Legacy Quotes

Legacy Quotes by Joe Calzaghe, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, B. J. Penn, Ben Rhodes, Camille Grammer, Letitia James and many others.

There'll never be another Muhammad Ali. He was a supers

There’ll never be another Muhammad Ali. He was a superstar. And although he has gone, his legacy will live on for what he has done for sport and humanity.
Joe Calzaghe
I am extremely proud that our cinema is being recognised in the West. I want Indian cinema to get its dignity, not by giving them the kind of films they expect from us, but by making cinema in a way that carries the legacy of the mainstream masters forward.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
My lasting legacy now is just going to be in highlight reels.
B. J. Penn
A critical part of our relationship with Laos involves addressing the legacy of war.
Ben Rhodes
I am the third generation of women in my family to be struck with a gynecologic cancer. Because of this legacy, we have been genetically tested.
Camille Grammer
I am proud of the advances we have made in New York where we have continued a legacy of substantive HIV/AIDS policy, but we must continue the fight to end the epidemic and ensure an AIDS-free generation.
Letitia James
For the Afro-American in the 1920’s being a ‘New Negro’ was being ‘Modern’. And being an ‘New Negro’ meant, largely, not being an ‘Old Negro’, disassociating oneself from the symbols and legacy of slavery – being urbane, assertive militant.
Nathan Huggins
It’s a legacy thing, and when it’s all said and done, I want to leave a legacy in whatever way. If not, if it’s helping the division, if it’s fighting big names, I just want to be remembered as one of the greatest all-time to ever do this in the sport. That’s just what I want to do.
Max Holloway
I have a legacy which I carry from my media career. That is why you will find that everybody will have an opinion about me.
Smriti Irani
I think our legacy will always be there. My brothers and I have carved a path for all taekwondo players, not just in the U.S.
Diana Lopez
I would say growing up in Nashville has been a huge influence in my music. Growing up with my dad being a 2-time Grammy-winner, BMI songwriter of the year for five consecutive years in a row, and having the legacy he has is definitely a huge influence, too.
Chord Overstreet
I just want to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so that when I’m long gone my great-great-grandchildren can walk up to it and say, “That’s my ancestor.” That will be my legacy.
Tracy Morgan
I think you have to include your legacy in everything that you do because it makes you proceed with a little more mindfulness when it comes to decision-making, and the lives that you will affect by your choices.
Tichina Arnold
It has been well observed that we should treat futurity as an aged friend from whom we expect a rich legacy.
Charles Caleb Colton
The legacy of the New Del was, more than anything else, a matter of ideological change. Henceforth, nearly everyone would look to the federal government for solutions to problems great and small, real and imagined, personal as well as social.
Robert Higgs
I was surprised by how much of it I was in [Tron: Legacy]. I thought the character was just going to register as a smaller figure because most of what I did was with a body double, and then I would do the stand-in with Jeff [Bridges] and he would be just wearing his regular clothes.
James Frain
Justice Jefferson has a blind spot on race. You know, more than a blind spot. A terrible blemish on his legacy, slavery, for which he’s properly excoriated. So, I think [Louis] Brandeis has done this as well.
Jeffrey Rosen
Our task today is to bring India to the threshold of the twenty-first century, free of burden of poverty, legacy of our colonial past, and capable of meeting the rising aspirations of our people.
Rajiv Gandhi
The day will come – and it is not far off – when the legacy of Lincoln will finally be fulfilled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, when a black man or woman will sit in the Oval Office. When that day comes, the most remarkable thing about it will be how naturally it occurs.
George H. W. Bush
I think that everything I’ve ever done at some point is part of someone else’s legacy.
Liev Schreiber
Legacy is really important to me. It’s more important than dollars to me. So with that said, I try to find the fights that would solidify my legacy.
Tyron Woodley
Whatever you say about Fergus McCann, if this [Celtic Park] is the legacy, then I am absolutely delighted with it.
Martin O’Neill
This is a dream come true. HBO is the highest echelon in the world for a stand-up comedian to attain. Throughout my career I’ve trusted my instincts to lead me down the right path, and I am honored to work together with this network while contributing to the legacy that is HBO.
Dane Cook
Not even the most secular among us can fail to be uplifted by Christianity’s architectural legacy – the great cathedrals. These immense and glorious buildings were erected in an era of constricted horizons, both in time and in space.
Martin Rees
I love Carrie Fisher, and it would be amazing to carry on her legacy.
Millie Bobby Brown
In the coming year, I believe we can make sure America lives up to its legacy as a land of opportunity if the President is willing to back up his rhetoric with substance.
Ron Kind
Your legacy lasts forever, the money does not.
Shawn Porter
I never lose touch. If you let me tell it, I’ll tell you I never got my just due and my respect for being one of the greats in hip-hop, and because of that, the fire never burned out. There’s more and more of a need for me to succeed or take the legacy a step further, and that’s what it is.
Fat Joe
I want to cement my own legacy and, most importantly, motivate the youth of India and make all of India proud.
Jinder Mahal
Imagine that your life’s efforts serve as a mark of God and that the only way the divine is seen, heard or expressed is through the legacy you leave behind. The yearning to make a difference is your need to express your purpose and derive meaning from your time on earth.
Debbie Ford
President [George] Bush made the U.S. absolutely the leader, between its own PEPFAR, and it’s been by far the biggest Global Fund donor. That’s a legacy.
Bill Gates
I think ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ can stand proudly in the pantheon of the great Disney animated films. It’s a fairy tale disguised as something more contemporary. With its balance of heart and comedy, it is still very much rooted in the Disney legacy.
Rich Moore
But while we can never predict where events will take us or the unavoidable bills we will have to pay as a consequence, we must confront the ghastly truth of Labour’s legacy.
Liam Fox
Water helped ancient man learn those first lessons about the rights of others and responsibility to a larger society…. It became part of the moral and mental legacy parents passed on to their children.
Max Meyer
Being a businessman, you want to invest your time and your heart into growth and a legacy, and sometimes it’s about going over there and getting it. But you don’t have to lose yourself.
Anthony Hamilton
People think about history as all grand gestures or significant moments, but the most valuable lesson we can learn is the enduring legacy of the small, meaningful things in life.
Deborah Harkness
One of the saddest and most damaging legacies of the [George W.] Bush administration is the increased assertion of the “state secrets” privilege, which kept organizations like the ACLU – which had cases of people who had actually been tortured and held in indefinite detention – from getting their day in court.
Edward Snowden
I’m going to make the playoffs. You can believe that. To never play in the playoffs, that will not be my legacy.
LaDainian Tomlinson
To live a fulfilling life, we must combine passion with compassion and strength without strife; we must get out of our comfort zone and into our strength zone; and we must work every day with discipline to ensure that our daily agenda reflects our values, our priorities, and the legacy we wish to leave for others.
Andy Wiliams’ smooth voice and casual style turned the songs he sang into timeless classics and made him one of America’s top pop singers. … The entertainment industry has lost a giant piece of its living history today, but Williams’ legacy will forever be enshrined in the annals of music and television.
Neil Portnow
I have to motivate myself every season now to win things I’ve already won just to build my own legacy and try to end my career as high up as I possibly can.
Neil Robertson
If you’re a horse in a race, if you don’t have blinkers on, and you turn your head and look at the audience, you’re just going to trip up and fall. So I tried to never get intimidated by McCarthy’s legacy, and I tried to ignore.
John Hillcoat
The importance of my legacy is not the golf course, it’s what my life is, and what my life is intended to be. The game of golf is a game. My family is my life.
Jack Nicklaus
Got good news and bad news for you, Mr. President. The good news is that Chief Justice John Roberts just saved your legacy and, perhaps, your presidency by writing for the Supreme Court majority to rule health care reform constitutional.
Ron Fournier
We wanted to protect the legacy of DC Comics here in New York, and there are many things that make sense to protect and maintain while setting up parts of the organization in Los Angeles to grow.
Diane Nelson
I didn’t even know I had a legacy.
Melvin Van Peebles
SportsCenter’ is the legacy brand at ESPN, I had a great year doing the show. But it was not a fit for me because ultimately I had a lot of things that I really wanted to say and wanted to express, and the ‘SportsCenter’ vehicle is not necessarily set up for that.
Jemele Hill
We saw David Carradine, who is not of Asian descent, playing an Asian man on the show ‘Kung Fu’ that originally should have, and was developed for, Bruce Lee. To have that be the legacy that quote-unquote inspired ‘Shang-Chi’ in the beginning obviously doesn’t put us off to a great start.
Simu Liu
All too often, legacy management practices reflexively perpetuate the past – by over-weighting the views of long-tenured executives, by valuing conformance more highly than creativity and by turning tired industry nostrums into sacred truths.
Gary Hamel
Everyday create your history, every path you take you’re leaving your legacy.
Michael Jackson
The message for the American youth is that this is a great country and we need to make sure that we pass on a heritage, a lineage and a legacy of American exceptionalism to each and everyone of you so that you can enjoy all the great liberties and freedoms that all the previous generations have had.
Allen West
Prayer is the inheritance we receive and the legacy we leave.
Mark Batterson
If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy?
Randy Pausch
A failure to act is a terrible, stunning legacy for any leader. But far worse when it is the president of the United States. And that’s the point driven home by Romney’s selection of Ryan, who dared to lead when Obama did not.
Mark McKinnon
I don’t even know how to spell ‘legacy!
Ronnie Dunn
If I was concerned about my legacy, there’s no way I would ever sit there [and be a reality-show judge]. Once your career becomes about some¬thing other than the music, then that’s what it is. I’ll never make that mistake.
Eric Church
I plan on making my mark on the legacy of hip-hop, period, but also in Atlanta production because there’s a lot of history there.
Metro Boomin
A nation has a soul, a spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other in the present. One is the possession of a rich legacy of memories; the other is the desire to live together and to value the common heritage.
Ernest Renan
I write in all sorts of places; it’s a legacy of my time as a journalist, where I could turn out copy in a hotel corridor. But I have a little office that I rent in my local town, and that’s my ideal place.
Jojo Moyes
What this man did, Fidel Castro, is he oppressed his people for nearly six decades. That legacy is firing squads. It’s poverty. It’s denying human rights.
Molly Qerim
It’s a part of most actors to want to be in an animated feature; to extend the legacy of your career.
Djimon Hounsou
Deep Listening Institute is dissolving and is now the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The legacy of the twenty or thirty years that we’ve been operating is now transferred to RPI.
Pauline Oliveros
Stalin, of course, never went on trial, but his legacy did. In 1956, three years after his death, he was denounced by Nikita Khrushchev. And his crimes were even more explicitly exposed by Mikhail Gorbachev during the late ’80s. Yet to many, Stalin remains more legitimate as a Russian leader than anyone since.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
It [making tron: Legacy movie] was everything. I got pulled into a different country, in a different language, and a different society. In a movie, it’s a completely different feel. In car design you know you have one year, and you have to go step by step. This is an organized catastrophe.
Daniel Simon
I’m also interested in creating a lasting legacy for collectors because bronze will last for thousands of years so I’m not really selling the art to this particular collector but it is being passed on.
Richard MacDonald
The better you get, the more your legacy shines. I always just try to go hard. If you don’t want do it for real, don’t do it at all.
Nixon has enough to overcome in terms of his legacy and his political history. Now he has to overcome the in-fighting between his daughters. It’s so sad. There’s another obstacle for him to clear.
Monica Crowley
We don’t live forever… Our legacy does.
Greg Plitt
All one can really leave one’s children is what’s inside their heads. Education, in other words, and not earthly possessions, is the ultimate legacy, the only thing that cannot be taken away.
Wernher von Braun
‘Dynasty’ is such an appealing title in and of itself, not even knowing about the original series. It’s a word that evokes power and legacy and a certain level of epic-ness.
Sallie Patrick
I certainly hope ‘Dragon’ can leave some legacy behind.
Donnie Yen
A ruin should always be protected but never repaired – thus may we witness full the lingering legacies of the past.
Walter Scott
To take over a government through military force would create instability, and it would not last for long. I do not want to leave a legacy of having taken over the government through military means. It has never occurred to me to have a coup d’etat.
I want Bappa to be amongst the best music composers. My father was a great singer and I also did quite well and now my son would take forward the legacy, as music is in our blood.
Bappi Lahiri
Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends.It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs.
Steve Saint
Leaving a legacy behind is huge.
Aaron Donald
I do think that the legacy of the Norman conquest is still strong in Britain. Our hereditary monarchy, our established church, our ancient county structures, though hollowed out in many ways, are a direct result of what happened in 1066.
Paul Kingsnorth
When people look back on me and my career, I’d like them to say I was one of the people who helped start something big in Brooklyn. Started a legacy where players want to come and play.
Brook Lopez
I’ve always felt that as long as I was able, I was supposed to give all I’ve got to ensure a healthy and loving legacy for those still to come, and especially for those with no voice.
Julia Butterfly Hill
My dear husband, Richard, has been the driving force behind my success and rise to whatever level I am now. My story and legacy is incomplete without his mention.
Joyce Banda
True fans will appreciate what I’ve done and the legacy I’ve left.
Petr Cech
Legacy is something you talk about when you’re dead – and I’m not dead yet.
Mike Patton
If all Henry Kissinger contributed to the Middle East were a regional arms race, petrodollar addiction, Iranian radicalization, and the Tehran-Riyadh conflict, it would be bad enough. His legacy, however, is far worse than that: He has to answer for his role in the rise of political Islam.
Greg Grandin
Money had never been the main thing for me. It’s the legacy that was important.
Berry Gordy
What I am most proud of is the legacy of hope that FIFA and football leaves around the world. It makes all of the efforts and energy I pour into this job worth it.
Sepp Blatter
What you have in legacy countries is long-term insolvency.
Paul Singer
Vaclav Havel had moral stature. The president in first Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in many ways is a ceremonial role. And so, speaking out and having that strong moral fiber, people just knew that he told the truth to people who had only heard lies. And so I think his – that’s his legacy.
Judy Woodruff
It was a great mantel to be able to take on really, an amazing legacy. And you know to finally see it, because I just saw the final product yesterday as well, is really amazing to be part of something like this.
Brandon Routh
I was going to go back to doing the indies more often and possibly working more of a full-time schedule in Japan. If I didn’t get the chance to go to WWE, that would have been a bummer to me, but I was just going to continue to do the best I could and continue my legacy.
Roderick Strong
We’re crafting versions of our TotalGuide Solution to work on both legacy devices as well as new and advanced boxes with varying levels of services based on the capabilities of the set-top box and network.
Alfred Amoroso
Ask any rapper or singer what artist they are an expert on. What artist are they looking to emulate, and really, what artist is the one person they are an expert on? You see, if you want any kind of longevity, if you want any kind of legacy, you need to know what ancestral line you are from.
A person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world. Some people cast hardly any shadow at all. Some cast long, deep shadows that endured for centuries.
Rick Riordan
I hadn’t watched any Hitchcock movies when I made ‘Tom at the Farm,’ except for ‘Vertigo’ when I was 8 years old. I don’t have a sophisticated film knowledge, but I have seen the legacy of classic movies in broader entertainment.
Xavier Dolan
My father’s legacy is going to be talked about for hundreds and hundreds of years.
Meghan McCain
Army astronauts have a very proud legacy in the astronaut program.
Anne McClain
Music has been of central importance to Disney movies for as long as I can remember. To contribute to that legacy, is a great honor.
James Newton Howard
The ‘Soul Train’ legacy and brand are of the utmost importance to me and to ‘Soul Train’s’ millions of fans. After years of offers, I feel the time is now finally right to pass the torch.
Don Cornelius
I tend to split my activities into fun, income and legacy. The number of things in that finance bucket is pretty few and far between and doesn’t consume much time at all.
Tim Ferriss
That’s why 60,000 people go ape when the Stones play ‘Satisfaction.’ The songs are part of their legacy, and you fall back in love with them over the years.
Joe Elliott
At some point we all have to move on. Im here to create some kind of legacy in Brooklyn.
Paul Pierce
I wholeheartedly believe that Andy Biggs is the right man to take up the legacy that Matt Salmon is leaving behind. I have worked with Andy for a number of years, and I have been impressed by his commitment to the Constitution and the principles of conservatism.
Trent Franks
When people look back at my career, I want them to see a fierce competitor, but more importantly, I want to be remembered for my consistency of character and the legacy I hope to leave through my First Things First Foundation.
Kurt Warner
It’s never a question of skin pigmentation. It’s never a question of just culture or sexual orientation or civilization. It’s what kind of human being you’re going to choose to be from your mama’s womb to the tomb and what kind of legacy will you leave.
Cornel West
Thomas J. Huddleston never cast a ballot in his lifetime but he found a way to lift Black Mississippians up. And that is a legacy I will carry with me always.
Mike Espy
Rejoice in the works of your hands, be happy and thankful that you are valuable, that what you say and do insn’t taken for a ride, that you have rejected the notion of self-doubt and fear, that God isn’t blind towards propagating your positive influence, and finally that you’ll leave a meritorious legacy.
Michael Bassey
It is absolutely ludicrous that abortion supporters would accuse a blood relative of Dr. King of hijacking the King legacy. Uncle Martin and my father, Rev. A. D. King were blood brothers. How can I hijack something that belongs to me? I am an heir to the King Family legacy.
Alveda King
I’m trying to build something that lasts forever. If it’s tied to my legacy as an athlete, then when I’m gone, it will have no momentum or can’t keep selling.
Martellus Bennett
It’s impossible for me to disentangle how much of my storytelling urge is the product of growing up with novelist parents and how much is a genetic legacy from those same parents.
Jesse Kellerman
Vice President Mondale devoted himself to championing the civil rights of all Americans and worked to ensure that everyone has opportunity to achieve success in their lives regardless of their socioeconomic background or upbringing. We are deeply grateful for his service to the United States and the legacy he leaves.
Ned Lamont
He was living proof that this country can improve. That, as a nation, we can peacefully confront historic wrongs and right them. John Lewis may be gone but his message and his legacy remains.
Mikie Sherrill
I can say with some confidence that President Zardari’s legacy will be written in golden words. I don’t say this as his son, or patron-and-chief of the Pakistan People’s Party – but as a student of history.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.
Dolly Parton
If therefore our houses be houses of the Lord, we shall for that reason love home, reckoning our daily devotion the sweetest of our daily delights, and our family worship the most valuable of our family comforts. This will sanctify to us all the conveniences of our houses, and reconcile us to the inconveniences of it.
Matthew Henry
The problem, of course, is that the vacuum left by Younis Tsouli is quickly being filled by a larger, anonymous group of new cyber terrorists who are competing to follow in his legacy. He has become the inspiration for a second generation of “cyber terrorists” who are studying and learning from his mistakes.
Evan Kohlmann
Leaders should leave behind them assets and a legacy.
Max De Pree
If I have a chance to make a larger amount of money in a legacy fight against the No. 1 welterweight in history, it makes sense for me to want that fight. You have a lot of pay-per-view money coming to this company. Why shouldn’t the champion partake in a piece of that pie?
Tyron Woodley
I want to leave a great legacy behind, not just be a quarterback drafted in the first round who doesn’t produce.
Lamar Jackson
You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea.
Medgar Evers
I don’t want to retire on the independent scene. I don’t want my legacy to be remembered as that.
Mickie James
I decided to leave most of my wealth to my charitable foundation, which is not to be confused with my charity. My charity helps children directly. The charitable foundation will receive most of my legacy when I die.
John Caudwell
This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy. To eat with reckless abandon, without conscience, without knowledge; folks, this ain’t normal.
Joel Salatin
Photography, of course, is the perfect medium for the investigation. It can reveal the truth of present day specifics and particularities, while at the same time, by conscious choice of lighting and pictorial structure, suggest the aesthetic legacy of the past.
John Pfahl
My time and my legacy with Dream Theater will always be a part of me. It’s something I’ll always be proud of.
Mike Portnoy
I want to leave something behind when I go; some small legacy of truth, some word that will shine in a dark place.
Nellie L. McClung
Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced his resignation on Thursday, leaves a dismal legacy at the Justice Department, but one of his legal innovations was especially pernicious: the demonizing of state attempts to ensure honest elections.
Edwin Meese
Hopefully, I brought people a certain joy. That will be a wonderful legacy.
Julie Andrews
When presidents decide to litigate an issue to protect their policy decisions, they are more likely to act judiciously, and with an eye toward compromise, because they can see the larger implications for the legacy of their office.
Asha Rangappa
I don’t ever want it to be about me. A friend of mine told me, ‘The difference between fame and notoriety is fame is when people know you, and notoriety is when people know your work.’ The first one is not respectable, but the second one is, because that leaves a legacy.
Troy Baker
People always ask me why I didn’t join a crew or something like that. I don’t know if that would have changed my legacy or if I would still be here today.
I’ve tried to avoid the rock & roll highway and have taken the scenic route. I think all the guys have been more concerned with the music and the band’s legacy than with the commercial aspects of life.
Ian Gillan
The mass of men worry themselves into nameless graves while here and there a great unselfish soul forgets himself into immortality.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am from the inner city, the ghetto. If I can use my platform to carry on a legacy and talk about something that’s real, I have to do that, period.
Kendrick Lamar
I’ll tell you my legacy: I wasn’t welcome. I was too small. I couldn’t play the game the way they wanted me to play the game. Sound like an uneven game to me. Put me on a level playing field, and I’ll show you.
Ben Wallace
It seems that every generation needs its public, tweedy, literary personality to sell its consumer electronics. To whatever degree I can live up to the Plimptonian legacy, I am humble and proud.
John Hodgman
As we celebrate Black History Month we should be grateful for the achievements they made and inspired by their legacies to continue their work.
Marty Meehan
We are a continuum. Just as we reach back to our ancestors for our fundamental values, so we, as guardians of that legacy, must reach ahead to our children and their children. And we do so with a sense of sacredness in that reaching.
Paul Tsongas
When the media defines something, you have to question: Is it the definition that you want applied to your culture? I’m trying to determine who’s leaving the legacy, and if the legacy that is being left is a positive one.
Tim Reid
The best legacy you could leave is not some building that is names after you or a piece of jewelry but rather a world that has been impacted and touched by your presence, your joy, and your positive actions.
Jon Gordon
A legacy, or things like that, I’ve never really been a big thinker in that way. You know, it’s kind of just been trying to go each day.
Jarome Iginla
Sexual pessimism and hostility toward the pleasures of the flesh are a legacy from the ancient world which Christianity has preserved in a special measure to this day.
Uta Ranke-Heinemann
I really feel that I’ve carried on my mother’s legacy.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
As we celebrate President Reagan’s remarkable career and historic legacy, we also celebrate a man of strong character, deep conviction, unforgettable charm, and wonderful wit.
Jim Ramstad
In football, the result is an impostor. You can do things really, really well but not win. There’s something greater than the result, more lasting – a legacy.
Let us leave a splendid legacy for our children…let us turn to them and say, this you inherit: guard it well, for it is far more precious than money…and once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.
Ansel Adams
He that visits the sick in hopes of a legacy, but is never so friendly in all other cases, I look upon him as being no better than a raven that watches a weak sheep only to peck out its eyes.
Seneca the Younger
Your ultimate life experience and legacy is being built moment by moment, day by day. Your story is being crafted by your every action, all leading somewhere, all leading to what one hopes will be a magnificent crescendo.
Brendon Burchard
The common vision is winning – and winning a World Cup. We have a three-year plan – win the World Cup, win the Olympics, win the Euros – and the common agreement is you want to create a legacy and win the World Cup; then, everything else falls into place.
Phil Neville
I don’t want to be just somebody short who happens to act. I hope my legacy will be Warwick Davis, Actor.
Warwick Davis
It is up to the people and boxing fans to give me the respect I deserve once I have finished my career. I personally do not think about my legacy.
Wladimir Klitschko
The legacy of Mandela is to have brought the country together… South Africa can be one of the success stories of the 21st century.
David Cameron
I’m just tired of the unethical people, the scumbags, all that. Maybe that’s how all businesses are run, but in MMA, I’ve been in the UFC, Legacy, and Bellator. The UFC was the best, and even they didn’t treat you that well.
Matt Riddle
I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to restore dignity and humanity to our immigration policies and to respectfully uphold America’s legacy as a nation of immigrants.
Alex Padilla
In traditional societies, we have a long legacy of men controlling the body and mind of women. Such societies have valorised motherhood and fabricated concepts like chastity. Women have been the victims of these notions for thousands of years.
Taslima Nasrin
The No. 1 thing that I care about is the fact that I did my job by the children because that has a legacy that will far outlive me. Because it won’t only be them, it will be how they impact their children and the next generation.
Michele Bachmann
Racism is earthbound – it’s something we only do to each other here on earth. Legacy, on the other hand, is otherworldly. It pushes us forward to our future.
Jonathan Majors
Handloom is a legacy, a craft which involves close to four million weavers in the country. They have to decide how they would like to position their wares in the domestic and global markets. We in the government will support their vision to the best of our abilities.
Smriti Irani
Scarface, I don’t think, has done anything in his whole career to tarnish his legacy.
I want to leave a legacy behind that is undeniable.
Sami Zayn
The leader of an Earth organization who makes a commitment to history – of humans living on Earth, to begin permanent settlement/occupation of not the moon, but of another planet – this leader will have a legacy for history that will supersede Columbus, Genghis Khan or almost any recognized leader.
Buzz Aldrin
I would remind people on the planet that this is the only one we have, and we need to take care of it. I would want people to truly consider what we do and how we treat the earth, the ecosystems, and animals we share it with, and think about the legacy we want to leave behind.
Amanda Schull
I think the whole world is dying to hear someone say, ‘I love you.’ I think that if I can leave the legacy of love and passion in the world, then I think I’ve done my job in a world that’s getting colder and colder by the day.
Lionel Richie
Worry about going out there and making your own legacy.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
My father’s legacy is bigger than a building. It really is a tremendous business that he’s built.
Linda Johnson Rice
For any young democracy, the most difficult but important step is burying the legacy of tyranny and establishing an economy and a government and institutions that abide by the rule of law. Every country faces challenges to the rule of law, including my own.
Joe Biden
Ultimately, I think, as humans, we all care deeply about our life’s legacy, and contemplating our own mortality is the only real way to approach that question of legacy honestly.
Mark Manson
I think of the Kennedy family and I think of their faith… Along came John F. Kennedy and a part of his legacy is that… he didn’t just break the Catholic barrier, he crushed it.
Doug Wead
We will see about Obama’s legacy. I still think the historical nature of his candidacy will be the biggest part of his legacy.
Larry Wilmore
I’m just becoming more and more aware of this truly profound responsibility that we carry as individuals. And it’s a responsibility not only to ourselves and to our families, but to the billions of people who still have to come in the future who will be dealing with our legacy.
Chris Jordan
I come from a law enforcement family. My grandfather, William J. Comey, was a police officer. Pop Comey is one of my heroes. I have a picture of him on my wall in my office at the FBI, reminding me of the legacy I’ve inherited and that I must honor.
James Comey
Washington worked very hard to create his legacy. Even before the War of Independence was over, he was assembling his papers and making sure they were going to be in a state of preservation that would represent as best he could the official side of what occurred during the Revolution.
Nathaniel Philbrick
I don’t need to tell you that, what determines a man’s legacy is often what isn’t seen.
J. Edgar Hoover
I think one of my father’s great legacies is the people that he inspired and the generation that he inspired transformed America through civil rights, women’s rights, equal justice, and they’ve passed that on to their children and grandchildren.
Caroline Kennedy
My legacy is in my family, not in my work. For me. I don’t know about for other people. I try to forget a lot.
Meshell Ndegeocello
I don’t feel any pressure to live up to the legacy of my grandfather; if I did, I’d be mad. I’m as much of a fan of his work as anyone.
Sophie Dahl
You have to know one big thing and stick with it. The leaders who had one very big idea and one very big commitment. This permitted them to create something. Those are the ones who leave a legacy.
Irving Kristol
You don’t wanna mess up what you’ve done. It’s like Jordan coming back: You’re scared to mess up the legacy.
Ice Cube
What you get when you elect Lisa Murkowski is you get somebody who builds on that legacy that Ted Stevens built for our state for 40 years that continues on that path, that trajectory, to helping a young state like Alaska build us out.
Lisa Murkowski
Dick Clark will be truly missed. We will carry on his legacy every New Year’s Eve.
I think the film is beautifully realised. His legacy as a journalist was recorded – as it were – well, and certainly the important issues of the ’50s – or even today – are delivered and presented to the audience in a rather honest and objective way.
David Strathairn
So however much time has passed since Legacy came out would also have transpired in the real world. So it will still be contemporary. So let’s say if the Tron sequel comes out later, then four or five years have passed since the last movie.
Joseph Kosinski
Diego Tardelli has a very good history with the national team, and left a legacy of his time in Dunga’s squad.
I’ve always been humble and this even humbled me even more to definitely get a second chance at my career. There are still chapters I’m writing in this legacy.
Darrelle Revis
I been asked about my legacy and I really don’t care much about the legacy.
Manu Ginobili
Like many professional footballers, I have the legacy of injuries picked up over my career but the effect on my day-to-day training and on matchday is non-existent.
Charlie Austin
In the struggle to defend the legacy of Leninism . . . [Stalin] proved himself to be an outstanding Marxist-Leninist fighter. . . . Stalin’s works should, as before, be seriously studied . . . [to] see what is correct and what is not.
Mao Zedong
I want to leave behind a literary legacy.
Rupi Kaur
I’m working for my legacy.
What legacy can I leave behind to everybody that they will remember me?
Liza Soberano
I’d love to build a brand, a legacy.
Ryan Holmes
Each generation has its own rendezvous with the land, for despite our fee titles and claims of ownership, we are all brief tenants on this planet. By choice, or by default, we will carve out a land legacy for our heirs.
Stewart Udall
As a younger person I think I thought of myself as a Tony [from The Best Man], struggling with the legacy of my famous parents.
Chris Hart
There is no magic on earth strong enough to wipe out the legacies of one’s parents.
Salman Rushdie
McConnell is praised throughout the Republican Party for his focus on confirming originalist judges to federal courts. It’s easily his greatest legacy, and one I wrote about at length in ‘Justice On Trial,’ my book with Carrie Severino.
Mollie Hemingway
Maybe I wanted to have kids because you want to leave behind lessons, leave behind everything that matters to you. That’s how you touch the world. But I have to reconsider what it’s like to leave a legacy.
Mattie Stepanek
One day after laying a wreath at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr., President Bush appoints a federal judge who has built his career around dismantling Dr. King’s legacy.
Hillary Clinton
A father’s holy life is a rich legacy for his sons.
Charles Spurgeon
Our legacy platforms have served us well for decades, but we’re running out of upgrades that will keep us ahead. Technology is changing too fast, and our enemies are too adaptable.
Mark Esper
I’ve done lots of songs for film soundtracks and things like that – stuff I’m not ashamed of, but that doesn’t represent my legacy with the Pretenders.
Chrissie Hynde
In defence of Madiba’s legacy, we will continue to wage a relentless war on corruption and mismanagement of the resources of our country.
Cyril Ramaphosa
Fortunately, the leadership of black immigrant communities has always been present in all black liberation movements from leaders like Marcus Garvey to Shirley Chisholm to Malcolm X and Harry Belafonte. We know this is our legacy.
Opal Tometi
Stripe is building payment infrastructure for the Web, so we make it easy to accept credit cards online. Before Stripe, the way youd do this is using the legacy banking structure. It was slow, it was complex, it was expensive. It had this very chilling effect on e-commerce.
John Collison
My legacy is to put my name in the history books in boxing.
Vasyl Lomachenko
My father had an amazing legacy, and so does my mother. I wanted to be able to have both names there. In my personal life, it’s Evan Naess. In my career life, it’s Evan Ross.
Evan Ross
I’m proud of my father, but my pride cannot be fully measured by that snapshot in history. Because contrary to first glance, my father’s legacy comes not from his presiding over the final act in the drama of fighting for equal rights – his legacy is about setting the stage.
Martin Luther King III
Few people on earth know Peter Drucker and his work better than Bruce Rosenstein. This is a welcome, unique and very personal addition to Drucker’s incomparable legacy.
Bob Buford
The past is a pebble in my shoe.
Edgar Allan Poe
We’ve got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help those who come after us.
Michelle Obama
What you do is your history. What you set in motion is your legacy.
Leonard Sweet
I am proud of my father’s legacy, he is a truly incredible artist and has a lot of goodwill in the film and fashion industry.
Antara Mali
I would not have stayed at a university if it told me upfront that a condition for me getting tenure. my views have to be filtered through Catholic values. I would consider it a betrayal of my parents’ legacy.
Norman Finkelstein
A lot of my pieces have involved teamwork, but hopefully they’ve inspired people to make things – that inspiration would be a great legacy.
David Linley
Stripe is building payment infrastructure for the Web, so we make it easy to accept credit cards online. Before Stripe, the way you’d do this is using the legacy banking structure. It was slow, it was complex, it was expensive. It had this very chilling effect on e-commerce.
John Collison
I think Peter Norman recuperated in the sense that people who knew who Peter Norman was, he built his character around the legacy of his family, in terms of what they taught him about equality and justice for all.
John Carlos
There is – and always will be – the legacy of chattel slavery in this nation, an obsession with racial and gender differences, but I think that, at its best, this nation is capable of creating standards for itself and reaching towards those standards.
Kehinde Wiley
I think the greatest legacy of the 1960s was the general feeling that not only can you fight the powers that be, but you can win.
Abbie Hoffman
I am, as many people are, inspired by Jack Layton’s legacy and the way that he approached politics.
Justin Trudeau
Hollywood and Disneyland are the legacy of Europe’s cultural imperialism. We gave them nursery rhymes and they gave back film. Televised riots are as American as Barbie/ Big Macs. Tomorrow the riots will be forgotten but Mickey mouse will still be there. Welcome to Disneyland.
Richey Edwards
Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy.
David Frum
Philanthropy is lost. The human spirit is suppressed. Most people want a legacy; they want to give something back, a library, a hospital wing, a donation to their church. This is a form of socialism that must go.
Lindsey Graham
To live; to love; to learn; and to leave a legacy.
Stephen Covey
There is a strange charm in the thoughts of a good legacy, or the hopes of an estate, which wondrously removes or at least alleviates the sorrow that men would otherwise feel for the death of friends.
Miguel de Cervantes
The legacy of the Freddie Gray unrest? I think that remains to be determined.
Larry Hogan
Abusive language and swearing are a legacy of slavery, humiliation, and disrespect for human dignity, one’s own and that of other people.
Leon Trotsky
Love leaves legacy. How you treated other people, not your wealth or accomplishments, is the most enduring impact you can leave on earth.
Rick Warren
Abraham Lincoln and Millard Fillmore had the same title. They were both presidents of the United States, but their tenure in office and their legacy could not be more different.
Barack Obama
Legacy is an issue, in my opinion. People in the ISL seemed very much more worried about winning, than in creating a legacy.
Steve Jobs was a great friend as well as a trusted advisor. His legacy will extend far beyond the products he created or the businesses he built. It will be the millions of people he inspired, the lives he changed, and the culture he defined.
Bob Iger
Be a mentor to others. Your most important legacy is preparing new leaders to carry on your goals.
Ellen Sauerbrey
The studios mostly threw away the negatives of the classic films. They had no interest in their legacy.
William Friedkin
I think it’s something that we said collectively, in terms of the fact that we was getting ready to face probably the biggest storms of our life, and we had to stand strong for what we believe in and carry on the legacy we just laid down for society.
John Carlos
I don’t like dynasty and legacy. But I think there’s a period in the U.S. history where Bushes have been in the forefront.
George H. W. Bush
Freedom requires responsibility to choose who we are above and beyond our immediate impulses, needs, and social pressures, so that we can genuinely express the type of person we want to be, live the life we truly want to live, leave the legacy we desire.
Brendon Burchard
You live till you die, and that’s the end of it. What good is your legacy when you are dead? I worry about being alive, selling work, having fun, moving and doing things when I am alive.
James Rosenquist
My legacy is always going to be fine.
LaVar Ball
The legacy of the Bush administration is a lack of positive action on energy and the environment and profligate and irresponsible spending with no commensurate action to deal with looming liabilities.
Lawrence Wilkerson
Hosting and surfacing legacy media content isn’t all about YouTube trying to abandon its core, it’s about inviting a broader variety of viewers to the platform.
Hank Green
Legacy leaders are the only ones wiling to pay the price to fix a broken culture.
Bill Hybels
If you’re playing baseball, why are you playing baseball? Is it to have success on the field and be a Hall-of-Famer or whatever it is? Sure, that’s everyone’s goal. But then what? For me, it’s about the legacy you leave off the field.
Clayton Kershaw
Of course, you’ve got to reckon with the burden of the past. You can’t just easily dismiss it. It is a legacy and often you have to carry an albatross. And it won’t happen until people are able to have a certain level of trust and try to speak to each other, not as caricatures but as people.
Desmond Tutu
Nature has no cure for this sort of madness, though I have known a legacy from a rich relative work wonders.
Sam Smith
My legacy doesn’t matter. It isn’t important that I be remembered. It’s important that when I stand before the Lord, he says, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ I want to finish strong.
James Dobson
On occasion, terrorists will succeed despite our best efforts. That is part of the legacy of 9/11. But 9/11 also shows us that while terrorists can destroy, they are unable to create.
Richard N. Haass
When you think about the impact and the legacy that ‘Monday Night Raw’ has had on the media, entertainment, and sports worlds, it’s significant.
Stephanie McMahon
Here is the problem with legacy: You’ll sacrifice stuff that is not even yours to get it. Take President Obama’s Iran deal, when he gave the shirt off his back – and ours, too.
Greg Gutfeld
I seriously think Bachchan is more Bengali than any one I know. He’s a true Bengali dada. And I’m not saying that because he has a Bengali wife or has spent time in Kolkata. There’s more of Rabindranath Tagore’s legacy in him than anyone else.
This was the invention of modern American philanthropy as we know it. The idea of systematizing giving to achieve human progress was the true innovation of John D. Rockefeller, and ultimately the Rockefeller Foundation’s legacy.
Judith Rodin
Our life is our prayer. It is our gift to the universe, and the memories we leave behind when we someday exit this world will be our legacy to our loved ones. The best thing we can do for ourselves and everyone around us is to find our joy and share it!
Anita Moorjani
I want to make it clear that I do not judge or condemn any woman who has had an abortion, but every abortion is a tragedy and up to 100,000 abortions a year is this generation’s legacy of unutterable shame.
Tony Abbott
As long as I keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll get the fights I need and get the legacy that I always dreamed of.
Jermall Charlo
Charlotte Flair is continuing her father’s legacy but paving her own, and she’s opening the door for women all over the world to be superstars in a male dominated industry.
Charlotte Flair
If a man needs an elaborate tombstone in order to remain in the memory of his country, it is clear that his living at all was an act of absolute superfluity.
Oscar Wilde
The innovative process is a fragile one, dependent on a complex, often messy interplay of imagination, competition, and exchange. Curbing new ideas hurts not only individual creators but the audience for which they create and the posterity that inherits their legacy.
Virginia Postrel
Legacy is not what I did for myself. It’s what I’m doing for the next generation.
Vitor Belfort
Because of the friends I have known, the honorable people I have met, I know I am no solitary hero of unique causes. I know now that when I die, I will live on. That which is important will live on. This is my Legacy; and by the grace of the gods, I am not alone.
R. A. Salvatore
‘Jurassic’ is a legacy and a classic. Steven Spielberg created something pretty spectacular. It’s actually really interesting, when I look at it, I ask, ‘How has my life changed since being Lex?’ And I can literally walk into just about any city in the world and people will know who I am.
Ariana Richards
I want to protect my legacy. I’ve trained great horses.
Bob Baffert
We live in a world shaped by the ambiguous legacy of the Enlightenment…[it] enlarged the scope of human freedom, prepared our minds for the scientific method, made man the measure of all things, and placed individual consent front and center on the political stage.
James Q. Wilson
Today, nobody cares about European culture. We have a tradition, a vision, a culture of the past, we have legacy, but we don’t have a present culture and we don’t have a future.
Frederic Martel
I want to be here in L.A. – a place where I can call home – and leave a legacy.
Jordan Clarkson
I want to make a serious legacy.
Kell Brook
It’s an honor to live on a legacy, getting to do what we love to do and try to be the best musicians that we can possibly be.
Zac Brown
With a Nine Inch Nails show, I’m building on a legacy that comes with a certain set of expectations. I have to push that forward, I have to reinvent myself, I have to feel current and valid.
Trent Reznor
Every man [human being] is an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The world today is a very different one. Social media, which I use as a way of connecting with people, is something that my father never got to use. I’m not worried about defending my father’s legacy. I’m very much worried about what the future holds.
Justin Trudeau
The streets made me. They stay at me. There’s nothing that’s gonna take away from my legacy. I’m sorry. It is what it is. I’m dying this way. With the crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am. Bottom line.
Lil’ Kim
Bolivar’s legacy has always been a part of the Venezuelan/Latin American imagery, especially in the countries that he liberated or he helped to liberate. He’s been a very prominent figure.
Edgar Ramirez
If you do not clean up your sociaty now, therefore the legacy you have left for your children is nothing other than an unjust society.
Khem Veasna
I can think of no one more relevant and credible in the hip-hop community to build upon Def Jam’s fantastic legacy and move the company into its next groundbreaking era.
My grandmother left an incredible legacy and mark on my life and my family.
Julius Randle
I want our company to leave a legacy of learning to find the balance between what’s good and what’s good for you.
Nell Newman
My detective just told me, ‘Seriously, you are in danger and you have to change all your information.’ But I said no because my name, Park Yeon-mi, is my legacy from my father, that’s the only one he just left me. I’m very proud of my name so that’s why if I die I’m ok.
Park Yeon-mi
Presidential legacies are valuable things, too valuable to be left up to historians.
Thomas Frank
To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.
John F. Kennedy
Give it up for Ray Charles and his beautiful legacy. And thank you, Ray Charles, for living.
Jamie Foxx
We look at the legacy of Frederick Douglass and Ida B. Wells and Ella Baker, Malcolm X and Martin King. We have, and part of the struggle now in the age of [Barack] Obama is how do we keep alive the legacy of Martin King?
Cornel West
“Legacy code” often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling.
Bjarne Stroustrup
I hope people just enjoy the music. I’m not worried about any sort of legacy.
Glenn Kotche
My teaching is my legacy.
Anderson Silva
My buildings will be my legacy… they will speak for me long after I’m gone.
Julia Morgan
Many developing countries are enjoying demographic changes. They have a younger demographic composition so they’re not burdened by legacy policy. Now, if you combine this with a good macro policy and ambitious structural policy, those countries are able to move more flexibly and be more agile.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
A lot of people abroad know Lula’s campaigns against poverty and hunger, but he had a tremendous legacy in education too. He invested 2 percent of GDP, more than other administration, putting the PT’s education programs in motion.
Fernando Haddad
Publishing, legacy or indie, is a vehicle, and you can’t opine about whether someone has chosen the right vehicle if you don’t know where she intends to drive it.
Barry Eisler
Leaving a legacy beyond just playing football has become extremely important to me.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
When you have told anyone you have left him a legacy, the only decent thing to do is die at once.
Samuel Butler
If I get a note on my script or my films, what I say to a studio executive is that, ‘You know, this is the film of my legacy, and I never want to be sitting in a theater looking up on the screen and seeing something that I don’t believe in.’ I will never do that.
Gina Prince-Bythewood
Of all the waste we generate, plastic bags are perhaps the greatest symbol of our throwaway society. They are used, then forgotten, and they leave a terrible legacy.
Zac Goldsmith
Your body is a vessel. It doesn’t really matter. It’s what you leave here and how you influence other people’s lives – that’s what legacy you’ll leave behind.
Lauren Wasser
It’s about legacy, it’s about moments, it’s about being an icon – I’ll do what I do and the money will flow.
Israel Adesanya
What we need now is a nation of great people who live to positively impact others and build enduring legacies
Tara Fela-Durotoye
A legacy for me is being a piece of the soundtrack of someone’s life.
Brett Eldredge
When you’re done playing you want to leave a legacy.
Mike Conley Jr.
When I’m 100 years old, if I make it that long, when I die, probably the first tag line will be John McCain’s daughter, and I’m so proud of him and proud of my family’s legacy and our life, so I don’t have a problem with it.
Meghan McCain
My story, or my life or my legacy can hopefully show [fans] that once you’re down, that doesn’t mean you’re down forever. You never let up.
Chris Brown
Rather than dull our consciences to the unmitigated violence of abortion, the passage of time has only enabled us to see and, frankly, better understand the innate cruelty of abortion and its horrific legacy – victims – while making us more determined than ever to protect the weakest and the most vulnerable.
Chris Smith
I think racial justice – and addressing the sick and enduring legacy of structural racism – remains one of the greatest challenges of our time, and one that’s particularly important for more and more white people to speak up about.
Sally Kohn
Nobody can know what their legacy is going to be, you know?
Rhiannon Giddens
Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Vince McMahon could care less about the ECW legacy.
Shane Douglas
Recently, I read a quote which said that if a woman is beautiful, she’s called an Angel’ in English and a Bapu Bomma’ in Telugu. I think that sums up the legacy he has left behind.
Pranitha Subhash
I think that’s the one thing we all hope for in this life is we leave something of a legacy, that’s meaningful to someone else, when we leave here.
Michael McDonald
You ask yourself, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’m content at this point to say, ‘Those who follow me.’ Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, to name a few. I think I’ve got a pretty good group, so far.
Bill Parcells
The situation is worse than it has ever been before. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton – death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.
Donald Trump
It can be a challenge, but my legacy, at least for the people who came before me, is you don’t run from challenges because that’s more comfortable and convenient.
Bryan Stevenson
As philanthropists, the most powerful legacy we can create is one that keeps on giving – through our children.
Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Whether they [left in America are] anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, or libertarians who believe in free enterprise, I regard theirs as the real legacy of the left, and I feel much closer, ideologically, to such individuals than I do to the totalitarian liberals and Marxist-Leninists of today.
Murray Bookchin
Do whatever you gotta do to chase your legacy every second of your life.
Ray Lewis
The cross is not only imposed upon the saints as their burden, but bequeathed unto them as their legacy. It is given unto them as an honor and privilege.
Richard Alleine
The Iraqi people are living a long-running tragedy because of the legacy of the old regime, the Americans and their actions that are unsuitable for Iraqi society, and the weakness of national resolve.
Ahmed Chalabi
I think really the whole problem with racism and its continuing legacy in this country is that we simply love it. Who would we be without the ‘struggle?’
Kara Walker
I don’t know if I have a legacy, but I will say that I’m proud of the fact that I’m from a small town in a small state and I’ve had more than a small impact.
Tinker Hatfield
I’m excited to contribute towards U.S.A. Basketball’s winning legacy and continuing its tremendous reputation around the world.
DeMarcus Cousins
The executions, persecution and imprisonment of political dissidents and the LGBT community, denial of free press, elections and religious freedoms, continue to be Fidel Castro’s legacy.
Andy Garcia
I think I’m an artistic radical, and I think I’ll be recognized as one. I’m a really good musician and a songwriter, but I think my real legacy will be as a radical.
Billy Corgan
Inherited wealth may be something easily squandered, but inherited poverty is a legacy almost impossible to lose.
Eric L. Haney
I hope that when I’m 90 years old, I’ve accomplished a legacy that isn’t all about me. I hope it’s a legacy about the people who our foundation helps.
Tim Tebow
I want my legacy to be about the soccer, and if I can help people be happier in life in any capacity, awesome.
Abby Wambach
People will be talking about the [Barack] Obama legacy for decades, and I wanted to include my voice in the analysis of this presidency.
Julianne Malveaux
While I talked about comparisons between Cap and Cable, there’s also a parallel with Tony Stark. Iron Man thinks of himself as a ‘futurist,’ Cable is from the future. Both have been at war with their own bodies. We look for characters with touch points to Cable. Their legacy means an enormous amount to him.
Jeph Loeb
I think Barack Obama is an amazing man and president. His legacy is ongoing.
Omar Epps
I wouldn’t change anything about my career. I don’t need my legacy to be anything.
Ian Poulter
Labour’s disastrous legacy and the Conservative success did not happen by accident: it was about the choices each party made, choices that impact on everyone.
Esther McVey
I am ever mindful of the legacy of my grandfather, the founder of this Kingdom, who had said to me that he perceived his life as a link in a continuous chain of those who served our nation and that he expected me to be a new and strong link in the same chain.
King Hussein I
We’ve got this proposal which has been languishing in the legislature, the Water Legacy Act, which is derived from a Republican task force on protecting the Great Lakes. Yet nothing has been done on it.
Jennifer Granholm
All our pleasures and possessions are consigned to oblivion, but the legacy we leave for Christ will endure forever.
David Jeremiah
Carrying on the Blanchard name is a huge honor for me because my grandfather, my father and my step-father – they’ve all put a lot into their legacy and for me to carry that on, it’s a lot of weight on my shoulders.
Tessa Blanchard
The historical legacies of resistance to racism, militarism, privatization and panoptical surveillance have long been forgotten and made invisible in the current assumption that Americans now live in a democratic, post-racial society.
Henry Giroux
I definitely feel like I’m carrying on the legacy of the Scott family. What Wendell had to go through was extremely difficult, but he kept racing, kept fighting. Part of him will be with me when I’m out on the track.
Bubba Wallace
We all leave personal legacies for the people we know and love.
Christine Gregoire
Russell Westbrook, giving $1 million to UCLA, it’s noble. It’s recognizable. It’s something that’s going to create a legacy for his name for years to come. It’s philanthropic work.
Jalen Rose
I didn’t want to have to follow ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ with another sitcom. Let it be my sitcom legacy, and leave it at that.
Ray Romano
My legacy as governor was UConn and the cities. This is my passion. When I was governor, I would call Waterbury the center of the universe.
John Rowland
The history of jazz for the last 45 years has come through the Monterey Jazz Festival stages. I think there’s developed a legacy and an aura around the festival.
Tim Jackson
I want to be remembered. I want to have a legacy. Van Gogh only sold one painting before he died, which would mean that he wasn’t famous when he was alive. But in 2017, I know who Van Gogh is.
Legacy above finances; artistry above fame.
Jimmy Chamberlin
‘Let the music play on’ would be my legacy.
Lionel Richie
Most Japanese-Americans have that legacy. The camp experience is something of a calling card between them. They say, ‘So, where were you interned?’
Tamlyn Tomita
We do make a difference – one way or the other. We are responsible for the impact of our lives. Whatever we do with whatever we have, we leave behind us a legacy for those who follow.
Stephen Covey
It is a great honor to become Executive Producer of ‘Frontline.’ David Fanning’s mentorship and partnership over the past fifteen years has been extraordinary. I am inspired by his legacy and honored to guide ‘Frontline’s future.
Raney Aronson-Rath
My family has a history in philanthropy, and I want to continue that legacy.
Spencer Dinwiddie
There was something about BeyoncГ© that felt like a vessel, I guess, that I could kind of impose all of these feelings and thoughts onto. I was drawn to a little bit of a dichotomy between the glamour and celebrity and the very deep and complex legacy of black women, and what that means in terms of performance.
Morgan Parker
The world itself has become a smaller place. If you want to be remembered and create a legacy, you have to reach out to people. They want to know you. I can just say where I’m going, and Twitter will get it, and if there’s a controversy, I can give my opinion. It’s easier to communicate.
Madhuri Dixit
I don’t care about that All-Star bonus, to be honest. It’s just about my legacy.
Rudy Gobert
What is popularly called fame is nothing but an empty name and a legacy from paganism.
Desiderius Erasmus
I don’t like to use the word ‘legacy’ because it sounds a bit like I’m full of myself, but I am trying to see how far I can take myself, how far I can push being the best in the world.
Jason Day
Legacy media accuses young people of being apathetic while actively attempting to remove them from the discussion.
Hank Green
Theodore Roosevelt crafted a masterpiece of service. He served people in every aspect of his life. His legacy was transformational, encompassing his family, his nation and the world.
James M Strock
Everyone leaves a legacy, whether they want to or not. The question is, “What kind of legacy will you leave?
Dillon Burroughs
Make your life a story worth telling. You only get one shot at this existence, and one day when you’re gone the most important thing you’ll leave behind is the legacy of the life you lived. Make sure you make it a story you’re proud to have others tell.
Adam Braun
You’re either selfish, or you’re a servant…but fundamentally selfish people are terrible friends, terrible lovers, terrible spouses, terrible Christians, terrible parents. They leave a terrible legacy. Will you be selfish? Will you be a servant?…A good marriage is a servant and a servant.
Mark Driscoll
You can’t understand America without understanding the Puritans. In many ways, we’re still living out their legacy in ways that are good and bad.
Pete Buttigieg
With ’24: Legacy,’ there are a lot of people who are super-excited about the show. But there are a lot of people who are very skeptical.
Corey Hawkins
Hosting the Olympic Games of course guarantees the world’s attention, but there is more to it than simply bathing in the global spotlight. Most importantly, host cities can use the opportunity to create a positive and lasting legacy, resulting in both tangible and intangible returns to local communities.
Eduardo Paes
I think in many ways president Trump views himself as someone who has the ability to overcome every obstacle and to do something that no other president has been able to do. And I think that’s the way he views himself, as it relates to his legacy and how history will view him.
Bob Corker
See to it, night and day, that you pray for your children. Then you will leave them a great legacy of answers to prayer, which will follow them all the days of their life. Then you may calmly and with a good conscience depart from them, even though you may not leave them a great deal of material wealth.
Ole Hallesby
The best way to leave a legacy is to believe, teach, defend, and promote what is true.
Kevin DeYoung
Unifying the legacy SAG and AFTRA contracts was essential, and I am very pleased that we were able to achieve that.
Ken Howard
This Epistle, is therefore a legacy to the Christians of all ages.
John Strachan
The people we helped in the field, they know what the legacy is. The 40% or so of Americans that really can’t stand the name of Blackwater, that’s fine, I’ll never really win them over anyway. And I really don’t care.
Erik Prince
I want to leave my own legacy, make my own trail.
Christian Coleman
I never thought about leaving a tennis legacy. I always thought about leaving a legacy of fulfillment, living out your dreams, and giving back.
Serena Williams
A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.
Steve Berry
Founders v. Bush brings the wisdom and eloquence of the Founding Fathers back to the people, while unmasking the fraudulent PR machine that is corrupting their words and stealing our legacy.
Jim Hightower
Ownership, that’s what you give your kids. That’s your legacy.
What does legacy mean? I never think or go there.
Stewart Rahr
Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none. This above all: to thine own self be true. No legacy is so rich as honesty. Brevity is the soul of wit
William Shakespeare
If we provide the young with a strong foundation, we can leave behind a legacy substantially greater than most are able to bequeath. As for the women, the old adage that you invest in a woman, you invest in a generation, still rings true today.
Joyce Banda
The endless legacy of the past to the present is the secret source of human genius.
Honore de Balzac
It’s an honor to support the Black College Football Hall of Fame and HBCU Legacy Bowl in their efforts to provide more opportunities for students attending historically black colleges and universities.
Bobby Wagner
I want to build a legacy at the WWE, but I definitely want to continue to grow the Bella Empire. I want it to go beyond the ring. I would love to be a motivational speaker.
Nikki Bella
Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we’ll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions.
Serena Williams
Sometimes the facts of the crime are so distracting – there’s been some tragic murder or horrific incident, and people aren’t required to think as carefully and thoughtfully, and directly, about this legacy of racial inequality and structural poverty. And what it’s contributing to these wrongful convictions.
Bryan Stevenson
I don’t feel a need to prove anything or rewrite my legacy.
Grayson Allen
Before M2, I really felt self-conscious about some of my choices, and I was slotted into a category. At Rolling Stone, I was the alternative chick, and that was just the way it was. That did break me open a little bit, and that was maybe its legacy. And it’s a nice one.
Jancee Dunn
Dorado Beach’s rich history provided amazing inspiration to put forward a bold menu celebrating the legacy of the people and cuisine that shaped this unique destination and to push me to share some of my own stories.
Jose Andres
Our goal is simple. It is to continue to inspire people through my father’s legacy. There is a lot of value in continuing to put that energy out into the consciousness.
Shannon Lee
The crucial legacy of the personal computer is that anyone can write code for it and give or sell that code to you – and the vendors of the PC and its operating system have no more to say about it than your phone company does about which answering machine you decide to buy.
Jonathan Zittrain
Live today the way you want to be remembered tomorrow.
Dillon Burroughs
You’ve just gotta go in and write from the heart and write the best material that you can and put it out. If one hits, hey, great. It keeps the legacy going. But you’ve gotta keep doing new material. It’s the future of any band.
Rickey Medlocke
Faulkner is a really important figure in southern literature. I wrestle with him and his legacy every time I sit down and write a piece of fiction.
Jesmyn Ward
This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young.
Paul Tsongas
Of course, we carry inside of ourselves our parents. Even when they are dead, we carry them inside ourselves. And they are carrying inside themselves their dead parents and so on and so forth. There is a legacy of language and culture and religion.
Amos Oz
If you really believe that you’re making a difference and that you can leave a legacy of better schools and jobs and safer streets, why would you not spend the money? The objective is to improve the schools, bring down crime, build affordable housing, clean the streets – not to have a fair fight.
Michael Bloomberg
When the legacy you leave behind lasts for hours, days or a lifetime, you matter.
Seth Godin
As the publisher of FSG and the custodian of its legacy, I have an interested insider’s view.
Jonathan Galassi
Humanity’s legacy of stories and storytelling is the most precious we have. All wisdom is in our stories and songs. A story is how we construct our experiences.
Doris Lessing
I think of legacy: I want plaques on the wall. I want a farm for my dad. I want an orphanage, preferably two, named after my mother. I want to positively and tangibly help the lives of millions of people and die a legend.
Jessie Reyez
We need to recognize that the situation in Ferguson speaks to broader challenges that we still face as a nation. The fact is, in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country.
Barack Obama
I don’t need any more recognition. I don’t need any more money. I don’t need any legacy.
Mack Brown
But Hillary Clinton’s legacy does not have to be America’s legacy. The problems we face now – poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad – will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them in the first place.
Donald Trump
Compton got such a legacy in hip-hop.
Nipsey Hussle
I’m hoping that the legacy of ‘Girlfriends’ is just that you can enjoy and connect to Joan, Maya, Toni, Lynn, and William and see your humanity reflected in theirs. That’s what I’m hoping that it did.
Mara Brock Akil
The legacies that parents and church and teachers left to my generation of Black children were priceless but not material: a living faith reflected in daily service, the discipline of hard work and stick-to-itiveness, and a capacity to struggle in the face of adversity.
Marian Wright Edelman
To build my legacy and be that person I want to be, this is what it’s going to take: to get on the road and travel. Let’s do it that way.
Deontay Wilder
We believe democracy to be the only real guarantor of stability and we have sought to create a ‘Jordanian model’ that might also inspire others in our region. I wish democracy and peace to be my legacy to my people and the shield of generations to come.
Hussein of Jordan
I do believe my legacy outside of the Octagon is just as good as it is inside of it.
Vitor Belfort
I have art. I have music. I have the history, this legacy behind me that I can look up to. This is what I believe in. If you want to call it God or spirituality, that’s all up to you. Basically I believe in something that’s bigger than myself, and that gives my life meaning.
John Zorn
I think you have to be when you own your own business. I’m looking at the new No Limit as being a legacy. It’s incredible that we’ve been able to build this up and survive over ten years and we are doing the right thing by maintaining.
Master P
I think Heaven and afterlife is for the living; it’s for the people that continue on and remember that person, and if you’ve done something that is substantial in your life then you can leave a legacy and do something positive.
Andy Biersack
True success – financial, personal, and professional – lies above all in loving your family, working hard, and living your passion.В  In telling your story.В  In authenticity, hustle, and patience.В  In caring fiercely about the big and the small stuff.В  In valuing legacy over currency.
Gary Vaynerchuk
I’ve been being asked about my legacy since I was about 25 years old. I’m not sure you can have a legacy when you’re 25 years old. Even 37. I’d like to have to be, like, 70 to have a legacy. I’m not even 100 percent sure what the word even means.
Peyton Manning
The only legacy I want is to be thought of as a winner.
Derek Jeter
I think what made John Lennon so exciting as an artist is that, like Dylan and other musicians with a truly important musical legacy, he had several faces, personas that changed over time as he developed.
Randy Bachman
No albums are better or worse than each other, and they’re all important to our legacy and our story.
Shawn Crahan
I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth. The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy. The word love means something completely different now.
Beyonce Knowles
I don’t feel like I have a legacy.
Brad Paisley
By emphasizing the importance of a common language, we safeguard a proud legacy and help to ensure that America’s future will be as great as her past.
Ronald Reagan
At HermГЁs I learned, maybe more than anywhere else, how to work around a legacy, and how to integrate a strong brand culture into my work. Also, to work with a completely different projection system and craftsmanship.
Christophe Lemaire
Hopefully when I make it to 80, I can go to a hockey game and watch the Predators and Capitals play with my grandkids. That’s probably my legacy on the hockey side.
Barry Trotz
Why is it that many contemporary male thinkers, especially men of color, repudiate the imperialist legacy of Columbus but affirm dimensions of that legacy by their refusal to repudiate patriarchy?
bell hooks
I’ve been given the opportunity to carry forward the legacy with which people associate me; I can’t escape it even if I don’t like it. I take pride in carrying forward what’s been given to me.
N. T. Rama Rao, Jr.
I think the legacy of the space station will be that we can do something this technically complex in an international way.
Peggy Whitson
A good example is a better legacy for children than wealth or honor.
Charles Simmons
I don’t want to leave my kids an inheritance, I want to leave them a legacy
Daymond John
It absolutely helped – to write the father in both ‘Juicy’ and ‘Beasts,’ I had to see the whole story from his point of view. All of a sudden I understood more of what my own father must be going through – the fear, the frustration, the anger… the hope that he’ll leave a legacy.
Lucy Alibar
I grew up on ‘Lawrence’ and ‘Zhivago’. A legacy with not one but multiple timeless classics.
Josh Gad
I love museums, and I think they’re fantastic, but they don’t touch the people who I frequently think need to be touched with at least some reminder of legacy.
Bryan Stevenson
Blair worshipped Thatcherism, could see little or no wrong in it, believed that that was what the country needed, thought that there was no alternative, regarded it as a legacy that had to be built on rather than rejected.
Martin Jacques
I really try towork with an artist who is trying to create a long legacy of quality rather than trying to jump aboard a trend.
John Dyer Baizley
Audrey, it seems to me, never strove or hoped to leave a lasting legacy with her films – she was far too modest for that. But what I think she would have wanted, had she been given more time, would have been to continue her work for children because she knew that is a task with so much to be accomplished.
Robert Wolders
In my twisted brain, I truly believe that nobody ever really dies, as long as the people that he or she touched continue to spread their legacy. I miss Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero was a great man. So right now, I don’t want to hear ‘CM Punk’, you know the name I wanna hear.
CM Punk
There was one thing my daddy wouldn’t tolerate in any shape, form or fashion, and that was being unkind or rude to somebody. That was just very important to my folks. And as it turns out, that was a legacy that he left me that money can’t buy, is how to be able to treat people.
Paula Deen
Rio will have to look after the legacy of infrastructure. But it’s unclear who will run the sports centres after the Olympics.
Eduardo Paes
Everything I do in my life I do to make my mum and dad proud. I want to carry on in my dad’s footsteps and make sure that his legacy lives on forever.
Bindi Irwin
Times change and we should change and grow, and yet be proud of our legacy.
Asghar Ali Engineer
Your choice to believe and keep covenants will leave a rich legacy of faith for those who follow you.
Jean A. Stevens
The main obstacle is the entrenched power of the legacy polluters.
Van Jones
Many small business owners want to pass their family legacy on to their kids and grandkids, but they are turned over to vulture funds because the family may be asset rich but lacks the cash to pay the estate taxes. I have met people who literally sold the farm to pay the taxes.
Stephen Moore
History is the essence of innumerable biographies.
Thomas Carlyle
I want to be my own player. I want to be Julius Peppers. I don’t want to be the next Lawrence Taylor. I don’t want to have to live with his legacy.
Julius Peppers
I’m trying to build a strong business. I want to create new stars, new shows and new products for my audience and create a legacy that outlives me. There are so many other ways I want to reach women besides doing a talk show.
Tyra Banks
My dad always said he wanted to be remembered for his body of work, and he’s made more than 75 pictures, some good, some bad, and they will be his legacy to the world of acting.
Charlton Heston
Defending birthright citizenship is about being on the right side of liberty. The 14th Amendment is a great legacy of the Republican Party.
Mark McKinnon
The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.
Billy Graham
If the workers don’t keep themselves current – with some assistance and guidance from their employers – then the workers who are in the legacy roles will have to be removed. That’s what’s so difficult.
Lewis Schiff
We are well-positioned to continue my father’s legacy and move these businesses forward in the future.
Linda Johnson Rice
We preserve the legacy of my father through an education approach. We award scholarships. We do classes at schools about my father’s philosophy and life.
Shannon Lee
Years down the line, when people look at my filmography, I’d like them to see a legacy of new-age content films.
Sidharth Malhotra
I think badminton has a real legacy with more youngsters taking up the sport. Badminton has done really well in that regard compared to other sports.
Rajiv Ouseph
When eras die, their legacies Are left to strange police. Professors in New England guard The glory that was Greece.
Clarence Day
The heroes behind Operation Warp Speed will never receive the credit they deserve under a vindictive Biden administration seeking to destroy Trump’s legacy.
Miranda Devine
Every fighter thinks about their legacy, and I’m not any different.
Vasyl Lomachenko
The true legacy of 9-11 cannot be found among political leaders of the day, but in the citizen soldiers and public safety personnel who answered that day with courage and selflessness.
Mike Pence
I want to be known as Dominican-that’s what I am, 100 percent … I have a duty and responsibility to continue the legacy of Dominicans in baseball.
Alex Rodriguez
Over the years, Chevron has behaved in a way that reinforces the worst stereotypes about large corporations: it has cynically avoided responsibility for its past and watched in indifference as more people become sick and die because of its failure to deal with its legacy environmental issues.
Kerry Kennedy
I’ve got to where I am in life not because of something I brought to the world but through something I found – the wealth of African culture.
Hugh Masekela
Actors have a magic gene within them – I think they’re the finest descendants of rogues and vagabonds – and it’s all too easily forgotten what the acting legacy is.
Julian Sands
I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.
Dante Hall
Liberating Iraq from a legacy of violence and putting it on the path to peace and prosperity will take time.
George Voinovich
My legacy is secure.
Tony Bellew
I’ve shown, for twenty-plus years, with a legacy that will be talked about way after I’m gone, that I am different.
Bernard Hopkins
Posterity is something I’m a big fan of because that’s how you leave your legacy. Not to sound pompous, but just to be truthful.
Jeremy Scott
One of my father’s most precious legacies to me was spiritual. I learned from him the value of courage and the strength of will.
Armand Hammer
Democracy is our commitment. It is our great legacy, a legacy we simply cannot compromise. Democracy is in our DNA.
Narendra Modi
The Umbrella Movement was a legacy, not a victory, because there weren’t any concrete policies or systematic reforms after it.
Joshua Wong
Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic.
James H. Douglas
Dying legacies are a miserable substitute for living benevolence.
Ellen G. White
I think my legacy will be in what most people don’t like about me: my style – the separation between judge and lawyers, judge and politics, the real independence of the judiciary from the executive, from the legislative, from money. I’m criticized in Brazil because of that. In the end, I hope to prevail.
Joaquim Barbosa
There is a legacy of violence against native women that has gotten worse and worse over time.
Louise Erdrich
I get asked a lot about my legacy. For me, it’s being a good teammate, having the respect of my teammates, having the respect of the coaches and players. That’s important to me.
Peyton Manning
Acting is in my family. My cousins, my sister, and I always say it’s a legacy that should be kept alive. In the future, it’s something I really want.
Hailey Baldwin
I know that there is still a lot of bitterness and anger, and arguably justifiably so, when you think about how brutal slavery was and what its brutal legacy still is.
David Oyelowo
I continued a legacy of great skating from this country and I was able to capitalize on the reputation of the Canadian skaters that came before me. I especially mean Brian Orser.
Kurt Browning
Many have built their careers buttressing the status quo, reinforcing what theyve already accomplished, and resisting the radical thinking that can topple their legacy – not exactly the attitude you want when trying to drive innovation forward.
Peter Diamandis
Legacy is what a president does that affects later generations.
Michael Beschloss
I think of all the choices I never knew. And those I let be made for me – to please, from fear, for love. Where did they disappear to, those choices that I never made? They are all part of who I am. They are the legacy I leave behind, they are the finished portrait of myself I cannot change.
Liv Ullmann
I want to create a different kind of legacy.
I’m trying to leave a legacy, man. I’m trying to get a gold jacket someday. That’s my mindset.
LeSean McCoy
Music will always be my first love, but it was time to diversify into something that had the ability to really create a financial legacy.
Ray J
I want to be somewhere that I can call home and leave a legacy.
Jordan Clarkson
Understanding and respecting your roots is critical not only to winning the tech talent wars but leaving a legacy that transcends bottom lines.
Ryan Holmes
My parents have left a legacy in our family of service to others.
Neil Bush
A painting is life and a painting is death . . . the picture is our own legacy left by tomorrow’s dead for tomorrow’s living.
Ivan Albright
By deciding to live our lives based on solid values and unwavering truth, we can leave a legacy for the young men and boys who want nothing more than to follow in our footsteps.
Benjamin Watson
I remember so vividly the first time I saw one of Marshall Wyatt’s superb compilations called ‘Folks He Sure Do Pull Some Bow’ and seeing a picture of a black fiddler and freaking out. I had stumbled upon the hidden legacy of the black string band and I wanted to know more.
Rhiannon Giddens
Democrats are not angry about 9/11. Sad, maybe – sad that it didn’t happen on Clinton’s watch so his legacy would be more than a semen stain. But they’re not angry.
Ann Coulter
How you earn your money and build your career is how you earn your destiny and build your legacy
Robert Kiyosaki
When we renounce our dreams, we find peace and enjoy a brief period of tranquillity, but the dead dreams begin to rot inside us and to infect the whole atmosphere in which we live. What we hoped to avoid in the Fight -disappointment and defeat- become the sole legacy of our cowardice.
Paulo Coelho
I want to leave Cal with a winning legacy.
Jared Goff
As President Obama is inaugurated for a second time, the biggest political surprise is that gun control is now key to his political legacy.
Juan Williams
I don’t want to make a mistake that would hurt the cause of Christ late in my life, so I’m going to do everything I can to bring many people to Christ. If he can use me in that regard through ‘Family Talk,’ that will be my greatest legacy.
James Dobson
‘The Imitation Game’ is a celebration of Alan Turing’s life and legacy, and Joan’s final monologue is our eulogy. It’s the thing we all wished we could have said to him.
Graham Moore
I think there is so many elements of the culture of basketball that Jordan leads in and has been a leader over the years – from Michael’s on court legacy to his work ethic, competitiveness, passion, and leadership.
Maya Moore
All of this in [Donald] Trump now has become so overt that it’s difficult when we talk about repression not to talk about white supremacy, not to talk about its legacy, from slavery to lynching to mass incarceration, and what it has developed into.
Henry Giroux
‘The Ballad of Black Tom’ was written, in part, during the latest round of arguments about H. P. Lovecraft’s legacy as both a great writer and a prejudiced man. I grew up worshipping the guy, so this issue felt quite personal to me.
Victor LaValle
If you’re president, it’s often your court appointments that seal your legacy with a capital L.
Don Willett
As Bob Marley says, ‘We must carry on.’ So he has left us a legacy of music to carry on for generations and generations into generations.
Rita Marley
ECW’s legacy will be as the company who took all the mistfits that nobody else wanted, and created stars.
Dawn Marie Psaltis
I’m attending to my legacy, making sure that it travels the universe in the best shape I can get it into. For as long as I’m alive, I’ll still be its interpreter.
Roy Harper
It’s about the journey–mine and yours–and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better.
Tony Dungy
First and foremost, it’s important to remember that, from my perspective at least, my most important legacy was making sure that the world didn’t go into a Great Depression.
Barack Obama
I’m humbled to follow in the footsteps of Ed Feulner, who built the most important conservative institution in the nation. He has been a friend and mentor for years and I am honored to carry on his legacy of fighting for freedom.
Jim DeMint
And I’m so grateful to have that family name and continue my family’s legacy, but I’m also very excited to create my own.
Tessa Blanchard
Shepard Fairey
We come from a rich history of amazing sports and athletes here in Canada and there’s been a long legacy before us that helped pave the way. And that’s why I grew up believing I could go to the Olympics and stand on the podium one day.
Tessa Virtue
Our lives are shaped as much by those who leave us as they are by those who stay. Loss is our legacy. Insight is our gift. Memory is our guide
Hope Edelman
I have the legacy of my father and his nocturnal automatic waking up. But I like those periods. I immediately have a different vision of humanity and my life.
Orhan Pamuk
I think I was always so resistant to coloring my hair because, you know, when my dad was still alive, it’s so easy for a second- or third-generation wrestler to just copy their predecessor. The hardest thing you can do is try and carve out your own legacy.
Cody Rhodes
This dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is my legacy.
Janeane Garofalo
I’m not capable of being in a group where I’m not the leader. I did it once earlier in my career with Legacy, and that was cool because I was young and green and a rookie in the industry, but now no more.
Cody Rhodes
An opportunity to honor the legacy of the lives drawn into the lines in my face, the broad of my nose, the dark of my eyes, the fullness of my lips, and coal in my complexion.
Aisha Hinds
[My mom] has a few choice words to calm me down. I think it’s beautiful that I sometimes, weirdly, see myself in a photo and I’m like ‘Omg, that looks like my mom.’ It freaks me out and all that stuff, but it’s also just a part of my legacy.
Jillian Hervey
What impact are you making, not only today, but for eternity? What impact are you making to leave a legacy?
Kirk Cousins
Jerry Robinson illustrated some of the defining images of pop culture’s greatest icons. As an artist myself, it’s impossible not to feel humbled by his body of work. Everyone who loves comics owes Jerry a debt of gratitude for the rich legacy that he leaves behind.
Jim Lee
Jesus was a white man, too. Its like we have, hes a historical figure thats a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that. How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?
Megyn Kelly
I believe Bobby Orr had the greatest impact of any player to come along in my lifetime. He earned his place in hockey history by single handedly changing the game from the style played in my day. In my mind there can be no greater legacy.
Jean Beliveau
This 3HO shall be the most important legacy on this planet for the Age of Aquarius. Sooner or later people will experience a tremendous amount of emptiness which always brings a void. A void brings unhappiness. Then people will want to find a place where they can be healthy, happy, and holy.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
We’re damn lucky to have our bodies, these strange, multi-functional machines, that let us leave our legacy on the planet.
Evanna Lynch
Connecticut is proud of the human rights legacy of Thomas Dodd, and the work of the University of Connecticut to build on that legacy through the Dodd Human Rights Impact initiative. We are also proud of our Commission on Human and Civil Rights as a tireless defender of the equal rights for all of our community members.
Ned Lamont
I would say my favorite tattoo is my first tattoo of my father, you know, just the remembrance of him, his legacy and impact that he’s had on my life. He passed away when I was a kid, you know, I got the halo with the angel wings on my back.
DeAndre Hopkins
I don’t ever think about, ‘Aw, man, my legacy. My legacy this.’ No, I just want to fight the best fights out there to fight just to prove to the world that I’m the best fighter in the world.
Terence Crawford
All you need to understand is that the officer carries with him the power of the American state and the weight of an American legacy, and they necessitate that of the bodies destroyed every year, some wild and disproportionate number of them will be black.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I think maybe I was instrumental in taking the stereotype out of the Southern actor is some ways. I would hope my legacy would be as a serious actor who told the truth and did parts based on the quality of part and not necessarily the money.
Billy Bob Thornton
If 85 percent of Russians support the annexation of Crimea and the aggression against Ukraine, that is a very bad sign. The post-Soviet legacy is a heavy burden: Most Russians want to have the empire back. The only way it is possible to make that happen is to seize foreign territories.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk
Because my great-grandparents were enslaved people, the legacy of slavery was something that didn’t seem impersonal or disconnected. That’s what motivated me to get into law.
Bryan Stevenson
Love is the human family’s most precious legacy. Its richest bequest. Its golden inheritance.
Michael Jackson
The loony legacy of money was that the arithmetic by which things were measured had become more valuable than the things themselves.
Tom Robbins
I really think, Charlotte Flair, come on, her legacy is going to be cemented throughout the years. That’s just a given!
Booker T
America’s space program has been the envy and inspiration of the world. It has made landmark scientific discoveries that are a lasting legacy of this nation’s greatness. It has studied Earth in ways no other nation can match.
Alan Stern
Sundance started with two acres back in 1963 that I bought from a sheepherder for $500. What has happened, I could see development starting to descend on the state of Utah. I thought I had better acquire more land to protect it. I thought that would probably be my legacy, to protect land.
Robert Redford
We have defeated Gaddafi on the battlefield; now we must defeat him in our imagination. We must not allow his legacy to corrupt our dream. Let’s keep focused on the true prize: unity, democracy, and the rule of law. Let’s not seek revenge; that would diminish our future.
Hisham Matar
America loves the representation of its heroes to be not just larger than life, but stupendously, awesomely bigger than anything else. If blue whales built statues to each other they’d be smaller then these.
Simon Hoggart
There are some women who are a good time and there are some women who are a good legacy.
Mark Driscoll
I’m just lucky to be working; I’m not trying to leave a legacy.
Shaun Evans
I don’t fight like Mike Tyson. I’m nothing at all like Mike Tyson. I’m out to build my own legacy and not live off anyone else’s name.
Tyson Fury
A pardon for Edward Snowden would be good for America and would help burnish the president’s legacy as one of the primary defenders of human rights.
Anthony Romero
I’m hungry in the ways that every artist is, but I also have this extra layer. I’ve done a lot of things that were consciously not for money, but because I’m so convinced I’m going to die in my mid-30s, I’m like, ‘That’s not what’s important. Doing cool stuff and having that legacy is what’s important.’
Chris Gethard
I think my legacy should be that when I started in show business, there wasn’t no such thing as rock n’ roll. When I started with ‘Tutti Frutti,’ that’s when rock really started rocking.
Little Richard
A war still rages over the legacy of the 1960s.
Camille Paglia
Defenders of Wilson are correct to beg for context when considering his legacy. But it is they who ignore the context: the role Wilson played in using war, including Haiti’s racist counterinsurgency, to nationalize white supremacy, militarism, and Christian evangelism.
Greg Grandin
I don’t think there are too many rock bands in history that can look at the beginning and middle and ending of themselves and see what I see when I think of Soundgarden. I think from the beginning through the middle and the end it was such a perfect ride and such a perfect legacy to leave.
Chris Cornell
How can we create a cultural legacy of happiness? Let other people matter.
Christopher Peterson
We, as Christians, have a legacy to leave, and it’s all about a love of Christ to permeate the music and reach the hearts of all of the people out there, that don’t know him and do know him.
Lauren Daigle
You are digging for the answers until your fingers bleed, to satisfy the hunger, to satiate the need…. And as you pray in your darkness for wings to set you free, you are bound to your silent legacy.
Melissa Etheridge
Mumbai Indians will strive to build on our proud legacy of giving youngsters a platform to showcase their talent and realise their true potential.
Nita Ambani
We build our legacy piece by piece, and maybe the whole world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but you do what you can to make sure you’re still around after you’re gone.
David Lowery
Our connection to nature grounds us, it makes us more spiritually aware. We must keep the legacy of nature materially alive for future generations.
Nelly Furtado
The real question is, until [Hillary Clinton] faces that legacy and admits that what her husband did was absolutely in the interest of a white supremacist nation, to put it bluntly, I just don’t trust her.
Henry Giroux
Mini-Me was the pint sized clone that was the perpetuation of Dr. Evil’s own legacy [in Austin Powers]. That concept earned the sequel.
Jay Roach
Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind
Joseph Addison
Everything you write as an artist is about your legacy and your catalog and how you would look in a museum.
Chance The Rapper
I have been a stalwart advocate for the legacy of Charles White. I have said it so often, it could go without saying. I have always believed that his work should be seen wherever great pictures are collected and made available to art-loving audiences.
Kerry James Marshall
The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.
Benjamin Disraeli
I want to demystify what it means to leave a legacy for young people.
Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Now that the 2014 elections are over and national politics is all about 2016, Democrats have good reason to worry that, for all his success at the polls, President Obama will leave his party with a toxic legacy.
Byron York
If he’s chasing the full restoration of his legacy, he’s chasing something that he really can’t get.
Jim Lampley
Living to create an earthly legacy is a short-sighted goal.
Rick Warren
Look at Obama – he is now [2015] trying to help us environmentally but he should have done it eight years ago. He’s trying to salvage his legacy and trying to do something good but we needed for him to show leadership from day one.
Patti Smith
I am not concerned about getting reelected. I can make the unpopular but necessary decision. Your focus from day one is on your legacy rather than political considerations.
Benigno Aquino III
Compared to the unleashed forces of warfare and of faith, Mount Vesuvius was kinder to the legacy of antiquity.
Stephen Greenblatt
I dont think about the Fonda legacy much.
Troy Garity
Reagan’s legacy is so powerful because he identified the state as the central issue in American politics.
Chrystia Freeland
We have a legacy to uphold: the people who died so that we could have the right to vote; the people who sacrificed so that we would one day realize the dream of a black president.
Clementa C. Pinckney
Michelle has had to grapple with Hilary Clinton’s legacy as First Lady… Michelle Obama never wants to be seen as the kind of First Lady who is overly involved in the West Wing.
Jodi Kantor
As an artist, I never want to be a moment. I want to be a legacy, and I want my music to touch people for years to come.
My goal and path is always to get to the mountaintop and be a world champion, and leave a fighting legacy.
Dustin Poirier
I have a great legacy, tarnished somewhat by the move.
Art Modell
Superman is such an old character. He’s an old character with this huge legacy behind him. And one of the awesome things about the fact that he’s been around for these decades is that he’s gone through these different phases.
Gene Luen Yang
Studying my grandfather’s life and legacy has shown me what it takes to be a good public servant. Curiosity. Compassion for others. Humility. Determination to stand tall for your beliefs in the face of opposition. No one believed these things more than my grandfather.
Jack Schlossberg
My legacy is so, so important to me.
Andre Ward
We wanted to talk about death in the DC Universe, and how some people go to get a pass and come back, and some people didn’t. That opened up a whole other topic about legacy. We wanted to talk about what was required to be a hero, what were the elements of true heroism?
Greg Rucka
I’m happy I’m able to leave a legacy behind. I’m happy I was able to win a championship. I have no regrets about nothing.
Paul Pierce
Part of the reason why we’re only now reaching a point in American society where we can talk about the need for truth and reconciliation and the legacy of slavery is that it was such a dominant part of our history.
Bryan Stevenson
I don’t think about a legacy; I think about my life, because I’ve had quite an unpredictable life.
Hillary Clinton
I don’t think anything about a personal legacy. I mean, those words would never come out of my mouth unless I just repeated them. Those things have never been important to me.
Tom Brady
When you talk about “infertility” you’re already using a land-based metaphor – a woman’s body compared to property, to be considered fruitful or barren. And “estate” encompasses both legacy and landscape. Think of Emerson, referring to his son’s death as “the loss of a beautiful estate.”
Monica Youn
I feel incredibly honored to have been the very first Miss California USA titleholder to have been crowned with the Legacy Crown. I know all the titleholders feel strongly connected with one another because of it.
Nicole Johnson
Does Obama really want his legacy to be, ‘The president who was an even bigger fool than Neville Chamberlain’?
Tom Gross
Writing songs with Brian and performing them with Al Jardine, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, David Marks, Bruce Johnston and many other brilliant musicians over the years is my legacy, and something of which I am very proud and protective.
Mike Love
The images of Earth’s delicate biosphere, contrasting with the sterile moonscape where the astronauts left their footsteps, have become iconic for environmentalists: these may indeed be the Apollo programme’s most enduring legacy.
Martin Rees
I just feel like now, I have a family, I have kids. I do everything for them. I just think about what’s the legacy I want to leave when I’m gone, what do I want people to say about me?
DeSean Jackson
Most people know who I am and what kind of legacy I have.
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
All films that I have done, this legacy, is a like a dream come true for me.
It’s very difficult to fill the shoes of somebody like Rahul Bhai. He has set the bench mark for a generation to come. However, it’s our responsibility to carry forward his legacy.
Suresh Raina
I’ve written important articles on prevention, on the concept of the preventive state, how the law is moving much more in an area of trying to prevent wrongs than trying to deal with them after they occur. That will be my academic/intellectual legacy.
Alan Dershowitz
Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one – that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.
Ratan Tata
The best legacy we leave is not for our children but in our children.
Deborah Roberts
I dont know that the United States is Gods Country, but the church has been so strong here, and because of its influence, we hold life to be sacred and we believe that individuals have dignity. This is part of our legacy.
Rich Mullins
I have this connection, but I want my story, my legacy, not the same as Eddie Guerrero, not the same as Rey Mysterio, different.
My resume, my career, and my legacy in this sport means more to me then collecting some checks.
Daniel Cormier
While President Obama assumes that at their core the Republican leadership team is just trying to do what’s best for America, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner assume that the president is cynically trying to secure his own reelection, power, and legacy.
Krystal Ball
Certain people are like ‘Oh, here come the Feminazis!’ You end up acting 10 times nicer than you even need to be, to be the opposite of the stereotype like ‘You’re the man haters!’ We’re always bending over backwards being extra nice. And I don’t know if being nice is my legacy.
Kathleen Hanna
This country, and the West Coast, especially, is bad at preserving any cultural legacy.
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Many star kids constantly get compared to their fathers and are unable to match their parent’s mettle. But I am proud to say that my son has taken the legacy forward.
Puneet Issar
The greatest legacy is that which benefits the widest number of people for the longest period without limit to value. No one but the Prophet Muhammad was given that role as the seal of God’s message.
Cat Stevens
I’ve thought about it a lot: How do I want to leave my legacy? And what do I want to leave behind when I’m done with the sport and with USA Volleyball.
Jordan Larson
My dad dedicated his life to getting across the wildlife message, and I love that I can carry on his legacy. I want to make sure his message never dies.
Bindi Irwin
That’s the whole goal, to win the national championship. You can’t have a legacy without one.
Seimone Augustus
The drive was brief and the conversation limited, but oh, what a legacy of love! Father never read to me from the Bible about the good Samaritan. Rather, he took me with him and Uncle Elias in that old 1928 Oldsmobile and provided a living lesson I have always remembered.
Thomas S. Monson
I find that many people have a hard time, at first, in painting a compelling image of an achievable future; to envision their legacy, that is. Often this is because they’re afraid to commit for fear of failure.
Stewart D. Friedman
I want to build a legacy.
Gervonta Davis
I always get nervous when people start talking about legacies.
William J. Clinton
Many have built their careers buttressing the status quo, reinforcing what they’ve already accomplished, and resisting the radical thinking that can topple their legacy – not exactly the attitude you want when trying to drive innovation forward.
Peter Diamandis
What I have learnt is that it is important to pursue your passion more than your legacy; if you have a passion with a purpose, then everything else fits in.
Nita Ambani
As I’ve mentioned, a large part of my father’s legacy is the lesson he taught his sons. He brought us together and said, ‘The measure of a man is how well he provides for his children.
Sidney Poitier
When you’re your parents’ one shot at a genetic legacy, you may get to attend all the best schools, wear all the best clothes and eat all the best foods – at least relative to children in multiple-sibling households. But you also wind up with an overweening sense of your own importance.
Jeffrey Kluger
Someone very smart once said to me, “Steal, don’t borrow.” So if there’s anything good in anything anyone else does, it’s fair game. I think that everything I’ve ever done at some point is part of someone else’s legacy.
Liev Schreiber
At some point you’ve got to get to yourself and say, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve been handed this legacy but I have to become accountable so I don’t hand a lot of it on to my children.’
Mariette Hartley
Chris didn’t only leave a legacy of work. He left a legacy of love.
Dana Reeve
Guru Nanak Dev lives in our hearts. He is our common legacy. He is the guiding light for the entire humanity.
Ram Nath Kovind
The real legacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee lies in the politics of opposition. The politics of opposition is the politics of dissent. From 1957 to 1996, he dedicated his life to exactly that.
Ravish Kumar
Here were also moments of, you know, you have an exhibition: no sale, no reviews. It’s hard not to get blue, and I think the kids were very aware of those periods. So if there’s anything they’ve picked up, it’s a kind of resiliency. That seems like a pretty good legacy.
Laurie Simmons
In her second career as a minister, my mother defied a legacy of chauvinism to become a leader of our community, overseeing a church that served as a hub, offering parenting classes, a food pantry, after-school programming, and – in the wake of Hurricane Katrina – a lifeline to those ravaged by loss.
Stacey Abrams
Unless you’re Shannon Hoon (of Blind Melon), dying is the only thing that guarantees a rock star will have a legacy that stretches beyond temporary relevance.
Chuck Klosterman
There are vistas never dreamed of, there are joys never even known, there are glories no past glory ever surpassed. These wait for you but only if you accept my legacy and help bring these things about.
L. Ron Hubbard
Rosa Parks will be remembered for her lasting contributions to society. Her legacy lives on in the continued struggle for civil rights around the world. She will be missed.
Jim Costa
I’m really trying hard not to do anything that has been done before. So knowing everything I can about the legacy of magic challenges my team and I to invent new illusions.
David Copperfield
Legacy is not what’s left tomorrow when you’re gone. It’s what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you’re here that then happens to live on.
Rasheed Ogunlaru
You are remembered for the rules you break.
Douglas MacArthur
The legacy thing is very overrated.
Manu Ginobili
His [Gough Whitlam’s] effect on the geo-cultural-political map of Australia is so vast that wherever you stick the pin in you get a wealth of Gough’s legacy.
Cate Blanchett
We often think our legacy will be our achievements. But often our legacy will be whether we set a moral standard.
Jake Tapper
Infosys demonstrated to the world that an Indian company could implement standards of quality, operations, finance that compare with the best. That is a legacy I am happy with.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
Enrollment in colleges, especially black colleges, across the country increased tremendously during the five-year run of ‘A Different World,’ and I don’t think you could have a better legacy than that.
Glynn Turman
There is an immediate payoff to intelligent design: it destroys the atheistic legacy of Darwinian evolution. Intelligent design makes it impossible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.
William A. Dembski
I finally admitted that obesity and diabetes were part of a life-threatening legacy – and I had to deal with that reality or die.
Stephen Furst
Ronald Reagan’s legacy is deeply misunderstood because there are political actors in America who, for several reasons, have privately held agendas that they want to sell to the American public in the most appealing way possible. They often find the best way to do that is to package their product with the Reagan brand.
Eugene Jarecki
In some places you can find an extreme blackness used as a descriptive. I also take into account historical realities that some of this range in color is the legacy of white supremacy.
Kerry James Marshall
It’s my father’s legacy. My father’s view was that the public is the employer of these government employees and has the right to know what they’re up to.
Jack Anderson
The legacy I want to leave is a child-care system that says that no kid is going to be left alone or left unsafe.
Marian Wright Edelman
The process begins with the individual woman’s acceptance that American women, without exception, are socialized to be racist, classist and sexist, in varying degrees, and that labeling ourselves feminists does not change the fact that we must consciously work to rid ourselves of the legacy of negative socialization.
Bell Hooks
If we don’t move forward with regard to creating a non-racial society in South Africa and we allow this legacy of apartheid to persist, these divisions between black and white in wealth and income and so on, in the future you would indeed have an ugly upheaval.
Thabo Mbeki
If President Obama wants to keep calling for protests, then that will be his legacy, one of division, rich versus poor, old versus young, black versus white, always dividing. That’s what you get under President Obama.
Sean Hannity
What is the point of it all? Not leaving legacies. But being ripe. Being ripe.
Maurice Sendak
I’m looking forward to wrestling Tony Nese, defending my title, and cementing my legacy as the greatest cruiserweight of all time.
Buddy Murphy
It’s always great to add to your legacy.
Chris Jericho
You can build your legacy and your legacy can be big, but even after you slip or fall, you learn, and your legacy is getting even bigger.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
How many fighters are going to be able to leave the legacy that I did? Nineteen years old, I came and I conquered.
Vitor Belfort
Every person has a legacy. You may not know what your impact is, and it may not be something that you can write on your tombstone, but every person has an impact on this world.
Dara Horn
You create history within yourself. You create history within your own family. You create your own legacy. Because I create history without even trying to and that’s when the best parts of history are created.
Bianca Belair
Let the music play on would be my legacy.
Lionel Richie
I’m in hotel rooms night after night, playing a lot of the same venues as my dad and carrying the guitar that used to be his. We’re the same person. I don’t know if he realises how much of a legacy he has left to his children.
Martha Wainwright
Nobody can ever truly replace Cristiano Ronaldo, because he was unique, a one-off, who created an unbelievably legacy of success at the club. But what I see in Vinicius is special too, I believe he is the best candidate in football to replace Cristiano and to conquer the world with Madrid.
When I leave the NBA, I don’t want my legacy to be, ‘He won a championship ring.’ I want my legacy to say, ‘He played for the people. He gave everybody in the world hope that they can be just like him.’
Gilbert Arenas
It is in that spirit, the spirit of ’76, that I ask you to rise and join me in a toast to Chairman Mao, to Premier Chou, to the people of our two countries, and to the hope of our children that peace and harmony can be the legacy of our generation to theirs.
Richard M. Nixon
to the extent that either sex is disadvantaged, the whole culture is poorer, and the sex that, superficially, inherits the earth, inherits only a very partial legacy. The more whole the culture, the more whole each member, each man, each woman, each child will be.
Margaret Mead
I don’t remember Bill Walsh being old. I remember young Bill Walsh. He wasn’t gray-haired, and neither was I when we first met. His legacy will live on. Bill Walsh’s name and his accomplishments will be remembered and revered so long as the great game of football is played.
Marv Levy
I fear that the rising personal bankruptcies and repossessions are the first signs of bigger problems to come and personal debt – Gordon Brown’s legacy to millions of Britain’s families – will hang like a millstone around the neck of the British people for years to come.
Vince Cable
When I stepped into this world, I saw that we were all burdened by a certain kind of indifference to the plight of poor people. We were burdened by an insensitivity to a legacy of racial bias. We were tolerating unfairness and unreliability in a way that burdened me and provoked me.
Bryan Stevenson
True leaders don’t invest in buildings. Jesus never built a building. They invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. So your legacy should not be in buildings, programs, or projects; your legacy must be in people.
Myles Munroe
We all know Reagan’s legacy, from the Iran-Contra affair to the funding of the Nicaraguan military in which over 200,000 people died. The groundwork for the move steadily to the right happened with the Reagan administration. People want to elevate him to some mythic level; they have their own reason for doing that.
Danny Glover
I used read about Dr. King a lot as a kid. Independently, from being assigned it or being told by my parents or anything, I was just really excited about him. So I just started reading about him very young and was inspired by his legacy and looked to him as a role model.
John Legend
You have to be able to use it [art] to effect change in the community. That’s what gives the film and the music an impactful legacy.
Blair – except at the edges – was a Thatcherite. Brown, in contrast, regarded Thatcherism as something that had to be taken on board while at the same time seeking to retain as much as possible of the Labour legacy, or ‘Labour values,’ as he would put it.
Martin Jacques
Children… are our legacy. Our responsibility. They are our destiny and we are theirs. The extent to which we fail as parents, we fail as Gods children.
Dirk Benedict
I’m proud that I was able to use my recognition to, maybe, raise the awareness of skateboarding and help grow it, and to help fund public skateparks. That’s the legacy, just trying to grow the entire sport.
Tony Hawk
I think the beautiful part about Yao is that his main legacy won’t be about the game. His legacy will be about helping people. His legacy will be taking on important world causes to better his world.
Jeff Van Gundy
I care about my legacy.
Khabib Nurmagomedov
I believe our legacy will be defined by the accomplishments and fearless nature by which our daughters and sons take on the global challenges we face. I also wonder if perhaps the most lasting expression of one’s humility lies in our ability to foster and mentor our children.
Naveen Jain
LEGACY, n. A gift from one who is legging it out of this vale of tears.
Ambrose Bierce
That’s a really important legacy for me: to work hard and be kind to other human beings.
Jacob Anderson
Not everybody has that mentality and that’s fine, but once Robert Redford leaves this earth – later rather than sooner – his legacy will go on.
John Boyega
Whatever title or office we may be privileged to hold, it is what we do that defines who we are … Each of us must decide what kind of person we want to be-what kind of legacy that we want to pass on.
Queen Rania of Jordan
I’m very conscious of Miguel Cotto’s career… I need to do my part on that night to have victory and create my own legacy in this sport of boxing.
Canelo Alvarez
Fidel’s oppressive legacy will haunt the Cuban regime and our hemisphere forever.
Bob Menendez
November is Native American Heritage month, and a good time to honor the legacy of our ancestors, but every day we should stop to think about our country’s beginning and that the United States would not exist if not for a great deal of sacrifice, blood, and tears by Indian Tribes across the country.
Deb Haaland
One of the most durable and destructive legacies of discrimination is the way we’ve internalized a sense of limitation; how so many in our community have come to expect so little from the world and from themselves.
Barack Obama
How you use the opportunities your given to affect the world around you will determine the legacy you leave behind.
Tony Dungy
I never fought for money. I had a good career and legacy as featherweight champion.
Jose Aldo
What’s success all about? What’s philanthropy all about? Let’s think of our legacy, following in the footsteps of some great Americans like the Carnegies and the Mellons who used their wealth for quality purposes.
Norman Braman
Curtis Axel isn’t Joe Hennig. That’s who he should’ve been from day one, there are guys that have a legacy in this business. All that they would’ve had to do to help him from day one was let him be Joe Hennig.
Arn Anderson
As the first human to land on any world outside the Earth, and probably the first living creature of any sort to come from the Earth and reach the Moon, his legacy will be safe as long as intelligent life survives in this corner of the cosmos.
Hugh Downs
What I’m doing with the NWO is for me, for my family, so I can leave a legacy for my kids.
Scott Hall
One of the many dreadful aspects of the Kennedy ‘legacy’ is the now-unbreakable grip of celebrity politics, image-doctoring, stage management, and “torch-passing” rhetoric in general.
Christopher Hitchens
For me, understanding your heritage and wanting to leave a legacy was always important to me.
C. J. McCollum
As a 73 year old global brand, IAMS comes with a very strong legacy of tailored nutrition for pets and I am glad to be a part of the launch of a brand that shares my priorities and the needs of my pets.
Amala Akkineni
I care about making the game, the industry and the people I’m around better because I’m around. Ultimately that’s what creates a legacy… But you have to be OK with making people mad because people don’t like change.
Trevor Bauer
My legacy is almost like a personal challenge to go as far as I can go.
Andre Ward
I don’t believe in legacy. I feel that the ‘mega’ tag definitely acts as a platform, but after that, it’s all on the individual. Legacy does not mean a crown that is passed on; we have to create our own paths.
Allu Arjun
Examine the legacy that we inherited and what we did. We had boom-and-bust economics and a doubled national debt.
Tony Blair
I think that there are always these opponents that you circle back to that you have made some sort of legacy with and I feel Buddy Murphy is that for me.
Aleister Black
I feel privileged and honored to have flown. It’s been a tremendous ride, looking back on the legacy and accomplishments, like the Hubble telescope and the launching of the International Space Station in 1998.
Alan G. Poindexter
Facts still matter, and social media is allowing for a wider range of new and independent voices to outcompete alarmist environmental journalism at legacy publications.
Michael Shellenberger
Mom’s paintings are a very small part of the legacy she left behind.
Benigno Aquino III
You watch guys like Ray Lewis, you watch guys like Brian Urlacher, everything they accomplished was dope. But it was cool to see them do it for one team, one city and really cement their legacy where they were at.
Bobby Wagner
I have this famous joke that I use: Why was God able to create Heaven and Earth in seven days and seven nights? Because he didn’t have installed customers and legacy technology to worry about.
Brad D. Smith
I was thrilled to play a role on ‘Dora the Explorer,’ a show that has touched the lives of many children around the world, including my own child. Dora is such an iconic and important Latina heroine, and I’m proud to now be a part of the show’s ever-growing legacy.
I think the biggest issue for legacy media – both TV and film – is that it just costs too much money to develop a TV series or movie. And most of them don’t work. Then the one that works has to pay for the rest.
Shane Smith
The intrusion of history is not just theoretical. It is also the legacy of being an accomplice or a victim, or just an onlooker. In each case, history entails the uncomfortable presence of earlier unresolved roles.
Charles S. Maier
I don’t care about no boxing legacy. I don’t care where they put me on the list of all-time greats – let them put me at the bottom.
Roy Jones Jr.
I’m concerned with the future. I’m concerned with my life, my present, my friends, people I love, people who love me. I have no intention of taking on a legacy that wasn’t bestowed on me.
Jeff Buckley
We treat each album as our traces and our legacy.
The prescience of the founding fathers continues to astonish me. They were freedom fighters. They made America. They gave us this magical country. They also were slaveowners – which is confusing to their legacy. How could such brilliant men have only secured freedom for themselves, but not their wives or their slaves?
Andy Dunn
The real way I became a model is I won a genetic lottery, and I became the recipient of a legacy.
Cameron Russell
We recall our terrible past so that we can deal with it, to forgive where forgiveness is necessary, without forgetting; to ensure that never again will such inhumanity tear us apart; and to move ourselves to eradicate a legacy that lurks dangerously as a threat to our democracy.
Nelson Mandela
I hope our legacy will be enduring and that people think of us as an important band. But I think Ricky’s guitar playing, our style of writing, the fact that we had men and women in the band and gay and straight, I think it’s an important band, and the way we wrote by jamming, we really had a different approach.
Kate Pierson
I don’t think at that time I realized how important it was and how important it was for me to be here and carry on that legacy in our family of being a photographer.
Kim Weston
I just want to complete my legacy.
Lennox Lewis
Your legacy makes a difference.
Annie Ilonzeh
My mother was a woman of the ’50s who had a family in the ’70s while finding her political and feminist voice. She could make marvellous three-course meals after teaching all day but hated it. Because of that legacy, it took me a long time to realise the delights of the family table.
Dervla Kirwan
In order to reveal the gifts that lie beneath the surface of your heart’s greatest desires, you must look beyond your years here on earth, reconnect with the Divine, and bring forth your soul’s legacy into the present moment.
Debbie Ford
George’s contribution to the great archive of contemporary music rests alongside the immortals. His is a legacy of unquestionable brilliance and one which will continue to shine and resonate for generations to come.
Andrew Ridgeley
Ma-a-a-n-I’m very excited to put my heart into somethin’ that’s 100% Swizz Beatz. I usually work behind the scenes, and I did that for 10 years, and now I’m ready for the forefront… and [to] really get the legacy moving to another level.
Swizz Beatz
Today it is an amazing, if unexpected, legacy of Star Wars that so many gifted writers are contributing new stories to the Saga.
George Lucas
I am very aware of my family name. I’m very aware of the legacy that that kind of carries with it. And I think that I didn’t want to lose any kind of hold of that. And I think once you’re born into something that you’re proud of and that you’re aware of, you don’t take it lightly.
Stella McCartney
When I came into this business, there was a bar set for me. My goal is to push it as high as I can to make my family’s legacy even stronger. To add to the history that’s already been created. So for me, it’s a huge challenge that I’m willing to fight for every single day.
Roman Reigns
One [of the two ideas for PROOF] was to write about two sisters who are quarreling over the legacy of something left behind by their father. The other was about someone who knew that her parent had had problems of mental illness [and that] she might be going through the same thing.
David Auburn
Mothers, tell your children: be quick, you must be strong. Life is full of wonder, love is never wrong. Remember how they taught you, how much of it was fear. Refuse to hand it down – the legacy stops here.
Melissa Etheridge
As we face the headwinds of our troubled and turbulent times, let us always be inspired by the legacy of Kofi Annan – and guided by the knowledge that he will continue speaking to us, urging us on toward the goals to which he dedicated his life and truly moved our world.
Antonio Guterres
I want to say thank you Arsene Wenger for your legacy. For all the coaches in the world, he is a reference. We learned, I learned from him all the things in football.
Unai Emery
Many Virginia Republicans would rather work with Democrats to assist the Kaine-Clinton-McAuliffe agenda than work with a conservative like me to block Obamacare’s failed legacy in Virginia.
Corey Stewart
I’ve put it all on the line every time, win, lose, or draw, and that’s what I want to be left behind in my legacy.
Dustin Poirier
I think my legacy is important because my songs – perhaps more than those of any other songwriter I know – cover every movement from 1965 on, socially and artistically. If you want songs about ecology, I’ve got ecology songs; if you want songs about spirituality, I’ve got spiritual songs.
I hope that people will say that ‘she told the truth, she told her truth, she wasn’t afraid to live her truth, and she wasn’t afraid to live her truth out loud.’ That’s what I want my legacy to look like.
Lena Waithe
There were some hardcore fans who thought I was ruining the band they loved. And now there’s this document, ‘The Doors Unhinged,’ which, hopefully, they’ll take away that I was trying to preserve the band they love and its legacy.
John Densmore
If I have done any deed worthy of remembrance, that deed will be my monument. If not, no monument can preserve my memory.
Agesilaus II
In his time both on the field and on the sideline, Jack Pardee will forever be a part of the Washington Redskins’ legacy.
Daniel Snyder
100 Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing fights. Six times world Muay Thai champion, five times European Muay Thai champion, very dominant UFC champion for three years. I know my legacy. They can say whatever they want to, but I’m huge.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
The history of black women in the economy is rooted in the legacy of slavery. Enslaved black women were forced to provide care work, unpaid, for white families.
Alicia Garza
I recorded songs with a great deal of meaning, songs of lasting material. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind – a legacy of love.
Engelbert Humperdinck
Even a lame-duck president can be affected by a clear midterm message if he wants to see his vice president elected and preserve his historical legacy.
Noah Feldman
The irrepressible spirit that made his playing seem like good conversation is the Rubinstein legacy for pianists, if they can pick up their heads from the keyboard long enough to claim it.
Donal Henahan
My last bedside conversation in the hospital just a few weeks before Allen Ginsberg died was ‘please take care of so and so. And the legacy of the Kerouac school.
Anne Waldman
Well, I was lucky in that my being an actress totally overshadowed my having some kind of a… legacy at Yale, so that was kind of great.
Jordana Brewster
The need to leave a legacy is our spiritual need to have a sense of meaning, purpose, personal congruence, and contribution.
Stephen Covey
I don’t think I deviated from what I’m all about and what I thought was important. Whether you want to call that a legacy, or whatever you want to call it.
Joe Paterno
If we could create invention capitalism, that would be a helluva legacy, that would be a helluva thing to do… We could actually turbocharge the rate at which the world invents things.
Nathan Myhrvold
Tuff Gong is the name of our father’s enterprise, and we’re continuing his legacy.
Rohan Marley
I love figure skating and what I am able to express creatively. I want to leave a legacy in the sport.
Patrick Chan
In my belief, a harvest is also a legacy, for very often what you reap is, in the way of small miracles, more than you consciously know you have sown.
Faith Baldwin
Sadness… reflecting on the proud legacy of trust and fair play on which Reliance Industries was founded by my visionary father Dhirubhai Ambani, and how far RIL appeared to have moved away from those original values.
Anil Ambani
Let us not only remember the past and its required sacrifice, let us also remember that we are responsible to build a legacy for the generations which follow us.
Thomas S. Monson
It seemed like an impossible task to do full justice to all Luther classics. And yet these landmark artists have done just that. Memorable performances of wonderful songs that ensure Luther’s legacy will live on forever.
Clive Davis
I think the legacy that I’ll leave is just a great entertainer, and that’s what I want to be remembered as, a great entertainer.
The beauty and variety of the natural world are merely the visible legacies of endless war.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I know she [Hillary Clinton] comes out of a legacy with her husband in which the Democratic Party did more, it seems to me, to subjugate blacks to the dynamics of oppression, poverty. The mass incarceration state.
Henry Giroux
I don’t want to lose my name because that’s how I know myself. There is a legacy here.
Moon Unit Zappa
If it were my decision, I’d knock the Superdome down. If I couldn’t knock it down, I’d just open the roof and gut the whole inside – totally modernize it. If you just dust it off and paint a little bit but don’t reimage it, the legacy will be horrible.
Ray Nagin
I’ve done lots of songs for film soundtracks and things like that-stuff I’m not ashamed of, but that doesn’t represent my legacy with the Pretenders…I think domesticity certainly doesn’t make it easy to write, you know, because you’ve got a lot of distractions and I think a writer is always looking for distractions.
Chrissie Hynde
The truth is these characters [of Batman story] evolve, and there’s a lot of hands in the supporting of these characters. It’s great when everybody can know where everything came from. It’s important for the legacy of them.
Zack Snyder
I promised to carry on Jeff Session’s legacy of fighting for the conservative values we believe in. I promised to help pass the Trump agenda and serve the people’s interest, not the special interests. And I promised to help Donald Trump drain the swamp in Washington.
Luther Strange
I don’t care about my legacy. It’s too late. My enemies will create it, and they’ll push it.
Roger Ailes
I like to make sure I don’t sing songs that are like self hating and feeling sorry for yourself ’cause that’s not the kind of legacy I want to leave really. I want people to feel like strength, especially young women.
Joss Stone
I think about legacy a lot, hopefully at the end of the day they say I was a good bluesman. That’s all I want.
Johnny Winter
I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get even one play at Indiana, let alone 25 years later, walk Bruin Walk, walk UCLA where Coach Wooden built his legacy.
Steve Alford
I’m really excited to be a part of it and sharing the legacy, any documentary I look up at the sky and Kevin Burns did and Bryan did and showed me again you know the history that’s in this character and you know.
Brandon Routh
I can’t just be the girl who sang ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ I have to leave a legacy.
Katy Perry
The reason is that till date, in spite of advances in information technology and strategies of information, the written word in the form of books still remains one of humanity’s most enduring legacies.
Ibrahim Babangida
I have to be happy in the here and now because every time you start focusing on your legacy you’re really setting yourself up for disappointment.
Michael Bolton
I am not taking away the historical legacy, but it should not become a burden.
Asghar Ali Engineer
There are certain things that are fundamental to human fulfillment. The essence of these needs is captured in the phrase ‘to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy.’ The need to leave a legacy is our spiritual need to have a sense of meaning, purpose, personal congruence, and contribution.
Stephen Covey
To me, it’s what WWE is: the history, the legacy, all the women who come before this. From Mae Young onwards, their legacy lives forever.
Triple H
The people of Orissa had unmatched love and respect for Bijubabu. There is no way that you can wish away his legacy.
Naveen Patnaik
My life was a legacy of death and humor.
Mariette Hartley
I don’t fight for my legacy or for the glory or anything like that. The feedback from the fans is nice, don’t get me wrong; it’s a good feeling having them – you on their side. But I’m motivated by making a good living for my family, and that’s what made me get serious about this.
Robbie Lawler
The worst mistake a leader can make is to mentor no one, choose no successor and leave no legacy.
Myles Munroe
Every fighter, when they box, wants to leave a mark in their sport, or a legacy, and I managed to do that beyond my wildest dreams.
Joe Calzaghe
I feel like if you do one album, you don’t give people the chance to judge you twice. If they judge you once and that legacy goes on, you’ll go viral.
Fivio Foreign
In times of stress, it is easy to look to one’s weaknesses and fear the worst, but it is worth remembering that London’s cultural strengths are not some ephemeral dot-com bubble; they are a real, tangible legacy of decades of investment in talent.
Munira Mirza
The good that men do lives after them.
Ruth Gordon
You know, when companies who have made a commitment and have legacy costs and all of a sudden want to walk away from that commitment and lay it on the federal government, that’s a problem. It’s a fiscal problem for us.
Dennis Hastert
I’m not big on what my career will be or what my legacy will be.
Beneil Dariush
I don’t know that the United States is ‘God’s Country,’ but the church has been so strong here, and because of its influence, we hold life to be sacred and we believe that individuals have dignity. This is part of our legacy.
Rich Mullins
People who think you could wave a magic wand and the legacy of the past will be over are blind.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
My dad died with a full head of hair, so I have that legacy.
Leo Sayer
People like to act like we don’t have a legacy of racism here. I think people get really uncomfortable with it. We know that we can’t change it unless we address that.
DeRay Mckesson
Sure, Obama is personally popular, but the same cannot be said for his policies or his legacy.
Katie Pavlich
My legacy is that I stayed on course… from the beginning to the end, because I believed in something inside of me.
Tina Turner
Time passed. Art came off the walls and became rituals. Ritual became religion. Religion spawned science. Science led to big business. And big business, if it continues on its present, mindless trajectory, could land those lucky enough to survive its ultimate legacy back into caves again.
Tom Robbins
I only hope that one day, America will recognize what the rest of the world already has known, that our indigenous music – gospel, blues, jazz and R&B – is the heart and soul of all popular music; and that we cannot afford to let this legacy slip into obscurity, I’m telling you.
Quincy Jones
I wish the Peace Corps and its volunteers continued success and perseverance. We are grateful for their contributions to society and dedication to providing assistance where it is needed. May the Peace Corps continue its legacy of service, both at home and abroad.
Kenny Marchant
When it comes to putting together a new show, we always push the envelope, and that’s part of Motley Crue’s legacy.
Nikki Sixx
In Uruguay, the President of the country announced that this would be his legacy, “One laptop per child.”
Nicholas Negroponte
I wanted to establish my musical legacy and honor the classic sound of flamenco in the most traditional sense.
Fear and hatred are the legacy of Ronald Reagan. America’s vision of peace and freedom [is being] blasted by the guns of the U.S. Navy in Lebanon, the guns of U.S. paratroopers in Grenada, and the guns of U.S. helicopters in Honduras and El Salvador.
Alan Cranston
Our legacy is how we spend our time and who we spend it with.
Jim Stengel
Empires inevitably fall, and when they do, history judges them for the legacies they leave behind.
Noah Feldman
It is a British legacy that we have such a strict hierarchy that we can’t even write a letter to our PM.
Arvind Kejriwal
I hope I left behind a legacy that people will enjoy. But whatever they want to say, I can’t predict.
Robert Duvall
Today the world lost a visionary leader, the technology industry lost an iconic legend and I lost a friend and fellow founder. The legacy of Steve Jobs will be remembered for generations to come. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the Apple team.
Michael Dell
I would pray that I’d leave a legacy of faith, trust and joy. For the joy of the Lord has been my strength and song, and I praise Him.
Cliff Barrows
I think change needs to be egoless. It’s not about my leaving my fingerprints or a legacy. It’s more important to be part of a process by rolling up your sleeves, being on the ground, initiating projects, starting campaigns – you know, building stuff.
Queen Rania of Jordan
I am very happy working for my European brands. My legacy isn’t going to be a museum. Yet I would be very good at it. It’s so painful. It’s like everything – the same old guys – Herzog & de Meuron, Frank Gehry, Renzo Piano – they don’t pick original people.
Peter Marino
Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, Curtis Painter – the recent legacy of quarterbacks at Purdue speaks for itself. I think it’s ‘Quarterback U.’ The facilities are just beautiful. I didn’t expect them to be as great as they were.
Chad Kelly
Whenever I feel like I’m getting too far away from where I need to be, I think about my sons and the legacy I have to leave for them – and it always brings me back to reality.
Dwyane Wade
In this world it is possible to achieve great material wealth, to live an opulent life. But a life built upon those things alone leaves a shallow legacy. In the end, we will be judged by other standards.
Cesar Chavez
It’s the greatest legacy you could ever leave your children or your loved ones: the history of how you felt.
Simon Van Booy
Manny Pacquiao has a whole country behind him. His journey and his rise, from a career standpoint, he was fortunate to have a lot of great opponents and rivalries for years. People forget about Barrera and Morales and those guys. That’s how he built his legacy. Plus he had a country behind him.
Andre Ward
I want to leave a legacy behind. I want the chance to measure myself against the top guys and to have them bring out that champion within me in the Octagon.
Tyron Woodley
I want to leave a great legacy behind me and continue to win major championships.
Katie Taylor
Let’s not forget, it was the government, Department of Finance and Central Bank that decided to unfairly land the taxpayers of this country with unmitigated losses of Anglo and massive legacy issues that would have been expected when nationalising a fraudulent bank.
Sean Quinn
The new Pirates! builds on that legacy delivering an even more powerful and fun experience to players… and is still unmatched in offering a blend of genres in one great game.
Sid Meier
When I think about my legacy, I think about the world that we leave behind for our children.
Jaime Harrison
Your children are your legacy to the world. As you raise them with love, you contribute to making this world a better place.
Kristine Carlson
How many times, in any actor’s life, do you get to be a part of something that has a legacy like [Buffy]? I think that’s only fortunate. I don’t see the negative.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
I had the chance to witness the evolution of the Nuclear Deal into Dr. Singh’s legacy as he assiduously, piece by piece, crafted the Indo-US nuclear deal against all odds, including risking his government.
Sunil Mittal
If I was a carpenter, and I was trying to maintain my father’s musical legacy, then I guess it would be a burden because it wouldn’t be natural to me to be dealing in music when my natural ability is in woodwork or whatever. But because my natural talent is also music, it kind of makes it much easier.
Stephen Marley
Ultimately, I’d love to see a legacy company that has alumni that come out of it and go on to create other big things. A maple-syrup mafia, a HootSuite mafia.
Ryan Holmes
The thing I think is often misunderstood about Ripple is people say, ‘Oh, Ripple is a centralized platform.’ To me, this is a legacy perspective. Ripple’s technology, IRP, is open source; XRP Ledger is open source.
Brad Garlinghouse
All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.
Jim Rohn
True creative cities produce the legacy of an idea that does what funding cannot do: to foster.
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
What a great way to see all of our legacies live on, through the video games.
Randy Savage
We need a foreign policy that is both tough… and smart. The good news? That is the historic legacy of the Democratic Party.
Evan Bayh
I was always interested in having my own money – not my family’s money. I don’t think it had anything to do with me being Elvis’s granddaughter. None of my drive was, ‘I need to get away from my family legacy!’
Riley Keough
Along with the music, there is a large part of my father’s legacy that has to do with what he had to say. What he believed in, what he stood for, the understanding of his own darkness, the faith that he had that drove him, and the great love that he had for people.
John Carter Cash
I honestly thought that ‘Tangled’ was going to be my Disney legacy.
Roy Conli
I’m all about leaving a legacy behind and trying to cement myself as one of the greats. I don’t just want to be remembered as the guy who beat Michael Phelps at the 2012 London Olympics – a one-hit wonder – I want to be an inspiration to the kids.
Chad le Clos
Part of our purpose in life is to build a legacy – a consistent pattern of building into the lives of others.
Tony Dungy
I’ll leave it to other people to evaluate the legacy of my book, but I’m very moved when musicians tell me that they’ve been inspired by my book.
Michael Azerrad
I believe in legacy. And I believe in making the radio sound better. If I gotta listen to it, I want it to sound good.
Betty Wright
In terms of perceptions of the culture, most people don’t think about music. They’re not concerned with it. They don’t take their musical legacy seriously.
Alan Bishop
Women come up to us all the time and give us the most amazing compliments, like, ‘Salt-N-Pepa was the soundtrack of my life.’ They remind us that we meant so much to them. Sometimes artists don’t really grasp that. But when you talk to fans, you get in touch with your legacy.
They were nicely written and nicely directed episodes [Star Trek: Enterprise]. I enjoyed working with Scott [Bakula]. So it was good to do, and, as you said, it did serve to enhance the Soong legacy.
Brent Spiner
Her legacy was her quiet dignity and instinctive rage against injustice, … What she determined on the spot was that her dignity would not allow her to be treated unjustly.
Diane Watson
The essence of America lies not in the headlined heroes…but in the everyday folks who live and die unknown, yet leave their dreams as legacies
Alan Lomax
I would have happily done ‘Bourne Legacy,’ but a lot of decisions are made for you.
Joel Edgerton
I’m never looking at life in terms of legacy.
Andrew Forrest
Let the living live; and you, gather together your thoughts, leave behind you a legacy of feeling and ideas; you will be most useful so.
Henri Frederic Amiel
You can be precious about something like ‘Blair Witch’ and say, ‘How dare you approach it as a sequel or remake’ or whatever, but its legacy was so tarnished by ‘Book of Shadows’ that someone had to come in and do something in the spirit of the original.
Adam Wingard
When we die our entire legacy is simply the added together strengths of all the connections we make with others. This is the ghost of ourselves we leave behind. This is showing up.
James Altucher
We have to make a living, sure, but it’s about the legacy of Lynyrd Skynyrd and what it stands for, what the fans are all about.
Johnny Van Zant
The investigation of consciousness has come to be regarded suspiciously by most smart people and by most scientists. That’s a legacy that began with the Inquisition, which considered non-Christian spiritual inquiry as blasphemous.
David O. Russell
The legacy of American socialism is our blighted inner cities, dysfunctional inner city school and broken black families.
Star Parker
I don’t know if it’s a legacy, but I love it. In my mind and other people’s minds, they know I was the first to stylize the national anthem.
Jose Feliciano
The Bible is a precious storehouse, and the Magna Charta of a Christian. There he reads of his Heavenly Father’s love, and of his dying Saviour’s legacies. There he sees a map of his travels through the wilderness, and a landscape, too, of Canaan.
John Berridge
It’s humbling and enthralling to know your legacy when you’re alive.
Laura Schlessinger
My work… is my legacy.
Patrick Swayze
From avoiding littering to encouraging local economy, there is a lot each one of us can do that will go a long way in keeping the country’s cultural legacy intact.
Shenaz Treasury
To fulfill you potential, you need to move out of your comfort zone and into the legacy zone.
David Cottrell
Everyone in the league has a journey or a legacy, whether you’re in the league for five years or you’re in the league for one year.
D’Angelo Russell
There are some things for which there is no apology, and on the question of slavery, there is no adequate apology for ripping people out of their homeland and bringing them here in chains. There is no adequate apology for the ongoing horrific legacy of racism.
Harriet Lerner
I’m hopeful that at the end of my life, someone like Frederick Douglass would look at my life and say, ‘Well done: you’ve proven yourself to be worthy of the legacy we left you.’
Cory Booker
When I look towards my future, I want to leave a legacy that runs rich.
Kyle Shewfelt
As a Coalition Government, we inherited a legacy of lack of trust and confidence in political system.
Andrew Lansley
A century after some women first got the vote, we are upping the pressure for change to consign Parliament’s legacy of inequality in the past.
Andrea Leadsom
We stand our best chance of leaving a legacy to those who want to learn, our children, by standing firm. In matters of style, hey, swing with the stream. But in matters of principle, you need to stand like a rock.
Kevin Costner
I don’t know if it breaks my heart to say it or not, but I feel like my legacy might be more behind the scenes than it ever was in the ring.
Tyson Kidd
Unchain yourself from the guilt that you aren’t doing something right, that you’re not leaving the “right” legacy, and BE your real self. Just that. That’s all the legacy you’re here to give – the genuine best of you.
Wendy Keller
I just want to let everybody know that no matter the circumstance it doesn’t mean that the outcome is gonna be what the statistic says it’s gonna be. You know, I just want to show everybody that no matter what you can make your dreams come true if you work hard. Like, that’s my legacy as far as that.
I’d like to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the lives of young people – that I nurtured someone and taught them to pursue their dreams and their careers, to leave a legacy.
Andre Leon Talley
I fell in love with the land and with the very old fashioned idea of leaving a physical legacy for my children. A stunning place, with a magnificent forest of trees, and a magnificent river.
Val Kilmer
The legacy of [Martin Luther] King is the very thing that must be expanded if America is to be free and democratic in the 21st century. It’s just as simple as that.
Cornel West
Not only did she represent inner and outer beauty and elegance, but all the work she did at the end of her life touched so many people. She created this extraordinary legacy.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
You want to leave a legacy.
A. J. Green
I think the legacy Ronda leaves behind is that she changed women’s MMA.
Jose Aldo
I’m inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. It’s something that I’m very proud of.
Jack Schlossberg
I’d like to continue to spread my message on conservation and make sure my dad’s message – his legacy – lives on.
Bindi Irwin
I love Black poets. I love that as a Black girl, I get to participate in that legacy. So that’s Yusef Komunyakaa, Sonia Sanchez, Tracy K. Smith, Phillis Wheatley.
Amanda Gorman
The Gershwin legacy is extraordinary because George Gershwin died in 1937, but his music is as fresh and vital today as when he originally created it.
Michael Feinstein
It was difficult, but it was also rewarding. When you have a chance to see kids get better, everything makes it all worth it. All I wanted was to try to make a difference in my life and have a legacy in some way, but for something I had done in someone else’s life.
Paul Brandt
Because I am the daughter of Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar, people have expectations fixed on me as I gear up to carry the family legacy.
Shriya Pilgaonkar
Nas is one of the Greatest Ever. Never has and never will need a ghostwriter. That man’s pen and legacy is without question.
Jay Electronica
The legacy, the waste, is mostly in international waters that are sort of in no man’s land and thus considered to be no one nation’s problem.
Boyan Slat
The United States and the D.P.R.K. will not overcome a legacy of 70 years of war and hostility on the Korean Peninsula through the course of a single Saturday.
Morgan Ortagus
I find it reprehensible that anyone would seek to denigrate the legacy of Dr. King in any way.
Jesse White
Growing up with my father’s legacy, we never felt that we had to do anything, but we were always raised to think: What could be better than to explore the wonders of the world and share that with people? To try and make the world a better place. And I guess it stuck.
Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
I personally adore the festival of Dussehra, as its a celebration of our culture and mythological legacy. I celebrate, almost, all my festivals with Life OK, be it Holi or Diwali or Dussehra. It’s like a festive home for me.
Rithvik Dhanjani
I want my legacy to be, wow she was a woman that really cared about others and dedicated her life to make sure that this world was a better world.
Dominique Crenn
I’m creatively driven to create a body of work. I was made to put on this Earth to wrestle and perform. Create a legacy, create this Villain persona to put down in the history books for people to watch for many years to come.
Marty Scurll
The only legacy I seek is the one that any grandparent seeks – that is, to hand off our nation… our fields and our farms to the next generation in better shape than we found it.
Sonny Perdue
I can live my legacy or just have led a busy life.
Gary W. Goldstein
Like many Americans, I’ve always been intrigued by Bill Clinton. I obviously didn’t always agree with him – enjoyed running against his legacy in 2000, when Al Gore was his designated successor, but I don’t have anything negative I would say about Bill Clinton.
Dick Cheney
Colin Powell devoted himself to the betterment of this country and of every American in all that he did. His legacy and character is one we must remember, and one that we should each seek to emulate in all that we do.
Chris Sununu
Certainly I am sometimes afraid, but my hope is greater than my fear, and the biggest enemy we all face is ignorance which breeds hatred, whether it be in America, or Afghanistan, or anywhere. We owe it to our children that we may give them all a legacy of peace, but it will take courage and compassion.
Greg Mortenson
Protest is OK. But protests, according to my King family legacy, should be peaceful.
Alveda King
I can promise you this: I will be the greatest woman to ever enter WWE, and I will leave the greatest legacy that WWE has ever seen.
When you make loving others the story of your life, there’s never a final chapter, because the legacy continues. You lend your light to one person, and he or she shines it on another and another and another.
Oprah Winfrey
I want to leave my own legacy and write my own story.
Ryan Garcia
John’s legacy? His bravery. When he had the power, he used it. He really wanted peace on Earth, and John’s lyrics, well, that’s the brave poetry of the ’60s. If he had stayed with us, he could have done so much more.
Astrid Kirchherr
It’s about leaving a legacy. People will always remember what you did. That’s why I run the way I run.
Le’Veon Bell
We Unitarian Universalists have inherited a magnificent theological legacy. In a sweeping answer to creeds that divide the human family, Unitarianism proclaims that we spring from a common source; Universalism, that we share a common destiny.
Forrest Church
I hope that on my tombstone it says ‘Born 1933, died 2043.’ I hope that’s my legacy.
Quincy Jones
Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer. I am devastated by this great loss, and I will continue to be humbled and inspired by his legacy. My prayers are with his family. Michael will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. He’s the greatest, the best ever. No one will ever be better.
Chris Brown
I can’t think of a greater legacy than, “Because you lived, another species survived.”
Paul Watson
You will be raising these kids in your mind your whole life. And they will change you. Your little contribution to it – twenty years from now, they’ll be marching off into other things and that’s still the legacy you leave.
Bill Ayers
ROWW will only grow stronger to continue Paul’s legacy for years and years to come. We are always conscious of Paul as we continue to grow – I want to make certain that ROWW continues on a path that Paul would be proud of.
Cody Walker
A legacy is a lot of times determined by how people accept your music. And sometimes people’s legacy starts late or starts early, or they last a long time or a short amount of time. As a musician, I’ve never taken an approach of wanting to try to control that because I don’t think that I can.
Kamasi Washington
Klitschko was the reigning champion for a decade and regarded by many as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. I’m never going to face another opponent with that legacy.
Tyson Fury
My legacy is that Merck continues to do what Merck has always done, which is to make singular impact on human health and animal health around the world. It’s that simple.
Kenneth Frazier
I have inherited my father’s responsibilities, not privileges. One of the members of his family had to continue his legacy of social responsibility.
Naveen Patnaik
I want people to remember ABBA as we were. I don’t think that four geriatrics wheeled on stage is what we should leave as our legacy.
Bjorn Ulvaeus
Everyone throughout the soccer world knows the Cosmos name and the legacy of the players that played for this team previously. They helped establish soccer in America and I’m honored to follow in their footsteps.
Why is it that many contemporary male thinkers, especially men of color, repudiate the imperialist legacy of Columbus but affirm dimensions of that legacy by their refusal to repudiate patriarchy?
Bell Hooks
A long-running show leaves behind a legacy of storytellers and their relationship with the audience.
Julie Plec
I don’t think about my legacy, if indeed, I have one.
Louis Farrakhan
Kobe’s legacy is definitely one of the best players to play this game ever.
Vlade Divac
I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to running the Bruce Lee businesses and continuing his legacy. Some people say I’m doing that to make money or to emulate him. That couldn’t be further from the truth; I do it because I’m inspired by his message.
Shannon Lee
Young black men in America have an identity ascribed to them that is a direct legacy of slavery.
Henry Giroux
‘Drag Race’ is a movement. I’ll be forever grateful that I left my legacy.
Alyssa Edwards
John Lewis’ vital role in the civil rights movement will never be forgotten, and his legacy will forever be acknowledged by our state and our country.
Angela Stanton-King
To continue my efforts as a leader for my people and to follow my family’s legacy of providing legitimate opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through my sport of basketball is the true outcome of my personal success and accomplishments.
Patty Mills
I’m American. I’m eclectic. I’m going to follow my musical passions. And if people don’t like it, and it hurts my legacy, I’m not going to worry about that.
Renee Fleming
Education affects every major challenge we face in society. It creates economic growth, paves the way for peace and stability and helps erase the legacy of marginalization.
To be a driver that can cross off one of those marquee events as a winner, that cements your legacy in motorsports, to be able to win the Daytona 500 is the ultimate dream of a race car driver.
Tony Stewart
When people have a real sense of legacy, a sense of mattering, a sense of contribution, it seems to tap into the deepest part of their heart and soul. It brings out the best and subordinates the rest.
Stephen Covey
We can leave our legacy only if we are willing to change – to go beyond partisan labels, and to solve the problems facing Washingtonians.
Christine Gregoire
What I would like my legacy to be is that of a person who took good care of her family and sang some songs that made a difference in some way. I hope I’ll be remembered as somebody who was always down to earth and who handled her career and other people with honesty, integrity and class.
Martina McBride
This rebuilding of New Orleans gives us the perfect opportunity to see if we’re ready to extend the legacy of Dr. King.
Wynton Marsalis
The Higher Education Industry is very analogous to the Newspaper industry. By the time they realize they need to change the costs to support their legacy infrastructure and costs will keep them from getting there.
Mark Cuban
Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” is still in print. They’re debating right now over Mark Twain. He’s still available. Winslow Homer can still be seen. Our arts are – they’re there. We got to go get them and understand that this is an important legacy for our country.
Wynton Marsalis
It leaves a good legacy to have five records.
Theophilus London
I do not believe in any legacy. The past is dead and gone.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
My efforts in Congress are guided by the belief that environmental preservation and restoration are a critical part of the legacy we leave to future generations.
Sue Kelly
We’ve had a difficult legacy of 40 years, and cleaning up is not going to be a one day job. But we are engaged in a systematic effort, we have not allowed formation of new militia groups, and we are reforming the local police systematically so that there won’t be abuse.
Ashraf Ghani
I stayed on the track I wanted to stay on. I don’t think I deviated from what I’m all about and what I thought was important. Whether you want to call that a legacy, or whatever you want to call it.
Joe Paterno
These are facts that would make every American upset. Our birthright is being stolen, the legacy of our country is at stake, and the values of our nation are in peril. The future whispers, and the present shouts.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Our focus needs to be less on what our legacy’s going to be or how we can control each other and more how we can give to each other.
Kanye West
The difference between doing a live show and a sitcom is that a sitcom can live on. If you do it well, it can leave a legacy, whereas most of our live work never gets repeated because it’s final, it’s done, you start again.
Ant McPartlin
So much of what I create has been due to the influence of Miles Davis and Donald Byrd, and so many of those that have passed on. Their music, their legacy lives on with the rest of us because we are so highly influenced by their experience and what they have given us.
Herbie Hancock
The legacy of slavery comes from the sustained political, legal and economic effort to link permanently an entire group of people to poverty – and to mystify that systematic disenfranchisement by making up something called race, which could serve as a distraction.
Sarah Churchwell
I am honored to be a Bond girl and be a part of the Bond legacy, To star in a video game with Connery, the original Bond, is incredible.
Maria Menounos
Recognize your highest calling as early in life as possible. Proactively and creatively persist, day in and day out. Leave an enduring legacy.
Frank McKinney
Since the break-up of the 1990s, Russia has not had winter sports facilities. All the winter sport venues were effectively located in countries that are no longer part of the federation. There is a strong argument for saying Sochi’s legacy will be this country will have winter sports facilities it did not have before.
Sebastian Coe
It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us, and to leave a legacy that is worthy of our children and of future generations.
Christine Gregoire
I wanted to completely honor The REV and pay tribute to him and carry on the legacy that he intended with this record.
Mike Portnoy
I’m only an actor. I’m not a writer. I’m not going to leave any legacy. All I’ve ever done is learn the lines and say them.
Ian Mckellen
It is such a joy to join a legacy of amazing female playwrights who have managed to break through the glass ceiling and reinvigorate the Broadway stage by bringing a fresh and necessary perspective.
Lynn Nottage
Many people spend their lives trying to create a lasting legacy on earth. They want to be remembered when they’re gone. Yet, what ultimately matters most will not be what others say about your life but what God says.
Rick Warren
With ‘CCSKNH,’ we are planning to carry forward the rich legacy of the state. Though there haven’t been many Haryanvi films, the state has tremendous potential.
Satish Kaushik
You must get Israelis to understand the feelings and the hopes and the traumas of the Palestinians. You have to get the Palestinians to understand why Israel is behaving the way it does: What is the legacy of the Holocaust, what are the fears of average Jewish people?
Uri Avnery
Legacy doesn’t mean a lot because once you have left, even if you are one of the biggest individual shareholders it only means [a small amount of influence]. But it’s something I’m very pleased about.
Maurice Levy
At some point in your life, you need to sit down and say, ‘What do I want to do? How do I want to be remembered? What’s my legacy? And what’s important to me?’
Grigor Dimitrov
Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Legacy? I’m a worker in the factory; all we care about is today! A legacy… what a bunch of baloney.
Bill Cunningham
The name Van Halen, the family legacy, is going to go on long after I’m gone.
Eddie Van Halen
If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.
Maya Angelou
I think we want to make the sport bigger and better and leave a good legacy for the next generation that comes through.
Joel Parkinson
Toronto will be the best Pan American Games ever. As PASO’s President, I have said several times that I want to end my leading period with a legacy of the best Games ever; and I am sure we will do it in Toronto.
Mario Vazquez
In this age of specialization, I sometimes think of myself as the last ‘generalist’ in economics, with interests that range from mathematical economics down to current financial journalism. My real interests are research and teaching.
Paul Samuelson
After having seen my dad do so much in comedy, I know I have a legacy to live up to.
Ananya Panday
Franco-Albertans have created a valuable legacy throughout the province. Our Government is pleased to support these projects, which showcase the thriving Francophone community in Calgary. We will continue to support our official languages and protect, celebrate, and strengthen Canada’s linguistic duality.
Shelly Glover
Im never looking at life in terms of legacy.
Andrew Forrest
Autobiographies ought to begin with Chapter Two.
Ellery Sedgwick
We get one opportunity in life, one chance at life to do whatever you’re going to do, and lay your foundation and make whatever mark you’re going to make. Whatever legacy you’re going to leave; leave your legacy!
Ray Lewis
I think most of my career has been built on conviction and the personality to carry that image or stride confidently on the catwalk. That was my beginning and, hopefully, my legacy.
Erin O’Connor
My VIP patients often regret so many things on their deathbeds. They regret the bitterness they’ll leave in people’s hearts. They realize the no money, no church service, no eulogy, no funeral procession no matter how elaborate, can remove the legacy of a mean spirit.
Abraham Verghese
I want to add to my legacy because, in the end, that’s going to be the most valuable for my career.
Mikey Garcia
Bloomberg is an overpriced legacy software system that subsidizes a money-losing media company.
Martin Shkreli
When you start your first band and it has an impact on the rest of the world you go through a lot with those guys and you become very protective of that legacy.
Chris Cornell
My legacy isn’t about what I did playing football, but how I use the opportunities that came from playing football.
Warren Moon
I am profoundly indebted to the legacy of Wilhelm Reich, whose monumental contribution to the understanding of energy was taught to me by Philip Curcurruto, a man of simple wisdom and compassionate heart.
Peter A. Levine
The big picture goal is legacy. It’s knowing that when I’m done, what I’ve done has changed the industry in some way and made an impact in some way.
Tommaso Ciampa
A friend of mine said something powerful at his grandfather’s funeral. He said that the greatest lesson from his grandfather’s life was that he died empty, because he accomplished everything he wanted, with no regrets. I think that, along with leaving a legacy, would be the greatest sign of success.
Marvin Sapp
We can believe in the future and work to achieve it and preserve it, or we can whirl blindly on, behaving as if one day there will be no children to inherit our legacy. The choice is ours; the earth is in balance.
Al Gore
This glorious union shall not perish! Precious legacy of our fathers, it shall go down honored and cherished to our children. Generations unborn shall enjoy its privileges as we have done; and if we leave them poor in all besides, we will transmit to them the boundless wealth of its blessings!
Edward Everett
What footprint do you want to be known for? (It’s) the legacy and the journey that you’re on. Trust in yourself. Trust in the passion you have (inside) yourself.
Drew Waters
The Glory is the issue to me. Money comes and goes, but a legacy stays forever. I hate to lose
Shane Mosley
There is a terrible garrulousness in most American writing, legacy of the old Frontier.
Gore Vidal
If we try to resolve terrorism with military might and nothing else, then we will be no safer than we were before 9/11. If we truly want a legacy of peace for our children, we need to understand that this is a war that will ultimately be won with books, not with bombs.
Greg Mortenson
I think people in the future will come up to me and say, “Everything that you are and everything that you have is because of that butler [film].” Of course, that’s Oprah’s line from the movie, but I think it will resonate with my legacy with the movie.
Lee Daniels
I remember the day I first heard what Timbaland and Aaliyah did – that intersection of her pretty voice and his weird, resonant production. I remember where I was and what I was doing. It was a major situation. We’re trying to continue that legacy.
Oh, you know, your legacy’s all you’re gonna be remembered by.
DeAndre Hopkins
When you allow yourself to really think about the future and the legacy you’re leaving, you become gentler.
Jonathan Majors
In the drive to prove our status as a world-class city, let’s stay true to our democratic legacy and what Boston has already given to the world: informed independence and true debate.
Michelle Wu
I’ve already overcome a lot of things in my career, and if I don’t fight in the UFC anymore, for sure I’m gonna find other ways to keep growing my legacy.
Cris Cyborg
When I was mayor of Tulsa, Tulsa County was in nonattainment of the 1979 ozone NAAQS, so I have seen firsthand the economic impacts associated with the challenges of attainment and the legacy of EPA intervention that continues long after meeting the standard.
Jim Inhofe
I know how big Blink are and I know the legacy with it and everything, but Angels & Airwaves, to my heart and to the people who like it, this is the release of my life.
Tom DeLonge
My mom, Clida, taught my four brothers and me about her father’s work to organize black voters in rural Louisiana in the 1950s. We carried her dad’s legacy of activism with us. The Civil Rights Movement was present in the daily life of my family in Detroit in the 1970s.
Keith Ellison
Finn doesn’t have as much respect for Han’s legacy as everybody else does, and Han finds that a bit charming. They team up and go on a mission together. The banter is very choppy, and the dialogue is pretty funny. Chewie enjoys the banter and the friction between the two, but they definitely have each other’s backs.
John Boyega
There are a few obvious consequences and perhaps one subtle possibility. One obvious thing is that, to stimulate the economy, President Obama has committed to creating millions of green jobs that will leave a legacy – much as Roosevelt’s public works did during the new deal.
Denis Hayes
Influencers refuse to leave the world they way they found it. They leave a legacy.
Johnny Hunt
When you’ve told someone that you’ve left them a legacy the only decent thing to do is to die at once.
Samuel Butler
A child is your legacy. What better thing can you do in life than put a really good person in the world who’s going to make it a better place?
Alexis Stewart
My legacy is not only about legacy, it’s about how we as a human family learn to live together within our difference.
Angelique Kidjo
I’m in there for more than just a fight. I’m in there fighting for my legacy.
Jermell Charlo
We often take for granted the notion that some people are insiders, while others are outsiders. But such a notion is a social contrivance, that, like virtually every public construct, is a legacy of a primordial and tribal mentality.
Jamake Highwater
I think 1GOAL is so important. I’m proud that we could make education for all the legacy of Africa’s first World Cup.
In the white community, the path to a more perfect union means acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination – and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past – are real and must be addressed.
Barack Obama
That’s why we’re here: to leave a legacy that’ll be remembered long after we’re done. And what a great start to my legacy, man, being the first UFC flyweight champion.
Joseph Benavidez
The Vietnam War soured President Johnson’s legacy. We still have to recognize his domestic legacy.
Gene Green
It’s always the great thing about being involved in such a legacy series such as ‘Star Trek’ is you’ll always want to know more about the characters that you love.
Tamlyn Tomita
My writing is definitely influenced by and speaks to African-Americans because that is who I am. I’m black. I’m a black woman. I’m a black mother, wife, churchgoer, etc. I am the legacy of slavery.
Michelle Singletary
The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.
N. D. Kalu
When we came up, Clive Davis and other record execs would do anything to keep Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, even Johnny Mathis intact, because they wanted to keep alive a musical legacy. As a result, those artists were able to spend 30 to 40 years in the business and still make a living, still have a fan base.
Philip Bailey
Nelson Mandela was one of the most influential people in my life. He was my hero, my friend, and also a companion to me in our fight for the people and for world peace. Let us all continue his legacy with purpose and passion.
I was thinking about the legacy of ghosts in fiction, and specifically the moral power of those Dickensian ghosts. Because a ghost can be a very powerful but also manipulative element.
George Saunders
Certainly it is important to work hard for your children, but if the only legacy you can give them is money it is a poor legacy indeed.
Helen Beardsley
Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, myself, and even Bill Goldberg, for crying out loud, main-eventing Wrestlemania. That is WCW’s legacy.
Eric Bischoff
But I’ve got to think of myself as the luckiest guy. Robert Johnson only had one album’s worth of work as his legacy. That’s all that life allowed him.
David Bowie
In that twisted incestuous way of fate, Mia’s a part of our history, and we’re among the shards of her legacy.
Gayle Forman
The one man more responsible for destroying the Democratic centrist revival, for throwing away the Clinton legacy, and for suicidally pitching his party to the populist left was Al Gore
Andrew Sullivan
I think the legacy I’ll leave on music is just an artist that went out here and gave 100%.
Unfortunately this is the legacy that has been handed to us by the people before us, people who have won the Tour only to disappoint fans a few years later, if this is part of the process we have to go through to get the sport to the better place, obviously I’m here, I’m doing it.
Chris Froome
If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in the struggle, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness, and your chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
We want our legacy to stand upon the youth. We want to give knowledge to the younger generation and be a part of changing the game.
I just hope, in terms of legacy, that more kids want to choose a life in sport that they are more active and getting stuck in really.
Denise Lewis
Schoolchildren and older people like the idea of planting trees. For children, it’s interesting that an acorn will grow into an oak, and for older people it’s a legacy. And the act of planting a tree is not that difficult.
Clive Anderson
In the years between ‘Afterlight’ and ‘Legacy,’ we see a Zu who has watched all of her older friends head out into the world to do meaningful work while she’s made to wait and hang back because of her age. It reinforces a feeling in her that she’s falling further and further behind and won’t ever catch up to them.
Alexandra Bracken
I’m not looking for a legacy, and you’ll never shut up the critics. I’ve been around 50 years. When you’re a catalyst for change, you make enemies – and I’m proud of the ones I’ve got.
Rupert Murdoch
As I have heard Bush say, only a wartime president is likely to achieve greatness, in part because the epochal upheavals of war provide the opportunity for transformative change of the kind Bush hoped to achieve. In Iraq, Bush saw his opportunity to create a legacy of greatness.
Scott McClellan
My mother always told me that as you go through life, no matter what you do, or how you do it, you leave a little footprint, and that’s your legacy.
Jan Brewer
I think I definitely work out of my father’s shadow, but it was hard in the beginning. But I would never change my last name, and I couldn’t be more proud to carry on his legacy.
Charlotte Flair
At the end of the day, my legacy will not be modelling but my cosmetics line.
Be intense, passionate, and fired up, but about things that matter, things that change your life and your legacy.
Dave Ramsey
Angela Davis’s legacy as a freedom fighter made her an enemy of the state under the increasingly neoliberal regimes of Nixon, Reagan and J. Edgar Hoover because she understood that the struggle for freedom was not only a struggle for political and individual rights but also for economic rights.
Henry Giroux
I want to leave a nice legacy.
Brian Lara
There is an absence of democratic accountability and control in every sphere of government and the state. To address this debilitating legacy requires determined action and a deep commitment to transforming our society from a crisis ridden present into something all South Africans can be truly proud of.
Nelson Mandela
I have to take care of my family, my team, and my legacy.
Rafael dos Anjos
I feel very lucky to have grown up having interaction with adults who were making change but who were far from perfect beings. That feeling of not being paralyzed by your incredible inadequacy as a human being, which I feel every day, is a part of the legacy that I’ve gotten from so many of the adult elders.
Marian Wright Edelman
Almost everyone is obsessed with leaving a mark upon the world. Bequeathing a legacy. Outlasting death. We all want to be remembered. I do, too. That’s what bothers me most, is being another unremembered casualty in the ancient and inglorious war against disease.
John Green
I hope I would leave a legacy of joy -a legacy of real compassion.
Rich Mullins
I hope we win a lot of games, that’s part of the job at Ohio State. But you want to have a bigger impact than that when you’re done. You want to leave a legacy behind, you want to make change.
Ryan Day
I feel quite excited about the possibility of working on multiple albums. There’s something really iconic about having a catalog featuring a lot of albums, and I’d love to have that legacy.
Paloma Faith
There’s weight on me to raise the bar, to carry on that legacy. But that’s what drives me. Making sure that no one ever forgets who the Wallendas are.
Nik Wallenda
Bill Clinton’s legacy on job creation should be assailed by none and admired by every presidential candidate who hopes to do the same.
David Brock
In truth, the legacy that President Obama’s agenda will leave on history is the poisoning of the tree of liberty.
Wayne LaPierre
When I’m done my mixed martial arts career, the only people who are gonna remember me and respect what I did and how I lived my life are my two children. That’s my legacy, ladies and gentlemen.
Demetrious Johnson
My uncles, grandfather and great grandfather have all been active in politics at some point or the other. So probably I am only taking that family legacy forward.
Mimi Chakraborty
Fame doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. Those things are forever fleeting. I just want to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so that when I’m long gone my great-great-grandchildren can walk up to it and say, “That’s my ancestor.” That will be my legacy.
Tracy Morgan
Gorbachev’s legacy is that he called time on communism, partially against his will, but in fact, he finished it off. Without violence. Without bloodshed. Beyond that, I am struggling to think of much else in terms of real legacy.
Helmut Kohl
I’veВ always said your legacy is what you leave behind you.
Darrell Waltrip
There is no greater legacy that we can leave our children and grandchildren than a peaceful and safer world.
Ted Turner
Americans want our leaders to defend our values, our cu

Americans want our leaders to defend our values, our culture, our legacy of liberty and our way of life, not apologize.
Christine O’Donnell
It’s hard to separate your remembered childhood and its emotional legacy from the childhoods that are being lived out in your house, by your children. If you’re lucky, your kids will help you make that distinction.
Ayelet Waldman
I want the legacy of Chi Chi Devayne to be a damn good performer that came from nowhere and took the world by storm.
Chi Chi DeVayne
Country music as we know it would be vastly different if it weren’t for George Jones. He’s in our musical DNA. All country artists will have to figure out how to even begin to live up to his kind of legacy. ‘Honky Tonk Heaven,’ here he comes… though we’re not ready to let go.
Pam Tillis
That is your legacy on this Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.
Patti Davis
As a historical legacy, the Kashmir conflict has been an outstanding issue for more than half a century.
Li Peng
I see what other people do and what songwriters don’t. They don’t get out and take care of themselves. Producers turn themselves into a massive brand. Songwriters tend to be under someone else’s umbrella. If you’re building your own legacy, it can’t be under an umbrella.
Ester Dean
In America we now live more in fear than in hope, and eventually that will lead to ignorance and hatred. We need to have optimism that the world can be a better place, and we can leave a legacy for our children. Being bilingual, travel and studying geography, culture and religions can help.
Greg Mortenson
I love the book legacy of lies it amazing and is fun to read over and over again
Elizabeth Chandler
I am writing my own legacy, and I am carrying NXT along for the ride.
Tommaso Ciampa
I didn’t grow up with my dad, or around the whole legacy. I was post-Motown, so I’d always hear stories and wonder what was it like.
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett
One ironic legacy of the Clinton administration is the rearming of the American citizenry. Each time Clinton and his friends in Congress threaten another round of anti-gun regulations, the American people respond by stocking up.
Llewellyn Rockwell
I see this as my humanitarian legacy. We’re prepared to pay billions.
Sheldon Adelson
Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?
Abdul Kalam
History will dictate what my legacy is. And ‘maverick’ is fine, because I am.
Al Davis
If I can just be thought of as Omari Hardwick who had a really, really solid career, and whose work is appreciated in its own right, I think that would be a great legacy to leave behind.
Omari Hardwick
I’ve dealt with losing close ones before, and I’ve been around friends that have lost friends at a young age. I think it’s important to think about – not necessarily death, but about life and think about where you’re going and how you want to be remembered and the legacy you want to leave.
Scotty McCreery
In the end, no single group will mean defeat for the Democrat and victory for the Republican in 2016. But President Obama’s troubling legacy – a weakened coalition and growing ranks of alienated white voters – could mean a serious post-presidential hangover for Democrats.
Byron York
How many victims must that be? Slaughtered in vain across the land, And how many strugles must that be? Before we choose to live the profits plan Everybody sing- Every day create your History, Every path you take you’re leaving your legacy Every soldier dies in his glory Every legend tells of conquest and liberty.
Michael Jackson
I understand that a lot of girls feel encouraged by what I have been able to do, but I’ve never felt like I’m a role model. I’m not concerned with building a great legacy or anything because I’ll be dead so it won’t matter.
Tavi Gevinson
I’m the last senior executive who was hired by Roy Vagelos. It’s an honor, but it also imposes upon me an obligation not only to think about his legacy but also about this company’s legacy.
Kenneth Frazier
The only bridge I’ve ever burned along this legacy I dance is the one that linked the cities of prosperity and chance.
Aesop Rock
I think Ric Flair has been tarnishing his legacy since 1990 – he has done more to tarnish his career then anything I could have said or did, then anybody could have said or did.
Shane Douglas
I’m thinking of a legacy that I can be proud of and wealth that my grandchildren can use to go to college. So world domination – in terms of providing for my family – is absolutely my goal.
Nicki Minaj
Man is a being with myriad lives and myriad sensations, a complex, multiform creature that bears within itself strange legacies of thought and passion, and whose very flesh is tainted with the monstrous maladies of the dead.
Oscar Wilde
Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic.
James H. Douglas, Jr.
No disrespect to Ugas. He’s a great fighter, and he’s ranked in the IBF, so I’m gonna have to fight him. But, you know, I’m looking to build my legacy and me beating Ugas is not gonna get me anywhere.
Errol Spence Jr.
As an artist, you can work to make money, or you can be an artist who thinks about their legacy.
Anthony Ramos
Since the Beijing Olympics in 2008, our office has been discussing how we can make architecture more human and at one with nature. We need to ask ourselves, what legacy do we want to leave behind on humankind’s urban culture?
Ma Yansong
I am grateful for my father’s legacy. I am grateful to have found out who my real friends are. I am grateful for God’s guidance.
Grace Poe
Data show that for a variety of reasons including M&A activity, legacy and growth into emerging markets, the size of most firms’ innovation footprints or networks is increasing. Obviously, the bigger the network, the greater the management, co-ordination and running costs.
Yves Doz
I just didn’t want my legacy to be that of a few others that I don’t even have to name, where I was controlled by a substance, or a liquid for that matter. My life is too precious to me.
Ivan Moody
I think the Lakers are a legacy franchise. Players know when they come here, this is the ultimate platform.
Jeanie Buss
Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.
Donald Trump
The lessons of the past should steer us towards ensuring lasting legacies for generations yet to be born.
Hun Sen
If we do not do something to prevent it, Africa’s animals, and the places in which they live, will be lost to our world, and her children, forever. Before it is too late, we need your help to lay the foundation that will preserve this precious legacy long after we are gone.
Nelson Mandela
I’ve always thought about my legacy – more so, though, my impact off the field and how I’m helping my community and solidifying and strengthening the lives of others around me. And also, I just want to be a dominant football player, too. So it encompasses everything.
Larry Fitzgerald
My legacy would be that you don’t have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh.
Michael Kors
I always felt that I had to leave a legacy on the African continent. As I was only the third player to come to the NBA from Africa, I felt I had to do my best to recruit more young Africans to come and play in the NBA – and also find a way to bring the NBA to Africa.
Dikembe Mutombo
Kobe never got complacent. He always wanted more. And I think, ultimately, that’s going to be his legacy.
J. J. Redick
I took my dad’s name to carry on his legacy because acting feels like something I’m meant to do. I want to try everything.
Jasmine Cephas Jones
It is no easy task to overcome the bitter legacy of injustices, hostility and mistrust left by the conflict. It can only be done by overcoming evil with good.
Pope Francis
I want my legacy to be greater freedom, greater prosperity and a better way of life for my family, our employees and all Americans. And I wish the same for every nation on earth.
Charles Koch
Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.
Bell Hooks
I didn’t get to see Predator until halfway through shooting. It was great to get an education while I was shooting because it made me excited to be part of this legacy.
Sanaa Lathan
America is now the only global superpower, and Eurasia is the globe’s central arena. Hence, what happens to the distribution of power on the Eurasian continent will be of decisive importance to America’s global primacy and to America’s historical legacy.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Take away all the emotional baggage of any band’s fight, be it The Beatles or The Stones, but in the end, you just enjoy the creativity. That’s what the legacy is.
John Seagall
We’ve done a very poor job at really reflecting on our legacy of racial inequality… You see it in the South, but it’s everywhere.
Bryan Stevenson
I do want to carry on my dad’s legacy, but I also want to carve out my own path. I have to work harder, I think, just because I do have that last name. I don’t want people to think that’s why I am where I am in this industry. I put in the time, and I want to be just as good as my dad was.
Charlotte Flair
Believe me, I think if I stopped writing when I left The Voice I would have quite a legacy. But the fact of the matter was, it never occurred to me to stop.
Robert Christgau
A lot of people of color in the music industry are still more interested in embracing things that are considered white canon, and looking radical. Like when people point to punk in the indie world: If you point to the history of punk as what you see as your legacy, that’s more prized and praised.
Triathlon is a sport where the legacy is obvious. Anyone can do it; there are loads you can do. It is a massive participation sport. You can do it as a challenge, for charity or whatever. I believe it will continue to grow, and I will look forward to that happening.
Alistair Brownlee
I would love to be remembered as a wonderfully dynamic and multitalented actress who left a legacy through her work and through her life of helping people and of being a positive force in the world.
Keshia Knight Pulliam
The historical legacy of ‘The Best American Poetry’ is they’ve had very few editors who were not white. They’ve had very few instances where they’ve selected poems by non-white poets.
Jenny Zhang
I admire many women that have come before me, heavy influencers such as Oprah, such as BeyoncГ©, and I’m witnessing the fruit of their work and experiencing their legacy now and they’re not even close to the finish line.
Aeriel Miranda
Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day.
Gary Vaynerchuk
There’s a great legacy before me. Many, many fantastic actors, artists, writers have come before me and created Superman. I’m very honored to be able to be a part of it.
Brandon Routh
Men’s memoirs are about answers; women’s memoirs are about questions. Most male authors want to look good in their memoirs and have a place in posterity, while most women know that posterity is what happens when you no longer care. Women want to connect with others here and now; they couldn’t care less about legacy!
Isabel Allende
The legacy of Steve Jobs and the strength of Steve Jobs is that he established a company that’s clearly firing on all cylinders and clicking very well.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
I hope that people will one day look back at my skating and what I brought to the table. ‘Remember when Patrick skated like this? Or remember when skating was like this?’ That would be a cool legacy to leave behind.
Patrick Chan
Everybody getting a significant exit creates a legacy and creates something that you can pay forward and bootstrap an industry in a substantial way.
Ryan Holmes
Many causes produce war. There are ancient hatreds, turbulent frontiers, the “legacy of old forgotten, far-off things, and battles long ago.” There are new-born fanaticisms. Convictions on the part of certain peoples that they have become the unique depositories of ultimate truth and right.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Tell the truth. Say what is happening. Allow what is, and allow it to be known. Bring your children up in a home that is clean and clear and honest. There is no greater legacy you can give them.
Vimala McClure
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a character whose core is about legacy and responsibility. And that all comes from his father and the responsibilities of living up to his legacy.
Jeff Lemire
I talk to amateurs, up-and-coming guys, fighters older than me, and we compare notes to teach each other how to leave this game on top from a legacy and financial standpoint.
Andre Ward
The most enduring legacy of President Barack Obama is going to be a new generation of leaders standing up for liberty.
Ted Cruz