Monochrome Quotes

Monochrome Quotes by Peter C Bunnell, Page Hamilton, Guido Molinari, Ellie Goulding, Seth Godin, Barack Obama and many others.

Full-color images lack the poignancy of monochrome... B

Full-color images lack the poignancy of monochrome… Black-and-white film inherently peels off interesting images from the world; it sees things we do not see, and thus insists on the existence of a phantom presence within reality, a world we cannot perceive.
Peter C Bunnell
People keep asking me if recently performing the Betty album will influence the song-writing and I think it might. There’s songs on that record that I forgot about and it’s really nice to have that variety in the set along with tracks from Strap It On, Meantime, Aftertaste, Size Matters, Monochrome, and Seeing Eye Dog.
Page Hamilton
With monochrome painting… the idiosyncrasy of the work, its difference, its expression, lies in shape.
Guido Molinari
I’ve changed the way I look a bit but not intentionally. I’ve cut my hair. I’ve got a bit of pink in it and lately I’ve become a bit monochrome, wearing a lot of black and white.
Ellie Goulding
The key to success is to find a way to stand out–to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins.
Seth Godin
Winter came and the city [Chicago] turned monochrome — black trees against gray sky above white earth. Night now fell in midafternoon, especially when the snowstorms rolled in, boundless prairie storms that set the sky close to the ground, the city lights reflected against the clouds
Barack Obama
Pure, existential space was regularly winking at me, each time in a more impressive manner, and this sensation of total freedom attracted me so powerfully that I painted some monochrome surfaces just to ‘see,’ to ‘see’ with my own eyes what existential sensibility granted me: absolute freedom!
Yves Klein
My monochrome pictures are not my definite works, but the preparation for my works. They are the leftovers from the creative processes, the ashes. My pictures, after all, are only the title-deeds to my property which I have to produce when I am asked to prove that I am a proprietor.
Yves Klein
From black and white to a sepia tone, some dreams come with a tint or in monochrome