Good Feeling Quotes

Good Feeling Quotes by Kimberley Nixon, Adam Carolla, Skepta, Daniel Ricciardo, Jenna Ushkowitz, Michael Chabon and many others.

I'd just got back from filming my role as Flo in 'Kidna

I’d just got back from filming my role as Flo in ‘Kidnap & Ransom’ when I got the news that Channel 4 had re-commissioned ‘Fresh Meat,’ so I think it was the first Christmas I could actually relax knowing that I had three months’ work sorted. As an actor, that’s always a good feeling.
Kimberley Nixon
You don’t cruise the Internet looking for your name and walk away with a good feeling. So, I never do it.
Adam Carolla
Every year, I always go abroad with dark music, and I’m going to these places, and I feel like I want a party rep – I want something that everyone is going to go crazy to and enjoy and have a good feeling.
Getting past my early 20s, I feel a bit more maturity and responsibility about that stuff. You get a good feeling from doing something good. You see a kid and you make his day, you realise the power of it. Whereas before, I was like, ‘That’s cool, whatever.’ But now, that’s what I’m most appreciative of.
Daniel Ricciardo
I love that feeling of just finishing a workout and knowing I’m taking care of my body. It is such a good feeling.
Jenna Ushkowitz
I have a good memory for words, and when I come upon a word I don’t know, I remember it, or try to – it’s almost like a tic. I also just have a good feeling for how words are made and formed in English and the etymologies that give you prefixes and suffixes.
Michael Chabon
I had neither the good sense nor the good feeling to know that this was all my fault, and that if I had been easier with Joe, Joe would have been easier with me. I felt impatient of him and out of temper with him; in which condition he heaped coals of fire on my head.
Charles Dickens
Yeah, I like to keep myself interested – I’ll kind of throw myself into some area that I don’t completely know or understand, that I’m not adept at, so I’m forced to swim in order to stay afloat. There’s a good feeling that comes from that.
David Byrne
It was like a family reunion, watching the movie. It’s always a good feeling when I can get a screening for my family.
Chris Tucker
There are all kinds of ways that people present their films, but that’s kind of a good feeling, if you can make it seem like the characters are really there.
Gus Van Sant
I once listed all the good things I did over the past year, and then turned them into resolution form and backdated them. That was a good feeling
Robert Fulghum
The good feeling I get from contributing rivals anything I felt on the Olympic stand in Albertville.
Kristi Yamaguchi
Good thinking brings good feeling and good feeling brings good thinking.
Jimmy Cliff
Outpouring of affection for God, of resting in his presence, of good feelings towards everyone and sentiments and prayers like theseare suspect if they do not express themselves in practical love which has real effects.
St. Vincent
Who among us has the strength to oppose petty egoism, those petty good feelings, pity and remorse?
Ivan Turgenev
It’s always a good feeling to be recognized for something.
Jon Pardi
Wherever I am, it’s a really good feeling to have that connection to people. I love to go out to talk to people and be with folks. I don’t shy away from it.
Danny DeVito
It’s a really good feeling in moving up the rankings so quickly because it’s so reassuring that I made the right decision in turning pro.
Taylor Fritz
My forte was the middlegame. I had a good feeling for the critical moments of the play. This undoubtedly compensated for my lack of opening preparation and, possibly, not altogether perfect play in the endgame. In my games things often did not reach the endgame!
Boris Spassky
I don’t really pay attention to the guy I outwork for the rebound, it’s really just hearing the crowd just be like, ‘Ohhhhh.’ They just get frustrated. That’s a good feeling.
Tristan Thompson
You can have a good vibe and a good feeling about something, but you never really know how it’s going to be received and how an audience is going to react to it.
Aidan Turner
The idea of Judaism as a flower, it a message for Jewish people, talking about the future. Many people associate Judaism with old and dry laws, and the Holocaust. But with this metaphor, Judaism for me is useful, pleasant, and fills me with good feelings.
Csanad Szegedi
I’ve always enjoyed playing there. As you drive into Newcastle you see the stadium and you get a buzz. It’s a good feeling.
Lee Cattermole
It’s really a good feeling to know that we put this up there, that it’s working, that all these people’s plans that worked so hard came together and things fit and we’ve got a real space station.
Linda M. Godwin
People behave more on the basis of how they feel than how they think; unless there are good feelings between people, it is almost impossible to reason intelligently.
Stephen Covey
Losing is not a good feeling, but I don’t ever lose anyway.
Maddie Ziegler
I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.
Frida Kahlo
I don’t feel like I’m getting older. I think it’s the way I’ve looked after myself. I take my football seriously. I love scoring goals and I get a good feeling from it, so I’ll do whatever it takes to be fit and feel good in games.
Jermain Defoe
It’s nice to be wanted. That’s a really good feeling. I’m not immune to it.
Kevin Costner
When I make music, I try to make something that is super colorful and something you’ve never heard before, so when you hear the whole album, it’s a good feeling. Musically that’s what I aspire to do whenever I’m making an album.
Pharrell Williams
Any time you win you’re going to be happy. But any time it’s a great divisional opponent, when it’s a usual dog fight, to come out on top at their house is a really good feeling.
Aaron Donald
It motivates me that people rate me so highly and want me to do well, which is a good feeling. Personally, I don’t think about milestones or medals, but like to take each competition as it comes and focus on doing my best and becoming better with each competition.
Neeraj Chopra
That’s a good feeling, to save your clients two billion dollars.
Joe Jamail
It’s always a good feeling when you can help instead of just receiving help.
Vlade Divac
I’m sometimes skeptical about Netflix – for no reason that I can put my finger on – but when you stumble upon a series and it delights you for ten nights in a row, that’s a good feeling for a week and a half and a bit.
Alex Horne
I like that conventions want me to appear and festivals want me to come speak because they like the climate I attract. It’s a good feeling.
Adam Green
It is always a good feeling to score the first goal in a new stadium.
Alvaro Morata
Winning is just such a good feeling.
Tommy Fleetwood
My music is the chicken soup kind. I want people to get a good feeling in their soul from these songs. Roots rock, heartland rock… whatever you want to call it is OK with me.
Kate Voegele
Never let a day pass without looking for the good, feeling the good within you, praising, appreciating, blessing, and being grateful. Make it your life commitment, and you will stand in utter awe of what happens in your life.
Rhonda Byrne
If something sounds good, and I get a good feeling about it, I’ll take it, irrespective of the fee being offered to me.
Pankaj Tripathi
God’s grace is not given to make us feel better, but to glorify Him… Good feelings may come, or they may not, but that is not the issue. The issue is whether or not we honor God by the way we respond to our circumstances.
Jerry Bridges
I think it’s more fun, where everybody gets to touch the ball. That’s always a good feeling.
Jrue Holiday
It was a style not of perfection, but warmth. Even mistakes had a good feeling about them
Markus Zusak
I have been relegated as a player, and I have suffered the feeling of failure. It is awful, and when you are part of an international outfit that gets so close, and you don’t do it, it is not a good feeling. I don’t want that again. I want to be part of a team that does something no one else has done.
Chris Coleman
It’s important on the pitch to have fun, to enjoy the game, because it generates a good feeling around the club.
Leroy Sane
An actor should never be influenced by the surroundings, because you have to submit completely, and trust me, it’s not a good feeling when you know that your father is going to come and watch you work every day!
Arjun Kapoor
The music was thunder and joy. Lightning bolts of happiness and praise, foot-stomping, dance-shouting, good-feeling singing from the soul.
Etta James
The stories leaders and others tell, few of which are true, are a lousy foundation on which to base any sort of science, and we know how to accomplish behavioral change and the importance of priming, informational saliency, and social networks. Producing inspiration and other good feelings doesn’t last very long.
Jeffrey Pfeffer
When I’m making the music, the songs that I get most excited about definitely make me feel good, but often, it’s a really good feeling combined with some kind of melancholy element.
St. Lucia
I feel like my first conversation with someone, I really get a good feeling about who that person is and mainly about how open they are.
Elisabeth Shue
I think ‘Scrooge’ is the best of the Christmas stories. Every child warms to it because it’s about one man’s transformation. It’s saying that it’s never too late to change, and that’s a good feeling to have at Christmas.
Leslie Bricusse
My music is the chicken soup kind. I want people to get a good feeling in their soul from these songs. Roots rock, heartland rock…whatever you want to call it is OK with me.
Kate Voegele
It’s a blessing because the Baldwin vibe on the street is what I live for the most. I think our name is something that a lot of people get a good feeling about and brings a smile to their face, and we’re very fortunate.
Stephen Baldwin
You kind of hope as a musician that you get some recognition for what you do, and when you do, it’s nice. It’s a really good feeling.
Alex Clare
Ben Crenshaws, Ive got a good feeling speech.
Steve Norman
Playing gives me as much good feeling now as it did when I was a bitty kid.
Lionel Hampton
Precious beyond price are good resolutions. Valuable beyond price are good feelings.
Hugh Reginald Haweis
I’m telling you, it’s so exciting playing out there because I’m playing well, you have the crowd behind you, and it’s such a good feeling. I’m really having a good time out there.
Stefan Edberg
I chose Spurs because they gave me a good feeling. I spoke to Daniel Levy and Rafael van der Vaart.
Jan Vertonghen
Like every man of sense and good feeling, I abominate work.
Aldous Huxley
The benefits of positive emotions don’t stop after a few minutes of good feelings subside. In fact, the biggest benefit that positive emotions provide is an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life.
Barbara Fredrickson
Playing for Hyderabad Hunters is a very good feeling.
P. V. Sindhu
You still had to find the music inside your language. You know, it was – that’s a big part of what sort of moved me to begin writing the book. I wrote a little essay and I felt, yeah, this is a good voice. This is a good feeling. It feels like me.
Bruce Springsteen
Don’t get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it’s not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you’ve got 12 people that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make.
Sean Combs
If I stayed a football player, my career would have been over 20 years ago. As it is, my knees are shot. I found I got the same good feeling in acting that I had in sports, but I found I could have a more profound impact on people.
William Petersen
A lot of women feel it’s a man’s world. Some people think all you need to do is marry a rich guy, and you don’t need to do anything with your life. I would hate that. I don’t care whether he has money or he doesn’t, because I don’t need it, and that’s a good feeling that I don’t have to worry about that.
Paris Hilton
I really enjoyed playing drums on ‘Born Again.’ It was a good feeling about being alive. There was a good energy there about being sober.
Bill Ward
When Braniff abandoned stripes, they wound up with a flying jelly bean and that’s not a good feeling for passengers.
Saul Bass
Being a role model is a little bit of pressure on me, but I know that people will support me either way which is a good feeling.
Skai Jackson
Yogaraj Bhat has many good feeling on his work. I know about it. He wants to take Kannada to world level.
Gratitude is most treasured when it is unexpected. When we expect, even demand gratitude, we treat it simply as payment due for some service we rendered and we squeeze any good feeling out of it.
Michael Josephson
It’s hard to get that real good feeling about festivals sometimes.
Meg White
You go to a show and you know the crowd is there because they like the music, not because everybody else was going. That’s a good feeling. You look out there and you know, these are our people.
Jeff Ament
It sounds sweet when, after a long time, people talk good about you, especially when you have done a lot for the country and played with distinction. It’s good; it’s a good feeling.
Mohammad Azharuddin
Writing well is at one and the same time good thinking, good feeling, and good expression; it is having wit, soul, and taste, all together.
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
It’s a very good feeling to be around a man who thinks women are juicy.
Lee Grant
I take a good feeling away from what football brings.
Jerry Jones
Everybody kind of recognizes you. It’s a good feeling.
Khalil Mack
Waking up every day and coming to the ballpark and playing baseball … that’s a good feeling.
Jason Heyward
It’s maybe a good thing to try to make music that feels reassuring in some ways – something that’s got a good feeling, a good vibe about it.
Thom Yorke
Remember it only takes giving love and good feelings a minimum of 51 percent of the tiem to reach the tipping point and change everything.
Rhonda Byrne
I wish I could compete again, but my good feeling is, these competitions are better as exhibitions.
Oksana Baiul
I had a stroll like this in the park with somebody, and I saw the ice and I thought, ‘what would happen if I go in there?’ I was really attracted to it. I went in, got rid of my clothes. Thirty seconds I was in. Tremendous good feeling when I came out, and since then, I repeated it every day.
Wim Hof
When I was young, and I’d get A’s, I’d get this good feeling of all the things that I could be. And then I’d never became any of them.
Will Smith
It’s obviously a good feeling when you hit a good shot and the crowd likes it.
Nick Kyrgios
There should be no more questions asked about India’s number 4 batting slot. If someone has played on that position for a year then he has secured that spot. Good feeling about securing the number 4 spot.
Shreyas Iyer
I’m a dude who likes to create music with good feeling. I live like a chameleon through music. It all depends on what the beat tells me to do; that’s why you’re always gonna get passionate hooks, because I’m feeling the beats and the emotion behind the drums and melodies.
Kid Cudi
Guys who have tried to come from football have tried and failed and they have fallen hard. I’ve got a good feeling that is the problem we are going to have with DeAngelo Williams but we will see and maybe he will tough it out.
Eli Drake
Cleveland was the only visit I made. I had a good feeling they were going to draft me, but I was still shocked when they jumped up to the second round.
Josh Gordon
Its a good feeling when people come up to you and tell you your music helps them, and as long as it does, I’ll keep making it.
Mike Powell
I believe that every human being should try to do good for someone else. There are so many different ways to do it. My art can be an instrument for helping people… What a good feeling – that I can do that with my art.
Romero Britto
I didn’t know Chicago was so aggressive. It’s real aggressive out here. Everybody kind of recognizes you out here. But it’s a good feeling.
Khalil Mack
That’s a good feeling, knowing that I can finally get everything situated and that I had the time to get things situated.
Khalil Mack
I’ve never felt like I was in the cookie business. I’ve always been in a feel good feeling business. My job is to sell joy. My job is to sell happiness. My job is to sell an experience.
Debbi Fields
For the past three or four years you know the crowd’s behind you, supporting you, and to then be given a bit of a boo is not a good feeling.
Bernard Tomic
When I sing for myself, I probably sing for anyone who has any kind of hurt, any kind of bad feelings, good feelings, ups and downs, highs and lows, that kind of thing.
Etta James
It’s a good feeling, that you can put your heart out there, no matter how black it is, and people can understand it.
James Hetfield
It’s a good feeling to come away from a day’s work feeling like you’ve achieved something. Tired brain is good.
Dominic Cooper
Shooting gives me a good feeling. It is faster than baseball and you are out on one strike.
Ernest Hemingway
You have an atmosphere at Tottenham like, ‘Okay, we are not scared of anyone,’ and we have the same feeling with the national team. Everywhere we go at Tottenham, we have a good feeling.
Mousa Dembele
When we are playing, the whole country is behind us, and that gives us a good feeling. We are almost half and half. We are from everywhere. In the end, we are doing well as a team, and we love it when we hear the game is sold out in five minutes. That’s the reason you play.
Kevin De Bruyne
You get into feeling like you are in a zone. You can’t be stopped. It’s a good feeling but it never lasts.
Dan Marino
Loyalty is earned with friendliness, responsiveness, ease of doing business, fair value, and the good feeling customers get when they call you, visit you, or interact with you.
Jeffrey Gitomer
There is no better feeling than the feeling that I have done something right. That feeling comes so rarely and is so fleeting that I can never really enjoy it. So in a way, it’s not a good feeling at all.
John S. Hall
Feeling good about yourself is not the same thing as doing good. Good policy is more important than good feelings.
Theodore Dalrymple
I don’t think a lot of people are able to relate to genuine patriotism, a genuinely good feeling about our country and its meaning to the rest of the world.
Christopher McCulloch
I don’t get butterflies. I get a good feeling in my stomach before I compete. When I don’t, I get worried.
Chloe Kim
It’s not a good feeling when you get booed. But I don’t want to be good because somebody booed me. I want to be great player because that’s the way I am.
Kristaps Porzingis
And you realise you’re doing a public service in making people happy – as a musician you can give people something a doctor, a lawyer, a politician cannot give them that. It’s not scientific. It’s spiritual – a good feeling. And although you don’t know them personally, the audience are like your friends.
Billy Ocean
AC/DC is like a… It’s an institution, for a start. The fans feel a part of the family, and that’s a good feeling.
Chris Slade
If one fails to develop goals that give meaning to one’s existence, if one does not use the mind to it’s fullest, then good feelings fulfill just a fraction of the potential we possess. True happiness involves the pursuit of worthy goals. Without dreams, without risks, only a trivial semblance of living can be achieved.
Dan Buettner
The test in life nowadays is just trying to keep yourself charged up with enough good feeling. It’s like, “OK what am I going to do to feel really good today?” Not like, some chick or a drink.
Mos Def
What is important is not getting intoxicated with a good feeling or getting intoxicated even with an insight. These take many forms in our practice. We go through times of great release, where there has been physical holding for what feels like forever, and something opens up and releases.
Sharon Salzberg
There are only two emotions from our perspective ……. The one that feels good, that feeling of hope or happiness or love. That good feeling, that positive emotion, is guidance saying, that which you are thinking right now is in alignment with what you are wanting
Esther Hicks
I grew up watching Lindsay and it made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or on stage, with everybody listening to you it’s so cool when people look up to you. I’ve already been asked for my autograph and it’s just a really good feeling to have.
Ali Lohan
Sometimes a good feeling from inside is worth much more than a beautician.
Mother Teresa
I’m obviously coming out of the Australian summer with amazing momentum, knowing I can pretty much hang in there with anybody and even beat some of the best players. So for me, it’s definitely a good feeling, I think.
Sloane Stephens
A lot of people have been telling me that I was going to be in the Hall of Fame and those are nice words and I try not to think about it, but when the call came, it made it real. It was a pretty darned good feeling.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Now that I’ve won a slam, I know something very few people on earth are permitted to know. A win doesn’t feel as good as a loss feels bad, and the good feeling doesn’t last long as the bad. Not even close.
Andre Agassi
I wish I was a better athlete. That would have been a little cooler, being a great boxer and walking into a room and going: “I can knock everybody out!” That’s a good feeling.
Adam Sandler
It is the sensation of being tired but having a good feeling, you know, a sensation that you have done it honestly and given all your strength. And it is no matter that you feel like this, because this is what you have to do when you go into this sort of life. This is what I choose.
Montserrat Caballe
That’s a good feeling when you can really just focus on basketball, focus on your role, on how you can help the team.
Tobias Harris
It’s amazing knowing that a club like Manchester United is interested in you. It’s a good feeling.
Juan Mata
I can hold my own when it comes to burping. I’ve got a good feeling that I could win a championship.
Dwayne Johnson
It gives me a good feeling to know that people out there really care.
Robin Trower
Whatever bliss we think we’re going to find, we may find it in brief flashes, fleeting moments that come and go. There’s an impossibility to nailing down any good feeling.
Harold Ramis
I wasn’t taking so many drugs that it was messing up my creative processes. It was a very good period, 1968 – there was a good feeling in the air. It was a very creative period for everyone.
Mick Jagger
I am not learned, but I have as good feelings as any man.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Working in water is so difficult. But I liked having something very physical to do – you realize you’re strong. It’s a really good feeling.
Astrid Berges-Frisbey
I’ll step in an airport just now, and people will recognize me. I’m in Harlem on 144th and whatever, and people are coming up to me like, “What’s up, Chamillionaire?” And seeing it grow is, nothing turning into something, that feeling is a really good feeling.
If you have John Terry, Frank Lampard on the pitch, they’ve seen everything in football. And it gives you a good feeling because they know what to do.
Andre Schurrle
Some people are very dictatorial and it’s not a good feeling, and it kind of inhibits you, because you feel like you have more to offer than what they’re trying to squeeze you into, some kind of box or something like that.
Sasha Grey
It’s a good feeling to see the kids try to make it, try to get to the big leagues. Everyone here has an opportunity to achieve his dream. I was lucky I was able to achieve my dream.
Tony Oliva
To look around at what you have accomplished in a day gives a man a good feeling. Too many men work on parts of things. Doing a job to completeness satisfies a man.
Richard Proenneke
Don’t get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it’s not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you’ve got 12 people that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make.
Puff Daddy
It’s a good feeling to know you’ve had a good day at work.
Adam Lallana
THE KEY TO SUCCESS is not what you do, it is how you feel about what you are doing. Success begins with a positive attitude, it is the most valuable asset we may own. Success begins with a good feeling about where we are and a positive attitude about where we want to be.
Iyanla Vanzant
You rarely get satisfaction sitting in an easy chair. If you work in a garden on the other hand, and it yields beautiful tomatoes, that’s a good feeling.
Dan Buettner
Running after balls, diving, taking a home run away, it gives me such a good feeling. I am happy to do it.
Carlos Beltran
I need to be happy. I need to set that example for my daughter so that she goes into something she loves, not because other people want her to do something. It’s a good feeling, it’s freeing.
If you’re not feeling good and you want to change the way you feel, or if you want to lift good feelings higher, then take a minute or two and god through a mental list of everything you love and adore. You can do it while getting dressed in the morning, walking, driving or traveling anywhere.
Rhonda Byrne
It’s a good feeling that I am doing well in Test matches.
Ravindra Jadeja
I said to Gotze: ‘OK, show the world you are better than Messi and can decide the World Cup.’ I told him that. I always had a good feeling about Gotze.
Joachim Low
Luxury is the enemy of observation, a costly indulgence that induces such a good feeling that you notice nothing. Luxury spoils and infantilizes you and prevents you from knowing the world.
Paul Theroux