Innocent Children Quotes

Innocent Children Quotes by Mary Griffith, Richard Dawkins, Harlan Ellison, James Patterson, Twiggy, Victoria Woodhull and many others.

I realize how depraved it was to instill false guilt in

I realize how depraved it was to instill false guilt in an innocent child’s conscience, causing a distorted image of life, God, & self, leaving little if any feeling of personal worth.
Mary Griffith
Faith can be very very dangerous, and deliberately to implant it into the vulnerable mind of an innocent child is a grievous wrong.
Richard Dawkins
Thus, from admiration of one wise and innocent child, and from a misheard remark, the process that not even Aristotle could codify was triggered. Where do you get your ideas? I purposely mishear things.
Harlan Ellison
Fang snorted in disbelief. “On one hand, we have a mythical nice family that wants to adopt me. On the other, we have a gang of insane scientists desperate to do genetic experiments on innocent children. Guess which hand I get dealt?
James Patterson
It’s hard to see how anyone can fail to care about innocent children and animals being blown up by landmines.
I went with my husband and an innocent child to California. I went to a theatrical manager and asked him to allow me to earn money enough on the stage to buy our tickets home. He did.
Victoria Woodhull
How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with LOVE, and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts.
Mother Teresa
Oprah is signed on to help, and a lot of celebrity friends have agreed to help me raise money for Make-A-Wish. We want to make the world a better place for innocent children. I cried my heart out when my father died from cancer. I wish I was smarter, wiser like a doctor, to save these children from dying.
Criss Angel
My heart goes out to the families of innocent children who were killed today in Pakistan!! I do not accept a world where kids are killed for wanting an education! This violence and ignorance has to stop!!!! It starts with all of us treating all human beings with dignity and respect!!
Madonna Ciccone
My family and I are heartbroken after hearing the news that more than 100 innocent children and teachers have lost their lives…
Malala Yousafzai
At birth, we are like cartilage – soft, flexible tissue. By the same natural process by which cartilage becomes hard bone, the soft, tender heart of an innocent child can become hardened by the circumstances into which she is born.
Iyanla Vanzant
I know what I am fighting for. I am fighting for the most basic rights of innocent children. And that is why I never take the criticism too deep under my skin.
Waris Dirie
Love means to be willing to give until it hurts.
Mother Teresa
I went from an innocent child to a national television star. My career took on a life of its own.
Donny Osmond
It’s just not right to make an innocent child suffer because of the father’s misdeeds.
Emily Yoffe
All great art originates from the innocent child within us expressing itself through the wisdom, experience and skill of an adult.
Richard Schmid
Teaching is not about information. It’s about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students. It requires no method, no tools, and no training. Just the ability to be real. And if you can’t be real, then you have no right to inflict yourself upon innocent children.
Paul Lockhart
In too many cases, the moms, the dads, the sisters and brothers of children with cancer must stand by a hospital bed and watch helplessly as this horrible disease consumes the life of an innocent child.
Michael McCaul
We can no longer tolerate losing one more innocent child or putting one more firefighter at risk in a fire that could have been prevented at the cost of pennies by making a couple simple changes to the construction of a cigarette.
Ed Markey
Whenever I see an unmarried woman carrying a child, my first response is one of respect. I know she could have taken the quick fix without anyone knowing, but she chose instead to let an innocent child live.
Randy Alcorn
A 1990 Gallup poll found that 77 percent of Americans polled said abortion was the taking of human life. I agree, and believe that taking the life on an innocent child is unjust.
Robert Casey