Im Alive Quotes

I’m Alive Quotes by Chubby Checker, Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Morrison, Andrew Breitbart, Paul Wolfowitz, Hugh Hefner and many others.

I want my flowers while I'm alive.

I want my flowers while I’m alive.
Chubby Checker
I look like this because I’m alive,” Reagan said. “Because I’ve had experiences. Do you understand?
Rainbow Rowell
The longer I’m alive, the more I realize how little I know. Pretending that you know everything about every topic, and being very vocal about it? That’s an instant turnoff.
Jennifer Morrison
I’m alive and I’m going to keep standing up for what I believe in. Once you get to that point, boy you are dangerous.
Andrew Breitbart
I mean, we’re going to probably debate the Iraq war for at least as long as I’m alive.
Paul Wolfowitz
If Playboy ever loses its editorial balls, then it will deserve to be knocked over by a younger, more vigorous magazine in the coming generation. But that won’t happen so long as I’m alive, I can promise you that.
Hugh Hefner
I existed until I met you. Now I’m alive.
Cindy Gerard
I’m Jewish and I can sing and I’m alive.
Mandy Patinkin
I’m ALIVE. Thinking about it, noticing it, is new. You do things and don’t watch. Then all of a sudden you look and see what you’re doing and it’s the first time, really.
Ray Bradbury
It’s now or never I ain’t gonna live forever I just wanna live while I’m alive It’s my life
Jon Bon Jovi
People who meet me as an adult are often surprised that I’m alive and have never been in prison or rehab. Sometimes they’re disappointed I’m not cooler.
Mara Wilson
And the thought of that makes me want to open a vein, experience pain, know I’m alive, despite this living death.
Ellen Hopkins
I feel alive in quiet moments with my son, riding our bikes or watching him line his trains up in a particular order, witnessing how his mind works, hearing him learn a new word. I’m alive in these special moments because I never knew a love like this.
Alicia Keys
I want to know why I’m alive. I want to understand. It’s like exploration; it’s like someone being interested in a place and its history, digging into the earth and looking for it, searching – it’s a passion.
Juliette Binoche
I get to tell my truth. I get to seek meaning and realization. I get to live fully, wildly, imperfectly. That’s why I’m alive. And all I actually have to offer as a writer is my version of life. Every single thing that has happened to me is mine.
Anne Lamott
Since I was shot, everything is such a dream to me. Like I don’t know whether I’m alive or whether I died. I wasn’t afraid before. And having been dead once, I shouldn’t feel fear. But I am afraid. I don’t understand why.
Andy Warhol
No one, and nothing, will ever hurt you as long as I’m alive.
Pittacus Lore
In twenty years’ time I’ll be eighty-three, just an old man with a stick moving like a sloth bear. While I’m alive, I am fully committed to autonomy, and I am the person who can persuade the Tibetan people to accept it.
Dalai Lama
I often laugh and say I should go down to the Department of the Interior and register as an endangered species. I’m a gay man over 60 and I’m alive.
David Mixner
At long last love has arrived, and I thank God I’m alive. You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you.
Frankie Valli
When you wake up and everybody says, “How do you feel, Mike?” I say, “I’m alive.” As long as I’m alive I can deal with anything that’s out there.
Michael E. Thornton
I want to feel all there is to feel, he thought. Let me feel tired, now, let me feel tired. I mustn’t forget, I’m alive, I know I’m alive, I mustn’t forget it tonight or tomorrow or the day after that.
Ray Bradbury
Don’t send me flowers when I’m dead. If you like me, send them while I’m alive.
Brian Clough
The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I’m alive, but monsters are always hungry, darling.
Richard Siken
I decide I’m not dead because I can hear the sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car. I’m alive because I’m listening to the rain, and the rain becomes the hand of God strumming his fingers on the roof, deciding what to do.
Lisa Genova
You know, right now, the most important thing in my life is to make sure you understand that, first of all, I thank God I’m alive today, and I mean that. You see, I spent too many years of my life thinking that the big party was the whole thing.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
I’m alive today, I’m well, I’m working, I’m still creative. What more can I say, really?
Marianne Faithfull
I do believe in God. That’s why I’m alive.
Eric Massa
Yes, I’m alive,” Mat said. “I’m usually pretty good at staying alive. I’ve only failed one time that I can remember, and it hardly counts.
Robert Jordan
Thank Ra!” She exclaimed. “Yeah, I’m alive.” “No, I almost jumped in after you. I hate the water!
Rick Riordan
All has gone to rest, and I don’t know whether I’m alive or will live or whether I’m rushing like this through the world for I’m not longer weeping or laughing
Taras Shevchenko
I’m alive, happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m doing exactly what I want.
Jim Goad
I’m not afraid of being dead, that’s to say there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t know I’m dead, would be my strong conviction. And if I find that I’m alive in any way at all, that’ll be a pleasant surprise. I quite like surprises.
Christopher Hitchens
You got to fight them, Celie, she say. I can’t do it for you. You got to fight them for yourself. I don’t say nothing. I think bout Nettie, dead. She fight, she run away. What good it do? I don’t fight, I stay where I’m told. But I’m alive.
Alice Walker
Nothing has to happen for me to feel good! I feel good because I’m alive! Life is a gift, and I revel in it.
Tony Robbins
Sometimes I wake up in awe that I’m alive. I can’t get over that part, so I guess it makes me kind of like an existentialist.
Michelle Rodriguez
I am invincible, as long as I’m alive.
John Mayer
I’m alive and I want to keep living.
Diego Maradona
If you look up at the sky after falling down the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me… I’m alive.
Aya Kito
I will always love the guitar as long as I’m alive, the Blues is my heart.
Eddie Kirkland
No one else knows I’m alive, which means they won’t notice when I’m gone.
Julie Anne Peters
I am here and I’m alive. That’s enough.
Miguel Angel Ruiz
I’m alive inside. A bird is my heart. Mama and Daddy is not win. I’m winning. I’m drinking hot chocolate in the Village wif girls–all kind who love me. How that is so I don’t know. How Mama and Daddy kknow me sixteen years and hate me, how a stranger meet me and love me. Must be what they already had in they pocket.
Yes, it’s your fault I’m alive.
Suzanne Collins
I’m just so grateful, because to feel this vulnerable means I’m alive.
BrenГ© Brown
I might not have the ability to ever carry a child and I have this damn bag for the time being – but I’m alive.
Diem Brown
I am interested in my music lasting only while I’m alive. I’m not writing for the future.
Sonny Rollins
I’m alive today, therefore I’m just as much a part of our time as everybody else. The times will just have to enlarge themselves to make room for me, won’t they, and for everybody else.
Stevie Smith
I’m in complete remission. I’m alive and well.
Gene Wilder
My motto is: I’m alive, so that means I can do anything.
Venus Williams
I don’t know why I’m alive but I know there’s a reason for it.
David Johansen
Music has touched me deeply, sometimes to tears. But at the same time it’s been life-affirming, because I’ve been grateful for the fact that I’m alive and human and capable of being so moved.
Brian Molko
Let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, vulnerably seen, to love with our whole hearts, even though there’s no guarantee… to practice gratitude and joy in those moments of terror, to be this vulnerable means that we’re alive.
BrenГ© Brown
I’m alive but I have no life. I’m alive but also dead. I’m dead and alive.
Dean Koontz
I’m like a woman scorned. I’m prepared to continue to kick their fanny until the last day I’m alive on this Earth because they have mistreated too many people.
Trent Lott
My heart hurts that means I’m alive.
Kazuya Minekura
I know that it’s comin I just hope that I’m alive for it
His mouth is on me, his hands, I can’t wait and he’s moving, already, love, it’s been so long, I’m alive in my skin, again, arms around him, falling and water softly everywhere, never-ending.
Margaret Atwood
Not easy to state the change you made. If I’m alive now, I was dead, Though, like a stone, unbothered by it.
Sylvia Plath