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Intuitive Quotes by James Spader, Peter Turchi, Ridley Scott, Toyo Ito, Shirley MacLaine, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and many others.

If you find great difficulty in trying to reckon with t

If you find great difficulty in trying to reckon with the future or even the present, I think it’s intuitive to start that process by reckoning with the past.
James Spader
Most writers I know move back and forth between the rational and the intuitive, though there are some who approach writing very rationally, and others who claim not to think their work through.
Peter Turchi
The whole process of making movies and writing screenplays is visceral and intuitive.
Ridley Scott
I sometimes feel that we are losing an intuitive sense of our own bodies.
Toyo Ito
And I think we’ll be able to prove scientifically that other talents such as intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant and audiovoyant are very real.
Shirley MacLaine
The sense of beauty is intuitive, and beauty itself is all that inspires pleasure without, and aloof from, and even contrarily to interest.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
By learning to trust your intuition, miracles seem to happen. Intuitive thoughts are gifts from the higher self.
Susan Jeffers
Tablets are more intuitive than a PC or laptop. They also have more real estate than a smartphone.
Aneel Bhusri
In my mind’s eye, I visualize how a particular… sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.
Ansel Adams
All spiritual prayers have their source in God. God makes known to us what we ought to pray by unfolding to us the need and by giving that need as a burden in our intuitive spirit. Only an intuitive burden can constitute our call to pray.
Watchman Nee
The intuitive mind is nonphysical. It is not part of the brain or any other cellular structure in the physical body. It is part of the causal body.
Frederick Lenz
In a fire you have to be thoughtful, you have to have a certain kind of intuitive smarts that the veterans have. I’m not there yet, despite the Stanford degree.
Caroline Paul
The language of the face is not taught by the schools; it is intuitive, and to the observant is always legible.
Julia Ward Howe
If you look at the history of big obstacles in understanding our world, there’s usually an intuitive assumption underlying them that’s wrong.
Jeff Hawkins
Perl should remain fast and intuitive (to the extent that it is 🙂
Larry Wall
True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.
Daniel Kahneman
The intuitive, the expressive, the un-measurable, the intensely personal have never found a satisfactory place in the curriculum, in assessment, in the publics esteem.
Hedley Beare
Escapism makes a lot of intuitive sense – whisk people away from their cares with stories of a better life.
Adam Cohen
The apprehension of… values is intuitive; but it is not a built-in intuition, not something with which one is born. Intuition in art is actually the result of… prolonged tuition.
Ben Shahn
By the way, intelligence to me isn’t just being book-smart or having a college degree; it’s trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it.
Tabatha Coffey
The more you do your homework, the more you’re free to be intuitive. But you’ve got to put the work in.
Edward Norton
Instead of having to program, to wire, to solder, littleBits allow you to program using very simple intuitive gestures.
Ayah Bdeir
Tantra means the avoidance of a set or defined form of spirituality. Tantra is intuitive self-discovery.
Frederick Lenz
The Beautiful arises from the perceived harmony of an object, whether sight or sound, with the inborn and constitutive rules of the judgment and imagination: and it is always intuitive.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My pictures are never pre-visualized or planned. I feel strongly that pictures must come from contact with things at the time and place of taking. At such times, I rely on intuitive, perceptual responses to guide me, using reason only after the final print is made to accept or reject the results of my work.
Wynn Bullock
We want to build technology that everybody loves using, and that affects everyone. We want to create beautiful, intuitive services and technologies that are so incredibly useful that people use them twice a day. Like they use a toothbrush. There aren’t that many things people use twice a day.
Larry Page
Synchronistic events offer us perceptions that may be useful in our psychological and spiritual growth and may reveal to us, through intuitive knowledge, that our lives have meaning.
Jean Shinoda Bolen
We live in a culture that doesn’t acknowledge or validate human intuition and doesn’t encourage us to rely on our intuitive wisdom.
Shakti Gawain
Controller is so intuitive, even your mum can play.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Intuitive Eaters march to their inner hunger signals, and eat whatever they choose without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma.
Evelyn Tribole
When we consistently suppress and distrust our intuitive knowingness, looking instead for authority, validation, and approval from others, we give our personal power away.
Shakti Gawain
People assume that science is a very cold sort of profession, whereas writing novels is a warm and fuzzy intuitive thing. But in fact, they are not at all different.
Diana Gabaldon
There’s a lot of romanticisation of the intuitive actor and method acting and all kinds of notions about getting inside a character and coming out from there.
Edward Norton
Zen is based on the recognition of two incompatible types of thought: rational and intuitive.
Tom Hoover
In climbing you are always faced with new problems in which you must perform using intuitive movements, and then later analyze them to figure out why they work, and then learn from them.
Wolfgang Gullich
Good technology is intuitive – the cellphone forces you to become an engineer.
Martin Cooper
If you have an intuitive or instinctive feeling, follow it, and you will find that the Universe is magnetically moving you to receive what you asked for.
Rhonda Byrne
The experiment of the poem is mostly intuitive. I write the first draft, pulling in the various elements that interest me, in the hope that their being combined will lead to some kind of insight.
John Barton
My work is on the one hand laboured, and on the other completely happenstance and intuitive. But that’s the swish in the work, I think. It’s really important to me that the work isn’t just sitting on top of something, that the materials are woven together – that they are recognisable and from the world.
Ellen Gallagher
Individually and collectively, we are shifting from a position of fear into surrender and trust of the intuitive. The power of the feminine energy is on the rise in our world.
Shakti Gawain
The intuitive connection children feel with animals can be a tremendous source of joy. The unconditional love received from pets, and the lack of artifice in the relationship, contrast sharply with the much trickier dealings with members of their own species.
Frans de Waal
I became intensely aware of the being-ness of trees. The feel of rough sun-warmed bark of an ancient forest giant, or the cool, smooth skin of a young and eager sapling, gave me a strange, intuitive sense of the sap as it was sucked up by unseen roots and drawn up to the very tips of the branches, high overhead.
Jane Goodall
When your world falls apart and you’re left with just yourself, you’re forced to discover who you are without all the beliefs, expectations, views, & self-image provided by some teacher or system. The calculating mind gives way to the intuitive mind, Knowing without Thinking.
Gabrielle Roth
Notice what happens when you follow your intuitive feelings. The result is usually increased energy and power, and a sense of things flowing.
Shakti Gawain
The only good writing is intuitive writing. It would be a big bore if you knew where it was going. It has to be exciting, instantaneous and it has to be a surprise. Then it all comes blurting out and it’s beautiful. I’ve had a sign by my typewriter for 25 years now which reads, ‘DON’T THINK!’
Ray Bradbury
We have an intuitive sense of our duty.
Jonathan Swift
The vision is true north for the soul. It is a permanent, intuitive compass direction for a human being. Every person inevitably strays from the path. Life is an endless experiment and course correction. The vision brings one back to the true path.
Thomas G. Bandy
Singing duets is instinctive, intuitive.
Rodney Crowell
My experience with the National Theatre in Kracow often involved many changes of storyline and character. This was particularly useful when working with a director such as Pawel Pawlikowski who is quite intuitive and demands flexibility in an actor.
Joanna Kulig
The course was more plodding than heroic: I did not strive valiantly against doubters but took incremental steps studded with a few intuitive leaps.
Steve Martin
I get emails from strangers every day asking for love advice, which is kind of counter-intuitive since I’m making a movie about what an idiot I am with relationships.
Davy Rothbart
The history of the world, as it is written and handed down by word of mouth, often fails us completely; but man’s intuitive capacity, though it often misleads, does lead, does not ever abandon one.
Franz Kafka
Very few of us trust our immediate connection with nature, or the intuitive intelligence of our body. All too easily, we align ourselves with the logical world of Masculine intelligence. As a culture, we have become so Masculine that we are much more comfortable with analytical problem-solving than with ecstatic dancing!
David Deida
If you tell yourself something over and over again, right or wrong, it becomes intuitive.
Sidney Coleman
I talk about it a lot to my students. Musicality never came up in any of own writing education, and I can see why – we don’t have the vocabulary for it. Phrasing is intuitive, and its difficult to articulate when it’s on and when it’s not.
Paul Lisicky
Our rational minds can never understand what has happened, but our hearts.. if we can keep them open to God, will find their own intuitive way.
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Ram Dass
Metaphysics involves intuitive knowledge of unprovable starting-points concepts and truth and demonstrative knowledge of what follows from them.
To me the special quality (which of course many men have as well) is first of all a sharpness, a clarityIt cuts through – especially intellectual ossification. Itgets to the point. To me the dakini principle stands for the intuitive force.
Tenzin Palmo
Sometimes in the ignorance I feel the meaning Invincible invisible wisdom, And I commune with intuitive instinct With the force that made life be And since it made life be It is greater than life And since it let extinction be It is greater than extinction. I commune with feelings more than prayer
Sun Ra
What I realized halfway through writing romance is that you start out intuitive, and you make all these choices mostly based on yourself and what you like and what talent you have, and… if you want to have any quality control over your product, you have to stop being intuitive and start being more of an analyst.
Janet Evanovich
Children have almost an intuitive discernment between the maxims you bring forward for their use, and those by which you direct your own conduct.
Anna Letitia Barbauld
I’m very creative, intuitive – I like to entertain.
Tobin Heath
Small players learn to be intuitive, to anticipate, to protect the ball. A guy who weighs 90 kilos doesn’t move like one who weighs 60. In the playground I always played against much bigger kids and I always wanted the ball. Without it, I feel lost.
Andres Iniesta
I don’t care much for equations myself. This is partly because it is difficult for me to write them down, but mainly because I don’t have an intuitive feeling for equations.
Stephen Hawking
When I go into the editing process, I re-look at the original intuitive thoughts and then it becomes the written performance or text work. Because they look quite big there’s this assumption that there isn’t much editing, but that’s a huge part of it.
Sue Tompkins
It feels like when I write, it’s intuitive. This is true of Frances, and it’s true of this [The Funniest Movie Of The Summer].
Greta Gerwig
We need to develop the intuitive capacities of the brain that some geniuses have manifested over humanity’s lengthy history.
Thomas Keating
Walter Beasley is an anomaly: a successful performing musician who possesses the rare skill of understanding the musical process beyond the intuitive. This special ability enables Walter to communicate with aspiring musicians in a way that removes the sense of mystery that sometimes enshrouds our profession.
Branford Marsalis
No other content company has Sony’s intuitive grasp of technology and no other company has Sony’s intimate understanding of the demands of content.
Howard Stringer
If a founder has passion and innovation, he needs to be supported. I am more intuitive than a numbers person, and I recognise that not all investments are going to be positive. Some may fail, and some may have problems for other reasons. That is life.
Ratan Tata
To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling. Logic can tell you superficially where a path might lead to, but it cannot judge whether your heart will be in it.
Jean Shinoda Bolen
He [Democritus] is probably best known for two of the most scientifically intuitive quotes ever uttered by an ancient: ‘Nothing exists except atoms and space, everything else is opinion’.
Leon M. Lederman
Coaches give you too much information. Ive been allowed to develop that intuitive ability in my career and lifetime.
Tiffeny Milbrett
OS X is sweet: it’s simple and intuitive, and I think GNOME shares a lot of values with it.
Nat Friedman
My sun and my moon signs are mostly Cancer – it’s really strong. We’re deeply intuitive and sentimental. I really like to take care of people, nurturing them. I’m very passionate about the things I do and like to see people I love grow.
Kali Uchis
Consistent physical structures can allow unbounded intuitive clarity.
Mary Anne Radmacher
The woman is a gentle, loving bond who encourages, consoles, builds, reconciles, and makes all things new and vibrant. The woman is strength in time of suffering, courageous in failure, intuitive in time of danger. A woman is ingenuous when all fails, resourceful in times of want, and a true helpmate for man.
Mother Angelica
I started by just sitting by the chessboard exploring things. I didn’t even have books at first, and I just played by myself. I learnt a lot from that, and I feel that it is a big reason why I now have a good intuitive understanding of chess.
Magnus Carlsen
Tax increases appear to have a very large sustained and highly significant negative impact on output. Since most of our exogenous tax changes are in fact reductions, the more intuitive way to express this result is that tax cuts have very large and persistent positive output effects
Christina Romer
I’m an intuitive musician. I have no real technical skills. I can only play six chords on the guitar.
Patti Smith
“Point of view” is that quintessentially human solution to information overload, an intuitive process of reducing things to an essential relevant and manageable minimum… In a world of hyperabundant content, point of view will become the scarcest of resources…
Paul Saffo
Intuitive diagnosis is reliable when people have a lot of relevant feedback. But people are very often willing to make intuitive diagnoses even when they’re very likely to be wrong.
Daniel Kahneman
I know the death of my grandmother acted as a catalyst to somehow turn something on because before 10 I didn’t really have many intuitive experiences.
Tyler Henry
We are born intuitive, which is why for most people, their intuition is actually the source of their greatest suffering.
Caroline Myss
History or custom or social utility or some compelling sense of justice or sometimes perhaps a semi-intuitive apprehension of the pervading spirit of our law must come to the rescue of the anxious judge and tell him where to go.
Benjamin Cardozo
In my opinion, the teaching, rearing, and training of children requires more intelligence, intuitive understanding, humility, strength, wisdom, spirituality, perseverance, and hard work than any other challenge we might have in life.
James E. Faust
The process of shooting – of choosing shots – is intuitive for me, and I just feel my way towards what seems right.
Lenny Abrahamson
My process of being inspired is very intuitive. Im constantly following my interest.
Jeff Koons
Witches try to ‘connect’ with the world around them. Witchcraft, they say, is about the tactile, intuitive understanding of the turn of the seasons, the song of the birds; it is the awareness of all things as holy.
Tanya Luhrmann
I wish I were more musically gifted, more intuitive in playing instruments.
Edward Norton
Even though people think I am more of a conceptual artist, I am actually very intuitive. For me, it is still a matter of allowing things to naturally rise to the top of my mental pile, and then I make them.
Cornelia Parker
When I write, I never know the endings. What I think works in [my] stories is the fact that when I write, I really want to find out what is going on-I’m writing for myself as a reader. It’s like when you dream a dream. I want to know what’s behind the door. If I navigate, it’s from a place that’s totally intuitive.
Etgar Keret
The intuitive recognition of the instant, thus reality is the highest act of wisdom.
D.T. Suzuki
Humans are born curious, creative, and intuitive.
Ken Robinson
If our society was a lot wealthier, I think we’d also probably have better education systems – this is pretty intuitive, I think, to make as a claim.
Joe Lonsdale
I think music is an intuitive force. It’s this beautiful wave that connects all of us and inspires us, and I think music has the ability – when you listen to a song, you’re not immediately thinking about the lyrics or what’s going on in the mind of the writer, you’re feeling the song.
Serj Tankian
It’s intuitive in terms of when I read a piece of material or I hear about a project. I’m a writer, so I’ve written movies. I’ve read at this point thousands and thousands and thousands of screenplays. So if something gets me, then I don’t ignore that.
Matt Damon
The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense.
John C. Maxwell
I think back story can help guide your choices, but when you’re playing a scene, you’re not making choices; you’re just intuitive.
Willem Dafoe
I’m not a politician or a scholar or political historian. I’m just a photographer who’s trying to capture a spirit. It’s not an intellectual process; it’s an intuitive process.
Nursing encompasses an art, a humanistic orientation, a feeling for the value of the individual, and an intuitive sense of ethics, and of the appropriateness of action taken.
Myrtle Aydelotte
In my own research when I’m working with equations, I never feel like I really understand what I’m doing if I’m solely relying on the mathematics for my understanding. I need to have a visual picture in my mind. I’m constantly translating from the math to some intuitive mind’s-eye picture.
Brian Greene
I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill –
a skill based in self-esteem.
Caroline Myss
Developing a genius mindset essentially comes down to two things: operating at speed and using the subconscious mind more than the conscious. This intuitive or relaxed approach to study is the polar opposite of traditional and mainstream forms of education.
James Morcan
Well, I don’t know what Ron has in mind, but I do know about the arc of the show. Looking at how intuitive and instinctive Eddie and I play, that is the sort of thing that leads into sexual chemistry. I wouldn’t be surprised if it emerged.
Mary McDonnell
There are people who are great technical players like Eric Clapton, and there are people who are great intuitive songwriters like Daniel Johnston. There are sometimes people who are great at both the technique and the creativity, the two sides of the coin, maybe Jimi Hendrix.
Jeffrey Lewis
The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.
Deepak Chopra
The especial genius of women I believe to be electrical in movement, intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.
Margaret Fuller
For me, intuitive thinking means associative thinking; intuition causes us to introduce narrative or figurative elements into a poem before we’re able to explain why those elements belong.
James Arthur
My wife says that I become different once I start to work with animals. My movements become different, my mood is different. It involves letting everything fall behind you, becoming intuitive in your dealings with wild creatures in a way that bypasses reason. Sometimes it’s more like a dance than anything else.
Frans Lanting
I often think about image, and image is something that – but in truth, the real artistic process, as I’ve understood it, is 95 percent intuitive, like seat-of-the-pants, at-the-moment decisions that you can’t even explain, you know?
George Saunders
Carefully watch how people live, get an intuitive sense as to what they might want and then go with it. Don’t do market research.
Akio Morita
Prayer does not change God, it changes us. It deepens insight, increases intuitive perception, expands consciousness. It transforms personality.
Wilferd Peterson
Drawing on a computer doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s not intuitive.
Chris Ware
I do spend time trying to find good melodies, and I try to remember them when I do discover them. But also it’s mostly intuitive; I noodle around with the line until it sounds and feels right.
Phil Elverum
Women are incredibly intuitive. If anybody on the planet is going to evolve to the next level, that telekinetic thing, women will.
Robin Williams
Is the humanism intuitive or labored over?, the answer is: Yes. It begins intuitively, it becomes the reason for writing the thing, and then it’s to be considered and fine-tuned and even calculated.
Steve Erickson
Moral education, as I understand it, is not about inculcating obedience to law or cultivating self-virtue, it is rather about finding within us an ever-increasing sense of the worth of creation. It is about how we can develop and deepen our intuitive sense of beauty and creativity.
Andrew Linzey
Writing lyrics is part spontaneous, intuitive and part really thought through and carefully analyzed as you write it. It’s a mixture of two approaches, and I imagine writing anything is like that, really. Some of it just flows, and you just go with it.
Ian Anderson
I think about the structure, sure. I think about what’s going to happen, and how it’s going to happen, and the pace. But I think if I stop to think about it in an abstract sense, I feel very daunted. I just try to enter into the story and feel my way through it. It’s a very murky, intuitive way of going about it.
Jhumpa Lahiri
It would be mistaken to suppose that any of the best photography is come at by intellection; it is like all art, essentially the result of an intuitive process, drawing on all that the artist is rather than on anything he thinks, far less theorizes about.
Helen Levitt
Steve had a real sixth sense about so many things. He had an odd connection with wildlife. He was extraordinarily intuitive with people. I found it all very – I don’t know if ‘eerie’ is the word, but remarkable, certainly.
Terri Irwin
Our connection with our intuitive self is ever present and always a part of ourselves.
James Van Praagh
A design is intuitive when people just know what to do and they don’t have to go through any training to get there When a design is not intuitive, our attention moves away from what we’re trying to accomplish to how we can get the interface to accomplish what we want.
Jared Spool
We should all feel confident in our intelligence. By the way, intelligence to me isn’t just being book-smart or having a college degree; it’s trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it.
Tabatha Coffey
The desire to run comes from deep within us — from the unconscious, the intuitive, the instinctive. And that desire becomes a passion when the runner learns to race. Then, the race becomes all — the lovemaking of the runner.
George A. Sheehan
Man’s life on earth has only one end and purpose: to identify himself with his eternal Self and so to come to unitive knowledge of the Divine Ground.
Aldous Huxley
This is the essence of intuitive heuristics: when faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution.
Daniel Kahneman
The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.
Lao Tzu
One of the things that… I’ve seen Nintendo do so well is provide a user interface that is intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to execute against – and in our view, that’s exactly what we’ve done on DSi.
Reggie Fils-Aime
I’m not courting labor. I come from a labor background. To me, it’s just intuitive.
Gavin Newsom
Reprogramming the unconscious beliefs that block fuller awareness of creative/intuitive capabilities depends upon a key characteristic of the mind, namely that it responds to what is vividly imagined as though it were real experience.
Willis Harman
Despite its simple and humble design, Zik is certainly today one of our most successful products in terms of intuitive ergonomics.
Philippe Starck
God has given me a mule-like stubbornness to stick with a difficult problem and the intuitive powers to conceptualize complex hypothetical situations in my mind.
Albert Einstein
Writers often like to talk about how intuitive the writing process is, but in truth, building a book is a remarkably unintuitive task. Or, to put it more accurately, you need a lot more than intuition. You need plot and characters. You need a setting. You need a theme that is relevant and supported by your text.
Rebecca Serle
So much of the work is intuitive. The resistance you detect is just that, a kind of evasion, a sense that too much analysis will inhibit creativity.
Peter Weir
To believe in something not yet proved and to underwrite it with our lives: it is the only way we can leave the future open. Man, surrounded by facts, permitting himself no surmise, no intuitive flash, no great hypothesis, no risk, is in a locked cell. Ignorance cannot seal the mind and imagination more surely.
Lillian Smith
It’s a pretty intuitive process, picking the projects that I want to get involved with.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
A successful director is someone who has the combination of skills that you can learn, but there’s also an intuitive sensibility that they bring to it, that they’ve developed on their own and that is singular to them.
Rick Heinrichs
The struggle of the male to learn to listen to and respect his own intuitive, inner prompting is the greatest challenge of all. His conditioning has been so powerful that it has all but destroyed his ability to be self-aware.
Herb Goldberg
Most intuitive ideas have to be clarified, so there is a trial and error process.
James Redfield
Game design is a funny thing. There are people out there who are really good at it, but it’s not clear that they can teach it. It’s a very intuitive process. It’s an art.
Luis von Ahn
When I worked on the polio vaccine, I had a theory. I guided each [experiment] by imagining myself in the phenomenon in which I was interested. The intuitive realm . . . the realm of the imagination guides my thinking.
Jonas Salk
It’s triumphant for someone to wake up to life. I feel a tremendous sense of liberation. You want to be able to use both your intuitive side and your go-get-’em side with no blame.
Meg Ryan
I’m not one of those actors who sits around the table and intellectualizing anything, or discusses much of anything. Everything for me is intuitive and instinctive.
Chris Bauer
Women tend to be more intuitive, or to admit to being intuitive, and maybe the hard science approach isn’t so attractive. The way that science is taught is very cold. I would never have become a scientist if I had been taught like that.
Jane Goodall
A mode of knowledge rooted in silence and intuitive insight which gives meaning to life but which cannot be explained in rational terms.
Karen Armstrong
A good education instills in you the intuitive comprehension – it becomes unconscious and reflexive – that you just don’t think certain things, things that are threatening to power interests.
Noam Chomsky
As Chief Product Officer, I lead our product team to create simple, intuitive user experiences.
Joe Gebbia
The most prevalent way of working in photography right now is project oriented: you go after an idea. I like the old way, the intuitive approach. You follow your nose and take pictures and see what emerges. It happens after the fact.
Mark Klett
Each one of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need right within us. It is available to us through our intuitive mind, which is our connection with universal intelligence.
Shakti Gawain
Being a magician taught me how powerful the element of surprise can be. In each book, I’ve tried to work that in – an unexpected twist in a story that reveals an insight, a counter intuitive study that turns your beliefs upside-down.
Adam Grant
Value choices are intuitive… It’s fun to see how much you can get without leaning on contrast.
Sara Genn
Science has now confirmed what philosophers, mystics, and other intuitive people have long declared: every human being has been literally “engineered for success” by his Creator. Every human being has access to a power greater than himself.
Maxwell Maltz
Claire Danes in ‘Homeland’ just blew me away. She is so intuitive, and her choices are so unique. When you see somebody like that work, you just have to stop in your tracks. It is a lesson in what good acting really is, and it is so inspiring to be around.
Jeremy Podeswa
Make your own decision, based on your deepest intuitive wisdom and knowledge. You may make the right decision or the wrong one, but whatever happens, it is your best shot, and you will strengthen your capacity for future action.
David Deida
Sometimes people have this notion that improvisation is simply intuitive leaping into the unknown.
Kurt Elling
Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything.
Miyamoto Musashi
I don’t really plan. I’m almost intuitive about things.
Terry Pratchett
Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion. Bewilderment brings intuitive knowledge.
Music is extremely intuitive, which acting too in a different way.
Katey Sagal
During periods of relaxation after concentrated intellectual activity, the intuitive mind seems to take over and can produce the sudden clarifying insights which give so much joy and delight.
Fritjof Capra
The days of the ‘intuitive’ manager are numbered.
Peter Drucker
Intuitive listening requires us to still our minds until the beauty of things older than our minds can find us.
Mark Nepo
intelligence is intuitive you needn’t learn to love unless you’ve been taught to fear and hate
Saul Williams
All my wife has ever taken from the Mediterranean – from that whole vast intuitive culture – are four bottles of Chianti to make into lamps, and two china condiment donkeys labelled Sally and Peppy.
Peter Shaffer
Intuitive powers played a central role in my scientific work, not wild speculation, yet a valued resource when no other approach was available.
Albert Einstein
Art is freedom. If we don’t have that element, we don’t feel human anymore. Art is not decoration or a function. Before all that, art is art. This connection to meaning – our inner, intuitive knowledge – is something.
Haris Pasovic
I value above all the ability of art to move me emotionally and psychically, without answers. I make art that makes me question, that derives its power from being vulnerable to interpretation, that is intuitive, that is beautiful.
April Gornik
Hitler’s success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path.
Pat Buchanan
Mastery means responsibility, ability to respond in real time to the need of the moment. Intuitive or inspired living means not just passively hearing the voice, but acting on it.
Stephen Nachmanovitch
When you look into someone’s eyes, it may be like your connection to self. Two intuitive people, at the right moment, at the right time, could know they’re in love at that moment.
Michael Pitt
I think I’m a very intuitive actress.
Carice van Houten
When I work alone, it can be like dabbling with a canvas. Maybe you paint over bits, and it starts to form its own life and lead you off in a direction. It becomes an intuitive, subconscious process.
Lindsey Buckingham
Was anything in the world truer than that intuitive leap of the heart?
Richard Russo
Creative ideas come to the intuitive person who can face up to the insecurity of looking beyond the obvious.
Walter Lippmann
Macs are not intuitive. It’s intuitive to the person who created it. It’s not intuitive to me.
Lewis Black
If I try to think objectively about myself and my work, I would say I want to be intuitive and distinctive.
Edward Zwick
I had imagined a kind, ugly, intuitive man looking up and say, ‘Ah!’ in an encouraging way, as if he could see something I couldn’t, and then I would find words to tell him how I was so scared, as if I were being stuffed farther and farther into a black, airless sack with no way out.
Sylvia Plath
My style was always intuitive. I never used to believe in working on your body. Anything that smacked of vanity to me was bad for your acting, but I learned that wasn’t true.
Liev Schreiber
It may be true that only those minds which are habituated to think logically can safely trust their intuitive conclusions, on the theory that the subconscious level will do its kind of work as faithfully as the conscious does its kind.
Richard M. Weaver
Learning philosophy is learning a particular kind of intuitive understanding.
Iris Murdoch
Intuitive versus analytical? That’s a foolish choice. It’s foolish, just like trying to choose between being realistic or idealistic. You need both in life.
Mae Jemison
To be rationally minded, the mental process of the intuitive appears to work backward. His conclusions are reached before his premises. This is not because the steps which connect the two have been omitted, but because those steps are taken by the unconscious.
Frances G. Wickes
I have some sort of performing gene that’s just there and I cannot explain it but I want to connect with people through a camera or on a stage. I just can do it. I just have an intuitive sense of it. So I love doing that, I love going into that trance.
Wayne White
As a sensitive and highly intuitive person in the command-and-control corporate world, I always felt miscast.
Kevin Allen
All observations point to the fact that the intellectual woman is masculinized; in her, warm, intuitive knowledge has yielded to cold unproductive thinking.
Helene Deutsch
The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.
Out of an intuitive experience of the world comes a continuous flow of novel distinctions. Purely rational understanding, on the other hand, serves to confirm old mindsets, rigid categories. Artists, who live in the same world as the rest of us, steer clear of these mindsets to make us see things anew.
Ellen Langer
My 3-year-old daughter is somewhat psychic. I hate the abuse of that word, so let’s just say… intuitive. She was born ‘in the caul,’ meaning my water never broke, and superstition says that makes a child psychic.
Alysia Reiner
Knowledge born of the finest discrimination takes us to the farthest shore. It is intuitive, omniscient, and beyond all divisions of time and space.
Man, surrounded by facts, permitting himself no surprise, no intuitive flash, no great hypothesis, no risk, is in a locked cell. Ignorance cannot seal the mind and imagination more securely.
Albert Einstein
Mature people transmit to young people a certain wisdom that comes from maturity, but young people are close to a more intuitive wisdom, and they can give that back to older people who have lost it to their maturation.
Eugene Green
Still, intuitive assumptions about behavior is only the starting point of systematic analysis, for alone they do not yield many interesting implications.
Gary Becker
In the West, we’ve lost our intuitive understanding of how poverty shapes thinking.
John Burdett
When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer world.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Much of Indian science seems intuitive and not bound by the rigid thinking of classical scientists.
Roland Joffe
You should not take the content of your intuitive response as evidence until you have submitted your psychological reaction to what I call cognitive psychotherapy. You should do what you can to learn as much as possible about the origin of your reaction.
Torbjorn Tannsjo
Outsiders have the intuitive ability to continually view problems in fresh ways and to identify ineffective practices and traditions.
John P. Kotter
Anyone with great imagination, of course, is intuitive. Knowledge of any nature, unless put into practical use, becomes of little effect.
Edgar Cayce
Some people are better at maths than others: no one thinks you can be ‘taught’ to be a mathematical genius. And no one thinks of teaching, in that context, as a kind of forcing of the will. But there seems to be an idea of writing as an intuitive pastime which is being dishonestly subjected to counterintuitive methods.
Rachel Cusk
Consumers have zero time for products that are not simple, intuitive, and attractive to use. This is especially true with Internet products, where clean and useful design is a prerequisite to keeping anyone on your site for more than 30 seconds.
David Cohen
It’s an intuitive exercise to do a Shakespeare play and to go through a Shakespeare play.
Mark Rylance
The Epson M-Tracer provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions that help golfers develop a more efficient and powerful swing.В This information empowers golfers to improve their swing in an easy and intuitive manner, ultimately resulting in lower scores and more fun.
David Leadbetter
For me, climbing is a form of exploration that inspires me to confront my own inner nature within nature. It’s a means of experiencing a state of consciousness where there are no distractions or expectations. This intuitive state of being is what allows me to experience moments of true freedom and harmony.
Lynn Hill
The problem is, is when your focus is created by a crisis, then the frontal lobe shuts down essentially, the frontal cortex which is your intuitive intelligence. So you get very clever and very stupid in a crisis. Also, you pump adrenalin into your body from what you – physiologically you’ll crash.
David Allen
Cindy is a terrific writer and has both a studied – and an intuitive – understanding of the best practices of no-hype, high results copywriting.
Steve Slaunwhite
Cognitive psychology has shown that the mind best understands facts when they are woven into a conceptual fabric, such as a narrative, mental map, or intuitive theory. Disconnected facts in the mind are like unlinked pages on the Web: They might as well not exist.
Steven Pinker
But still, the other voice, the intuitive, returns, like grass forcing its way through concrete.
Susan Griffin
Of course, when a poem is being born, the reasoning part of the brain throbs away at full throttle, but all the other areas are overlapping and interacting as well, the emotional, intuitive, animal areas.
Michael Longley
I found I am not an anarchistic form creator; I’m intuitive, and I’m trying to figure out a way to explore human fragility.
Thomas Vinterberg
The square is not a subconscious form. It is the creation of intuitive reason. The face of the new art. The square is a living, regal infant. The first step of pure creation in art.
Kazimir Malevich