The action genre is not always the most synonymous with character development.
Eric Dane
I’d like to be remembered not only for my body of work but also for specific novels. Ideally, I want to be remembered in the same way as Stephen King, who defined and exemplified excellence in the horror genre in the late 20th and early 21st century.
Nicholas Sparks
Fundamentalism is rooted in fear, and it’s another reason I’m interested in the horror genre, because I know the fear that fundamentalism is built upon.
Scott Derrickson
Anyone who says, ‘Books don’t change anything,’ or – more commonly – that crime fiction is the wrong genre for promoting social change – should take a closer look.
Andrew Vachss
It doesn’t matter to me whether I go back to outer space or not [while acting]. The job’s the same and I don’t have any sort of genre preferences. I’m looking for a good story and a good character, whether earthbound or not.
Harrison Ford
Any literature, when it arrives at being good literature, transcends genre.
Vanna Bonta
A romance is a courtship story. In the 19th century, the definition of the romance genre was an escape from daily life that included adventure and love and battle. But in the 20th century, that term changed, and now it’s deemed only a love story, specifically a courtship story.
Diana Gabaldon
Thomas Mann used to write education novels and now you can write an education memoir, and there are all these memoirs coming out now about people’s relationships with books. Like anything else, these can be good or bad. The genre doesn’t make it good or bad, it’s the execution.
Marco Roth
Before ‘Final Fantasy VII,’ I would have told you that I had zero interest in RPGs with turn-based combat. But that game was so well done, I didn’t care what genre it was. Any genre can be done poorly or done well.
Tim Schafer
I’m not a fan of any genre but am a fan of movies that are intelligent and/or funny. That goes across all genres: a horror movie, a zombie movie, alien invaders, chick flick, or raunchy comedy. If it’s well done, I’m a fan.
J.K. Simmons
The built-in form is a window frame. You can use this genre [crime fiction] to go where you want to go, and explore what you want to explore. In some ways it gives you a lot of freedom because you have a framework readers are looking for.
Michael Connelly
Hip-hop is a way of life. It isn’t a genre in truth in ‘American Idol.’
Nigel Lythgoe
I really wouldn’t call a lot of what’s online “literature” since that word, to me, refers to a sub-genre of writing that belongs to the heavy-hitters, the canonical writers, Shakespeare, Dante, Milton, Dostoevsky, Kafka, and even Toni Morrison, George Saunders, Thomas Bernhard, Sebald, Borges, DFW, e.g.
Lee Klein
The horror genre is fun but I’m not sure it is quite right for me.
Andre Holland
I absolutely love genre movies. When I was a kid, I was really impacted by genre films and cult classics.
Lucas Till
I’ve kind of always had this balance between genre and personal dramas. It almost feels like the two help each other. If I was just to make a genre film, maybe it would be hollow and soulless. If I was just to make a personal drama, maybe it would be melodramatic and nobody would ever go see it.
Jeff Nichols
I just love music, and I’m not as genre specific as most songwriters. A lot of my buddies just listen to country, or just Americana, or whatever their style is, and I just listen to everything.
Kevin Fowler
Sitcoms are designed for normal people who just want to turn on their TV and get a laugh. It’s not high-brow, you don’t have to work so hard, and it’s meant to be a relatable genre. That’s why I love it so much – my fans are from 8 years old to 80 years old, because everybody can relate to what’s funny.
Megyn Price
I actually don’t preoccupy myself with ‘I’m going to do this kind of rap in this kind of genre’ kind of thinking when I work.
Every new generation of SF writers remakes cyberpunk – a genre often laced with dystopian subtexts – in its own image.
Paul Di Filippo
I think the industry is oblivious to the fact that most people listen to all kinds of stuff. I personally don’t know of anyone who listens to only one genre of music. It’s vanity because no one does.
Keith Urban
As a screenwriter I’m often writing in genres where there have been thousands of movies; whereas when I direct movies they tend to be in between genres. They tend to have a little bit of a genre to them, but they’re really about the people, and they’re people we haven’t met before.
John Sayles
I probably shouldn’t do a straight drama. I’d probably ruin it. I don’t know. But, I’d love the opportunity to try. I’m sure that every kind of filmmaker feels that they can do other genres of film and want to, and I feel the same way.
Steve Pink
To be able to explore the genre of the musical is nice. It was great to be able to sing professionally, for the first time, and dance, which was something that I did growing up, but I had not done for many, many years.
Penelope Cruz
Classical music is a genre of music. It’s no more complex or less complex than pop music or R&B. The elitism is weird.
Theo Hutchcraft
Getting into creating in a new genre is like arriving to a new country.
Yoko Ono
I never paid attention when people said, “That’s gotta be poetry. That’s gotta be fiction,” except when I was in a graduate program, and you had to claim your genre.
Sandra Cisneros
I guess there was a little bit of a slight rebellion, maybe a little bit of a renegade desire that made me realize at some point in my adolescence that I really liked pictures that told stories of things – genre paintings, historical paintings – the sort of derivatives we get in contemporary society.
Kara Walker
Science fiction has always had a dark side. There has been a touch of the irrational and absurd in the genre from the very beginning.
Douglas Lain
I got a crash-course education in urban fantasy. I suddenly had to look up all these other writers I was supposed to be in a genre with. I instantly had to become an expert in this genre I knew almost nothing about.
Carrie Vaughn
The genre [of hard-partying girls] seems to have gone out of style – instead of young women who drink too much, it’s young women who don’t eat enough.
Amy Argetsinger
When ‘American Pie’ happened, I was so lucky to get that opportunity and I just tried to do a good job in that genre. But the films that inspired me as a kid were, like, Malcolm McDowall in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ He was my hero.
Sean William Scott
When you’re outside of genre, you can expose more vulnerability.
Jenny Hval
I just love variety. I love being able to do different things. Do period pieces and sci-fi. I love being able to move between genres and be flexible.
Linus Roache
As a genre, the noir of post-World War II was based on characters who were weak or repellent, bound to let down us and themselves.
Steve Erickson
‘Skyline’ is an alien invasion film that really takes an interesting look at the genre. The writers did an amazing job of creating a new take at how life from other planets come and plan to invade Earth.
Eric Balfour
My label, my genre, my everything is happy sad – I do a smiley face with eyes on both sides. So basically to me, it’s totally okay to be happy and sad at the same time, it’s totally okay just to be sad, it’s totally okay to be happy.
You can apply the same heart, the same sense of euphoria to any genre.
Stuart Price
Adaptability is crucial to working on Glee because every day is adapting to something. Because we’re doing a different genre of music, doing a different type of scene with a different scene partner, recording and dance rehearsals… no day is like another.
Kevin McHale
As far as politically how country music goes, it’s true that it’s regarded from a distance as a genre of music that at different times, the more right elements of the political spectrum have claimed for their own.
Mary Chapin Carpenter
‘Menace II Society’ itself was a groundbreaking film. It’s definitely going to go in the vaults of classics in all of cinema. The Hughes Brothers created an incredible project. Just gave the world something a little different than what we had seen in previous films in that same genre.
Larenz Tate
I like to make popcorn movies. It’s my passion. I love the genre.
Dean Devlin
Science fiction still is an idea genre.
Sheri S. Tepper
Doing a love story as a genre, and looking at love stories in movies, and feeling like I learned stuff about that, and that it broadened my view and my idea of what I can do, and how I can work with the people around me, that was such a great, really satisfying experience.
Todd Haynes
I always stay in the urban comedy genre because it just never gets old. It’s one of those things that people watch, again and again. This is that kind of movie. It gives you longevity.
Terry Crews
Every genre succumbs to gentrification at some point- as equipment becomes cheaper, as crowds become younger, there seems to be a sheepish attitude towards producers – how they can follow a mundane, linear sound, and make money.
I might be at a point where I don’t want to go with a genre convention but I have to produce some pages. It’s hard work. And it requires you learn certain skills.
Charlie Huston
I don’t really think there’s a genre that we couldn’t do, but it wouldn’t sound like that genre, if that makes sense. I think we could take any song, but it would sound like us. If you’re doing a country song, it could maybe sound a little bit country, but it’s going to sound like Pentatonix.
Avi Kaplan
Music is there for us to explore. To intentionally limit yourself to one, two, or three genres is limitation at its worst. Music is huge; its a gigantic history lesson, and if you are true music fan or a musician, you should explore it. Its all right there in front of us.
Phil Anselmo
I never think about genre when I work. I’ve written fantasy, science fiction, supernatural fiction, and am now working on a suspense novel. Genres are mostly useful as a marketing tool, and to help booksellers known where to shelve a book.
Elizabeth Hand
I never set out to be part of a genre, because I listen to all types of music.
For commercial books in a genre, readers’ and editors’ expectations may be fairly rigid. Some romance lines, for instance, issue fairly detailed writers’ guidelines explaining exactly what must happen in a book they publish (and what must not).
Nancy Kress
I teach 18- to 21-year-olds – the ‘Harry Potter’ generation. They grew up as voracious readers, reading books in this exploding genre. But at some point, I would love for them to give Umberto Eco or A.S. Byatt a try. I hope ‘A Discovery of Witches’ will serve as a kind of stepping-stone.
Deborah Harkness
I consider science fiction and fantasy my genre. And I’ve noticed over the years that there doesn’t tend to be a lot of lighthearted, comedic stuff.
Gail Carriger
One of the mistakes I made was believing that the rock ‘n’ roll genre as a genre was much more free than the whole pop or R&B scene.
Joan Jett
There’s an anecdote that’s really been sticking with me: To be a Black man in America, you are born into the horror genre. You are not safe. Period. Full stop.
Jonathan Majors
I really strived to give equal weight to the two halves of my genre’s name: science and fiction.
Robert J. Sawyer
‘Rann’ is a new genre to me, a new experience and it is very special.
I always felt that sci-fi and fantasy were my thing. Bit of a geek, I’m afraid. But I like creating worlds, and I felt it was a genre that gave me more freedom. It just seemed like I belonged there.
Samantha Shannon
As a European filmmaker, you can not make a genre film seriously. You can only make a parody.
Michael Haneke
I have no favourite genre or style but treat each novel with the same care, imagination and craftsmanship. It’s as difficult to write a crime or a children’s novel with a touch of style and grace as it is a literary novel.
Garry Disher
I had always dreamed of starting off in pop radio and crossing into country. I used to sing country; that was my genre when I was a kid.
Cassadee Pope
I’m not trying to dog any artist or genre, but to me, there is a lot of diversity missing from the radio. I miss turning the radio on and getting punched in the soul with a great lyric.
Maren Morris
Initially I explored the tension between illustration and fine art when I first encountered miniature painting in my late teens. Championing the formal aspects of the Indo-Persian miniature-painting genre has often been at the core of my practice.
Shahzia Sikander
It’s not fundamentally different to any other genre, that action is a particular thing. Being able to do action sounds like it should be straightforward, but it really isn’t. I always want the action to be witty. I don’t want it to be merely routine.
Adrian Hodges
The horror genre gets you in touch with our primal instincts as a people more than any other genre I can think of. It gives you this chance to sort of reflect on who we are and look at the sort of uglier side that we don’t always look at, and have fun with that very thing.
Drew Goddard
Comedy was one of those genres that while appearing quite jolly was actually highly dangerous.
Jasper Fforde
I suppose there is something appealing about a word that everyone uses with absolute confidence but on whose exact meaning no two people can agree. The word that I’m thinking of right now is genre, one of those French words, like crГЄpe, that no one can pronounce both correctly and without sounding pretentious.
Michael Chabon
I’m not really much of a genre guy. I think that audiences don’t need that anymore where you just need a very specific genre. Audiences are very sophisticated, and as long as it’s fun, it’s okay and entertaining.
Natalie Portman
When you think of dog movies, that genre, Old Yeller is sort of the benchmark and you hope that you can raise your game up to that.
Jennifer Aniston
There was a lot of pressure to find a genre and stick to it. People would tell me all the time, ‘You can’t be all things to everyone.’ I would say, ‘I’m not trying to be! I’m being what I want to be for myself.’
Tyler Joseph
The genre of narrative business books that I love so much – the ones that have a you-are-there quality – was invented, or so it is said, in 1982 by David McClintick, who wrote ‘Indecent Exposure,’ a rollicking good read about a Hollywood scandal and the ultimate boardroom power struggle at Columbia Pictures.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
I have my library separate from the family home, and every room is a different genre. The only room that I can guarantee I’ve read everything is the horror room.
Guillermo del Toro
The BBC came to me and they wanted to adapt the book [Three Musketeers] again, in the straightforward way, and I said no to that. I didn’t want to do that. But what I did want to do was have a real look at the adventure genre because I thought it was ripe for reinvention.
Adrian Hodges
‘Ant-Man’ was a genre, I guess, that I hadn’t really tackled before.
Paul Rudd
Literature precedes genre.
Rick Moody
It’s just cool to do something different and branch out and dabble in different genres.
In my movie work, if I do one guy, the next guy I do, I want to do something kind of different. Even in terms of genre – it’s really great to mix it up a little.
Kevin Bacon
I’ve written six novels and four pieces of nonfiction, so I don’t really have a genre these days.
Anne Lamott
Rap is the number one most influential thing, it’s the only genre that really strikes a chord. When you sing, you feel a certain way and it makes you feel good, but when you rap, it just strikes a chord a whole different way.
I’ve been really fortunate to be able to do different kinds of films in different scales, different genres, different kinds of roles, and that is important to me.
Keanu Reeves
The four movies I can remember seeing as a kid were ‘The Elephant Man,’ ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and ‘Mad Max!’ Two of those are westerns. So the western genre is emblazoned on my memory from childhood, and those are two great movies.
Casey Affleck
I have a complicated relationship with the horror genre. I love it; I loved it as a kid growing up, and I watched Chiller Theater in New York. So I loved it, but then you do feel if you do it too much, you’re stuck there.
Zach Galligan
Our job in gospel is not going away. It’s a sustainable genre. It sells – without question.
Marvin Sapp
Rock’n’roll as a genre is different from pop and hip hop: it is about bands, and that for me suggests brotherhood, family, friendship and community.
Steven Van Zandt
Looking back, it’s funny how the lighter family-friendly version of these classic Universal movie monsters that were satirized in The Munsters seduced me like a gateway drug into the genre.
Bryan Fuller
The mainstream has lost its way. Crime fiction is an objective, realistic genre because it’s about the real world, real bodies really being killed by somebody. And this involves the investigator in trying to understand the society that the person lived in.
Michael Dibdin
Historically, black music has influenced other cultures and other genres and created other genres.
It’s hard enough to get any movie made, and when you take on these tough genres – and I’ve done it a couple times – it just makes the whole struggle more.
Lawrence Kasdan
When you’re from the Bay Area, there’s this chip on your shoulder that you inherently come up with, because us, as a region, we’ve been overlooked in the grand scheme of the history of the genre and the culture.
Everyone’s been on the “hip-hop is dead” campaign for years, and now it’s the most unsure-of-itself genre ever.
Aesop Rock
If you have some natural talent and really want to write, you should read the books of someone who’s very successful in your genre. You don’t want to plagiarize, but you want to learn from that author.
Clive Cussler
Music is a big part of my life. I listen to different genres, and I choose the music that will inspire the next part of my story.
Bella Thorne
The great thing about visual horror films is there’s real potential for strong, beautiful imagery. It’s the one genre that really lends itself to creating strong images. And I’ve always loved that idea of windmills – your mind aimlessly spinning.
Tim Burton
And there are two types of stories. One type is one’s own story. The other type is telling the stories of others. Thanks to this genre, writers of nonfiction can now use the tools of the reporter, the points of view and ear for dialog of a novelist, and the passion and wordplay of the poet.
Lee Gutkind
If a show is good, it helps people learn about themselves, in some way and in some function. Whatever the genre is, if it’s executed well, audiences grow and learn from it, and that’s where their passion and enthusiasm comes from.
Matthew Davis
We have a history in country music of writing about the darker side of things – maybe not as much in modern times, but there’s a lot of cheating and self-deprecation. We sort it out in song, in country music, as a genre.
Chris Stapleton
I’ve tended to find that myths of the near future give people the ability to really kind of explore the present, so say for example if look at William Gibson and his book Neuromancer or if you look at J.G. Ballard or Samuel Delaney those are probably three of my favorite writers in that genre.
DJ Spooky
Americans have known about mounting inequality and king-sized Wall Street bonuses for years. But we also had an entire genre of journalism dedicated to brushing the problem off.
Thomas Frank
Memoir is a weird genre for a reporter. You end up investigating your own memories, reporting out your past.
William Finnegan
The appeal of the Golden Age heroes for me is their simplicity, even their naivety – they represent the fundamental building blocks of the whole superhero genre, whether it’s a ‘super’ man able to lift cars, or a vigilante who terrorises criminals at night like Batman.
Adam Christopher
Metal isn’t necessarily aggressive. There’s metal that’s contemplative, there’s metal that’s sad, and there’s metal that’s exuberant. No genre is limited in what it can express.
John Darnielle
I’m not saying that hip-hop needs gay rappers or anything, but they need to stop being so close-minded because that will just cause the genre to fail. Look at pop. Pop doesn’t discriminate against people. Look at Lady Gaga, y’know what I mean?
ASAP Rocky
Comedy as a genre is the one that has given me maximum success, and I do broadly get associated with this genre. I thoroughly enjoy comedy, especially because it is inherent to my personality.
Riteish Deshmukh
In America, they have specialist mystery book stores with whole sections devoted to cat mysteries, golf mysteries, quilting mysteries. It’s a hugely broad genre from the darkest noir to tales of a 19th-century vet who solves crimes, thanks to his talking cat.
Mark Billingham
I reject the concept that comic books in movies are a genre. I have been fighting that for many years, with the powers-that-be in Hollywood.
Michael Uslan
I don’t care about the genre so much. I’m good with horror, but I like other genres, too.
Bruce Campbell
Vampires are a genre now.
Joseph Morgan
When I make a film, I am hoping to reinvent the genre a little bit. I just do it my way. I make my own little Quentin versions of them… I consider myself a student of cinema. It’s almost like I am going for my professorship in cinema, and the day I die is the day I graduate. It is a lifelong study.
Quentin Tarantino
A John Updike is a once-in-a-generation phenomenon, if that generation is lucky: so comfortable in so many genres, the same lively, generous intelligence suffusing all he did.
George Saunders
I started as a black-and-white teenage photographer, and I’m still there decades after. In some ways, the genre is almost gone. I am thinking of true, stubborn, lifetime black-and-white photographers, as opposed to black-and-white as a photographic commodity.
Hedi Slimane
It’s not about what you get out but what you put into hip hop as a genre.
Chuck D
Radio used to be dominated by Tom Petty and artists like that. If Tom Petty came out today, he’d be played on country radio – all that stuff would. I think the genre has opened itself up to more styles of country, and I think that’s a good thing.
Charles Kelley
My life isn’t just one genre. It’s a romance one minute, an action movie the next – it’s actually rarely, rarely an action film, to be frank.
James Gunn
Be true to what you want to say, or whatever style it is that you’ve chosen or genre you’ve chosen. Do it well! My criteria always has been that the piece must stand the chance of succeeding on the level it’s intended to succeed on.
John Hurt
I have finally become my own genre, and now that’s what publishers want. I have a wonderful publisher now, Mulholland, very innovated, very fine people working there.
Joe R. Lansdale
I’m a writer, not a genre.
Carlos Fuentes
Fantasy/science-fiction stories have been around almost as long as each genre, but every hybrid now lives in the shadow of ‘Star Wars.’
Brian K. Vaughan
I devour books. But for the longest time, I refused to pay attention to genre or labels.
Alison Tyler
Everybody always talks about the science fiction genre, in particular, which always makes me think about people in spaceships. I can appreciate that, but that’s not really where I think my dramatist aspect lies.
Quentin Tarantino
There’s been so many different types of musicals, and it’s a funny genre because there’s a fine line between clever and stupid. It really takes a genius to know how to do it.
Melissa Etheridge
I read so much science fiction when I was young. I believe science fiction is the genre for exploration and to learn about possibilities via book.
Bob Mayer
As a musician, I look for certain things that stimulate me. And what I look for is something that’s an evolution on a particular genre that I never heard before.
Steve Vai
There’s always gonna be criticisms, no matter what movie you do, no matter what. You can’t please everybody, and it doesn’t matter what the genre is. There’s always gonna be a positive to a negative comment.
Sam Worthington
I like zombie movies, and I like genre movies a lot. To watch. Less so to make, I think. But I grew up on that stuff. I would just grow up watching a lot of horror movies, a lot of slasher movies and then zombie movies.
Jonathan Levine
Everyone has a right to cry uncle on a genre every once in awhile. I’ve done it myself. Sometimes you just can’t bear another gear or pair of wings or vampire teeth. You go on a fast, and sometimes you come back, and sometimes you don’t.
Catherynne M. Valente
Jim Rollins is the king of the weird science action genre.
Jonathan Maberry
I’m not limited to categories or genres. Anything human beings come up with fascinates me. If a three-legged idiot like me can dance to it, then that’s all well and fine.
John Lydon
I’m so excited to see ‘Horns’ because it’s so many different genres in one film. It’s a sci-fi, it’s a love story, it’s a horror movie, it’s a fairy tale.
Juno Temple
I am a fan of the true crime and horror genres! So, I’ve got a dark side too.
Literature is a form of language that breaks with the whole definition of genres as forms adapted to an order of representations, and becomes merely a manifestation of a language which has no other law than that of affirming in opposition to all other forms of discourse its own precipitous existence.
Michel Foucault
The biggest question I have is if you’re a rock singer or a rock ‘n’ roll band, or if you’re a pop singer… if you’ve made your way in another genre of music and now you want to make a country record, why? That’s my question. Why?
Joe Nichols
To make films like ‘X-Men’ work commercially – and also have some class – is one of the hardest things there is to do. I want to be seen to be able to cross lots of genres and still be ‘fair dinkum,’ as we say in Australia, which means genuine and true and, well, unique.
Hugh Jackman
I enjoy turning things on the audience. I really like working in genre because people come into the films with certain expectations. They know the tropes so well that, when you turn on those, it can be shocking because there’s a complacency that comes with watching those films.
Ari Aster
My music is not a particular genre. It’s not bubblegum or cheese. It’s just good songs, pop songs. It’s just my songs.
Eliza Doolittle
I really want to do a western film. It’s one of my favorite movie genres of all time.
Denis Leary
I think mystery writers and thriller writers – whatever genre you want to call it – are taking on some of the biggest, most interesting kind of socioeconomic issues around in a really interesting, compelling way.
Gillian Flynn
I think the violence is important. It all depends on the genre. Rambo was ultra-violent, and I think it worked. You have to give Stallone credit. You have to respect him for taking that shot, and taking the violence all the way. He was the first one to do that in a long time. It fricking worked.
Dolph Lundgren
I don’t go out of my way to write Weird Fiction, or in any other genre. Some of my stuff easily slips into the Weird slot.
Karin Tidbeck
Rap is the only interesting music left – it’s the only genre that’s still pushing itself, and experimenting in a way that I find exciting.
Harmony Korine
Being gone for so long and coming back into the game, I’m the type of person to reinvent myself pretty often and I can adapt to pretty much whatever genre is popping at the moment.
Tony Sunshine
I’m not a genre film filmmaker. I’d rather look for a topic that I think we need to bring up and discuss because there’s something about the issues in the film.
Ruben Ostlund
‘Luther’ is raw and brutal like ‘Game Of Thrones,’ but it’s coincidence. If I’m drawn to anything, it would be the writing. Choosing a project is an organic process where I’m taken in by the character and storyline, not the genre, whether fantasy or gritty and raw.
Rose Leslie
I love nothing better than a dirty cartoon. I think that it’s really, really funny to see adult themes in a genre that’s usually directed towards children.
John DiMaggio
I’ve never been specifically attached to westerns, but there are those I like – one of the best westerns I’ve seen is ‘Unforgiven.’ I think the genre has something extremely powerful that can allow them to talk about good and evil in a very straight way.
Mads Mikkelsen
Science fiction is the only genre that enables African writers to envision a future from our African perspective.
Nnedi Okorafor
That’s how I’m able to work and move between so many different genres – I want to be part of what’s happening, I want to make new things.
The SF genre, of course, is really an organically evolved, marketplace-determined, idiosyncratic grab bag of themes and signifiers and characters and icons and gadgets, some of which hew to the realistic parameters and paradigms embraced by science, others of which partake more of fantasy and magic.
Paul Di Filippo
Horror movies scare me. I don’t really watch them. I’m not a big horror genre fan. I like certain classic horror – like ‘Alien’, ‘Jaws’, ‘The Exorcist’, stuff like that.
Katharine Isabelle
I may be the person who put “dieselpunk” into the conversation. I have always been a reader who reads in a really broad way. I read genre writers and I read literary fiction and I read books by dead people.
Emily Barton
Genre pleasures are many, but the quality of shared values within an ongoing discussion may be the most powerful, enlisting lifelong devotion in its fans.
Gregory Benford
Reality is a genre that seems to be here to stay. I don’t know how many of the new shows will last, but the more competition you have, the harder that pie is to slice up.
Jeff Probst
The funny thing is, though I write mysteries, it is the one genre in adult fiction I never read. I read Nancy Drew, of course, when I was a kid, but I think the real appeal is as a writer because I’m drawn to puzzly, complicated plots.
Elise Broach
I believe the adventure game genre will never die any more than any type of storytelling would ever die.
Roberta Williams
Long gone are the days of the stylised old James Bond films with Roger Moore karate chopping his way through the bad guys – audiences are not going to buy it anymore. The genre has got quite serious now.
Adam Rayner
I was a 12 year old kid in Northern Idaho listening to Billie Holiday and Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole. This whole genre of music is a part of who I am.
Cheyenne Jackson
I don’t pick my roles by genre; that’s kind of silly.
Michael Shannon
Genre is a minimum security prison.
David Shields
Right out of school, I did this show called ‘Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812.’ It is based on a classical text with new music – not necessarily confined by a certain genre. It was a diverse, interesting group of musicians, actors, nonactors, and singers all creating this thing that is bigger than all of us.
Phillipa Soo
I’d like to try different genres: comedy, period drama, rom-com, action.
Nina Dobrev
I’m a big fan of certain new acts. I love any genre of music, and I think it’s really great to see that there are new artists coming through. It’s kinda funny to think that I’m like the old man on campus now. But I’m really happy for groups like One Direction. I think they’re really good guys.
Joe Jonas
There are people who say they want to write novels. They think, ‘I’ll learn my craft on the romance novel.’ If you don’t love the genre, it’s going to show, and it’s not going to be a good book.
Julia Quinn
History – the non-fiction version – must inform the fiction to make it truthful; too much of it and your genres are colliding.
Jon Weisman
I’ve done a lot of sci-fi, so I was a little hesitant because you get pigeonholed into that genre and world. But at the same time, I love sci-fi because the women are so strong and independent and smart.
Laura Vandervoort
I don’t like to classify my own tracks as a genre.
The novel, as a genre, was once considered a diversion every bit as frivolous as Facebook, but over the years, we’ve managed to convince ourselves that reading fiction is as important to our mental digestion as fresh fruits and vegetables are to the processes that take place a little further down.
Lynn Coady
The beauty of the horror genre is that you can smuggle in these harder stories, and the genre comes with certain demands, but mostly you need to find the catharsis in whatever story you’re telling. What may be seen as a deterrent for audiences in one genre suddenly becomes a virtue in another genre.
Ari Aster
I love horror movies in space. I love it when the genre switches over and what was sci-fi becomes horror.
Kirk Hammett
Defying genre conventions is instantly a risky move.
Freddie Wong
Sometimes I get a little confused because with dancing I can express my emotions with my body. With acting you have to do it with your face and your expressions, and then with animated shows you have to use your voice and use your inflections. So it’s definitely a challenge to transfer from each genre of entertainment.
Alyson Stoner
I’ve always been into the horror genre, so I’ve seen a lot of movies with ghosts and supernatural stuff.
Meaghan Rath
All the classical genres are now ridiculous in their rigorous purity.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I do not want to do a role which is similar to the previous one or the concept and the genre.
Yami Gautam
When I was a kid, I was always watching genre movies on TV.
Bong Joon-ho
People who rarely read long books, or even short stories, still appreciate the greatest examples of the shortest literary genres. I have long been fascinated by these short genres. They seem to lie just where my heart is, somewhere between literature and philosophy.
Gary Saul Morson
Genre aside, I’d like to make a film about people.
Sophie Marceau
I’ve always believed that we could reach past genre — we didn’t ride the grunge coat-tails; we’ve always been on our terms.
Billy Corgan
When I first put out music, people didn’t know what I looked like. They called it a new type of something, they couldn’t put a genre on it – it was where indie and urban kind of meet in the middle. I thought that was quite exciting.
FKA twigs
‘One by Two’ is a film about two people who live in the same city and do certain things that affect each other’s lives. Yet, they are strangers. It’s difficult to put the film in any particular genre or box.
Abhay Deol
If we’re talking about the science fiction or action genres, I’ve always tried when I could to do them in a way that’s not just cookie-cutter – that they bring something fresh or original to it, have some kind of ideas to it. I’ve been fortunate, in some sense, to do those kinds of movies that are unique.
Keanu Reeves
I just have a gut feeling about something, if I really want to do it, if I’m excited about it, if I want to explore it. And that goes across all different sorts of genres.
Maria Bello
Fear is definitely part of the recording process, it’s just something you’ve got to overcome. Any time you’re doing something new, you don’t have any examples of it will work or won’t work. Especially when it comes to genre bending.
Chuck Harmony
Repetitiveness is one of the things that’s most difficult to get away from in genre pictures, because people come specifically to see certain kinds of things but get disappointed if they’re presented in the same way. So to try to find a new way to show old stuff is always the challenge.
Joe Dante
Genre labels are useful only insofar as they help you find an audience.
Walter Jon Williams
I don’t want to just make relationship movies. I would love to do whatever feels like it’s important and timely and needs to be told. It doesn’t matter what genre. It doesn’t have to just be relationships.
Daryl Wein
The funny thing about me is I move from genre to genre, but I essentially shoot all the movies the same way.
James Mangold
Struggling writers are often advised to pick a simple genre, but it doesn’t work that way.
Alan Furst
Scottish writers are particularly successful in the crime genre.
Sara Sheridan
I’d read books in Russian, and they would take me forever. I wanted to write a book that would last and would not be superficial. Siberian-travel writing is its own genre.
Ian Frazier
I think that hip-hop has done what it was supposed to have done, which is it defied all the laws of what is statistically a music genre and what statistically is not a music genre. Because it wasn’t supposed to be here.
Monie Love
When punk began to be a genre, people were going to go out and try to mine it. Some of the better groups, like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, were very artificial.
Iggy Pop
My dad was on ‘Zombieland,’ and I love that movie. So yeah, I think I like the horror genre!
Chandler Riggs
People say you’re trapped in this genre. You’re a horror guy. I say wait a minute – I’m able to say exactly what I think. I’m able to talk about, comment about, take snapshots of what’s going on at the time. I don’t feel trapped. I feel like this is my way of being able to express myself.
George A. Romero
I want everything, no matter what concept or genre, to feel real, because it is real. I want to keep making real music, I hope people remember me for that, that’s a good thing to be remembered for.
Alessia Cara
I look at a film as just a film; language doesn’t really matter. I just don’t want to limit myself to a particular language, genre or medium.
Shriya Pilgaonkar
What I had to say was, in general, I’m not really a fan of any one genre of any kind of film.
Adam Arkin
I think readers nowadays are happy to have genres blurred. We’re seeing that on screen too: The Pirates of the Caribbean mashes up history and fantasy, Cowboys and Aliens mixes the Western and the Science Fiction genres.
Colette Freedman
Comics are too big. You can’t say any kind or genre of comics is better than another. You can say so subjectively. But to say it like it’s objective is wrong. It’s wrong morally, because it cuts out stuff that’s good.
Ted Rall
No matter what I put out, no matter what genre – because I feel like I’m going to experiment with everything – I hope people will see that it’s true to me, that it’s honest, and nobody ever thinks that I’m inauthentic.
Alessia Cara
Adapted from the novel by L. Ron Hubbard, who cranked out sci-fi pulp by the cubic ton, ‘Battlefield Earth’ has the musty feel of the days when the genre’s highlight was Flash Gordon.
Elvis Mitchell
With Australian audiences, there’s a certain level of education – as far as how much access and exposure they have to music from various genres. So when you do ‘Big Day Out’ and there are all these different musical acts, you see the same people in your crowd that were there for a completely different artist.
Lupe Fiasco
I like romantic comedy as a genre, but I think it can get stuck in its ways.
Zooey Deschanel
I’ve made the film ‘The Good, the Bad, the Weird,’ which was an Eastern Western film. Obviously, the Western film is American and American only; there’s really no Western genre over in Asia.
Kim Jee-woon
I’m happy that grime remains underground. A lot of people talk like it’s some underrated or ignored genre, but to me, that’s the beauty of it.
I didn’t really distinguish between genre and not-genre as a kid, until I made the transition to adult fantasy via Terry Brooks.
Marie Brennan
Beyond that, I seem to be compelled to write science fiction, rather than fantasy or mysteries or some other genre more likely to climb onto bestseller lists even though I enjoy reading a wide variety of literature, both fiction and nonfiction.
Joan D. Vinge
I have been part of films like Rajamanikyam’ and Seniors,’ which had genuine comedy and I am comfortable with the genre.
Padmapriya Janakiraman
I love making genre films. It’s something I’ve really been attracted to since I was a kid, mostly because, as a kid, it was forbidden fruit.
Patrick Lussier
When I finally got tired of arguing with her and decided to write a novel as if I was some kind of formulaic, genre writing drone, just to prove to her how awful it would be, I wrote the first book of the Dresden Files.
Jim Butcher
Great music completely obliterates any conceptions of genre.
Billy Corgan
What I’m trying to do is break the genre from what is rap and what is music.
Wyclef Jean
I love the Western genre. In fact, one of my dreams is to play a cowboy on screen, like Clint Eastwood. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but you can always hope.
Rahul Kohli
Latinos finally have a genre of music that represents them, and they’re supporting reggaeton in such huge numbers that people can’t help but notice there’s a revolution going on.
Fat Joe
I’ve just looked for ideas and great characters that I relate to and that I think I can offer something to the audience, and I no longer look at them as experiments or genre exercises at all.
Ron Howard
I think there is some truth to the fact that yeah, okay, cool, obviously the more mainstream kind of easier-to-grasp-onto dance music has become popular, but that holds true with almost any genre. It wasn’t like the Sex Pistols hit the radio. It was poppier versions of that is what hit. It’s never, like, the true core stuff.
A common sense of humour and a love of music is really important, as I love all types of music. You name me any genre, and I can give you a list of artists I adore.
Adam Rodriguez
I’ve tried to show in my most recent book, the ‘Irresistible Fairytale’, that in order to talk about any genre, particularly what we call simple genre – a myth, a legend, an anecdote, a tall tale, and so on – we really have to understand something about the origin of stories all together.
Jack Zipes
There’s not really genres as storytelling in Austria, unfortunately.
Susanne Wuest
What interests me about genre is that the public connects immediately with it, it has certain rules, certain codes the audience recognizes. I can use that to create something very big.
Jacques Audiard
A predilection for genre fiction is symptomatic of a kind of arrested development.
Thomas M. Disch
I name the genre that I write in as ‘novel of voices.’
Svetlana Alexievich
I don’t want my writing to be so unique that when you apply it to different genres, it seems like the previous show that people know you from.
Shawn Ryan
I think the genre of comics sometimes overtakes the medium, and people assume that they are kind of frivolous. If you have a good, strong story teller, they can be as affecting as any character in literature. Period.
Chip Kidd
I truly believe that writing is a continuum–so the different genres and forms are simply stops along the same continuum. Different ideas that need to be expressed sometimes require different forms for the ideas to float better.
Chris Abani
For me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a comedy, a Western or horror. As long as you’ve got a good story to tell, the genre almost doesn’t matter. As an actor playing the role, it’s all rooted in reality.
Patrick Wilson
It’s funny: the reason I did ‘Beautiful Creatures’ was the same reason I did everything else – even though it was a genre film and existed at a more studio level, the script and the characters were so well written.
Alden Ehrenreich
To me, ‘Unforgiven’ is one of the best films ever made. Aside from the fact it takes the genre and kicks it between its legs, it’s this fascinating deconstruction of the myth of the West.
Taylor Sheridan
Down the road a bit, I would like to write a couple of stand-alone adult novels, especially in the horror genre. I’ve got lots of things up my sleeve.
James Dashner
All I look for is good quality stuff. Whatever I read, if I like it, then I want to do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t have a master plan of, “I should do this genre, and then this.”
Karen Gillan
‘Drown’ was always a hybrid book. It’s connected stories – partially a story collection but partially a novel. I always wanted the reader to decide which genre they thought the book belonged to more – story, novel, neither, both.
Junot Diaz
It’s always gonna be different when I make a record just because I kind of touch on every sort of genre.
Lady Sovereign
I have a very strong belief in what I like, or a very strong opinion in genre films that I like to watch.
Chad Stahelski
The language of poetry is not stuck in place. Nothing can own language. I think, however, the genre of poetry itself is very feminine and motherly.
Kim Hyesoon
It’ll die down like every other genre, but horror has always been one of the four or five main genres that will never go away.
Bruce Campbell
The genres are widening. I don’t think that there’s as many limitations on the kinds of projects that actors can do as there once was.
Emile Hirsch
The problem is that I work in more than one genre. It’s impossible for me to aim for a single one because, for me, comedy is mixed with tragedy. That’s very Spanish, the way in which comedy and tragedy are inextricable from each other.
Pedro Almodovar
My dream artists to collaborate with are probably Cee Lo Green and Imogen Heap. They’re completely out of my genre but they’re both musical geniuses.
Kina Grannis
I’d like to extend my career a little bit into different genres.
Jason Sudeikis
With some exceptions in science fiction and other genres I have small difficulty in avoiding anything that could be called American literature. I feel it is unnatural, not I think entirely because it uses a language that is not mine, however closely akin to my own.
Kingsley Amis
I’ve always tried to avoid electronic music in India because whatever songs I got in the genre I didn’t really enjoy singing them – I didn’t like the arrangements.
Arijit Singh
As a person who has a pretty short attention span I think of music like that, completely. That’s why I can quite happily change genres mid-song.
Because in fantasy perhaps more than in any other genre, the character is rewarded for making the right choices and punished for making the bad. Ask Boromir.
R. A. Salvatore
I made the decision that I didn’t want to spend my life in rooms and write about rooms, or else make books that are researched constructs. I think you do have to get out there and live it. Thriller and genre writers seem to understand this.
Lawrence Osborne
I don’t know why people have to categorize things in music under music. It’s music and it’s music and it’s music. When you start putting genres on things, I think it’s completely ridiculous, and I hate that.
Austin Carlile
The talk show, as a genre, has been in decline for a while. It started with Jerry Springer, when the talk shows suffered a metamorphosis, going from the real and social issues to the hair-raising.
Cristina Saralegui
I don’t stay in the genre because I just like all stories that have a smart hook in them and I can find a comic way through if it’s a comedy or a suspenseful way through it if it’s a drama.
Jay Roach
I do also think it eludes genre a bit – not in any groundbreaking way but you can’t quite call it a comedy and you can’t quite call it a romantic anything. It’s not quite a drama either really. But it has elements of all those things.
Colin Firth
I see myself as attempting to break ground. I definitely am trying to create my own genre here… I’m attempting to tell stories in a very new and entertaining way.
Ben Mezrich
I’m just starting to take some more voice lessons but hell no, I’ll always stick into the hip-hop genre.
Parodies are hard to do well, as is shown by the mediocrity of so many recent attempts. No matter how ripe a genre is for satirizing, unless you know how to do it, there are no guarantees.
James Berardinelli
I think I’ve never really liked the idea of genre, a film that follows the rules of a genre.
Nicolas Roeg
It’s really rare that an entire genre of music allows an artist from a different genre to come and live there.
Chick Lit uses humor to reflect life back to us. It’s a very comforting genre, and it’s the first time our generation has had a voice. It’s a very important genre for all of those reasons.
Marian Keyes
I don’t look at myself as a Scream Queen, and I don’t plan on continuing on this genre route. If anything, I want to go very different places.
Maika Monroe
In my writing classes, I don’t outlaw any genre writing.
Leni Zumas
Punk is an attitude, not a genre, age group, or time period. What’s interesting is trying to define the blues and punk in different ways. They are very close cousins.
Jack White
I just love where I am right now in my career. I love country music. I don’t ever feel restricted by the genre. I’ve been able to have a solid career that we’ve built one step at a time and a family. I know that I’m in a good place.
Martina McBride
Genre is a bookstore problem, not a literary problem.
Rick Moody
I am not doing comedy because the genre is successful. If that was the case, I would have done a run-of-the-mill comedy film. I set my own trends. I like to give something new and different to my audiences. I want to do the kind of comedy that has been missing till now.
Emraan Hashmi
The internet helps with information exchange in general so it’s obviously easier to check out tracks and whatnot from different genres. I think people are a lot more open to music in general because it’s being communicated easier.
Girl Talk
To me, the most important tool is not a physical or a technical one. It’s more of a cerebral one. It’s your brain. It’s about having an interest in experimenting musically, perhaps touching on several different genres of music. No doubt, the most important tool is the mind. It’s the willingness to experiment freely.
Mike Portnoy
I spent the first twenty years of my writing career preparing for the mystery genre, which is my favorite literary form.
Sue Grafton
There is a lot of stigma and snobbiness about the self-help genre, and I can’t vouch for everything out there, but for me, the idea of giving someone else the gift of inspiration and making them feel passionate and capable in an area of their life is the most incredible thing in the world.
Matthew Hussey
I’m not necessarily that big of a clubbing junkie, but I really like dance music as a genre.
The actors are different, although I didn’t set out to be different. My inspiration came from people like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. The genre is what it is. My inspiration was drawn from great movies like 48 Hours, Bad Boys and Rush Hour.
Tracy Morgan
There is a sense that animated movies are suddenly a genre. I just don’t believe they are; it’s a technique to tell a story.
Gore Verbinski
I’ve talked about that with friends, about what genre makes sense to choose for each record and the strategy around that… Sometimes it’s more about the moment of time, and other times it’s more about the sound of the song. Sometimes it’s about what’s going on in larger life, in politics.
Science fiction is a genre that no everyone is keen on watching.
Zoe Saldana
The genres change but all of my stories feature ordinary people thrown into frightening, life-altering situations.
Brian Pinkerton
Science fiction is becoming more of a diverse kind of genre.
Anna Torv
I thought this was the most incredible opportunity. Because ‘Planet Of The Apes,’ aside from the fantasy element of talking apes, is such an amazing franchise, because under the surface of that genre, you’re actually looking at human nature.
Matt Reeves
I love the horror genre and the thriller genre, so I’ve got no problem with playing a psycho.
Valorie Curry
I don’t know what genre I’ve fallen into, I don’t know where it is, and that’s really exciting.
Erol Alkan
There’s a level where the themes of a film are very relevant to me and also the idea of finding out how relevant one genre is to another. I think that westerns and samurai films and superhero films have a lot in common. It’s just that the scale of the visuals in tentpole films can sometimes overwhelm the drama.
James Mangold
Genre-spanning is the effort to make the live show interesting. It’s also a great way to challenge yourself as a writer.
Jason Mraz
It’s great to be able to work on some science fiction. I love the genre.
Aaron Stanford
After I had written more than a dozen adult genre novels, an editor I knew in New York asked me to write a mystery for young adults.
Rodman Philbrick
When you strip away the genre differences and the technological complexities,В all games share four defining traits: a goal, rules, a feedback system, and voluntary participation.
Jane McGonigal
When I was making my first record, I think I felt slightly trapped by my mind and my genre. I think in one way, that archaic language I was using came from a kind of mild obsession with the devil.
Aldous Harding
If you look at how people use the term ‘western,’ you can only conclude that it means a movie that has big hats and horses. And if you really want to sound like you’ve been thinking, then you’ll use a term like ‘genre.’ But all the hell it seems to mean is big hats and horses. Which is not all that deeply analytical.
Tommy Lee Jones
I think I’m part of a generation of crime writers all of whom woke up independently and recoiled with horror at the fact that we’d chosen this very conservative genre.
Laura Lippman
I like being able to do anything. I think that’s healthy, doing anything and everything, rather than just getting completely obsessed with one particular genre or particular kind of work.
Dave McKean
‘Midnight Special’ is, like ‘Starman’, a government chase film – in the government chase film genre – about a boy who has special powers and the government agents’ quest to find him.
Jeff Nichols
I felt slightly snobby about the genre. My pre-conceived notion of the comic book world had been: “Oh, that’s nothing that I need to worry about!”
Matthew William Goode
After college, I went on a real big classics kick. Read everything by Faulkner, Hemingway, Woolf, Proust, Dostoevsky. And that classics train dropped me off at ‘Dracula.’ Halfway through it, I understood I’d never be going back, never ‘leaving’ the genre again. Since then, I’ve been on a fairly strict horror diet.
Josh Malerman
I’m not going to work outside of genre. It’s going to be horror, action, or sci-fi. I don’t ever really see myself being interested in movies outside of that.
Scott Derrickson
Aphorisms are essentially an aristocratic genre of writing. The aphorist does not argue or explain, he asserts; and implicit in his assertion is a conviction that he is wiser and more intelligent than his readers.
W. H. Auden
I like beautiful writing, pain, unexpected humor, and the message that, at the last second, people are going to be kind to each other. It almost doesn’t matter what the genre is.
Jeff Giles
Whatever kind of story you’re telling, whether it’s a genre piece for a comic book or whatever it is, it has importance because it’s all a metaphor for the existence of our being.
Seth Gabel
I also love the zombie genre, my zombie fandom going way back to ‘Night of the Living Dead.’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ is truly the ultimate representation of that sensibility in the comic book genre.
Gale Anne Hurd
My favorite genre is comedy.
Kodi Smit-McPhee
I do genre films because I like them, or because I need the money.
Robert Englund
It’s great that there are so many different kinds of books for kids and adults to choose from. I think an eclectic reader is the best kind of reader to be, which would be why I was always so satisfied to hear that kids read the Baby-Sitters Club books and then went on and discovered other authors and other genres.
Ann M. Martin
One of the wonderful things about making a film of any genre is that you have dialogue. You can take up a position. If you want to say something about your position, you can just say it. You don’t have to spend massive amounts of screen time.
Woody Allen