Long Time Quotes

Long Time Quotes by Max Lucado, Louisa May Alcott, Janet Jackson, Gail Collins, Thomas Keller, Micky Dolenz and many others.

How we handle our tough times stays with us for a long

How we handle our tough times stays with us for a long time.
Max Lucado
Women have been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given them isn’t worth ruling.
Louisa May Alcott
There’s other things I’d like to do. I probably won’t tour for a very, very long time. It’s something that you feel inside and that’s the way I’ve been looking at everything.
Janet Jackson
Bin Laden wasn’t all that central to the terrorist network any more, but taking him down created a kind of national catharsis. It’s been a really, really long time since we had something to celebrate that didn’t involve a sports team. I’d rather it had been a non-death-related occasion, but we’ll take what we can get.
Gail Collins
Cooking is not about convenience and it’s not about shortcuts. Our hunger for the twenty-minute gourmet meal, for one-pot ease and prewashed, precut ingredients has severed our lifeline to the satisfactions of cooking. Take your time. Take a long time. Move slowly and deliberately and with great attention.
Thomas Keller
They were looking for actors – real actors – who could play instruments. There was a lot of improvisation and scene work involved in addition to the music. The auditions went on for a long time.
Micky Dolenz
Jeff [Koons] called me because he’d seen a portrait of David Bowie, at the beginning of the 80s – I’ve known Jeff for a long time – and he said, Greg, I want to look like a high-profile celebrity, living on the edge. I think that says it all.
Greg Gorman
I spent a long time away from my parents when I was younger. I would go hunting and fishing with my uncle, and we would go for weeks at a time. I also spent a lot of time in Texas with my grandparents.
RJ Mitte
A friendship between a man and a woman was what you called it when one had been pursuing the other for a long time and never gotten anywhere.
Joe Abercrombie
I haven’t been down to Navy Pier in such a long time. I know that’s probably the touristy thing to do, but it just reminds me so much of 2000 when I was here shooting [“Hardball”].
Michael B. Jordan
History reveals that left-brain people have been creating art for a long time now.
David Luiz
I’ve been into gear for a long time, but I never saw myself as a producer because I didn’t have the patience to finish things in a professional way.
Jamie Woon
I’ve known Dennis Kucinich for a long time, and I don’t think I have illusions about him. Sometimes I find him pompous, male chauvinistic, intellectually unbending. But he is a good man, and a serious one.
Marianne Williamson
My father’s death when I was eighteen and his struggles as a Jewish immigrant provided me with the raw material, but for a long time I went from painting to fiction and then finally to poetry before I could find the right way of telling this story.
Philip Schultz
Moving. Someone said this to me a long time ago, it’s bhuddist saying, I think: ‘There is no wasted effort’.
Lauren Graham
I wrote ‘Happy Man’ with a couple of boys of mine. I have been writing in Nashville for a long time. Of course I was writing songs back in Oklahoma when I was a kid.
Christian Kane
Every problem has a solution. Sometimes it just takes a long time to find the solution – even if it’s right in front of your nose.
Daniel Handler
A mind is accustomed to mathematical deduction, when confronted with the faulty foundations of astrology, resists a long, long time, like an obstinate mule, until compelled by beating and curses to put its foot into that dirty puddle.
Johannes Kepler
My nickname is Bondy. But not because of the Bond films – it was my surname a long time before I did those.
Samantha Bond
I don’t know why it is, but sometimes I feel like I’m 60. It’s like I’ve been around for a long time. I felt that way even when I was 8.
Ricky Schroder
But the loss of any friend takes a long time to heal.
Autumn de Wilde
Sometimes just getting out of the house and doing something you haven’t done in a long time (or never done!) can open up the doors to musical inspiration.
Ken Hill
I was with Nightwish for such a long time that I still feel the band as a part of myself. I was one of the most important elements in Nightwish for nine years, and the band was an essential part of myself too.
Tarja Turunen
I’ve been outta my mind a long time.
Kanye West
I learned a long time ago from David Mamet to wipe your feet at the door, get it out on stage and then go about your life.
Patti LuPone
I’ve been a vegetarian for so long, I forgot how much I missed meat. You know you don’t realize how important meat is to you until you don’t have it for long time.
Brittany Daniel
[T]hese people have shown a remarkable ability, ladies and gentlemen, to cross borders, boundaries – they get anywhere they want to go. They can do it without water for a long time. They don’t get apprehended, and they will do things other people won’t do. So, our money, early money, is on the Hispanics.
Rush Limbaugh
When you see natural disasters caught on film you realize how well they had been imagined by Hollywood for such a long time. It’s all good fun. You never know who’s gonna survive and who doesn’t.
Jared Harris
I haven’t gone home with anybody who tried to pick me up in a long time.
Jorja Fox
America, as everybody knows, is a country of many contradictions, and a big contradiction for a long time has been between a very aggressive form of capitalism and consumerism against what might be called a kind of moral or civic impulse.
David Foster Wallace
You know honestly, I enjoy working with everyone because remember, these were all real pros that had been around the business a long time.
Burt Ward
Until I was 16, I read nothing but science fiction. I loved William Gibson and I still do. But my favourite book when I was growing up, for a long time, was ‘Snow Crash’ by Neal Stephenson, which I must have read about a dozen times when I was a teenager.
Ned Beauman
Any design, any city, any kind of craziness or tragedy, it all comes from a long time of preparation.
Ai Weiwei
It takes a long time to really be married. One marries many times at many levels within that marriage. If you have more marriages than you have divorces within the marriage, you’re lucky and you stick it out.
Ruby Dee
Nobody from my label called any of their labels to get this done. Most of it happened very naturally. Mary and I have been friends for a long time. Then Jay-Z offered.
Angie Martinez
If a man fasten his attention on a single aspect of truth and apply himself to that alone for a long time, the truth becomes distorted and not itself but falsehood.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A moment’s thought would have shown him. But a moment is a long time, and thought is a painful process.
A. E. Housman
God often gives in one brief moment that which He has for a long time denied.
Thomas a Kempis
I used to perform all the time but I haven’t performed in New York in a very long time.
Cy Coleman
I love an arcade. I love a boardwalk game. But I also love a rollercoaster. Though I think the rollercoaster love comes from the fact that it took a really long time for me to reach the height requirement, so I promised myself very early on that when I reach that, I will not take it for granted.
Melissa Rauch
In an approximate way, the logic of commons has been understood for a long time, perhaps since the discovery of agriculture or the invention of private property in real estate.
Garrett Hardin
I really haven’t seen The Report in a long time. I don’t have a copy, but I’ll have to see it again. I think it would be good to put both these men next to each other.
Abbas Kiarostami
It can be scary to be everywhere else for a long time. I always feel that I’m safe at home, near my family.
Aurora Aksnes
People do still cheer for the President. And some of the military audiences are more likely to cheer than others. I have seen him speak lately in front of groups like Freedom House, where the applause was a long time coming.
Gwen Ifill
I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in 22 years, but when I did drink I’d go for either Canadian whisky or Budweiser. Sometimes both. For a long time I used to think “Hey you, get off the floor!” was my name.
Alice Cooper
Attachment parenting is this theory that if you wear your baby around and you sleep with your baby and you breast-feed for a long time, the baby will be more attached to you.
Sarah Ruhl
It takes a long time to become a lawyer because you need three things – a bachelor’s degree, a law degree, and a desire to worship Satan.
Craig Ferguson
I’ve been an admirer of Helen Mirren for a long time. As I get older, I find myself admiring older women who have poise and elegance.
Thomas Haden Church
Pack is for comfort when you hurt, I thought, putting my head back down. And for the first time in a long time, maybe the first time ever, I appreciated being a part of one.
Patricia Briggs
It may take me a long time before I feel ‘ready’ to tour as a lead singer. I may never be ready… we’ll just have to see.
Stone Gossard
Marrying a man is like buying something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn’t always go with everything else in the house.
Jean Kerr
Kat felt her heart beat faster, adrenaline pumping through her veins, and she knew he was right. She studied him for a long time. “Do you believe in curses, Hale?” He looked at her. “I believe in you.
Ally Carter
He has to wair for another load of laundry to get done. So I wait with him. I lean back against the couch, sitting really low the way I like. I scrunch over and put my head on his shoulder. We sit like that for a long time. Watching other people’s laundry dry. <3
Susane Colasanti
Don’t disturb complicated systems that have been around for a very long time. We don’t understand their logic. Don’t pollute the planet. Leave it the way we found it, regardless of scientific ‘evidence’.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
I was a huge Sub-Zero guy, but the fact that you can download Freddy Krueger is the coolest thing I’ve heard of in a very long time.
CM Punk
Having been in the newspaper business for a long, long time, I often wonder, Why do we actually need to know about something like a bus crash in Bangladesh that has no effect on us at all? That can be nothing other than voyeurism.
Simon Winchester
In a town like London there are always plenty of not quite certifiable lunatics walking the streets, and they tend to gravitate towards bookshops, because a bookshop is one of the few places where you can hang about for a long time without spending any money.
George Orwell
Solitude is indeed dangerous for a working intelligence. We need to have around us people who think and speak. When we are alone for a long time we people the void with phantoms
Guy de Maupassant
I’m never going to be the lead actor guy. I’m real quiet and real happy and real fortunate to keep working. It’s what I do. It’s like the circus. I ran away and joined it a long time ago.
Michael Ironside
I was close to getting married a long time ago. But it didn’t happen, and since then it has not been happening. It is jinxed, and I am very happy. I hope this jinx continues.
Salman Khan
I take my hat off to my friend, Mark Wahlberg, because I know that it took him a long time to make ‘The Fighter,’ and he overcame a lot of obstacles to do it, and now the film is an unqualified success.
Holt McCallany
Early days, I was a bit racked , particularly when I did Hitler, for CBS . That was hellish. That stayed with me for quite a long time.
Robert Carlyle
I didn’t think I was an actor and fought it for a long time. Nobody paid for that but me.
Kathleen Quinlan
It took me a long time to reach the bottom and it went through various stages. I went from drugs into an alcohol stage. For a while, one feels, “Ah, I’ve kicked drugs,” but what I discovered was I had another addiction instead.
David Bowie
Some critics are like chimney-sweepers; they put out the fire below, and frighten the swallows from their nests above; they scrape a long time in the chimney, cover themselves with soot, and bring nothing away but a bag of cinders, and then sing from the top of the house as if they had built it.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
…the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time.
William Faulkner
Managers often hold on to resisters because of a specific skill set or because they’ve been around for a long time. Don’t.
Jack Welch
For a long time I have not said what I believed, nor do I ever believe what I say, and if indeed sometimes I do happen to tell the truth, I hide it among so many lies that it is hard to find.
Niccolo Machiavelli
I bought a house right before the housing crisis happened. So I paid too much and then I was stuck with it for a long time. So that was sad for me. I was like, “I’d better make a movie about this to get it out of my system.”
Hamish Linklater
Inspiration and ideas only come to me when I have not had a woman in a very long time… Ballads, polonaises, even a whole concerto may have been lost forever up your des durka, I can’t tell you how many. I have been so deeply engulfed in my love for you I have hardly created anything.
Claude Debussy
And apparently things like a Vindaloo curry are out for the rest of my life, or at least a long time.
Lara St. John
It took me a long time to realize that you have to have a bit of an interlanguage with actors. You have to give them something that they can act with.
James Cameron
I grew up in Evanston and lived in Chicago for a long time, in Old Town and Wrigleyville. I did three films when I was in high school. The first was ‘Class,’ with Rob Lowe. I had a supporting role in that.
John Cusack
I stopped Googling myself a long time ago. I’m sure there’s plenty of misinformation out there, but I am blissfully unaware of it.
Zoe Kazan
I was able to say to everyone, ‘Would you be willing to take a role that you’ve cherished and worked on for a long time and change it to female?’ And there was not any hesitation, which was a real win. That hopefully shows a shift in the climate for women in film, although we still have some climbing to do.
Sandra Bullock
How many people do you know believe they’re going to heaven because, they’re not trusting so much in Christ as they are the sincerity of the decision they made a long time ago?
Paul Washer
I have a soft spot for cashmere – even though that is not a particularly sustainable fabric, I do invest in quality, so it is sustainable in the sense that it is not just throwaway fashion and I keep it for a long, long time.
Suzy Amis
I learned that lesson a long time ago. When you write popular fiction, you’re going to get bashed by critics.
John Grisham
Somewhere in that 20-year period, I would assume that there will be some basically new approach that will begin to cut into it, but it’s got a long time.
Jack Kilby
It all depends on how you want to define what an MVP is. I’ve been fortunate to win the trophy four times, but I’ve been the MVP of my team for a long time – just because of the way I lead and the way I approach us being professionals off the floor.
LeBron James
Sometimes you cry, Susie, even when someone you love has been gone a long time.
Alice Sebold
I think that rebellions arise out of anger, and they’re very short-lived. And a revolution has some sense of a long time frame, millions of years that we’ve been evolving on this planet.
Grace Lee Boggs
For a long time, when I was very young, I went to go see arena rock bands. I was 16, and it was all I could get in to see, legally. And I saw Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent and Van Halen and all that.
Henry Rollins
And it was at moments like this that she had to remind herself that she was in love with him, or had once been in love with him, a long time ago.
David Nicholls
I’m in a place in my life where I get offered parts that I didn’t get offered before – fathers and uncles and grandfathers and so on. And it took me a long time to get to that place, but I’m glad because it opens up new territory.
Christopher Walken
I haven’t done an international film for a long time.
Sadie Frost
I became paranoid for a long time: I thought that people were out to harm me.
Jens Lekman
It takes people a long time to learn the difference between talent and genius, especially ambitious young men and women.
Louisa May Alcott
It’s important that we attempt to extend life beyond Earth now. It is the first time in the four billion-year history of Earth that it’s been possible, and that window could be open for a long time – hopefully it is – or it could be open for a short time. We should err on the side of caution and do something now.
Elon Musk
It was a long time in the making, my divorce. One day became less special than the next, and pretty soon, we ceased all conversation. It is a sad day when you have nothing left to say.
Ricki Lake
Marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve – one man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either.
Kirk Cameron
Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time.
Mindy McCready
I met with my lawyers. They gave me all the wrong advice. For a long time I refused to accept the child was mine. I should have met her, arranged a DNA test and accepted my responsibility.
Boris Becker
Me personally, I’m a guy who it took a long time to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. I relate to a lot of that finding oneself a little later in the game, or being thrown a curve later in the game.
Kurt Sutter
I played football for a long time when I was a kid, and then I went to art college and turned my back on it. Because of that, my toes are mangled; they’ve been broken. They’re like hooves or talons. They’re disgusting. I’d never get them out.
Noel Fielding
I could not conceive that [fans] actually wanted me to sign something. It took a long time for me to figure out (a) just say ‘Thank you’ and sign the thing, and (b) smile in the picture, because if you try to just half-smile you’re going to look constipated.
Joss Whedon
I’m not an abuser. It takes me a long time to assimilate each experience. And I never have lost my respect for it. I mean I really feel dread. It is one of the emotions I always feel as I approach it, because I have no faith that my sails won’t be ripped this time.
Terence McKenna
I stopped loving my father a long time ago. What remained was the slavery to a pattern.
Anais Nin
He’d been numb a long time, years. All his nights down Ninsei, his nights with Linda, numb in bed and numb at the cold sweating center of every drug deal. But now he’d found this warm thing, this chip of murder. Meat, some part of him said. It’s the meat talking, ignore it.
William Gibson
I learned a long time ago, if you want to keep your friends in show business, don’t get famous. Because as soon as you get famous, a lot of the people you used to know, who didn’t, become incredibly bitter and jealous. It’s part of the territory.
Denis Leary
I haven’t been really nervous about a gig in a long time.
Bill Engvall
Like a lot of people, for a long time I thought that the road to hell is paved with bad sequels.
Andrew Motion
Eddie Marlin was a big deal for a long time to a lot of people.
Jim Cornette
I believed in the Catholic position, the Catholic view of ethics and aesthetics, for a long time. But I wanted something not intellectual, some conviction not mental – in fact I wanted faith.
Joyce Kilmer
I teach meditation and the pathway to enlightenment because I know that there are other people who, like i did a long time ago and continue to, want to climb that mountain to the highest light.
Frederick Lenz
We’ve never finished the investigation of 9/11 and whether the administration actually misused the intel information it had. The evidence seems pretty clear to me. I’ve seen that for a long time.
Wesley Clark
Jesus, to be sure, often spent long times alone in prayer. But he was also deeply at home where there was a party, a kingdom party, a celebration of the fact that God was at last taking charge.
N. T. Wright
I love breakfast, so I’d probably spend a long time on that. And breakfast food matters so I’d make sure it is the best food – great fruit and such.
Garance Dore
When you do battle, even if you are winning, if you continue for a long time it will dull your forces and blunt you edge…If you keep your armies out in the field for a long time, your supplies will be insufficient. Transportation of provisions itself consumes 20 times the amount transported.
Sun Tzu
I lived in America for a long time before I started working as an actor. Some actors show up on set and have never done an American accent before, so they rely on a slew of technical mechanisms. Part of what makes an accent is understanding why people speak that way – you have to understand the culture.
Idris Elba
It’s not that we don’t want to be all over the radio. I’d love to have a hit single. However, I also want to be in the business a long time and longevity is something that we all wanted. In order to have that, you have to be true to what you do and to each other.
Margo Timmins
I played golf for 25 years before I made a hole-in-one of any kind. I was on the tour for years before it finally happened. Eventually I made 23, but boy, that first one was a long time coming. It was the price I paid for not shooting at every flag.
Billy Casper
Before I write the first page of a novel, I spend a long time creating detailed backgrounds for my characters. I imagine the experiences that have formed them, what makes them happy, angry, fearful, and what they yearn for.
Lisa Kleypas
It’s like the time capsule with everything in it. Or like the seed that when you plant it, becomes the enormous tree with leaves and fruit. Everybody was in that little seed, and so everything can open. The tree of dance is like that. It just takes a long, long time to blossom.
George Balanchine
For a long time I had not approached the forbidden fruit called happiness, but it was now tempting me with a melancholy persistence. I felt as though Sonoko were an abyss above which I stood poised.
Yukio Mishima
I’m not really dying today. No person ever died that had a family. I’ll be around a long time. A thousand years from now, a whole township of my offspring will be biting sour apples in the gumwood shade.
Ray Bradbury
And so I have studied, I have to tell you, revolutions and uprisings for a long time. They are all slightly different, but what they all look for is some kind of a mechanism to go from an authoritarian system to an open, democratic system.
Madeleine Albright
Marvelous wonders don’t have to happen of a sudden, the way they do in the Arabian Nights. They can also take a long time, like crystals growing, or minds changing, or leaves turning. The trick is to keep an eye peeled, so they don’t slip by unappreciated.
Ken Kesey
The way brainwashing works is subtle and takes a long time.
Sean Durkin
For a long time I thought I should be a civil engineer. That seemed to be the only thing worth doing, and I chose the wrong subjects at A-level. I read all the sciences to start with, and then had to admit, ‘This isn’t what I want to do’ and changed course.
Ian Hislop
After a while, we start really believing these things are true. People who have had self-defeating behaviors for a long time, such as people who have been overweight since they were children or people with longtime addictions, actually believe there is no other alternative.
Wayne Dyer
I know that big, important things don’t just come together overnight, but I’ve been me for a long time now and it’s still not working.
Dana Gould
If you eat the same cereal every day it’s gonna get old. And if I had thought about snowboarding every day, I would have quit a long time ago.
Shaun White
I understand why people might be interested. But I just don’t talk about my personal life. It’s a decision I made a long time ago, before I ever even knew anyone would be interested in my personal life.
Anderson Cooper
I was born in Waukegan a long, long time ago. As a matter of fact, our rabbi was an Indian.
Jack Benny
When I kicked in the first TV В– a nineteen-inch Magnavox with wicker speaker panels В– it felt like the most perfect thing I had done in a long time. And there’s nothing like the feeling of perfection that will inspire repeated behavior.
Adam Rapp
The French colonisation of Algeria lasted a long time: 132 years.
Ahmed Ben Bella
[Melania Trump] was always the highest quality that you’ll ever find and the things they say, I’ve known her for a long time.
Donald Trump
Everybody thinks that this civilization has lasted a very long time but it really does take very few grandfathers’ granddaughters to take us back to the dark ages.
Gertrude Stein
Thinking positively and confidently changed my life. If you stay consistent and work hard, you can be successful for a long time.
Eliud Kipchoge
I believe people have different ways of approaching the Word. For me, it’s metaphor, written by people a long time after Christ died and interpreted by specific groups. I read the gospels that aren’t included in the Bible. These make me feel good about calling myself a Christian.
Jane Fonda
My No. 1 priority, and it always has been this, is keeping our team together and making sure we have the right guys in the right positions to make a run at this for a long time.
Drew Brees
I’m going to be dead for a long time, so I have a lot to do now.
Stephen King
He didn’t have no respect as a professional fighter should, no class. I was going to make him pay with his health for everything he said… I wanted to do it very slowly. I wanted him to remember this for a long time.
Mike Tyson
I guess hip-hop has been closer to the pulse of the streets than any music we’ve had in a long time. It’s sociology as well as music, which is in keeping with the tradition of black music in America.
Quincy Jones
Old ideas die hard. We’ve had thousands of years of women having almost no rights. Parts of the world are in a struggle toward very basic human rights for women, and most of the world isn’t even there yet. And it’s going to take a long time to change these attitudes.
Kathe Kollwitz
I was pretty shocked [having concert in the Madison Square Garden]. It could have gone either way. But I think it’s the right time. Nobody does what we do with taking the visuals and making it a complete rock ‘n’ roll show with the really good songs. Nobody’s done that in a long time.
Vince Neil
I worked in cable news for a long time, but I’m not a pundit. I’m just not. I’m grateful to people that are, but I was really miserable trying to do that. I just wanted to be myself.
Meghan McCain
When you get over the anxiety, you discover you should have been mad a long time ago.
Amy Clampitt
A long time ago, I read in a book that a woman’s homeland is wherever she fell in love.
Antonio Lobo Antunes
It took me a long time to realize you don’t choose what you’re famous for.
D. B. Sweeney
To live a very long time… is supposed to be the desired object of all human life. But it is not. The main thing is to ride the flood tide… How glorious it is to create! For those few moments of a lifetime when the stream is running full and deep: those are the justification for everything.
James Dickey
I g-g-guess…I’m dead?” she heard her own voice call out, strangely high-pitched and thin. For a long time, she heard nothing else. And then: “Hi, Dead. I’m Dan.
Peter Lerangis
I love the idea of creative collaboration. I love the idea of exploring marriages, particularly ones that are in process for a long time.
Sacha Gervasi
I said in court a long time ago that I didn’t see that the Soviet Union was significantly helped by the information I gave them, nor that the United States was significantly harmed.
Aldrich Ames
Near the lake where drooped the willow, Long time ago!
George Pope Morris
It may be that for a long time some nations will continue to fight each other, but the example of those nations who prefer arbitration to war, law courts to the battlefield, must sooner or later influence the belligerent powers and make war as unpopular as pugilism is now.
Randal Cremer
It is what it is, and it’s a crazy job – I literally touch letters and wear pretty clothes, and how do you describe that job? It’s weird, but I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I’ll be first to make fun of it – I really will – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in world.
Vanna White
It can take a surprisingly long time to get from one part of my mind to another.
Ashleigh Brilliant
I was fixated on Prince’s ‘Black Album’ for a long time.
Rivers Cuomo
Well, I suppose he’s stuck with you forever then.” “Yes, and forever is a very long time.” He pauses and then says, “Well, for the record, something tells me he wouldn’t have it any other way.
J.A. Redmerski
I can evaluate a player in a very short period of time because I’m very close to that game, very educated in that game and played the game for a long, long time. I wasn’t just a guy with talent. I learned a lot about the game.
Kurt Russell
When I was growing up, I had no idea that I could possibly become a writer. I wrote endlessly in journals – a practice I maintained for a long time, well into the writing life I had no idea I could ever have.
Dani Shapiro
I’ve had frustrated storytelling juices that have been lying dormant for a long time, and I guess the documentary was a way of me telling a story that I felt most qualified to tell. And I loved it, and I’d love to do something else someday, probably more narrative-based. But I’m in no rush.
Eric Bana
For neither good nor evil can last for ever; and so it follows that as evil has lasted a long time, good must now be close at hand.
Miguel de Cervantes
I worked a long time to get good at what I’m doing, and nobody handed me a recording contract because of who my father is.
Alexa Ray Joel
Well first of all, it’s hard to shoot a movie and break for a long time and then come back and do, in a sense, one of the biggest scenes that each character had.
Dustin Hoffman
I began taking liberties a long time ago; now it is standard practice for most directors to ignore the rules.
Michelangelo Antonioni
The issues which have created the difficult, multiplex conditions our umma finds itself in have been accumulating over a long time. The treatment is going to be multidimensional, prolonged and has to be cumulative.
Habib Ali al-Jifri
Its taken me a long time to become the person I am, for all the ugliness to fall away. The rotten flesh is gone, and the seed is there. I can touch that now.
Lynn Johnston
I’ve been an amature inventor for a long time.
Billy Sheehan
I’ve always been anxious about ‘Primer.’ There’s good things about it, but all I’ve seen for a long time is the flaws.
Shane Carruth
Our expectation is that by 2050, which is a long time away, India will be the largest economy in the world, overtaking both the U.S. and China.
Adi Godrej
I saw you happy. Happier than you’ve been in a long time. With someone you like that much, the lows are as low as the highs are high.
Simone Elkeles
She liked the way his smile took a long time to arrive and just as long to leave.
Maggie O’Farrell
I’ve lived in New York for a really long time.
Famke Janssen
I’ve heard of many people who claim they’d as soon their children were dead as gay. What it took me a long time to believe is that these people are saying no more than the truth. They even speak for others too delicate to use the cruel words.
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a long time that actually did look like something blooming.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I carry my thoughts about me for a long time, often a very long time, before I write them down; meanwhile my memory is so faithful that I am sure never to forget, not even in years, a theme that has once occurred to me.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Curiosity is the essence of human existence and exploration has been part of humankind for a long time. The exploration of space, like the exploration of life, if you will, is a risk. We’ve got to be willing to take it.
Gene Cernan
If I have to hold a note for a long time, I imagine it as moving and spinning, for the note has to have life. In a way, a singer actually refreshes a note with every beat that it’s held.
Renee Fleming
What we’re witnessing really is a political realignment, I mean I think we’re moving from a traditional understanding of left-right politics that we’ve had for a long time.
Ben Domenech
The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.
Al Gore
I have been a long-time advocate for a just Arab-Israeli peace and for Palestinian refugees.
Queen Noor of Jordan
Delirium: ‘What’s the name of the word for the precise moment when you realize that you’ve actually forgotten how it felt to make love to somebody you really liked a long time ago?’ Dream: ‘There isn’t one.’ Delirium: ‘Oh. I thought maybe there was.’
Neil Gaiman
Gian Luca and I have been together for such a long time, we’re in it for the long haul.
Jessica Chastain
I grew up in the church and had religion in my life for a long time. I’m not really a church goer, but I definitely have a hunger for a spiritual connection to the world and for my soul to be healed.
Wes Bentley
A long time ago I learned not to put the blame for backwardness in Brazil on the US. We have to blame ourselves. Our backwardness is caused by an elite which for a century didn’t think about the majority and subordinated itself to foreign interests.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Part of leadership (a big part of it actually) is the ability to stick with the dream for a long time.
Seth Godin
When the tide goes out, you get to see who’s swimming naked. PIMCO has had its bathing suit on for a long time
Bill Gross
Peter Sarsgaard, he’s an extraordinary actor, and I would say that Peter has really brought into my life and my sister’s life a sense of presence as an actor that I never really understood or knew about until I met him. They’ve been together for a very long time, and he introduced me to the idea of the presentation.
Jake Gyllenhaal
I don’t know that we really think any thoughts; we think connections between thoughts. That’s where the mind moves, that’s what’s new, and the thoughts themselves have probably been there in my head or lots of other people’s heads for a long time.
Anne Carson
It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity.
I had my hair down for a long time. I shaved my head, you know, a couple of years ago. And, then, I started to wear my hair short, and I thought that was cool. But, at the same time, I never want to put rules down on me and say, ‘OK, I do this for this and this for that.’ I just don’t like rules. I don’t.
Cindy Wilson
My success has been something I’ve worked a long time at and it’s been a gradual process. I compare it to the idea of someone losing a lot of weight over a period of a few years. You don’t really notice the weight loss overall but if you compare photos from then and now there’s a big difference.
Ray William Johnson
Still, it’s clear that there are lots of people out there who are uncomfortable [about racism]. The Civil War was a long time ago but there are aspects of it that remain unsettled.
Randy Newman
I made a pact with myself a long time ago: Never watch anything stupider than you. It’s helped me a lot.
Bette Midler
In Australia surfing was for the oiks. It was always rebellious. And sadly it was for a long time a bit unreflective and macho and anti-intellectual. Unlike other sports it was essentially a youth cult, like rock and roll. But like rock and roll its people grew up.
Tim Winton
Mountains were once my big adventure but is is over since a long time; I still dream from the wonderful days sometimes, read also a few pages from a mountain book. But the thought of doing again active mountain climbing has faded.
Fritz Zwicky
For a long time I didn’t want to do a solo thing, but there comes a point where everyone else is going outside of The Strokes and The Strokes filtering process.
Julian Casablancas
In the past, love for me has always meant forever, and sure, you still nurse some of those fantasies, but I don’t try to force it anymore. I hung on to my fairy-tale ideals for a long time. But where I am now, what I’ve been through, there are no rules. There are lots of ways it can turn out.
Jennifer Lopez
Love between two people can last a long time if the people love themselves some, and are ready to give love to another person.
James Patterson
I have been around for a long, long time. I didn’t make it ’til I was older. I went through the period when women were not getting signed, particularly if you were writing songs that were lyrically propelled.
Sheryl Crow
My parents taught me a long time ago that you win in life with people, and that’s important, because if you hang with winners, you stand a great chance of being a winner.
Pat Summitt
One of the prevailing sources of misery and crime is in the generally accepted assumption, that because things have been wrong a long time, it is impossible they will ever be right.
John Ruskin
I like bands for a long time, even when they’re not trendy anymore. I still like Arcade Fire. I’ve always liked Stevie Wonder.
Sia Furler
Can we try to be wise with each other for a very long time?
Rachel Cohn
If things were half as bad as some people persist in believing, I’d have retired with a bottle of Scotch and a pistol a long time ago.
Robert Maxwell
When you stare into an abyss for a long time, the abyss also stares into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche
People have been talking about multiverses as a philosophical idea for a long time. But the current incarnations in physics, I think, are more indicative of problems with some things going on at the frontier of physics than ideas that are gonna last.
Adam Frank
I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life. Being on this quest for a long time, it’s all about finding yourself.
Ringo Starr
If they come back it’s a night we’ll remember for a long time. But that’s a capital if.
Clive Tyldesley
A lot of people have lost interest in watching England play. To get motivated to watch international football, you need your country to be having some form of success and England haven’t had any for a long time now.
Michael Owen
It took me a long time to know enough about writing to really write short stories. You can’t just immerse yourself, as you do in a novel, and see where everything goes. Novels are a very flexible, accommodating form. Short stories aren’t.
Thomas McGuane
then she was laughing. They both were, and the savage teeth were the most joyous sight Phaedra had seen for a long time. It was as if they were dancing. There it was. Suddenly the strangeness of Quintana of Charyn’s face made sense. Because it was a face meant for laughing, but it had never been given a chance.
Melina Marchetta
I’m a big believer in pairing classics with contemporary literature, so students have the opportunity to see that literature is not a cold, dead thing that happened once but instead a vibrant mode of storytelling that’s been with us a long time – and will be with us, I hope, for a long time to come.
John Green
To be honest, and I may regret saying this, the idea of playing the same character for a very long time is very daunting to me.
Lucy Punch
I’ve been working with my stylist for a long time, Cece Liu. We’ve gone from buying and returning clothing, to this point where maybe finally a designer will dress me without me having to buy and return it.
Michelle Zauner
If you sue somebody it takes two years, three years, and your anger just gets lost in between. And even if you win or lose the trial, it takes such a long time. If you want to really take a personal revenge, you’d better do it by yourself and at the right time.
Gaspar Noe
You’re one of the most natural, great singers I’ve heard in a long time.
Randy Jackson
I would be researching seventeenth-century garden design or I would be doing something with Pepys, but I just kept using all of it to write about Margaret Cavendish. It took me a long time to realize that I just wanted to write a book about her. Years.
Danielle Dutton
If the movies that I’m going to make anyway go mainstream, that would be the coolest thing ever. But I have set up a plan that I’ve been working on for a long time.
Evan Glodell
The latest report says the results of an investigation will be released in three or four weeks. That’s a long time for fruit flies and the press.
Denis Boyles
I don’t really get to see a lot of other comedians, because I work with the same people all the time. The guy I really like is Nick DiPaulo. I love Nick DiPaulo, but again, he’s a buddy of mine. But I liked him for a long time. I liked him before he was a buddy of mine.
Larry the Cable Guy
It’s more for me as with going into a forest: if you sit quietly for a long time, the life around you emerges. As the world grows ever more clamorous, my hunger for silence steepens. I unplug the landline.
Jane Hirshfield
Do you think I should stay away from him?” I asked in a scratchy voice. Todd took a long time to answer. “My advice is, if you’re inclined in that direction, go with your eyes open. It’s okay to let someone play you, Haven, as long as you know what’s going on.
Lisa Kleypas
I’d like to make music for a long time, and all different types of music. Maybe I’ll start my own label to get other artists off the ground.
Jamie Cullum
Of course, we have known for a long time that a word, like any verbal sign, is a unity of two components.
Roman Jakobson
I always felt, and still feel, one of my best strengths as a director is having been an actor for a long time. Nobody knows actors and their insecurities and strengths and everything more than somebody who’s done it before.
Paul Feig
To paint nature you must be in it a long time.
Vincent Van Gogh
Most men of business think “Anyhow this system will probably last my time. It has gone on a long time, and is likely to go on still.
Walter Bagehot
I tried the paleo diet, which is the caveman diet – lots of meat. And I tried the calorie restriction diet: The idea is that if you eat very, very little – if you’re on the verge of starvation, you will live a very long time, whether or not you want to, of course.
A. J. Jacobs
The best sketch shows are from a group of tight-knit people whove worked together for a really long time.
Scott Aukerman
I don’t have a problem removing people from around me. They could be around for a long time, and I could get comfortable or used to them, and then I can just get rid of them.
Curtis Jackson
I had a short story collection come out in 2006, and then I couldn’t work on large projects for a long time because I was finishing my doctoral degree.
Theodora Goss
Hip-hop has permeated pop culture for decades. For a long time, though, it seemed to permeate it in a such a way that it never really got its just due. Now, hip-hop seems to be getting that recognition and is more widely accepted, which is great.
Adrian Younge
I define my life around happiness, being safe, being able to enjoy life and live this life for a long time.
George Hill
I think, in America, for a long time you had groups that wanted to be stars more than they wanted to make music.
Tom Petty
I liked interacting with students. I liked having coworkers. For a long time, I was really worried that sitting at home by myself in front of a computer was going to make me crazy.
Gene Luen Yang
I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone’s imagination.
Hunter S. Thompson
I used to write poems more when I was younger, but I haven’t in a long time. I just write ideas and paragraphs and go from there.
Kacey Musgraves
A career is something that you train for and prepare for and plan on doing for a long time.
Sonia Sotomayor
Most people just give up with time and go, “I’m a victim.” The only reason I’ve got the reputation for delays and spending a long time on things is because I just don’t stop.
Kevin Shields
I’m fascinated with genetic science, and I have been for a very long time. I always look at science and technology because I think that the developments in my lifetime have been so remarkable – and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg with projects like decoding the human genome.
Nick Rhodes
I am not surprised that the president of the United States called this a phony scandal. I’m not surprised Secretary Clinton asked, “What difference does it make?” I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said Benghazi happened a long time ago. I’m just surprised at how many people bought it.
Trey Gowdy
Music I can discover a part of myself that I haven’t been able to for a long time, and acting is the opposite. I’m in love with both of them and I would never choose one over the other.
Tammin Sursok
We want to do what is good for Cardiff and for the long-term survival, and hopefully Cardiff can be around for a long time and, God willing, be around in the Premier League.
Vincent Tan
It’s taken me a long time to learn to accept the risks and just be willing to try it over and over again.
Uma Thurman
We need to get back to a level of social responsibility that we haven’t seen for a long time.
Billy Corgan
I think that if you haven’t been to the grocery store in a really long time, it’s really easy to get very out of touch.
Zooey Deschanel
I had three stages of knowing Wellington Mara. He was my boss for a long time and he was a father figure. And finally, as we got older, he was my friend.
Frank Gifford
I wasn’t going to toss off words like love and forever until I was sure. Until he was sure. Forever can be a very long time for a n=Bean sidhes, ans so far his track record looked more like the fifty-yard dash than the Boston marathon.
Rachel Vincent
I got married, I really waited a long time – three days after I graduated.
Madeleine Albright
I have believed for a long time that human nature is a reciprocity of what is inside the skin and what is outside: that it is definitely not “rolled up inside us” but our way of being one with our fellows and our world. I call this field theory.
Gardner Murphy
The real test of a musician is live performance. It’s one thing to spend a long time learning how to play well in the studio, but to do it in front of people is what keeps me coming back to touring.
Neil Peart
Going back after a long time will make you made, because the people you left behind do not like to think of you changed, will treat you as they always did, accuse you of being indifferent, when you are only different.
Jeanette Winterson
I’ve been in the game a long time. I’ve done all sorts of different types of music. From mob music to the G-Funk era.
Readers will stand up and cheer for Karen Fox’s Prince of Charming! Finally, a heroine who’s a real woman. Finally, a hero who knows what a rare find she is! Finally, a book for us all to adore! Thank you Karen Fox for creating the most lovable hero romance has seen in a long, long time!
Maggie Shayne
I think for a long time it seemed like working in an art form and being a feminist meant portraying women in a perfect, angelic light. And there’s nothing feminist about that.
Rebecca Hall
The first thing I organized around was the Central Park Five case for the young men who were accused. We talked about the unfair misrepresentation of these young teenagers in the media. I’ve been fighting back against Donald Trump for a long time.
Tarana Burke
Forgive me,” he went on. “For a long time I have had the peculiar habit of not arriving but appearing.
Milan Kundera
If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago.
Yayoi Kusama
John Cassavetes was a year ahead of me but we met there. What you do when you are at a school for drama, you do a play as opposed to a final. Anyone who wanted to come could just come. So he came, and I can’t remember the name of the play, of course, it was a long time ago.
Gena Rowlands
I’ve studied authoritarianism for a very long time – for 40 years – and they’re started by people’s attempts to control the ideological and linguistic territory.
Jordan Peterson
I kind of feel like I’ve been eating professionally for a long time. I’ve tasted everything. If there’s a sausage, you know what? I know exactly what it tastes like. I love them all. But right now it’s more important for me to not have all that grease and fat in my body.
Duff Goldman
Making bad decisions and choosing the wrong partner can ruin your life for a long time, perhaps forever.
Karrine Steffans
For a long time, I really struggled with the idea of being an actor because I really felt that I should be in the Peace Corps.
Camryn Manheim
We took a family trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia over Christmas and New Year’s. Three weeks was a long time, but it was cool, man. We were on the ocean, so that was kind of intense. After a couple of days you realize how far out you are.
Prince Fielder
I like Sergio Martinez. I think he’s strong, he’s gritty, he’s got plenty of heart, he’s not the fanciest guy you might have seen in boxing but he has the goods to be around a long time in the Middleweight division.
Bernard Hopkins
Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.
Eckhart Tolle
Bill, we left megalomania behind a long time ago. Now we are gigalomaniacs.
Nathan Myhrvold
Long time men lay oppress’d with slavish fear Religion’s tyranny did domineer … At length a mighty one of Greece began To assert the natural liberty of man, By senseless terrors and vain fancies let To slavery. Straight the conquered phantoms fled.
My parents and I didn’t speak for 10 years. It took a long time to rebuild that relationship.
Gilbert Baker
Part of our essential humanity is paying respect to what God gave us and what will be here a long time after we’re gone.
William J. Clinton
New ideas seem like frightening ghosts to people at the beginning; they run away from them for a long time, but they get tired of it in the end!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The focus should be on the players. I’m here a long time. You can call me in the summer. Our seniors will be gone.
Dean Smith
And the news got worse. It appeared that there was this whole other person Jesus Christ whose birthday a lot of people tended to confuse with mine. I was personally outraged. It was a long time before I forgave the Lord for that.
Ava Gardner
I have an accountant, obviously, because I’m self employed, and I use an independent financial adviser. I trust my accountant because we have worked together for a long time now.
Richard Armitage
I think the most important thing… is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young women and girls for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labeled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity.
Zozibini Tunzi
It was a movie [The Railway Man] that stayed with me a long time. It’s still one of the things I’m most proud of. I got to know the man that I was playing and unfortunately he passed away just before the movie came out. It’s one that meant a huge amount to me, and one that I’m particularly proud of.
Jeremy Irvine
I’ve argued for a long time here… that I think that one of the things that is absolutely killing parity is the individual maximum salary.
Stan Van Gundy
It takes a long time to make a painter – even with a good artist’s education – but without one it tries the patience of Job; it is a great thing if one does not go backward.
Edward Lear
This is painful and it will be for a long time.
Donald Trump
The Dominican Republic says ‘We’re black behind the ears.’ And in Mexico, ‘there’s a black grandma in the closet.’ They know, they’ve just been intermarrying for a long time. But if we did the DNA of everyone in Mexico a whole lot of people would have a whole lot of black in them.
Henry Louis Gates
They’ve got the singles and some people have burnt them from different web sites and stuff. So it was something that we talked about for a long, long time, and I just wanted to make sure that this remix album to be really special.
Deborah Cox
Prayer is like lying awake at night, afraid, with your head under the cover, hearing only the beating of your own heart. It is like a bird that has blundered down the flue and is caught indoors and flutters at the windowpanes. It is like standing a long time on a cold day, knocking at a shut door.
Wendell Berry
I come from a pretty tough background and I learned a long time ago not to be bothered.
Bob Ainsworth
I am and have been the reaper of wayward souls for a long time.
The Undertaker
One thing that I’ve been doing for a long time is to wake up really early. I try to get up around 4 or 5 in the morning, long before most of my lab members are up, which gives me some quiet time to really think without distraction. I think that’s important.
Edward Boyden
The children are designated as “Air Force aides of the Hitler youth” and wear military uniforms and become used to handling the anti-aircraft artillery flak guns. 15 and 16 year old children as warriors! If the war still continues to last for a long time, perhaps the babies will be also employed. Total war!!
Friedrich Kellner
There is a long time in me between knowing and telling.
Grace Paley
It’s been a long time since anybody caught me saying something stupid.
Ted Turner
You do a draft and you get more notes. You start to get the feeling that this either isn’t going to happen or it is going to take a really long time to happen, and I never felt that with this [the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo].
Steven Zaillian
There’s something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.
Lilly Wachowski
It takes a long time for a country to build a strong base in science, but only a short time to destroy it. Germany was a sad example. It was a world leader in the sciences for more than a century, until its science base was demolished during the Nazi era, and the country ceded its position to the United States.
Torsten Wiesel
I’d have been dead a long time ago if not for my friends, one of whom had just jumped off the cliff after me. I’d have been a lot more appreciative if he hadn’t pushed me first.” ~Cassandra Palmer
Karen Chance
Seattle is very similar to Minneapolis. I like the culture; I like the people. I raced a bike and won a national championship on Lake Washington in 1977, so I’ve had a connection there for a long time.
Greg LeMond
I’ve said, for a long time, my favorite part of my career is when I’m creating a new thing where I’m pulling from a new place.
Alan Menken
Awakening is possible only for those who seek it and want it, for those who are ready to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time and very persistently in order to attain it.
G. I. Gurdjieff
My confidence is that there will for a long time be virtue and good sense enough in our countrymen to correct abuses.
Thomas Jefferson
There seems to be for a long time now a range of issues that the Australian people want to talk about, but for some reason politicians of various shapes and stripes have decided they don’t want to talk about.
Cory Bernardi
For a long time, my uniform consisted of a trench coat, wide flared jeans, and little bottines – I copied a pair that my mother had in this theater place. I had, like, 10 pairs of the same shoes.
Nicolas Ghesquiere
Make no mistake, our troops will be in Afghanistan and Iraq for a long time.
Jerry Costello
And when I think about that sunrise that I woke up to that morning, I just feel like I got as close to nowhere as I could get, and found out that it was more of a place than anywhere I’ve been in a long time.
Hank Green
You can say that I lived in Asia for a long time and in Japan I became close to several CIA agents. And you could say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in the field and, through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special works and special favors.
Steven Seagal
The evidence that you truly repented long ago when you said you did is because you’re still repenting now and even to a greater degree. The evidence that you believed a long time ago is that you’re still believing now and ever more believing in greater and greater degrees.
Paul Washer
I was very afraid to write a novel – it was a dream for a very long time, and it was one of the few things that I was afraid to try.
Melissa Marr
The sense of being Jewish never left me, but when my grandmother died, I rebelled against Judaism as I knew it then, which was Orthodox. I saw the rituals, a lot of them, as very male, for a long time.
Marge Piercy
Mass entertainment in America has been dominated for a long time by the mode of documentary realism.
David Riesman
A man who knew his job as he spent a long time commanding a regiment and who earned great respect from everybody.
Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Women aren’t physically afraid of men; women are genetically afraid of men. It’s happened for such a long time.
Eileen Myles
I gave up on my looks a long time ago.
Diane von Furstenberg
I gave up hunting a long time ago.
Dan Bilzerian
In the interest rate area, traders have for a long time used a version of what is known as Black’s model for European bond options; another version of the same model for caps and floors; and yet another version of the same model for European swap options.
John Hull
If I’m in something that I think is kinda good, it stays with me like a fever dream for a long time afterwards. I don’t recall the finished product so much as the feeling of making it.
John Cusack
There’s a good spot tucked away somewhere in everybody. You’ll be a long time finding it, sometimes.
Mark Twain
I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don’t find very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the day is about a lot more.
Anne Hathaway
I came to America, and I made good. It’s an old story, but it hasn’t been told in a long time. Usually, it’s, ‘I’m an immigrant, I came here and got persecuted.’ My story is I came here, I worked hard, and it worked out all right. So it’s still available.
Craig Ferguson
I have always loved magic realism as a form of writing. I have also been fascinated for a long time with the intersection of science and religion.
Alan Lightman
The system of life on this planet is so astoundingly complex that it was a long time before man even realized that it was a system at all and that it wasn’t something that was just there.
Douglas Adams
It took me a long time to find out that I was born to be an actor. It was the last thing on my list, although my list was very small. I didn’t know what to do. But kids weren’t supposed to know what to do back then; we were all cute and we’d find out what we’d do later in life.
Rutger Hauer
I hate movies that take a long time to shoot or directors that labor over every shot or do excessive amounts of coverage and excessive takes and don’t keep things moving or constantly cutting.
Stanley Tucci
A long time ago, I made the commitment to dedicate at least one song per album to God. He has been very good to me, and never for one minute do I want Him to think I’ve forgotten, because I haven’t.
MC Hammer
But it’s funny that now I’m in such a happy situation, I look more objectively at my own past and see what others have seen for a long time and I’m just so glad I’ve been able to get to this point.
Rick Allen
I spend a long time casting, but once I’ve cast a film there’s a reason why I selected those people. So I’m hands-on in selecting the cast, hands-off to see what they do with their characters, and hands-on again to offer suggestions.
Alexander Payne
I knew I wanted to be an actor for a long time, but I was based out of Chicago and then I went to New York and I did ‘The Upright Citizens Brigade’ out there. I had a two-man show with a guy named Oliver Ralli who’s now in the band Pass Kontrol, which is a big band out of New York.
Jake M. Johnson
Who is Katharine Hepburn? It took me a long time to create that creature.
Katharine Hepburn
I have insomnia, and it’s hard for me to sit still for a long time. My mind is always “tick, tick, tick.”
Cheyenne Jackson
“It’s gonna be okay,” I said. It was the first time in a long time that I believed it. “It will.”
Sarah Dessen
Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Be happy with who you are and know that being you is the best thing you can do for yourself. You’ve got a long time to figure everything out and there’s no rush. Enjoy the now.
Ellen Wong
It’s been a long time since I’ve written old-fashioned sword and sorcery; I’m hoping it’s like riding a bicycle.
Lynn Abbey
Books are sharks… because sharks have been around for a very long time. There were sharks before there were dinosaurs, and the reason sharks are still in the ocean is that nothing is better at being a shark than a shark.
Douglas Adams
If you’re an actor and you don’t act for a long time you sort of think, I wonder if I can still do it.
Michael Caine
People in London are so much more exposed to danger, or bad things. It took me quite a long time to grow up in that environment.
Eliot Paulina Sumner
Whenever I have friends over, we end up eating and talking and losing track of time, and, once in a while, singing karaoke. It reminds me of the family meals we had in Russia, which always lasted a very long time. That’s a tradition I miss.
Maria Sharapova
It takes a long time to bring the past up to the present.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
My game is not always built off speed, it’s just my craft to where I can run routes and get in-and-out of my breaks as a big guy keeps me at a consistent level for a long time.
A. J. Green
I’ve been going a long time now along the way I’ve learned some things. You have to make the good times yourself take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren’t so good.
Rod McKuen
I’ve been compiling a list of art project ideas for a long time. These are ideas of things I would love to see someday. They range from the practical – jackets with woodstoves in them – to the sublime – images of nuns on waterslides.
Misha Collins
I discovered a long time ago that if I helped people get what they wanted, I would always get what I wanted and would never have to worry.
Tony Robbins
I had a sore throat for a long time and it scared me. I saw a lump in my throat and I was terrified. I wouldn’t go to a doctor.
Anne Ramsey
I like to be involved as much as I can in the game, and in the middle, you’re definitely the heartbeat of the team. When you’re on the right, you can go minutes without seeing the ball, and that’s a long time when you’re out on the pitch.
Aaron Ramsey
I stopped courting Hollywood a long time ago.
Armand Assante
I was regarded as the school freak which further reinforced a lot of inhibitions and doubts I had about myself. I was a shy, frightened teenager for a long time.
Winona Ryder
Being alive was all right then: he had not breathed like that for a long time.
Leslie Marmon Silko
Journalism has been very important for me – for a long time I made my living as a journalist, and it also serves as a source of ideas. Many of the things I have written I would not have written without the experience of being a journalist.
Mario Vargas Llosa
The facts of the matter are that we have known for a long time that diagnoses are often not useful or reliable, but we have nevertheless continued to use them. We now know that we cannot distinguish insanity from sanity.
David Rosenhan
You have to practice for a long time before you can learn to sound like yourself
Miles Davis
I made the decision a long time ago that I had an obligation to my children that I happily fulfilled.
Connie Stevens
My own way of thinking is to ponder long and I hope deeply on problems and for a long time which I keep away for years and years and I never really let them go.
Roger Penrose
If a person remains tense for a long time he might not notice it himself, but it’s like his nerves are a piece of rubber that has been stretched out. It’s hard to go back to the original shape.
Haruki Murakami
Mercy Watson was a character that had been in my head for a long time.
Kate DiCamillo
The reality is that we’ve seen the last of any serious price wars for a long time. I don’t think any of the others could afford it, certainly not on a long-term basis.
Rupert Murdoch
I once waited on Sean Connery. A long time ago. This was at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. They closed down the restaurant for him, and when he walked in with his morning paper, all the waitresses started squealing. He was a big guy, bigger than in the movies.
Tony D’Souza
When somebody brings up a movie (of mine) that I haven’t heard about in a long time, I feel like a 70-year-old pitcher at a bar somewhere, and somebody walks in and says, ‘Oh, my God, I was in St. Louis and I saw you. You pitched a shutout.’ It’s real. I really did do that, because someone today remembers it.
Sean Astin
Gentlemen, I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? I move that prayer imploring the assistance of Heaven be held every morning before we proceed to business.
Benjamin Franklin
I’m sure that the meaning of the songs that I’ve written will change for me over the years, the same way that I can’t even say what inspired some of the songs that I’ve been singing for a long time anymore.
Angel Olsen
The great thing about being a writer is that you have a long, perhaps frighteningly long time in which to do your work.
Julia Leigh
When the water is very calm and very beautiful, it won’t take a long time that a thick head will throw a stone in it!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I think, internally, we Catholics have known this for a long time. I think we’re just thrilled and grateful that the rest of the world now is sharing in the esteem and gratitude that we’ve had for Pope John Paul II for 26 and a half years.
Chris Matthews
And I didn’t know what that meant for a long time. It was only when I began to travel and look and live beyond my home that I understand my responsibility to others.
Angelina Jolie
I know I’m tired of thinking about what I should have done yesterday. I know I’m just tired. If I knew what to do with my life, how to fix it up, I would have done it a long time ago. You can’t dig that? You think I want to live like I’m somebody’s throwaway?
Walter Dean Myers
Believe in what you do, because you may have to do it for a long time before it catches on.
Seth Godin
It was a long time ago now. And it was yesterday.
Kate Atkinson
It’s just not right that so many things don’t work when they should. I don’t think that will change for a long time.
Steve Wozniak
I’m not a person who I ever thought would do well with divorce. Not that it can’t happen. I just didn’t want that. So I waited a long time to meet the right person. Then I finally met someone that I was willing to be divorced from.
Albert Brooks
I was motivated to improve the U.S. strategy of going back to the moon in 1985. That’s a long time ago. Going back to the moon would be a great achievement for tourism adventure flights.
Buzz Aldrin
I spent a long time in London on the stage, and you knew exactly what you were going to be doing. You not only knew the performance, but you also knew exactly where you would stand.
Daniel Sharman
There is something about video marketing that helps it stay apart from the other online marketing tactics. When done correctly, all you need is one video marketing campaign to build up highly targeted traffic for a really long time.
Carey Lowell
Culture shock is often felt sharply at the borders between countries, but sometimes it doesn’t hit fully until you’ve been in a place for a long time.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Racism does not have a good track record. It’s been tried out for a long time and you’d think by now we’d want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management.
Thomas Sowell
My goal on the show was to be professional. But sometimes you cant help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long – which I did for a really, really long time.
Nina Dobrev
I feel really good when I haven’t felt good for a long time and then suddenly I feel okay again. Nothing feels better than this.
Stefanie Schneider
I looked for a very long time, knowing that it had to happen, but it took me a long time to find someone with the same background and whatnot and I finally found him
Alton Brown
Long time ago, we used to sit around eating popcorn and drawing up plays.
Nick Nurse
I’ve had an addiction for a long time to the whole business of maximizing one’s potential, what I call human activation. The vehicle for actualizing oneself is choice, options, seeking out the proper choices.
Padgett Powell
Well, to tell you truth, I have learned a long time ago that the trick when doing a debate, any kind of debate, is to just turn off the judgment switch in my head.
Jim Lehrer
As an artist, I feel more strongly than ever that my job on earth is to tell the stories of the invisibles, and women have been invisible on film for a long time.
Reese Witherspoon
I’m finding it hard to listen to other rock bands. It’s been hard for me for a long time, but now I can’t listen to any new bands at all.
Matt Tong
Looks like a sand pile my kids have been playing in for a long time – it’s all beat up – no definition – just a lot of bumps and holes.
William Anders
You know looking back on it now I used the fight and after the fight as motivation, to make sure I was going to be the best middleweight in the world for a long time.
Marvin Hagler
You have to keep yourself busy, you have to like the subject matter. If you do it for other causes, other reasons, it doesn’t hold you for a long time. There’s no other way but struggling, forging ahead to do the film.
Haile Gerima
The world, I think, will wait a long time for Nikola Tesla’s equal in achievement and imagination.
Edwin Howard Armstrong
You can’t run a company simply by the numbers. So if you’re going to bet on someone, you bet on someone you want to be in business with for a long time.
Amy Pascal
I am absolutely a Giants fan and I’m a Dynasty baby so I was a 49ers fan for a long time.
Aisha Tyler
I’ve stayed away from Twitter for a long time because I sort of didn’t trust myself with such an intimate but very public way of relating to the world, but I feel like I’ve studied it enough.
Elizabeth Reaser
Peter Beard is one of those people I’ve known a long time. We have an affinity. We share certain values.
Terry Southern
For a long time I have been thinking about affordable fashion – you can be disappointed when not so many people can wear your stuff.
Olivier Theyskens
Speaking from my experience as a person involved for a long time in building the European Union, it is important to have patience and efforts to build a community of nations.
Giorgio Napolitano
I haven’t wanted to play a mother for a long time because I am one.
Frances McDormand
The big turn in the late 90s was that I realized I was going to be doing this for a long time. I was fairly sure I was going to be an actor for the rest of my life, which I think calmed me down.
Michael Weatherly
It’s taken me a long time to realize that my own life is far more interesting than any part I’ll ever play.
Diane Kruger
For years the league has thought I’ve been on drugs. I would have burned out a long time ago if that was true.
Dennis Rodman
I’m not saying I’m a writer, but I’ve been in movies for a long time, and I think I could write a script for a movie.
Benicio Del Toro
I loved you for a long, long time
I know this love is real
It don’t matter how it all went wrong
That don’t change the way I feel
And I can’t believe that time’s
Gonna heal this wound I’m speaking of
There ain’t no cure for love
Leonard Cohen
The ownership of computers in the home is far less than the statistics show, because usually when the computer breaks down once, that is the end of it for a long, long time. They do not have the money or incentive to get the computer repaired.
Major Owens
There was a long time I had no job security, no options and no education.
Ronda Rousey
I’ve been making the recordings for a long time, and I have tons and tons of them. I’m like a digital hoarder or something – everything is on like hard drives and whatever.
Julia Kent
We’ve known for a long time, and I think culturally we’ve accepted, that diversity is an important thing in the work of knowledge.
David Weinberger
I was having a lot of mixed feelings about the independent world as well as the label world. I feel like I’ve been in the game a long time, and you know, when it come to labels not seeing a fella being around the last five years, it’s like, it’s hard to convince them what I can do.
Taking a long time to do something not worth doing, that is, doing it inefficiently, seems even more useless.
John Perry
Scoundrels […] simply don’t die. The ones who die are always the gentle, sweet, and beautiful people. […] Scoundrels live a long time. The beautiful die young.
Osamu Dazai
You have to have pace, you have to have high production values, you have to have interesting graphics, and you have to have attractive people. CNN could afford not to be so obedient to those commands, and for a long time, it wasn’t.
Brit Hume
When you’re away for a long time, tastes change, fans move on. You hate to think about it, but it’s an ugly fact of life.
Anita Baker
I have a single track mind. I work on an idea for a long time. It’s like getting acquainted with a person, and I don’t get acquainted easily.
Georgia O’Keeffe
I imagined I was God for a millisecond And became speechless for a long time.
Dejan Stojanovic
That is the onslaught. It has been going on a long time, I argue, but in the 20th century humans have certainly perfected it, extending domination to every single corner of the earth and our Homo sapiens population to more than 6 billion – until no place is untouched by despoliation.
Kirkpatrick Sale
If you look at the common denominator of all the comics who have had big success, it’s being true to their nature… that’s what takes a long time to learn.
Ron White
Please tell me your master isn’t Aeolus.” “That airhead?” Favonius snorted. “No, of course not.” “He means Eros.” Nico’s voice turned edgy. “Cupid, in Latin.” Favonius smiled. “Very good, Nico di Angelo. I’m glad to see you again, by the way. It’s been a long time.
Rick Riordan
Having been Scully for such a long time, I have to prove myself in other roles.
Gillian Anderson
What are you doing?” “What I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” She couldn’t move, couldn’t think. She was lost in his dark eyes, and as he slowly lowered his head toward hers, she whispered, “Are you going to throttle me, then?” He was laughing when he kissed her.
Julie Garwood
For a very long time science and philosophy were considered part of the same continuum and it was only within the last few hundred years they’ve been considered different areas of inquiry, and now we’re starting to go back to the idea that maybe they aren’t two separate realms of inquiry.
Brad Warner
I have made plenty of mistakes. The key to life is to learn from them. I have been a little too introspective, but I think that stemmed from insecurity or shyness. I took a long time to grow up.
Richard Gere
Fifty years is the long time to think about a thinker’s relevance or to think of the relevance of their work to a contemporary period.
Nigel Gibson
I really have been blessed and fortunate to have accomplished what I have. I hope to do this for a long time. It’s such an enjoyable job. I love to do it.
Jim Cummings
For a long time, music was hope. Now it seems music isn’t enough to make me happy. It used to be that’s all I needed to keep going. Now I need other things to take up the other parts of my life.
Juliana Hatfield
I want to be here for a long time, so I am going to do everything I have to do to be here. And I want to walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to somebody some day. I want to make sure I am still here to make sure my two young sons become men.
Magic Johnson
Ive been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time.
Alessandra Ambrosio
I wrote a script and I’ve been whispering in director’s ears for a really long time and I’d love to direct.
Jeremy Piven
We lost our way a long time ago with technology. Just because something is an advancement by going digital – that was a huge (expletive) mistake. It was a way for people to make money, but it sure didn’t improve sound or quality of record making. It made it faster, cheaper, but it isn’t as durable.
John Mellencamp
Our culture teaches us that making significant changes takes a long time and is difficult to do. This is simply NOT true. Change happens in an instant. It is not a process – it is something you do in an instant by simply making a decision.
Tony Robbins
I wrote about wasting time, which I suppose is a part of the great human journey. We’re supposed to wallow, to go through the desert without water for a long time so that when we finally drink it, we’ll truly need it and we won’t spill a drop. It’s about being present.
Walton Goggins
Well, I think one of the reasons Chicago became so popular as a filmmaker location is because New York had been used so many times that Chicago, I think, was rediscovered maybe in the late ’60s, early ’70s for a long time as a new location.
Richard Roeper
I have been around a long time and Wall Street has changed a lot.
Walter Schloss
Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?” I ask. “No.” A long time passes before he adds, “She crept up on me.
Suzanne Collins
Los Angeles has interested me for a long time. I was in Texas for five years, for the same reason. I wanted to photograph there.
Garry Winogrand
If you [Hillary Clinton] want to change the laws, you’ve been there a long time, change the laws.
Donald Trump
We already live a very long time for mammals, getting three times as many heartbeats as a mouse or elephant. It never seems enough though, does it?
David Brin
It takes a long time to get good at something, so it’s important to begin as early as possible so that we can improve and begin to see the compounding benefits of the work over time.
Priscilla Chan
I feel I shall live a long time.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
It doesn’t happen all at once. You become. It takes a long time.
Margery Williams
I always make this joke that I know you were expecting to see the big skirts and the hoops. But that was a long time ago. Artists aren’t always seen as real people. If you start out as a teenager, sometimes people want to keep you locked as that. But I’m a woman now.
Jody Watley
Funny thing happens, [Melania Trump] gets so unfairly – the things they say, I have known her for a long time, she was a very successful person, a very successful model. She did really well.
Donald Trump
This effort to reprogram men has been going on a long time. It’s not something we need to start now. We’re in the middle of it and I think it’s one of the reasons there is such confusion between men and women and the roles they’re supposed to be playing, because they’re at war with nature.
Rush Limbaugh
It occurs to me that for a long time she has been doing her own version of resisting.
Lauren Oliver
Oh, I did stop smoking a long time ago.
Mario Lemieux
I still smile it’s not worth the trouble any more for a long time now it’s not been worth the trouble the tongue spring goes into the mud I stay like this not thirsty any more the tongue goes back into the mouth it closes it has to make a straight line now it’s done I’ve made the image.
Samuel Beckett
If it wasn’t for Mick, the group would’ve fallen apart a long time ago.
Mick Taylor
Sometimes people who had been together for a long time got to imagining that things used to be better, even when they weren’t.
Sarah Addison Allen
Once I start writing, I am a huge reviser. To me writing is revising. I probably turn over every sentence that I write, to see if I have the rhythm right. That’s why my first drafts take a really long time.
Matt de la Pena
Three 6 Mafia have been around for a long time; we’ve made a lot of music. Anybody’s music can influence anybody. I’ve heard people say that our music has influenced such and such, and it could be true, and it could not.
Juicy J
Sorry,” [Hamlet] said, rubbing his temples. “I don’t know what came over me. All of a sudden I had this overwhelming desire to talk for a very long time without actually doing anything.
Jasper Fforde
I do not desire to die soon, because in Heaven there is no suffering. I desire to live a long time because I yearn to suffer much for the love of my Spouse.
Magdalena de Pazzi
I really love beautiful, well-made clothes. I don’t shop [a lot], so I tend to have pieces for a long time. I like mixing vintage with newer designers.
Sarah Jessica Parker
All civilized people see the day beginning at dawn or a little after or a long time after or whatever time their work begins; this they lengthen according to their work, during what they call ‘all day long’; and end it when they close their eyes. It is they who say the days are long. On the contrary, the days are round.
Jean Giono
The knowledge that she could learn to love a man had always meant more to her than loving him effortlessly, more even than falling in love, and that was why she now felt that she was on the threshold of a new life, a happiness bound to endure for a very long time.
Orhan Pamuk
I have pretty thick skin. I’ve been in the arena a long time, and that means that I am not going to get down with [Donald Trump] and go insult for insult.
Hillary Clinton
It goes back to the destiny thing.I made a bargain with it, you know, a long time ago. And I’m holding up my end.
Bob Dylan
It takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait.
James Whistler
Touring and putting out records is fun and cool, but I’ve been doing it for a long time.
Serj Tankian
I really like the thing I did with Martina McBride. I had that song sitting around for a long time.
Bob Seger
God doesn’t love me any more or less because I had some work done on my face. You know, I prayed about it a long, long, long, long, long time, because there again, I wouldn’t want to do anything that I felt was going to be offensive to God.
Joyce Meyer
And I will look down and see my murmuring bones and the deep water like wind, like a roof of wind, and after a long time they cannot distinguish even bones upon the lonely and inviolate sand.
William Faulkner
I learned a long time ago that place matters to me, on many levels, and maybe more than it should, but it is generally counter-productive for me to resist it.
Val Kilmer
For a long time, I thought it was all down to dedication, hard work, and visualising doing well – that worked for a bit, but then it stopped. I’ve realised you have to be more practical and mature to make things actually happen.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
If a man remembers what is right at the sign of profit, is ready to lay down his life in the face of danger, and does not forget sentiments he has repeated all his life when he has been in straitened circumstances for a long time, he may be said to be a complete man.
One thing I learned a long time ago as a prosecutor is that it’s tough to get people to obey a law if there is not penalty for breaking it.
Roy Barnes
Me love you long time.
Papillon Soo Soo
I’ve been an advocate for public education for a long time. It’s the way people are able to improve their lives.
Mary Burke
You saw me before I saw you. You had that look in your eyes, as if you wanted something. Wanted it for a long time.
Lucy Christopher
You learn something new from every player. No player is the same, so I’m definitely trying to pick up as much as I can from the guys ahead of me and from the guys who have been in the league for a long time.
Justin Cole
For a long time, I have hoped for better days, but alas, today it is necessary for me to lose all hope. My poor wife suffers more and more. I do not think it is possible to be any weaker.
Claude Monet
An Englishman thinks a hundred miles is a long way; and American thinks a hundred years is a long time
Diana Gabaldon
[Nature said] The sea shall disjoin the people [of England] from others, and knit them to a fierce nationality. It shall give them markets on every side. Long time I will keep them on their feet, by poverty, border-wars . . . seafaring . . .
Marsilio Ficino
I made the decision that I was going to make rap music in, like, fourth grade, so it’s been something I was saying for a long time.
Chance the Rapper
Well, basically I have a lot of friends because I’ve been in the business a long time and worked with a lot of people.
Randy Jackson
I’ve been an entrepreneur and venture capitalist in the cryptocurrency industry for a long time, working with numerous projects.
Brock Pierce
Meanwhile, the meek are a long time inheriting the earth.
Bob Edwards
People have been unhappy for a long time about the two-party system.
Julianne Malveaux
We feel sorrow and pain over the death of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd. We have known this man for a long time… he showed support and commitment to the Palestinian revolution and to Fatah since the 1960s.
Mahmoud Abbas
The success I had as a player, or the career I had as a player, is often based on the guys you play beside, the guys you play with. Playing on the offensive line, you’re only as good as your weakest guy up front. I was blessed to play with a lot of guys for a long time.
Russ Grimm
I’ve been lying to you guys for a long time, saying I wasn’t nervous and there’s no pressure. There was a lot of pressure to do it here.
Derek Jeter
Good travels at a snail’s pace. Those who want to do good are not selfish, they are not in a hurry, they know that to impregnate people with good requires a long time.
Mahatma Gandhi
They should have a rule: in order to be a sportswriter, you have to have played that sport, at some level; high school, college, junior college, somewhere. Or, you should have had to have been around the game for a long time.
Oscar Robertson
It took a long time for me to walk. I was falling down all the time. But I ended up being one of the dangerous men, who broke so many people’s noses, which is bad.
Dikembe Mutombo
My dad went to jail for a long time. We lost everything, and the situation never resolved itself. My parents had this sort of passionate, disastrous desire for each other – not ideal to grow up in.
Natalia Kills
You have to have pace, you have to have high production values, you have to have interesting graphics, and you have to have attractive people – CNN could afford not to be so obedient to those commands, and for a long time, it wasn’t.
Brit Hume
I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen, And accrue what I hear into myself…and let sound contribute toward me.
Walt Whitman
Happiness can be a simple thing just like dreaming of someone you’ve missed for a long time.
Jhane Barnes
And if there is not any such thing as a long time, nor the rest of your lives, nor from now on, but there is only now, why then now is the thing to praise and I am very happy with it.
Ernest Hemingway
You have to read scripts and audition and develop relationships. It takes a long time to develop a body of work but over the last 25 years I guess I’ve done that many movies. In hindsight it may seem effortless, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it.
Harry Connick, Jr.
I do have fun writing, and a long time ago, I told myself, ‘You got to have fun at this, or it’ll drive you nuts.’
Elmore Leonard
I conquered my stage fright a long time ago. In my line of work, it’s kind of a pre-requisite that you not feel bad about looking stupid in front of a lot of people.
Buzz Osborne
Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn’t seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places.
Pedro Almodovar
So I feel like while I’m in Miami, which is I hope for a while, a long time, forever, I’ll be able to rep Miami and everything that’s going on here.
Tyler Herro
It was a long time ago. I was talking to a friend about astrology, and he mentioned the Seth books. I’d never heard of them, but I intuitively knew they were important to me. It sounds very romantic, but it really was like that. I took an interest in them right away for no reason.
Francis Dunnery
I’ve been an investigative reporter for a long time, and almost always, the government says that [‘you can’t publish that because of the national security risk’] when you write a story. And then they can never back it up. They say that about everything. And it’s like the boy who cried wolf. It’s getting old.
James Risen
Friendship is not so simple. It is hard to get and takes a long time, but when one ha it one cannot get rid of it, one has to face it.
Albert Camus
I’ve worked in animation for a long time. I started in Spain and I wanted to make feature films. That desire to figure out how to make animated features brought me to the U.S. to work for Disney.
Raul Garcia
I actually had a week where I literally wrote four songs and all of them are on my album. But sometimes you’ll go a week where you’ll write songs and they never see the light of day. So that process takes a long time.
Laura Bell Bundy
People sometimes say it takes a long time to become a jazz fan, but for me it took about five seconds.
Pat Metheny
I was born with an ability to concentrate very hard on a job for a long time.
Lord Mountbatten
It’s not an overnight thing. I can legitimately say I’ve been working my ass off for a long time and the fact that I’m getting this concert movie is perfect because it’s coming at just the right time in my life.
Gabriel Iglesias
I often need a long time to understand things, to imagine a painting I might make.
Gerhard Richter
Memories may escape the action of the will, may sleep a long time, but when stirred by the right influence, though that influence be light as a shadow, they flash into full stature and life with everything in place
John Muir
I studied the cello for a long time, from when I was little up through college.
Lev Grossman
I gave myself over to music and art a long time ago, so I don’t get to relax and I don’t get to sit still. The best I can do is constantly create my own environment so it benefits what I need to accomplish in the next step.
Jack White
It’s been a long time coming. But I know a change is gonna come
Sam Cooke
My two little twin brothers have autism, so I grew up around it and misunderstood it for a long time.
Lakeith Stanfield
I haven’t have fun for a long time,” Kaia said with a pout. “Me, either. Except with myself, but I don’t suppose that counts.” “It does the way I do it.
Gena Showalter
21 years as CEO is a long time. I was and probably still am the longest serving CEO in America. Certainly I am in the media industry, bar none.
Michael Eisner
[On book promotion:] The reward for writing well appears to be not to be able to do it for a long time.
Rosellen Brown
Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I will cry in anticipation of you.
Ko Joon-hee
I know my own deficiencies, one of which is that I had lived away from America for such a long time. It’s called expatriate.
James Hillman
For me, it was not destiny to make it to where I am now – I thought for a long- time I would become a go-kart mechanic, or a job like this, not an F1 driver.
Fernando Alonso
I have been looking forward to this age of my life for a long time. In my twenties, I marked the days on the calendar – I was sick of playing high-school kids.
Rob Lowe
I just wanted to be a guy who could earn a living as an actor, and I did that for a long time.
Gene Barry
Oscar Wilde once said that to live is the rarest thing in the world, because most people just exist, and that’s all. I don’t know if he’s right, but I do know that I spend a long time existing, and now, I intend to live.
I have always said that your work stays with you for a long time, and I try to get involved in projects where I truly believe if I had to do them again, I would the same way.
Marc Anthony
For a long time all I wanted for Christmas were books about outdoor survival. I was convinced that the woods were calling me. I camped a lot, I took classes. At 18, I told myself if I don’t live in the woods by myself by the time I’m 25, I have failed.
Chris Evans
As an artist you’re on a journey of discovery and sometimes that journey takes a long time, doesn’t subscribe to [a] train schedule, to the punch-clock. And I need to read a lot to make my pages happen.
Junot Diaz
I learned a long time ago life just isn’t fair, so you better stop expecting it to be.
Dana Reeve
When you write, produce, engineer and mix everything yourself, it tends to take a long time to do anything. And when you’re a perfectionist little monster, it makes it even harder. But it’s a blast and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for all the ice cream sandwiches in the universe.
Adam Young
[The film Woman Walks Ahead] is from a long time ago. I wrote that ages ago. It looks gorgeous and Jessica [Chastain] is so good that I’ve got high hopes.
Steven Knight
I interned at the NFL Network while I was in college, but I have not had an internship or another job other than football in a very long time.
Clay Matthews III
I have thought for a long time that the way my clothes hang on me is more important than me inside them.
Ali Smith
You’ve got to love what you’re doing. If you love it, you can overcome any handicap, or the soreness, or all the aches and pains and continue to play for a long, long time.
Gordie Howe
Children who have been in work for a long time suddenly get a thud down to earth once the cuteness fades, hips widen, voices drop and jawlines strengthen.
Jessie Cave
It took me a long time to learn how to write a good song.
Bob Seger
I was broke until I was 40. Really broke. I could get by, but I had nothing. No health insurance, so if something happened I was screwed. I was lucky my parents had money and my brother was willing to support me for a long time. Once I started doing standup, I had an income, and that was amazing to me.
Lewis Black
All of this happened a long time ago. But not so long ago that everyone who played a part in it is dead. Some can still be met in dark old rooms with nurses in attendance.
Timothy Findley
I love improv. ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love,’ the script was really great, but the directors were open to letting you try different things. And that felt like a muscle I hadn’t exercised in a really long time.
Emma Stone
In the life of the individual when love awakens it is older than everything else, because when it exists it seems as if it has existed for a long time; it presupposes itself back into the distant past until all searching ends in the inexplicable origin.
Soren Kierkegaard
The Olympic stadium may have been built only in the early 1970s but it was clear for a long time it had no future. For many reasons it is not good enough for modern football and today’s fans.
Franz Beckenbauer
Falling in love is like religious conversion. It goes on for a long time below the threshold before it reaches consciousness.
Helen McCloy
We must look a long time before we can see
Henry David Thoreau
It’s a dream come true to have someone else portray me. Because I’ve been living this life for a long time, and I’m over myself.
Chelsea Handler
A lot of [bureaucratic] rules were created a long time ago when there were different challenges, and they are now causing negative side effects.
Jennifer Pahlka
When I was a kid, I always thought that I’d be a comic book artist. It took a long time to start thinking that I could be a musician.
Daniel Johnston
A professional is an amateur who has been working for a long time.
Serge Lutens
I think I’m someone who can prattle on a long time about something, which serves me well as a novelist, but it’s the enemy when I’m writing short stories.
Maggie Shipstead
I hated seeing myself on screen. I was full of complexes. I hated my face for a very, very long time.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Anything you ever make that matters takes a long time. Some artists never see their work in front of an audience, so for them 15 years is a blink of an eye. I am nothing but grateful.
Adriana Trigiani
I think you always have, you know, new players. Every year you see new faces, juniors coming into the seniors. I was one of them at the time long time ago now.
Amelie Mauresmo
It takes a long time to grow an old friend. Trust is built one single moment at a time.
Nicholas Sparks
I robbed them, and I killed them as cold as ice, and I would do it again, and I know I would kill another person because I’ve hated humans for a long time.
Aileen Wuornos
There are a lot of powerful women in Hollywood who have been movie stars for a long time who are getting into their forties and fifties. I still want to see them work.
Kathy Bates
Some guys leave a place after a long time, and they’re bitter. Not me.
Peyton Manning
I’ve had a best-practices reputation in this industry for a long time. I don’t know anything about those other apps, because in the bar space, there really are none.
Jon Taffer
I am of the opinion, and have been for a long time, that any kind of big technological move is almost always positive in the short term but inevitably somewhat negative in the long term. And I think there are many examples of this in every possible context.
Chuck Klosterman
It takes a long time to learn that a courtroom is the last place in the world for learning the truth.
Alice Koller
If you want to be happy for a short time, get drunk happy for a long time, fall in love; happy forever, take up gardening.
Arthur Smith
I would sooner want a strong partnership with the United States – even with (US President George W.) Bush, who I think is the worst president in a long, long time. I would sooner want a friendship with Bush than with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.
Bernard-Henri Levy
The narrow slit through which the scientist, if he wants to be successful, must view nature constructs, if this goes on for a long time, his entire character; and, more often than not, he ends up becoming what the German language so appropriately calls a Fachidiot (professional idiot).
Erwin Chargaff
If you’re interested in a book that will steadily grow and sell for a very long time, I promise you I will give you that.
Simon Sinek
I think we need to move to the moons of Mars and learn how to control robots that are on the surface. It’s not the impatient way of getting there, but Mars has been there a long time.
Buzz Aldrin
Human beings have been waging war and destroying the environment for long time. Just because it has been going on for a long time and become an unquestioned habit, does that mean it should be allowed to continue.
Sharon Gannon
The world was made up of people putting one foot in front of the other; and a life might appear ordinary simply because the person living it had been doing so for a long time.
Rachel Joyce
Levi’s eyebrows were pornographic. If Cath were making this decision just on eyebrows, she would have been “up to his room” a long time ago.
Rainbow Rowell
I think for a long time people just did not know what to do with me. I looked like a Barbie doll and then I had this voice like I spend my life in a bar, and I said things that were alarming and had ideas that didn’t make sense.
Sharon Stone
It took me a long time to get used to the reality that my grandmother had passed away. Wherever I was, in the house, in the garden, out on the fields, her face always appeared so clearly to me.
Quang Nhuong Huynh
What we all need to do is find the wellspring that keeps us going, that gives us the strength and patience to keep up this struggle for a long time.
Winona LaDuke
For a long time I wanted to draw, but I could never get the proportions right. My still life sketches were the artistic equivalent of someone who has misjudged the space constraints of a postcard, the handwriting shrinking uncomfortably at the bottom.
Sloane Crosley
I’m a workaholic. I’ve been doing my job for a long time.
Gisele Bundchen
For a long time, men weren’t respecting women. They weren’t understanding Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Motherland, all the motherly stuff. And now we are.
It’s often been observed that the first casualty of war is the truth. But that’s a lie, too, in its way. The reality is that, for most wars to begin, the truth has to have been sacrificed a long time in advance.
L. Neil Smith
I had been practicing for the Depression a long time. I wasn’t involved with loss. I didn’t have money to lose, but in common with millions I did dislike hunger and cold.
John Steinbeck
The SEC got more than 100 rules to write under Dodd-Frank, the lion’s share of all the agencies. And we’ve moved, I think, with a tremendous sense of urgency. But it takes a long time to write rules and get them approved by a five-member commission.
Mary Schapiro
When you get injured for a long time, it’s not nice because you are out of the team and not involved anymore.
Thibaut Courtois
Life had stopped for her a long time ago. She was so out of touch with her feelings that she had no joy in her life and no concept of the fact that she could be wrong. She delivered her care of her insane patients in a killing manner, but she was convinced she was right.
Louise Fletcher
A big diamond necklace is nouveau riche, really. People who have wealth a long time don’t wear such things.
Elsa Peretti
It always takes awfully long time to understand unbelievably simple things.
Joe Chung
Merely having seen the season change in a country gave one the sense of having been there for a long time.
Willa Cather
Legislative enactments proceed from men carrying their views a long time back; while judicial decisions are made off hand.
I’m also performing regularly in Southern California with two bands. As a solo artist doing acoustic sets and a member of the Jenerators, my rock n roll band that has been around for a long time now.
Bill Mumy
I’ve thought Cheney was scary for a long time. Now I know I was right to be nervous.
Sarah Brady
There was a big age difference between me and my brothers – about 10 years – so I was an only child for a long time. I used to hang out a lot on my own. I played a lot of weird games with a lot of imaginary people. I guess it’s kind of roleplaying.
Noel Fielding
The loss of my parents was definitely the hardest thing I’ve had to endure. I just felt really dead inside for a long time.
Jonathan Bennett
We can drink soup with a fork, it will only take long time! As long as we are patient, we can drink it even with a tiny pin!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
People’s lives change dramatically over such a long time period, and I think that if you’re still vital, and you’re still interested in writing and things like that, of course your music evolves and reflects where you are in your life.
Pat Benatar
It’s a thanksgiving to God. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, but the record company wasn’t ready for it. So I did it myself.
Aaron Neville
I have a voice that’s obviously untrained – and I think untrainable – so I kind of secreted it away for a long time. Actually, I would write songs with lyrics when I was younger, but I would just sing in my head.
Joanna Newsom
At the age of 5, when I was in kindergarten, I often used to pass by the computer labs and see students doing work on computers. I realized that calculation, which would take us a long time to do, can be done in less than a second with the help of computers. So that is how my interest in computers began.
Arfa Karim
There are a lot of guys kind of on the bubble that can either be that sort who turn into journeyman kind of guys that will find a new spot or guys that can make a claim to be in one place for a long time. You can name a lot of names this year, an unusual number. And I think that most of them will be OK.
Steve Young
A long time ago individuals looked at life and saw that most people aren’t happy. They saw this was obviously an inefficient system. So they combed the universe and found immeasurable happiness inside of us, our spirits.
Frederick Lenz
IT for a long time has been about how do you make old processes more efficient. But with all of the progress in digital technology, there is a kind of digital transformation that is occurring. And you see it with the explosion in the number of devices; you see it in the explosion in the number of applications.
Michael Dell
I myself am still learning how to be me and that’s OK. It can take a really long time to become the person you really want to be. Be who you are. It’s the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our community and our world.
Maria Shriver
The work I prefer to do are the smaller budget pictures, television can be great but it ties you up for quite a long time.
Jeremy Irons
I admire King Hussein his courage in leading his country for a long time.
Yitzhak Rabin
If you have the same problem for a long time, maybe it’s not a problem. Maybe it’s a fact.
Yitzhak Rabin
I am dying. I haven’t drunk champagne for a long time.
Anton Chekhov
I do tend to think that things that have incredibly long time horizons often do involve market failures.
Peter Thiel
I decided that I wanted to be a voice on every animated cartoon in the history of the world – even shows that haven’t been on the air for a very long time, that’s going to be harder to pull off.
Al Yankovic
A man’s got to keep company a long time, and come early and stay late and sit close, before he can get a girl or a job worth having.
George Horace Lorimer
As a property developer, I learned a long time ago to choose your battles wisely and that, unfortunately, compromise is a given.
Kevin McCloud
I’ve really loved steampunk for a long time, ever since ‘Wild Wild West,’ and it’s always been a genre and an era that’s fascinated me. But so often it’s set in England, and that doesn’t really resonate with me, or maybe it just seems a little overdone.
M. K. Hobson
Patience is the ability to suffer a long time under the mistreatment of others without growing resentful or bitter.
Jerry Bridges
There is time to go long, time to go short and time to go fishing.
Jesse Lauriston Livermore
I hope to be with you as a writer for a very long time, and I hope that you will enjoy reading my work, because readers are the highest form of life on this planet.
Guy Johnson
When George asked me to be the prequels, it was the same kind of meeting – it was very short and to the point. It was nice to see him after a long time, and we met in a hotel room.
Ian McDiarmid
Lebanon will be engulfed again in a huge power game that will last quite a long time. This is the tragic destiny of Lebanon.
Walid Jumblatt
Egyptians are like camels: they can put up with beatings, humiliation and starvation for a long time but when they rebel they do so suddenly and with a force that is impossible to control.
Alaa Al Aswany
I’m going to be in technology for a long time.
Eric Lefkofsky
I sometimes have the feeling you’ve been here a long time, more than one lifetime, and that you’ve dwelt in private places none of the rest of us has even dreamed about.
Robert James Waller
You do not see fairies through the eyes, you see them through the heart and that took me a long time to learn because I was always trying to see them through my eyes.
Brian Froud
I’ve been in this business for a long time at my age, I’ve just turned 30, and I feel like my wife’s career is going incredibly well, my kids are happy and healthy in schools, we’ve both been able to buy a house for our parents, respectively, in the places they live.
Ryan Phillippe
it doesn t matter if it takes a long time getting there; the point is to have a destination.
Eudora Welty
Believe me, folks, I’ve been saying it for a long time. The system, the whole system is rigged.
Donald Trump
I think that’s my approach: If it feels right for a scene to be whole, to hold on without cutting for a long time, then that’s great. But other scenes, they don’t want it.
David Mackenzie
I learned a long time ago that if you subscribe and believe the good, you have to believe the bad. My measure is my heart and what I know.
Paul Walker
Ever is a long time. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all.
Cormac McCarthy
Television viewers, they’ve been around a long time. They’ve been watching this thing now for 50 years. I mean, they know exactly what’s happening when it comes to television programming. You can’t put anything over on them anymore.
Maury Povich
Historically, it took a long time before the court took any women law clerks. Finally, it did, but the numbers have never matched very effectively the percentages of law graduates out of graduating classes. We have far more than we ever did before and it’s continued to grow, but it isn’t a nice match yet.
Sandra Day O’Connor
If I was an actor, it would be like a part that was me. It has to be real to me. I have to make it mine. I really enjoy taking a song I feel that way about, and sometimes it can take a long time to come up with just the right touch. I think that’s really my greatest talent, interpreting.
Steve Young
I learned that money’s not happiness. The more famous I am and the more money I make, the closer I stay to my family and friends that I’ve known since junior high school. True happiness to me is the connection with fellow human beings I’ve known for a long time.
Dat Phan
You can give me no greater consolation nor render greater service to your neighbor than to place yourself in a condition to serve him for a long time
Vincent de Paul
It’s unbelievable to have come through a field of 64 of the best players I’ve seen for a long time.
Phil Taylor
There was a time there in the mid ’80s to the ’90s there that we played six finals, three Canada Cups, we were playing hockey almost 10 months a year for a long time there.
Mark Messier
To put all of your eggs in one basket is silly. We did that for a long time and I don’t think it’s very smart.
John Kasich
I was single for a really long time, then I realized I had abandonment issues. Then I found love online.
Patti Stanger
I was vegetarian for a long time, and in the last four years I started eating chicken and fish. I feel like it really built up my strength a lot.
Laura Wilkinson
It is a ruse of the devil, by which he deceives good people, to induce them to do more than they are able, so that they end up not being able to do anything. The spirit of God urges one gently to do the good that can be done reasonably, so that it may be done perseveringly and for a long time.
Vincent de Paul
I’ve stopped making plans a long time back because they never work in my case. Now, I just take each day as it comes.
Abhimanyu Singh
Things take a long time, but when it’s right things move fast.
James Blunt
For a long time, sure, I was letting the pressure of being Rodney King get to me. It ain’t easy. Even now, I walk into a place wondering, ‘What people are thinking? Do they know who I am? What do they think about what happened? Do they blame me for the all those people who died?’
Rodney King
For a long time I was scared I’d find out I was like my mother.
Marilyn Monroe
Long, long time ago, I declared that all my works are a form of a prayer/a wish.
Yoko Ono
We are not alone in the universe. They have been coming here for a long time.
Edgar Mitchell
I know my own deficiencies, one of which is that I had lived away from America for such a long time. It’s called expatriate
James Hillman
I have been a huge fan of G-Dragon for a long time, but I felt a bit hesitant to talk to him.
Kim Woo-bin
I feel like a foster kid that’s been in the system for a long time, and then at 16, somebody adopted them and said, ‘You can go to college, and you ain’t got to pay no student loans.’ I feel happy. I feel accepted after all these years of blood, sweat, and tears.
Tiffany Haddish
Film entertains with different angles, quick moves, like a commercial. But filmmakers like [Wim] Wenders allow themselves to observe a subject for a long time without changing an angle, and allow you to do that along with them.
Andrey Zvyagintsev
I’m not going to talk about supporting somebody for a long time. I don’t know who the two party candidates are going to be.
Michael Bloomberg
It takes most of us a long time to learn our craft. So keep at it. Don’t give up.
Jacqueline Briskin
For a long time I had a vintage stall, where I sold men’s vintage clothing, and my girlfriend was convinced it was just to do with a problem I had where I just couldn’t stop buying senseless clothes, even if they didn’t fit me.
James Norton
I was pretty poor for a long time. Not *poor* poor. But college student poor. I lived for most of my adult life living on student wages, then after I got my MA and started teaching, I lived on teacher’s wages, which isn’t much better.
Patrick Rothfuss
I don’t want to get in a big, long discussion about right and wrong, but our company has been working on the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse for a long time. I’ve been outspoken about it.
Pete Coors
Meadowlark inspired me to play for a long time. I thought, ‘If he could do it, I can do it.’ The legacy that Meadowlark leaves is something that every child and adult can benefit from.
Robert Parish
A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to his/her dreams
Lee Taemin
I’ve been making music for a long time, since I was very young, but at the same time, I’m still exploring what works for me. I feel like I’m just starting out.
I carry condoms in my purse, even though I haven’t had sex in a long time. I’m hoping for luck! And I carry them so I can give them to other people who might want or need them, or who might want to have a conversation.
Sharon Stone
The thing I love about soaps, and from what I know about this is its run in a very old school way, which I like, since I have been doing this entertainment thing for a long time. But I see that there are some new barriers that they can break.
Darius McCrary
I don’t think I ever believed in love, not really. Just though it was something James Bond made up, a long time ago, to get laid.
Maggie Stiefvater
I’ve been acting for a long time now, but as narcissistic as this sounds – and I don’t mean it to sound – every time I see my name up there, there is real sense of pride.
Ryan Kwanten
I don’t really want more time; I just want enough time. Time to breathe deep and time to see real and time to laugh long, time to give You glory and rest deep and sing joy and just enough time in a day not to feel hounded, pressed, driven, or wild to get it all done-yesterday.
Ann Voskamp
I was aware that you weren’t supposed to write about suburbia, that it was undignified in some way, the subject matter not momentous enough. And so, for a long time, that kept me from writing about it. But once I began, I realized it was just as interesting as anywhere else.
Jeffrey Eugenides
My favorite part of writing a book is thinking up the ideas, and that can start a long time before I actually sit down at my desk.
Anthony Horowitz
Once upon a time, a long time ago, a man took off his jacket and put on a sweater. Then he took off his shoes and put on a pair of sneakers. His name was Fred Rogers.
Tom Junod
We need to learn how to honor and use a practice for as long as it serves us—which in most cases is a very long time—but to look at it as just that, a vehicle, a raft to help us cross through the waters of doubt, confusion, desire, and fear.
Jack Kornfield
If you kiss on the first date and it’s not right, then there will be no second date. Sometimes it’s better to hold out and not kiss for a long time. I am a strong believer in kissing being very intimate, and the minute you kiss, the floodgates open for everything else.
Jennifer Lopez
Dude, you tried to slice my you-know-what’s off!” Thomas laughed, something that he hadn’t done in a long time. He welcomed it happily. “Too bad I didn’t. Could’ve saved the world from future little Minhos.
James Dashner
The narrator blames the birds. And you want to blame the birds as well. I blamed the birds for a long time. But in this story everyone is hungry, even the birds. And at this point in the story so many things have gone wrong, so many bad decisions made, that it’s a wonder anyone would want to continue reading.
Richard Siken
Don’t forget I started looking at China a long time before any of those races happened. I always thought go east, not west.
Bernie Ecclestone
For a long time I have compared cinema to music, I think cinema has a lot to do with the rhythm of music.
Isabelle Huppert
I’ve never been willing to lie about my age. Why on earth would I want to tell people I’m 35, which I’m not, and have them say, ‘Oh that’s nice,’ when I could tell them I’m 47, which I am, and have them look at me and go, ‘Whoa!’. I’m not afraid of aging. I stopped being afraid of life a long time ago.
Sharon Stone
I think sometimes we look at other people’s marriages and we think they must always be so happy together. I don’t know anybody who’s married for a long time who hasn’t somehow made room in their love story for the hate and resentment that they sometimes feel toward each other.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I can’t believe how much this place has grown,” Hazel muttered. The taxi driver grinned in the rearview mirror. “Been a long time since you visited, miss?” “About seventy years,” Hazel said. The driver slid the glass partition closed and drove on in silence.
Rick Riordan
Battlefield Earth is like taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It’s not merely bad; it’s unpleasant in a hostile way.
Roger Ebert
Mitch and I have known each other for such a long time, and we’re both so pleased to be given this opportunity at this point in our lives to play characters that we’ve never really had a chance to play before. It’s a great gift. Plus we’re wise enough to appreciate it.
Susan Sullivan
I’ve had a face-lift. I’ve had my eyes done; liposuction; the nose job – well, that was a long time ago.
Gennifer Flowers
My tutors at drama school commended and criticised my use of comedy in my acting for a long time at drama school. They said I had a tendency to somehow perform the most tragic of scenes in a slightly flippant way.
John Bradley-West
Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time.
Henri Frederic Amiel
I remember knowing, for a while, for a long time, that I was kind of abnormal in some sense.
Vitalik Buterin
Its’s just that… this is the realest thing I’ve had in a long time and it scares me a bit.
Jessica Sorensen
It often falls, in course of common life, that right long time is overborne of wrong.
Edmund Spenser
When you let your mind go blank,’ he said, ‘or when you stop talking for a long time, something happens. Time becomes different. It goes away. It doesn’t come back until you start to say something.
Peter HГёeg
Sometimes I wonder will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize God left this place a long time ago.
Leonardo DiCaprio
We’ve been together as a group for a long time so this means a lot… we’ve done everything ourselves until this point, so thank you to everybody … do everything you f – -n’ believe in, because this is what it’s all about.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Look at the stars, how they shine and glow, some of the stars died a long time ago. Still they shine in the evening skies for you see, love like starlight never dies
Debi Gliori
I will say I love competing, and I was in a great era of playing with young Phil Mickelson and older Greg Norman and Nick Price. I don’t know if YA Title could throw the ball these days, but you can play golf for a long, long time.
Fred Couples
There is a sense of exhilaration that comes from facing head-on the hard truths and saying, “We will never give up. We will never capitulate. It might take a long time, but we will find a way to prevail.”
James C. Collins
I was unemployed for a long time, but I couldn’t adjust to the hours.
Ashleigh Brilliant
I’ve been a big music guy for a long time and a lot of my books have music in them so I like music analogies.
Charles Soule
If you’re silent for a long time, people just arrive in your mind.
Alice Walker
If you want to sustain excellence over a long time, you’d better come up with a system that works well. Anyone can sprint for a little while, but you can’t sprint for forty years.
Michael Dell
I don’t have any great love for Chicago. What the hell, a childhood around Douglas Park isn’t very memorable. I remember the street fights and how you were afraid to cross the bridge ’cause the Irish kid on the other side would beat your head in. I left Chicago a long time ago.
Benny Goodman
I was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, in 1917, May the 28th. So you can figure that out; that’s a long ways off. Oh, I’ve been around a long time.
Papa John Creach
I took a great joy with inventing new kinds of mechanisms. I invented new kinds of machines. I’ve been a student of science fiction for a long, long time, and I’m very well-versed in science fact and science fiction.
Jack Kirby
If I went by all the rejection I’ve had in my career, I should have given up a long time ago.
Mike Myers
She followed slowly, taking a long time, As though there were some obstacles in the way; And yet: as though, once it was overcome, She would be beyond all walking, and would fly.
Rainer Maria Rilke
It took me a long time to put it to use in things, but the name of my publishing company is Nine Music, and “Red” became my theme song.
Sammy Hagar
My faith is in my colleagues. And when I meet other writers, journalists, who’ve been doing this for a long time, trying to make us aware of what it is that we’re living in, I put my faith in those people.
Barry Lopez
Of course I wrote most of the Constitution myself. I remember hesitating for a long time over the US presidential system. But it wouldn’t have done – we were too trained in English democracy to sit down under a dictatorship which is what the American system really is.
Eamon de Valera
For a long time, I was almost ashamed of being an actress. I felt like it was a shallow occupation. People would be watching my every move.
Winona Ryder
Great truths always dwell a long time with small minorities, and the real voice of God is often that which rises above the masses, not that which follows them.
Francis Lieber
I’ve been very sensitive for a long time to the repeated pattern, during economic hard times or after a war, of the United States’ essentially unilaterally disarming.
Robert M. Gates
I’m more interested in what I’m going to leave behind me than in making a big hit record. I’ve refined what I do for a long time. If getting better at it means it goes over the heads of those who only wanted to party, then so be it.
Tom Petty
When I think about the shows that we have on our air, we’ve been known for a long time for shows that feature strong, dynamic, powerful women at their forefront. And we’re going to continue with that kind of storytelling.
Channing Dungey
You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.
J. R. R. Tolkien
Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I better stop now before I start crying. Go off to sleep in the sunshine…I don’t want to see the day when its dying.
Elliott Smith
When I was in grade school, my teachers decided I was just about the dumbest thing to come through the door in a long time. Whatever the lesson, whatever the subject, I would sit and listen to them with a lost, glassy-eyed expression on my face.
W. Bruce Cameron
I’m an awful driver. I’m not going to lie about it. I’m not a good driver. I tried for a long time to pretend that I was. There’s a lot of road rage and a lot of times it’s directed at something I’ve done on the road.
Kristen Bell
Everybody knows pretty much everything about me. I emptied all the skeletons out of my closet a long time ago.
David Feherty
It befell in the days of Uther Pendragon, when he was king of all England, and so reigned, that there was a mighty duke in Cornwall that held war against him long time. And the duke was called the duke of Tintagil.
Thomas Malory
It took me a long time to realize that football isn’t martyrdom, but a game that’s enjoyable, and one in which getting better at it is supposed to be fun. Perhaps it would have been better if I had understood this as a young man.
Oliver Kahn
I went to Vietnam, and I was there for a long time. [Using marijuana] made the difference between staying human or, as Michael Douglas said, becoming a beast.
Oliver Stone
Then I asked her if she wanted to to the funeral, and my God, the look on her face. You’d think I’d asked her to drown the neighbor’s cat.” Admittedly, drowning the neighbor’s cat didn’t really clue me in as much as I would’ve liked. “So, she was angry?” He blinked back to me and stared. Like a long time.
Darynda Jones
Sometimes travelling really intensely for a long time is like having a continuous nervous breakdown.
Glen Hansard
He had lived a very long time, and only since he gained Anna had he learned to fear. He’d discovered that he had never been brave before—just indifferent. She had taught him that to be brave, you have to fear losing something.
Patricia Briggs
I’ve been singing one kind of genre for a long time but have always tried to push to new auras about picking new songs or the same kind of genre but trying to sing it differently, treating it differently.
Arijit Singh
Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv’ryTay! Alas! I am very sorry to say That ninety lives have been taken away On the last Sabbath day of1879, Which will be remember’d for a very long time.
William Topaz McGonagall
Africa has been troubled for a long time – well, the world has been troubled ever since I was born.
Hugh Masekela
The Good Wife was definitely the biggest surprise and gift that Ive had in a long time, and that did come out of some other work that I had done. That whole adage of work begets work actually worked in that case – it was at the very end of their first season that my character was first introduced.
Carrie Preston
Seven years is a long time, and he was there for me, when my mum died. He was very compassionate at that time. I couldn’t have found anyone better in that situation.
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
Once you break the social norm and create a new social norm, all of a sudden it can stay with us for a long time.
Dan Ariely
Everyone has a breaking point, Riley. He hit his long time ago. But you didn’t. He smiled and sqeezed her hand.’Because of you.’ Weaving his arm around her waist, they walked up the stairs in tandem. – Riley Blackthorne and Paul Blackthorne
Jana Oliver
The French – they like jazz, they’ve been on jazz a long time.
Billy Higgins
For a long time, I’ve loved the kind of characters who are boastful yet petty. I was originally a gag manga artist, after all.
Akira Toriyama
I hope to play for the Red Sox a long time.
Dustin Pedroia
I’ve always wanted to have a radio show. It has been a dream of mine for a long time. With a radio show I can sit in a studio, or ultimately even sit in my own living room, and talk to hundreds of thousands of people.
Marianne Williamson
Yeah, I think Michael has had to deal with that label of being Michael Caine for a long time.
Dylan Moran
From the spinners, Anil and I have been together for a long time and I respect him a lot.
Sachin Tendulkar
The sexual is part of everything, and it’s highly formalized. I hadn’t done figure for a long time. And I thought to myself, “Why not the erotic figure?”
Claes Oldenburg
No matter what the genre, I want to see me and my friends. I want to see reality. I want to see what we’re really like. I loved ‘Bridesmaids’. I thought it was the most honest portrayal of female friendship in such a long time.
Drew Barrymore
It’s even occurred to me, as a teeny little subversive whisper of a thought, that if we stop mowing the lawn right now, it will probably be a long, long time before the yard gets overrun by lions and snakes.
Barbara Ehrenreich
People have said to me for a long time, “Man you’re funny.” I say, “Well, I’m quick,” but being funny on purpose, take after take – that’s why I said for me it was new territory, and so by improvising something might come out that might be good. And it’s film, so they can cut it if it isn’t.
Denzel Washington
Twenty years is, after all, a long time. We are not the same people we were. Old friends, lovers, even family members: they are strangers who happen to wear a familiar face. We have no right to claim to know anyone after such a distance.
Graham Joyce
My parents have a wonderful marriage, for many years. But I can’t commit myself for such a long time.
Kim Wilde
I’ve known Jennifer [Salke] for so long. Before I was a writer, I did garden design, and I designed Jennifer’s garden, many years ago. I’ve known her for a really long time. So the pitch was not really about that.
Ryan T. Murphy
[SГёren ] Kierkegaard said it for me a long time ago. He said, `You can’t really think yourself into a faith, into a religion. It’s something you have to make a leap into faith.’ And I’ve never been able to do that. I wish I could. Then maybe I could believe in an afterlife.
Nat Hentoff
Aye, well, he’ll be wed a long time,” he said callously. “Do him no harm to keep his breeches on for one night. And they do say that abstinence makes the heart grow firmer, no?” “Absence,” I said, dodging the spoon for a moment. “AND fonder. If anything’s growing firmer from abstinence, it wouldn’t be his heart.
Diana Gabaldon
It was not a healthy marriage for long time. It was never about another man, it was about what my and Dennis’s relationship could not sustain.
Meg Ryan
It took a long time, but my heart now feels full when I think of him. When you fall in love again—which I have—it’s funny the other things that come back in with that open-ness. You have this ghost chorus of the lovers who came before, but they’re benign now, they’re good spirits.
Emma Forrest
I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom. I hadn’t met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, and my friends have always been amazing. So I went with my friends and got a million photos with them!
Shay Mitchell
It took me a long time to get selected as an astronaut. In fact, I applied for 20 years before I was selected.
John L. Phillips
I want to be here for a long time, so I am going to do everything I have to do to be here. And I want to walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to somebody some day. I want to make sure I am still here to make sure my two young [sons] become men.
Magic Johnson
When I make a documentary I shoot very little but I hang around with my camera for a long time. I look at the people for a long time through the loop and then when I see something interested then I shoot. I think that I have become very sensitive to these things.
Pirjo Honkasalo
Sometimes I might borrow something from a song I started a long time ago and see if I can grab something.
Lucinda Williams
For such a long time, when you’re a writer, you really are just writing for yourself, and maybe a few friends. So it’s really amazing when your book gets out there and more people are reading and responding to it. It really makes the world of the books feel real.
Cassandra Clare
I’m a feminist. I’ve been a female for a long time now. It’d be stupid not to be on my own side.
Maya Angelou
You know, we’ve been married for 22 years … and I have learned a long time ago that the only people who count in any marriage are the two that are in it.
Hillary Clinton
I think that dreams, goals, and aspirations, all of that stuff – I’m really lucky to have been able to work with the talented people that I’ve been able to work with and I hope to be doing that for a very long time.
Mandy Moore
An interesting thing about drugs is often, when a new drug is discovered, it takes a long time to figure out how do you do it.
Terence McKenna
I think that freedom means freedom for everyone. As many of you know, one of my daughters is gay and it is something we have lived with for a long time in our family. I think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish. Any kind of arrangement they wish.
Dick Cheney
Too much of our lives corresponds to the ‘lost-wallet’ theory of life. You lose something, spend a long time finding it, and then feel grateful to be back where you started.
Gloria Steinem
Forever is a very long time Peter
James M. Barrie
Music had been going on a long time before that. You have to remember that before rock n’ roll there were a bunch of jazz musicians all doing heroin. That sh*t has been around a long time.
Lemmy Kilmister
Falling in love with a story is like falling in love with a person. It tends to occupy your life, your thoughts. You can’t do anything else for a long time.
Dacia Maraini
Its been a long time coming but now the snow is gone
Josh Ritter
Rejoice that you have still have a long time to live, before the thought comes to you that there is nothing more in the world to see.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I’m launching my own festival in South Wales. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s going to be held at Margam Park, because I wanted the venue to be as close to my home as possible.
Katherine Jenkins
This morning, for the first time in a long time, the joy again of imagining a knife twisted in my heart.
Franz Kafka
I’ve been a Hillary Clinton supporter for a long time and I know that is not actually a popular position.
Joss Whedon
Drugs have been in the game for a long time. They were there when I was in college, and even in high school. It’s in life. It’s in business. It’s everywhere.
Michael Jordan
This was all he wanted now. Some signs that the immense world would accept him and give him the long time he needed to think all the things that must be thought.
Ray Bradbury
There was a period which I refer to as the ‘Golden Age of Jazz,’ which sort of encompasses the middle Thirties through the Sixties, we had a lot of great innovators, all creating things which will last the world for a long, long time.
Sonny Rollins
I don’t know, now, when I first looked at Hella and found her stale, found her body uninteresting, her presence grating. It seemed to happen all at once—I suppose that only means that it had been happening for a long time.
James A. Baldwin
A long long time ago, I can still remember how that music use to make me smile.
Don McLean
The white backlash has been at work for a long time. It’s been part and parcel of the Republican Party for the last 25 years or so, and it’s been highly successful up until Barack Obama was ingeniously able to come up with strategies to deal with it.
Cornel West
When you were a kid, a day was a long time and a year was a long time
Aaron Neville
I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve been interested in memory for a long time. And one of my earlier interests in molecular biology of memory led me to define the switch that converts short term to long term memory.
Eric Kandel
Fortunately for a quarterback, you can play for a long time because you don’t get hit very often.
Tom Brady
I really am a strong believer that with editing, it should take a long time. Even you yourself are not capable of making the right decisions; sometimes you need a distance.
Shirin Neshat
What we call soul has been around a long time. It comes out of a particular culture that is African in origin, but influenced by 250 years of slavery, as well as other forms of racial oppression.
Roy Ayers
Smiling, I cut across the quadrangle toward the commons. I felt better about life than I had in a very long time. We could do this, Lissa and me. We could do this together.
Richelle Mead
Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.
Kevin Smith
And eternity is a long time. So if you have to spend it with someone I could see wanting to spend it with someone impossible…but interesting.
Meg Cabot
When someone’s been gone a long time, at first you save up all the things you want to tell them. You try to keep track of everything in your head. But it’s like trying to hold on to a fistful of sand: all the little bits slip out of your hands, and then you’re just clutching air and grit.
Jenny Han
The second guy I met on the Internet was Tom, who I dated for around 6 months, which is by far the longest relationship I’ve ever had as an adult. We long distance dated mostly, chatting everyday for a long time on FB chat and Skype. It’s hard to imagine a more genuinely caring and kind individual. I owe a lot to him.
Marie Calloway
Being from a divorced family almost felt like a scarlet letter at times. And I denied it for a long time.
Bryan Cranston
It’s not the day in which I grew up, long time ago, where we had three news networks. No cable, no social media, no internet. Where what you see is what you got. We had basically straight journalism. We don’t have that anymore.
Susan Rice
I wanted to write it long before I wrote Every Night, Josephine! I’d been thinking about it a long time.
Jacqueline Susann
In any event, I don’t believe in instant philosophy, because interesting problems take a long time to understand and work out. Just think of the problems of truth and justice.
Mario Bunge
I think I was probably wondering, having looked at human beings for a long time, wondering if evolution ever took place. And I still have my doubts.
Edward Albee
I know of no long-time practitioner who regrets adhering to a value philosophy; few investors who embrace the fundamental principles ever abandon this investment approach for another
Seth Klarman
I’ve been writing and wanting to direct for a long time.
Andy Serkis
I would not be at all surprised to find that it was for gold that Cain committed the first murder. (It happened a very long time ago, and Holy Writ, though no doubt divinely inspired, is a trifle careless about details. God is not a historian).
Barbara Mertz
It’s taken me a long time to become the person I am, for all the ugliness to fall away. The rotten flesh is gone, and the seed is there. I can touch that now.
Lynn Johnston
One realizes after a long time that, actually, we are contradictory, all of us.
Annie Lennox
When I look in the mirror, I look at the enemy. There is no one to blame for this but myself. I should have bought myself a mirror a long time ago.
Darryl Strawberry
One day a long time from now you’ll cease to care anymore whom you please or what anybody has to say about you. That’s when you’ll finally produce the work you’re capable of.
J. D. Salinger
It seems like everybody’s weighing in on Trumps campaign – even Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. He said that Trump is ‘probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time.’ Then Trump was like, ‘Well, at least one Cuban loves me.’
Jimmy Fallon
I’ve been a fan of Burberry for a very long time and they’ve been so supportive of me for many years.
Aaron Paul
For a long time, the film business was a single-digit business on investment return. Now, because of home video, it’s a low double-digit business, and the studios want to make sure it doesn’t go back into the single-digit business.
Charles Roven
A different script calls for different things. It always takes me a long time to get to know the part, and know the logic behind the words. I have to be with the script for quite a long time before things start to fall into place, before they become part of the character.
Sally Hawkins
Vin Scully has been my broadcasting idol for a long time. He is so humble – he has the exact same work ethic that he had 65 years ago. His family is what he cares about the most, and at the heart of his whole being is his marriage and kids.
Hannah Storm
As an actor you just want to continue to work on things that you like. You can be in this business a long time and consistently working and just be totally artistically unfulfilled.
Mike Colter
I waited a long time to have children because I had this career that was kind of like my kid, it required as much nurturing.
Minnie Driver
This is the end of this subject for me for a long time.
Bill Belichick
For a long time Christianity has sewn its teachings into the fabric of Western culture. That was a good thing …. But the season of sewing is ending. Now is a time for rending, not for the sake of disengaging from culture or retreating from the public square, but so that our salt does not lose its savor.
R. R. Reno
A long time ago, I became aware that many of us have a tendency to lump nature into simplistic categories, such as what we consider beautiful or ugly, important or unimportant. As human a thing as that is to do, I think it often leads us to misunderstand the respective roles of life forms and their interconnectedness.
Gary Larson
The late Alfred P. Sloan, Ir., long-time executive of General Motors Corporation, had a fivepoint “secret of success.” It was: 1. Get the facts. 2. Recognize the equities of all concerned. 3. Realize the necessity of doing a better job every day. 4. Keep an open mind. 5. Work hard.
Alfred P. Sloan
If I were scared of rednecks, I would’ve moved on a long time ago. That’s not a fear I struggle with.
Mike Cooley
There are people who appear in the magazines and I don’t know who they are. I’ve never seen anything they’ve done and their careers are over already. They’re famous for maybe 10 minutes. Real careers, I think, take a long time to unfold.
Matt Damon
All my books take a long time to research. I spend several months researching before I start writing, and in the middle of writing I often have to stop and look up stuff. At my local library, I am one of the best customers! The research takes several months.
Linda Sue Park
I haven’t done a marathon for a long time. So we’ll see. I will need good luck.
Haile Gebrselassie
It took quite a bit of work and time and mistakes to begin to feel – to understand the strength that comes along with building a home life.That was very mysterious to me. I was very skeptical of it for a long time, and didn’t understand it fully until Patti [ Scialfa] and I got together.
Bruce Springsteen
Sometimes, as a former football player, we have to go into that away game and silence the crowd. And just let them know I am the man. I’m going to be here for a long time.
Roman Reigns
It may have lost its special-ness forever and the clubs might not being doing well but I think standup is in the best shape it has been in a long time.
Marc Maron
The idea of being a professional actor never occurred to anybody, including myself, for a long time.
William Shatner
It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured.
Gregory David Roberts
Marriage is wild. I thought it was this perfect land of happiness and joy. Wrong! After you say you do, you don’t for a long time.
John Leguizamo
I’m an old man of 73, and I’ve been around a long time. If I don’t know something by now, I probably never will.
John Sununu
You are a set of deceitful scoundrels! But bless you! I give in. I will take Gildor’s advice. If the danger were not so dark, I should dance for joy. Even so, I cannot help feeling happy; happier than I have felt for a long time.
J. R. R. Tolkien
I can’t make something ‘useful’ to me in a writing sense for a very long time. I don’t have any journalistic instinct. And I do keep a journal, but it’s neither very revealing nor fruitful for work. Stuff just bubbles up from the swamp later.
Tim Winton
We’re not meant to be perfect. It took me a long time to learn that.
Jane Fonda
I spent a long time working in the movies to figure out that kind of acting and also how to write and produce for the screen.
Denis Leary
In the US, first of all, the electoral system has been almost totally shredded. For a long time it’s been pretty much run by private concentrated spending but now it’s over the top. Elections increasingly over the years have been [public relations] extravaganzas.
Noam Chomsky
I have had this view of the optimization of the electrode design for a long time. Historically we went through various phases in the work and eventually worked on large sheets – very large sheets – of palladium.
Martin Fleischmann
We have no idea how much the government knows and how much the CIA even knows about average citizens. The government is not supposed to be doing this in this country. They listen in on our phone calls. I am not exaggerating because I have studied this a long time.
Nat Hentoff
Seize every opportunity that life offers you because, when opportunities go, they take a long time to come back.
Paulo Coelho
Entering Malibu, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia and long lost sadness, like seeing a home I had left a long time ago and had returned to.
Nick Mancuso
Since there were others, a long time ago, who were kind enough to give me a hard time and allow me to study with them, I try and express the same Buddhist courtesy.
Frederick Lenz
The First World War began because one man was shot. The Second World War began because of a mad German dictator. Who knows how a third could start. There are also people who think that the war has been going for a long time.
Ronald Lauder
That no-hitter stuff was a long time ago; I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I’m just going through a tough time.
Johan Santana
World War II put feminism on hold for a long time; the men went away to fight, a lot of women in those years got jobs both in teaching and in factories – at all social levels – which they enjoyed very much. A lot of them were quite happy during the war.
Margaret Drabble
You can go on like this for a very long time, and no one will notice. You keep thinking you’re going to hit some sort of bottom, but I’m here to tell you: There is no bottom.
Dan Chaon
I can’t listen to so much music at the same time. I think you really have to have a diet. You’re just processing too much, there’s no place to put it. If you go a long time without hearing music, then you hear music that nobody else hears.
Tom Waits
Creativity has to do with what came before you immediately, not what came before you a long time ago.
Paula Scher
I lived for a long time under vast porticos
That maritime suns tinted with a thousand fires,
And whose great pillars, straight and majestuous
In the evening made seem like basaltic caves.
Charles Baudelaire
We forgot this continent for a long time – and now, finally Africa is being rediscovered.
Fernando Meirelles
What we’re hearing from everyone is that they understand that Saddam Hussein is a threat. They understand that he’s been a threat for a long time.
Condoleezza Rice
I’ve learned to do a movie and then not be in that place for a long time.
Kirsten Dunst
It takes a long time to get to be a diva. I mean, you gotta work at it.
Diana Ross
You know ladies and gentlemen, a long time ago , there were lots of people, but that was a long time ago
Dana Carvey
There is an emerging scientific consensus that global warming is making hurricanes more intense and more destructive. It turns out that Katrina fits into a pattern that scientists and greens have been trying to warn us about for a long time.
Johann Hari
I worked in information technology and academia for a long time and met many people who were better with things and ideas than with people.
Graeme Simsion
For a long time the people at my shows were sort of the Pantera-tattoo trucker guys, really cool dudes, but I don’t know what happened to them. That’s the crowd that I like, the ones that don’t get so offended just to be offended.
Dave Attell
Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French… and they got together and swore a pact to the devil.
Pat Robertson
A long time ago a very powerful race of Indians lived here. They were from another cycle; their being was of another composition. They are still here, even now, you can see them on the mountain rims.
Frederick Lenz
Ladies have come up with all these expressions to reassure men. “Oh, honey, it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean.” That may be true, but it takes a long time to get to England in a rowboat.
Jeff Foxworthy
I think about my films for a long time, maybe years, but I write them in days.
Anurag Kashyap
I’d read Up in the Old Hotel, and I wanted to do something with Mitchell’s stuff for a long time.
Stanley Tucci
He tells me I look as if I could use a hugand i laugh at him and he ignores me and steps forward and puts his arms around me and hugs me. I warm at the simple pleasure of human contact and for the first time in a long time i actually feel good.” (James Frey, pg.38)
James Frey
It takes a long time, I think, to get to the place where you realize you may love the hairstyle that somebody else has.
A’Lelia Bundles
If you don’t know one thing about Kid Rock it’s that he’s loyal. His band has been together for a long time, he stands by his friends, and the guy still lives in his home state of Michigan.
Gabrielle Reece
I’m an impatient guy and tend not to like to stay with one thing for a long time. I’ll never be able to write as many scripts as I did for “Felicity” or “Alias” ever again. I’m just too impatient these days. I want to get on to the next project.
J. J. Abrams
When I have sat at home with this God-given talent for music for a long time, somebody approaches me out of the blue and asks me to play for them. It’s almost as though there’s a force somewhere which is saying ‘no sittin’ around, out you go!
Jeremy Spencer
Well, I don’t know. Home Alone, I was a lot younger and I was in every shot and it was a lot colder, so Home Alone was physically demanding but more like being able to stand for a long time.
Alex D. Linz
For a very long time everybody refuses and then almost without a pause almost everybody accepts.
Gertrude Stein
I’ve been involved in the intelligence side of the federal government for a long time. We all know that we have to have a balance between security to protect the American people and liberty. We take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and the American people.
Barack Obama
It took me a long time to realize that distance can ruin even the best of intentions.
Nicholas Sparks
I think we forget that, for a really long time, this country has been a place that has welcomed many refugees who have made it home and have tremendously contributed to this country.
Ilhan Omar
I have said for a long time that I thought the president would be best served if the attorney general resigned so I think it’s the right thing to do.
John McCain
Side note: When I dressed up like Harley Quinn on TV a long time ago, everyone was like, ‘Who is that?’ And now she’s got an entire merchandise line.
AJ Lee
Fifty years,” I hackneyed, “is a long time.” “Not when you’re looking back at them,” she said. “You wonder how they vanished so quickly.
Isaac Asimov
For a long time—always, in fact—I have known that life here on earth is not what I needed and that I wasn’t able to deal with it; for this reason and for this reason alone, I have acquired a touch of spiritual pride, so that my existence seems to me the degradation and the erosion of a psalm.
Emile M. Cioran
I don’t think many people have ever read the report. Who has read 26 volumes of this case? How many read the summary? If you read the summary, it takes a long time.
John Sherman Cooper
I made a movie where I played a girl that just got out of prison and we shot it very very quickly but very intensely-that took me a long time to get over.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
I have been aspiring to write some sort of literature for a long time.
Michael Moore
I no fight for the money because I work hard for UFC for long time. I have money for my family. But I fight because I love it.
Anderson Silva
The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re passing legislation that will cover 300 million American people in different ways, it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.
John Dingell
Roger Maris lost his hair the season he hit sixty-one, I still have all my hair, but when it’s over, I’m going home to Mobile and fish for a long time.
Hank Aaron
Marion Cotillard is one of my favorite actresses. Not only is she so supremely elegant, but her choices are remarkable. I also admire Margot Robbie. She’s been working in film for a long time and is not the kind of actress who had instant breakout success.
Danielle Campbell
Volunteering has been undervalued in Britain for a long time. Often it has been seen as a kind of cut-price, amateur version of work that would be better done by the state. When politicians speak about it, people hear in the background the sound of budgets being cut.
Jonathan Sacks
Maybe I’m completely different from everyone else. There are a lot of girls who can’t wait to get married and plan their wedding a long time in advance. I’m not like that. I do want to start a family at some point, but I don’t know when.
Kristen Stewart
Also, if you’re in a TV show that does turn out to be very successful, you then can do whatever you want to do in theater for a very long time.
Treat Williams
Bisexuality started a long, long time ago. You just have to support it. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all bleed the same, we’re all going one way in the end – six feet down. I support the gays 24/7.
Dereck Chisora
It took us a long time to find out that we had been lied to by our parents’ generation. The moralities that were followed during our parents’ generation were basically arbitrary. This caused a rift between the two generations, which was brought on by the beatniks.
Peter Fonda
For a long time I was trying to be poppier and younger. I didn’t want to be on public radio or do any of that stuff for older people. Then I realized that that is exactly what I listen to.
Teddy Thompson
It’s funny, for a long time I would go watermelon-red and deny that I was a magical realist. It felt imprecise to me, a misrepresentation.
Karen Russell
I learned a long time ago with you that folks who were trying to be kind would rather do it with a macaroni-and-cheese bake than any personal involvement. You hand off a serving dish and you’ve done your job – no need to get personally involved, and your conscience is clean. Food is the currency of aid.
Jodi Picoult
There’s no such thing as a short review. It will take a long time to get it started. That’s the reality. And it will be probably even longer to complete it.
Seamus Mallon
Anything that’s ever gotten on the charts as a result of “American Idol” or “The X Factor” in the UK. It’s born out of karaoke culture. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s absolutely affected radio.
Johnny Marr
For a really long time [before writing the novel], I was watching a lot of serial killer movies and I started to wonder if this was a trend and if other people were doing the same thing. That’s what happens when you suddenly have a critical perspective on your own behavior.
Lucy Corin
I’ve been in football a long time and people have problems through debt, drugs, drink and family.
Gordon Strachan
We have been in the process of reprogramming men and the way they are raised for a long time.
Rush Limbaugh
How transcendent is the virtue of the middle conduct! Rare for a long time has been its practice among the people.
Somebody told me a long time ago that if everybody loves you, somebody’s lying. It is the truest statement you could ever say to somebody.
Walker Hayes
I’ve said for a long time, clearly the – a, a critical key to success in the region is going to be Pakistan and our relationship with Pakistan, which was one that was broken in the late ’80s and which we’ve worked hard to restore.
Michael Mullen
(Obama) really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq and he has wanted to surrender for a long time.
John McCain
Most of us think prison is a place where bad people go – which is what I thought for a long time – until you really start to look inside the system and you see, this is not right.
Ava DuVernay
True, I’ve been a long time making up my mind, but now I’m giving you a definite answer. I won’t say yes, and I won’t say no – but I’m giving you a definite maybe.
Samuel Goldwyn
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett
In regards to Oral Roberts’ claim that God told him that he would die unless he received $20 million by March, God’s lawyers have stated that their client has not spoken with Roberts for several years. Off the record, God has stated that ‘if I had wanted to ice the little toad, I would have done it a long time ago.
Dennis Miller
It seems like movies normally take a long time to get made. When you focus on it, and you’re waiting for something, it seems to take longer.
Michael Cera
With this new album, I prepared for it a long time, and I was happy with the songs and the production. I felt that I proved myself with the first album, and with this new album, I just want to share some of my music. And that was always my feeling and my intention.
Jon Secada
Great work requires great and persistent effort for a long time. … Character has to be established through a thousand stumbles.
Swami Vivekananda
The only concept or experience or core belief that I can attribute my other-ness to is that I just started out a weirdo and I stayed a weirdo. And it took me a long time to embrace my outsidership and see it as a strength rather than a weakness.
Aisha Tyler
I’ve been on social media for quite a long time, maybe because I’ve been sending out nutrition information.
Maye Musk
And why, by the way, did it take Arabs to do what people here should have done a long time ago?
Ward Churchill
Basically I was a theatre fanatic. I had a job with Home Box Office as a theatre consultant for a long time.
Rob Urbinati
The late PrГ©sident de Montesquieu told me that he knew how to be blind–he had been so for such a long time–but I swear that I do not know how to be deaf: I cannot get used to it, and I am as humiliated and distressed by it today as I was during the first week. No philosophy in the world can palliate deafness.
Lord Chesterfield
However, I was a restaurant critic at Chicago magazine before I worked at Esquire, and I’ve been a really enthusiastic home cook for a long time. It’s just something I’m passionate about.
Ted Allen
It takes a long time to free oneself from chatter – goals, social media, image, persona. And if you’re able to move through in that way, you can actually start trying to create from a different place.
Sandra Oh
When the painting is hanging on your wall for a long time, you don’t notice it. You get tired of it, even if it’s a Picasso. When the next generation inherits the painting, they sell it. I don’t want to be sold.
Julio Iglesias
I saw ‘Clueless’ probably when I was about 8 or 9 years old. And, I had certain films that I would fall asleep so it was ‘Clueless’ for quite a long time, and I used to just watch it every single night and knew every single line, every single quote.
Saoirse Ronan
I also have a lot of preserved foods, things that will keep for a long time like dried fish, seaweed or lotus seed.
Martin Yan
Do not exaggerate to stay lonely! Do not exaggerate to stay in the crowds! Come and go, from one to another! Spend not long time in either of them!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
My gut feeling is that paper and ink are going to be with us for a long time yet, and in substantial quantities, though certainly books are now going to be available in other forms.
Fred Saberhagen
Bin Laden’s death is just a punctuation point on a set of problems they’ve had for a long time. I think the prognosis for al-Qaida and groups like it is really bad, and that’s a good thing.
Peter Bergen
One of the things I learned in the military is sometimes you don’t know what mistakes you make for a long time. But as you go through a campaign, there’s lots of decision points you make, and you don’t know whether those are gonna be the right decision points or not.
Wesley Clark
Stop!” Narcissus got to his feet. “This is not right! This person is obviously not awesome, so he must be…” He struggled for the right words. It had probably been a long time since he’d talked about anything other than himself. “He must be tricking us.” Apparently Narcissus wasn’t completely stupid.
Rick Riordan
I have a degree in finance and these things kind of all go beyond me in a sense. I have a degree from a long time ago before computers.
Chris Henchy
For a long time, society put obstacles in the way of women who wanted to enter the sciences.
Sally Ride
Those who criticize, they desire our blood not our pain. But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children. But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.
Michael Jackson
I like to surf. I like to play guitar. I want to do college classes online. I wanted to do marine biology for a long time, but I don’t know.
Ali Lohan
What happens to people like myself, who have been involved with computing for a long time, is that you begin to see how many of the ‘new’ ideas are simply old ones coming back into view on the swing of the pendulum, with new and faster hardware to back it up.
Ellen Ullman
HAPPINESS comes first by what comes into your head a long time before material BLESSINGS come into your hand.
Jeffrey R. Holland
I first met (Bob Dylan) in ’65. We’ve had a friendship for a long time. He decided to play on a record I was making in New York. We were just friends playing together.
Doug Sahm
I never really had stage nerves but I did have had trouble getting up to the right energy level. For a long time I drank. I drank up until 1982 and then I gave up alcohol.
Gordon Lightfoot
Human beings are going to be relying on natural resources for a long time.
Gale Norton
The door might not be opened to a woman again for a long, long time, and I had a kind of duty to other women to walk in and sit down on the chair that was offered, and so establish the right of others long hence and far distant in geography to sit in the high seats.
Frances Perkins
It is only when the correct practice is followed for a long time, without interruptions and with a quality of positive attitude and eagerness, that it can succeed.
That’s my job as an actor – to go on and try to do the work so subtle and so fine and specific that the memories will linger for a long time.
Ron Cephas Jones
I’ve spent a long time giving people the benefit of the doubt, and I’m tired of it.
James McAvoy
I learned this a long time ago. If you call a guy into your office and shut the door, if there’s media around, it sends up a red flag. I never wanted to embarrass a player.
Jim Leyland
As I have been arguing for a long time now, there is a real need not simply for a political economy of wealth but also for a political economy of speed.
Paul Virilio
I don’t believe in the sort of “Eureka!” moment idea. I think it’s a myth. I’m very suspicious that actually Archimedes had been thinking about that problem for a long time.
Tim Berners-Lee
Hollywood is a strange place. The class structure here is more rigid than almost anyplace I’ve ever experienced. It’s made more difficult by the fact that it’s constantly changing. You never know what class you belong to unless you’re one of the two or three people that have been in the same echelon for a long, long time.
Alan Arkin
Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, Some of them are things people are scared of. Some of them are things that look like things people used to be scared of a long time ago. Sometimes monsters are things people should be scared of, but they aren’t.
Neil Gaiman
That’s where depression hits you most – your home life. It doesn’t affect your work. I can’t do this zany, wacky, funny thing any more. I haven’t been like that for a long time.
Lenny Henry
No blessing goes uncontested. It will take a long time to get your dream.
Miranda Hart
For a long time we dreamed of a real leather ball, and at last my brother had one for his birthday. The feel of the leather, the stitching round it, the faint gold letters stamped upon it, the touch of the seam, the smell of it, all affected me so deeply that I still have that ache of beauty when I hold a cricket ball.
Alison Uttley
A long time ago when I was very little, I dreamed about being on stage. Some people told me I would never be able to do it, so I only paid attention to those who told me that I could.
Lauren Potter
I really liked the idea of focusing on one thing for, hopefully, a long time to come. I also like the idea of a consistent lifestyle, as opposed to not really knowing where on the planet you’re going to be at any given moment.
Anna Paquin
The whole business of getting famous was good fun, but it was a long time ago.
Julian Clary
For a very long time, I wrote a book a year, and was eager and willing to do it, to put bread on the table, to have my work out there. Now I must write a book every two years, and that’s never enough time, either.
Jan Karon
For a long time I was convinced that the conflict between Jewish people and black people in this country was a media event.
Toni Morrison
Who lent the Greeks the most money? It was German banks, and for a long time, they were profiting from it quite nicely.
Jaroslaw Kaczynski
For many years I have devoted articles and essays to newspapers, from the inside. So criticism of the newspapers was a topic that I practiced for a long time.
Umberto Eco
Your task is to conquer yourselves, not ships, lands and castles. This battle is the one in which you especially are to ‘come off conqueror.’ It is fought every day. In fact, it is a continuing process which commenced a long, long time ago.
Neal A. Maxwell
But slowly I began to use cameras and then think about what it was that was going on. It took me a long time, I mean I actually played with cameras and photography for about 20 years.
David Hockney
For a long time the objects that mathematicians dealt with were mostly ill-defined; one believed one knew them, but one represented them with the senses and imagination; but one had but a rough picture and not a precise idea on which reasoning could take hold.
Henri Poincare
Figure out where you’re going before you go there: he was told that a long time ago.
John Updike
A man who has to go to the village to get the news hasn’t heard from himself in a long time.
Henry David Thoreau
I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.
Carlos Santana
I thank Allah that I have been playing for Pakistan for a long time. This is a big honour for me; I had not even thought so.
Shahid Afridi
…for a long time I wanted to become a theologian… now, however, behold how through my efforts God is being debated in astronomy.
Johannes Kepler
We expect to keep our writing sessions going until late spring, then to play some new material in a few secret club dates. The record will likely take a long time and may not surface until 1999!
Adrian Belew
It took me a long time to realise that I was a girl as a teenager. At that point I never really believed it. I looked like a boy for a long time. Now, finally, I feel like a woman.
Kristen Stewart
I’m going to beat it, …it’s hard…but I plan on being around for a long time to come.
Laura Evans
I used to think I knew what was right and what was wrong, and who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are. Then the world got very gray, and I didn’t know anything for a long time
Laurell K. Hamilton
You have been given questions to which you cannot be given answers. You will have to live them out – perhaps a little at a time.’ And how long is that going to take?’ I don’t know. As long as you live, perhaps.’ That could be a long time.’ I will tell you a further mystery,’ he said. ‘It may take longer.
Wendell Berry
There’s not like a science to it, necessarily, but I’m also the kind of person who spends a long time in the studio. I will spend my entire advance just getting it done, which is probably stupid, but I don’t have extravagant taste. I mean, I paid for it, so there you go. Why not? The recording process is also very fun.
Neko Case
I like things that are difficult, physically and mentally. Things that are really challenging, things that really maybe take a long time but really push me to my limits.
Ed Viesturs
So we do software for watches, for phones, for TV sets, for cars. And some of these take a long time to catch on.
Bill Gates
From my mom and dad, because they’re happily married for a long time: Just listen. Listen to him. I’m so independent and driven and stubborn. Just let him talk. It’s about not being so stubborn and having to win every argument. My parents set a great example. They love each other and take care of each other so much.
Erin Andrews
I’ve known Nicholas Parsons for a fairly long time and his geniune pleasures are in rubber tubes, metal clips
Clement Freud
I’m real comfortable around people, and it took a long time for me to evolve to that point.
Ron Perlman
For a long time, I resisted seeing ‘The Sound of Music,’ but when I finally did, I cried.
Michael Learned
You know, it’s scary when you sign onto a pilot of a series because, as much as you want the series to go, you also want it to be a character that you’d be interested in playing for a long time.
Lisa Edelstein
I’m really happy here at City. It’s a second home to me, so it was an easy decision to stay for the long term. I knew from the beginning when I started here that I wanted to stay for a long time – I can’t see any place better than here.
Edin Dzeko
And so I fell devoutly asleep and slept a long time, because young people seem to need sleep more than the old, who have already slept so much and are preparing to sleep for all eternity.
Umberto Eco
One thing Mom taught me, “You’re going to be dead a long time, so do it now!”
Rita Mae Brown
Dude, the bush is ready. Why you still beating around it?” “I’ve lived a long time, kid, and I’ve never heard anyone mutilate the English language quite like you.
Karen Marie Moning
For a long time, we assume we know who we are, until the moment we fully realize who that is; in that moment, identity is no longer predictable, but rather takes the form of a truth that, like any other, can become a sentence with no more than a change of perspective.
Sergio Chejfec
He who has attained intellectual emancipation to any extent cannot, for a long time, regard himself otherwise than as a wanderer on the face of the earth and not even as a traveller towards a final goal, for there is no such thing.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I don’t think I’ve ever had a mentor. The closest thing is my friend Christopher Fowler, another writer. Chris kept me sane for a long time before I made it.
Joanne Harris