Interviewing Someone Quotes

Interviewing Someone Quotes by Barbara Walters, Gwen Ifill, Cat Deeley, Katharine Whitehorn, James McBride, Garry Shandling and many others.

When you're interviewing someone, you're in control. Wh

When you’re interviewing someone, you’re in control. When you’re being interviewed, you think you’re in control, but you’re not.
Barbara Walters
When you are interviewing someone, you have a chance to follow up, to press, to dig in. In a debate there’s 30 seconds for the other guy, too. And the goal is to get them to engage with each other, not to engage you necessarily.
Gwen Ifill
If I’m interviewing someone I need to know everything about them – I do these massive spider diagrams. Everything under different categories, and certain questions in other categories.
Cat Deeley
Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.
Katharine Whitehorn
When you’re interviewing someone, even your mother – you have to sort of deal with you have to get some objective space from yourself and the person but you also have to find what’s the best way to get the information from that person.
James McBride
But I really like hosting, I think it’s a strength of mine. It allows me to improvise, and I love the spontaneity of that, and I think I’m funny behind the desk when interviewing someone.
Garry Shandling
I remember interviewing someone I actually felt bad for, and therefore didn’t want to take an ironic stance against him. It actually turned out to be a really funny piece.
Rob Corddry
When I’m interviewing someone, I want to make sure that he thought enough to take care of himself – to dress appropriately and to groom himself properly.
Bill Rancic
When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ everybody says ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A god. I just told you. That’s who I think I am.
Kanye West