Good Sense Of Humor Quotes

Good Sense Of Humor Quotes by Eminem, Mahatma Gandhi, Jill Abramson, Nicholas Sparks, Jim Gaffigan, Deborah Kaplan and many others.

Anybody with a sense of humor is going to put on my alb

Anybody with a sense of humor is going to put on my album and laugh from beginning to end.
If I had no sense of humor I should long ago have committed suicide.
Mahatma Gandhi
A general truth is to have a good sense of humor. Roll with the punches of life’s ups and downs. Laughing at yourself always helps.
Jill Abramson
I think you’re intelligent and charming, and that you’re a person with a kind heart. I know that when you want to, you can look more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever met. You’re independent, you’ve got a good sense of humor, and you show surprising patience with children.” -Alex
Nicholas Sparks
Some people that work for Hot Pockets came to my Denver Paramount Theater show. They brought these hot pocket boxes the size of suit cases for me to sign. I wrote “these are WMD’s” on the boxes. The HP people seem to have a good sense of humor about all of it.
Jim Gaffigan
I actually didn’t even think about “Josie and the Pussycats” . I was like, “Oh yeah we kind of took some shots at MTV,” but I think everyone had a good sense of humor about it. People either got that movie completely, or completely missed it and dumped all over it.
Deborah Kaplan
I like a man who can be a real friend, has a good sense of humor, a good pair of shoes and a healthy gold card.
Victoria Beckham
A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerated the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.
Billy Graham
I laugh almost everyday. I have a good sense of humor, so I’m always finding something funny.
Condoleezza Rice
Sometimes the only way to deal with horrific things in life is through a dark sense of humor.
Margaret Cho
I’m just a dog person. I love dogs very much, especially big ones, hounds, and retrievers. I think they are funny and often have good senses of humor. Plus, they give unconditional love.
Arthur Bradford
He was just trying to tease me – I knew that later – but he said he’d have to leave because it wasn’t fair to have anyone in the room who was going to make fun of what he had to say. He had a good sense of humor, really.
Fay Wray
I could never be a lesbian because I have a really good sense of humor.
Bonnie McFarlane
If people are attracted to me, I like to think it’s because I’m an interesting person, fairly smart, well-rounded, with a good sense of humor. I would like to think that’s what I am. I would like to think people see it.
Rob Lowe
And I would be the first to admit that probably, in a lot of press conferences over the time that I have been in coaching, indulging my own sense of humor at press conferences has not been greatly to my benefit.
Bobby Knight
Confidence and a good sense of humor can usually win a chick over.
Danny McBride
It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.
Max Eastman
There is certainly no defence or water -proof garment against adverse fortune which is, on the whole, so effectual as an habitual sense of humor.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
One doesn’t have a sense of humor. It has you.
Larry Gelbart
I often have said that to be a college president, you need a thick skin, a good sense of humor, and nerves like sewer pipes.
Gordon Gee
The combination of landing the biggest interview of my career and having a drill in my back reminds me that God only gives us what we can handle and that it helps to have a good sense of humor when we run smack into the absurdity of life.
Robin Roberts
The friendship that we established early on in our marriage … that carries you through tough times. That and a good sense of humor.
Barack Obama
A girl has to have a beautiful smile, Beautiful eyes and she should have a good sense of humor. She should be Honost, loving and trustworthy.
Justin Bieber
I have never believed much in luck, and my sense of humor has tended to walk on the dark side.
Hunter S. Thompson
I think in my case, I had no choice but to have a good sense of humor. I grew up with my dad, Danny Thomas, and George Burns and Bob Hope and Milton Berle and Sid Caesar and all those guys were at our house all the time and telling jokes and making each other laugh.
Marlo Thomas
A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.
William Arthur Ward
Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.
Francis Bacon
I think it’s important to have a good sense of humor and joke around with your kids. That’s what I do a lot.
Stanley Tucci
The problem with having a sense of humor is often that people you use it on aren’t in a very good mood.
Lou Holtz
The average person suffers from three delusions: 1) That he is a good driver 2) That he has a good sense of humor and 3) That he is a good listener.
Steven Sample
Bob Dole used to be really funny. Barney Frank can be kind of funny. Bob Kerrey has a good sense of humor.
Al Franken