Johnson Quotes

Johnson Quotes by Clint Hill, Cody Simpson, Andy Murray, B. B. King, Edward Johnson, III, James Boswell and many others.

President Lyndon Johnson was very, very unpredictable.

President Lyndon Johnson was very, very unpredictable. We never knew for sure what he is going to do next, and he preferred to have it that way; if he could do something as a complete surprise, that was his preference.
Clint Hill
I have a lot of variety on my iPod. Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, artists like that, but I also listen to hip-hop as well.
Cody Simpson
Against Steve Johnson at the Olympics I was down a couple of times.
Andy Murray
I liked blues from the time my mother used to take me to church. I started to listen to gospel music, so I liked that. But I had an aunt at that time, my mother’s aunt, who bought records by people like Lonnie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and a few others.
B. B. King
Abby Johnson has agreed to become Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity, reflecting a further step forward in our leadership succession plan. Abby will retain her role of President, and I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.
Edward Johnson, III
I suppose no person ever enjoyed with more relish the infusion of that fragrant leaf than Johnson.
James Boswell
Eisenhower was quite supportive of Kennedy and Johnson in terms of foreign policy.
Robert Dallek
Two of the three men, who were imprisoned, Norman Butler and Robert 15x Johnson, convicted and given life sentences, I’m absolutely convinced were innocent. The real murderers of Malcolm X have not been caught or punished.
Manning Marable
I work in the ’60s more than I’ve done anything else. I did a movie, called ‘Down with Love’, in the ’60s. I did a movie for HBO about the Johnson administration in the ’60s.
Sarah Paulson
If Obama’s vision of the public sector is socialism, then so too were the visions of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon.
Jeff Greenfield
I don’t understand it, how President Johnson can send troops to Vietnam and cannot send troops to Selma, Alabama, to protect people whose only desire is to register to vote.
John Lewis
There are probably one million dudes in America called Kevin Johnson, and beating one of them doesn’t make you an all-time great heavyweight.
David Haye
Boris Johnson and Donald Trump appeal to the heart not the head, they offer simple solutions in a time of complex problems.
Katty Kay
That’s one thing I loved about coming up when we came up. When you had groups like Mandrill and Earth, Wind & Fire, Sly Stone, and on and on and on, the Brothers Johnson, whatever. Everybody, Ohio Players. Groups wanted to be just themselves.
Philip Bailey
The idea that affable Boris[Johnson] is actually divisive, selfish and unreliable is Mr ‘s biggest weakness.
James Kirkup
When [ Paul Johnson] got to me he was in trouble, because I’m an old-fashioned conservative: married when I was 21, stayed married, 3 kids, live in the suburbs, no scandals, so nothing to write about. So what he did is concoct one of the nuttiest claims I’ve ever seen.
Noam Chomsky
Randy Johnson had a tell. If he thought you knew what was coming, he would hit you. So that was his tell. That’s probably, that’s a tell. That’s a tell from Randy Johnson. He’d hit you, happily.
Joey Votto
I have not wasted my life trifling with literary fools in taverns, as Johnson did, when he should have been shaking England with the thunder of his spirit
George Bernard Shaw
Your country becomes funnier the further you are from it. I remember seeing Boris Johnson on the news when I was in Hong Kong, and he looked so much more ridiculous.
Russell Howard
Frank Johnson was recognized as one of the great federal judges of American history, I suppose. He was a law-and-order judge. He was a classical, I think, conservative. But he believed that civil rights provided in the Constitution applied to everybody.
Jeff Sessions
Pabst Blue Ribbon. I’m from Johnson City, Tennessee. I gotta go Pabst.
Matt Czuchry
The great Cham of literature. (Samuel Johnson)
Tobias Smollett
I grew up listening to spiritual music, Blind Willie Johnson and folk.
Ben Harper
Johnson Publishing Co. has always had a first-class image. And until the day I die, I want to keep that image.
Linda Johnson Rice
People, on their bucket lists, are saying, ‘I want to see a game at Rupp Arena.’ Magic Johnson will call and say, ‘I want to come to the game tonight. I want to see John Wall or Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.’ It’s become fashionable to be seen here, because people want to be seen and associated with success.
John Calipari
I grew up knowing [Jack Johnson], surfing with him.
Donavon Frankenreiter
I don’t know what that gas is made of, but it can’t smell any worse than Ernie Johnson ‘s gym bag.
Charles Barkley
Obviously you look at “Magic” (Ervin Johnson) and Michael (Jordan) and you learn from them growing up, but I think you are just born with it from day one.
Michael Redd
I think history is continuous. It doesn’t begin or end on Pearl Harbor Day or the day Lyndon Johnson withdraws from the presidency or on 9/11. You have to learn from the past but not be imprisoned by it. You need to take counsel of history but never be imprisoned by it.
Richard Holbrooke
Man City needed something and when Johnson did something, something happened
Ruud Gullit
The guys that are out there now likeВ Calvin JohnsonВ andВ Larry FitzgeraldВ they’re making $16 million, $15 million a year, and I’m not looking for anything like that. A lot of that money goes to the quarterback position and rightfully so.
Brandon Marshall
My first concert – maybe it was 1979 – was a blur. I’m not sure whether it was Blue Oyster Cult/Cheap Trick/Pat Travers at San Jose Civic Auditorium or The Police/The Knack/Robert Johnson at Berkeley’s Zellerbach Auditorium.
Greg Gutfeld
Just like I have my critics, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has critics, and I was one of the biggest ‘Hey man, you’re never here’ guys around, but not anymore. He’s completely committed to WWE.
John Cena
I have told friends and supporters who are urging me to run that I would not oppose President Johnson under any foreseeable circumstances.
Robert Kennedy
In my opinion, Jimmie Johnson should be our most popular guy because he’s won seven championships.
Kevin Harvick
My favorite country blues player was Big Bill Broonzy. City blues was Freddie King, but I liked them all – Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Ralph Willis, Lonnie Johnson, Brownie McGhee and the three Kings, B.B., Albert and Freddie. Jazz-wise, I listened to Django, Barney Kessel and Wes Montgomery.
Alvin Lee
I have a passion for support for new families, which Boris Johnson shares.
Andrea Leadsom
I would have thought that they [Boris Johnson and Nigel Farag] would have had a plan,instead of developing a plan they are leaving the boat.
Jean-Claude Juncker
I would like to wish the England squad every success. I would also very much like to extend those wishes to Martin Johnson, Brian Smith, Mike Ford, John Wells, Graham Rowntree and the rest of the England 2011 World Cup management team who have been fantastic and deserve people to know that.
Jonny Wilkinson
Not much ever really comes of commissions, really. The last one that really came up with something truly concrete was the Warren Commission, and for all its good work, most Americans persist in believing that Oswald was working in tandem with the CIA, FBI, Lyndon Johnson, and the John Birch Society.
Christopher Buckley
The American people on the ground need a clearer, stronger, Lyndon B. Johnson-type voice from their president.
Jesse Jackson
You know when I first thought I might have a chance? When I realized that you could go into any bar in the country and insult Lyndon Johnson and nobody would punch you in the nose.
Eugene McCarthy
Boris [Johnson] follows the Bullingdon playbook: you break it and someone else has to fix it.
Tim Farron
There has always been tension between reporters and the administration, particularly when it comes to war in the modern era. You can go to Kennedy or Johnson and see that they weren’t happy with David Halberstam or Morley Safer.
Lowell Bergman
Anyway, so here I was caught between Johnson on the one side, who was my leader, I was his whip, and here was my dear friend, personal friend, Kennedy, and they’re going to go into my state and ruin it. What am I going to do?
George Smathers
Medicare is a promise we made to seniors more than four decades ago. When President Johnson signed Medicare into law, one in three seniors lived in poverty. Half of seniors had no health coverage at all.
John Garamendi
Originally, John Kennedy was going to come speak, and then Lyndon Johnson. Because it was October of ’62, neither made it because of the Cuban missile crisis.
David Maraniss
My favorite point guard, growing up, was Magic Johnson. The reason why I say that is he was a winner, and he did everything in his power to make his teammates better. That’s what the game is all about as a point guard.
Stephon Marbury
I don’t know if Gary Johnson is out there doing a campaign, actually. I think he’s talking to press a little bit, but I don’t think they hold events.
Jill Stein
I confess that when I hear Boris Johnson’s slogan let’s get Brexit done it sends a chill. Because it’s let’s get Brexit done so we can focus on the important domestic issues.
Claire Fox
Is there one blues guy who was the most sophisticated and influential, like Duke Ellington or Louis Armstrong in jazz? Was it Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Robert Johnson, or all of them? I think you have to pick all of them.
Steve Miller
At Thanksgiving, my mom always makes too much food, especially one item, like 700 or 800 pounds of sweet potatoes. She’s got to push it during the meal. “Did you get some sweet potatoes? There’s sweet potatoes. They’re hot. There’s more in the oven, some more in the garage. The rest are at the Johnson’s.”
Louie Anderson
Dr. Johnson was a lazy learned man who liked to think and talk better than to read or write; who, however, wrote much and well, but too often by rote.
William Hazlitt
I’m a very good friend of Stephen Crabb, I had great fun campaigning with Boris Johnson on the winning side, I have great experience working with Theresa May in government on national security. I respect all of them and I hope that’s very much the tone.
Liam Fox
It’s Kennedy’s war, Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson got all the flak, but it’s Kennedy’s war.
Salman Rushdie
I’m the one. I know I’m the one. I have the style, I have the wrestling. I know I’m the one to beat Demetrious Johnson.
Henry Cejudo
A hastily written “Civil Rights Act” was rushed through Congress. President Andrew Johnson immediately vetoed it, noting that the right to confer citizenship rested with the several states, and that “the tendency of the bill is to resuscitate the spirit of rebellion”.
Eustace Mullins
I’m an advocate of the great Dr. Johnson, the English man of letters who said that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel.
George Galloway
When Johnson decided to fight for passage of the law John F. Kennedy had put before Congress in June 1963 banning segregation in places of public accommodation, he believed he was taking considerable political risks.
Robert Dallek
Magic Johnson, former basketball player, may run for mayor of L.A. in the next election. Remember the good ‘ol days when only qualified people ran for office like actors and professional wrestlers.
Jay Leno
A lot of people were ambivalent about Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson in 1964 positioned himself as the peace candidate. Once Johnson sent large amounts of troops into battle in 1965, most Americans were behind the war.
H. W. Brands
It is greed or financial difficulty that makes people fix matches, not gaining an edge over rivals, so it is different from say Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson.
Neil Robertson
For Liberal Democrats, the political choice between the hard Brexit menus offered by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt might seem about as tempting as arsenic verses strychnine.
Ed Davey
I sleep each night a little better, a little more confidently, because Lyndon Johnson is my president. For I know he lives and thinks and works to make sure that for all America and indeed, the growing body of the free world, the morning shall always come.
Jack Valenti
I’ve traveled to Brazil, Europe, Asia – all in preparation to defeat Demetrious Johnson, to defeat the pound-for-pound best fighter in history.
Henry Cejudo
I’m an old-fashioned English lit. man. Straight down the line – it’s George Eliot, it’s Dickens, it’s Dr. Johnson, it’s Jane Austen.
Howard Jacobson
I was trying to learn about Lyndon Johnson when he was young and creating his first political machine in the Texas hill country. I moved there for three years. You had to learn that world
Robert Caro
The best part of working on ‘Baywatch’ is to be the villain of the movie. I don’t think The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, has ever had anyone who’s been mean to him.
Priyanka Chopra
I want to fight Anthony Johnson again, for sure. I want to fight Jon Jones again. I want to fight the guys that beat me, those who are at the top.
Glover Teixeira
My most revered hero is Robert Johnson. His lyrics are so consistent with rap: the danger, the boldness, the creativity.
Fantastic Negrito
Rarely in my 45 years as a civil rights lawyer have I been so angry about an injustice as I am about what happened to Billy Ray Johnson.
Morris Dees
The 1960s: A lot of people remember hating President Lyndon Baines Johnson and loving Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, depending on the point of view. God rest their souls.
Richard Brautigan
I was trying to learn about Lyndon Johnson when he was young and creating his first political machine in the Texas hill country. I moved there for three years. You had to learn that world.
Robert Caro
Everywhere I go, people ask me for photos and autographs, saying I inspired them to start training. Boris Johnson says his sons started boxing after seeing me – how cool is that?
Nicola Adams
All I can do is make sure Demetrious Johnson does the best he can on fight night and goes out and wins his fights.
Demetrious Johnson
But I’ve got to think of myself as the luckiest guy. Robert Johnson only had one album’s worth of work as his legacy. That’s all that life allowed him.
David Bowie
I have a wife and two boys. One is 18 and the other is 14. The 18-year old is getting ready for college next year and he made a decision to run track. He runs a lot like Michael Johnson.
Earl Campbell
I’m trying to build a brand, so I can sell Keyshawn Johnson products in stores. You know, paint, rugs, carpet, drapery, fabrics, blankets, towels, hardware, plates.
Keyshawn Johnson
Well, Hale was one of the first people who suggested to President Johnson that there should be a commission.
Lindy Boggs
Truman fired the popular Gen. Douglas MacArthur because he disobeyed orders in the Korean War. Johnson knew that he had reached the endgame in Vietnam when Gen. William Westmoreland, the top commander in Vietnam, requested 240,000 more troops in 1968 for the prolonged war that also could not be won.
Helen Thomas
And now, I still really don’t care that much but now I have music playing all the time at home, which is a first for me. Whatever. Everything from Ani DiFranco to Dave Matthews to Jack Johnson and Norah Jones.
Jennifer Garner
In the last 100 years only Presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford lost their bids for reelection. President Lyndon Johnson did not run for a second term.
Juan Williams
Whenever I hear my playing, I can’t detach from my influences: there’s my Jeff Beck, there’s the Clapton bit, the Eric Johnson bit, the Birelli Lagrene bit, the Billy Gibbons.
Joe Bonamassa
Whether it is throwing people under the bus or writing a lie on the side of one: Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson.
Jo Swinson
What does Everton chairman Bill Kenwright think he will get for ВЈ6m? Andy Johnson’s trainers?
Simon Jordan
I became quite taken over by Johnson’s personality at some points while writing the biography, and since I went straight on to The Closed Circle afterwards, I did sometimes feel I could hear him whispering in my ear while I was working on it.
Jonathan Coe
I do find London exciting. Much as I hate to agree with that tedious old git Samuel Johnson, and despite the pompous imbecility of his famous remark about when a man is tired of London he is tired of life…I can’t dispute it.
Bill Bryson
The consequences of President Johnsons campaign of deliberate deception regarding Vietnam could hardly have been more catastrophic for the nation, the military, the president, his party, and the presidency itself.
Eric Alterman
Once upon a time – in the days of Margaret Thatcher and John Major – I would have rejoiced in a Conservative Party landslide in Britain. But now, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s victory fills me with fear and foreboding.
Max Boot
Ain’t nobody more punk rock than Robert Johnson, Lead Belly, even Little Richard.
Fantastic Negrito
The Life of Johnson is assuredly a great, a very great work. Homer is not more decidedly the first of heroic poets. Shakespeare is not more decidedly the first of dramatists, Demosthenes is not more decidedly the first of orators, than Boswell is the first of biographers. He has no second.
Thomas B. Macaulay
Now [Mike] Gove has destroyed Boris Johnson.
James Kirkup
For ‘Jeremiah Johnson,’ nobody wanted to make that film. I went to Sydney Pollack, and I said, ‘Sydney, I live in the mountains, and I would like to make a film about a person that had to exist in the mountains and survive in the mountains.’
Robert Redford
With Boris Johnson, you don’t think of him as a politician, oddly. You think of him as a media personality because he’s a comic character. He’s basically Homer Simpson. That makes him strangely bullet-proof.
Charlie Brooker
I’d rather hug Magic Johnson after he rolled around in barbed wire.
Jim Norton
One of Dr. Johnson’s ingredients of happiness was, “A little less time than you want.” That means always to have so many things you want to see, to have, and to do, that no day is quite long enough for all you think you would like to get done before you go to bed.
Helen Hunt Jackson
I’d love to do a golf movie. I turned down Don Johnson’s role in ‘Tin Cup.’ I regret that.
Dennis Quaid
I’m so moved to hear Celia Johnson again, so lovely.
Maggie Smith
When former president Lyndon B. Johnson unveiled his plans for the program that would become Medicaid, he reflected on the future of public policy in the United States.
Brian Schatz
Every politician – FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama – they’re all conservative by nature. They are part of the big thing and they’re moving in a very constrained world.
Bill Ayers
I would never have wanted to play with Magic Johnson, I would never have wanted to play with Michael Jordan, I would never have wanted to play with Karl Malone or John Stockton in my prime. We wanted to play against the Shaqs, the Kobes.
Gary Payton
When I did ‘Esquire,’ I did a lot of celebrity covers, but the celebrity cover was Hubert Humphrey as a dummy, sitting on Lyndon Johnson’s lap and aping his feelings about the war. I did celebrity covers that made a difference in what was going on in American culture.
George Lois
We protected Andre Johnson, given him long-term contracts. Brian Cushing’s got a long-term contract. Arian Foster. So certain key players, core players, we’ve tried not to tie them up for a long period of time.
Bob McNair
Gregory Lee Johnson was an idiot.
Yair Lapid
We were either listening to jazz or Robert Johnson, the old blues man, but not to our peers.
Butch Trucks
Under President Obama, the IRS formed a committee to aggressively go after churches and other religious organizations using the Johnson Amendment of 1954 to limit their free speech.
Steve Scalise
Book sales and teens reading is always a fantastic thing, but we should also be celebrating and consuming the huge wealth of U.K. and U.K.-based writing and illustrating talent. Authors such as Charlie Higson, Darren Shan, Holly Smale, Tanya Byrne, Catherine Johnson, Sophie Mckenzie, to name but a few.
Malorie Blackman
President Johnson put destroyers in harm’s way in the Tonkin Gulf not only once, but several times, with the, with a lot of his people hoping that it would lead to a confrontation and claiming that it had. And could have resulted in the lost of many lives in the course of it.
Daniel Ellsberg
If you are funny, people will like you. A lot of advertising is based on this simple rule. The Tory MP Boris Johnson has benefited a lot from it.
Peter Hitchens
Lyndon B. Johnson thought he’d have the boys home from Vietnam by Christmas – for four Christmases in a row (he never shifted course, and lost his presidency for it).
Rick Perlstein
I’m not supposed to know what’s going on. But I can tell you this, I won’t be standing around scratching my head like Coach Johnson in that Denorex commercial.
John Avery
[Boris]Johnson, [Nigel] Farage, they are retro-nationalists, not patriots. Patriots don’t abandon ship when the going gets tough. They stay on board.
Jean-Claude Juncker
Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Neil Young and Bob Dylan are my main influences.
Cody Simpson
Brian Johnson is the reason I became a Bon Scott fan.
Jim Breuer
I was introduced to Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson. The young Congressman was very friendly.
Erich Leinsdorf
I had an invitation to contribute a track to a Robert Johnson tribute album, and it was the first time I’d done anything like that in my life. I was not brought up with the blues or anything like that, and I really, really enjoyed it.
Robert Palmer
Paul McCartney and The Beatles in general are my idols. And I love Sting. I got to meet Sting. That was really cool. Dustin Hoffman is my favorite actor. Also, I think of Magic Johnson as an idol.
Nat Wolff
When downed American pilots were first taken prisoner in North Vietnam in 1964, U.S. policy became pretty much to ignore them – part and parcel of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s determination to keep the costs of his increasingly futile military escalation in Southeast Asia from the public.
Rick Perlstein
A lot of people I meet say, ‘You remind me so much of Magic Johnson.’
Carmelo Anthony
It took me five years on Lyndon Johnson, ten years on the Kennedys, six years on the Roosevelts. Inevitably, you get shaped by the people that you’re thinking about during that period of time.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Futurism is another American myth: whether Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan or Obama, American presidents all come into office with a new program, and the conviction that the country is going to be better than ever.
James Hillman
We’re very clear on ‘black-ish’ about how many opinions are voiced by Dre Johnson.
Channing Dungey
I sleep each night a little better, a little more confidently, because Lyndon Johnson is my president.
Jack Valenti
Going down to 170 was hell. But if I hadn’t fought at 170, people wouldn’t know who Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is.
Anthony Johnson
When I was to come to Washington the first time as Music Director of the Boston Symphony, Mrs. Johnson phoned us to find out if they could give us a party and who we would like to meet.
Erich Leinsdorf
My own approach to literary problems is very like the one Dr.В Johnson’s blind housekeeper used when she poured tea-she put her finger inside the cup.
Flannery O’Connor
As a member of the House of Lords, I don’t have a vote. If I did, I would be motivated as much by what I don’t want as what I do. I do want a Final Say referendum. So I do not want a Johnson majority.
Betty Boothroyd
That was like the best start I could’ve had, the best way I could’ve started in the music scene. I owe [Jack Johnson] a lot for the beginning of my career and setting me off on the right path, and that’s the coolest thing that ever could’ve happened.
Donavon Frankenreiter
My own view is that taping of conversations for historical purposes was a bad decision on the part of all the presidents. I don’t think Kennedy should have done it. I don’t think Johnson should have done it, and I don’t think we should have done it.
Richard M. Nixon
My method is basically the same as Masters and Johnson, only they charge thousands of dollars and it’s called therapy. I charge fifty dollars and it’s called prostitution.
Xaviera Hollander
I’m an Olympic champ. I defeated Demetrious Johnson. I defeated T. J. Dillashaw. You think a World Series of Fighting former champ is gonna scare me?
Henry Cejudo
There are a lot of great recording artists, like Jack White and Jack Johnson, who stay confined inside a very small box, but I’m more like Bon Iver, who recorded an album with programmed drums, and the next record was totally organic. I get that.
Mat Kearney
I watched video of Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall, big guys who do it well. I wanted to try to be better than them.
Demaryius Thomas
I loved basketball and grew up with the Lakers and Magic Johnson. That was a big part of me.
Justin Lin
I watched a lot of Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Kevin Durant, and a lot of Paul Pierce. I used to watch Tracy McGrady as well along with Kevin Garnett.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
I like ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99.’ I think Vince Vaughn is incredible and I’ve never seen Don Johnson like that. It is very realistic. Some people say it is a horror film. It is not a horror film at all. It is very realistic.
Udo Kier
Christopher Isherwood’s eponymous character in ‘Mr Norris Takes the Train’ reminds me of Boris Johnson, who seems to have stumbled and bumbled into power.
Dawn Foster
After Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, the belief in decent housing as a political right or social obligation was supplanted in the U.S. by the notion that suitable shelter should be an act of charity.
Martin Filler
In point of fact all Americans are automatically turned down by China these days because of the escalation of Johnson’s war in Vietnam, which several times has intruded into China.
Anna Louise Strong
My very first NBA game was against the Los Angeles Lakers; it was a pre-season game against Magic Johnson.
Muggsy Bogues
Don’t touch my junk, you airport security goon – my package belongs to no one but me, and do you really think I’m a Nigerian nut job preparing for my 72-virgin orgy by blowing my johnson to kingdom come?
Charles Krauthammer
Dez Bryant isn’t Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Russell Wilson. Dez Bryant is a typical, me-first NFL receiver diva, cut from the same cloth as Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss and Keyshawn Johnson, sprinkled with a heavy dash of Pacman Jones.
Jason Whitlock
David has scored 62 goals in 148 games for Ipswich and those statistics tell me that he plays games and scores goals.
(on David Johnson)
David Platt
Boris Johnson has only ever cared about Boris Johnson.
Jo Swinson
I could do John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and entertain my friends. But I never seriously considered it as a career choice.
Phil Hartman
I studied physics as an undergraduate, and after I graduated from Rice University, I was actually hired at the Johnson Space Center as a flight controller.
Shannon Walker
My guitar is a 1934 National Trojan. They call it a resonator, which is the guitar guys played in the honky-tonks before amplification. It’s very loud. It’s the type of guitar that Son House and Robert Johnson played.
Johnny Flynn
Dr Johnson died in 1944. The suspicion exists that he was silenced…However two federal inspectors did examine his hospital record in the late 1950’s. They concluded it was likely that he was poisoned.
Barry Lynes
I was into Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, the blues.
Jeff Gutt
If Boris [Johnson] backtracks on serious things there’ll be another bloody revolt.
Rupert Murdoch
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a cure for AIDS in the marketplace before Magic Johnson gets AIDS?
Dan Quayle
Kennedy cooked the soup that Johnson had to eat.
Konrad Adenauer
Magic Johnson is the best player who plays on the ground, and Michael Jordan is the best player who plays in the air.
John Paxson
The more melancholy side of my literary personality is much in tune with BS Johnson’s.
Jonathan Coe
The U.S. invaded Vietnam because many in our government – Lyndon Johnson’s best and brightest – imagined it could impose a government on that country that would provide a buffer against China and stop the supposedly rolling dominos of Communism.
Jay Parini
Johnson had been the most powerful man in the world, yet the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong had resisted, overcome his power, broken his will.
Stephen Ambrose
Neither Johnson nor his party nor the government as a whole were willing to raise, train, equip, and then send Vietnam sufficient manpower to do the job.
Stephen Ambrose
Someone like Van Johnson can spend 52 weeks a year on the road because he doesn’t have a family.
Bob Crane
I grew up in the ’80s in L.A., so Ice Cube and Magic Johnson are my heroes.
Jonah Hill
We’ve been seeing some good things from Randy. We’re starting to see that Randy Johnson attitude that we’ve been looking forward to seeing.
John Flaherty
I liked Kennedy. So far, he is the only American president who could talk with me and with whom I could talk. I know Johnson, but I have not yet a clear opinion of him.
So this guy, Jeff Johnson, who is an accountant who cares nothing at all about a free press and cares nothing about journalism, he’s a right winger who supported the war, you know, who two years ago told people he couldn’t stand a word that I wrote.
Robert Scheer
It’s not Lyndon Johnson who makes the black freedom movement; it’s the black freedom movement who makes Lyndon Johnson.
Bill Ayers
[Kirk] Johnson throws some heavy punches and is a knockout fighter. This is what people want to see. They want to see a fight, they want to see punches and they want to see action.
Lennox Lewis
I’ll never forget the first time I rode a bike with pedal straps. I stopped at a traffic light and fell over like Arte Johnson in ‘Laugh-In.’
Joe Maddon
There was a time in the UFC, after the Anthony Johnson fight, where I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna quit making a big deal of these fights. I’m gonna have fun and make it exciting and enjoy the process.’
Ryan Bader
Throughout American history, we have elected presidents who had not been honest man. Warren Harding, Richard Nixon, to some extent, Lyndon Johnson just to name a few.
Bill O’Reilly
Coming out of the anti – coming out of the Republican heritage of Abraham Lincoln, Frank Johnson could see it more clearly than Alabamians would, which led to the big confrontations between Frank Johnson and George Wallace.
Jeff Sessions
Karl Johnson, my first piano player at Milt Trenier’s, he just swung really hard and gave me a sense of really belonging to the jazz scene.
Kurt Elling
Andre Johnson, one of the hardest workers.
Cris Carter
How different our national perspective would be had Johnson, rather than Nixon, served from 1969 to 1973.
Robert Dallek
Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage is hardly as consequential as Johnson’s legislative success on civil rights.
Robert Dallek
My dream role is Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion.
Mahershala Ali
The hardest role that I’ve ever tried to play was Clara Johnson in ‘Light in the Piazza’ at Lincoln Center. It was the least fun I’ve ever had, but the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. I could not understand her. I could not put my feet in her shoes. I came home every night, and I was depressed.
Kelli O’Hara
Who’s famous anymore? No one. There are these comedians that are famous in a weird way. There are comedians, like Anjelah Johnson and Russell Peters, [who] are unbelievably famous, but in a way they’re selling out 1,000-person stadiums.
Moshe Kasher
When I grew up Carl Lewis was still running, Maurice Greene was running – he was that figure I see, like Michael Johnson. I really wanted to look up to the fast guys – so those two guys were some of the guys I looked up to.
Tyson Gay
Jamie Foley – he’s a very different energy to [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson]. The whole experience was actually quite different.
Jamie Dornan
There’s so much that I want to do. I feel like I’m the Magic Johnson of rap. You know, Magic was great on the basketball court, but he’s bigger as a businessman.
Snoop Dogg
Think about one of the most powerful influences on a young child’s life – the absence of a father figure. Look back on recent presidents, and you’ll find an absent, or weak, or failed father in the lives of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
Jeff Greenfield
I can’t root for Jimmie Johnson to win the Nextel Cup b/c of all of his Super Bowl wins.
Matt Millen
I think Samuel Johnson had it right when he observed that hope is itself a species of happiness. So if we want to be happy it only makes sense to discipline ourselves to choose our attitudes, to think positively and to be hopeful.
Michael Josephson
Try, if you will, to imagine Dwight Eisenhower or JFK or Lyndon Johnson or, for that matter, Ronald Reagan chin-wagging with Jack Paar or Johnny Carson. Richard Nixon did, famously, go on ‘Laugh In’ in 1968, but as a candidate; and to his credit, he rued the day and hated every second of it.
Christopher Buckley
I do not think anyone who ever saw Lyndon Johnson give a speech would call him charismatic, even though he was one of the most effective presidents in U.S. history. Same with Lincoln. Charisma is only one source of power, and probably not a very important one, at that.
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Ahmed Johnson came from a neighborhood where the most common words heard was, You have the right to remain silent.
Jerry Lawler
I don’t think the people wanna see me play Clyde Johnson the architect.
Bernie Mac
Pres. Lyndon Johnson was a middle-aged man of smalltown America, both a Westerner and a Southerner, and except where politics had demonstrably forced his growth-as on the question of civil rights-he functioned like most men, as a product of his background.
Tom Wicker
Nobody wanted to run back kicks until you saw Billy ‘White Shoes” Johnson.
Ken Griffey Jr.
Johnson Publishing has been built on filling a need for African-Americans. This is what’s happening with E Style. There was nothing that addressed the specific needs of African-American women.
Linda Johnson Rice
Choices can be made again.” -Evelyn Johnson (Eaton)
Veronica Roth
I have seen periods of progress followed by reaction. I have seen the hopes and aspirations of Negroes rise during World War II, only to be smashed during the Eisenhower years. I am seeing the victories of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations destroyed by Richard Nixon.
Bayard Rustin
I cannot conceive of circumstances where Labour MPs are marshalled to go through the lobby to vote against us staying in the single market and customs union with the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.
Anna Soubry
‘Looper’ was a wonderful script. Rian Johnson is the real deal and a really talented filmmaker.
Paul Dano
Our leaders are archaic masculine figures in so far as they are aggressively old-fashioned in their masculinity, people like Trump, potentially Boris Johnson.
Josh O’Connor
Do I trust Yasser Arafat? Of course not. Why should I? Why should anyone trust a politician, whether Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, George W. Bush, or Yasser Arafat?
Ian Lustick
I was 22 years old when I met Robert Johnson. I was there the night he was poisoned.
David Edwards
I like all kinds of music. I listen to Abigail Washburn, the Punch Brothers, and Marc Johnson, the great clawhammer player. I also listen a lot to Sirius Radio, there’s a lot of bluegrass there.
Steve Martin
Such is the sense of entitlement of Boris Johnson and his establishment class – they believe they can break the law without the consequences meeting ordinary people.
Clive Lewis
Fvery time Anthony and I are supposed to fight, the lines come out, and it’s like we’re dead even. It’s like people don’t know what to make of a fight between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson, when in reality, it should be very easy to know what to make of a fight between me and Anthony Johnson.
Daniel Cormier
I have always drawn strength from my late mother’s life. When Eunice Johnson set up the first major fashion show for African-American audiences more than 50 years ago, she did so at a time when black Americans, especially black women, were still fighting for a seat at the table – any table.
Linda Johnson Rice
We know about the Detroit offense with Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in the game. If this defense continues to play at this pace, they may have something to say about the NFC North.
Bill Cowher
Early influences included Lorrie Moore, Amy Hempel, Charles Baxter, Richard Ford, Alice Munro, Denis Johnson – writers who are important to me still and who I discovered through my teachers.
Laura van den Berg
Those days [of the Vietnam War] you couldn’t get on a bus going to the South without expecting a riot over something or the other. All of that has disappeared thanks to Lyndon Johnson.
John Kenneth Galbraith
I wore a pink Betsey Johnson dress to my prom, and I pretty much looked like a pink cupcake. I loved that dress!
Sarah Gadon
The last time Boris Johnson did a deal with the Germans he came back with three nearly new water cannon.
Theresa May
We must uphold the promise of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton and never allow the President and his Republican friends to threaten Social Security by putting it on the Wall Street trading block.
John F. Kerry
I think David Johnson is getting better, if that’s possible. I think he’s a really good player. I think he can do a lot of things. He’s big. He’s explosive. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. You can line him up out wide. I think he’s a very dynamic player.
Luke Kuechly
I have known Boris Johnson since 2004. I wrote the first big profile about him in the American press. I’ve been edited by him when he ran the Spectator. I know his family.
Michael Wolff
Andrew Johnson was a Southerner generally who proclaimed that his native state of Tennessee was a country for white men.
Stephen Ambrose
It was a free-for-all; the BBC wouldn’t play anything so we had pirate radio playing the African-American music and the Beatles and greats like Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson and Motown’s Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and Otis Redding.
John Waite
I watched Magic Johnson on tape. I didn’t have a chance to watch him live. I remember I was 12 or 13, watching games, going to the gym and trying to mimic what they do. Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, all those guys.
Ricky Rubio
I actually wash my face with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s the best face wash. I swear, it’s so good! I mean, think about it. It’s made for a baby’s head. It smells so good, it’s sensitive, and it gives you a super clean feeling.
Madison Beer
One doesn’t simply write about Lyndon Johnson. You get the Johnson treatment from beyond the grave – arm around you, nose to nose. I should admit that he also reminds me of my father, quite an overbearing and narcissistic character. And in some ways, he reminds me of myself. Another workaholic.
Robert Dallek
I think Gary Johnson would be capable of being a good chief executive and yes a commander in chief – Aleppo to the contrary, notwithstanding.
William Weld
[President Johnson] had the political will to say that having one in five Americans living in the kind of abject conditions their fellow citizens associated with Third World countries and the novels of Dickens was as dangerous as any battlefield enemy.
Anna Quindlen
Once I found out that track and field was an organized sport, the era I followed more closely was that of Maurice Greene and Michael Johnson.
Justin Gatlin
I talk with Gary [Johnson] every other day, we’re on different coasts usually but we keep in touch and – yeah, no I do not agree with that release.
William Weld
That the Dream Team played against each other every day. The greatest games ever were the practice games they played. Everybody was talking smack. It wasn’t Michael the only one talking. Magic Johnson was really good, too.
Ahmad Rashad
I will always believe that my vote, and the votes of my Lib Dem colleagues, are the best thing I can do to save this country from a no-deal Brexit and save it from Boris Johnson.
Layla Moran
In particular, I wanted to help build a team behind Boris Johnson so that a politician who argued for leaving the European Union could lead us to a better future.
Michael Gove
I thought Nixon was the worst President we had ever had, save only perhaps Andrew Johnson.
Stephen Ambrose
Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Bill Walton, Quinn Buckner, Scott Wedman. Even if you get talent like that, it’s hard to keep talent like that together.
Robert Parish
Donald Trump’s mini-me, Boris Johnson, is in the ascendant: the Tory crown is his to lose. But his colleagues know he’s an incompetent, a man who cares only for himself, who was fired twice – by a newspaper editor and a party leader – over allegations of dishonesty.
Owen Jones
Some Kennedy aides have always insisted that Johnson misread J.F.K.’s plans for Vietnam. They say that Kennedy had begun to rethink the U.S. presence in Indochina and was reluctant to increase it.
Robert Dallek
One of my favorite modern American authors is Denis Johnson. I’m deeply inspired by all of his work – I rip him off constantly.
Conor Oberst
Dr. Johnson … sometimes employed himself in chymistry, sometimes in watering and pruning a vine, and sometimes in small experiments, at which those who may smile, should recollect that there are moments which admit of being soothed only by trifles.
James Boswell
‘Blowback,’ as many ‘Nation’ readers are aware, was a term introduced into popular circulation by the late political scientist Chalmers Johnson, an old Cold Warrior turned dissident.
Greg Grandin
I am delighted to be at the heart of this team of radical reformers in Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nick Boles and many others. It’s a team I believe will deliver the change Britain needs.
Liz Truss
I have the best style to defeat the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world – Demetrious Johnson.
Henry Cejudo
There was an American girl, Priscilla Johnson. She worked for U.P. in Moscow. She knew [John] Kennedy, and she met [Lee Harvey] Oswald around the same time I did. But I can tell you someВ­thing else almost as curious.
Truman Capote
I never had the slightest desire to be a major league manager, and all knew it. But Ban Johnson, Bob Hedges, and Jimmy McAleer persuaded me that the Browns were in a sort of a jam, and it was up to me, as an old standby, to do what I could.
Bobby Wallace
Within days of Richard Nixon’s inauguration in January 1969, national-security adviser Kissinger asked the Pentagon to lay out his bombing options in Indochina. The previous president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had suspended his own bombing campaign against North Vietnam in hopes of negotiating a broader cease-fire.
Greg Grandin
I don’t know why my success has been greater in XFINITY cars than it has been in Cup cars. It’s the exact opposite for Jimmie Johnson.
Kyle Busch
Je’Caryous Johnson presents ‘Set It Off’ is a dream come true for me and I’m honored to bring it to fans across the country.
Da Brat
To go back and read Swift and Defoe and Samuel Johnson and Smollett and Pope – all those people we had to read in college English courses – to read them now is to have one of the infinite pleasures in life.
David McCullough
I believe in my skill 100 percent, that I can go out there and beat Demetrious Johnson and give him the best fight there is.
Joseph Benavidez
I dabbled in things like Howlin’ Wolf, Cream and Led Zeppelin, but when I heard Son House and Robert Johnson, it blew my mind. It was something I’d been missing my whole life. That music made me discard everything else and just get down to the soul and honesty of the blues.
Jack White
Obviously I’d love to see Demetrious Johnson, you know, ‘Demetrious Johnson $500,000 payout baby,’ absolutely.
Demetrious Johnson
You think I love flattery (says Dr. Johnson), and so I do; but a little too much always disgusts me: that fellow Richardson, on the contrary, could not be contented to sail quietly down the stream of reputation, without longing to taste the froth from every stroke of the oar.
Samuel Johnson
The Lockheed Skunk Works, led by Kelly Johnson, was responsible for its Advanced Development Projects – everything from the P-80, the first U.S. jet fighter plane, to the U-2 and A-12 spy planes.
Steve Blank
Boris Johnson was elected on a strategy that went down well with members, but was inevitably going to collide with reality and unravel. And it’s happened more quickly than it might have done, for reasons for which he and his team are responsible.
David Gauke
He [Lyndon Johnson] hated the war. He hated having anybody put in harm away. But he believed that what we were doing is what we had to do for our commitments with SEATO, for many reasons. And he was carrying forth a policy that he had inherited. And he tried and got us to the peace table in 1968.
Lynda Bird Johnson Robb
Someone like Boris Johnson is reluctant to answer questions about ambition because then the story becomes all about his ambition. Sure, he’s got ambition – that’s no secret at all. But also, he’s very strongly motivated to try to get the kind of Brexit he believes in.
Laura Kuenssberg
I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris [Johnson] cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead.
Michael Gove
We now have a president who tries to save money by turning off lights in the White House, even as he heads toward a staggering addition to the national debt. “L.B.J.” should stand for Light Bulb Johnson.
Barry Goldwater
We’re gonna release a studio album probably a year from now and we’ve got these recordings that we did with Coco Taylor and Johnny Johnson, who was Chuck Berry’s piano player.
James Young
Three American presidents-Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson-have asked the question: What do we get from aiding Pakistan? Five-Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama-have wondered aloud whether Pakistan’s leaders can be trusted to keep their word.
Husain Haqqani
Brainy folks were also present in Lyndon Johnson’s administration, especially in the Pentagon, where Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s brilliant ‘whiz kids’ tried to micro-manage the Vietnam war, with disastrous results.
Thomas Sowell
The Vietnam War soured President Johnson’s legacy. We still have to recognize his domestic legacy.
Gene Green
Kevin Johnson is the kind of guy that gives guys trouble. He gives a lot of guys trouble. He gave Vitali Klitschko trouble.
Paulie Malignaggi
What’s going to build my name the most is by beating Demetrious Johnson. I think he’s the best pound-for-pound in the world. I’d love that fight.
T.J. Dillashaw
Moms get their fair share of conflicting advice, with a heaping of unsolicited advice. Parents debate the pros/cons of different types of disposable diapers, whether the supposed carcinogens in Johnson & Johnson baby products hurt their kids who used it, which method of sleep training to use.
Christine Tsai
I say over and over again that I am just standing on the shoulders of so many who have set this path for me, and they may not be seen or recognized or have been given an opportunity to have a voice, but I’m here representing all of those dancers. Dance Theatre of Harlem Virginia Johnson, Tai Jimenez, Lauren Anderson.
Misty Copeland
Lyndon Johnson was a profoundly insecure man who feared dissent and craved reassurance. In 1964 and 1965, Johnson’s principal goals were to win the presidency in his own right and to pass his Great Society legislation through Congress.
H. R. McMaster
Katherine Johnson is a shining example of what you can truly do with hard work and persistence. Under what had to be the most difficult of circumstances she persevered and stuck to her values. She is a real West Virginia and American hero. To honor her legacy every August 26th, on her birthday, is the least we can do.
Jim Justice
I’d like to see him fight at 135 for the championship. I want to see how good Demetrious Johnson is or how far he could take it.
Henry Cejudo
I use Johnson & Johnson! I use their baby oil gel.
Alek Wek
You don’t coach a Magic Johnson, you don’t coach a LeBron, you don’t coach really a Lonzo. They understand the game, they smart, they understand.
LaVar Ball
[Jack Johnson] really helped me make the record, put it out, and then let me tour with him for two years. He really helped me out.
Donavon Frankenreiter
We went to South America on a trip and all I had was a Robert Johnson album. So that’s a definite influence on the album. My bandmates John [Stanier, drummer] and Henry [Bogdan, bassist] were interested in expanding their roles as writers, so that had a positive impact on the record.
Page Hamilton
The charity that I work for is the Johnson Cancer Research Foundation at UCLA. I also do work with Stand Up To Cancer.
Maura Tierney
Presidents have to decide what their popularity is for. Lyndon Johnson probably understood best that political popularity is a wasting asset. You had to use it when you had it.
H. W. Brands
Born and raised in St. Paul. I was a St. Paul Johnson Governor for the first quarter of my freshman year. Then I moved to Phoenix.
Terrell Suggs
I don’t happen to subscribe to the notion that everybody who criticizes Tom Daschle is criticizing Tim Johnson. I think that’s a bit of a stretch.
John Thune
Jake Johnson is one of my oldest friends.
Casey Wilson
I do not think very highly of Madame D’Arblay’s books. The style is so strutting. She does so stalk about on Dr. Johnson’s old stilts.
Mary Russell Mitford
People oftentimes refer to me as ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’ So, I’m Mr. Johnson. I’m a complete outsider.
Ron Johnson
I’m not really worried about what Anthony Johnson does. I have to worry about what I do to prepare myself.
Daniel Cormier
You know in fairness Gary [Johnson] and I have not agreed on a number of substantive issues in this campaign, tax policy, we’ve had some influence on each other, I think I’ve had some influence on him, on constructive engagement around the world, he’s had some influence on me in criminal justice reform issues.
William Weld
I wouldn’t know who Michael Johnson was if he didn’t run fast times.
Christian Coleman
Of course it would be great to have more scientists in Congress. But what I’d love is to have another Lyndon Johnson in Congress who makes climate change his first priority. We need people who know how to work the system and the institution.
Ro Khanna
As a four-year-old, my mother told me I was climbing the fence, jumping off and calling myself an ‘eppyplane’… I bought books on aeroplanes, I followed everything in the newspapers about aeroplanes. Amy Johnson flew to Australia in 1930 – why couldn’t I do something like that?
Nancy Bird Walton
Ultimately, Boris Johnson and the political and financial support behind his Brexit project are probably the biggest threat to both British democracy and the post-war welfare state settlement we’ve faced in the post-war period.
Clive Lewis
Back in the ’40’s, Lyndon Johnson could still steal a Senate election in South Texas with the help of the big patrons.
Calvin Jillson
Lyndon Johnson, as majority leader of the United States Senate, he made the Senate work.
Robert Caro
I’d like to think that the nature of the two teams – Boston being a championship team over the years and the Lakers, same thing – was a lot bigger than Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.
Oscar Robertson
Religion’s voice has been taken away. It was taken away by Lyndon Johnson in the 1970s because of a dispute he had, I think, with the church. And this was his way of silencing the church.
Donald Trump
My problem was that I was blond. There were no heroes with blond hair. Robert Taylor and Henry Fonda, they all had dark hair. The only one I found was Van Johnson, who wasn’t too cool. He was a nice, homely American boy. So I created my own image. It worked.
Michael Caine
Charlie Christian had no more impact on my playing than Django Reinhardt or Lonnie Johnson. I just wanted to play like him. I wanted to play like all of them. All of these people were important to me. I couldn’t play like any of them, though.
B. B. King
It’s not for everyone. Some people just haven’t got it. Maybe he [Boris Johnson] is one of them.
Ruth Davidson
My thought was I should try to stick with names that people may recognize like Robert Johnson, Son House, and Hoagy Carmichael, so if somebody cared to research, they would find a wealth of material.
John Mellencamp
Perhaps Samuel Johnson was a great man; he was certainly a drumbling one.
Edward Dahlberg
I really love the Olympics: Daley Thompson’s back-flip, Derek Redmond’s father helping him finish the 400m after his hamstring snapped at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Sir Steve Redgrave – childhood memories are flooded with these moments and idols.
Giles Duley
The best-kept secret about Don Johnson is the fact that he is a terrific actor.
Michael Mann
President Johnson had a habit of throwing dollars at a question and the question would disappear.
Wilbur Mills
My dad worked with Mary Jackson very closely at one point. I knew Katherine Johnson as well. They were all part of this group of black engineers and scientists within this larger NASA community.
Margot Lee Shetterly
I was a big Magic Johnson fan. And I guess people who knew that gave a name that… In that vein. I tried to play like him.
Tim Duncan
And the big issue here, I think, is that the publisher took over the editorial pages, a guy named Jeff Johnson. He’s an accountant from Chicago, doesn’t know anything about what newspapers are supposed to be about, and he made a decision to get rid of the column.
Robert Scheer
The Peace Corps is a sort of Howard Johnson’s on the main drag into maturity.
Paul Theroux
On July 2, 1964, President Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act. Its enactment, following the longest continuous debate in the history of the U.S. Senate, enshrined into law the basic principle upon which our country was founded – that all people are created equal.
Tom Perez
I used to look at my team-mates like Lindsay Johnson and Rachel Brown, who were full-time teachers and trained in the night. I was like, ‘I’m not going to do that.’ I always believed I’d go full time.
Toni Duggan
‘One Minute Mentoring’ is written in the parable style Spencer Johnson and I popularized in ‘The One Minute Manager.’ It’s an entertaining story about the mentorship between a young salesperson, Josh, and a seasoned executive named Diane. As the characters learn about mentoring, so does the reader.
Ken Blanchard
When I started playing, my mom said there were three players she wanted me to watch – Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.
Zion Williamson
Magic Johnson is my biggest role model and I am his biggest fan. I actually met him recently and ran up to him and said, “man, I am your biggest fan, I’m P.K. Subban,” and he said “I know who you are,” and I was like, “what!” I was blown away just standing there talking to him and he was so nice.
P. K. Subban
I’m expecting big things from our bowlers, from Peter Siddle, who plays the enforcer role, Stuart Clark, Mitchell Johnson and Brett Lee when he gets fit again. In batting, there’s Phil Hughes, whose already done well for Australia and scored hundreds for Middlesex.
Glenn McGrath
Everybody has their own idea of what’s a poet. Robert Frost, President Johnson, T.S.Eliot, Rudolf Valentino – they’re all poets. I like to think of myself as the one who carries the light bulb.
Bob Dylan
I’m not trying to emulate or imitate. But I do believe that I embody that spirit from Robert Johnson on up.
CeeLo Green
The courage of federal Judge Frank Johnson is well-known.He was the one that gave the legal authority for the right to march from Selma to Montgomery, and he suffered dearly for it. He was ostracized and rejected. His life was threatened as a result of it.
Dick Durbin
During the 1937 congressional election campaign, Johnson’s group probably paid $5,000 to Elliott Roosevelt, one of Franklin Roosevelt’s sons, for a telegram in which Elliott suggested that the Roosevelt family favored Lyndon Johnson.
Robert Dallek
Dr Sue Johnson is the most original contributor to couples therapy to
come along in the last thirty years. This book will touch your heart,
stimulate your mind and give you practical strategies for improving
your relationship.
William J Doherty
Dad liked to self-deprecatingly joke about his career, but Ernie Johnson was a pretty darn good relief pitcher.
Ernie Johnson Jr.
No-deal Brexit could be Boris Johnson’s biggest deception yet – worse than the Boris bus or the lies that had him sacked as a Times journalist or as a spokesman by the then Tory leader, Michael Howard.
Ed Davey
The stone that Dr. Johnson once kicked to demonstrate the reality of matter has become dissipated in a diffuse distribution of mathematical probabilities. The ladder that Descartes, Galileo, Newton, and Leibniz erected in order to scale the heavens rests upon a continually shifting, unstable foundation.
Morris Kline
The world is experiencing great change, but you’ve got loads of people terrified of this change and the Donald Trumps, the Boris Johnsons making utterly simplistic, reductionist policy proposals that are unrealistic but then people buy it up.
My role models were all men. I grew up – I was a big 1980s Laker fan: you know, the years of Worthy, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and, you know, eight-foot-tall men that I could never emulate, and then these big 300-pound football players.
Julie Foudy
Like Lyndon Johnson, President Obama understands that timidity in a time of troubles is a prescription for failure.
Robert Dallek
One of the things I’m gonna do and I have tremendous support with the evangelicals and with the Christians and with everybody, is we’re going to get rid of the Johnson Amendment that is very, very unfair.
Donald Trump
The very fact Boris Johnson is the favourite to succeed May says everything about how vacuous and morally bankrupt our politics has become.
Gina Miller
Ben Franklin and Samuel Johnson, he credits their wisdom for his success. “They were both utterly brilliant men. And powerful communicators. Both have helped me all the way through life. Their lessons are easy to assimilate.”
Charlie Munger
A key to McMaster’s thinking is his 1997 book, ‘Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Lies that Led to Vietnam.’
Peter Bergen
Rian Johnson’s ‘Looper’ is inventive, entertaining, and thought-provoking in every way a movie can be. It is in fact the kind of movie that reminds us why we watch them and make them, a beautifully told story that deserves to be not only remembered, but acknowledged for its writing.
Jason Reitman
Michael Johnson doesn’t pay my bills or sign my cheques. So I don’t really care what he has to say.
Christian Coleman
Learn the leading precognita of all things-no need to turn over leaf by leaf, but grasp the trunk hard and you will shake all the branches.
Advice cherished by Samuel Johnson that that, if one is to master any subject, one must first discover its general principles.
Samuel Johnson
I was chasing that Demetrious Johnson fight. It just really didn’t seem like it wanted to work itself out.
T.J. Dillashaw
Mrs. Johnson was one of our most important First Ladies. Quietly but firmly, she advised LBJ on rhetoric, strategy, and personal relations and helped to dampen his volatile mood swings.
Michael Beschloss
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was vigorously and vociferously opposed by the Southern states. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it into law nonetheless.
Henry Rollins
Anthony Johnson hits harder than any other person, no doubt. Every time he hit me, it made me kind of, like, fly all over the place. He was trying to take my head off.
Daniel Cormier
Elizabeth A. Johnson explains that including divine female symbols and images not only challenges the dominance of male images but also calls into question the structure of patriarchy itself.
Sue Monk Kidd
There’s a great op-ed piece by Kurt Johnson, who runs The List Project, that I recommend everyone read. He was talking about how he’s been trying to get out of Iraq who were our allies, who are now subject to torture, and their families are being killed because of their alliance to the United States.
Rory Kennedy
Although it may seem callous to say so, millions of Americans are lucky that Magic Johnson was infected with H.I.V. There is no way of calculating how many lives he has saved. No advertising agency could have invented a better, or more effective, role model.
Michael Specter
Is there such a thing as a man-made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to (Democratic Senator Tim Johnson)? …I know what this [Republican] party is capable of.
Joy Behar
The Rock now the hottest thing. He come from wrestling background. Father, mother, grandfather all from wrestling business: 2-3 generations. I watch his movie. He great movie star, and I be wrestling with his father Rocky Johnson. I love them.
The Iron Sheik
My memory – faded, as I say – is that Paul Johnson was trying to vilify all intellectuals who were at all critical of the states he worships, and of power generally (except, of course, the power of enemies, which we must denounce, imitating the commissars who are his models, though he doesn’t understand it).
Noam Chomsky
Lionel Johnson comes the first to mind,
That loved his learning better than mankind,
Though courteous to the worst; much falling he
Brooded upon sanctity.
William Butler Yeats
Volumes in the series on Lyndon Johnson, including Master of the Senate and The Path Power, describe how Johnson created resources out of nothing and built a substantial power base.
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Cassandra, when you want to speak to me, you should say ‘Excuse me, Mrs. Johnson.’ Then wait until you get my attention.” “Excuse me, Mrs. Johnson. Do I have your attention now?
Pseudonymous Bosch
In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, I sent a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen L Johnson urging him to waive regulations to allow for the early sale of winter grade fuel to help with gasoline shortages and gasoline prices.
Bob Ney
The Democrats’ drive to defeat Neil Gorsuch is the latest battle in a 50-year war for control of the Supreme Court – a war that began with a conspiracy against Richard Nixon by Chief Justice Earl Warren, Justice Abe Fortas and Lyndon Johnson.
Pat Buchanan
Johnson Publishing offered me an opportunity to build back iconic brands like Ebony and Jet magazines.
Desiree Rogers
Chris Johnson was outstanding early.
Jeff Fisher
Europeans have always thought of U.S. presidents as either naive, as they did with Jimmy Carter, or as cowboys, as they did with Lyndon Johnson, and held them in contempt in either case.
George Friedman
[Jack Johnson]gave me my whole start in music, which was the coolest thing ever.
Donavon Frankenreiter
Around the time President Lyndon B. Johnson was declaring a War on Poverty in the 1960s, federal, state and local governments began accelerating a veritable War on the Private Sector.
Elaine Chao
But to make a long story short, I decided that I was going to run, and I announced that I was going to run for president in Florida, I would be the favorite son from Florida, and that would stop Johnson and Kennedy from dividing up the state.
George Smathers
Culture is like the sum of special knowledge that accumulates in any large united family and is the common property of all its members. When we of the great Culture Family meet, we exchange reminiscences about Grandfather Homer, and that awful old Dr. Johnson, and Aunt Sappho, and poor Johnny Keats.
Aldous Huxley
Lyndon Johnson, his 44-state landslide in 1964 and Great Society notwithstanding, was by 1968 a failed president being repudiated in the primaries of his own party.
Pat Buchanan
I think T. J. Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson – I’m a bad matchup for both of them.
Henry Cejudo
I think after I beat Ryan Bader, he should have to go get beat up by Anthony Johnson for being so disrespectful to Anthony Johnson.
Daniel Cormier
Americans are about to discover Governor Gary Johnson and his Freedom Agenda. They are going to like what they find.
Roger Stone
Yes, Obama took over two wars from Bush – just as President Richard Nixon inherited Vietnam from President Lyndon Johnson and President Dwight Eisenhower inherited Korea from President Harry Truman. But at least the war in Iraq was all but won by 2009, thanks largely to the very surge Obama had opposed as a senator.
Bret Stephens
Get a in clothes dryer with Magic Johnson and some razorblades.
Jim Norton
It’s interesting that you put me in the league with those illustrious fighters [Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson], but I’ve proved since my career I’ve surpassed them as far my popularity. I’m the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don’t believe it, check the cash register.
Mike Tyson
Adam Johnson was a revolution when he came on
Bobby Gould
The Supreme Court of the United States is hereby commanded to try Andrew Johnson for usurpation of our Imperial authority and prerogatives, and if found guilty, behead him or send him here to black the Emperor’s boots.
Joshua A. Norton
In 1964, I tried to convince my grandfather, who was active in the New York City firefighters union, to vote for Barry Goldwater over Lyndon Johnson because at the time I thought his approach to limited government was right on.
Joe Lhota
Taj [ Johnson] is the singer in my family. So whenever I would be practicing my warmups in the house, she would let me have it. I could be on the other side of the house doing my voice lessons and she would scream, “Drop your jaw for those long notes.”
Eddie George
John Dos Passos, Raymond Carver, Flaubert and William Maxwell were all very influential when I first started writing. Now, the writers I’m most interested in are the writers who are most unlike me: for example, Denis Johnson.
Jonathan Dee
[Lyndon Baines Johnson ] technique in negotiation would be that he’d lean into you and take away your personal space, it didn’t matter your party affiliation when he was trying to convince you of something.
Jay Roach
I am sworn to uphold the Constitution as Andy Johnson understands it and interprets it.
Andrew Johnson
Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign, have tapped into a similar public mood of disgruntlement. On both sides of the Atlantic, a lot of people feel they’ve been handed a bad deal.
Katty Kay
I respect Demetrious Johnson to the fullest. I wouldn’t travel the world and find different training partners and coaches to help me defeat this man if I didn’t want to win.
Henry Cejudo
I’m ready for anybody. If it’s John Dodson, if it’s Demetrious Johnson, if it’s Joseph Benavidez, I’m ready for whichever one, whoever wants a piece of me.
Henry Cejudo
When Donald Trump raises money for the party, raises money, a lot of that money goes to the party, and that’s fine. If you’re doing a door-knocking program, for example, in Wisconsin, it also helps Ron Johnson who’s running for senate. It helps the congressional candidates.
Kellyanne Conway
There was one moment when I was in L.A., and he was teaching me a move. I just looked at him, thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m being taught to wrestle by Dwayne Johnson. What the hell?’
Florence Pugh
I probably should have had a little more tolerance with Jimmy Johnson. Seriously.
Jerry Jones
In his book Modern Times, the historian Paul Johnson referred to Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini as the three devils of the twentieth century. Interestingly, Nietzshean dogma influenced each of them.
Ravi Zacharias
I did nothing worse than Lyndon Johnson. He was for segregation when he thought he had to be. I was for segregation, and I was wrong. The media has rehabilitated Johnson; why won’t it rehabilitate me?
George Wallace
Under Superintendent Johnson’s leadership, our police department is on a path to earn the respect of every community in the City of Chicago.
Rahm Emanuel
I’d rather have head to head and right now they’re not getting any numbers. She’s [Jill Stein] doing better than he [Gary Johnson] is, but right now in some polls she’s actually not doing badly.
Donald Trump
Nowadays, the truth is, I think a lot of the newer generation of action stars usually are pretty self-deprecating and cool. I mean, Dwayne Johnson is a great example.
Adam McKay
It is rare in a working environment that someone says, ‘Johnson, I need a market analysis by Friday, but before that, I need a compelling account of your childhood.’
David Coleman
It’s good to be compared with Randy Johnson, and it’s wonderful to be compared to all the best pitchers in the game.
Johan Santana
I wasn’t part of John Kennedy’s vision of the world, or Lyndon Johnson’s. I thought of them as anti-Communist imperial monsters.
Bill Ayers
Rarely in my 45 years as a civil rights lawyer have I been so angry about an injustice as I am about what happened to Billy Ray Johnson
Morris Dees
I always liked ‘The Last American Hero,’ the one about Junior Johnson with Jeff Bridges in it.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Magic Johnson was in the seventh year of his Hall of Fame career when thoughts of his basketball afterlife led him to the office of uber-executive Michael Ovitz, co-founder of Creative Artists Agency, Hollywood’s most powerful agency.
Don Yaeger
Clemens and Maddux have defined our era, I believe. And Randy Johnson is right behind them and still going.
David Cone
We look around at our national politicians, we do not see national politicians who are without fault. And, actually, we see quite a lot who get very far – let’s take Boris Johnson- with considerable. White. Privilege. Failure after failure after failure rewarded.
David Lammy
When I was introduced to Johnson he was a freshman Congressman.
Erich Leinsdorf
Unlike those theists who at least pay lip service to science and scientific method, Johnson is out to convict science of fraud in the court of public opinion.
Victor J. Stenger
People in the age of [President] Obama don’t dress like they did in the age of [Lyndon] Johnson. That’s for sure.
Al Sharpton
Presidents and Lyndon Johnson was really no exception, very rapidly learned the difference between a contingency plan and an authorized act.
McGeorge Bundy
Tell the Truth, and speak from your pay-grade. Don’t try to answer questions that would better be directed to the battalion commander or Gen. William Westmoreland or President Lyndon Johnson. If you are a squad leader, answer questions about what you know and do.
Hal Moore