Hiv Quotes

Hiv Quotes by Edward de Bono, Elton John, Donald Sterling, Anthony Perkins, Jay Ellis, Linda Evangelista and many others.

Everywhere I go, I see very much the same thing. I see

Everywhere I go, I see very much the same thing. I see the same compassion for people who live half a world away. I see the same concern about events beyond these borders. And, increasingly, I see the same conviction that we can and we must join together to stop the scourge of AIDS and poverty.
Edward de Bono
And the danger is – and it’s happening – is we’re seeing an incredibly big rise amongst young gay people, young heterosexual people as far as catching HIV, which is, you know, in an educated country like this or in Britain, it’s frightening.
Elton John
What kind of guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he goes and catches HIV.
Donald Sterling
I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life.
Anthony Perkins
Knowing your HIV status is such an easy thing to do, but again, we’ve created this stigma around even going to get tested.
Jay Ellis
I’m part of a team that raises millions of dollars and raises awareness of HIV and AIDS all over the world.
Linda Evangelista
There exist thousands of Americans who have AIDS-defining diseases but are HIV negative.
Serge Lang
And so popular culture raises issues that are very important, actually, in the country I think. You get issues of the First Amendment rights and issues of drug use, issues of AIDS, and things like that all arise naturally out of pop culture.
Kurt Loder
How is AIDS research to progress when the premise of science is questioning but the premise of questioning HIV is considered so dangerous that even venturing into the facts is too great a risk?
Nate Mendel
I believe AIDS is the most important issue we face, because how we treat the poor is a reflection of who we are as a people.
Alicia Keys
When I first found out I had HIV, I had to find somebody who was living with it, who could help me understand my journey and what I was going to have to deal with day-to-day. I found out that a person named Elizabeth Frazier was living with AIDS at the time, and so I called her up, and she took a meeting with me.
Magic Johnson
If we ever hope to rid the world of the political AIDS of our time, terrorism, the rule must be clear: One does not deal with terrorists; one does not bargain with terrorists; one kills terrorists.
Meir Kahane
Laws that treat people living with HIV or those at greatest risk with respect start with the way that we treat them ourselves: as equals. If we are going to stop the spread of HIV in our lifetime, then that is the change we need to spread.
Shereen El Feki
The radical right is so homophobic that they’re blaming global warming on the AIDS quilt.
Dennis Miller
Money spent on carbon cuts is money we can’t use for effective investments in food aid, micronutrients, HIV/AIDS prevention, health and education infrastructure, and clean water and sanitation.
Bjorn Lomborg
The fight against HIV/AIDS requires leadership from all parts of government – and it needs to go right to the top. AIDS is far more than a health crisis. It is a threat to development itself.
Kofi Annan
Civil society must be strengthened to help raise awareness among people living with HIV, and those at risk, of their rights, and to ensure they have access to legal services and redress through the courts.
Shereen El Feki
A lot of people die giving birth to their children who have AIDS and HIV and a lot of people don’t survive after a time because they’ve been sick too.
Lucy Liu
Eighty percent of Americans with HIV do not know they are infected.
Philip Emeagwali
I get tested for HIV twice a year…. One has to be socially aware. It’s part of being a decent human to be tested for STDs. It’s just disgusting behaviour when people don’t. It’s so irresponsible.
Scarlett Johansson
As gay young people, we are marginalized. As young people who are HIV-positive and have AIDS, we are totally written off.
Pedro Zamora
It’s hard to imagine, but we cant think of HIV/AIDS as being somebody else’s story. It could be any of ours.
People with HIV are still stigmatized. The infection rates are going up. People are dying. The political response is appalling. The sadness of it, the waste.
Elton John
There are laws that only apply to people with HIV – we’re becoming a viral underclass.
Sean Strub
HIV/AIDS has become much more than a health issue. HIV/AIDS is a development issue, it’s a security issue.
Kofi Annan
In most of these things our foundation is a co-funder, so I can say that a polio or an HIV vaccine, that I’m putting our resources behind it in a very big way and the U.S. government would be the best partner for those efforts.
Bill Gates
Precision medicine is one way to attack cancer and it’s proven to be very effective but, remember that like HIV/AIDS, you’re going to need combination therapies.
Laurie Glimcher
Everyone thought I was going to die like a year later, they didn’t know. So I helped educate sports, and then the world, that a man living with HIV can play basketball. He’s not going to give it to anybody by playing basketball.
Magic Johnson
I came into a strong organization, and I hope I strengthened it more and expanded its capacity to deal with some of the challenges that might not have seemed as great 10 years ago, such as H.I.V., AIDS and children affected by war.
Carol Bellamy
It used to be thought that only a certain kind of virus could get into our genome and it’s called a retrovirus and that’s a virus that might be HIV for example.
Carl Zimmer
I learned to speak first, and then to sign. I have never really known what it was like to hear, so I cant compare hearing aids to normal hearing.
Marlee Matlin
Young people were once considered relatively safe from HIV/AIDS. Today, their lives and futures are at risk throughout the world because of this disease. I believe it is young people throughout the world who offer us the greatest hope for defeating this deadly pandemic.
Liam Neeson
Certainly the support for research in HIV/AIDS was good in the Clinton administration, good in the Bush administrations. It just was.
Anthony S. Fauci
Do you know there is actually a blood test out there now to find out if your kid is gay or not? Yeah, it’s an HIV test.
Daniel Tosh
And there’s no guarantee that if you get HIV and you take these triple therapies, or whatever comes along next, that they’re going to be successful for you.
Elton John
Where you criminalize people living with HIV or those at greatest risk, you fuel the epidemic.
Shereen El Feki
Most recently my battle has been against AIDS and the discrimination surrounding it.
Ryan White
When a person tests positive for HIV, it is not a test for the virus itself but for antibodies to the virus, and the test is not able to distinguish between HIV antibodies and a multitude of other antibodies. Many conditions can lead to a false positive result, including flu shots, hepatitis, and pregnancy.
Nate Mendel
HIV changed my life, but it doesn’t keep me from living.
Magic Johnson
Does HIV cause AIDS? Can a virus cause a syndrome? How? It can’t, because a syndrome is a group of diseases resulting from acquired immune deficiency.
Thabo Mbeki
I enjoy being the messenger for God in terms of letting people know about HIV and AIDS.
Magic Johnson
Most people who are HIV positive are on drugs and that gets their viral load so low that it’s harder to transmit it. Most new infections come from people who don’t know they’re infected.
Dale Peck
HIV infection and AIDS is growing – but so too is public apathy. We have already lost too many friends and colleagues.
David Geffen
Let us give publicity to HIV/AIDS and not hide it, because [that is] the only way to make it appear like a normal illness
Nelson Mandela
I’ve met many young women who are HIV positive and courageously fighting the disease. Their determination to live a full life and see their children live in a better world is deeply inspiring to me.
Alicia Keys
The worst moment from all of this was driving from that doctor’s office, to tell my wife that I was HIV positive.
Magic Johnson
The challenges surrounding HIV and AIDS are getting more complex and mature, and we just can’t stick our heads in the sand and say ‘it can’t happen to me.’
Brande Roderick
Abstinence, being faithful and correct and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic.
Ashley Judd
[monkeys] are used only when no other species and no alternatice approach can provide the answers to questions about such conditions as Alzhemers, stroke, Parkinson’s, spinal injury, hormone disorders, and vaccines for HIV
Colin Blakemore
Reiterating the belief that HIV is the cause of AIDS is an easy thing to do. Understanding the science and politics of the situation is much more complicated and requires study with a critical and open mind.
Nate Mendel
I had been an activist on the issue of HIV, primarily in the African American and Latino communities here in the U.S. for many years. It was horrifying to me how the pandemic was raging right here in this country but no one was talking about it.
Gloria Reuben
Education is spreading hope. Millions are now learning to live with HIV/AIDS – instead of waiting to die from it.
Laura Bush
For 30 years I have used my platform in provocative ways to encourage a healthy dialogue about important issues, including HIV/AIDS, war, and homelessness. I’m well aware of the risks that come with this approach, and if this encourages further awareness and discussion about critical issues then all-the-better.
Kenneth Cole
AIDS is a global problem and there should be a global solution found by the entire international community. It is really scary to see and imagine our world fall into pieces because we refuse to share and put in the common vestiges of our civilizations.
Sarah Polley
If Carter had been there when the AIDS crisis came up, it would have been a whole different story. It could have been treated like a legitimate disease.
Jean O’Leary
I lost my partner [Anselmo Feleppa] to HIV then it took about three years to grieve; then after that I lost my mother. I felt almost like I was cursed.
George Michael
As variable as flu is, HIV makes flu look like the Rock of Gibraltar. The virus that causes AIDS is the trickiest pathogen scientists have ever confronted.
Seth Berkley
The United States has put more money on HIV, AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis than any country in the world and it’s having an impact real quick.
Bill Frist
When there’s a terrible illness like AIDS sweeping through, you help people.
Bernadette Peters
While we [people] keep putting a face on HIV and AIDS, I think what we forget is that there are human beings, just people with emotions and feelings, women who want to be loved, men who want to be loved, who want to feel something.
Queen Latifah
Housing Works is the coolest thrift store in the world, because not only are they the best thrift store – they’re not the most thrifty thrift store – but they have amazing stuff and all of their proceeds go directly to kids, mostly homeless kids, living with AIDS and HIV in New York, in the metropolitan area.
Ezra Miller
That’s why I wanted to be part of this AIDS Project Los Angeles party. We help raise funds for those who are having a tough time with some very basic necessities, like shelter, food, and medical care.
Brande Roderick
Small aids to individuals, large aid to masses.
Maria Mitchell
The cause of making the world a better place for children unites us all – today HIV/AIDS is the biggest threat to this one universal objective. UNICEF needs us all to help them change the world for children
Liam Neeson
I go to Malawi twice a year. It’s where two of my children were adopted from, and I have a lot of projects there that I go and check up on and children who I look after. It’s sort of a commitment that I’ve made to this country and the hundreds of thousands of children there who have been orphaned by AIDS.
Madonna Ciccone
Its not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There are no such documents.
Kary Mullis
As for AIDS, it’s a plague. We are human, we get plagues. They come along every so often, kill off two thirds of the population; in the next generation it’s a quarter; after that it’s a childhood disease.
Larry Niven
My play Safe Sex was picked apart because critics thought it was untrue. It was a play in which no one had AIDS, but the characters talked about how it was going to change their lives.
Harvey Fierstein
HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.
Princess Diana
I’m over there filming in South Africa now, and two in five are HIV-positive now. Not many people know that.
Bruce Davison
Overall, I have formed three major organizations: the National Association of Business Women, the Young Women’s Leaders Network, and the Joyce Banda Foundation. Under the foundation, we have a huge program that targets women to teach them about HIV and other diseases and to give them economic empowerment.
Joyce Banda
I recommend the same therapies for all humans with HIV. There is no reason to believe that physiologic responses to therapy will vary across lines of class, culture, race or nationality.
Paul Farmer
I hope to continue to be an activist for kids and teenagers and especially girls who are living with HIV/AIDS, because all over the world, people don’t have the same rights that we do in the United States.
Jenna Bush
Because I am not formally trained in the medical sciences, I can bring in new ideas to AIDS research and the cross-fertilization of ideas from different fields could be a valuable contribution to finding the cure for AIDS.
Philip Emeagwali
I believe, but cannot prove, that global “AIDS” is a whole cluster of unrelated diseases all of which have been swept under a single rug for essentially political reasons, and that the identification of HIV as the sole pathogen is likely to go down as one of the most colossal blunders in the history of medicine.
Eric S. Raymond
We live in a completely interdependent world, which simply means we can not escape each other. How we respond to AIDS depends, in part, on whether we understand this interdependence. It is not someone else’s problem. This is everybody’s problem.
William J. Clinton
Epidemics historically have tended to kill the very young and the very old, but AIDS is different: Those ages 20 to 40 are most affected, which means that so far over 12 million African children have been orphaned because of AIDS.
Marvin Olasky
The hearing aids are very helpful for speech reading. Without the hearing aids, my voice becomes very loud, and I cannot control the quality of my voice.
Marlee Matlin
For many people with HIV, finding the right doctor is the most important decision they’ll make.
David Mixner
The nature of a protective immune response to HIV is still unclear. Because in a very, very unique manner, unlike virtually any other microbe with which we’re familiar, the HIV virus has evolved in a way that the immune system finds it very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the virus.
Anthony S. Fauci
The message has become clearer to the nation about AIDS. People used to think they could catch it all kinds of ways, but we now know that it is absolutely passed through bodily fluids.
Loretta Devine
It will kill four times as many Americans as AIDS will over the next decade. I feel that what ever kind of disability God has given me, as an entertainer and as a public figure, it is so I can be a representative for others.
Naomi Judd
Life in a shelter or on the streets puts homeless kids and youth at a higher risk for physical and sexual assault and abuse, physical illness, including HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS is the greatest danger we have faced for many, many centuries. HIV/AIDS is worse than a war. It is like a world war. Millions of people are dying from it.
Nelson Mandela
As a nation we should commit ourselves not only to the fight against terrorism, but to economic justice, defeat of the AIDS epidemic and vestiges of discriminatory policies of all kinds.
Charles Rangel
I tell you, it’s funny because the only time I think about HIV is when I have to take my medicine twice a day.
Magic Johnson
Without this balance, a body’s immune system will not have the desired response when faced with infection. These findings could aid the development and production of vaccines and lead to further research on how the body fights specific infections, such as HIV.
Bill Vaughan
It is clear before God and man that the entire war on HIV and AIDS has not been waged with any degree of piety, responsibility and care.
Mangosuthu Buthelezi
I think it is very important to join the fight against AIDS and HIV and think it is wonderful that Belvedere and Annabel’s are supporting, and had this event this evening.
Lady Gaga
President Bush has committed billions to the fight against AIDS, thus making retroviral drugs available to millions of HIV-positive Africans.
Tony Snow
Because of the lack of education on AIDS, discrimination, fear, panic, and lies surrounded me.
Ryan White
Culture Clash Dylan says when I meet his mother today I shouldn’t mention that I’m Jewish. I say okay, but can I tell her about the HIV postive thing? He gives me a look. I give him one back
Sonya Sones
Scn is like HIV. Gets in there and screws up the immune system, perverts the law to its own ends. Forget government taking the lead role in bringing down scn, that task falls to you and me.
Keith Henson
AZT was never meant to treat HIV. It was meant to treat cancer and, when it was discovered to be toxic, the drug companies stopped clinic trials of the drug because it was so toxic. Is this drug really one we want to use?
Manto Tshabalala-Msimang
AIDS was one of those diseases that a lot of people tried to claim ownership over, and especially as someone who was, fortunately never HIV positive, I wanted to avoid any appearance of doing that.
Dale Peck
Masturbation never got anybody pregnant, does not make anybody go crazy, and what we’re about is preventing HIV in our bright young people.
Joycelyn Elders
Some countries have good laws, laws which could stem the tide of HIV. The problem is that these laws are flouted. Because stigma gives unofficial license to treat people living with HIV or those at greatest risk unlike other citizens.
Shereen El Feki
In the ’80s and ’90s, there was some degree of compassion for people with HIV because there was visible human suffering.
Sean Strub
Education, awareness and prevention are the key, but stigmatisation and exclusion from family is what makes people suffer most
Ralph Fiennes
In many parts of the world, women and girls are especially vulnerable to HIV/AIDS because they lack control over most aspects of their life. Cultural expectations and gender roles expose women and girls to violence, sexual exploitation and far greater risk for infection.
Hillary Clinton
The general population still thinks HIV is something that came in the 80s and went away, or that it only affects the gay population or intravenous drug users.
Annie Lennox
A lot of people in my world – in the acting world – have either lost friends to Aids or live with HIV because its origin in our culture, in New York for instance, was in the gay community.
Emma Thompson
When I first arrived in beautiful Zimbabwe, it was difficult to understand that 35 percent of the population is HIV positive. It really wasn’t until I was invited to the homes of people that I started to understand the human toll of the epidemic.
Kristen Ashburn
Treating HIV/AIDS is a lifelong commitment that demands strict adherence to drug protocols, consistent care, and a trusting relationship with health care providers.
David Mixner
Roughly speaking, this hypothesis asks whether drug use causes some of the diseases officially associated with AIDS, such as immunodeficiency and Kaposi’s sarcoma.
Serge Lang
This AIDS stuff is pretty scary. I hope I don’t get it.
Robert Mapplethorpe
We would like to see the virtual elimination of the transmission of [HIV] from mother to child by 2015. … We believe it can be achieved with political will.
Annie Lennox
The Global Fund is a central player in the progress being achieved on HIV, TB and malaria. It channels resources to help countries fight these diseases. I believe in its impact because I have seen it firsthand.
Bill Gates
As many times as [HIV] changes its clothes, it’s still wearing the same socks, and now our job is to make sure we get the body to really hate those socks.
Seth Berkley
I did this role in Life Goes On as an HIV positive character and so emotionally that was the most challenging.
Chad Lowe
If what we’re really trying to do is stop the spread of HIV, we need to think about the customer.
Amy Lockwood
People wait in line to see me, saying there’s plenty of living to be done even if you have an HIV diagnosis. People say they are 10- or 15-year survivors and still moving forward.
Greg Louganis
I burned out on AIDS and did no AIDS work for a couple of years. I was so angry that people were still getting this disease that nobody can give you – you have to go out and get it!
Harvey Fierstein
It’s important not to lose sight of the fact people of all sorts are still putting themselves at risk. It happens to straight and gay, single and married. I have never been comfortable thinking of AIDS as something that ‘other people’ get.
Brande Roderick
More often than not, media coverage now mentions HIV-positive people in criminal contexts.
Sean Strub
I don’t think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I’m not sure he even knows how to spell Aids.
Elizabeth Taylor
On December 17, 1984, I had surgery to remove two inches of my left lung due to pneumonia. After two hours of surgery the doctors told my mother I had AIDS.
Ryan White
Those who say that climate change doesn’t exist are being understood as the flat-earthers that they are, as the people who deny the link between smoking and cancer, as the people who denied the link between HIV and AIDS.
Nicholas Stern
I have friends of mine who have died of AIDS and many of those friends…did not tell me until the very end…because they felt that there was a stigma, a taboo, attached to it…now we have more women infected with HIV/AIDS, many of those women were infected by their husbands who did not tell them
Bianca Jagger
If you have HIV, I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of. Get treatment and don’t think that you’re out of options or resources because you’re not.
Jay Ellis
There’s a joke in the movie…it’s got a fairytale ending, and this is a spoiler: Donald Trump does contract HIV. I think people are upset about that, mainly because they feel the reputation of AIDS has been destroyed by associating it with Donald Trump.
Sacha Baron Cohen
To me, celebrity doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you’re willing to use it. So I wanted to use it in a different way, with my AIDS work, the human rights stuff for the gay and lesbian community and the speaking I do
Judith Light
There have been two popular subjects for poetry in the last few decades: the Vietnam War and AIDS, about both of which almost all of us have felt deeply.
Thom Gunn
The desire to move into a bigger house, to avoid living AIDS daily, and a dream to be accepted by a community and school, became possible and a reality with a movie about my life, The Ryan White Story.
Ryan White
An educated child is better equipped to handle all the challenges of life, from finding work to avoiding diseases like HIV/AIDS.
Laura Bush
The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.
Jeremiah Wright
There’s a huge AIDS epidemic in Africa, and one of Bad Boy’s plans this year is to give more awareness to that. We’re gonna be doing a big charity concert helping to save some of the brothers and sisters in Africa.
Puff Daddy
The music aids the message, it’s there to punctuate and abbreviate and shape the silence
Saul Williams
HIV is certainly character-building. It’s made me see all of the shallow things we cling to, like ego and vanity. Of course, I’d rather have a few more T-cells and a little less character.
Randy Shilts
But it is true that sometimes an enveloping darkness aids one to clearer vision; as in a panorama building, for example, where the obscurity about the entrance prepares one better for the climax, and gives the scene depicted a more real and vivid appearance.
Pierre Loti
We can sharply deflect the curve of HIV incidence.
Anthony S. Fauci
They have hyped up HIV into this super-rapist but in reality the damn thing can hardly get an erection.
Peter Duesberg
What is needed now are increased efforts to promote youth participation and commitment; more services aimed at youth; more parental involvement; more education and information, using schools and other sites; more protection for girls, orphaned children and young women;and more partnerships with people with HIV and AIDS.
Carol Bellamy
AIDS win be our first priority, but in two years’ time we don’t know where AIDS research will stand, so we are also thinking of activity on other diseases.
Luc Montagnier
My name is Ryan White. I am sixteen years old. I have hemophilia, and I have AIDS.
Ryan White
I think we should put the same weight now on the co-factors as we have on HIV.
Luc Montagnier
HIV is not a death sentence. It doesn’t mean life’s over. It means that life’s going to be different, but you still get to have those moments that people who don’t have HIV experience.
Jay Ellis
The tragedy of civil wars in countries like Angola and Mozambique is that they left many civilians maimed. Poverty is the reason HIV/AIDS spread so rapidly in the African townships and slums. Poverty is the real killer.
Miriam Makeba
Now people with HIV are no longer dying, but living many years – we are around longer to potentially affect others.
Sean Strub
The empowerment of girls and women is an essential tool to preventing the HIV/AIDS emergency from exploding any further
Ashley Judd
I found out through the Internet that I have AIDS. I learned that I was dead. Where else would I find these things?
Layne Staley
Questions have also arisen about AIDS being transmitted to hemophiliacs via blood transfusions.
Serge Lang
Every 10 seconds we lose a child to hunger. This is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
Josette Sheeran
The number of people with HIV receiving Medicare benefits has grown over time, reflecting growth in the size of the of the HIV positive population in the U.S. but also an increased lifespan for people with HIV due to antiretroviral medicines and other treatment advances.
David Mixner
People are so involved with immediate care, but at the same time there needs to be investment in educating people as adolescents when they’re still HIV negative.
Charlize Theron
As a Goodwill Ambassador for YouthAIDS, I’ve learned that the face of AIDS is increasingly young and female. By educating young people and empowering them to make the right choices we can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS
Ashley Judd