Mojo Quotes

Mojo Quotes by Johnny Borrell, Kehinde Wiley, Mojo Rawley, Todd Park, Jamie Dimon, Billy Corgan and many others.

When I dance, it's incredible. I can't describe it, the

When I dance, it’s incredible. I can’t describe it, there’s no words. You just tap into your mojo and you just go.
Johnny Borrell
My work is a contemporary call to arms. It is time to get our mojo back. To rediscover our true north.
Kehinde Wiley
This is life right here. This is what happens. You get knocked down. You’ve got to step back up. How are you going to handle a loss? This is what Mojo Rawley is all about.
Mojo Rawley
Our job as leaders is to find those innovators and release their mojo – lean startup-style – to serve the American people better.
Todd Park
I hope the story of 2011 is that America gets its mojo back. You’ve got to remember that America has the best universities; it’s got some of the best businesses. It’s got an unbelievable work ethic, rule of law. The story of 2011 will be America blossoming again.
Jamie Dimon
Rock in the mainstream culture has lost a lot of its mojo.
Billy Corgan
I went to Canada and played in this tiny bar where the windows were steaming up and everybody was so animated and singing along right there at the foot of the stage, looking up, and I got my mojo back .
Dar Williams
Chris Ofili’s suave, stippled, visually tricked-out paintings of the nineties, with their allover fields of shimmering dots and clumps of dung, are like cave paintings of modern life. They crackle with optical cockiness, love, and massive amounts of painterly mojo.
Jerry Saltz
Men in long-term relationships, we all know how they lose their mojo, they just completely fall apart. They feel like they’re not even a man anymore, and they get kind of feminized and weird and they have this longing for this animal, brutal part of themselves to come back. Love does something to men.
Anna Biller
The cover of Mojo, that was good for us.
Meg White
I don’t think a songwriter should lose their mojo. In my situation, I’m one of those artists that lasts over a long period rather than have your moment and your moment is gone.
Jimmy Cliff
Is this the part where you tell me you’re secretly in love with me? Vampire mojo strikes again.
Cassandra Clare
Just like my career, I’ve sung the same songs night after night in so many ways. It’s always different because every space is different. I lost my mojo once. It was like Austin Powers. I don’t know why or how, but I had to get it back. And I did.
Dar Williams
Imagine you’re doing your thing, and somebody comes up to you and just kills your mojo. Just tell them, ‘No flex zone!’
Swae Lee
What I can’t understand is why people still won’t give me the credibility that I look for. If Mojo or any other of those magazines would give me the credit for only ever performing my own songs rather than someone like Rod Stewart singing other people’s songs looking for success.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
I have twin six-year-old boys. Have no mojo. The closest thing to a mojo I have is five minutes of peace.
Darin Strauss
Lack of Confidence, low Self-Esteem, and depleted Mojo are symptoms of inadequate Strength Training.
Steve Ilg
Silicon Bayou – aka Lafayette, LA – is the best kept secret reservoir of innovation mojo in America
Todd Park
I always feel like there’s something magic in recording studios. There’s a reason good music continues to be made in them. It’s just some mojo element.
Rick Rubin
Being a playwright of any race is difficult, and Lord knows it gets more difficult the further you get from the middle of the road. I don’t know what kind of magic my mojo is working, but it’s working.
Suzan-Lori Parks
Screaming racism is the last refuge of leftist intellectuals who’ve completely lost their mojo.
Neal Boortz
While Mojo suggests any art that invokes supernatural powers, for us creators Mojovation means finding magic in what we do.
Robert Genn
I’m in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jimmy Page gave me the MOJO Maverick award. I got an Ivor Novella Award for my very first song.
For a long time I was looking for my perfect equilibrium, my mojo. And now I think I’m getting there: I’ve found my customer, my silhouette, my cut.
Alexander McQueen
I’m lying in my bed, blanket is warm, this body will never keep me safe from harm. I still feel your hair, black ribbons of coal. Touch my skin to keep me whole. If only you’d come back to me. To feel you at my side, wouldn’t need no Mojo Pin to keep me satisfied.
Jeff Buckley
The first time I played a killer, in the 1997 film ‘Mojo,’ I went to my local video shop and got out a video of real executions and a history of the Third Reich. The guy in the shop was giving me a look. I thought this would help, but I don’t think it made any difference, and I don’t want to see any more executions.
Aidan Gillen
History is the same thing over and over again.
Woody Allen
All the consumer market mojo is with Apple and to a lesser extent BlackBerry. And yet, the real market momentum with operators and the real market momentum with device manufacturers seems to primarily be with Windows Mobile and Android.
Steve Ballmer
I think I believe a little bit in the power of people to really cast a bad energy on you if they want to. If the bad mojo wants to come your way, look out.
Dileep Rao
I’ve said this before: a homeless guy in Detroit has more mojo than a millionaire in Jacksonville.
Shahid Khan
The owner of Mojo’s was a suicide blonde, dyed by her own hand.
Rita Mae Brown
If some of the people who write about mojo came with me for a week, they would drop dead on their feet.
William Hague
In the past, people generally believed they could acquire magic in two ways: through learning the craft, either from another practitioner or from books; or through obtaining magic from a powerful being-think Faust or the classic, demonized witch, both of whom get their mojo from Satan.
David Liss