Literary Agents Quotes

Literary Agents Quotes by Tao Lin, John Hodgman, Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel H. Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Sara Paretsky and many others.

If I focused hard on getting a literary agent, and doin

If I focused hard on getting a literary agent, and doing things like that, instead of designing my blog’s header, I would have more money, I think. I think I don’t view myself as an author. I view myself as a person. I view [anything] as part of being a person, so I feel okay with “marketing” or other things like that.
Tao Lin
A literary agent is nothing but a cheap salesman (or woman); while a writer is a cheap salesman (or woman) who also has to actually write the books.
John Hodgman
My dad’s got a brilliant eye for scripts ‘cos he’s a literary agent. He and my agent read a load of scripts and filter them.
Daniel Radcliffe
My mom and dad were actors when they were younger and had a horrible experience of it. My dad became a literary agent and my mom a casting director.
Daniel Radcliffe
I wrote a query letter to an editor – a friend of a friend. The editor called me an idiot, told me never to contact an editor directly, and then recommended three literary agents he had worked with before. Laurie Fox was one of them, and I’ve never looked back.
Daniel H. Wilson
Hell hath no fury like a hustler with a literary agent.
Frank Sinatra
The best source for finding an agent is called Literary Agents of North America. It’s a complete list of agents, not only by name and address, but by type of book they represent and by what their submission criteria are.
Sara Paretsky
I would never do a printed memoir. I’ve been asked to publish a memoir from years by different publishers and literary agents. I think it wouldn’t be great for me because all I’d really want to talk about it music and I’d rather just play it.
Natalie Merchant
Mr Howard Saxby, literary agent, was knitting a sock. He knitted a good deal, he would tell you if you asked him, to keep himself from smoking, adding that he also smoked a good deal to keep himself from knitting.
P. G. Wodehouse
Even the worst job has its benefits and so does being a professional literary agent, and – I know I said this at the time but I still believe it – the worst job is the one that you know is wrong for you, but you still do it. You’re afraid to quit.
John Hodgman
I call myself a literary agent simply to distinguish myself from actors’ agents.
Irving Paul Lazar