Irreparable Harm Quotes

Irreparable Harm Quotes by Gail Carriger, Yehuda Berg, Tammara Webber, Stanley Kubrick, Bernie Sanders, Georges Braque and many others.

Poetry can cause irreparable harm when misapplied

Poetry can cause irreparable harm when misapplied
Gail Carriger
With so much evidence of depleting natural resources, toxic waste, climate change, irreparable harm to our food chain and rapidly increasing instances of natural disasters, why do we keep perpetuating the problem? Why do we continue marching at the same alarming beat?
Yehuda Berg
When you find yourself about to say something that crosses a line, something that could cause irreparable harm, sometimes the best you can do is just not say that thing.
Tammara Webber
Here’s to five miserable months on the wagon and the irreparable harm that it’s caused me.
Stanley Kubrick
Giving up is not an option if we want to prevent irreparable harm to our planet.
Bernie Sanders
To explain away the mystery of a great painting – if such a feat were possible – would do irreparable harm… If there is no mystery, then there is no poetry, the quality I value above all else in art.
Georges Braque