Jeans Quotes

Jeans Quotes by Bryan Greenberg, Jamie Cullum, Alexander Gustafsson, Stephen Graham Jones, Richard Grieco, Shay Mitchell and many others.

In everyday life, I'm pretty much T-shirt and jeans guy

In everyday life, I’m pretty much T-shirt and jeans guy – a soft LnA shirt, cool APC jeans, Nikes or Jordans. If I’m going to an event I like to wear a suit, sometimes a three-piece. I’m into brands like Simon Spurr – I think he makes great suits – and Dior Homme.
Bryan Greenberg
I’ve worn some particularly baggy jeans and cowboys boot combinations after coming back from Austin, Texas. This was ill-advised.
Jamie Cullum
I’m an athlete, so giving a suit a casual look is important to me. Sometimes I wear sneakers with my suit or I will wear a blazer, tie and collared shirt with jeans.
Alexander Gustafsson
Jeans and sneakers are definitely best for the haunted house. They usually won’t let you in with a mask, even. It makes sense. They need to be able to tell who the rubes are. And, sneakers are good because the ground’s uneven, and you’re running and falling and stepping on the slower of your friends.
Stephen Graham Jones
I wore ripped jeans and headbands before people wore that. I’ve been this guy ever since.
Richard Grieco
I’d define my everyday style as put together, but also comfortable. A great pair of jeans and a cute top can be so versatile.
Shay Mitchell
I love to just throw on a leather jacket with jean shorts and a T-shirt, or I’ll pair a menswear-inspired blazer with jeans for a casual but chic look.
Stella Maxwell
Rag & Bone is a big part of my closet. I just really like how their jeans fit; I wear them a lot, and I think they make really cool staple pieces.
Gigi Hadid
I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.
Yves Saint Laurent
I like being girly. I used to wear jeans all the time and tracksuit bottoms but then I was like, really all I want to be like is Marilyn Monroe so why am I wearing these?
Kate Nash
When I was modeling, I’d go for castings in a pair of really tight, leopard-print trousers, like jeans, but with a velvet finish – very Rod Stewart, but also very sexy.
Laila Rouass
As a wrestling fan, I can remember years ago seeing my first Street Fight between Wahoo McDaniel and Tully Blanchard, and I remember thinking to myself that I will really think I’ve made it when I can come to the ring in jeans and cowboy boots with my hands taped and stuff like that.
Shawn Michaels
Whether it’s t-shirt and jeans or full monster suit, I’m still an actor underneath it all, and a good director is going to know that.
Doug Jones
To this day, I still haven’t touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money. I live off my marketing money and haven’t blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewelry, or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school.
Rob Gronkowski
Every day my style changes with my mood. Some days I’ll feel a little more grunge and wear boyfriend jeans, but in the summer I like to feel girly and wear dresses.
Julianne Hough
On my own I generally have very messy hair, wear jeans and sneakers.
She was married for seven years to a concrete castle king. She said she wanted to learn to play the guitar and to hear her children sing. So I’d show up about once a week in my faded tight-legged jeans with a backlog full of hobo stories and dilapidated dreams.
Harry Chapin
All I really want to do is play, that’s all that matters. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to cultivate an image. Everything has been on instinct. The flannel shirt and jeans, for example… those are the clothes I wear. If I wore anything else on stage, I wouldn’t feel comfortable.
Rory Gallagher
I go through different phases and change my mind about my style all the time. In the winter, I wanted to wear jeans and pumps and black and leather all the time. Right now, I want to wear long skirts and belts, with my hair in a ponytail. It changes all the time!
Heather Morris
A crossbow?” Pigeon asked. I left my battle-ax in my other jeans,” the man said.
Brandon Mull
I was so tall and so skinny – I was that kid who couldn’t find anything to wear. All the cool kids would have jeans the right length and I would just think, ‘What am I going to do?’
L’Wren Scott
I love making shorts out of jeans, or customizing denim. Basically, I like to rip and distress things… I love that look.
Hailey Baldwin
All fashion brands are about looking good. Being Human is also about doing good. And you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.
Salman Khan
High school for me was not all that fun. I think it’s a lot more fun after when you realize that high school ends, and everything that’s important at that time is sort of not important if people don’t like your jeans or whatever. It doesn’t matter.
Leighton Meester
On ‘Good Morning Britain’ I regularly re-wear outfits, and my wardrobe at home is the same few jumpers and jeans.
Susanna Reid
I think that men’s clothing should be functional. If there’s a rip in his jeans, it should be because he was out working, not because he ripped them so they looked cool. It’s even better if they’re ripped because he got in a fight.
Samaire Armstrong
I model jeans. You need a bum for those.
Georgia May Jagger
For the most part, yeah, I’m happy with my body, but there are days when I’m like, ‘Ugh! Really? Why is it so hard to fit into my jeans?’ That’s when I say to myself, ‘I look this way because I’m supposed to. If we all looked the same, we’d be boring.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I met Matt when he was in Busted. I was working at MTV and I’d see him wearing baggy jeans, waddling around like a duck so they didn’t fall down. He used to wear makeup and have weird hairstyles. But I remember thinking underneath all that was a really cute guy.
Emma Willis
I’m definitely a jeans girl.
Madelaine Petsch
I will say this, though, in regards to laundry. I’ll say, “Do you need to wear a new pair of jeans every day?” We’ve worked on this for the past year and he [Ashton Kutcher] now doesn’t need to wear a clean pair of jeans every day. My laundry has gotten cut down immensely.
Mila Kunis
Instead of learned young people we have donkeys with University degrees. Instead of future leaders we have mollusks with expensive blue jeans and phony revolutionaries with ski masks. And do you know what? Maybe this is another reason why our Moslem invaders have such an easy game.
Oriana Fallaci
I actually bedazzled when I was younger. I totally did that to my jeans.
Jillian Bell
In eighth grade, I wore a tie to school every day. I didn’t own jeans. But it wasn’t a granola thing, it was really more of an INXS thing.
Paul Rudd
My only ambition in life . . . is to wear size 28 jeans.
Karl Lagerfeld
There’s a part of me that wishes I could go out in T-shirt and jeans, ’cause I really love Patti Smith, Cat Power, girls who look so casual; that appeals to me ’cause I guess it’s the opposite from what I do. But I can never let myself just do that – I always have to try and dress up and create something.
Bat for Lashes
I like the Rockabilly look. My background is half Italian, half French. I wear cowboy boots and jeans.
Johnny Iuzzini
I like my ladies lady-ish, feminine so to speak. I love jeans and hoodies, but the idea of being an ultimate tomboy does slightly confuse me.
Tom Felton
I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they’re versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put into my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans.
Maria Sharapova
As for this,” Magnus said sliding the stele into Jace’s jeans pocket, “keep it in your pants, Shadowhunter.” – 219
Cassandra Clare
I grew up with four brothers. I used to play sports with them. And I liked wearing their clothes. I’d run around in T-shirts, jeans, and baseball caps.
Jaimie Alexander
I want to die with my blue jeans on.
Andy Warhol
We never want to hear the customer say, ‘You have nice sunglasses, but I can’t find jeans in my size.’
Robert J. Fisher
The main rhythmic loop in ‘Alaska’ is me just patting on my jeans.
Maggie Rogers
Back in the day, a pair of tight jeans was enough to earn a girl a bad reputation. Now slutty has gone Main Street.
Linda Chavez
I guess I like more of the skinny jeans. I’m not very fond of all the stretch, so I try to avoid too much stretch fabric.
Freja Beha Erichsen
I’ve always done the style that I loved, so I didn’t mind sending an old pair of jeans down the runway. It’s about that style. It’s not Hedi Slimane. You know, I’m not all that familiar with his thing-I really don’t look. I certainly know who he is.
Hedi Slimane
I can’t believe that women have got to put on so much in the morning. What time do women wake up? Man, I put a t-shirt and jeans on, and that’s it. To see what women have got to go through in the morning, it’s more of a respect factor.
Brandon T. Jackson
I always get criticized for my clothing because I like wearing jeans and T-shirts. There’s nothing wrong with dressing sexy. It’s just I don’t want to be anything that I’m not. I’m not here to be a fashion icon. I am here to make songs.
Alessia Cara
I’ll never throw away my blue jeans.
Susan Ford
My perspective is hard because I look at wardrobe from very much a guy’s perspective. You look at my closet and I have pairs of black jeans and five button-downs, but one’s silk, one’s cotton. They all are slightly different, so that’s my perspective.
Erin Wasson
I love to shop at one of my favorite stores, Levi’s. They have the best button down denim shirts and jeans that are reasonable priced.
Skai Jackson
I wear a lot of black, and it’s not because I’m depressed or anything. I like black jeans – they’re pretty much the only colored jeans I wear. James Jeans have the most comfortable fabric. I’d say in general, I dress pretty comfortably.
Brittany Howard
I like simple styles like a white t-shirt and jeans.
Seo Yea-ji
I have always loved sneakers and sweaters, and I wear a lot of them. And a good t-shirt or a pair of jeans can make you feel so good.
Garance Dore
I don’t even have an iron. Yes, it means I can’t own crisp, white shirts – but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. My clothes simply emerge pristine from the dryer. Jeans don’t crease and, for work, stretchy Lycra holds its shape.
Susanna Reid
My winter uniform is jeans, boots, and an oversize blazer for good measure. It’s my formula for getting dressed in under 10 minutes.
Jeanne Damas
I tend to wear flats and jeans and no makeup and walk around, go to the grocery store, and do whatever I have to do.
Morena Baccarin
Jeans should never be worn to someone’s home if you are having dinner there.
Letitia Baldrige
We had very few things. I had a couple pairs of jeans, a couple shirts. And same with my mom and sister. I think my sister had, like, two toys. We were living off of instant noodles.
Brie Larson
Please don’t wear skinny jeans if you don’t have skinny genes.
Seth Rogen
I wear the same thing every day. I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic.
Michael Kors
I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans. I like a little bit of designer with a bit of vintage and High Street mixed in. I love it when you find those one-off key pieces, which end up becoming investment pieces. I always go for comfort, and like feeling confident and casual.
Cara Delevingne
Personally, all I ever want to be wearing are jeans.
Lauren Graham
I love shopping; I’m a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl, but I go classy when I dress up – with a little bit of sexy.
Adrianne Palicki
I like the sort of ‘nothingness’ of the jeans and the T-shirt. I feel that’s about as close as I can get to the future because it seems like something so old that will always be, so I feel it’s a safe bet for the future.
Marc Jacobs
Nothing Rhymed,’ my first single in England, was a nice ballad, which I thought would sound like a songwriter typical of the day – denim, jeans, long hair, early 20s.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
I like some pants; I just don’t like jeans very much. Dresses are so much easier because I don’t have to think very hard.
Busy Philipps
Those jeans are comfortable, and for those of you who want your president to look great in his tight jeans, I’m sorry I’m not the guy. It just doesn’t fit me. I’m not 20.
Barack Obama
I’m really clumsy, so I trip and fall a lot. And every time I perform in New York my pants split onstage. That’s happened four or five times. Every time, I pull on my mom’s jeans as fast as I can, so there we are, standing backstage without our pants on. It’s like a curse.
Jessica Simpson
I wear whatever makes me comfortable on stage, so that I feel confident. Some days it’s a plaid skirt with a button-up and other days it’s jeans with a hockey jersey and platforms.
Sky Ferreira
At the age of eight I started getting into fashion, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Ralph Lauren. But in 2005 I started wearing John Richmond jeans.
ASAP Rocky
And I was victim to that very early in my career, where I would go into auditions, and I’d be wearing a big T shirt, a big baggy T shirt and loose jeans. You know, to try and show people that there was more to me than just that.
Charlize Theron
I had two cups of coffee, put Eric’s jeans in the washer, read a romance for awhile, and studied my brand-new Word of the Day calendar, a Christmas gift from Arlene. My first word of the New Year was ‘exsanguinate.’ This was probably not a good omen.
Charlaine Harris
I feel like jeans and a T-shirt have become Establishment. Everyone’s dressed down. So actually, putting on a jacket is the anti-Establishment stance.
Thom Browne
Women totally dress for women. If we were dressed for men, we’d be prancing around in tight, tight, tight bodycon skirts and tops all day or really simple jeans and T-shirts.
Leandra Medine
Skinny jeans don’t work on someone, like me, who’s a size 12 and has got child-bearing hips.
Holly Willoughby
It is hard to think that a $2 billion company with 4,300-plus people couldn’t compete with six people in blue jeans.
Steve Jobs
I believe life’s too short for compromises and bad fitting jeans
Lykke Li
I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies. But I just gain weight.
Jennifer Garner
Abundant choice doesn’t force us to look for the absolute best of everything. It allows us to find the extremes in those things we really care about, whether that means great coffee, jeans cut wide across the hips, or a spouse who shares your zeal for mountaineering, Zen meditation, and science fiction.
Virginia Postrel
If you are going out, and if you want women to pick you up, wear skinny jeans. Trust me: women will be looking at your legs and looking at your butt. When I wear skinny jeans, at least one woman will tell me, ‘Nice butt.’
Nigel Barker
High school is when I started to get my sense of fashion together. My queen was Candice Swanepoel, who is a friend of mine now, which is kind of funny, but in high school, I was obsessed. I love her street style: she is always in cool boyfriend jeans, boots, and an awesome coat, which is very much like what I wear.
Gigi Hadid
Guys are so not into high-waisted things. I love high-waisted jeans. We all think that high-waisted things are flattering and awesome and beautiful and we’re rocking it, and guys are always like, ‘Ugh, she’s wearing those high-waisted pants.’
Behati Prinsloo
Like Hollywood movies, MTV and blue jeans, fast food has become one of America’s major cultural exports.
Eric Schlosser
I can mix and match a cute shirt with some skinny jeans under a leather jacket and it looks fun and unique.
Miley Cyrus
Looking at her, I thought again how beautiful she was – even in jeans and a T-shirt, no makeup, she was breathtaking. So much so that it was hard to believe she could ever have looked at herself and seen anything else.
Sarah Dessen
In the end we beat them with Levi’s 501 jeans. Seventy-two years of communist indoctrination and propaganda was drowned out by a three-ounce Sony Walkman. A huge totalitarian system…has been brought to its knees because nobody wants to wear Bulgarian shoes. Now they’re lunch, and we’re number one on the planet.
P. J. O’Rourke
When it comes down to it, I’m a ‘skinny jeans and graphic t-shirt’ kind of gal. My combat boots are my life.
Britne Oldford
Left to their own devices, men would wear trainers with a pair of stonewashed jeans and would think nothing of throwing on a donkey jacket.
Claudia Winkleman
I put on the Hank Williams and the Patsy Cline and the Rosemary Clooney on vinyl – I’m not trying to be some cool indie-rock person, I just love the way it sounds – and throw on a T-shirt and jeans. In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans.
Kelly Clarkson
During the Gold Rush, most would-be miners lost money, but people who sold them picks, shovels, tents and blue-jeans (Levi Strauss) made a nice profit.
Peter Lynch
When I am going out, I am in ponytail, jeans, tees. I am just like any girl-next-door. Beauty is not external; it’s internal. When you are a happy soul, you would be beautiful any time.
Rakul Preet Singh
Every girl needs a pair of Miss Me jeans for that extra boost of boldness and fearlessness for whatever situation stands in their way.
Lydia Hearst
My wife has forced me to wear designer jeans, and I find… there must be two or three hundred different kinds of jeans you can wear, all of which are made out of denim and look roughly the same. People are different. They have different tastes, different bodies. Cellphones ought to be the same.
Martin Cooper
I tend to splurge on fancy dresses because I always think I’ll get a lot of wear out of them, but it’s false logic. You should really spend more money on the things you wear every day, like jeans.
Alexa Chung
I go back to the rock n’ roll black leather jacket, red lips, smoky eyes. I like my high heels, maybe some leather pants or ripped jeans, things that have never really gone out of style. Again, it’s very reflective of who I am as a bandmate in our band.
Lzzy Hale
My personal style depends on what I’m doing or where I am. I wear a lot of jeans and jean shorts and t-shirts, and I love leather jackets; it’s pretty relaxed.
Jessica Springsteen
I like to wear boots with skirts or mini-dresses, or jeans with sneakers and jumpers, leather jackets, or a rain coat.
Chiara Ferragni
Beatrice loves her glamorous dresses and her hair being curly or big – like Mummy’s – and I hate volume. I like my hair to be sort of flat. I like just throwing on a pair of jeans and generally being more understated. She is more ‘Let’s do the glamour.’ We’re chalk and cheese.
Princess Eugenie of York
In f(x), when I’m doing K-pop, that’s cool – that’s our concept. But me, as a solo artist, I’m just me. I’m gonna wear my jeans, my Jordans, and I’m just gonna be a little stupid on stage.
Amber Liu
When one shows up in jeans and a T-shirt, I strongly feel that the audience reacts in a very different way than when you show up in a sport coat and a tie.
Bill Nye
I am followed in department stores. I have walked in dressed professionally or dressed in jeans, and I have walked into stores, and instantly, security is on my back.
Tamron Hall
In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans.
Kelly Clarkson
I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I’m very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely.
Ariana Grande
The Aly loafer is our modern take on the penny loafer with a subtle slit across the top. I wear loafers with everything these days- skinny jeans, long skirts and dresses.
Ashley Olsen
Everyone’s showing their thong out the back of their jeans. But you shouldn’t wear any. You get a better line if you wear no knickers.
Victoria Beckham
I treat my cheeks like breasts in a push-up bra. I just reach down in there, lift them up and push them together. And they’ll stay put if the jeans are tight enough.
Kelly Ripa
Speaking of happy successes, after years of struggling to lose those few extra pounds every mother puts on during adoption, particularly when the doctor orders bed rest, in 2004 I sent my assistant to the Gap in dark glasses with a fake ID to purchase my first pair of Easy Fit jeans.
Paula Poundstone
My three best friends get me through everything: I need cute jeans, my kids are driving me crazy, I’m throwing a party, whatever. They keep me dialed in.
Gabrielle Reece
Simple. Pared down. Timeless. The ties were never too thick or too thin; the pants were never too flared or too skinny. In my life with Dad, he wore Western apparel because we went riding – jeans, cowboy boots, the turquoise belt buckle. But it was all very simple, and that classic look is very ‘Ralph Lauren.’
Jennifer Grant
For me, skinny is just a style of jeans — not a goal.
Kim Kardashian
I feel like my style is very much androgynous. It’s rock, chic, like casual wear, but then on the flip side to that, being that it’s so androgynous, it’ll either be skinny jeans and a leather jacket, or if I’m doing a red carpet or event, I’ll completely flip that and be wearing a suit or a dress.
Ruby Rose
I’m a mom, so I have to be comfortable. Jeans are a staple – I have way too many in my closet! It’s warm in Florida, so I wear jeans and a tank top every day. I love my True Religions, my Rich and Skinny, and Citizens of Humanity. But I also love getting dressed up!
Candace Cameron
I had no style when I was 17! I look at teenagers now and say, ‘I wish I’d looked like them when I was that age.’ I had no style whatsoever, but style also wasn’t as prominent as it is today. I was just very laid back, usually wearing jeans and tank tops and flip flops.
Candace Cameron
For the most part, yeah, I’m happy with my body, but there are days when I’m like, ‘Ugh! Really? Why is it so hard to fit into my jeans?’ That’s when I say to myself, ‘I look this way because I’m supposed to. If we all looked the same, we’d be boring.’
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Honestly, I was such a tomboy as a kid. People were taking from their mothers’ closets – I was taking from my dad’s closet. It was the ’80s, so it wasn’t terrible, but I was wearing my dad’s dress shirts over jeans from the Gap.
Lauren Graham
When you’re single and in your 20s, you throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous.
Sheena Easton
I remember when I wore UFO raver jeans in the 90s. Or my JNCOs! I miss my JNCOs.
Sharon Needles
There is nothing more classic in the realm of casual than jeans and a white tee – a look that is inherently Americana and reminiscent of the American Dream – an optimistic dream of opportunity, individuality, freedom, and the embodiment of one living their truth.
Edward Enninful
We’re just recycled history machines, cavemen in faded blue jeans.
Jimmy Buffett
The fit of jeans can be worlds apart from brand to brand. If you can find the right fit, skinny jeans can be very flattering.
Tim Gunn
Forgive me but I’ve been tutted at in Paris a fair few times and I still don’t know if it’s because I was wearing Asda jeans or had the temerity to order food in a restaurant.
Sarah Millican
When a young male MP wears jeans and t-shirt no one objects, but they have a problem if a woman does the same.
Mimi Chakraborty
I’m a size 8-10. I never weigh myself – I go on how tight my jeans are.
Darcey Bussell
When the business really works is when we hear clients say, ‘I’ve never had jeans that fit me until I got a pair from Stitch Fix.’ We’ll also hear, ‘I would never have tried this dress on in a store.’ It’s not just about convenience. They’re happier in their clothes.
Katrina Lake
Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, ’cause it’s okay to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Katy skipped over, her low-rise jeans threatening to fall off her skinny hips. With some girls, that was a sexy look. With Katy, it made you nervous.
Sara Zarr
I’m a mom, so I have to be comfortable. Jeans are a staple – I have way too many in my closet! It’s warm in Florida, so I wear jeans and a tank top every day. I love my True Religions, my Rich and Skinny, and Citizens of Humanity. But I also love getting dressed up!
Candace Cameron Bure
Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots cause it’s okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading cause you think being a girl is degrading
Madonna Ciccone
When I was 15, I worked at a dry cleaner because I wanted Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. My mom told me I could have $20 jeans, not $70 jeans, unless I was willing to work for them. So I did!
Ashley Greene
The amount of money and of legal energy being given to prosecute hundreds of thousands of Americans who are caught with a few ounces of marijuana makes no sense.
William F. Buckley, Jr.
I’m designing what I want. If it’s a man’s coat with a pair of skinny-leg jeans, I’ll do that. It’s whatever my mood is. But it’s about style, and it’s about an understated taste that’s cool.
Ralph Lauren
Most days I am very low key. Jumpers and jeans are my staples.
Nicola Roberts
Jordan followed, buttoning his jeans and muttering about how there was nothing strange about having a pattern of dancing penguins on your underwear.
Cassandra Clare
A Brooks Brothers button-down with an unfastened collar, rolled-up sleeves, and jeans makes for a comfortable, casual look.
Roger Stone
What if I were Romeo in black jeans?
Michael Penn
As a kid, I would look at my dad and ask him why he was wearing jeans with his tux. Today I love to do it. It’s just fun to be a little more unique.
David Lauren
Drew is a shopaholic. He must have 400 suits and 180 pairs of shoes. I have three pairs of jeans, and that’s it. I shop in his closet and take anything I want.
Jonathan Scott
I have to be honest, I am a true jeans and t-shirt girl.
Emmanuelle Chriqui
I decided the moment I graduated from college that I would never wear blue jeans again. And I have never worn blue jeans again.
Whit Stillman
We wore blue jeans and T-shirts. Our music was our gimmick.
Gary Rossington
In my everyday life, I’m a jeans and button-up shirt kind of guy.
James Wolk
A lot of the reason my look is the way it is, is because it’s really easy to put on a sundress every night if I have to perform – or just wear jeans every day and a flannel or something.
Lana Del Rey
Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.
Karl Lagerfeld
I would say at times I am a ‘Glamoholic.’ But I am definitely more laid back than glamorous. I think it takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just want to be in jeans.
Sarah Hyland
I don’t have a collection, but I have a thing with jackets. I really like jackets. Whether it’s an ’80s motorbike jacket, or a Victorian jacket. I could wear the same jeans every day for months, but the jacket would be the thing that would change a lot.
Josephine de La Baume
My style statement is fun and flirty. My wardrobe must-haves are a good dress that can be styled differently, a good pair of jeans, and a few nice tops.
Tena Desae
I had trouble getting jeans when I was growing up. I had little skinny legs and this booty that came out of nowhere.
Noah Cyrus
I used to always wear jeans, T-shirts and tracksuits because I was narrow-minded about fashion.
Nicola Roberts
I used to wear a lot of Helmut Lang. Painted jeans. Cropped crombies with t-shirts. A lot of V-necks. The perfect V-neck was very important.
Edward Enninful
I think it’s odd when people say jeans are comfortable, because to me, they feel like sausage casings.
Katie Lee
I actually don’t shop very much. I have a tendency to rotate a few pairs of ripped jeans and an old cashmere sweater.
Candace Bushnell
When I was a young actor and working in London, I would pop home to see my sister, and Ewan would always be intrigued about what I’d been doing. I think he found my shoulder-length hair and pink, flared jeans glamorous, which they were anything but.
Denis Lawson
I live a dual life. On the red carpet, it’s complete glam. But at home, I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Simple can be beautiful.
Ashley Greene
I have a really simple wardrobe. I wear a low-scoop tee every day with a tux or leather jacket and tux pants or black jeans. That’s pretty much it.
Johan Lindeberg
I’m always in an Alexander Wang t-shirt or tank top and Acne jeans. I can just throw that on and be myself.
Freja Beha Erichsen
In real life I wear one outfit and it’s jeans and a white tee shirt.
Camila Morrone
When you’re wearing jeans there’s a shift in your center of gravity. A costume like this and a character like this, there’s no way to hide. If you try and play him any way sort of modern or normal, you diminish. He’s larger than life. He’s 150 percent. You’ve got to go for it all the time. It was just impossible.
Ray Stevenson
I like bootcut jeans in a plain style with a nice line.
Martin Freeman
I like normal clothes, jeans, and t-shirt. Sometimes a dress.
Petra Kvitova
I feel like jeans and a T-shirt have become Establishment. Everyone’s dressed down. So actually putting on a jacket is the anti-­Establishment stance.
Thom Browne
The American dream is a crock. Stop wanting everything. Everyone should wear jeans and have three T-shirts, eat rice and beans.
Bill Hicks
I’m a T-shirt-and-jeans-with-combat-boots guy. And if I don’t have to shave, I don’t.
Gabriel Macht
Day to day, I like to be comfortable. I definitely wear too many jeans; I have so many at home. But I like the whole dress-up thing, too. It’s nice to do a little bit of both.
Stella Maxwell
Fifty years ago, it was the dream of every bohemian artist to be seen getting out of a limousine wearing blue jeans and sneakers. Today, it’s the dream of probably half the people in the country.
Brad Holland
Forget trendy designer labels. Jeans, a sweater or a t-shirt worn under a jacket that seems welded to you. When it’s just right, when you don’t see the effort, it’s irresistible.
Emmanuelle Alt
The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter…we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.
James Jeans
I generally wear jeans and a T-shirt – very comfortable.
Merritt Patterson
I’m a jeans, T-shirt, boots kind of guy.
Diego Klattenhoff
I’ve worn jeans until they’re ripped all the way around the crotch and I can’t wear them any longer. You get so attached to jeans, they’re like old friends.
Lily Donaldson
Some people grab my hair and pull it out. People write on my jeans when I’m on stage. They write on my boots – their phone number, name or whatever.
Rodney Atkins
I’m not a big jeans fan because they are simply too hot.
Toni Garrn
I own two or three pairs of jeans and a bunch of T-shirts.
Santiago Cabrera
You can’t go on stage and live – it’s false all the way. I can’t stand the premise of going out in jeans and a guitar and looking as real as you can in front of 18,000 people. I mean, it’s not normal!
David Bowie
I’m someone who loves to enjoy life and tries to focus on real things and real friendships. That’s why I live very simply.
Cameron Diaz
I’m more of a shirt, jeans and trainers man, and I’ll never stop that.
Stephen Graham
My personal style has developed from growing up in Oklahoma, middle America, where I was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and where people were not running around in miniskirts.
Suzy Amis
I go shopping for jeans, and they’re playing shitty music in the store, I just leave. I can’t be around music that I hate.
Gordon Raphael
For the jihadists, Muslim women who embrace Western mores, and wear tight jeans or mini skirts, are hated symbols of corruption that need to be eradicated. For the ideological mentors of Breivik, a similar disturbance comes from the burqa, which is banned in France and Belgium, partly thanks to their efforts.
Mustafa Akyol
Striped shirts and printed shorts, jeans, and trousers are all items I buy and wear a lot in my private life.
Liu Wen
I think jeans with a little give are the smartest for a flight.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. I don’t have a hole in my jeans for nothing.
Terry Richardson
As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I was wearing faded jeans, boots, and a snug pink Juicy T-shirt I got on sale at TJ Maxx last summer that said I’m a Juicy girl. “I bet you are,” he murmured.
Karen Marie Moning
I have a passion for sweaters. Besides jeans, they are the clothes I have the most of in my closet. I must have a hundred!
Jeanne Damas
As a very curvy woman, jeans are always a hard find.
Denise Bidot
My rule of thumb is to strike a balance by sticking to the classics and playing with color, texture, and print to give them a modern update. On any given day, I keep it simple with jeans or chinos and a comfortable dress shirt.
Tommy Hilfiger
I was a girly-girl until I moved to New York. Then I got really into the androgynous look of the early-’90s club scene. I had really short hair and started blurring the line a bit. But for me, grade school was about Benetton, Esprit, and Guess jeans.
Chloe Sevigny
Coming out in a bedazzled tank top and silver jeans and singing ‘Superstar’ with a 36-piece band and 28 dancers around me is one of the dopest things I’ve ever had the opportunity to do.
Brandon Victor Dixon
I’m a jeans fanatic. It’s ridiculous how many jeans I have.
Victoria Justice
I’m a big fan of the laceless Converse for travel, with cute jeans, and throw on a little jacket, and you look presentable.
Melissa Rivers
A lot of American guys wear really wide legged jeans and square shoes. Then they come to Sweden and think my friends are gay because they’re wearing ‘really tight jeans’. It’s called ‘fitted!’
Caroline Winberg
Calvin had finally taken a look at the ET tape, and he had reacted just as she had expected he would. He loved it; he loved me. Suddenly he was thinking of me for everything: underwear, jeans, suits, even the Escape fragrance campaign.
Michael Bergin
There are things in American culture that want to wipe the class distinction. Blue jeans. Ready-made clothes. Coca-Cola.
Leslie Fiedler
Being bored by clothes shopping feels smart and intellectual: ‘Ooh, get me, insufficiently entertained by racks of skinny jeans; my mind is on higher things.’
Victoria Coren Mitchell
‘Anna Nicole’ came from Guess Jeans; Paul Marciano and me and one of his friends, we were sitting around coming up with a stage name, and that’s where that came from.
Anna Nicole Smith
My sense of style is an old Polo shirt, jeans and, unfortunately for the longest time, white running shoes, which was not attractive. The one thing I’ve learned about clothes is to ask a girl.
Matthew Perry
I’m not thrilled that I have a tramp stamp. When you see people bend over in their really low-cut jeans, I’m like, ‘Oh… that’s what I have.’
Katherine Moennig
I love my tattoo and I think it looks great. It’s like an old pair of jeans, it’s beat up. I remember when I first got it outlined. I’m like ‘why don’t more guys do this?’ Then I realized the pain.
Tim Commerford
In my real life, I wear a T-shirt, gray or white, and the same pair of jeans. Literally, the same pair of jeans every day.
Anderson Cooper
My go-to jeans are old Levi’s I’ve gotten from boyfriends; they’re worn-in and really yummy and perfect.
Laura Wasser
I usually like loud T-shirts and band shirts, so I just try to keep it as simple as possible with jeans and white kicks that are worn in and, like, a simple jacket.
Antoni Porowski
Helvetica is the jeans, and Univers the dinner jacket. Helvetica is here to stay.
Adrian Frutiger
I always use the analogy that when you go to a jeans store and put on a new pair of jeans, it’s a pair of jeans and they feel different; so, when you’re dealing with these sort of costumes it’s a very big departure and really does make you feel quite different. But it’s wonderful.
Eric Bana
I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans.
Cara Delevingne
I find that the ‘moms club’ is a very, very exclusive club! It’s the club of mothers who wear skinny jeans and white button-down shirts and wash their hair twice a day! I do not, and mothers who do make me feel really bad. You know who I am talking about!
Marissa Jaret Winokur
I love being able to wear dresses and clothes that make me feel feminine and beautiful, and I love the fact that I don’t have to all the time; I can wear a tank and jeans.
Portia de Rossi
I have such freedom when I’m living through a mask, and by contrast, can feel very exposed when a camera is capturing my real face. Kind of like the difference between walking out your front door in a sweater and jeans or in a Speedo.
Doug Jones
We talk about equality, women’s empowerment… yet we are now being trolled for wearing jeans. I haven’t heard of male MPs being criticized for their clothes but when a woman MP wears jeans, that bothers an entire nation.
Mimi Chakraborty
If you’re going to walk out of the house in jeans and T-shirt, what can you do to make that interesting? Is it putting on a bright-colored pair of high-tops or a cool leather jacket?
Brad Goreski
I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese, where you have one rolling rack and it’s like your four T-shirts, your five dresses, your two pairs of jeans.
Erin Wasson
I organize my denim, leather, and dresses by color, although my jeans are pretty much just black and gray.
Kate Moss
I love old-school clothes. Things from the 90s, baggy jeans, the crop tops; just really old-school, colourful things.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
A great pair of jeans works anywhere from a campaign rally to a fancy fundraiser.
Hallie Jackson
I’m a jeans person; I love Abercrombie. My shoe collection is composed mostly of Chucks and a few pairs of girly ones.
Contrary to popular belief, we (millennials) can’t be won back with hipper worship bands, fancy coffee shops, or pastors who wear skinny jeans.
Rachel Held Evans
I’m really annoyed by the wave of country music that’s just a list of stuff. It almost sounds like L.A. people writing country music, because it’s just a list of stuff: ‘My pickup truck and my cowboy boots and my Levi’s jeans and my girlfriend with the short shorts.’ It’s so boring!
Kathleen Hanna
I don’t wear jeans.
Christine Ebersole
I don’t think I do look like an A-Lister. I’m more interested in being comfortable in my own skin than trying to be somebody I’m not. Gimme jeans, an old T-shirt, cowboy boots and a baseball cap any day.
Nathan Parsons
If it was up to me I would wear riding clothes most of the day or jeans and a man’s shirt.
Caroline, Princess of Hanover
I’ve had jeans I liked a lot of things about, but then there would be one thing I didn’t like, whether it was the bottom not being fitted enough or the top squeezed you too much.
La La Anthony
I have the New York Daily News to thank for the jeans controversy.
Calvin Klein
Tiny Cooper is splayed out across the thin carpet, using his backpack as a pillow. He’s wearing skinny jeans, which look very much like denim sausage casings.
John Green
I’m the least vain person I know. I literally get out the shower, throw a brush through my hair, put jeans and a T-shirt on and head to the Tube and go to work most mornings. It takes seconds.
Karren Brady
We’ve had distressed edges. We’ve had culottes. We’ve had high waisted jeans, we’ve seen the heralding of the new bootcut back again. I’m so sorry to say this to you, but the only way forward is ultra-hipsters, you know? Like super-low cut, low-rider jeans, to the extreme.
Alexa Chung
I normally wear jeans and sneakers, but given an occasion, I enjoy dressing up.
Gia Coppola
My biggest style inspirations come from the ’90s. I’m really inspired by TLC, Janet Jackson, and designers like Jeremy Scott. I’m hugely inspired by Club Kids from New York back in the ’90s. I’m inspired by the drag queen scene. Combat boots and the torn off jeans and a baggy shirt – I love that look.
Kat Graham
I literally remember when I made my audition tape for ‘Buffy’. I went to the Arsenal Mall. I got my outfit at Contempo Casuals in the Arsenal Mall and put some safety pins in my jeans. I remember telling whoever the clerk was that I was making a tape for ‘Buffy’, and they were so excited.
Eliza Dushku
You’ve got to have the right attire for the right event. I attend a lot of dinners, a lot of concerts, and I have to be on the red carpet; each has its own dress code, and I have to be prepared. Jeans and a hoodie are great for a concert, but a dinner party?
Amar’e Stoudemire
I keep on 5 to 10 pounds above my jeans weight, as the ultimate no-filler-needed refresher, and buy a size up on jeans.
Personally, I’m a simple dresser. I usually buy my own clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, summer dresses and track pants. Whenever I get the time or see a shop that catches my fancy, I buy something.
Katrina Kaif
I’m wearing a blazer, like, all the time. That’s my go-to – a blazer – and I can just figure out if I want to wear jeans or slacks. Turn it into a suit.
Andre Iguodala
It’s a good pair of jeans and a pair of boots that are comfortable and a T-shirt; that’s as far as I go. Getting wild with it might be a nice jacket, but I’m not a high-fashion guy for sure.
Luke Combs
I was really into hip-hop as a teenager. I dressed up like Tupac with baggy jeans and a dodgy bandanna around my head. I was pretty confused at that time.
Gold Panda
I have a tightly edited closet. I like what I like. And I repeat a lot. But I’m always comfortable in jeans – I feel like I can really do anything when I’m in them.
Katie Holmes
Maybe it was true, and being a girl could be about interest rates and skinny jeans, riding bikes and wearing pink. Not about any one thing, but everything.
Sarah Dessen
I really like to be by myself and if I do go out to look around, I dress in jeans. My secretary is constantly telling me to dress up, shave and look your best because people know you. That bothers me. I just want to be natural.
Jackie Chan
I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.
Cameron Diaz
I like a girl to look relaxed. Tight jeans and rock t-shirts are cute!
Devon Werkheiser
When it comes to fashion, I love skinny jeans, a simple top, and a great handbag.
Ashley Greene
I find it interesting where grunge originated from and then where it was taken, which was high fashion. My dad was so poor that they kept going to Goodwill to get donated ripped jeans. It wasn’t a fashion decision; it was an ‘I don’t have any money, I have no other choice’ type of decision.
Frances Bean Cobain
Something that is in every year for me is oversized sweaters. I feel like this is the way to go if you’re running late. You can just put anything oversized on and pair it with leggings or jeans and it looks cute.
Bethany Mota
I hate wearing trousers and shoes. I wear jeans and sneakers most of the time.
Mark Webber
As I was smoothing on the last handful across the top of my thigh, I noticed I had company. Lewus was standing there watching me, eyes half-closed but not in the least sleepy. He’d put on his blue jeans, but nothing else… very sexy. I couldn’t help but take in the view.
Rachel Caine
No more rules, the freedom of dressing. The beauty of mixing vintage clothes with a pair of jeans that I love.
Yves Saint Laurent
I’m a man. I’m not gonna wear dad jeans or whatever you call them.
David Harbour
I didn’t wear jeans for, like, a decade of my life.
Melissa McCarthy
I don’t know how my mom put up with us. We’d walk around school in torn jeans, put on this punk-rock image and sing ballads everywhere we went.
Mahima Chaudhry
Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.
Diane von Furstenberg
I put on whatever is comfortable on me. Suit, jeans and tee as long as it’s comfortable. It doesn’t matter what brand. If it looks good I buy it.
Lance Gross
Look at someone like Steve Jobs. His look wasn’t very special – black turtleneck and jeans – but he had style. He looked the same, and you knew it was him when you saw him. Plus, he was a very smart person, which is also very attractive. His style was simple, not distracting, and very strong.
Carine Roitfeld
When I was a kid, I never even thought about fashion. I had one pair of jeans.
Gisele Bundchen
When I was 13, I kind of got into the punk scene. I realized it was easier to wear a pair of combat boots and jeans and a beat-up T-shirt. I think of it as a uniform: Ya know, if you’re a Maytag man, you put on your bow tie. I still have T-shirts from when I was that age.
Justin Theroux
I wanted to go on the red carpet with a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. And I still do. Because that’s really who I am.
Missy Peregrym
I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.
Yves Saint Laurent
At home, a T-shirt and something loose like harem pants would do. If I’m stepping out, a pair of blue jeans and a white tee are just fine.
Genelia D’Souza
If my jeans could talk, would I be embarrassed?
Brooke Shields
I like jeans with sneakers or boots.
Jane Levy
Fred Segal was founded – by none other than Fred Segal – as a tiny jeans retailer in 1968. In the 1970s Segal, began selling space to employees, starting with his nephew Ron Herman.
Tahl Raz
T-shirt and jeans style now is where I’m at. Maybe a little rock ‘n’ roll T-shirt and jeans.
Josh Hutcherson
My essentials are skinny jeans, loose-fitting tees, big jumpers, and the leather jacket. Everything is black or blue – I don’t own anything colorful.
Jamie Campbell Bower
If I’m not comfortable, I’m not happy. When I go to the White House, I wear my jeans.
Bobbi Brown
It was their mothers, long ago. Tibby noted with joy that all four of them were wearing jeans.
Ann Brashares
I prefer jeans to a suit, sneakers to high heels, markets to malls.
Tzipi Livni
I feel most bossy in jeans, a white t-shirt, a leather jacket and some heels. I just feel bossy that way. I also feel confident in a sick dress at a premiere. Like most women, as long as I’m comfortable in it, I feel confident.
Tika Sumpter
I just wear jeans, big motorcycle boots and T-shirts that are way too big for me. I like anything that has lived a little bit, that has traces of life on it. Knitwear that’s a tiny bit too long because you’ve pulled it with your hands, or jeans that are starting to get holes.
Clemence Poesy
So my advice is always buy essentials, like jeans, on the high street or designer if you are willing to invest. Get a pair that fit you perfectly then put together the rest of your outfit with vintage finds.
Dawn O’Porter
I don’t think it’s good to constantly talk about your own weight and the fact that you look fat in jeans.
Bethenny Frankel
Some of the country stuff in the past has been so polished – if you were a guy with a nice pair of jeans, a big belt buckle and nice hat, you were country.
Johnny Van Zant
A lot of the reason my look is the way it is, is because it’s really easy to put on a sundress every night if I
have to perform – or just wear jeans every day and a flannel or something.
Lana Del Rey
If I want to wear a V-neck T-shirt and some jeans with a little sag – not hood sag, then I’m just being me.
Kirk Franklin
My mum is a rock star, and I idolise her. She was born in a conservative Muslim family, where the girls were not educated much, and she was required to wear a burkha. She felt repressed but dreamt of driving her own car, walking around in jeans and wearing sunglasses, and she did.
Ileana D’Cruz
We have been lead as the hip hop generation. We have been once again lead by people who are under qualified. It’s like they just got a pair of new jeans..They just started wearing them below their belt 2 months ago.
MC Hammer
When I wear jeans I want to look like a man, not a child.
Martin Freeman
It has no denim-toned house paint. Levi makes what is essentially a commodity: blue jeans. Its ads may evoke rugged outdoorsmanship, but Levi hasn’t promoted any particular life style to sell other products.
Naomi Klein
I’d say I am more of a comfort person. I have Adidas sneakers that are my favorite thing on the planet. Adidas high tops with black jeans and a fur hat that I love wearing. I love vintage shopping.
Tatiana Maslany
You managed to get him a duster, but you couldn’t find me a pair of jeans?
Richelle Mead
I would say I’m pretty minimal. Comfort is key. So during the day, it’s usually, like, jeans and a sweater. But for evening wear, I’ll dress up a bit.
Amanda Hearst
I’m into a casual-dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy. But the sexiest thing on a girl – when I see it I’m like, oh my God – is these little tight boxers. Don’t get me wrong, g-strings are fine, but those cover a little, to where it’s just enough.
Jensen Ackles
I grew up in an upper-middle-class town with a population around 12,000. My high school held around a thousand kids. All smart. We had a strict dress code. If you wore blue jeans to school, they sent you home.
Jeffrey Gitomer
When I first came out, I kinda overdid it. I dressed extremely older-boyish, like sagging, and big shirt and big jeans. I was just like, ‘I’m gonna go extreme.’ And then as I got older, the baggy clothes got a little more fitting to my body, but still masculine.
Brittney Griner
Don’t kid yourself; the guy who’s onstage in ripped-up jeans is wearing as much a costume as I am.
Paul Stanley
More than the Big Mac, Coca Cola, or Levi’s 501 jeans, the dollar is surely the United States’ signature export.
Barry Eichengreen
Consumers fall in love with a brand and it’s important for a brand to develop and stretch itself to provide for their consumers. I don’t suspect that a customer will walk into a store to buy a pair of jeans and end up buying a sofa, but it’s about providing loyal consumers with a choice to create a lifestyle.
Renzo Rosso
When I’m living in L.A., I’m mainly a jeans, vintage T-shirt and Nike high-tops guy.
Jamie Bamber
Corduroy hits the sweet spot between jeans and slacks. They’re a trouser middleman.
James Acaster
You’d never look at a Rembrandt and say, ‘That’s just wood and canvas and paint – how much?!’ It’s all about how many people want it. It works on a pair of jeans as well – they’re just material and stitching, and as soon as you walk out of the shop, they’re worth nothing.
Damien Hirst
I always wear a suit jacket, a smart blouse or a top, with my hair and make-up done. Under the desk, what no one knows, is that I’m wearing jeans and trainers.
Karren Brady
I think they all went too far. Their jeans got too low, their tops got too see-through. Personally, I think that sexy is keeping yourself mysterious. I’m really an old-fashioned girl, and I think I’m totally sexy.
Stevie Nicks
I like wearing everything, from dresses to jeans to saris.
Jwala Gutta
Regarding my attire, I choose whatever I feel is most flattering at the time. That can be jeans dressed up to a nice dinner or a dress at home for a casual night. In other words, thin days and chubby days are what determines what I wear.
Kyle Richards
Fashion brings out what you are inside. A lot of people think it’s got to be blue jeans, a Black coat, three inch heels. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I enjoy just going for it
Nicola Roberts
You can take the babushka off the Jewish mother and dress her up in a pair of Seven jeans and Marc Jacobs sling-backs, but she’s still going to expect a passel of grandkids.
Ayelet Waldman
My little sister Kylie puts an amazing outfit together every day, and it just works for her. For me, it’s more like jeans, boots, maybe a jacket. Sometimes I get caught in my sweats.
Kendall Jenner
So, what did you get for me?” Angeline paused for a beat. “Jeans.” “What?” croaked Artemis. “And a T-shirt.
Eoin Colfer
I don’t get dressed up every day. I’m very busy. I get really annoyed when people talk about me as a ‘fashionista.’ I get dressed up when I have to go out. Most of the time, I’m running around in jeans.
Iris Apfel
At the after-party of the Indy 500, I’m usually wearing jeans and a tank top.
Danica Patrick
I said, ‘200 pairs of jeans,’ and then it just kind of went everywhere. I don’t really own 200 pairs of jeans – I own a million pairs of jeans. No, but I definitely have a very solid amount. I won’t say a number, but it’s aggressive.
Bella Hadid
An example of a trend that I tried that didn’t exactly work out would be high-waisted jeans. We see them everywhere, but what I realized is that they don’t work for every body type.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
They explained that if men want to put a large phone into their jeans, it has to be able to fit their buttocks. This is a company ranked worldwide number 1, number 2 in displays, and their marketing says this.
Terry Gou
I’m not thrilled that I have a tramp stamp. When you see people bend over in their really low-cut jeans, I’m like, ‘Oh… that’s what I have.
Katherine Moennig
I dislike all those cookie-cutter Nashville songs. You know the ones: about tight jeans and pick-up trucks.
Joe Bonamassa
Normcore doesn’t equal wearing the first pair of jeans and T-shirt from your wardrobe. Behind dressing easy, lies a precise selection.
Masaba Gupta
Once ‘A.N.T. Farm’ started, I was inspired by Chyna to jazz up my style. Now I paint my nails bright, fun colors and add a bunch of accessories and some cool shoes to jeans and a T-shirt.
China Anne McClain
I’m a real blue jeans girl, I wear jeans all the time and I couldn’t live without them. Jeans and blazers.
Gwyneth Paltrow
If you start giving your kids anxiety about food, it’s going to last a lifetime. Moms have to lead by example. Don’t say, “Oh, my jeans don’t fit,” or “Oh, I was bad.” No diets. Nothing like that.
Bethenny Frankel
The hardest pill for me to swallow has been receiving recognition, getting dressed up, going to events. That’s the part that has always terrified me. You can see dozens of photos where I have zero hair and makeup and I’m wearing my own jeans and T-shirt, because I was not that interested in that side of it.
Brie Larson
I have 10 pairs of these jeans in different colors, and I’ve worn the same Isabel Marant boots for seven years. I’ve looked the same forever and ever.
Asher Keddie
I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats.
Sung Hi Lee
I love corduroys , because they are really comfy and they’re cozier than jeans. They come in nice autumn hues – colors that you can have fun with.
Rachel Bilson
I’m such a dude. I’m just like, ‘All right, I have to get up in my monkey suit.’ I’d rather be in jeans.
Matthew Morrison
I kept buying bigger and bigger jeans, and once the size 14s got too tight, I thought: ‘That’s it. I’m not buying the next size’.
Valerie Bertinelli
I keep track of my body by how my jeans fit—and how I feel.
Alison Sweeney
I’m a larger lady, a plus size with a bit of belly fat, but I know what suits me, clothes-wise: blouses, tailored jackets and pencil skirts. One of my favourite outfits is jeans, riding boots and a fitted velvet jacket.
Jo Frost
I think a well-fit T-shirt and jeans can just kill, style-wise. At least, that’s what I tell myself, because that’s what I’m going to keep wearing till I die.
Jimmi Simpson
One of my favorite facts about Jason [Benjamin] is that he collects shirts from tattoo parlors. He has a bunch of tattoo parlor T-shirts, but no tattoos. And then he wears, like, vans and jeans. My boyfriend said he looks like a modern Bruce Springsteen, which is a pretty high compliment.
Lena Dunham
I have two pairs of stretchy maternity leggings and jeans, which I will never give up, because once you experience an elastic band for a waist, you will never go back.
Daphne Oz
Now, I was a fan of the simple pleasures in life: grilled cheese sandwiches without black flecks on the crust, jeans that didn’t pinch the better parts of me, an inch of vodka, ten to twelve hours of sleep. – Cole St Clair, Forever.
Maggie Stiefvater
I’ve been to therapists my whole life. I find the less attention I pay to food, the healthier I am. Any obsession is dangerous. And a whole country that’s obsessed with one thing, unless it’s, like, jeans, it’s very dangerous. Everyone’s obsessed right now with carbohydrates in this country. It’s ridiculous.
Christina Ricci
I didn’t know what Guess jeans were. I just shopped at Wal-Mart and Kmart and stuff like that.
Anna Nicole Smith
I wear jeans and shorts. I travelled on my own to Mumbai for my knee surgery. I can go to Delhi when I want. Being a sportsperson helps me get away from the bhed bhav of Haryana.
Geeta Phogat
Dior jeans are one of my favorites.
Theophilus London
I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit.
Kate Upton
I saw this cool interview with Amy Adams from when she did ‘Enchanted’ and played a princess, and when kids came up to her with no make-up and ripped jeans on, she said, ‘I’m off duty. I’m an off-duty princess’, and I thought that was quite sweet.
Lily James
If I am going to a party at a friend’s place, I wear jeans with ethnic kurtis. And if it’s a semi-formal occasion, then I would wear a skirt and a jacket.
Rituparna Sengupta
You’re lookin’ so good in what’s left of those blue jeans
Drip of honey on the money maker gotta be
The best buzz I’m ever gonna find
Hey, I’m a little drunk on you
And high on summertime
Luke Bryan
It’s so great to see a woman dressed in jeans and a lace-up boot with an extraordinary jacket. It’s a moment where you do want to mix high and low, and it’s not so much about a head-to-toe designer look.
Narciso Rodriguez
People would say, ‘Why are you guys in country music? You look like you’re in the Backstreet Boys.’ We took so much heat. We always said, ‘It’s not about hats and Wrangler Jeans. It’s about a state of mind. Country is in our souls.’
Jay DeMarcus
Stop it. This is serious! (Selena) Serious? Please. I’m standing out here on my twenty-ninth birthday, barefoot and in jeans my mother would burn, holding a stupid book to my chest in an effort to summon a Greek love-slave from the great beyond. (Grace)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I could wear a dress one day and boyfriend jeans the next. I usually just want to make sure I’m comfortable.
Kelley O’Hara
In my everyday life, I just wear jeans, t-shirts and trainers – if I can go barefoot, that’s even better. But for the events I have a stylist, and in two hours we have selected a whole outfit.
Penelope Cruz
I can’t believe that women have got to put on so much in the morning. What time do women wake up? Man, I put a t-shirt and jeans on, and that’s it.
Brandon T. Jackson
You might be a redneck if you see a sign that says Say No To Crack and it reminds you to pull your jeans up.
Jeff Foxworthy
What you wear for work should be comfortable and empowering. If you’re working in business, your outfit should mean business. If I go to meet somebody about an acting job, or something creative, then I’ll be in my jeans. For me, overdressing is my biggest fear.
I’m kind of obsessed with Bruce Springsteen – the T-shirt and jeans look for me is appealing. Prince was great as well. He designed all of his outfits himself and looked exactly how he wanted to look. He was in complete control of his image.
Christine and the Queens
I like to be comfortable. And I think men tend to dress more comfortably than ladies. They can just put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, and I like doing that. Comfort first.
Alice Dellal
Growing up, we used to watch a lot of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ and wear hand-me-down jeans and jumpers. I wasn’t really one for dresses.
Kimberley Nixon
I wear a lot of black, knitwear, skinny jeans and very high heels. My mum used to work for a fashion designer making knitwear, so she knits me lots of chunky scarves, hats and gloves, which I love.
Katie McGrath
I’d wear flip-flops and jeans. I guess that’s not cool.
Bill Rancic
I’ve been in T- shirts and jeans since I was a kid. I don’t have to show you a bunch of my skin for you to listen to my songs.
Ashley McBryde
Trying on jeans is my favorite thing. Maybe later I can get a pap smear from an old male doctor.
I’m usually all about the tight jeans and little T-shirt, but sometimes I want to put on a black, sequined dress and be a freaking girl
Britney Spears
Sir James Jeans
Always says what he means
He is really perfectly serious
About the Universe being Mysterious.
E. C. Bentley
I specifically left the corporate world so I could wear T-shirts, blue jeans, and honestly, I always wanted to be my own boss.
Guy Fieri
A guy’s biggest style mistake is definitely trying to look too cool. As long as you’ve got a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and a few good shirts, you’re fine.
Luke Evans
When it comes to white jeans, fabric is key.
George Kotsiopoulos
From day one, we always admired male R&B groups. They would go onstage with no shirt on and baggy jeans, and girls would scream.
Rozonda Thomas
I love fashion, and I’ve always wanted to do costume design, but I’m in jeans and T-shirts most of the time.
Clemence Poesy
Tae loves color, and I’m more into jeans. We like to think we’re bohemian chic.
Maddie Marlow
My granny was always mourning about the fact I wear dull, stained jeans or don’t brush my hair.
Twinkle Khanna
I live in the 20th century. I have copper rivets on my jeans.
David Maisel
Jeans represent democracy in fashion.
Giorgio Armani
The ocean is 20 minutes away. Nature surrounds me 24/7. I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping. I also love that I can go out to dinner in jeans and flip-flops.
Jordana Brewster
Tailored jackets with jeans is a great look for all ages. Dress up with a heel and pretty shirt, or just wear a smart T-shirt under the jacket.
I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes–new clothes, but beneath them, my Dauntless tattoos. It is impossible to erase my choices. Especially these.
Veronica Roth
There’s nothing cooler than a good fitting, worn-in pair of Wrangler jeans, so it’s great that with the new Retro line, my fans can go out and rock the same styles that I love.
Jason Aldean
I’m really more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of a girl.
Katharine McPhee
Yeah, baggy jeans are done. Nobody wants to wear big, baggy jeans. Baggy jeans are completely over with.
Wiz Khalifa
My days are spent wrangling children, chipping dried manure from boots, washing jeans, and frying calf nuts.
Ree Drummond
My standard uniform is a T-shirt and jeans.
Matt Bomer
If a French woman wears jeans, it’s never with flats – always heels.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
My relationship with fashion has always been that each of us stars in our own movies and costumes ourselves to play the part we want. You take blouses and jeans and dresses, and you put them together, and they tell your story.
Marc Jacobs
I have my own brand called Monta, including a specially designed street soccer ball made out of a denim material which fades like your old jeans when used.
Edgar Davids
I’d loved to wear jeans and t-shirts, but everybody was in the peace movement back then. And that was my ploy. I had to be careful not to say things like ‘I like meat.’ Actually I just wanted to drink beer and to screw.
Ed O’Neill
I have 137 pairs of shoes and 200 pairs of jeans.
Frances Bean Cobain
I’m a bit of lunatic with shoes and jackets and jeans. It’s just how I am.
Graham Coxon
I just can’t perform well unless I’m wearing jeans.
The whole world loves American movies, blue jeans, jazz and rock and roll. It is probably a better way to get to know our country than by what politicians or airline commercials represent.
Billy Joel
I hate jeans for no reason.
Park Chan-wook
Growing up in Oakland, we did things like white t-shirt, blue jeans and Nikes. That was my get down, how I was going to rock. And if you look at me right now, I’m pretty much black tee, blue jeans and some sneakers.
Marshawn Lynch
I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.
Cameron Diaz
You know me: jeans, T-shirts, boots, all the time.
Ashley McBryde
My mum was very conscious about fashion, and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition, so fashion has always been my life, although now, really, I wear the same thing – just in different weights – light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer. And jeans.
Domenico Dolce
If I were Osama, and the United States government were actually looking for me, I’d be clean-shaven by now, crewcutted, wearing jeans and a ZZ Top T-shirt, and living in a nice little house in Lincoln, Nebraska.
L. Neil Smith
I’m a part of the no-tight-jeans coalition.
Habituation is indeed a fact of human psychology. That’s one reason we like novelty, including different cuts of jeans.
Virginia Postrel
Larry had brought me blue jeans, a red polo shirt, jogging socks, my white Nikes, an extra cross from my suitcase, the silver knives, the Firestar complete with inner pants holster, and the Browning and its shoulder holster. He’d forgotten a bra, but hey, except for that it was perfect.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Even though jeans suit me, I never wear jeans.
Carine Roitfeld
I’m super, super casual. I like boxer shorts or jeans or tank tops, tennis shoes and flip flops. That’s about it for me.
Shannon Elizabeth
If my jeans could talk, they’d plead for mercy.
Phyllis Diller
I’m very lazy; if it takes me longer than 15 or 20 minutes to get ready, then I don’t want to do it. So I wear a lot of jeans and T-shirts and very normal kind of tomboyish sort of things.
Brittany Snow
Mostly, though, college was me trying to look cooler than I was. There were definitely some Carhartt jeans and backward kangol caps in my repertoire.
Rashida Jones
When I was 15, I worked at a dry cleaner because I wanted Abercrombie Fitch jeans. My mom told me I could have $20 jeans, not $70 jeans, unless I was willing to work for them. So I did!
Ashley Greene
I was fascinated with jeans, because you can impress your life upon the jeans you wear. The way you sit imprints on the jeans.
Jack Dorsey
Sometimes I like to be comfortable and wear black jeans with a blazer, a really comfortable t-shirt, and low boots with heels. Sometimes I like to be feminine and preppy.
Pom Klementieff
Black people can be the most conservative, the most discriminating. Especially among ourselves. It wasn’t white people who said all black men have to wear baggy jeans.
Kanye West
As far as jeans and shirts, I rock a lot of different things.
Colin Kaepernick
I want to do a jean line for boys and girls that are sometimes too skinny to fit into jeans, or sometimes a little bit too husky to fit into some jeans.
Mark Indelicato
Every dude needs a well tailored suit. I’d say well tailored suit, a leather jacket, and a pair of jeans that really fit are vital in your wardrobe.
Jack Falahee
Even as a stage performer, I have my garb which is leather jackets and black jeans to make me feel a certain way. The wardrobe is really important to feeling the character you’re playing.
Andrew Dice Clay
I know there’s been a lot that’s been said about animated voice work, as though it’s ‘you can do this in your jeans and there’s no camera and no pressure there. It’s no big deal. It’s easy.’ The truth is, it’s really a great test: how deep is your ability is to access your imagination?
Nicolas Cage
I think my style is classic – I like wearing jeans and a white button-up shirt.
Kim Kardashian
Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans.
Liv Tyler
For a long time, my uniform consisted of a trench coat, wide flared jeans, and little bottines – I copied a pair that my mother had in this theater place. I had, like, 10 pairs of the same shoes.
Nicolas Ghesquiere
I was the first to wear colored skinny jeans.
Playboi Carti
I wear black skinny-fit jeans – I can’t get away from them. It’s funny because I wore baggy jeans for ages, then one day my friend convinced me to try on a skinny pair and I thought they were great.
Shaun White
You couldn’t buy any English authors or anything that came from America, like jeans. It was impossible. So we had to do our own clothes if we had weird ideas like wearing long scarves like the French people did. You had to knit them yourself.
Astrid Kirchherr
You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, a cool tailored shirt, and a nice jacket. You can dress it up with a more stylish jacket or a bracelet, watch, or necklace. It’s simple, but it’s cool. That’s my opinion.
Julian Edelman
Women’s bodies are meant to store fat so that we can do amazing things like have babies or rock a tight pair of jeans.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I haven’t seen kids in years who have holes in the knees of their jeans. Now you go buy jeans with holes in them.
Ashton Eaton
Not every man can wear jeans.
Roger Stone
I wear jeans and a T-shirt sometimes. I just like clothes – since the first time I can remember, like age ten or eleven; I was just obsessed with music and clothes. Just like a lot of people in England from my generation.
Paul Weller
I am actually very well-organized. All I need to do is open my closet and just choose. But, you see, although I carry many different choices with me, I always end up wearing a tank top, jeans and sneakers.
Kristen Stewart
I love challenging the notion that, in order to be a tech founder, you have to be holed up in a dark room wearing a T-shirt and baggy jeans.
Kevin Systrom
I had holes in my jeans well before it was fashionable.
Kenny Rogers
‘Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On’ was my anthem as a child. It was about me. I was Baby.
Carrie Underwood
The truth is, I like my body more when it’s thinner. I have a range of jeans, and I’m happier in the smaller ones. But I don’t have the same drive to get into those jeans. I’m not going to change my day to get there, whereas I used to.
Brooke Shields
Sunday is about relaxing and wearing anything comfortable. I love wearing a J. Crew shirt and jeans, which is a treat because I never wear these kinds of clothes during the week.
Aerin Lauder
You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It’s what you make of it, you know?
Phillip Lim
When I was a little kid, I was chunky. My mother would always joke she would have to get me husky jeans for larger kids. My wife reminds me sometimes, if I overdo it with chocolate chip cookies, that I will have to wear husky pants again.
Harley Pasternak
I shrunk my favourite jeans in my first week of university. I’d never done a wash before.
Josh Widdicombe
Every guy should own one good pair of jeans.
Hannibal Buress
Anormal day looks like, you know, shower, put on the same jeans, the same tattered Gucci loafers I got at the thrift store, white socks, and my t-shirt and my very beat-up Helmut Lang blazer. Im in the exact same outfit every day.
Natasha Lyonne
If Ive got a clean pair of jeans and a T-shirt, thats usually a good day for me.
Jessica Lange
If I ever get married myself, it’ll be in jeans.
Clemence Poesy
I have a few girlfriends, but nearly all my friends are guys. I don’t think I ever wore girl clothes. I wore baggy jeans, baggy T-shirts, sweaters, just to avoid the looks that everyone gives you when you’re a young female in the world.
Katharine Isabelle
I’m not a huge dresser-upper. Most of my closet is jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes, and flats. I don’t even know if I have a sequin gown in my closet.
Vanna White
I remember Luther Vandross had turned me on to Versace in 1990. I remember a girl ironing the jeans for me and she was, like, ‘What the hell are these? What’s Vercayce?’
Big Daddy Kane
I’d go to meetings with record companies – CBS, Decca, EMI. They’d tell me to wear a pair of jeans and grow my hair and look normal. And I’d say, ‘Sod that,’ and storm out. And I do think that belligerence is important when you’re young.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
The image is never created by you. It’s created by the media, by the people around you. In my real-life self, I would be without make up and in jeans and a T-shirt. But when I’m outside, I’m dressed up. It’s not because I enjoy doing it.
Sushmita Sen
You’re jeans are full of crap. You’re full of beans, you’re in you teens. You’ve lost your mama’s road map.
John Lennon
All things are spiritual. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are or what kind of blue jeans you wear, or whether you wear an ochre robe or whether you’re sober or asleep or dreaming. It’s all the same.
Frederick Lenz
When I got a record deal I said, ‘I’m only wearing jeans. I’m not wearing frilly dresses.’ Dancing around in sequins is just not who I am. I wanted to be heard, not seen.
Miranda Lambert
On my best day, I am a seven-point-seven. I could be a hard eight if I felt great. If I went on a good run and had on my best pair of jeans, I could feel right on the money.
Julia Roberts
I love American Eagle’s jeans; they fit me just right.
Maddie Marlow
Things go in cycles. It’s like fashion, like flares go out then skinny jeans come in, people want something fresh. It’s the strongest ever urban scene at the moment and I hope it can progress and keep getting stronger and be the base for something larger.
Katy B
I’m drawn to what I’m drawn to. I wear jeans and loafers everyday, mostly casual, but when I really turn it on, I like a classic, simple look.
Allison Williams
I would say at times I am a ‘Glamoholic.’ But I am definitely more laid back than glamorous.I think it takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just want to be in jeans.
Sarah Hyland
What should be covered must be covered. Women should not trouble others by wearing jeans.
K. J. Yesudas
I’ve always been a jeans and a T-shirt kind of kid!
Gillian Zinser
I’m kind of a jeans and T-shirt guy.
Kevin Dillon
The footballers’ wives I know, they’re teachers, midwives. They want to do something useful. One is working at my son’s nursery, on her hands and knees, in Converse and jeans, teaching kids to count.
Louise Nurding
I’m 50-50 on glamour stuff. I’d rather put on a pair of jeans and get on my Harley and act like a guy.
Charlize Theron
I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats.
Sung-Hi Lee
Accept every blind date you can get, even with a girl who wears jeans. Maybe you can talk her out of them.
Abigail Van Buren
When I go out or to an event, I’ll wear blue jeans and a shirt. And sometimes when I go to an event I’ll wear camouflage. It depends what kind of mood I’m in.
Si Robertson
To me, it isn’t tight sweaters. That’s not what rap is. That’s not hip-hop at all. Every phase went through changing up their dress styles and all that, but since Run DMC came out, it’s been baggy jeans.
I hope that I never have to work in a place that sells large quantities of jeans ever again. Jeans are rough! It used to kill my hands. I know that sounds prissy – I’m not prissy at all. But it did; it killed my hands. It was awful.
Jesmyn Ward
I can bulk up very fast. I can lift heavy weights because, like most people, I started off with heavy workouts. That’s stayed in my muscle memory. I feel horrible when I feel my jeans are getting tight. Workouts peace me out.
Arjun Rampal
I’m pretty low-key; you’ll often find me in jeans, a T-shirt and sweatshirt.
Olivia Wilde
I have a really basic uniform: in winter, black tights and any old dress that I can throw on. In summer, high-waisted jeans and this shirt, or that shirt, and a cashmere cardigan just in case.
Claudia Schiffer
I love corduroys, because they are really comfy and they’re cozier than jeans. They come in nice autumn hues – colors that you can have fun with.
Rachel Bilson
If I’m going to work, I put black jeans on, a T-shirt, a shirt, and a jacket.
Kate Moss
Honestly, I just needed some guidance my rookie year. I needed to know what to wear, and where to find stuff. It took me like three years to find jeans that fit me!
Tobias Harris
I am not a violent person. I am a product of the Flower Power ’60s. I have actually worn bell-bottomed jeans.
Dave Barry
For work I get so dolled up that it’s nice to wear boyfriend jeans and a sweater.
Meghan Markle
The trick is, when you try a good pair of jeans on, you may not think they’re that great, but you wear them two months, and they become your favorite jeans. They’re tricky. You gotta let them live.
Chris Evans
I didn’t really feel like a girly girl. I didn’t want to wear boob tubes and flared trousers and disco clothes. Then when punk came along it was like, ‘Oh great, I can wear ripped jeans and manky t-shirts and flat caps.’ It was just perfect timing for me.
Kathy Burke
Blue Jeans? They should be worn by farm girls milking cows!
Yves Saint Laurent
Skinny jeans were only good if you had skinny genes.
Matt Dunn
Many people are involved in charities but in our world, there are people who just really care about fashion. If they can get a cool pair of jeans and the money happens to go somewhere incredible, that’s a great combination.
Toni Garrn
I really focus on my jeans and sweaters for them to fit really well. There was a time that wasn’t the case.
Tom Brady
My style offstage is so different from onstage. I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress.
Beyonce Knowles
Jeans can make or break a look, and if it’s not a good-fitting pair, if they don’t flatter your body, it doesn’t matter what else you’ve got on – it’s not going to look good.
Tan France
I have no middle wardrobe. I go from the suit to jeans.
Donald Trump, Jr.
Everyone was wearing jeans, so I started wearing slacks. I’d walk on, and people would laugh before I got to the mic because I looked stupid.
James Acaster
Nobody wants to see an engagement photo with you in your ratty jeans and t-shirt. Go for layers, and you’re always going to look like you made more of an effort.
Tan France
It’s difficult to choose a Word of the Year in the year that you’re in. It’s one of those things that hindsight makes more apparent. It’s like looking at pictures from 10 years ago, and you notice the flannel and the ripped jeans. At the time, it didn’t look to you like a real fashion trend.
Erin McKean
Cause for a moment a band of theives in ripped up jeans got to rule the world!
Taylor Swift
Right after high school, I moved to Rio and took classes to become a technician for a manufacturing factory where you had to figure out how to produce 3,000 pairs of jeans. But in Rio, I was by myself, which was very liberating, being so young. I got to do my own thing.
Francisco Costa
I don’t wear slacks, but I Iike jeans.
Wendy Williams
It’s now possible to have your body 3D-imaged from head to toe at a sub-millimeter accuracy, showing every ripple of muscle or cellulite, to allow the perfect-fitting jeans or shoes.
Peter Diamandis
I love black leggings with cowboy (I mean cowgirl!) boots, and other-slightly less trendy-things like my boys’ Wrangler jeans and my husband’s worn deerskin work gloves. I love most things country, because country, to me, is home.
Ree Drummond
Fashion icons that are famous in Paris, it’s Charlotte Gainsbourg or even me on the Internet, but we wear the same clothes every day – a white t-shirt with jeans – so why are we fashion icons?
Jeanne Damas
I love my jeans and my sweats-I’m really just a tomboy at heart. So it’s really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup-and hair-ready every time I go out of my house. I’m not a believer in that, you know? On the other hand, when you do wear those sweats, you’re like, Oh God, I should step it up a notch.
Britney Spears
I live in jeans and T-shirts, and usually just throw stuff on over that. I love Brunello Cucielli, J.Crew for basics, NYDJ and DL1961 for jeans, and Magaschoni for sweaters.
Kelly Rutherford
I like to wear tight jeans. Most of my stuff is pretty slim fit.
Carl Hagelin
I do have ambition – I can dress up for a premiere, get in a limousine, but it’s not my life. My life is wearing jeans and tennis shoes and travelling on the metro. I have to do that because otherwise my acting is going to be false.
Caterina Murino
When I started, I knew nothing about fashion. I remember, my first day going to my agency, I was wearing these huge bell-bottoms – they were patchwork corduroy and denim, which, at the time, I thought were amazing. My agent told me, ‘You have a casting with Prada – you have to burn those jeans.’
Coco Rocha
Jeans of any sort should not be worn in nice restaurants. They pollute the landscape. They should also not be worn in the workplace if no other workers wear them. However, if your office is casual, go for it.
Letitia Baldrige
I like just jeans and a T-shirt, with some high-tops.
Sofia Richie
I like mixing things. I wear a lot of boots. Love boots. And then jeans, but I like to wear them with a really ruffly top. Or I love high-waisted anything.
Elle Fanning
I’m essentially a jeans girl, and I dress them up or down with accessories. For me, it’s ultimately about a great pair of shoes.
Jessalyn Gilsig
When I’m not dancing, I usually just like to keep it comfy. Even if I’m just going to dinner, I’ll wear jeans or something, but if I’m not dancing, I usually just have a comfy outfit on.
Maddie Ziegler
If there is a gay uniform, the differences are in how each man coordinates the details: the brand and cut of the jeans, the design of belts and boots, the haircut, the number and size of earrings.
Lance Loud
I have always been drawn to designing fashions that are rebellious, like black leather jackets on suburban kinds, a corset dress, punk, blue jeans. I love that. Fashion changes all the time, and what is considered extreme or elegant or luxurious (or not luxurious) is changing all the time.
Jean Paul Gaultier
I wear lots of Junk de Luxe sweaters, Cult of Individuality jeans – which are about the best for me – and Fiorentini + Baker boots. With fashion I’m good on jeans and boots. Ask me about anything else, and I’ll just look at you doe-eyed and not understand what you’re talking about.
Stephen Moyer
That’s a wonderful side effect of leather pants: when you pee yourself in them, they’re more forgiving than jeans.
I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend’s T-shirt.
Jennifer Aniston
Imagine what our culture would be like if Americans sold ideas, words, and books with the same creativity we use to sell designer jeans, shampoo, and rock stars. Why, we might end up with people whos attention span for the printed word is longer than the time it takes to read a T-shirt.
Jim Trelease
I even like when girls wear printed Minnie Mouse T-shirts with a cool ball gown skirt, or a ripped up pair of jeans – it’s all about how you style it.
Christian Siriano
I love like the 80s look – 80s and early 90s, like the high-waisted jeans and the crop tops, and the floral prints, and flowers and stuff like that. Big baggy jumpers… yeah, stuff like that.
Perrie Edwards
Do you mean am I worried about people seeing me with my jeans off? Sure. Sometimes people are overcome. They fall down. They hit their heads. It’s worrying.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I tend not to wear ties very often. I’m usually in old stuff: Hermes or Marc Jacobs boots and jeans and a T-shirt and a leather jacket or a jean jacket.
Nate Berkus
He was dressed just like on TV, with lots of silver chains and bracelets, ripped jeans, and a black muscle shirt (Which was kind of stupid, since he didn’t have any muscles).
Rick Riordan
Think about how your jeans would look if you washed and dried them every single day. That’s like our hair, and you can’t change your hair as often as your pants, so cutting down on washing cuts down on long-term damage.
Jonathan Van Ness
When I don’t know what to wear for a night out, I always wear some high-wasted jeans, a fluid top, and high heels.
Jeanne Damas
I feel most comfortable in an old pair of jeans, Converse, and a man’s jersey. My best friend cuts my hair with kitchen scissors.
Jane Birkin
What we need to do is get rid of ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ sections and make sections that are, like, ‘dresses for tall people,’ ‘pants for short people,’ ‘jeans for people with hips,’ you know what I mean?
Asia Kate Dillon
When my jeans feel too tight, I know I need to cut back on desserts and step up my workouts.
Denise Austin
Hey, little dolly with the blue jeans on, I want to ramrod with you, honey, ’til half past dawn.
Bruce Springsteen
I love suits for formal engagements. But I also like to wear jeans and button-ups.
Jermaine O’Neal
I don’t like to try very hard. Most of the time it’s just jeans, a T-shirt and Converse trainers. Casual, comfortable and boyish is how I’d describe my look. The way people wear clothes makes them stylish, rather than the clothes themselves.
Jessica Hart
I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod’s Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch.
Diego Della Valle
My mother worked in fashion design and she used to show me all of these looks. She tried to get me to wear fitted jeans in high school. This is when big jeans were popping.
Iman Shumpert
I often enjoy wearing loud and outspoken clothing on stage, so off it, I usually wear loose-fitting vintage shirts, jeans, or track suits I’ve had forever. I just add styling to those pieces.
Every man needs a good pair of jeans. It’s the ultimate wardrobe staple because most of us wear them more than anything else.
Daniel Sturridge
I was a big shiny, glittery-type person. Now I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl, or I’ll wear sun dresses and cowboy boots in the summer. But at first I had to have stylists tell me, ‘That’s ugly.’
Miranda Lambert
I developed a deep, abiding fear of jeans, which I still have. I hold my breath and shut my eyes when I pull on a pair in the dressing room, afraid they will now, as then, get stuck at my hips and there I will stand, absurd, staring at the excess of hips that should, if I were a good person, be „slim“.
Marya Hornbacher
It’s great to be able to buy normal-sized jeans and watching the pounds fall off, but I do miss drink and I do miss cheese!
Dave Myers
I think a lot of people know me for just wearing cut-off denim shorts, an oversized white T-shirt with a pair of high-heels. I usually do wear basic stuff. Jeans and a white T is my go-to look.
Erin Wasson
I don’t think anyone’s particularly conscious of thinking suits are the thing, but when you see a comedian on stage in jeans and a t-shirt it doesn’t matter how good they are – it always looks like amateur hour when they walk onto the stage.
Jack Dee
I’d worn Joe’s Jeans since I was young, so it was cool to be able to reinvent the brand and be able to be part of it.
Bella Hadid
Whether I’m in a ball gown or a pair of jeans, it’s not about me or what I’m wearing; it’s about what I can be doing to support and empower others going forward.
Louise Linton
I get attached to things: I wear the same jeans for a year.
Oscar Isaac
I always like to incorporate one or two chic accessories that contrast with the more gritty look of my daily uniform: a leather jacket and jeans.
Johan Lindeberg
I never owned a suit until after the election. I got married in jeans and boots. My wife and I, when we went to prom, I was in a pair of jeans.
Markwayne Mullin
To be honest, I’m really more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of a girl.
Katharine McPhee
Rule number one of anime,” Simon said. He sat propped up against a pile of pillows at the foot of his bed, a bag of potato chips in one hand and the TV remote in the other. He was wearing a black T-shirt that said I BLOGGED YOUR MOM and a pair of jeans that were ripped in one knee. “Never screw with a blind monk.
Cassandra Clare
I wear American Apparel jeans every day of my life.
Rosa Salazar
The idea was to have something wearable that fit with my reality, which was being a mom with two young kids and not always wanting to wear jeans. I still wanted to wear interesting clothes, and the options out there I found were either very expensive or very cheap. There was a big gap in the middle.
Maria Cornejo
There are better ways we can transform this virulent hatred – by living our ideals, the Peace Corps, exchange students, teachers, exporting our music, poetry, blue jeans.
Helen Thomas
My style when I was 17 was very low-key with jeans, T-shirts, and Converse. I was signed to a major record label by then, so I had stylists helping me.
Michelle Branch
As a rule, wearing a bigger pair of jeans looks better than squishing yourself into a pair of jeans that used to fit before you gave up smoking.
Jenny Eclair
My style is all over the place. It goes by my mood, but on a day-to-day basis it’s relaxed and comfortable, just jeans and T-shirts and no heels unless I’m going to a meeting.
Laila Rouass
I’m a huge fan of Motown. When you saw them on stage, you saw sparkle… you saw attitude. They didn’t have on t-shirt and jeans.
Tina Knowles
My own style depends on my location. Hippie-chic in Costa Rica, tailored and clean in N.Y.C., and great jeans and comfy tops with fun sneakers in L.A.
Perrey Reeves
It’s probably a lot cooler than wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Once I put on the mask, I don’t even realize that it’s there. They’re molded off of our faces, so they fit really well.
Jim Root
If I don’t feel it when I’m sitting there, if it doesn’t give me the feeling I got when I heard ‘Pony’ or ‘So Anxious’ or ‘In Those Jeans,’ I scrap it.
What I wear is a reflection of where I am going and how I am feeling. If Im in a good mood, its got to be cashmere and jeans – just something comfy, soft and warm. When Im down, I might find something that I havent worn for a while that was bought for me – or wear a brooch or a pair of shoes that are like old friends.
Kim Cattrall
I tend to wear boots, jeans, and T-shirts everywhere I go, and a hat.
Chad Michael Murray
I always talk about a great-fitting pair of jeans. Girls are concerned about the way their butt looks in a pair of jeans, and I think a guy having a really great-fitting pair of jeans is just as important.
John Varvatos
I’m the type of girl who’s always had to buy jeans in three sizes because I never know what my body is going to do from one day to the next.
Kaley Cuoco
I’ve never met a budget that I couldn’t coax a few extra dollars from – and I’ll bet that you can do the same. For instance, you’re probably buying more minutes and more cable channels than you use. Oh, and how many black skinny jeans do I count in your closet? You have enough money, just the wrong priorities.
Jean Chatzky
I was doing my best Bogart, but I was having trouble getting into her jeans.
Jackson Browne
I like to branch across a lot of different styles and brands in the way I dress; it’s just the way my style works. So I love that I can walk into a Target store and think, ‘Oh my God, I love these jeans,’ and then I’ll pair them with something designer.
Jessica Mauboy
The truth is I quite like to dress in jeans and a woolly jumper.
Mireille Enos
I’m a T-shirts, sweatpants and jeans kind of gal, I dress really simply and comfortably.
Sutton Foster
A toned backside truly anchors your physique and can make the difference between jeans fitting and jeans really fitting.
Harley Pasternak
If I could wear any label forever it would be Burberry. It covers a huge span of stuff. You can’t go wrong with a classic trench and a pair of jeans.
Emma Watson
N’sync – I had all their faces taped to my jeans for their concert when I was 13.
Brooklyn Decker
When people pitch me their ideas in a T-shirt and jeans it shows they can’t be bothered.
Peter Jones
Im an only child. Mostly raised by my father outside of Saratoga, doing martial arts and snowmobiling. I wore sweaters, jeans and sneakers. I was more interested in four-wheeling in the Catskills than doing my hair and makeup at 7 A.M. before school.
While I think men in general should not fuss over how they look, I do feel as though they should make more an effort to find a way to look good in their own individual, but natural way. I think it’s a shame that it’s become acceptable to wear jeans and a T-shirt to any place and function.
Thom Browne
I like combining polar opposites, like a floral skirt with combat boots, or ripped jeans with a fancy top.
Kenya Kinski-Jones
Getting to wear Chanel is my version of a fairy tale. Not that I would wear it every day – my style is more jeans and T-shirts – but it’s kind of fun.
Dylan Penn
Even as a kid, I wore J.C. Penney plain-pocket jeans because they were plain pockets. I didn’t want anybody’s name on my backside. I personally don’t like to wear clothing that is named for somebody or has someone’s likeness all over it.
Matthew McConaughey
H&M makes it easy for a guy to look great every single day and create a personal style. Their men’s collection always gives me a choice of how I want to dress, whether it be sharp in a suit and polo-neck, or more relaxed in jeans and a tweed jacket.
Joel Kinnaman
My outfits also need to be low-key. I’m a huge fan of boots, sandals, jeans and tank tops! Anything I can move in easily.
Jennifer Nettles
The worst is when men try too hard, because it’s not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like ‘Oh, I just grabbed that.’ Not too calculated. Jeans, a t-shirt: the simpler the better.
Eva Green
You can’t staple me to the Brooklyn hipster. I don’t buy skinny jeans and $50 T-shirts. I wear the same clothes I’ve always worn, from Target.
Brian Fallon
I’m like any other woman – my weight fluctuates. I have a pair of jeans one size bigger than the other just in case that week I’m a little bit heavier.
Cheryl Cole
As far as clothes are concerned, for the day, wear something chic: a good pair of jeans, crop, and open hair with a bright lip colour. For an evening, a nice pair of high-waisted trousers and a nice blouse looks great.
Ileana D’Cruz
Zara right now has incredible jeans. I’m obsessed. They have these jeans that have those ridges on the knees. I swear they have a little bit of stretch to them, so they hug everything in the right places. They’ve got great boyfriend jeans that are torn up, and you can cuff them.
Adrienne Bailon
Oh, so you see some chick in baggy jeans and a hoodie, and you just have to have her so bad, you decide to repeat high school, just to get her?” “Sounds about right.” He laughs.
Alyson Noel
It’s not only teenagers who think they look good in pre-holed jeans, and I doubt it’s only the superannuated who are amused by Ant and Dec.
Howard Jacobson
If you keep everything in the same palette of tone-on-tone neutrals, even a laid-back outfit of a slouchy sweater, jeans, and sneakers gives you a longer, leaner look.
Brad Goreski
I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of girl.
Nicole Richie
I’m the kind of girl who just, like, rolls out of bed and puts my jeans on and shakes my hair out.
Sasha Lane
Blue jeans and Hollywood and rock & roll won the cold war.
Ben Dreyfuss
To me, growing up in South Wales, a pair of Diesel jeans were the thing to have – if you could afford them.
Luke Evans
Ballet pumps are the dream shoes because they are so comfortable. They look great both with jeans and summer dresses; and you can even wear the right pair with an evening gown.
First thing, I throw on some jeans, a T-shirt and my Keds sneakers and make coffee. That is actually my favorite time of day. That is when I do my songwriting, when I am in writing mode.
Lucinda Williams
Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave know best. Although I wear a lot of jeans, I’ve been told that Nick Cave doesn’t own a pair and wouldn’t be caught dead in denim.
Matt Berninger
Comfort is important. I wanna put jeans on and kind of forget about them unless someone is giving me a compliment on how they look. You don’t want to be fussing all day, especially as a working woman or a mom running around with kids.
La La Anthony
Onstage, I channel my inner goddess. Everyday Jillian is definitely more low-key: jeans and a crop top with a sneaker or boot.
Jillian Hervey
I don’t spend my life getting dressed! I have to put clothes on during the day; I don’t get dressed up at all when I’m working. I’ll wear jeans, or something very simple.
Iris Apfel
I wanted something that was really ‘us,’ but not typical engagement photos in any way. We’re not a fancy couple. More jeans and T-shirts.
Jedediah Bila
I feel the most confident in whatever I’m feeling at that time. Sometimes it’s leather pants, a leather jacket, and a band tee, and it’s motorcycle-chic. Then there are times that it’s skinny jeans, a tank top, and a denim jacket. It’s whatever I’m feeling that day.
Ruby Rose
I think, for a long time, people thought I was a figment of Phil Spector’s imagination because they knew The Crystals, they knew The Ronettes, they knew Bob B. Sox and the Blue Jeans, but had never had met Darlene Love.
Darlene Love
When I was designing, I had in mind Jimi Hendrix, and I could hardly find skinny indie black kids to wear my clothes. I remember one telling me he had to swap his skinny jeans for baggy ones in the subway before going home, so he wouldn’t get in trouble in his neighborhood.
Hedi Slimane
Avoid any exercise that is quad-centric. None of my clients come to me because she wants bulkier quads – you aren’t fitting into your skinny jeans with those!
David Kirsch
I didn’t really play dress up when I was a kid, and I’m really T-shirt and jeans-y.
Ellen Page
I stumbled upon the 3×1 shop because it’s a few doors up from the ‘V’ magazine offices on Mercer. The store is intense: They can take your measurements, and the sewers are right there behind glass making what amounts to a couture pair of jeans.
Derek Blasberg
The sneaker heels thing is a myth. They were saying, ‘They’re like sneakers.’ No, they’re like heels is what they’re like. That’s like saying a denim skirt is like jeans. It’s not.
Anna Kendrick
The stage show is, in some sense, highly theatrical. It’s definitely not just a band in jeans playing rock and roll.
Amanda Palmer
For a long time, I refused to wear jeans. I liked high-waisted pants, but jeans made me feel like I wasn’t being unique. Even now, I won’t wear the skinny-jeans style, because most people wear those – they have to be baggier, boyfriend-looking, or sort of like a mom jean. I’m real funny that way.
Elle Fanning
I have a thing for just a white shirt and blue jeans. I think I grew up looking at too many GAP and Calvin Klein ads.
Italia Ricci
A magazine to have style, must need and understand and invest in what jingles – not jiggles – in designer jeans.
Frances Lear
I often look at women who wear great jeans and high heels and nice little T-shirts wandering around the city, and I think, ‘I should make more of an effort. I should look like that.’ But then I think, ‘They can’t be happy in those heels.’
Kate Winslet
I like suits. I mean, I always feel good in a suit; I’m more of a suit guy than a shirt-and-jeans-type guy, probably. You know, like, I love Brad Goresky’s style. And sometimes he’ll wear a pair of, like, leopard pants, and I’m like, I couldn’t pull that off, but I appreciate it from afar.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
I guess people would categorize hipster rap just by how people look, skinny jeans and fashion rap. I was never that. In my music I never put the emphasis on clothes.
Are you sure?” A brow arched up. “Because I’m here at your service and taking your jeans off is something I feel I’d be exceptionally wonderful at.
J. Lynn
If I probably didn’t have tattoos, or if I probably didn’t bleach my hair, or if I probably didn’t wear blue jeans and a T-shirt to fancy things, if I didn’t do things that make me look like someone who’s whacked out of their mind, it’d probably be different. But then again, that’s how I wanna dress.
Guy Fieri
I don’t like jeans with holes in ’em. I like ’em faded.
Liam Gallagher
I’ve been wearing jeans all my life. I remember my first denim as a kid because my mum used to buy me OshKosh overalls.
Clemence Poesy
So biggest pussies in METAL, I’d say a lot of these emo bands come off as pussies.They have those beards and tight jeans and to me they all look so fake.
Charlie Benante
I had such a distaste for ’70s clothing. So, the ’90s were a rough period for me because I got made fun of for wearing what they used to call “pegged pants.” Now they call them “skinny jeans.”
Justin Theroux
We were wearing jeans and t-shirts, and we just decided to drive to the courthouse and get married. We went to Arby’s and had lunch – that’s always been like one of my favorite places – so we decided to celebrate our holy matrimony with some roast beef.
Samantha Ponder
I’m really into jeans. It’s kind of more for comfort…So, like, comfort and oversized are really in for me.
Mark Indelicato
I wear boots. I wear jeans and usually just sort of a beat-up T-shirt and a leather jacket. If I bring more leather jackets home, my wife will kill me.
Justin Theroux
I always wear a pair of colored jeans and fun boots. I have a really cute pair of stars-and-stripes Converse, and I love wearing all my bright Nike shoes.
Gracie Gold
I wear girls’ jeans because I’ve got girl legs.
Jamie Blackley
In New York, I can be a little edgier – I’ll wear sneakers, combat boots, jeans. In L.A., I don’t go as far. I find myself taking more of a risk when it comes to style in New York.
La La Anthony
I appreciate art in any form. So it applies to clothes as well. On stage, I think people prefer me in Indian outfits… in fact, it goes with the kind of songs I sing as well. Indianness in the form of a sari, or a chaniya choli or jeans with something interesting, matches my style of singing.
Shreya Ghoshal
An athletic man, or whatever you want to call him, will only look good in a very classic suit, a pair of classic jeans, athletic clothes or simply naked. Forget fashion. This is not going to happen, unless you want to look like a Chippendales dancer in designer clothes.
Hedi Slimane
And you still have to sqeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me.
Harry Styles
My problem is that I always find jeans that are either high-waisted or low-rise, but nothing in between, like they used to be in the eighties and early nineties. That’s actually the most flattering cut.
Georgia May Jagger
I like my jeans fitted but I wear quite baggy tops and slouchy jackets.
Vogue Williams
I am lucky because I can – and I like to – mix the beautiful Caraceni jackets I inherited from my grandfather with a pair of Tsubi jeans or wear a favorite pin-striped suit from him for more formal occasions. I’m crazy about pinstripes and vintage fifties fabrics.
Lapo Elkann
For me, what do I do to look hot? T-shirts and jeans.
Joe Maddon
If I walk down the street in jeans and a plain t-shirt, I don’t feel like the world sees me as I want to be seen or as what I am.
Rachel Trachtenburg
If I was left to my own devices, you would see about ten T-shirts in rotation with maybe a few nice pairs of jeans – but I also like to look good. I like feeling really well put together, I just don’t have the aptitude and the knowledge to do that.
Daniel Radcliffe
My everyday go-to style is a lot more casual. I like to wear suits to games, but during the day, going to the gym, I’m in my workout gear. Then if I’m going to lunch meetings, I like to keep it somewhat casual – short-sleeved button-ups, jeans, and sneakers.
Blake Griffin
A pair of blue jeans is a must. It is the most comfortable outfit anyone can opt for.
Nikita Thukral
It was a strike against me that I didn’t wear baggy jeans and jerseys and that I never hustled, never sold drugs.
Kanye West
I find it odd that people will go to a nice restaurant or to the theater in jeans and T-shirts.
Victoria Beckham
Thomas Pynchon looks exactly like Thomas Pynchon should look. He is tall, he wears lumberjack shirts and blue jeans. He has Albert Einstein white hair and Bugs Bunny front teeth.
Salman Rushdie
Wear comfortable clothes when you fly; my preference is T-shirt and jeans.
Orlando Bloom
Being from Texas, I would say I favor a pair of jeans you can wear some boots with.
Jensen Ackles
this blue shirt i have is practically the same color as my jeans, and looking all-blue is something only cookie monster can pull off.
David Levithan
I like to wear jeans, Converse and a sweater, so from the back I can sometimes look like a boy!
Emma Willis
I didn’t want to move or act like a rich man. I wanted to dance in a pair of jeans. I wanted to dance like the man in the streets.
Gene Kelly
I had this scholarship, two pairs of tight jeans, and a couple of hundred extra dollars, and I showed up in Oregon and went to school there.
Punit Renjen
I’m all for skinny jeans, a flowing blouse, patterned flats and chunky jewels.
Sydney Wayser
God, I always just think of myself as a jeans and T-shirt kind of person.
Joan Jett
Not long ago, every time I did a picture shoot for a magazine, the photographer would ask me to show up wearing jeans and cowboy boots. They seemed to think I was a hillbilly. Now it’s different. Now they’re not quite sure what to make of me. And I show up wearing whatever I want.
Troy Aikman
Looking back on my ‘Full House’ wardrobe days, I think I almost regret all of my fashion moments. Oh man, I mean the high-waisted jeans, the cowboy boots, and the tent dresses I used to wear? I don’t know what I was thinking.
Lori Loughlin
You’re never too old to play. You’re only too old for low-rise jeans.
Ellen DeGeneres
I wear jeans a lot.
Jeanne Damas
I buy unknown, lower-name brand jeans. I don’t care about the name brands, if I look good in the jeans I don’t care who made them.
Barbi Benton
You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans – it’s up to you.
Karl Lagerfeld
I used to do that routine about my daughter being a hippy with the dirty sneakers and dirty blue jeans, but why a beard? And you know people would actually come to me and say, ‘Does your daughter really have a beard?’ I’d say, ‘No, I made her shave it, but I let her keep the mustache.
Jean Carroll
I have always felt comfortable in blue jeans. I have found it interesting, however, that people also whistle at blue jeans. I have to admit that I like mine to fit. There’s nothing I hate worse than baggy blue jeans.
Marilyn Monroe
I really like crop tops. I like how you can dress them up or down, with jeans or a skirt and heels. I like to be showy and cute. I don’t want to be in just a jacket and pants and boots.
McKayla Maroney
I love dressing up and doing the red carpet every once in a while, but I am very much a jeans kinda girl, so it’s all a little embarrassing for me.
Kelly Clarkson
When I was 13, I kind of got into the punk scene. I realized it was easier to wear a pair of combat boots and jeans and a beat-up T-shirt. I think of it as a uniform.
Justin Theroux
I strained to remember where I was or even what I was wearing, touching my green corduroy jeans and staring at the exposed-brick wall. As my paranoia deepened, I became convinced that I had died and no one was telling me.
Maureen Dowd
I had no boundaries at home, so I had nothing to push against. I only rebelled with clothing when I was 14. I would wear purple Doc Martens and had purple streaks in my hair, dirty jeans, and baggy tops. Very Britpop. Anything that wasn’t girly or feminine. My mother hated it.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I’m the girl who will show up in jeans no matter what – but the jeans can get fancier and fancier.
Taylor Schilling
I prefer to leave a little room in my bag to grab goodies when I’m travelling, but otherwise you need one good pair of shoes that can be worn day or night, a pair of black jeans, and a nice dress.
Dree Hemingway
Science should leave off making pronouncements: the river of knowledge has too often turned back on itself.
James Jeans
I’ve always been a fan of Saint Laurent because I like how their jeans fit on me, but as far as high fashion, I don’t wear too much high fashion. I like more streetwear and baggier stuff.
If you don’t feel comfortable in a plunging sweater, skin-tight jeans and killer heels, go home and change.
Ines de La Fressange
Almost too hot for skinny jeans, the impossible becomes the possible.
Luke Hemmings
I don’t like skinny jeans though I can manage with slim fits. I don’t like wearing a tie with a suit and it falls wrong sometimes.
Sooraj Pancholi
Topshop makes the best skinny jeans for my shape. I order online or stock up when I’m back in London.
Ashley Madekwe
Why do guys insist on wearing those odious jeans with their rear ends hanging down around their ankles? Do they really think it’s hot?
Steve Kluger
Denim should always be comfortable; jeans should protect you. They are workwear.
Freja Beha Erichsen
I’m into a casual-dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy.
Jensen Ackles
Vintage stores are great for jeans.
Camille Rowe
I’m a succubus.” He shook his head. “No, you aren’t.” “Yes, I am.” “You aren’t.” I was a bit surprised to be having this conversation. “I am too.” “No. Succubi are flame-eyed and bat-winged. Everyone knows that. They don’t wear jeans and sweaters.
Richelle Mead
I may seem to have worn a lot of tights in films, but actually, those are just the films that have been most visible or worked best. I have worn jeans a lot, too, but those ones haven’t tended to work so well.
Joseph Fiennes
Usually I trundle about in trainers and baggy jeans, looking about as attractive as a potato.
Gail Porter
I was never obese, but I felt ‘less than’ because I wasn’t as thin as other actresses. I totally fell for that low-fat craze. My goal was to be X jeans size or a specific number on the scale.
Alison Sweeney
That’s gotta be the one remaining constant – jeans have gotta be tight, baby.
Luke Bryan
The swimsuit and jeans look is my favorite. It was a big part of my introduction to the world as an artist. It was so cool to see girls wearing swimsuits with their jeans during that time.
As soon as I made it about being healthy and shifted my focus away from the scale, the weight started to come off. I keep track of my body by how my jeans fit – and how I feel.
Alison Sweeney
It’s hard to fight in high heels or even jeans that are too tight. You can’t kick in skinny, skinny jeans.
Krysten Ritter
I don’t like to experiment a lot – so jeans with a ganji, ethnic skirt with a nice top, long jackets, dresses is my go-to style.
Anupriya Goenka
Jeans fit the mature male one of two ways, both dirigible in nature. You make a public impression that’s either Hindenburg or Goodyear blimp.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’m an only child. Mostly raised by my father outside of Saratoga, doing martial arts and snowmobiling. I wore sweaters, jeans and sneakers. I was more interested in four-wheeling in the Catskills than doing my hair and makeup at 7 A.M. before school.
I’ve always been pretty happy with my style. I’ve been wearing tapered jeans since 1980 something.
Justin Theroux
You’re never going to see the fat Elvis in me. People I admired like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and John Belushi all died at 27. I’ve got jeans older than that.
Jon Bon Jovi
My style during the day is very casual – boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, Converse, Uggs, whatever. At night, I love heels and thigh-highs, I like something fresh and new, and I’m not afraid to push the envelope.
Katie Cassidy
I was a tough kid with the jeans, the concert shirt with the flannel over it, the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair.
Cameron Diaz
I’m going to die wearing the same things that I love wearing. I’m going to wear my jeans. I’m going to wear wifebeaters. I’m going to wear my leather jacket. I don’t care. As long as I can look good in it, and feel comfortable in it, then I’m going to do it.
Take a random selection of photographs of America in 2012 and 2002 and 1992 and, except for the skinny jeans and the porkpie hats, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the years in which the pictures were taken.
Graydon Carter
It’s funny with jeans now, because if they don’t feel like a pair of sweatpants, I don’t have patience for them anymore! I think I’m becoming increasingly lazy.
Claire Danes
My mom did this in the ’90s. She’d put a bandana in her hair, cutoff jeans and throw flannel, and I just remember looking at her thinking she was the most beautiful supermodel ever.
Jessie James Decker
I look really odd in jeans and a hoodie – it doesn’t feel or seem right.
Florence Welch
I loathe the idea of going onstage in a T-shirt and jeans.
Martin Gore
I’ve been wearing Wrangler jeans for more than a decade now, all the way back to when I first started playing clubs in my teens in Georgia.
Jason Aldean
I live in jeans, mainly Wrangler and Nudie. I like them as dark blue as they’ll go and tightly woven.
Jason Flemyng
My bikini, a pair of black high heels and a pair of comfortable jeans.
Joan Smalls
…his gaze met hers. It was crazy. Dressed down in worn blue jeans and a black shirt, he was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. And the moment was sort of perfect. Even with the deer head staring over his shoulder like a total creeper.
J. Lynn
I’m happy with myself. I respect myself. And I know that no man, no jeans, no scale, and no booker is in control of my future – I am.
Iskra Lawrence
I may wear sizzling costumes on screen or on the ramp, but back home, I love to be in my torn jeans and sneakers.
Koena Mitra
I am wearing a size 28 Paige Jeans. Jeans don’t lie, and I am just happy!
Ricki Lake
A lot of guys do the pretty things. Dunking, tattoos, earrings, sagging jeans. That’s the league now. They have athletic ability, but they don’t know the game.
Charles Oakley
I do enjoy wearing Japanese and Italian clothing. I also enjoy my blue jeans or tennis shorts and running shoes. I like driving a Porsche because it is an elegant machine and it is a very beautiful experience to drive it. It’s magnificently made.
Frederick Lenz
Generally speaking, I’m a jeans, T-shirt and boots man but I do own an Armani suit, which gets a regular outing. It’s nothing fancy – just a classic, well-cut suit with clean lines and beautiful tailoring. It’s timeless and you can mix and match it with anything to dress up or dress down.
Matthew Rhys
I don’t like the masculine style, jeans. I like issey miyake… and black dresses.
Zaha Hadid
On a daily basis, jeans and t-shirt is still sexy, but it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
Tila Tequila
I like jeans and t-shirts.
Jayma Mays
Engineering is a jeans and hoodie culture, and sales is more formal.
Susan Wojcicki
I’m a T-shirts, sweatpants, and jeans kind of gal; I dress really simply and comfortably. But one of the things I love about being an actor is that I get to wear amazing costumes.
Sutton Foster
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to go into a store and buy a pair of jeans off the rack that fit perfectly.
Linda Johnson Rice
I love jeans, T-shirts, and things you can jazz up and down, a bit of a mish-mash.
Jonathan Anderson
When you’re wearing jeans, there’s a shift in your center of gravity.
Ray Stevenson
The truth of the matter is we have become more interested in designer jeans and break dancing than we are in obligations and responsibilities.
Clarence Thomas
I adore the designer B. Michael’s curve-flattering gowns, but there is nothing better than jeans with a crisp white shirt.
Tamara Tunie
I like to be dressy casual. I wear jeans and nice sneakers. I wear nice clothes, but not super dressed up. I don’t wear too much jewelry. I keep it simple and maybe wear just a little chain.
Vinny Guadagnino
I’m a jeans size up from where I usually am, but there’s nothing about it that freaks me out. I’ve always said that sexy is having a really strong sense of yourself and never taking yourself too seriously.
Rebecca Romijn
I left the school sixth form after the first day because they wouldn’t let me wear jeans and I couldn’t go home and ask for money for trousers.
John Bishop
I’m not the sexy girl. I’m more youthful and innocent, the girl who wears jeans and T-shirts and sneakers. But fans have accepted that I’m a tomboy. There’s a different group of people who find that attractive.
AJ Lee
I was a tomboy. In my clubbing days, my friend Lucy Davies-Hunt – half-Iranian, looked like Yasmin Le Bon – could wear catsuits, while I was the one in the sweatshirt, jeans, and Fila boots.
Maxine Peake
I wear pretty tight jeans in real life.
Joe Keery
We know that slow-motion renovations in tight jeans make for a great episode.
Drew Scott
We used to have massively long discussions about how we should stand on stage. Should we stand with our legs apart? No, all the guys with guitars in skinny jeans stand with their legs apart, and you’d think, ‘We can’t stand like that.’ We’d spend hours and hours, days and days, discussing how to stand.
Viv Albertine
I feel less pressure to dress youthfully. I’m 50 and everyone knows I’m 50 – who are you kidding? Jeans are my uniform. I have about 15 pairs.
Michelle Pfeiffer
I would like Madewell jeans to be the Levi’s of its generation.
Mickey Drexler
In person, I wear jeans and flip-flops, and people are so shocked. They tell me I look so much younger than they expected.
Christina Hendricks
I like fashion because it’s sort of my job, so I’m into it when I have to be. But when I’m not working, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I go to vintage stores all the time to find funky T-shirts.
Kristen Stewart
I’ve always had jewelry over the years, but when it comes to clothes, I’m just a white or black Polo tee guy with some jeans and a pair of Jordans, and I’m cool. As long as I’m comfortable, I’m cool.
Lou Williams
The most outragous thing that I could imagine ever doing is putting on a pair of jeans and going to the shopping mall for my lunch
Marilyn Manson
A new artist today has to get their teeth fixed, has to tighten their jeans up, and they have to get ’em the right kind of hat, and if anything’s wrong with their nose, if it’s a little crooked, it’s got to be straightened up.
George Jones
You always want to look your best at events like the Globes, Emmys, or Oscars. It’s a part of the business that I am not particularly comfortable with. I would prefer to turn up in a pair of jeans and an old shirt, but it’s all about image – the studio wants you to look your best.
David Harewood
The Victorian era is the sexiest age for me, but I also like a woman in a pair of jeans.
Dylan McDermott
Isabelle’s clothes looked ridiculous. Clary had to roll the legs on the jeans up several times before she stopped tripping on them, and the plunging neckline of the red tank top only emphasized her lack of what Eric would have called a “rack.
Cassandra Clare
I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.
Jason Mraz
I’m sort of a reverse Method actor. In my personal life, I become my characters. After ‘One Tree Hill’, I started dressing in Converse and ripped jeans and hoodies. On ‘Awkward’, it manifests in how I speak.
Ashley Rickards
I hate picking out outfits for events. That’s why I always wear the same thing when I go out – OK, not exactly the same, but always something easy. If it isn’t a big fashion event, it’ll be jeans and a nice top.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I love guys who know how to dress. I love the motorcycle boots, and I love the skinnier jeans with jackets and scarves. Anybody who gets his clothes at All Saints, that’s my guy.
Ashley Benson
Style to me is a mix between rock star chic-quirky-sexy and expressive. I always dress for my body type, as it’s important to highlight your pluses! I like edgy clothes that have character. I usually dress by the mood I’m in – so if I’m in my ripped jeans and leather jacket, you know I’m feeling rebellious!
Jiah Khan
A ‘death mirror’ held up to American culture – Brando, bikes and black leather; Christ, chains and cocaine. A ‘high’ view of the myth of the American motorcyclist. The machine as totem from toy to terror. Thanatos in chrome and black leather and bursting jeans.
Kenneth Anger
In high school I spent most of my time in jeans and T-shirts or Juicy sweats. We’re such a laid-back town. I mean, people wore bikinis under their clothes half the time, so you didn’t really get dressed up to go to school.
Lauren Conrad
It was hard knowing that you walk into a store sometimes, and you’re wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie and some baggy jeans, or your skin is a little darker, and the clerk is just staring at you a little bit harder. The cops treat you a little differently.
Anthony Ramos
I love corduroy jeans as well as vertical-striped jeans. Both are a fun switch from plain old denim. They can be slimming so long as the stripes aren’t too chunky.
For a simple but cool look, I like to throw a vintage jacket over a T-shirt and black ripped Paige jeans. I also wear Stella McCartneys Elyse shoes or Topshop booties almost every day.
Kenya Kinski-Jones
Jeans are super American and will never go out of style. When they first came on the fashion scene they were a statement of women empowerment. When women began wearing pants, they wore jeans! They weren’t just denim, they were part of a feminist movement.
Whitney Port
I love that whole princess mentality, but I also like throwing my hair in a ponytail and just wearing jeans, going on a hike and then eating a big chili-cheesebur ger.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I started thinking about this truck and why do I still have this same truck? After all of these years, why am I holding on to that? I just starting thinking about other things: guitars, boots and jeans. I just had a tendency to hold on to the things that have meaning to me.
Dierks Bentley
You don’t want to be wearing tight jeans and a blingy jacket on a 16-hour flight.
Kunal Khemu
Everyone should have a great leather jacket in their wardrobe. It is perfect to wear with a T-shirt and jeans and great pair of high tops.
Brad Goreski
I’ll look through ‘Us Weekly’ and I’ll see a picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. And I’m like, ‘Wow, they just… they look so good. Even if they’re like just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, they still look great.’
I’m a director… I don’t wear any makeup, and wear jeans every day.
Marielle Heller
Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention, wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot.
Hugh Laurie
If I think something is heinous, but the person feels amazing in it, who am I to critique it? If they think that those bell-bottom, cropped, shredded jeans look good, then good for them!
Tan France
I would have liked to grow up in Liverpool and become a rocker. I would have put my boots on, jeans and a leather jacket, and long hair and played the guitar.
Hasso Plattner
I don’t have any rules about what to wear when I go out. I go through phases. Sometimes I’ll go out in jeans and a top and not even wear heels. Sometimes I want to be more sexy, in a dress and heels.
Sara Sampaio
I tend to be attracted to darker scents. I’m not a floral girl. But I do like this old fragrance I used to wear called Versace Red Jeans. I have an eBay alert that tells me when it comes back! I think it’s more of a nostalgic association that I have with it because a boyfriend had bought it for me when I was, like, 16.
Kat Von D
I might once have had a pair of jeans briefly in my teenage years before I realised they weren’t for me. I don’t love my legs but, hey, they’re mine, so I accept them.
Lucy Worsley
I have a particular pair of boyfriend jeans that I wear with Converse sneakers and, really, any kind of top, from a crop top to a hoodie. I usually go for a loose top or jacket to keep things casual with sort of a streetwear vibe.
Keke Palmer
I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything other than black jeans and shirts. Quite simple, really, and quite casual.
George Ezra
I discovered and fell in love with skiing long before I started to climb. Skiing was really my first calling. As a kid, I grew up skiing in jeans in Minnesota.
Jimmy Chin
I love a good plaid situation. A plaid blouse or shirt paired with jeans is a no-brainer outfit – it takes me back to grade school.
Emily Wickersham
I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I’ve got all kinds.
Amanda Seyfried
I wear girls’ jeans, a lot of black, and I wear a lot of jewelry. I’m a wacky person!
Jamie Blackley
My day look is usually a good pair of jeans, my boots, and a cute T-shirt, but I love to get all dolled up in a dress and heels to go out.
Diana DeGarmo
I like guys who wear nice clothes, nice jeans, nice trainers – I hate skinny jeans and those T-shirts that are really low-cut.
Georgia Salpa
Every girl should have a little black dress, a great boyfriend blazer and a pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe.
Lauren Conrad
I like jeans, jumpers and coats – anything that is cosy.
Stacy Martin
I think the first thing I did when I was a kid was a Maxwell House Coffee commercial with George Strait. And I did a Wrangler Jeans commercial, and then ‘The Patriot’ came to town.
Philip Winchester
I love jeans, T-shirts, boots, and tennis shoes.
Ashley Benson
My mom never cared if I came home dirty from playing outside with my brother. If I got my dress muddy, or my jeans were ripped, or I got blood on something. But I think a lot of girls have a different experience.
Morena Baccarin
In ’87, I was about 9 years old, and so at that point I was wearing, like, fluorescent green T-shirts and acid-wash jeans and leg warmers, and my hair was in a ponytail with a scrunchie and I had the teased bangs that were up in a rainbow shape. It was crazy.
Malin Akerman
Blue jeans have gone around the world. But that’s a product. We market blue jeans better, just as we market film better. But you can’t tell me that if America didn’t exist, the culture of movies wouldn’t exist. It’s not a distinctly American art form.
David Simon
Take them off!” I told him, grabbing the front of his jeans. “Take everything off!” “I’m trying!” “Try harder!
Karen Chance
I still love the skinny jeans thing and I wear my favorite leather jacket constantly. I like being kind of a rock star. I love that I can feel comfortable in a small dress or I can feel comfortable wearing a baggy T-shirt.
Ellie Goulding
So, when you see a kid with ratty jeans on, wearing sneakers that aren’t clean, you know they’re in a certain place economically. I was interested in that experience.
Jim McKay
I had no style when I was 17! I look at teenagers now and say, ‘I wish I’d looked like them when I was that age.’ I had no style whatsoever, but style also wasn’t as prominent as it is today. I was just very laid back, usually wearing jeans and tank tops and flip flops.
Candace Cameron Bure
My collection has a whole new cut; they are based on the style of jeans my mum wore in Texas in the ’70s.
Georgia May Jagger
Every month, every week, something new excites me. I’m finding my niche as to what suits me the best. I am a young girl, and if I am just running around in a jeans and a T-shirt, that’s a lot of life lost.
Alia Bhatt
Anormal day looks like, you know, shower, put on the same jeans, the same tattered Gucci loafers I got at the thrift store, white socks, and my t-shirt and my very beat-up Helmut Lang blazer. I’m in the exact same outfit every day.
Natasha Lyonne
Blanche, prosaic in a pale yellow sweater and blue jeans, was wondering again if anything mattered—-life, faith–specifically, finishing homework assignments.
Regina Doman
During the day I pull on jeans and ballet flats; but I do love getting dressed up, too.
Leigh Lezark
I actually believe that you should not wash your jeans, ever. In Japan, they actually put them in the freezer. That kills the bacteria and makes them not smell anymore.
Benny Blanco
If you are actually ordinary, the only way to give royal status meaning is to live an extraordinary life. It can’t be jeans and burgers and granny doing the babysitting.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
I’m a big fan of pops of color, but I thought I would take that to the next level and do a color-blocked Rolex. This watch is the perfect accessory whether you’re wearing a tee and jeans or a well-tailored suit.
Brad Goreski
Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it’s okay to be a boy; for girls it’s like promotion. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, according to you, because secretly you believe that being a girl is degrading.
Ian Mcewan
We had a death pact, and I have to keep my half of the bargain. Please bury me next to my baby in my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots. Goodbye.
Sid Vicious
If I find a good pair of jeans, I’ll buy two, and get them hemmed to my height, and then I’ll end up wearing those two for everything.
Jenna Ushkowitz
If you think about jeans or phones or television, we are used to new brands popping up right and left. But in the car industry, we grew up with Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, and Ford, and nobody can remember during his or her upbringing a new car brand coming to life.
Henrik Fisker
I don’t like to see teenage men wearing very tight jeans. The sight of an erection belongs in the privacy of the bedroom, living room, or kitchen floor.
Ruth Westheimer
My car was broken into four times before it was stolen. That can drive you nuts – the repetition. I’d wake up every morning and put on my jeans over my pajamas to run down and see if my car was still on the street. That’s not a pleasant way to live.
Charles Schumer
Skinny jeans and an extra big t-shirt. Ugh, I cannot stand that. It looks like an idiot: it’s just proportionately wrong. And the super, super, super, super, super, super, super skinny jeans. I don’t think you can get anything done when you’re wearing clothes that tight.
Boyd Holbrook
I am so laid back that, honestly, I’m in jeans and sweats a lot of the time. I like Aeropostale and Hudson Jeans.
Coco Jones
If you see me out on the street, you would see me in jeans and cut-off shirt riding a motorcycle.
The Undertaker
I always sold other peoples’ fashions, so I wore jeans and t-shirts, and I put on what they needed to sell, and I’d sell it. So as far a nurturing my own style, it took me quite a long time to do it.
Brooke Shields
I’m never sloppy, and I never wear jeans. I don’t work one look in particular, but it’s usually retro – I’m a flea-market freak. And detailed – I’m always very done, even at the gym.
Debi Mazar
If the plane lost all my luggage, and I was somewhere sunny like Ibiza, I would just get a bikini, shorts, T-shirt, and sandals. If it was somewhere colder like New York, I’d go for jeans, jacket, and a pair of Louboutins.
Kate Moss