Mad At Him Quotes

Mad At Him Quotes by Susane Colasanti, Denzel Washington, Casey Stengel, Kiera Cass, Jay Leno, Luol Deng and many others.

I'm sorry.' Congratulations.' Can you tell me why you'r

I’m sorry.’ Congratulations.’ Can you tell me why you’re so upset?’ The thing is, Tobey should get this. I mean, he’s gotten everything else about me. And I don’t want to explain it all. So much of it has to do with jealousy, and I know it’s stupid to be mad at him because he had a life before me. But I am anyway.
Susane Colasanti
If you have an enemy, then learn and know your enemy, don’t just be mad at him or her.
Denzel Washington
I’m mad at him, too, for being out late. But I’m not mad enough to take a chance on losing a ball game and possibly the pennant.
Casey Stengel
I had been so mad at him when I left, I’d given them back. All except for the one that stuck to the bottom of the jar. He smiled. “They’re at home, waiting.” “For what?” His eyes glittered. “That, I cannot say.
Kiera Cass
The Secret Service has announced it is doubling its protection for John Kerry. You can understand why – with two positions on every issue, he has twice as many people mad at him.
Jay Leno
They were just accidents. Luke said he was just testing my concussion. I’m not mad at him.
Luol Deng
Tim Robbins had real confidence in college. He literally stole actors from the theater department at UCLA to be in his plays. The department heads got so mad at him
Daphne Zuniga
Hard-covered books break up friendships. You loan a hard covered book to a friend and when he doesn’t return it you get mad at him. It makes you mean and petty. But twenty-five cent books are different.
John Steinbeck
I was Marked by a very cute boy with terrible impulse control. I don’t remember because I was basically unconscious but everyone was mad at him when I woke up. The end, love Clary.
Cassandra Clare
And your excuse?’ I asked. ‘I’m a sociopath; I don’t have to be nice,’ Nicky said. I gave him a look. ‘You’re mad at him.I can feel it; which means I really don’t have to be nice to him.’ ‘I thought you were friends.’ ‘What part of sociopath didn’t you understand?’ he asked.
Laurell K. Hamilton
He’s a very strange guy, my father. I can’t get mad at him because he’s so adorable.
Carrie Fisher