Length Quotes

Length Quotes by Garrison Keillor, Henry David Thoreau, Nivin Pauly, Julia Margaret Cameron, Thomas Carlyle, John Lachs and many others.

Humor, a good sense of it, is to Americans what manhood

Humor, a good sense of it, is to Americans what manhood is to Spaniards and we will go to great lengths to prove it.
Garrison Keillor
Where there is a lull of truth, an institution springs up. But the truth blows right on over it, nevertheless, and at length blows it down.
Henry David Thoreau
I have been doing a lot of romantic movies, so such roles don’t excite me much now. I would like to play an out-and-out, really cruel villain once. My character in ‘Da Thadiya’ had such a streak, but I want a full length villainous role. It is a different kind of excitement.
Nivin Pauly
I longed to arrest all beauty that came before me, and at length the longing has been satisfied.
Julia Margaret Cameron
Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the delight of life, which they are thenceforth to rule.
Thomas Carlyle
I have seen some whose consciences, owing undoubtedly to former indulgence, had grown to be as irritable as spoilt children, and at length gave them no peace. They did not know when to swallow their cud, and their lives of course yielded no milk.
Henry David Thoreau
The distance we feel from our actions is proportionate to our ignorance of them; our ignorance, in turn, is largely a measure of the length of the chain of intermediaries between ourselves and our acts.
John Lachs
Common Core reminds us what testing can do right. Modeled on standards of the world’s education superpowers, questions demand critical thinking and creativity. Students are asked to write at length, show their work, and explain their reasoning.
Wendy Kopp
We’ve made two products; one is a 155 mm 52-calibre gun with self-propelling and towing capability. This is a field gun – the mainstay of the Indian army like the Bofors guns. Our gun is similar but of a longer range. That was 39 calibre; this is 52. The calibre denotes the length of the barrel and the range.
Baba Kalyani
Once to die is better than length of days in sorrow without end.
I love to travel. I want to do India by road, the entire length and breadth.
My favorite wild animal is a narwhal – the unicorn of the sea. It’s a whale with a tooth that sticks out of its head that’s almost two-thirds the length of its entire body.
Scare answers to scare, and force begets force, until at length it comes to be seen that we are racing one against another after a phantom security which continually vanishes as we approach.
Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Hardly anything else reveals so well the fear and uncertainty among men as the length to which they will go to hide their true selves from each other and even from their own eyes.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
My grandparents lived with us. And I remember watching ‘Doctor Who’ with my granddad on his new telly. These were the days before remote controls but my granddad, being quite a resourceful sort of chap, had fashioned his own remote control – which was a length of bamboo pole with a bit of cork that he’d glued on the end.
Bill Bailey
Selenite occurs in abundance in well formed clear crystals of several inches in length.
George Mercer Dawson
The hurt is not enough: I long for weight and strength. To feel the earth as rough to all my length
Robert Frost
The measure of artistic merit is the length to which a writer is willing to go in following his own compulsions.
John Updike
I haven’t been the kind of writer about whom book-length academic studies have been written.
Manuel Puig
The greater the length, the more beautiful will the piece be by reason of its size, provided that the whole be perspicuous.
So with the skinnier guys, you definitely want to make sure you get a body on them; that’s how you take away big guy’s length, by getting into their bodies.
Tristan Thompson
The one thing you can’t do is get carried away with that pace and bounce. There’s a temptation to charge in and just slam the ball into the pitch and you can end up bowling too short. You still have to bowl the right length so that you threaten to take wickets.
Glenn McGrath
I’m not changing to the point where suddenly I wear floor-length skirts and start playing the violin; I’m just growing up a little bit, I guess.
Denise Van Outen
We never want to be a band that keeps our fans at arm’s length. This has always been about us and our fans together. We’ve been on an amazing journey with our fans already, but knowing that the best is still to come is a pretty
exciting feeling for all of us.
Jared Leto
Readers, like writers, are essentially amoral. Arm’s length will never do. We want to get closer.
Stacey D’Erasmo
I wrote eight full-length adult novels in my twenties. None of them were published
Caroline B. Cooney
Long enough I had heard of irrelevant things; now at length I was glad to make acquaintance with the light that dwells in rotten wood. Where is all your knowledge gone to? It evaporates completely, for it has no depth.
Henry David Thoreau
Life’s like a play; it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.
Seneca the Younger
Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.
Rabindranath Tagore
Plot exposition that can be gently wound out by the authorial voice and internal monologue of a character in the length of a page has to be delivered in a matter of seconds on the stage.
Terry Pratchett
My hope is that flexible working and varying shift patterns will give workers a taste for idling and that they will gradually demand greater reductions in the length of the working week.
Tom Hodgkinson
I’m getting too elderly to travel the length of the country for a free hangover.
Rosamunde Pilcher
A dancer differeth from a madman only in length of time; one is mad so long as he liveth, the other while he danceth.
Alphonsus Liguori
Sleep sweetly in the fields of asphodel, and waken, as of old, to stretch thy languid length, and purr thy soft contentment to the skies.
Agnes Repplier
…he came to the conclusion that you cannot depend on people, and that you can live in peace only if you keep them at arm’s length.
Patrick SГјskind
I always try and emphasize on having specific net sessions on ‘death bowling.’ It is similar to length balls – the more you practice, the better you get at it.
Jasprit Bumrah
It turns out synthesizing DNA is very difficult. There are tens of thousands of machines around the world that make small pieces of DNA – 30 to 50 letters in length – and it’s a degenerate process, so the longer you make the piece, the more errors there are.
Craig Venter
We construct our lives for one person, and when at length it is ready to receive her that person does not come; presently she is dead to us, and we live on, prisoners within the walls which were intended only for her.
Marcel Proust
Poetry is an attenuation, a rehandling, an echo of crude experience; it is itself a theoretic vision of things at arm’s length.
George Santayana
Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with.
Douglas Adams
Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. Lemon water gives you steady, natural energy that lasts the length of the day by improving nutrient absorption in your stomach.
Travis Bradberry
Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule.
Thomas Carlyle
I receive a lot of letters like yours. Most go on in length, describing all sorts of maddening situations and communications in bewildered detail, but in each there is the same question at its core: Can I convince the person about whom I am crazy to be crazy about me? The short answer is no. The long answer is no.
Cheryl Strayed
Bonanza’ was on too long. I’ve never believed any TV show should go on that length of time.
Lorne Greene
We stared at the odd garment and wondered what it was for. ‘What is it?’ asked Larry at length. ‘It’s a bathing costume, of course,’ said Mother. ‘What on earth did you think it was?’ ‘It looks like a badly skinned whale,’ said Larry, peering at it closely.
Gerald Durrell
I studied philosophy, religious studies, and English. My training was writing four full-length novels and hiring an editor to tear them apart. I had enough money to do that, and then rewriting and rewriting and rewriting.
Ted Dekker
I didn’t really know my wingspan was that short until it got measured. Either way, I was good with whatever my arm length is.
Tyler Herro
I guess what I’ve been told makes me dangerous is my height and length, so I just use that.
Devon Cajuste
Why should I fear death?
If I am, then death is not.
If Death is, then I am not.
Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?
Long time men lay oppressed with slavish fear.
Religious tyranny did domineer.
At length the mighty one of Greece
Began to assent the liberty of man.
We praise a man who feels angry on the right grounds and against the right persons and also in the right manner at the right moment and for the right length of time.
People who understand Doom don’t blink an eye at song lengths.
Mike Scheidt
The idea that you could stitch together every detail episode to episode and preserve continuity for the length of a season and tell a story while using no time cuts, no flashbacks, nothing but pure real time just seemed too difficult.
Michael Loceff
There’s still a fascination with somebody who can write at book length, no matter what the book is.
Dean Koontz
In this experiment, made on the 9th of October, 1876, actual conversation, backwards and forwards, upon the same line, and by the same instruments reciprocally used, was successfully carried on for the first time upon a real line of miles in length.
Alexander Graham Bell
God hides nothing. His very work from the beginning is revelation–a casting aside of veil after veil, a showing unto men of truth after truth. On and on from fact Divine He advances, until at length in His Son Jesus He unveils His very face.
George MacDonald
You can always tell the Catholic schools by the length of the cheerleaders’ skirts.
Al McGuire
How I view my body hasn’t been uncomplicated, but that was because my body was discussed and dissected at great length in a very public forum, when I was at a formative age.
Sophie Dahl
It is upon the length and breadth and span of a body sustained in muscular action that dance invokes its image.
Merce Cunningham
They’ve gone to great length to disguise the fact that I’m not in the band, even sending out a photo to promoters with my picture in it which then winds up in some of the ads on the flyers.
Jello Biafra
I interviewed more than 100 women about their sisters, but if they also had brothers, I asked them to compare. Most said they talked to their sisters more often, at greater length and, yes, about more personal topics. This often meant that they felt closer to their sisters, but not always.
Deborah Tannen
People who say spring training’s too long, I absolutely disagree. I think it’s the perfect length of time.
Joe Maddon
At length I fell asleep, with the volume in my hand; and never slept so sound before
Herman Melville
My outlines can be 10-20 pages in length and focus primarily on the physical active plot over the emotional plot.
Tony DiTerlizzi
I have no interest in anybody’s life that way so it defeats me why people go to that length to pry.
John Byrne
Once you get a couple of records in, you kinda vibe out then you see what a full length is.
I cry at everything, even the length of the queue at Sainsbury’s.
Arabella Weir
I do play tennis in shorts, I have driven across the length and breadth of the country from Khardung La pass to Kanyakumari in my beloved Ambassador car, and I did compile my 100 Lyrics book, inspired by Lyrics by Sting. I don’t subscribe to any definition of an Urdu poet.
When a hospital isn’t under as much pressure, you start to see things slowing down, and it might take five, six, seven days to get the person discharged, and that’s the length of stay, so it’s all these different factors come into play all the time.
Leo Varadkar
Government itself at length must fall To nature’s state, where all have right to all.
John Dryden
Hitting a shorter club to these greens means a great, great deal. Younger players are so much more capable length-wise.
Ben Crenshaw
I don’t want to make a habit of just playing small roles, because I really enjoy the process of being part of a film and staying on it for the length of time that everybody else is as well.
Guy Pearce
A good man doubles the length of his existence; to have lived so as to look back with pleasure on our past existence is to live twice.
Measurements of the specific ionization of both the positive and negative particles, by counting the number of droplets per unit length along the tracks, showed the great majority of both the positive and negative particles to possess unit electric charge.
Carl David Anderson
People go to extraordinary lengths to get films made.
Barbara Broccoli
Our current criminal justice system has no provision for restorative justice, in which an offender confronts the damage they have done and tries to make it right for the people they have harmed. […] Instead, our system of “corrections” is about arm’s-length revenge and retribution, all day and all night.
Piper Kerman
Lo! sweeten’d with the summer light,
The full-juiced apple, waxing over-mellow,
Drops in a silent autumn night.
All its allotted length of days
The flower ripens in its place,
Ripens and fades, and falls, and hath no toil,
Fast-rooted in the fruitful soil.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Eurasia’s main axis is east/west, whereas the main axis of the Americas is north/south. Eurasia’s east/west axis meant that species domesticated in one part of Eurasia could easily spread thousands of miles at the same latitude, encountering the same day-length and climate to which they were already adapted.
Jared Diamond
I think the recent cluster of WWII novels is so good because we have reached an optimal distance from the war. Just as a lens has its focal length, the novel also has its best distance from the action.
Chris Cleave
I felt like I had proof that not all days are the same length, not all time has the same weight. Proof that there are worlds and worlds and worlds on top of worlds, if you want them to be there.
Carol Rifka Brunt
A life-whether seamstress or poet, farmer or king-is measured not by length, but by the worth of its deeds, and the power of its dreams.
T.A. Barron
I once paddled a canoe the length of the Mississippi River all the way from Itasca to New Orleans.
John Sandford
Wake up, Caitlin, Mr. Lensing had said. But what he didn’t underВ­stand was that this dreamland was preferable, walking through this life half-sleeping, everything at arm’s length or farther away.
Sarah Dessen
SГґnia Braga reacted in a beautiful way to the draft I sent her, so we just made the film [“Aquarius”] as I had written it. Emilie [Lesclaux], my wife and producer, told me, “This is not a two-hour film. This is going to be longer.” And I said, “Well, let’s try and make it work, whatever length it is.”
Sonia Braga
At Length the Fox turnes Monk.
George Herbert
I feel the political failings of the U.S.A. are presidential in length, but the aspirant narrative of the States is millennial in length.
Jim Crace
Time passed by. I had furnished steam hammers to the principal foundries in England. I had sent them abroad, even to Russia. At length it became known to the Lords of the Admiralty that a new power in forging had been introduced.
James Nasmyth
Self-loathing and self-worship can easily be the same thing. You hate the small sack of fluids and resentments that you are, and you would go to any length, and betray anything and anyone, to preserve it.
N.D. Wilson
The nature of matter, or body considered in general, consists not in its being something which is hard or heavy or coloured, or which affects the senses in any way, but simply in its being something which is extended in length, breadth and depth.
Rene Descartes
Different critics go to different lengths to disagree with that sentiment, but ultimately, they’re the person experiencing this art, and whatever judgment or taste they use is internal, and says more about them than about the record they’re writing about.
Chuck Klosterman
The President also talked at length about how well the American economy is doing. Apparently, he got his information on this topic from his millionaire supporters. For the average working family, these are trying economic times.
Jose Serrano
We are very lucky to work in fashion and not work in a hospital or something where the biggest deal we come across is perhaps the length of a skirt.
Carine Roitfeld
I’ve learnt – and this pleases me – that my dad’s cricketing life and my own will always be intertwined, even though I will finish far behind the number of appearances he made for Yorkshire and also his length of service at Headingley.
Jonny Bairstow
It’s been my ambition for about 30 years to do a full- length animation film.
Paul McCartney
Killing a man should be harder than waving a length of pipe in their direction. It should take long enough for one’s conscience to get in the way.
Hugh Howey
By every remove I only drag a greater length of chain.
Oliver Goldsmith
We all know people for that length of time and people change. They mature. There is a certain expectation that a fictional character does not change. But you can’t go back and play him the same way.
David Duchovny
I am a little jet lagged from my trip to Malaysia…The lengths we have to go to to get CNN coverage these days.
Barack Obama
So, then, Oxford Street, stonyhearted stepmother, thou that listenest to the sighs of orphans, and drinkest the tears of children, at length I was dismissed from thee.
Thomas de Quincey
Let those who thoughtfully consider the brevity of life remember the length of eternity.
Thomas Ken
It will never be possible for any length of time for any group of the American people, either by reason of wealth or learning or inheritance or economic power, to retain any mandate, any permanent authority to arrogate to itself the political control of American public life.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Ian Watson did an almost full novel length treatment which I’ve never seen and when he finished it Stanley said to him. I need somebody to smear this with vaginal jelly, and I have to say when I first heard this that I was rather shocked, because he was quite gentlemanly.
Sara Maitland
I see a correlation between short stories and songs, because of their length and for what they’re meant to evoke. Combine certain words with melodies and it all becomes very moving.
Paul Simon
With humor you have so many options with topics and length, I mean I can write humor essays in books now and they can be as long as I want them to be.
Dave Barry
Every man should let out all the length of all the reigns; should find or make a frank and healthy expression of what force and meaning is in him.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The audience is astonishingly friendly and tolerant of even the slightest dab, but is limited in its willingness to look either deeply or at length.
Rex Brandt
String theory?[pause] It closed the conceptual gulp between relativity and quantum mechanics. It postulates that subatomic particles are not points, but strings, about one planck length long. The rate at which strings vibrate can generate the properties of all known particles. Huh? How did I know that?
Willie Garson
I think that there’s absolutely no point trying to force your body to be anything than what it is. I think that when you see people who are really pushing themselves to terrifying lengths to achieve what is perceived as being beautiful today, then that’s just terrifying, it’s really terrifying.
Keira Knightley
There is this to be said for Dachsunds of such length and lowness as Nelly, that it makes very little difference to their appearance whether they stand, sit or lie.
Samuel Beckett
I love Mbappe. He is so quick, carries the ball so fast, and can run the length of the pitch.
Lothar Matthaus
Because I’ve never made this kind of movie before, so I’ve never even been to Comic-Con. And Hugh and Evangeline keep telling me, ‘Oh, my god… This is such Comic-Con fodder. We’re going to have such a fun summer!’ Is this the kind of thing they show? That length?
Shawn Anthony Levy
It doesn’t use shading, but it does use stroke length variations.
John Robert Gregg
Impatience asks for the impossible, wants to reach the goal without the means of getting there. The length of the journey has to be borne with, for every moment is necessary.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Our torments also may in length of time Become our elements, these piercing fires As soft as now severe, our temper changed Into their temper.
John Milton
The devil is like a rabid dog tied to a chain; beyond the length of the chain he cannot seize anyone. And you: keep at a distance. If you approach too near, you let yourself be caught. Remember that the devil has only one door by which to enter the soul: the will.
Pio of Pietrelcina
You know that I write slowly. This is chiefly because I am never satisfied until I have said as much as possible in a few words, and writing briefly takes far more time than writing at length.
Carl Friedrich Gauss
You will, I am sure, agree with me that… if page 534 only finds us in the second chapter, the length of the first one must have been really intolerable.
Arthur Conan Doyle
May peace-dreamers And peace-lovers Occupy the length and breadth Of the world.
Sri Chinmoy
Thorkell Mylrea had waited long for a dead man’s shoes, but he was wearing them at length.
Hall Caine
I’m writinng my first full-length novel, which is based on a novella I wrote called “The Mad Scientist’s Daughter.” I’m having a wonderful time with it, but of course it’s presenting challenges as well. Stories always do, no matter what they are.
Theodora Goss
A man’s life is like a well, not like a snake–it should be measured by its depth, not by its length.
Austin O’Malley
They call me ‘sweet,’ and ‘gentle’; and some of the men go the length of calling me ‘endearing,’ and I laugh in my sleeve and think, ‘Oh, Lord! If you but knew what a brimstone of a creature I am behind all this beautiful amiability!’
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Having proceeded to this length, for which they are now ripe, we shall have a formidable rebellion against reason, the principle of all government, and against the very name of liberty.
Henry Knox
And think what worrying does: has anyone ever added a single hour to the length of his life by worrying about it?
Philip Pullman
The heart of the path is quite easy. There’s no need to explain anything at length. Let go of love and hate and let things be. That’s all that I do in my own practice.
Ajahn Chah
I have often heard, “I love God but just don’t like His people.” This may sound glib, but as John explained, this is a basic deception as we do not really love God unless we also love His people. The Scriptures also go to great lengths to explain that love is not to be based on whether people are lovable or not.
Rick Joyner
It is a book for manufacturing companies that are fighting desperately for survival and that will go to any length to improve their factories and overcome the obstacles to success. One could even call this book a ‘bible’ for corporate survival.
Hiroyuki Hirano
When I was writing for children, I was writing genre fiction. It was like making a good chair. However beautiful it looked, it needed four legs of the same length, it had to be the right height and it had to be comfortable.
Mark Haddon
I just feel like with my size, I wasn’t blessed with extra long arms, so I feel like with me not being on the taller side and shorter side when it comes to arm length, I feel like I need to be as versatile as I can.
John Collins
When someone has told me they have the ‘world’s worst knees’ I’ve done all I can to find them a hem line that hides them. Luckily, as my shop is predominantly vintage, I have clothes from all decades and therefore pieces of all length.
Dawn O’Porter
How can time be long or short? Time is without length or breadth. The question is, what happened during its passing. And what happened is, our lives have been joined together.
Rohinton Mistry
It doesn’t matter about the length of the role. I don’t do films for the number of scenes. I go for the quality of my character in the film and the impact that I will have.
The person healed has an obligation to then ask why— to meditate on God’s will, and the extraordinary lengths to which God has gone to realize His will.
Stephen King
I think the [fan] access is complicated, because it brings wonderful things into my life, and it brings really negative things into my life. I just try to keep the negative stuff at arm’s length. Laugh at it and walk away.
Kathleen Hanna
Everyone, including you, just naturally feels better when exposed to a cheerful, optimistic individual, regardless of the nature or length of the contact.
Zig Ziglar
Medicine has been successful by treating diseases in a very specific way once the damage is done. But telomere length integrates a lot of factors together and gives you an overall picture of risk for what is now emerging as a lot of diseases that tend to occur together, such as diabetes and heart disease.
Elizabeth Blackburn
If the height of the heel is the same as the length of your foot, it starts to look wrong. And if the heel is positioned badly on the sole, you get into ballerina territory, where the body is pushed into a very strange posture. You can exaggerate the arch only so much.
Christian Louboutin
Harmonics are vibrations a fraction of the length of the vibrating string, which add higher-pitched and more complex content to the notes. With a dull instrument, the harmonics die out, but with a sustaining instrument, the harmonics continue to sound along with the fundamental note.
Steve Albini
Whoso has sixpence is sovereign (to the length of sixpence) over all men; commands cooks to feed him, philosophers to teach him, kings to mount guard over him,to the length of sixpence.
Thomas Carlyle
There will always be stories that require a feature-length format, and there will always be stories that will be told in short-form.
Andreas Deja
Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race.
Mary McLeod Bethune
I [prefer] a short life with width to a narrow one with length.
Since time immemorial we’ve explored these ideas of tragedy, the things people do for love, the great weight that occurs when love is taken away and the great length and the heroism that people will exhibit to fight for the ones that they love.
Lisa Joy
Don’t just live the length of your life – live the width of it as well.
Diane Ackerman
Men seldom, or rather never for a length of time and deliberately, rebel against anything that does not deserve rebelling against.
Thomas Carlyle
The length and breath of our influence on others are directly related to the depth of our concern for them.
John C. Maxwell
There are some days on which we have smart running sessions, which I like. A smart run is to practice running between wickets, so we run the length of the pitch. But runs that are 35-40 minutes long, I find tough.
Smriti Mandhana
I recorded 80 per cent of the record in my guest bedroom; then, when ‘Shine’ went to number one on one of the charts, the label called and said, ‘Can you do an EP?’ Then, ‘Can you do a full length? And can you do it in two weeks?’
Joshua Ostrander
If you are inclined to leave your character solitary for any considerable length of time, better question yourself. Fiction is association, not withdrawal.
Alfred Bertram Guthrie
The slow boat-I know it’s the slow boat because I’ve been watching them for thirty-three weeks-won the first piece by a full length. Then the fast boat won the second piece. And so it went for the next four pieces, back and forth. Conclusion: I hate seat racing.
Brad Alan Lewis
An unlimited-length file name is a file. The content of a file is its own best name.
Jef Raskin
Think back to the early rock n’ roll records, and the average record length in the ’50s – and well into the ’60s – was two and a half minutes. It’s very hard to put that much songwriting into two and a half minutes.
J. D. Souther
If you are good enough to play international cricket, you can take wickets – but you have to bowl the right length.
Glenn McGrath
The time at length arrives, when grief is rather an indulgence than a necessity and the smile that plays upon the lips, although it may be deemed a sacrilege, is not banished.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
If the spirit has passed through a great many sensations, possibly it can no longer be sated with them, but grows more excited, and demands more sensations, and stronger and stronger ones, until at length it falls exhausted.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
One can remain more sure-footed by taking small steps, but perhaps achieve greater speed by taking bigger steps. Of course, one also runs the risk of setting out in a completely erroneous direction. Surely the important thing isn’t the length of our steps, but that the objective is clear.
Angela Merkel
I just love to work and spend time with my family. And that’s the reason I don’t look at the length of the role, but what it has to offer me.
Boman Irani
It was indeed not very sound. However, those who had taken it, were in a fairer way of recovery than the others at the end of the fortnight, which was the length of time all these different courses were continued, except the oranges.
James Lind
The moment at which two people, approaching from opposite ends of a long passageway, recognize each other and immediately pretend they haven t. This is to avoid the ghastly embarrassment of having to continue recognizing each other the whole length of the corridor.
Douglas Adams
I have divers times endeavoured to see and to know, what parts the Blood consists of; and at length I have observ’d, taking some Blood out of my own hand, that it consists of small round globuls driven through a Crystalline humidity or water.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
With God, life is eternal-both in quality and length. There is no joy comparable to the joy of discovering something new from God, about God. If the continuing life is a life of joy, we will go on discovering, learning.
Eugenia Price
Definitely with the fit of clothing – how it really depends on mere centimeters and millimeters of difference in terms of how lengths can make such a big impact on your shape. I learned how to incorporate a cute peter pan collar on a dress and not make it look juvenile.
Lily Collins
If I’ve gone to get a takeaway, and I get chips… I like to match up the chips in length. That is actually quite weird. Obviously, if I’ve got chips, I pick them out in twos. That’s a weird thing as well. You know, if they’re not the same length, well, I go hunting for the same length in chips.
Ashley Young
Before, prior to. There is no difference between these two except length and a certain affectedness on the part of ‘prior to.’ To paraphrase Bernstein, if you would use ‘posterior to’ instead of ‘after,’ then by all means use ‘prior to’ instead of ‘before.
Bill Bryson
It’s things that you find difficult as a bowler in matches that you have to practise more. Some people don’t, they just think line and length and forget about other things.
Wasim Akram
I try to naturally keep things to a manageable storytelling length, which is about two hours, so you try to cut out anything extraneous.
Martin McDonagh
But length of days with an evil heart is only length of misery and already she begins to know it. All get what they want; they do not always like it.
C. S. Lewis
You would be surprised at the lengths you will go to believe the best about someone if you truly love him
Jodi Picoult
I didn’t get my hair cut for two movies, and it got a little long. I’m going back to a… not a crew cut. Back to, oh, about a Presbyterian length.
Lee Marvin
All expression of truth does at length take this deep ethical form.
Henry David Thoreau
It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people will go to to try and speak to me or meet me.
David Ginola
We are using both visual biomarkers, MRI and a panel of blood and tissue testing including work on telomere length with Spectracell and Life Length and epigenetic testing.
Liz Parrish
I think there’s some generational difference between some of the older members of the press and this younger president [Bill Clinton]. I think the older members are not quite on the same wave length, and in general. I think it’s been very devastating to the president.
David Gergen
A floor length backless black sequined dress would be my dream dress. As for my dream date – that would have to be a young Marlon Brando!
Rebecca Hall
There seems to be no lengths to which humorless people will not go to analyze humor. It seems to worry them.
Robert Benchley
Let us bear our cross and leave it to God to determine the length and the weight.
Rose Philippine Duchesne
There is no length that is too great to go to in order to protect your child.
Benjamin Bratt
On short courses I can still play good, even with my added length.
Bryson DeChambeau
Women do not transgress the bounds of decorum so often as men; but when they do, they go greater lengths.
Charles Caleb Colton
The length of your education is less important than its breadth, and the length of your life is less important than its depth.
Marilyn vos Savant
It may be for 20 or 30 years no one has yet been able to decide the length of the life of the black bass.
Jay Cooke
There are players like that – you know they have been rascals, and that you can bring them in, give them a new environment and get a length of time out of them, but they will always return to type. You can get something out of them, then you have to get rid of them.
Tony Pulis
There are, perhaps, few men who can for any length of time enjoy office and power without being more or less under the influence of feelings unfavorable to the faithful discharge of their political duties.
Andrew Jackson
Well I directed a few feature length things for HBO in the late eighties.
Harry Shearer
It is not easy to fall into any absurdity, unless it be by the length of an account; wherein he may perhaps forget what went before. For all men by nature reason alike, and well, when they have good principles.
Thomas Hobbes
Speech and prose are not the same thing. They have different wave-lengths, for speech moves at the speed of light, where prose moves at the speed of the alphabet, and must be consecutive and grammatical and word-perfect. Prose cannot gesticulate. Speech can sometimes do nothing more.
James Kenneth Stephen
You’re not a historian, but most historians will tell you that they make very discrete judgment as to what facts to omit in order to make their book into some shape, some length that can be managed.
Oliver Stone
The psyche is highly flammable material. So we are always wrapping things in asbestos, keeping our images and fantasies at arm’s length because they are so full of love
James Hillman
If your rod weighs six ounces, your reel nine, and your line another ounce or two, it means that you are holding a pound of weight in your casting hand – much of the time at arm’s length – all the time you fish. Try carrying a pound of butter around that way for four or five hours.
Ted Trueblood
Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct. To be more safe, [nations] at length become willing to run the risk of being less free.
Alexander Hamilton
It is principally for the sake of the leg that a change in the dress of man is so much to be desired. The leg is the best part of the figure and the best leg is the man s. Man should no longer disguise the long lines, the strong forms, in those lengths of piping or tubing that are of all garments the most stupid.
Alice Meynell
My short stories have always pushed twenty pages. That’s no length for a short story to be. You either do them short like Carver or you stop trying.
Zadie Smith
Who apart from the gods is without pain for his whole lifetime’s length?
For me, quality of role is important than the length of the role.
Shefali Shah
You complain, friend Swift, of the length of my epigrams, but you yourself write nothing. Yours are shorter.
And each year now
we know more, but we know no better —
what we see in the sky is simply
the softened gloss of the past sifting
back to us, and likewise, every atom
down the body’s shining length
was inside a star, and will be again.
Christopher Buckley
I’m ready to try anything. It’s not the length of the role or that I won’t play a mother.
How delightful it is to see a friend after a length of absence! How delightful to chide him for that length of absence to which we owe such delight.
Walter Savage Landor
Volatility and length, that’s the value on an option. 10 years on a startup stock, that’s a big valuable thing.
Ben Horowitz
But most weeks I’ve gone through 12 books, maybe even 15 some weeks, depending on the length. So I go through my long form, and then my day begins. I usually try to do most of my writing earlier in the day because I sort of lump out later on.
Maria Popova
Because these consequences are distributed globally, the problem masquerades as a distraction. Because the length of time between causes and consequences stretches out longer than we’re used to dealing with, it gives us the illusion that we have the luxury of time. Neither of those things is true.
Al Gore
Marathon training doesn’t have to be a grind. By running for about 30 minutes two times a week, and by gradually increasing the length of a third weekly run-the long run-anyone can finish a marathon.
Jeff Galloway
Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.
Dan Brown
The young disease, that must subdue at length, Grows with his growth, and strengthens with his strength.
Alexander Pope
When in doubt, observe and ask questions. When certain, observe at length and ask many more questions.
George S. Patton
No slave is a slave to the same lengths, and in so full a sense of the word, as a wife is.
John Stuart Mill
Always observe your opponent carefully. You need to use the
first seconds of every encounter to evaluate the length of their
blade, the length of their arms, etc.
Masaaki Hatsumi
While I’m impressed with the length of those legs, she’s not an intellectual giant.
Thomas Dolby
Life has its pains and evils-its bitter disappointments; but like a good novel and in healthful length of days, there is infinite joy in seeing the World, the most interesting of continued stories, unfold.
W. E. B. Du Bois
It is hard for 2 creative people to work together for that length of time and not fall out.
Big Jim Sullivan
Our thesis is that the idea of a self-adjusting market implied a stark utopia. Such an institution could not exist for any length of time without annihilating the human and natural substance of society; it would have physically destroyed man and transformed his surroundings into a wilderness.
Karl Polanyi
Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being.
Dale E. Turner
A line is length without breadth.
World peace can blossom throughout the length and breadth of the world only when the world-peace-dreamers, world-peace-lovers and world-peace-servers desperately, sleeplessly and breathlessly long for the full manifestation of peace here on earth.
Sri Chinmoy
Go out there and try on everything – short skirts, long skirts, mid length, little jackets, men’s clothing – and really look at yourself; really walk around in the clothes. Don’t just take someone else’s advice. You must feel you in these clothes and feel what it’s like to live in them.
Charlotte Rampling
It’s not the length of the word; it’s how well you use it!
Rachel Vincent
Angel… I don’t think you understand the lengths I would go to if it means keeping you here with me.’ -Patch (PG 262)
Becca Fitzpatrick
Our knowledge of stars and interstellar matter must be based primarily on the electromagnetic radiation which reaches us. Nature has thoughtfully provided us with a universe in which radiant energy of almost all wave lengths travels in straight lines over enormous distances with usually rather negligible absorption.
Lyman Spitzer
Certain souls seem hard because they are capable of strong feelings, and they sometimes go to rather extreme lengths; their apparent unconcern and cruelty are but ways, known only to themselves, of feeling more strongly than others.
Marquis de Sade
It is curious that while good people go to great lengths to spare their children from suffering, few of them seem to notice that the one (and only) guaranteed way to prevent all the suffering of their children is not to bring those children into existence in the first place.
David Benatar
To find the length of an object, we have to perform certain physical operations. The concept of length is therefore fixed when the operations by which length is measured are fixed that is, the concept of length involves as much as and nothing more than the set of operations by which length is determined.
Percy Williams Bridgman
At length the man perceives it die away, And fade into the light of common day.
William Wordsworth
While advances in scientific research have led to some new and exciting treatments that have enlarged and enhanced the quality and length of human life, we must not lose sight as to what we are trying to accomplish.
Nathan Deal
In 1978, Elizabeth Blackburn, working with Joe Gall, identified the DNA sequence of telomeres. Every time a cell divides, it gets shorter. But telomeres usually don’t. So there must be something happening to the telomeres to keep their length in equilibrium.
Carol W. Greider
Back in the day, years ago, in 1988, the only TV I watched was ‘Doctor Who’ because I had children and two full-time jobs, and ‘Doctor Who’ was the exact length of time it took to do my nails, so I would watch ‘Doctor Who’ once a week!
Diana Gabaldon
There is a culture among academics to be obscure. If you’re too clear, you can’t be saying anything interesting. The issue isn’t word length. The issue is a commitment to speaking in a way an audience can understand.
Lawrence Lessig
Whenever I have talked to anyone at too great length, I am like a man who has drunk too much, and ashamed, doesn’t know where to put himself.
Jules Renard
The best classroom of all times was about two car lengths behind Juan Manuel Fangio.
Stirling Moss
The only things one can admire at length are those one admires without knowing why.
Eleanor Roosevelt
A collective tyrant, spread over the length and breadth of the land, is no more acceptable than a single tyrant ensconced on his throne.
Georges Clemenceau
Here lies a gentleman bold Who was so very brave He went to lengths untold, And on the brink of the grave Death had on him no hold. By the world he set small store– He frightened it to the core– Yet somehow, by Fate’s plan, Though he’d lived a crazy man, When he died he was sane once more.
Miguel de Cervantes
I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person. It is tricky dining out, but I just stick to what I know – veggies, fruit and salad – then when I get home I’ll have something else.
Ariana Grande
Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.
Thomas Carlyle
It is not known, now, for what length of time the Tuatha de Danaan had the sway over Ireland, and it is likely it was a long time they had it, but they were put from it at last.
Lady Gregory
It’s my contention that each book creates its own structure and its own length. I’ve written three or four slim books. It may be that the next novel is a big one, but I don’t know.
Don DeLillo
This fundamental subject of Natural Selection will be treated at some length in the fourth chapter; and we shall then see how Natural Selection almost inevitably causes much Extinction of the less improved forms of life and induces what I have called Divergence of Character.
Charles Darwin
The scope of an intellect is not to be measured with a tape-string, or a character deciphered from the shape or length of a nose.
Christian Nestell Bovee
A pleasant companion reduces the length of the journey.
Publilius Syrus
It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual.
Thomas Jefferson
If its length be not considered a merit, it hath no other.
Edmund Waller
It’s (baseball) on the radio and in the newspapers every day, the only game you can follow on that basis. From whatever arm’s length you choose, it’s always there.
Tom Seaver
Professors of the Dismal Science, I perceive the length of your tether is now pretty well run; and I must request you to talk a little lower in the future.
Thomas Carlyle
There are so many elements and nuances from the books that are very hard to tell in the length of a movie.
Jade Hassoune
Drama is life with the dull bits left out. There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it. I believe in putting the horror in the minds of the audience, and not necessarily on the screen. The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.
Alfred Hitchcock
It’s the reason I love doing TV – revisiting stories and characters and the length of the story arcs.
Sophie Rundle
For Leicestershire, through the age groups, I didn’t bowl at all. My height was below average for my age up until 17 when I had a big growth spurt. My bowling kicked on from there because I could get bounce from a fuller length and shape the ball away.
Stuart Broad
Sometimes a fireman will go to great strenuous lengths to save a raccoon that’s stuck in a drainpipe and then go out on the weekend and kill several of them for amusement.
George Carlin
You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.
H. L. Mencken
The morning stars sang together. And a person of delicate ear and nice judgment discussed the singing at length, and showed how and wherein one star differed from another, and which was great and which was not. And still the morning stars sang together.
Thomas William Hodgson Crosland
Calmly take what ill betideth;
Patience wins the crown at length:
Rich repayment him abideth
Who endures in quiet strength.
Brave the tamer of the lion;
Brave whom conquered kingdoms praise;
Bravest he who rules his passions,
Who his own impatience sways.
Johann Gottfried Herder
Shortly after the 2004 Indonesian earthquake, I read that the earthquake had affected the rotation of the earth, shortening the length of our 24-hour day. Even though the change was extremely slight – only a few microseconds – I found the idea incredibly haunting.
Karen Thompson Walker
You’ll see certain Pythagorean whose belief in communism of property goes to such lengths that they pick up anything lying about unguarded, and make off with it without a qualm of conscience as if it had come to them by law.
Desiderius Erasmus
Science conducts us, step by step, through the whole range of creation, until we arrive, at length, at God.
Margaret of Valois
Christ’s death is the Christian’s life. Christ’s cross is the Christian’s title to heaven. Christ “lifted up” and put to shame on Calvary is the ladder by which Christians “enter into the holiest,” and are at length landed in glory.
J. C. Ryle
For a spinner growing up in England, it is challenging to become an off-spinner. The line and length needs to be altered on each of the four days of county cricket or five days of Test matches. The pitches in England don’t have a set pattern. It changes with each day, and accordingly, the length varies.
Harbhajan Singh
There were scenes that just for length purposes, and knowing that the attention span of kids is not great, don’t make it much longer than about 90 minutes.
John Badham
Just through the process of trying to make the living and the dead feel real, all these little benefits came out. And these benefits turned out to be much more articulate statements of what I really believe. And somehow they were more convincing because they were arrived at at such length.
George Saunders
My pride is the length of time I have worked in the industry without any major controversy.
Sajid Nadiadwala
Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.
Robert Frost
~The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them ~
Michel de Montaigne
I’ve met several times with the Activision guys and we’ve talked at length about Blizzard’s philosophy on game development and game publishing and all the things that are important to us at Blizzard. We found that we shared a lot of the same values.
Michael Morhaime
And while I at length debate and beate the bush, There shall steppe in other men and catch the burdes.
John Heywood
The distance between yourself and others should not be greater than your arm’s length.
Christophe Agou
Obviously, the greater the length of a war the higher is likely to be the number of casualties in it on either side.
Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig
Wherever there is light, there is shadow; wherever there is length, there is shortness; wherever there is white, there is black. Just like these, as the self-nature of things can not exist alone, they are called non-substantial.
Gautama Buddha
When you limit the length of the video to something under two minutes, it gives everyday people an opportunity to make something entertaining. It’s harder to tell a story or create an entertaining piece of content that is based around the time slot model, television shows being 22 minutes long.
Chad Hurley
For me, the story must be the hero of the film. The screen space or the length of my role does not matter.
Vicky Kaushal
Essayists write at a length that enables them, within a year, to explore a number of topics, whereas in a book, they’ll likely only get to address one.
Marty Nemko
This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.
Winston Churchill
Israel is so tiny. It’s, you know, a little less than the length of Manhattan, without the West Bank, without Judea and Samaria.
Benjamin Netanyahu
I definitely tell things at arm’s length but that is conscious. No part of me wants everybody to know what’s going on.
Laura Marling
I frequently compose out the entire metric structure of a piece in modified cyclic form, where each cyclic revolution undergoes some form of ‘variation’ much as if measure lengths were concrete musical ‘material.’
Brian Ferneyhough
We measure success and depth by length of time, but it is possible to have a deep relationship that doesn’t always stay the same.
Barbara Hershey
A college degree does not lessen the length of your ears; it only conceals it.
Elbert Hubbard
We knew when we started the Daily Muse, we wanted a recruiting-focused business model rather than an advertising-focused one. We felt like publishers were being forced to go to more and more extreme lengths to monetize through advertising.
Kathryn Minshew
Country music was a part of my life. Now it isn’t. We had a good relationship, really, but we wanted each other at arm’s length. The people in Nashville didn’t want to be responsible for my looks or my actions. But they sure did like the listeners I brought.
K. D. Lang
The leaves of these [larch] trees are like those of the pine; timber from them comes in long lengths, is as easily wrought in joiner’s work as is the clearwood of fir, and contains a liquid resin, of the color of Attic honey, which is good for consumptives.
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Ambition devours gold and drinks blood and climbs so high by other men’s heads, that at the length in the fall, it breaks its own neck; therefore, it is better to live in humble content than in high care and trouble.
Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford
In a world apart from God, the power of denial is absolutely essential if life is to proceed. The will or spirit cannot-psychologically cannot-sustain itself for any length of time in the face of what it clearly acknowledges to be the case. Therefore it must deny and evade and delude itself.
Dallas Willard
A well-read fool is the most pestilent of blockheads; his learning is a flail which he knows not how to handle, and with which he breaks his neighbor’s shins as well as his own. Keep a fellow of this description at arm’s length, as you value the integrity of your bones.
StanisЕ‚aw I LeszczyЕ„ski
There is a generation of skimmers. It’s not that they don’t want to read in-depth content, but they want to evaluate what the content is before they commit time. Especially on a mobile phone – you don’t have the phone, or cellular data, or screen size to be reading full-length content.
Nick D’Aloisio
Beneficence is a duty; and he who frequently practices it, and sees his benevolent intentions realized comes, at length, really to love him to whom he has done good.
Immanuel Kant
For me, it would be pointless to write a novel that I knew I could complete within a specific length of time. I could do that only by repeating something I had done before, and I’ve never wanted to do that.
Charles Palliser
I would have to say my best moment as an Everton player would probably be making my debut against Arsenal, coming on to such a good atmosphere as well. I was on the pitch when Ashley Williams scored the header and I remember he ran the full length of the pitch, and me being quite new I chased him all the way.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin
Hairstyles change, and skirt lengths, and slang, but high school administrations? Never.
Stephen King
Straight lines vary only in length, and therefore are least ornamental.
William Hogarth
It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean.
John Locke
One of the best things Henry Miller ever said was that art goes all out. It’s all out. It goes full length. . . . A big book is an all-out book in which you limit your life to things that pertain directly to the book.
Nelson Algren
Good as is discourse, silence is better, and shames it. The length of the discourse indicates the distance of thought betwixt the speaker and the hearer. If they were at a perfect understanding in any part, no words would be necessary thereon. If at one in all parts, no words would be suffered.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The youth gets together his materials to build a bridge to the moon, or, perchance, a palace or temple on the earth, and, at length, the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them.
Henry David Thoreau
It’s not uncommon for some Khmer boxers to fight with dangerous frequency, sometimes as often as weekly or bi-weekly, getting up to three hundred or more fights in a career, with the length of a career varying from fighter to fighter, some engaging in bouts far past their prime.
Mary Pilon
If the power of the Gospel is not felt throughout the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness will reign without mitigation or end.
Daniel Webster
Consider the shortness of time, the length of eternity, and reflect how everything here below comes to an end and passes by. Of what use is it to lean upon that which cannot give support?
Gerard Majella
Our days on earth are like a shadow, and the time of our affliction is the length of our days.
Shmuel Yosef Agnon
Sachin Tendulkar is the hardest batsman I’ve ever had to bowl to because he judges the length a lot quicker than anyone else.
Shane Warne
I realized that I have very long arms so I can take the perfect arm-length picture with fans
Taylor Swift
I plucke up the goodlie greene herbes of sentences by pruning, eat them by reading, chawe them by musing, and laie them up at length in the hie seate of memorie by gathering them together; that I, having tasted the sweetenes, l may the lesse perceave the bitternes of this miserable life.
Elizabeth I
According to USA today, the average length of an attention span of a man in America is 23 minutes.
Robert Fripp
I think most people would be surprised at the length of the day whilst you’re campaigning and then the variety of things that you do and you’re asked to do.
Eric Abetz
For a while” is a phrase whose length can’t be measured.At least by the person who’s waiting.
Haruki Murakami
I would like to think I am well aware of what the Lions are about and what they represent, but out of respect for your body and the players who are putting up their hands to be selected, you keep it at arm’s length.
Alun Wyn Jones
The studies I’ve seen about readability and legibility tend to focus on a specific set of metrics: size, not just the point size, but things like the size of the lower case letters as a proportion of the overall letter height, and line length. People simply can’t read really small type set in really long lines.
Michael Bierut
To someone standing in the nave, looking down the length of the church toward the east, the round window would seem like a huge sun exploding into innumerable shards of gorgeous color.
Ken Follett
The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.
George Washington
In all tests of character, when two viewpoints are pitted against one another, in the final analysis the thing that will strike you the most, is not who was right or wrong, strong or weak, wise or foolish…. but who would go to the greatest lengths in considering the other’s perspective.
Mike Dooley
I think one of the most exciting things about the whole digital side of publishing is that it eventually allows you to operate at any length. That also means shorter stuff, too.
Robin Sloan
The idea of copyright did not exist in ancient times, when authors frequently copied other authors at length in works of non-fiction. This practice was useful, and is the only way many authors’ works have survived even in part.
Richard Stallman
All I’m saying is, where relationships are concerned, don’t confuse length with strength.
Matt Dunn
What finally prompted me to lose weight was a view of myself in a hairdresser’s full-length mirror when I was seated and wearing one of the salon’s floral print robes and realized that I looked like a slipcovered club chair.
Mimi Sheraton
Life is what we are alive to. It is not length, but breadth. To be alive only to appetite, pleasure, pride, money-making, and not to goodness and kindness, purity and love, history, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God and eternal hopes, it is to be all but dead.
Maltbie Davenport Babcock
Ritualism is nothing more than a rut and the only difference between a rut and a grave is the length and the depth.
Chuck Smith
People in the world can never imagine the length of days to those in asylums. They seemed never ending, and we welcomed any event that might give us something to think about as well as talk of.
Nellie Bly
After the golden age of Latinity, we gradually slide into the silver, and at length precipitately descend into the iron.
Isaac D’Israeli
More than the length, it’s the meat of the character that is more important. It does not matter if you are on screen, standing in the corner for the whole film, as opposed to doing something that stands out in two scenes.
Kunal Khemu
How strangely inaccurate it is to measure length of living by length of life! The space between your birth and death is often far from a true measure of your days of living.
Edwin Way Teale
If the regular length of a shot is increased, one becomes bored, but if you keep on making it longer, it piques your interest, and if you make it even longer, a new quality emerges, a special intensity of attention.
Andrei Tarkovsky
The length of sky is just about the size of my ignorance. Pure and wide.
Louise Erdrich
What is the point of doing a long length character if that does not make sense or create an impact on story?
Atul Kulkarni
I’m very proud this show has been accepted for this length of time.
Robert Stack
True prayer is measured by weight, not by length
Charles Spurgeon
But you might as well bid a man struggling in the water, rest within arm’s length of the shore! I must reach it first, and then I’ll rest.
Emily Bronte
The short span of life forbids us to spin out hope to any length. Soon will night be upon you, and the fabled Shades, and the shadowy Plutonian home.
Bowling on English pitches is not rocket science. If you bowl a good length on off stump, the ball just has to do a fraction, up or down or side to side, and you get someone out.
Jonathan Agnew
Boys can be disgusting. You can’t leave us alone for any length of time because we will burn something, blow something up or paint something. We’re just obnoxious.
Tim Allen
It’s funny: I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out ,and I always seem to get a movie right before it’s sort of the right length or right after, and it’s never timed right.
Lucas Till
Be it TV, films, or stage, I love substantial roles. The length of the character doesn’t matter, but if the character is well thought, then I have to grab it.
Amruta Khanvilkar
Incens’d with indignation Satan stood Unterrify’d, and like a comet burn’d That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge In th’ arctic sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes pestilence and war.
John Milton
I think I’m underrated on defense. I try to use my length and feet and put pressure on players.
Tony Snell
When I do actual sequential work, I really want a story I can get a behind: a story that really holds my attention for, like, the length of what I’ll be working on.
Brian Stelfreeze
Over-length is one of the things that most often results in the destruction of the movie in the cutting room.
Sidney Lumet
Twenty-four-hour room service generally refers to the length of time that it takes for the club sandwich to arrive. This is indeeddisheartening, particularly when you’ve ordered scrambled eggs.
Fran Lebowitz
If you watch animals objectively for any length of time, you’re driven to the conclusion that their main aim in life is to pass on their genes to the next generation.
David Attenborough
My salvation has very little to do with anything that I have done… Jesus will go to any lengths to draw us to himself.
Rich Mullins
Whatever the lengths to which others may go, His Majesty’s Government will never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children and other civilians for purposes of mere terrorism.
Neville Chamberlain
Right now the day length is exactly the same as in spring when birds key into it and begin singing. The birds are a little confused by it all and the singing isn’t very intense. It only lasts a week or so each fall, but it’s still cool to hear spring bird songs at this time of the year.
Craig Thompson
You have to pack as much as you can in an hour or 70 minutes. This time around it was 15 songs, so it was a challenge to get them all the right length so you could get them all on.
John Mayall
The great mystery of life is the length of it.
Venita VanCaspel
One thing I always loved about vinyl was the length of a side, around 20 or 22 minutes. That’s the perfect length of an attention span for listening time, you know? You could listen and give it all your attention. Put on something that’s 70 minutes, and nobody’s sticking around past the first 20 or 30 minutes.
Lee Ranaldo
It is remarkable to what lengths people will go to avoid thought.
Thomas A. Edison
How long it takes to write a book depends on its length.
Walter Jon Williams
The idea of ‘Voice of Witness’ is to let survivors and witnesses of human-rights abuses tell their story at length. It started with a course that I co-taught at U.C. Berkeley journalism school back in 2003.
Dave Eggers
I remember getting my first cell phone in New York, getting into a taxi and thinking “This is the end of solitude in the back of a taxi.” What used to happen in the back of a taxi? You looked out the window. My brain has become less able to spend lengths of time without shifting, and I worry about that.
Dani Shapiro
If the participants regret participating, then you won’t have something that reveals some greater truth about human condition or allow some other perspective. You need people to want to be there so they can talk at length and want to continue talking to you.
Rod Blackhurst
Chemical propulsion is obsolete to go anywhere other than the moon. Three days – that’s acceptable. But for Mars, we need propulsion technologies to get us there in, say, 60 days – then spend whatever length of time we want to spend and return when we want to come home.
Gene Cernan
Romances paint at full length people’s wooing. But only give a bust of marriages.
Lord Byron
The kind of job doesn’t matter. The length of time on the job doesn’t matter… If you work hard and do your best, you’ll be recognized and move onward.
Benjamin Carson
I like to be approachable but I also like… I like to keep people at arm’s length.
Mitch Grassi
The computer is the way I’m making books, but I still think about the physical properties. I visualize the length of a book, the proportions of a book, in material terms.
Jonathan Lethem
In the surface of the paper there is only length and width-there is no such thing as thickness.
John Clayton
The scope of what I have to say determines the length of what I write.
Edward M. Lerner
[The original development of the Spinning Mule was a] continual endeavour to realise a more perfect principle of spinning; and though often baffled, I as often renewed the attempt, and at length succeeded to my utmost desire, at the expense of every shilling I had in the world.
Samuel Crompton
No one ever yet was the poorer in the long run for having once in a lifetime, let out all the length of all the reins.
Mary Cholmondeley
If Lady Gaga and Dorothy Parker had a secret love child, it would’ve been Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy arrived for opening nights at the Met wearing a full-length cape made entirely of orchids, while Lady Gaga shows up wearing a full-length cloak made of meat.
Karen Abbott
The likelihood of treatment (of any one patient) increases with the length of time since the origin of the disease. …Those cases in which the neoplastic process progresses slowly…are more likely to be transferred to the ‘treated’ category than to remain in the ‘untreated’.
Hardin B. Jones
Have you ever been so melancholy, that you wanted to fit in the palm of your beloved’s hand? And lie there, for fortnights, or decades, or the length of time between stars? In complete silence?
Sarah Ruhl
Tradition is like the tether which prevents an animal from getting a blade of grass beyond the length of that tether
E. W. Bullinger
Simple. I got very bored and depressed, so I went and plugged myself in to its external computer feed. I talked to the computer at great length and explained my view of the Universe to it,” said Marvin. “And what happened?” pressed Ford. “It committed suicide,” said Marvin and stalked off back to the Heart of Gold.
Douglas Adams
But I am a-eppisodin’ and a-eppisodin’ to a length and depth almost onprecedented and onheard of – and to resoom and go on.
Marietta Holley
There is no way a beautiful woman can live up to what she looks like for any appreciable length of time.
Kurt Vonnegut
It is entirely the work of grace and a benefit conferred by it that our heart is changed from a stony one to one of flesh, that our will is made new, and that we, created anew in heart and mind, at length will what we ought to will.
John Calvin
It has become necessary for me to have this woman, so as to save myself from the ridicule of being in love with her: for to what lengths will a man not be driven by thwarted desire?
Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
The length of life takes the leading place among inquiries about events following birth.
I used to really want to go on the stage and then the last couple of years I’ve done some presenting at some award shows. I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick, so I don’t think me on stage for any length of time would work too well.
Kate Bosworth
There is nothing more tragic than to find an individual bogged down in the length of life, devoid of breadth.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
I usually do at least a dozen drafts and progressively make more-conscious decisions. Because I’ve always believed stories are closer to poems than novels, I spend a lot of time on the story’s larger rhythms, such as sentence and paragraph length, placement of flashbacks and dialogue.
Ron Rash
The weak and insipid white wine makes at length excellent vinegar.
William Shenstone
We thought everybody knew by now that barrel length has almost nothing to do with accuracy. I believe the myth of the superior accuracy of a long rifle dates from colonial days, when the only way to extend sight radius was to make the barrel as long as possible. It is interesting how long it takes a myth to die.
Jeff Cooper
It is a singular reaction, this sitting still and writing, writing, writing, or ruminating at length, which is much the same, really.
Vladimir Nabokov
I just try to use my length to the best of my ability.
Brandon Ingram
If I’m on a train, with headphones, MP3s are great. At home, I prefer CD or vinyl, partly because they sound a little better in a quiet room and partly because they’re finite in length and separate things, unlike the endless days and days of music stored on my laptop.
Jonny Greenwood
In a pond koi can reach lengths of eighteen inches. Amazingly, when placed in a lake, koi can grow to three feet long. The metaphor is obvious. You are limited by how you see the world.
Vince Poscente
When you grow up with a mother who has to wash dishes and clean hotel rooms, you know the importance of having a job, and you cant be without a job for any length of time, or you will be without anything.
Edward P. Jones
I got chronic stuff that everybody has when they’re done playing football for any length of time. So the good thing is I’m able to walk. I feel good. I’m able to spend more time with the fam.
Calvin Johnson
I grew up in Ireland, and the ocean was never more than an arm’s length away. As lovely as the mountains are and as friendly as the people of Utah are, I feel a bit landlocked here.
Roma Downey
The sitar is a really difficult instrument to play. Physically it’s taxing because of the cross-legged sitting position, the length of the neck on the shoulder, the thinness of the strings. There’s a lot of pain, especially at the start.
Anoushka Shankar
A Rod: An attractively painted length of fiberglass that keeps an angler from ever getting too close to a fish.
Robbie Keane
Writing about sex at length is a bit like describing mastication at length. It’s the causes and the consequences and the meaning of it that are interesting, not the anatomical descriptions.
Richard Flanagan
Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, said Browning, and so it has – extended by the length of an artist’s brush.
Robert Breault
Every man naturally persuades himself that he can keep his resolutions, nor is he convinced of his imbecility but by length of time and frequency of experiment.
Samuel Johnson
When at length we tire of putting people down, this self-inflicted fatigue can give way to the invigorating calisthenics of lifting people up.
Neal A. Maxwell
I can speak at length and use my brain. It’s nice to be able to show that side of me.
Logan Paul
Placing one foot in front of the other, I’ve climbed to higher lengths. Reaching beyond my own limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle too hard, for this warrior to overcome. I’m just a man on a mission, to prove my disability hasn’t won.
Robert M. Hensel
If you could say of any one individual that the court as an institution is the length and shadow of that individual, surely it would be John Marshall.
William Rehnquist
All of us have theories about the world and about ourselves. We will go to great lengths to prove ourselves right because it keeps the world in our head coherent and understandable.
Marya Hornbacher
Tone is somewhat totalising in that, once I locate it, it tells me what kind of syntax to use, what word choices to make, how much white space to leave on the page, what sentence length, what the rhythmic patterning will be. If I can’t find the tone, I sometimes try narrating through the point of view of someone else.
Rachel Kushner
Living in a small Italian hilltown, and having lived in a small town in south Georgia, I understand that you can recognize a family gene pool by the lift of an eyebrow, or the length of a neck, or a way of walking.
Frances Mayes
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, and all the things that can be compared unto her.
After being taught sets and reps and working at it for a length of time you can’t paint by numbers anymore. It must come from within. Any artist has an emotional contact with their work. A true bodybuilder doesn’t just build muscle he creates muscle. You can’t be a robot.
Tom Platz
A man watches his pear-tree day after day, impatient for the ripening of the fruit. Let him attempt to force the process, and he may spoil both fruit and tree. But let him patiently wait, and the ripe pear at length falls into his lap.
Abraham Lincoln
People sometimes sneer at those who run every day, claiming they’ll go to any length to live longer. But don’t think that’s the reason most people run. Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.
Haruki Murakami
I know that shorter messages are better in terms of reply rate. The optimal length is something like 50 characters. Characters, not words.
Christian Rudder
Babbitt as a book was planless; its end arrived apparently because its author had come to the end of the writing-pad, or rather, one might suspect from its length, to the end of all writing-pads then on the market.
Rebecca West
When I lie this close to you, when I smell your scent, when I hear your voice, I know everything that matters.” She looked down the length of him. “You are the male I want to mate with. That’s who you are.
J.R. Ward
The sari’s radiance, vigor and variety, produced by a single straight length of cloth, should give us in the West pause and make us think twice about the zipper, the dart and the shoulder pad.
Naveen Patnaik
Of course there are big differences in length and character and vocabulary, but each level has its particular pleasures when it comes to the words one can use and the way one uses them.
Margaret Mahy
But the whole vital process of the earth takes place so gradually and in periods of time which are so immense compared with the length of our life, that these changes are not observed, and before their course can be recorded from beginning to end whole nations perish and are destroyed.
You have to edit the material. That assumes that some kind of a mind is operating in relation to the material. Not all minds are the same. Every aspect of filmmaking requires choice. The selection of the subject, the shooting, editing and length are all aspects of choice.
Frederick Wiseman
I detest so much … those persons, who insist upon telling you everything – who labor every point, as the lawyers say, as if they thought all excellence consisted in length.
Mary Russell Mitford
I love having the opportunity to explore a part for a great length of time, really get deeper and deeper into it, because you only have a chance to do that once or twice in a career.
Elizabeth McGovern
I love the mid-length skirt. That’s really appropriate, you can wear that in many different day occasions.
Olivia Palermo
Wrought upon at length, you may say, by an enthusiasm and frenzy that could brook no control – I burst the tyrant bands, which held my sex in awe, and clandestinely, or by stealth, grasped an opportunity, which custom and the world seemed to deny, as a natural privilege.
Deborah Sampson
What would we say if men changed the length of their trousers every year?
Nancy Astor
We can’t do much about the length of our lives, but we can do plenty about it’s width and depth.
Evan Esar
Life everywhere is in vast and endless variety. So it is with life eternal, that gift of God, constituting, in its length and breadth and height and depth, the reward of the righteous. The penitent, dying thief is not going into heaven like the triumphant, dying Paul.
Herrick Johnson
Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.
Karl Marx
Feature-length film comedy is harder to pull off than the episodic sitcom – it doesn’t have the same factory machinery up and running, teams of writers putting familiar characters through permutations – but that doesn’t explain the widening quality gap that makes movie humor look like a genetic defective.
James Wolcott
The great law of culture is, Let each become all that he was created capable of being; expand, if possible, to his full growth; resisting all impediments, casting off all foreign, especially all noxious adhesions, and show himself at length in his own shape and stature be these what they may.
Thomas Carlyle
A life isn’t measured in hours and minutes. It’s the quality, not the length.
Gabrielle Zevin
American writers reduce the length of time devoted to exposition and character development.
Tim Pigott-Smith
When a putter is waiting his turn to hole out a putt of one or two feet in length, on which the match hangs at the last hole, it is of vital importance that he think of nothing. At this supreme moment he ought to fill his mind with vacancy. He must not even allow himself the consolation of religion.
Charles Walter Simpson
I go to great lengths to make certain situations feel right to the reader.
Sidney Sheldon
Writing a story, regardless of length, begins always with a single word.
Don Roff
I’m very attracted to exile literature – particularly Nabokov – exactly because the idea of being away from home for any serious length of time is so inconceivable to me.
Zadie Smith
I have an obsession with making an album rather than a collection of tracks. For me it’s like making a film – it’s the perfect length of time to tell a story.
Jon Hopkins
The days of the Mosaic creation are not to be strictly construed as implying the same length of time which is at present occupied by a single revolution of our globe, but PERIODS of a much longer extent.
William Buckland
People ask me how I sang the role of the ‘Phantom’ 1,700 times. And I say that it’s down to good material. If it did not have good material, I would have had a major problem doing it for that length of time.
Colm Wilkinson
Real joy means immediate expansion. If we experience pure joy, immediately our heart expands. We feel that we are flying in the divine freedom-sky. The entire length and breadth of the world becomes ours, not for us to rule over, but as an expansion of our consciousness. We become reality and vastness.
Sri Chinmoy
He raised his hand, hesitant, conflict raging in his eyes, and then swiftly brushed the length of my cheekbone with his fingertips. His skin was as icy as ever, but the trail his fingers left on my skin was alarmingly warm – like I’d been burned, but didn’t feel the pain of it yet.
Stephenie Meyer
I knew that nobody could be on television week after week as themselves and exist for any length of time, because no one has that rich a personality…. So I knew that I had to create some characters.
Jackie Gleason
Then, at the last and only couplet fraught With some unmeaning thing they call a thought, A needless Alexandrine ends the song, That, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along.
Alexander Pope
The proper eyebrows can balance wide cheekbones or make the length of the face appear more proportionate.
Anastasia Soare
When the story is good enough, people can watch something three times the length of an opera.
Kevin Spacey
What orators lack in depth they make up for in length.
Baron de Montesquieu
According to the rules of comedy, your suffering will be funny after an undetermined length of time. Maybe not while you’re having your gangrenous leg sawed off, watching your home burn down or learning how to be intimate with your cellmate, but, in the big scheme of things, soon.
Chuck Lorre
I like making sure that I’ve got a decent haircut, my beard’s a decent length. I trim it once a week and that’s all I need to do. Also, shoes polished. Just put yourself together properly. It’s about self-respect, but it’s also about having a bit of respect for the people you’re interacting with on a daily basis.
Patrick Grant
The penalties for homosexual conduct were – would vary from state to state, but they were – it was a felony in most states punishable with prison terms of varying lengths.
Cleve Jones
If someone wants to say ‘I love you’ in a straight play, they say it, and then it’s the other person’s turn to talk. But in a song, you can sing about it for another three minutes. The musical form has that unique opportunity to express at length what joy really feels like.
Marsha Norman
If we stand in the openings of the present moment, with all the length and breadth of our faculties unselfishly adjusted to what it reveals, we are in the best condition to receive what God is always ready to communicate.
Thomas Cogswell Upham
God, in His wisdom, has so linked the whole human family together that any violence done at one end of the chain is felt throughout its length.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The day is of infinite length for him who knows how to appreciate and use it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The greatest things in the world are brought about by other things which we count as nothing: little causes we overlook but which at length accumulate.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
When you use the word ‘filibuster,’ most of us in America – and I count myself among them – envision it as the ability to hold the floor on rare occasions to speak at length and make your point emphatically and even delay progress by taking hours.
Jeff Merkley
Corruption is a tree, whose branches are Of an immeasurable length: they spread Ev’rywhere; and the dew that drops from thence Hath infected some chairs and stools of authority.
John Fletcher
The only marriage I’ve observed for any length of time is my parents – 35 years. I asked my pop, I go, ‘Pop, 35 years – what do you hope for?’ He’s like, ‘I hope you die first.’
Adam Ferrara
There comes a pause, for human strength will not endure to dance without cessation; and everyone must reach the point at length of absolute prostration.
Lewis Carroll
I could be your worst enemy. But i would rather have friends then enemies, and i go to great length to make that the case. There’s much more reward in having friends.
Jared Leto
Most owners are at length able to teach themselves to obey their dog.
Robert Morley
Thoughts by a graveside are too dark and deep to be sustained for any length of time. Sooner or later the hurt mind turns to the sun for healing, and this is as it should be, for otherwise, what future could any of us hope for, but madness?
Miss Read
For all the splendours of the world’s greatest galleries, visitors are likely to be kept at arm’s length, spectators of a world that can seem too rarefied to let them in.
Jim Crace
At four lines, with the quatrain, we reach the basic stanza form familiar from a whole range of English poetic practice. This is the length of the ballad stanza, the verse of a hymn, and innumerable other kinds of verse.
James Fenton
Blink and you miss a sprint. The 10,000 meters is lap after lap of waiting. Theatrically, the mile is just the right length: beginning, middle, end, a story unfolding.
Sebastian Coe
Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low-vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea!
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
The difficulty with film is you always have to consign a story to being a certain length, whereas with a book you don’t have budget constraints; you can cast it yourself.
Emilia Fox
Exercise mitigates the effects of stress – and stress, we know, shortens telomeres. In fact, early studies indicate that stress reduction techniques like meditation help people maintain the length of their telomeres.
Elizabeth Blackburn
We all try to increase our length of life, but we all have to pass. It’s highly interesting as a lyricist.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
It’s always better for the bowlers to stick to a line and length, and that helps you get wickets.
Jasprit Bumrah
Inherited aptitudes and traits of temperament count for quite as much as length of habituation in deciding what range of habits will come to dominate any individual’s scheme of life.
Thorstein Veblen
I knew I had to keep him to myself, as I’d slowly begun to keep everything. We had secrets now, truths and half-truths, that kept her always at arm’s length, behind a closed door, miles away.
Sarah Dessen
Genius makes its observations in short-hand; talent writes them out at length.
Christian Nestell Bovee
Like some kind of particularly tenacious vampire the short story refuses to die, and seems at this point in time to be a wonderful length for our generation.
Neil Gaiman
I would wear a full-length cape if I could get away with it – I do love a good swirl in a fog.
Martin Freeman
I think we’re doing the right things for the right reasons. We’re not doing it to sell products. We’re not doing it to be popular. We’re doing it because in our judgment these stories are important to do, and at this length and this much depth.
Bob Edwards
A miser is sometimes a grand personification of fear. He has a fine horror of poverty; and he is not content to keep want from the door, or at arm’s length, but he places it, by heaping wealth upon wealth, at a sublime distance!
Charles Lamb
Educational enterprises do not for any length of time remain immune from the struggle of interests for power which is the dominant feature of social life under a class system.
A. J. Muste
Taking a shuttle or even paying for a taxi to a rental office that’s a few miles away from the airport can mean a lower rate – 50 percent lower is common – for the same car, from the same company, for the same length of time. Many companies run free shuttles from some of the major airports.
Jean Chatzky
One of my biggest fears as a director is that everything is taking too long on camera. The actor saying their lines, the silence between lines, the length of time it takes to walk from A to B. So you try it at different speeds and then see what sticks in the edit room.
Miguel Sapochnik
Without identical twins, you’ll never get to experience entering a hotel room with one of them and watching him run into the full-length mirror because he though he saw his brother.
Ray Romano
My hair is naturally curly, and in the 80’s, even though I experimented with different lengths, I generally wore it curly. Since then, I’ve learned how to use a blow dryer and flat iron.
Susanna Hoffs
Let your throat-song
be clear and strong enough to make an emperor fall full-length
suppliant, at the door.
The appropriate length of a name is inversely proportional to the size of its scope.
Mark Jason Dominus
It’s only merit was in being the first publication which carried the claim of our rights their whole length, and asserted that there was no rightful link of connection between us and England but that of being under the same king.
Thomas Jefferson
I suppose, counting back, if the Beatles had been influenced by music in the same length of time ago – you’d have to put that into better English for me, thank you – they would have been like a banjo orchestra. They would have been doing show tunes.
Jonny Greenwood
With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.
Ruth Ozeki
Until I lose my soul and lie Blind to the beauty of the earth, Deaf though shouting wind goes by, Dumb in a storm of mirth; Until my heart is quenched at length And I have left the land of men, Oh, let me love with all my strength Careless if I am loved again.
Sara Teasdale
I suppose we shall soon travel by air-vessels; make air instead of sea voyages; and at length find our way to the moon, in spite of the want of atmosphere.
Lord Byron
Concentration, itself, is nothing but a matter of control of the attention! Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose, and you will have learned the secret passage-way to power and plenty! This is concentration!
Napoleon Hill
A TV show has to be a certain length and, you know, you have expectations from the viewers. You know, you want to see the characters again, or you want to see certain dynamics between the characters or certain kinds of storylines. And you kind of figure out how to best fit what you want to say into that format.
Hiro Murai
I am conscious of a soul-sense that lifts me above the narrow, cramping circumstances of my life. My physical limitations are forgotten- my world lies upward, the length and the breadth and the sweep of the heavens are mine!
Helen Keller
I was dreading all of the ghost stories of working on American television, not in the least, the length. In Britain, a series is six episodes of an hour drama, maybe sometimes eight, but never twenty-two, so I was petrified of that.
Lennie James
The grace of novelty and the length of habit, though so very opposite to one another, yet agree in this, that they both alike keepus from discovering the faults of our friends.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
We are of such value to God that He came to live among us… and to guide us home. He will go to any length to seek us, even to being lifted high upon the cross to draw us back to Himself. We can only respond by loving God for His love.
St. Catherine of Siena
An Eskimo custom offers an angry person release by walking the emotion out of his or her system in a straight line across the landscape; the point at which the anger is conquered is marked with a stick, bearing witness to the strength or length of the rage.
Lucy R. Lippard
If there’s a god, it knows exactly what it would take to convince me and has refused to provide it. In fact, it has gone to great lengths to hide any evidence of its existence. That doesn’t seem like a deity that wants to be worshiped to me.
David G. McAfee
I can’t reveal the mystery to either saint or sinner; I can’t state at length what I’ve said curtly; I achieve an altered state that I can’t explain; I have a secret that I cannot share.
Omar Khayyam
I write from the same place I parent, and since becoming a single parent, I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to write anything of length.
Dirk Benedict
After I had written seventeen full-length mysteries, two volumes of mini-mysteries, a travel guide and some quiz books, not to mention a spin-off Roman Mystery Scrolls series, I thought it was time I moved to new historical pastures.
Caroline Lawrence
Zero-length arrays are useful only in cases where you have a large structure, which contains a field of dynamic length, and you need to share that structure across program or even computer boundaries.
Robert Love
When I published my first book, a memoir, the experience taught me that writing something of any significant length was an endurance sport as much as anything else.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
People apparently only read mystery stories of any length. With mysteries, the longer the better, and people will read any damn thing. But the indulgent, 800-page books that were written a hundred years ago are just not going to be written anymore, and people need to get used to that.
Cormac McCarthy
Diets show to what great lengths women will go so as not to go to great widths.
Evan Esar
Each poem seems to demand its own formal approach. In both drafting and revision, I’ll play around with line lengths and stanza formations, eventually letting the poem settle into what I think is its own best form.
Allison Joseph
A great show means we have to connect; we have to prove to [the audience] that we do something great or blow their socks off, but it has to be with them if it’s going to be sustained for any length of time.
Scott Avett
What is the distance between here and there, between now and then, between right and wrong? In Greg Baxter’s pellucid first novel, ‘The Apartment,’ it may be simply the length of a day – but a day in which one travels surprisingly far, literally and figuratively.
Stacey D’Erasmo
First, the avid student must be aware that when the world was young it knew only seven things: water, life and death, salt, night, birds and the length of an hour.
Catherynne M. Valente
In order to make the novel into a polyhistorical illumination of existence, you need to master the technique of ellipsis, the art of condensation. Otherwise, you fall into the trap of endless length.
Milan Kundera
In some states militant nationalism has gone to the lengths of dictatorship, the cult of the absolute or totalitarian state and the glorification of war.
Arthur Henderson
The hottest look for a night out is a deep side part. If that part is not at least three inches in length, then start over. The wider the part, the more open your eyes appear. It is an alluring and seductive look that will keep your date’s attention the entire night.
Tabatha Coffey
Limitations are something that I latch onto – like working in genre, or if you’re writing TV, there are act breaks, there’s a length of time it’s supposed to be. The restrictions of budget and sets can be really useful. When you can have everything, it’s very hard to make things feel real and lived in.
Joss Whedon
As I explain at some length in my book ‘Energy Victory,’ during World War II, the American strength in oil production was a decisive advantage for the Allies. Airplanes, ships, and tanks all ran on oil, and we controlled the supply.
Robert Zubrin
It’s really exhilarating and exciting to be able to meet your fan base and see them in person, and see the lengths that they’re willing to go to.
Jason O’Mara
White House operatives went to great lengths to show Obama shifting focus from wars abroad to domestic issues at home.
Ron Fournier
Don’t let anyone make you believe the length of your skirt is a measure of your character.
Amitabh Bachchan
There is a special mystique about the marathon, for example, because of its length-but that’s just the bit you do at the end of an Ironman
Chrissie Wellington
The fact that ‘True Blood’ affects people in this way is incredible to me – the fact we have to go to such great lengths to hide storylines just proves the cache our show has.
Ryan Kwanten
It is hardly possible to maintain seriously that the evil done by science is not altogether outweighed by the good. For example, if ten million lives were lost in every war, the net effect of science would still have been to increase the average length of life.
G. H. Hardy
Won’t cha…picture life as my wife, just think:
Full length mink, fat X and O links,
Bracelets to match, conversation was all that,
Showed you the safe combinations and all that.
Guess you could say you’s the one I trusted…
Who would ever think that you would spread like mustard?
The Notorious B.I.G.
Eleven years is a great length of time to prepare a movie, it would be wonderful to have 11 years of funded preparation.
Tilda Swinton
My own grandmother went to great lengths to make sure I knew simple things like how and when to open the door for a lady. And the best thing my mama taught me was to pray.
Ronnie Dunn
Length of days with an evil heart is only length of misery.
C. S. Lewis
Obviously, the greater the length of a war the higher is likely to be the number of casualties in it on either side.
Douglas Haig
Can you love someone you don’t trust?” “Absolutely,” he said. “I have a sister I wouldn’t lend two copper lengths if I wanted them back. The problem with loving someone you don’t trust is finding the right distance.
Daniel Abraham
Let the weary at length possess quiet rest.
Seneca the Younger
I didn’t mind going to any length to make people believe that a puny hero had me at his mercy.
Bob Christo
I do my work to the best of my capacity. I don’t pick a role looking at its length. I take up a film because I would like to see it.
Sonakshi Sinha
The main factors in terms of how tiring a season can be are governed by the number of races and the length of time between the first and the last.
Allan McNish
If I expect great things from my people, they’ll go to great lengths to keep from disappointing me.
John C. Maxwell
When there was room on the ledge outside of the pots and boxes for a cat, the cat was there- in sunny weather- stretched at full length, asleep and blissful, with her furry belly to the sun and a paw curved over her nose.
Mark Twain
Of course ankle length socks are cheaper, but they don’t cover the lower leg as hosiery should.
Roger Stone
To get ready to climb Everest, I did a lot of hill running with a daypack on and a lot of underwater swimming. I would swim a couple of lengths underwater and then a couple above. It gets your body going with limited oxygen.
Bear Grylls
In 1970 or ’71, early in the magazine, Michael O’Donoghue did maybe eight pages of a 1958 yearbook, from Ezra Taft Benson High School. But by the time the [book-length] high-school yearbook came around, he didn’t want to be involved.
P. J. O’Rourke
If you tell yourself there is a path you need to travel, that it will take time to get where you want to go-that there is a distance between you and the fully realized state-then the path can become a way of holding liberation at arm’s length.
Jan Frazier
At length corruption, like a general flood (So long by watchful ministers withstood), Shall deluge all; and avarice, creeping on, Spread like a low-born mist, and blot the sun.
Alexander Pope
Crowns have their compass-length of days their date-
Triumphs their tomb-felicity, her fate-
Of nought but earth can earth make us partaker,
But knowledge makes a king most like his Maker.
William Shakespeare
You are going in one second the length of a football field. That means you brain is receiving information from your body what the car is doing physically, bumping, balance, performance.
Emerson Fittipaldi
Allegories drawn to great length will always break.
Samuel Johnson
Sometimes no length of string is long enough to say the thing that needs to be said. In such cases all the string can do, in whatever its form, is conduct a person’s silence.
Nicole Krauss
Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.
Herbert Ward
I swam underwater for 50 meters at a time and walked the length of the pool underwater, with a brick in each hand, all on a single breath.
David Goggins
I never even considered writing a career option. I just liked the play of words. I was certainly interested in story, but the stories I was telling then were in narrative verse and prose poems, short and succinct, except for one novel-length poem written in narrative couplets.
Charles de Lint
I do admire actors who manage to lose huge amounts of weight for roles: you have to have astonishing discipline to do that to your body and maintain it for a certain length of time before letting yourself go back to normal.
Anna Madeley
Friends, there are many areas in which I need encouragement, but worrying is not one of them. I worry the way RenГ©e Fleming sings high Cs: Effortlessly. Loudly. At length.
Martha Beck
Peace and rest at length have come,
All the day’s long toil is past;
And each heart is whispering, “Home,
Home at last!”
Thomas Hood
The first draft of a book—even a long one—should take no more than three months, the length of a season.
Stephen King
There’s been an unquestionable decline in American culture. The education system is thin on the ground. People don’t read as deeply and at length as they used to. And the media has been scattered into so many cable channels.
Jay Parini
The only length of life that seems to satisfy the longings of the human heart is life everlasting.
Russell M. Nelson
I do not care about the length of my role. But it should make a difference to the story.
Rishi Kapoor
His four year contract renewal: As always, I remain hopeful that Don Cherry won’t be offered the same length contract.
Ron MacLean
I’ve never set up any golf course that would favor anybody. I try to make it exactly the opposite, which is what we did at Valhalla when we modernized it to accommodate the lengths players are hitting it today.
Jack Nicklaus
With skirts even a mid-calf length, the legs are visible almost to the knee when you sit down. And during the summer, with bathing suits and shorts, they really take over. I think every girl should do all she can to make her legs as attractive as possible.
Amanda Blake
McConnell is praised throughout the Republican Party for his focus on confirming originalist judges to federal courts. It’s easily his greatest legacy, and one I wrote about at length in ‘Justice On Trial,’ my book with Carrie Severino.
Mollie Hemingway
Mankind, I hazard, wherever found, Civilized or Savage, cannot keep to any purpose for much length of time, except the purpose of destroying himself.
Jeanette Winterson
School divides life into two segments, which are increasingly of comparable length. As much as anything else, schooling implies custodial care for persons who are declared undesirable elsewhere by the simple fact that a school has been built to serve them.
Ivan Illich
Travel, which had once charmed him, seemed, at length, unendurable, a business of color without substance, a phantom chase after his own dream’s shadow.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
When you grow up with a mother who has to wash dishes and clean hotel rooms, you know the importance of having a job, and you can’t be without a job for any length of time, or you will be without anything.
Edward P. Jones
For me, a good role, and not the length, is important.
Sanjeeda Sheikh
In no way am I demeaning writing or any other form of art because it’s popular. What I’m saying is that anything fed into the industrial machinery to comply with rules of size and length and shelf-life has a hard time surviving as art.
Alberto Manguel
So all of these companies that are going for the big growth, if it continues for any length of time, will outlast their resources and outlast their customers and go belly-up. And that’s why these huge companies have massive layoffs all the time.
Yvon Chouinard
When you’re using a long brush, you have your arm at full length. Basically, it exaggerates the movement of your body. But I always start far away and end up really close.
Brice Marden
There are good people, who are in politics – in both parties – who hold this at arm’s length, because if they acknowledge it and recognize it, then the moral imperative to make big changes is inescapable.
Al Gore
I’m very wary of fawning too much over heroes. There’s an old adage that heroes are best kept at arm’s length, and in a few instances in my life, that’s been true.
W. Earl Brown
I think Queen tribute bands are great. However, we have to keep them at arm’s length, otherwise it could be too dangerous.
Brian May
Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees;
The further sky, the greater length;
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.
Douglas Malloch
The whole result of continued labour is not often consumed and enjoyed in a moment; the result generally lasts for a certain length of time. We must then conceive the capital as being progressively uninvested.
William Stanley Jevons
So, influenced by these advisors and this hope, I have at length allowed my friends to publish the work, as they had long besought me to do.
Nicolaus Copernicus
Marcus Trescothick. No question. I hate bowling to him. I pitch it up, he drives me through the covers. I bowl back of a length, he runs me down to third-man. I go short, and he lifts me over the keeper or pulls me for four.
Stuart Broad
I actually will always stop and watch [Friends episodes], not for the whole thing, but usually because I’ve forgotten a lot of the episodes. It’s sort of fun for a second, I’m like, what’s this one? And sometimes it comes back to me. I always know what year it was by what length my hair was or what color.
Jennifer Aniston
Ordinary facts are arranged within time, strung along its length as on a thread. There they have their antecedents and their consequences, which crowd tightly together and press hard one upon the other without any pause. This has its importance for any narrative, of which continuity and successiveness are the soul.
Bruno Schulz
I have good legs, so I prefer my skirt lengths and my high heels. It’s like my uniform.
Carine Roitfeld
It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them. There is no escape.
Ruskin Bond
Improvement depends far less upon length of tasks and hours of application than is supposed. Children can take in but a little each day; they are like vases with a narrow neck; you may pour little or pour much, but much will not enter at a time.
Jules Michelet
I don’t care about the length of anything I play, as long as it’s a good character.
John Hurt
Short fiction is the medium I love the most, because it requires that I bring everything I’ve learned about poetry – the concision, the ability to say something as vividly as possible – but also the ability to create a narrative that, though lacking a novel’s length, satisfies the reader.
Ron Rash
Her eyes watered and she was a foot taller than any of her sisters, mostly because of the length of her neck which would one day hang from the end of a rope
Jeffrey Eugenides
I go by the content of the script and not the length of the role.
Manini Mishra
Each of my books has taken me a different length of time to write – eight months for ‘Seesaw Girl,’ eight months for ‘Shard,’ three years for ‘When My Name Was Keoko!’ The publisher takes another year and a half to work on the book, so altogether each book can take up to three or four years to publish.
Linda Sue Park
American couples have gone to such lengths to avoid the interference of in-laws that they have to pay marriage counselors to interfere between them.
Florence King
Two weeks is about the ideal length of time to retire.
Alex Comfort
If you look at all the great shot-blockers of all time, they had length, and they had instincts. Even when you look at guards, like Dwyane Wade. He’s one of the best shot-blocking guards ever, and he has great instincts. He’s kind of cat-like.
Mohamed Bamba
I might go on discussing this subject at great length, but after all is said, done, and written, my own book of experiences will best show what these obstacles are, and how I managed to overcome them to some extent.
Major Taylor
If I asked you to stand in one spot for 35 hours or a certain length of time, you could do it.
David Blaine
Just put one foot in front of the other and don’t worry about the length of the path. Once you get on that path, and the longer you stay on it, there eventually will come a time when you will not turn back.
Martina Navratilova
I’m going to start work on developing a series for HBO, because I’m naturally given to episodic stories of considerable length. And I won’t have to listen to complaints about how wordy and long my work is if you can watch it on your telephone on the subway: You can make it conform to your day as if it were a book.
Tony Kushner
Five is for five heartbeats, the length of time it takes to breathe in or out. For that is how quickly a life may change, for better or for ill. The time it takes to make up, or change, your mind.
Cameron Dokey
If you have read me for any length of time, you know I am less than enthralled with much of what passes for financial news.
Barry Ritholtz
A guy as great as Brett Favre has been for the length of time he’s been, you would hope that he would be able to leave the game with a positive flavor in his mouth.
John Elway
I’ve travelled all around the world to see the rivers and the mountains, and I’ve spent a lot of money. I have gone to great lengths, I have seen everything, but I forgot to see just outside my house a dewdrop on a little blade of grass, a dewdrop which reflects in its convexity the whole universe around you.
Rabindranath Tagore
Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
I was so tall and so skinny – I was that kid who couldn’t find anything to wear. All the cool kids would have jeans the right length and I would just think, ‘What am I going to do?’
L’Wren Scott
To achieve the extirpation of Nazi tyranny there are no lengths of violence to which we will not go.
Winston Churchill
I hope the necessity will at length be seen of establishing institutions, here as in Europe, where every branch of science, useful at this day, may be taught in it’s highest degrees.
Thomas Jefferson
Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still know where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with.
Douglas Adams
When you are busy with all the live shows and bands, world music and jazz music, it takes time to come back and do a pop album. It needs its own length of time.
Shankar Mahadevan
You have to have a full-length mirror in your house so you can see what is missing and what you have to add to your look.
Carolina Herrera
The whole business is the crudest sort of stratagem, since we have no way of foreseeing it to the end. It is a mere paying out of rope on the chance that somewhere along the length of it will be a noose.
Isaac Asimov
It’s the degree of success and the length of time that is amazing.
Ruth Handler
I used to spend hours at night, downstairs, in front of the only full-length mirror in the house, standing on the table working out what I would wear to school the next day.
Clemence Poesy
Pau has a game that’s impossible to imitate. He’s so finesse and so skilled, it’s impossible to imitate. Honestly, I’m a big fan of the game. I’ve never seen a player his size who has so many moves, so many counters and it’s impossible. His length, his size, his skills – I mean, you can’t teach that.
Marc Gasol
English actors feel vaguely apologetic for being there at all. American actors know that the most important thing is to get one take out of fifty that is great, and they’ll go to any length to get it. The English are used to working within consistently small, low-budget things and think, I mustn’t waste their time.
Helen Mirren
Philosophy, with the aid of experience, has at length banished the study of alchymy; and the present age, however desirous of riches, is content to seek them by the humbler means of commerce and industry.
Edward Gibbon
Do not complain about the length of the road! What will you do when the road finishes? Let it continue!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I began my filmmaking career by shooting a feature length documentary in China in 2004, the year I graduated from film school.
Lee Isaac Chung
A modest ring at the bell at length allayed her fears, and Miss Benton, hurrying into her own room and shutting herself up, in order that she might preserve that appearance of being taken by surprise which is so essential to the polite reception of visitors, awaited their coming with a smiling countenance.
Charles Dickens
I feel… an ardent desire to see knowledge so disseminated through the mass of mankind that it may, at length, reach even the extremes of society: beggars and kings.
Thomas Jefferson
Life is not measured by its length, but by its depth.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A man watches his pear tree day after day, impatient for the ripening of the fruit. Let him attempt to force the process, and he may spoil both fruit and tree. But let him patiently wait, and the ripe pear at length falls into his lap.
Abraham Lincoln
We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success. What we do best or most perfectly is what we have most thoroughly learned by the longest practice, and at length it falls from us without our notice, as a leaf from a tree.
Henry David Thoreau
I went to the flea market in the morning and charged tourists money to take pictures of me. I looked pretty wild, with hair down to my waist, Indian robes, a floor-length fur coat. There must be lots of photos of me out there.
Wolfgang Beltracchi
The length of a man’s outspread arms is equal to his height.
Leonardo da Vinci
It is astonishing the lengths to which a person, or a people, will go in order to avoid a truthful mirror.
James A. Baldwin
You can sustain visual beauty and innovative visual ideas for a certain length of time, but in a two-hour experience, which is really what movies are, usually audiences – whether they know it or not – most want an emotional connection to character.
Gavin Hood
Giving birth to something that could possibly change the lives of millions of people for possibly decades, hundreds of years, whatever the length of time the run is, is a great feeling.
Reid Hoffman
To me, length is an artificial and arbitrary factor in a film.
Frank Darabont
I have often thought that with any luck at all I could have been born a werewolf, because the two middle fingers on both my hands are the same length, but I have had to be content with what I had.
Shirley Jackson
Sometimes eight chains go together really well, depending on the length – how short they are, how small they are.
Big Sean
Measurements of the specific ionization of both the positive and negative particles, by counting the number of droplets per unit length along the tracks, showed the great majority of both the positive and negative particles to possess unit electric charge.
Carl D. Anderson
The length of your days does not belong to you.
Mitch Albom
Systems, scientific or philosophic, come and go. Each method of limited understanding is at length exhausted. In its prime each system is a triumphant success: in its decay it is an obstructive nuisance.
Alfred North Whitehead
[In the event of war, Americans would] resort for repose and security to institutions which have a tendency to destroy their civil and political rights. To be more safe they, at length, become willing to run the risk of being less free.
Alexander Hamilton
It’s just using my size. On the defensive end, it’s using my length to disturb the smaller guys. On the offensive end, if there’s a post-up advantage, I can take it.
Khris Middleton
The cloudy weather melts at length into beauty, and the brightest smiles of the heart are born of its tears.
Hosea Ballou
I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words. That’s 180,000 words over a three-month span, a goodish length for a book — something in which the reader can get happily lost, if the tale is done well and stays fresh.
Stephen King
I am marked like a road map from head to toe with my repressions. You can travel the length and breadth of my body over superhighways of shame and inhibition and fear.
Philip Roth
But I still serve pretty big and that’s one of my biggest weapons, so if my shoulder holds up and I can count on it, I can win a few matches and then you never know how the other guys are going to react to the fatigue and the length of the matches.
Guy Forget
If people know we expect good things from them, they will in most cases go to great lengths to live up to our expectations.
Alan Loy McGinnis
Most players who’ve been around any length of time think of training camp as a time of hard work, frustration and monotony. But I can honestly say I look forward to it.
George Blanda
Women should look at themselves and decide for themselves what color or length they should wear.
Sonia Rykiel
He that first likened glory to a shadow did better than he was aware of. They are both of them things excellently vain. Glory also, like a shadow, goes sometimes before the body, and sometimes in length infinitely exceeds it.
Michel de Montaigne
It is not only important how long your breath is. What is more important is how smooth and subtle it is. For length of breath without the accompanying subtlety is fruitless.
T. K. V. Desikachar
In 2010 I had to learn to walk again when I had my legs made the same length, after living with one leg two inches longer than the other until the age of 51.
Toyah Willcox
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, writers will go to stupefying lengths to get the infernal roar of words out of their skulls and onto paper.
Barbara Kingsolver
It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I do not decide that skirts shall be short or long. The shape of the dress itself often dictates the length.
Yves Saint Laurent
The utility of living consists not in the length of days, but in the use of time; a man may have lived long, and yet lived but a little.
Michel de Montaigne
State educators have confused the length of formal education with real-life skills.
Dominic Raab
A 300pp novel can easily become a 200pp novel by printing with smaller type; a 100pp screenplay can potentially become a film of between 60-140 minutes in length; a 200pp stage play could be performed in anything from 30 minutes to four hours. For all these media, the script length is agnostic to the final work.
Antony Johnston
I have never known courage to be judged by the length of a man’s hair. Or, for the matter of that, whether he has any hair at all.
Lloyd Alexander
When working out, length is not a substitute for intensity.
Bill Loguidice
If I were in charge of the Olympics, I would probably try to put something for the javelin guy to aim at. Not just length, but see if you could spear something.
Jay Chandrasekhar
You need to understand the batsman, where he plays his shot usually, which is his release shot, and then change the angle, vary the pace, line and length. You cannot always react after being at the receiving end.
Harbhajan Singh
I was very anxious when I was writing ‘Oscar And Lucinda.’ I would take other books off the shelf to check my chapter length was OK.
Peter Carey
There’s an old saying in Hollywood: It’s not the length of your film, it’s how you use it.
Ben Stiller
She looked, and a scarlet butterfly flew away from her, away down the length of the tower, and then another, another, an unraveling scarf of butterflies like winged blood.
Tanith Lee
If my mind gravitates to a role, I take it up, regardless of the length.
Sanya Malhotra
Whoever aims publicly at great things and at length perceives secretly that he is too weak to achieve them, has usually also insufficient strength to renounce his aims publicly, and then inevitably becomes a hypocrite.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them… Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will.
Michel de Montaigne
I’ve requested Anand Raghav to write a full length comedy for me.
Delhi Ganesh
What orators lack in depth they make up for in length.
Time glides with undiscover’d haste; The future but a length behind the past.
John Dryden
There are times I do single wicket bowling, and there are times I try, practise, hitting a specific length.
Vijay Shankar
The law of the heart is thus the same as the law of muscular tissue generally, that the energy of contraction, however measured, is a function of the length of the muscle fibre.
Ernest Starling
In terms of writing, I think what most fiction writers treasure more than anything is the feeling that they’re living for the length of a book inside another person.
Lauren Groff
No one on the street thought anything of the downtown girl dressed in black who had paused in the middle of midtown foot traffic. In her art student camouflage she could walk the entire length of Manhattan and, if not blend in, be classified and therefore ignored.
Alice Sebold
These 150-minute superhero films that Hollywood is making are so concerned with their length that each scene doesn’t have the time it needs to make sense.
Sonia Braga
I don’t look on poetry as closed works. I feel they’re going on all the time in my head and I occasionally snip off a length.
John Ashbery
I therefore concluded, and decided unhesitatingly, that there are three stars in the heavens moving about Jupiter, as Venus and Mercury about the Sun; which at length was established as clear as daylight by numerous other observations.
Galileo Galilei
I’m struggling with what is epic. People decided I was epic – if by epic, do you mean a big, heavy book? ‘David Copperfield’ is a big book – is it epic? Amount of time covered, length, drama, or story – that’s the real appeal – if the story is long you have a better chance of becoming more connected.
Patrick Rothfuss
We want to be a studio that makes a whole bunch of stuff we believe in, in all ranges of scale and time and length, and own as much as that IP ourselves and generate as much of that IP ourselves as possible.
Freddie Wong
In the common esteem, not only are the only good aboriginals dead ones, but all aboriginals are either sacred or contemptible according to the length of time they have been dead.
Mary Hunter Austin
The way to heaven out of all places is of length and distance.
Thomas More
The search for the Torah codes is rooted in the unfathomable theological premise that the Torah – itself a set of five books of limited length – contains literally all truth.
Benjamin Wittes
What is greatly desired, but long deferred, gives little pleasure, when at length it is ours, for we have lived with it in imagination until we have grown weary of it, having ourselves, in the meanwhile, become other.
John Lancaster Spalding
Both films and TV have their compunctions, their positives and negatives. For example, I explored a character at great length in ‘Maryada’… which can be the ultimate high for an actor, but I won’t get this luxury as a film person.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
So often the shortest distance to happiness is the length of an about-face.
Robert Breault
People stay together and stay true only as long as they both want to. And all the promises in the world don’t change the length of time. Nothing comes with a guarantee.
Ann Aguirre
Thy return Posterity shall witness. Years must roll away, but then at length the splendid sight again shall greet our distant children’s eyes.
The only reason investors haven’t run screaming from an obviously corrupt financial marketplace is because the government has gone to such extraordinary lengths to sell the narrative that the problems of 2008 have been fixed.
Matt Taibbi
A more important antidote to American democracy is American gerontocracy. The positions of eminence and authority in Congress are allotted in accordance with length of service, regardless of quality.
John Kenneth Galbraith
TV is a fickle business. I’m only good for the length of my contract.
Tom Brokaw
I began writing and became attached to writing at an early age. I began by writing poetry and experimenting with dialogues: modest plays, in other words. I also used to describe at great length the way people in the area lived.
Hassan Blasim
I find that every soul that has travelled on this highway of holiness for any length of time, has invariably cut loose from its old moorings.
Hannah Whitall Smith
Each of my books has taken me a different length of time to write – eight months for Seesaw Girl, eight months for Shard, three years for When My Name Was Keoko! The publisher takes another year and a half to work on the book, so altogether each book can take up to three or four years to publish.
Linda Sue Park
I suppose I’m considered a little old fashioned, but I still believe the most flattering skirt length is just skimming the middle of the knee.
Cyd Charisse
Think about what you like and then think about why – was it the shape? The hem length? And then repeat over and over until you find your signature style. And if you ever get sick of your signature style… change it! That’s the beauty of fashion.
Eva Chen
‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ is a masterpiece because it is an episodic novel that has a rigorous form – an unprecedented combination. From the very beginning we know the town of Macondo will endure only a century, so there is a limit to the length of the narrative.
Edmund White
The point is, stories can be all lengths. Never underestimate the power of “less is more.
Darynda Jones
The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make to them; a man may live long, yet get little from life. Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will – Montaigne, Essays
Barbara Taylor Bradford
Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other.
Robert Benchley
[Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail] it is a big story, which is why there are two more films coming, which will bring the total length of the series to 3 hours.
Evan Jacobs
reaking up the space and using the space, using the length of the space, the height of it, whatever, the light, all of those things. It’s something that you have to kind of slowly recognize in your work and develop over years of making work.
Robert Barry
You cannot increase the length of a day but you can improve the quality of it.
Ryuho Okawa
The length of exposure (one minute in sunlight) is still too long for the portrait. It was fifteen minutes when I first began my work. Progress may continue.
Gabriel Lippmann
In the 50,000 years that followed—a time four to eight times shorter than the entire length of time the Neanderthals existed—the replacement crowd not only settled on almost every habitable speck of land on the planet, they developed technology that allowed them to go to the moon and beyond.
Svante Paabo
Time at length becomes justice.
Cynthia Ozick
The more noisy Negro leaders, by depicting all whites as natural and implacable enemies to their race, have done it a great disservice. Large numbers of whites who were formerly very
friendly to it, and willing to go to great lengths to help it, are now resentful and suspicious.
H. L. Mencken
Xavi was a big idol in my youth because he was smart in his head. He was not the biggest player because of his body length, but he was one of the greatest players because he was always smart in his mind. He had really good technique.
Joshua Kimmich
As for Tenacious D, of course it could work as a full length movie; all it requires is a great writer and great director with an ability to think outside of conventional film comedy.
David Cross
First, I write down all I know about the story, at length and in detail. Then I sink the iceberg and let some of it float up just a little.
Ingmar Bergman
Anyone who has chanced like me to roam through desolate mountains and studied at length their fantastic shapes and drunk the invigorating air of their valleys can understand why I wish to describe and depict these magic scenes for others.
Mikhail Lermontov
I’ll miss the relationships I have built with these actors. I’ll miss the devotion we have to this work. Over this length of time, the tendency is to think it will never end.
Dennis Franz
I knew I wanted to write about female friendship. I’ve got a few friends I’ve known since we were teenagers, who have spanned the decades, and I do find that a fascinating thing, that friendship can last that length of time.
Ruth Jones
A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.
Herb Caen
Of Belief Human mathematics, so to speak, like the length of life, are subject to the doctrine of chances.
William Godwin
What is important is not the length of life, but the depth of life. What is important is not to make life longer, but to take your soul out of time, as every sublime act does.
Leo Tolstoy
I am not concerned about the age of the character or the length of my role in a film. What matters is its quality.
Biju Menon
The awakenings of remorse, virtuous shame and indignation, the glow of moral approbation if they do not lead to action, grow less and less vivid every time they occur, till at length the mind grows absolutely callous.
Anna Letitia Barbauld
I hope…that mankind will at length, as they call themselves reasonable creatures, have reason and sense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats; for in my opinion there never was a good war, or a bad peace.
Benjamin Franklin
‘Harlem River’ is about the Harlem River in uptown Manhattan. I don’t know much to say about it. I came upon that river a couple of years ago. I was doing a walk the length of Manhattan, from the top to the bottom, and I had never seen that river before.
Kevin Morby
Love is the most elusive thing I know. Always an arm’s length away, teasing me and asking me to stretch a bit more and grab it.
Vikram Bhatt
It serves no purpose to man if there is no room for repentance, and he who is tormented can never grow better…let this punishment be severe, let it be bitter, nay let it be lasting, but let it at length have an end.
Thomas Burnet
Sometimes I think evil is a tangible thing – with wave lengths, just as sound and light have.
Richard Connell
No level of border security, no wall, doubling the size of the border patrol, all these things will not stop the illegal migration from countries as long as a 7-year-old is desperate enough to flee on her own and travel the entire length of Mexico because of the poverty and the violence in her country.
Jeh Johnson
My concern today is not with the length of a person’s hair but with his conduct.
Richard M. Nixon
I heard from my dear friend Tiberius Ogden, that you can produce a Patronus? For a bonus point…? Harry raised his wand, looked directly at Umbridge, and imagined her being sacked. Expecto Patronum! The silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and cantered the length of the hall.
J. K. Rowling
When you have a single composer writing his work, it shouldn’t be doled out in singles based on the length of a piece.
Gail Zappa
The time is coming when man will be able to determine the length of his lifespan by controlling his diet.
Henry Ford
With a cigar like in life, you got to have some length, and some girth.
D. L. Hughley
You hear things like, ‘People shouldn’t know about your life because you’re creating an illusion on-screen.’ But I don’t see other actresses going to great lengths to hide their heterosexuality. That’s an unfair double standard.
Ellen Page
We cannot, after all, judge a biography by its length, by the number of pages in it; we must judge by the richness of the contents…Sometimes the ‘unfinisheds’ are among the most beautiful symphonies.
Viktor E. Frankl
One of the reasons I like immersing myself in different texts, putting myself in the company of other writers, is that they do change your vocabulary. They change what you write about or they change the length of lines.
Martha Ronk
In journalism, we recognize a kind of hierarchy of fame among the famous. We measure it in two ways: by the length of an obituary and by how far in advance it is prepared. Presidents, former presidents, and certain heads of state are at the top of the chain.
Walter Cronkite
One of the reasons it is considered such a privilege to sit on a Man Booker jury is because it is famously rigorous. The judging is not a gig for lightweights. Not only are all five judges expected to have read all 155 books from beginning to end, but they have to be able to talk fluently about every book at length.
Amanda Foreman
If the length of your life is much shorter than the story of your life, this means that you have lived your life so fully!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Christians, who have given themselves into the care and keeping of the Lord Jesus, still continue to bend beneath the weight of their burden, and often go weary and heavy-laden throughout the whole length of their journey.
Hannah Whitall Smith
Whose life is a bubble, and in length a span.
William Browne
neither poems nor prose just a length of rope just the wet earth — that’s the way home. neither vodka nor bread just bursts of rage just more new graves — that’s youth and that’s love. neither sleep nor waking neither joy nor laughter just tears in the night — so the rope, paper, knife.
Tadeusz Borowski
And trust. It takes a long time to trust someone. You work with people, anybody you dont know, it takes about a films length to get to know each other. Then if you move on, you have to start right back at the beginning. But if you carry on together and try doing different things, you can all grow together.
Helena Bonham Carter
When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time.
Cy Twombly
The Puritans were accustomed to explain faith by the word ‘recumbency.’ It meant leaning upon a thing. Lean with all your weight upon Christ. It would be a better illustration still if I said, fall at full length, and lie on the Rock of Ages.
Charles Spurgeon
My photographs at best hold only a small length, but through them I would suggest and criticize and illuminate and try to give compassionate understanding.
W. Eugene Smith
I dont know whether you’ve ever looked into a miner’s eyes for any length of time, that is. Because it is the loveliest blue you’ve ever seen. I think perhaps that’s why I live in Ibiza, because the blue of the Mediterranean, you see, reminds me of the blue of the eyes of those Doncaster miners.
Alan Bennett
I feel like the ideal length is three months. I go short and sweet on the engagement. I did have a longish engagement, but I think short and sweet is best.
Leelee Sobieski
Come, my Celia, let us prove, While we can, the sports of love, Time will not be ours for ever, He, at length, our good will sever; Spend not then his gifts in vain: Suns that set may rise again; But if once we lose this light, ‘Tis with us perpetual night. Why should we defer our joys? Fame and rumour are but toys.
Ben Jonson
Reading aloud and talking about what we’re reading sharpens children’s brains. It helps develop their ability to concentrate at length, to solve problems logically, and to express themselves more easily and clearly.
Mem Fox
I am an eternally curious person, but I wouldn’t go to such lengths to know what it is like to be someone else.
Matthew Carter
For under certain conditions the chemical atoms emit light waves of a specific length or oscillation frequency – their familiar characteristic spectra – and these can come in the form of electromagnetic waves only from accelerated electric quanta.
Johannes Stark
As a boy, without experience, never having spoken in public in my life, for any length of time, never ten minutes at once, I was called to preside over a stake of Zion.
Heber J. Grant
I am bewildered at the length to which people will go to portray me so negatively.
Michael Jackson
I’m not into animal rights. I’m only into animal welfare and health. I’ve been with the Morris Animal Foundation since the ’70s. We’re a health organization. We fund campaign health studies for dogs, cats, lizards and wildlife. I’ve worked with the L.A. Zoo for about the same length of time. I get my animal fixes!
Betty White
Most of the things that are supposed to be so objectionable in books are things that every teenager, in the United States, not only knows, but has talked about at length in school, or on the way home from school.
Bennett Cerf
The novel is a prose narrative of some length that has something wrong with it.
Randall Jarrell
I think it is always a challenge when you go and play abroad. You are competing against the home team, and they know the conditions well. Their fast bowlers always know which length to bowl and also the areas in which they need to bowl.
MS Dhoni
I don’t look at the length of the role, but yes I’m looking for substance.
Rohini Hattangadi
Noticing when the stoplights are in sync, or calculating the length of your strides between floor tiles – normal people notice that kind of stuff, but a certain kind of person will do some calculations.
Myles Munroe
I experience for the American officers and soldiers that friendship which arises from having shared with them for a length of time dangers, sufferings, and both good and evil fortune.
Marquis de Lafayette
First off, I don’t want anyone to think I’m this huge thing in Japan. Every group from here that’s made any records over any length of time – even indie bands – have a Cheap Trick effect in Japan.
Matthew Sweet
Dancing for the length of time that I did, it centered me in such a way to be really in tune with my body, and I just feel like I’m physically able to do things because of my ballet background. Without ballet, I don’t think I’d look graceful at all on screen.
Zoe Saldana
I see thou art implacable, more deaf
To pray’rs than winds and seas. Yet winds to seas
Are reconcil’d at length, and sea to shore:
Thy anger, unappeasable, still rages
Eternal tempest never to be calm’d.
John Milton
You cannot judge the value of a life by its length.
Esther Hicks
At length their long kiss severed, with sweet smart:And as the last slow sudden drops are shedFrom sparkling eaves when all the storm has fled,So singly flagged the pulses of each heart.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
If you first gain power to check your words, you will then begin to have power to check your judgment, and at length actually gain power to check your thoughts and reflections.
Brigham Young
Since I have a petite frame, I have to tailor-make all my clothes so they are of the right fit and length.
Tulsi Kumar
Dad’s tiny – his passport picture is a full-length shot. He looks like he just hopped off a key ring. Mum is a different matter, she’s a bit of a handful to say the least. I love her more than anyone on this Earth. But she’s a monster.
Ricky Hatton
Man yields to death; and man’s sublimest works
Must yield at length to Time.
Thomas Love Peacock
I retired and came back in ’97. Woo! I mean, come on! I don’t know, man. A six-year layoff? That was crazy! My career was relatively short, whether you look at either its length in years or the number of fights I had. But it was brutal.
Sugar Ray Leonard
[Donald] Trump had the opportunity to go after [Hillary] Clinton’s emails at length if he wanted to, but he didn’t.
Kevin Drum
We still have community, but we don’t seem to have local community. Even in a small town where you know your neighbors and your mother’s down the street, they’re not in arm’s length.
Helen Fisher
Wealthy the spirit that knows its own flight. Stealthy the hunter who slays his own fright. Blessed the traveler who journeys the length of the light
Dan Fogelberg
Never, ever wear three-quarter length trousers. Even in the summer.
Andrew Scott
The scientists are virtually screaming from the rooftops now. The debate is over! There’s no longer any debate in the scientific community about this. But the political systems around the world have held this at arm’s length because it’s an inconvenient truth, because they don’t want to accept that it’s a moral imperative.
Al Gore
What is important is the character that I play. Making an impact is far more important than the length of the role.
Neha Dhupia
Always take one last look in a full-length mirror before leaving the house.
Karen Walker
Altogether, the task of estimating the length of human life is beyond our capacity, for directly we say that it is ages long, we are reminded that it is briefer than the fall of a rose leaf to the ground.
Virginia Woolf
Look at the exposure I am getting, and look at what I am learning from people at literally an arm’s length. I am truly privileged to have that experience and even sitting and working with people who I have grown up with. You learn a lot from their experiences.
Roshni Nadar
I finished my university, was part of NSD, and did full length plays on stages.
Mohit Chauhan
I think an actor should look for a good role irrespective of its length.
Himani Shivpuri
Ben Hogan was not really a big hitter. He was long enough. But Ben Hogan today? Ben Hogan today could not compete at Augusta because he did not have the massive length to compete against the long hitters. Power was always an issue at Augusta, but never so dominant that you couldn’t play it.
Jack Nicklaus
The mother…swinging the children by pulling on a length of string, while at the same time she kept and eye on them with that protective watchfulness, half animal, half angelic, which is the quality of motherhood.
Victor Hugo
It’s fun to do something different. And there are things you can do in a small palate that you can’t necessarily do in a larger role. You can go a little further and do things you could never pull off for any length of time, but you can do for the short run.
Brent Spiner
I’ve done things that I wouldn’t ordinarily seem capable of doing. And I’ve proven myself in situations where there’s life and death at stake. And so, I can live with myself knowing that it’s not a matter of guts or anything like that. It’s a matter of willingness to go the length, to transcend yourself.
Jack Kirby
To sense when a teenager needs understanding and when misunderstanding is a difficult and delicate task. The sad truth is that no matter how wise we are, we cannot be right for any length of time in our teenagers’ eyes.
Haim Ginott
The Cross is the ultimate evidence that there is no length the love of God will refuse to go in effecting reconciliation.
R. Kent Hughes
On NBC, MSNBC and Hulu, you can size and cut clips to whatever length you want. Do online clips affect the TV market? I’m guessing not really.
Rachel Sklar
In civilization, as in a southern latitude, man degenerates at length, and yields to the incursion of more northern tribes.
Henry David Thoreau
If you want to be a poet, you can just write it on a napkin, and it’s the length of the napkin, I guess. But usually you decide you’ll rhyme it, or you’ll have a formula. In radio, that’s something called, ‘Close your eyes and listen.’
Robert Krulwich
Whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless, rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people’s characters.
Margaret Halsey
How often one reads a contemporary full-length novel and thinks quietly, mutinously, that it would have worked out better at half or a third the length.
Ian Mcewan
Certain things are very important for me while saying ‘yes’ to a script. One is obviously the role and its importance to the film. When I say this, I don’t mean the length. And last but not the least – the director.
Shefali Shah
one doesn’t measure friendship by length of time only; depth of time is just as valuable.
Helen Clark MacInnes
We started at once to dig our trenches, half of my platoon stepping forward abreast, the men being placed an arm’s length apart. After laying their rifles down, barrels pointing to the enemy, a line was drawn behind the row of rifles and parallel to it.
Fritz Kreisler
It’s about your heart and about your consciousness. It’s not about length of time you pray. Some of the most powerful prayers I’ve ever heard come from children, who can barely speak.
Iyanla Vanzant
As anyone who has covered the company for any length of time knows, Yahoo’s record on major decision-making has been akin to a hippie commune – a lot of wrangling internally in a culture where everyone seems to have a voice and a reticence to push the button to launch.
Kara Swisher
I have never been bothered by the length of my role in a film as I want to be associated with good films.
Biju Menon
There are different types of cornerbacks: you’ve got your longer guys that will try to get physical with you and use their length, and you’ve got your quick guys that will try to use their quickness, and then you’ve got your ‘tweener’ guys that will try to use both.
Julian Edelman
I’m not really interested in making someone endure a performance or stand there for too long. I like to think about the length.
Sue Tompkins
If you meet somebody who’s spent any length of time in prison, you don’t let your guard down. Ever. And really, that’s what that was about-if you open up too much, you’re asking to get your teeth kicked in.
Tim Roth
Checking your telomere length is a bit like weighing yourself: you get this single number which depends on a lot of factors. Telomere length gives a sense of your underlying health.
Elizabeth Blackburn