Interest Quotes

Interest Quotes by Tariq Ramadan, James C. Collins, John Perkins, Stewart D. Friedman, Jose Saramago, Arne Jacobsen and many others.

If you do your work, if you are committed at the grassr

If you do your work, if you are committed at the grassroots level, if you have a vision for the long run (not only short-sighted interest), you can change public opinion.
Tariq Ramadan
Level 5 leaders channel their ego needs away from themselves and into the larger goal of building a great company. It’s not that Level 5 leaders have no ego or self-interest. Indeed, they are incredibly ambitious-but their ambition is first and foremost for the institution, not themselves.
James C. Collins
The Treasury Department would use the interest from these securities to hire U.S. companies to build Saudi Arabia – new cities, new infrastructure – which we’ve done.
John Perkins
Firms that fully embrace the needs and interests of the whole person will win today’s competition for the best talent.
Stewart D. Friedman
Ah, in every age there is always some new wonder to astound mankind until they grow accustomed to it and lose interest.
Jose Saramago
You will soon find that I am a bit obsessive about my work. And that is a little sad, one often feels strangely restricted, not finding time to simmer, although one actually has many interests.
Arne Jacobsen
Levitt admits to having the reading interests of a tweener girl, the Twilight series and Harry Potter in particular.
Steven Levitt
It is the obligation of every person who claims to oppose oppression to resist the oppressor by every means at his or her disposal. Not to engage in physical resistance, armed resistance to oppression, is to serve the interests of the oppressor; no more, no less. There are no exceptions to the rule, no easy out.
Assata Shakur
Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.
Henry Miller
We know that there are chiselers. At the bottom of every case of criticism and obstruction we have found some selfish interest, some private axe to grind.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Raising interest rates might lead to some initial reductions in wealth by lowering asset prices, but it could also take a bite out of your paycheck and dampen your prospects of finding a job. It’s a bit of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Gerald Epstein
The interest right now is taking resources back to the state and allowing the minority to have tyranny over the minority. It’s an ideological power grab. It’s like in this Congressional rebellion they are willing to sink the ship to destroy the captain.
Jesse Jackson
The British had an even stronger [then America] business interest in Nazi Germany. And Benito Mussolini was greatly admired.
Noam Chomsky
Gold is not necessary. I have no interest in gold. We’ll build a solid state, without an ounce of gold behind it. Anyone who sells above the set prices, let him be marched off to a concentration. That’s the bastion of money.
Adolf Hitler
Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer.
Ed Cunningham
I hate the hand that comes out of a car and just drops litter in the street. I hate that! For some reason, it just fills me with fury! It’s just utter laziness, lack of interest in other people, lack of interest in the planet, in the hedgehog who might eat the plastic bag, it’s a lack of concern.
Joanna Lumley
I think audiences, producers and directors included, develop crushes on actors (actresses in particular) and then lose interest and move on to the next one.
Julia Stiles
My personal opinion, Suni Williams – I think that when we really leave the planet – we all go as humans, not as people from one country or another. We are humans; we work together. This is our only planet as human beings that we know of. So we all should have an interest in preserving it.
Sunita Williams
No company is hiring anyone to search for messages from aliens. Most people don’t seem to think there’s much benefit to it. The lack of interest is, I think, because most people don’t realize what even a simple detection would really mean.
Frank Drake
I think it’s extremely important to speak to the role of friendship in business. There’s enough people talking about funding and capital. I want to talk about how important it is to surround yourself with people that have more experience than you, but also people that have different experience and interests than you.
Nicole Richie
I have asked myself once or twice lately what was my natural bent. I have no doubt at all: It is to look at each day for the evil of that day and have a go at it, and that is why I have never failed to have an acute interest in each morning’s letters.
Geoffrey Fisher
Adam Smith was aware of the way that economic interests could have a distorting and destructive effect both on the market and on politics.
Allen W. Wood
Certainly there are great men whose age circumscribes them so completely that we lose interest.
Haniel Long
If you’re long-term oriented, customer interests and shareholder interests are aligned.
Jeff Bezos
I had all the normal interests – I played basketball and I headed the school paper. But I also developed very early a great love for music and literature and the theater.
Carlisle Floyd
The lawgiver ought to be gentle, lenient and humane. The lawgiver ought to be a skilled architect who raises his building on the foundation of self-love, and the interest of all ought to be the product of the interests of each.
Cesare Beccaria
I love 3D a lot, I have a great interest in 3D, so if I am given the tools to do a project with 3D, it’s a dream for me.
Michel Gondry
IT is difficult to speak or write with becoming moderation or propriety, on topics to which we are biased by prejudice, interest, or even principle.
Joseph Lancaster
Confidence is a reduction of your own interest in whether others are thinking about you and if so, what they’re thinking.
Augusten Burroughs
I think we do have an interest in combating states that try to cross borders and steal parts of other people’s country.
Samantha Power
Then, the other thing that affected my interest in choices growing up was the fact that I was going blind and that meant that there were lots of questions that constantly kept arising about how much choices I actually could have.
Sheena Iyengar
That’s the conundrum of cartoon stripping, as opposed to political cartoons. When your anger is the driving force of your drawing hand, failure follows. The anger is OK, but it has to serve the interests of the heart, frankly.
Berkeley Breathed
The knowledge of the cross brings a conflict of interest between God who has become man and man who wishes to become God.
JГјrgen Moltmann
The fact is … that when totalitarian nations like China and Saudi Arabia play ball with U.S. business interests, we like them just fine. But when Venezuela’s freely elected president threatens powerful corporate interests, the Bush administration treats him as an enemy.
Robert Scheer
I’m oftentimes asked, What difference does it make to America if people are dying of malaria in a place like Ghana? It means a lot. It means a lot morally, it means a lot from a — it’s in our national interest.
George W. Bush
My interest in this pack of failures betrays my character.
Leonard Cohen
I think it is a cornerstone of our electoral system that you raise electoral funds for elections but that doesn’t mean that therefore the implication can be made that the recipients are incapable of transacting their interests and their duties towards people any differently.
Bill Shorten
America has a strategic interest in continuing to welcome international students at our colleges, universities, and high schools. Attracting the world’s top scientific scholars helps to keep our economy competitive.
Norm Coleman
I like travelling and if I have to come to Hollywood to make a movie I will, but otherwise I’d never move there. It’s very much an industry town and that doesn’t really interest me.
Juliette Binoche
I lost interest in firearms because we had a dog that was scared to death of the sound of a rifle shot.
James Spader
It must be a sign of talent that I do not give up, though I can get nobody to take an interest in my efforts.
Fanny Mendelssohn
Moreover, the practical recommendations deduced from ecological principles threaten the vested interests of commerce; it is hardly surprising that the financial and political power created by these investments should be used sometimes to suppress environmental impact studies.
Garrett Hardin
Stepping back from running [Donald Trump] positions is meaningless from a conflict of interests perspective. The presidency is a full-time job and he would have had to step back anyway.
Reince Priebus
We’ve seen a great deal of interest from the Occupy movement. It’s a diverse movement, not everyone embraces electoral politics, and no one can speak for Occupy.
Jill Stein
I think it’s so foolish for people to want to be happy. Happy is so momentary–you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous.
Georgia O’Keeffe
I’ve always had an interest in vampire films – not just ‘Nosferatu,’ but there are many others that I have enjoyed: Abel Ferrara,Coppola, Neil Jordan.
Park Chan-wook
Unless you become more watchful in your states and check the spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that…the control over your dearest interests has passed into the hands of these corporations.
Andrew Jackson
Increased interest and participation by labor in the affairs of government should make for economic and political stability in the future. Labor has a constitutional and statutory right to participate.
John L. Lewis
I became a bit of a teacher’s pet, and it became known in the school by both faculty and students that I really excelled in the arts. So that recognition I credit for my growing interest in art that continued to evolve later on.
Paul Smith
I’m afraid Dr. Mondrick chose an unfortunate publicity device. After all, the theory of human evolution is no longer front page news. Every known detail of the origin of mankind is extremely important to such a specialist as Dr. Mondrick, but it doesn’t interest the man in the street – not unless it’s dramatized.
Jack Williamson
On the Internet, news is consumed a la carte. If someone shows up on the main page of a website and doesn’t see anything of interest, they leave. This negatively impacts ad revenues. The solution on the Internet is to pack news websites full of things that will draw people in, regardless of whether they are news or not.
Drew Curtis
That good disposition which boasts of being most tender is often stifled by the least urging of self-interest.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
To love the public, to study universal good, and to promote the interest of the whole world, as far as lies within our power, is the height of goodness, and makes that temper which we call divine.
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury
A woman who shaves or otherwise depilates her pubic curls has a profound interest in recreational sex.
Maureen Johnson
We have an interest in combating tactics in war that are abhorrent and that only fuel terrorism because they incite people on the ground.
Samantha Power
I see a resurgence of interest in poetry. I am less optimistic about the prospects for the arts when it comes to federal funding.
Rita Dove
To get great again, we need to recreate what made us great in the first place, and so we’re going to have to let interest rates go up.
Peter Schiff
What I was doing for those assignments wasn’t always directly tied to what I was doing for myself, but it gave me the space to photograph. I started getting assignments that dealt with my own interests and made some pictures in that direction.
Peter van Agtmael
The emergence of a new term to describe a certain phenomenon, of a new adjective to designate a certain quality, is always of interest, both linguistically and from the point of view of the history of human thought.
Logan Pearsall Smith
An enlarged Union based on Nice is not in the interest of any Member State … This is not a threat. This is a messenger delivering news.
Joschka Fischer
God keeps the entire Universe in order, and still finds time to take a personal interest in you and me.
Mother Angelica
If a man, notoriously and designedly, insults and affronts you, knock him down; but if he only injures you, your best revenge is to be extremely civil to him in your outward behaviour, though at the same time you counterwork him, and return him the compliment, perhaps with interest.
Lord Chesterfield
Let’s save all the children, save the babies, save the babies.
Marvin Gaye
I will not support putting American soldiers into Iraq as an occupying force. I don’t think that is in our interest, and I don’t think that would be smart to do. In fact, I think that would be a big red flag waving for ISIS to reconstitute itself.
Hillary Clinton
Photographers – idiots, of which there are so many – say, “Oh, if only I had a Nikon or a Leica, I could make great photographs.” That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. It’s nothing but a matter of seeing, and thinking, and interest.
Andreas Feininger
I always tell up-and-coming DJs you have to really love what you do and find that interest to drive you. It requires so much attention to detail, and it takes up a lot of your time. You hear a song, and there are so many little pieces that make that song work. It requires a lot of patience, diligence and resilience.
Steve Aoki
Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them.
Thomas Jefferson
I also got a chance to go to the American Museum in New York, which helped my interest.
Robert T. Bakker
For a company to excel, employees must be reassured that self-interest, not the company’s, is their foremost priority. We believe an employee who puts himself first will be motivated to perform.
Ricardo Semler
Girl Scouts offered a wonderful group of girls where common concerns and interests could come together. We could learn, be challenged, and support one another. It was a very positive aspect of my life and played an important role in shaping who I am today.
Judy Woodruff
Directors are our teachers, and I’m always craving to work with a great director. They’re pretty much the first thing that interests me about a project.
Naomi Watts
It was fascinating what a total interest he [John F. Kennedy] had in his tradecraft of being a politician. I didn’t realize before that he was working on his memoirs all along, how he ran for Congress, that sort of thing.
Chris Matthews
I’m always just trying to get the work done so that I can be free – like, with the sense that, like, the real me has no interest in this? I just gotta do it for my boss. But the catch is that I’m never free, I never finish the work, so I don’t know who this freewheeling employee with extracurricular interests is.
Miranda July
According to data provided by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, and the national interest, between 9/11 and the end of 2014, at least 380 foreign-born individuals were convicted in terror cases inside the United States. Our country is a mess! We don`t even know what to look for anymore, folks.
Donald Trump
I think politics can no longer be assigned to parliamentary activity and it probably never could be. But politics with a small p and the history of trade union movement really interests me.
Saffron Burrows
If a State has reliable scientific information that demonstrates that a warning is needed for a particular food, then in the interest of public health, it should share that information with the FDA and petition for a new national standard.
Nathan Deal
You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.
Robert Breault
The world clings to its old mental picture of the stock market because it’s comforting; because it’s so hard to draw a picture of what has replaced it; and because the few people able to draw it for you have no interest in doing so.
Michael Lewis
[In a democracy] a common passion or interest will, in almost every case , be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert results from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual.
James Madison
I have no interest in increasing the size of government. I just want to make sure we have got a smart government that is regulating, for example, the financial institutions smartly, so I don’t have to engage in any kind of bank bailouts.
Barack Obama
You can bring down governments, you can do a lot of things that are in your own interests even though liberals will get very antsy when you start talking about it.
Tom Tancredo
The whole process of getting licenses to broadcast, which took place decades ago, was done behind closed doors by powerful lobbies, and wealthy commercial interests got all the licenses with no public input, no congressional input for that matter.
Robert Waterman McChesney
In an era when too many Americans are losing their jobs or working for less, trying to make ends meet, in close cases Judge [Samuel] Alito has ruled the vast majority of the time against the claims of the individual citizens. He has acted instead in favor of government, large corporations and other powerful interests.
Edward Kennedy
I would like to see an agreement that recognizes that we live on the same planet and that some interests, such as human rights, must be universal and that all religions must be respected.
Ninian Smart
There’s actually an article in the Washington Post, I don’t know whether it’s tongue in cheek or not, which said the criterion for being on the list of banned states is that [Donald] Trump doesn’t have business interests there.
Noam Chomsky
What is the best way to go beyond self-interest and obsession
with personal demands, needs and disappointments?
The answer is: Whatever you do, may it benefit everyone.
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
People are so docile right now. It is almost as if good government means when the politicians lie to us for our own good, for the public good, and bad government is when politicians lie for their own selfish interests.
James Bovard
Actually, with those dirty movies, I find like, they’re good for about fifteen, twenty minutes. I’m really interested. And, then, uh, there’s one point, that all of a sudden I’m bored. You know? I just lose interest completely and I feel deeply ashamed.
Norm MacDonald
The virtues are lost in self-interest as rivers are lost in the sea.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The principle element in a performance is risk, and if you’re losing interest then by scaring yourself to death the audience will feel it and boy it’ll wake them up.
Leo Kottke
What interests me, … is why people are so repelled when, after all, everyone started life attached. In a sense, the twins have never been born because they are still tied by an umbilical cord. Relationships between women – daughters, mothers, friends – are one of my strong interests.
Judith Perelman Rossner
If we merely try to impress people and get people interested in us, we will never have many true, sincere friends. Friends, real friends, are not made that way.
Dale Carnegie
The need for justice grows out of the conflict of human interests. That is to say, if there were no conflict of interests among mankind we should never have invented the word justice, nor conceived the idea for which it stands.
Thomas Nixon Carver
Jewish people have put the interests of race over the interests of the American people…. Jews are filled with more hatred and rage for our race, for our heritage, for our blood than perhaps you can imagine.
David Duke
Pandaemonium was inhabited by creatures quite convinved that the great Satan had their best interests at heart. Poor little devils.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Whoever we may be, whatever our immediate interest, however much we carry baggage from our past, however much we have been caught by the fashion of cynicism and loss of faith in the capacity of the people, let us err today and say – nothing can stop us now!
Thabo Mbeki
Putin never wanted all of Ukraine. He wanted for historical purposes to take Crimea. He did. Then he wanted a part of Ukraine that he could always use to advance Russian interests. And he is now at a point where nobody in the West is shouting, hey, stop. Give us back Crimea. It’s all accepted. And so he has won.
Marvin Kalb
Politics in this country [USA] is always tough. It’s always contentious, because this is a big country and a diverse country, and people have strong points of view, and we’ve got a great diversity of interests.
Barack Obama
What I would have liked to do on that show was play a secretary of state who has huge personal business interests throughout the world. That, to me, seems to be more in synch with reality.
William Devane
The existing principle of selfish interest and competition has been carried to its extreme point; and, in its progress, has isolated the heart of man, blunted the edge of his finest sensibilities, and annihilated all his most generous impulses and sympathies.
Frances Wright
Environmentalists aren’t nearly sensitive enough to the fact that they are messing around with struggling people and their livelihoods. They forget that the fishermen are the people with the most immediate vested interest in having a healthy sea.
Mark Kurlansky
It is a terrible situation when the Government, to insure the National Wealth, must go in debt and submit to ruinous interest charges, at the hands of men, who control the fictitious value of gold. Interest is the invention of Satan.
Thomas A. Edison
[From a window in the Writer’s Building at MGM, which overlooked a cemetery:] Hello down there. It might interest you to know that up here we are just as dead as you are.
Dorothy Parker
Play interests me very much,” said Hermann: “but I am not in the position to sacrifice the necessary in the hope of winning the superfluous.
Alexander Pushkin
Leaders, whatever the size of their organizations, are those willing to put the interests of other people before their own.
Simon Sinek
My main interest in being a director, and the most important thing to me, is that world with the actors.
Matt Reeves
America has never paid any attention to other people, so it’s absurd for Bush to say that it’s all in the best interests of the Iraqi people.
Richard Gere
What interests me in writing a novel is taking really remote voices, characters, and stories and beginning to create some kind of web.
Nicole Krauss
Between pigs and human beings there was not and there need not be any clash of interest whatsoever.
George Orwell
I have no interest in celebrities. If all the superrich disappeared, the world economy would not even notice. The superrich are irrelevant to the economy.
Peter Drucker
Vertical search engines that match your business, service or products with a target market offer you a higher conversion rate than traditional search engines. Because they have already qualified their interest by coming to a search engine with a specific focus, searchers will be more receptive to targeted advertising.
Marc Ostrofsky
I dealt with legal questions in the interest of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP and its members during the difficult years of struggle for the victory of the Movement.
Hans Frank
The idea that you can cross a dimension, or commune with the dead, or life on other planets… these are the great unknowns. They will be debated as long as their is life. I think there’s an inherent interest from people in what that stuff is.
James Roday
Which is more subversive-and corrosive-to believe in altruism or to see it simply as a cloak of self interest? Even if altruism did not exist, it would be necessary to believe in it. Pessimists in power are prone to despotism.
Frank Prochaska
While there are practical and sometimes moral reasons for the decomposition of the family, it coincides neither with what most people in society say they desire nor, especially in the case of children, with their best interests.
Robert Neelly Bellah
I can’t write. I would love to. I don’t really have an interest in it, to be honest. I’ll leave that to my fiance.
Jennifer Aniston
All men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it.
John Locke
My administration will not answer to donors or lobbyists or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me.
Donald Trump
It [9/11 event] transcended the political and moved into the metaphysical. There was a kind of cosmic, demonic quality of mind at work here, which refused to have any interest in dialogue and political organization and persuasion.
Edward Said
I place the blame with our own leaders who are not defending our interests. A strong euro is ruining our economy.
Marine Le Pen
If everyone in America can easily see who and what their lawmakers are requesting taxpayer money for, we can keep elected officials honest, end the days of political, special interest favors, and reduce wasteful spending.
Kirsten Gillibrand
I am not looking for a relationship right now. I have no interest in putting my time or effort into another person, nor do I need another person to put energy into me, OK? Because that’s what granola bars are for.
Lilly Singh
If life were eternal, all interest and anticipation would vanish. It is uncertainty which lends it fascination.
Yoshida Kenko
The destinies of the two races in this country are indissolubly linked together, and the interests of both require that the common government of all shall not permit the seeds of race hate to be planted under the sanction of law.
Bobby Scott
But I think that sensitivity is also a good counsellor when it comes to enforcing one’s interests.
Johannes Rau
We all have an equal interest in stability and security throughout Europe. The years the OSCE has existed, and particularly this year, have given rise to great expectations and at the same time to powerful disappointments.
Boris Yeltsin
I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household and I wouldn’t say so much it’s informed my views, but it’s informed my interest, so I think as a child I was often very baffled by knowledge claims.
Rebecca Goldstein
To deem us simply enemies is to lose the true flavor of our relationship. It was more like the two of us entered into a business partnership in order to more efficiently pursue our mutual interest of hating each other.
Patrick Rothfuss
I didn’t expect to love being online as much as I do. I’ve met some wonderful people and discovered that however arcane some of my interests that there are people out there who are interested too.
Sara Sheridan
Chuchill has renounced all British interests in Europe and those of his people who are not blind now realise that the pretext for this war was far removed from the cause of it, namely, the subservience of the so-called democratic politicians to their Jewish masters.
William Joyce
The question of engineering should be of interest not only to those of us who are engineers, but to the entire public which lives in an engineering world
Karl Taylor Compton
I don’t use my money to gain political influence for my private interests, which is what many rich people do, and what, in a sense, market fundamentalism does, because it is in the interests of people who have a lot of money to have as little taxes as possible.
George Soros
Can Protagonist think of a single film that interests him as much as the three-hundredth best book he ever read?
David Markson
Too much brilliance has its disadvantages, and misplaced wit may raise a laugh, but often beheads a topic of profound interest.
Margot Asquith
You cannot trust the interests of any class entirely to another class; and you cannot trust the interests of any sex to another sex.
David Lloyd George
I have but one system of ethics for men and for nations – to be grateful, to be faithful to all engagements under all circumstances, to be open and generous, promoting in the long run even the interests of both
Thomas Jefferson
I think my love of science comes from an interest in wanting to understand the world and wanting to understand our place in it. If I can hook, and reveal, and then, show something, illuminate something about the world, then that’s important to me.
Kysa Johnson
My interests drew me in different directions. On the one hand I was powerfully attracted by science, with its truths based on facts; on the other hand I was fascinated by everything to do with comparative religion. […] In science I missed the factor of meaning; and in religion, that of empiricism.
Carl Jung
We’ve all got to look at ourselves, start with yourself, that’s all you can do. I believe that we can act responsibly as a group, it’s just that there are vested interests telling us not to bother.
Ben Elton
Competition, founded upon the conflicting interests of individuals, is in reality far less productive of wealth and enterprise than co-operation, involving though it does the constant apparent sacrifice of the individual to the common interests.
Robert Hugh Benson
Some of the conflict of interest laws do apply to the president, particularly The Emoluments Clause to “The Constitution,” which prohibits any type of benefit from a foreign government.
Reince Priebus
I’m really interested in bands that sound nothing like anything I do or can do. That’s what interests me.
Andy Partridge
Except ye become as little children, except you can wake on your fiftieth birthday with the same forward-looking excitement and interest in life that you enjoyed when you were five, “ye cannot enter the kingdom of God.” One must not only die daily, but every day we must be born again.
Dorothy L. Sayers
We know that there are children out there whose parents do not take the kind of interest in their upbringing and in their existence that we would wish, but I don’t think censorship is ever the solution to any problem, be it societal or be it the kind of information or ideas that you have access to.
Judith Krug
English civilization the humanizing, the bringing into one harmonious and truly humane life, of the whole body of English society that is what interests me.
Matthew Arnold
Tell the story as if it were only of interest to the small circle of your characters, of which you may be one. There is no other way to put life into the story.
Horacio Quiroga
Central banks have gotten out of the central banking business and into the central planning business, meaning that they are devoted to raising up-if they can-economic growth and employment through the dubious means of suppressing interest rates and printing money. The nice thing about gold is that you can’t print it.
James Grant
Government provided free tuition tends more and more to produce a uniform conformist education, with college faculties ultimately dependent for their jobs on the government, and so developing an economic interest in profession and teaching a statist, pro-government, and socialist ideology.
Henry Hazlitt
Even today you can look through almost any consumer or professional publication and find headlines that possess not a single one of the necessary qualities, such as self-interest, news, or curiosity.
John Caples
I try to use short sentences, short paragraphs and short chapters to keep the reader’s interest.
Nelson DeMille
A constant tension exists between an individual’s interests, personal needs, and skills, and what the organization requires of her. We’ve all asked ourselves, How much of my own agenda should I sacrifice in order to help the rest of the staff meet the company’s goals?
Pat Heim
A poet’s interest in craft never fades, of course.
Mary Oliver
What North Europe thinks of as its history is actually quite provincial and of limited interest. Different sorts of Christian killing each other, and that’s about it.
Thomas Pynchon
Why should conservationists have a positive interest in… farming? There are lots of reasons, but the plainest is: Conservationists eat.
Wendell Berry
Do you realize you can actually listen a person’s soul into existence? Your fervent interest in the inner life of those you care for can awaken their dormant powers. The teacher Richard Moss says ‘The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.’ Offer this gift.
Rob Brezsny
Anything we can do in the near future that begins to stimulate the interest of people – seeing somebody down the street have an opportunity to go into space – buoys up the whole neighborhood.
Buzz Aldrin
I have always had a keen interest in defence and military history and read more on this subject than anything else.
Bob Ainsworth
Let us return, however, to the League of Nations. To create an organization which is in a position to protect peace in this world of conflicting interests and egotistic wills is a frighteningly difficult task
Hjalmar Branting
In all the history of the boxing game, you’ll find no human interest story to compare with the life narrative of James J. Braddock.
Damon Runyon
But if Shakespeare himself is maybe about meaning and truth, I don’t know, then he is certainly about pleasure and interest, we start with pleasure and interest, but maybe eventually it gets to meaning and truth.
Stephen Greenblatt
When someone discovers something in their lives that really interests them, then they should be content with doing that – without having to go and lie on a beach once a year.
Bernd Becher
We are the folk song army, every one of us cares. We all hate poverty, war, and injustice unlike the rest of you squares.
Tom Lehrer
A good sermon should be like a woman’s skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials.
Ronald Knox
Your FICO score is an “I love debt” score. You’re going to pay a bazillion dollars in interest to keep your FICO score up in order to have lower homeowner’s and car insurance rates.
Dave Ramsey
I am not really interested in the comic book movies for example. They send me very violent scripts that don’t interest me. One I was sent involved me playing a woman, a mother and wife who gets killed, shot in the stomach. It was a thriller and it did not excite me at all. So I turned it down.
Kristin Davis
I ought to warn you that my verse is of no interest to people who can think.
John Betjeman
there is not enough interest in life to spread over twenty-four hours when one can’t sleep.
Madame de Stael
Has it not. . . invariably been found that momentary passions, and immediate interests, have a more active and imperious control over human conduct than general or remote considerations of policy, utility and justice?
Alexander Hamilton
There is a wonderful feeling when you walk into your own exhibition. You see the work as a true extension of yourself. Win or lose, your interests have led you to an accumulation of your personal expression, signed lower right,
mounted to best advantage.
Robert Genn
Books of quick interest, that hurry on for incidents are for the eye to glide over only. It will not do to read them out. I could never listen to even the better kind of modern novels without extreme irksomeness.
Charles Lamb
Most of the time, creative entrepreneurs lose interest long before their marketing message loses its power.
Seth Godin
My agency in promoting the passage of the National Banking Act was the greatest mistake of my life. It has built up a monopoly which affects every interest in the country
Salmon P. Chase
America is not only big and rich, it is mysterious; and its capacity for the humorous or ironical concealment of its interests matches that of the legendary inscrutable Chinese.
David Riesman
I have no interest or desire to be head of Fine Gael…. I am ambitious for my country and I always said I would love to sit at Cabinet.
Lucinda Creighton
I can’t imagine what it would be like to write in a relaxed state. I’m going to be writing some stories for my own interest. I want to experiment with different things and see if I can approach writing with much less control and in a better psychological state. It will be like breaking out of a straitjacket.
Kate Atkinson
A relationship is lovely if you’re happy, comfortable in it and you really like the person. I can think of nothing better. But there’s nothing worse than having a relationship in which you feel no interest.
Susannah York
I do believe that freedom isn’t free – but today the corporate and political right wing is trying to cheapen this truly American value. They’ve been cynically using the word ‘freedom’ to rally the American public against its own best interests.
Richard Trumka
The movies I make and my interests are always about pushing the technology as far as we can in support of telling great stories and showing an audience things they haven’t seen before.
Joseph Kosinski
It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.
Max Eastman
Interest is the spur of the people, but glory that of great souls.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Often, these downplay the power of cultural imperialism – in that sense, playing the game of US interests – by reassuring us that the global success of American mass culture is not as bad as all that.
Fredric Jameson
Deeply consider that it is your duty and interest to read the Holy Scriptures.
Adam Clarke
But poetry is a way of language, it is not its subject or its maker’s background or interests or hobbies or fixations. It is nearer to utterance than history.
Thomas Lynch
You know the Art Rule: Do something that entertains/interests YOU, if you’re lucky it’ll do the same for others.
Keith Olbermann
He who is infatuated with Man leaves persons out of account so far as that infatuation extends, and floats in an ideal, sacred interest. Man, you see, is not a person, but an ideal, a spook.
Max Stirner
What Cable is up to is not something that can be done quietly. It will raise the interest of some pretty important people and leaders in the X-Men community will have to step in at some point in the storyline.
Jeph Loeb
I am a huge fan of Bollywood movies. Whenever I get time, I enjoy watching Hindi movies. Cooking really interests me, so I also experiment with food in my free time.
Satnam Singh Bhamara
I must confess that I am interested in leisure in the same way that a poor man is interested in money.
Prince Philip
I think the concern over rising interest rates is ahead of itself because I think inflationary fears themselves might be premature.
Sung Won Sohn
The true price of leadership is the willingness to place the needs of others above your own. Great leaders truly care about those they are privileged to lead and understand that the true cost of the leadership privilege comes at the expense of self-interest.
Simon Sinek
My own views on abortion, I’m not on either pole of that and neither of the interest groups on either end of this issue would probably be comfortable with my views.
Stephen Harper
I have always had an interest in performers who play against the most obvious of expectations and are able to find something secret, something withheld, and some level of restraint.
Todd Haynes
Nothing is more maddening than being questioned by the object of one’s interest about the object of hers, should that object not be you.
Iris Murdoch
Karma is an energy debt which you owe or an energy credit which is owed you. Both involve compound interest that is added to the equation making it either a burden or a blessing.
Paul Russo
One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.
John Stuart Mill
I mean, Dodd-Frank is strangling small community banks. It doesn’t make any difference what the interest rate is. They’re not – they’re not going to loan the money because they can’t make any money for one thing plus the cost of compliance.
Rick Perry
One can’t allow blind loyalty to a friendship to lead one away from acting in the public interest. If Martin [Schulz] were to propose something that was totally absurd, our friendship would not prevent me from doing the opposite.
Jean-Claude Juncker
I think after Sandy Hook, when Obama went out, and he talked a lot about gun control and met with the parents, there was a sense that something was going to happen. But then, I guess, the power of special interests was greater than public sentiment.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
As to the first, I do not know that I have done very much myself to promote fraternity between nations but I do know that there can be no more important purpose for any man’s activity or interests.
Lester B. Pearson
There’s another point that I wanted to mention here, particularly the engagement and commitment to Africa. For us Europeans, Africa as a neighboring continent is of prime importance. The development of African countries is in our very own vested interest.
Angela Merkel
I didn’t have any interest in doing rich people’s homes. I still don’t.
Frank Gehry
The bane of Americans is overwork-and the ruin of any work is a divided interest. Concentrate-concentrate. One thing at a time.
Mark Twain
My platform has been to reach reluctant readers. And one of the best ways I found to motivate them is to connect them with reading that interests them, to expand the definition of reading to include humor, science fiction/fantasy, nonfiction, graphic novels, wordless books, audio books and comic books.
Jon Scieszka
Rudy Giuliani would bring conflicts of interest into any Senate confirmation hearing that would be impossible to clear if confirmation hearings operate under the same gravitational forces that they used to in the pre-Trump era.
Lawrence O’Donnell
So much of great American drama has been about a certain kind of dysfunctional family, and maybe my interests are in the kind of strange dysfunction that exists even among deeply functional families.
Stephen Karam
My interest in science was excited at age nine by an article on astronomy in National Geographic; the author was Donald Menzel of the Harvard Observatory. For the next few years, I regularly made star maps and snuck out at night to make observations from a locust tree in our back yard.
Dudley R. Herschbach
Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
There is nothing perhaps more adverse to nature and reason than to hold in obedience remote countries and foreign nations, in opposition to their inclination and interest.
Edward Gibbon
The greatest economic power might in fact remain in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Economists credit the Fed’s policy of keeping interest rates at historic lows with helping to pump up the economy and bring unemployment down.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.
Henri Frederic Amiel
The United States form a young republic, a confederacy which ought ever to be cemented by a union of interests and affection, under the influence of those principles which obtained their independence.
Mercy Otis Warren
Men spend their life down here in the worship of petty (or mean) interests and the search of perishable things, and with that (“et avec cela”, Fr.) they pretend to perpetuate for all eternity their self (“moi”, Fr.) so hardly worthy (“digne”, Fr.) of it.
African Spir
If a man carries his horse out of a slave State into a free one, be does not lose his property interest in him; but if he carries his slave into a free State, the law makes him free.
Benjamin F. Wade
A person who talks with equal vivacity on every subject, excites no interest in any. Repose is as necessary in conversation as in a picture.
William Hazlitt
Historically, large-scale global trade has served two functions: 1) the exchange of goods between willing sellers and buyers described in Econ 101 textbooks; 2) as a tool of state aggrandizement, in which the private parties are stand-ins for governmental interests.
Charles C. Mann
My overall worldview has never changed: that America has and must maintain the strongest military in the world, that we must lead the international community to confront threats and challenges together, and that we must use all tools of American power to protect our citizens and our interests.
Chuck Hagel
On the professional side, I’ve helped move cinema from a chemical-based medium to a digital-based medium. That’ll be one of the landmarks. And I’ve left these stories, these little tales that have been imprinted on the media, which will or will not be of interest to people in the future. I’ve done the best I can.
George Lucas
The liquid drops of tears that you have shed
Shall come again, transform’d to orient pearl,
Advantaging their loan with interest
Of ten times double gain of happiness.
William Shakespeare
Im sorry Im not gay or Jewish, so I dont have a special interest group of journalists that support me.
Vincent Gallo
Whenever I feel I’m working in a groove it’s invariably because I feel I am being the benefactor in the situation rather than the beneficiary. I am sharing my art with others, lending my craft to theirs, interest-free with no IOU.
Twyla Tharp
It is invaluable to have a friend who shares your interests and helps you stay motivated.
Maryam Mirzakhani
What is honor, and riches, and the favor of creatures – so long as I lack the favor of God, the pardon of my sins, a saving interest in Christ, and the hope of glory! O Lord, give me these, or I die! Give me these, or else I shall eternally die!
Thomas Brooks
While I’ve worked on many topics and written many books, I have not abandoned my interest in multiple intelligences.
Howard Gardner
So, in the interests of survival, they trained themselves to be agreeing machines instead of thinking machines. All their minds had to do was to discover what other people were thinking, and then they thought that, too.
Kurt Vonnegut
Despite my vast interest in other universes and new ideas and space, travel and time travel, which by the way I think is impossible, the basic thing is human character, which is the main thing of most writers.
Philip Jose Farmer
Donald Trump abuses his power, games the system, puts his own interests ahead of the country’s.
Hillary Clinton
I’ve always been interested in fashion, and Urban Outfitters presented me with a huge opportunity to pursue that interest.
Bethany Cosentino
When everybody owns something, nobody owns it, and nobody has a direct interest in maintaining or improving its condition. That is why buildings in the Soviet Union – like public housing in the United States – look decrepit within a year or two of their construction.
Milton Friedman
When you start attacking cronyism and peoples political interests, it gets nasty.
Charles Koch
I was strongly encouraged by a science teacher who took an interest in me and presented me with a key to the laboratory to allow me to work whenever I wanted.
Frederick Reines
A sane person would think that Wal-Mart would never carry ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ because it’s simply not in their best interests to inform their customers of their shady past.
Michael Moore
Consciously, distinctly, resolutely, habitually, we need to give ourselves, our business, our interests, our families, our affections, into the Spirit’s hands, to lead and fashion us as He will. When we work with the current of that Divine will, all is vital, efficient, fruitful.
Frederic Dan Huntington
I think every once in a while I feel the need to break my medium… if I have been doing a very large painting I like to drop into something in small scale. It is a challenge to go into this size. It is just to hold my own interest, and then each media has its own conditions.
Lee Krasner
All cultures have had means and techniques of expressing their immediate aims – the Chinese, the Renaissance, all cultures. The thing that interests me is that today painters do not have to go to a subject matter outside of themselves.
Jackson Pollock
People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project (Muscle Shoals Dam) nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work. This is the terrible thing about interest.
Thomas A. Edison
Life has meaning for anyone who takes an interest in it.
Sidney Hook
If you attack Stupidity you attack an entrenched interest with friends in government and every walk of public life.
Robertson Davies
From my vantage point in writing a story, I can’t and don’t and have no interest in thinking about the level of sophistication of the audience. I can only think about what interests me, and maybe what I would want to see if I were watching the movie. To me, that’s the key to writing something that’s not pandering.
Charlie Kaufman
Today people can see and protest all the different interests that want war to happen, the people it financially benefits. The First World War wasn’t fought for that reason. The Second World War wasn’t fought for that reason. Your entire country and way of life could be overtaken.
John Boyne
So 2000 to 2008 probably is the last time we had leadership in Washington with any power which had the belief that America is the solution to problems in the world/ America always has been. We’ve got some things wrong but our motivations and interests have always been aboveboard.
Rush Limbaugh
It may be relatively mild when expressed as criticism, anger, or feelings of severe frustration. Criticism has a negative influence on the feelings of love for and interest in one’s spouse.
H. Burke Peterson
[T]he power system continues only as long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from the government, declares that it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day the power elites are doomed.
Antony C. Sutton
For much of my life there was no place where the things I wanted to investigate were of interest to anyone.
Benoit Mandelbrot
I have a huge interest in hockey because I grew up in Canada, where it’s kind of the law that you love hockey.
Matthew Perry
Husband and wife have so many interests in common that when they have jogged through the ups and downs of life a sufficient time, the leash which at first galled often grows easy and familiar.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
I’m not a historian but I can get interested – obsessively interested – with any aspect of the past, whether it’s palaeontology or archaeology or the very recent past.
Penelope Lively
We have no general conceptual thrust for the band, other than trying to make music that keeps our interest. When things are novel, they are probably things we have discovered by accident or investigation rather than by design
Steve Albini
Whenever I hear people utter anti-German sentiments, I say: You can’t blame Germany for defending its own interests.
Marine Le Pen
I certainly have written a lot about police in my life, and it’s not only something that I know about, but always something that interests me.
Ann Patchett
The term ‘geek’ for me is like you having a passion, interest in something that is unabashed and you don’t care if people think it’s not cool. You think it’s cool and that’s your thing.
Dominic Monaghan
If they don’t have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, ‘I don’t want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers … if they don’t have the guts, I call them girlie men.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Over the years, I learned so much from mom. She taught me about the importance of home and history and family and tradition. She also taught me that aging need not mean narrowing the scope of your activities and interests or a diminution of the great pleasures to be had in the everyday.
Martha Stewart
How can we know ourselves by ourselves? . . . Soul needs intimate connection, not only to individuate, but simply to live. For this we need relationships of the profoundest kind through which we can realize ourselves, where self-revelation is possible, where interest in and love for soul is paramount.
James Hillman
It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance… and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.
Henry James
Competition is like experimentation in science, a discovery process, and it must rely on the self interest of producers, it must allow them to use their knowledge for their purposes, because nobody else possesses the information
Friedrich August von Hayek
There are still hungry people in Ethiopia, but they are hungry because they
have no money, no longer because there is no food to buy… we strongly
resent the abuse of our poverty to sway the interests of the European
Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher
Sounded like girls. Mixed feelings on that score. He didn’t despise them with the same passion he used to. In fact, Benny suspected that there would come a time in the not-too-distant future when he might develop a mysterious interest in them.
Eoin Colfer
Structure your presentation so that you appeal to the different interests of the different decision-makers involved.
Brian Tracy
However, I must stress that my own interest is immediate and in the picture. What I am conscious of and what I feel is the picture I am making, the relation of that picture to others I have made and, more generally, its relation to others I have experienced.
Aaron Siskind
Australians can trust me to get the job done. They can have the confidence that in the heart of the circumstances I will win through in their interests no matter how relentlessly negative the leader of the opposition is.
Julia Gillard
The diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not less an insuperable obstacle to an uniformity of interests. The protection of these faculties is the first object of government.
James Madison
I have been interested in visual arts since high school and, after realising that I had absolutely no interest in the economics degree I had undertaken at ANU, I started a BFA in Sydney which I completed at VCA in Melbourne.
Patricia Piccinini
I do not like talking casually to people – it does not interest me – and most of them are unwilling to talk at all seriously.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
No one was going to stop me from writing and no one had to really guide me towards science fiction. It was natural, really, that I would take that interest.
Octavia Butler
NATO is in our national security interests. And, yes, we pay a lot for it, but, when we had Afghanistan, NATO troops were by our side from almost all of the NATO members. And they put their life and treasure on the line for us.
James Franklin Jeffrey
Your policy should be a mixture between your interests and how you reach your ends, but based on values. It cannot be only the end justifies the means, because for the criminals, ends justify the means, for thieves, for every illegal and immoral action, the end justifies the means.
Bashar al-Assad
The builders of the British Indian Empire have patiently built its four pillars-the European interests, the army, the Indian princes and the communal divisions.
Mahatma Gandhi
I would like the government to do all it can to mitigate, then, in understanding, in mutuality of interest, in concern for the common good, our tasks will be solved.
Warren G
I don’t intentionally try to find the scripts with unattractive characters, but I think that if a character is described in a script as heart-stoppingly beautiful, and there’s nothing else said about her, it just doesn’t hold a lot of interest for me.
Amy Adams
Post World War II America draws a great deal of interest, but the students also seem to know quite a bit about American exceptionalism and its historical roots.
Mohammad Marandi
But what would interest you about the brook,
It’s always cold in summer, warm in winter.
Robert Frost
I’m 41, I’m a woman, not a kid. I have no interest in making silly pop music.
Shirley Manson
It is not entirely true that a TV producer or reporter has complete control over the contents of programs. The interests and inclinations of the audience have as much to do with the what is on television as do the ideas of the producer and reporter.
Neil Postman
The thing that interests me is the good and evil in everybody. I don’t have conventional heroes in the films that I directed, because I believe there’s good and evil in everybody.
William Friedkin
As the existence of a corps of professors of mathematics is peculiar to our navy, as well as an apparent, perhaps a real, anomaly, some account of it may be of interest.
Simon Newcomb
I don’t have any interest in being a movie star.
Winona Ryder
I’m a big believer in getting kids involved in things where there’s a shared interest because that’s where they can have friends.
Temple Grandin
Social technology gives leaders a vital new platform with which to connect their companies to the myriad stakeholders who have an interest in their well being.
Simon Mainwaring
Because the free market system is so weak politically, the forms of capitalism that are experienced in many countries are very far from the ideal. They are a corrupted version, in which powerful interests prevent competition from playing its natural, healthy role.
Raghuram Rajan
I’ve had an interest in racing all my life, or longer really.
Kevin Keegan
The claims of existing social arrangements and of self interest have been duly allowed for. We cannot at the end count them a second time because we do not like the result.
John Rawls
Michael Jordan was a cultural icon that everybody on the playground wanted to be. The Bulls dynasty was a huge part of my childhood and it was the peak of my basketball interest as a kid.
If you were following the [Barack] Obama campaign back then, closely, you could see it had become very close to banking interests. So I think you can’t properly understand Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy without understanding Saudi Arabia.
Julian Assange
There are those who think that the private lives of candidates are none of our business. But when those candidates ask us for our attention as they explain their plans for how they will represent us, no one should be surprised at our interest in how they represent themselves.
Marlo Thomas
The renaissance of Christian philosophy has been accompanied by a resurgence of interest in natural theology, that branch of theology that seeks to prove God’s existence apart from divine revelation.
William Lane Craig
I have relationships with people I’m working with, based on our combined interest. It doesn’t make the relationship any less sincere, but it does give it a focus that may not last beyond the experience.
Harrison Ford
Democrats believe we must create jobs, not protect the special interests; build the economy from the middle out, not the top down.
Nancy Pelosi
That the will of the people can be established by voting for democrats is, of course, a delusion. Yet when considering a non-threatening system for deciding between diverse interests, then voting, of course, can be regarded as a humane and civilized process.
Robert Musil
Markets are, in the end, man-made devices for utilitarian purposes, not a force of nature that we should not try to resist. If they end up serving the interests of only a tiny minority, as is increasingly the case, we have the right – and indeed the duty – to regulate them in the interest of greater social good.
Ha-Joon Chang
If you neglect those who are currently poor and stable, you may create more poor and unstable people. There has been a tremendous concentration of donor interest in countries that are seen as particularly fragile – but it becomes harder to mobilise money for sub-Saharan, plain poor countries.
Helen Clark
The rules that the United States introduce will be obviously be rules for the United States, but I’m very clear about the opportunities I expect everyone in the UK to have. I will be representing the interests of everyone in the UK on a whole range of things we will talk about.
Theresa May
Because sometimes the best leaders are the ones who have no interest in leading. Those are often the ones who are most interested in doing what is right, not what is popular.
Joelle Charbonneau
The problem is that mainly the metal press has an interest in Burzum, and the rest of the world… probably hardly even know Burzum exists, and those who do shy away due to my fairly (:-))
Varg Vikernes
The individual is losing significance; his destiny is no longer what interests us.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
What America first means is we put the national interests of the United States and the well-being of our own country and our own people first. Our foreign policy, first and foremost, should be focused on the defense of American freedom, security and rights.
Pat Buchanan
Nowadays the field naturalist-who is usually at all points superior to the mere closet naturalist-follows a profession as full of hazard and interest as that of the explorer or of the big-game hunter in the remote wilderness.
Theodore Roosevelt
In a capitalist society, all human relationships are voluntary. Men are free to cooperate or not, to deal with one another or not, as their own individual judgments, convictions and interests dictate.
Ayn Rand
Hungry Hatred, will not strive against intelligence self-interest.
T. S. Eliot
We have allowed the interests of capital to outweigh the interests of human beings and our Earth.
Desmond Tutu
The Fed’s low-interest policy not only encourages spending and borrowing, it discourages the one thing that best helps people raise themselves into higher economic classes — saving.
Mark Thornton
Following graduation from Amherst, a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship enabled me to test the depth of my interest in literary scholarship by beginning graduate studies at Harvard University.
Harold E. Varmus
We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics. Out of the collapse of a prosperity whose builders boasted their practicality has come the conviction that in the long run economic morality pays.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
If you have a relative who’s lost interest in everything and doesn’t get out of bed, who doesn’t care for things they used to, can’t imagine anything that would give them any pleasure, don’t fool around with it; get therapy, get help, get medication if that’s right for you, or talk therapy, or something.
Dick Cavett
I always thought that there was going to be life after baseball, and so I designed that in my life I would have other interests after baseball that I would be able to step into. And I didn’t realize the grip that baseball had on me and on my family.
Nolan Ryan
My son, Tony Vincent, is a stuntman. He doubles for Jim Caviezel on ‘Person of Interest.’ He works really hard.
Frank Vincent
Some friendships are made by nature, some by contract, some by interest, and some by souls.
Jeremy Taylor
Enlightened self-interest from those involved in hydrocarbons should lead to the support of technologies enabling the clean use of hydrocarbons, such as carbon capture and storage, and not to the defence of deniers and cranks.
Nicholas Stern
At college my three main interests were – in descending order of importance – a steady supply of recreational drugs, a 2-S draft deferment, and overthrowing the Nixon administration.
Garry Trudeau
As far as your personal requirements are concerned, the ideal is to
have fewer involvements, fewer obligations, and fewer affairs,
business or whatever. However, so far as the interest of the larger
community is concerned, you must have as many involvements as
possible and as many activities as possible.
Dalai Lama
The filmmaker should make it, and then the critic should interpret it, period. If the director goes in there and starts telling you exactly what to think, you have just completely slapped the audience in the face and not given them the opportunity to interest it, and that’s terrible.
Joseph M. Kahn
One must always say things that aim to interest, because in the world one must after all pay for one’s keep.
Mary MacLane
Isn’t it refreshing to know that what comes perfectly natural for you is your greatest strength? Your power is in your nature. You may not think it’s a big deal that you can spend hours immersed in something that interests you-alone-but the extrovert next door has no idea how you do it.
Laurie Helgoe
All that is really necessary for survival of the fittest, it seems, is an interest in life, good, bad or peculiar.
Grace Paley
The world needs sustainable, profitable, vibrant content companies staffed by dedicated professionals; especially content for people that grew up on the web, whose entertainment and news interests are largely neglected by television and newspapers.
Jonah Peretti
Successful organizing is not built on self-interest but rather on dignity and a sense of purpose.
Paul Wellstone
Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.
George Washington
What interests me about fiction is, in part, its flickering edge between realism and where a tear in the fabric of a story lets in some other sort of light.
Ben Lerner
Saul Gorn, an authority on machine oi automated language who has expanded his interests from the use of the computer foi information storage and retrieval to the broader topic of the “‘information pollution” and an examination of the forces which contribute to it.
Saul Gorn
The postmodern worldview denies that there is such a thing as truth: historical, moral, or otherwise. It denies that truth exists independently of our perspectives and interests.
Mark Earley
The genius of Man in our time has gone into jet-propulsion, atom-splitting, penicillin-curing, etc. There is none left over for works of imagination; of spiritual insight or mystical enlightenment.
Malcolm Muggeridge
I love novels where not much ‘happens’ but where the interest is in the ideas and analyses of characters.
Alain de Botton
An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.
T. S. Eliot
In those days the big U.S. labels didn’t have any particular interest in the Latin market.
Ruben Blades
A disunited people till the end of time, suspicious and distrustful of each other, [the Americans] will be divided and subdivided into little commonwealths… with no center of union and no common interest.
Josiah Tucker
So many times, white – non-college-education – educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose.
Judy Woodruff
The essayist is a self-liberated man, sustained by the childish belief that everything he thinks about, everything that happens to him, is of general interest.
E. B. White
No doubt, a scientist isn’t necessarily penalized for being a complex, versatile, eccentric individual with lots of extra-scientific interests. But it certainly doesn’t help him a bit.
Stephen Toulmin
Charles Beard warned us that governments-inc luding the government of the United States-are not neutral, that they represent the dominant economic interests, and that their Constitutions are intended to serve these interests.
Howard Zinn
I’ve goofed, and there’s been something interesting, but I haven’t made use of it. It just doesn’t interest me.
Garry Winogrand
It should be everyone’s right in a capitalist system to have some way to take advantage of compound interest.
Katy Lederer
Often in America people would assume that [as an English actor] you’ve had some sort of deep, classical training, or that you’re a Shakespeare enthusiast. I have zero interest in me performing Shakespeare.
Bill Nighy
In practice, without appropriate government intervention, Smith’s “invisible hand” dons brass knuckles and conducts gang warfare, creating fierce battles between competitors who would be more than happy to define and enforce their own private property interests according to their own subjective rules.
Denise Caruso
Advertising is the place where the selfish interests of the manufacturer coincide with the interests of society.
David Ogilvy
Proclaim a theology of divine righteousness which demands justice, respect, tolerance, compassion, inclusiveness, trust in the ultimate efficacy of divine zeal, and the rigorous pursuit of peace in the midst of competing interests and faith claims.
James A. Forbes
I hope [“reanimated the papacy”] means that the new interest in the pope evokes a new interest in the Church’s teaching, of which the pope is the custodian.
George Weigel
It is clear from all these data that the interests of teenagers are not focused around studies, and that scholastic achievement is at most of minor importance in giving status or prestige to an adolescent in the eyes of other adolescents.
James S. Coleman
If you can remember that stocks aren’t pieces of paper that gyrate all the time –they are fractional interests in businesses — it all makes sense.
Seth Klarman
This regard for the liberties of Europe, this care at one time for the protestant interest, this excessive love for the balance of power, is neither more nor less than a gigantic system of outdoor relief for the aristocracy of Great Britain.
John Bright
It is always great when people take interest in your work.
Margaret H. Hamilton
Unless our conception of patriotism is progressive, it cannot hope to embody the real affection and the real interest of the nation.
Jane Addams
One of my interests is to understand what constitutes the vibe of a place and what makes one concert different from another.
Justin Adams
There is not, nor should there be, an irreconcilable contrast between the individual and the collective, between the interests of an individual person and the interests of the collective.
Joseph Stalin
I have no interest in being famous. I just want to make famous photographs.
David LaChapelle
I’m not really worried about people’s perception of what I do, or people’s analysis of why I make the decisions I make. I wake up every day with a new interest and a desire for an education.
David Gordon Green
The people in the southern provinces have no interest whatsoever to see British forces leave because they’re providing security, stability, structure, and relations have always been good … really between the British forces and the local Iraqis in this area.
Hoshyar Zebari
The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion . . . open your eyes wide and actually see this world by attending to its colors, details and irony.
Orhan Pamuk
I love the first hour of a horror movie, the fear and anticipation. Then, when it gets bloody, I lose interest.
Sean Durkin
One of the gravest perils which besets the ministry is a restless scattering of energies over an amazing multiplicity of interests which leaves no margin of time and of strength for receptive and absorbing communion with God.
Bonar Law
Opinions have vested interests just as men have.
Samuel Butler
The UN’s unique legitimacy flows from a universal perception that it pursues a larger purpose than the interests of one country or a small group of countries.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
‘Studying the Way’ is just a figure of speech, a method of arousing people’s interest in the early stages of their development. In fact, the Way is not something which can be studied. Study leads to the retention of concepts, and so the Way is entirely misunderstood
Huangbo Xiyun
I found that there is very little interest in Washington for true election reform. That neither the White House nor either house of the Congress seems to be as committed to guaranteeing democratic participation in this country as we seem to be in other countries.
DeForest Soaries
Britain could make her own way in the world, outside the EU, if we chose to do so. So could any other Member State. But the question we will have to ask ourselves is this: is that the very best future for our country? We will have to weigh carefully where our true national interest lies.
David Cameron
I remember Stanley Benn remarking that one needed to be a certain age to engage with problems in political philosophy – I think he had in mind a certain breadth of understanding and experience – and so my political interests developed more slowly than the others.
John Kleinig
Healthy relationships should always begin at the spiritual and intellectual levels – the levels of purpose, motivation, interests, dreams,and personality.
Myles Munroe
To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching. To attain it we must be able to guess what will interest; we must learn to read the childish soul as we might a piece of music. Then, by simply changing the key, we keep up the attraction and vary the song.
Henri Frederic Amiel
There are interests by the sacrifice of which peace is too dearly purchased. One should never be at peace to the shame of his own soul–to the violation of his integrity or of his allegiance to God.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
All that we want to do away with is the miserable character of this appropriation, under which the labourer lives merely to increase capital , and allowed to live only so far as the interest to the ruling class requires it.
Karl Marx
Few things interest me more than the things people don’t say.
Dov Davidoff
A lot of people have lost interest in watching England play. To get motivated to watch international football, you need your country to be having some form of success and England haven’t had any for a long time now.
Michael Owen
Your deep interests should always have a dog-eared place on your nightstand.
Douglas Wilson
Does housekeeping interest you at all? I think it really ought to be just as good as writing and I never see where the separation between the too comes in. At least if you must put books on one side and life on the other, each is a poor and bloodless thing; but my theory is that they mix indistinguishable.
Virginia Woolf
When it comes to Father’s Day, I will remember my dad for both being there to nurture me and also for the times he gave me on my own to cultivate my own interests and to nurture my own spirit.
Jennifer Grant
[My work] is designed to speak for itself. as mementos of the fearful struggle through which the country has just passed, it is confidently hoped that it will possess an enduring interest.
Alexander Gardner
Let’s have honest interest rates. Let’s let the free market set interest rates in that zone where supply of savings is matched up with demand for real borrowing for capital projects.
David Stockman
I basically just make films that interest me. And I don’t want to make the same film twice, you know? But I’ve never found a franchise, so… I guess I’m lot poorer because of that, but… what astonishes me is that, at my age, I can still find things that interest me. And that’s tremendous.
Stephen Frears
Those who wish, in the interest of morality, to reduce Leonardo, that inexhaustible source of creative power, to a neutral or sexless agency, have a strange idea of doing service to his reputation.
Kenneth Clark
I want to encourage public interest in space. I have never let my condition stop me. You only live once.
Stephen Hawking
My daughter has no interest in succeeding me in the business. She is going towards social entrepreneurship, an area she is interested in.
Shiv Nadar
Market price, while used exclusively to value our investments in minority positions, is not a relevant factor when applied to our controlling interests.
Warren Buffett
The central banks cannot control interest rates. That’s a mistake. They can control a particular rate, such as the Federal Funds rate, if they want to, but they can’t control interest rates.
Milton Friedman
Perhaps the itinerant upbringing my brothers and I had has something to do with my continued interest in perspectives different from my own.
Viggo Mortensen
I love comic books. I was weaned on them, so it’s not like it’s a stretch for me, but I have other interests, as well.
David S. Goyer
Freedom is the first wish of our heart; freedom is the first blessing of nature; and unless we bind ourselves with voluntary chains of interest or passion, we advance in freedom as we advance in years
Edward Gibbon
We cannot conduct reforms that affect the people adversely. If therapy drags out for decades and no gleam of light is seen, it is certainly not in the interests of the country, not in the interests of the people.
Yevgeny Primakov
The American people have a right to know that, when Donald Trump’s making decisions, they are being made in their best interests without him lining his pockets.
Elijah Cummings
One of the things I learned on the street was to trust life and to keep hands off of it, and that feeling continues in the rest of the works that I do, the portrait, the landscapes, or any interest that I have. Things are good enough as they are, there’s no reason to tamper with them.
Joel Meyerowitz
The refunding of the national debt at a lower rate of interest should be accomplished without compelling the withdrawal of the national-bank notes, and thus disturbing the business of the country.
James A. Garfield
Even the scrutiny is good because it lets you know the world cares about your movie, and there is interest in it.
David Ayer
Almost all of my many passionate interests, and my many changes of mind, came through books. Books prompted the many vows I made to myself.
Annie Dillard
The investment business has taught me – increasingly as the years have passed – that people, especially investors (and, I believe, Americans), prefer good news and wishful thinking to bad news; and that there are always vested interests to offer facile, optimistic alternatives to the bad news.
Jeremy Grantham
The only knowledge that can truly orient action is knowledge that frees itself from mere human interests and is based in Ideas – in other words knowledge that has taken a theoretical attitude.
Jurgen Habermas
There is no lobbying interest on behalf of a low-paid worker. Nobody. Nobody represents them, yet somebody obviously represents Wal-Mart in Washington and McDonald’s in Washington.
Leo Hindery
Few artists thrive in solitude and nothing is more stimulating than the conflict of minds with similar interests.
Arthur C. Clarke
The whole universe interest me.
George Brecht
‘Buguri’ is a romantic film, and I play Ganesh’s love interest. Initially, I had just hoped to do one Kannada film since I’m a Kannadiga. Now, I’m even learning to converse in Kannada.
Erica Fernandes
Media coverage of the legislative fights is overwhelmingly negative for agriculture interests. The impression left among consumers is that the proponents had something to hide.
Wayne Pacelle
I was induced to establish several orders of merit, from conviction that emulation, well directed, becomes a useful servant; and, that the latent genius of some youth is more easily brought into action this way, than by the more sordid gratification of self-interest.
Joseph Lancaster
Increase in me that wisdom
Which discovers my truest interest,
Strengthen my resolution
To perform that which wisdom dictates.
Benjamin Franklin
Every baby born
unloved, unwanted, is a bill that will come
due in twenty years with interest, an anger
that must find a target, a pain that will
beget pain. A decade downstream a child
screams, a woman falls, a synagogue is torched,
a firing squad is summoned, a button
is pushed and the world burns.
Marge Piercy
So when you go up against the Far Right you go up against the big financial special interests like the Halliburtons of the world, the big oil companies, the big energy companies who work so hard to rip us off.
Barbara Boxer
All drugs of any interest to any moderately intelligent person in America are now illegal.
Thomas Szasz
(A ruler) cannot and should not keep his word when to do so would go against his interests or when the reason he pledged it no longer holds.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Actually, every human being should show the greatest interest in this subject, because, much more than you can imagine, our lives depend upon beekeeping.
Rudolf Steiner
Crime and legal stories, broadly speaking, are just where my interest happens to lie.
William Landay
It is my firm belief that it will be in the interests of the United States, especially our economic interests, to pursue comprehensive immigration reform.
Barack Obama
I came up during the cold war, and during the cold war it was always possible with the then Soviet Union – the Russian leaders behaved carefully and predictably. They didn’t engage in nuclear saber rattling. They were able to work with us and align their interests where possible.
Ashton Carter
Do what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery.
Julia Cameron
Honest and earnest criticism from those whose interests are most nearly touched,- criticism of writers by readers, of government by those governed, of leaders by those led, – this is the soul of democracy and the safeguard of modern society
W. E. B. Du Bois
Capitalism and market forces are very powerful in producing wealth and innovation. But we need to ensure that these forces act in the common interest.
Thomas Piketty
My desire to curtail undue freedom of speech extends only to such public areas as restaurants, airports, streets, hotel lobbies, parks, and department stores. Verbal exchanges between consenting adults in private are as of little interest to me as they probably are to them.
Fran Lebowitz
Attacking bad books is not only a waste of time but also bad for the character. If I find a book really bad, the only interest I can derive from writing about it has to come from myself, from such display of intelligence, wit and malice as I can contrive. One cannot review a bad book without showing off.
W. H. Auden
To write history one must be more than a man, since the author who holds the pen of this great justiciary must be free from all preoccupation of interest or vanity.
Napoleon Bonaparte
To a large extent, people’s interest in the character is the mystery of the character.
Michael Emerson
Politics is mainly about interests. As Muslim citizens, we understand these interests but we should put principles and dignity beyond everything.
Tariq Ramadan
Fundamental happiness depends more than anything else upon what may be called a friendly interest in persons and things.
Bertrand Russell
A reformer should be exempt from the suspicion of interest, and he must possess the confidence and esteem of those whom he proposes to reclaim.
Edward Gibbon
What the society thinks is of no interest to me. All that’s important is how I see myself. I know who who I am. I know the value of my work.
Robin S
In general, higher education does not know how to speak for its interests. It offers a stance that is defensive, cowardly and likely to be ineffective.
Stanley Fish
When I was a teenager, ‘Playboy’ was the most interesting magazine in the world, and not just for the playmates. I liked the interviews and the stories, and all that, but nowadays most of the stuff in there doesn’t interest me.
Chester Brown
I must frankly admit that… I should probably lose all interest in life and would rather not be a German at all. But since, thank the Lord, this cannot be done, we have no need to be surprised that the health, unspoiled people avoid ‘bourgeois mass meetings’ as the devil holy water.
Adolf Hitler
Guitar solos bore the hell out of me. Only a few guitarists interest me, and it’s not about the solos they play, it’s about the grooves they create.
Dan Auerbach
The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all his potential
Maria Montessori
Not that I don’t appreciate the rescue,” Holt said. “But I’m forced to ask, in the interest of self-preservation … exactly how well armed are you right now?
Rachel Vincent
In nearly all cases, if the people complain of the length of our sermons it is because we fail to interest them personally in what we have to say.
Charles Grandison Finney
The calculus of probabilities, when confined within just limits, ought to interest, in an equal degree, the mathematician, the experimentalist, and the statesman.
Francois Arago
Not even the King himself has the right to subordinate the interests of his country to his own feelings of love or hatred towards strangers; he is, however, responsible towards God and not to me if he does so, and therefore on this point I am silent.
Otto von Bismarck
I have an interest in architecture, although more theoretically than anything else. I think architecture tries to understand what the body wants to occupy, not the body itself.
Hussein Chalayan
If some of my judgments were wrong – and some were wrong – they were made in what I believed at the time to be the best interest of the nation.
Richard M. Nixon
[U]nless oppressed groups stick together, and on alliances of self interest rather than do-goodism; nothing can be accomplished in the long run to dismantle the apparatus of oppression.
Shulamith Firestone
Whenever the clergy succeeded in conquering political power in any country, the result has been disastrous to the interests of religion and inimical to the progress of humanity.
James Connolly
That is why everyone in politics, and we do it, must make sure that they do not depend on one single interest group. A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.
Angela Merkel
All of these people who are organized with these oil-and-gas interests, that’s in the administration and friends of the President of the United States [Donald Trump], these back channeling that you see. These are a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.
Maxine Waters
This is not to say that becoming a father automatically makes you a good father. Fatherhood, like marriage, is a constant struggle against your limitations and self-interests. But the urge to be a perfect father is there, because your child is a perfect gift.
Kent Nerburn
He cumbers himself never about consequences, about interests; he gives an independent, genuine verdict. You must court him: he does not court you. But the man is, as it were, clapped into jail by his consciousness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of the chief symptoms of every revolution is the sharp and sudden increase in the number of ordinary people who take an active, independent and forceful interest in politics.
Vladimir Lenin
Write down each day what surprised you and how you surprised others. When something strikes a spark of interest, follow it.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
If civilization is to survive, it must live on the interest, not the capital, of nature.
Ronald Wright
I think Together #WePlayStrong is a big step for football. This project is about building interest and professionalism and making younger women want to play football at a high level.
Ada Hegerberg
Doing meditation you may need to experiment to discover what kinds of thoughts are best for your own unique interests and situation. For you it might be a repetitive “mantra,” or simply an open state of watching your breath, like in the Buddhist tradition.
Tim McCarthy
The purpose of establishing different houses of legislation is to introduce the influence of different interests or different principles.
Thomas Jefferson
The fact is that the diversity in this political class serves the same interest as diversity in any arena, which is it stirs the competitive pot.
Carol Moseley Braun
There’s nothing in the actual Bible that limits a Christian in their appreciation of or interest in science. Anti-science is purely a function of ignorant fundamentalism.
Very often, human beings are living like on autopilot, reacting automatically with what happens. What interests me about the life of an explorer is you are in the unknown; you are out of your habits.
Bertrand Piccard
Well, bitcoin is a currency. Bitcoin has no underlying rate of return. You know, bonds have an interest coupon. Stocks have earnings and dividends. Gold has nothing, and bitcoin has nothing. There is nothing to support the bitcoin except the hope that you will sell it to somebody for more than you paid for it.
John C. Bogle
[Andre] Gide can say it to me: it is a writer’s morality only addressed to a few privileged
people. For that reason it no longer interests me.
Jean-Paul Sartre
The root of the whole evil lay, particularly in Schonerer’s opinion, in the fact that the directing body of the Catholic Church was not in Germany, and that for this very reason alone it was hostile to the interests of our nationality.
Adolf Hitler
It is not men that interest or disturb me primarily; it is ideas. Ideas live; men die.
Woodrow Wilson
Life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by disaster. … I think the human race doesn’t have a future if it doesn’t go into space. I therefore want to encourage public interest in space.
Peter Diamandis
Time will generally lessen the interest of every attachment not within the daily circle.
Jane Austen
Life’s so brief,” she goes on. “We’re, at every juncture, staring mortality in the face. It’s the very least we can do if we think it will be of any interest or value, to share the past. And although mine’s been crooked, it’s also been splendid. It’s taught me to be vulnerable and humble, to write this book.
Kate Mulgrew
It takes up enough of my time and interest just working on comedy. I just enjoy it and love doing it.
Jerry Seinfeld
It interests me to imagine characters shifting from one situation and one location to another for whatever the circumstances may be.
Jhumpa Lahiri
But this is the great danger America faces. That we will cease to be one nation and become instead a collection of interest groups: city against suburb, region against region, individual against individual. Each seeking to satisfy private wants.
Barbara Jordan
Free all the prisoners everywhere, all they want is truth and justice, all they need is love and care.
John Lennon
I’m very successful, but there are 50,000 general interest books published every year. If you don’t want to read mine, there are others.
Anne Lamott
Interest rates are to asset prices what gravity is to the apple. When there are low interest rates, there is a very low gravitational pull on asset prices.
Warren Buffett
The movie medium will eventually take its place as art because there is no other medium of interest to so many people.
Irving Thalberg
The French had an obvious financial interest in Iraq. That’s been documented. They were involved financially in Iraq and in some cases, I think with weapons of mass destruction.
Curt Weldon
Presidential trust is something, that’s perishable and it’s precious. And once a president loses it, it’s not a question of whether it’s conflict of interests laws or there aren’t conflict of interests laws.
Mark Shields
I believe in work, in connections between the players, I think what makes football great is that it is a team sport. You can win in different ways, by being more of a team, or by having better individual players. It is the team ethic that interests me, always.
Arsene Wenger
A government, the constitution of which renders it unfit to be trusted with all the powers which a free people ought to delegate to any government, would be an unsafe and improper depositary of the NATIONAL INTERESTS.
Alexander Hamilton
It is in the national interest to have the Flying Kangaroo. It’s in the interests of our tourism industry. It’s in the interests of jobs here in Australia.
Anthony Albanese
I don’t have any structured grand plan; I just intend to keep writing about the things that interest me-some of which change, some of which don’t.
Greg Egan
The sexuality of children – there’s a lot friction there. That tension interests me a lot.
Michael Gira
Democracy in Iraq will be an example that the Arab population will look to with great interest. And some Arab governments are concerned about democracy in Iraq, not because Iraq will be an aggressive state against them, but rather by the example that will be set by a successful federal democratic state in Iraq.
Ahmed Chalabi
The U.S. has and still is cooperating with various military dictatorships around the world. Obviously we would prefer to see them democratized, but we are doing it because we have national interests, whether it’s working with Pakistan on Afghanistan or whatever.
Samuel P. Huntington
What I have learned from my own experience is that the most important ingredients in a child’s education are curiosity, interest, imagination, and a sense of the adventure of life.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product. For what keeps our interest in life and makes us look forward to tomorrow is giving pleasure to other people.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I could never ever say enough about Matt Amato. He has an indescribable presence; this warm, loving, serene calm with intense interest and excitement bubbling beneath his exterior.
Madi Diaz
Micro trends matter more than macro ones, but most of all, people matter. Individual human beings with names and wants and interests.
It’s funny when people ask an actor what they want to play next, because you don’t get to decide what you play. I don’t know. I can only say this: I don’t want to and have no interest in playing a plastic surgeon. That’s for sure. I’m open to anything else.
Dylan Walsh
My sense of American politics is that most of our politicians are for sale, whether they are out and out crooked, or simply beholden to corporate interests because they’ve taken so much money from their lobbyists.
Kam Williams
I don’t mind when people are telling me about their 1971 Firebird, but it’s the same thing as people telling me about their car or something. It’s fine if you have an interest. By talking with me, though, you could be interviewing a novelist about guitars. It’s the same thing, except I don’t write that well either.
Jonny Greenwood
The best books for a man are not always those which the wise recommend, but often those which meet the peculiar wants, the natural thirst of his mind, and therefore awaken interest and rivet thought.
William Ellery Channing
Their moral influence will then do infinitely more to advance the true interests of religion, than any measures which they may call on Congress to enact.
Richard Mentor Johnson
Ladies, we must remind ourselves that the weapon of the vote will be for us, just as it is for man, the only means of obtaining the reforms we desire. As long as we remain excluded from civic life, men will attend to their own interests rather than to our.
Hubertine Auclert
I have had an interest in art since childhood. I loved to draw as a child and still do.
Dasha Zhukova
By eliminating the tax breaks and special interest loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy, our framework ensures that the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not the highest earners.
Donald Trump
They’re still a subject beholden to special interests, but at least they have a national constituency. At least they have to think about national majorities.
Mark Shields
As an artist I have an even more abiding interest in the compact between the Arts and Government.
Theodore Bikel
I suspect it is for one’s self-interest that one looks at one’s surroundings and one’s self. This search is personally born and is indeed my reason and motive for making photographs.
Lee Friedlander
I am very interested in human-interest stories emerging from modern India. I get my inspiration and daily dose by reading the Hindustan Times.
Vikas Swarup
Tremendous interest in the superficial is very characteristic of cultures in decline.
Martin Amis
The way to get a man interested and to hold his interest was to talk about himself, and then gradually lead the conversation around yourself—and keep it there.
Margaret Mitchell
The basic of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual.
Robert A. Heinlein
Taxation is not a method by which the community corporately provides itself with essential services, but a fund to be divided between different interests with political claims upon the state.
Neville Chamberlain
It’s in the very trickery that it pleases me. But show me how the trick is done, and I have lost my interest therein.
Seneca the Younger
I’m outside the music I’ve made. I have no interest in it.
Michael Tippett
A lot interests me – but nothing surprises me particularly.
Edward Albee
Albert Einstein when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe answered: Compound interest!
Mignon McLaughlin
Suppose you were a real estate investor with a 1/3 interest in the best apartment complex in town, the best mall, and the best office building. Would you feel like a poor, undiversified investor? No! But as soon as you get into stocks, people feel this way. Partly, people need to justify their fees.
Charlie Munger
People’s interest is in the product, not in its authorship.
Jonathan Ive
I have never allowed anti-Russian rhetoric in Ukrainian policy toward such a strategic partner like Russia. This is the first point. I never went against the interests of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people.
Viktor Yanukovych
I love travelling and going on wildlife safaris. I have an interest in astronomy. I like reading on current affairs, business and science. I love doing nothing if I can help it.
Viswanathan Anand
My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them.
Richard Branson
The truth is, for some absurd reason, no one is willing to admit that the interests of the producers and the theater owners are not the same.
Harold Prince
The key to all motivation is desire, and the master key to creating desire is responsiveness to the needs, desires, and interests of the people you would lead.
John R Noe
I don’t think of it at the moment, but the roles that interest me are those of young people.
Isabelle Adjani
Redtail was a brave warrior. His loyalty to ThunderClan could never be doubted. I always relied on his judgment, for it bore witness to the needs of the Clan, and was never swayed by self-interest or pride. He would have made a fine leader.
Erin Hunter
With scheduling and the way projects come up, I take the first thing that interests me and that moves me. If it’s going to be fun, if I’m going to have a good time, and I’m going to enjoy the people I’m with, then that’s a good enough reason to do it.
Nathan Fillion
The industrial real estate market completed one of its strongest demand cycles in history as several factors ignited the fire. For projects coming on line in 2005, record-low interest rates during the design phase 12 to 18 months prior provided additional incentive for development and absorption.
Brian Gordon
We plan to pick up another five seats in the Senate and hold the House through redistricting through 2012. And rather than negotiate with the teachers’ unions and the trial lawyers and the various leftist interest groups, we intend to break them.
Grover Norquist
I saw this movie ‘The Right Stuff’ when I was in college, and it really rekindled my interest in being an astronaut. I started taking those steps, and then I realized it would be the chance of a lifetime. It would be a dream life: not just a job, but the whole life.
Michael J. Massimino
Because a lot of people are hurting economically and being shafted by the very wealthy, it’s been possible here in the United States of America to organize them and persuade them that to elect a nincompoop like Donald Trump is actually in their best interest. When clearly it isn’t.
Roger Waters
The seductiveness of baseball is that almost everyone with an abiding interest in it knows exactly how it should be played. And secretly believes that he could do it, if only God had seen fit to make him just a little bit less clumsy.
George V. Higgins
In every treaty, insert a clause which can easily be violated, so that the entire agreement can be broken in case the interests of the State make it expedient to do so.
Louis XIV
I met Woz when I was 13, at a friend’s garage. He was about 18. He was, like, the first person I met who knew more electronics than I did at that point. We became good friends, because we shared an interest in computer and we had a sense of humor. We pulled all kinds of pranks together.
Steve Jobs
I will not be influenced, governed, or controlled, in my temporal interests by any ecclesiastical authority or pretended revelation whatever, contrary to my own judgment.
Oliver Cowdery
I remember there was a little organ which I’d tap my fingers on all the time. My interest in the instrument was so obvious, one day I got home from school and there was a real piano in my bedroom.
Yael Naim
Treaties, agreements and organizations to help settle disputes may be necessary, but they often favor the interests of business over citizens.
David Suzuki
While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of my interests in the two fields far exceeds their intersection.
Amartya Sen
If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people I’ve known are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self interest.
John Glenn
The wise woman patterns her life on the theory and practice of modern banking. She never gives her love, but only lends it on the best security and at the highest rate of interest.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
We wish to discuss a structure for the salt of deoxyribose nucleic acid. D.N.A. This structure has novel features which are of considerable biologic interest.
Rosalind Franklin
When you run for president you have certain obligations. One of them would be to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest.
Charles Schumer
New York is essentially national in interest, position, pursuits. No one thinks of the place as belonging to a particular state, but to the United States.
James F. Cooper
I am in a mixed race marriage myself, and I have a mixed race son….The racial perception interest is probably always going to be there to some extent.
Celeste Ng
I am unable to rouse much interest in any highly civilized race, country or epoch, including this one.
Robert E. Howard
I would wager that my job has helped save our economy from the economic ravages of out-of-control environmental extremism. I view my job a little like a legislator, supported by the taxpayer, to protect the interests of the taxpayer and to minimize the role of government.
Roy Spencer
I have certain strong interests that fill my life as well
Loretta Swit
The invention of money opened a new field to human avarice by giving rise to usury and the practice of lending money at interest while the owner passes a life of idleness.
Pliny the Elder
The sense of beauty is intuitive, and beauty itself is all that inspires pleasure without, and aloof from, and even contrarily to interest.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My experience is that the Australian people rarely get it wrong – they will vote for a united party that is able to look after their interests and the national interest.
Bob Hawke
Obviously, there has to be a profound change in direction. Otherwise, interest on the national debt will start eating up virtually every penny that we have.
Bobby Scott
I really had little interest in becoming famous. When I write my book, it will be my guide to avoid becoming a rock star.
Edgar Winter
Democracy requires that if you who don’t like the outcome of elections you have to tolerate it and then pursue your interest the next time around.
Randall Robinson
I believe careers should be judged independently unless there’s a clear conflict of interest in a specific case.
John Fund
Think of drawing as a way of talking about the things that interest you. Think of those wonderful documents, drawings made on scraps of paper by the lesser Dutch masters while they were wandering around market places and sitting in saloons.
John French Sloan
It is said that my art has some typically Nordic features: the curving lines, the convolutions, the magical masks and staring eyes that appear in myths and folk art. This may be. My interest in the dynamics of Jugend style probably also comes into it.
Asger Jorn
Just take Kosovo: back then, UN bodies decided that Kosovo should become independent of Serbia and that the interests of Serbia’s central government had to be subordinated. You can read that in all the records, also in the German ones.
Vladimir Putin
We are so happy to advise others that occasionally we even do it in their interest.
Jules Renard
The theory of interest was wrapped in utter obscurity, until Hume and Smith dispelled the vapor.
Jean-Baptiste Say
I’В’m generally in favor of economic globalization. Having said that, it doesnВ’t always work and does not immediately work in the interest of all. There are sufferers.
Amartya Sen
At the time it seemed like a natural development of my interest in what was going on around me in society.
Helen Garner
At first the ancient images of the Goddess did not interest me.
Carol P. Christ
For Donald Trump’s business partners around the world, including the developers of this luxury golf course in Dubai, what some in the U.S. may see as a conflict of interest is, for them, money in the bank.
Brian Ross
A human heart can never grow old if it takes a lively interest in the pairing of birds, the reproduction of flowers, and the changing tints of autumn leaves.
Lydia M. Child
There is not always ‘two sides to every issue.’ That statement is a ridiculous slogan invoked by vested interests and perpetuated by minds of limited scope.
Anton Szandor LaVey
We want to lead by our values and out interests in ways that, regardless of the trajectory over the next decade, people will know the United States was on the side of democracy, on the side of the rule of law.
Hillary Clinton
I think people start rumors because it creates interest and it makes people look at things and become more interested in what they’re looking at.
Keith Carradine
As I approach the end of my life, I have even less and less interest in examining what have got to be very superficial evaluations or opinions about the significance of one’s life or one’s work. I was never given to it when I was healthy, and I am less given to it now.
Leonard Cohen
A good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time, or alien in language, or diverse in interest.
T. S. Eliot
I’m very grateful to be in a position now where I have a lot more control to tell the stories I want to tell. I feel no obligation to tell any one story. I will tell you my interest mostly lies in telling stories about empowered women, but I don’t feel it’s an obligation. But I do feel like I am servicing a voice.
Elizabeth Banks
I’m as proud and assertive in my Quebec identity as any Quebecer. I believe it’s to Quebec’s advantage to be part of the Canadian federation. But I will be extremely strong and forceful in defending Quebec’s interests within Canada.
Philippe Couillard
Most progressive critics don’t want to destroy the power of the Fed to regulate the macroeconomy and finance. They want to regain control over it so that it better serves the interests of the whole population.
Gerald Epstein
Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people.
Patrick Henry
Her death contributed to my later interest in studying biochemistry, an interest that has not been fulfilled in the sense that my accomplishments remain more at the basic than the applied level.
Paul D. Boyer
Legislation has been and is still directed towards the protection of wealth, rather than towards the far more important interests of labor on which everything of value to mankind depends.
Leland Stanford
A teacher must believe in the value and interest of his subject as a doctor believes in health.
Gilbert Highet
Each day can be one of triumph if you keep up your interests.
George Matthew Adams
A man that steps aside from the world and has leisure to observe it without interest and design, thinks all mankind as mad as they think him.
E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
Live in the present moment and find your interest and happiness in the things of today.
Emmet Fox
Design does not really interest me
Philippe Starck
Often, the pretexts for starting a war are not real shortages of land, food or fuel, but rather perceptions – like fear, honor and perceived self-interest.
Victor Davis Hanson
A man, if he be active and energetic, can hardly fail also, be he never so selfish, of benefiting the general public interest.
Benjamin Butler
On why I don’t trust democracy without extremely powerful systems of accountability and recall What seems to be generosity is often only disguised ambition – which despises small interests to gain great ones.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
… far more people make a living as professional chess players today than ever before. Thanks partly to the availability of computer programs and online matches, there has been a mini-boom in chess interest among young people in many countries.
Kenneth Rogoff
Men keep their agreements when it is an advantage to both parties not to break them; and I shall so frame my laws that it will be evident to the Athenians that it will be for their interest to observe them.
Shoes are just a pedestal. What interests me is the power of the woman who wears them.
Christian Louboutin
No one has the least regard for the man; with them all, he has been an object of avoidance, suspicion, and aversion; but the spark of life within him is curiously separable from himself now, and they have a deep interest in it, probably because it IS life, and they are living and must die.
Charles Dickens
When liberty is mentioned, we must always be careful to observe whether it is not really the assertion of private interests which is thereby designated.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Peter invented, with Wendy’s help, a new game that fascinated him enormously, until he suddenly had no more interest in it, which, as you have been told, was what always happened with his games. It consisted in pretending not to have adventures.
James M. Barrie
Being a big star and being known, making movies and a lot of money – that really doesn’t interest me.
Chris Tucker
By a steady adherence to the Union we may hope, erelong, to become the arbiter of Europe in America, and to be able to incline the balance of European competitions in this part of the world as our interest may dictate.
Alexander Hamilton
I went to America in the winter of 1872-73, authorised to secure, if I could, the passage of a bill demonetising silver. It was in the interest of those I represented – the governors of the Bank of England – to have it done. By 1873, gold coins were the only form of coin money.
Ernest Seyd
My work has no theme. I don’t care if my photographs get published, and I have no interest in the news. But the invasion of Prague was not news, it was my life.
Josef Koudelka
I was fourteen when Kissinger made his secret trip to China, and then there was subsequently Nixon’s trip to China, and I was very much seized with an interest in China.
John Pomfret
And so, I was not a military test pilot, but as soon as NASA expressed an interest in flying scientists and people who were not military test pilots, that was an epiphany that just came like a stroke of lightning.
Story Musgrave
Indian food has been huge in the UK forever and ever, but that’s because it has a historical rooting. America, I think is really ripe for it. There’s been so much interest in Indian culture.
Aarti Sequeira
The Chechnya problem is a centuries-old problem. The thing is that today, fundamentalists and terrorists are exploiting those centuries-old problems to accomplish their own objectives that have nothing to do whatsoever with the interests of Chechnya.
Vladimir Putin
So, in addition to being a full-time father of two and everything else in life, it isn’t so much that I’m sitting around plotting an album. I just kinda follow my muse and wherever my interests lie, and at some point I decide, “Right. It’s been a while, time to figure out how to get serious and make some music.”
DJ Shadow
One thing that has been fascinating to me is the exploding interest in traditional American barbecue in Europe. We Americans have historically always imported food ideas from other places, and now we are exporting this gastronomic treasure called barbecue.
Steven Raichlen
We need to teach people to refuse to install non-free plug-ins; we need to teach people to care more about their long-term interest of freedom than their immediate desire to view a particular site.
Richard Stallman
I don’t wanna die in a nuclear war, I want to sail away to a distant shore, and make like an apeman.
Ray Davies
I don’t have any interest whatsoever in getting back out there and bashing Hillary Clinton.
Gennifer Flowers
An open society is a society which allows its members the greatest possible degree of freedom in pursuing their interests compatible with the interests of others.
George Soros
As an adolescent I was convinced that France would have to go through gigantic trials, that the interest of life consisted in one day rendering her some signal service and that I would have the occasion to do so.
Charles de Gaulle
[My twin brother] he was the star artist of the family as we – as we were growing up. He eventually lost interest and went more towards literature and then medicine and then business and so on. But for me it became something that I did well. And it felt great being able to make something look like something.
Kehinde Wiley
My interest is in how meaning is communicated via language, and I believe the shape, positioning, even the color of the language has an effect on meaning.
Mark Z. Danielewski
I really like the United State, its relationship to space and time, its interest in mobility, its cosmopolitanism.
Bernard-Henri Levy
I’ve heard people say South Africans are arrogant, that they act no differently from their colonial masters. That needs to change. It’s in your business interest as an entrepreneur to form meaningful partnerships. That’s how you do well for your shareholders.
Patrice Motsepe
You need to have a passionate interest in why things are happening. That cast of mind, kept over long periods, gradually improves your ability to focus on reality. If you don’t have the cast of mind, you’re destined for failure even if you have a high I.Q.
Charlie Munger
A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.
Mark Zuckerberg
I feel that the dormant goodwill in people needs to be stirred. People need to hear that it makes sense to behave decently or to help others, to place common interests above their own, to respect the elementary rules of human coexistence.
Vaclav Havel
His sudden mad love for Sibyl Vane was a psychological phenomenon of no small interest. There was no doubt that curiosity had much to do with it, curiosity and the desire for new experiences; yet it was not a simple but rather a very complex passion.
Oscar Wilde
For the United States to recommit itself to the obligation that we undertook in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that many other states undertook, which was to work towards disarmament and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons, is something that manifestly serves our national security interests.
Susan Rice
Aside from mastery in the fine arts, success in learning anything is the result of genuine interest and amount of energy dedicated to it.
KatГі Lomb
Self-deception ultimately explains Japan’s plight. The Japanese have never accepted that change is in their interest – and not merely a response to U.S. criticism.
Paul Samuelson
Safeguarding the interests of our Taiwan compatriots and expanding their well-being is the mainland’s oft-repeated pledge and solemn promise of the new leaders of China’s Communist Party central committee.
Xi Jinping
Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.
Dale Carnegie
I’ve always loved to write, and I kept a diary of what I thought about my business, being an entrepreneur and other things of interest to me.
Ben Casnocha
My main interests right now are to publish, to write, to explicate various views which I hope have an impact on thinking people.
Murray Bookchin
I tell our sisters in the South that so far as Tennessee is concerned she will not be dragged into a Southern or any other confederacy until she has had time to consider; and then she will go when she believes it to be her interest, and not before.
Andrew Johnson
The highest-income Americans don’t need tax-free health insurance, mortgage interest deductions or deferred taxation on retirement funds.
Steven Rattner
In the late 60s, 70s and possibly early 80s, social scientists were interested in researching the diffusion of innovation and studying the link between applied research and policy and program development. Recently there has been less interest in these issues and we feel that this interest must be rekindled.
Ruth Simmons
I went to school for marketing and advertising, so I have a special interest in good and funny commercials and why they work and why they’re funny – which is one of the reasons I, like many people, like watching the Super Bowl, besides the game.
Kevin Nealon
The drawings that interest me most are made with closed eyes. With eyes closed, I feel my hand slide down on the paper. I have an image in mind, but the results always surprise me.
Willem de Kooning
The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.
Dave Barry
What the hell could you do? I’ve never been arrested, I haven’t taken drugs, I’ve had the same wife for 54 years; where’s anything of interest to people?
Stan Lee
It is in the best interests of civilization and our economy and our nation to understand what objective truths are as revealed by the methods and tools of science.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The government can indefinitely control both short-term and long-term interest rates.
Seth Klarman
Ants are good citizens; they place group interest first. But they carry it so far, they have few or no political rights. An ant doesn’t have the vote, apparently; he just has his duties.
Clarence Day
I developed an interest in supporting independent journalists in a way that leverages their work to the greatest extent possible, all in support of the public interest.
Pierre Omidyar
…when the little boy discovered, at four, the same thing Mr. Smith had learned earlier — that only birds and planes could fly — he lost all interest in himself.
Toni Morrison
We have to learn to stand up for our interests. To seek purity is self-defeating and a stereotype in itself: women have to be pure, women are not concerned about money.
Gloria Steinem
Sometimes I feel ashamed at my lack of interest in all the new techniques of modern filmmaking, but I prefer to work with as little equipment as possible. If I have a good lens and a steady camera, that’s all I need.
Sven Nykvist
You’ve got to find a difierent approach. You’ve got to create some interest in your language, in the words and pictures you create. If a candidate can’t give a 10-minute speech and have reporters reaching for their pens in the first 90 seconds, he probably shouldn’t be running.
Roger Ailes
So it was constantly going back and forth between these two cultures that kept raising the question, well, how important is personal freedom? And I think that has always been of interest to me.
Sheena Iyengar
When I do older folk songs, I’m not doing them because they’re old. I have no interest in reviving or continuing a tradition. I’m just doing them because they’re great songs.
Sam Amidon
Ninety-nine percent of the music that was of any interest to me when I was growing up came out of the black community.
David Sanborn
I have an expression I use as I’ve gone around the world through my career: ‘You never tell another man or woman what’s in their interest. They know their interest better than you know their interest.’
Joe Biden
My grandmother started my interest in secret doors, trying to find things she lost, and we found an old letter in a great bookcase with a round facade.
David Linley
Newspapers have developed what might be called a vested interest in catastrophe. If they can spot a fight, they play up that fight. If they can uncover a tragedy, they will headline that tragedy.
Harry Allen Overstreet
I have been told by people close to Trump that “Brexit Britain” is the only foreign policy issue that interests him, because he thinks the UK referendum paved the way for him. He hopes to help Britain leave the EU, and possibly to damage the EU, by offering a trade deal.
Anne Applebaum
The United States’ credibility is at an all-time low. So, this war is against the interest of the Untied States.
Bashar al-Assad
I think a public official ought to follow his conscience as to what is in the public interest, not what will protect his job.
Arlen Specter
…the sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal, or two friends talking over a pint of beer, or a man alone reading a book that interests him…” – C.S. Lewis: Weight of Glory
C. S. Lewis
In U.S. politics, ‘compassion’ means giving money and privileges to well organized interest groups at everyone else’s expense.
Paul Craig Roberts
They ask questions like ‘do you believe in aliens’ and those types of things. They were really interested in aliens, and that was really something that the Japanese have an interest in, and they are also very big fans of romances.
Shiri Appleby
Politics is about who wins and loses. The rest is of marginal interest.
Sean Wilentz
I always had an interest in the environment… to protect our planet… for the ocean to go on.
Robert Lyn Nelson
Academics are mostly professionals, involved in their work and other concerns of their own, with no particular interest in the workings of the ideological system.
Noam Chomsky
Feel me now, picture my pain, embrace my words, make the world change.
Tupac Shakur
If you look at all the lobbyists in Washington, this is not a democracy. This is ruled by special interest groups. That includes the military, the pharmaceutical industry, the people who produce mechanized debt, GMO foods. We are prisoners.
Deepak Chopra
The affairs of life embrace a multitude of interests, and he who reasons in any one of them, without consulting the rest, is a visionary unsuited to control the business of the world.
James F. Cooper
The smaller the number and the more permanent and conspicuous the station of men in power, the stronger must be the interest which they will individually feel in whatever concerns the government.
James Madison
I’m saying we need to be aware of it, and we need to be able to distinguish when political developments are occurring that are contrary to the public interest.
Edward Snowden
It cannot be emphasized too strongly that Christianity has a vested interest in human misery. Christianity, perhaps more than any religion before or since, capitalized on human suffering; and it was enormously successful in insuring its own existence through the perpetuation of human suffering.
George H. Smith
At the end of the day, it’s about the best interests of the children.
Marlee Matlin
Religion is the one and sole interest of the people of India.
Swami Vivekananda
I couldn’t describe how little interest I have in men. Or I could – but I don’t think that it would be appropriate.
Christine Quinn
I believe there is little to gain by exchanging opinions with other artists concerning either the ideology of art or technical methods. Very much alone in my work, I am almost jealous of it. Geography has no bearing on it, nor have the interests of the community in which I work.
Yves Tanguy
Avoid him who from mere curiosity asks three questions running about a thing that cannot interest Him.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.
Sheryl Sandberg
Everything interests me, but nothing holds me.
Fernando Pessoa
Political and social history are in my view two aspects of the same process. Social life loses half its interest and political movements lose most of their meaning if they are considered separately.
F. M. Powicke
I really don’t take any interest at all in contemporary comedy.
Paul Merton
The day when a sportsman stops thinking above all else of the happiness in his own effort and the intoxication of the power and physical balance he derives from it, the day when he lets considerations of vanity or interest take over, on this day his ideal will die.
Pierre de Coubertin
I had too many businesses that are frivolous. I have enough. What interests me most is under-served communities. We need a new style of empowering these people, and new approaches.
Russell Simmons
Not everybody likes or understands a drum solo, so I like to bring in effects and sounds to keep their interest.
John Bonham
Social innovation thrives on collaboration; on doing things with others, rather than just to them or for them: hence the great interest in new ways of using the web to ‘crowdsource’ ideas, or the many experiments involving users in designing services.
Geoff Mulgan
Banks also have to say no to customers. We can’t always give clients what they want; it may not be in the client’s best interest.
Jamie Dimon
I wanted to be a missionary and work abroad, but girls started to become a bigger part of my life around the time I lost interest in the priesthood.
James McAvoy
I preferred to study those subjects that were of interest to me.
Philip Emeagwali
The real difference of interests, lay not between large and small, but between the Northern and Southern states. The institution of slavery and its consequences formed a line of discrimination.
James Madison
We’ve gotta restore the American people’s confidence in the ethics process by ensuring that political self-interest can no longer prevent politicians from enforcing ethics rules.
Barack Obama
I’m someone who can fall in love at the drop of the hat. My parents raised me to be very accepting of other people, so because of that, I feel like I might be overly accepting of girls. If a girl shows any interest, I’m like, ‘Yes! I love you, you’re amazing!’
Josh Hutcherson
A celebrity name is never enough for an intelligent mass market… truly successful businesses are born of passion and heartfelt interest.
Elle Macpherson
It is terrible to destroy a person’s picture of himself in the interests of truth or some other abstraction.
Doris Lessing
I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.
Nadya Suleman
Society should emphasize personality. Accomplishment. Interest. Intelligent things. I think everybody should look as good as possible too.
Iris Apfel
The fawning courtier and the surly squire often mean the same thing,–each his own interest.
George Berkeley
The public has more interest in the punishment of an injury than he who receives it.
Cato the Elder
Palestinian and Israeli leaders finally recover the Road Map to Peace, only to discover that, while they were looking for it, the Lug Nuts of Mutual Interest came off the Front Left Wheel of Accommodation, causing the Sport Utility Vehicle of Progress to crash into the Ditch of Despair.
Dave Barry
Yet the arts of Severus cannot be justified by the most ample privileges of state reason. He promised only to betray; he flattered only to ruin; and however he might occasionally bind himself by oaths and treaties, his conscience, obsequious to his interest, always released him from the inconvenient obligation.
Edward Gibbon
corporate America corrupted the watchdogs that were supposed to be guarding the public interest by feeding them under the table.
Arianna Huffington
Little does the sick man consult his own interests, who makes his physician his heir.
Publilius Syrus
The fear of hell, or aiming to be blest, savors too much of private interest.
Edmund Waller
Most presidents have been controlled by forces that control money and special interests. When Donald Trump refused their money, he refused their control. This made him dangerous.
Louis Farrakhan
When it came to formal classes, I was a slacker. But I’ve always been a diligent autodidact and can teach myself virtually any subject if I have a serious interest in it.
Dean Koontz
I don’t have hobbies; hobbies cost money. Interests are quite free.
George Carlin
Love…no such thing. Whatever it is that binds families and married couples together, that’s not love. That’s stupidity or selfishness or fear. Love doesn’t exist. Self interest exists, attachment based on personal gain exists, complacency exists. But not love. Love has to be reinvented, that’s certain.
Arthur Rimbaud
Self-confidenc e, poise, consciousness of possessing the power to accomplish our desires, with renewed lively interest in life are the natural results of the practice of Contrology [Pilates].
Joseph Pilates
A lower interest rate doesn’t make a debt go away.
Dave Ramsey
In a way she actually preferred Peter to other people because of this. He always acted out of intelligent self-interest.
Orson Scott Card
Today, it is imperative to end this hysteria, to refute the rhetoric of the Cold War and to accept the obvious fact: Russia is an independent, active participant in international affairs. Like other countries, it has its own national interests that need to be taken into account and respected.
Vladimir Putin
Leadership has become a heavy industry. Concern and interest about leadership development is no longer an American phenomenon. It is truly global. Though I will probably be in less demand, I wanted to move on.
Warren Bennis
Of all the anti-social vested interests the worst is the vested interest in ill-health.
George Bernard Shaw
When you reach round a dark corner to switch on a light, be careful. Slenderman will often run his finger over the back of your hand. This is the first signal of his interest in you.
Jack Goldstein
In this age of specialization, I sometimes think of myself as the last ‘generalist’ in economics, with interests that range from mathematical economics down to current financial journalism. My real interests are research and teaching.
Paul Samuelson
Every loan that we did in the City of Detroit in the 10 years they studied – between 2005 and 2014 – were conventional FHA, VA loans with average interest rates of 6%.
Dan Gilbert
I had no interest in music. But now, music means everything to me. I have no words to explain how beautiful music is. It is where you can create everything, like beautiful songs to sad songs to almost anything.
Alan Walker
I really had to decide why I was writing. I had no interest in going back to law; I very briefly – for about six hours – considered going to get my MBA, but in the end, I realized that the only work I really wanted to do was write.
Ben Fountain
With deregulation, one sector of the economy after another is “liberated” to capital’s unmonitored authority. The very notion that there is a public interest is contested.
Herbert Schiller
If genius has any common denominator, I would propose breadth of interest and the ability to construct fruitful analogies between fields.
Stephen Jay Gould
Clergy had a vested interest in retaining the old, ways, which made few demands of them as teachers, as spiritual guides, or as moral examples or agents.
Alister E. McGrath
The Burgess Shale is not unique, but for those who study evolution and fossils it has become something of an icon. It provides a reference point and a benchmark, a point of common discussion and an issue of universal scientific interest.
Simon Conway Morris
Fascination is one step beyond interest. Interested people want to know if it works. Fascinated people want to learn how it works.
Jim Rohn
It would be suicide in the American academy to show too early an interest beyond your doctoral specialization: charges of everything from charlatanry to ambition would be levied and tenure denied. I’ve seen this first-hand.
Tony Judt
It’s clear Israel has suspended the peace process, despite the so-called moderation of the Arab world, because it has no interest in peace.
Hanan Ashrawi
There are few substance to which it yields interest, when it is considered how very intimately the knowledge and properties and uses of iron is connected with human civilization.
George Fownes
We believe that the Federal Reserve has to carry on with a progressive increase in interest rates as a consequence of the American economy.
Rodrigo Rato
I have always had an interest in how cultural rituals play into something as unpredictable as romance.
Nicholas Sparks
But I really believe it is in America’s interest as well as that of the free world more generally to stop Iran from getting its hands on nuclear weapons. This regime has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and bring about a world without America, and either of those is a really bad prospect.
Frank Gaffney
Writers need to learn their trade, and how to negotiate the increasingly difficult marketplace. The trade can be taught and learned just as the craft can. But a workshop where the trade is the principal focus of interest is not a writing workshop. It is a business class.
Ursula K. Le Guin
A good education instills in you the intuitive comprehension – it becomes unconscious and reflexive – that you just don’t think certain things, things that are threatening to power interests.
Noam Chomsky
But the reporter has the responsibility to determine, number one, whether that is true, and number two, to make a judgment as to whether it’s in the public interest and whether or not it should be part of the debate.
Bob Schieffer
It is not what your supporters, friends or your political adversaries call you that matters. What is important is what you think you must do in the interests of the country, which put you in such position, such post as the Head of the Russian State.
Vladimir Putin
I have a particular interest in corporations that give themselves a cultural aura and are in other areas suspect. Philip Morris presents itself in New York as the lover of culture while it turns out that if you look behind the scenes, it is also a prime funder of Jesse Helms, someone who is very hostile to the arts.
Hans Haacke
There is no regard for human lives, or local national interests. It is because the West, despite its hypocritical rhetoric (political correctness) does not really consider non-whites and non-Christians as human beings.
Andre Vltchek
I try always to intimate with the world… with everything I can, to feel love for it, or interest in it. To be intimate you have to open yourself, to be fearless, to trust what is around you, animate and inanimate. Then you start to change the scale of things, of the public and private.
Gabriel Orozco
Often, one discovery leads to interest in another. After the Dauphin’s heart had undergone DNA testing and was placed in the crypt at St. Denis, I think people wanted some closure to the story about the fate of the royal couple’s only child who survived the gruesome Temple Prison. I know I did.
Susan Nagel
We all lose our looks eventually, better develop your character and interest in life.
Jacqueline Bisset
They may then be willing to cast principled votes based on an educated understanding of the public interest in the face of polls suggesting that the public itself may have quite a different understanding of where its interest lies.
James L. Buckley
The first effect marriage had on me was to increase my lack of interest in sex…. Actually our marriage was a sort of friendship with sexual privileges.
Marilyn Monroe
I love football, I’ve never really taken an interest in anything else.
Wayne Rooney
Like many authors, I caught the writing bug during my teenage years. I don’t remember the exact day or year, but I remember that reading S.E. Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’ sparked my interest in writing.
Ally Carter
A wartime Minister of Information is compelled, in the national interest, to such continuous acts of duplicity that even his natural hair must grow to resemble a wig.
Claud Cockburn
In a free government, the security for civil rights must be the same as that for religious rights. It consists in the one case in the multiplicity of interests, and in the other in the multiplicity of sects.
Alexander Hamilton
I’m not interested in how things were, or how we ended up where we are now. What interests me is what we are now and what we will be.
Ahmed Toufiq
The name and pretense of virtue is as serviceable to self-interest as are real vices.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
If you need to put your money in a safe and secure place and you want it to earn interest, Treasury bonds are safer than putting it in any bank as a deposit or putting it anywhere else, because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.
Jim Cooper
I don’t want to think of life after competing. But if I were to do anything else I’d go down the psychology route. That’s what interests me.
Jessica Ennis
We do not like to praise, and seldom praise anyone without self-interest.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
We must forget ourselves and all self-interest, and listen, and be attentive to God.
Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon
The interest I have to believe a thing is no proof that such a thing exists.
My main life interest and purpose is to bring spiritual awakening into this world, to be a vehicle for the flowering of consciousness, to help people to live more consciously with less unnecessary suffering and self-generated unhappiness.
Eckhart Tolle
The acceptance of corporatism causes us to deny and undermine the legitimacy of the individual as citizen in a democracy. The result of such a denial is a growing imbalance which leads to our adoration of self-interest and our denial of the public good.
John Ralston Saul
Politicians pay more attention to interest groups than to the public interest.
Alice Rivlin
Self-interest is an ineffable feeling which shall follow us into God’s very presence since they say there is a hierarchy even among the Holy Saints.
Honore de Balzac