Harvard Quotes

Harvard Quotes by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Fiona Hill, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Elisabeth Shue, Paula Broadwell and many others.

Maybe I was accepted to Harvard only because of my tenn

Maybe I was accepted to Harvard only because of my tennis skills, since I definitively had no great academic achievements. I was 17 and only thought about surfing and playing tennis. I had almost never left Rio de Janeiro and had never been to the United States.
Jorge Paulo Lemann
I got a PhD from Harvard and a few years later, there was a girl from Sunderland who hadn’t got into Oxford or Cambridge, even though she’d got perfect A-levels. Harvard asked me to come and recruit her because I was recruited out of university by Harvard – they were trying to show that people could make it.
Fiona Hill
It takes me several days, after I get back to Boston, to realize that the reference “the president” refers to the president of Harvard and not to a minor official in Washington.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
It might be said now that I have the best of both worlds. A Harvard education and a Yale degree.
John F. Kennedy
Today I still feel like the most illiterate person ever to have roamed the campuses of Wellesley and Harvard, where I later transferred. I remain intimidated by all the books I haven’t read, but over the years I’ve come to realize that being a student is a lifelong adventure.
Elisabeth Shue
I was a Ph.D. student at a very reputable university, I was a Harvard research associate at one of the world’s premier leadership institutions.
Paula Broadwell
Obama has built his public image around his ability to bridge divisions – racial, ideological or generational. And that was his reputation, even at Harvard Law School, where he was the first black president of the ‘Law Review.
Mara Liasson
My public school teachers did a great job of saying, ‘Check this out. You’re qualified for this. You should explore these opportunities.’ They’re the ones who said, ‘You know, apply to Harvard. You might be a good fit here.’
Priscilla Chan
There’s a Harvard man on the wrong side of every question.
Abbott Lawrence Lowell
I never planned my career. I never planned to be president of Harvard. People would have thought I was crazy, probably, at the age of 8 or 10 or 20, if I had said that. So what I would say to people planning their careers is to be ready to improvise. Be ready to follow up on opportunities as they unfold.
Drew Gilpin Faust
If Moses had gone to Harvard Law School and spent three years working on the Hill, he would have written the Ten Commandments with three exceptions and a saving clause.
Charles Morgan
My father was on the faculty in the Chemistry Department of Harvard University; my mother had one year of graduate work in physics before her marriage.
Kenneth G. Wilson
We’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive. It’s pretty dense kids who haven’t figured that out by the time they’re ten…. Most kids can’t afford to go to Harvard and be misinformed.
Kurt Vonnegut
In Poland, my audience is all women between 18 and 30. At U.S. conventions, you have the fantasy and science fiction crowd. At Harvard you have an entirely different audience. It’s so schizophrenic.
Jonathan Carroll
Yale students want to impress you with what they’re doing. Harvard students want to impress you with how cool they look while doing it.
Alexandra Petri
In fact, the Harvard study data indicates that 70 percent of African American children attend schools that are predominately African American, about the same level as in 1968 when Dr. King died.
Bobby Scott
I retired in 2016 as a Lieutenant Commander and immediately went to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Dan Crenshaw
If you went to Harvard Medical School, chances are you’ll be a doctor at some place. There’s a career trajectory. Acting, there’s nothing. It’s constantly trying to procure jobs – it’s very disconcerting.
Jesse Eisenberg
The first paying voice-over gig I ever got was for a company called Harvard Community Health Plan, which is a Boston-based New England health care provider. I inherited a deep, gravelly voice from my dad, who has always claimed that if I ever get injured, he’ll just take over for me.
Will Arnett
I began playing Monopoly for real when I was 26 years old. Today, my wife and I have approximately 1,400 little green houses – each paying us monthly. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or have a Harvard degree to play Monopoly for real.
Robert Kiyosaki
A whale ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.
Herman Melville
I went into Harvard one way and came out a different person… It’s the air at Harvard; it’s like a Renaissance court.
Erich Segal
As an undergraduate at Harvard in the 1960s, I was fascinated by my visits to psychologist B.F. Skinner’s laboratory.
Andrew Weil
One of my great surprises when I was in America was about twenty-five years ago in Harvard, hearing Randall Jarrell deliver a bitter attack on the way poets were neglected. Yet there were about two thousand people present, and he was being paid five hundred dollars for delivering this attack.
Stephen Spender
Smokin weed on the star projectors, I guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us
I’m not impressed by people’s degrees. Harvard doesn’t impress me, Yale doesn’t impress me, Columbia doesn’t impress me.
Sean Hannity
I’m the Harvard guy everywhere, every day. There are worse things to be called, worse things to be known by I guess.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
By the time I got to Harvard, I feel like I knew who I was, and my job there was to throw as much against the wall as possible, to see what would stick.
Baratunde Thurston
As a journalist I’m comfortable doing library research, and I did a lot! I had a fellowship at Radcliff for a year which gave me access to the Harvard system.
Anita Diament
Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard all began as Jesus-inspired efforts to love God with all ones’ mind.
John Ortberg
I had a certificate that said, ‘Doctor of Mixology, Harvard University,’ that I actually got from Harvard University. A friend of mine was a research assistant over there and it was one of those student or university perks and she brought me in on that. So I am a doctorate from Harvard and it only took me one afternoon.
Ronda Rousey
It’s fashionable with the Sarah Palin set to attack Harvard and treat its graduates as elitists. But if you spend any time on campus, you see students drawn from all over the world – an astonishing number these days with roots in Asia – whose chief assets are brainpower and hard work.
David Ignatius
At Harvard, direct cinema was the core of the film department, and most of the students were trying to make socially conscious works, but I was trying to combine fiction and non-fiction to show how our seemingly factual world is constituted through fantasy and stories.
Joshua Oppenheimer
It horrifies me that ethics is only an optional extra at Harvard Business School.
John Harvey-Jones
Harvard was very important to me and has been very important to so many people for so many years.
John Paulson
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Derek Bok
Teacher: “If your daughter knew her spelling words as well as her Bible stories she’d get into Harvard.” Me: “I’ll settle for Heaven.”
Mark Hart
He’s wearing his official university sweatshirt again, which puzzles me a little. I mean I’d sort of understand it more if it said Yale or Harvard or something, because then it would be a fashion choice. But why advertise the fact that you’re at a university to all the other people who are at the university with you?
David Nicholls
I think that racism has gotten more subtle, and it’s not even racism anymore: it’s placism. Like where you live or whether you went to community college or Harvard, and it exists within the race.
Esai Morales
As a financial historian, I was quite isolated in Oxford – British historians are supposed to write about kings – so the quality of intellectual life in my field is much higher at Harvard. The students work harder there.
Niall Ferguson
I’ve been awed by the incredible opportunities that automatically float to the Harvard undergrads I once taught – from building homes for the poor in Nicaragua to landing prime White House internships.
Nina Easton
As a kid, I was overly studious, overly serious, very academically driven. It was important to me on a cellular level to do well. And then I went to college at Harvard, and I relaxed a little bit.
Claire Saffitz
Harvard is nerd rehab. You have to check yourself in. Those who seek a school filled with self-proclaimed ‘nerds,’ seek elsewhere. Dropping the H bomb may brand you as an intellectual or a Kennedy. But it will not give you much nerd cred. And that’s a good thing.
Alexandra Petri
‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ convinced me to drop out of Harvard graduate school. The novel reminded me of everything my Ph.D. program was trying to make me forget. Thank you, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Francine Prose
I couldn’t pass a senior high school math test right now, but I could probably teach intellectual property and trademark law at Harvard.
Eric Bischoff
I got into baseball, and everyone just started calling me a geek, like, ‘There’s the nerd from Harvard.’ Then it took 20 years of working in baseball and me actually leaving and going to football for people to say, ‘He’s the baseball guy.’ So maybe at some point I’ll be known as a football guy too.
Paul DePodesta
I went to Harvard and immediately fell into the theater gang, and I was already an experienced actor, so you go with the flow! I’ve already used the phrase “campus star.”
John Lithgow
I entered Harvard in 1965 not really knowing what I wanted to do. This confusion seems to have lost me a fellowship. G. D. Searle and Company, the pharmaceutical firm, had their home office in Skokie, and they gave a fellowship each year to a graduate from my high school that was going to major in science in college.
Martin Chalfie
From 1958 to 1966, I was in exile. I just wandered around teaching, waiting for an offer from Harvard.
Sheldon Lee Glashow
That Edison or Lincoln could have been Edison or Lincoln after four years of Harvard is improbable.
Arthur Brisbane
I was a student at Harvard, and that’s where I learned about so-called avant-garde music. Jackson Pollock, abstract expressionism and painting were well known at this time.
Henry Flynt
One of the major jobs of the Harvard president is to choose the deans. I’ve had the opportunity to choose a considerable number of deans already, so I’ve learned a lot in the process in doing it.
Drew Gilpin Faust
I was living as a young single mom. I was 19 when I was divorced, and my daughter was a year old, and I waited tables here three to four nights a week for several years while I was trying to support myself and my daughter and the day I got that acceptance at Harvard Law School was an unforgettable day.
Wendy Davis
You want to be a terrorist, you go to Iraq. It’s like Harvard.
Donald Trump
In 1967 I entered Harvard as a freshman, confident – in the way that only 17-year-olds are – that I could change the world. My major was African Studies, and my plan was to travel to Tanzania, where President Julius Nyerere was creating a government based on democracy and socialism.
Bonnie Raitt
When Harvard men say they have graduated from Radcliffe, then we’ve made it.
Jackie Kennedy
While at Harvard, I was struck by the palpable sense of noblesse oblige that surrounds their sophisticated outreach and bursary programmes. It is almost as if they view extending opportunity to disadvantaged individuals as their highest mission.
David Lammy
It turns out one of my dad’s best friends was Carl Sagan when I was little. They were both Harvard professors.
David Grinspoon
I’ve lectured at Stanford, Princeton & Harvard to name a few… I just might be smarter than YOU
Ice T
I was first exposed to the idea of macro-molecular sequences while I was a postdoctoral fellow with Jack Strominger at Harvard. During that time, I briefly visited Fred Sanger’s laboratory in Cambridge, England, to learn the methodology of RNA fingerprinting and sequencing.
Richard J. Roberts
I moved back to Boston and joined some of my Harvard classmates at Bain & Co. I quickly realized I enjoyed business.
Kenneth Chenault
I’m regularly speaking at London Business School and Harvard Business School. They’re the next generation of leaders in the fashion industry.
Imran Amed
When you think about Boston, Harvard and M.I.T. are the brains of the city, and its soul might be Faneuil Hall or the State House or the Old Church. But I think the pulsing, pounding heart of Boston is Fenway Park.
John Towner Williams
Blueprints are for Harvard MBAs. I dropped out of college.
Daniel Snyder
I used to go to some Harvard parties with my athlete friends, and they would introduce me as ‘Winona, the Indian activist.’ It made me uncomfortable. I felt like a novelty.
Winona LaDuke
When I was a graduate student at Harvard, I learned about showers and central heating. Ten years later, I learned about breakfast meetings. These are America’s three great contributions to civilization.
Mervyn King
Ken Heitz got drafted by the Bucks the same year I did. He went to their camp just for the experience, then dropped out to attend Harvard Law School. I always admired his combination of athleticism and brains.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Harvard students have completed more English courses and less forward passes than any school in this generation.
Will Rogers
Our eldest boy, Bob, has been away from us nearly a year at school, and will enter Harvard University this month. He promises verywell, considering we never controlled him much.
Abraham Lincoln
I think one percent of the population attended college when Wallace Stevens and Robert Frost and Gertrude Stein were at Harvard. Now I think forty percent of Americans have some college education. That’s an astronomical change.
Robert Hass
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the rest of the Ivy League are worthy institutions, to be sure, but they’re not known for educating large numbers of poor young people.
Robert Reich
Tacked above my desk are photos of artists I admire – Hopper, Sargent, Twain – and postcards from beloved bookstores where I’ve spent all my time and money – Tattered Cover, Elliot Bay, Harvard Bookstore.
J. R. Moehringer
There were lots of smart black people at Harvard before Barack Obama, but none of them ever got to head up the law review. There has been a history of discrimination.
Andrew Young
Harvard has something that manages, I think, to provide a lot of options for students, but still fairly prescriptive about the kinds of subjects that the courses ought to cover.
Louis Menand
Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” (Harvard Business School definition of leadership)
Sheryl Sandberg
Harvard is famous for being an ‘absorbing state’ for faculty with almost no one leaving it for another institution, which is why the decision of granting tenure is a life long commitment.
Gita Gopinath
Harvard (across the river in Cambridge) and Boston are two ends of one mustache. … Without the faculty, the visitors, the events that Harvard brings to the life here, Boston would be intolerable to anyone except genealogists, antique dealers, and those who find repletion in a closed local society.
Elizabeth Hardwick
I don’t think Harvard was punished when Bill Gates left early. I don’t think they were. I don’t think he did too badly.
Jim Boeheim
Follow your dreams Bailey. Be they Harvard or somehing else entirely. No matter what that father of yours says, or how loudly he might say it. He forgets that he was someone’s dream once, himself
Erin Morgenstern
I brought one big question with me to Harvard. Why do smart companies fail?
Clayton M. Christensen
I moved to Harvard in 1998, and in 2000 the first kidney exchange in the United States was done at a hospital nearby. I started to think, ‘Gee, there might be a way where I could help organize it, make it easier for people to find kidneys.’
Alvin E. Roth
In the winter of 1940, ‘The Atlantic Monthly’ invited Peter Viereck, a twenty-three-year-old Harvard graduate who had won the college’s top essay and poetry prizes, to write about ‘the meaning of young liberalism for the present age.’
Tom Reiss
My most difficult class at Harvard Business School would have to be finance.
Tyra Banks
Harvard makes mistakes too, you know. Kissinger taught there.
Woody Allen
These movies are like my kids. I just love them to death. Some of them go to Harvard and some of them can barely graduate high school.
Barry Sonnenfeld
I got a four year scholarship to Harvard, and while I was there they wanted to groom me for work in the Star Wars program designing weapons ignited by hydrogen bombs. I didn’t want to do that. I thought about how many scientists had died in World War II.
Michio Kaku
There were times at Harvard when I actually longed to hang out with a few more Trotskyists, rather than yet another set of future consultants and investment bankers. At least the Trotskyists cared about the important stuff.
Ross Douthat
There are a few other things that I built when I was at Harvard that were kind of smaller versions of Facebook. One such program was this program called Match. People could enter the different courses that they were taking, and see what other courses would be correlated with the courses they are taking.
Mark Zuckerberg
You could be disqualified for a job [at Harvard] if you were either smart or Jewish or Keynesian. So what chance did this smart, Jewish, Keynesian have?
Paul Samuelson
Children are amazing, and while I go to places like Princeton and Harvard and Yale, and of course I teach at Columbia, NYU, and that’s nice and I love students, but the most fun of all are the real little ones, the young ones.
David Dinkins
I’m not the woman president of Harvard, I’m the president of Harvard.
Drew Gilpin Faust
I came home from school one day, and there was a phone call for me. And I picked up the phone. They said, ‘This is the Harvard Admissions Department. We’d like to let you know that you’re accepted in the freshman class.’ And I said, ‘Come on, who is this really?’
Ben Bernanke
Researchers at Harvard say that taking a power nap for an hour in the afternoon can totally refresh you. They say that by the time you wake up you’ll feel so good, you’ll be able to start looking for a new job.
Jay Leno
My interest in science was excited at age nine by an article on astronomy in National Geographic; the author was Donald Menzel of the Harvard Observatory. For the next few years, I regularly made star maps and snuck out at night to make observations from a locust tree in our back yard.
Dudley R. Herschbach
I got more out of the farm than Harvard Business School.
Greg Brenneman
BJ Novak gets the Perseverance Award for graduating from Harvard and being unemployed for the entire plane ride to Los Angeles.
Andy Kindler
At Harvard, I majored in English Literature.
Lisa Brennan-Jobs
I speak Mandarin and can read and write a little. I took a few classes at Harvard to get better in my reading and writing skills.
Jeremy Lin
When I came to Harvard, I was debating between math and science, and I guess I thought in the end I wanted something that could connect to the real world. I liked puzzle-solving and connections.
Lisa Randall
There’s a Harvard Business School thing that says, ‘Every 10 years you should replant yourself,’ and the only way to keep young is to learn new things and keep curious.
Sherry Lansing
Almost nothing anyone told me about Harvard has been accurate.
Alexandra Petri
When I went away to college, I marveled at the wealth of bookstores around Harvard Square.
John Updike
I sometimes think that when he was at Harvard Law School, Mr. Obama cut class the day they got to the separation of powers, ’cause he seems to consider it not just an inconvenience but an indignity that, although he got 270 electoral votes and therefore gets to be president, he didn’t get everything.
George Will
My work has taken me from historical research to involvement in electronic publishing ventures to the directorship of the Harvard University Libraries.
Robert Darnton
At Harvard I majored in chemistry with a strong inclination toward math.
William Standish Knowles
I held a conference in Harvard where Americans said they didn’t believe in risk. They thought it was just European hysteria. Then the terrorist attacks happened and there was a complete conversion. Suddenly terrorism was the central risk.
Ulrich Beck
The “Highway 61” album [of Bob Dylan] was produced by Bob Johnston if I’m not incorrect. And Bob Johnston was an entirely different producer than Tom Wilson. Tom Wilson had produced jazz records and was a Harvard educated.
Al Kooper
I went to Amherst because my brother had gone there before me, and he went there because his guidance counselor thought that we would do better there than at a large university like Harvard.
Joseph Stiglitz
Stereotyped as convention-going, pocket-protector-wearing, chess-playing, infrequently-showering types, nerds are one of our society’s most ridiculed groups. And, for a university with an international reputation as a bastion of intellectualism, Harvard is startlingly devoid of them.
Alexandra Petri
Harvard was the most intimidating experience. I felt so out of my league there.
Wendy Davis
I wear tweed jackets and button-down shirts. I am a 1955 graduate of Harvard University who drives a 1968 Mercedes.
J. Anthony Lukas
McGeorge Bundy was a brilliant man who’d had a meteoric academic career and was the youngest man ever to be dean of the Harvard faculty. But he was also arrogant and looked upon all sorts of people and politicians as not to be taken all that seriously.
Robert Dallek
I was initially very interested in public policy, but then after my masters at Harvard, I felt that it was important to get a better handle on the economics of it as well. I did my Ph.D. in macroeconomics, and my thesis – ‘Why Is It That Some Countries Save And Others Not?’ – was on savings.
Dambisa Moyo
We are making sure that the courses we offer at MITx and HarvardX are quintessential MIT and Harvard courses. They are not watered down. They are not MIT Lite or Harvard Lite. These are hard courses. These are the exact same courses, so the certificate will mean something.
Anant Agarwal
The life of Edward Estlin Cummings began with a childhood in Cambridge, Mass., that he described as happy, but he struggled in both his artistic and romantic exploits against the piousness of his father, an esteemed Harvard professor.
Billy Collins
With a hundred and seventy-eight machines to sequence the precise order of the billions of chemicals within a molecule of DNA, B.G.I. produces at least a quarter of the world’s genomic data – more than Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health, or any other scientific institution.
Michael Specter
I know of no title that I deem more honorable than that of Professor of the Harvard Law School.
Felix Frankfurter
Facebook wasn’t built out of a Harvard dorm window.
Eduardo Saverin
When I first heard Wallace Stevens’ voice, it was by chance: a friend wanted to listen to the recording he had made for the Harvard Vocarium Series.
Helen Vendler
I knew I wanted to do something creative, and you don’t necessarily go to Harvard to do that. It’s not the best choice for creative writing.
Gabrielle Zevin
It is all one to me if a man comes from Sing Sing Prison or Harvard. We hire a man, not his history.
Malcolm Forbes
After the navy, I transferred to Harvard and finished there. I was there the spring term of 1951 and I stayed through the summer term and a whole other year, so I was able to do two years in a little less than a year and a half.
Harry Mathews
If I am not elected, I imagine that I will ask Harvard to let me back.
Michael Ignatieff
The acceptance to Harvard was more of trophy than a real possibility to me. I would have been miserable.
Reggie Lee
Harvard has been almost as important to the American Jewish community as the pork-sausage industry.
P. J. O’Rourke
In the United States we have the great Harvard Business School, but America is the country with the greatest debt in the world.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
My eldest sister Beth is a doctor who studied at Harvard and Columbia and played basketball for Harvard. She set the athletic and academic standard for the rest of us to follow.
Abby Wambach
I was driven when I was younger. Driven at West Point where it was much more competitive in that women were competing with men on many levels, and I was driven in the military and at Harvard, both competitive environments.
Paula Broadwell
Don’t tell anyone, but on the pagan day of the sun god Ra, I kneel at the foot of an ancient instrument of torture and consume ritualistic symbols of blood and flesh. …And if any of you care to join me, come to the Harvard chapel on Sunday, kneel beneath the crucifix, and take Holy Communion.
Dan Brown
We have associations to things. We have, you know, we have associations to tables and to – and to dogs and to cats and to Harvard professors, and that’s the way the mind works. It’s an association machine.
Daniel Kahneman
I’d say Harvard graduates leave here with a sense of the possible and the limit – and a sense that there are no limits to what humans can do and that you can always be pushing, whatever limit you think might be there.
Drew Gilpin Faust
I won’t say there aren’t any Harvard graduates who have never asserted a superior attitude. But they have done so to our great embarrassment and in no way represent the Harvard I know.
Derek Bok
Serious drama in a significant degree began at Harvard in the 1880s. In 1881, the Cercle Francais initiated the annual French play, and shortly afterwards the German and Spanish clubs added their productions.
J. Anthony Lukas
The ‘Living-Wage Campaign’ at Harvard is like a Boston winter: you know it’s going to strike, but wonder only when and how hard.
Vivek Ramaswamy
I don’t think anybody could understand what its like to be an athlete at Harvard University.
Cris Collinsworth
One thing that used to worry me is the fact that it seemed like Harvard was this big scary thing where I would have to spend all my time studying just to get in. But getting to go to both campuses of Harvard and Oxford and getting to meet some of the professors was absolutely amazing.
Yara Shahidi
Evolutionary psychology has often been a field whose most prominent practitioners get embroiled in controversy – witness the 2010 case of Harvard professor Marc Hauser, whose graduate students came forward to say he’d been faking evidence for years.
Annalee Newitz
We’ve had risk assessments performed by Harvard University, which said that even if we did have a small number of cases in this country that the likelihood of it spreading or getting into any kind of human health problem is very, very small.
Ann Veneman
I began my thesis research at Harvard by working with a team in the laboratory of William N. Lipscomb, a Nobel chemistry Laureate, in 1976, on the structure of carboxypeptidase A. I did postdoctoral studies with David Blow at the MRC lab of Molecular Biology in Cambridge studying chymotrypsin.
Thomas A. Steitz
When I got to Saturday Night Live, it was a lot like going from pre-school to Harvard, and it took a long time to figure stuff out.
Bill Hader
One of the best highlights of my Harvard business program I attended was I had 60 students in my class. I was the tallest, of course, but looking at the students, 30 of them were American and 30 of them were from all over the world.
Zaza Pachulia
To teach is to learn twice. About all some parents accomplish in life is to send a child to Harvard. The purpose of a liberal education is to make one’s mind a pleasant place to spend one’s leisure.
Joseph Joubert
I always say that my motto when it comes to children is: My job is not to get you into Harvard, it’s to get you to heaven.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
Sometimes I fear that, if Harvard does not give up trying to turn itself from an Institution of Learning into an Educational Institution, we may have a generation of professors whose duty it will be to disseminate information which they have not the time to acquire.
Edwin Boring
I was one of those dorky kids who’d wanted to go to Harvard since the fifth grade.
Kristin Gore
[My mother is] a half-Chinese, half-Jamaican woman, who grew up the ninth of nine kids, getting a law degree from Harvard. Academically brilliant, but also incredibly strong-willed and ethical. My mother was like that, my sister is, and my wife is too.
Harry Connick, Jr.
I give you Chicago. It is not London and Harvard. It is not Paris and buttermilk. It is American in every chitling and sparerib. It is alive from snout to tail.
H. L. Mencken
I have been a scientist for more than 40 years, having studied at Cambridge and Harvard. I researched and taught at Cambridge University, was a research fellow of the Royal Society, and have more than 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I am strongly pro-science.
Rupert Sheldrake
Following graduation from high school in 1948, I attended Harvard University where I became a physics major. Having grown up in a small town, I found Harvard to be an enormously enriching experience. Students in my class came from all walks of life and from a great variety of geographical locations.
David Lee
I got a wonderful college education. I went to Harvard. In those four years I accumulated a lot of knowledge but I also created a kind of habit of learning that has stayed with me my whole life.
John Lithgow
I was spending all my time at the ‘Crimson’ – like, 70 hours a week – and I didn’t go to class for, like, a year. I failed out of school. I had to leave Harvard, really, halfway through my tenure as the ‘Crimson’ managing editor. It was this incredibly humiliating and shocking experience.
Parker Conrad
In 15 years from now half of US universities may be in bankruptcy … in the end I’m excited to see that happen. So pray for Harvard Business School if you wouldn’t mind.
Clayton Christensen
I was at Harvard Medical School and there were not a lot of, kind of, community health options, and I wound up at – sort of in Harvard Community Health Center for various reasons.
Jill Stein
Americans don’t realize how difficult it is to create a Harvard.
Anand Giridharadas
I lived within walking distance of Harvard Square, and that’s where I discovered my love of cinema. I saw a lot of foreign and independent films there.
Rachel Morrison
In 2010, my two Harvard mathematician colleagues and I dismantled kin-selection theory, which was the reigning theory of the origin of altruism at the time.
E. O. Wilson
I have a B.S. in Biology from MIT, an M.Sc. in Human Biology and a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from Oxford University, and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. I never intended for so many degrees, but I enjoyed getting them all.
Pardis Sabeti
For each of my novels, I’ve had something of a eureka moment of deciding what world I want to set it in – Wall Street, the pop-music industry, Harvard – and what the very vague contours of the narrative might be (which typically get changed a lot through the writing process).
Teddy Wayne
Sometimes you have Harvard undergraduates who stun you with the depth of their knowledge. That is why it is great to be at a university like this.
Athanasios Orphanides
At the New York Harvard Club, they’ve moved the memorial for those who died in World Wars I and II up to an obscure little hallway; they used to be in the main hall, in the most prominent location. The sacrifice of those young people I always found so stunning and so admirable.
Whit Stillman
I want to make as much of a contribution as I can, to Harvard, to higher education and hopefully, to education around the world.
Jim Breyer
Many kids think unless they go to one of these great Ivy League schools, which I was lucky enough to go to later, that they won’t get the same kind of learning. But I learned just the opposite lesson; that my best teachers were not at Harvard University.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
I would sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Just read the farm relief bill. It’s just a political version of Einstein’s last theory. If a farmer could understand it, he certainly would know more than to farm. He would be a professor at Harvard.
Will Rogers
I believe that Harvard can have, and must have, a strong affirmative action program that reflects our commitment to equal opportunity while fully respecting the academic standards of the University.
Derek Bok
The professors at Harvard are smarter and more world-renowned, and so your child will learn from a pre-eminent scholar who is a leader in his or her field. Some of Harvard’s professors are even famous.
Andrew Yang
I studied social studies at Harvard, which makes it sound like I was in seventh grade. It was a choose-your-own-adventure major, where you could decide what you were going to focus on.
Jennifer Hyman
As president of the American Historical Association, I started a programme to make dissertations into e-books in 1999. Before I knew it, I was involved in other electronic projects. Harvard invited me to become director of the libraries in 2007.
Robert Darnton
I wanted to go to Harvard because it felt like it would be the Hogwarts Academy of law schools.
Lisa Joy
The students I have come in contact with at Harvard are highly competent individuals who prefer to be challenged and respond well to encouragement.
Catherine Asaro
My father used to say, “Superior people never make long visits, have to be shown Longfellows grave, or the glass flowers at Harvard.”
Marianne Moore
I picked Harvard because it was in a big city, and a lot of girls’ schools were nearby. And I liked President Kennedy, who went to Harvard.
Jack Canfield
Here at Mass General, we’re one of the largest hospitals in the New England area and perhaps even the country. We’re Harvard affiliated, so we have a lot of resources just at baseline.
Myron Rolle
Harvard created wonderful conditions for me as a writerbut the writing was done, almost entirely, when I got home.
Seamus Heaney
When I was teaching at Harvard in the 1970s, I went to Project Incorporated in Cambridge and took photography classes. I didn’t even know how to aim the camera in those days.
Ann Beattie
I don’t believe I’ll ever get credit for anything I do in foreign affairs, no matter how successful it is, because I didn’t go to Harvard.
Lyndon B. Johnson
The DuBois Institute in the heart of Harvard is an extremely important political intervention and I’m delighted to be invited to speak here.
Stuart Hall
He looked like an evil male model, showing off what the fashionable college age villain was wearing to Harvard this year.
Rick Riordan
If your son graduates from Harvard, people will regard him as smart and highly qualified for the rest his life and give him access to opportunities. He’ll be able to get any job he wants.
Andrew Yang
I had been offered fellowships to enter as a graduate student at either Harvard or Princeton. But the Princeton fellowship was somewhat more generous, since I had not actually won the Putnam competition… Thus Princeton became the choice for my graduate study location.
John Forbes Nash
Absolutely everything I’ve done – my research, my training, my book – was made possible due to Harvard opening doors and providing me with connections.
Fiona Hill
Following graduation from Amherst, a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship enabled me to test the depth of my interest in literary scholarship by beginning graduate studies at Harvard University.
Harold E. Varmus
When I arrived at Harvard, I wanted to design a course in political theory that would have interested me, back when I was started out, in a way that the standard things didn’t.
Michael Sandel
I’m very proud of the fact I went to Harvard and I loved my four years there.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Millions of people would give literally anything to get their kids into a school like Harvard, and millions more simple admire it as another, brighter world.
David Fahrenthold
I’m a very practical, pragmatic capitalist. I was trained at Goldman Sachs. I went to Harvard Business School. I was as hard-nosed a capitalist as you get. I specialized in media, in investing in media companies, and it’s a very, very tough environment.
Steve Bannon
When Princeton plays Harvard, I’m rooting for Princeton, of course. Go Tigers!
Shira Goodman
I am enormously pleased to become a part of the Harvard community once again. I look forward to working with the students and faculty members at the Law School and in the History Department, and to experiencing the rich interdisciplinary environment at the Radcliffe Institute.
Annette Gordon-Reed
People use the word “natural” … What is natural to me is these botanical species which interact directly with the nervous system. What I consider artificial is 4 years at Harvard, and the Bible, and Saint Patrick’s cathedral, and the Sunday school teachings.
Timothy Leary
At Harvard I was in charge of the comparative anatomy labs.
Robert T. Bakker
I’ve lectured at the Harvard Business School several times.
Christie Hefner
When I first started working at MIT, back in the ’80s, our writing department had a joint cocktail party with the Harvard writing department. It was kind of oil-and-water.
Joe Haldeman
We Harvard students live in a tourist attraction with movie stars and geniuses; we’re recognized on all continents as the creme of the brulee, the syrup on the pancakes of greatness. Yet most of us complain like vegans at a barbecue cook-off.
David Fahrenthold
Most kids can’t afford to go to Harvard to be misinformed.
Kurt Vonnegut
It’s important to make clear to all the schools at Harvard the central role of the library.
Robert Darnton
In the bubble decade, making money as an end in itself boomed as a calling among students at elite universities like Harvard, siphoning off gifted undergraduates who might otherwise have been scientists, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists or inventors.
Frank Rich
You think Bill Gates would have dropped out of Harvard and toiled away creating Microsoft if he thought the government was going to take most of the company? Or Steve Jobs – drop out of Stanford to create Apple?
Trish Regan
If God had meant Harvard professors to appear in People magazine, She wouldn’t have invented The New York Review of Books.
Anna Quindlen
When hiring, mix Harvard Nerds with Chicago Improvisers and stir.
Tina Fey
During my first round of law school applications, I didn’t even apply to Yale, Harvard, or Stanford – the mystical ‘top three’ schools. I didn’t think I had a chance at those places. More important, I didn’t think it mattered; all lawyers get good jobs, I assumed.
J. D. Vance
Sheikh Rahman had a doctorate in Islamic jurisprudence from al-Azhar University in Cairo, the Harvard of Islamic thought. He also had a long history of guiding terrorist groups.
Peter Bergen
If a comparative-literature major had existed at Harvard College for undergraduates I would have surely gone in that direction.
Louis Begley
I was at Harvard when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, and I begged him not to do it.
Colin Jost
I would certainly make the attendance in college paid for, at least at a community college level or a state – you know, a sponsored university level so that if you wanted to go to college and if you had the grades – you might not go to Harvard – but you went to college.
Mitch Albom
Harvard has enough panegyrists without me.
John Updike
In 1970, Dean Robert Ebert offered me the Chair of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. I moved to Harvard because I missed the university environment and, more particularly, the stimulating interaction with the eager, enthusiastic, and unprejudiced young minds of the students and fellows.
Baruj Benacerraf
There’s a lot of people talking about elitism and all of that.Yes, I went to Princeton and Harvard, but the lens through which I see the world is the lens that I grew up with. I am the product of a working class upbringing.
Barack Obama
I always tell people I went to the Harvard School of Comedy in front of America.
Vicki Lawrence
How much does it really matter whether your child will soon be enjoying a first year at Harvard or Yale or will instead end up at her third or fourth or fifth choice? Probably much less than you think.
Barry Schwartz
The Harvard Law of Animal Behavior holds that under controlled experimental conditions of temperature, time, lighting, feeding, and training, the organism will behave as it damn well pleases.
Joel Garreau
I wonder more and more just where I may have come out if I had never seen Harvard Square.
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Not a Harvard-type education, just a not-sticking-up-a-liquor-store-type education.
Chris Rock
If I went to any other college, I probably would have been pre-med. But I felt like I had freedom to do what I wanted to do at Harvard.
Tomi Adeyemi
I’m a student at Harvard University, and currently work as the United States Youth Poet Laureate, a community organizer, and an activist.
Amanda Gorman
My first MFA was in poetry, and it was very much part of a professional trajectory leading to life as a professor. But in my second and third years at Harvard, I realized I didn’t want an academic life.
Garth Greenwell
Harvard pulsates with life and thought of all kinds, and religion should not be left out of its ongoing discussions.
Alexandra Petri
The benefit of rich families putting their child through Harvard is always going to exist. But it’s quite evident that there are 700 million peasants in China who are never going to go to Harvard.
Michael J. Saylor
Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism.
Donald Trump
I don’t think I could have thought of any place other than Stanford to leave Harvard for.
Alvin E. Roth
I just went to Harvard a little while, because I graduated from Armstrong High School in Washington and then I went up there but I didn’t stay that long because I went into show business.
Billy Eckstine
I think it is widely agreed that Carl Steinitz, over the 50 years he taught at Harvard, has been one of the most important figures in influencing the theory and practice of landscape architecture and the application of computer technology to planning.
Jack Dangermond
The appointment [in Harvard] gave me economic safety, writerly support, and intellectual self-respectplus eight months to myself every year.
Seamus Heaney
In the spring of 1959, I received an offer of a professorship at Harvard, which I accepted with alacrity since I wanted to be near my family and since the chemistry department at Harvard was unsurpassed.
Elias James Corey
I’m going to do some consulting for nonprofits and arts agencies. These are areas I’m interested in that didn’t come directly out of Harvard, but certainly I started looking at things in a different manner.
Damian Woetzel
I got kicked out of Harvard after three weeks.
Ryan Frazier
I think the minority students that we admit to Harvard are every bit as meritorious as the white students that we admit.
Derek Bok
I went on to Harvard and got very interested in computers and studying the earth’s landscape.
Jack Dangermond
I had studied at Harvard and MIT astronomy and a lot about the heavens and the star system and so forth.
Edgar Mitchell
If you’re last in your class at Harvard, it doesn’t feel like you’re a good student, even though you really are. It’s not smart for everyone to want to go to a great school.
Malcolm Gladwell
From a personal standpoint, I consider myself much more of an accidental entrepreneur. I was involved in the entrepreneurship club at Harvard, but I heard of it only because it was new on campus.
Vivek Ramaswamy
It costs the same to send a person to prison or to Harvard. The difference is the curriculum.
Paul Hawken
The thing which attracted me to Google and to the Internet in general is that it’s a great equalizer. I’ve always been struck by the fact that Google search worked the same, as long as you had access to a computer with connectivity, if you’re a rural kid anywhere or a professor at Stanford or Harvard.
Sundar Pichai
“Law professors were never like economics professors,” a Harvard Law professor told me. “If you disagreed with someone, you didn’t call him a fool.”
Calvin Trillin
I majored in extracurriculars, honestly. I joined the Harvard Stand Up Comedy Society, which is a ragtag band of misfits. I wrote for ‘On Harvard Time,’ which was a student TV show trying to be ‘The Daily Show.’ And I wrote a humor column for ‘The Crimson’ starting my sophomore year.
Alexandra Petri
Dubois was the first black American to graduate from Harvard. He was accepted within the northern white intellectual circles as one of the ‘best of his race.’ As an avowed socialist, he was the only black member of the original 19 wealthy socialist founders of the NAACP.
Burgess Owens
I was in the same class as Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. So we really experienced Facebook in a unique way. It launched our sophomore year, and we were also the first class where it became a recruiting tool.
Elise Stefanik
Harvard is first and foremost a university and not a consulting operation, and our job here is to teach and to research and to create knowledge on Asia in conjunction and in cooperation with scholars as well as with political, intellectual, and cultural leaders in Asia.
William C. Kirby
Power has to be protected from scrutiny. That’s the principle of every dictatorship, of every autocracy. You hear it from high priests at Harvard and every government department, that power has to be kept secret otherwise it will fade and it won’t work. But Bradley Manning is violating that principle.
Noam Chomsky
The Science Coalition, which grew out of an initial concept at Harvard and at MIT, has now grown to an informal group of about 60 research universities.
Charles M. Vest
Both my wife and I went to Harvard, and it’s incredibly exciting that our son and daughter are going there and have the chance to experience it. There are many awesome opportunities at Harvard. That’s one of its greatest frustrations – not having enough time to take the classes you want to take.
Carlton Cuse
After ‘The White Shadow’ was over, I did some more work, but then I wound up taking a year off to teach at Harvard. It afforded me the chance to have a variegated career – a very interesting one.
Ken Howard
My dad was a singer in a band and neither of my parents went to college, and I ended up getting into Harvard and was the first person in my family that went to college and it happened to be Harvard.
Dean Norris
Harvard was an extraordinary window on the world.
Pierre Trudeau
Shortly after Pearl Harbor, FDR committed a most visionary act: He appointed a Harvard historian to write the official account of the U.S. Navy in World War II. Samuel Eliot Morison was given the rank of lieutenant commander, with the right to interview anyone of whatever status.
Alistair Horne
At Harvard I was taking an African-American studies class, and we were reading about the tragic mulatto. Invariably, the tragic mulatto can’t fit in either world and flings herself off a bridge. So I’m reading, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I think I’m in literature,’ but my life was never like that.
Soledad O’Brien
At Harvard, people like to impart the idea that you are a mover and shaker.
Alexandra Petri
Someone thought that I dropped out of Harvard. I am a college dropout, but I dropped out of Temple University in Philadelphia.
Paul F. Tompkins
You don’t need a Harvard MBA to know that the bedroom and the boardroom are just two sides of the same ballgame.
Stephen Fry
When I got to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ it was a lot like going from pre-school to Harvard, and it took a long time to figure stuff out.
Bill Hader
But when I went to Harvard, it kind of got washed out of me, partly because people made fun of you in college. If you said you believed in God, they would look at you clinically, you know, suggest that you needed a referral.
Jonathan Kozol
Courtney Vance and I are college classmates, weirdly enough. We’re both Harvard class of 1982. Courtney, as a work-study job, was a typesetter at the Harvard ‘Crimson,’ the newspaper where I worked.
Jeffrey Toobin
When I first came to Harvard, I thought to myself, ‘What kind of an Indian am I?’ because I did not grow up on a reservation. But being an Indian is a combination of things. It’s your blood. It’s your spirituality. And it’s fighting for the Indian people.
Winona LaDuke
As someone who attended six different public schools across America, went to Harvard, and subsequently became a tutor in Manhattan’s affluent Upper East Side, I’ve witnessed firsthand the differences in learning styles between public school educations and private.
Eliot Schrefer
I dwell ‘neath the shades of Harvard
In the State of the Sacred Cod,
Where the Lowells speak only to Cabots
And the Cabots speak only to God
Richard Clarke Cabot
Being on ‘SNL’ gives you a unique experience that almost no one else has. It’s like Harvard for the comic actor.
Eddie Murphy
I’m going to try to pull a Natalie Portman. Natalie went to Harvard while shooting ‘Star Wars’. I don’t know how she did it. I want to have lunch with her and ask her – that seems like a bunch of stress right there.
Selena Gomez
If our legislature does not heartily push our University [of Virginia] we must send our children for education to Kentucky [Transylvania College] or Cambridge [Harvard College]. The latter will return them to us as fanatics and tories, the former will keep them to add to their population.
Thomas Jefferson
At Harvard, I got to meet and have dinner with Jamaica Kincaid. Just to have conversations with professors was absolutely amazing.
Coming out of college into the draft, being Asian-American and being from Harvard, that’s not going to be an advantage because of stereotypes.
Jeremy Lin
[Buckminster Fuller] always liked to say that he got kicked out of Harvard three times. Mostly you only got kicked out once, but he kept coming back.
Paul Laffoley
When I was a graduate student, the leading spirits at Harvard were interested in the history of ideas.
M. H. Abrams
I don’t think you can figure this stuff out. If you could figure all this stuff out, then all the great filmmakers would come out of Yale and Harvard. It’s not an intellectual process.
Dean Devlin
There is a neurologist, a woman over at Harvard who wanted me to come talk to them, and in France I have a lot of readers in the sciences. I can’t tell you why.
Jim Harrison
I never like the TV or movie Harvard characters. The fact of the matter is that most people who go to Harvard went to public schools and weren’t in final clubs. I didn’t even know that final clubs existed until I was a senior.
Lawrence O’Donnell
Having spent years in academia – at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Oxford University and Harvard Law School – I encountered a wide range of worldviews.
Kayleigh McEnany
Studying literature at Harvard is like learning about women at the Mayo Clinic.
Roy Blount, Jr.
In a Harvard University study, the diets of nearly 1,000 women were analysed before their morning melatonin levels were measured. Meat consumption was the only food significantly associated with lower melatonin production, for reasons that are as yet unknown.
Michael Greger
The Harvard Business Review recently had an article called ‘The Human Moment,’ about how to make real contact with a person at work: … The fundamental thing you have to do is turn off your BlackBerry, close your laptop, end your daydream and pay full attention to the person.
Daniel Goleman
The takeover of Harvard in 1805 by the Unitarians is probably the most important intellectual event in American history – at least from the standpoint of education
Samuel Blumenfeld
Harvard takes perfectly good plums as students, and turns them into prunes.
Frank Lloyd Wright
My parents and friends, they’re Ph.D.s that worked as custodians, that owned their own businesses, that went bankrupt, that moved seven times, that sent their kid to Harvard, that don’t have any money for retirement. Highs and lows of life.
Roy Choi
Two of my most important signings were made at the beginning of 2004. I took 20-year-old Clint Dempsey with the eighth pick of the MLS SuperDraft and added 51-year-old ex-Arsenal striker Paul Mariner as my assistant on a free transfer from Harvard University, where he’d been coaching.
Steve Nicol
I took the LSAT. My score was decent. I had a plan that if my score was really well, then I might of just went to Yale or Harvard… But it was just mediocre. I can get into law school.
Vinny Guadagnino
I have a strong attachment to Harvard.
Eric Maskin
The only thing I ever learned was that some people are lucky and other people aren’t and not even a graduate of the Harvard Business School can say why.
Kurt Vonnegut
I remember I was up for the role of Jim in ‘Huck Finn,’ and because I went to Harvard and Yale, they didn’t think I would be able to play a slave. I said, ‘Oh, please.’ I had to go in there and prove to them that I wasn’t too intelligent to play a slave.
Courtney B. Vance
I spent a year in Professor Baker’s famous class at Harvard. There, too, I learned some things that were useful to me-particularly what not to do. Not to take ten lines, for instance, to say something that can be said in one line.
Eugene O’Neill
I was an anomaly because my father was a Harvard man, and he came from a family of poor people.
Tom Sizemore
About all some men accomplish in life is to send a son to Harvard.
E. W. Howe
When Facebook first started, and it was just a social directory for undergrads at Harvard, it would have seemed like such a bad startup idea, like some student side project.
Paul Graham
As a freshman in college, I was having a lot of trouble adjusting. I took a meditation class to handle anxiety. It really helped. Then as a grad student at Harvard, I was awarded a pre-doctoral traveling fellowship to India, where my focus was on the ancient systems of psychology and meditation practices of Asia.
Daniel Goleman
My parents are very successful, and I went to the nicest private school in the Seattle area. I was lucky. But I never had any trust funds of any kind, though my dad did pay my tuition at Harvard, which was quite expensive.
Bill Gates
When one considers our nation’s educational foundations – Harvard, Yale, Princeton and most of our respected institutions were originally Christian – it becomes evident why we, as Christians, maintain a passion about remaining true to the foundations of Scripture.
Jonathan Falwell
At Harvard, I worked for some time as a researcher in a lab for computer graphics and spatial analysis, which is one of the birthplaces for what we do.
Jack Dangermond
In 1969, John Iliopoulos and Luciano Maiani came to Harvard as research fellows. Together, we found the arguments that predicted the existence of charmed hadrons.
Sheldon Lee Glashow
I come from a middle-class family, where you grow up thinking about government service. But when I went to Harvard, I saw that entrepreneurs and business leaders were just like me. It gave me a feeling that I could also do such things.
Naveen Tewari
The federal government requires that its loans be paid back within 10 years of graduation, and Harvard has pegged its loans to the same 10-year timetable. Yet despite Harvard’s low default rate, the idea of years of loan debt is daunting for some students even before it’s time to pay back.
David Fahrenthold
Any way that I can help the Harvard football program and Harvard is great.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
I went to an all-girls pre school where everyone went off to Harvard or Yale, and I had zero interest in doing so. I think they thought I was on drugs. There was a neighboring all-boys school, so we’d get together and do dumb things. It was your typical Catholic-American upbringing.
Katherine Moennig
Although I am very interested in the subject of human misjudgment – and lord knows I’ve created a good bit of it – I don’t think I’ve created my full statistical share, and I think that one of the reasons was I tried to do something about this terrible ignorance I left the Harvard Law School with.
Charlie Munger
When I was in law school at Harvard, the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the U.S. was a big thing. I remember the fight between the army recruiters and Harvard University due to ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’
Ory Okolloh
Obama has built his public image around his ability to bridge divisions – racial, ideological or generational. And that was his reputation, even at Harvard Law School, where he was the first black president of the ‘Law Review.’
Mara Liasson
All the historians are Harvard people. It just isn’t fair. Poor old Hoover from West Branch, Iowa, had no chance with that crowd;nor did Andrew Jackson from Tennessee. Nor does Lyndon Johnson from Stonewall, Texas. It just isn’t fair.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I worked with these liberal elites for 28 years at CBS News, and they were always throwing around the term ‘white trash,’ by which they meant poor southerners who didn’t go to Harvard. I’m not sure why that makes them trash.
Bernard Goldberg
Every kid coming out of Harvard, every kid coming out of school now thinks he can be the next Mark Zuckerberg, and with these new technologies like cloud computing, he actually has a shot.
Marc Andreessen
When I graduated, I was told I was the first Latino to have three graduate degrees from Harvard. And Harvard does something amazing to you. It opens the doors to the world.
Raul Ruiz
There’s probably people that go to Harvard and say, ‘Listen, I went to Harvard. I got a great education, and I can’t find a job, or I didn’t become the success that I could have been.’ Sure, I mean, you probably have that at every major university.
Eric Trump
I blew the college boards, and to ease the snub from Harvard made a tour of Europe.
Steve Sabol
I applied to come to Harvard and they didn’t accept me.
Fab Moretti
Whenever I’m asked to autograph a copy of ‘Nudge,’ the book I wrote with Cass Sunstein, the Harvard law professor, I sign it, ‘Nudge for good.’ Unfortunately, that is meant as a plea, not an expectation.
Richard Thaler
I was always a huge fan of E. E. Cummings. He did a series of lectures at Harvard or Princeton, and they were recorded. And they were incredibly moving.
Steve Martin
The combat environment has the effect of flattening out civilian identities. If you’re young or old, or a graduate from Harvard or the son of a farmer from Alabama, or if you’re gay or straight or good-looking or ugly: none of those things matters much in combat, as long as you can conform to the group expectations.
Sebastian Junger
At the Harvard Business School, I really felt I had gained the ability to resolve difficult issues. But I also felt that I wasn’t in the mainstream with my fellow students. During job-hunting season, for example, everybody shaved their beards for interviews. I thought, ‘This is crazy.’ So I grew a beard.
Thomas G. Stemberg
Let’s say you went to Harvard or Oxford or Cambridge, and you said, ‘I’ve come here because I’m in search of morality, guidance and consolation; I want to know how to live,’ – they would show you the way to the insane asylum.
Alain de Botton
A lot of writers come from Harvard and such, and are rich, and they write under the misapprehension that poor people are stupid. So when they do write them, they are hillbillies or rednecks or Christian idiots.
Norm MacDonald
Four years was enough of Harvard. I still had a lot to learn, but had been given the liberating notion that now I could teach myself.
John Updike
I went to – I got a wonderful college education. I went to Harvard. In those four years, I accumulated a lot of knowledge, but I also created a kind of habit of learning that has stayed with me my whole life.
John Lithgow
When it came time to go to college, I had been accepted for Harvard when my father was offered the position of head of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company office on the west coast, and we moved to San Francisco.
Douglass North
I realized very early in life what my abilities and limitations were, and foreign languages was definitely one of my limitations. With strenuous effort, I just barely passed my French class at Harvard so I could graduate.
Michio Kaku
Sometimes I get intimidated by people, intellectuals, because I don’t have a great education. The only thing I feel helps me compete with all these people, people with degrees from Harvard, that you’re thrown in with and have to work with, is that I’m grounded.
Andie MacDowell
The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases.
Larry Wall
I couldn’t have gotten into Harvard with a crowbar.
P. J. O’Rourke
We discovered a person in Lagos who had a fish stall, and within a single square metre she carried two children all the way to Harvard. She supported an unbelievable escape of her children into education. In that sense it was a city completed pixillated, and every pixel contained amazing stories.
Rem Koolhaas
It was Max Perutz who inspired me to go into structural biology when he gave a lecture at Harvard in 1963. As soon as I heard him talk, I decided that this is what I want to do.
Thomas A. Steitz
You have to be really tenacious. You have to keep at it. There are many roads to get there. If you can get yourself into Harvard, that’s a good way to go, because every Harvard graduating class, the agencies come trolling around and they’ll look for you. So if you go to Harvard, you’ll get found there.
Louis C. K.
If I had as many love affairs as I’ve been given credit for, I’d be in a jar at the Harvard Medical School.
Frank Sinatra
There are few student species more nakedly ambitious, focused, and future-oriented than the average Harvard law student.
Heather Mac Donald
Like the protagonist of her 2006 novel, ‘Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,’ Ayelet Waldman is a Jewish redhead who attended Harvard Law School and is madly in love with her husband. But the obvious similarities end there.
Katie Hafner
I never met a white person till I was a grown man. I never went to school with a white till I was twenty-six years old, at Harvard Law School. The insult of segregation was searing and unforgettable. It has left a great scar, and will be with me for the rest of my life.
Randall Robinson
In 1968, the situation at Harvard was not one of which we can be proud. In that year, the proportion of minority persons in salary and wage positions was approximately 3 per cent. Virtually no minority workers were employed on Harvard construction projects.
Derek Bok
Even when candidates have degrees from Harvard and Yale, they try to run as the candidate of the common man.
H. W. Brands
In 1969, when I graduated from Harvard Law School, women and minorities made up a tiny fraction of the first year associates accepted by top law firms.
Jane Harman
I think rather than further the stereotypes of me going into the league and being ‘the Harvard guy,’ I shattered those when I was a rookie and I couldn’t call a play in the huddle.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
A Harvard education consists of what you learn at Harvard while you are not studying.
James Bryant Conant
When Harvard University opened its doors in 1636, there were already well-established universities in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.
Г“scar Arias
If Harvard officials ban the microfridge, it will leave undergraduates without any cooking appliances at all allowed in their rooms.
Parker Conrad
Whoever invented spray cheese had to have been a Harvard guy.
Seth MacFarlane
Trying to make the NBA is one of the very few areas where a Harvard degree won’t necessarily help.
Jeremy Lin
In which year did a Harvard sculler last outrow an Oxford man at Henley?” Langdon had no idea, but he could imagine only one reason the question had been asked. “Surely such a travesty has never occurred.
Dan Brown
I’ve been called worse than a Harvard kid.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Harvard gave me an education, but Junior Chamber gave me an education for life.
John F. Kennedy
The three short years I spent at Harvard, where I lived with excellent people, taught me not only that I must know how to choose my partners but also that choosing excellent partners is a skill you can learn. Obviously, when you spend time with the best, you learn how to choose among them.
Jorge Paulo Lemann
My resume showed membership on both the Harvard and Columbia Law Reviews, a credit impressive abroad where it was not generally known that Law Reviews were student-operated publications.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The barn where I work, it’s only 15 minutes or so from Harvard square, so It’s very close to the center of Boston, but it happens to be a total oasis. It’s completely quiet in there.
Tod Machover
We have a president, who I think is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.
Mitt Romney
Would physics at Geneva be as good as physics at Harvard? I think not. Rome? I think not. In Britain, I don’t think there is one place, neither Cambridge nor Oxford, which can compare with Harvard.
Sheldon Lee Glashow
The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above the urinal.
Ernest Hemingway
Harvard was also a little bit of a villain in my first book, ‘The Dante Club.’ I guess there might be a way to make Harvard more of a sympathetic presence, but it’s such a powerful institution that it more naturally lends itself toward not necessarily a negative but an obstructionist element in a story.
Matthew Pearl
Harvard is a wondrously tolerant climate for debate and exchange among a wide variety of thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs, but the voice of religion on campus is largely inaudible.
Alexandra Petri
There are a few other things that I built when I was at Harvard that were kind of smaller versions of Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg
I really want to go to Harvard; it’s just a matter of timing.
Aubrey Peeples
You looked at Stanford or Harvard, or the University of Colorado, these were powerful engines just turning out people ready to create and grow businesses.
John Hickenlooper
After I finished school, I went to JJ College of Architecture and then to Harvard. I did my B.A. with a major in filmmaking.
Anand Mahindra
As African economies boom and businesses are created, one of the big questions this growth raises is that of third-level education: how can Africa develop a knowledge infrastructure to rival that of the west, a sort of Harvard University in Africa?
Richard Attias
I was a very shy girl who led an insulated life; it was only when I came to Oxford, and to Harvard before that, that suddenly I saw the power of people. I didn’t know such a power existed, I saw people criticising their own president; you couldn’t do that in Pakistan – you’d be thrown in prison.
Benazir Bhutto
In 1995, I proposed the Harvard Arts Medal. The idea was to celebrate the fact that, although it’s rare, Harvard men and women do go into the creative arts. Over the years we’ve had major, major figures, like Jack Lemmon, John Updike, Yo-Yo Ma, and Bonnie Raitt.
John Lithgow
If Harvard is $60,000 and University of Toronto, where I went to school, is maybe six. So you’re really telling me that education is 10 times better at Harvard than it is at University of Toronto? That seems ridiculous to me.
Malcolm Gladwell
Three years in jail is a good corrective for three years at Harvard.
Alger Hiss
As Harvard historian of science Peter Galison has demonstrated, the universe of classified knowledge now far exceeds the universe of unclassified knowledge. That’s a staggering thought. There is far more classified knowledge in the world than unclassified. And that disparity grows all the time.
Ryan Shapiro
You know, I’m from the Midwest, man – that shapes my personality much more than having gone to Harvard.
Dean Norris
Today’s mom watches her every child-rearing step lest she commit some egregious and apocalyptic parenting faux pas that will certainly doom her child to a life spent sleeping under overpasses, or worse, not going to Harvard.
John Rosemond
The Harvard Lampoon itself, which had a pretty stellar run in the ’60s.
P. J. O’Rourke
Doctors…from the Office of Info. Tech. at Harvard U.(:)…Their appraisal of 46 surgical or anesthesia breakthroughs…suggested…only 13% were highly preferred (and)…in nearly half the cases the new therapy was no better than the therapy it replaced. …About 12% of the innovations increased complications.
Jeffrey Bland
I have an economics degree from Harvard.
Kenneth C. Griffin
[My father] was also a lawyer in his bank and specialized in tax law. He would have to do the tax returns for all the Harvard profs because they were buffaloed by that kind of reasoning. Professors in the economics department, even they knew nothing about it.
Paul Laffoley
Competition in rowing doesn’t just come from other countries. It comes from Wall Street, med school, law school. You think Harvard and Princeton grads want to live in Chula Vista?
Mike Teti
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act indemnifies Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Harvard from copyright abuses committed over their computer networks.
Parker Conrad
I don’t have an MBA from Harvard Business School. I learnt everything on the job.
Sussanne Khan
Understood what the struggle was about. My mother. Couldn’t read or write, but she had more sense than many a graduate from Harvard.
Al Lewis
Had the people who started Facebook decided to stay at Harvard, they would not have been able to build the company, and by the time they graduated in 2006, that window probably would have come and gone.
Peter Thiel
While living in America when I attended Harvard in the early 1970s, I saw for myself the awesome, almost miraculous, power of a people to change policy through democratic means.
Benazir Bhutto
In truth, I did enjoy the benefits of a Harvard connection.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
This is a man who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University in three years, editor of the Harvard Law Review, argued 39 cases before the Supreme Court.
Rod Parsley
For 35 years, Frank Cross held one of the most prestigious chairs in academia: the Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages at Harvard University. I believe that’s the third oldest university chair in the country.
Hershel Shanks
There is nothing that anybody could do to make me any prouder of my daughter than what she’s accomplishing at Harvard.
Cris Collinsworth
As a Harvard Ph.D. economist and U.C. Irvine professor, Dr. Navarro has been instrumental in challenging the prevailing Washington orthodoxy on so-called free trade.
Sean Spicer
My citizen activism is a direct outgrowth of a classical and fiscally conservative training in economics at Harvard. It is a perspective rooted in one of the most important concepts in economics – the need for government intervention in the presence of a market failure.
Peter Navarro
I give a speech to the black freshmen at Harvard each year, and I say, “You can like Mozart and ice hockey…” – and then I used to say “golf,” but Tiger took over golf! – “and Picasso and still be as black as the ace of spades.”
Henry Louis Gates
In 2015, an opera opened about me and Justice Antonin Scalia. It’s called ‘Scalia/Ginsburg.’ The composer, Derrick Wang, has degrees in music from Harvard and Yale. Enrolled in law school, he was reading dueling opinions by me and Justice Scalia and decided he could compose an appealing comic opera from them.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Other kids are brought up nice and sent to Harvard and Yale. Me? I was brought up like a mushroom.
Frank Costello
I’ve whipped the Harvard graduate’s ass. Nothing against Harvard – it’s a hell of a school – but there I was, twenty five yards behind, wrapped in leg irons, and I beat him.
Don King
The one thing that Airbnb had was, Brian and Joe were designers, and they did a great job. They also had Nate Blecharczyk, who was the CTO, who I describe his history as a high schooler and at Harvard as really a creator of tools for spammers.
Brad Stone
Not even Sen. [Joseph] McCarthy was able to repress ideas he opposed as effectively as Harvard’s hiring committees have suppressed the conservative viewpoints they despise and fear.
David Horowitz
Harvard has played an important role in my life. I was a student, Class of 1936, and I’ve been on the board of overseers. My experiences there shaped who I am.
David Rockefeller
The actions of the University in my case make it abundantly clear that the Administration’s rhetoric about Harvard’s desire to attract and retain the most distinguished women in the world is empty.
Margaret Geller
My grandparents really wanted me to go to Harvard. They thought that was writing your ticket for the future. How could I turn that down? But my mom knew I needed a balance. She knew that I loved basketball.
Malcolm Brogdon
During that year at Harvard learning with Carl Steinitz, I had the feeling that I was drinking knowledge out of a fire hose. I learned more in that year than I had learned in the previous ten years of my education.
Jack Dangermond
I’m making music that I love a lot, so to me, they’re all the same; I love them all equally as much. It’s like children. You don’t pick a favorite, even if one goes to Harvard.
To me the key thing is getting it right. And if a person’s really smart and they’re doing fantastic work I don’t care if they’re a high school kid or a Harvard professor, it’s the work that matters.
Jimmy Wales
It’s understandable why TV hasn’t been diverse because a lot of TV writers are white dudes from Harvard. And white dudes from Harvard aren’t going to immediately want to write about trans issues. They’re not immediately going to want to write about a Filipino family.
Rachel Bloom
I learned a lesson I couldn’t get from Harvard. I’m not no media darling. I’m not the golden boy; not that I ever was.
Shannon Briggs
Two young doctors – one from Harvard and the other from Dartmouth – invited me to go to Mecca in my husband’s stead. And that is what helped put me back on track.
Betty Shabazz
At Harvard, the strong and savvy and confident thrived, while the nice or shy or quaintly moral were just bit players. In Ysleta, you believed in God because you were poor and needed something to hold on to. At Harvard, you believed in your good luck or bad luck, in all-nighters, in your political savvy.
Sergio Troncoso
I teach at Harvard, and focusing on understanding this problem on a national level is a big priority of mine right now – where evictions are going up and down, what cities are actually instituting policies that work, what housing insecurity is doing to our cities, neighbourhoods, our kids.
Matthew Desmond
I entered Harvard Medical School knowing nothing of research.
J. Michael Bishop
I went to college at Harvard, then did three years of graduate school at Yale. At both places I studied comparative literature. People find it odd that I went to both Harvard and Yale, and I guess it is odd, but that’s just what people did where I grew up.
Lev Grossman
I’ve been a professor of mathematics at Harvard and at Yale. At Yale for a long time. But I’m not a mathematician only. I’m a professor of physics, of economics, a long list. Each element of this list is normal. The combination of these elements is very rare at best.
Benoit Mandelbrot
Far from a Harvard student, just had the balls to do it
We are tired of aristocratic explanations in Harvard words.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
As it happens, although I was at MIT on the faculty full-time for 18 years and then at Harvard for another 16, so I’ve always been in full-time academia, I always found it was both beneficial for my research and beneficial for the other work to be involved in the practicing community.
Robert C. Merton
My father is a poet. He’s a literary giant of this country – writes in Hindi – and also quite unique because he has a Ph.D. in English Literature. He taught at Harvard University, which is one of the most prominent universities in the country.
Amitabh Bachchan
Being a person of faith is just another of a wide range of fun activities available to those who come to Harvard. When Harvard boasts to admitted students of its more than 40 religious groups, it does so in the same vein that it boasts of its nearly dozen a cappella groups.
Alexandra Petri
Part of being a big winner is the ability to be a big loser. There is no paradox involved. It is a distinctly Harvard thing to be able to turn any defeat into victory
Erich Segal
Harvard Medical School, the University of South Florida and the American Psychiatric Association have all conducted studies showing that the earlier one begins gambling, the more likely it is he or she will become an addicted, problem gambler.
Spencer Bachus
I am not some preaching farmer with a book under my arm; I am a graduate of Harvard College.
Samuel Parris
I took the T from Logan airport to Harvard Square. I hate driving in Boston. It’s the traffic that drives me spare, and the absolutely terrible manners of the motorists. Other New Englanders refer to Massachusetts drivers as “Massholes.
Geraldine Brooks
I remember my guidance counselor, when I told her I wanted to apply to Harvard, she paused and said, ‘That’s in New York, right?’ The funny thing is, I didn’t really know. It was a few weeks before I was like, ‘No, I think it’s in Massachusetts.’
Eliot Schrefer
I just thought Harvard sounded great. So let’s see if I get in. I didn’t really have a big back-up plan.
Elizabeth Esty
My undergraduate studies at Brown and graduate degrees from Harvard prepared me for a multifaceted career as an actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Hill Harper
I’ve been waiting more than 30 years to say this: “Dad, I always told you I’d come back and get my degree.” I want to thank Harvard for this timely honor. I’ll be changing my job next year … and it will be nice to finally have a college degree on my resume.
Bill Gates
I would have been dead if it weren’t for that great gift to civilization from the Chemistry Department of Harvard, which was napalm, or sticky jellied gasoline.
Kurt Vonnegut
I went to Harvard College, grew up in Boston, and went to high school in Boston.
Lawrence O’Donnell
The truth of the matter is, you die, all you do is die, and yet you live, yes you live, and that’s no Harvard lie.
Jack Kerouac
The Soviet Union tried for 70 years to plant Marxism with bayonets in Eastern Europe. Today there are more Marxists on the Harvard faculty than there are in Eastern Europe.
George Will
Some Harvard guy said that acid would open our minds, pot wouldn’t hurt us, and cocaine was benign.
Chevy Chase
There’s a rule they don’t teach you at the Harvard Business School. It is, if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess.
Edwin Land
I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.
William F. Buckley, Jr.
The time I have already spent at Harvard has been a stimulating experience, and I look forward to developing my relationship and activities with the students, faculty and friends of the Harvard Business School community.
Alex Ferguson
The motto of Harvard isn’t ‘nice,’ it’s truth. The motto of Yale isn’t
‘light and nice,’ it’s light and truth.
Scott Kenemore
The Saylor Foundation is meant to be a gadfly to encourage Google, Apple, MIT, Harvard, the United States government, and the Chinese government to aggressively pursue digital education.
Michael J. Saylor
A Harvard Medical School study has determined that rectal thermometers are still the best way to tell a baby’s temperature. Plus, it really teaches the baby who’s boss.
Tina Fey
I took a job at the Walt Disney Company and after 18 months decided to go to business school at Harvard. I was awestruck by the campus. My first reaction was I dont belong here. Then I said, Im here; lets get on with it.
Jason Kilar
In 1957, I was studying the Pleiades star cluster at Harvard University’s radio observatory. On one occasion, we saw an added feature in the data. It turned out to be an amateur radio enthusiast near the observatory, but at the time, I thought we had detected clear evidence of another civilisation.
Frank Drake
But after the time there I’d had it with fashion again, so I left to go to architecture school in a summer course at Harvard, which didn’t last very long.
Stephen Sprouse
Voters inclined to loathe and fear elite Ivy League schools rarely make fine distinctions between Yale and Harvard. All they know is that both are full of rich, fancy, stuck-up and possibly dangerous intellectuals who never sit down to supper in their undershirt no matter how hot the weather gets.
Russell Baker
I took a job at the Walt Disney Company and after 18 months decided to go to business school at Harvard. I was awestruck by the campus. My first reaction was ‘I don’t belong here.’ Then I said, ‘I’m here; let’s get on with it.’
Jason Kilar
Harvard Law provided an opportunity to learn from a faculty that had shaped the laws of our country and helped to change the world around us. It also offered an opportunity to study with the brightest students and to test myself against the best.
Kenneth Chenault
Whenever I go to a new team the jabs about being a Harvard guy are always more prevalent. This is mainly because people don’t know much about me other than being the Harvard guy that did well on his Wonderlic test. The more time I spend with people, the less the Harvard stuff comes up.
Ryan Fitzpatrick