Instrumental Quotes

Instrumental Quotes by Djimon Hounsou, Nushrat Bharucha, Denise Lewis, Alain de Botton, John M. McHugh, Blase J. Cupich and many others.

As a young boy, I had strange dreams of affecting peopl

As a young boy, I had strange dreams of affecting people and somehow being instrumental in changing the makeup of Africa and helping to improve life there.
Djimon Hounsou
The box office performance of a film is instrumental in an actor being perceived as saleable.
Nushrat Bharucha
Sport’s been an instrumental thing in my life.
Denise Lewis
The idea that one might use art for ‘instrumental’ reasons tends to set off alarm bells at the heart of the cultural elite, who contend that it’s not a pill, that it shouldn’t be asked to perform some specific function, especially something as egocentric as to ‘cheer you up’ or to ‘make you a more empathetic person.’
Alain de Botton
The men and women of our armed forces played an instrumental role in the election process – securing polling sites and providing security – that allowed so many Iraqis the opportunity to vote freely for the first time ever.
John M. McHugh
The Eucharist is an opportunity of grace and conversion. It’s also a time of forgiveness of sins, so my hope would be that grace would be instrumental in bringing people to the truth.
Blase J. Cupich
No matter what I do, I’ve always recognized that Deep Purple is primarily an instrumental band. That’s where all the music comes from in rehearsals – it all stems from the music.
Ian Gillan
The music I wrote as a kid already was always instrumental. It was never based on lyrics.
Ramin Djawadi
Singing instrumental music is most important because, while you play an instrument, you are singing through the instrument… actually, you are singing inside.
Ali Akbar Khan
I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.
Carlos Santana
At the time, ‘Oxygene’ was considered a totally ‘far out’ concept… What was ‘in’ at the time was disco, hard-rock, and the early days of punk… and moreover, ‘Oxygene’ was instrumental. And I was French!
Jean-Michel Jarre
With instrumental music, it is traditionally hard to get exposure.
People of Maharashtra are close to my heart, and this is where I became who I am, and this has been instrumental in my formative years.
R. Madhavan
Internships are so instrumental, but not only do you need to get them, you need to work at them.
Brad Goreski
I absolutely think the Seattle grunge sound was instrumental to my music education.
David Cook
Sometimes I’ll be in an elevator and I’ll hear a corny instrumental version of ‘Light My Fire.’
John Densmore
The mind is absolutely instrumental in achieving results, even for athletes. Sports psychology is a very small part, but it’s extremely important when you’re winning and losing races by hundredths and even thousandths of a second.
Michael Johnson
With something like ‘Second Sun’ it was something I’d never really done before. It has no drums and I think that was the first time I’d done this sort of instrumental, bass-less kind of piece.
I start with the aim of making something instrumental, and then I’m just like, ‘Agh, no, it’s not interesting enough. I’ve got to say something here.’
Phil Elverum
‘Beyond The Pole’s Facebook page has been incredibly instrumental in introducing us to new people and to making connections with journalists, cinemas everything.
Helen Baxendale
I’ve always been a jazz fan, but I don’t write much about jazz, because I don’t have the chops. But it’s really, really hard to write about improvised instrumental music when you don’t have a good knowledge of harmony and can’t identify rhythm signatures very easily either.
Robert Christgau
My great grandfather from my father’s side, Sir Akbar Hydari, was the prime minister of the Nizam of Hyderabad. He was instrumental in setting up the Osmania university. His wife set up the Hydari club for women so that they could play tennis, and she also set up the first girls’ school in Hyderabad.
Aditi Rao Hydari
Righteousness and faith certainly are instrumental in healing the sick, deaf, or lame – if such healing accomplishes God’s purposes and is in accordance with His will. Thus, even with strong faith, many mountains will not be moved. And not all of the sick and infirm will be healed.
David A. Bednar
Instrumental music is increasingly marginalized and there’s just no outlet, there’s no venue for it, in terms of media.
David Sanborn
After all my years of doing instrumental music I still like just a simple instrumental song with a nice catchy melody and an opportunity to play a solo over a harmonic structure.
Stanley Clarke
What I wanted to do was play the guitar but I don’t like instrumental rock. I think it is tripe.
Andy Summers
I think we were instrumental in saving downtown Seattle. To me, that’s the biggest thing we did.
Bruce Nordstrom
My agent Sue realised after ‘Cold Feet’ that I could have spent the rest of my life doing similar roles. So she was instrumental in moving me away from that.
James Nesbitt
It’s a successful feeling when someone tells you that you were instrumental in helping them heal from a great wound in their life.
Ruston Kelly
Confidence is instrumental to those climbing out of poverty.
Ann Cotton
Sidney Poitier and Sidney Lumet were instrumental in helping me get started as the first black composer to get name credit for movie scores.
Quincy Jones
My wife Sarra was instrumental to my success. When I was training, she took care of everything. She would make me dinner and always understood when I had to go to bed early or couldn’t walk around the shops.
Chris Hoy
I love instrumental guitar records, but I also understand that, as a listener, it can be difficult to get through a whole album of just that one thing.
John 5
America owes most of its social prejudices to the exaggerated religious opinions of the different sects which were so instrumental in establishing the colonies.
James Fenimore Cooper
Ultrasound is instrumental in the fight against abortion precisely because it allows women to make an informed choice by shedding light in a place which, for most of its history, has been shrouded in secrecy.
Eric Metaxas
In Honduras, in particular, Hillary Clinton as Obama’s secretary of state was instrumental in legitimizing the coup’s subsequent death-squad regime.
Greg Grandin
I dread naming pieces of music because being instrumental, most of the time the songs that I write are instrumental, I want the listener to make up their own story as to what it is and get the emotion pure without using logic.
Long Violent History’ is a collection of instrumental pieces intended to create a sonic soundscape for the listener to set the tone to reflect on the last track, which is my own observational piece on the times we are in.
Tyler Childers
Treasures are no longer to be got by instrumental art.
Clara Schumann
I’ve always had creative freedom. Instrumental rock wasn’t really a genre, but the success of ‘Surfing With the Alien’ legitimized my approach.
Joe Satriani
My mother had abandoned the family, so grandmother raised me. And she was instrumental in that she taught me that the world is a glorious place. She taught me to embrace humanity. And she’d say there’s never an excuse for joy. And to be thankful.
Jewell Parker Rhodes
A religion must be instrumental in spiritualising the individual into a boundless and holistic nature.
Lobsang Tenzin
Classical music can be catchy, so can African instrumental guitar music. It’s not just pop songs that are catchy. Rhythms can be catchy, too.
Rostam Batmanglij
If you rely on political factions to promote men to office, the people will work to develop instrumental relationships and will not seek to be useful with regard to the law. Thus, a ruler who mistakes reputation for ability when assigning offices will see his state fall into disorder.
Han Fei
The instrumental stuff is a good challenge, and it keeps my fingers athletically tuned, but I’m totally happy to bang away on some chords, sing some harmonies and play some wailing blues solos after the second chorus.
Paul Gilbert
My body was so instrumental to how I took pictures: it was practically a dance. I used to use my legs a lot; now I’m a little more sedentary.
Annie Leibovitz
By incentivizing Wall Street players to sniff out inefficient or corrupt companies and bet against them, short-selling acts as a sort of policing system; legal short-sellers have been instrumental in helping expose firms like Enron and WorldCom.
Matt Taibbi
The notions that nature exists to serve us; that its value consists of the instrumental benefits we can extract; that this value can be measured in cash terms; and that what can’t be measured does not matter, have proved lethal to the rest of life on Earth.
George Monbiot
I grew up in Ohio, where civil-rights accomplishments had already begun to accelerate before Martin Luther King appeared. In hindsight, we know that many people, black and white, were instrumental in changing the Jim Crow status quo on all levels.
Rita Dove
I’m very aware of the fact that Broadway musicals being brought to the screen are very few and far between, and it’s important to continue that relationship between Broadway and film. It’s a privilege and an honor for me to be instrumental in some way in keeping that alive.
Rob Marshall
Tanpinar presciently feared that to embrace the western conception of progress was to be mentally enslaved by a whole new epistemology, one that compartmentalised knowledge and concealed an instrumental view of human beings as no more than things to be manipulated.
Pankaj Mishra
The guitar player that I’m doing my solo tour with, Angel Vivaldi, he’s been releasing incredible guitar albums and people just don’t really know about them because instrumental guitar isn’t really at the forefront of music these days.
Nita Strauss
On the song ‘Buried Alive,’ it’s almost like the instrumental is a therapist.
At times I have a beat first and then I write. Sometimes I have a melody in my head and I pick up the guitar to develop the song. Other times I just write without any melodies, and I end up using those lyrics when I think I have the appropriate instrumental that would bring out and depict the emotions of what I have written.
Millennials’ tech and global savvy will make them instrumental in shaping our mobile future worldwide.
Brad D. Smith
Distorting the history of World War II, denying the crimes of genocide and the Holocaust as well as an instrumental use of Auschwitz to attain any given goal is tantamount to desecration of the memory of the victims whose ashes are scattered here.
Andrzej Duda
Building a consistent experience and firm identity was instrumental in our ability to swiftly build our online presence, open four stores as well as a mobile store in a converted yellow school bus, and launch six shops-in-shops.
Neil Blumenthal
I think ‘The Color of Money’ was very instrumental in opening up other opportunities. People started to recognize me as an artist after that film. And then, after I did ‘Bird,’ it was more solidified.
Forest Whitaker
Most of my songs are based off poetry, but I mainly write to write. I never know which form the words are best suited to until I hear an instrumental.
Arlo Parks
Bob Rondeau – he’ll never know this – but he was so instrumental. He is a legend to me and had a major impact in my life.
Colin Cowherd
I can never forget my first film – it was instrumental in me becoming an actor.
Jared Kushner is Ivanka Trump husband. Jared was instrumental in being kind of an overlay in kind of bringing Trump’s genius down to the all the different parts of leadership.
Brad Parscale
The character of instrumental music… lets the emotions radiate and shine in their own character without presuming to display them as real or imaginary representations.
Franz Liszt
My early influences were the Shadows, who were an English instrumental band. They basically got me into playing and later on I got into blues and jazz players. I liked Clapton when he was with John Mayall. I really liked that period.
Tony Iommi
It’s hard to get a start as an instrumental guitar player. It’s a much quicker route to be in a band, so I was always in a band and writing songs with singers, but I always had the dream in the back of my mind to make an instrumental record.
Nita Strauss
In addition to the clean coal provisions, the energy conference agreement contains provisions instrumental in helping increase conservation and lowering consumption.
Jerry Costello
All my real heroes made instrumental albums. All my own career has been spent playing in bands, but I never forgot that dream of what inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place.
Nita Strauss
I can count on one hand the number of instrumental hits there have been over the last ten years.
Chuck Mangione
I really feel like I’ve written my most effective music in the instrumental realms.
Dickey Betts
Righteousness and faith certainly are instrumental in moving mountains – if moving mountains accomplishes God’s purposes and is in accordance with His will.
David A. Bednar
‘The Beatles’ did whatever they wanted. They were a collection of influences adapted to songs they wanted to write. George Harrison was instrumental in bringing in Indian music. Paul McCartney was a huge Little Richard fan. John Lennon was into minimalist aggressive rock.
Chris Cornell
There were so many people who were instrumental in helping me get better. They say it takes a village, and the tennis community has been my village. That’s why I’ve always felt that I have a responsibility to give back.
Katrina Adams
The song that’s affected me the most profoundly is probably Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ or, more specifically, the couple seconds of instrumental break before Vincent Price starts ‘rapping.’
Patrick Stump
While most of the music I write is instrumental, I love to use the human voice as another instrument.
No matter where I go, I actually have a lot of couples coming and telling me that one of my songs was instrumental in strengthening their romance!
Shreya Ghoshal
In chess one cannot control everything. Sometimes a game takes an unexpected turn, in which beauty begins to emerge. Both players are always instrumental in this.
Vladimir Kramnik
The first song we ever performed, actually, was an instrumental, which says a lot about how shy we are.
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
I like to think that I’ve been a good manager. That fact has been very instrumental in making Linux a successful product.
Linus Torvalds
Oceans are a family heritage, because of my great-great-grandfather, but also my father, who spearheaded different initiatives to better protect the Mediterranean. He was very instrumental in setting up the Pelagos Marine Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary for marine mammals between Italy, France and Monaco.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
I love doing instrumental records; I love doing that.
John 5
I can’t bring myself to release an instrumental album because I feel like I want some meat on the bone. Something to chew on, lyrically and content-wise.
Phil Elverum
We always used to describe ourselves as an instrumental band. Basically, the music was always instrumentally based, so the songs always came later.
Ian Gillan
In the Cleveland area, I have been instrumental in helping to save or create thousands of jobs. People know me there as a person who gets involved.
Dennis Kucinich
I would say that what we called the Pixar sensibility goes back even further. It is kind of a CalArts sensibility because so many of the people who are creative instrumental people at Pixar came from that school.
Rich Moore
The work I do with my physiotherapist has been instrumental in keeping me healthy, and it’s a big reason why I’m able to continue to improve my game.
Kevin Anderson
I started off playing the harmonium and singing. By the time I was eight or so, my interest moved to Western instrumental music.
Being able to save, make non-cash payments, send or receive remittances, get credit, or get insurance can be instrumental in raising living standards and helping businesses prosper. It helps people to invest more in education or health care.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
I’m not a sports fan, but I remember watching highlights with post-rock guitar instrumental music over these slow-motion shots of football players. It’s triumphant, and it’s emotional, and that’s what sports are for.
Brian Reitzell
As a guitar player, playing instrumental music is a blast.
John Petrucci
On thee, Jesus, all our hopes depend. In thee all power is vested, even power to make sinful creatures instrumental in enlightening the heathen.
Adoniram Judson
Jay Prince was instrumental in everything that came out of Rap-a-Lot, especially anything that had to do with the Geto Boys or Scarface.
I’ve studied the lives of the 20th century’s great businessmen and concluded self-confidence was instrumental in all their success.
Alex Spanos
If I doubt whether a track works, I’m just going to play the instrumental version in my set and judge where the crowd takes it.
People don’t learn science in movies. You don’t go to the movies thinking, ‘I hope I learn some quantum mechanics this afternoon.’ But on the other hand, movies are instrumental and influential in getting young people interested in science.
Seth Shostak
I always felt that I would become somebody outstanding, whether it was in singing, instrumental playing, orchestra conducting, or anything involving feeling.
Rudy Vallee
That’s one of the hardest parts of putting together an album – finding that concept, that unifying idea. Especially as I write mostly in instrumental music, the idea of having a central concept that unifies the music is very important to me.
Johann Johannsson
I’ve had a life that has taken many interesting paths. I’ve learned a lot from mentors who were instrumental in shaping me, and I want to share what I’ve learned.
Herbie Hancock
I just prefer instrumental. I don’t need to hear what other people are singing. And if I need music as a backdrop to work or to think, I need to have that part of the brain clear – I don’t need people feeding their fantasies into my vision.
Lydia Lunch
The Koch brothers tend to give to right-leaning and libertarian causes. Koch money was instrumental, for example, in founding the Cato Institute and the Libertarian Party.
Donald Luskin
I think video games have been instrumental to me as an NBA player.
Gordon Hayward
I remember a couple of instrumental albums, just don’t ask the names.
Jim Sullivan
On ‘Love Letters’, I focused exclusively on songs with lyrics, creating a collection of songs that directly address heartbreak and its ensuing emotions in a way that instrumental music can only hint at.
Anoushka Shankar
Being a fan of pop music and rock bands, I am a reluctant convert into the art of instrumental rock music.
Paul Gilbert
As far as I’m concerned, the essentials of jazz are: melodic improvisation, melodic invention, swing, and instrumental personality.
Mose Allison
I have a recording that I did of instrumental songs.
Joanna Newsom
When I was younger, I was able to write with music playing in the background, but these days, I can’t. I find it distracting. Even when the music is just instrumental or has lyrics in a language I don’t understand, the clash between the voices in my head and the song can be very disorienting.
Daniel Alarcon
And I loved Fats Waller. I love his instrumental abilities, his vocal abilities and his sense of humor.
Paul McCartney
Doing the instrumental thing, you’re really looking for the power of the melody to carry the record.
Michael W. Smith
As a musician, as a horn player, sometimes I even get bored listening to all instrumental music.
Trombone Shorty
Instrumental music can spread the international language.
Herb Alpert
I wrote my first song, ‘Conversion’, to this little hip-hop instrumental. I went to an open-mic, plugged my iPod into the P.A., and sang over the beat.
Leon Bridges
I did an instrumental jazz album. That was my first album.
Tom Curren
I started playing guitar because of instrumental guitar music.
Nita Strauss
While I’ve written in the POV (point of view) of adolescent characters before… I never have had to create novels in which those characters not only drive the plot, but also are instrumental in resolving whatever issue the plot deals with.
Elizabeth George
I always felt each instrumental and vocal inflection had to be special… I’d spend almost as much time on those as I’d spend on the song itself.
Roy Orbison
Being a purely instrumental album, it makes a musical statement, not a religious one, and I hope that people can feel the emotion of the great melodies, even without the words.
Kenny G
The Chili Peppers do a lot of improvising, but it’s within the framework of song structures. The Meatbats is from a purely instrumental standpoint. But when you hear the term ‘instrumental music’ you think it’s real serious stuff and everybody’s playing a million notes and it’s about playing fast. That’s not what we do.
Chad Smith
If you look at just right, there’s not a nickel’s worth of difference between what Buck Owens and the Buckaroos played on ‘Buckaroo’ and what the Ventures were playing. It’s all that twangy instrumental stuff.
Marty Stuart
Egypt has been a partner of the United States over the last 30 years, has been instrumental in keeping the peace in the Middle East between Egypt and Israel, which is a critical accomplishment that has meant so much to so many people.
Hillary Clinton
I spent a lot of time in Tower Records. I’m a huge music nerd, and Tower was instrumental to me when I was growing up.
Colin Hanks
Voices are like fingerprints, from Cagney to Bogart. They never lost it. My voice is instrumental in categorizing me.
Sylvester Stallone
I did record a bunch of stuff, but the thing that usually stops me from doing that is that I’m a terrible singer. I made a bunch of instrumental music, and it feels really good, but just as a singer, I’m not good.
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is a great piece of filmmaking and does a valuable public service by raising difficult questions most Hollywood movies shy away from, but as of this writing, it seems that one of its central themes – that torture was instrumental to tracking down bin Laden – is not supported by the facts.
Peter Bergen
Hugh Hefner was instrumental in my career, you know, by promoting the free-speech movement. People forget that about him.
Ruth Westheimer
My mother has been very instrumental in shaping up my career. Whatever I am today is because of her. Because I didn’t have a father, she played both the roles of a mother and a father in my life.
Rashami Desai
When I met Zaeden, I bonded well with him he had an instrumental piece ready so we worked on it, composed, and added lyrics. Then we came up up with this EDM-Bollywood fusion.
Ankit Tiwari
I really hope that with my album, because I have a bit more of a mainstream crossover following, I really hope that I can introduce some new listeners to this world of instrumental music.
Nita Strauss
The bulk of my set is instrumental and you have to give yourself and the audience some relief because a performance is not about great guitar playing it’s really about entertainment.
Leo Kottke
I think YouTube has been super instrumental in our success as well, because I think there’s something really important about seeing and hearing what we’re doing.
Kirstin Maldonado
Before acting offers came by, I dabbled in theatre under the aegis of the late thespian Dinesh Thakur. He was instrumental in honing my acting skills.
Arfi Lamba