Hotel Quotes

Hotel Quotes by Mark Twain, Chris Evans, Manny Pacquiao, Charles B. Rangel, Zaza Pachulia, David Fahrenthold and many others.

Hotels are the only proper places for lecturers. When I

Hotels are the only proper places for lecturers. When I am ill-natured I so enjoy the freedom of a hotel where I can ring up a domestic and give him a quarter and then break furniture over him.
Mark Twain
Our house was like a hotel. It was a loony-tunes household. If you got arrested in high school, everyone knew: ‘Call Mrs. Evans; she’ll bail you out.’
Chris Evans
I can’t walk down the streets. It’s very difficult. I can’t go to the mall. I have to go to hotels just to have a meal. Everybody wants to say hi and say thank you and congratulate me, so it’s very difficult.
Manny Pacquiao
Today many Caribbean workers can be found in the hospital, construction, service and hotel industries, but there is also a growing professional sector.
Charles B. Rangel
Obviously, the hotel is related to my name, so my mom makes sure the staff, the service, the cleaning part of it is 100 out of 100. Not 99, 100 out of 100. We’ve got great reviews because of that. That’s why a lot of people want to stay out our place, because we provide a lot of good services.
Zaza Pachulia
The Trump people make it extremely hard to figure out what’s going on with their businesses, so we’ve done things like try to figure out all the people, the charities who rented out ballrooms and hotel rooms, all the NBA teams that stay at his hotels, people that pay him a lot of money and have other choices.
David Fahrenthold
I was so famous that I couldn’t leave the hotel room. I remember looking out of the window at all these fans but just feeling so isolated.
Dolores O’Riordan
You have to assume everything is going to end up online, even if you’re alone in a hotel elevator.
Megan Fox
Mum and Dad ran a seaside hotel in Anstruther in Fife. It was a family run business, so I worked in the kitchen and helped out as a chambermaid and waitress.
Edith Bowman
We’ve gotta dispense with calling guys who are effeminate or who throw like girls “sissies.” You know why? Because that diminishes women, and that can lead to such things as you decking your woman in a hotel elevator in New Jersey with your fist.
Rush Limbaugh
After all these years, I’m finally into soccer. The World Cup is on, and my band is an international group – they’re all around me, cheering in the hotel bars.
Art Garfunkel
In principle if I could not have a home I wouldn’t. But not having a home would be too difficult procedurally, going from hotel to hotel, the gap of three hours where you’re hungry and tired.
Lee Child
There seems to be an inclination among rock musicians to be very carefree with money, but I negotiate the best flight and hotel deals on our tours to maximise the band’s income – I don’t want too see too much taken off the top line.
Ian Anderson
Sitting in a hotel room just makes you sit and think about things.
Nathan Sykes
With all the travel we’re doing to cold-weather cities, your mind definitely starts to wander. It gets you away from the game. Even when you arrive in a city, you’re tempted to just sit in your hotel and rest. Sometimes it’s nice to just get out and walk around, to see what’s there.
Stephen Curry
Initially, when we were running just one hotel in Gurgaon, I used to handle housekeeping, sales, CEO duties, etc. I would literally wear the OYO Rooms uniform for housekeeping and would show the room to customers.
Ritesh Agarwal
In hell there’s a big hotel where the bar just closed and the windows never opened. No phone so you can’t call home, and the TV works, but the clicker is broken.
Billy Joel
The thing about the Super Bowl is, once you got to the Super Bowl City, it was non-stop football, 24/7. You couldn’t get away from it. You couldn’t leave your hotel room and not get bombarded by fans. You couldn’t go have a nice dinner and relax. Friends and family weren’t there, so the normalcy of life changed.
Kurt Warner
With ‘New Rose Hotel,’ I knew that I was getting paid a $100,000 fee to write, produce, and direct, and that’s all I was going to get.
Abel Ferrara
the loneliest place to be is a hotel room in a big city in early evening.
Willa Gibbs
I envisioned huge piles of the Elf Hotel flying off the belt, taking down everybody in sight. I had seen pictures of that Elf Hotel – it had sharp candy-cane spires that could easily impale someone. If anyone was ever going to be killed by an Elf Hotel, it would be my parents.
Maureen Johnson
I can still smell the tear gas in the Hilton Hotel.
Eugene McCarthy
I am a big fan of white sheets, hotel bedding and white towels!
Tessa Virtue
What’s great about this hotel [Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, CA] is that I stayed here for a month when I was competing on the Oprah reality show. So it’s like coming home.
Zach Anner
I had spent many days hungry; had slept on railway stations at times because I did not have money to pay for a hotel room… there were moments when I felt I had compromised my dignity as a human being and as an actor.
Anupam Kher
Once a month, I get together with my girlfriends and we usually check into a hotel or go to someone else’s house. We can talk for 15 hours, and it just flies by.
Leslie Mann
Even though I travel considerably, I hardly get to see a thing when I am out on tour. It’s always the same routine: I get into some town. They lead me to the hotel. I eat. I put on lipstick. Then I go to the club, talk real dirty, sing a few songs and go home. Not a bad way to make a living.
If you’re a guy over 30 by yourself in the hotel pool, you automatically look like a murderer who’s just relaxing after he strangled a family. “Yeah-that dad was a tough one to kill.”
Jim Gaffigan
Why does the typical adventuring group consist of a wizard, a warrior, and a rogue, anyway? It should really be a wizard, a warrior, and a rich guy. Otherwise who’s going to pay for all the swords and spells and hotel rooms?
Robin Sloan
I’ve paid for more pianos in hotel lobbies than you can imagine.
Kid Rock
I once attended a birthday party where Danny Kaye dropped in to entertain the birthday boy and his guests; I was sometimes taken for lunch on Saturdays by my father to The Brown Derby; and my favorite meal is still the Cobb salad in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Michael Korda
When I turned 11, my dad decorated a room at the Standard hotel in Los Angeles in a ’60s, Austin Powers style. There was human bowling: You run inside a giant inflatable ball and try to knock down pins. To this day, adults say it was one of the craziest parties they’ve ever been to.
Zoe Kravitz
I lived in a hotel across the street from Disneyland for a month.
Steve Cropper
It’s getting too late in my life to care about the small things. It’s getting too late to not be brave, to not live my life fully, to not try to be an artist. Trivial things like how nice your hotel room is, or if you have to be naked for a while, they fade away.
Helen Hunt
‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ is a British comedy-drama directed by John Madden. The film is based on the 2004 novel, ‘These Foolish Things’, by Deborah Moggach.
Tena Desae
I don’t go on set with an army of people because the most expensive elements of a movie production are the plane tickets, the hotel rooms, food and gasoline. If you’re willing to discover new colleagues in the place that you are, you can save a ton of money.
Francis Ford Coppola
There are definitely many adventures on the road with Jessica 6. It sometimes feels like we’re in a movie. I was recently kidnapped by 2 taxi drivers in Moscow. They drove me over 2 hours out of town till I started to cry then they drove me 3 more hours finally to my hotel!
Nomi Ruiz
One night I was in bed-and remember that I’m on the second floor of a hotel-when I spotted this crab coming toward me across the floor, watching me with his beady little crab eyes. I think he wanted to get in bed with me.
Jennifer Esposito
My dream is to walk around the world. A smallish backpack, all essentials neatly in place. A camera. A notebook. A traveling paint set. A hat. Good shoes. A nice pleated (green?) skirt for the occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance.
Maira Kalman
With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday. Hotels are now out of the question for my wife and I.
Robert Powell
Born in the silent era, with the first ceremony hosted by Douglas Fairbanks at the Roosevelt Hotel, the Oscars are a tradition in a business that doesn’t have much of it, and the biggest spectacle in a business that’s often nothing but.
Steve Erickson
I don’t like staying in hotels. I like to be in my own bed. San Diego as a city is really awesome. The only hard part of it for me is that I’m away from my family and my house. But as far as shooting down there, we get amazing locations, and the crew is really, really stellar down there. They are really fun.
Kristen Bell
I don’t watch television! At least not when I’m traveling. For some reason, I have always found it depressing to watch television in hotel rooms. I try to use that time, as well as time on planes, to write.
Stephen Hough
Ordering pizza and jamming out with the contestants in our hotels and traveling the country together brought me so much joy.
Rayvon Owen
It was like I was in a tunnel. Not only the tunnel under the hotel but the whole circuit was a tunnel. I was just going and going, more and more and more and more. I was way over the limit but still able to find even more.
Ayrton Senna
I need a lot of alone time as a human. And especially on a movie set when you’re around people all day long. So it’s actually kind of nice to go home to a hotel and be alone and unwind.
Rooney Mara
I just love to go home, no matter where I am, the most luxurious hotel suite in the world, I love to go home.
Michael Caine
I don’t know anything about the hotel business.
Steve Alford
No hotels have gone out of business because of Airbnb… Airbnb is not a perfect substitute for a hotel. We excel at different things.
Nathan Blecharczyk
I never write about the road. I never write about hotels or anything like that.
Taylor Swift
I think that the point of being an architect is to help raise the experience of everyday living, even a little. Putting a window where people would really like one. Making sure a shaving mirror in a hotel bathroom is at the right angle. Making bureaucratic buildings that are somehow cheerful.
David Chipperfield
A hotel, he told me, was a big house where a lot of people lived and ate and slept, but no one knew each other. He said that described most families in the outside world.
Chuck Palahniuk
We stay in U2’s hotel. They bought a hotel, The Clarence, a nice place and it’s in an area where everything’s happening, so many fantastic restaurants and bars and the people are so friendly.
Bonnie Tyler
Indian hotels are doing well globally because they understand hospitality.
Zubin Mehta
When we got to the hotel, the Hawaiian Village, there were 500 screaming women there. The police were trying to keep the crowd back. It was very dangerous.
Minnie Pearl
Staying in luxury hotels still gives me a kick, especially Oulton Hall in Yorkshire. I’d stay in a hotel for the breakfast and room service.
Jimmy Carr
If I was not an actor, I would have been working in a five star hotel as a chef.
New York City is a great apartment hotel in which everyone lives and no one is at home.
Glenway Wescott
I’d be getting texts from my mates saying they’d just got into a club in Liverpool with a fake ID, and what was I doing? I’d have just finished a 20-hour day and be sitting in a hotel room, starving.
Amy Jackson
You can’t exactly do it from your hotel room. It’s the weather; you’ve got to get out in it. You’re telling people that there are 70 mile-per-hour winds. So it’s like, ‘Let’s prove it.’
Lester Holt
At the height of our fame, we didn’t see anything. We didn’t leave the hotel because we were doing interviews all day. We may have traveled the world, but we saw nothing.
Curt Smith
Be kind to your mother-in-law, but pay for her board at some good hotel.
Josh Billings
I absolutely love the Mena House Oberoi hotel in Cairo, which overlooks the Great Pyramids of Giza.
Gok Wan
There was a period when I was getting a lot of banana bread, because I mentioned someone cooked me banana bread, and then everyone cooked me baked stuff, and I would take it to the hotel, and it was making me fat.
Marc Maron
I worked at the Sheraton Commander Hotel, which was my first hotel job. They were doing nouvelle cuisine so it was the first time I had seen truffles and ingredients I never thought of. It really broadened my horizon.
Paul Wahlberg
I like Le Bilboquet. I know it’s been around for a while, but it’s a classic. I do love a hotel bar, too. Anywhere dark too is a great place to go. I haven’t dated that much in New York since I’ve been back.
Tinsley Mortimer
Boston: Their hotels are bad. Their pumpkin pies are delicious. Their poetry is not so good.
Edgar Allan Poe
There’s a lot of loneliness in a book tour. A lot of grilled cheese sandwiches alone in your hotel at night.
Margaret Stohl
I’m very intelligent. I’m capable of doing everything put to me. I’ve launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I’m living proof blondes are not stupid.
Paris Hilton
The thing I can’t figure out is why I have an undeniable compulsion to clean public spaces, airplane bathrooms, restaurant flatware, hotel gyms and Chapstick containers… yet I have no desire to make my own bed. Ever. Seriously, who made me, and where am I from?
Rachel Nichols
My ideal night for me, personally, is watching Disney movies and drinking a glass of wine by myself in the hotel room. That’s my ideal night.
Alexa Bliss
A foreign correspondent is someone who lives in foreign parts and corresponds, usually in the form of essays containing no new facts. Otherwise he’s someone who flies around from hotel to hotel and thinks that the most interesting thing about any story is the fact that he has arrived to cover it.
Tom Stoppard
Making a feature like ‘Hotel 3’ or ‘Hotel 2’ is kind of fun and jokey. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. You could do whatever you want, basically.
Genndy Tartakovsky
My father had a hotel, and people in show business used to stay there. He loved peformers and entertainment, and I grew up knowing that.
Gilda Radner
He gave me the chance to be where I am today, and He’s the one that can take it all away from me. So at the team hotel, I pray before sleeping, and I pray again in the morning.
Emmanuel Adebayor
Stop taking things personally. Throughout the time with “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hotel Hell,” when they work, you don’t get any praise. When they fail, you get blamed. You’re f – ed either way, but it doesn’t stop me doing them, I think.
Gordon Ramsay
I do remember when I was starting acting, going from one set to the next, with not much else going on in my life. And at the end of the day, you get back to your hotel room and just feel this awful loneliness, because the cameras have stopped rolling.
Julianne Moore
I don’t watch penalties in my hotel room. I watch naughty videos
Gianluigi Buffon
Flickering lights anonymous doors my heart escaping in drips i’m still waking up but she’s still sleeping this ICU is hotel for the dead
Maggie Stiefvater
One day I’ll be old, dead, forgotten. And at this very moment, while I’m sitting here thinking these things, a man in a dingy hotel room is thinking, “I will always be here.”
Simone de Beauvoir
An intruder broke into Mike Tyson’s hotel room in Las Vegas while he was sleeping but got out before Tyson could get to him. I don’t know what’s scarier. Having someone breaking into your room while you’re sleeping or breaking into someone else’s room and finding out the guy is Mike Tyson.
Jay Leno
I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. But it’s not. It’s airplanes, hotel rooms, limousines, and armed guards standing outside rooms. I don’t get off on that part of it at all.
Jimmy Page
Minimalism in interior design has become a caricature. Everywhere you find shops or hotels with an ambience that makes you feel like you are in a refrigerator.
Andree Putman
For me, the best places to write are on planes, trains and at airports. Not hotel rooms but hotel lobbies. I’m really happy when I’m waiting for a plane and the message comes that it’s three hours late. Great, I’ll get to write!
Jo Nesbo
It got to the point where I sat on the side of the bed in a hotel room in London in early-1990 and said to whoever or whatever: ‘If you are there will you please contact or leave me because you are driving me up the wall.’
David Icke
I did this film for less money than it costs to stay in this hotel. We shot it in 20 days. We couldn’t screw up takes for fun because we didn’t have enough film.
Dean Cain
Brenda [Carlin] went into therapy and I soon joined her. First we put the drugs behind us, then we began serious work on our relationship. And, in time, we got well together.She just drove through a hotel lobby. Now, that’s bottoming out.
George Carlin
I spend so much time living by myself – mostly in hotels – and I pick up cats when I’m feeling particularly lonely.
Penelope Cruz
The bridge to Coronado Island off San Diego was built because the mob had a hotel there and needed a way to get people out there.
Don Winslow
I often compare putting a hotel together to old-time movie production. You come up with a story line, you hire the writer, the director, the stars, the set designer.
Andre Balazs
When it was announced I had won the Tony Award, I was in Bangkok doing a movie with Judi Dench. I remember coming back from the location to the Oriental Hotel and hearing someone yelling across the reception area, ‘You’ve won the Tony!’ It was wonderful and strange to be halfway around the world.
Roger Rees
Dear Hotel People: We don’t need a cheeseball clock-radio. WE NEED PLACES TO PLUG STUFF IN. Thank you.
Dave Barry
I am not angry. I am just disappointed that, once again, a hotel has tried to convince me it will move heaven and earth to ensure I am comfortable when, in reality, it won’t even pass me the coffee pot!
Richard Quest
I prefer to give money to the person who’s provided the good service. But I never tip at hotels, I think they overcharge anyway. But anything which is value for money will get my vote.
Geoff Capes
My favourite hotel is the Hilton Hawaiian Village beach resort in Honolulu.
Vera Lynn
I had a very difficult relationship with my mother. She used to wake me up in the middle of the night if I wasn’t sleeping straight and was messing up the sheets. Now when I stay in hotels I sleep so straight they don’t even think I’ve used the bed.
Marina Abramovic
I’m not romantic at all, ha ha, I need teaching. The closest I ever came was taking a girl out on her birthday and getting her picked up and dropped off at a hotel. The room was all done up, like with flowers and stuff. But that was a struggle for me!
Tinchy Stryder
Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business.
Dave Barry
I wrote one called ‘The No Hotel.’ I got inspired in 1989 while I was on a trip down to Brazil, and I didn’t finish it until eight years later.
Gordon Lightfoot
I sometimes feel like I should be in the hotel business.
Devendra Banhart
Boutique hotels are great, but they get too cute. Some hotels have shoe polish. It’s like, come on, this isn’t 1960. No one’s polishing their shoes.
Jim Gaffigan
I have so many fond memories of the Tied Test, and I can’t wait to come back to Brisbane. One thing that stands out is that both teams stayed at the same hotel. We got to know each other so well. Some of my best cricketing friends were in that Australian team.
Garfield Sobers
I always traveled by myself on the airplane, stayed at hotels by myself. Even though I got some big campaign, I couldn’t celebrate with someone else. I just stayed at the hotel, had a glass of wine and congratulated myself.
HoYeon Jung
Richard Nixon got kicked out of Washington for tapping one hotel suite. Today we’re tapping every American citizen in the country, and no one has been put on trial for it or even investigated. We don’t even have an inquiry into it.
Edward Snowden
When my lover Hubert Sorin was dying of AIDS, he was always trying to fix me up – posthumously, as it were – with the cute busboy at the hotel.
Edmund White
I like being on the road, living in hotels. While I’ve got a real nice house, I go crazy when I’m there.
Tommy Shaw
The BBC is a brilliant, infuriating, delightful cornerstone of our culture but it drives me round the twist. I will never forgive them for selling off BBC Centre. It’s probably the best studio facility in Europe, possibly the world, and it’s being sold off for flats and a luxury hotel.
Alexander Armstrong
My favorite place is Central Park because you never know what you’re going to find there. I also like that when I look out the windows of surrounding hotels, it’s seems like I’m looking out over a forest.
Haley Joel Osment
The elephants were being slaughtered in masses. Some were even killed in the vicinity of big tourist hotels.
Richard Leakey
I keep a hotel room in my town, although I have a large house. And I go there at about 5:30 in the morning, and I start working. And I don’t allow anybody to come in that room. I work on yellow pads and with ballpoint pens. I keep a Bible, a thesaurus, a dictionary, and a bottle of sherry. I stay there until midday.
Maya Angelou
I actually find that my hair looks the best on tour with my band, Wardell. And it’s funny because I’m just using cheap hotel shampoo and conditioner.
Sasha Spielberg
Stand-up comedy is a really lonely profession: you ‘perform for 2000 people, then you go to a hotel room by yourself and stare at a wall.
Anh Do
So I’m more at home with my backpack, sleeping in a hotel room or on a bus or on an airplane, than I am necessarily on a bed. It’s weird being here. It feels like I’m standing next to my real life.
Henry Rollins
I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage. Many reporters have told me that Trump worked hard to offer them something fabulous – from hotel rooms to rides on his 757.
Megyn Kelly
If a rock band throws a TV set out of a hotel window, it’s seen as anti-Establishment.
Douglas Booth
The room is so small, when I put the key in, I broke the window!
Henny Youngman
Fear can come across in absence of sharp corners, locked windows in hotel rooms, locks, passwords, security…fairytales (the type of storylines)…in fact everywhere.
Martin Lindstrom
If it’s a romantic holiday, the only thing I need is my wife. We love quiet and calm places where we can’t be disturbed. Neither of us likes being in busy places; we would much rather stay in our hotel room and enjoy each other’s company.
Jean Reno
I’m happy to report you still get nothing you don’t need at Motel 6, and, therefore, you don’t have to pay for it. I don’t need valet parking. If I can drive the old crate 300 miles to the hotel all by myself, I can certainly handle the last nine feet to the parking space.
Tom Bodett
Well, I took a sabbatical. I walked away from shooting movies because I couldn’t handle the travel. I’m a single parent. I had young kids, and I found that keeping in touch with them from hotel rooms and airports wasn’t working for me. So I stopped.
Rick Moranis
When we’re out touring, we often go to clubs to see people play. The alternative is to go back to the hotel And that’s no good.
John Waite
At the age of fifty-six Eleanor Stoddard was still a beautiful woman. She owned three hotels in France and another two in England. From nothing at all, she had built an empire. Eleanor had it all. Her one weakness was the young man sleeping beside her.
Barbara Taylor Bradford
We found that our kids enjoy those simple adventures we take as a family. I’m driving, my wife’s the copilot and we give one kid a choice of what they want to go do. We eat a lot of bad food and sleep in some interesting hotels.
Mark Consuelos
When I’m in Jerusalem, I stay at the American Colony Hotel, neutral territory: the secret peace talks of 1992/3 started there.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
I lead a very active lifestyle. When I am not working, I enjoy snowboarding in winter. I golf and swim in the summer months. However, trying to find the time to exercise when I am traveling is quite a challenge. I find myself working out at hotel gyms quite regularly – just so that I can keep up with my training.
Lee Byung-hun
The reality is, when I’m sitting in a hotel room at 3 in the morning, and I see something on the Internet that interests me in the form of a band I want to hear, I like the ability to just go online to iTunes and download it immediately.
Mike Portnoy
In college, everything’s structured. In the NBA, it’s like, you have a lot of free time, and you have to use it wisely. A lot of the time, you’re in a hotel room all day. And rest is really the most important thing. Then, just trying to enjoy yourself and have fun.
Trey Burke
Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get opportunities to buy a hotel.
Philip Anschutz
A boxing gym is not supposed to look like a hotel or a condo. It is supposed to be rugged.
Danny Garcia
We fly to the town in the little private airplane, and then we have to get in cars and drive to the hotel and then drive to the gig. So, I want to do a tour where the performances will actually be at the small airports.
Walter Becker
I perform in theaters, international stages with people screaming for me, and then I go back to my hotel room, take all my makeup off, and I’m alone.
Violet Chachki
A writer is in danger of allowing his talent to dull who lets more than a year go past without finding himself in his rightful place of composition, the small single unluxurious retreat of the twentieth century, the hotel bedroom.
Cyril Connolly
A hotel room all to myself is my idea of a good time.
Chelsea Handler
I write pretty much anywhere – on planes, in hotel rooms, anywhere in my house.
Jeffery Deaver
It was the early 1970s and I was recently divorced. I had three kids and was totally broke. I managed to find work back east on the straw-hat circuit – summer stock – but couldn’t afford hotels, so I lived out of the back of my truck, under a hard shell.
William Shatner
When I’m in New York I love to stay at the Mercer Hotel, and the C. Wonder store was so part of my New York experience from staying downtown. What I love the most about the brand is the enthusiasm that the customer has for it.
Brad Goreski
We enter the government essentially in a hotel that is on fire. We’re throwing people from the windows into the pool to save their lives and this is the evaluation of the Olympic diving committee: Well, the splash was too big.
Austan Goolsbee
Disney is one of the best hotel companies in the world. Yet they have never and will never open a casino on the Vegas strip.
Simon Sinek
My life has become a series of planes, trains, and automobiles with some occasional downtime at a hotel.
Shenaz Treasury
Touring is very routine. You get to the city, you go to the hotel, you got to be at the hotel by a certain time – it’s very routine. I’m not a very structured person, so when I get some structure, it’s cool; it’s good for me.
J. Cole
Have you ever stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai? I’d warmly recommend it. It’s super luxurious, and right next door, there’s a classic slum. So you can do a quick slum tour and get back to your sanctuary without any inconvenience but with some excellent snaps.
Geoff Dyer
Take a little walk down Know You Role Boulevard, hang that right on Jabroni Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima no-pancake-havin’ ass di-rectly into the Smackdown Hotel!
Dwayne Johnson
I don’t like the idea that one hotel could be better than another. In any city, I try to find a hotel that has the identity of that place – Claridge’s in London, the Danieli or Cipriani in Venice. In New York, I stay at the Mercer Hotel; it is so much in the character of SoHo.
Jean Nouvel
I bring incense, essential oils, and candles to make my hotel room feel more like home.
Jamie Anderson
I don’t drink or party. There’s literally no time for that. As soon as I finish a show, I go straight back to the hotel room, do emails, I sleep, that’s it.
Jonas Blue
It’s my responsibility to walk around the hotel with a big smile on my face and not worry about what’s happened in the last game.
David Beckham
There is a seeded bread that I bring from South Africa. I bring home 10, 20 loaves. I am so bad with this bread. I’ve literally been in hotels and brought my own: “Please, can you toast this? I have my own bread.” They’re like, “You have your own bread?” And I’ll pull it out!
Oprah Winfrey
A family holiday to Jamaica in 2004 – my uncle was getting married out there, and it was the first holiday I’d had in Jamaica, which is where my father is from. My friends and I stayed in a really plush hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, so we had a great experience.
Alesha Dixon
I need everything first-class. If it’s not a private plane, I need everything first-class. Flights, I need hotel suites, I need the best hotel in town, the top of the line best hotel suite.
Riff Raff
The hotel I’m in has a lovely closet. A nail.
Henny Youngman
There were always so many beautiful women throwing themselves at us. One time we had 40 models in our hotel suite someone had called an agency and invited them along.
Tony Hadley
I was referred to Mike Jones from the concierge at a Marriott hotel when I asked for a masseur… It was during the massage that it started to become sensual, and that led to him masturbating me.
Ted Haggard
They told me that the hotels had maybe two rooms set up for people with disabilities, but if they got there too late, and didn’t get one of these rooms, they couldn’t take a shower. The room wasn’t hooked up for them, or maybe the sink was too high.
Gregory Hines
Every good day starts off with a cappuccino, and there’s no place better to enjoy some frothy caffeine than at the Bulgari Hotel.
Brad Goreski
Sometimes when we’re flying or in the hotel, I might run over songs, or in the bathroom.
Ella Fitzgerald
Chinese consumers don’t book hotel rooms that are as expensive as U.S. consumers.
Dara Khosrowshahi
I see a long lost home in his eyes. He sees a nice hotel in mine.
Juliana Hatfield
Hey, I didn’t make a big deal out of Hotel California. The 18 million people that bought it did.
Glenn Frey
Sometimes you’ve just got to sit down, whether you’re in the hotel room or on your couch at home, and really just appreciate what’s going on around you.
Big Cass
We spent all day travelling, living away from the people you love, not sleep in our own bed … We are far from our own houses. We live in hotels, clubs. And now that I am a father it is much more difficult.
Novak Djokovic
I’ve been having this really weird anxiety dream about arriving too late or too early, and the people in charge are like, ‘You have to leave! You have to go back to the hotel and get ready!’ And I use the wrong exit, and I’m running down the red carpet in В­pyjamas, like, ‘No! Don’t look at me!’
Florence Welch
Here Churchill repeats with approval a statement he had first made in January, 1930 “at a meeting at the Cannon Street Hotel.” “Sooner or later you will have to crush Gandhi and the Indian Congress and all they stand for.”
Winston Churchill
Governance is complex, difficult, and on the whole, thankless – why ever should the Bright Young Things leave the management of their hotels, newspapers, banks, TV channels and corporations to join, like fleas on a behemoth, the government? Wherein lies the difference between the two worlds?
Upamanyu Chatterjee
You check into the hotel and see you’re booked for seven nights. But you know you might be leaving in a day or two. It’s exciting for the fans. But you’re on edge. And you’re on edge the whole round.
Ernie Els
Supergroupies don’t have to hang around hotel corridors. When you are one, as I have been, you get invited backstage.
Germaine Greer
I love St. Ives and Fowey. I have childhood memories of the Headland Hotel, where ‘The Witches’ was filmed, standing on the Fistral Beach. There’s something about packing a bikini and Wellington boots – and I’m away.
Suranne Jones
Every nut who kills people has a Bible lying around. If you’re looking for violent rape imagery, the Bible’s right there in your hotel room. If you just want to look up ways to screw people up, there it is, and you’re justified because God told you to.
Penn Jillette
It was so boring, and ‘Dragonheart’ was so unchallenging – there was no research involved or any rehearsal. So I was in my hotel room every night with no English-language TV except ‘Beavis and Butt-head’ at 10 o’clock every night.
David Thewlis
Whenever I write for hotel reservations, I always enclose a set of rules I have made for the hotels.
Ethel Waters
There were about 400 heads of state from countries all over the world. I walked out and played ‘Hotel California,’ and everybody in the place gave me a standing ovation, and half of those countries don’t even speak English.
Don Felder
I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m [expletive] insane, like I’m Hitler. One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did.
Kanye West
The telly’s almost always on. It’s how I wind down after a show. It’s how I relax on a rare night off. It educates me, entertains me and makes a hotel room feel a lot more cosy.
Sarah Millican
On the stage of the Italian Terrace Room in the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1938 … the place where Champagne Music was born.
Lawrence Welk
I pretend I’m one of the royal family when I’m in a hotel and that the hotel belongs to me – it is a palace.
Martin Short
I’m saying that I believe Paula Jones, is what i’m saying. And I believe that that $14,000 a year Arkansas State employee being brought up to the governor’s hotel room and him exposing herself as all the evidence said.
Kellyanne Conway
I could easily escape to a hotel for a weekend and do absolutely nothing.
David Boreanaz
My daughter was asked by a little old lady in a London hotel restaurant what her daddy did. She answered, “He’s a pirate” – I was very proud of that answer.
Johnny Depp
I used to love those little cute bottles of amenities in the hotel room. And while the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion may smell great, they waste an incredible amount of plastic and space in your luggage.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
The last time I saw this many doctors was in 1982 at the NFL Combine. They flew me in, put me in a nice hotel and took great care of me. All you have to do is just pick up the phone and call P.A.S.T. and they will do the rest for you. I am very proud of the P.A.S.T. program.
Rob Brown
I’ll sing as long as I can because I enjoy doing that. I enjoy the fans and what I do. I love the traveling and the hotels and just seeing the world over and over again.
Ronald Isley
I travel a lot for work and have people waiting outside my hotel or call my room constantly or show up at whatever restaurant I’m eating at because I Snapchatted. It is a little terrifying.
Colleen Ballinger
I change so many houses and places where I live; I change them like I change socks. I don’t have this absolute, kind of, how you say, attachment. My brother, if he just has to go to holiday to sleep in different bed, for him it is a disaster. I can sleep under this table or in a five-star hotel; I don’t care.
Marina Abramovic
I don’t like posh hotels. I like small, eclectic hotels, and luxury for me would mean really good company with good food in a really funky, beautiful house in the middle of a field where someone came and serviced the place for us.
Amanda Donohoe
I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess u could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said “how’d u like 2 waste some time?”
And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind.
The internet in hotels should be free – and I really resent it when they charge you five dollars for a bottle of water beside your bed.
Francis Ford Coppola
I’ve ruined a lot of hotel towels. I did a shoot in San Francisco and stayed at the Mandarin Oriental. I must have ruined thousands of dollars worth of towels. I dye my hair once a week. The dye is not temporary. It stains everything. It stains tiles, that’s how powerful it is.
Alvin Leung
I have legendary massive breakfasts at hotels. I don’t hold back. I’ll get there at 7A.M. and I’ll be the last out at 11 A.M., having gone up and down the buffet seven times.
Calvin Harris
I once waited on Sean Connery. A long time ago. This was at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. They closed down the restaurant for him, and when he walked in with his morning paper, all the waitresses started squealing. He was a big guy, bigger than in the movies.
Tony D’Souza
Our business is complicated because intimacy is part and parcel of our profession; as actors, we are paid to do very intimate things in public. That’s why someone can have the audacity to invite you to their home or hotel, and you show up.
Lupita Nyong’o
At hotels, you are an actress. Absolutely. You can do what you want. Go where you want. I love my home too. But I love to arrive in a hotel. They have books, chocolate, food. I put things in the little refrigerator.
Sonia Rykiel
If I went on vacation, I’d rather go camping than stay in some four-star hotel… My friends treat me the same at home. They just want to sit down with you and have a beer.
Travis Fimmel
I’m saying when young men get to the NCAA Tournament, let’s find a way to get their parents and their brothers and sisters a plane ticket and a hotel room. I don’t think that’s asking too much.
Kelvin Sampson
Owning great landmarks such as the Empire State Building or Trump Tower or the General Motors Building or the Plaza Hotel – there are certain just spectacular landmarks – it’s an honor; it’s really an honor.
Donald Trump
When people talk about televisual phenomena such as ‘Big Brother,’ I haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. Having said that, if I’m staying in a hotel and there’s a television in there, I’ll go straight to it and watch it as if it’s some incredible new invention.
Jodhi May
Found myself screaming in a hotel room. I didn’t want to self-destruct.
Kendrick Lamar
I’ve worked on films where the budgets are almost limitless and you’re in trailers that are bigger than a hotel room. You’re taken care of and the food is amazing, the quality of the job is amazing and then you work on smaller things but it never dictates my happiness or my willingness to go to work.
Dominic Monaghan
In Positano, I like the San Pietro Hotel, which is run by a friend whose family has owned the hotel for more than 100 years.
Ivana Trump
Films happened to me accidentally when I met Marc Robinson in a hotel in Goa, where my mum worked as a supervisor. I would often go there, and the manager there would see me and tell my mom that I should try being a model.
Ileana D’Cruz
I’m much better known in France and Germany and Spain than I am in the U.S. When I go to Russia, I get mobbed; I have groups of fans waiting for me out in the hotel lobby, waiting for me to come down off the elevator. In China, I almost got beat up because people were trying to get me to do a drawing for them.
Bill Plympton
I was happy to find out that when on tour, Dolly Parton doesn’t use hotels but stays on her bus every night, to the point of having her buses shipped from Austria to Australia so she can tour the way she sees fit. I used one of her buses once – an honor.
Henry Rollins
Hopefully everybody in the audience thinks, ‘That’s cool. I could do that.’ I don’t like the thought that they say, ‘I saw the Beastie Boys last night, and they’re mega-stars.’ I’m a lot happier when the kids who come backstage or to the hotel try to give us tapes of what they’ve done instead of just getting an autograph.
Mike D
No matter how nice a hotel is, it’s not home.
Bill Kreutzmann
For the live shows, I’m just getting my song together. I go back to my hotel room and I just listen to my song over and over again, figure out how to make it different and put my little Pia spin on it.
Pia Toscano
A campaign gives you focus. You wake up to a different hotel alarm clock every day, but you know your mission.
John Dickerson
I think we always think of the camera – your eye, the first reveal. You know, you have to have that impact whether you walk into a house, you walk into a restaurant, you walk into a hotel; that first powerful impact establishing shot.
Robin Standefer
I’m very used to stages and dressing rooms. And dare I say it, much as I like being at home, I love the buzz of a new hotel room. It never quite loses its thing.
Jay Kay
Book tours are really kind of fun. You get to stay in nice hotels, you are driven everywhere in big silver cars, you are treated as if you are much more important than you are, you can eat steak three times a day at someone else’s expense, and you get to talk endlessly about yourself for weeks at a stretch.
Bill Bryson
I like to stay in a hotel where it’s a dome of silence. I can sit in my room and do nothing.
Jim Gaffigan
It’s very expensive to be a professional tennis player with all the travel and the flights and the hotels and everything.
Caroline Wozniacki
I’m happy because I won’t have to train again, or travel or sit in team hotels.
I believe in live-in relationships, but most of the time, I am living out of hotel rooms. So, I don’t know where I would have a live-in relationship.
Varun Dhawan
I am a glutton for a beautiful hotel. I am so easily smitten by high thread counts.
Gail Simmons
Some speak of the public as if it were someone with whom they have had dinner at the Leipzig Fair in the Hotel de Saxe. Who is this public? The public is not a thing, but rather an idea, a postulate, like the Church.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
We do know that they are foreign missions today that are using Trump Towers, they say, why wouldn`t we want to show favor to the president of the United States? It would be offensive if we stayed at his competitor`s hotel.
Chuck Todd
I found out this summer how to hook up my Xbox 360 in the hotel and get past security. It took me a while to figure out, but I got it now.
Gilbert Arenas
More pianos in hotel rooms please.
Toni Garrn
I was still with Sunderland at the time of my first cap in 2010, and I remember getting the text to let me know that I was going to be called up to the squad – it was a Friday night, and I was in a hotel in London because we were playing Chelsea the next day.
Jordan Henderson
Investment banks started recruiting at Harvard back in the day, and they’d fly me down to New York City and I was so poor so I would take advantage of the free flight, the per diem, the hotel. And then I would go audition for stuff.
Dean Norris
I think paranormal experiences are very personal, again, if they are that. Yes, sometimes I’ve felt that some things I would personally believe enough for me to take action on it… like, you know, I felt something happen in a hotel once that made me never stay there again.
Andrea Corr
Into the face of the young man who sat on the terrace of the Hotel Magnifique at Cannes there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty, hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to talk French.
P. G. Wodehouse
I think I get my alone time when I have to go fly and do a work trip. After work’s done, I go check into my hotel, and I get to have a few hours to myself to order room service and just be quiet and silent.
Jessie James Decker
I do work-related stuff on airplanes. Then, when I’m in the hotel room or just vegging out, I read for pleasure.
Nathaniel Philbrick
This book was company for me – I wrote these things when I was in hotels, far from where I normally live. I never intended to publish it.
Catherine Deneuve
Everyone who was here [Sheraton Universal Hotel] when I won still works here, so the two biggest moments in my career are intersecting. It’s so cool that I can say “hi” to everybody.
Zach Anner
I would rather sleep in a bathroom than in another hotel.
Billy Wilder
I dislike PASSION FLOWER HOTEL so much I wish I had the money to buy it up and burn it.
Nastassja Kinski
Christmas is a really special day since I support the initiative ‘Helping Hands’ and I celebrate Christmas with the kids there. I take them to a place they would enjoy, like a hotel or fun zone and spend time with them as we play together and I become Santa for them.
Gautam Rode
The worst hotels are any with a bad bed. I stayed in a hotel where they left cards telling me my enjoyment was of paramount importance. I should have written, ‘Nice rooms, crap beds.’
Amanda Donohoe
People are always asking me if I work out, but to be honest, I’m doing very little at the moment. The only time I really go to the gym is if I’m staying in a hotel.
Ashley Jensen
I love to sew in the hotel room. I even sew in the locker room sometimes.
Bianca Belair
Acceptance doesn’t mean predictability. Sex isn’t always for 11 at night – – it’s also ‘meet at a hotel room at noon’. What you feel during dating can exist at home, if you don’t suffocate it.
Esther Perel
I sat around in a hotel room in London for about a month, locked myself away, formed a little diary and experimented with voices – it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath – someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts.
Heath Ledger
The colors I choose there was to paint the first hotel, the Disneyland Hotel. Because of the cloudy sky we had in Paris, it had to be a particular kind of color who will fight those grey days. And also something you can see when you’re driving up ‘There it is! We’re arriving!’
John Hench
You cannot make money with a hockey team. You cannot make money with a hotel, either, and you cannot make money with a golf club. I have all three of them. When you have a certain amount of money, you do silly things – because it’s pretty to have a golf course and it’s interesting to have a hockey team.
Hasso Plattner
If I go on summer vacation, I’d make a funny video about it for YouTube. For Instagram I’d show the gorgeous pictures. Snapchat is for the little side moments, like the hotel room, the food. Twitter is for whatever thoughts that come to mind about the vacation.
Eva Gutowski
This is crazier and louder than I was prepared for. With every week, the fervour and anticipation seem to grow. People know my name and ambush me in public and try to figure out what hotel I’m staying at and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair.
Robert Pattinson
I love hotels for their solitude and comfort, but I believe a seedy one can have as much promise as a plush one.
Freema Agyeman
Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room watching television, while wearing your own pajamas, is sometimes the best part of a vacation.
Laura Marano
People should have literary and cultural taste and should not bomb hotels.
Upamanyu Chatterjee
I am a fanatic when it comes to the game, so I need to know there is a golf course not far away when I’m on holiday, such as when I stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis. It is a beautiful hotel with a great golf course, which made it even better.
Viv Richards
Today many Caribbean workers can be found in the hospital, construction, service and hotel industries, but there is also a growing professional sector.
Charles Rangel
one reason we haven’t any national art is because we have too much magnificence. All our capacity for admiration is used up on the splendor of palace-like railway stations and hotels. Our national tympanum is so deafened by that blare of sumptuousness that we have no ears for the still, small voice of beauty.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself.
Marc Wallice
Just when did I get to the point when staying at a hotel wasn’t fun?
Ira Glass
I’ve been given an amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful. But I also know that all this will eventually die off. It’s not real. It will go away and then you’ll go away and then, I don’t know, I’ll be left sitting in some English hotel room.
Josh Brolin
My home in Adelaide was the Adina Hotel.
Miriam Margolyes
When you grow up with a mother who has to wash dishes and clean hotel rooms, you know the importance of having a job, and you can’t be without a job for any length of time, or you will be without anything.
Edward P. Jones
I find it hard to get enthusiastic about hotels because, as a touring comic, I spend a lot of time in them.
Marcus Brigstocke
You’re not a road comic till you’ve watched Real Sex and American Greed alone in your hotel room.
Iliza Shlesinger
I did a film once in the Sahara. It was pretty awe-inspiring. I remember sitting up on the roof of our hotel, watching the sun go down, and all around me, for 360 degrees, was nothing but sand. It took your breath away but also made you feel tiny.
Lennie James
Never relinquish clothing to a hotel valet without first specifically telling him that you want it back.
Fran Lebowitz
Back in those old days, I’d arrive by train or plane a day or two ahead of the team to promote the game. They’d take me to a hotel and I’d do interview after interview to try to drum up business and sell tickets.
George Mikan
The best thing about doing a signing tour is that numbers become faces. I got to sign books for six or seven thousand people, all of whom were dreadfully nice. Everything else, the interviews, the hotels, the plane travel, the best-seller lists, even the sushi, gets old awfully fast. Well, maybe not the sushi.
Neil Gaiman
I’ve travelled the world with football, but probably in a privileged way. We’ve travelled, and travelling means going from an airport to the pitch to the hotel. I haven’t really seen or explored things.
Karen Carney
I was leaving the hotel to get to the fight when my phone went and someone said ‘Hello Ricky, it’s Tom’. I said ‘Tom who?’ and when he said ‘Tom Jones’ I told him to eff off! I thought it was a wind-up!
Ricky Hatton
For ‘The Hotel’ I spent one year to find the hotel, I spent three months going through the text and writing it, I spent three months going through the photographs and I spent one day deciding it would be this size and this frame…it’s the last thought in the process.
Sophie Calle
I can’t sleep the first night in a hotel room.
Michael Keaton
Most of the hotel gym’s are not adequate. I mean you might be able to train your arms, but you aren’t going to be able to train legs, back, or even chest if they don’t have dumbbells and benches.
Warren Cuccurullo
You can be in Tokyo or Alberta at four in the morning in your hotel and you can still practice if you feel like it. A trombone cannot do that at four in the morning.
Toots Thielemans
The tide of visitors will float slowly about the bottom of the valley as harmless scum collecting in hotel and saloon eddies, leaving the rocks and falls eloquent as ever.
John Muir
I walked over, my eyes scanning Luna Blu, my house, and Dave’s. But it was the building behind them, that empty hotel, that had the tiniest light, provided by one word, written in fluorescent paint. Maybe it wasn’t what was once there, in real life. But in this one, it said it all: STAY.
Sarah Dessen
On a trip to Cabo San Lucas, I was obsessed with Donna Tartt’s ‘The Secret History.’ We were staying at the Esperanza hotel doing all sorts of lovely things, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the book at night.
Ioan Gruffudd
Once I was checking to hotel and a couple saw my ring with Blues on it. They said, ‘You play blues. That music is so sad.’ I gave them tickets to the show, and they came up afterwards and said, ‘You didn’t play one sad song.’
Buddy Guy
The average cooking in the average hotel for the average Englishman explains to a large extent the English bleakness and taciturnity. Nobody can beam and warble while chewing pressed beef smeared with diabolical mustard. Nobody can exult aloud while ungluing from his teeth a quivering tapioca pudding.
Karel Capek
I have a restaurant in Milan, and Paper Moon is five minutes away from my hotel, so I always go there for lunch. It’s a casual place that serves good salad, pizza and pasta; the space is tight with tables close together, and it feels buzzy. Food comes out fast, too.
Nobu Matsuhisa
Hire the best talent to tell the story, or the view is great from my hotel.
Komla Dumor
When I’m working, I’ll often be upgraded to a suite though I don’t ask for preferential treatment. I’ll be there with a tour manager, my band and various promotions people and the hotel will offer to upgrade one of us; luckily, it’s usually me.
Katie Melua
I don’t have a special place or ritual for writing songs, basically I write songs whenever an idea hits me, in my hotel room, on the road, in the plane.
Kelly Jones
No doubt, my parents were hardworking, you know, middle class. My father, when my sister and I were younger, he was a parking attendant at the old Dunes Hotel and Casino. My mother was a bookkeeper in a title company.
Catherine Cortez-Masto
If you’re trying to get a bit of attention, you can smash up your hotel room or spend all your time going to openings or doing the gossip column thing. I just decided to do gigs in French, German, Spanish, and in America.
Eddie Izzard
Who… who are you?’ I asked at last. It was true. I had left a body in the park, but seriously, what was I supposed to do? Drag him back to my hotel and tell my bellhop my friend had had too much to drink?
Richelle Mead
I love Parisian hotels. I usually stay in either Le Bristol, which is gorgeous, or Hotel Paris Rivoli, which is very French and feels like a step back in time. I also love the luxury of Waldorf Astoria hotels.
Olga Kurylenko
Look at the Bethlehem birth. A king ordered a census. Joseph was forced to travel. Mary, as round as a ladybug, bounced on a donkey’s back. The hotel was full. The hour was late. The event was one big hassle. Yet, out of the hassle, hope was born. It still is.
Max Lucado
Fortunately, I like hotel rooms.
Betty Buckley
The economy is so bad that bedbugs are now infesting sleeping bags and tents, because they can’t afford to stay in hotels anymore.
Jay Leno
People think being famous is so glamorous, but half the time you’re in a strange hotel room living out of a suitcase.
Ja Rule
Lack of courage or means often deters the European woman from more independent business activity, and this in spite of increasing freedom to choose her occupation, in spite of brilliant examples of successful undertakings of women, in photography, hotel or boarding-house management, dress-making, etc.
Ellen Key
Every job has its downside. For example, being in a band the travel part of it – getting picked up from your house in a car, going to the airport, getting on a plane, going from the airplane to a van, then going from the van to a hotel.
Dave Lombardo
If I’m staying in a hotel or I’m sleeping on my own I have the hairdryer on.
Wayne Rooney
I had one guy pretend to be me, go to a hotel room, and tell the people at the front desk that it was me, and then he went in and stole all of our luggage. There’s always that eager beaver that wants to be a part of the team and comes off as a sticky fly.
Les Claypool
Personally, I like one hand preacher curls with dumbbells. You don’t have to do 100 pound dumbbells to get a burn. Heck I can do 35- 45 dumbbells and get something out of it. It’s also great for guys that travel. It’s the one piece of equipment that most hotels always have.
Phil Heath
Horror Hotel, as wraith called Shade’s house. “Vampires, demons, and werewolves check in… and then they make out, and-
Larissa Ione
When I first came to Nashville, people hardly gave country music any respect. We lived in old cars and dirty hotels, and we ate when we could.
Loretta Lynn
I tore up and ate my own passport in an airport hotel once. I’m bloated with language I can’t afford to forget.
Warsan Shire
Mostly I’ve just been stealing little moments for myself in order to write – in the bathroom at a hotel, or just slipping away for a half an hour. Amidst all of the touring, life has been happening.
Adrianne Lenker
When Charles Dickens arrived in Boston Harbor, where he started, they had to keep it secret because there was such a mob of people expecting him, and they actually chased down his carriage at the hotel, the Parker House Hotel.
Matthew Pearl
Whenever I’m on tour and I’m in my hotel room and I’m writing and playing my guitar, I go in the bathroom and I record whatever I’m writing in there. It’s just what I love to do.
Colbie Caillat
I know I’m really lucky to do what I do, but sometimes with the hours and the travelling, I don’t get to see my family and friends as much as I’d like. It can be lonely on the road. Sometimes I come offstage after a massive adrenaline rush, and then when I go to an empty hotel room on my own, it can be an anti-climax.
Olly Murs
There are two Venices I know about and one of them is a hotel in Vegas. The other is an L.A. beach where pretty girls walk their dogs while wearing as little as possible and mutant slabs of tanned, posthuman beef sip iced steroid lattes and pump iron until their pecs are the size of Volkswagens.
Richard Kadrey
Sometimes, watching someone and… Like, for myself, I got a chance to meet Muhammad Ali. He invited me to his hotel, and I got a chance to take photos with him. It was the most awesome moment of my life.
Booker T
[I do] my manicure/pedicure once a week. When I’m on the road, I use the hotel or whoever I call. But in Miami I have my own person.
DJ Khaled
Most of these pictures, taken while travelling, were developed on the mantelpiece of a hotel room, which proves that the method is easy enough to carry out.
Gabriel Lippmann
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Conservative cabinet was called Hotel Cecil.
Michael Gove
I did whole Latin albums and it was like Beatlemania for me in the Latin world, the screaming girls, not being able to leave the hotel, at the airport met by screaming fans. That was something!
Jose Feliciano
People should be allowed to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own home or their own hotel room.
Rob Lowe
Uber is redefining the transportation industry now; Airbnb is doing it to the hotel industry. You can expect that to happen in every single industry.
Masayoshi Son
I had moved out of the Edison Hotel because I couldn’t pay the bill and was living at the Lincoln Hotel, where I couldn’t pay the bill either, but it was cheaper.
Allan Sherman
It’s the combination: big idea with a good entrepreneur: there’s nothing more powerful. That’s just as true [for] education and human rights as it is for hotel or steels.
Bill Drayton
‘Christopher Walken’ is my “Hotel California,” but I’ve done it so much
Jay Mohr
There is just as much evil in all of us as there is good. We’re all continuously guilty, even if we’re not doing it intentionally to be evil. Here we are sitting in luxury hotels, living it up on the the backs of others in the third world. We all have a guilty conscience, but we do very little about it.
Michael Haneke
There should be more booing in shops and restaurants and places like that when when the service is bad. If you’ve had a poor breakfast in a hotel, you should put your knife and fork down and boo.
Jenny Eclair
Location is everything, I’d rather camp in the Lake District or Scotland than sit in a five-star hotel in Frankfurt.
Rory Bremner
At the risk of sounding pedestrian, I’ll be completely honest: the first thing I do in the morning is check Google News, partially because it seems sort of random and unbiased and partially because I tend to stay in hotels that don’t necessarily have the fastest Internet connections.
Well, I don’t throw things. This particular night I brought one from the floor so to speak, and he ended up getting a cut over his head, and the police came, took him to another side of the hotel, and that was like September 6, 1981.
Tanya Tucker
I’ve always thought a hotel ought to offer optional small animals. I mean a cat to sleep on your bed at night, or a dog of some kind to act pleased when you come in. You ever notice how a hotel room feels so lifeless?
Anne Tyler
I never trashed a hotel room or did drugs.
Sean Connery
I’ve been to a lot of places to play cricket, but cricket and training get in the way! In India, all you see is the hotel and the cricket ground.
Andrew Flintoff
My first jam was at Hotel Diplomat opening for Hollywood.
Kurtis Blow
I mean, Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. And so I do believe that he has set up a plan where the revenue or the profits that are coming to the hotel will be given directly to the Treasury.
Jason Chaffetz
Au revoir, jewelled alligators and white hotels, hallucinatory forests, farewell.
J. G. Ballard
Boy what a hotel that was, why they stole my towel.
Rodney Dangerfield
That’s the spirit in which I went to New York to be with my husband, and when I knocked on the hotel door, she opened the door as Caitlyn as we now know her – full makeup and fully dressed as a woman. So it was devastating to me to see because I had envisioned Bruce opening the door, but it was helpful in my process.
Linda Thompson
My mum has an MBE and the Queen actually came to my mum and dad’s hotel for lunch with the Prince back in the 1980s.
Edith Bowman
I can’t stand another night in a hotel. Just being away. You miss the kids.
Steve Rushin
Right at the end of the war I wrote a piano sonata, which was written at a time when Sam Barber used to come down here and we used to have lunch together in a very nice old hotel that’s now not there.
Elliott Carter
I never have been in Bernie Fine’s hotel room in my life.
Jim Boeheim
At my hotel room, my friend came over and asked to use the phone. I said Certainly. He said Do I need to dial 9 I say Yeah. Especially if it’s in the number. You can try four and five back to back real quick.
Mitch Hedberg
It’s cute when you meet young boys and they’re bright red and breathing like they’ve run up the stairs, but they’re just sitting outside the door. I’ve had phone calls in the middle of the night when I stay at hotels.
Cameron Diaz
I used to overpack a lot and sometimes even forgot vital pieces of clothing, such as my swimming shorts and sandals. I’m much better now. I only take what I know I’m going to wear or use and always double-check my suitcase so I don’t have to rush to the nearest clothing store when I unpack at the hotel.
Jean Reno
So we came to the Ritz hotel and the Ritz Hotel was divine. Because when a girl can sit in a delightful bar and have delicious champagne cocktails and look at all the important French people in Paris, I think it is divine.
Anita Loos
The lobbies of the new hotels and the Pan American Building exhale a chill as from the unopened Pharaonic tombs… And in their marble labyrinths there is an evil presence that hates warmth and sunlight.
Russell Baker
I love Tokio Hotel and their music, their makeup, their hairstyles and their subtlety.
Lady Gaga
Everyone goes to the same exhibitions and the same parties, stays in the same handful of hotels, eats at the same no-star restaurants, and has almost the same opinions. I adore the art world, but this is copycat behavior in a sphere that prides itself on independent thinking.
Jerry Saltz
I’m like a bad musical cliche because I bring my guitar on the road and try to write songs in hotel rooms.
I thank Henry James for the scene in the hotel room, that I stole from Portrait Of A Lady… This particular scene is the most beautiful scene ever written.
Leos Carax
I just want to stay in my hotel room, read my book. I enjoy that private time.
Hope Solo
Some hotels are trying to dig their feet in and trying to say that Airbnb shouldn’t exist – that ‘illegal hotels’ shouldn’t exist. And, of course, illegal hotels shouldn’t exist. But when they say illegal hotels, sometimes they mean anything that’s not a hotel.
Nathan Blecharczyk
James also revealed he and his teammates smoked marijuana one night after getting access to a hotel room in Akron.
LeBron James
It was the single best sexual encounter I’ve ever had. We were in the Soho Grand Hotel, and there was a mirror, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re banging the girl of your dreams and you’re watching it right now.’
Pete Wentz
One time I went to a hotel. I asked the bellhop to handle my bag. He felt up my wife!
Rodney Dangerfield
I will keep a Bible or Koran on me at all times – the Bible I can actually carry on my phone, and any hotel you go to has a Bible, but the Koran is harder. I keep a physical Koran in my guitar case and put it on the table in hotel rooms so after a day’s work, I can read a few verses.
I once left my wife and child in a hotel in Mexico to fly to Guatemala in this tiny plane for two days to see the rainforests. Guatemala had just finished a civil war and my hotel door had five or six bolts on it; I was locking myself into a safe vault.
Gregg Wallace
How I envy writers who can work on aeroplanes or in hotel rooms. On the run I can produce an article or a book review, or even a film script, but for fiction I must have my own desk, my own wall with my own postcards pinned to it, and my own window not to look out of.
John Banville
Matt and I have set a date. Matt and I will tie the knot New Years Day in the town of Swampscott, Massachusetts. Reserve your hotel rooms now. I will be having a gay marriage.
Ben Affleck
I’d be in my hotel room, smoking too much, drinking, going to clubs, just being numb. That was being in jail to me. I wasn’t happy at all on the streets. That was the addict speaking.
Tupac Shakur
I feel like I’ve spent the last five years of my life on the road. It hasn’t affected my songs but it’s probably affected everything else about me. Obviously, the more you travel, the wilder the things that keep happening to you, the more likely it is you’ll get complete strangers knocking on your hotel room door.
Nick Cave
My mother missed having dinner with Lyndon Johnson because she couldn’t find the right hat to wear. While my father went off to the white house to break bread with the President, my mother, who’s not a things and stuff person, stayed at the hotel and tried on 10 different hats and missed dinner.
Emilio Estevez
When we got to our hotel rooms, mosquitoes as big as George Foreman were waiting for us. They were sitting in armchairs with their legs crossed.
Mel Brooks
If I get a week off, I’ll go to a hotel that has a golf course. I like to come downstairs and go right onto the course. I’ll do that five days in a row.
Lewis Black
Merely taking the profits from the hotels and putting those aside is not enough. They need to look at bank loans. They need to look at foreign banks leasing space in the Trump Tower.
Reince Priebus
I love a hotel that offers Wi-Fi Internet access, especially if it’s free. But I never access sensitive information, like my bank account or an online shopping site that stores my credit card information, on a public Wi-Fi connection.
Jean Chatzky
So the hotel tells us that it is not safe to go in the water because its shark mating time. I know how I’d feel if someone interrupted me.
Bill Engvall
‘Intrigue: Murder In The Lucky Holiday Hotel’ is a podcast put together by the BBC’s Carrie Gracie that investigates the story behind the death of British businessman Neil Heywood in the Chinese city of Chongqing in 2011.
David Hepworth
I like all paintings. I always look at the paintings, good or bad, in barbershops, furniture stores, provincial hotels. I’m like a drinker who needs wine. As long as it is wine, it doesn’t matter which wine.
Pablo Picasso
When I first started in the business, I spent so much! Staying in a Trump Hotel for two years, spending eight Gs a month just living.
Missy Elliott
Each neighborhood of the city appeared to be made of a different substance, each seemed to have a different air pressure, a different psychic weight: the bright lights and shuttered shops, the housing projects and luxury hotels, the fire escapes and city parks.
Teju Cole
Now my dad is with me, traveling with me and a big part of this whole thing is I like to mix it up a little bit, you know. Who gets to take their father on a private jet across the country and stay in first class hotels? So we’re enjoying it, but I’d stop if it’s not possible.
Shia LaBeouf
I try to work out with my personal trainer for an hour, four times a week – we mainly concentrate on weights and running. If I’m on the road I sometimes do DVD work-outs in my hotel room – P90X and Insanity are a couple of my favourites.
I wash my face with soap and water. I use whatever I have. I will even wash my hair with the hotel shampoo, so I don’t use anything special. I try to keep it simple.
Stephanie Sigman
You show up in Paris, and on the drive from the airport to the hotel you’re like, ‘This is so cool! I want to see something! I want to go to the Eiffel Tower!’ And then you leave the next morning. You think, Oh, I didn’t get to do anything. I tell people: I’ve been just about everywhere, but I’ve seen nothing.
Taylor Lautner
That morning, she had found an envelope stuffed into her locker. It was from the Mercer Hotel, and held a plastic door key for their suite. “See you there tonight,” Oliver had written. “Chomp! Chomp!
Melissa de la Cruz
I write in all sorts of places; it’s a legacy of my time as a journalist, where I could turn out copy in a hotel corridor. But I have a little office that I rent in my local town, and that’s my ideal place.
Jojo Moyes
St. Louis is a good example of a vibrant city. Having stayed in a hotel in 2011 overlooking Cardinals stadium when they won the World Series, their fans definitely show up loud and proud.
Brad Feld
That’s something that I learned when I was homeless. Hotels are awesome because they are going to let you in and you can use the bathroom and when you’re young and pretty you can probably use the pool. Somebody might by you a drink.
Lori Petty
If you become very self-conscious about what you are doing, you kill. You kill the character. Then it doesn’t work. You have to come from a sincere place. And you don’t think too much. I don’t go to the hotel and I start thinking what am I going to say tomorrow and start writing things down.
Antonio Banderas
I once went on the most grueling radio tour. Living in hotel rooms, sleeping in the backs of rental cars as my mom drove to three different cities in one day.
Taylor Swift
All good hotels tend to lead people to do things they wouldn’t necessarily do at home.
Andre Balazs
In late 2009, I returned to Baghdad after a lengthy absence. I was living alone, in the Hamra Hotel, the twice bombed-out de facto international news bureau.
Michael Hastings
Toronto I’ve worked in so many times so you kind of just know every store, every hotel, every – it’s really close to New York so it’s awesome for my children so if I have to go home for two days it doesn’t take very much time. Except for Air Canada. Air Canada is the worst part.
Mary-Louise Parker
From the air, Vatican City looked like a marble Monopoly set. The Church owned all the property from Broadwalk to Illinois Avenue, has three hotels on every lot, and no matter how often it tossed the dice you just knew it would never land on Go to Jail, it would be forever passing Go and collecting $200.
Tom Robbins
Turnberry is truly one of the most spectacular properties on earth. The views, the setting, and grandeur of the hotel – there’s just nothing else like it. We’ve respected the architectural history of the hotel first and foremost, but most of all, we’ve respected the tradition of golf at Turnberry.
Eric Trump
I always bring divining rods when I’m on tour because you can change energy streams by moving furniture around your hotel room.
Chris de Burgh
The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles is the best.
Brigitte Nielsen
Being in a hotel room and watching ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is one of my great joys.
Sarah Paulson
I grew up in a small hotel with many rooms, so when I became aware of ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,’ I inspected all the wardrobes, sure one had to be a portal to another world. I was also a true believer in faeries, and perhaps still am.
Jo Beverley
I always look at the bathroom. If you have a nice bathroom in the hotel, then it’s a nice hotel. It’s all about the shower and the bathroom.
Jimmer Fredette
I cannot tell you what hotel I’m staying at, but there are two trees involved.
Mitch Hedberg
A hotel is so restrictive. You haven’t got your own space. Yes you get the food, yes you get everything all clean and blah, blah – but sometimes it’s nice to have your own space with the your family.
Sol Campbell
Waiting for me in Stockholm will be a personal assistant – Katrina from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs – as well the secretary of the Swedish Academy. They’ll help us with our things and take us to our hotel. From the moment I arrive, I’ll always be together with the other two laureates.
Ada Yonath
I used to be a regular college student and now I go all over the country and stay at really nice hotels.
Steven Hill
I remember being at the premiere of ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ and the tremendous reaction from the crowd outside, then going to a party at a hotel afterwards where the speakers were blasting ‘Shakedown,’ a song from the movie. That felt like a show biz moment to me.
Gilbert Gottfried
Well, I’ve claimed to have seen two ghosts in a hotel room.
Rachel Dratch
‘Hotel For Dogs’ was fun for my family, but it was kind of hard to get in the audition room for ‘Jennifer’s Body’ after that, you know? But I think the roles find me, in a way.
Johnny Simmons
Attending party political conferences is an expensive business. Simply purchasing a charity rate visitor pass, spending a night or two in a budget hotel and getting an advance rail ticket will cost hundreds of pounds. If you want organise a fringe meeting or book at exhibition stall it will set you back thousands.
Wes Streeting
When Chrissie Hynde was inducted into the Hall of Fame, I, of course, was there to see that because I have to back up the girl. When it was over, I said we needed to have a party for Chrissie in my hotel suite. I didn’t really know her, but it was great.
Stevie Nicks
When George asked me to be the prequels, it was the same kind of meeting – it was very short and to the point. It was nice to see him after a long time, and we met in a hotel room.
Ian McDiarmid
Since my baby left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell, down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel.
Elvis Presley
I learned a lot about what it was like to have to use different hotels and not use the bathrooms, which made me more determined to be an activist.
Bonnie Raitt
When most artists walk offstage, they go to a lonely hotel room. I went home to my family. They were there before the show, during and after. It’s been great. I never would have done it any other way. I wasn’t gonna miss raising my kids. There was no way that was gonna happen.
Gloria Estefan
I’d love a day devoid of responsibilities. I’ve often thought about going to a hotel just to have a day away from everything.
Sue Townsend
I’m the person friends come to when they want to find the perfect restaurant or boutique hotel on the outskirts of Paris. As opposed to scouring the Internet for a travel guide, wouldn’t you rather ask the people who are really cool who go there? That’s what I do.
Meghan Markle
All of the people who are using their BlackBerries or their iPhones, Facebook, all of the people who are sitting in cafes and hotels rooms doing their work, they’re all using wireless technology, and we shouldn’t assume that the only way of the future is high speed cable.
Tony Abbott
When I started my hotel company, Joie de Vivre, at the age of 26, I saw this venture as my ticket to freedom.
Chip Conley
I wanted to win to feed the hungry people of my community. I didn’t want to win to buy a diamond.. I didn’t have no diamonds then. I didn’t want to win to buy a car, I didn’t want to win to bring a couple of chicks downtown to a hotel. I wanted to win to feed the poor people of the community.
Mr. T
At best, most college presidents are running something that is somewhere between a faltering corporation and a hotel.
Leon Botstein
If you’re a person who says yes most of the time, you’ll find yourself in the hotel business and the restaurant business.
Francis Ford Coppola
A first-rate marriage is like a first-rate hotel: expensive, but worth it.
Mignon McLaughlin
Many of the critics today get airline tickets, hotel accommodation, bags, beautiful photographs, gifts and other expenses paid by the distributors, and then are supposed to write serious articles about the movie.
Wim Wenders
I have the same routine every game day, when it comes to waking up and what I do at the hotel and stuff, but nothing crazy.
Joe Flacco
I had no idea about running a hotel, but as an investment, as a property in real estate, it was very interesting because we got a great deal. Talking to my mom, I said, ‘Listen, we’re going to buy this, but I need somebody to run it.’ So I asked my mom, ‘Are you willing to do it?’
Zaza Pachulia
Initially when I got called up, I thought it would change my life. And it didn’t. Then when I won the Most Valuable Player, I thought I’d be a Beatle and I’d be overwhelmed and not be able to leave my hotel room. I don’t say that with arrogance, I say it with unknown.
Joey Votto
I’ve never had a girl just for one night in my hotel room.
Bill Kaulitz
I always thought when I hit 50 years old that’d be it for the travel. I don’t have to tell you – you wait at an airport, your flight’s delayed, get on a 14-hour flight, get off, get stuck in traffic, you get to the hotel and the room service is closed.
Brian Setzer
I lost in the second round of the French Open and had 10 days off. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was exciting to be away from my parents, to stay in a hotel. Hotels at 17 meant freedom.
Boris Becker
I was living out of a hotel for weeks with nothing but a case full of Love Island’ bikinis.
Maura Higgins
When I am at home, I never watch TV, but when I am abroad in a hotel I take a look at the BBC to find out what’s going on.
Noam Chomsky
Being a competitor, you always believe you can come back. I’ll be up at 3 in the morning watching World Cup races in my hotel whether I’m in Asia on a business trip or in New York City and have to get up in 2 hours.
Apolo Ohno
Getting a TV in my bedroom was something that I decided to do five months into the pandemic because I was finally, like, You know what? I might as well make my apartment feel like a hotel room.
Bowen Yang
It’s the worst feeling, coming back after a performance when you are on a real high, and you go back alone to an apartment or a hotel room. People think we sit in hotels and eat bon bons. But the lifestyle can be very stressful.
Sondra Radvanovsky
I dont have a place that I call home at the moment because theres no point. I mean, Im a traveling circus for a while. Its weird. Like, if I wanted to go home, theres nowhere to go. I just go to a hotel. But Ive kind of gotten used to it.
Idris Elba
Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.
John Muir
I was booked into the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas with three other comedians. We all were using the Riviera in-house shampoo, so we all had equal shine and bounce.
Mitch Hedberg
My favorite hotel is the Villa Alilla in Bali. The setting is pure bliss, overlooking the ocean of Uluwhatu; the eye line makes you feel as if you’re floating on top of the ocean.
Carolyn Murphy
I would wake up really early and go into the hotel bathroom, put a towel over the toilet, and put my laptop there. I’d put my headphones on and just write. And so now when I do writing sessions, and I am stuck on a part, or I can’t figure out a chorus, I’m just like, ‘Give me a second,’ and I’ll go to that bathroom.
Camila Cabello
Without identical twins, you’ll never get to experience entering a hotel room with one of them and watching him run into the full-length mirror because he though he saw his brother.
Ray Romano
Me being able to trash hotel rooms on set means I don’t do it in real life.
Tom Bateman
Breaking up a hotel room doesn’t change anything.
Ronnie Van Zant
My mum was working as a cleaner at some hotels to make extra money so she could pay for her degree. I’ll never forget waking up at five in the morning before school and helping her clean the toilets at the hotel in Stonebridge.
Raheem Sterling
It’s always an honour to help the Anfi Group – a hotel timeshare company where my mother worked for many years and which I will always support.
David Silva
I’m shooting in Brooklyn, we’ve got all kinds of crap going on, and I’m all alone now in a big hotel suite that you can’t believe the size of it and a thing sticks in my foot and I just think it’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me.
Danny DeVito
I still, at hotel rooms, I do this one sort of not-so-cool thing: continually shoving my room service tray in front of someone else’s door. Because I don’t want the remnants. I don’t want to be caught, like, being like the pig that I was at two in the morning.
Drew Barrymore
When you check into a hotel, they don’t need to know your name and address; they just need to know that the bill will be paid. People should ask questions.
Mark Walport
When we won the 2009 World Cup in Australia, we flew economy, shared hotel rooms and had a 10:45 P.M. curfew.
Isa Guha
The thing about tennis life is that it’s the same thing every day. You train. You come back to the hotel. You get treatment. You eat. You sleep. You get up.
Nick Kyrgios
When I went to Kabul – weeks after I finished ‘The Kite Runner’ – I met a lot of people from all walks of life: men, women, children, people from ministries, hotel doormen, shopkeepers. And I learned from them what daily life was like when the rockets were flying overhead.
Khaled Hosseini
I did not have any private meetings nor do I recall any conversations with any Russian officials at the Mayflower Hotel.
Jeff Sessions
I have always had a hidden wish, a frustrated desire, to run a hotel.
Edward Heath
You may not know it but I’m no good at coping with all the attention in the luxury hotels I sometimes find myself in.
Paul Theroux
Twenty years ago, you’d see guys busting rackets in locker rooms. Today they do it in their hotel rooms.
Brad Gilbert
It is very important that a leader in the hotel industry be both creative, I think, and compassionate.
Barry Sternlicht
Often there’s a BA crew, because half the time we stay at the same hotels, especially in Australia. I can remember spending quite a lot of time with crews around the pool there. They always make themselves known to us.
Phil Collins
I was down in Wilmington, Delaware, doing ‘The Desk Set’ with Shirley Booth. I was at the DuPont Hotel. I walked out, and there was this grill next door called the New England Grill. I loved seafood. They said very nicely, ‘We don’t serve colored people.’
Louis Gossett, Jr.
The BBC is a perfect example of uncontrolled growth, [occupying] old churches and manor houses, the old Langham Hotel where Sherlock Holmes once met Moriarty and where this correspondent once shared an office with an 8-foot bathtub.
Morley Safer
I would visit Vegas every year when I was a kid. Vegas, to a kid, is a playground, as much as it is to adults. I discovered the magic store in a hotel and would spend hours and hours in there.
John Francis Daley
Going out for rides with my friends and having lunch or dinner at a roadside hotel – that’s my favourite time-pass.
MS Dhoni
It’s that I don’t like white paper backgrounds. A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room.
Helmut Newton
People who are under certain stress have aquariums. Aquariums are classically either a reproduction of nature or a decorative element, like the ones you can see in big hotels.
Pierre Huyghe
Now when I travel, I’m more adventurous. If I find myself creeping back into that ‘not going to leave the hotel’ vibe, I take baby steps, like having a nice dinner on my own or getting my nails done.
Lolly Adefope
I’ve never been to a hotel with a rotating restaurant on top, but one time I took my girlfriend to a merry-go-round, and I gave her a burrito.
Mitch Hedberg
I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room – and God damn it – died in a hotel room.
Eugene O’Neill
I used to work in a hotel kitchen at night and do theatre in the morning. After finishing my night shift – I did it for two years – I used to come back and sleep for five hours and then do theatre from 2-7 P.M. and then again hotel work from 11-7 in the morning.
Pankaj Tripathi
I’ve found I get big things done when I’m on airplanes or in hotel rooms. It’s a total needle-mover to book a fantastic room in a place you adore and then put the ‘do not disturb’ on the phone and door for a week.
Robin S. Sharma
After two world tours where we played every state but Greenland, I only saw the inside of a hotel. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but it did get tiring.
Dave Clark
I hate touring beyond measure. I don’t like all the travelling and the hotel rooms. But the hour and a half on stage each night keep me going.
Curt Smith
It’s difficult to relax on tournaments, even in posh hotels, because you don’t know how long you will be there – whether you’ll lose a match on the first day and leave or whether you’ll stay for longer.
Andy Murray
There have been nine Super Bowls in New Orleans, and not all of them have brought the best of luck to NFL Films. We got robbed twice there, got food poisoning, and my hotel room was broken into on the day the Bears played the Patriots in January 1986.
Steve Sabol
I’d most likely be a helicopter pilot, or I’d own a really cool surf hotel somewhere on a beach.
Wade Eastwood
Every time an ashtray is missing from a hotel, they don’t come looking for you. But let a diamond bracelet disappear in France and they shout John Robie, the Cat. You don’t have to spend every day of your life proving your honesty, but I do.
John Michael Hayes
An actor goes crazy in a hotel room, gets trashed, throws a bench, breaks a window, and he is considered a rock star. An actress does that and she’s sent to rehab and is thought to have problems and issues and can’t get a job.
Mila Kunis
If you got up this morning and had fruits for breakfast, it was probably picked by the bent back of an immigrant worker. If you slept in a hotel or motel of the nation, you probably had your room done by an immigrant worker.
Bob Menendez
On Sofia Coppola’s 16th birthday, way back in 1987, I stole a lip gloss from her Sistine Chapel of a bedroom. Years later, I left a Chanel lip gloss in the reception of the Mercer Hotel for her. You know why? I believe that you’ve got to fix your karma.
Courtney Love
I say what I think. I’m a real person, not some manufactured pop tart who’s afraid to step out of the hotel room. I am flawed. I swear, I have the occasional cocktail, I pick my nose and I fart. I’m not running for any presidential campaign at the moment. I’m a sassy girl.
Katy Perry
But I’ll never forget my trip to Las Vegas. I’m a huge rollercoaster fan and we did the one at the Stratosphere, which curls around the hotel, and there’s one that dips out from the roof then comes back in. That was intense.
Katie Melua
I was the son of a publican and a master builder. He ran the Empire Hotel in North Hobart. His name was Max, too. Big Max.
Max Walker
I know many of you thought that I would be retiring today, but if I was ever going to announce my retirement it would not be in a downtown Los Angeles hotel with this fairly ugly carpet.
Maria Sharapova
The quality of food is in inverse proportion to a dining room’s altitude, especially atop bank and hotel buildings (airplanes are an extreme example).
Bryan Q. Miller
What’s great is when you’re shooting at the same hotel you’re living in, you finish shooting, put your stuff down, take an elevator and go to bed.
Jon Turteltaub
In Malaysia, with my dad, the only time I really spent time with him was when we had dinner back at the hotel, in the room, just me and him. That was good, to have him there, just before going to bed, to have a chat.
Kevin Magnussen
Your wallet will be stolen, you’ll get fat, slip on the bathroom tiles of a foreign hotel and crack your hip.
Ellen Bass
The tourist may complain of other tourists; but he would be lost without them. He may find them in his way, taking up the best seats in the motors, and the best tables in the hotel dining-rooms; but he grows amazingly intimate with them during the voyage, and not infrequently marries one of them when it is over.
Agnes Repplier
I realize that I want something more. Success is great, but then you also wake up in your hotel room at four in the morning and you’re like, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone here with me.
Alicia Keys
She found herself longing for home-not just for the hotel but for New York and all the real novels that she could lose herself in there.
Anna Godbersen
Actors are steeped in a world of agents and where the next job is coming from and what are their expenses and what is the hotel like. You want to take them out of that world and dump them into another world, so that when you meet them on the screen they don’t seem like the guy who was in two others movies that year.
Danny Boyle
One of the things that’s consistent, if you speak to hotel owners or customers across the world, is that the proposition of Oyo is very valuable for each one of them.
Ritesh Agarwal
When [Erwin Schrödinger] went to the Solvay conferences in Brussels, he would walk from the station to the hotel where the delegates stayed, carrying all his luggage in a rucksack and looking so like a tramp that it needed a great deal of argument at the reception desk before he could claim a room.
Paul Dirac
In one hotel, the maid who built the fire fainted in our room. Exhaustion was the cause. We talked with her later and learned that she worked 17 hours a day and makes 95 marks a month – about 50 cents.
Agnes Smedley
When you’re shooting that fast end to end, you wake up in a hotel and you don’t know where you are. You’re dreaming of Singapore, you wake up in Hong Kong. Or you just lose track. It’s one of the reasons I’m staying in hotels that I know I’ve stayed in before, and they don’t look like other hotels.
Anthony Bourdain
I remember being in India one time where I saw people who were struggling to find food at the bottom of a trash can, and then I walked into my hotel and saw people arguing over how the quality of food at the buffet wasn’t good enough.
Jay Shetty
I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. What people don’t realize is that my father was a multimillionaire who owned 12 hotels, motels, a steel mill, a radio station, a club, nursing home, and a law office. So I think it’s safe to say I’m a little above middle class and I’m a daddy’s girl.
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
It does not matter where my date would take me out for dinner; a five star hotel or a road side dhaaba or some place else. What matters is how my date would treat me all along the journey.
Sherlyn Chopra
I often dream about the Dolphin Hotel.
Haruki Murakami
I might want to open a hotel and design all the rooms. Or maybe a museum that lets me curate all the events.
Theophilus London
The most difficult thing about being well known? Getting out of a hotel room at 4am.
Jack Nicholson
Elvis couldn’t leave the hotel except under heavy guard. It was incredible how they went wild over him.
Minnie Pearl
When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.
Diane von Furstenberg
I thought, I can’t wait to get on the podium squad. I was in my hotel and they were in the Premier Inn living the high life!
Anthony Joshua
In Britain I love spending time at the St. James’s, the Jumeirah Carlton Tower on Cadogan Place, and the Mayfair Hotel. We’ve got some spectacular hotels tucked away in London, but because I live there, I don’t get to spend as much time in them as I probably would like to.
Colin Salmon
Sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow time to go to the hotel after I get off the plane, so I bring my Freebird boots or my old school Adidas shell-toes to throw on after I land.
Omari Hardwick
I loved Le Taha’a private resort in Tahiti. It’s accessible only by private boat or helicopter, and it sits on a tiny strip of land just big enough for one hotel. It’s extraordinary and faces the Vanilla Island where Tahitians grow vanilla.
Marie Helvin
Los Angeles is a large city-like area surrounding the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Fran Lebowitz
Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in a house compound in Pakistan by American forces. Muammar Gaddafi was captured by rebel militia while hiding in a drain underneath a road in Libya. And Pakistani starlet Veena Malik was found by the Indian media hiding in a suburban hotel in Mumbai.
Rakhi Sawant
I collect hotel keys. I hope to make something out of them someday. It would be cool to make a bar at my house and, like, the bar is all the hotel keys: lay them down and put glass over them. Or maybe even a coffee table.
Frankie Ballard
The good terrorists are the guys who bomb and kill Indians. The bad terrorists are the ones who attack Pakistani interests, whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan. In other words, you blow up the Taj Mahal Hotel, you are a good guy. You blow up the Marriott in Islamabad, you are a bad guy.
Shashi Tharoor
When we go out to train, we work hard, but when we’re back in the hotel, you want to chill out. People want to switch off from football because you spend so much time doing it. For me, switching off means playing jokes.
Nikita Parris
People in hotels strike no roots. The French phrase for chronic hotel guests even says so; they are called dwellers sur la branche.
E. V. Lucas
Under cover of her silence he pressed her arm closely to his side; and, as they stood at the hotel door, he felt that they had escaped from their lives and duties, escaped from home and friends and run away together with wild and radiant hearts to a new adventure.
James Joyce
These days I travel so much it’s hard to get into a routine. When I’m on the road, I tend to use hotel gyms. When I’m home in L.A., I like to hike and hit the surf. All in all, I try to keep a balanced diet and exercise routine, which has stood me in good stead to date.
Curtis Stone
I wanted to start a hotel company from scratch.
Barry Sternlicht
Several times we were stranded in strange places without any money and with our credit cards cancelled – trapped in a hotel that we couldn’t check out of because we had no money to check out.
Renny Harlin
One reason for the tremendous increase in health-care costs in the U.S. is managerial neglect of the “hotel services” by the people who dominate the hospital, such as doctors and nurses.
Peter Drucker
Room service is nice. Ooh-la-la, a hotel. At home, it’s laundry and school lunches.
Dolores O’Riordan
When I’m on tour, telly-watching happens at unusual times for me. After a hotel breakfast, I generally catch up on ‘Homes Under Hammer’ and ‘This Morning’, while replying to emails and dozing slightly. A full belly will do that to a woman.
Sarah Millican
I used to say that winning the Oscar means being back at the Beverly Hills Hotel at 1 A.M. feeling empty. It’s the industry voting. It doesn’t come from God. It doesn’t change your life, really.
Mike Nichols
We are big fans of ‘Candy Crush.’ While we are on tour, we spend a lot of time in transit and in hotel rooms, which is when we tend to play the most.
Often, I’ll do a quick workout in my hotel room consisting of exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, and arms with my own body weight. Also, I always have a jump rope, a medicine ball I can inflate, and a band in my suitcase. It’s a great kit to have for travel.
Izabel Goulart
I remember being in buses, hotel lobbies and bars leading up to the 1994 World Cup talking with guys about how great it would be to have a legitimate league of our own, so getting on the plane in Italy to return and be part of the first year of MLS was one of the proudest moments of my life.
Alexi Lalas
For the past nine years as MP of Rampur,I was staying at Modi Hotel. It was a second home to me.
Jaya Prada
Scotty Moore plays one of the first really amazing riffs in rock history on Heartbreak Hotel with Elvis Presley … it was dangerous, it scared everybodys parents, which was part of the attraction then – as it still is now… it totally blindsided me and made me want to get a guitar and do that.
Roger McGuinn
I’m always opening magazines and seeing pictures of her in advertisements. Or I’ll be in a hotel room in Tokyo and there she will be, on the television. Or I’ll be walking through an airport or driving along a freeway and there she will be on a billboard.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
In ‘The Third Hotel,’ my narrator, Claire, is wrestling with this sense of perpetual unfinishedness. She’s trying to make sense of her husband’s death, how someone’s life can just stop and not continue, and of the lack of resolution in her own inner life.
Laura van den Berg
As a professional athlete, whether it’s traveling or being in a hotel room, you gotta let your time go somewhere.
Nick Young
Honey, Kate is not going to die sooner because you have one more glass of mine, or because you stay overnight in a hotel, or because you let yourself crack up at a bad joke. So sit your ass back down and turn up the volume and act like you’re a normal person.
Jodi Picoult
When a grown man is chasing you around a building or running through the hotel and trying to jump in your elevator, oh man, I can’t even see it. What excitement can you possibly get from having my autograph besides selling it?
Clinton Portis
A hotel is a hotel all the world over, a place essentially vulgar, commonplace, venal, the travesty of a human home.
Margaret Oliphant
I think the only value of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ is the fact that it keeps the Rwandan genocide alive, but as far as content, it’s Hollywood.
Romeo Dallaire
All the home I know is a hotel. Why, I don’t even have a dog… I don’t know the first thing about cooking or taking care of a house.
Pearl White
‘Hotel Rwanda’ is an American product, not a Rwandan one, made primarily for American audiences.
Lee Siegel
In all honesty, my favorite place to write is an anonymous, cheap hotel in a city or town where nobody knows me, the wireless service is spotty, and the adjoining gas station has coffee, beer and junk food.
Dean Bakopoulos
Recently, I was in Bernalda, my dad’s ancestral home town in Italy. He has just refurbished a palazzo and turned it into a hotel, so we had my sister’s wedding there. It was beautiful.
Roman Coppola
When you grow up with a mother who has to wash dishes and clean hotel rooms, you know the importance of having a job, and you cant be without a job for any length of time, or you will be without anything.
Edward P. Jones
We lived in a hotel for many years as we struggled financially, but I always loved football.
Luka Modric
The Circle Theatre, black people had to sit in the balcony. Any theater with a balcony, black people had to sit up there. Black people couldn’t check into any hotel except their own. And black people couldn’t eat anywhere except in their own restaurants.
Kurt Vonnegut
I’d read Up in the Old Hotel, and I wanted to do something with Mitchell’s stuff for a long time.
Stanley Tucci
Kenya is a land of great people, and during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I remember meeting some Kenyan fans at the hotel where we were staying. It felt nice to see people from back home cheering and supporting me. Some even approached me; we talked, and they took pictures.
Divock Origi
The band would play on the night off for the local hotel bands and we’d back all the different acts. So I’d been advised by good friends of mine to come back to Hawaii. Oh, I loved Honolulu, playing at a place right on the beach at Waikiki!
Martin Denny
The thing I have in common with Donald Trump is, about a dozen years ago, we got a ‘Man of the Year’ award in New York City, the Hotel Plaza, from the USO.
Jack Keane
As a sportsperson, the best thing is people recognising you and loving you for what you do. For me, glamour is 100 people in the hotel feeling happy to see you.
Virat Kohli
Oyo is not a market place. Oyo is a fully fledged hotel chain that leases and franchises assets.
Ritesh Agarwal
Always take earplugs and an eye mask. It doesn’t matter where you are. Even if you’re in the best hotel, if there’s road works outside, then you’re screwed. So I take earplugs and an eye mask with me wherever I go.
Tamsin Egerton
I like doing accents. One of my friends works in hotel reservations and I’ll ring her up and complain about the suite. Sometimes I get her.
Geri Halliwell
I have spent the greater part of my life in a hotel room with seven or eight kids, looking after everyone, sorting out fights, wiping noses, handing out towels, not having a clean towel left for me.
Abby Lee Miller
On the road, I might go to the hotel gym. When I know I won’t be dancing or working out, I spend time stretching. You have to stretch every day as a dancer. I do it whenever I can when it’s not weird.
Jillian Hervey
I came to Mumbai in 2000 to do a hotel management course. Following this, I worked as a marketing executive with Hotel Sheraton in Muscat for a year. It was in 2004 that I participated in the Gladrags Mr. India contest and bagged the most popular model award. After that, I did few ramp shows and ads.
Karan Singh Grover
The first time I got recognized in the Sates, it was by Mike Tyson. He sang ‘Cruel Summer’ at us as we were walking out of the hotel to go to the beach.
Keren Woodward
I prefer temperance hotels – although they sell worse kinds of liquor than any other kind of hotels.
Artemas Ward
The minute I enter my house or a hotel room on the road, wherever I am, the first thing I do is light a candle; that’s my favourite thing.
Michelle Visage
Instead of investigating the fact that the president-elect [Donald trump] is going to be violating “The Constitution” with these flows of foreign fighters, they admit they have a problem. They say, oh, well, we won’t – his lawyers said well, we want take the profits in the hotels.
Norman L. Eisen
A teenage foot that never tapped to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ in the ’50s probably belonged to a hopeless grind.
Molly Ivins
If there were, say, only 10 percent of the hotels that exist now, there would be all these apartments for people who live in New York, as opposed to people visiting New York. And then all this junk in the theater, we would no longer need the kind of stuff that tourists like.
Fran Lebowitz
On a good night, I get underwear, bras, and hotel-room keys thrown onstage… You start to think that you’re Tom Jones.
Keanu Reeves
I think the great thing about art is that you can create it anywhere. I made a record of cover tunes on my laptop in hotel rooms throughout Europe last year and it is still very much a “Kasey Anderson” record.
Kasey Anderson
I went to university for a year, and I’m not one for schooling and have no enjoyment sitting in a classroom all day and ended up going to live in England for two years, just to travel. I worked in a bar in a hotel for a couple of years and had no intention of becoming an actor. That’s where I met my agent.
Travis Fimmel
As an actor, you spend a lot of your life in hotel rooms.
Natalie Dormer
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is not really my thing, but I kind of loved it.
Quentin Tarantino
There’s never any graffiti in the hotel. Although in the Gents a couple of weeks ago I did see someone had drawn a lady’s part. Quite detailed. The guy obviously had talent.
Steve Coogan
When St. Teresa of Avila says, ‘Our life in this world is like a night in a second class hotel’ I agree with her absolutely; and I think it’s almost insulting to God and man to suggest that trivial events should give rise to deep concern on his part.
Malcolm Muggeridge
I can’t write on the road. I have to be home. I have to be around all those rusted tractors and dilapidated fences and things like that, because it just grounds me in a way that I can’t find in a hotel room.
John Fullbright
Ralph Bunche, who is an internationally recognized and respected diplomat, can’t stay in a hotel in Georgia, which means that no matter what the accomplishment, the intellectual, the academic, or professional level of a negro is, collectively he stands condemned.
Malcolm X
One evening at a hotel in New York I flipped around the television channels. Suddenly there on the public access channel was a voluptuous young woman, naked, her body oiled, writhing on the floor while fondling herself intimately… I watched for some time — riveted by the sociological significance of it all.
Robert Bork
As a model, it’s a gypsy kind of life: living in hotels, working all the time, ordering room service instead of cooking for yourself. There’s absolutely no nest-building.
Eva Herzigova
The first private space of my own wasn’t a dorm room; it was a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Rob Lowe
I really have paid my dues! When I get to stay in fancy hotel suites these days I remind myself of that.
Rita Ora
When I go out, people look at me with a puzzled expression on their faces thinking, “You’re Jackie Chan?”. When people stare at me, it makes me uncomfortable. More and more I find that I just stay in my hotel when I am working.
Jackie Chan
In the early Seventies, I bought a dilapidated hotel in north Stoke for about ВЈ100,000 and spent the same amount again renovating it, putting in a guitar-shaped swimming pool, painting the bathrooms purple, and installing gold dolphin taps.
Ian Gillan
Free countries are great, because you can actually sit in somebody else’s space for a while and pretend you’re a part of it. You can sit in the Plaza Hotel and you don’t even have to live there. You can just sit and watch the people go by.
Andy Warhol
I log 250 days a year on the road. I need pants that are versatile, easy to clean, and dry in my hotel room if necessary.
Andrew Zimmern
I remember performing one-man reenactments of Miss Saigon’ for my grandmother on her fireplace or dancing to Gwen Stefani in our hotel in the Philippines.
Isa Briones
There are some times when you make films and you travel places, and the take that people in the business have is that the worst way to see a city is to shoot there, because you work these long 12, 13 and 14-hour days, and you go home to the hotel, you eat, and you pass out.
Alec Baldwin
I’ve gotten very cynical and kind of anhedonic about all the things I have to do to get to do comedy: all the travel, hotels, and airports.
Patton Oswalt
There are certain times you realize you’ve got too much money. One was when I started getting bills from the Koi hotel. When I was remodeling the Koi pond, the Koi had to go to the Koi hotel. They ended up staying there for 13 months and I never asked what the bill was.
Sam Simon
‎There’s no way to cheat a sensualist like me, somebody who can die laughing for hours over the pattern of the carpet in a hotel lobby.
Anne Rice
The fans are always at the hotel waiting, they like to get pictures and autographs. I enjoy it all, the displays of love and support at the hotel and the shows.
Flo Rida
Producing is a thankless task akin to hotel management. Unfortunately there are not too many good hotel managers.
David Hemmings
It was dope to the point where I felt like Common almost admired me as much as I admired him. He took us to the hotel, and then he was going through his phone, rapping his raps to me. I was like, Is Common rapping to me right now, trying to get my feedback?
What happens is we finish the show, have a couple of drinks, go back to the hotel, talk, and that’s it.
Ian Gillan
My priority when I get off the plane and get to a city is get situated at the hotel and then go on site and get a good practice in. Sometimes working out can help with getting over jet lag as well.
Madison Keys
I always bring an orange scarf, not just so I can wear it or tuck it into my pocket, but also so I can throw it over a lamp in the hotel room. Orange is my favourite colour, and it gives a lovely, warm ambience.
Telugu and Tamil industries keenly watch Malayalam movies and are appreciative of the content, be it ‘Ustad Hotel,’ ‘Premam’ or ‘Bangalore Days.’ They’ve also been listening to our music. That’s how I was approached for Telugu films.
Gopi Sundar
Swish: A made basket. Swoosh: The Nike logo. Swish-swoosh, swish-swoosh, swish-swoosh: A thousand coaches in nylon tracksuits, walking through hotel lobbies at the Final Four.
Steve Rushin
I really love it in Belfast. I always stay in the most bombed hotel, the Europa!
Gareth Gates
I’m the type of guy if there’s a haunted hotel in town, I’m staying there and will stay up all night waiting to get the crap scared out of me.
Stephen Colletti
So many people treat you like you’re a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the hotel window.
Gerard Way
I carry music in my head, so I don’t need more. It drives me nuts that, in hotels or on boats, people seem to think you need music 24 hours a day.
Miranda Richardson
They paved paradise and put up a parkin lot With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Joni Mitchell
I was in Paris at an English-language bookstore. I picked up a volume of Dickinson’s poetry. I came back to my hotel, read 2,000 of her poems and immediately began composing in my head. I wrote down the melodies even before I got to a piano.
Gordon Getty
I’ve heard Braggadocio about excess baggage charges, multiple unused hotel rooms, and rental cars held unused for long periods of time, which makes me lose respect for certain photographers. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend money on a good idea, but wasting money makes me ill.
Peter Menzel
I was in California the first time I heard Michael Jackson wanted to record with me. I was, like, ‘Nah, no way, he’s too big, it can’t be true.’ Then I got a call from Michael’s people at my hotel telling me he was interested. But I still wasn’t believing it – I thought they were setting me up for a TV practical jokes show.
Heavy D
When my wife left me, in real life, T. J. Miller was like, ‘I’m shooting a movie in Pittsburgh. I’ll fly you out and get you a hotel room,’ and I spent a week with him.
Pete Holmes
When I’m doing a book tour in the States, I’ll wake up in the room sometimes in an anonymous chain hotel, and I don’t know where I am right away. I’ll go to the window, and it doesn’t help there either, especially if you’re in an anonymous strip and it’s the usual Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Chili’s, Applebee’s.
Anthony Bourdain
The first time I went to Taiwan, there were cameras, paparazzi, TV stations outside my hotel twenty-four hours a day nonstop.
Jeremy Lin
My desire to curtail undue freedom of speech extends only to such public areas as restaurants, airports, streets, hotel lobbies, parks, and department stores. Verbal exchanges between consenting adults in private are as of little interest to me as they probably are to them.
Fran Lebowitz
I was having these terrible back pains, and then one day in Switzerland, things got very bad. My wife Maryanna called the hotel doctor, but I don’t remember any of this, I was out of it. I had an operation, and I was nearly lost.
John Tavener
When I started having a couple of beers and loosening up, I realized how many years I had wasted going back to my hotel room alone when I could have gone and just had a beer or two.
Bradford Cox
Oh, I don’t need sleep. I just went to my hotel room and had a cold hot dog and a vodka on the rocks.
Betty White
Films and hotels have many aspects that are the same. For example, there is always a big vision, an idea.
Francis Ford Coppola
I have to say, the Campus Crusade tactic struck me as disingenuous. They rented a hotel ballroom next to a nightclub and set up a fake “party” inside, complete with security guards and flashing lights. When you walked in, instead of drink specials and trance music, they gave you gospel tracts.
Kevin Roose
It’s getting too late in my life to care about the small things. It’s getting too late to not be brave, to not live my life fully, to not try to be an artist. Trivial things like how nice your hotel room is, or if you have to be naked for a while, they fade away.
Helen Hunt
With me, traveling for work is arriving at the airport, checking into the hotel, leaving the hotel the next morning at 4 or 5 to do something like ‘The Jimmy and Jackie Captain Crazy Morning Zoo,’ doing a bunch of those in a row, then going back to the hotel, and then finally going to the club.
Gilbert Gottfried
In light of heaven, the worst suffering on earth, a life full of the most atrocious tortures on earth, will be seen to be no more serious than one night in an inconvenient hotel.
Mother Teresa
When I go home, the first thing I do is wash the dishes. It feels real and it feels like home and it’s humbling, it’s something you don’t do when you’re living in a hotel, everyone cleaning up after you.
V V Brown
There are definitely some nights where the show is over, and you’re on the bus or a hotel room, and it’s sort of a shock to go from being in the atmosphere of a club or a theater and be at your own show to being by yourself in a hotel room.
Jason Isbell
To put someone in jail for using drugs in the privacy of his hotel room is just barbaric.
Danny Sugerman
I think it’s fair to say more adultery goes on in hotels than any other place in the world.
Andre Balazs
My heart lifted, and a matching grin curved my lips. He wanted to see me again. Maybe he really did like me after all. I felt like doing a happy dance, but of course, I was way too cool for that. I’d at least wait until I got back to my hotel room, alone, where no one would see.
Jennifer Estep
I wake up. If I have a rehearsal, I go do that, and when I come back to the hotel, I sit down and turn on the laptop, ’cause I’ve got nothing to do without that!
In some hotels they give you a little sewing kit. You know what I do? I sew the towels together. One time I sewed a button on a lampshade. I like to leave a mark.
George Carlin
Though finally overwhelmed by a preening lassitude, ‘Hotel’ is never less than fascinating, breaking into multiscreen scenarios like Mr. Figgis’s 2000 experiment, ‘Timecode.’
Elvis Mitchell
I used to play pianos in bars. You know in hotels, you’d see guys playing piano with a snifter? That was me, with a painted-on mustache. I was about 15.
Brian McKnight
The Beverly Hills Hotel is so iconic.
Erin Foster
I have added a lot. There’s some Vegas stuff and hotel stuff and a whole chunk on health.
Louie Anderson
I have walked into the palaces of kings and queens and into the houses of presidents. And much more. But I could not walk into a hotel in America and get a cup of coffee, and that made me mad.
Josephine Baker
I never take anything for granted. I think it’s very cool to still get excited about things. I get as excited now as I ever did when I get a chauffeur driven car pick me up and I stay in a fantastic hotel or get to fly in a private plane. I never want to get blasГ©.
Victoria Beckham
I don’t have a crazy rider clause saying I have to stay at fancy hotels. I don’t have a problem with staying at a Marriott. But I will admit that I’ve gotten just basic, regular service there.
Mark Ronson
We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove.
Lew Wasserman
A man knows his companion in a long journey and a little inn.
William Hazlitt
In Germany I ingested the entire contents of the hotel mini-bar before a show and stuck my fingers in this guy’s nostrils because I thought they would fit.
Grace Slick
It wasn’t a pleasant experience to be confined to my hotel room for five days even though I had my Xbox and workout stuff with me so I could make the most of a bad situation.
Jofra Archer
I’ll watch the kids play, have a big steak with my friends, stay in a nice hotel, sign a lot of autographs, then go back to Vegas and tell my alumni how tough recruiting is.
Jerry Tarkanian
There’ll be two buses leaving the hotel for the park tomorrow. The 2:00 bus will be for those of you who need a little extra work. The empty bus will leave at 5:00.
Dave Bristol
When I wrote the song, I had the sea near Bombay in mind. We stayed at a hotel by the sea, and the fishermen come up at five in the morning and they were all chanting. And we went on the beach and we got chased by a mad dog – big as a donkey.
Ray Davies
Hotels are really scary. There are a lot of haunted ones in L.A. that I want to check out. So many people come in and out, and a lot of them can be dark. That dark gets locked in the hotel and stays there.
Evan Peters
I prefer complete darkness while sleeping at my house. If I’m staying in a hotel, I keep the lights on.
Kirti Kulhari
Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.
Tom Stoppard
Some of history’s cleverest business minds understood the power of share platforms, from the aggressive titans who made fortunes building the nation’s railroads, to Conrad Hilton, who created the first premier brand of international hotels.
Lisa Gansky
I don’t really collect books. I tend to lose interest in them the minute I’ve read them, so most of the books I’ve read are left in airplanes and hotel rooms.
Malcolm Gladwell
I would rather live in Russia on black bread and vodka than in the United States at the best hotels. America knows nothing of food, love or art.
Isadora Duncan
I’d rather sleep on the bus than in the hotel because I sleep way better on tour buses.
Shawn Mendes
Staying in a hotel, I get zero interruptions and sleep all the way through the night. It’s amazing.
Cory Barlog
Hotel life is about the same in every latitude.
Fanny Fern
The innovations are changing now, drastically. I remember coming to Toronto from Vancouver, and on any given night in the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s, everything was closed at ten o’clock. There was no drinking on Sundays. Unless you stayed at a hotel, then you could get a drink.
Jim Treliving
Make no mistake: Bob Ritchie’s up early in the morning taking pictures of his son on the first day of his senior year. Kid Rock is passed out in a hotel room somewhere with four scantily-clad women.
Kid Rock
I don’t know why comedians moan about touring; you get driven to a town, stay in a hotel, work for an hour and a half with nice people, and eat fatty service station food. There’s nothing not to like.
Greg Davies
It’s really hard when you break up with somebody, or somebody breaks up with you, and you’re in this band; guess who you have to see in the next day in the hotel in the breakfast room? That person.
Stevie Nicks
Magnus did not like to go near the Hotel Dumont if he could help it. It was decrepit and unsettling, it held bad memories, and it also occasionally held his evil former lady love.
Cassandra Clare
But after I got them to leave and shut the door and turned off the light it wasn’t any good. It was like saying good-by to a statue. After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain.
Ernest Hemingway
I’m not a rock star writing poetry. I don’t feel like a rock star and I don’t know what one is, actually. I’m a goalie/poet or a hotel guest/poet or a father/poet.
Gord Downie
I can walk through a hotel lobby and watch people at the desk and see what they’re doing. People don’t look at me. They don’t even know I’m there.
Jerry Seinfeld
In Serie A players have to stay in a hotel before a home game to ensure proper preparations without the distractions a wife and family can bring. It’s a system which no doubt suits some players, but would not be my choice.
Jaap Stam
My stepfather used to run hotels all around the world.
DJ Rap
I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model.’ I don’t know – the camera is just fun.
Selah Louise Marley
I’m staying in a strange hotel. I called room service for a sandwich and they sent up two hookers.
Bill Maher
I behave. I lock myself in my hotel room every night.
Jinder Mahal
I’ve begun to look at the world through apocalypse eyes. Our society, which seems so sturdily built out of concrete and custom, is just a temporary resting place, a hotel our civilization checked into a couple hundred years ago and must one day check out of.
Neil Strauss
We discovered that often it was better to sleep in a nice familiar tent than to go off and look for a hotel.
Charley Boorman
Count Dracula had directed me to go to the Golden Krone Hotel, which I found, to my great delight, to be thoroughly old-fashioned, for of course I wanted to see all I could of the ways of the country.
Bram Stoker
After years of hotels, I’m horribly inept at cleaning up after myself.
Rufus Wainwright
My mother cleaned hotel rooms and worked in a video store. My father delivered newspapers and washed dishes in restaurants.
Leana S. Wen
I follow the baseball team on the Internet more than I do the football team. Generally you can get a Nebraska game anywhere. Before I started doing big arenas and stuff and had a tour bus when I was just working comedy clubs way back when I would always listen to the games in my hotel room on the Internet.
Larry the Cable Guy
I saw ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ I liked it. I saw ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ and I could see why young girls like it. But it dropped off like crazy in the second weekend. I liked ‘Fed Up’ – I love documentaries. I go to a lot of documentaries.
Rob Reiner
I have my idols like Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and those chefs that really forged the way in Americas understanding of food. Then working with chefs like Craig Anderson at The Charles Hotel and Mark Baker at the Four Seasons.
Paul Wahlberg
Hotel tea is when you have to mix together a plastic envelope containing too much sugar, a small plastic pot of something which is not milk but has curdled anyway, and a thin brown packet seemingly containing the ashes of a cremated mole.
Frank Muir
My family is trying to drag me kicking and screaming into the normal world. Please, I live in hotel rooms.
John Pinette
Some of the hotels I’ve been put up in for work in Scotland have been shockingly bad. They’re the type of hotel where the bedroom is like a cell and the Internet doesn’t work. I feel quite aggrieved at that because you should at least be treated reasonably well and have basic comfort.
Robert Winston
People always think women meet us in the hotel lobby, but it’s the opposite. The majority of the time, you go out to eat with your teammates, then rest for the next day’s game. It’s not a vacation – most guys view the road as a business trip.
Kevin Durant
People were watching the TV set, and they said three rock-and-rollers died – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, The Big Bopper, including the pilot. I walked out of the hotel. I got on the bus alone. Their clothes were hanging on the racks, their guitars on the seats.
Dion DiMucci
I don’t know how many bands I saw who would try to wreck a hotel room, but I never wrecked a hotel room in my life! If I’m gonna sit there and throw a TV out the window… if it’s a good TV, maybe I should just take it home.
Angus Young
I’m a rock ‘n’ roll guy, really. I’m a big fan of Elvis. I got “Heartbreak Hotel” tattooed on my chest.
Ed Westwick
In December 2010, we embarked on a slightly strange tour of India. We played every kind of gig you could imagine over two weeks, from sports bars to hotel bars to a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre.
Ted Dwane
The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is ‘okay’ to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is.
Howard Dean
The place I most missed my husband and family was when I stayed at Giraffe Manor, which is a crazy hotel in Kenya where giraffes wander around sticking their necks in through the top-floor windows for snacks.
Monica Galetti
By 2023, we will be the world’s largest hotel chain.
Ritesh Agarwal
‘Hurt Village’ is based on a real housing project in Memphis, about three minutes away from the Lorraine Hotel where Dr. King was assassinated, so in my work I’m focusing on a very specific area in Memphis. I see ‘Hurt Village’ as a natural extension of ‘The Mountaintop.’
Katori Hall
When I came here, Bayern had just won the treble. I was injured, then I played two games, and was injured again for the following three matches. I spent three or four months living in a hotel. All of this, combined with adjusting from life at Dortmund, made it very difficult for me.
Mario Gotze
The Loden in Vancouver, where I stayed when I was filming ‘The Arrow,’ is a family-run hotel with a fantastic restaurant, great facilities, and brilliant people.
Colin Salmon
My whole success is I’ve always been designing for people, first because I wanted to sell them merchandise. Then when I got into hotels, I had to rethink, what am I selling now? You’re selling a good time.
Morris Lapidus
Switzerland is a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways, and is all stuck over with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo clock style of architecture.
Ernest Hemingway
I’m really boring when I’m on the road. I go from work to the hotel and then sit and work all night.
Danielle Colby
Nothing moves at the Hotel New Hampshire! We’re screwed down here-for life!
John Irving
The idea to make hotel reviews the form of the novel came first. So I just started writing hotel reviews and tried to come up with a consistent voice.
Rick Moody
I’ve always been a cabaret-vaudeville artist – an hourlong cabaret and a floor show in a hotel – somebody like that. That’s my main forte.
Kenny Baker
I used to buy things for every hotel room or every place I lived in to make it feel like home.
Essie Davis
I guess I found the life as a musician too counterproductive, as so much time was spent in tour buses & remote hotel rooms. As I am moderately hyperactive, this didn’t suit my temper.
Johan Renck
Whenever I see interesting names, I jot them down. I’ve found them in lots of different places: on the news, in the phone book, even on hotel registry lists.
Cassandra Clare
I suspected that what happens in hotel rooms rarely lasts outside of them. I suspected that when something was a beginning and an ending at the same time, that meant it could only exist in the present.
David Levithan
I see a lot of nice hotels, but I never really get to enjoy the cities, because I have to be on a plane the next day.
Gabriel Iglesias
Being away with a national side at a tournament can be hard – you train, go back to your hotel, and often, you sit in your room, watching TV or speaking to people at home. If there’s no communal area, it can feel like being in prison, staring at the same four walls all the time.
Alex Scott
[about the Hotel Marmont on Sunset Blvd., a piece of Hollywood history] I would rather sleep in a bathroom than in another hotel.
Billy Wilder
Well, there are three things that the average man thinks he can do better than anybody else. Build a fire, run a hotel and manage a baseball team.
Rocky Bridges
I only ever did one hotel room because at the end of the tour, I had a little less money than the rest of the guys, and the tour manager said, ‘You remember that hotel room you destroyed in Iowa? Well, we had to pay for it.’ And I was like, ‘Ooooh. That’s how it works.’
John Corabi
The other day I read that last year 58 million tourists came to New York … where a puny eight million people are trying to live. Unless they own a hotel chain, I don’t think a single one of these eight million people are happy about this.
Fran Lebowitz
I like reading books where people with a lot of money use it to do whatever they want. Like stay in expensive hotels and do whatever drugs they want and fly wherever they want.
Tao Lin
Can’t do any work with a rock star; you have to go through their lawyers and their agents and their managers and you have to book them hotel rooms. When you work with your friends, you just call them up and they come over and you record and then you go out to see a movie.
To tell you the truth, man, we spend most of the time travelling in hotels, in festivals, in concert halls, clubs, airports. The most unenjoyable part is all the security at airports.
Hugh Masekela
I had CNN on in my hotel room every day while we were filming the pilot for ‘The Originals.’
Leah Pipes
Trump has a lot of contacts in the world of charity because he rents out ballrooms, hotel ballrooms, the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago to charities. Charities are often the ones that rent out these ballrooms for big events.
David Fahrenthold
Keith Moon, God rest his soul, once drove his car through the glass doors of a hotel, driving all the way up to the reception desk, got out and asked for the key to his room.
Pete Townshend
If you want something bad enough, you’ve got to make a bold move. George Washington, took on the British Empire. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Ken Titus taped a hotel key to his underwear to score with an airport security guard.
Christopher Titus
My wife and I went back to the hotel where we spent our wedding night. Only this time, I stayed in the bathroom and cried.
Henny Youngman
I’ll never forget that show season. It was completely mad. I was staying between Christy and Naomi’s rooms and it was all limos and the Ritz Hotel and all that kind of business.
Kate Moss
Even after premieres or events, some of the stars are like, ‘Let’s go out’ and I just go back to the hotel room. I am the most boring person.
Ed Skrein
It used to be a good hotel, but that proves nothing – I used to be a good boy.
Mark Twain
He (Tesla) was 84, and he died in a hotel, completely broke and alone. In love with a pigeon. This is a nightmare. I’m in hell. This is hell. I’m talking about Tesla in my puke. Tesla was the electric Jesus. I can’t breathe.
Duncan Trussell
No matter how bad your hotel is, take a deep breath, because if you can get through a night, it won’t seem quite so bad the following morning.
Jonathan Agnew
…out of the blue, he kissed me. Right in the middle of the Robert E. Lee Hotel Restaurant, he kissed me so slowly with an open mouth and every single thing in my body-my skin, my collarbone, the hollow backs of my knees, everything inside of me filled up with light.
Kathryn Stockett
‘Been That Way’ is a song that Timbaland gave me. Actually, the beat is. And then he called me to come out there to Miami. I went out there to work with him, and he gave me two beats for my project. One was ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ and the other one was ‘Been That Way,’ and I recorded both of them in my hotel.
Bryson Tiller