Hereafter Quotes

Hereafter Quotes by Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine, Richard Baxter, Michael Shermer, Robert Green Ingersoll, St. Jerome, Robert Blair and many others.

Every human tribunal ought to take care to administer j

Every human tribunal ought to take care to administer justice, as we look hereafter to have justice administered to ourselves.
Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine
It is true, that men may have Christ whenever they are willing to comply with His terms. But if you are not willing now, how can you think you shall be willing hereafter?
Richard Baxter
Play hard, work hard, love hard. . . .The bottom line for me is to live life to the fullest in the here-and-now instead of a hoped-for hereafter, and make every day count in some meaningful way and do something-no matter how small it is-to make the world a better place.
Michael Shermer
My principal objections to orthodox religion are two: slavery here and hell hereafter.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Begin now what you will be hereafter.
St. Jerome
But if there be an hereafter,And that there is, conscience, uninfluenc’dAnd suffer’d to speak out, tells every man,Then must it be an awful thing to die;More horrid yet to die by one’s own hand.
Robert Blair
Christianity did not come with tidings of great joy, but with a message of eternal grief. It came with the threat of everlasting torture on its lips. It meant war on earth and perdition hereafter.
Robert Green Ingersoll
It is sparkling light, aromatic plants, a lofty palace, a flowing river, ripe fruit, a beautiful wife and abundant clothing, in an eternal abode of radiant joy, in beautiful soundly-constructed high houses.
Ignorance is the evil – knowledge will be the remedy. Knowledge not of what sort of beings we shall be hereafter, or what is beyond the skies, but a knowledge pertaining to terra firma, and we may have all the power, goodness and love that we have been taught belongs to God himself.
Ernestine Rose
To me – the choice of life is become less important; I hope hereafter to think only on the choice of eternity.
Samuel Johnson
What I cannot do now is the sign of what I shall do hereafter. The sense of impossibility is the beginning of all possibilities. Because this temporal universe was a paradox and an impossibility, therefore the Eternal created it out of His being.
Sri Aurobindo
If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.
Happy he whose inward ear Angel comfortings can hear, O’er the rabble’s laughter; And, while Hatred’s fagots burn, Glimpses through the smoke discern Of the good hereafter.
John Greenleaf Whittier
Trust not to friends and kindred, neither do thou put off the care of thy soul’s welfare til hereafter; for men will sooner forget thee than thou art aware of.
Thomas a Kempis
I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and on all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof.
John Adams
For this purpose I determined to keep an account of the voyage, and to write down punctually every thing we performed or saw from day to day, as will hereafter appear.
Christopher Columbus
Whoever prays twelve rakats during the night and day, a house will be built for him in paradise. Four before dhuhr, and two after, two rakats after maghrib, two rakats after ishaa, and two rakats before fajr prayer.
Let me be to my sad self hereafter kind.
Peter Pouncey
In our laws…by the oath which they prescribe, we appeal to the Supreme Being so to deal with us hereafter as we observe the obligation of our oaths. The Pagan world…are without the mighty influence of this principle which is proclaimed in the Christian system.
Rufus King
I am tired of tears and laughter, And men that laugh and weep Of what may come hereafter For men that sow to reap: I am weary of days and hours, Blown buds of barren flowers, Desires and dreams and powers And everything but sleep.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
We can constitutionally extirpate slavery at this time. But if we fail to do this, then unless we intend hereafter to violate the Constitution, we shall have a fugitive slave law in operation whenever the war is over.
Jay Alan Sekulow
The theory of the lung as a gland has justified its existence and done excellent service in bringing forward facts, which shall survive any theoretical construction that has been or may hereafter be put upon them.
August Krogh
Neither happiness nor grief are everlasting in this life – but one of the two is everlasting in the next. Which one do you want?
Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Writing is so difficult that I feel that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment hereafter.
Jessamyn West
Whatever good you would do out of fear of punishment, or hope of reward hereafter, the Atheist would do simply because it is good; and being so, he would receive the far surer and more certain reward, springing from well-doing, which would constitute his pleasure, and promote his happiness.
Ernestine Rose
I have given the United States half the territory they possess, and for them to suffer me to remain in poverty, in consequence of it, will not redound much to their honor hereafter.
George Rogers Clark
I wish to be at any time hereafter only a yea-sayer!
Friedrich Nietzsche
The translation of the Veda will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India and on the growth of millions of souls in that country. It is the root of their religion, and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last 3000 years.
Max Muller
I don’t see how you have the nerve to oppose this bill when you run the biggest gambling business in the world – gambling on the hereafter.
Loring M. Black, Jr.
Our duty as Latter-day Saints is to prepare ourselves, this earth, and its inhabitants for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Being prepared and being strong as the gospel teaches ensure happiness here and hereafter and make this ‘grand millennial mission’ possible.
Keith B. McMullin
Take account of yourselves before you are brought to account.
Yes, very sensible… People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.
Oscar Wilde
No! no arresting the vast wheel of time,
That round and round still turns with onward might,
Stern, dragging thousands to the dreaded night
Of an unknown hereafter.
Charles Cowden Clarke
Temporal punishments are suffered by some in this life only, by some after death, by some both here and hereafter, but all of them before that last and strictest judgment. But not all who suffer temporal punishments after death will come to eternal punishments, which are to follow after that judgment.
Saint Augustine
The fact that the Prophet cared for every human being and tried his best to ensure their security in the hereafter must be the most telling of his compassionate and merciful characteristics.
Cat Stevens
Everything is prospective, and man is to live hereafter. That the world is for his education is the only sane solution of the enigma.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I find it difficult to imagine an afterlife, such as Christians, or at any rate many religious people, conceive it, believing that the conversations with relatives and friends interrupted here on earth will be continued in the hereafter.
Edvard Munch
Ignoring a Reality doesn’t make it less Real. It’s still going to happen. Being unprepared for something doesn’t stop it from happening.
Yasmin Mogahed
The Young Soldier It is not death Without hereafter To one in dearth Of life and its laughter, Nor the sweet murder Dealt slow and even Unto the martyr Smiling at heaven: It is the smile Faint as a (waning) myth, Faint, and exceeding small On a boy’s murdered mouth.
Wilfred Owen
All the human beings I met were either sure that there would be no afterlife or else that they would get preferential treatment in the hereafter.
Philip Jose Farmer
I do benefits for all religions – I’d hate to blow the hereafter on a technicality.
Bob Hope
What are you going to be like in the Hereafter?-You’re going to be like Jesus!
David Berg
I assert with confidence that the law of success, here and hereafter, is to have a humble and a prayerful heart, and to work, work, work.
Heber J. Grant
Invoking brings the heart closer to the hereafter and keeps the world away from the heart, even though the world is around it. Invoking warns the heedless heart to abandon its pleasures and deceptions.
Ibn Ata Allah
I came to the conclusion, that if my advice wouldn’t be taken by those who needed it most and was stolen by those who could well afford to pay for it, that I would hereafter give advice only to myself and always sell it to others.
William H. McMaster
Sometimes this world comes between us and what we love. But if we are patient, when this world passes away, there will be no more separation.
Yasmin Mogahed
It is better to be frightened now than killed hereafter
Winston Churchill
What you know not now you will know hereafter.
Joanna Southcott
Life’s saving graces are love, pleasure, laughter … wisdom, it seems, is for the Hereafter.
Michael R. Burch
Women are from their very infancy debarred those advantages with the want of which they are aftewards reproached, and nursed up in those vices which will hereafter be upbraided to them. So partial are men as to expect bricks when they afford no straw.
Mary Astell
We will be asked, “what did you love most in this world? What did you spend life doing? What did you run after? Will it last? The things that you chased, will they last? Will they help you, or will they hurt you when the illusion of this life has passed?”
Yasmin Mogahed
I love judges, and I love courts. They are my ideals, that typify on earth what we shall meet hereafter in heaven under a just God.
William Howard Taft
To me, jennah is the place where you get to be with the people you love, including those you can’t always be with in this life. And being with them forever.
Yasmin Mogahed
All the religions known in the world are founded, so far as they relate to man or the unity of man, as being all of one degree. Whether in heaven or in hell, or in whatever state man may be supposed to exist hereafter, the good and the bad are the only distinctions.
Thomas Paine
The Christian religion and morality extols the glory of the Hereafter, and therefore remains indifferent to the horrors of the earth. Indeed, the idea of self-denial and of all that makes for pain and sorrow is its test of human worth, its passport to the entry into heaven.
Emma Goldman
Conscience … seldom comes to a man’s aid while he is in the zenith of health and revelling in pomp and luxury upon illgotten spoils. It is generally the last act of his life, and it comes too late to be of much service to others here, or to himself hereafter.
George Washington
Sometimes Allah gives you bitterness in this life so that you can further enjoy the sweetness of the hereafter.
Omar Suleiman
Nor do I think that any other nation than this of Wales, nor any other language, whatever may hereafter come to pass, shall on the day of severe examination before the Supreme Judge, answer for this corner of the earth.
Gerald of Wales
Hereafter we shall be compelled to acknowledge that the only distinction between species and well-marked varieties is, that the latter are known, or believed to be connected at the present day by intermediate gradations whereas species were formerly thus connected.
Charles Darwin
How strange or odd some’er I bear myself,
As I perchance hereafter shall think meet
To put an antic disposition on.
William Shakespeare
Beware of injustice, for oppression will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection; and beware of stinginess because it doomed those who were before you. It incited them to shed blood and treat the unlawful as lawful.
Our present tears here, not our present laughter
Are but the handsells of our joys hereafter.
Robert Herrick
Of all the joyous motives of school life, the love of knowledge is the only abiding one; the only one which determines the scale, so to speak, upon which the person will hereafter live.
Charlotte Mason
You’ve been given status today, but never forget where you came from. You came from dirt and will return to dirt. You will be on that day as you began: just you and Him.
Yasmin Mogahed
Poetry and painting have arrived to their perfection in our own country; music is yet but in its nonage [immaturity], a forward Child, which gives hope of what it may be hereafter in England, when the masters of it shall find more Encouragement.
Henry Purcell
Whoever claims to be smart, but does not concentrate on the Hereafter, is lying.
Wahb ibn Munabbih
O sweet September, thy first breezes bring The dry leaf’s rustle and the squirrel’s laughter, The cool fresh air whence health and vigor spring And promise of exceeding joy hereafter.
George Arnold
We further decree that the Senate of the United States elect a prominent Democrat as their presiding officer, to act as President until the next election, and to reconstruct the Cabinet according to our wishes hereafter to be declared.
Emperor Norton
If there is no God there is no hereafter. When, therefore, one drives God out of the universe he closes the door of hope upon himself.
William Jennings Bryan
The secret now is to be disciplined. It’s so easy to get carried away with things valued on the hereafter.
Alan Patricof
If thirst for water indicates the existence of water, in a similar way thirst for justice indicates the existence of justice, and since there is no justice in this world, this is indicates the presence of an afterlife, the home of true justice.
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
The first thing which will be judged among a man’s deeds on the Day of Resurrection is the Prayer. If this is in good order then he will succeed and prosper but if it is defective then he will fail and will be a loser.
Nonetheless, do I have respect for people who believe in the hereafter? Of course I do. I might add, perhaps even a touch of envy too, because of the solace.
Studs Terkel
Billy Graham is for the hereafter. I’m for the here and now.
Jack LaLanne
I walk on untrodden ground. There is scarcely any part of my conduct which may not hereafter be drawn into precedent.
George Washington
I was cured in my new infamy of all the tired wisdom of age. I would never weary into that tired state again – -I swore to myself, I would always be this raw, wet child hereafter.
Clive Barker
I don’t smoke but I keep a match box in my pocket, when my heart slips towards sin, I burn the matchstick and heat my palm with it, then say to myself, “Ali you can’t even bear this heat, how would you bear the unbearable heat of hellfire?”
Muhammad Ali
What men have seen they know; But what shall come hereafter No man before the event can see, Nor what end waits for him.
I lay my eternal curse on whomsoever shall now or at any time hereafter make schoolbooks of my works and make me hated as Shakespeare is hated. My plays were not designed as instruments of torture. All the schools that lust after them get this answer, and will never get any other.
George Bernard Shaw
The official language of the State of Illinois shall be known hereafter as the American language, and not the English language.
Frank Church
If you believe in justice, surely you believe in the hereafter, because this world is not just.
Nouman Ali Khan
The space of the bow of any one of you in Paradise is better than all that the sun rises upon.
The utmost we can hope for in this world is contentment; if we aim at anything higher, we shall meet with nothing but grief and disappointment. A man should direct all his studies and endeavors at making himself easy now and happy hereafter.
Joseph Addison
I love him who liveth in order to know, and seeketh to know in order that the Superman may hereafter live. Thus seeketh he his own down-going.
Friedrich Nietzsche
A great many men’s gratitude is nothing but a secret desire to hook in more valuable kindnesses hereafter.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
We repose too much upon the actual, when we should be seeking to develop the possibilities of our being. It is true of nearly all of us, that what we have done is little compared with what we might have accomplished, or may hereafter effect.
Christian Nestell Bovee
The life of the hereafter is the outcome of all this world.
Said Nursi
Invest your money in Dada! Dada is the only savings bank that pays interest in the hereafter!
Kurt Schwitters
No man shall ever behold the glory of Christ by sight hereafter who does not in some measure behold it here by faith.
John Owen
I Pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessing on this house, and on ALL that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof!
John Adams
Thou wilt lament
Hereafter, when the evil shall be done
And shall admit no cure.
A space in Paradise equivalent to the size of a foot would be better than the world and what is in it.
There are two kinds of Riya – Showing off-Ostentation ie pure ostentation and adulterated ostention. In pure ostentation “Riya” a man does a good deed only for worldly benefit. In Adulterated ostentation, a man does a good deed with the intention of reaping the benefits of the world as well as of the Hereafter.
Independent of its connection with human destiny hereafter, the fate of republican government is indissolubly bound up with the fate of the Christian religion, and a people who reject its holy faith will find themselves the slaves of their own evil passions and of arbitrary power.
Lewis Cass
We further decree that the Senate of the United States elect a prominent Democrat as their presiding officer, to act as President until the next election, and to reconstruct the Cabinet according to our wishes hereafter to be declared.
Joshua A. Norton
The word ‘Sudra’ which means ‘Son of prostitute’ should not find a place even in the history hereafter. We will not allow it to find a place in the dictionary or encycl
Periyar E. V. Ramasamy
He that hopes to look back hereafter with satisfaction upon past years must learn to know the present value of single minutes, and endeavour to let no particle of time fall useless to the ground.
Samuel Johnson
We can constitutionally extirpate slavery at this time. But if we fail to do this, then unless we intend hereafter to violate the Constitution, we shall have a fugitive slave law in operation whenever the war is over.
Jay Sekulow
Hereafter she is only my sister in name; not because I disown her, but because she has disowned me.
Emily Bronte
Whoever desires this world must seek its knowledge, and whoever desires the next must seek its knowledge.
Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
I would not choose to go where I would be afraid to die, nor could I bear to live without a good hope for hereafter.
Charles Spurgeon
My whole religion is this: do every duty, and expect no reward for it, either here or hereafter.
Bertrand Russell
The fundamental factor of self-deception is this constant desire to be something in this world and in the world hereafter.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Religion does what philosophy could never do; it shows the equal dealings of Heaven to the happy and the unhappy, and levels all human enjoyments to nearly the same standard. It gives to both rich and poor the same happiness hereafter, and equal hopes to aspire after it.
Oliver Goldsmith
One who, while seeking happiness, oppresses with violence other living beings who also desire happinesss, will not find happiness hereafter.
Gautama Buddha
I spend a lot of time thinking of the Hereafter – each time I enter a room I wonder what I’m here after.
Tim Conway
Let us face it: ‘deep down’ nobody in his right mind can visualize his own existence without assuming that he has always lived and will live hereafter.
Erik Erikson
I glory in the conflict, that I may hereafter exult in the victory. I know that victory is certain.
Frederick Douglass
He who has realized oneness with God possesses all knowledge contained in Him. Knowing the Lord as Beginning and End of all beings and worlds, a true Brahmin has knowledge of the hereafter and of the workings of nature on this plane of existence.
Paramahansa Yogananda
What is today supported by precedents will hereafter become a precedent.
Hereafter, in a better world than this, I shall desire more love and knowledge of you
William Shakespeare
Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell but that friend may hereafter become and enemy. And bring not all mischief you are able to upon an enemy, for he may one day become your friend.
I’m happy to have a physical part in ‘High Tension,’ in ‘Hereafter,’ and in a lot of French movies and Belgian movies. But its not by chance directors choose me for physical parts. I like to do that. I like to tell a story also with the body. It’s important, because you can tell a lot of things.
Cecile de France
Success lies, not in achieving what you aim at, but in aiming at what you ought to achieve, and pressing forward, sure of achievement here, or if not here, hereafter.
Robert Forman Horton
Hereafter we all have to be redeemed. The world is pulling with a thousand strings. We sin because of indifference and negligence and heap new guilt on the old original one. Our life is a
chain of sin and expiation controlled by a destiny that can not be understood.
Joseph Goebbels
Hereafter, if you should observe an occasion to give your officers and friends a little more praise than is their due, and confess more fault than you can justly be charged with, you will only become the sooner for it, a great captain.
Benjamin Franklin
A man’s wits are better employed in bearing up under the misfortunes that lie upon him at present than in foreseeing those that may come upon him hereafter.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Contentment is the greatest door that one enters to Allah, it is the source of tranquility for the worshiper and paradise on earth. Whoever does not enter it will not enter the Paradise in the Hereafter.
Ibn Taymiyyah
I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or in the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing.
Barack Obama
People who do not recognize their Owner and discover their Master are miserable and bewildered. But those who do, and then take refuge in His Mercy and rely on His Power, see this desolate world transformed into a place of rest and felicity, a place of exchange for the Hereafter.
Said Nursi
Twere too absurd to slight For the hereafter the todays delight!
Robert Browning
Man wasn’t made to inherit Paradise without effort. Rather, he was made to conquer Paradise, after proving his worthiness of it.
Mustafa Mahmud
In Paradise there are things which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has thought of.
In the beginning, we made the usual mistake of looking at houses we could afford. I am working on a proposition, hereafter to be known as Kerr’s law, which states in essence: All the houses you can afford to buy are depressing.
Jean Kerr
No man who ever lived knows any more about the hereafter than you and I.
Edgar Allan Poe
Fullness to such a burden is
That go on pilgrimage;
Here little, and hereafter bliss,
Is best from age to age.
John Bunyan
O man! Prepare yourself for the Hereafter, obey Allah to the extent of your need for Him and anger Him to the extent of your patience in Hell.
Abdullah ibn Mubarak
There are two things that if you do them you will attain the good of this world and the hereafter; [They are] that you bear what you dislike if it is beloved to Allah and you leave what you like if it is disliked by Allah.
Ibn Hazm
Don’t expect your spouse to be perfect. He/she is only the dunya version of themselves. Their ‘perfect’ version is saved for jennah.
Yasmin Mogahed
God will certainly reward virtue and punish vice, either here or hereafter.
Benjamin Franklin
I wrote ‘Hereafter’ quickly and without mapping it out too much or being too schematic. As an exercise, I think that was incredibly important.
Peter Morgan
My only wish isto transform friends of God into friends of man, believers into thinkers, devotees of prayer into devotees of work, candidates for the hereafter into students of the world, Christians who, by their own procession and admission, are half animal, half angel into persons, into whole persons.
Ludwig Feuerbach
Simpler manners, purer lives; more self-denial; more earnest sympathy with the classes that lie below us, nothing short of that can lay the foundations of the Christianity which is to be hereafter, deep and broad.
Frederick William Robertson