If I Could Quotes

If I Could Quotes by Alesha Dixon, Robert Rinder, Jimi Hendrix, Charles Lindbergh, Derek Drouin, Chris O’Dowd and many others.

My laugh is filthy. I'd change it if I could, but it's

My laugh is filthy. I’d change it if I could, but it’s become a trademark.
Alesha Dixon
Never trust people; always trust paper. I’d marry a piece of paper if I could.
Robert Rinder
I’d like to get something together – like a Handel, Bach, Muddy waters, flamenco type of thing. If I could get that sound, I’d be happy
Jimi Hendrix
I decided that if I could fly for ten years before I was killed in a crash, it would be a worthwhile trade for an ordinary life time.
Charles Lindbergh
Growing up as a high jumper, I said if I could ever jump 2.40, I’d be pretty satisfied with my career. It’s definitely a barrier for high jumpers.
Derek Drouin
I don’t know if I’d do an action movie because I don’t know if I could keep a straight face; honestly, I just think it’s so silly. Like, I love watching them but I can’t imagine me doing one.
Chris O’Dowd
If you’re asking me if I like your company, the answer is yes. If, on the other hand, you’re asking me if I could live without you, the answer is also yes.
Paulo Coelho
I would be onstage all the time if I could.
Scott Adsit
Winston was a bit of a challenge, all right, from a lot of different perspectives. It wasn’t just the culture or the class divide or the historical baggage – it was also the age difference. We had to see if I could be aged-up legitimately, without it becoming some sort of hokey acting challenge.
Brendan Gleeson
E-mail is far more convenient than the telephone, as far as I’m concerned. I would throw my phone away if I could get away with it.
Tom Hanks
I could name you a dozen superheroes whose powers I’d like to have. But if I could have any power in the world, it would be the power to read or watch a creative work and absorb the technical skill of the people who made it. Because then I could have even more fun writing. That’s my core identity.
Kurt Busiek
I started swimming when I was four because my brother wanted to join a swim team, and I wanted to do what he did. They said I had to be six, but if I could swim a lap, then I could participate. So I swam a lap, and the rest is history.
Summer Sanders
I play guys who are willing to go really far. If the dung really hits the fan, I don’t know if I could walk the talk. But anyone who isn’t willing to die for his convictions isn’t worth living. My characters, no matter how demented they are, they have their convictions.
Elias Koteas
I had been to New Mexico many times. I loved it. It’s a very exotic, interesting, severely crazy environment. I don’t know if I could live there all year. It’s such an intense place.
Campbell Scott
If I could have anything – you know, and this is across the board for any presidential candidate – I would have a greater acknowledgment of history in our policy and in our affairs.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I think that there was a period of time – and I would reckon it was about 12 years – where I was just determined to see if I could build a career for myself.
Kevin Spacey
I don’t have any intentions to return to England. I would go back if I could return as a free person. I don’t want to return to prison.
Ronald Biggs
If I could have written a script of how I wanted my career to be, I couldn’t have done it any better.
Scottie Pippen
I was a co-operator too in the sense that I non-co-operated for co-operation, and even then I said that if I could carry the country forward by co-operation I should co-operate.
Mahatma Gandhi
If I could be half of what Mike Sweeney was, I’ll be happy with it.
Billy Butler
If I could have drawn a cat yelling for lasagna every day for 15 years and have them pay me $30 million to do so, I would have.
Berkeley Breathed
I don’t spend any time thinking about my place in history, ever. If people say I changed things, it’s nice, and I take it – but if I could give it to a charity it would be useful. I really believe now that my only job in life is to achieve a state of comfort and happiness.
Russell Simmons
If I could have a family and a home one night, and all of it’s gone the next, that must mean that life has the capacity to change. And then I thought, ‘Whoa! That means that just as change happens to me, I can cause change in my life.’
Liz Murray
I used to work at McDonald’s making minimum wage. You know what that means when someone pays you minimum wage? You know what your boos was trying to say? “Hey if I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.”
Chris Rock
Don’t be self-conscious, if I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it.
Stephenie Meyer
If I could have just one more wish, I’d wipe the cobwebs from my eyes.
Ozzy Osbourne
I was so clear on the fact that I wanted to be a journalist that I asked my parents if I could go to a tutorial college to do my O-levels early, which I did when I was 13.
Jane Goldman
I do not go lightly. If I could have anything right now, it would be the ability to continue as secretary of state.
Kevin Shelley
I cannot say my yes to legends that have been clearly and fancifully created. If I could not move my search beyond angelic messengers, empty tombs, and ghostlike apparitions, I could not say yes to Easter.
John Shelby Spong
If I could have somehow been the kind of artist who could crank out two or three issues a year, that’s different. That’s sort of what it’s all about, to get this thing out so that there’s some kind of continuity. But to do a comic book every year or two was just so anti-climactic.
Daniel Clowes
The Conversation’ was the first film I edited on a flatbed machine – a KEM editing machine. I’ve been using Final Cut or the AVID for 12 years now, so I was interested in looking at this film and seeing if I could tell if it had been edited the old way.
Walter Murch
If I could persuade myself that I could find Him in a Himalayan cave I would proceed there immediately.
Mahatma Gandhi
I think the other honest attraction was that I just grew up loving watching TV and loving watching film, and there’s so many directors and actors that I dreamed of working with, I just really wanted to take a crack at it and see if I could ever work with some of those.
David Schwimmer
Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to undo the transformation of jazz into a sophisticated art music.
Terry Teachout
If I could remember the names of all these particles, I’d be a botanist.
Albert Einstein
You know, look, if I could strangle these people and not go to hell and get executed, I would, but I can’t.
Bill O’Reilly
If I could choose, I’d be bare feet with animals all around me and living in a tree house. Like Tarzan and Jane, that’s my dream. I’m at my happiest around nature.
Gisele Bundchen
I wouldn’t mind leaving myself behind if I could, but I don’t know the way out.
Gregory Maguire
If I could have found what I needed at thirteen, I would not have lost so much of my life chasing vindication or death. Give some child, some thirteen-year old, the hope of the remade life. Tell the truth. Write the story that you were always afraid to tell. I swear to you there is magic in it.
Dorothy Allison
If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy.
Jane Austen
Time will say nothing but I told you so, Time only knows the price we have to pay; If I could tell you I would let you know.
W. H. Auden
Advertising is a conscienceless industry, populated by cowards and idiots, that warps and drains everyone. It eggs on the worst in all of us. If I could eliminate either advertising or nuclear weapons, I would choose advertising.
George Meyer
If I could take you back in time to the fifties and walk you around to some of the places where I grew up, you’d be trying to get back in your time machine. It wasn’t all sock hops – matter of fact, I never saw a sock hop.
Joe R. Lansdale
I have done what I could do in life, and if I could not do better, I did not deserve it. In vain I have tried to step beyond what bound me.
Maurice Maeterlinck
There is no comparison between the life of a rock star and an actor. If I could now, I would be a rock star within a blink of an eye. So as far as music is concerned, yeah, I might just go back to it, but don’t want to be unfair to it. It requires its proper time and space.
Fawad Khan
I felt that if I could make the world better for the young, that would be the greatest thing we can do.
Shimon Peres
I heard some stuff recently from Julian Casablancas, and his solo stuff is amazing. If I could write with anyone, it would be him.
Harry Styles
If I could control the behavior of fat guys I would make them ride mopeds more often.
Demetri Martin
The greatest moment of all was her on set, and she said, ‘Would you mind if you change the order of the phrase?’ Maggie Smith asking me if I could change the line, asking politely, using my name!
Ol Parker
I’ve found out how overwhelming the media is and the way it drills things into your head, it’s almost like a mind control. If I could control prople’s minds, I’d like to put something useful in.
Natalie Merchant
If I could have one prayer answered, I would pray for patience. I move so fast sometimes. I try to slow down.
Debra Winger
I would hope to get together with the Latino community, if I could ever have them talk to me without screaming and threatening me. So I hope to get together with the community and try to explain what we do, so that’s going to be one of my missions coming up.
Joe Arpaio
If I could learn to treat triumph and disaster the same, then I would find bliss.
Kathie Lee Gifford
I kept thinking how marvellous it would be if I could somehow tear my heart, which felt so heavy, out of my chest.
Anton Chekhov
Any changes that I made to my line, I asked if I could make them, which I do in every movie. So far everybody’s been gracious enough to say yes. The only improvising I do is in the movies I do with Chris Guest, which is what we do.
Samuel L. Jackson
For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was desperate to find something that fit me and I just decided that if I could organically make a professional living out of the things that interested me, then I would be a happy person.
Padma Lakshmi
I don’t know if I could rebuild an airplane engine, but I know a little bit about rotors and rivets.
Dane Cook
If I could have two things in one: the peace of the grave, and the light of the sun.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
If I could, I’d change the way I came up through the football ranks. I’d love to have had an academy life the way the boys have it. I think female footballers would be so much better for having that opportunity, and we’d be more effective because we would be better players.
Lucy Bronze
I love writing, directing and photography; if I could figure out a way to put the three things together, that’s what I would love to do.
Drew Barrymore
If I could do just one thing, it would be to dissociate faith from virtue, now and for good, and to expose it for what it is, a servile weakness, a refuge in cowardice, and a willingness to follow, with credulity, people who are in the highest degree unscrupulous.
Christopher Hitchens
If I could be anyone, it would be Brad Pitt.
David Fincher
I would have all my offensive linemen wrestle if I could.
John Madden
If I could pass along anything that my mother or my sisters taught me, I feel like my kids would be very well off.
Blake Lively
I don’t know if I could write songs if it wasn’t for the female race, to be honest with you.
Christian Kane
I sometimes wish desperately that IВ could write like someone else, be someone else. No one particularly. Just if IВ could put the pen down on paper and suddenly come out in a totally different way.
Harold Pinter
If I could change a single thing about my life,’ she said gently, ‘I would not have been so unhappy when I was young.
Lan Samantha Chang
I guess, in a very real sense, I’m a Gnostic. I had been looking all my life for some great mystery… I think somewhere deep in my mind is the notion that if I could learn just the right thing, I would be saved.
Whitfield Diffie
I think I used comedy as a mechanism: if I could make the other kids laugh, I wouldn’t get beaten up or teased as much.
Paul Rudd
I thought if I could do stand-up comedy well enough, I could parlay it back into films – like Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen did. They merged principles of comedy and drama together, and that’s what my first film really was, a stab at that kind of comedy.
Mike Birbiglia
Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkly clothes, and cowboy boots. I decided to wear a black shirt and pants and see if I could get by with it. I did and I’ve worn black clothes ever since.
Johnny Cash
If I could separate ‘The Originals’ from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ in a nutshell, I’d say that ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is more coming-of-age, and we’re more these monsters reveling in who they are and what they are.
Joseph Morgan
Unusual commencement advice: Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’97: Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen
would be it.
Mary Schmich
If I could read your mind, what a tale your thoughts could tell. Just like a paperback novel, the kind that drugstores sell.
Gordon Lightfoot
Transition is always a relief. Destination means death to me. If I could figure out a way to remain forever in transition, in the disconnected and unfamiliar, I could remain in a state of perpetual freedom.
David Wojnarowicz
I try to find out what there is in the character that in a way, you can’t put into words. If I could put it into words, then it wouldn’t be a performance. And if I do put it into words, as I play it, I start to get boxed in by those words.
Alan Alda
If I could unify my second weight division, that would be huge.
Carl Frampton
I cannot stop asking. If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prison for drunks.
What could make my life better? Oh, if I could only find that magic bottle that lets you never have to sleep. I have so much stuff I wanna do, but… That six or seven hours you have to be in bed with your eyes closed. What a waste!
Robert Rodriguez
But you think that it is time for me to have done with the world, and so I would if I could get into a better before I was called into the best, and not die here in a rage, like a poisoned rat in a hole.
Jonathan Swift
For three months I was brain damaged. I couldn’t think like before and I was so scared. I didn’t know if I could go on living like that. But it helped that the doctors told me I’d get better and your brain is amazing. It can recover.
Michelle Payne
If I could do it over, I’d want to come up to the big leagues like Mike Trout. He’s exciting and I like watching him.
Matt Kemp
If I could do anything, I’d ride horses all day.
B. J. Armstrong
I would love to do more movies. I’d like to get into some theater, too, if I could, just to learn more. I want to do gritty performances that I’m proud of. It doesn’t matter to me if four people see it or millions of people see it, as long as I perform in such a way that people go, ‘Wow!
Jason Dohring
I seldom ever missed a Gary Cooper picture if I could manage to see it.
Clint Walker
If I could work with Joan Van Ark every day for the rest of my life I would.
Ted Shackelford
A lot of banging in the head has built up over the decades, and for my own sanity, I needed to write. I wanted to see if I could tell an honest, organic story about characters that interest me.
Martin Donovan
If I could have done anything more, it would have been less
Artie Shaw
I talked my parents into sending me to Roedean at 16. I had this idea that if I could get into Cambridge, then I could join Footlights. My problem was that I went to a comprehensive in Brighton. I thought I’d have to start from a good school, and the best I could think of was Roedean.
Lucy Griffiths
If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.
Shia LaBeouf
What was the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I thought it was quintessentially American – very hip, very late-’60s. I was absolutely stunned when a German production company asked me if I could do a ‘Sesame Street’ in Germany. It was absolutely the happiest surprise.
Joan Ganz Cooney
If I could wave a wand, I would order another season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ That’s a show with a real voice.
Roy Price
I was a young-un when I got my first million. Then I realized if I got one, I could get two. If I could get two, I could get ten. If I could get ten, I could get a hundred.
When I was going on auditions, it was nerve-racking. I’d always say to my mom that it would be awesome if I could get a series. When Modern Family came along, I said, ‘You know what, Mom? I believe I’m going to get this role.’
Rico Rodriguez
I got my first show at Blum & Poe because Paul McCarthy postponed his show, and they came to my studio and asked me if I could put together a show in two weeks.
Mark Grotjahn
I wish, peevishly, that he didn’t know anything about how soldiers sleep, how they protect their fellow soldiers. It would be nicer if I could share the cloaks warmth with him, if we could lie with our faces together, whispering into the night.
Margaret Haddix
Some people say that you should read people who think completely differently from you so that everything you read and everything that they say is a challenge to you but there’s something to be said for reading people where you think, ‘Yes, that’s how I would have said it if I could have found the words for it’.
Ronald Frame
I was not wary of playing a mother on screen but wasn’t sure if I could do justice to it. Would I be able to showcase that kind of overpowering love without being a ‘real’ mother?
Aishwarya Rajesh
It’s a hard life… but if I could, I would do it all again.
Natalia Makarova
My parents were just really weird and protective about the music I listened to. Whenever I wanted to buy an album, they would have to buy it first and listen to it and let me know if I could have it.
Dane DeHaan
I’ve never made $20 million. I’m scared. I don’t know if you gave me The Ring if I could carry it and bring it to Ozamorph, or whatever you call it.
Joaquin Phoenix
I had dropped a good design, which I had once bent my thoughts upon, and that was to try if I could not make some of my barley into malt, and then try to brew myself some beer.
Daniel Defoe
If I could repeat my childhood, I would repeat it exactly as it was, with the poverty, the cold, little food, with the flies and pigs, all that.
Jose Saramago
O Lord, if I could fly to my people and tell them of your goodness at the top of my voice, oh how many souls would be won!
Josephine Bakhita
If I could live as a tree, as a river, as the moon, as the sun, as a star, as the earth, as a rock, I would. …Writing permits me to experience life as any number of strange creations.
Alice Walker
If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am.
Charles Yu
If I could direct it [films] I would be very happy. But the economics of business don’t always allow you to do what you want.
Lee Van Cleef
I’ve always loved movies, so I tried to get into an acting school. I saw an ad for the Oscar school on the back of ‘The Irish Times,’ and I went along for an audition, very pragmatically, to see if I could do it or not.
Liam Cunningham
I know that I wouldn’t mind going back to work if I could find the right script and the right crew to work with.
Mary Badham
I would think I’d accomplished it all if I could get to play Quasimodo.
Elias Koteas
If I could be reincarnated as a fabric, I would come back as a 38 double-D bra.
Jesse Ventura
No lake so still but it has its wave. No circle so perfect but that it has its blur. I would change things for you if I could; As I can’t you must take them as they are.
I think I can win a slam. That’s my main goal, and if I could choose one, then yes, it would have to be Wimbledon. But, honestly, I would take any one of them.
Tomas Berdych
If I could take your troubles
I would toss them into the sea,
But all these things I’m finding
Are impossible for me.
I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
A friend that is always there.
Khalil Gibran
Whoever it was, whether I knew them or not, if I could help in some way, I would. I mean, if you can help, you have to help. Don’t you think? – Poppy Wyatt
Sophie Kinsella
My desire was never to be famous. It was to try and create something interesting musically if I could.
Kate Bush
If I could afford it, I’d buy 1,000 acres and put my house right dead-center.
Mark Fuhrman
I know I can do so much more than this, I know that I could be a life force, could love with a heart full of soul, could feel with the power that flies men to the moon. I know that if I could just get out from under this depression, there is so much I could do besides cry in front of the TV on a Saturday night.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
If – when someone asks me a question, if I could just focus on not joking, I think that would be great, because for some reason, I can’t.
Naomi Osaka
If I could trade places with any of my sisters for a day, it would be Kim. I want to see what it’s like… The only time she sleeps is on the airplane. It’s just crazy. I feel bad for her, but I still want to know what it’s like.
Kendall Jenner
Formula One is definitely what I want to do. I would get back in the car today if I could.
Scott Dixon
I don’t know about young Thor and King Thor getting their own series someday, although it would be nice if I could write three Thor series at the same time.
Jason Aaron
My idea with ‘4 Degrees’ was to articulate, for a minute, not my ideal vision of how I wanted to perceive my relationship to nature but the reality. If I could give a voice to my behavior, what would that voice be? Taking planes, enjoying first-world fossil fuel, an addict of first-world comfort.
If I could write a letter to my teenage self, I’d probably say something like: ‘You ain’t gonna believe what will become of you.’
Antony Sher
If I could have enough money that I know I could buy a house someday, and if I want to have kids, I could raise them – I don’t need the money grab. I don’t need to have a mansion. I just need to be creative and happy.
Chris Gethard
I would love to have the power to be the just eternally perfect husband so my wife would always be happy; that would take me to heaven if I could figure that one out.
Robert Knepper
If I could have gone on describing to you the beauties of this region, who knows but I might have made a fine addition to the literature of our age?
Robert Gould Shaw
There’s still a lot I’m angry about, a lot of human behaviour that’s appalling and despicable, but you choose what you can fight against. I always thought if I could just put something in words perfectly enough, people would get the idea and it would change things.
Neil Peart
If I could finance my own movies, I would be doing it.
Ryuhei Kitamura
I ain’t no saint, but I’ve tried never to do anything that would hurt my family or offend God…I figure all any kid needs is hope and the feeling he or she belongs. If I could do or say anything that would give some kid that feeling, I would believe I had contributed something to the world.
Elvis Presley
I’m not ready to be that guy who can meet with world leaders and all that. It’s tremendous what Bono does. I don’t know if I could do it, not the way he does. I don’t think many people could.
Eddie Vedder
If I could simplify the whole game of power and strategy in one equation, it would all hinge on the capacity to see events around you exactly as they are. The closer your mind is to reality, the better your strategies, your responses in life.
Robert Greene
In principle if I could not have a home I wouldn’t. But not having a home would be too difficult procedurally, going from hotel to hotel, the gap of three hours where you’re hungry and tired.
Lee Child
If I could get their attention long enough, I felt they would see beneath the boobs and find the heart, and that they would see beneath the wig and find the brains. I think one big part of whatever appeal I possess is the fact that I look totally one way and that I am totally another. I look artificial, but I’m not.
Dolly Parton
To be honest, I chose romance because writing a book seemed so dauntingly long. I looked around for something short, discovered Harlequin romances, and decided to read a few to see if I could do it.
Lori Wilde
If I could have any tag team partner, I would choose Big E.
Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sun-rise would kill me, if I could not now and always send sun-rise out of me.
Walt Whitman
I realized I made a big mistake and if I could have it over again, I would do it so much differently.
Hansie Cronje
If I could be really competent, that goes such a long way toward things, because the majority of things are not competent. If I can be competent, and have moments of originality, that’s all I would ask for.
Jon Stewart
If I could live my life all over I’d do everything the same; the film in my camera would remain the same; there’s no way lord, to leave this love behind.
Al Green
I’ve always been a fan of comedy. I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s something I’m very passionate about; it’s like lifeblood to me. I had to pursue it. I thought I had a little bit of talent, and if I could make a living at it, I would do it. It’s worked out so far.
Rob Riggle
If I could have dinner with anyone who lived in history, it would depend on the restaurant.
Rodney Dangerfield
If I could climax as many times as a Derek Dingle routine I would be a happy man!
Dai Vernon
Ah, if I could only pray the way that dog looks at meat.
Martin Luther
If I could have a record that represents every stage of my life, I’d be putting out one a month. Everything is always changing, and so is the way that I feel about stuff.
Frankie Cosmos
I think if I could not get myself off my cushion, off my couch, or away from whatever I’m eating – or drinking or partying or whatever – if I couldn’t get away from that, I would have a heavy heart.
Alice Walker
People ask me if I could fly, I said, ‘yeah….’ for a little while.
Michael Jordan
If I could have picked two guys on the planet, to have some exposure to at that age, those were the two right guys [Phil Woods and Charles McPherson].
Jon Gordon
If I could have one wish, it would be for people to look at one another with open hearts and minds. Most of all, to look at each other with compassion. No matter who they are.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
If I could be anything, it would be a professional basketball player.
Carson Palmer
I’m not allowed to be as liberal as I would like to be, you know? I’d do a lot more damage if I could!
CeeLo Green
As If I could just turn my feelings off like a faucet.
Simone Elkeles
If I could not be persuaded into doing what I thought wrong, I never will be tricked into it.
Jane Austen
It suddenly struck me – I’m 70 years old. I wonder if I could possibly end my life the way I started it: doing the most joyful thing I ever did, which is to sing.
Polly Bergen
I like a lot of wheels. If I could have eight wheels, I would.
Jon Stewart
What I really hated, of course, was my mind. There must have been an off switch somewhere, but I was damned if I could find it.
David Sedaris
If I could change one thing about myself I’d be less highly strung. I find my sensibility quite high maintenance.
Philippa Gregory
In politics I am growing indifferent – I would like it, if I could now return to my planting and books at home
Ulysses S. Grant
If I could hang out with Jimi Hendrix, it wouldn’t be over dinner.
I eat soup noodles for comfort. In fact, noodles of any kind. It’s a food that is very easy to eat; it’s very soothing and comfortable, too. If I could choose any, I’d say buckwheat was my favourite: it has a very good flavour and is healthy, too.
Nobu Matsuhisa
I found the material that people hated the most and used the most. So, I was going and try and see if I could play with it sculpturally.
Frank Gehry
“If I could grow wings, I could fly. Only people can’t grow wings,” he say’s. “Real or not real?” “Real,” I say. “But people don’t need wings to survive.” “Mockingjays do.”
Suzanne Collins
If I could walk into the ‘Friends’ audition again and go or not go, I have to say it’s 50-50.
Matthew Perry
I wonder if I could eat a child if I had the chance.’ ‘I doubt if I could cook one,’ said Constance.
Shirley Jackson
If I could miracle myself away, I would live out West.
Donald Trump, Jr.
I repeat his words in my head. What’s going on? What’s going on? Oh, well, since you asked, I got a bunch of tapes in the mail today from a girl who killed herself. Apparently, I had something to do with it. I’m not sure what that is, so I was wondering if I could borrow your Walkman to find out. ‘Not much,’ I say.
Jay Asher
Yes,” Vorkosigan agreed, “I could take over the universe with this army if I could ever get all their weapons pointed in the same direction.
Lois McMaster Bujold
I’d play every day if I could. It’s cheaper than a shrink and there are no telephones on my golf cart.
Brent Musburger
I felt a rush of trust–felt that life might be not just tolerable but beautiful, if I could only remember to find the bare Present.
David James
I went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, combed my hair. If I could only comb that face, I thought, but I can’t.
Charles Bukowski
I love [my parents], but what if I could really talk to them? I mean, what if they had some answers? Or would that just be too weird?
Paul Rudnick
If I could believe the Quakers banned music because church music is so damn bad, I should view them with approval.
Ezra Pound
I’m a Jewish son of Russian-Hungarian heritage parents. Humor was very important. My whole goal was to make my parents laugh. And my whole strategy as a young man was, if I could make them laugh, I could have enough time to figure out what to do next.
Jeffrey Tambor
As if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. Since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely.
Cassandra Clare
Like the Impressionists, I enjoy the effects of light, and especially natural light on the figure. If I could, I would take each viewer along to my favorite places along the seacoasts or in the mountains to the secret places of nature.
Ariana Richards
If I could explain it to the average person, I wouldn’t have been worth the Nobel Prize.
Richard P. Feynman
All my life, I have been sickened by everything connected with meat-, fish-, and poultry eating. As a child, I saw apparently nice, kind people wring the necks of fowls, and I thought it foul; and I wondered if I could ever exert any influence to help bring such unworthiness to an end.
Percy Grainger
If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting in a second.
Danny Masterson
If I could go back in time and see anyone perform, it would have to be Bob Marley.
Sam Mikulak
Because of my own insecurities about the way I look, I do sometimes sabotage the looks of my characters by making them as homely as possible. I’ve never done a glamour part. I’d like to some day, though I don’t know if I could pull it off.
Frances McDormand
I work out all the time! I don’t just sit around and eat burgers whenever I want. Oh, if I could I probably would, but I don’t.
Padma Lakshmi
If I could steal someone’s dream myself, I’d have to go for one of Orson Welles.
Christopher Nolan
Not a frog, I hope?” he asked…She shook her head. “No. And if it was I wouldn’t kiss it, I promise you. I might kiss a prince if I could be sure he’d turn into a frog, but not the other way around.
Eva Ibbotson
If I could read any person’s mind, it would be my cat’s.
Kristen Stewart
Eight hours of sleep would be amazing. That would be the best. If I could just figure out that part of my life, it would be great.
Ben Schwartz
As a kid, so many films made me want to travel… the New York of ‘Ghostbusters’, the Shanghai that ‘Indiana Jones’ swung a few punches in. However, if I had to name one film that inspires travel, it would have to be ‘E.T.’ – especially if I could do it by flying BMX as he did…!
Danny Wallace
O my Lord Jesus Christ, if I could be in heaven without Thee, it would be hell; and if I could be in hell, and have Thee still, it would be heaven to me, for Thou are all the heaven I want.
Samuel Rutherford
Actually, if I could deliberately sit down and write a pop hit, all my songs would be pop hits! Let’s put it this way. I play what I like to hear. And sometimes I like to hear something poppy, and sometimes I don’t.
Eddie Van Halen
I would love to love something, especially if I could do it without feeling like I was watching it die right in front of me.
Vanessa Veselka
If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her that you will grow into the woman you’ve always wanted to be. You will find love. You will be successful. You will be happy.
Andreja Pejic
In the winter, I enjoy cross-country skiing and raising orchids and amaryllises. If I could grow tropical flowers as perennials, I would, especially hibiscus and mandavilla.
Diane Ackerman
If I could talk it like Dahoum, you would never be tired of listening to me.
T. E. Lawrence
If I could be working every day, I would be.
Melanie Lynskey
I suppose that if I could have quit, I would have, because in those days I never wanted to be an actress, the acting was something to do while I waited for a chance to study writing and directing. But I guess I was just meant to be an actress. Because, here I am.
Judy Holliday
Today, if I could get a job, with face tattoos, being a professor, I would do that. I don’t know what university would hire me, but that’s my passion.
Al Jourgensen
I don’t have any regrets. If I could have talked to my 19- or 20-year-old self, I would have said, ‘You’re going to be fine. It ain’t that serious!’
Queen Latifah
Ive always said that if I could do anything in the world, I would be a professional golfer.
Dane DeHaan
Jesus Christ! I would crawl over the mountains of Beverly Hills on my hands and knees if I could do a movie with Doris Day!
John Wayne
I guess my use-by date is just about up but if I could come back as a storyteller now, I would be jumping over the moon because wow, just think what’s available.
Bryce Courtenay
My mother really wanted me to be in possibly a beauty pageant, not only for if I could win, but it helped improve my self-image because of trauma in my childhood and other issues.
Pam Grier
What would be a show that I would rescue? If I could bring anything back, it would be ‘The Carol Burnett Show’. Tim Conway is just… I just watched him so many times do stuff over and over. He’s just so amazing.
Tony Hale
If I could know me, I could know the universe.
Shirley MacLaine
Mine. He was mine, and not even death would take him from me—not if I could help it.
Patricia Briggs
My dad has definitely sacrificed a lot for me, and I don’t know if I could do it if I was in his shoes. Leaving your life behind and chasing this dream because your kid is passionate about this sport.
Chloe Kim
I was bullied by a few people who were much older than me. I went to camp to learn boxing. I was 12, and my coach was 24. I felt like if I could fight him, I could stand up to anyone.
Liam Payne
I should like to save the Shire, if I could – though there have been times when I thought the inhabitants too stupid and dull for words, and have felt that an earthquake or an invasion of dragons might be good for them.
J. R. R. Tolkien
If I could eat French fries every day of my life, I would.
Adrienne C. Moore
I sort of locked into the idea that if I could be the perfect son to both of my parents, well maybe that would be enough to keep them together. And ultimately, obviously, it wasn’t. Regardless of what I tried to do. That was a lesson about limitations.
Justin Trudeau
107 caps isn’t bad for someone who isn’t ‘a top, top player’, is it? I never expected to get that amount of caps. When I made my debut, I set myself the personal target of trying to get 50 caps and score 10 goals if I could. So to have 107 is something I am really proud of, particularly being among those names.
Steven Gerrard
If I could tell every Trump supporter two things, it would be to travel and read a history book. Look beyond yourselves; look at how petty the morals you uphold seem when you realize we are not the only ones.
Lauren Jauregui
I needed to see if I could have fun in a project again, and ‘Riverdale’ was a project that ended up looking like a tonne of fun.
Cole Sprouse
I’ve always done what I thought was good if I could live on what they were offering-and sometimes if I couldn’t. So even when I was broke, my career didn’t lack for interest.
Sam Waterston
I would like to do a musical, if I could find a cool one. A song-and-dance role is closer to me personally than other characters I play.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Oh, if I could put some of my reckless spirit into these discreet cautious lazy men!
Mary Boykin Chesnut
I am not mad; I would to heaven I were! For then, ’tis like I should forget myself; O, if I could, what grief should I forget!
William Shakespeare
I actually admire some of the books by a lot of the writers who write magic realism very much, but it’s not for me. It’s not what I can do, but even if I could, I don’t really want to try.
Melvyn Bragg
I’ve never filed a patent lawsuit. I hope never to file a patent lawsuit. That may be unrealistic, but it would be great if I could avoid doing it… Lawsuits are a ridiculous way to do business.
Nathan Myhrvold
Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Rocky Marciano is second only to Louis. Where do I rate Ali? Somewhere below me. I beat him, and if I could beat him, no doubt Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano could have beaten him.
Joe Frazier
In hindsight, if I could go back in time and relay a message to my younger self, I would tell him to work on his time keeping, and that the job of a drummer is not to be the one that gets noticed the most on stage, or to be the fastest, or the loudest. Above all, it is to be the timekeeper.
Taylor Hawkins
I’ve been writing a lot, I’ve a few projects I’m trying to finance, I do some acting, I do some directing… Apart from that, if I could get lower than a 10 handicap on my golf game, I’d be thrilled.
Paul Michael Glaser
If I could wake all of the women of Asia, India could be won in a day.
Mahatma Gandhi
If I could make a career out of drawing little girls hiding in corners, I would do really well.
Lynne Rae Perkins
I’m not allowed to bet, but if I could, my money would be on you.
Suzanne Collins
I would have written you, myself, if I could put down in words everything I want to say to you. A sea of ink would not be enough.’ ‘But you built me dreams instead.
Erin Morgenstern
If I could only give three words of advice, they would be, ‘Tell the truth.’ If I got three more words, I’d add: ‘All the time.’
Randy Pausch
If I could snap my fingers and be nonautistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am.
Temple Grandin
If I could turn back time, I would tell myself that I’m beautiful every day, because we all are! And we need to start believing it!
Demi Lovato
I didn’t know, at 22, that regret is useless. If I could go back and change something – give myself some big break, pass along some secret information, reassure myself that most things would, in fact, work out – I don’t think I would.
Rumaan Alam
I’m a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan. And if I could have a career like his… he’s amazing. And not only his career, his public persona and how he carries himself.
Luke Benward
No. The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?
Audrey Hepburn
I got in MMA for one reason: to see if I could be the best in the world.
Ben Askren
If I could have half the career of Diane Sawyer, I’d be a happy woman.
Megyn Kelly
I’d actually really love to review books and films and plays, but you can’t be an artist and a critic. I would love it if I could.
Romola Garai
I’d commit suicide, if I could do it without killing myself.
Henny Youngman
Do I exaggerate? Boy, do I, and I’d do it more if I could get away with it.
David Sedaris
When I first moved out to Los Angeles I was thinking, you know, I wanted to be an actor but I didn’t really know what acting was about. I thought if I could be a model, or even do commercials and stuff like that for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.
Michael Biehn
One of the great regrets of my life is that I smoked. If I could say anything to anybody starting out in life it would be, ‘Whatever you do, don’t smoke’. I have had to recover from that and been lucky that I have been able to stop.
Bill Nighy
If I could have had my baby sooner, I would have, simply to spend more years with him.
Faith Salie
When I played Dean Martin, he was dead when we made the movie but there would have been nothing better than to spend a week with Dean Martin if I could have.
Joe Mantegna
If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.
Mary, Queen of Scots
I’ve only ever been in bands where I can be the punk rock guitar player in the band because that’s all I want to do. I don’t even know if I could do anything else.
Pat Smear
I love a massage. I’d go every day if I could.
Jason Bateman
I’ve got a bike. You can ride it if you like. It’s got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good. I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it…
Syd Barrett
How sick one gets of being ‘good’, how much I should respect myself if I could burst out and make everyone wretched for twenty-four hours; embody selfishness.
Alice James
I love who I am and I love my life, but if I could be someone else, I’d be Beyonce in two seconds.
Dakota Fanning
Sometimes I fantasize about learning to write in Khmer. Because if I could write in Khmer, my perspective would be very different, because I’m both an outsider and insider and I see the writing in a different way. My description would be different from, say, a local writer.
Chath Piersath
If Spider-Man is your ground level superhero, I wanted to come up with a ground-level villain. I wanted to figure out if I could turn a regular guy into a super-villain.
Jon Watts
Playing baseball is fun. If I could play, I’d never retire. But managing is work. It’s constant decisions of whose feelings you want to hurt all the time.
Earl Weaver
I wanted to protect him, which I was sure I could do, even if I could not protect myself.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I’d be plenty happy if I could keep playing scientists and cops for the rest of my career.
Aisha Tyler
It’s really hard for actors to cross over and get any respect as a singer, and if I could just keep it separate and not use my music in movies, it’s cool.
Taryn Manning
So for me having that element of being able to be competitive wasn’t a problem. I’m very competitive. I thought if I could skate first, acting would come second. I could say my lines and then go do what I was saying. You don’t have to fake it, you’re not really acting.
John Robinson
If I could, I would stop the passage of time. But hour follows on hour, minute on minute, each second robbing me of a morsel of myself for the nothing of tomorrow. I shall never experience this moment again.
Guy de Maupassant
When I was 9, I asked my mom if I could be on TV. She was like, ‘Well, okay. You can try.’
Liana Liberato
A whole bunch of months passed and I didn’t hear anything and then he emailed and asked if I could do a little piece on POD and Queens of the Stone Age.
Chuck Klosterman
The loss of my sight was a great fillip. If I could go deaf and dumb I think I might pant on to be a hundred.
Samuel Beckett
I love sports. If I could be a baseball player I would. I just am not good at it at all.
Eric Hutchinson
It was a combination of an intense interest in children’s literature, which I’ve always had, and the feeling that I’d just have a go and see if I could do it.
Penelope Lively
When I left ‘Coronation Street,’ I wondered if I could ever be lucky enough to work with such a unanimously wonderful company of good people – and I’ve just come to that good bunch again.
Katherine Kelly
I’m a jewelry girl. I became with friends with designer Irene Neuwirth a few years ago. At that point, I just used to wear my wedding rings. Very low key. Now, if I could, I’d be draped from head to toe in her jewelry all the time. Everything she makes is beautiful.
Busy Philipps
A. L. Vijay asked if I could dance, and I just said yes. I didn’t tell him the only dancing I had done was on nights out in Liverpool. He said he would arrange workshops and help me with the scripts and the language. He liked the fact that I was English but had an Indian look.
Amy Jackson
I was always too mature for my age – and not very happy. I had no young friends. I wish I could go back to those days. If I could only live it all again, how I would play and enjoy other girls. What a fool I was.
Maria Callas
I’d been trying to retire to the back of the camera for quite a few years. And then, in 1970, when I first started directing, I if I could pull this off, I can some day just move in back of the camera and stay there.
Clint Eastwood
I don’t whistle at you down the street. I would if I could, but I can’t whistle you see.
Elton John
How happy I would be if I could give figurative expression to the unconscious feeling that often murmurs so softly and sweetly within me.
Paula Modersohn-Becker
I would live with all of my sisters if I could. We’ve always been very close, my sisters and me.
Tom Cruise
If I could do it all over again, I would have never gone to Russia.
Bill Browder
The fashion of the ’90s is a massive inspiration to me. My favorite video of all time is ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by the Spice Girls. That’s the best styling ever. If I could dress like that every day, I would.
Charli XCX
I never imagined I’d go into acting, but I always loved drama, and when I was 16, I discovered the Library Theatre up the road. So I plucked up courage and asked if I could watch rehearsals. It was like Heaven.
Lesley Nicol
I once told Tommy Smothers, ‘If I could just get the money and the women straightened out, the rest of my life would be easy.’
Pat Paulsen
When I was seven, I asked my mom if I could be on TV, and she said if I really wanted to, I could. I got an agent and booked my first audition.
Natasha Calis
If I could predict what my day would exactly look like, I would feel a little bit dead.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
I tried to make the punchline as close to the setup as I could. And I thought that was the perfect thing. If I could make the setup and the punchline identical to each other, I would create a different kind of joke.
Norm MacDonald
I once said to someone, ‘If I could shave my head and wear no makeup and get a part just on my talent, I would be the happiest person in the world.’
Teri Polo
I simply asked if I could have a go at adapting a screenplay. But I did not want any money, in case I failed because I did not want a script out there with my name on it that might be completely dysfunctional.
Ben Affleck
If I could explain, I wouldn’t need to dance!
Isadora Duncan
I’m really bad at describing my books. Journalists like to have things like “It’s The Terminator Meets the Seven Dwarfs.” And I can’t do that with my books. If I could, I probably wouldn’t write them.
Charles de Lint
If I could give you one line about writing worship songs, it would be ‘Sing your prayers.’
Paul Baloche
I have tried if I could reach that great resolution . . . to be honest without a thought of Heaven or Hell.
Thomas Browne
When I was young, I wanted to be a dramatic writer, a writer of tragedy. Nothing would’ve pleased me more than if I could have written like Eugene O’Neil or Tennessee Williams.
Woody Allen
I am a really bad traveler, I hate traveling and I hate being late so I figure if I could just click my fingers and be somewhere then that would be great!
Harry Melling
I don’t know if I could date a single dad. It would depend on the guy.
Chelsea Kane
If I could only have one more day, I could do a great painting.
If I could spend more months out of the year employed than unemployed, that would be nice.
Colin Hanks
I’ll tell you what I would do in a shot if I could. I would sing in the barbershop quartet in The Music Man.
Ned Beatty
I came to the Philippines to follow my father who came here earlier, looking for a better life. I helped my father in our sari-sari store. I also asked him if I could go back to school so I could learn English and improve myself.
Henry Sy
If I could remake any Eighties project, it would be less an action flick than a character-driven drama with a rich story to tell.
Omari Hardwick
I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it.
Glenn Beck
I’d like to avoid the environmental apocalypse if I could. Zombies, robots – I don’t know – I’d probably do alright hidden in the middle of the herd and sacrificing people to keep myself alive, but where you gonna hide when all the food is gone?
Ben Peek
If I could be a third of the woman that my mom is and have a third of the strength that she has, then I will have done good by this life.
Brittany Murphy
He’s a fantastic talent and the complete footballer, probably the most coveted in the Premiership. It’s a privilege for the rest of us to be on the same field. If i could have anything i wanted for Christmas, i’d take Thierry Henry
Steve Bruce
I was never a sit-in-the-audience-type person. Even as a little kid, when I saw a band performing at a restaurant, I would ask them if I could sing a song.
Scarlett Bordeaux
I love being a student, if I could, I’d stay in school forever.
Andrea Barber
If I could find the right kind of property, get tied in with the right movie, I’d love to be involved, but I just find it hard to be motivated to do another screenplay right now.
Al Yankovic
I always shoot at privates. It was they who did the shooting and killing, and if I could kill a wound a private, why, my chances were so much the better. I always looked upon officers as harmless personages.
Sam Watkins
I would dream of going up to the ‘New York Times’ and asking them if I could please be a copy boy or let me scrub the toilets or something like that. But I couldn’t rise to those heights.
Frank McCourt
I hurt myself today to see if I could feel. I hurt myself, you said to try to make him feel. So I hurt myself again to see if he’d see me. I hurt myself again and no, he never could see me.
Tori Amos
All my life, I had this idea that if I could unravel the mystery that was my mother, then I could help save her. But it didn’t really work. We were close, but she struggled with mental illness and alcoholism, and it was rough at times.
Jennifer McMahon
Catch-and-release, that’s like running down pedestrians in your car and then, when they get up and limp away, saying — ‘Off you go! That’s fine. I just wanted to see if I could hit you.’
Ellen DeGeneres
I once said to someone, If I could shave my head and wear no makeup and get a part just on my talent, I would be the happiest person in the world.
Teri Polo
I should be glad of lonelinessВ В В В В В And hours that go on broken wings,A thirsty body, a tired heartВ В В В В В And the unchanging ache of things,If I could make a single songВ В В В В В As lovely and as full of light,As hushed and brief as a falling starВ В В В В В On a winter night.
Sara Teasdale
I am a frustrated saxophone player. If I could, I would abandon all of my books, and I would trade it all if I could play the way people I admire play.
Robert Pinsky
I’ve been writing a lot, I’ve a few projects I’m trying to finance, I do some acting, I do some directing… Apart from that, if I could get lower that a ten handicap on my golf game I’d be thrilled.
Paul Michael Glaser
Whether I’m making a recipe or a piece of jewelry or a white-rose-and-jasmine tea or the perfume, I like to think of myself as a happy little sorceress, and if I could just have a little general store with all that stuff and give people a sense of my taste, that would be lovely.
Padma Lakshmi
When I was nine or ten, I had a chat with my coach and I asked if I could play in goal. I started playing as a goalkeeper and it was love at first sight. Only a goalkeeper knows how it is.
On my job I end up jumping out of planes. Last week I got in an 18-wheeler and drove down a runway onto a skid track. The week before that they put me in a car and sunk me to the bottom of a lake to see if I could escape without an oxygen tank.
Rick Mercer
Frankly, if I could get away with not having to perform, I’d be very happy. It’s not my favorite thing to do.
David Bowie
If I could just stay alive for a week, I’d know the unwritten secrets of Anna’s mom and the Dutch Tulip Guy.
John Green
If I could do anything, I’d be an engineer of some sort. I used to build robots.
Genesis Rodriguez
I began the process of recording myself seriously in the fall of 1999. If I could finish an album of my own music, I would. Five years later I am happy to say I have.
Jack Irons
If I could get any semblance of – it’s not really anonymity, but a little bit more – control over my public image, I guess that would be nice.
Robert Pattinson
If I could patent ‘being real’, I think I could own that.
Tupac Shakur
If I could have had my own way, I would have confined myself to black and white.
Edgar Degas
If I could go upstairs and write every day, I would be happy. I don’t need recreation.
Henry Petroski
If I could go back in time and give Rookie C.J one piece of wisdom, it would be that sometimes less is more. Off the court, sometimes it’s just better to shut up and be quiet.
C. J. McCollum
I’ve written a song for Prince. I never showed it to Prince, but just to see if I could do it. At the time, when I sort of knew him, he was recording a song a day. I wondered if I could do that. So I wrote it.
Randy Newman
Well, coffee is my drug of choice, generally, with a little bit of Pepsi here and there, if I need more sugar. But yeah, if I could do intravenous coffee, I would. But I guess that’s pretty standard.
Larry Wall
I wish that I had gotten a chance to do another season of [ Gigi Does It], to see if I could explore the story more, or the character more, and also find an easier way to make the show. We never got that opportunity. But I’ll always be super, super proud of it.
David Krumholtz
If I could police every other social platform in the world, I would.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I would not be a Moses to lead you into the Promised Land, because if I could lead you into it, someone else could lead you out of it.
Eugene V. Debs
If I could compete at home, and never leave Rochester, I’d be in perfect condition.
Katie Hoff
I don’t know if I could go to another run-of-the-mill baseball department and work because it would probably feel like work. In Boston and Chicago, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a privilege.
Theo Epstein
There are interesting forms of difficulty, and there are unprofitable forms of difficulty. I mean, I enjoy some difficult poetry, but some of it is impenetrable and I actually wouldn’t want to penetrate it if I could, perhaps.
Billy Collins
If I could teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face.
Catriona Gray
If I could be something other than an actor, I’d be a chef; I’ve got a big interest in food. I’m a proper fan boy.
Will Poulter
If I could figure out a way to earn a living while traveling for the rest of my life, well, I think that’d be a dream come true.
Lauren Weisberger
I didn’t know if I could be funny on stage or write a joke. But I saw that there are no rules. If you’re funny offstage, you can figure out a way to be funny onstage.
Kumail Nanjiani
If I could I would always work in silence and obscurity, and let my efforts be known by their results.
Charlotte Bronte
I remember, when I have preached at different times in the country, and sometimes here, that my whole soul has agonized over men, every nerve of my body has been strained and I could have wept my very being out of my eyes and carried my whole frame away in a flood of tears, if I could but win souls
Charles Spurgeon
If I could wish for immortality on earth, it would only be for the power of relieving the distressed.
Maria Theresa
I love to play basketball, but I haven’t played in awhile. But if I could get back on the court and play, I definitely would.
Curtis Granderson
I love people and care about them, and I felt I had a gift to cheer people up. If I could get into their homes and make their environment more attractive, they’ll be happier, and it would be very rewarding for me.
Alexandra Stoddard
I was just trying out and having some fun. I don’t think I’d want to pursue singing as a career; it’s an on-the-side thing. It would be great if I could make a career out of it but if I can’t, that’s OK too.
William Hung
I hate to sound self absorbed, but I’m just going to cast out this pearl of wisdom, if I could give the whole world cancer and kill them and be the last man on earth it would be a sign that god loves me especially.
Thom Yorke
I think I’ll be fine in New York. If I could stay here and just get jobs in New York, that would be fine and that’s what I’d want to do. I don’t want to move.
Jason Mewes
If I could have been anyone in the world, it would have been Ronaldinho. He’s fantastic, I love watching him.
Frank Lampard
If I could tour with anyone, I’d go with either Maroon 5, or Dave Matthews. No lets go with Sting, he will be my all time favorite…wait no I want to go on tour with the Police.
Ryan Cabrera
I was paralyzed for so long by people’s opinions. I would be devastated to the point where I didn’t know if I could make it through the day.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I’d like to fight welterweight and lightweight at the same time if I could.
B. J. Penn
I’m a fan of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and all these people. If I could end up like Jonah Hill, winding up in a Brad Pitt movie, that would be awesome.
Kenan Thompson
I used to believe that if I could do certain things – write a book or be a successful musician – that I’d be transformed into a happy person, but it doesn’t work that way.
Nick Cave
There are, of course, always painters whom I admire and find fascinating. I’ve often thought, ‘Goodness, if I could paint like the Danish Golden Age painters, the early 19th century painters, the way they could paint a landscape – absolutely beautiful.’
Margrethe II of Denmark
I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.
Harriet Tubman
I would like to be a great artist. I would quit pitching if I could paint like Monet or Rousseau. But I can’t. What I can do is pitch, and I can do that very well.
Tom Seaver
I would have been able to free a thousand more slaves if I could only have convinced them that they were slaves.
You made me happy and you made me laugh, and if I could do it all over again, I would not hesitate. Look at our life, at the trips we took, the adventures we had. As your father used to say, we shared the longest ride together, this thing called life, and mine has been filled with joy because of you.
Nicholas Sparks
I had written many things as a journalist, but I had no idea if I could write something scary or romantic or touching that wasn’t me writing about someone else’s life story. It was really exciting to try.
Jeff Giles
I trust you have seen the ocean. If you have, then you have witnessed the divine. How barren the ground is in comparison! If I could count the hours I have spent staring out at it! And yet those hours never feel lost. I cannot imagine how else I could refill them were I given a second chance.
David Ebershoff
If I could make a record in two minutes and thirty seconds, I’d do it. I want the creativity, and I don’t give a f – k about the snare sound.
Nikki Sixx
I tell ya, my wife was never nice. On our first date, I asked her if I could give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek – she bent over!
Rodney Dangerfield
I hate American simplicity. I glory in the piling up of complications of every sort. If I could pronounce the name James in any different or more elaborate way I should be in favor of doing it.
Henry James
If I could write directly on a typewriter or a computer, I would do it. But keyboards have always intimidated me. I’ve never been able to think clearly with my fingers in that position. A pen is a much more primitive instrument. You feel that the words are coming out of your body and then you dig the words into the page.
Paul Auster
I always loved music, but I didn’t know if I could be the kind of artist that makes a difference.
India Arie
As the chief speaker at the dedication of the national cemetery at the Gettysburg Battlefield, statesman Edward Everett wrote to Lincoln: I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion in two hours as you did in two minutes.
Abraham Lincoln
The ultimate [travel destination] for me would be one perfect day in San Francisco. There’s no city like it anywhere. And, if I could be there with the girl of my dreams, that would be the ultimate!
Larry King
If I could smoke from more than one orifice, I most certainly would.
Graham Parker
If I could sing like a Chaka Khan, an Aretha, a Kim Burrell, if I could do all these amazing runs and belt it out, I would. I’ve attempted that, and it’s not something anyone would want to hear.
Gretchen Parlato
If I could put my hand on the north star, would it be as beautiful? The sea is lovely, but when we bathe in it the beauty forsakesall the near water. For the imagination and senses cannot be gratified at the same time.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ah, if I could realize, if I could forget myself and devote my meditations to the freeing, the awakening and the blessedness of all living creatures everywhere I’d realize what there is, is ecstasy.
Jack Kerouac
I think about all the people who have created something that lives after them – works of art, plays, music, films, literature, poetry that will be read, seen, performed, and heard for the rest of time. If I could do something that lives after me, then I think I will have had a life well led.
Seamus Dever
If a man….who’s playing in front of the public, is being well paid, and he doesn’t dedicate himself to the job, I’d be hard on him. If I could I would put him in jail, out of the road of society. Because he’s a menace
Bill Shankly
I’d wear all APC if I could afford it and wasn’t embarrassing to go head-to-toe in one brand.
Chet Faker
If I could be a doctor and save lives I would, but I can’t so I sing songs.
Joss Stone
I’m obsessed with the moon and space travel, so if I could incorporate that, I’d love to go to space.
Sam Heughan
To think of these stars that you see overhead at night, these vast worlds which we can never reach. I would annex the planets if I could; I often think of that. It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far.
Cecil Rhodes
We dont have a good legal justification for breaking up the banking system. But if I could wave a magic wand, Id break up the banking system.
Kenneth C. Griffin
Silence is the perfectest herault of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much.
William Shakespeare
I would have given my own life if I could have undone the killing of white men by my people.
Chief Joseph
Even if I could, I wouldn’t. Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground.
J. K. Rowling
I love doing photo shoots… I mean, if I could just sign with IMG and do ad campaigns and model more, I’d do that… Because that’s fun for me. That’s not work.
Lindsay Lohan
If I could have any job I would be a cat… but that’s not something I’m supposed to talk about in public.
Iliza Shlesinger
Faith keeps many doubts in her pay. If I could not doubt, I should not believe.
Henry David Thoreau
If I could go to Kabul and not die, I would go back to Afghanistan as soon as I could. And, that was the most interesting place that I’ve been to.
Henry Rollins
I was extraordinarily lucky. I wrote a book because I wanted to see if I could write a mystery. Someone nagged me into sending it to a contest, which it won, after which I was offered a two-book contract, thus requiring the writing of a second book.
Donna Leon
It’s an honor to be compared with Terry Bradshaw. If I could do half of what he did, I’d be very happy.
Ben Roethlisberger
If I could pick my wife by name, It’d be Whitney. That name just sounds right
Joel Madden
I would not want to live if I could not perform. It’s in my will. I am not to be revived unless I can do an hour of stand-up.
Joan Rivers
I wonder if I could have been here before as I drive up the Roman road the Theater seems familiar – perhaps I headed a legion up that same white road… I passed a chateau in ruins which I possibly helped escalade in the middle ages. There is no proof nor yet any denial. We were, We are, and we will be.
George S. Patton
If I could be useful to another human being, even for a day, that would be a great thing. It would be greater than all the big thoughts I could have at the university.
Muhammad Yunus
I thought that if I could play rugby on TV, I’d be able to get my mum a house. That was the driving factor.
Sonny Bill Williams
I never would have made it if I could not have laughed. It lifted me momentarily out of this horrible situation, just enough to make it livable.
Viktor E. Frankl
If I could go back to my first year of acting school, I’d probably say: ‘Relax. Stop taking yourself so seriously.’
Seth Numrich
I wouldn’t go so far as to make ‘You Don’t Own Me’ a tango or ‘It’s My Party’ a hip-hop thing. Believe me, those things have been suggested to me. But I thought if I could stay true to the song, the arrangements would work. I’m really enjoying singing them.
Lesley Gore
It would make me a lot happier if I could meet up again next year with as many friends as possible from all over the world who I’ve met during my career. That’s where the great opportunity lies, for me personally, in our role as World Cup host.
Franz Beckenbauer
I am glad there are things in the Bible I do not understand. If I could take that book up and read it as I would any other book, I might think I could write a book like that.
Dwight L. Moody
I asked if I could read for the role of Kevin Costner’s caddy in Tin Cup. It was a fun learning experience, even though Cheech Marin got the part.
Garth Brooks
I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet in a garden.
Ruth Stout
I grew up listening to the quartets and I loved that so much that I wanted to see if I could make music and make it happen. It was just a series of events … me going to concerts and saying “I think I can do that”.
Bill Gaither
If I could be any animal I would be a pony because then I could have sex with ponies.
Pony, what a funny word. Say it, pony. PO-KNEE. Now ah’ve made myself giddy with delight. Towards the ponies *laughs*
Thom Yorke
When NBC News first assigned me to the Barack Obama campaign, I must confess my knees quaked a bit….I wondered if I was up to the job. I wondered if I could do the campaign justice.
Lee Cowan
If I could start with anybody, I would initially draft Tom Brady. Then I would go get Ray Lewis, and then maybe an offensive lineman, or somebody like Adrian Peterson.
Barry Sanders
If I could only live another century!
Susan B. Anthony
If I could be any animal I would be a pony because then I could have sex with ponies.
Thom Yorke
I like my old nose. If I could get it out the cupboard and put it on, then I would.
Katie Price
I realized that people had an unreal image of me, that somehow I was a god on Mount Olympus. I decided that if I were going to make use of my role as a Supreme Court Justice, it would be to inspire people to realize that, first, I was just like them and second, if I could do it, so could they.
Sonia Sotomayor
If I could rap, that would be a sensation, but I can’t, you see, I’m just a Caucasian.
Ryan Stiles
If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
Paul the Apostle
I started ‘American Born Chinese’ as a mini-comic. I would write and draw a chapter, photocopy a hundred or so copies at the corner photocopy store, and then try to sell them on consignment through local comics shops. If I could sell maybe half a dozen, I’d be doing okay.
Gene Luen Yang
Other men have said, “If I could only live, I would establish and perpetuate an empire.” This Christ of Galilee says, “My death shall do it.” Other martyrs have died in simple fidelity to truth. This martyr dies that He may make His truth mighty over all hearts. He was a man; but was He only a man?
Herrick Johnson
If I could pick one reason why I want to be a writer, it would be connection. In all kinds of ways, I like to be individual and distinct; but when I write, I want to be writing about things that connect me to the people for whom I write.
Judith Viorst
If I could have banned them all…I would have!
Dianne Feinstein
I had this idea when I left drama school that if I could do everything, I’d always be working.
Denis Lawson
My background is sociology. Combined with my graphic approach, if I could do some film projects, I think I’d be very good at making documentaries eventually, but people don’t think of me for that, of course. But dialogue is something I know I can be good at.
David Carson
I didn’t know if I had the music for it or if I could pull off the larger concert experience. Then I realized if I can just continue to be myself, I’ll be all right.
Jason Mraz
I don’t want to be the guy who said ‘I could have did this, and I could have did that.’ I want to be the guy to know if I could have or I couldn’t do it.
B. J. Penn
I took a lot of wrong decisions, and got talked into a lot of things. Of course, if I could go back in time, I might change some things, but wouldn’t everyone? I have no regrets.
Rebecca Loos
If I could believe that God was not angry with me, I would stand on my head for joy.
Martin Luther
When I made that statement that the person discovers the secret of their success by their daily agenda, all of a sudden it hit me that if I could teach people to make today count; if I could really teach them what they need to do today to have a good day, that tomorrow would really take care of itself.
John C. Maxwell
If I could only write, I’d write a nasty letter to the mayor, if he could only read.
Walt Kelly
If I could never work again and I could just listen to music and walk, I’d be very, very happy.
Maira Kalman
I know that if I could really understand mental illness, then it would be appropriate to make a big career shift. I would become a therapist and a leader in terms of mental illness. But I’m not in the position.
John Forbes Nash
I thought comedy would be the hardest thing I could do, and if I could do that, I could do anything.
Rodney Carrington
When I go to a gig and I hear a song that I really like, a song that hits home to me or hits an emotional nerve, if I could ever recreate that for someone, that would be the ultimate goal.
Vance Joy
I’ve been very fortunate, but it also never occurred to me that I couldn’t do something or that I couldn’t ask if I could try something.
Lauren Shuler Donner
If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.
Blake Lively
If I could choose the perfect Dad
There’s no one I would rather
Have Dad, than you Dad
Coz you go further, Father
Happy Birthday Father
John Walter Bratton
Probably about 10 years ago or so I told my grandmother that I always wanted to make a record of hymns if I could ever make a career of all of this. She kind of held me to it. She passed away in 1999. I just never forgot it.
Bart Millard
If I could embed a locator chip in my child right now, I know I would do that. Some people call that Big Brother; I call it being a father.
Scott McNealy
If I could prescribe a single rule for looking at a work of art it would be to enjoy it. If we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit we enjoy our tears just as much as we enjoy our laughter. The only moments of life that are a bore are when we don’t care one way or another.
Vincent Price
If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.
Lewis Hine
If I could, I would like my son to study in Jamshedpur, where I did my schooling.
R. Madhavan
I have a responsibility, and it’s something that I did wrong, and if I could personally apologize to every single person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving I would.
Nicole Richie
I wanted to see if I could make a living off of having fun.
Simone Giertz
I love L.A. I’d move there tomorrow if I could.
Rebecca Ferguson
As a girl, my favorite toy was my dollhouse; if I could still play with it now, I would!
Aerin Lauder
There’s art that I would readily buy if I could afford it, and enjoy, but would never write about because it doesn’t seem significant.
Peter Schjeldahl
I loved getting classical training in terms of acting. I would’ve stayed in acting school for the rest of my life if I could have. It was this amazing period of my life where everything was so safe.
Dane DeHaan
I’m just trying to pass Tim Duncan in championships if I can one day. That’s my motivation; that’s what I strive for. Tim is one of the greatest players who has ever played, so if I could get close or reach that plateau and have my name on that list.
Kawhi Leonard
My favorite video of all time is ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by the Spice Girls. That’s the best styling ever. If I could dress like that every day, I would.
Charli XCX
No,” I say, looking up at Griggs. “It’s actually because my heart belongs to someone else.” And if I could bottle the look on his face, I’d keep it by my bedside for the rest of my life.
Melina Marchetta
I had a blog and was documenting my life as a college student in an art school. I had a few comments left by a few girls asking if I could do a tutorial on how I did my makeup. I didn’t think my makeup was all that special, but I try my best to share whatever I can with my viewers.
Michelle Phan
When I was born, my father wanted to drown me, but my mother persuaded him to let me live in disguise, to see if I could bring any wealth to the household.
Jeanette Winterson
All I really want to do is someday be in a western. If I could be on a horse with a rifle, I would be a really happy camper.
Lily Rabe
If I could sing, it would be lovely.
John Deacon
I didn’t know if I could have a career in fashion; I didn’t fit in an obvious box.
Andreja Pejic
It was [Donald trump] had seen me on the job there, doing other things, and he asked me if I could run the place, and so we had that conversation. But I appreciate that, too.
Kellyanne Conway
I was always a giver by nature. I wanted to make sure the person next to me or maybe even the person I don’t know didn’t go without if I could help it. That’s always been in me.
Jamal Crawford
I grew up with ‘The Denver Post’ and the ‘Golden Transcript.’ There was never a moment that I thought I’d work at the ‘New York Times.’ My goal, starting out, was just to see if I could be a journalist.
John Branch
I saw a picture of Elvis in blue lame, and thought that if I could recreate that suit and walk down the King’s Road in it, someone might pick me up and take me off on a crazy adventure.
Malcolm Mclaren
If I could choose, I would say [I would like to be filming with] Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Omar Chaparro
If I could have grown up to be Robin Thicke, I would have. But I’m glad somebody in the family did.
Alan Thicke
Books. I’d probably spend all my time alone and lost in books if I could. It’s easier that way.
Rachel Cohn
What’s very interesting is that when we look at human bodies, we look at our body as a singular entity when it turns out, no, if I could reduce us to a small size as the size of a cell and put you inside your body, rather than seeing a singular entity, what you would see is a metropolis with 50 trillion citizens.
Bruce Lipton
I would definitely make eggs for the rest of my life if I could.
John Hodgman
I used some vivid language that, if I could take it back, I’d take it back. It’s not my intention to be personally critical of the President or of anyone else.
Paul O’Neill
If I could only have one type of food with me, I would bring soy sauce. The reason being that if I have soy sauce, I can flavor a lot of things.
Martin Yan
If I could give you information of my life, it would be to show how a woman of very ordinary ability has been led by God in strange and unaccustomed paths to do In His service what He has done in her. And if I could tell you all, you would see how God has done all, and I nothing.
Florence Nightingale
I have sold my soul. I would sell my soul, if I could have it all.
Marina and the Diamonds
I didn’t know if I could make it to the big leagues without going through Triple-A.
Matt Kemp
I don’t know if I could, like, see a face and know what the face of beauty looks like, but after I’ve seen it I know if I’ve felt like it was beauty.
Julian Schnabel
Those blue, blue eyes, icy blue, looking back at me as if I could warm them up. They’re pretty powerful, you know, those eyes, pretty beautiful, too.
Lucy Christopher
Maybe the theatre isn’t any place for a reasonable human being after all. It keeps your emotions in such a constant state of upheaval. It’s really terribly wearing. I wonder if I could stand it, one emotional upset after the other just going on and on for the rest of my life.
Madeleine L’Engle
If I could for a moment just inspire you to love yourself, that would be worth EVERYTHING
Lady Gaga
If I could, I’d write a huge encyclopedia just about the words luck and coincidence
Paulo Coelho
I remember when I was a kid, every time the Beatles were on the radio, my dad would say he’d give me a dollar if I could tell him what band it was. So by the time I was about nine, I knew to just say ‘The Beatles,’ and I’d get a dollar out of it.
Zacky Vengeance
I would kick this bad world’s ass if I could just get on my feet
Jon Bon Jovi
If I could find a white man who had the Negro sound and the Negro feel, I could make a billion dollars.
Sam Phillips
I’d live in a museum if I could. I used to spend hours and hours in the Museum of Modern Art.
Sylvester Stallone
I haven’t had television since 1991, and it definitely influences me. As a child of the 1970s, I couldn’t hold a narrative in my head; I was lucky if I could hold a joke in my head, because every time you turn on television or radio, it wipes the slate clean – at least in my case.
Chuck Palahniuk
I would like to be a great artist. I would quit pitching if I could paint like Monet or Rousseau. But I cant. What I can do is pitch, and I can do that very well.
Tom Seaver
What would it be like if I could accept life–accept this moment–exactly as it is?
Tara Brach
If I could dance like the ladies can, it would have been my arse on your screens.
Lily Allen
My best moment in the UFC, I guess now that I look back, I guess my biggest accomplishment is the two belts in two weight classes. I really wanted to see if I could make it three, but you know, you’re talking about the best guys in the world.
B. J. Penn
If I could go into the woods and kill a bear myself, I’d wear it proudly as a trophy.
Nigella Lawson
I mean, there’s obviously only one Leo [DiCaprio] but I look at guys like Mark Wahlberg and Tom Cruise and think I’d like to have that type of career… that would be really great if I could have that.
Scott Eastwood
If I could write the perfect novella I would die happy.
Ian Mcewan
If I could make every movie with Richard Linklater, I would.
Glen Powell
I would not, if I could, give up the memory of the joy I have had in books for any advantage that could be offered in other pursuits or occupations. Books have been to me what gold is to the miser, what new fields are to the explorer.
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
If I performed poorly, I knew the eyes of the sports world would be turned away from me. In that situation I knew the NCAA would crush me for sure. But if I could run well, they would not dare to hit me with everyone looking in my direction. I HAD to have a good race.
Gerry Lindgren
If I could live in a cabaret, I would. If I could live in ‘Moulin Rouge,’ I would.
Rita Ora
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them… ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,’ I would have done it.
Dianne Feinstein
If I could marry my motorcycle, I’d roll her right up to the altar.
Flip Wilson
It’s a funny thing, if I could choose anything to do, it wouldn’t be to be in front of a camera because I’ve spent so much of my time, so much of my life trying to get really good at writing songs and playing instruments.
Jarryd James
The song that makes me the happiest when someone sings it is Cher’s ‘If I Could Turn Back Time.’
Hannah Simone
If I could be more vague I’d write more about people in my life, but I hate hurting feelings or making people feel uncomfortable. I’ve done that before. Unless they’re sad songs. Those get finished fast, but the mean ones often end up at the back of the bottom drawer and it’s probably for the best.
Caitlin Rose
I envy no quality of the mind or intellect in others; not genius, power, wit, nor fancy; but, if I could choose what would be most delightful, and, I believe, most useful to me, I should prefer a firm religious belief to every other blessing.
Humphry Davy
I am free in performing an action if I could have done otherwise if I had chosen to.
George Edward Moore
If I could go back to my younger self, I’d be like, “Not everything’s permanent.”
Mila Kunis
If I could put one word on my journey over the last couple of years it would definitely be ‘turbulent’.
Karise Eden
I’m never as happy as when I’m pregnant. I literally would have 10 babies if I could!
Tori Spelling
Many things happened in my life, and I thought that they changed me. But in the end, nothing has changed since I was seventeen. If I could keep today’s happiness I wouldn’t worry about tomorrow.
Ai Yazawa
Growing up, I would watch a movie on video and would go to the back of the VHS and locate the address for Universal Pictures or MGM or whatever. I’d write to the studios asking them if I could be in a movie. They never wrote me back.
Garrett Hedlund
If I could snap my fingers and do one thing in science, I would get more funding for basic science. But the level of funding that needs to be done is not on the order of millions, like the cost of the Breakthrough Prizes. It’s billions to tens of billions.
Mark Zuckerberg
Playing a concert for 2 hours is pie. I would do that every minute of every day if I could. I love to perform. It’s the 22 hours before the next show that kills you.
Kid Rock
If I could put my brain in her body, the world would be mine for the taking.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Until I was 21, I wasn’t going into the media. I was a professional show jumper; I was going to have a farm… Then my father died, and it changed my life. I realised I had to have a go at being a journalist to see if I could cut the mustard.
Jonathan Dimbleby
Queens is so often treated as a stepchild and labeled as an outer borough. At the very least, if I could help bring more attention to what we need, and what the federal government needs to do to improve the quality of life of people right here in Queens – any way that I can do that, I’m very happy to do that.
Grace Meng
He tells me I look as if I could use a hugand i laugh at him and he ignores me and steps forward and puts his arms around me and hugs me. I warm at the simple pleasure of human contact and for the first time in a long time i actually feel good.” (James Frey, pg.38)
James Frey
If I could start over today, I would choose literature again. If the answers exist in the world or in the universe, I still think that’s where we’re going to find them.
Elif Batuman
If I could ever be on a Missy Elliott record, I could then die. Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige – I love hearing them interviewed, I love the way they talk about their art. They’re very self-assured, they’re funny, they’re inviting. I love it.
Neko Case
I would never felt good if I hadn’t experienced losing, because losing is part of your life. And it something that if I could teach people to understand that I think it could help them a lot.
Arnold Palmer
When I was in third grade, I would run home – literally run home from school – and if I could make it in time, I could get home and the put the TV on in time to catch the answering machine message at the start of ‘The Rockford Files.’
Greg Rucka
Little Red Riding Hood was my first love. I felt that if I could have married Little Red Riding Hood, I should have known perfect bliss.
Charles Dickens
If I could’ve made Muhammad Ali smaller I would have fought him.
Sergio Martinez
If I could have come in for $10m, I would have done that. I’ve been pretty smart with my money. I’m playing because I want to play this game here – I want the opportunity.
Karl Malone
I love any kind of acting, so if I could focus on becoming the best actor I can strictly on my voice, I would love that.
Jennifer Stone
If I could film, we’d film every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ in New York. I have an affinity with the city. It has some wonderful locations and it is devastatingly vast and huge. Central Park looks amazing on camera.
Matt Smith
There is, I am convinced, no picture that conveys in all its dreadfulness, a vision of sorrow, despairing, remediless, supreme. If I could paint such a picture, the canvas would show only a woman looking down at her empty arms.
Charlotte Bronte
If I could pick any story idea or script I had that I wanted everything to go exactly right for, it would probably be ‘Pacific Rim.’
Travis Beacham
If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that eventually that I’d become very successful writing Dune books after Frank Herbert’s death, I would have laughed myself silly, I think, at how strange that prospect would be.
Kevin J. Anderson
I just felt all along that if I could get a certain amount of years in the league, have great years and still have my health when I walked away, that would be great.
Kevin Johnson
If I could talk to my younger self, I would just say that the path to great things is filled with a lot of stumbles, suffering, and challenges along the way. But if you have the right attitude and know that hard times will pass – and you get up each time – you will reach your destination.
Jonny Kim
If I could play drums like Patrick Carney or Taylor Hawkins, I’d be a really happy person.
Olivia Wilde
In terms of effect on the world, it’s very good that I’ve lived. And so I guess, if I could go back in time and prevent my birth, I wouldn’t do it. But I sure wish I hadn’t had so much pain.
Richard Stallman
If I was writing a song one night, I would leave the studio and come back the next day, and if I could remember the same melody on the same song, it was definitely something worth working more on. If I couldn’t remember it, maybe there was a purpose about that.
Everybody, every tradesman that worked for Shafin or built my house got fully paid, well paid. Everybody got paid. I would like that to be said if I could because I haven’t said it before, and it’s important. People kind of think we left all these plumbers or electricians without getting paid.
Shane Filan
If I could wave a magic wand, I’d break up the banking system.
Kenneth C. Griffin
You fish, swim, eat, laze around, and everyone’s so friendly. It’s such simple stuff, but… If i could stop the world and restart life, put the clock back, i think I’d restart it like this. For everyone.
Alex Garland
I love horror movies, I wish I would get more roles to do more horror movies. I got to make a living so I take what they give me, but if I could be the next Vincent Price I would be the happiest guy in the world.
Nick Damici
When I read ‘Greenberg,’ I had a really strong sense if I could be any kind of writer I wanted to be, I’d be this kind of writer. And I felt like, even in my experiences, what writing I had done, even on a small scale, when it was good, it shared some quality with it.
Greta Gerwig
Butch nodded as if he knew exactly what was doing. “Like I said, my man, it’s whatever. You and me? Same as always, no matter who you screw. Although… if you’re into sheep, that would be tough. Don’t know if I could handle that.
J.R. Ward
We’ll never know if I could have made it to the NFL. Do I think so? Yeah.
Shane McMahon
I was a jackass in many ways. I projected that cruelty towards others, that kid whose hand I was wringing. If I could have hurt a hundred weaklings – weaker than me, and I was already very weak – I would. I was dying to hurt somebody, to pay it forward.
Gary Shteyngart
When I was little, I asked God if I could meet my mom just one more time, and my prayer was answered in 2001. It was weird.
Gilbert Arenas
If I could have one superpower, I’d want to have the power of mind over matter. I’d want to be able to move things and people with my mind.
Shaun Alexander
I think maybe, if I could be a Canadian super hero, I’d have some kind of freezing power and some sort of maple syrup weapon. Could be a little sticky.
Nathan Fillion
My father’s a deacon, my mother’s a choir director, so I grew up in the church and singing in the choir, begging my mom if I could have a solo.
Keke Palmer
If I could play a game and not have to tackle, I know that I did everything right. I organized everyone the right way, read every play the right way.
Becky Sauerbrunn
[S]he leans into this guy and rocks her head like I’m making this music for her, when if I could, I would take it all away and give her as much silence as she’s given me pain.
Rachel Cohn
It’s a business. If I could make more money down in the zinc mines I’d be mining zinc.
Roger Maris
If I could only have cash, I know that I would spend very little.
Amanda Eliasch
If I could travel through time, I wouldn’t go back and change anything in my life, because I’m delighted with the way it’s turned out.
Stewart Lee
I didn’t know if I could act, but I knew I could be a great ballet dancer, and Balanchine put out the carpet for me.
Jacques d’Amboise
I am a person who is usually chilled and I wanted to try out different roles to know if I could do it.
Aishwarya Lekshmi
I love you, Kaylee. More than I’ve ever loved anyone. More than I will ever love anyone. If I could freeze this moment in time and never have to let you go, I would do it without a second thought.
Rachel Vincent
The only weapon I had was my dancing.
With that I fought like a general without an army.
If I could have saved all the energy I wasted on my struggle
it would have sufficed me to cover a dozen ballets.
Maya Plisetskaya
When you’re young, you’re very insecure. And if I could learn, if I could revisit my own past I could say to myself, don’t think too much, just get on and do it.
Anthony Hopkins
It’s one of those things, when you look back on it, you’d go, “Oh, I could’ve done without that. If I could go back in time, I would do it different.” That’s the thing with violence in general.
Ti West
I always think I would like to have a partner in life, and I would – if I could find the right person, I think.
Faye Dunaway
I have no interest in returning to yesteryear. I love the conveniences and delights of today’s time. I wouldn’t go back if I could.
Charles R. Swindoll
I always feel that there is a curtain, you know, that if I could just peek behind the curtain I’d see how the world really works. And since I haven’t had it I have to write about it instead.
Charles de Lint
If I could have anyone’s mind for a day, I really can’t think of anyone other than Einstein.
Bellamy Young
I’m probably going to go more the feature film route for a while, just so I have more time on my hands. If I did go back to television, I’d do a comedy, a half hour. Or I’d go back on an hour long if it was ensemble, if I had a smaller role, if I could work less days.
Ally Walker
Now we’d known each other for two years, the side of my calf was touching his shins, and his stomach was against my ribs. He said, “I don’t think it’s end of world to be my girlfriend.” I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. It took seven languages to make me; it would be nice if I could have spoken just one.
Nicole Krauss
If I could live in a tiny dwelling on a rock in the ocean, surrounded by the waves of the sea and cut off from the sight and sound of everything else, I would still not be free of the cares of this passing world, or from the fear that somehow the love of money might still come and snatch me away.
My children threw me a life line: “Return to your roots – food – and rewrite your first book, Diet for a Small Planet.” I learned that if I could just show up, in this case, if I could just get myself out of bed, get to the computer in my tiny office at MIT, and start writing, help would start arriving.
Frances Moore LappГ©
If I could choose from all the fathers in the world, Dad, I’d choose you!
John Walter Bratton
The people at the record company had asked me if I could write a song about my life, my relationship with God, and where I’m from. Well, I can’t write a song on purpose, my songs come in a moment of inspiration or desperation.
Billy Ray Cyrus
If I could gain 1,000 pounds and be healthy, I would love to do that.
Fat Joe
I felt reluctant accepting the very lucrative and easy life Hollywood had offered me. All of it planted a seed: If I could do something about the conditions of the world, I could probably justify my position as an actor.
Sterling Hayden
I hate cameras. They interfere, they’re always in the way. I wish: if I could work with my eyes alone.
Richard Avedon
I believe in a reasonable amount of “right to bear arms”. But private citizens of the United States are not allowed to own nuclear weapons. I always wanted a nuclear weapon, if I could have gotten one. I’m every other kind of power, but I’m not a nuclear power.
Ted Turner
I said the only way I would join Pets.com was if I could get Amazon to invest, and I did. I knew that anything that could be sourced externally, Amazon could do better and cheaper than anyone else except Walmart. It was really obvious to me.
Julie Wainwright
I asked the head musician if I could go onstage during the next break and he said sure. I got two laughs in twenty minutes, and walked out feeling more elated than I had ever felt in my entire life. The glory of that triumph contented me for two full years.
Emo Philips
All I want is the same opportunities as the filmmakers I grew up admiring. But you know, I’ve had lots of amazing opportunities to do the movies I wanted to do. If I could write my future, I’d want to keep making character-based films that can make use of my voice as a filmmaker.
Tim Story
Or you’d just passed by one of those puddles in the street with gasoline rainbows in them. I mean you’d be different in some way—I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.
J. D. Salinger
If I could have anything right now, it would be the ability to continue as secretary of state.
Kevin Shelley
If I could give you only one advice, I would say: Don’t identify with anything. Be completely empty – no one. Be no-body and see if you lose anything but delusion.
Writing songs helped me figure out how to communicate with other people. I finally figured out that if I could express something in a song, I could probably express it in my real life, too.
Sharon Van Etten
But you know: you know that if I could have stayed, if I could have gone on, that I would have clutched every second: whatever it was, this death, you know that it came and took me, like a child carried away by goblins.
Audrey Niffenegger
Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against makeup. If I could manage looking like ‘me’ in a way that also read as tastefully, invisibly airbrushed, I’d sign up for that faster than you could choose a filter to do it for me.
Leandra Medine
I have wanted to run my own business since my time at Clitheroe grammar school. I remember thinking if I could get a penny from everyone in Britain, I would earn ВЈ208,000 a year.
Peter Hargreaves
If I could make a device where people could just intuit everything you are thinking – a little cable you plug into, like, a USB port, I would make a billion dollars.
Mindy Kaling
If I could edit Google Images, then I wouldn’t be as scared of the Internet.
Chloe Sevigny
If I could sew comedy and philosophy together, then I’ve done a good job. The primary goal is always going to be laughs and the secondary goal is always going to be saying something without it being a lecture.
Hal Sparks
If I could get a deal on whatever my impulse was, whenever my impulse struck, and it was nearby, I would use that all the time. It would reshape the way that I shop.
Andrew Mason
If I could have married my wife and been a sports writer for the past 30 years, I wouldn’t be sitting here – but I don’t think I’d be sitting someplace where I was sorry to be sitting.
Richard Ford
If I could, Sister James, I would certainly choose to live in innocence. But innocence can only be wisdom in a world without evil. Situations arise and we are confronted with wrongdoing and the need to act.
John Patrick Shanley
If I could be anyone, I’d choose the lead singer of Arcade Fire, Win Butler.
Rob Kardashian
If I could meet anybody? The prophet Muhammad.
Muhammad Ali
If I could be any avatar and go into a social virtual space, I think I would try to be my avatar from ‘Ready Player One’ ’cause why not? He’s already got the windy hair.
Tye Sheridan
It would be thrilling if I could be boycotted or something. I think that’s part of the thrill Madonna gets, when you know you’ve hit a nerve. But that doesn’t scare me. To me what would be a lot scarier would be like appearing on an episode of ‘Full House’ or something.
Julie Brown
If I could apologise and go back and change history I would do. But the goal is still a goal, Argentina became world champions and I was the best player in the world.
Diego Maradona
I keep my Scottish connection. I know where I was born, and that’s an important part of my history, and I think all immigrants are the same. But if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Australia.
Jimmy Barnes
Climbing Mount Everest was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I wish I’d never gone. I suffered for years of PTSD and still suffer from what happened. I’m glad I wrote a book about it. But, you know, if I could go back and relive my life, I would never have climbed Everest.
Jon Krakauer
I would give no thought of what the world might say of me, if I could only transmit to posterity the reputation of an honest man.
Sam Houston
Marvin Gaye was a friend of mine, and he used to say, ‘Man, I wish I could sing like you – if I could have that growl in my voice.’ And I said, ‘Man, are you kidding me? I want to sing like you. Everybody wants to sing like you.’
Dennis Edwards
If I could transform my stage life to the movies, I’d be Jack Nicholson.
Brian Dennehy
I have been asked what would I ban immediately if I could. Advertising.
Vivienne Westwood
I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.
George Eliot
You know, I would date if I could find a man worth shaving my legs for. But most are such a waste of time that I’d rather sit at home and watch reruns of Hee Haw.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I’d spare your tears for the rest of your life if I could.
Kiera Cass
I love Sia and how she hides her face. If I could pull off doing that, I totally would.
Melanie Martinez
If I could have entertained the slightest apprehension that the Constitution framed in the Convention where I had the honor to preside might possibly endanger the religious rights of any ecclesiastical society, certainly I would never have placed my signature to it.
George Washington
Well If I could live my life again differently, there are things I would do and things I wouldn’t do. Like drugs, I wouldn’t deal with drugs and guns, I wouldn’t deal with it, a whole lot of things, that’s the truth
Gregory Isaacs
If I could do anything about the way people behave towards each other, I would, but since I can’t, I’ll stick to animals.
Brigitte Bardot
If you were to ask me to speak Swedish or Dutch or German, I have no idea if I could pull that off!
Marisol Nichols
I, over the years, have always felt more comfortable if I could go into a projection room and look at a film and not really know what to expect. If you read the script first, you form all kinds of preconceptions about how things look, what the location’s like, what the actors are like.
John Williams
It would make life much easier if I could have total faith and not question everything all the time, but I can’t do it and I won’t do it.
Joey Skaggs
I would love for someone to offer me a serious part in something. I don’t know if I could even pull it off, but I would like to be the cowboy that rides off and someone shoots him off the horse in the middle of town. Just a serious role. It wouldn’t have to be a big one.
Jeff Foxworthy
I would give anything to sing like Beyonce or Adele. I’ve said many times to my friends that if I could sing like them, I would give up poetry and writing.
Rupi Kaur
If I could have my way I would place the Deity on half-pay as the Government of this Country did the subaltern officers.
George Holyoake
I don’t have children, and I am not sure if I have wanted them or never wanted them. It’s weird not to be able to decide. I don’t know if I could stand that kind of commitment, or if I am really honest, I don’t think that I could handle being that vulnerable to someone else.
Margaret Cho
Maybe if I could ever be a successful comedian then I could be an example that Christians can also have fun.
Victoria Jackson
I wouldn’t change a thing in my life, even if I could. What you go through makes you who you are and that’s fine.
Ray Winstone
Yes, I love white, and I’d wear it all the time if I could. Some people think I have an issue with cleanliness, but to me it’s just so pretty.
Sandra Lee
If I could light my own farts I could fly to the moon or at least Uranus.
Robin Williams
I was like, ‘I don’t know if I could be an Olympian…’ But my dad really influenced me to stay and be in the Olympics.
Pat Summitt
If I could really move my career much more into predominantly directing, I would jump at that.
Jason Alexander
If I could give advice to anyone, it would be that sometimes the best way you can fight a problem – and this is going to be a little bit controversial – is to not address it.
Lilly Singh
I judge my life by how miserable it used to be. If I could pay my rent, I was deliriously happy. Now I’m deliriously happy all the time.
Matt Groening
If I could reach down in my heart, I would say I’m sorry for every unkind word and thought I ever had.
Terry Bradshaw
L.A. is cool. If I could have the rest of my family out there, I think it would make it that much better for me. As far as work and the weather, you can’t really beat it. I just wish they had the New York social life out there. That would make it perfect.
Michael B. Jordan
If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish.
Charles Dickens
If I could have stayed independent from the jump, then, maybe, things would have been different. ‘Return of 4Eva’ would have been an album instead of a mixtape.
Big K.R.I.T.
I love writing books – I really do. If I could just quit everything and work on a book every day, I would love that most.
Donald Miller
I did improv in junior high school. Figuring out my comedic timing helped my confidence in talking to the bullies and talking to people in class. If I could make them laugh, then I was in; I was OK.
Josh Groban
I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes.
Edward Everett
If I could get better on the field, I could get better in my interviews. I took that approach: if there’s something I’m deficient in, whether it be in relationships, whether it be talking to people, just that self-reflection to seek people out who can help me.
Zach Ertz
Baccarat is a game whereby the croupier gathers in money with a flexible sculling oar, then rakes it home. If I could have borrowed his oar I would have stayed.
Mark Twain
I didn’t want to go to college – I was bored by junior high. So I was in church one day, staring at the stained glass windows and thinking about things, when suddenly I decided that if I could start selling cartoons to magazines, they’d let me quit high school.
Brad Holland
I was in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Design, on a scholarship. I was – still am – an artist. They were looking for an actor for ‘Take a Giant Step,’ and a producer liked my look and asked if I could act. I said, ‘Yep!’ Then I got into acting more or less just to make money for paints and canvases.
Billy Dee Williams
The longer you stay in the job that you do the more you learn about what those around you do. As an actor I’ve always nosed around apologetically about: “oh wouldn’t it be interesting if I could do that?” I can’t imagine not wanting to do this everyday.
Jason Bateman
I certainly know that if the war fails, the administration fails, and that I will be blamed for it, whether I deserve it or not. And I ought to be blamed, if I could do better. You think I could do better; therefore you blame me already. I think I could not do better; therefore I blame you for blaming me.
Abraham Lincoln
I was a baseball player. I played in high school and a little bit in college. I was a catcher. I don’t know if I could have played any other position. As a catcher, you’re always on the ball.
Tim DeKay
If I could predict the trends, they would already be there.
Tim Gunn
The dwarfs can turn lead into gold… It reached the pointy ears of the dwarfs. -Can we? -Damned if I know. I can’t. -Yeah, but if you could, you wouldn’t say. I wouldn’t say, if I could. -Can you? -No! -Ah-ha!
Terry Pratchett
Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my all-time favorite writers. I feel spiritual when reading his words, even though they’re translated. I wish desperately that I could read it in its original language. I already feel like I’m going to church when I read him; imagine if I could read it in the original.
Conor Oberst
If I could explain golf, I’d be a genius.
Davis Love III
So once I shut down my privilege of disliking anyone I choose and holding myself aloof if I could manage it, greater understanding, growing compassion came to me.
Catherine Marshall
I love to eat. If I could eat everything in the world and still be healthy or wouldn’t catch a heart attack or stroke, I’d eat everything. I just can’t. So I got to watch my health and take care of my family.
Fat Joe
If I could play the ukulele like Zooey Deschanel, I would find my own personal M. Ward, and we would do a side album; but I don’t, you know?
Anna Kendrick
In my family, I was loved, but only if I would fight this gay thing and not let it take over me. I would be loved unconditionally if I could be cured of my ‘sickness,’ but it certainly would not be OK if I couldn’t.
John Grant
I’ll tell you who makes me laugh, in a good way, and I’d love to have a date with her: if I could just have a salad with Lady Gaga? This would be my – I would almost probably faint.
Richard Simmons
If I could only remember that the days were, not bricks to be laid row on row, to be built into a solid house, where one might dwell in safety and peace, but only food for the fires of the heart.
Edmund Wilson
That’s the thing about being a former fat camp champ: when asked if I’d change my past if I could, I always answer no. The pain of being an overweight kid, the humiliation, make you think twice before ever cutting anyone else down.
Stephanie Klein
If I could have one superpower, I’d be like Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want,’ where he reads women’s minds.
Ryan Lochte
Avicii’s melodies were so simple and cool, and they were actually similar to the melodies I played on piano. I thought if I could teach myself how to produce and get those melodies out of my head and into the computer, maybe I could make some cool music, too.
I’ve always said that if I could have made a living someway in gospel music, I would have loved to had that break, but it never was offered to me, a job in that field, so naturally, I got lost on that other road.
George Jones
I always stayed away from the studio environment as much as possible. But I just wanted to see if I could work in one. It’s not easy. Just having an engineer’s assistant around is enough for me to be uncomfortable. With more than one person there in the room, it feels strange.
Jack White
If I could time travel into the future, my first port of call would be the point where medical technology is at its best because, like most people on this planet, I have this aversion to dying.
Neal Asher
I would love to do more movies. I’d like to get into some theater, too, if I could, just to learn more. I want to do gritty performances that I’m proud of. It doesn’t matter to me if four people see it or millions of people see it, as long as I perform in such a way that people go, ‘Wow!’
Jason Dohring
A world of “if”s, but it would make no difference. If I could go back in time… but I couldn’t. The past was behind me. The best thing now would be to stop looking over my shoulder. It was time to forget the past and look to the present and future.
Darren Shan
I was a not-big-enough, not-fast-enough football player who wanted a little bit of an edge on the field. I figured my own sweat, if I could get that off my body, and more importantly, the weight that stood behind it, that would help.
Kevin Plank
I love to cook like a mad man. If I could do it all over again? I would be a NBA basketball player.
Henry Zebrowski
If I could wave a magic wand and be anything, I’d be a really respected, really successful author. That’s a hard combination to get, though. I really enjoy acting, and it’s easier, frankly.
Christine Elise
If I could offer a single prescription for the survival of America, and particularly black America, it would be to restore the family. And if you asked me how to do it, my answer – doubtlessly oversimplified – would be; save the boys.
William Raspberry
I mean, if this [film Age of Trump] wasn’t on Netflix, it would be playing at some lovely art house theater on the West Side once or twice or for a week or maybe two weeks if I was lucky and then it would go away, and I’d be lucky if I could sell the DVDs off my website.
Ava DuVernay
One of the few downsides to being awakened is that we no longer require sleep; therefore we also no longer dream. It’s a shame, because if I could dream, I know I’d dream about you.
Richelle Mead