He Lied Quotes

He Lied Quotes by Rush Limbaugh, Argus Hamilton, Mark Wahlberg, Harry Reid, Henry Rollins, Donald Trump and many others.

This Obamacare program has Obama's name on it. He lied

This Obamacare program has Obama’s name on it. He lied to people for three years about this program. People trusted him. People believed what he told them. They believed that he was going to improve the health care system in this country, and it was going to get cheaper, more affordable, more plentiful.
Rush Limbaugh
Anne Marie Smith flew to Washington to tell prosecutors about Gary Condit’s attempt to get her to deny their affair. It looks bad. If it’s found he lied about the intern and the mistresses, he could get 4-8 years in the White House.
Argus Hamilton
He’s a legend and I respect his work, so I went down and paid my respects when Charlton was on the set. He was nice but I think he lied a little. He said it was an honour to be in a movie with me, but I don’t believe it.
Mark Wahlberg
President Bush is a liar. He betrayed Nevada and he betrayed the country… All Americans should be concerned, not just because he lied to me or the people of Nevada and indeed all Americans, but because the President’s decision threatens Americans’ lives.
Harry Reid
I wonder how Colin Powell sleeps at night. I would like to have a word with him because he lied. He lied. He lied to me. He lied to my face through the camera at the U.N.
Henry Rollins
I just said, you can’t lie and hold up a Bible. And you can’t do that. You just can’t do that. It’s not appropriate. And I was tough on him on that, because things were said abut me that were not true. And Marco Rubio actually said that he lied. And I have never seen a politician say to another politician that he lied.
Donald Trump
What Clinton did with Lewinsky was despicable but was no threat to the nation. That he lied about it repeatedly and to the public is a reason for us to cease to trust him and for him to resign.
Donella Meadows
I know Vladimir Putin. He respects strength. He lied to our president’s [Barack Obama] face; didn’t both to tell him about warplanes and troops going into Syria. We need to speak to him from a position of strength.
Carly Fiorina
He told me he wouldn’t hurt… Charlie. He lied to me.
Rick Riordan
It’s pretty damning. That’s Hillary Clinton juxtaposed against the FBI Director Comey yesterday, clearly illustrating she lied.
Rush Limbaugh
Recall that Hillary Clinton was all for toppling [Moammar] Gadhafi then didn’t listen to her own people on the ground. And then of course, when she lied about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, she invited more terrorist attacks.
Carly Fiorina
We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them.
Carl Levin
The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.
George Bernard Shaw
There was an agent who wanted to book me for Glee. He lied and said I could sing. He was like, “If you need a guy in a wheelchair who has a great voice, I’ve got your guy!” I was like, “What are you talking about?” .
Zach Anner
Go back to Obamacare for a second. Remember Obama, you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor. He said it 28 different times, keep the plan, keep the doctor. Keep your plan, keep your doctor. He lied.
Donald Trump
they reminded me of the biggest liar I ever knew personally. Was a farmer, too. Reputation of pretty good farmer at that, but he lied so he had to hire another man to call his pigs.
Esther Forbes
Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.
Nancy Pelosi
Nixon was the most dishonest individual I have ever met in my life. He lied to his wife, his family, his friends, his colleagues in the Congress, lifetime members of his own political party, the American people and the world.
Barry Goldwater
A Republican Congressman, Rep. Chris Lee, was caught flirting with a woman trolling for dates on Craigslist and sent her a shirtless photo of himself. He lied about his age and his marital status. He said he was 39 and divorced. He’s 46 and married, though being a Republican congressman, I’m guessing he’s really 60 and gay.
Bill Maher
I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force– if necessary– to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.
John F. Kerry
Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling appeared before Congress. Do you think they even bothered swearing him in? Now he is denying he lied to Congress last week. He’s saying it was just the liquor talking.
Jay Leno
In America, we don’t have a growing economy. We don’t have jobs being created at a replacement level for those we had lost. We don’t have anything Obama said. He lied about the cost of premiums coming down.
Rush Limbaugh
This means nothing,” she said. “Less than nothing,” he lied. “I’ll hate myself later.” “I hate myself now.
Gena Showalter
A liar is not believed even though he tell the truth.
Marcus Tullius Cicero