Judgement Quotes

Judgement Quotes by Ira Glass, Fulton J. Sheen, Khalil Gibran, Bobby Morley, Cyril Connolly, William Shakespeare and many others.

I don't own a radio. I listen to everything through app

I don’t own a radio. I listen to everything through apps or on my iPhone. And then I download the shows I like. Shows like ‘Fresh Air’, ‘Radiolab’, ‘Snap Judgement’, all those shows.
Ira Glass
The mind has three operations: the formation of ideas, judgements and reasoning.
Fulton J. Sheen
Those who give you a serpent when you ask for a fish, may have nothing but serpents to give.
Khalil Gibran
Having power and being in a position of power can really blur your judgement, and it’s not always that clear.
Bobby Morley
Believing in Hell must distort every judgement on this life.
Cyril Connolly
He’s loved of the distracted multitude, who like not in their judgement, but their eyes.
William Shakespeare
Rain-diamonds, this winter morning, embellish the tangle of unpruned pear-tree twigs; each solitaire, placed, it appears, with considered judgement, bears the light beneath the rifted clouds – the invisible shared out in endless abundance.
Denise Levertov
The sovereignty of God is that golden sceptre in his hand by which he will make all bow, either by his word or by his works, by his mercies or by his judgements.
Thomas Brooks
You can have no influence over those for whom you have underlying contempt.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
You know, don’t judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one.
Michael Jackson
It is astounding that man, the instigator, inventor and vehicle of all these developments, the originator of all judgements and decisions and the planner of the future, must make himself such a quantitГ© negligeable.
Carl Jung
Judgement of beauty can err, what with the wine and the dark.
It takes a good deal of character to judge a person by his future instead of his past
Ralph Waldo Emerson
See the possibility that people and things can change at any time and don’t hold on to judgements.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
No exercise brings into play all the muscles of the body in a more thorough manner, and none is more interesting than wrestling. He will find no other exercise more valuable in the cultivation of faculties which will help him to success in agility, strength, determination, coolness, and quick exercise of judgement.
Hugh Leonard
Take then this Book, look into it, and show me when Jesus was not forgiving. Read this diving tragedy and tell me where He speaks without mercy and compassion. You visit not the sick and the imprisoned; nor do you feed the hungry or give refuge to the stranger or comfort to the mourner.
Khalil Gibran
The Gospel announces that Jesus came to acquit the guilty. He came to judge and be judged in our place. Christ came to satisfy the deep judgment against us once and for all so that we could be free from the judgement of God, others, and ourselves.
Tullian Tchividjian
It is quite hurtful when people make a judgement without even really watching me and saying things like, ‘I’m not watching if she’s on’ or ‘I don’t like change.’
Jenny Ryan
All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgements of probabilities, and not on certainties.
Charles William Eliot
To say that because of someone’s heritage or their ethnicity that they are unable to provide fair judgement is just wrong. It’s just not how the judicial system works in our country and not how it ever can work.
Bill Haslam
As photojournalists, we supply information to a world that is overwhelmed with preoccupations and full of people who need the company of images….We pass judgement on what we see, and this involves an enormous responsibility.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go. Don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgement. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.
Amitabh Bachchan
The attentions of others matter to us because we are afflicted by a congenital uncertainty as to our own value, as a result of which affliction we tend to allow others’ appraisals to play a determining role in how we see ourselves. Our sense of identity is held captive by the judgements of those we live among.
Alain de Botton
Jesus will judge us not only for what we did, but also for what we could have done and didn’t.
George Otis
The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law and particularly to deny him the judgement of his peers is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.
Winston Churchill
As to moral courage, I have very rarely met with the two o’clock in the morning kind. I mean unprepared courage, that which is necessary on an unexpected occasion, and which, in spite of the most unforeseen events, leaves full freedom of judgement and decision.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The only way is to teach with love, which requires looking beyond what seems, and remembering we create with our judgements.
Bryant H. McGill
Get rid of the judgement … get rid of the ‘I am hurt,’ you are rid of the hurt itself.
Marcus Aurelius
A poem generated by its own laws may be unrealized and bad in terms of so-called objective principles of taste, judgement, deduction.
A. R. Ammons
A far greater factor than abolishing poverty is the deterrent effect of swift and certain consequences: swift arrest, prompt trial, certain penalty and – at some point – finality of judgment.
Warren E. Burger
It’s great to engage with the mainstream media to get messages out, but the most empowering tool is to create records of our lives, and our own images, which are not filtered through judgements, biases, or misunderstandings.
Janet Mock
The saint and the sinner are twin brothers…one was born but the moment before the other.
Khalil Gibran
They will accuse me of stealing from my father. They already stand in baited judgement, waiting for my first move, waiting to dump their loads of garbage on me.
Jeff Buckley
Prejudice is the child of ignorance.
William Hazlitt
Regarded in isolation, an idea may be quite insignificant, and venturesome in the extreme, but it may acquire importance from an idea which follows it; perhaps, in a certain collocation with other ideas, which may seem equally absurd, it may be capable of furnishing a very serviceable link.
Friedrich Schiller
I can usually judge a fellow by what he laughs at.
Wilson Mizner
Look. Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn’t really have judgement in it’s purest form. So just go, just go.
K. D. Lang
The great joy of being a prosecutor is that you don’t take whatever case walks in the door. You evaluate the case; you make your best judgement. You only go forward if you believe that the defendant is guilty.
Merrick Garland
One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat.
Woodrow Wilson
Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes
George Bernard Shaw
I experienced the judgement of a lot of people – and deservedly so.
Sienna Miller
If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement.
Robert A. Heinlein
Judges, like the criminal classes, have their lighter moments
Oscar Wilde
Leave people to their opinions and judgements. They cannot harm you; it is their understanding that is faulty, not yours.
Leon Brown
Kill not the moth nor butterfly, For the Last Judgement draweth nigh.
William Blake
There can be no question, however, that prolonged commitment to mathematical exercises in economics can be damaging. It leads to the atrophy of judgement and intuition. . .
John Kenneth Galbraith
Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.
Leonardo da Vinci
Many complain of their memory, few of their judgment.
Benjamin Franklin
The death penalty is reserved for people who do not
Paul Simon
With mindfulness, we can be with the experience in more immediate way. When we find ourselves flooded with an emotion that’s come after the judgement, we’ve often missed the very judgment that triggered the emotion.
Mark Coleman
constituted a critical lapse in judgement and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely responsable
William J. Clinton
You can only avoid responsibility for so long. The catalyst ended up being the law coming down and finally saying, ‘You guys suspended judgement and that’s fine, because we’re not.’
Rosario Dawson
Imagination that compares and contrasts with what is around as well as what is better and worse is the living power and prime agent of all human perception judgement and emotional reaction.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Our judgments judge us, and nothing reveals us, exposes our weaknesses, more ingeniously than the attitude of pronouncing upon our fellows.
Paul Valery
How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly!
Elizabeth Gaskell
A man cannot speak but he judges himself
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I have teken refuge in the doctrine that advises one not to seek tranquility in certainty but in permanently suspended judgement.
William Boyd
The resurrection and the judgement will demonstrate before all worlds who won and who lost. We can wait!
David Berg
One should make morals judgements for oneself.
Kathryn Bigelow
Audiences aren’t fools – their judgement really is important. And the true heroes of films are the investors. They take the risk, after all.
Stephen Frears
When the jury came in, it didn’t just disappoint me it shook the foundations of my beliefs, it shook the foundations of my beliefs in the justice system, in human beings, in my abilities and judgement and in my sense of reality. It just blew me away emotionally and psychologically.
David Rudolf
Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.
As an actor playing a character, I can’t come in with my judgement, or else I can’t play it honestly. My judgement has to be reserved for later.
Thomas Sadoski
Force without judgement falls on its own weight.
You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
Mark Twain
Sin contains its own judgement and punishment.
Dalai Lama
Scarcely any degree of judgment is sufficient to restrain the imagination from magnifying that on which it is long detained
Samuel Johnson
The poet judges not as a judge judges but as the sun falling around a helpless thing.
Walt Whitman
I have said this in the past and I will continue to repeat it as long as I live: Whoever tries to hurt our national unity is my enemy until the day of judgement.
King Hussein I
Generosity without delicacy, like wit without judgment, generally gives as much pain as pleasure.
Fanny Burney
‘Til the infallibility of human judgements shall have been proved to me, I shall demand the abolition of the penalty of death.
Marquis de Sade
Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins.
Thomas Aquinas
The First Amendment makes confidence in the common sense of our people and in the maturity of their judgement the great postulate of our democracy.
William O. Douglas
Everyone in this country should feel safe and happy to be who they are, and to love who they love, without judgement or fear.
Penny Mordaunt
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa
For all right judgment of any man or things it is useful, nay, essential, to see his good qualities before pronouncing on his bad.
Thomas Carlyle
Each of us will one day be judged by our standard of life, not by our standard of living; by our measure of giving, not by our measure of wealth; by our simple goodness, not by our seeming greatness.
William Arthur Ward
The good, supreme, divine poetry is above the rules and reason. Whoever discerns its beauty with a firm, sedate gaze does not see it, any more than he sees the splendor of a lightning flash. It does not persuade our judgement, it ravishes and overwhelms it.
Michel de Montaigne
Good judgement comes from experience. Sometimes, experience comes from bad judgement.
Christian Slater
making final judgements about poets, cities or regions on the basis of an anthology is always dangerous: anthologies are mirages created, finally, by their editors.
Margaret Atwood
Free from gross passion or of mirth of anger constant spirit, not swerving with the blood, garnish’d and deck’d in modest compliment, not working with the eye without the ear, and but in purged judgement trusting neither? Such and so finely bolted didst thou seem.
William Shakespeare
I don’t live with judgement or resentment, I don’t have time for it.
Joe Wicks
Oh Lord, help me change my ways, Show a litlle mercy on judgement day, It aint me I was raised this way, Never let em’ play me for a busta, Makin’ hell for a huslter.
Tupac Shakur
A man is most accurately judged by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or to reciprocate.
Paul Eldridge
Make no judgements where you have no compassion.
Anne McCaffrey
Literature is a human apocalypse, man’s revelation to man, and criticism is not a body of adjudications, but the awareness of that revelation, the last judgement of mankind.
Northrop Frye
I’d become one of those mistakes you sometimes find in an office, a not unpleasant but mostly unproductive presence bobbing along on the energy tides of others, a walking reminder of somebody’s error in judgement.
Sam Lipsyte
If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, consensual things that make you happy, I can guarantee you they’re bad people.
Tucker Max
Art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstone of our judgement.
John F. Kennedy
Only a kind person is able to judge another justly and to make allowances for his weaknesses. A kind eye, while recognizing defects, sees beyond them.
Lawrence G. Lovasik
I was trained as journalist never to use the word ‘I,’ never to put my own opinion there. In fact, if you had a dollar or a euro for every time I use the word ‘I,’ you would be a poor person. But this is not true in general. I like the idea of being able to stand away and make a judgement.
Suzy Menkes
What of the old serpent who cannot shed his skin, and calls all others naked and shameless?
Khalil Gibran
I don’t have time for their judgement and their stupidity and you know they lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children and look at their loser lives and then they look at me and they say, ‘I can’t process it’ well, no, you never will stop trying, just sit back and enjoy the show. You know?
Charlie Sheen
The three foundations of judgement: Bold Design, Constant Practice, and Frequent Mistakes.
John Masefield
Prejudice is opinion without judgement.
The more you judge, the less you love.
Honore de Balzac
The watering of a garden requires as much judgement as the seasoning of a soup.
Helena Rutherfurd Ely
What we don’t need in country music is divisiveness, public criticism of each other, and some arbitrary judgement of what belongs and what doesn’t.
Charley Pride
The mental suffering you create is always some form of non-acceptance,
some form of unconscious resistance to what is.
On the level of thought, the resistance is some form of judgement.
The intensity of the suffering depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment.
Eckhart Tolle
In my judgement, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.
Alberto Gonzales
If you want a significant man, with absolutes, morality, and meaning, then you must have what the Bible insists upon – that God will judge men justly, and they will not be able to raise their voices because of the base upon which He judges them.
Francis Schaeffer
You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.
Harlan Ellison
I don’t really look at the charts at all. If anything, I try to out-do what I’ve done before. I try to make music that I like and I trust my own judgement with what will work with a wider audience. If you compare yourself to the charts, you lose perspective on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
Dogs experience the world as it is, without judgement. When we learn to do the same, we make the world a better place.
Cesar Millan
Only the U.K. can trigger Article 50. And in my judgement, we should only do that when there is a clear view about what new arrangements we are seeking with our European neighbours.
George Osborne
It wasn’t like I was some expert on the meaning of being supportive. Was it being loyal even against your better judgement? Or, like Olivia, was it making your displeasure known from the start, even when someone didn’t want to hear it?
Sarah Dessen
When you make the judgement as a network that there are only three candidates, you are censoring points of view.
Tim Robbins
Picking a best friend who stands up for what she believes in, is true to herself and allows you to be yourself without judgement of how ‘cool’ you are? Well, now you’re picking a friend for life.
Renee Olstead
I don’t any longer make any quality judgement between theater and cinema. They are different experiences for the audience, and they also are for the actors – although they have a lot in common.
Ian Mckellen
To make judgements about great and lofty things, a soul of the same stature is needed; otherwise we ascribe to them that vice which is our own.
Michel de Montaigne
The man I am will always raise a protest against the man I wanted to be and the two will live together to the end, but the man I wanted to be will be the one on whom judgement will be passed.
Julien Green
I think a legitimate target is the enemy and [the] enemy is basically in uniform, but not all [are] in Uniform. For example in the rural areas, our judgement is that virtually the whole farming community is part of the South African Defence Force.
Joe Slovo
Take heed lest passion sway Thy judgement to do aught, which else free will Would not admit.
John Milton
A man’s clarity of judgment is never very good when you’re involved, and as you grow older, and as you grow more involved, your clarity of judgement suffers.
Leo Szilard
Judgement is given to men that they may use it. Because it may be used erroneously, are men to be told that they ought not to use it at all?
John Stuart Mill
Unfortunately for the good sense of mankind, the fact of their fallibility is far from carrying the weight in their practical judgement, which is always allowed to it in theory; for while every one well knows himself to be fallible, few think it necessary to take any precautions against their own fallibility.
John Stuart Mill
That the sun shines tomorrow is a judgement that is as true as the contrary judgement.
David Hume
No speech is ever considered, but only the speaker. It’s so much easier to pass judgement on a man than on an idea.
Ayn Rand
A volunteer, you assign yourself specific roles and risks according to your judgement of their brilliance and importance, and you see when life itself may be justifiably devoted to them.
Michel de Montaigne
I don’t judge others. I say if you feel good with what you’re doing, let your freak flag fly.
Sarah Jessica Parker
The idea is to try to give all the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another.
Richard P. Feynman
And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.
Khalil Gibran
I think because of social media and YouTube things are changing. Today people have a judgement about films.
Vikramaditya Motwane
What can the Church do? If she stands by her moral teaching, then she will be seen as standing in judgement over a vast percentage of Europeans.
Timothy Radcliffe
Even the greatest idea can become meaningless in the rush to judgement. To gauge an idea as feasible we must cut our ties to the status quo and find the balance between constructive criticism and judgment. Within that balance we will uncover crucial input for making our ideas a reality.
Shigeo Shingo
One cool judgement is worth a thousand hasty councils.
Woodrow Wilson
Accept the present moment without judgement.
Eckhart Tolle
Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck, And yet methinks I have astronomy. But not to tell of good or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or season’s quality; Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell … Or say with princes if it shall go well.
William Shakespeare
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
Will Rogers
It’s judgement day. I’m nervous. My films are finally being released!
Sienna Miller
You can’t judge people and touch their souls at the same time.
Tama J. Kieves
You can only be called a hypocrite if you judge others first.
John Gay
You do see a few people and you are thinking of how that chemistry is going to work, but it’s not really fair to put people who are auditioning together in a room. You have to make that judgement yourself, and that’s partly where the casting director is so good. It was that blend that we were looking for.
Adrian Hodges
Enthusiasm for a cause sometimes warps judgment.
William Howard Taft
Surely when a man is painting a picture he ought not refuse to hear any man’s opinion… Since men are able to form a true judgement as to the works of nature, how much more does it behoove us to admit that they are able to judge our faults.
Leonardo da Vinci
Everything that these folks are saying that they’re trying to move away from, like comparison, perfectionism, judgement, and exhaustion as a status symbol – that all describes my life. It was more like a medical researcher studying a disease and figuring out he or she has it.
BrenГ© Brown
Having power and being in a position of power can really blur your judgement, and it’s not always that clear.
Bob Morley
The U.K.’s relationship with the U.S. has proved strong enough over time to bear the weight of honest disagreement. It does not require unconditional support where our interests or judgements differ.
John Chilcot
A lot of clever people have got everything except judgement
Clement Attlee
One philosophically fascinating aspect of Catholicism is the very strange conception of reality it presents (the incarnation, the eucharist, judgement day etc.).
Tim Crane
My works are dear to me, each in its own way, I shall have to answer for them on the Day off Judgement. God alone knows whether I shall ever see them again. Quite apart from the money which I was going to receive for their sale there (exhibition in Gallery Der Sturm, Berlin June-July, 1914) and it is no small sum.
Marc Chagall
A second reason why science cannot replace judgement is the behavior of financial markets.
Martin Feldstein
Physiologically, it simply doesn’t matter whether your anger is justified or not. The body doesn’t make moral judgements about feelings; it just responds.
Doc Childre
It is exactly because a man cannot do a thing that he is a proper judge of it
Oscar Wilde
In science, address the few, in literature the many. In science, the few must dictate opinion to the many; in literature, the many, sooner or later, force their judgement on the few.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
The judgements about the severity of the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of a mass destruction – WMD – were presented with a certainty that was not justified.
John Chilcot
When we name things correctly, we comprehend them correctly, without adding information or judgements that aren’t there. Does someone bathe quickly? Don’t say be bathes poorly, but quickly. Name the situation as it is, don’t filter it through your judgments. Give your assent only to that which is actually true.
A little (one) can sometimes see things in others that us older ones cannot because our judgement gets clouded. —Abbot Saxtus
Brian Jacques
It is always easy to question the judgement of others in matters of which we may be imperfectly informed.
P. D. James
Faith exalts the human heart, by removing it from the market-place, making it sacred and unexchangeable. Under the jurisdiction of religion our deeper feelings are sacralized, so as to become raw material for the ethical life: the life lived in judgement.
Roger Scruton
The great benefit of computer sequencers is that they remove the issue of skill, and replace it with the issue of judgement
Brian Eno
Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed; but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition.
Charlotte Bronte
Know what it is the emotional statement to convey, and use taste and judgement to help the actors give their best possible performance.
Stanley Kubrick
Some people think I’ve had a nose job. I’ve never had anything like that done, but I have no judgement of anyone that does.
Jessica Chastain
I have said this in the past and I will continue to repeat it as long as I live: Whoever tries to hurt our national unity is my enemy until the day of judgement.
Hussein of Jordan
Obviously, a man’s judgement cannot be better than the information on which he bases it
Arthur Hays Sulzberger
It is impossible to pursue a successful literary career and follow the advice of all one’s ‘best friends’.I feel compelled to follow the light which my own intellect & judgement cast upon my way, rather than any one of the many conflicting rays which other minds would lend me.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
anger cancels good judgement!
Sister Souljah
Pace judgement is everything in the hour record. If you can ride 16.1 or 16.2-second laps constantly for 221 laps, and not go 15.9s or 16.4s, it’s keeping it on the line every lap, lap after lap.
Bradley Wiggins
All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties.
Charles William Eliot
Life is just an endless chain of judgements. . . . The more imperfect our judgement, the less perfect our success.
B. C. Forbes
The reason that I think it is a waste of time to engage in moral value judgements about people’s violence, is because it doesn’t advance by one iota our understanding of either the causes or the prevention of the violent behaviour.
James Gilligan
The [engineer] should be equipped with knowledge of many branches of study and varied kinds of learning, for it is by his judgement that all work done by the other arts is put to test. This knowledge is the child of practice and theory.
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Compassion can never coexist with judgement because judgement creates the distance, the distinction, which prevents us from really being with the other.
Henri Nouwen
Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions.
Roger Babson
Validity is the touchstone of inference, and truth of judgment: the fact that vichyssoise is cold ratifies the judgment that vichyssoise is, indeed, cold, and the judgment that vichyssoise is cold expresses the fact that vichyssoise is cold.
David Berlinski
The sun is all love and murder, judgement, the perpetual raid of conscience, paratrooping light which opens like a snow-blossom in the downward drift of death. Wherever I turn – the golden cymbals of judgement, the summoning of the torturers of light.
Janet Frame
I have a remarkable ability to delete all better judgement from my brain when I get my head set on something. I have no sense of moderation, no sense of caution. I have no sense pretty much.
Marya Hornbacher
He liked the works of his friends, which is beautiful as loyalty but can be disastrous as judgement.
Ernest Hemingway
I’m not perfect, either. In the end, it’s only God’s judgement that matters, and I’ve learned enough to know that no one can presume to know the will of God.
Nicholas Sparks
Some philosophers fail to distinguish propositions from judgements; … But in the real world it is more important that a proposition be interesting than that it be true. The importance of truth is that it adds to interest.
Alfred North Whitehead
People are making judgements about Russian people based on me. This is why I never allow myself any aggression towards my opponent.
Fedor Emelianenko
God’s judgement begins to fall on the Earth.
Greg Laurie
Those who are looking to seek power must make wise judgements.
Reham Khan
All roads lead to the judgment seat of Christ.
Keith Green
The entire idea of building a series of systems in a business is simply this – to create the tools that allow you, as a business owner, to increase productivity and get the job done. The idea behind these systems, of course, is to quit needing your judgement or input in every area of the business.
Michael Gerber
Of course, when people work together, there can be tension and disagreement. But policing informal behavior makes it hard for people to speak freely for fear they will say the wrong thing. Even self-aware individuals can doubt their judgement and start to rely on the diversity trainer to judge if something is offensive.
Munira Mirza
Judge yourself and beware of passing judgement on others. In judging others we expend our energy to no purpose; we are often mistaken and easily sin. But if we judge ourselves our labour is always to our profit.
Thomas a Kempis
You can say that I’ve grown bitter but of this you can be sure. The rich have get their channels in the bedrooms of the poor. And there’s a mighty Judgement coming but I may be wrong.
Leonard Cohen
In judgement be ye not too confident, Even as a man who will appraise his corn When standing in a field, ere it is ripe.
Dante Alighieri
I have definitely learnt in business that when you have a smart, engaged entrepreneur with good judgement they can really drive even a mediocre business forward so to me the entrepreneur is very important.
Deborah Meaden
The librarian spoke in a reverential whisper. Corliss knew she’d misjudged this passionate woman. Maybe she dressed poorly, but she was probably great in bed, certainly believed in God and goodness, and kept an illicit collection of overdue library books on her shelves.
Sherman Alexie
The industry is a difficult place to be in. It is not at all rosy. There are judgements being made. I don’t like bad publicity, but that is part and parcel of it. However, I am grateful for whatever I have got from the industry.
Aditi Rao Hydari
Never is a man wholly a saint or a sinner.
Hermann Hesse
The hatred of the youth culture for adult society is not a disinterested judgement but a terror-ridden refusal to be hooked into the, if you will, ecological chain of breathing, growing, and dying. It is the demand, in other words, to remain children.
Midge Decter
In my judgement, when the United States says there will be serious consequences, and if there isn’t serious consequences, it creates adverse consequences.
George W. Bush
Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.
Jim Rohn
Every day is Judgement Day. Always has been. Always will be.
Tom Robbins
You don’t even need the director’s judgement. It’s too much.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
There are thus great swathes of the past where understanding is more important and reputable than judgement, because the principal actors performed in line with the ideas and values of that time, not of ours.
Douglas Hurd
Input of public judgement for any major tax reform.
Newt Gingrich
When personal judgment is inoperative (or forbidden), men’s first concern is not how to choose, but how to justify their choice
Ayn Rand
Acquittal of the guilty damns the judge.
youth is quick in feeling but weak in judgement.
The stage is a place where I can be wholly myself. Even though you’re in front of people almost to be judged, it is a place without judgement.
Florence Welch
Brains are no substitute for judgement.
Dean Acheson
Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of judgement and nothing can help you escape it – that no substitute can do your thinking, as no pinch-hitter can live your life.
Ayn Rand
A lord may love the men that he commands, but he cannot be a friend to them. One day he may need to sit in judgement on them, or send them forth to die.
George R. R. Martin
Racism is a phenomenal thing; it is like a thick mist that obscures the vision and judgement of even great minds.
J. Nozipo Maraire
Listening can be an antidote to judgement. Listening matters.
Ruth Messinger
Judgement holds in me a magisterial seat, at least it carefully tries to. It lets my feelings go their way, both hatred and friendship, even the friendship I bear myself, without being changed and corrupted by them.
Michel de Montaigne
A hasty judgment is a first step to recantation.
Publilius Syrus
Contrary to the myth that the U.K. respects decisions of the Strasbourg court but many other adherent states do not, the convention and Strasbourg court judgements have proved a highly effective tool in protecting and developing human rights in countries with no tradition of the rule of law.
Dominic Grieve
whereas in childhood … it was the parents’ judgement that mattered to the child, later on the situation becomes reversed: it is then that the opinions of one’s grown-up children become what matters, as well as their kindness.
Iris Origo
To live with someone who likes you, and whose judgement you respect, because you love them, does make quite a difference, I find.
Roger Scruton
If men will not understand the meaning of judgement, they will never come to understand the meaning of grace.
Dorothy L. Sayers
It is no judgement of a thing outside yourself to say it makes you ill. The wise reader knows that every pronouncement is, to some degree, an act of self-exposure; the book you find too challenging might only show how ill-equipped you are to face its challenge.
Howard Jacobson
As we do what He would have us do for His children, the Lord considers it kindness to Him, and we will feel closer to Him as we feel His love and His approval. In time, we will become like Him, and will think of the judgement day with happy anticipation.
Henry B. Eyring
People find ideas a bore because they do not distinguish between live ones and stuffed ones on a shelf.
Ezra Pound
You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand.
Leonardo da Vinci
It is not permitted to the most equitable of men to be a judge in his own cause.
Blaise Pascal
What matters in any campaign is that you have a strategic core that makes the judgements, decides the strategy, and can deliver.
Douglas Alexander
In any period it is upon a very small minority that the discerning appreciation of art and literature depends … They are still a minority, though a larger one, who are capable of endorsing such first-hand judgement by genuine personal response.
F. R. Leavis
Never give out while there is hope; but hope not beyond reason, for that shows more desire than judgement.
William Penn
If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgement of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgement now.
Marcus Aurelius
We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others, by their acts.
Harold Nicolson
Learn to think for yourself, unless of course you can identify someone else with better judgement, and a flashlight.
Dov Davidoff
People have enough ideas. The real question is “Which ideas are you going to use?”.
Michael Ray
As to sagacity, I should say that his judgement respecting the warmest place and the softest cushion in a room is infallible, his punctuality at meal times is admirable, and his pertinacity in jumping on people’s shoulders till they give him some of the best of what is going, indicates great firmness.
Thomas Huxley
John Adams was a farmer, Abraham Lincoln a small town lawyer. Plato and Socrates were teachers. Jesus was a carpenter. To equate wisdom and judgement with occupation is at best insulting.
Mark Sheppard
Above all we should not forget, that government is an evil, an usurpation upon the private judgment and individual conscience of mankind.
William Godwin
Friendship is an obstetric art; it draws out our richest and deepest resources; it unfolds the wings of our dreams and hidden indeterminate thoughts; it serves as a check on our judgements, tries out our new ideas, keeps up our ardor, and inflames our enthusiasm.
Antonin Sertillanges
I’m more concerned with getting them to find and strengthen their original voice as writers rather than imposing my own subjective tastes, judgements or sensibility on the project.
Douglas Wood
Ignorant have always the tendency to see the donkey as the noble horse, to see the pig as the lion! Ignore the judgements of the ignorant, because ignorant makes the ant elephant; he declares the stupid as the intelligent; he carries the silly on his shoulders!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The aim of scientific work is truth. While we internally recognise something as true, we judge, and while we utter judgements, we assert.
Gottlob Frege
Till a man can judge whether they be truths or not, his understanding is but little improved, and thus men of much reading, though greatly learned, but may be little knowing.
John Locke
When hiring key employees, there are only two qualities to look for: judgement and taste. Almost everything else can be bought by the yard.
John W. Gardner
Styles may change, details may come and go, but the broad demands of aesthetic judgement are permanent.
Roger Scruton
I go by my judgement when a role is offered to me.
Biju Menon
Do not think dishonestly… Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters. Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything. Perceive those things which cannot be seen. Pay attention even to trifles. Do nothing which is of no use.
Miyamoto Musashi
What is morality, she asked. Judgement to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, and courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price.
Ayn Rand
I often arrive at quite sensible ideas and judgements, on the spur of the moment. It is when I stop to think that I become foolish.
Jerome K. Jerome
A good deal of so-called atheism is itself, from my point of view, theologically significant. It is the working of God in history, and judgement upon the pious. An authentic prophet can be a radical critic of spurious piety, of sham spirituality.
James Luther Adams
The environment and support is one of a kind! A zero judgement, safe place to discuss and achieve goals!
Melissa M
‎When you point your finger at someone, anyone, it is often a moment of judgement. We point our fingers when we want to scold someone, point out what they have done wrong. But each time we point, we simultaneously point three fingers back at ourselves.
Christopher Pike
If you judge, investigate.
Seneca the Younger
It is not my place in society that makes me well off, but my judgements, and these I can carry with me… These alone are my own and cannot be taken away.
There is a sort of enthusiasm in all projectors, absolutely necessary for their affairs, which makes them proof against the most fatiguing delays, the most mortifying disappointments, the most shocking insults; and, what is severer than all, the presumptuous judgement of the ignorant upon their designs.
Edmund Burke
Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from judgement.
Jackson Pearce
Corbyn’s words imply a serious lack of moral judgement. Just as all Muslims are not to blame for ISIS, not all Brits are to blame for [Jeremy] Corbyn.
Tzipi Livni
I wish I could tell you the recipe for figuring out who the target user is for your product and who your users should be, but… there isn’t a recipe. It comes down to think really hard and use your judgement to figure out who you’re really building this for.
Emmett Shear
When we oppose the hidden conscience, it does us hurt. When we betray it, it judges us.
Khalil Gibran
I believe in any kid’s ability to read any book and form their own judgements. It’s the job of a parent to guide his/her child through the reading of every book imaginable. Censorship of any form punishes curiosity.
Sherman Alexie
The man who is seriously convinced that he deserves hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
At bottom each “exact” science is, and must be speculative, and its chief tool of research, too rarely used with both courage and judgement, is the regulated imagination.
Reginald Aldworth Daly
I think what we should do as historians is understand. And we can have our own views about how things turned out, but I think, in making judgements, we’re getting into tricky territory.
Margaret MacMillan
A real man has no tougher judge than himself.
James Grippando
God’s will is that none should perish. Judgement isn’t His desire … but His necessity. The good must bring evil to an end, or else it would cease to be good. And yet His mercy is still greater than His judgement. His heart always wills for redemption. And therein lies the hope.
Jonathan Cahn
I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement.
Pharrell Williams
The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgement.
Wayne Dyer
My dad always said to go for my hobby and used to commend me for my excellent judgement so i try to do the similar for my children.
Heather McDonald
One mistake, one brief lapse of my new found judgement-that’s all it took to unravel everything. What a massive responsibility, being a moral creature.
Isaac Marion
The trial of a case is a three-legged stool – a judge and two advocates.
Warren E. Burger
We still seek to solve conflicts with ‘judgement’ instead of designing the way forwards.
Edward de Bono
The two commonest mistakes in judgement … are, the confounding of shyness with arrogance – a very common mistake indeed – and the not understanding that an obstinate nature exists in a perpetual struggle with itself.
Charles Dickens
I don’t understand these national awards, because half of those who sit in judgement over Indian films do not… possess the competence to evaluate a film correctly.
Satyajit Ray
To judge between good or bad, between successful and unsuccessful would take the eye of a God.
Anton Chekhov
For the wakeful one whose mind is quiet, whose thoughts are undisturbed, who has relinquished judgement and blame, there is no fear.
Gautama Buddha
I love the Irish for their attachment to the faith and for many amiable and noble qualities, but they are deficient in good sense, sound judgement, and manly character.
Orestes Brownson
Reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
When I took charge of Pakistan, I stopped and had a look from the outside before making any judgement calls. I got used to the culture because I think that is so important. For you to move a team forward as a coach, you have to understand the culture.
Mickey Arthur
Too often we judge people based on our own backgrounds and experiences, but when you understand people’s stories, it’s easier to understand their demeanor.
Joel Osteen
Bubbles and crashes are textbook examples of collective decision making gone wrong. In a bubble, all of the conditions that make groups intelligent – independence, diversity, private judgement-disappear.
James Surowiecki
Football is wonderful because everyone can have an opinion and make judgements about what they think and see.
Diego Simeone
I picture it like Judgement Day,’ he says finally, his eyes on the water. ‘We’ll rise up out of our bodies and find each other again in spirit form. We’ll meet in that new place, all of us together, and first it’ll seem strange, and pretty soon it’ll seem strange that you could ever lose someone, or get lost.
Jennifer Egan
An ill agreement is better then a good judgement.
[An ill agreement is better than a good judgment.]
George Herbert
As a kid I quite fancied the romantic, Bohemian idea of being an artist. I expect I thought I could escape from the difficulties of maths and spelling. Maybe I thought I would avoid the judgement of the establishment.
Peter Wright
As head of the Karnataka government, it’s my responsibility to implement the judgements and directions of the High Court.
H. D. Kumaraswamy
Good health is often a matter of good judgement.
Marion D. Hanks
For all laws are general judgements, or sentences of the legislator; as also every particular judgement is a law to him whose case is judged.
Thomas Hobbes
Working hard to fulfill a dream or instinct and learning over time it doesn’t work, doesn’t mean a career is over and a reputation killed. When a reputation is killed, it’s when failure comes as a result of loss of integrity or judgement… breaking of laws.
Bob Iger
We praise or blame as one or the other affords more opportunity for exhibiting our power of judgement.
Friedrich Nietzsche
It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece.
David Bowie
The poetic beauty of Davy’s mind never seems to have left him. To that circumstance I would ascribe the distinguishing feature in his character, and in his discoveries,-a vivid imagination sketching out new tracts in regions unexplored, for the judgement to select those leading to the recesses of abstract truth.
Davies Gilbert
Everyone is so afraid of making themselves look bad and of judgement.
Karrine Steffans
Without making any moral judgements whatsoever, one can say that self-indulgence and excessive self-preoccupation are the antithesis of genuine awareness.
Ronald Rolheiser
Let your resistance, judgements, angers and fears inform you.
Bryant H. McGill
We tend to blame the physical media for most of our implementation difficulties; for the media are not “ours” in the way the ideas are, and our pride colors our judgement.
Fred Brooks
Youth has many glories, but judgement is not one of them, and no amount of electronic amplification can turn a belch into an aria.
Alan Jay Lerner
Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Walk on air against your better judgement.
Seamus Heaney
Art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstones of our judgement. The artist… faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an offensive state.
John F. Kennedy
Guard against the prestige of great names; see that your judgments are your own; and do not shrink from disagreement; no trusting without testing
Lord Acton
We are alive and need to take risks. And if we fail, so what? Who cares? It doesn’t matter. Learn and move on without judgement.
Miguel Angel Ruiz
Judgement can do without knowledge: but not knowledge without judgement.
Michel de Montaigne
The subjectivist states his judgements, whereas the objectivist sweeps them under the carpet by calling assumptions knowledge, and he basks in the glorious objectivity of science.
I. J. Good
Don’t be afraid to be a loner but be sure that you are correct in your judgement.
Walter Schloss
pain is inevitable,suffering is optional… we have bigger houses,but smaller families. More conveniences,but less time. We have knowledge,but less judgements; more experts,but more problems ; more medicines but less health.
Dalai Lama
If you look at the New Testament, it’s a gospel of love. Yes, there’s talk of judgement and there’s talk of heaven and there’s talk of people not getting into heaven, but it doesn’t seem to me that the fundamental message of the gospels was one of guilt and retribution so much as love.
Jonathan Franzen
Even when everything seems rotten you can’t trust that judgment. It’s the sum of all your judgments that counts.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
We may fail of our happiness, strive we ever so bravely; but we are less likely to fail if we measure with judgement our chances and our capabilities.
Agnes Repplier
Our judgements of good and evil … presuppose God as the standard. If there’s no God, there’s neither good nor evil. There’s just nature doing what it does
Peter Kreeft
To people who don’t take women’s cricket seriously, I’d say: just watch a game first, and then make your judgement.
Isa Guha
Yesterday is ever jealous of…tomorrow.
Khalil Gibran
You cannot get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on.
Harry S. Truman
I fully subscribe to the judgement of those writers who maintain that of all the differences between man and the lower animal, the moral sense of conscience is by far the most important….It is the most noble of all the attributes of man.
Charles Darwin
People are so overwhelmed with the prestige of their instruments that they consider their personal judgement of hardly any account.
Wyndham Lewis
I intend to judge things for myself; to judge wrongly, I think, is more honorable than not to judge at all.
Henry James
Besides reasoning about matters of fact, men also make moral judgements.
C. S. Lewis
Intuition is unconscious accumulated experience informing judgement in real time.
Alain de Botton
And that is how I employ my time in cinema, saying things about people who I think have touched us in terms of our value judgement and by example.
Richard Attenborough
I really value and appreciate Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju’s contribution in spearheading the historic judgement of decriminalisation of Section 377 in India. Their relentless efforts and fight against the discrimination and violence faced by the LGBTQ community in India was a ray of hope for many of us.
Dutee Chand
Before you abuse, criticize, and accuse walk a mile in my shoes.
Elvis Presley
Your family, your best friend those are the opinions you should take to heart. All the other opinions and judgements, you have to let come in one ear and go out the other.
Whitney Port
Responsibilites and expectations are the basis of guilt and shame and judgement, and they provide the essential framework that promotes performance as the basis for identity and value.
William P. Young
I question the political judgement of those who would have the nerve to paint Christ white with his obvious African nose, lips and wooly hair.
John Henrik Clarke
My judgement is not good when I am on a book tour. I am not thinking about it that much. What happens is I will go back home. I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old and a wife who is now taking care of them who is wondering where her husband is.
Michael Lewis
So you know, as a filmmaker you have to get it all right in the writing stage. After that, one has to leave it on the judgement of your trusted ones and the audiences.
Rajkumar Hirani
Fear and greed tend to affect one’s judgement.
Walter Schloss
Don’t be intimidated by people who seem to be experts. Hear their points of view and get their judgements. But at the end of day, you’ve got to make a judgement because it’s not their life that’s going to be affected so much as your future.
Robert Dallek
Asteros’s Motto: “Most experience comes from bad judgement.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
In truth, the care and expense of our fathers aims only at furnishing our heads with knowledge; of judgement and virtue, little news.
Michel de Montaigne
If you have your attention on what is see its fullness in every moment you will discover the dance of the divine in every leaf in every petal in every blade of grass in every rainbow in every rushing stream in every breath of every living being. …beyond memory and judgement lies the ocean of universal consciousness.
Deepak Chopra
Another doctrine repugnant to Civill Society, is that whatsoever a man does against his Conscience, is Sinne ; and it dependeth on the presumption of making himself judge of Good and Evill. For a man’s Conscience and his Judgement are the same thing, and as the Judgement, so also the Conscience may be erroneous.
Thomas Hobbes
A musical education is necessary for musical judgement. What most people relish is hardly music; it is rather a drowsy reverie relieved by nervous thrills.
George Santayana
Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
Jim Horning
The ethics of editorial judgement, however, began to go though a sea change during the late 1970s and 80s when the Carter and Reagan Administrations de-regulated the television industry.
Roger Mudd
The thing about creativity is, people are going to laugh at it. Get over it.
Twyla Tharp
Be who you want to be – be free in your own skin, be liberated and feel beautiful, and do what you want to do without judgement
Adam Lambert
Look upon paintings with eyes of mystery rather than judgement. Support the need to enter into the sacred space beyond evaluation.
Michele Cassou
We never know the quality of someone else’s life, though we seldom resist the temptation to assume and pass judgement.
Tami Hoag
It seems that the creative faculty and the critical faculty cannot exist together in their highest perfection.
W. Somerset Maugham
There would be very little to dislike in other people if we refused to bring to them all of our own judgements and petty grievances.
Gerald Jampolsky
Some of the best times in my life happened under the influence of drugs… I’d still be doing it if I could make good judgement calls. I’d still be doing it if I didn’t blow up to the size of an aircraft hangar, because it was a great time.
Robbie Williams
Placing the blame or judgment on someone else leaves you powerless to change your experience; taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them
Byron Katie
Our owne actions are our security, not others judgements.
George Herbert
The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.
Michael J. Fox
Living in fear or judgement is not how I will spend my life. Realizing that this life is all I get and your life is all you get, brings a need to make the best of all possible.
Giancarlo Stanton
And how shall you punish those whose remorse is already greater than their misdeeds?
Khalil Gibran
Watch,witness,observe your thoughts-without any judgement,without any condemnation or evaluation.
According to success do we gain a reputation for judgement.
A man must believe in himself and his judgement if he expects to make a living at this game. That is why I don’t believe in tips.”
Jesse Lauriston Livermore
It reminded us that propaganda in some form or other lurks in every book, that every work of art has a meaning and a purpose – a political, social and religious purpose – that our aesthetic judgements are always coloured by our prejudices and beliefs
George Orwell
A mind that doesn’t question its judgements, makes the world very small and dangerous.
Byron Katie
I’ve been in auditions without screens, and I can assure you that I was prejudiced. I began to listen with my eyes, and there is no way that your eyes don’t affect your judgement. The only true way to listen is with your ears and your heart. (p.251)
Malcolm Gladwell
Nonresistance, nonjudgment, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.
Eckhart Tolle
We must admit that history is enjoyable to a large extent because it enables us to pass judgement on the past.
Douglas Hurd
John the Baptist, who we are told was related by blood to Jesus, was preaching the impending judgement of God, urging repentance and moral reform, and baptizing in the Jordan River those who responded.
Kenneth Scott Latourette
No human being who is in their centre can be hypnotised. That’s what needs to be remembered. No human being who is in their centre, who is being guided, who is close to their intuition, who is a sharp, critical apparatus, who has got a sharp sense of judgement, can ever be manipulated.
Michael Tsarion
Every act is a visual judgement.
Rudolf Arnheim
O you proud Christians, wretched souls and small,/ Who by the dim lights of your twisted minds/ Believe you prosper even as you fall,/ Can you not see that we are worms, each one/ Born to become the angelic butterfly/ That flies defenseless to the Judgement Throne?
Dante Alighieri
I think what holds people up in creative processes is the expectation of what it is they’re doing. It’s also the sense of judgement, you know, people editing themselves.
Antony Hegarty
Responsibility and danger do not tend to free or stimulate the average person’s mind- rather the contrary; but wherever they do liberate an individual’s judgement and confidence we can be sure that we are in the presence of exceptional ability.
Carl von Clausewitz
When our conscience bothers us, whether we admit it or not, we often try to justify it by correcting others, or by finding fault with them. The readiness to believe evil about others is in large part ammunition for a thousand scandals in our own hearts.
Fulton J. Sheen
Are you angry? Be angry at your sins, beat your soul, afflict your conscience, but strict in judgement and a terrible punisher of your own sins. This is the benefit of anger, wherefore God placed it in us.
Saint John Chrysostom
The main thing that develops positional judgement, that perfects it and makes it many-sided, is detailed analytical work, sensible tournament practice, a self-critical attitude to your games and a rooting out of all the defects in your play.
Alexander Kotov
When I look at my life I realise that the mistakes I have made, the things I really regret, were not errors of judgement but failures of feeling.
Jeanette Winterson
I think it’s important to see that, as an audience member, because a lot of times you pass judgement on people, right off the bat, depending on whatever they’re involved in or the people they surround themselves with, or something like that.
Megalyn Echikunwoke
the fire seven times tried this; seven times tried that judgement is that did never choose amiss some there be that shadows kiss; such have but a shadows bliss, there be fool alive, i wis silverd o’er, and so was this Take what wife you will to bed I will ever be your head. So be gone; you are sped.
William Shakespeare
The only justice is to follow the sincere intuition of the soul, angry or gentle. Anger is just, and pity is just, but judgement is never just.
D. H. Lawrence
And diff’ring judgments serve but to declare that truth lies somewhere, if we knew but where.
William Cowper
The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
A truly great work of art breaks beyond the bounds of the period and culture in which it is created, so final judgement on a current book has to be deferred until it can be seen outside this present moment.
Madeleine L’Engle
You can’t play having a mental disability. You have to play whatever that person’s truth is without any judgement.
Rachel Keller
The shepherd will deny the diseased lamb in fear of the flock.
Khalil Gibran
Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire
Isabel Briggs Myers
I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions.
Dorothy Day
So great is the worth of Dostoevsky that to have produced him is by itself sufficient justification for the existence of the Russian people in the world: and he will bear witness for his country-men at the last judgement of the nations.
Nikolai Berdyaev