Goofy Quotes

Goofy Quotes by Paul Walker, Larry the Cable Guy, Blake Lively, George Carlin, James Newton Howard, Lloyd Kaufman and many others.

When I was younger, the pressure was just being cool. I

When I was younger, the pressure was just being cool. I never thought of myself as a cool guy. I always thought of myself as more of the goofy guy.
Paul Walker
I don’t think every joke has to be so dadgum cerebral. I mix it up really good, because that’s the kind of humor I like. I like the goofy one-liner type stuff.
Larry the Cable Guy
People think I’m goofy. I don’t have that Angelina Jolie air to me. I wish that I did, and that’s an insecurity of mine.
Blake Lively
So I live in Los Angeles, and it’s kind of a goofy place. They have an airport named after John Wayne. That ought to explain it. It has a charming kind of superstitious innocence.
George Carlin
One day I was watching some pundits screaming at each other on a news show. It suddenly reminded me of this painting on my wall, of balloons with goofy faces rising – pundits screaming at each other and arguing off into the ether.
James Newton Howard
I didn’t even know what a film director was. To me, Charlie Chaplin was a goofy clown, and John Ford – what? Never heard of him.
Lloyd Kaufman
I don’t parade my family out for display, which is the way it will stay. Yet I have a reputation for being cooperative with the press. That’s because when I do give an interview, I’m willing to tell the truth about what I do for a living and how goofy it is sometimes – and how volatile it can also be.
Tom Hanks
Jason Lee made me laugh all the time because he’s so big, and I love how goofy bodies can be.
Selma Blair
I was such a tomboy – goofy and, in my eyes, nerdy – and I never thought I would end up in modeling. I mean, you see pictures of these girls in magazines who have this incredible talent, and no one ever really thinks you can make it to that level. At least I didn’t!
Erin Heatherton
I like to be goofy. I like to make people laugh. I like to have a good time as much as possible.
Cara Delevingne
It might sound goofy, but I do believe that emotions have power. We’re all driven by something, and most of that is emotional reaction.
Geoff Johns
I’m pretty goofy and I make a lot of dumb jokes – life is too short to be serious, so I guess that’s how I flirt. To be honest, I think I’m too shy and reserved to be a proper old fashioned flirt.
Cory Monteith
I’m like a really goofy home ec teacher.
Alton Brown
I’ve been interviewed for hundreds of magazine articles, and they come out incredibly goofy about 90 percent of the time.
David D. Burns
My goal is to give girls and boys a different idea of expression. It’s not always about looking pretty or cute. It’s about expressing yourself however that may be, even if that’s being silly or goofy or weird.
There are days when I want to feel cool, sexy, goofy, and at these times, fashion helps me define my mood.
Disha Patani
I’m a little more goofy than I think people give me credit for. I like to have fun. I like to have a good time. People don’t always get to see that.
J. J. Watt
After I left ‘Laverne & Shirley,’ I got a ton of offers to play the goofy guy next door, and there were a couple of series that I was offered that turned out to be successful series, but it was too close to what I’d done on my series, and I was really glad I didn’t take it.
Michael McKean
I got a really thick strong accent. I’m a nerd, nah not really, I’m goofy. You have to know me. You’ll see it, people who know me see it.
Kiley Dean
I have a goofy side that impacts my clothing a lot. To that end, I love witty, colorful, prints.
Mindy Kaling
I am fortunate in that I am motivated to do what I do by just a really goofy desire to do it. Maybe I have demons that are hidden away someplace, and I’ll discover mine someday.
Matt Nix
That’s what I love doing – finding ways to make a personality as extreme as you can before it starts to get goofy.
Kaitlin Olson
Leadership is loud. It is quiet. It is thoughtful and emotional and cerebral and nerdy and goofy and joyful and motivating.
Julie Foudy
I do whatever I need to do to get into character. Sometimes it’s being incredibly quiet, and sometimes it’s being loose and goofy.
Brendan Sexton III
When I was a kid, I was the one causing the problems, and my little sister was the intermediary. But I think in life, generally, I don’t want drama. I’d so much rather do something goofy.
Lauren Cohan
The content I create reflects my personality: goofy, fun, positive, a bit clumsy, family-friendly, educational and helpful.
Rosanna Pansino
I would love to do comedy. I’m actually really animated and goofy. I talk with my hands so intensely.
Tracy Spiridakos
People might think Chip is just this goofy guy, and he is a goofy guy. But he’s also the bravest person I know.
Joanna Gaines
There is going to come a day when everyone here is going to need keen observation and wit to ridicule George W. Bush. But when that day comes, all we’re going to have are tired puns and goofy looks. Because as you would say, we’re suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectorations.
Jon Stewart
I started to get a whole lot of attention in the 10th grade. That’s when I kind of came out of a little bit of a shell, or whatever, as far as basketball was concerned. I stopped being so goofy. For a high school kid, my game matured a little faster. It got better from the ninth to tenth grade.
Trevor Ariza
Our dog, Comet, is a Lab/poodle mix. She’s goofy and silly and sweet.
Garth Stein
I often played the nerdy friend or the goofy sidekick or the sort of naГЇve movie character in some ways.
Christina Hendricks
I’m that girl that’s a hardcore musician and loves to sing and write and play instruments but, at the same time, loves video games, metal music, and just being a goofy person.
Christina Grimmie
You know how when you’re alone with your cat, your cat is kind of silly and goofy and kind of crazy? And as soon as people come over, your cat is like someone you’ve never met before? You know, poised. That’s sort of what it’s like working with Jennifer Lopez.
Michaela Watkins
I don’t know how I look, but I know how I feel: Young. Goofy. Infinite.
John Green
When I came out to Hollywood in 1985, I thought that I would be sitcom star. I’m a tall, skinny, goofy guy. I thought that I would make a great funny neighbor, or wacky office mate, in a sitcom.
Doug Jones
I am a goofy person, really. That’s where my energy goes, that’s how I live my life. The goof gene is very strong inside me, really.
Devon Bostick
I think a setting is hugely important. I look at setting as a character with its own look, sound, history, quirks, goofy temperaments and moods.
Deb Caletti
Just for fun, I’m really goofy and I would love to do some stupid comedy. I’m talking, like, crazy, out there, Will Ferrell type of thing. I love it, I think those movies are so funny.
Jaimie Alexander
I still get very excited when people say they fall in love. It doesn’t matter how old you are, falling in love is a beautiful thing. And I still act like I did when I was a teenager. I get fluttery and tap dance around. I’m never afraid of making funny faces or being completely goofy.
Cote de Pablo
I loved you way before you ever had a chance to put a spell on me. I loved you at ‘I’ve never been to Long Island,'” Zach said. I couldn’t keep a big goofy grin from my face. I loved you at ‘I like seals,'” I admitted. He grinned back.
Meg Cabot
I’ve been 6’4″ since I was 12. Goofy is somewhere in the lexicon.
Jason Segel
I try to be more goofy when I’m on set now that I’m more comfortable. In real life, I’m so goofy and super weird. I’m never mean but people don’t see the weird side of me.
Gigi Hadid
My dad’s really funny. The male sense of humor – like my grandfather’s and such – is pretty bizarre. Basically my dad’s side of the family is where the bizarreness comes from. It’s a little goofy and a little out there.
Kurt Vile
As a kid I was goofy and creative and sensitive. I like to think I’m all of those now too – just with wrinkles.
Sarah Weeks
There is a planet named Pluto, but we don’t have one named Goofy. Goofy would be a good name for this planet. It certainly qualifies.
George Carlin
I mean, I do whatever I need to do to get into character. Sometimes it’s being incredibly quiet, and sometimes it’s being loose and goofy.
Brendan Sexton III
My history teacher could make us feel like he was imparting rare gossip to us when he was talking about Maria Theresa and the Habsburgs. I just loved that sense of – the Western canon is here, and it’s gossipy and tawdry, and everyone is sort of goofy.
Daniel Mallory Ortberg
I grew up on the Roger Moore and Sean Connery Bond movies, so the DNA of my spies is extremely ridiculous and goofy.
Nick Harkaway
I love comedy; I’m very goofy and spontaneous.
Victoria Justice
I was always a little embarrassed when there was an act on television that requires a great deal of skill but is a little goofy, and the host comes over and acts like the person doing this skill is some sort of fool for having learned to do something that’s very, very difficult.
Penn Jillette
I still think marriage is a goofy institution if you set it up as this institution with a predetermined set of rules. It’s unhealthy to have a predisposed expectation of what you think a marriage should be – as this thing at the end of the rainbow. False expectations take away joy.
Sandra Bullock
Those that are goofy enough to believe the outrageous lies and hate spewed about me in the mind-numb media are inconsequential and pathetic. Those that know me are certain of my goodness and connect with me deeply.
Ted Nugent
I like girls who really don’t care what other people are thinking – girls who are a little goofy. I think that’s sexy.
Ryan Lochte
Then my first film was something called Cannibal Girls, which sounds like a horror movie but was actually kind of a goofy comedy with horror elements. Like a horror spoof.
Ivan Reitman
I want you to understand, when I do these interviews, I say a lot of goofy things because that’s what people expect me to say. But I never said ever that I was trying to prove the flat Earth with this rocket. It’s to raise awareness, to inspire people, to dream – which is what we used to do in this country.
Mike Hughes
I’ve always been the goofy kid. Growing up, I always enjoyed the comedic aspect of relating to women. Even on camera, it was always the funny take on it.
Will Smith
I’ve become less conservative since the Republican Party started becoming goofy.
Richard Posner
With Edge and Christian, we were like ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’ the Bill & Ted of WWE. We were kind of goofy, kind of funny, humorous, but then when we had to be serious in the ring, we would get serious.
Christian Cage
I like to take chances. The actors I admire are the ones who aren’t afraid to make themselves nasty, bad or even goofy. I’ve never shied away from controversial characters.
Matt Dillon
I hope America sees I am a goofy guy andI’m kind a crazy, I hope they see that I am a musician aswell, that I have music all around my body – I’m just exfoliating music, and I just hope America sees that.
Casey Abrams
I think with the kids I get to be a little more fun and goofy, which is kinda how I am all the time.
Graham Elliot
I’m usually cast by people who are oddly goofy.
Martin Landau
I think shows that have more of a narrative and are about what’s going to happen next, those need to wrap up as a complete story. But it’s weird when a goofy comedy show needs to end.
Scott Aukerman
They didn’t really encourage my goofy, comedic side at Juilliard.
Gillian Jacobs
When I was trying to write a novel, I ran out of money, and I was delivering packages on a bicycle. And I finally connected with these guys who started a software company, and almost serendipitously fell into that. I felt like they were goofy guys and that I was a goofy guy.
Glenn Kelman
I am a goofy person at heart.
Bushwick Bill
I have a song called ‘Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes.’ If I can’t be goofy, I’ll go insane.
Doja Cat
I look at myself as one of the silly, goofy kids that walks around the halls and has fun. I’m just like everybody else.
Jabari Parker
Sometimes animal exercises can help you get in touch with parts of yourself that you don’t access day to day. In my day-to-day physicality, I’m a little bit like a terrier. I’ve always been described as a dog. I’m kind of goofy and a little dopey looking sometimes.
Jordan Gavaris
I always thought I was sort of awkward and goofy-looking. I’m still kind of gangly.
Troy Garity
I’m goofy. I’m silly. I like to have fun.
Evan Peters
I’ve been the same goofy guy I’ve been this whole time.
JaVale McGee
When I was younger, I went through a lot of different phases. One day I’d be punk rock, and the next I would be tomboyish, and then I would be really girly. I was so weird. My two best friends and I were just crazy and goofy!
Ashley Benson
I was terribly gawky, too goofy to become a high-kicking cheerleader, with stringy brown hair and bad posture. Definitely nobody noticeable!
Helen Slater
I think, honestly, that a lot of people think I’m sad and dark all the time, because of the music I have made. But there’s a huge part of my personality that’s really energetic, outgoing and goofy.
Skylar Grey
Do goofy stories make people nice? What if, in their goofiness, these stories somehow inspire that in the right way. Is that a social good?
Matt Stone
I don’t have an explosive temper. People seem to think that – maybe somewhere lives the lion in my cage. But I’m actually kind of goofy.
Juliette Lewis
President Obama was in Disney World today where he unveiled his new plan to create jobs. He was joined by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse but not Goofy. He had to stay behind to tend to his vice presidential duties.
Jay Leno
People are goofy about the movie business, so you end up counting on friends you knew before you were successful. It is harder to make new friends because you are a little more cautious.
Michael Douglas
And I want to find a way to be of service to humanity. I think that’s crucial. So want to be an artist and a servant, a humanitarian, and I want to play goofy weirdoes.
Rainn Wilson
I know fashion can be intensely goofy, but it is something I’ve always taken pretty seriously.
John Malkovich
I don’t think my acting was ever bad; I always knew that I could do it. But when you go to audition for a drama, they’re very serious in the room, and I was used to being kind of goofy and having small talk.
Mary Lynn Rajskub
I’m lanky and goofy.
Jake Hager
It’s craziness to see yourself as damaged goods, so I was the goofy kid who’d stop a strange adult and say, ‘Do you know how to get to Palm Avenue?’ They’d say no, and I’d say, ‘You go two blocks and turn right. You can’t miss it.’
James L. Brooks
I love when we just let our hair down, get a little goofy and just be girls.
Camille Grammer
Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a goofy and fun-loving guy.
Glen Powell
Goofy was the word that was used most often by my sisters because I’ve been this tall ever since I was 12 years old.
Will Smith
Some people are just really goofy kind of guitar acts, and they go out and do these colleges and start making a fortune pretty early on. And other people – I know guys who are great comics, who’ve done the Letterman show many times, who still barely pay their bills.
Greg Giraldo
I’m pretty goofy, I’ll do anything for a laugh.
Cody Linley
I really don’t have a type. I never had a type. If I could put them all together, it’s, like, the most different grouping. So I love when guys are funny. I love guys that are funny and goofy and over the top. And you know, I really like personality.
Kaley Cuoco
We opened a theater in 2006 called Loft Ensemble in Sherman Oaks. And we write our own plays and do goofy characters and pack a whopping 20 people per night to watch our work.
Cameron Britton
It never dawned on me that I was sexy. I always thought of myself as the goofy kid.
Luke James
I tried to join three gangs, and every single one gave me a different excuse, but it was pretty much along the lines of, ‘You’re too goofy. You’re too cute. You don’t fit in.’
Tiffany Haddish
I’m a pretty goofy person. I’m an awkward dancer, for instance, and a terrible singer.
Gillian Jacobs
I had no reason to get all goofy, just because the man was too good-looking for his own good.
Richelle Mead
I can be serious, too, but I’m a goofy guy, so I like doing crazy things.
Nicholas D’Agosto
I be goofy, kinda funny. Acting stupid but they love me.
Mac Miller
I wore goofy hats to school and did musical theater. Most people thought I was a dork. But if you have a sense of humor about it, no one can bring you down.
Zac Efron
I know how to do the other stuff – the ‘Access’ stuff and go be goofy and all that. That I can do. For me to sit on a desk, when I know on the other network is Bob Costas and Dan Patrick is a change.
Michelle Beadle
On ‘Raw,’ I’m more of a strong, silent type because I don’t need to talk it up because I can back it up. But on ‘Total Divas,’ it’s definitely different, because I’m unapologetically myself. I speak my mind, I’m goofy, and I like to have fun.
Nia Jax
“I was not alone when I was in Goofy hell”
One of my biggest gripes with wrestling in the last decade is it has seen a lot of silly, goofy characters. I feel like every other match is a comedy spot, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think if there is a comedy spot, it should be special.
Eli Drake
I loved practical jokes. I loved being goofy on the playground, and I loved doing silly cartoons, but I was not this subversive little delinquent. I am an Eagle Scout, after all.
Steve Breen
I’m incredibly inspired by the goofy edginess of teenagers and young people.
Luca Guadagnino
When I was in first grade, everyone made fun of my name, of course. I think it’s kind of a big name to hold up when you’re nine years old. It seemed goofy. I used to tell people I wanted to change the world and they used to think, ‘This kid’s really weird’.
River Phoenix
A couple of days working with Joe Jonas, I thought, ‘This guy is a slayer of a singer; he’s really funny, goofy, and sexy. We need to write that.’ And that led to ‘Cake By The Ocean.’
Justin Tranter
Just for fun, I’m really goofy and I would love to do some stupid comedy. I’m talking, like, crazy, out there, Will Ferrell type of thing. I love it; I think those movies are so funny.
Jaimie Alexander
I do what I do because of Walt Disney. Goofy. Mickey Mouse. I never forgot how their films entertained me.
John Lasseter
Yeah, I put out some goofy stuff. I had no idea who I was as an artist at all before ‘Posse on Broadway.’
Sir Mix-a-Lot
When I was younger, I went through a lot of different phases. One day Id be punk rock, and the next I would be tomboyish, and then I would be really girly. I was so weird. My two best friends and I were just crazy and goofy!
Ashley Benson
I’m a total goof. When I’m being really comfortable with my friends, I can be very goofy.
Ansel Elgort
I’m a little goofy sometimes; I can get a little wacky.
Tamala Jones
I just was apologizing for maybe being a little goofy.
Guy Clark
I mean, I’m 6-foot-11, I’ve got red hair, freckles, I’m a goofy, nerdy-looking guy, I’ve got a speech impediment-I stutter and stammer all the time-and I’m a Deadhead.
Bill Walton
There’s this whole sexy thing that happens to women when we walk the red carpet, and it’s all okay! At home, I am so many other things! I am just a girl dreaming. I am emotional and goofy.
Zulay Henao
In real life, I’m so goofy and super weird. I’m never mean, but people don’t see the weird side of me. Like, I’ll be dancing around. My best friends will always say that they wish others saw that side of me, when I’m doing a weird dance or weird faces or voices.
Gigi Hadid
I don’t want to be known just as ‘Carrot Top.’ I don’t always want to be this crazy, goofy guy.
Carrot Top
I think that, ah, I’m a very goofy sort of person in many ways.
Jeff Bezos
I didn’t buy the Porsche for status. I hate that, and it’s actually kind of goofy now because in L.A., a Porsche is like a Honda. It was just that I could pay that much money for a car and drive it off the lot.
Sophia Amoruso
It’s not a bad typecast: the goofy guy.
Fred Willard
But don’t get caught out there looking goofy. It’s weird. When you do something that stinks, it’s going to last forever on the Internet. There’s always someone in the audience with a camera phone and if you’re not 100%, you’re going to be watching yourself on YouTube.
Jamie Foxx
When me and my sister were growing up, we just had very different personalities. I was sort of analytical and took myself too seriously, and she was sort of goofy and nuts and full of love – too much love, she had a crush on a different guy every week.
Alex Hirsch
I’m just a geeky, goofy person.
Austin Peck
Everyone thinks these are self-portraits but they aren’t meant to be. I just use myself as a model because I know I can push myself to extremes, make each shot as ugly or goofy or silly as possible.
Cindy Sherman
In normal life people say, ‘You’re so different than on stage!’ Offstage I’m down to earth, simple and a very goofy girl… I like to make goofy faces, be dorky and not take things too seriously. I just love to laugh.
Nicole Scherzinger
President George W. Bush was kind of a goofy tongue-tied dude. Mostly he just mangled the English language. Barack Obama, by contrast, was a smooth talker. The problem is that frequently what he said was just wrong or tendentious.
Mollie Hemingway
As opposed to trying to make a kiss look romantic or sweet or passionate, it’s kind of fun to just have the freedom to make it look weird, goofy and awkward.
Gillian Jacobs
Women and gay men have something in common after all: in that they are trying to deal with this goofy egotistical monster called a man.
Edmund White
I’ve learned that no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.
Andy Rooney
I always disliked that anytime you had gays represented in – and there were some exceptions, certainly – but represented in popular fiction, they were usually the goofy neighbor next door, you know? And I just thought, ‘Well, I know a lot of gay people, and they’re just as varied as the heterosexual people I know.’
Joe R. Lansdale
I’m just a goofy, self-deprecating person.
Sarah Rafferty
Camp David is a wonderful place for the family to get away and run around and do goofy things.
Susan Ford
I get to be goofy and quirky and sweet at the same time.
Toks Olagundoye
I’m pretty goofy. I laugh at my own jokes.
Abby Wambach
I know I’m known for dramas, but around my family and friends, I’m really goofy! Not saying I’m necessarily funny, but I’m very goofy.
Kylie Bunbury
I wasn’t a sweet kid. I was an instigator and provoked everyone with my goofy hyena cackle, loving every minute of the drama I could create.
Adam F. Goldberg
‘The Outsiders’ cast in particular was a joy to be around – sweet kids, normal goofy teenagers off camera and serious artists on. They were great. I never got them mixed up with the characters, though. Each of them had his own strong personality.
S. E. Hinton
I’m pretty quiet. But I love to play sports. I like playing all sports. I’ll act goofy at times around my wife and my son, around my own family. I like to have fun in general.
Steve Blake
I dreamed of being very attracted to my future husband, and I’m extremely attracted to him. I dreamed of having lots of fun together and being able to be goofy and be accepted, that’s all there.
Rebecca St. James
I think it jumps generations. You get a screwball in one, and then the next one is straight, then you get a screwball. My grandmother was goofy, my mother was straight.
Grace Slick
I can’t be funny, goofy, happy go lucky all the time.
D’Angelo Russell
I had a good loud voice and I wasn’t afraid to be goofy or zany.
Carol Burnett
I always feel like a goofy little kid.
Julia Stiles
I think I have a pretty goofy profile for a writer. It seems to me most writers were reading ‘Little Women’ when they were 6 months old. At the age of a lot of my readers, I wanted to be a major league baseball player. I didn’t read much.
Jerry Spinelli
I’m a weird goofy dork.
Zoe Quinn
I had big teeth, and I was goofy. I probably used to mess with people too much. People were always trying to be cool, and I was just being goofy and an idiot. So whenever I would get picked on – which happened a lot – I would usually find a way to talk my way out of it or joke my way out of it.
Lamorne Morris
So this is what insanity is. Not goofy behavior, but watching a sudden change in the world you used to know.
Toni Morrison
I had a concussion I didn’t get over for three years. I think that’s why I’m goofy.
Jim Harrison
I also found child’s play – stuff that was not considered serious, but goofy – was the stuff I liked to do, so I still do it as an adult.
Matt Groening
I’m kind of like the goofy number-seven guy in a lot of movies.
Scott Caan
There have been times I almost got a persecution complex. I felt like people wouldn’t let me grow up. They always saw me as a smiling kid or goofy teenager, no matter how much I’d changed.
Ricky Schroder
Sometimes I’ll post goofy photos of myself on Instagram without make-up or making silly faces. I don’t always look like a little Barbie doll.
Becky G
I was, like, this tiny little kid that was goofy and would always crack jokes or sit in the back of class and not listen to anything that the teacher was saying.
Noah Centineo
I’m usually cast for the more goofy and tomboyish characters.
Yael Grobglas
I wouldn’t even say I’m really good at dancing, I’d just say I’m not shy to movement. At a young age, people would laugh at me moving. None of it looked like it should have been called a dance move. But it was just me being goofy.
Travis Kelce
I want to go to Australia and take the same goofy picture of me holding a koala that everyone else takes.
Jessi Klein
I’m getting more into fashion. I’m surprised that I’m getting into it because I was always wearing goofy stuff in high school.
Morgan Saylor
I’m a goofy dude. I don’t usually take things too seriously, but when I step on the field it’s a whole different aspect to me.
George Kittle
I think in its own small way, it did push people to be more accepting of different kinds of music. It definitely made music more egalitarian in terms of, it took away the shame of the goofy bands that you liked.
Jancee Dunn
I really explored self-awareness and emotions through ‘Green Lantern.’ It might sound goofy, but I do believe that emotions have power. We’re all driven by something, and most of that is emotional reaction. For me, it was about recognizing my self-awareness.
Geoff Johns
I wanna do some more goofy comedy stuff; I really enjoyed doing ‘A Touch of Cloth.’
Charlie Brooker
I’m a Gemini and I have a lot of different moods. Sometimes I’m very serious and introspective and pensive, but other times I’m completely goofy and girlie. So, I like my songs to cover all my moods.
I think I’ll be Scottish in every movie I write. They always try to talk me out of it, but Woody Allen is always a nebbish New Yorker. Why shouldn’t I be a goofy Glaswegian?
Craig Ferguson
Some comedians are silly or goofy or straight joke writers who avoid anything subversive or political. Others are drawn to it. The beauty of standup is there is room for everyone, and years of performing in front of crowds will dictate what you can or can’t do.
Ted Alexandro
You want to be able to say anything when you do your first draft, because some of that goofy stuff that you think has nothing to do with it is probably where the mother lode is.
Sandra Cisneros
Like a cartoon world, where the figures are flat and outlined in black, jerking through some kind of goofy story that might be real funny if it weren’t for the cartoon figures being real guys.
Ken Kesey
I don’t know why people can’t believe that I can be mellow. In real life, I’m goofy around people I know but my music portrays me to be hype when most of the time, I’m actually mellow.
NLE Choppa
Hollywood is a goofy place. But I like it…. If one weren’t a little mad one wouldn’t be there.
Charles Laughton
Gabe brings home a chicken and Tommy Falk for dinner. Truth be told, I’m not unhappy to see any of them. Gabe, because it’s been so long since we’ve had dinner with him; the chicken because it’s not beans; and Tommy Falk because his presence makes Gabe cheerful and goofy.
Maggie Stiefvater
You know, I’ve just always been sort of goofy and kind of gone with it. I actually usually work more in drama, but I have been floating back and forth with comedy and somehow they keep giving me jobs in comedy, so I guess there’s something funny about me.
Zachary Knighton
I believe in the importance of sincerity and emotion and honesty in TV, even when it’s goofy comedy.
Michael Schur
I think people are surprised to learn that Im pretty goofy and pretty funny.
Susan Egan
I love when guys are funny. I love guys that are funny and goofy and over the top. And you know, I really like personality. I do.
Kaley Cuoco
Don’t ask super goofy questions at the premiere of a very serious movie or try to have an in-depth political discussion at the opening of a new fashion boutique.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
When I made dog sweaters, as goofy as that was, I made this product, and people could buy it, and I got money immediately. Music was just this ethereal land of maybe, a lot of waiting and waiting. You live your life around hoping you get a five-thousand-dollar royalty check that usually doesn’t come.
Natalie Prass
People don’t understand that when I’m on the show I’m totally relaxed, hanging out, having a fun time, watching videos, and being goofy. Sometimes I say stupid comments, just being funny, and people think I’m a dumb person.
Chanel West Coast
Ever since I started doing television, I tended to get cast, for the most part, as these strong, intelligent women… Which is wonderful, but very rarely do I get to be the goofy girl that I am.
Amanda Tapping
I was such a goofy kid that, when I won things, people were like, ‘Oh, when did that happen?’
Kaetlyn Osmond
Just by nature, I think in comedy. I think in sketches and what have you. In every drama or action movie I’ve been in, I have to make a concerted effort not to turn it into a comedy. Every shot, before action is called and after cut is called, I’m usually in some goofy head space. It feels natural to me.
Michael Jai White
I usually balance out autobiography with goofy, amusing stuff to help keep the humour in my more serious work.
Jeffrey Brown
What am I supposed to do if I go bald? Get a wig? Fat, goofy, gay, wig. I might as well get a piano and start an Elton John tribute act!
Alan Carr
I like guys who have a plan or a dream. A good sense of humor is also a must. I can be weird with my humor and say things that are random. You need to understand that I’m really goofy and go with it.
Edy Ganem
Shaq is just a goofy dancer. He’s just silly.
Reggie Miller
Ultimately, when I deliver something, a lot of times it will be from a black woman’s perspective, but other times it will be just from a satirical, goofy perspective.
Jessica Williams
‘The Watch’ is first and foremost a comedy, but since I got to shoot the film using elements from the sci-fi genre, I wanted to make sure the alien didn’t look goofy. I got to make a real alien that looks dangerous. That was a big plus for me because I got to do something really fun and cool.
Akiva Schaffer
Soccer is an endless source of material. I mean, take my Paralympic teammates. It’s a mix of 12 goofy, disabled guys and when we come together, we just laugh at each other.
Josh Blue
Adam Sandler is truly brilliant. He plays these goofy characters, but he is a brilliant fellow.
Henry Winkler
I feel like sometimes I get even more goofy onstage than I am offstage. I’m not trying to make the music less than what it is. Even if it’s hard for me and I have to think about a lot of details, it’s none of the audience’s business. I don’t want them to feel that I’m having a hard time.
Anat Cohen
God has a funny way of giving you the answer when you get your mind away from goofy things.
Rudy Ruettiger
Zac Efron is like a brother who’s just goofy and crazy. He plays a lot of practical jokes.
Ashley Tisdale
At this point, I feel like I can allow myself to be goofy and take more risks, and even if I do fall on my face, I know it’s not the end of the world and at least I tried to do something different.
Dave Franco
Everyone knows I’m sort of goofy. Some guys are really serious when they play. I’m not.
Nick Foles
I’m mad goofy.
RJ Barrett
After all, where can the glorious, the goofy, and the god-like stand shoulder to shoulder?
Clive Barker
Instead of making Friday The 13th, Part VIII or whatever, I was making the girl-meets-boy, girl-meets-girl-dressed-as-boy movie. It was fun. I liked it. It’s goofy. I look back at myself and think, “What the hell was I doing?”
Sherilyn Fenn
I’m goofy. I like to have fun. I’m always joking around.
DeMarcus Cousins
At the end of the day, even if my part is a bit goofy, the key thing is that I’m doing what I love to do, and that’s to make people laugh.
Eugene Levy
You can’t embarrass Joss Whedon, he’s got no pride! He fully admits it. ‘Oh, it’s me. I’m little and goofy.’ You can’t wound his pride. He’s too self-deprecating.
Nathan Fillion
I think of myself of a primitivist. I have never had any of these electronic instruments and I have never had the slightest interest in using them. I use the computer as a tool, simply because it makes composing a lot faster. But I don’t go on stage with a computer and make a lot of goofy sounds.
Glenn Branca
I really love fashion, but I feel like the older I get, the more I am drawn to the basic things in my daily life because everything else is so goofy and crazy.
Katherine Waterston
I’m not that cool in real life. I’m only cool in a goofy way.
Eddie Griffin
My wife says in Richard Stark’s world, the honest citizens are goofy. Okay, they are. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but because he’s outside his own world, it sort of freed up the environment around him to be a little more looser and goofier.
Donald E. Westlake
My father was a very fun dad. He was always coaching our soccer sports teams; he made sure that we had activities to do. He was kind of goofy and fun. But at the same time, he had a lot of lessons to teach us so that we didn’t grow up and just not be good people.
Milo Ventimiglia
If there are nine guys auditioning and they’re all gorgeous, I have an advantage, because gorgeous guys are a dime a dozen. But if they need someone else – like a goofy guy with bad hair who is just okay – then that’s me. And finally, the other 2 percent who audition are geniuses that I could never touch.
Tom Hanks
Sometimes it was really hard maintaining composure. People were just goofy.
Pell James
Nobody at fifteen wants anybody to see how goofy their parents are.
Aimee Osbourne
You know, I’ve just always been sort of goofy and kind of gone with it. I actually usually work more in drama, but I have been floating back and forth with comedy, and somehow they keep giving me jobs in comedy, so I guess there’s something funny about me.
Zachary Knighton
Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you’re goofy, be goofy if you’re serious be serious. And no matter what, give everything you have and enjoy it while you can because it can all be taken away from you at any given moment.
Derek Holland