Mood Quotes

Mood Quotes by C. J. McCollum, Marc Newson, George Gershwin, John Dos Passos, Phyllis A. Balch, Billie Eilish and many others.

For me personally, I like a smooth pinot noir with a lo

For me personally, I like a smooth pinot noir with a lot of cherry fruit flavor. In the proper mood, I like a little earth and a little spice as well.
C. J. McCollum
To create well I have to be in a good mood, happy and cool.
Marc Newson
When I’m in my normal mood, music drips from my fingers.
George Gershwin
The Enormous Room seems to me to be the book that has nearest approached the mood of reckless adventure in which men will reach the white heat of imagination needed to fuse the soggy disjointed complexity of the industrial life about us into seething fluid of creation. There can be no more playing safe.
John Dos Passos
One key symptom of alcoholism is that the individual comes to need a drink for every mood-one to calm down, one to perk up, one to celebrate, one to deal with disappointment, and so on.
Phyllis A. Balch
If I’m in a bad mood, or if I’m uncomfortable, it’s probably what I’m wearing that’s making me feel that way.
Billie Eilish
Tolerance should, strictly speaking, be only a passing mood; it ought to lead to acknowledgment and appreciation. To tolerate a person is to affront him.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
There are only couple songs that you can just hear and it’ll put you in a great mood.
Phoebe Bridgers
I want to be remembered as a guy who’s not going to change your life but who is going to change your mood. As a guy who made you smile and say, “I miss him. He was a lot of fun.”
Marlon Wayans
Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods.
Robert H. Schuller
The kind of music I like depends very much on my mood.
Frida Lyngstad
I had learned of Gertrude Steins bon mot that medicine opened all doors. This prompted me, in different moods, to view my future life as literary psychiatrist, globe-trotting tropical disease specialist, or academic internist.
Harold E. Varmus
I’m a happy guy, but if I’m in a rare dark mood, I won’t go out because I don’t want to be horrible to people.
Jerry Springer
Your thoughts and actions not only influence your mood, but the moods of all you cross paths with. Thinking lovingly. Do lovingly. Be a messenger for love.
Karen Salmansohn
movies have mirrored our moods and myths since the century began. They have taken on some of the work of religion.
Jennifer Stone
I’m not at all interested in doing clothes for movies or stage, in stage dressing or costuming. Nor can I design lingerie, for I never wear any! At one time I used to wear a lot of lingerie but now I’m in a mood of total nudity!
Sonia Rykiel
I’m just a shy and retreating kind of person. Sometimes I get in a real talkative mood – but not very often.
Brian Wilson
Actually,the nightmarish thought occurred to me that with electronic delivery of books becoming a norm, soon writers may be expected to provide several versions of their book, ranging from the Easy to the Complex, and buyers will choose what they’re in the mood for with the click of a button! I do hope not.
Emma Donoghue
I’m in a wild mood tonight. I want to go dance in the foam. I hear the banshees calling.
Raymond Chandler
I’m not in a mood to fight for things. I feel excited about my career, and I really feel like anything’s possible and within my reach.
Paula Patton
I absolutely love music. Music is so powerful and can set the tone and change your mood.
Hilary Knight
Who o’er the herd would wish to reign, Fantastic, fickle, fierce, and vain! Vain as the leaf upon the stream, And fickle as a changeful dream; Fantastic as a woman’s mood, And fierce as Frenzy’s fever’d blood. Thou many-headed monster thing, Oh who would wish to be thy king!
Walter Scott
That’s the strange thing about making a record. You can be in one mood for an hour, put it on a record, and you’re remembered that way.
Adam Yauch
In the under-wood and the over-wood there is murmur and trill this day, For every bird is in lyric mood, And the wind will have its way.
Clinton Scollard
There is something that pretends to be christianity which is mostly mood. The measure of its faith is merely the measure of its feeling.
Elisabeth Elliot
The visual aspect of a dish is so important; the shapes and colors and overall design have to strike the right mood and convey the right idea.
Daniel Humm
A novel can be set in motion by an incident, a character, a location, a mood – by anything at all. Sometimes the stimulus can be an idea, which will rapidly clothe itself in character and incident. ‘Foreign Bodies’ came about through the contemplation of the contrast between post-second world war America and Europe.
Cynthia Ozick
Man is nothing but insincerity, falsehood, and hypocrisy, both in regard to himself and in regard to others. He does not wish that he should be told the truth, he shuns saying it to others; and all these moods, so inconsistent with justice and reason, have their roots in his heart.
Blaise Pascal
We share our planet quite naturally with a permanent aeroplankton; a buoyant ecology too soft to hear, too small to see, but heavy with mood and meaning. Imagine being aware of all these airy inclusions – and you can begin to understand how it might feel to be able to smell really well.
Lyall Watson
Every moment some form grows perfect in hand or face; some tone on the hills or the sea is choicer than the rest; some mood of passion or insight or intellectual excitement is irresistibly real and attractive for us – for that moment only.
Walter Pater
Got those moods a swinging, tears a slinging, nothing fits me, when it hits me, ranting, raving, misbehaving, PMS blues.
Dolly Parton
Sometimes you just don’t feel the same everyday, it doesn’t matter what you do, but when you have people looking forward to seeing you perform for them, that puts you in the mood, and that’s natural in Boston. That’s why it’s such a special place to play.
David Ortiz
I am still every age that I have been. Because I was once a child, I am always a child. Because I was once a searching adolescent, given to moods and ecstasies, these are still part of me, and always will be.
Madeleine L’Engle
I have no problem telling people I have a great stunt double. I’m not that guy who’s like, ‘I do all my own stunts.’ Like, no, no, no – it’s make-believe, and I’m not in the mood to die. I’m not in the mood to get hurt. I have a wife and kids!
Cress Williams
I acted as a mood builder in ‘Love Rain,’ so I thought it was going to be a similar role in ‘Reply 1997.’ Then I found out it was for the role of Yoon Yoon Jae, so I said no. I didn’t think that I was in the position to take such a cool character.
Seo In-guk
Tris,” he says. “What did they do to you? You’re acting like a lunatic.” “That’s not very nice of you to say,” I say. “They put me in a good mood, that’s all. And now I really want to kiss you, so if you could just relax-
Veronica Roth
I’m the type of guy that I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I’m in a good or bad mood, then everybody knows it.
Trevor Hall
There was a scene in ‘Qubool Hai’ where Asad shoots his father. After shooting for it, I was drained completely. At times, my character’s mood gets very depressing. Post shoot, it takes a good half hour to get out of character, to leave Asad behind.
Karan Singh Grover
There’s no doubt that I do have extremes of mood that are greater than just about anybody else I know.
Stephen Fry
Because sloths’ metabolisms are so slow, they don’t exhibit many external signs of stress and it can be hard to determine their mood.
Ann Burton
So writing a song is much harder than doing a classical piece for me, because in a classical piece, I can just let the mood dictate what’s going to happen.
Glenn Danzig
Fear is a great robber of power. It paralyzes the thinking faculties, ruins spontaneity, enthusiasm, and self confidence. It has a blighting effect upon all one’s thoughts, moods, and efforts. It destroys ambition and efficiency.
Orison Swett Marden
My position does not give me the liberty to exclude anything, but my mood tells me there will not be violence.
Vano Merabishvili
The capacity for extravagant emotion that my husband finds so attractive in me can be exhausting, especially to a child. My moods are mercurial, and this can be terrifying. I know, because I was a daughter of a mother with a changeable temperament.
Ayelet Waldman
The music I listen to while writing is really scene-specific. It’s just a great motivator, a way to put myself in the mood.
Jeff VanderMeer
I picture my books as movies when I get stuck, and when I’m working on a new idea, the first thing I do is hit theaters to work out pacing and mood.
Maggie Stiefvater
I’m a bit of a chameleon. My style changes depending on my mood, as I get bored really quickly.
Sarah Harding
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts bring sad thoughts to the mind.
William Wordsworth
The thing about Christmas is that it almost doesn’t matter what mood you’re in or what kind of a year you’ve had – it’s a fresh start.
Kelly Clarkson
I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.
Virginia Woolf
Learn respect for the feeling function: Become aware of and undo some of your (improper) cultural training so that you grant the moods and messages of the heart the same respect that you give the thoughts and ideas of the mind.
Elizabeth Lesser
Poetry is a whim of Nature in her lighter moods; it requires nothing but its own madness and, lacking that, it becomes a soundless cymbal, a belfry without a bell.
Pietro Aretino
It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re walking around looking like you’re about to play the semifinals at Wimbledon.
A. J. Jacobs
If someone is sad, they put on a song, or if someone wants to rock out, and they want to get into a good mood, they put on music. Just being able to be a part of something like that I feel like was my ultimate push to do music.
Adam Hicks
I love a little darkness at the table with just enough light from IKEA white candlesticks. Seriously! They look elegant but are simple and unscented and create mood lighting.
Antoni Porowski
I loved ‘Rain’ and its take on the Beatles. The way they used a timeline and news reel to create a mood, and crafted set changes throughout, it was stunning.
Jason Bonham
Your actors need to trust you as a director, but normally, I think you just need to have an open communication between the actors and the director. I think the director needs to really paint his or her vision to the cast and let them know the kind of mood that he or she is making. I think that’s very important.
James Wan
Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or bad day, the power of music can change one’s mood.
Jess Bowen
I’ll never wake up in a good mood again. I’m tired of these stinky boots
Jim Morrison
I’m a Gemini and I have a lot of different moods. Sometimes I’m very serious and introspective and pensive, but other times I’m completely goofy and girlie. So, I like my songs to cover all my moods.
When my cats aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they’re just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
If I’m feeling like a Barbie girl, I’m gonna throw that blonde wig on. It’s just the mood.
Blac Chyna
I have a constant kind of soundtrack going on at all times. I almost always have a song in my head. I’m very musically inclined. It feeds my soul. It definitely helps me get into a mood or get out of a mood. Or inspires a mood. Honestly, it is one of my therapists – cheaper and always available.
Erin Davie
Humans are very seldom either totally sincere or totally hypocritical. Their moods change, their motives are mixed, and they are often quite mistaken as to what their motives are.
C. S. Lewis
When two friends are in the mood to chat, we have to go about it in a gentler and more dialectical way. By ‘more dialectical,’ I mean not only that we give real responses, but that we base our responses solely on what the interlocutor admits that he himself knows.
My heart beats more for a raw, average vulgar art, which doesn’t live between sleepy fairy-tale moods and poetry but rather concedes a direct entrance to the fearful, commonplace, splendid and the average grotesque banality in life.
Max Beckmann
I can be quite sarcastic when I’m in the mood.
J. D. Salinger
A cat has to be in a very bad mood if a human cannot coax him to purr.
Derek Tangye
It’s been so much a part of my life the thinking that I go through is crucial. I found that if I don’t paint for around a week, I get practically suicidal. It took a long time to figure out why I had these mood swings, and I finally figured out it’s because I haven’t painted.
Damian Loeb
What a character wears and how it affects their mood and their movements has always been very important to me. A character’s clothes, if they’re truthful, can make audiences feel something.
Zawe Ashton
I have great mood swings, maybe because of playing lots of different characters as I do. I’m like a gymnast whose muscles get too stretched. I’ve got better at it, but I have a lot of emotional energy.
Mark Rylance
I can’t work without it [music]. And it has to be the right kind, because if it’s not then I get into a bad mood. I work with a remote so that I can change CDs instantly if I need to.
Cindy Sherman
My doctor says, ‘You’ve got one of the hardest ones to treat because it’s not bipolar, it’s not up and down, you’re always just about a quart low in the mood department.
Trent Reznor
I am writing a book more improbable than ‘The Interrogative Mood’ that I call ‘Manifesto’. It’s two guys talking who speak artificially conveniently.
Padgett Powell
I aim for four workouts a week. I work out with a trainer once a week. Then, I take a circuit class twice a week. The fourth workout is random, depending on what I’m in the mood for – either a run, a spin class, or yoga.
Emily Giffin
I guess I wouldn’t believe in anything if it weren’t for my lucky astrology mood watch.
Steve Martin
When Alani started to speak, Jackson held up a finger. In the past five minutes, he’d had more mood swings than a menopausal woman. First turned-on, then territorial, bored, aggressive and now on alert.
Lori Foster
I find that I do my best work at the beginning of the day, but I’m rarely in a writing mood when I sit down. I’m usually somewhat sleep-deprived, and I always have a long list of other responsibilities calling my name.
Nick Petrie
When you expect something, it is on the way. When you believe something, it is on the way. When you fear something, it is on the way. Your attitude or mood is always pointing toward what is coming, but you are never stuck with your current point of attraction.
Esther Hicks
The marsh, to him who enters it in a receptive mood, holds, besides mosquitoes and stagnation, melody, the mystery of unknown waters, and the sweetness of Nature undisturbed by man.
William Beebe
Punjabi songs are fun. They help to cheer up the environment and the mood.
Guru Randhawa
I just sing the song and I sing it with conviction, meaning and I get into the mood of every song I do no matter how much time I have in between.
B.J. The Chicago Kid
You make sexiness strong by balancing it out: something familiar with something unfamiliar, something masculine with something feminine, something streamlined with something rococo. It’s a Yin and Yang. Women are made of layers, your mood shifts, no one is neither one extreme nor the other.
Michael Kors
You must always be open to new experiences; by this means, your physical and etheric bodies will be brought into a condition which may be compared with the contented mood of a brooding hen.
Rudolf Steiner
Not letting our mood affect the way we treat people is a forgotten sunnah
Nouman Ali Khan
I feel like sleep is the most important thing. I notice in my body, when I don’t get enough sleep on a consistent basis, how I am dreary, or my mood changes, or I’m not as focused.
D’Brickashaw Ferguson
For me especially, I always have a very cheery disposition and that’s how I’ve always come off. So I forget that doesn’t really allow me to have a bad mood.
Katy Perry
For Heidegger, boredom is a privileged fundamental mood because it leads us directly into the very problem complex of being and time.
Lars Svendsen
I see music as an aid. It overcomes my internal editor, especially when the music evokes the character or the mood I’m trying to build.
Jeff VanderMeer
And being as I’m somebody who loves movies like The Machinist, I also love going along to big mass entertainment movies. I get in the mood for all kinds of movies, and so I like to try each of them.
Christian Bale
I’ve always loved history and history is collage, it is a juxtaposition of the good and the bad and the strange, and how you place those sentences together changes the whole mood of a history.
Michael Ondaatje
Aviation will give new nourishment to the religious sprit of mankind. It will add airspace to those other great heighteners of the cosmic mood: the wood, the sea, the desert.
Christian Morgenstern
The subjunctive mood is in its death throes, and the best thing to do is to put it out of its misery as soon as possible.
W. Somerset Maugham
It is a rare American who does not have some story about how music has made our lives richer and more interesting, how it has changed our moods, brought out the best in our character and even sometimes helped us earn a living.
Lamar Alexander
An excessive preponderance of an idealistic mood is harmful to society: it creates daydreaming, political Don Quixotism, hope for heavenly intervention. This is an undeniable truth–but it is also true that every extreme is harmful.
Henryk Sienkiewicz
I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.
Bill Watterson
I prepare for a shoot by saturating my brain with images that have different moods or expressions.
Craig McDean
The mood was terrible. You could see it in everybody’s eyes. The body language was just defeated. When they put me in I was hoping I could give us some energy and try to bring us back.
Billy Campbell
You can bring out your inner self and moods through dancing. Music does the same.
Michael Jackson
Some days I’m in a good mood and sometimes I’m bad.
The Iron Sheik
In all the background scores I do, I take care to see that the theme enriches the storyline and does not deviate from the mood of the scenes, context, characters and the entire movie.
I miss the old Kanye, straight from the ‘Go Kanye, Chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye, I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye, The always rude Kanye, spaz in the news Kanye…
Kanye West
I hate to work out. I get in a bad mood when I have to do it!
Sofia Vergara
I think a lot of audience members don’t realize the part that they play in live theatre. The audience actually has a mood. Sometimes they’re tired and bored, and we have to wake them up and engage them.
My hope is that no matter your mood there is [on a Joyride albom] a song on there that speaks to you.
I always want to do something that just sort of fits the mood. It’s supposed to help the song, it’s not supposed to take away from the song or re-contextualize it. I always feel like the less you make it a conceptual territorial debut, the better.
Ariel Pink
You can mix and match, depending on your own mood, whether you want your look of the day to be casual, cool, or even punk.
Liu Wen
I really write emotionally so whatever mood I’m in, or if a chord hits me a certain way that’s what I’ll go off of.
Zac Farro
I always start with emotion. That’s where I start all of my improvisations, on the piano. I always start with the mood or the feel of where I am in that moment.
Laura Mvula
I kind of see clothes a bit like role-playing, depending what mood I’m in.
Lily Cole
Basically, Aristotle believed that every time you behaved unkind and immorally – performing actions your soul was not proud of – you tarnished your soul. The worst shape your soul became in, the worst shape your mood and spirit.
Karen Salmansohn
I have always tried to sense the mood of the people, their needs, their attitude toward ways to solve problems, their priorities. That’s mainly what I go by. And I think that’s the most important thing in any person’s work, in the work that the people of Russia entrusted in me.
Vladimir Putin
Although it was published in 1977, “A Scanner Darkly’s” mood is already postpunk.
Mark Fisher
When Satan’s not in the mood, virtue triumphs. Hasn’t even Satan a right not to be in the mood once in a while?
Gunter Grass
Good cheer is a state of mind or mood that promotes happiness or joy… With God’s help, good cheer permits us to rise above the depressing present or difficult circumstances. It is a process of positive reassurance and reinforcement. It is sunshine when clouds block the light.
Marvin J. Ashton
It’s too bad music can’t be like movies. For me, playing music and listening to music and creating music is very environmental. It creates a certain environment; it sets a specific mood.
Avey Tare
The thing that you’re faulted on today is not that you are too tough, or not that you aren’t careful. It’s that you might have been too soft. People want that red meat now because you have to keep up with the mood and the mood today is harsh. It really is.
Mark Russell
In the years that I have been an actress, I have told the story of my life many times, and I get tired of it, so sometimes I change it a little. That is, I change the mood. If I am feeling sad, then I remember to tell only the sad things. If I am feeling happy, then I can remember only to tell all the good things.
Danielle Darrieux
The happiness of those who want to be popular depends on others; the happiness of those who seek pleasure fluctuates with moods outside their control; but the happiness of the wise grows out of their own free acts.
Marcus Aurelius
Our moods may shift, but God’s doesn’t. Our minds may change, but God’s doesn’t. Our devotion may falter, but God’s never does. Even if we are faithless, He is faithful, for He cannot betray himself. He is a sure God.
Max Lucado
If I’m in a rotten mood, I stay in and watch television.
Cilla Black
‘The Fighter’ was about a family struggling to overcome and fighting each other sometimes, and I went back and rewrote this script which I had written for my son initially because my son has mood disorder.
David O. Russell
Indian filmmakers sometimes twist the details and the mood of the film to give it the Indian masala flavor. This tod-marod in films is a rather big impediment.
Rohini Hattangadi
I’d say 80% of my activity is engaged in the interpretation of social mood.
Hugh Hendry
I am the kind of woman who loves hurricanes. They put me in a party mood. Make me want to eat oysters on the half shell, and act slutty.
Rebecca Wells
I am not a good enough writer to have an agenda or come up with a message and try to put it into a song. It’s more like you write what comes to you… You try to reflect the mood of the songs.
Eddie Vedder
Like all designers, sometimes my mood can be very flashy, but sometimes it can be dark. Or happier. It all depends on my mood.
Gael Monfils
What is it that brings on these moods of yours?
Nothing mysterious: the ordinary pain of being alive.
Charles Baudelaire
I have like a whole album of screenshots of my sister’s face, and it’s hilarious. One look at that and it’ll put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.
Eliza Scanlen
My personal opinion is that the neutral position on the mood spectrum—what I called emotional sea level—is not happiness but rather contentment and the calm acceptance that is the goal of many kinds of spiritual practice.
Andrew Weil
In gambling we say you are ‘on tilt’ when your mood gets in the way of making your best decisions. And nobody plays well on tilt.
James Holzhauer
You won’t see me in a better mood than 4:00 in the morning on my way to work.
Christina Ricci
[I]f we could have devised an arrangement for providing everybody with music in their homes, perfect in quality, unlimited in quantity, suited to every mood, and beginning and ceasing at will, we should have considered the limit of human felicity already attained, and ceased to strive for further improvements.
Edward Bellamy
In a good mood I call my hair Chestnut with Gold Glints. In a bad mood, I call it mousy brown
Mary Ann Shaffer
I’m in Stockholm in my office. I just got here after seeing my eighth child on an ultrasound, so I’m in a good mood. It’s beautiful: an energetic little skeleton.
Stellan Skarsgard
I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.
Camille Claudel
I’m terrible about people wanting to take pictures with me. I’m a giant baby about it. They treat you like a cartoon. There’s nothing you can do except make light of it. That’s if I’m in the mood – sometimes I get superbummed.
Zach Galifianakis
All my work at Armani is based primarily on my personal vision of style, and while I differentiate between the look and mood of my various labels, I am never overly concerned with being ‘on trend.’
Giorgio Armani
Lighting is not about function. It’s much more about the mood and the emotion that the playwright and the director are trying to create. Our job is to support their poetic direction.
Jules Fisher
I love the Weather Channel because my mood changes a lot according to the weather!
Stefano Gabbana
Even if you walk exactly the same route each time – as with a sonnet – the events along the route cannot be imagined to be the same from day to day, as the poet’s health, sight, his anticipations, moods, fears, thoughts cannot be the same.
A. R. Ammons
We are constituted so that simple acts of kindness, such as giving to charity or expressing gratitude, have a positive effect on our long-term moods. The key to the happy life, it seems, is the good life: a life with sustained relationships, challenging work, and connections to community.
Paul Bloom
In writing a weird story, I always try very carefully to achieve the right mood and atmosphere and place the emphasis where it belongs.
H. P. Lovecraft
Water is the most expressive element in nature. It responds to every mood from tranquility to turbulence.
Walter J. Phillips
When you don’t manage your life well, you become angry and frustrated as things don’t go as intended, and our bad mood is a sign showing we were not able to resolve the conflict.
Jorge Bucay
I don’t sit down and say, ‘Today I will write a song.’ I know a lot of people that do that, but if I’m not in the mood, what’s the point of beating my head against the wall?
Tyler Childers
Chord progression is progression of emotions; storytelling – taking one person from one mood to the next. We are doing the same thing within a DJ set.
Richie Hawtin
It’s subjunctive history. You know, the subjunctive? The mood used when something may or may not have happened. When it is imagined.
Alan Bennett
Nothing. We’re all friends and friendly. So when the cameras go down, depending on the mood or the nature of the material we’re dealing with, there’s usually a kind of a prevailing light attitude that’s floating around.
Richard Dean Anderson
You can only be in a bad mood for so long before you have to face up to the fact that it isn’t a bad mood at all; it’s just your sucky personality.
Megan McCafferty
I’m doing my best to be mindful about how I’m living: to be kind and patient, and not to impose a bad mood on somebody else. Being mindful is as good a way to be spiritual as anything else.
Deirdre O’Kane
We fundamentalists are a pack of mood-loving showoffs. I’m sure the Minor Prophets would have found subject for correction.
Elisabeth Elliot
I’m designing what I want. If it’s a man’s coat with a pair of skinny-leg jeans, I’ll do that. It’s whatever my mood is. But it’s about style, and it’s about an understated taste that’s cool.
Ralph Lauren
The dominant mood of contemporary American culture is the self-celebration of the peasantry.
William A. Henry III
I think that the audience should not be able to tell if it is real or not real – it should be an enhanced version of reality, or an artistic view of reality, that captures not only what is physically there, but what is not visible – the mood.
Vilmos Zsigmond
You have one Mord-Sith and one Mother Confessor, here, both in very bad moods. I would suggest you not give us an excuse to lose our temper, or we may never find it again in your lifetime.” -Kahlan Amnell
Terry Goodkind
I don’t listen to music when I write, but I do turn on appropriate music when I read portions of my manuscripts back to myself – kind of like adding a soundtrack to help shape mood.
Erik Larson
A boy may be as disagreeable as he pleases, but when a girl refuses to crap sunshine on command, the world mutters darkly about her moods.
Scott Lynch
And it was strange, I thought, that sorrow lasts and can make a man look forward to death, but the mood of victory fills a moment and then is over
V. S. Naipaul
Love is not a theme. It’s an atmosphere, a mood.
Cecelia Ahern
I don’t really need a personal trainer or watch what I eat. I can’t start the day without a hot chocolate or finish it without a few squares of dark chocolate. It’s good for my mood!
Blake Lively
That is the principal thing-not to remain with the dream, with the intention, with the being-in-the-mood, but always forcibly to convert it all into things.
Rainer Maria Rilke
I see you have returned, my love; and your mood is as dark as ever. Did your soldiers not adore you to your complete satisfaction?
Wayne Gerard Trotman
How could Triple H EVER be mad, how could he EVER have a bad day? How would you like to be married to her?! Wake up in a wonderful mood every morning. I mean, look at that!
Jerry Lawler
If you’re in pop music, you’ve got to deal with the changing of the guard every few years. By the time the ’70s arrived, I was well aware of the cyclical nature of the game. Pop music is a creature of the moment; it thrives on the mood of its time. Either you hook into that or you’re not going to be part of it.
Paul Anka
‘The Shining’ has always been my favorite horror movie. It is scary and incredibly psychological without relying on blood and gore. Jack Nicholson’s performance is absolutely mind-blowing. And the mood and the feel is definitely metal.
King Diamond
I was sitting alone in a grim mood – furious that the press attacked Senator Edwards on the price of a haircut. But it inspired me – from now on, all haircuts, etc., that are necessary and important for his campaign – please send the bills to me… It is a way to help our friend without government restrictions.
Rachel Lambert Mellon
Friendship is something that gets harder to understand, every damn year of my life.Friendship is like a kind of algebra test that nobody passes. In my worst moods, I think the best you can say is that a friend is anyone you don’t despise.
Gregory David Roberts
‘Animal Man’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ have so many commonalities in tone and mood.
Jeff Lemire
Dogs make sense. They understand hierarchy and the need to cooperate. They come when you call them. A cat though—a cat will take your number and get back to you. Maybe. If he’s in a good mood.
Eileen Wilks
Ready?” Despite the grim mood, I smiled and cracked my knuckles. “Ready to wrestle with my gorgeous boyfriend? Oh, I’d say I’m ready for that.” Amusement softened his eyes. “I’ll try to control where I put my hands, but in the heat of things, who knows what could happen?” I added. Patch grinned. “Sounds promising.
Becca Fitzpatrick
There are millions of ways to not be writing. You say you’re not in the mood, you’ll pick it up tomorrow.
Rod Serling
Every boy wants someone older than himself to whom he may go in moods of confidence and yearning. The neglect of this child’s want by grown people . . . is a fertile source of suffering.
Henry Ward Beecher
The only and absolute perfect union of two is when a baby hangs suspended in its mother’s womb, like a tiny madman in a padded cell, attached to her, feeling her blood and hormones, and moods play through its body, feeling her feelings.
Diane Ackerman
Moods are such an essential part of the substance of life, of one’s notion of oneself, that even psychotic extremes in mood and behavior somehow can be seen as temporary, even understandable, reactions to what life has dealt.
Kay Redfield Jamison
Idealism that makes no distinction between areas where our national interest lies and those from which it is remote does no good for America. The weariness of the post-Versailles, post-Korea, post-Vietnam eras is never far from the national mood.
Dick Morris
The good part about being famous is being able to help people. The hard part is every day you have to be in a good mood, because that is what people expect. You learn to get good at it.
Michael Jordan
Traditionally, an engineer is responsible for capturing sound – microphone choice, gear, etc. A producer can have a number of different responsibilities – anything from songwriting to judging performances – setting mood, and (perhaps most importantly) choosing which songs to work on!
Matt Squire
It depends little on the object, much on the mood, in art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Death should take me while I am in the mood.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
The person who does only what he must when he is in the mood or when it’s convenient isn’t going to be successful.
John C. Maxwell
Om is a living phenomenon and it has its own mood. Depending on its mood the meaning will be revealed to you.
Amit Ray
Craving that old sweet oneness yet dreading engulfment, wishing to be our mother’s and yet be our own, we stormily swing from mood to mood, advancing and retreating-the quintessential model of two-mindedness.
Judith Viorst
I wrote two poems about the 81 uprisings: Di Great Insohreckshan and Mekin Histri. I wrote those two poems from the perspective of those who had taken part in the Brixton riots. The tone of the poem is celebratory because I wanted to capture the mood of exhilaration felt by black people at the time.
Linton Kwesi Johnson
In the shaded portions where the two spheres of different lives meet, certain fundamentals- moods, loves, fears, angers- can’t be hidden. That’s the contract.
Jeffery Deaver
We should be worrying about if you live in the city you’re more likely to have anxiety or mood disorders and to be schizophrenic. More than the problems people have from social media.
Nick Harkaway
You can tell my mood by my makeup. When I’m depressed, it’s really dark. Then I’ll do super-dumb happy makeup. Like, I’ll do one eye electric blue and one smoky brown, and you won’t even figure it out until you’re talking to me – then you’re like, ‘Whoa!’
Kat Von D
Er,” Oliver said. “He talks even less than the one Lily married,” the crone remarked to Walter. “Though when the mood strikes him, he asks just as many questions as Galem.” “I’m sorry,” Oliver said weakly. The old woman nodded. “You are forgiven,” she pronounced in a queenly tones.
Jessica Day George
Art that has depth makes a strong impact on the spirit, emotion, mood and thoughts of a human being.
Li Shan
No music + Bad TV = Bad mood & no pages.
Hunter S. Thompson
Strange as it may seem, the most ludicrous lines I ever wrote have been written in the saddest mood.
William Cowper
When you choose to be a loving person, it’s magical how love comes back to you and brightens someone’s day, changing your mood and that of the world.
Jason Mraz
As social animals, we are extremely susceptible to the moods of other people. This gives us the power to subtly infuse into people the appropriate mood for influencing them.
Robert Greene
It’s almost just a difference of mood as to whether I would describe myself one way or the other. I think I share that experience with most people.
Jasper Johns
There are some sequences in films that I think work filmicly, that stand out to me, but that’s much more to do with the staging and the cutting and the mood of the thing as a sequence, the way everything comes together.
Roger Deakins
You had to keep the mood up; you had to keep the tempo up. You had to keep the feeling of, “Hey, we’re doing something that’s really exciting. It’s fun being with these people.” And the more fun you have, the better you do it.
Bill Murray
With anxiety and depression, what’s been most helpful to me has been learning a toolbox – a set of skills I can use when I’m in periods of low mood or feel an anxiety attack coming on. When Years & Years took off it felt like I needed that toolbox really quickly.
Olly Alexander
I write most of my songs when I’m in a bad mood.
Trent Reznor
Not to make him blush, but any story illustrated by Mike Mignola does things that prose alone can’t accomplish. The illustrations create mood and atmosphere, drawing the reader more deeply into the story than words could do on their own.
Christopher Golden
Once you get into the groove of things and in the mood you are usually fine; it is before the event that you get nervous and irritable.
John Gallagher, Jr.
Even the mood of a lot of people, my dad gets on me a lot because he’s like people love answers but I’m more for questions, ask the right questions.
Asher Roth
Most gothics are overplotted novels whose success or failure hinges on the author’s ability to make you believe in the characters and partake of the mood.
Stephen King
It’s just one of those things like when you’re not supposed to laugh, it makes it that much harder to stop laughing. And for some reason Zach [ Galifianakis] and I get in this feedback mood of giggling, and on the set of Hangover we just couldn’t get through stuff.
Ed Helms
Rhythmic motion has become the carrier and creator of almost every ecstatic mood of any significance in human life.
Curt Sachs
There are just long gaps where I can’t find a point of insertion, I can’t find a good opening line, I can’t find a mood that I want to write into. But once I do, once a line falls out of the air, or I get a little inkling of a subject and I recognize that, it’s like the sense that a game has started.
Billy Collins
Every part of the photographic image carries some information that contributes to its total statement; the viewer’s responsibility is to see, in the most literal way, everything that is there and respond to it.
Howard S. Becker
During script narrations, if I feel the screenplay mood jumping abruptly, I tell the director, and they work on it.
Vijay Sethupathi
For nothing keeps a poet
In his high singing mood
Like unappeasable hunger
For unattainable food.
Joyce Kilmer
Innumerable changes of moods are yours, and they are uncontrolled by you. If you knew their origin, you would be able to dominate them. If you cannot localize your own changes, how can you localize that which formed you?
Humor is the hardest thing to do. Action is so much easier, because you’re just trying to establish the mood, and a pacing, and a rhythm, and an energy. Where, in humor, comedy is so subjective.
Genndy Tartakovsky
Particle physics suffers more from being infected by the socio-political mood of the day than from lack of spectacular opportunities for major and profound discoveries.
Leon M. Lederman
I definitely dress based on my mood.
Tessa Virtue
I didn’t know anything about film when I first started – I was a painter – but I [always] felt that sound was just as important as the picture. The sound, picture, and ideas have to marry. If an idea carries with it a mood, sound is critical to making that mood.
David Lynch
I became very aware of how important it is to connect with children – possibly for the children, if they’re in the mood for that – but certainly for the adults.
Mary Gaitskill
We’re all well-acquainted with depression, we all know what the low moods are, but the mania was not something I knew much about. I didn’t know that it would make someone dress extravagantly or start to pun, and to stay up and drink.
Jeffrey Eugenides
People who fail to use their emotional intelligence skills are more likely to turn to other, less effective means of managing their mood. They are twice as likely to experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even thoughts of suicide.
Travis Bradberry
For style and for creating a mood of optimism and hope – Kennedy on that count is as effective as any president the country has had in its history.
Robert Dallek
I draw cinematic and photography and art references from everywhere. That’s part of my job. So yes, you watch films, you see artists for palettes, photographers for mood.
Zoya Akhtar
Creating any type of art is all about mood. I’ve been making extreme music in one fashion or another for decades. And truthfully, Down has a big enough fan base to where I could remain content to do only that, but music is a vast territory and I am an explorer. And I’m a lover of all things considered extreme in music.
Phil Anselmo
I find in the Psalms much the same range of mood and expression as I perceive within my own life of prayer.
Reverend Malcolm Boyd
At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun. We measure happiness by nothing we can hold, nothing we can catch. Everywhere, life is jumping and elusive and momentously momentary.
Sandy Gingras
One night Roger was in a foul mood and he threw his entire bloody drumset across the stage. The thing only just missed me – I might have been killed.
Freddie Mercury
The lion’s share of my work is revision, 85%? I revise forever, combing over lines, listening and listening to them in different hours and moods so that I feel they are finally right for me.
Samantha Hunt
There are moments of high mood, there are moments of low mood, there are moments of injury, there are moments of strength, there are moments of progress, there are moments of stagnation. All we can do is keep on pushing.
Laurel Hubbard
I wasn’t super emo when I was younger but I’m very neurotic, my mood swings really heavily so when I’m upset I go away from everyone.
AJ Tracey
When writers say that they need to ‘set the mood’ or ‘get into the zone’, those are all ways to procrastinate. Not prerequisites.
My mantra is, ‘Dare to be…’ I leave it open-ended, because depending on the mood, the weather, the day, you might need a different power word. Having a power word can help steer you in the right direction, especially when things aren’t going your way.
Hilary Knight
My furniture is an exercise in architecture or architectural mood.
Ettore Sottsass
It’s more like you write what comes to you… You try to reflect the mood of the songs. Take ‘Rearviewmirror’, we start off with the music and it kinds of propels the lyrics. It made me feel like I was in a car, leaving something, a bad situation. There’s an emotion there. I remembered all the times I wanted to leave.
Eddie Vedder
When I’m in a bad mood, I don’t listen.
Cathy Freeman
What you quickly realize once you commit to getting more sleep is it can increase your productivity, it can improve your mood. And that doesn’t just help you at work, but it helps you be the kind of person you want to be with your family and your friends and that’s ultimately what matters most.
Vivek Murthy
From that time on, the world was hers for the reading. She would never be lonely again, never miss the lack of intimate friends. Books became her friends and there was one for every mood.
Betty Smith
Once a restless or frayed mood has turned to anger, or violence, or psychosis, Richard, like most, finds it very difficult to see it as illness, rather than being willful, angry, irrational or simply tiresome.
Kay Redfield Jamison
I bring people on to the movies to type and to help punch up and look at things. But a lot of it is, you want fun people to be around, to put you in a good mood, to try and access your creative place.
Judd Apatow
I think my style is uncomplicated, classic, and elegant. I don’t follow trends, as I like wearing what suits me. Also, I dress according to my mood.
Looks like someone had a mood swing.” She rolls her eyes. “Like you don’t want to know what his fears are. He acts so tough that he’s probably afraid of marshmallows and really bright sunrises or something.
Veronica Roth
Annabeth’s shoulders ached. The elevator’s easy-listening music didn’t help. If all monsters had to hear that song about liking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, no wonder they were in the mood for carnage when they reached the mortal world.
Rick Riordan
You look at guys with significant Alzheimer’s and dementia and the mood swings and the suicides that unfortunately NFL players have been faced with. And depression. Lou Gehrig’s disease. These are all things that have kind of been linked to the brain damage from football.
Joe Thomas
I’m a fan of creating the mood and vibe with flowers, candles, and music. I love making my guests feel like it’s not formal and they can relax in my home.
Karen Elson
I say things, like every other parent, that reminds you of your own parents. One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.
Adam Sandler
Maybe I’ll put my iPod in two minutes before. But truly, I’ve listened to actors say that they loved to listen to music before a shot, and I really understand that now because it puts you in the mood and gives you energy.
Berenice Bejo
I usually find several ways to express myself: different moods, different days, different voices, different things, ‘I’m lighthearted today, I’m gonna do this.’
Fred Durst
There’s more energy-saving innovations in lighting. Smartphone and various devices hooked into the home can control the lights and mood.
Hilary Farr
I act like I’m always in a good mood when I’m not, but it’s my job.
Michael Waltrip
Railways are irresistible bazaars, snaking along perfectly level no matter what the landscape, improving your mood with speed, and never upsetting your drink.
Paul Theroux
I don’t often reread my own books, unless I am going into another in the series and need to refresh my mood when originating the concept
Anne McCaffrey
I will do whatever I can to become the character. I have no right to distract the audience from the mood of the film.
Vijay Sethupathi
Many Democrats are in a reflective mood . They lost the White House this year [2016], which would not matter as much as it does, except they also failed to take back the Senate, remain out of power in the House and are out of power in most states.
Steve Inskeep
As long as you’re remembering baby Jesus, does it matter when you’re remembering him. That’s what I’m saying about Christmas, I might not be in the mood for it December 25th.
Karl Pilkington
What was significant about the laughter . . . was not just the fact that it provides internal exercise for a person . . . form of jogging for the innards, but that it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too.
Norman Cousins
I’m in the mood for love, simply because you’re near me. Funny, but when you’re near me I’m in the mood for love.
Dorothy Fields
…Your angry and jealous and in the mood to do some forceful dentistry
Heather Brewer
I’m a person that, when I’m in the right mood, not any one of these girls can touch me.
Cat Zingano
I’ve kept journals at many times in my life starting from when I was about 13 or 14. But it’s boring and contrived to keep a journal every day. Better to write as the mood strikes.
Erica Jong
I used to write when I was in the mood or felt inspired. Anymore, I write whether I feel inspired or not. It’s a discipline. So that’s definitely different. It’s part of maturing as a person and as a professional.
Donald Miller
When people come and see Los Pacaminos the first time, the first couple of songs they’re in shock. But it’s pretty infectious and they’d have to be in a very bad mood to walk away and not like it.
Paul Young
When a director narrates a character, I find it normal to ask questions about the character’s background, mood swings, eccentricities, behaviour… I do this to make my performance relatable. Directors who don’t know their characters well find it difficult to answer these questions and, hence, find me annoying.
Radha Ravi
I’m embarrassed that people will know that I can’t ride a bicycle. For years, I have been feigning bad ankles and saying I wasn’t in the mood for a bike ride.
Jill Soloway
I can go from wearing Jordans and Toms to platforms and heels; it just depends on my mood.
Jeffree Star
I have to get up the fitness level, sing a lot, practice, get in the mood, and generally do lots of rehearsal. Get your body and mind ready.
Mick Jagger
The pedigree’s pretty high. For people who are really scary movie fans, this is nirvana. If you’re in the mood to get scared, just watch this every week. It’ll creep you out.
John Landis
If you’re not in a good mood, the only thing you should make is a reservation.
Carla Hall
I am still mostly a moron, I do get into bad moods, I am not a perfected being.
Dan Harris
When I’m writing, my mood is very good – and I love life.
Hisham Matar
One thing that feeds into the way you experience the social world is your mood – and one thing that affects your mood is the weather.
Leonard Mlodinow
Every room has a mood or personality…and it is this that one desires to develop.
Eleanor Brown
Children are holy and pure. Even those of bandits and crocodiles belong among the angels…. They must not be turned into a plaything of one’s mood, first to be tenderly kissed, then rabidly stomped at.
Anton Chekhov
I’m a car guy! I have a Ford Escape with Ecoboost for most days. On other days I love to drive my 356A, my early 911, or my ’72 Dino GT. It all depends on my mood, what road, how far, and who’s with me.
Freeman Thomas
People’s mood is really determined primarily by their genetic make-up and personality, and in the second place by their immediate context, and only in the third and fourth place by worries and concerns and other things like that.
Daniel Kahneman
The combination of rumination and negative mood is toxic. Research shows that people who ruminate while sad or distraught are likely to feel besieged, powerless, self-critical, pessimistic, and generally negatively biased.
Sonja Lyubomirsky
The reason you take antidepressants is to feel calm. And romantic love is not calm – it’s elation, it’s mood swings, and you’re killing all that when you take the drug.
Helen Fisher
Realize that your present difficulty is only a small part of you, and the rest of you is doing quite well, thank you.
Lynn Grabhorn
While the business of “collecting” lyrics and melodies happens all the time, when it’s time to corral them all into something, I have to be in a good mood, ready and willing to work.
Wooden Wand
I seldom get into the mood of the story. It’s acting. I go in, I act, I quit. I don’t take anything away from it.
Morgan Freeman
Darkness, whether in mood or in night, is natural.В  So if we flow with the black bile of melancholia and endure the terrible darkness of depression, eventually we will break through into the light of joy.В  This is the Tao (the Way) of darkness or depression–this is the Mystery of its evolution.
Arnold Mindell
Environment plays a huge role in my ability to creatively focus and my mood – for better and worse.
Matt Mullenweg
I’m not happy if other people aren’t enjoying themselves, so I try to lighten the mood as much as I can.
Tom Weston-Jones
All I wanted was to connect my moods with those of Paris. Beauty pains and when it pained most, I shot.
Ernst Haas
I am Moody… and a Cancerian to the boot. Even a small thing can change the entire mood, but I’m working on that. Besides, I’m also loyal and possessive.
Katrina Kaif
Children are extremely perceptive and absorb what goes on around them long before they can talk or even comprehend language. They are like finely tuned receivers that pick up much more than is merely said. They are receptive and attuned to every mood, feeling, and change that goes on in people around them.
Theodore Isaac Rubin
I am essentially a painter of the kind of still life composition that communicates a sense of tranquillity and privacy, moods which I have always valued above all else.
Giorgio Morandi
I always try to tell the story the best possible way. I create the mood for each scene in a way that the audience feels that they are right there with me and they feel actually in the mood that was right for the scene.
Vilmos Zsigmond
Babies should be classified as an antidepressant. It’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood around a 5-month-old baby.
Jim Gaffigan
The influence of friendship upon culture differs from that of love, in that it assumes the basic idiosyncrasies of personal taste to be unalterable. Love, in spite of all rational knowledge to the contrary, is always in the mood of believing in miracles.
John Cowper Powys
Any eye is an evil eye That looks in on to a mood apart.
Robert Frost
In some parallel universe, there was a Gansey who could tell Blue that he found the ten inches of her bare calves far more tantalizing than the thirteen cubic feet of bare skin Orla sported. But in this universe, that was Adam’s job. He was in a terrible mood.
Maggie Stiefvater
Most screenplays, most motion pictures, owe much more to the screenplay. Ingmar Bergman has such an economy of language, so little language in his piece, it is so visual, his moods are introduced and buttressed by camera rather than by word or character. But again, that’s unique.
Rod Serling
Everybody knew that being dead could put you in a terrible mood.
Luis Alberto Urrea
My moods are inversely related to the clarity of the sky.
Glenn Gould
You have a different crowd every night, so you should do a different show to suit them. I tailor the show to their mood.
Books are a really fun way to get yourself in a certain mindset or mood as an actress. Also, the way people tell a story is so revealing and I think it’s important as an actress to see all the different ways people can unravel a story, and introduce the characters and the way people speak.
Emma Roberts
I remember, when I was young, How easily my mood changed from sad to gay. … But now that age comes, A moment of joy is harder and harder to get.
Bai Juyi
A successful politician must not only be able to read the mood of the public, he must have the skill to get the public on his side. The public is moved by mood more than logic, by instinct more than reason, and that is something that every politician must make use of or guard against.
Jean Chretien
Music is very nebulous, and you can conjure up a lot of moods with music. But lyrics – they’re a lot more tangible. They’re much more specific. And you want to say something meaningful and creative and artistic and that tells a story and that takes people someplace else.
Sarah McLachlan
Prepare, You lovers, to know Love a thing of moods: Not like hard life, of laws.
George Meredith
Exercise, prayer, and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have been shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life’s daily frustrations.
Chuck Norris
Nothing is possible without love … For love puts one in a mood to risk everything.
Carl Jung
An actor doesn’t change thought, theme, or mood unless the character does, and the character only does it within the words of the play.
Jason Robards
Yet, it ought to be obvious that good music generally occupies a higher plane that mere politics. Great writers can express moods through melody and capture experiences we share most powerfully – love, lust, longing; joy, rage, fear; triumph, yearning and confusion.
Tony Snow
My good mood felt like an endangered species.
Maggie Stiefvater
With Frat House, at times I needed to make music that would reflect what these fraternity brothers might actually listen to, but still keep it within the realm of a score; it still had to lead the viewer through the scene, or just help create the mood.
Jim Coleman
When you work on animation, the music has a great task: to create a sound and melodies and mood and atmosphere and energy dedicated to these extraordinary characters.
Alexandre Desplat
Reading was like a drug, a dope. The novels created moods in which I lived for days.
Richard Wright
The people we’re related to are the ones we go to for comfort, support. We connect with kin when the rest of the world seems hostile. Within our family, we are free to be ourselves, to have bad mood days, say hurtful stuff, get it off our chests. We know we’ll always be forgiven.
Randi Reisfeld
Man has no permanent and unchangeable I. Every thought, every mood, every desire, every sensation says “I.” And in each case it seems to be taken for granted that this I belongs to the Whole, to the whole man, and that a thought, a desire, or an aversion is expressed by this Whole.
P.D. Ouspensky
O, brothers! let us leave the shame and sin Of taking vainly in a plaintive mood, The holy name of Grief–holy herein, That, by the grief of One, came all our good.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The reason you take antidepressants is to feel calm. And romantic love is not calm -it’s elation, it’s mood swings, and you’re killing all that when you take the drug.
Helen Fisher
I’ll usually wash my hair and let it air-dry wavy, but if I’m just in a hang-out mood, I won’t even wash it. I’ll wait until it smells.
Jessica Simpson
I would like to think of Badfinger’s music as mood music. Something with a bit of feeling, whether it’s hard or soft.
Peter Ham
I envy not in any moods The captive void of noble rage, The linnet born within the cage, That never knew the summer woods.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
When people ask me about drugs and alcohol, I say “Yeah, I went to rehab, I went to a mental hospital, I’ve been to jail.” The main lesson you can learn is do drugs and alcohol when you are in a good mood, not when you are in a bad mood, and find balance in anything you do.
Marilyn Manson
It’s like different moods, so whenever you in one mood, I got a song for that. And then you in a down or other type of mood where you really just wanna chill, I got that type of music, too.
I think scent is sensual. I guess evoking a mood or a spirit is key, and I think with the women’s fragrances we have evoked different types, moods or sensibilities of a woman – whether it’s Daisy with the sweetness and the innocence or Lola which is more provocative, sexy and sultry.
Marc Jacobs
And when the sun goes down and the mood comes upon me, I’ll watch the play of the colors on the water, yield to the fleetly dissolving images, and turn into pure feeling, all soft and nice.
Gunter Grass
As the woods are the same, the trees standing in their places, the rocks and the earth… they are always different too, as lights and shadows and seasons and moods pass through them.
Emily Carr
Wrestling is like any form of drama or pretty much any form of entertainment – some people understand this about forms of entertainment really intuitively when they’re younger, and others would have to be really not very intelligent for a long time until we realize that every human mood is an art.
John Darnielle
I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’ve had my share of mood swings, believe me. But it’s a powerful thing when you realize that you have dominion over your behavior and your passions.
Matt Dillon
If you make a strange, eccentric record – like the Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’ – it takes on its own mood because it’s less about a shrewd marketing plan; it’s more about an individual emotion.
Lou Barlow
I’m a very, very basic photographer. The main strength of my pictures, I guess, is the mood and feel I get out of the people that I meet. But technically I don’t think I’m very advanced. That never interested me.
Anton Corbijn
You don’t think in depression that you’ve put on a gray veil and are seeing the world through the haze of a bad mood. You think that the veil has been taken away, the veil of happiness, and that now you’re seeing truly.
Andrew Solomon
They say music can alter moods and talk to you.
My mind moves very fast. I go through a lot of moods and emotions.
Theophilus London
I’ll write for a while and then I’ll find an appropriate song and in a weird way the music will keep me in the mood. I find music to define the mood of the movie, the rhythm the movie is going to play in.
Quentin Tarantino
I’m known for changing halfway through the day if my mood swings.
Ashley Madekwe
Sometimes I can be tactful and sometimes not. It all depends on the mood I’m in.
Melanie Brown
I often write songs, and when I do, I usually write quite a few of them. I really have to be in the mood.
Ric Ocasek
There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?'” “The mood will pass, sir.
P. G. Wodehouse
Have you met my boyfriend?” There. That was a doozy. His eyes narrowed, and his lips thinned into a tight line. Yep, Noah was a mood kill for both of us.
Jeaniene Frost
Do nothing in a depressed mood, nor as one afflicted, nor as thinking that you are in misery, for no one compels you to that.
I can’t go into a mob scene and sense the mood and the attitude of the crowd. I can’t conduct man-on-the-street interviews or even get reactions that I can be sure are honest, because they know who I am.
Walter Cronkite
We often lose our tempers not with those who are actually to blame; just with those who love us enough to forgive us our foul moods.
Alain de Botton
The mood of the ’50s is like today.
Nancy Peters
A short story is confined to one mood, to which everything in the story pertains. Characters, setting, time, events, are all subject to the mood. And you can try more ephemeral, more fleeting things in a story – you can work more by suggestion – than in a novel. Less is resolved, more is suggested, perhaps.
Eudora Welty
To cease to wonder is to fall plumb-down from the childlike to the commonplace—the most undivine of all moods intellectual. Our nature can never be at home among things that are not wonderful to us.
George MacDonald
When one being gets into the mood of life he can bring millions to life. When one fellow gets into the suicidal mood, he can kill thousands along with him.
Swami Nithyananda
I feel like guitar explains a lot. You can just listen to a guitar without any lyrics over it; you can just feel what kind of track it is. If it’s pain… you can feel it. It sets the mood.
You have to learn how to stay in a good mood as you overthrow the sour, puckered hallucination that is mistakenly referred to as reality.
Rob Brezsny
‘Mud’ was a depository for a little more nostalgia and just a different kind of feeling, a different kind of mood. Something that’s not so dark. Something that does actually have a happy ending and is a little more hopeful.
Jeff Nichols
If there is a book that the script came from you have to read it, you have to see what you can get out of it: mood, back story and things that may not even be in the film. They kick off your imagination and broaden the character, I think.
Miranda Otto
The secret of the illusoriness is in the necessity of a succession of moods or objects. Gladly we would anchor, but the anchorageis quicksand.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I’m a pretty positive person, so a bad mood is quite a big deal.
Karla Crome
Often, women as little girls are sent off on a track for them to live a perfect life and be a perfect woman. Not for boys, who can be themselves with their mood and their temper.
Claire Denis
The first thing that inspires me is my mood, but I take inspiration from a lot of things: a rock song, a romantic movie or a specific lifestyle, like 1960s London and, of course, Italian ‘dolce vita!’
Chiara Ferragni
The goal was to create a mood, an atmosphere, and I think we have achieved that. We wanted people to not only get in touch with this character but also with themselves [in Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail].
Evan Jacobs
Film noir has a mood that everyone can feel. It’s people in trouble, at night, with a little bit of wind and the right kind of music. It’s a beautiful thing.
David Lynch
Don’t try to guess what sort of thing editors want to publish or what you think the country is in a mood to read. Editors and readers don’t know what they want to read until they read it. Besides, they’re always looking for something new.
William Zinsser
Painting is an unspoken and largely unrecognized dialogue, where paint speaks silently in masses and colors and the artist responds in moods.
James Elkins
If you think about it, for almost any moment, any mood that you might be in, there’s probably a Beatles song that will address that mood, that feeling, that set of emotions. I don’t know that that can be said about very many groups, if any.
Ron Howard
Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign, have tapped into a similar public mood of disgruntlement. On both sides of the Atlantic, a lot of people feel they’ve been handed a bad deal.
Katty Kay
On stage, there are hundreds of people watching you. It’s so much energy directed at you. I pick up energy really easily. Even if I go to the grocery store and no one is paying attention to me, I can pick up other people’s moods and it’s really intense.
Rooney Mara
I think I prefer producing a little more than DJing because you have more freedom, you can make anything you want; it doesn’t necessarily have to be four to the floor. You can go more with your mood, or the atmosphere that you’re in.
Armin van Buuren
A fad or heresy is the exaltation of something which even if true, is secondary or temporary in its nature against those things which are essential and eternal, those things which always prove themselves true in the long run. In short, it is the setting up of the mood against the mind.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
No sign of pleasure greeted the announcement. The mood in the hall was leaden. My mood was livelier. Fright is livelier than lead.
Gail Carson Levine
My house is filled with books, most of which I have read, some of which I intend to eventually get to. I’m always reading at least one work of fiction and one work of non-fiction simultaneously. Whatever mood I’m in, there’s always a book nearby to suit it.
Rachel Nichols
I got my wife a mood ring. It works real good! When shes in a good mood it turns blue, but when shes in a bad mood theres a red mark across my forehead
Jeff Foxworthy
The beautiful thing about ‘The Strain Trilogy’ is the ability to move from gore to high fable to creeping dread to domestic drama to unbearable suspense to the uncanny and on and on. The epic journey is designed to support these swings in mood, and that complements my tastes, which are wide-ranging.
Chuck Hogan
I don’t often get into a bad mood, since it does not help anything and clouds my judgment, but I can certainly see that sometimes things go terribly wrong. We need to understand the reasons for this and work towards building new conditions that will bring about better circumstances.
Matthieu Ricard
The Green Arrow stuff that I’ve responded to from the past is the Mike Grell stuff. I’ve liked a lot of other stuff, but I think for me, the direction and the mood and the tone that I really want is something much darker and more aggressive and really fast-paced action.
Jeff Lemire
Id love to have another film to go on to. Im in the mood to work. But I have to be patient, you know, to find that particular kind of project. Occasionally Ill write one myself if I can summon up the energy.
Peter Weir
I actually wrote the song first as “well, it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday.” That bit. Then I said, You know what? It needs some kind of an introduction to kind of set the mood and set the flavor. So I just played this kind of cocktail lounge thing, the hustle and bustle of waitresses going by – that kind of thing.
Billy Joel
I act when I’m not in the mood.
T. Harv Eker
A reputation takes years and years and years to build, and it takes one press of a button to ruin it. Don’t let that happen to you. You’ve done so much work; you’ve put in so much effort. Don’t let one moment ruin your entire life because you wanted to be funny or you were mad or because you had a mood.
J. J. Watt
If I’m not in the mood to deal with you, then I just don’t deal with you. I look at it like, me not dealing with you could save me a lot of trouble – me forcing myself to deal with you could bring me a lot of trouble. So I just play it by ear.
I want each poem to be ambiguous enough that its meaning can shift, depending on the reader’s own frame of reference, and depending on the reader’s mood. That’s why negative capability matters; if the poet stops short of fully controlling each poem’s meaning, the reader can make the poem his or her own.
James Arthur
In Romanticism, the main determinant is the mood, the atmosphere. And in that regard, you could also describe Schubert as a Romantic.
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Nature’s Moods The water is always changing and whenever you look at it you get something back. I’m sure the water isn’t aware of me but I’m very much aware of it. Living by the water means constant company.
Hazel Hawke
Writers are lucky. Whatever the mood, no matter the longing, the writer can use his words to connect himself to any world he wishes to visit.
Alan Zweibel
Nature reflects the moods of the wizard.
Deepak Chopra
Ruy-Sanchez’s works of fiction are always amazing: adventure, poetry and intelligence in a new geometry of words… His writing has nerve and agility, his intelligence is sharp without being cruel, his mood is sympathetic without complicity.
Octavio Paz
Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but black and white films still hold an affectionate place in my heart; they have an incomparable mystique and mood.
Ginger Rogers
What a director really does is set the emotional temperature and the mood and the level, amount, or lack of, distance between the action and the character, and the character and the audience.
James Gray
I’m always constantly doing stuff with Beyonce in mind. Anytime I hear a beat I think she’ll love, I’ll put something to it and go from there and hopefully it’s something that she’s in the mood for doing.What exactly were you trying to accomplish with this song?
Bryce Wilson
The thing about Christmas is that it almost doesn’t matter what mood you’re in or what kind of a year you’ve had; it’s a fresh start.
Kelly Clarkson
Style to me is a mix between rock star chic-quirky-sexy and expressive. I always dress for my body type, as it’s important to highlight your pluses! I like edgy clothes that have character. I usually dress by the mood I’m in – so if I’m in my ripped jeans and leather jacket, you know I’m feeling rebellious!
Jiah Khan
Any art communicates what you’re in the mood to receive.
Larry Rivers
The storyboard artists job is to plan out shot for shot the whole show, write all the dialog, and decide the mood, action, jokes, pacing, etc of every scene.
Craig McCracken
My guitar sound pretty much came from discovering there was reverb on my little practice amp and really loving the mood it created.
Romy Madley Croft
It’s fun to channel a different mood and character through makeup.
Sonoya Mizuno
The mood in the market is one of a high level of caution. When you get some selling coming in, it’s almost like a chain reaction – – it builds on itself.
Albert Goldman
I laugh a lot, especially between shots, and it’s tough for me to control. There have been so many instances where my director had to request me to stop laughing and come into the mood of the scene.
Anushka Shetty
I think crafting a new, effective horror movie is not just about when night falls and things get scary. It’s about setting a tone and mood that permeates throughout the entire movie. So even during the daytime, things are never quite safe-feeling.
James Wan
I think you just have to be comfortable in your own skin, and when I do stand-up or the show I’m in a really good mood.
Russell Howard
Sometimes I write from personal experience, but so much depends on what mood I’m in. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll write happier songs.
The reader brings to the work personality traits, memories of past events, present needs and preoccupations, a particular mood of the moment and a particular physical condition. These and many other elements in a never-to-be-duplicated combination determine his response to the text.
Louise Rosenblatt
Playing Shakespeare requires technique. You don’t play a Bach toccata by getting in the mood.
Kevin Kline
I don’t really have a favorite artist – I mean, I really love Drake – but it depends on my mood. I like anything that makes me feel good.
Taylor Townsend
Music’s the soundtrack of my life and has been since I was a teenager. There’s always music. If I’m not playing it, I’m listening to it. With my writing… sometimes it inspires a story, sometimes it highlights something I’m working on, sometimes it simply helps me stay in the narrative mood.
Charles de Lint
Doubtless these are inconsequential perplexities. Still, inconsequential perplexities have now and again been known to become the fundamental mood of existence, one suspects.
David Markson
The secret of man’s success resides in his insight into the moods of people, and his tact in dealing with them.
J. G. Holland
There are worlds of experience beyond the world of the aggressive man, beyond history, and beyond science. The moods and qualities of nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define; we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit.
Ansel Adams
What I’m working on is for people to be able to say that Kippenberger had this really good mood.
Martin Kippenberger
There was plenty of dysfunction in my family and I went to Catholic School with these psychotic nuns. I would always try to be funny to lighten the mood.
Downtown Julie Brown
Only exercise on the days you want to improve your mood.
Chalene Johnson
There is to the poetical sense a ravishing prophecy and winsome intimation in flowers that now and then, from the influence of mood of circumstance, reasserts itself like the reminiscence of childhood, or the spell of love.
Henry Theodore Tuckerman
America, how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
Allen Ginsberg
Above all, a horse should never be chastised out of foul mood or anger, but always with complete dispassion.
Francois Robichon de La Gueriniere
With ‘Game of Thrones,’ the most dominant instrument would definitely be the cello. That’s something I just felt really captured the mood of the show very well.
Ramin Djawadi
Music is everything to me. I wake up and go to bed with it. I listen to all genres, depending on my mood.
Chanel Iman
I think happiness is overrated, but joy is the key to the thousands of possible moods we can feel. And when we can rest in that joy, then peace is the moment of openness that holds all feeling.
Mark Nepo
What I’ve always found interesting in gardens is looking at what people choose to plant there. What they put in. What they leave out. One small choice and then another, and soon there is a mood, an atmosphere, a series of limitations, a world.
Helen Humphreys
My mother once told me that no women is naked when she comes equipped with a bad mood and a steady glare.
Mira Grant
None love to speak so much, when the mood of speaking comes, as they who are naturally taciturn.
Henry Ward Beecher
I love to wear training suits, but if I’m in the mood to dress up a little nicer, I do!
Momo Hirai
The music I listen to while writing is really scene-specific. It’s just a great motivator, a way to put myself in the mood.
Jeff Vandermeer
We should wear whatever we think looks nice and wear it with confidence. That will put you in a good mood and I think it will lead to an abundant society
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
I do have mood swings which can go into extremes.
Divya Dutta
I saw a study the other day showing that some atypical anti-psychotic was at least as good as mood stabilizers in preventing suicide. It’s a very good thing to decrease suicide but we should care at least a little if I’m not killing myself because I feel better or if I just can’t remember where I put the damn gun.
Mark Vonnegut
My weight fluctuates depending on my mood and my current devotion to my fitness routine.
Lena Dunham
If you are a genius, you’ll make your own rules, but if not – and the odds are against it – go to your desk no matter what your mood, face the icy challenge of the paper – write.
J. B. Priestley
I’ve always been a very visual creator. I make mood boards or sit with coloured pencils and scribble and try and figure out what I’m trying to work through musically.
Maggie Rogers
My fashion statement depends on my mood. I am more of a tomboy when dressing up, and I have never worn pink in my entire life.
When people are amped up, they listen to more upbeat, loud songs. A Frank Sinatra album sets a certain mood, just as a Clash record sets another.
Mark Hoppus
The artist needs to sit patiently at the feet of Nature in all Her moods and nuances and silently develop the skills to honour Her. There are no recipes for Autumn.
Robert Genn
I have always loved music and singing, and I am open to listen to any type of music. Regardless of my mood, my heart is always set racing when I listen to opera. When I decide which music I want to hear, my choice is almost invariably an opera recording.
Andrea Bocelli
A human being tends to believe that the mood of the moment, be it troubled or blithe, peaceful or stormy, is the true, native, and permanent tenor of his existence.
Thomas E. Mann
Photographs are perhaps the most mysterious of all the objects that make up, and thicken, the environment we recognize as modern. Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood.
Susan Sontag
Just don’t go to a place where everything is too expensive… it’ll put your husband in a bad mood.
Diane von Furstenberg
There are certain things we must not pray about – moods, for instance. Moods never go by praying, moods go by kicking.
Oswald Chambers
Running is a quick trigger for a good mood. The great thing about endorphins, you don’t have to be in great shape to get them.
Mindy Kaling
I should like, if I could, to leave a humble gift — a bit of chaste prose that had caught up some noble moods.
Max Ehrmann
Say what some poets will, Nature is not so much her own ever-sweet interpreter, as the mere supplier of that cunning alphabet, whereby selecting and combining as he pleases, each man reads his own peculiar lesson according to his own peculiar mind and mood.
Herman Melville
Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.
Darren Hardy
I endeavor to make a picture, for instance, exert a positive influence on the observer by its coloring, mood, and compositional idea, encouraging, say, activation, tranquilization, concentration, or harmony.
Max Bill
I have often noticed how primate groups in their entirety enter a similar mood. All of a sudden, all of them are playful, hopping around. Or all of them are grumpy. Or all of them are sleepy and settle down. In such cases, the mood contagion serves the function of synchronizing activities.
Frans de Waal
I like being married to another writer. You get to trade ideas. You get to talk shop. You get to complain. You get to gossip. And you don’t have to explain why you’re in such a bad mood when your work isn’t going well.
Elaine Equi
Every time you feel depressed about something, try to identify a corresponding negative thought you had just prior to and during the depression. Because these thoughts have actually created your bad mood, by learning to restructure them, you can change your mood.
David D. Burns
Just the fact that so many people around the world are showing their interest puts me in a good mood.
HoYeon Jung
But there was escape, too, even in those days, for there was Whistler living in the grey mists with a faded orange moon. The nocturne transformed itself into dreamy rooms with Chopin’s music creating a mood that softened the hard core of self.
Mark Tobey
If it is true that there is no greater sorrow than to remember a happy time in a state of misery, it is just as true that calling up a moment of anguish in a tranquil mood, seated quietly at one’s desk, is a source of profound satisfaction.
Primo Levi
There are films you see that only reach your eyes. Then there are films that you can watch… that reach down to your throat, or reach your heart. ‘In the Mood for Love,’ though, reached all the way to my belly.
Zhang Ziyi
To count as transformative, a president needs to synthesize the moment and mood of the country.
Jacob Weisberg
Nowadays, my mood ungoverned, I’m free to think the most outrageous things, such as: might it not be a good idea to insist that drug companies give their preparations names that tell the user what they really do?
Will Self
Let’s say another YouTuber rates my outfit from Coachella, right? They are completely entitled to their opinion, and I actually really loved my Coachella outfit. If they say, ‘This is ugly,’ and even if I don’t think it’s true, it’s a mood killer.
Emma Chamberlain
In committed sex, in marriage, people don’t feel the need to seduce or to build anticipation – – that’s an effort they think they no longer need to do now that they have conquered their partner. If they’re in the mood, their partner should be too.
Esther Perel
Change the scheme! Alter the mood! Electrify the boys and girls, if you’d be so kind.
Michael Sheen
People say ‘Hofmann has different styles’. I have not. I have different moods; I am not two days the same man.
Hans Hofmann
MRS ALLONBY Is she such a mystery? LORD ILLINGWORTH She is more than a mystery – she is a mood. MRS ALLONBY Moods don’t last. LORD ILLINGWORTH It is their chief charm.
Oscar Wilde
Music is an incomparably more powerful means and is a subtler language for expressing the thousand different moments of the soul’s moods.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
What is motherhood save Nature in her most gladsome mood?
Honore de Balzac
While sleep is clearly vital to emotional well-being, what is it, exactly, about sleep that is so necessary? As it turns out, mood disorders are strongly linked to abnormal patterns of dreaming.
Andrew Weil
Many exercise forms – aerobic, yoga, weights, walking and more – have been shown to benefit mood.
Andrew Weil
Schiller writes in a letter [to Goethe, 17 December 1795] of a ‘poetic mood’. I think I know what he means, I think I am familiar with it myself. It is the mood of receptivity to nature and one in which one’s thoughts seem as vivid as nature itself.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
The ductless glands secrete among other things our moods, our aspirations, our philosophy of life.
Aldous Huxley
Don’t start. My mood stays better if you don’t start.
Mira Grant
I love to sing old Motown songs to myself, or some Patti Smith Edith Piaf or Billie Holiday. That gets me in the mood for singing.
Siobhan Fahey
Goat curry and a female librarian, that’s what I’m in the mood for.
Ben Katchor
Some comics have long routines to get them in the mood – I just prefer to sit down, write out the same jokes in a different order and then have a little prayer that I won’t be met by silence.
Jack Whitehall
My mum and dad have always enjoyed life, and it’s something that’s been instilled in me. I wake up in a good mood most mornings.
Rafe Spall
For me, mood is something you have to ignore. I try to put myself in that position when I’m shooting and try to react the way I would. I try not to play funny if it doesn’t call for that.
Jimmi Simpson
A smile is like an instant facelift and an instant mood lift.
Christie Brinkley
My initial thoughts about what a title can do was to set mood and the prime underlying core of the film’s story, to express the story in some metaphorical way. I saw the title as a way of conditioning the audience, so that when the film actually began, viewers would already have an emotional resonance with it.
Saul Bass
To heal mine aching moods, Give me God’s virgin woods.
Clinton Scollard
Sometimes, when you briefly glance in Hollywood, there’s a tendency to play it in a very “Yes, she’s exhausted, and yes, she’s working, and yes, she’s taking care of her kids full time, and yes, she’s a mom, but she’s also in a great mood all
the time.”
Patricia Arquette
I meet with retired football players. Some are well-dressed, some are well-spoken, but when you talk to them personally, they will admit to you that they are having problems. But they are managing their problems. They have impaired memory, they’re having mood problems. They are being treated by their psychiatrists.
Bennet Omalu
For those at home, as well as for those in battle, war is curiously disabling. The mere realization that one’s country is at war poisons the bloodstream, creates an incessant mood of worry that infiltrates even the most casual moments.
Roger Rosenblatt
Sometimes I can be tactful and sometimes not. It all depends on the mood I’m in.
Mel B
Music is a very sensitive thing. We get musically attached to a project and it has the power to affect your mood.
Ankit Tiwari
I have a friend who, if she has a bad hair day, it affects her whole mood because it is part of her sexuality, her confidence. I don’t have that problem any more.
Cathy Freeman
I also became inspired by impressionist painters such as Renoir, and wanted to do the same sort of thing with music-portray whatever mood strikes me the way Keith Jarrett does on piano.
Lenny Breau
A people so individual in its genius, so tenacious in love or hate, so captivating in its nobler moods.
F. E. Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead
That connection between hormones and mood is so important to get a handle on, and it’s also really important when you’re considering taking medication.
Ayelet Waldman
Well, Id say all of us are a combination of moods and emotions. In my day to day life I dont go around skipping, but at times one can feel sheer exhilarating joy at the world.
Alexander McCall Smith
Sometimes I wake up, and I’m a little bit grumpy, and I listen to soul. Sometimes I wake up, and I need some spirit, so I listen to rock n’ roll. It depends on the mood I’m in.
Kevin-Prince Boateng
Sonakshi Sinha’s single ‘Aaj mood ishqholic hai’ is the worst auto-tuned song sung by an actor.
Amaal Mallik
You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic.
Bill Watterson
Sometimes a musical phrase would perfectly sum up
The mood of a moment. One of those lovelorn sonatas
For wind instruments was riding past on a solemn white horse.
Everybody wondered who the new arrival was.
John Ashbery
If I am in a certain mood, and I want to feel a certain way, I will pop on a certain color of lipstick, and it makes me feel entirely different.
Ayesha Curry
David Cameron was wrong on this [Brexit]. He didn’t get the mood of his country right. He was very surprised to see what happened.
Donald Trump
Mainly as an artist, I like to wear colors. I like to see colors, and it really helps my mood.
Heart Evangelista
I have mood swings, but I’m sure people in England have that, too. Me and my friends, we’re just a bunch of happy idiots.
Jens Lekman
Whatever I’m feeling, whatever I’m going through, whatever mood I’m in… If I’m feeling like dancing or clubbing, then it will be reflected in the music. If I’m feeling dark and vulnerable, then it will reflect in the music, too.
But then anyone who’s worth anything reads just what he likes, as the mood takes him, and with extravagant enthusiasm.
Virginia Woolf
There was a mood of magic and frenzy to the room. Crystalline swirls of sugar and flour still lingered in the air like kite tails. And then there was the smell-the smell of hope, the kind of smell that brought people home.
Sarah Addison Allen
In the true spirit of the holidays, let the darkness of your moods lead you back up to the light, and when New Year’s rolls around, your resolution will be tinged with new authenticity and power.
Elizabeth Lesser
My greatest peace is at the ocean, which was part of my decision to move out of Manhattan. A real treat is a trip to the beach. One of my favorites is Capri, and I love Mexico, but no matter where it is, it’s really difficult to be in a bad mood when you’re sitting on the sand, listening to the ocean.
Rachel Roy
Music conveys moods and images. Even in opera, where plots deal with the structure of destiny, it’s music, not words, that provides power.
Marcel Marceau
Architecture produces a musical mood in our inner being, and we notice that even though the elements of architecture and music appear to be so alien in the outer world, through this musical mood engendered in us, our experience of architecture brings about a reconciliation, a balance between these two elements.
Rudolf Steiner
In the early days I had a very black-and-white view of everything. I think that’s kind of natural for anyone who’s just embraced Islam – or any religion – as a convert. It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I’d been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood.
Cat Stevens
I have a very keen sense of smell and always associate certain people and places with particular fragrances. For me, nothing is more likely to set a mood than certain scents. I find I vary the perfume I use depending on the climate and the time of day. However a few great perfumes seem to work for most occasions.
Elizabeth Hurley
I write songs about real things… The subject dictates the mood and it goes from there, really.
John Mayall
I found that if I don’t paint for around a week, I get practically suicidal. It took a long time to figure out why I had these mood swings, and I finally figured out it’s because I haven’t painted.
Damian Loeb
High heels are like a beauty lift. In a flat, you can feel beautiful, but a stiletto changes your mood, how you move – like a wild, beautiful animal. The idea was always to follow a woman’s wardrobe, her desires.
Giuseppe Zanotti
It’s amazing what eliminating energy drains can do to our mood. Remember how good you felt when you finally went through your closet and cleaned out the old clothes that you were sure you’d wear again someday?
Cheryl Richardson
The weather and my mood have little connection. I have my foggy and my fine days within me; my prosperity or misfortune has little to do with the matter.
Blaise Pascal
When my mood was high, I seemed normal, even buoyant. I felt smarter. I had secrets. I could see God in a light bulb
Gene Tierney
Love is like a butterfly
As soft and gentle as a sigh
The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings
Love makes your heart feel strange inside
It flutters like soft wings in flight
Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing.
Dolly Parton
Eating chocolate can have significant influences on mood, generally leading to an increase in pleasant feelings and a reduction in tension.
Peter Rogers
You have to go through the darkness to truly know the light. This may sound like a cliche, but it’s true nonetheless. Often the greatest doubts occur just before a breakthrough.
Surya Das
Yes, my mom does keep making references to marriage, like all mothers do, but it’s only in a lighter mood… she just jokes.
Saina Nehwal
For me, photographs take their power from memory and emotion. A picture tells its own story, shaped by the mood or insights of the person you are at the time you see it.
Robert Keith Leavitt
There are days when I want to feel cool, sexy, goofy, and at these times, fashion helps me define my mood.
Disha Patani
My mood altered and the pain turned to rage.
Ariel Sharon
Everyone gets in a bad mood at some point – a striker because there is allegedly a new striker on the way, the same for a midfielder.
Gennaro Gattuso
Either get out of bed or else take your clothes off,” he said. “I’m not in the mood to compromise.
Janet Evanovich
After a hard day, choosing to do something to help you feel better – as opposed to staying in a bad mood – is a healthy skill.
Amy Morin
My real hair color is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair.
Julia Roberts
We have this idea that we need to be in the mood to write. We don’t.
Julia Cameron
I’m not a depressive, but I certainly have mood swings. It’s an occupational hazard, I would say, and I’m glad I’m in the occupation I’m in.
Frances McDormand
I don’t usually try to rely on songs to woo a girl, but I think Coldplay can get a girl in the mood… or make her cry, one or the other. I used to play in cover bands; we sure did our fair share of Coldplay. I like ‘Viva La Vida.’
Mark Salling
I’ve never understood the ‘things to do before you die’ idea. If I was ill, I’d be in no mood to have a swim with a dolphin.
Karl Pilkington
Your mood doesn’t really matter. Some of the best creative work gets done on the days when you feel that everything you’re doing is just plain junk.
Julia Cameron
Married life had taught Toran the futility of arguing with a female in a dark-brown mood.
Isaac Asimov
The creations of a great writer are little more than the moods and passions of his own heart, given surnames and Christian names, and sent to walk the earth.
William Butler Yeats
I do a lot of editing and switching around and putting little pieces together to get the right mood and personality, and it takes me forever to get a song finished.
Matt Berninger
I don’t generally like things that are too pedestrian. But at the same time, and if I’m in the right mood, hey – I ain’t gonna lie – I listen to Joni Mitchell. I listen to ‘Blue,’ I listen to Miles Davis.
Robert Trujillo
If your child is going to develop a healthy personality with the capacity to remain intact and grow, she must learn how to test reality, regulate her impulses, stabilize her moods, integrate her feelings and actions, focus her concentration and plan.
Stanley Greenspan
Growing up I was a Cleveland Browns fan and my mood would change based on how they were playing. If they were losing I wasn’t as happy, I wasn’t as excited, I was a little sad.
C. J. McCollum
Clearly God was in some kind of mood on my birthday.
Jodi Picoult
I listen to music to try and focus or concentrate on emotional characters, which is quite common among actors. It might seem cheesy, but I particularly listen to Coldplay because I’m moved by their lyrics. But any music can help depending on the character and their mood.
Daniel Mays
Usually, your personality doesn’t come out on the cover of Vogue. If the photographer says, “Smile,” you smile. You might not be in a good mood that day, but you’re smiling anyway.
Cindy Crawford
It depends on my mood but classical music is what I am drawn towards. I also listen to Sufi music and bhajans too.
Neeti Mohan
I just like wearing whatever makes me feel comfortable and confident. I wear what fits my mood.
Jorja Smith
If I bring anything to the Coen Brothers’ films, it’s my ability to change tack and create a different mood from film to film.
Roger Deakins
A religion is a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and clothing those conceptions with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.
Clifford Geertz
I heard a Californian student in Heidelberg say, in one of his calmest moods, that he would rather decline two drinks than one German adjective.
Mark Twain
I’m the mirror to your mood, you hate me and I hate you.
Ray Davies
Oh sharp diamond, my mother!
I could not count the cost
of all your faces, your moods
that present that I lost.
Sweet girl, my deathbed,
my jewel-fingered lady…
Anne Sexton
Clothes can transform your mood and confidence.
Alice Temperley
A lot of people have a particular song that, no matter their mood, turns them on. With me, it’s Eleanor Rigby.
Dana Gould
Anybody can put sexual content to music, but I feel like I took it to a next level where it’s a mood or feel.
Willie Taylor
At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.
Sandy Gingras
Do not breed. Nothing gives less pleasure than childbearing. Pregnancies are damaging to health, spoil the figure, wither the charms, and it’s the cloud of uncertainty forever hanging over these events that darkens a husband’s mood.
Marquis de Sade
Ideas come from all over, but as I write more and more, I find I’m always hunting for mood: I want to write a novel with a pervasive mood that sticks with you after you close the cover.
Maggie Stiefvater
That blessed mood in which the burthen of the mystery, in which the heavy and the weary weight of all this unintelligible world is lightened.
William Wordsworth
A balance of giving and receiving is essential to keeping your energy, mood and motivation at a consistently high level.
Doreen Virtue
I don’t work off lights and angles; I work off emotions. A mood that I create.
Terry Richardson
Sebald, Naipaul, and Joyce are three of my biggest influences, all of them for their formal freedom and their ability to create mood. So those comparisons are immensely flattering and, of course, unearned.
Teju Cole
The problem that I find in ‘MasterChef India’ is that it doesn’t look like ‘MasterChef Australia.’ It doesn’t have that kind of mood.
Pooja Bhatt
Also, I just think of Draco and he gets me in the right mood. He just keeps getting worse and worse.
Tom Felton
You don’t get into the mood to create – it’s discipline.
Twyla Tharp
Being in the mood to write, like being in the mood to make love, is a luxury that isn’t necessary in a long-term relationship. Just as the first caress can lead to a change of heart, the first sentence, however tentative and awkward, can lead to a desire to go just a little further.
Julia Cameron
I don’t think I’d call [mood] a major force, but it is important as far as hitting the right notes or nuances with a character or scene.
Donald Ray Pollock
I know I can feel bad, when I get in a bad mood, and the world can look so sad, only you make me feel good.
Madonna Ciccone
Be proactive. Ask yourself, “Are my actions based on self-chosen values or on my moods, feelings and circumstances?”
Stephen Covey
The gazelles so gentle and clever Skip lightly in frolicsome mood.
Heinrich Heine
Some people work with a trainer, some people work with a stylist. I work with a celebrity fecalist. A fecalist is basically a person who comes and collects my stools, and then examines them to see if I’m eating right and if I should be drinking more water and what my moods should be.
Tina Fey
Estrogen is a powerful if vengeful hormone affecting a woman’s fertility, moods, sleep patterns, appetite. Estrogen is the household heating oil of womanhood.
Marilyn Suzanne Miller
We have, of course, long since ceased to think of Nature as the sympathetic mirror of our moods, or to imagine that she has any concern with the temporal affairs of man.
Richard Le Gallienne
My dad is a comedian, entertainer, you know. He always likes to make people laugh. With me, it just depends on what mood I’m in. You get what you get.
Laila Ali
I have a visual sense for the music. It has to stay true to a certain sense of period. I rely on a sense of colors and mood in my approach to the arrangement.
Leon Redbone
Some days seem to fit together like a stained glass window. A hundred little pieces of different color and mood that, when combined, create a complete picture.
Maggie Stiefvater
Marvelous as may be the power of my dog to understand my moods, deathless as his affection and fidelity, his mental state is as unsolved a mystery to me as it was to my remotest ancestor.
William James
It is always one of the tragedies of any relationship, even between people sensitive to each other’s moods, that the moments of emotion so rarely coincide.
Nan Fairbrother
I am comfortable in all kinds of outfits. I prefer Indian wear, but there are days I step out in a short dress. It depends on my mood.
Sriti Jha
If I’m experiencing a different thing every day and seeing a new environment every day, it can create a different mood or different feeling.
Alessia Cara
A Golden Globe is a mood-altering substance, there’s no doubt about that.
Rachel Griffiths
Wasting money puts you in a real party mood.
Andy Warhol
I know that when I am up for it I will, and when I’m not in the mood to, I don’t make myself feel badly over it.
Samaire Armstrong
I’m trying to think of who was really unpleasant or just not in the mood for talking. We had on Thurston Moore and he was just not feeling it that day, so it was difficult. Your difficult interview is out there for the world.
Jancee Dunn
I wrote three novels in six months, with a clarity of focus and attention to detail that I had never before experienced. This type of sublime creative energy is characteristic of the elevated and productive mood state known as hypomania.
Ayelet Waldman
When I got home from school, I never knew which mood of my mom was gonna be on the other side of the door. I didn’t know what I was gonna get when I turned the doorknob. That’s very good preparation if you want to be a producer.
Gary Dell’Abate
For ‘Tevar’ we chose Amit Sharma to do the Hindi version of the Telugu hit ‘Okkadi’ because we wanted to change the flavour and mood of the original.
Boney Kapoor
Even a simple imaginary exercise can change your mood: Close your eyes, and take yourself back to your last holiday where there was a lovely warm sun, beautiful sea, relaxed beach and fun meals in the evenings. Open your eyes and consider how you feel now.
Liz Miller
You don`t get mood swings from eating cornflakes
O. J. Simpson
Jackson went from the professor’s chair to the officer’s saddle. He carried with him the very elements of character which made him odious as a teacher; but I never saw him in an arbitrary mood.
Daniel H. Hill
Christmas is a mood, a quality, a symbol. It is never merely a fact.
Howard Thurman
I love fashion because it can change to suit your mood. I’m very drawn to classic silhouettes, menswear-inspired pieces, and anything that feels a little French. I’m also inspired by Brit girl style.
Sophia Bush
My question is, if you think this stuff is fake news, why watch it? There’s no value in it. Unless you’re entertained by it and you have boundaries and the stuff’s not gonna affect your mood, fine and dandy. But if it’s gonna frustrate you, make you mad, you’re not missing anything turning it off.
Rush Limbaugh
My style is determined by the mood, the period and the circumstances which I’m going through in a given moment.
Luke Evans
In television, there’s no time. You can’t walk around and get into the mood. Nobody is going to wait for you. They’re like, “Let’s go!,” and I’m like, “Wait, I haven’t gotten in the mood!”
Olga Kurylenko
Starving to be skinny isn’t my thing. When I don’t eat, it affects my mood! On-set, I fuel up with small meals and I’m always grabbing high-protein snacks, like almonds. Chai lattes with espresso also keep me going.
Nina Dobrev
Normally if I met a guy who was unemployed and illiterate who hadn’t bathed in a couple of weeks, I’d be standing in a puddle with excitement, but I’m sort of in a bad mood tonight, so take this bag and give me the fu**ing paper before I pop your head like a zit. He said, you’re a lesbian, aren’t you?
Christopher Moore
One of the things I had to really work on is, when you’re the leader of an organization, people look at the expression on your face. Your mood has a lot to do with how people think the whole organization is doing.
Jim Yong Kim
The poet is a bird of strange moods. He descends from his lofty domain to tarry among us, singing; if we do not honor him he will unfold his wings and fly back to his dwelling place.
Khalil Gibran
Jin used to be an ordinary guy in the team, but he’s the mood maker now. He’s the most wicked and funniest of all. No one in BTS is normal, though, come to think of it.
I wrote two poems about the ’81 uprisings: ‘Di Great Insohreckshan’ and ‘Mekin Histri.’ I wrote those two poems from the perspective of those who had taken part in the Brixton riots. The tone of the poem is celebratory because I wanted to capture the mood of exhilaration felt by black people at the time.
Linton Kwesi Johnson
My life is not possible to tell. I change every day, change my patterns, my concepts, my interpretations. I am a series of moods and sensations. I play a thousand roles. I weep when I find others play them for me. My real self is unknown. My work is merely an essence of this vast and deep adventure.
Anais Nin
I can drive a certain car one day with great pleasure, and the next day I’ll be disappointed that the experience isn’t as good as the day before. These cars have moods that change with the weather, or with the driver’s own moods.
Ralph Lauren
We know that chronic loneliness has consequences. It certainly depresses our mood. And in terms of our health, people who struggle with loneliness also have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, and anxiety. Loneliness is also associated with a shorter lifespan.
Vivek Murthy
The effect of scent is really interesting. It can create a mood and change a feeling immediately. I wanted to create a modern wardrobe of fragrances … fragrances that can be very personal to the woman who’s wearing them.
Aerin Lauder
I try to have a mood or a rhythm for a chapter.
Robert Caro
If you have twenty guys in the room and you just bring in one girl, you change the entire mood and everyone plays different.
Jack White
Since you’re going to die anyway, why not go do whatever it is you are in the mood to do. To postpone anything is ridiculous, if it’s important to you.
Frederick Lenz
Pop music, which I deeply admire and wish I could play better than I can, is based on expressing one mood, one feeling at a time. Classical music is by its very nature involved with different kinds of music, constantly transforming one another, which is more akin to the way our experience of life really is.
Michael Tilson Thomas
Ask for the sale when the mood is right. The worst possible place is in the prospects’ office. Best place is a business breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next best is your office. Next best is a trade show. Ask early, and ask often.
Jeffrey Gitomer
Sex is my favorite sport. I’m always in the mood.
Cameron Diaz
No one can improve on nature’s landscapes. I feel I’ve hit the mark when I’ve captured a balance between mood, look, and feel… when viewers say they sense the desert heat, or the chill of a mountain snowfall.
Matt Smith
You cannot have democracy without the institutions. You cannot have a democracy that is built on the moods of self-interested people.
Bashar al-Assad
Mountains in all their moods are symbols of something greater, something worth aspiring to. Mountains are powerful, dangerous, beautiful, noble and mysterious. Mountains get respect.
Robert Genn
Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.
Bill Watterson
There is no proper time and place for reading. When the mood for reading comes, one can read anywhere
Lin Yutang
The muddy moods of oil paints are the painter’s muddy humors, and its brilliant transformations are the painter’s unexpected discoveries.
James Elkins
What is literature but the expression of moods by the vehicle of symbol and incident?
William Butler Yeats
My mood board is archival images of Brigitte Bardot and Iman, and Naomi Campbell in the ’90s.
Jillian Hervey
I don’t place too much importance on words. It’s always the last thing I do because I’m definitely more interested in mood.
Jack Tatum
Wilderness is rapidly becoming one of those aspects of the American dream which is more of the past than of the present. Wilderness is not only a condition of nature, but a state of mind and mood and heart. It cannot be confined to the museum-case status—seen only as a passing diorama from superlative throughways.
Ansel Adams
One of the biggest things I struggle with is people’s opinions. As much as I would like to say that I don’t care, I see those comments. And sometimes it affects you more than others, or may completely change your mood.
Justine Skye
It’s scientifically proven that chocolate improves your mood. There is something in it that can make you happier and I stand by that theory. Milk chocolate. It’s so good!
Odeya Rush
There is something more to “reality” than just the tangible. There is also mood, and you cannot skip that.
Vilmos Zsigmond
While writing books about the past, I think about the present. It’s not intentional, but somehow my books end up being written under the sign of a political mood.
Rick Perlstein
I am glad to see the people grooving to and loving the Punjabi tunes. I also personally feel that Punjabi songs have a different vibe and energy, which helps in lifting one’s mood completely.
Guru Randhawa
I’m never in the mood to eat or drink when I get to a show. I’m just too nerved out.
When you’re scoring music for a film, it has to be interwoven with the narrative, it has to reflect the mood, the ethos.
Zoya Akhtar
Doing something positive will help turn your mood around. When you smile, your body relaxes. When you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body.
Simone Elkeles
When the mood takes me, I like to be a man of action. I like to windsurf and ski, and most of all I love to ride horses. The wilder and faster the better!
Andrea Bocelli
If I wished to see a mountain or other scenery under the most favorable auspices, I would go to it in foul weather, so as to be there when it cleared up; we are then in the most suitable mood, and nature is most fresh and inspiring. There is no serenity so fair as that which is just established in a tearful eye.
Henry David Thoreau
Most of the time I dress depending on my mood. I just throw on whatever I feel like wearing at the time, which tends to come from the palette of black, grey or red.
Kate Moss
I see 30 to 40 gallery shows a week, and no matter what kind of mood I’m in, no matter how bad the art is, I almost always feel better afterward. I can learn as much from bad art as from good.
Jerry Saltz
You just never know if people out there will relate to things when you write them; it matters to you, and to some people it doesn’t. Some people are ‘I’m not in the mood for that; thanks.’
Cameron Crowe
We need a system where some politicians – who quite rightly respond to the public mood – are prepared to stand up in favour of housebuilding, so I came up with a system that gives local people something they really want in return for building more homes. In our case in Hatfield, it’s a new town centre.
Grant Shapps
People who travel in China tell me that the mood there is still very upbeat, because their media is different from our media. Chinese media emphasize how well things are going and suppress the bad news and publish the good news.
Freeman Dyson
I love bright shades because they’re just so uplifting. They boost your energy and mood.
A. J. Odudu
As goofy as it sounds, I try to sing in the morning. It’s hard both to sing and to maintain a grouchy mood, and it sets a happy tone for everyone – particularly in my case, because I’m tone deaf, and my audience finds my singing a source of great hilarity.
Gretchen Rubin
Eugene Mirman is the Andy Warhol of comedy. People look to him for what’s next in comedy, and he emails these people back promptly. The Will to Whatevs put me in a great mood because I was laughing out loud. Alone. That’s hard to do.
Mike Birbiglia
Lighting is an essential way to change the mood of a room, especially if you can use dimmers.
Thom Filicia
I am not in a bad mood. Everyone is just.. annoying.
Wiz Khalifa
Music and fashion go hand in hand. I think music inspires all types of arts; it inspires life, emotion, mood, and all of those things are reflected in my fashion and my style. One doesn’t go without the other.
You see shape, and how the light hits things, how the color changes from one end of the photo to the other, and how movement affects the mood of the photo.
Jay Maisel
I look at performance clothes as setting the mood for the whole show.
However, you do need rules. Driving on the left (or the right or, in parts of Europe, on the left and the right as the mood takes you) is a rule which works, since following it means you’re more likely to reach your intended rather than your final destination.
Terry Pratchett
Actually, when you’re doing something you love, even when you’re busy and it’s hectic you don’t feel the need to relax. I never used to take holidays and it would upset ex-wives and girlfriends, but working has me in a better mood than doing nothing.
Al Murray
We’re never gonna understand women. They’re way too complex. You’ve got too many variables to consider. PMS, bad hair days, miscellaneous mood swings . . . there’s no way to tell what’s causing their attitude. – Mike
Susane Colasanti
Musically, I think I change music like I change clothes! What I listen to on a day to day basis is really contingent upon my mood and what’s going on in my life.
Demetria McKinney
Don’t fall into the trap of having to have everything perfect to write or wait until the mood strikes you. If you want it as a job, treat it like a job, and just as you don’t go to work only when you feel like it, you have to condition yourself to sit and write even when the ideas don’t flow.
Kim Harrison
It is odd enough to see how the entrance of a person of the opposite sex into an assemblage of either men or women calms down the little discordances and the disturbance of mood.
Elizabeth Gaskell
I love kids. I just love kids. They put you in a good mood and they are so full of life.
Carmen Electra
Men have gained control over the forces of nature to such an extent that with their help they would have no difficulty exterminating one another to the last man. They know this, and hence comes a large part of their current unrest, their unhappiness and their mood of anxiety.
Sigmund Freud
Most Sundays, with the exception of football Sundays, I work, because I don’t take days off as long as I’m working on something that’s supposed to be all in the same mood.
Robert Caro
An eye can threaten like a loaded and levelled gun, or it can insult like hissing or kicking; or, in its altered mood, by beams of kindness, it can make the heart dance for joy. … One of the most wonderful things in nature is a glance of the eye; it transcends speech; it is the bodily symbol of identity.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Music is sunshine. Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically change your entire mood. Music gives us new energy and a stronger sense of purpose.
Michael Franti
Shellac was asked to do a recreation of our first album, but we’ve always been a band that improvised our sets. That’s critical to the way that we function on stage. Whatever the mood takes us on stage can vary from night to night with what you feel like playing.
Steve Albini
Nature has a counterpart, a representation of every interior mood and obscure perception of man.
Mary Butts
Books became her friends, and there was one for every mood.
Betty Smith
The piano is always true to me. In times of despair, happiness, and joy, its mood is always my own.
Bradley Joseph
The thing with pretending you’re in a good mood is that sometimes you can.
Charles de Lint
Sometimes, when Bridget was in a particularly melodious mood, Sophie thought about stalking downstairs and pushing her into the oven like the with in ‘Hansel and Gretel.
Cassandra Clare
Some people get a little shy, you know, and it can take a certain mood or a situation or a vibe for you to relax and come out of your shell.
Beer is sacred business, a mood-altering food substance that may have preserved the human species. To drink beer is to be human.
Alan D. Eames
Sometimes you can’t realize you’re in a bad mood until another person enters your orbit.
Douglas Coupland
I always wrote the music first, and the music gave me the mood and the lyrics were pretty much put in to give you a map, where that mood came from and where it’s going. But my first love was really the music itself, and I guess I’ve gone back to that.
Billy Joel
There’s nothing that helps clear my mind and improve my mood more than sweating in a room with my friends to some amazing new music and feeling stronger and taller every time I walk out. It’s truly incredible. I’m addicted. And the results aren’t half bad, either.
Anna Kaiser
When I began designing machines I also began to think that these objects, which sit next to each other and around people, can influence not only physical conditions but also emotions. They can touch the nerves, the blood, the muscles, the eyes and the moods of people.
Ettore Sottsass
The poet is a man who lives at last by watching his moods. An old poet comes at last to watch his moods as narrowly as a cat does a mouse.
Henry David Thoreau
Music has a very powerful and wonderful influence in establishing feelings and moods that can lift and elevate your thoughts and your actions.
Ardeth Kapp
The regular rhythm and upbeat tunes of military music or marching bands positively affect your mood even if you don’t actually ‘enjoy’ listening to it.
Liz Miller
Just take me home where the mood is mellow
And the roses are grown
M&M’s are yellow
And the light bulbs around my mirror don’t flicker
Everybody gets a nice autograph picture
One for you and one for your sister
Who had to work tonight but is an avid listener
Every song’s a favorite song
And mics don’t feed back.
Lupe Fiasco
Devising the menu for an intimate meal can be a thorny task. You want to make something your guy will go crazy for, but that usually means big and heavy. And feeling overly full kind of kills the mood.
Katie Lee
I like to be comfortable, and don’t like to be cold, and I don’t like to wear anything I’m not in the mood for.
Rachel Bilson
The way that words mutate reminds me of fashions in music. The word–the note–is a constant. But the setting and chord in which it occurs alters with the mood of a nation from major to minor, from the assertive to the mournful and foreboding.
Neal Ascherson
A short story must have a single mood and every sentence must build towards it.
Edgar Allan Poe
I have an eclectic pallet of music that I listen to. It depends on my mood.
Tika Sumpter
There wasn’t space to mood-up. I think Rose Byrne was just extraordinary. Talk about a character that could be really unsympathetic at times. She just jumped in these scenes that go from anger to hysteria to crying to laughing and back to anger. I just marveled.
Susan Sarandon
My style reflects my mood, the place I’m in, and the place I’m going to.
Lindsey Wixson
It’s very joyful to be in a productive, creative mood, but I find a lot of joy in learning and being told stories.
Evelyne Brochu
The richly cadenced prose is hypnotic, the research prodigious, the analysis acute, the mood spellbinding, and the cast of characters mythic in scale. I cannot conceive of a better book about Capitol Hill. An unforgettable, epic achievement in the art of biography.
Ron Chernow
To me, lighting really sets the mood for a room. A 40 watt bulb in a cheap lamp is the same as a 40 watt bulb in an expensive one.
Edward S. Walker, Jr.
And so I rehabilitate myself – staying up late this Friday night in spite of vowing to go to bed early, because it is more important to capture moments like this, keen shifts in mood, sudden veering of direction – than to lose it in slumber.
Sylvia Plath
Take the emotional temperature of those listening to you. Facial expressions, voice inflection and posture give clues to a person’s mood and attitude.
John C. Maxwell
I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.
Rachel Nichols
A whim, a passing mood, readily induces the novelist to move hearth and home elsewhere. He can always plead work as an excuse to get him out of the clutches of bothersome hosts.
C. S. Forester
I got very lucky that some of the things that I wanted to work did work. Not because I knew what I was doing, just through dumb luck, it just looked beautiful and sounded great and captured some magical mood. And you just have to hope that you get lucky when you do big things like making a movie, or something.
Wayne Coyne
I think the eyes are very revealing and can expose a lot about a persons mood or character.
Jonathan Shapiro
The emphasis in each piece is on building a whole, totally integrated structure. In doing this, we try to carry on – in ensemble as well as solo sections – the mood of a jazz soloist. I mean that principle of kinetic improvisation that keeps a jazz solo building.
Cecil Taylor
I have always felt that the truth is prophetic, and that if you describe precisely what you see and give it life with your imagination, then what you write ought to have lasting value, no matter what the mood of your prose.
Paul Theroux
I’m into fashion because it contains the mood of the day, of the moment – like music, literature, and art.
Zaha Hadid
If the group has a negative social mood, believing that tomorrow will be worse than today, the bias goes in the opposite direction. Instead of “welcoming” we have “rejecting,” instead of “global” we tend to see events that are “local” and so forth.
John L. Casti
We read poetry because the poets, like ourselves, have been haunted by the inescapable tyranny of time and death; have suffered the pain of loss, and the more wearing, continuous pain of frustration and failure; and have had moods of unlooked-for release and peace. They have known and watched in themselves and others.
Elizabeth Drew
Music creates a certain mood and then people dress accordingly. I think it’s all quite closely intertwined.
Georgia May Jagger
My head was a condemned church with a ceiling of bats, but I swung from this dark mood to euphoria when I thought about leaving.
Dave Eggers
I’m in a foul mood as I’m making stupid mistakes… This morning I lost beyond repair a painting with which I had been happy, having done about twenty sessions on it; it had to be thoroughly scraped away… what a rage I was in!
Claude Monet
You want to travel in a good mood; you don’t want to be mad about a loss.
Trea Turner
Cat, you asked me before to find out if those dream -suppression pills had any side effects. I’ve checked with Pathology, and they said you might experience depression, mood swings, irritability, paranoia, and chronic fatigue. Have you noticed any of that?
Jeaniene Frost
The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions
Stephen Covey
What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises—no matter the mood! Mood’s a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset. It’s not for fighting.
Frank Herbert
I am absolutely enraptured by the atmosphere of a wreck. A dead ship is the house of a tremendous amount of life-fish and plants. The mixture of life and death is mysterious, even religious. There is the same sense of peace and mood that you feel on entering a cathedral.
Jacques Yves Cousteau
The job of the critic is to report to us his moods.
Oscar Wilde
When I lose a big game, I am angry and always in a bad mood, and I will talk about other stuff to bring attention away from my team also.
Thomas Tuchel
My aim in photography is always to convey a mood and not to impart local information. This is not an easy matter, for the camera if left to its own devices will simply impart local information to the exclusiveness of everything else.
Alvin Langdon Coburn
The trick is to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it is low.
Richard Carlson
Fashion has always been important to me. I think style is important and what I love about my style is it’s all based on my mood.
What I wear is everything – from how I carry my hair to what I’m wearing on my feet. I have to feel comfortable on stage, so I like to wear things that have room. My mood changes a lot, so sometimes I wear 6-inch heels, and other times I’ll perform in bare feet.
Laura Mvula
I love music. I love creating, so I just get inspired with whatever mood I’m in. Whatever the story dictates, that’s where my mind goes.
Everything is always going through changes in terms of attitudes or mood.
Andrew W.K.
I don’t go out there and put on any sort of front for people. If I’m in a good mood, I appear in a good mood on TV, and if I’m in a bad mood, I just go out there and look like I’m in a bad mood.
Dean Ambrose
I’ve found in the past that if we planned the show a night before, once we slept and woke up, we weren’t in that mood anymore. Because I really think doing a live show means you should be exploring your live feelings, and planning is not good.
Elvis Duran
If you’re in the mood for a blushing art house romance, you’ll fall for it, too.
Katrina Onstad
My wife is the sweetest, most even-keeled person ever. A mood swing to her is like, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable.’
Bill Hader
I actually think that self-expression comes, sometimes, from what you wear, and having the freedom to be able to wear whatever you want for whatever mood you want to wear it, but to not feel frivolous that all of those things that help you self-express have to be things that you’re committing to forever.
Jennifer Hyman
I’m a great believer in relativity when making movies. Relativity, in my mind, meaning “Light to dark, big to small, good to bad.” You visually embrace these things to enhance transitions and instantly paint environments and moods.
Gordon Willis
Bipolar indicates that you’re not – you don’t just experience depression, but the mood swing goes up, and it can go very up.
Patty Duke
Most of all people respond to a film tackling grave subjects that question and go against the prevailing mood.
Philippe Claudel
I think the best president – because he changed the whole mood of the country, the whole economy of the country, and stood up to Communism… that was continuing its causes around the world, and backed them off and caused them to collapse – and that was Ronald Reagan.
Pat Boone
Evolution was in a strange mood when that creation came along…. It makes one wonder just where the plant world leaves off and the animal world begins.
John Colton
When you’re a lead role, I’m learning that you set a tone for the movie in a way, like a director does, or like other actors do. But it seems like you set a mood on set.
Kit Harington
Dogs understand your moods and your thoughts, and if you are thinking unpleasant things about your dog, he will pick it up and be downhearted.
Barbara Woodhouse
My fantasy is to have a restaurant where there are no written menus, but where you just ask people, ‘What are you in the mood for? Fish? Meat? White wine?’
Charlie Trotter
I try to only work on the screenplays for a few hours a day when I’m in my most voluble mood, just sort of writing whatever comes into my head. It’s a very freeing thing.
Daniel Clowes
You can’t plan in advance for everything – every mood swing, every mistake you might make in execution, every shift in your circumstances. But you can keep updating your plan.
Eric Maisel
I don’t have a particular style I like, it just changes daily, depending on the mood or the situation. I don’t have a style chosen.
Don’t surrender leadership of your life to your moods
Robin Sharma
I think a good role model has to be sexy. Real, empowered, self-possessed women are sexy. When you’re really in control of your choices, your mood, your body, and your opinions, people find you sexy.
Amanda Palmer
I love music. For me, music is morning coffee. It’s mood medicine. It’s pure magic. A good song is like a good meal-I just want to inhale it and then share a bite with someone else.
Hoda Kotb
In other words, you’ve got a journey as the plot, but it has to be in a lively environment, being able to create the mood. If you read “Pickman’s Model,” in other words, they’re winding their way through the Boston Streets and [H.P.] Lovecraft researched what was there.
Paul Laffoley
There is something frank and joyous and young in the open face of the country. It gives itself ungrudgingly to the moods of the season, holding nothing back.
Willa Cather
I recognize that knitting can improve my mood in trying circumstances
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Horace, in a particularly boastful mood, once said his verse would last as long as the vestal virgins kept going up the Capitoline Hill to worship at the temple of Jupiter. But Horace’s poetry has lasted longer than Jupiter’s religion, and Jupiter himself has only survived because he disappeared into literature.
Northrop Frye
We are staunch and true and in rather a champagne mood.
Franz Marc
I know I might be a little crazy, but I love working out. It has a way of lifting my mood like nothing else can.
Jessica Mendoza
Getting into shape helped get me into a better mood, and when I’m in a better mood, I’m funnier. My general attitude is better.
Steve Howey
When you have a gown, there’s much more to be concerned about. Where is this crease falling? Are you making a weird shape with the dress? Are you doing the designer justice? With a bathing suit, it’s more about you and the mood you convey.
Brooklyn Decker
My stepfather was quite into opera, but he’d play it when he was in a bad mood, so you’d hear this boom through the floor, Wagner, and you’d feel nervous.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
Personally, I believe very much in values of savagery; I mean: instinct, passion, mood, violence, madness.
Jean Dubuffet
I read for three things; first, to know what the world has done the last twenty-four hours, and is about to do today; second, for the knowledge that I specially want in my work; and third, for what will bring my mind into a proper mood.
Henry Ward Beecher
You’re in an awfully good mood,” he observed. “Was there a sale at Khakis-R-Us?
Richelle Mead
I find fragrance to be such a mood enhancer and definitely a seduction tool.
Christina Aguilera
Yes, exactly. I think that Christmas is always used at any point in the year to cheer us up, like each other up. We would use that to cheer each other up if we were in a sad mood or something, we’d just start talking about Christmas.
Zooey Deschanel
I see music as an aid. It overcomes my internal editor, especially when the music evokes the character or the mood I’m trying to build.
Jeff Vandermeer
I was in a queer mood, thinking myself very old: but now I am a woman again – as I always am when I write.
Virginia Woolf
I have to have music playing constantly. It creates the tone and mood for anything you are doing. I specifically love rock, and Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite artists. My favorite song is ‘Red House,’ because it’s heavy on the blues.
Marisa Miller
I had this sense that I was part of, sort of a lineage of artists and writers through history that have had mood disorders.
Ellen Forney
Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln never saw a movie, heard a radio or looked at television. They had ‘Loneliness’ and knew what to do with it. They were not afraid of being lonely because they knew that was when the creative mood in them would work.
Carl Sandburg
When a country is at war or in economic depression, underdevelopment or tightened security, it sets an affective tone or mood, which seeps through into everyday life via all kinds of channels.
I was a banker in Morocco when I first saw ‘American Graffiti.’ It was before I was an actor, a melancholy time in my life, and this mood was reflected in the film.
Jean Reno
Music is great; it all depends on what mood you’re in, what you want to listen to. If it’s party time, you listen to, you know, party music, if you want to dance with somebody. But then again, if it’s a slow dance, you need something slow.
Tom Jones
I’ve spent most of my life doing some sort of exercise, but I’ve learned to never push myself into doing it. I know that when I am up for it I will, and when I’m not in the mood to, I don’t make myself feel badly over it.
Samaire Armstrong
There is no escape from yesterday because yesterday has deformed us, or been deformed by us. The mood is of no importance. Deformation has taken place.
Samuel Beckett
He then proceeded to shout at Alpha and Beta, a sign that he was in a genuine good mood. They took it as calmly as ever, in spite of the fact that he accused them of things I’m sure no donkey has ever willingly done, especially not Beta, who possessed impeccable moral character.
Patrick Rothfuss
Boys have their soft and gentle moods too. You would suppose by the morning racket that nothing could be more foreign to their nature than romance and vague sadness. . . . But boys have hours of great sinking and sadness, when kindness and fondness are peculiarly needful to them.
Henry Ward Beecher
I am always insincere, as always knowing there are other moods.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I usually run three or four times a week now. Pretty boring, but it’s so worth is. It’s done wonders for my mood
Natalie Portman
I’m not a big disco guy. Some of that English techno-poppy stuff wouldn’t get me in the mood either.
Jon Bon Jovi
Always upbeat, always happy, always putting you in a good mood. That’s what I want to achieve with my music.
Kim Dotcom
There’s always the cliche of the choir shouting and clapping. OK, you have to do that, but there’s also introspective parts, parts where you just follow someone that’s preaching. There’s lots of different emotions and moods that a service requires.
Wynton Marsalis
We need to create a mood where it is everywhere thought morally right for as many people as possible to acquire capital.
Margaret Thatcher
It can connect us to memories. It can influence our mood and our responses to problems we might face.
Sharon M. Draper
I can control the weather with my moods. I just can’t control my moods.
Nick Cave
All paintings start out of a mood, out of a relationship with things or people, out of a complete visual impression
Richard Diebenkorn
… there had been the two little boys. Now they were gone, too. They loved her and called her and sent her e-mails and would still snuggle up to her to be petted when they were in the mood, but they were men, and though they would always be at the center of her life, she was no longer at the center of theirs.
Cathleen Schine
As soon as I hear a sound, it always suggests a mood to me.
Brian Eno
My concentration and focus level tends to go down sometimes when I’m in a bad mood.
Randy Moss
A moment of kindness can produce a mood of harmony between heaven and earth. Purity of heart can leave a fine example for a hundred generations.
Zicheng Hong
I am sometimes accused by my peers of printing my pictures too dark. All I can say is that it goes with the mood of melancholy that is induced by witnessing at close quarters such intractable situations of conflict and joylessness.
Don McCullin
You have to be aware of all the latent possibilities that give a work its special character – its atmosphere, its moods, its contrasts.
Alfred Brendel
I ski to win. When the day comes that I can’t get myself into a fighting mood anymore, I won’t be able to win and I’ll stop racing.
Ingemar Stenmark
Good moods’re as fragile as eggs…Bad moods’re as fragile as bricks.
David Mitchell
I want my outfit to match my mood.
Dakota Johnson
One of the most important things that a Thatcher government did was change the mood of the nation to give it back its confidence.
Nigel Lawson
Personal relationships, mood, chance, or anything like that can actually affect people’s decisions, and when they’re in a position of power, their capriciousness can affect the fate of a nation.
Yorgos Lanthimos
You go through different stages when you’re working on the music in film. At least, I do. You have a temp score, so you have music from other people, usually from other movies, to give you a sense of what the mood is supposed to be, what the atmosphere is.
Duncan Jones
I believe that any art communicates what you’re in the mood to receive.
Larry Rivers
I’m in the mood to get faded, so please bring your finest.
Addiction isnt about substance – you arent addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings.
Susan Cheever
If you or one of the blind fools who follows you honestly believe you can…bring it on. I’m in the mood for Slaughter. Killing and Murder, too. ~ Jericho a.k.a. Cratus
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The really great thing about cats is their endless variety. One can pick a cat to fit almost any kind of decor, income, personality, mood. But under the fur, there still lies, essentially unchanged, one of the world’s free souls.
Eric Gurney
Let’s play it safe. I’m not in the mood to run right now and I know fighting is suicide. Last thing I want to do is make my enemies happy by dying. (Syn)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Almost all negative moods are missing one key element – calm. By learning calm, you learn to deal with difficult areas. Calm allows us to achieve what we want, without being overwhelmed by anxiety.
Liz Miller
The thing I love about Vegas is there’s something for any type of mood you’re in and something for any kind of adventure you seek out.
Christina Tosi
Music is a way of expressing my mood, and it definitely helps to motivate me before a game. It also helps me move on from past defeats or keeps my mind busy when I’m not playing, so music is definitely something that follows me every step of every day.
Sergio Ramos
If you are describing any occurrence… make two or more distinct reports at different times… We discriminate at first only a few features, and we need to reconsider our experience from many points of view and in various moods in order to perceive the whole.
Henry David Thoreau
Here are the shadows left behind by a thousand moments, a thousand moods, of needs traced here on the wall by men who are gone. Here is the record of their being here.
Chuck Palahniuk
Everyone is a Wordsworth in certain moods, and every traveler seeks out places that every traveler has missed.
Pico Iyer
Landscapes, even when their general type is similar, are capable of as many expressions as the same type of human face, and, without our being able fully to tell why, affect our spirits as we look at them with as many moods and meanings.
William Hurrell Mallock
I don’t know exactly where the ideas come from. One day, a sentence just popped into my head – ‘There was going to be trouble, and, hell, he just wasn’t in the mood for it’ – and I knew I had a novel.
Sandra Brown
I’d give him a cup of coffee and a big helping of a knuckle sandwich. Generosity was a virtue and I was in the mood to be extremely virtuous.
Ilona Andrews
I’m very moody, so I dress for whatever mood I’m in. Sometimes I want to be a little more boyish and flowy and comfortable. Sometimes I want to feel a little sexier and more composed.
Film noir is not a genre. It is not defined, as are the western and gangster genres, by conventions of setting and conflict, but rather by the more subtle qualities of tone and mood. It is a film ‘noir’, as opposed to the possible variants of film gray or film off-white.
Paul Schrader
Lighting is everything. It creates mood and has an emotional effect on you.
Zak Bagans
I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.
Diane von Furstenberg
A lot of guys come out, and they do the exact same thing, are in the exact same mood, and have the exact same entrance every night, I really just make up a lot of crap as I go along.
Dean Ambrose
I realized if I’m not really making an album, I don’t have to be concerned about things like stylistic consistency, pacing, a coherent mood. All that stuff goes out the window.
John Oates
When you have police officers like Office Encinia who is a trained professional, who is trained to de-escalate a situation where a motorist may not be in the best of moods because of an encounter that they’re having with you, you are trained to respond differently.
Sharon Cooper
Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature and structure.
Van Day Truex
We need to respond to the mood of the people – that we must take the lives of the other side as well.
Joe Slovo
Many of our threats are imaginary. The habits and even obsessions that we develop to keep them away are destructive and undermine our moods constantly.
Liz Miller
People put mixtapes out every few months, every year. They come often. Not ‘Mood Muzik.’ It’s a totally different type of monster. And when you hear it, you should be able to understand why.
Joe Budden
Yes, there is a burden of financial insecurity. I don’t think you find it in mood. Income is correlated with life satisfaction, so maybe you do find it in life satisfaction. You don’t find it in mood, and I think it is very important.
Daniel Kahneman
Things flow better and everyone is in a better mood because they’re like, ‘I got my point across and it sounds like I want it to sound’
Adam Faulkner
Passively accepting your sadness is the same as forgetting to build your own happiness. Happiness is more than a mood. It’s a long-lasting state that is more accurately called well-being.
Deepak Chopra
My style varies on my mood or the weather of the day.
But instead, Democrats are so bent on seeing Republicans as a bunch of angry, right wing, intolerant, unreliable extremists that they have a track record of missing the mood of the country, especially the sentiment of people who don’t wake up to ‘The New York Times.’
Ari Fleischer
It is my impression that ‘pain-killing’ drugs improve the patient’s mood rather than take away the pain.
John E. Sarno
I will be the one lifting that trophy, not Paolo Maldini. Imagine me hoisting the trophy. It is an image I have in my mind and I want to make it a reality. We have world-class players and, believe me, they are in the mood to do it. The atmosphere around the club at the moment is just top-class.
Steven Gerrard
Opinions are formed in a process of open discussion and public debate, and where no opportunity for the forming of opinions exists, there may be moods -moods of the masses and moods of individuals, the latter no less fickle and unreliable than the former -but no opinion.
Hannah Arendt
If you get the disco or rap format on the radio, an R&B record doesn’t fit, because it will break up the mood.
Wilson Pickett
Spatial art does not begin with a poetic mood or idea, but with construction of one or more figures, with the harmonizing of several colors and tones, or with the devaluation of spatial relationships and so on.
Paul Klee
I have mood poisoning. Must be something I hate.
Marilyn Manson
Please allow me to offer a simple financial plan. Invest in chocolate. Buy bars. Lots of bars. If we do enter anything approximating a real financial depression, you will not be able to improve your mood with gold.
Anita Renfroe
My personal dressing is inspired by my mood and mindset. I can jump from a girl-next-door to runway queen. I’m a T-shirt-and-jeans kind of a woman. But I also enjoy the red carpet look.
I wouldn’t say I eat fruit all the time. If I’m in the mood for fruit, I’ll eat it. I try to get some kind of fruit throughout the day or every couple of days. I usually go for bananas to keep the cramps away.
Danny Green
You’ve got to remember that films don’t lead the way. People think that films are trying to lead society. Mostly, they’re reflecting the moods and thoughts that are going on in the country or around the world.
George Clooney
I would never wear a look that was all the same designer. I always wear at least one thing that is vintage. I dress according to my mood, and I usually spend money on the basics, like leather jackets, handbags, sweaters and shoes.
Elsa Hosk
My wife never went to many Liverpool games but if she was out on a Saturday, she would always ask someone for the score. If we had won, she’d simply be relieved that I would be coming home in a good mood.
Jamie Carragher
Aggressiveness was a fundamental to success in airtoair combat and if you ever caught a fighter pilot in a defensive mood you had him licked before you started shooting.
David McCampbell
Sometimes to get in the “musical mood,” I’ll just turn on music really loud, or go drive around and listen to music, or learn a song that I really like on guitar or piano. That gets me in the right frame of mind to proceed.
John Britt Daniel
Every so often, if I’m in a melancholy mood, I’ll sing ‘Desperado’ in my shows. I’ll sit alone at the piano and play it as a solo. The song feels like an old friend – except now it’s saying, ‘You were a desperado once, but you worked your way out of it.’
Bill Medley
We must always work, and a self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood. If we wait for the mood, without endeavoring to meet it halfway, we easily become indirect and apathetic.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
There are films you see that only reach your eyes. Then there are films that you can watch… that reach down to your throat, or reach your heart. “In the Mood for Love,” though, reached all the way to my belly.
Zhang Ziyi
Herzog and Malick both have this very unique naturalist intentionality to their process. It’s about creating the mood, creating the focus and having discipline, but not prescribing what the performance was supposed to be. Neither of them are really directing their actors into a performance.
Sam Pressman
A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
When we’re on set, we kind of joke around, and when we’re rehearsing, we change up the scenes and make each other laugh. We lighten up the mood. The blooper reel is going to be amazing on ‘New Moon.’
Kellan Lutz
Well, I think it’s important to have some kind of a narrative engine that pushes the audience through the landscape. But I love films like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ which is a very mood driven film. It’s a magnetic force that’s pulling them through.
Panos Cosmatos
I don’t know that I’m actually bipolar, but I definitely have huge mood swings, and I’m definitely passionate about the way I feel. I’m not really lukewarm one way or the other.
Alicia Witt
I think music can heal your soul if you’ll let it. It can also bring you up if you’re down. It can also bring you down if you’re too up. It’s a mood thing.
Gretchen Wilson
Painting pictures is simply the official, the daily work, the profession, and in the case of the watercolours I can sooner afford to follow my mood, my spirits.
Gerhard Richter
I prefer you like this, when you’re in a foul mood, because you tell the truth.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
When a manager openly expresses his faith in an employee’s skill, he doesn’t just improve mood and motivation; he actually improves their likelihood of succeeding.
Shawn Achor
I have to expose myself and then accept the judgment that audiences and critics will have. And that’s okay. I appreciate the elliptical nature of it. Sometimes people are more in the mood to be nice to me than others, and that’s great.
Claire Danes
Don’t shop when you’re hungry or in a grumpy mood. You need to feel happy and confident to make the best decisions.
Tamzin Merchant
We make very little progress when we strive to conquer baser instincts in a good mood. However, vast strides are possible when we are miserable and work with ourselves to replace our misery with joy and understanding.
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
How often have I actually discovered in myself that enthusiasm raises the artist above himself, how in an ordinary mood one would not have been able to accomplish many of the things for which enthusiasm lends one everything, energy, fire.
Clara Schumann
In Russia, we eat a lot of heavy food like potatoes and lots of meat. I can’t eat one apple or a salad a day. You wouldn’t want to come talk to me if I don’t eat. I have to eat, or I am in a really bad mood.
Irina Shayk
Altruism raises your mood because it raises your self-esteem, which increases happiness. Plus, giving to others gets you outside of yourself and distracts you from your problems.
Karen Salmansohn
You create your own decoration. You choose your color, you choose your mood. … If you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy.
Philippe Starck
Why is it so? If live is a gift, all that belongs to and is intrinsic to life is going to be a gift. You can wait for it, you can be receptive to it, you can remain in a surrendered mood, waiting, patient, but you cannot demand, and you cannot force.
In listening mood she seemed to stand, The guardian Naiad of the strand.
Walter Scott
Such days of autumnal decline hold a strange mystery which adds to the gravity of all our moods.
Charles Nodier
Blending tracks and weaving and manipulating prerecorded music to create this mood, some people do it much better than others.
I’ve been doing a lot of yoga because it really centres me – mentally as well as physically. It’s just an hour of my day that’s always positive, and I always come out in a better mood.
Stella Maxwell
I gave no prescriptions,
And those who have taken my moods for prophecies
Mistake the matter.
Louis Simpson
When I get in a bad mood about anything, I realize, ‘Hey, I’m still working. It could always be a lot worse.’
Michael McDonald
We have discovered that exercise is strongly correlated with increased brain mass, better cognition, mood regulation, and new cell growth.
Eric Jensen
A location can really enhance exercise enjoyment. Getting out in nature – whether it’s a beach, lake, river, forest, hills or even an urban park – can do wonders for our mood and stress levels.
Michael Klim
I’m all for information diets, which are helpful for the mood and for the art.
John Cameron Mitchell
I dress according to my mood. Some days I don’t want to dress up, while some days I want to look great and so I make an extra effort to put on some Kajal and beautiful dresses, but it all depends on my mood.
Rhea Chakraborty
In ‘A Likely Story,’ I wanted to recreate the events, the mood, and the imagery of my life as a teenager. I was thirty-seven when I wrote it.
Rosemary Mahoney
I have a huge breakfast every morning because I never know if I’ll have time for lunch, especially during Fashion Week. It keeps my mood positive all day. And my parents taught me to have tons of fruit and vegetables, which I think helps my skin.
Constance Jablonski
You know sometimes when you’re in a really bad mood and you’re not sure why? That’s how I get sometimes.
Maisie Williams
If someone decides they’re not going to be happy, it’s not your problem. You don’t have to spend your time and energy trying to cheer up someone who has already decided to stay in a bad mood. Believe it or not, you can actually hurt people by playing into their self-pity.
Joyce Meyer
Nature reserves some of her choice rewards for days when her mood may appear to be somber.
Rachel Carson
People think you can get out your canvas and paint any time you have a free moment. You can’t. Commercial art and painting are entirely different. Painting takes a different mental approach. You have to get the right attitude, the right mood.
Pierre Alechinsky
I’ve only ever played ‘God of War’ while we were shooting it. I’ve seen a lot of the videos, but while we were shooting ‘God of War,’ they had a green room for the actors to hang out in, and they always had the newest game on the big screen. So we’d sit there playing ‘God of War’ to get us into the mood.
Joseph Gatt
Divorced women, compared to married women, are less satisfied with their lives, which is not surprising. But they’re actually more cheerful, when you look at the average mood they’re in in the course of the day.
Daniel Kahneman
I believe someone should be able to dress according to the mood they’re in. It shouldn’t be forced and you shouldn’t have to follow a trend.
Cher Lloyd
It is good To lengthen to the last a sunny mood.
James Russell Lowell
Nobody ever dared with Frank, because he had such mood swings, and you never knew how he was going to react. But I could tell the minute I saw him that he was going to be in my corner.
Don Rickles
When trust improves, the mood improves.
Fernando Flores
Moods should be heard but never danced to.
Hugh Prather
My brain acts bizarrely and I keep having major mood swings.
Gareth Thomas
Even though your emotions aren’t wrong, that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in a particular mood. You can certainly choose to make changes that will influence the way you feel. If you want to change the way you feel, change the way you think and behave.
Amy Morin
The purpose of a work of fiction is to appeal to the lingering after-effects in the reader’s mind as differing from, say, the purpose of oratory or philosophy which respectively leave people in a fighting or thoughtful mood.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I probably have a higher opinion of my writing than the average person, at least when I’m in a good mood, but I don’t really think of my plays as only being relevant to a particular month or year.
Wallace Shawn
I have an ugly day every month; pimples on my face, I’m fat and in a bad mood. It’s more like an ugly week!
Bolshevism may be Marxian in theory, but it is Hulagoesque in practice. It may be of European descent, but it is Oriental in tradition. Oriental in mood. Oriental in temperament.
Ameen Rihani
Witness your thoughts, moods, and behaviors. They represent your memories of the past, and by witnessing them in the present, you liberate yourself from the past.
Deepak Chopra
A balanced diet and physical activity are vital to academic performance. A healthy diet has a direct link to increased cognitive function and memory skills, decreased absenteeism from school, and improved mood. These advantages can help students stay focused and complete their coursework.
Matt Cartwright
If I have learned anything from my SIMS family: When a child doesn’t see his father enough he starts to jump up and down, then his mood level will drop until he pees himself.
Even writing verses from my first album, there were songs that I didn’t use because I just felt that they weren’t really for me. But I think that happens naturally when you write songs. You’re in a different mood in every session. There’s so many songs out there that could potentially be used by other artists.
Fleur East
Imagination, which in truth
Is but another name for absolute power
And clearest insight, amplitude of mind,
And reason, in her most exalted mood.
William Wordsworth
I watch the goals to get me in the mood and to give myself a vision of how I want the game to go.
Daniel Sturridge
Music is extremely important to have on photo shoots – it brings the mood.
Raquel Zimmermann
People always tell me, when I want to get in the mood of a party or when I’m at a party and they put a Jay Sean song on I feel happy.
Jay Sean
If I was in a bad mood, then maybe I won’t talk about it, but you’re going to know about it somehow. If something was bothering me, maybe I would have acted a little bit like a child, meaning I go break something in a room.
Mike Patton
The most common objection that I hear to walking as exercise is that it’s too easy, that only sweaty, strenuous activity offers real benefits. But there is abundant evidence that regular, brisk walking is associated with better health, including lower blood pressure, better moods and improved cholesterol ratios.
Andrew Weil
I’m not going,” he said. He held up the Third key like a weapon. Sensing his mood, it grew longer and sharper, till he was holding a trident as long as he was tall… “And anyone who tries to make me is going to suffer.” “Twice,” added the voice under the table.
Garth Nix
Sometimes I’m in a bad mood, sometimes I’m in a good mood. It’s like everyone else.
He was very much a man of moods, possibly owing to what is styled the artistic temperment. I have never seen, myself, why the possession of artistic ability should be supposed to excuse a man from a decent exercise of self-control.
Agatha Christie
Gradually, I came to know my horses intimately. You go through every mood they experience and come to view the world much like a horse.
Tim Cope
The cooler days have brought a wistful mood upon him. The smell of coalsmoke in the air at night. Old times, dead years. For him such memories are bitter ones.
Cormac McCarthy
I do believe that if we have information about your emotional experiences, we can help you be in a more positive mood and influence your wellness.
Rana el Kaliouby
Are you acquainted with the mood of mind in which, if you were seated alone, and the cat licking its kitten on the rug before you, you would watch the operation so intently that puss’s neglect of one ear would put you seriously out of temper?
Emily Bronte
The older I got, the more apparent it became that my mother was losing control over me. She fought back fiercely with black moods, silent treatments and martyrdom. And, of course, all she did was run my ass out of the house even quicker. The pressure was unbearable.
George Carlin
Food can change your mood. It’s almost like music a little bit, you know? It can break a fight. It could calm a child down. It could do so many things, and that’s what I love.
Tiffani Thiessen
I have a type of bipolar that swings up and down all day long. There are significant mood swings within a day, within a week, within a month. I go through at least four major episodes a year. That’s really the definition of bipolar rapid cycle. But I have ultra-rapid, so I have tiny little episodes all day long.
Marya Hornbacher
Taking time to contemplate what you’re grateful for isn’t merely the ‘right’ thing to do. It also improves your mood because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%.
Travis Bradberry
I don’t get to be edgy and angry, but the rewards are that I’m generally quite happy with my day. I spend an awful lot of time in a good mood.
Raul Esparza
I have a playlist for every mood.
Suki Waterhouse
I’d love to have another film to go on to. I’m in the mood to work. But I have to be patient, you know, to find that particular kind of project. Occasionally I’ll write one myself if I can summon up the energy.
Peter Weir
If anything, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to look chic with the minimal effort required because I’m constantly packing. My off-duty style is always influenced by my mood.
Martha Hunt
In nearly all ballads, the words set the mood and meaning, while the music intensifies or enhances them.
Kate Smith
The codfish is a staple food For which I’m seldom in the mood. This fish is such an utter loss That people eat it with egg sauce.
Ogden Nash
Anyone who knows me knows that I’m miserable during Ramadan. Some would say I’m miserable all year round, but it does affect my mood.
Sadiq Khan
Certain rhythms just have certain moods.
Dennis Brown
When you’re around the kids, you feel like you act the most grown up just because you’re supposed to lead. I say things, like every other parent, that reminds you of your own parents. One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.
Adam Sandler
In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book. I am a writer and I take up my pen to write.
Pearl S. Buck
Technique isn’t important. Technique is in the blood. Events and mood are more important than good light and the happening is what is important
Andre Kertesz
Every day my style changes with my mood. Some days I’ll feel a little more grunge and wear boyfriend jeans, but in the summer I like to feel girly and wear dresses.
Julianne Hough
I’ve always been a very sensitive person, and people tell me that if I’m in a certain mood, and I go into a room, my mood will permeate the room. It’s not on purpose – I’d rather be invisible in those moments – but I’m really bad at faking how I feel.
Rooney Mara
One of the greatest thing about fashion is that it’s a literal expression of your mood. Or it can be the opposite. You can feel bold and outgoing and wear something like that or wear all black and feel like you can hide a bit. It’s expressionism. I really love that.
Kate Bosworth
I love to make music that makes people feel mood-enhancing, life-affirming brilliance but I just make whatever comes out at the time and sometimes it’s up and sometimes it down and sometimes it sideways with a hint of s smile.
Eliza Doolittle
I like to be creative with my red carpet outfits, but equally, sometimes I am just in the mood to go all out with a ball gown and heels – but only If you get me on the right day!
There are games where I go a whole game without saying a word. There are games where I’m talking the whole game. It really depends on the mood and vibe that I’m in that day.
J. J. Watt
That terrible mood of depression of whether it’s any good or not is what is known as The Artist’s Reward.
Ernest Hemingway
If I go on a diet and work out, I’m always in a bad mood. I’d rather be a little heavier but nice.
Salma Hayek
Who would not want an illness that has among its symptoms elevated and expansive mood, inflated self-esteem, abundance of energy, less need for sleep, intensified sexuality, and- most germane to our argument here-“sharpened and unusually creative thinking” and “increased productivity”?
Kay Redfield Jamison
Landscape is my religion. …God in a green legend, I lean over the pool In a testament of leaves. I dangle my twinkling mood Before me in a cool cave roofed with branches And floored with a skin of water.
Norman MacCaig
Yoga can benefit you no matter what mood you find yourself in.
Mandy Ingber
I think there are specific times where film noir is a natural concomitant of the mood. When there’s insecurity, collapse of financial systems – that’s where film noir always hits fertile ground.
Werner Herzog
All of us want to see the details of any legislative plan if there’s going to be a legislative response, but Congress, I believe, is in the mood to do whatever it takes to win this war against terrorism.
Richard Shelby
When I found yoga, I realized that I can direct my own mind through my yoga practice and meditation. I can actually create my own mood. That was a huge awakening for me.
MC Yogi
There are times when the mirth of others only saddens us, especially the mirth of children with high spirits, that jar on our own quiet mood.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
It was weird because I was pregnant, throughout that so it was weird being a pregnant witch. I was in a really bad mood but luckily, because I sleep with the director, he just sort of scheduled me so I only had to do it two nights.
Helena Bonham Carter
Chimpanzees, typically, kiss and embrace after fights. They first make eye contact from a distance to see the mood of the others. Then they approach and kiss and embrace.
Frans de Waal
The director Sofia Coppola’s new comic melodrama, ‘Lost in Translation,’ thoroughly and touchingly connects the dots between three standards of yearning in movies: David Lean’s ‘Brief Encounter,’ Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Sunrise’ and Wong Kar-wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love.’
Elvis Mitchell
‘Kareeb’ is a song that changes my mood. It’s a happy and peppy song and my definition of it is ‘pure entertainment.’
Divya Agarwal
Atmosphere, not action, is the great desideratum of weird fiction. Indeed, all that a wonder story can ever be is a vivid picture of a certain type of human mood.
H. P. Lovecraft
While we are actually subjected to them, the ‘moods’ and ‘spirits’ of nature point no morals. Overwhelming gaiety, insupportable grandeur, sombre desolation are flung at you. Make what you can of them, if you must make at all. The only imperative that nature utters is, ‘Look. Listen. Attend.
C. S. Lewis
The air to a glider pilot is a reality. . . . He is trying to understand it in all its moods; to learn its flow, its laws, and to try and use this knowledge to his own ends.
Philip Wills
I dont ever expect anything in this industry but ‘The One’ show has had such a presence in lockdown and I think to have a programme in the morning too, reflecting on the mood of the nation is great.
Gethin Jones
I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk.
Mark Haddon
Even though we don’t always realize it, as the day goes on, we have increased difficulty exerting self-control and focusing on our work. As self-control wears out, we feel tired and find tasks to be more difficult, and our mood sours.
Travis Bradberry
Eating healthy and keeping hydrated does wonders; it centers my mood and helps me keep a sharp mind.
Betsy Landin
I feel like music can affect you in so many ways. When you hear a song with a happy melody, it can change your mood; it can change your day.
The Tibetan missionaries in their mood of bright confidence disconcerted the imperial governments by laughing the new movement into frustration. For a sham faith cannot stand ridicule.
Olaf Stapledon
I am still of opinion that only two topics can be of the least interest to a serious and studious mood – sex and the dead.
William Butler Yeats
For me, living and making music, they’re one thing. It’s not like a job that I go to a studio to do, or a chore that I have to get myself in the mood to do, or something. It’s the thing that I need to do every day.
John Frusciante
I have both my daughters on gluten-free diets, and you can see the difference. They are only four years old, and it definitely changes their mood. You can see that for sure.
David Kirsch
If feminism was a dress, it would be that essential little black number, reached for in times of need; different for everyone but a steady constant in a woman’s life. Outspoken or understated, demure or provocative, worn to reflect the mood, the personality, the time.
Esther McVey
I like to listen to different kinds of music – it just depends on my mood. I love Madonna, Russian singers… I like the Rolling Stones a lot!
Oksana Baiul
Smiling resets your mood.
Joel Osteen
I listen to classical music when I need to relax. It depends a lot on mood.
Tarja Turunen
That was so completely unfair that I told Tantalus to go chase a donut, which didn’t help his mood.
Rick Riordan
Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on my treadmill. It never fails. Exercise is nothing short of a miracle.
A sports writer is a stylist of some kind. He is trying to convey mood and character and emotion.
David Shields
One of the primary tests of the mood of a society at any given time is whether its comfortable people tend to identify, psychologically, with the power and achievements of the very successful or with the needs and sufferings of the underprivileged.
Richard Hofstadter
To a hikikomori, winter is painful because everything feels cold, frozen over, and lonely. To a hikikomori, spring is also painful because everyone is in a good mood and therefore enviable. Summer, of course, is especially painful.
Tatsuhiko Takimoto
By walking a long time in an environment, landscapes begin to influence on your mood, as( landscapes) change, your feelings do.
Jacques Lecoq
But I shall like my battle. This sort of day puts one in mood for it. Plenty of wood in the shed, jam and potatoes and apples in the cellar, hay and oats and Cressy in the barn. Pooh – what is winter?
Anne Bosworth Greene
Every song has a mood, a situation and a different kind of score.
M. Jayachandran
I am a contradictory mess but I see it as my prerogative to change my mood like the weather.
Shirley Manson
I’m not looking for any particular genre or role because I will pick up a role based on my mood and instinct.
Tejaswi Madivada
Every spring, this happens: People discover hockey when daylight lasts longer and men grow beards and tie games do not end in shootouts but rather continue until a goal is scored. The seventh game only heightens the mood for players and fans alike.
George Vecsey
I just think the mood of the country is now that people don’t necessarily want an elected official to tell them how they ought to cast their vote. Matter of fact, it’s the opposite, and they want to express themselves, and they have a right to, and I’ll respect their choice.
John Cornyn
Not to make him blush, but any story illustrated by Mike Mignola does things that prose alone cant accomplish. The illustrations create mood and atmosphere, drawing the reader more deeply into the story than words could do on their own.
Christopher Golden
The greatest contribution jazz has made in music has been to replace the role of the conductor with a member of the ensemble who, instead of waving his arms to keep time and convey mood, is an active member of the musical statement. That person is the drummer.
Elvin Jones
See, I’m not the type of writer that has 400 songs in a suitcase someplace on the shelf. I’m sort of a rise-to-the-occasion-type of writer, so when I know I’m going to record, I get in the mood to write.
Luther Vandross
It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.
Lech Walesa
Musicians from the beginning of time have been there to express the mood and the musical feelings in the air for whatever’s going on in that particular culture. It’s the greatest joy as a musician to be able to translate that, be part of something and watch the scenery around you.
Trey Anastasio
The goal is to align with your core group of collaborators, who understand your vision and aesthetics. I usually show them visual material of what I have in mind, as well as a color spectrum of mood boards.
Marc Forster
Some credit is due to Trump for seizing the anti establishment mood of the country, but most of his success can be attributed to pure luck.
Bob Beckel
I’m either dressing like a rocker chick, or I’m looking like I just stepped out of ancient Greece! It all depends on my mood. I love bohemian vibes, too.
Lauren Jauregui
We not not our feelings. We are not our moods. We not even our thoughts.
Stephen Covey
You are affected by the surroundings, the mood of people, by confidence. I am no different.
Michael Owen
There is something in the autumn that is native to my blood-
Touch of manner, hint of mood;
And my heart is like a rhyme,
With the yellow and the purple and the crimson keeping time.
Bliss Carman
I am a believer that color affects people’s moods.
Lilly Pulitzer
The point about manic depression or bipolar disorder, as it’s now more commonly called, is that it’s about mood swings. So, you have an elevated mood. When people think of manic depression, they only hear the word depression. They think one’s a depressive. The point is, one’s a manic-depressive.
Stephen Fry
The live audience is a blind date. The camera is a hungry lover. One wants to be wined and dined and seduced and then decide where the evening will go. The other knows how it wants to be touched, wants it now and can damn well tell if you are lying about it. Both are fickle. Both feel good. Depends on your mood.
Bill Oberst Jr.
Hell begins with a grumbling mood, always complaining, always blaming others.
C. S. Lewis
Writers cannot choose their own mood: with them it is not always hide-tide, nor –thank Heaven!–always Storm.
Charlotte Bronte
A lot of people spend all this time painting their house, picking out rugs, and then they put fluorescent lighting in there. It totally ruins the mood.
Bobby Berk
That’s one of the peculiar things about bad moods – we often fool ourselves and create misery by telling ourselves things that simply are not true.
David D. Burns
It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I’d been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood.
Cat Stevens
High heels are like a beauty lift. In a flat you can feel beautiful, but a stiletto changes your mood, how you move – like a wild, beautiful animal. The idea was always to follow a women’s wardrobe, her desires.
Giuseppe Zanotti
All a designer can do is to anticipate a mood before people realize that they are bored. It is simply a matter of getting bored first
Mary Quant
It’s correct that I’m a bad loser. Why should I lie? If I was good at losing I wouldn’t be in Formula 1. I think it’s more honest to act how you really feel than pretending to be the smiling boy who actually isn’t in the mood to smile.
Sebastian Vettel
Mostly, when you are shooting for action or intimate scenes, and you need to hold them, it takes away the mood if you both are not in sync. I have faced such situations and I think having a good bond with your co-stars only adds value to the scene.
Abhinav Shukla
We don’t want to live in the dark moods of imponderable mystery, but neither do we want to miss them altogether. they allow us to emerge from the tender sadness of the manger to sing with the angels in the skies above.
Robert Morgan
The mood of the country is set by its leaders and they are failing us by not setting a compassionate moral tone in a complex time.
Chris Chibnall
If I don’t do anything for two or three days in a row, I feel really grumpy. My mood changes.
Chris Hoy
Whenever someone comes up to me saying, ‘I saw you in ‘Carlos’ and then I saw the rest of your movies,’ for me, it’s an expression that we might be doing something well. So my life hasn’t changed that much. I just try not to go to very crowded places if I’m not in the mood.
Edgar Ramirez
In London, you can visit, in a way, every part of the globe within the span of a few streets. It’s truly amazing and, whatever your mood, you’re sure to find something to your taste.
Ainsley Harriott
It’s always different for whatever the scene asks for but usually, I listen to music before the scene just to get into the mood, mellow myself out and really put myself into the character’s shoes. I zone out from everything going on around me and just focus on what I have to do. From there, I just let it happen.
Noah Schnapp
If you’re not in the mood, you can’t do that stuff right.
J. D. Salinger
I listen to a wide array of music, all depends on the mood I’m in at the time.
I wrote for nearly six hours. When I stopped, the dark mood, as if by magic, had folded its cloak and gone away.
Zane Grey
I create mood boards, and then we source fabrics and design the dresses. We are trend-led but also do our own thing! I want women to feel fabulous in our creations.
Alesha Dixon
For a coach to be able to help you, they need to get to know you well. They need to see what’s happening – that you are not in the mood to talk, or something like this. It is very hard to find the right person.
Ana Ivanovic
So what are you in the mood for? (Sunshine) How about naked Sunshine al dente covered in whipped cream and chocolate? We could even put a cherry on top. (Talon)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
You always know when you’re going to arrive. If you go by car, you don’t. Apart from anything else, I prefer cycling. It puts you in a good mood, I find.
Alan Bennett
I usually don’t write about my life right when it happens. I process it, and I store it away. Then, when I get in the mood I pull the stuff back out.
Lucinda Williams
Even Nature is observed to have her playful moods or aspects, of which man sometimes seems to be the sport.
Henry David Thoreau
Decade after decade, artists came to paint the light of Provincetown, and comparisons were made to the lagoons of Venice and the marshes of Holland, but then the summer ended and most of the painters left, and the long dingy undergarment of the gray New England winter, gray as the spirit of my mood, came down to visit.
Norman Mailer
Comedy, if it’s done well, can reflect the mood of a nation. It can be a mirror to who we are, what we believe in, what we are like.
Brad Stine
One can’t measure how a mood of confidence comes about.
Nadine Gordimer
To be sure, we would not allow the world, if we can help it, to peep into our soul, much less to enter it. Our No-Man’s-Land is hedged about with a wire entanglement of insincerities. And often we take refuge in a temperament, a pose, or a mystic mood.
Ameen Rihani
I think the overall mood of the music informs the artwork, but I’ve found that good lyrics can be inspirational, too.
Neil Farber
When you’re in a good mood, bring up the past. When you’re in a bad mood, stick to the present. And when you’re not feeling emotional at all, it’s time to talk about the future.
Marilyn vos Savant
[I like to read] spiritual books, non-fiction, fiction, I have my moods.
MC Lyte
I like making jokes and setting the mood in the locker room. That’s important when you know that you spend a lot of time together. It makes everyday life more fun and enjoyable.
Jordi Alba
People who have never dealt with depression think it’s just being sad or being in a bad mood. That’s not what depression is for me; it’s falling into a state of grayness and numbness.
Dan Reynolds
When I get into a bad mood, I do sports and then everythings OK. And then I go and make decisions, however painful they may be.
Dmitry Medvedev
Putting good energy into your body and raising your serotonin will lead to a positive mood, exuding a more attractive glow.
Dylan Lauren
Clouds suit my mood just fine.
Marie Lu
I wrote at the start that this was a record of hate, and walking there beside Henry towards the evening glass of beer, I found the one prayer that seemed to serve the winter mood: O God, You’ve done enough, You’ve robbed me of enough, I’m too tired and old to learn to love, leave me alone forever.
Graham Greene
In attacking the young, the liberal, and the black, Daley was in the mainstream of America’s mass prejudices. The Democratic party may have suffered by his actions, but Daley came out…even more popular than before because bust their heads was the mood of the land and Daley had swung the biggest club.
Mike Royko
It was not the purpose of poetry to record anything and everything, to merely describe either the outer world or some subjective mood, but to speak from the imagination of the poet to the imagination of the reader.
Kathleen Raine
I feel I should warn you, I’m in a really bad mood. (Syn) You’ll be in a worse mood when we haul you in dead! (a Partini) ‘Syn grimaced in pain at a comment so stupid it didn’t even rate a snotty comeback.’ (Syn)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I don’t like when a song goes from one mood to another unless it’s going to be out of sight.
Britt Daniel
With YouTube, it’s mostly about scripting and editing. Live performances depend on the crowd, their mood and reactions.
Bhuvan Bam
I knew that, without killing the creative mood, I had to keep the balance between my emotional outburst and the merciless discipline of a super-personal control, thus submitting myself ti the self-imposed law of dance composition
Mary Wigman
I love to go on long drives while listening to emotional, peppy and foot taping numbers, depending on my mood. I have a wonderful sound system.
Arbaaz Khan
My style is super versatile and doesn’t pertain to any one category. It can be best compared to a mood ring. It is very dependent on the mood I am feeling for the day.
Melina Matsoukas
Life has no meaning. It doesn’t need a meaning. A meaning is an arbitrary thought formulation that we affix to it because we are in the mood. Life is its own raison d’etre.
Frederick Lenz
That which is around me does not affect my mood; my mood affects that which is around me.
Garth Stein
Use description of landscape to help you establish the emotional tone of the scene. Keep notes of how other authors establish mood and foreshadow events by describing the world around the character.
Janet Fitch
I don’t have a father, but my kids tell me every day that they love me… even when I am not in my best mood.
Boman Irani
They thought depression was like bieng ‘depressed’. They thought it was like being in a bad mood, only worse. Therefore, they tried to get him to snap out of it.
Jeffrey Eugenides
I found him well educated, with unusual powers of mind, but infected with misanthropy, and subject to perverse moods of alternate enthusiasm and melancholy.
Edgar Allan Poe
As children we were bombarded by competing answers. Church says one thing, school another. Now as adults it’s no surprise that if we discuss the nature of it all, we generally spout some combination of the two, depending on our individual inclination and mood.
Robert Lanza
Food is one part of the experience. And it has to be somewhere between 50 to 60 percent of the dining experience. But the rest counts as well: The mood, the atmosphere, the music, the feeling, the design, the harmony between what you have on the plate and what surrounds the plate.
Alain Ducasse
A funny line can never exist on its own. It needs to be surrounded by mood and circumstances.
Lorrie Moore
I really gravitate toward having all different styles in my closet because I feel like I always want to dress to fit my mood or where I am going. I do love Jason Wu; he is also a really good friend of mine, and I love what he is doing for Hugo Boss these days.
Kerry Washington
I think everybody can agree that you can hear a certain song and it will put you in a certain mood, and that’s just the beauty of music and I am so inspired by that.
Shaun White
Teach me your mood, O patient stars. Who climb each night, the ancient sky. leaving on space no shade, no scars, no trace of age, no fear to die.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
When someone asks me to do a score, I look at the picture two or three times. I never watch the rushes to pick up the mood as quickly as I can. If it’s something I want to do, just watching the film will start the wheels turning.
Henry Mancini
For me, one of the most perfect times to watch a horror movie is when it’s cold and raining outside and there’s pretty much no outdoor activity to be done. It kind of sets the mood.
Kirk Hammett
Considering you are pretty much like this the whole time whether you’re onstage, whether you’re in the van, whether you’re eating, whether you’re in the hotel room. So everyone has their moments and you kind of learn to respect people’s space when they’re not in a good mood.
Barry Privett
I’ve learned over the years that people are human and have mood swings, regardless of how talented they are. Today, I’m looking at life from a realistic point of view instead of the way I would want things to be.
Otis Williams
The rebellious mood of the country during those [60th] years allowed me to plug right back into my old hatreds. I could scream and holler, as I did on the albums, against religion, government, big business – all those assholes and their values. That hatred was very real.
George Carlin
Our moods and insights are transitory. This current is a flow of grace moving us to our right livelihood, companions, destiny.
Julia Cameron
The times when we need prayers or counsel, we are little like to be in a mood to learn, nor yet to understand.
Sigrid Undset
Music is definitely my mood master. It’s a must have for me on set, and in my life to inspire and motivate me.
Erin Heatherton
A mood disorder is dangerous. You’ve got to get those dramatic waves of highs and lows stabilized. It’s dangerous if you don’t.
Jane Pauley
When I’m getting ready, I’ll listen to ’80s music on Spotify just to wake me up and put me in the mood. I like that it’s cheesy.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Every performance is different because I’m different; my mood is different.
Savion Glover
Don’t.” Clary raised a warning hand. “I’m not really in the mood right now.” “That’s got to be the first time a girl’s ever said that to me,” Jace mused.
Cassandra Clare
So how do people listen to music? How do the broad masses listen to it? Apparently they have to be able to cling to pictures and ‘moods’ of some kind. If they can’t imagine a green field, a blue sky or something of the sort, then they are out of their depth.
Anton Webern
When I get home, I’m not the boss like I am at work – I slip into a more feminine role. I take everything off and put on my Stella McCartney silk robe. I’ll put on a red lip or red nails, and it lifts my mood. Sexy underwear also gives you a spark.
Miranda Kerr
The bad mood fairy comes to annoy you only when you are actually in a good position, but don’t yet realise it!
Jonathan Cainer
My father would take me to the playground, and put me on mood swings.
Jay London
One mood can be replaced by another, but it is impossible to leave attunement altogether. However, profound boredom brings us as close to a state of un-attunement as we can come.
Lars Svendsen
I’m constantly changing and evolving so I don’t abide by just one certain style. I like to look at my personal style as an extension of my mood.
Stella Hudgens
Sometimes I was in a mood to write a song as if I was w

Sometimes I was in a mood to write a song as if I was writing in my journal and reveal certain parts of me that I was ready to reveal.
Madonna Ciccone
My movies are film-paintings – moving portraits captured on celluloid. I’ll layer that with sound to create a unique mood — like if the Mona Lisa opened her mouth, and there would be a wind, and she’d turn back and smile. It would be strange and beautiful.
David Lynch
If you go to a restaurant with Tom Cruise, it’s like walking in with Santa Claus. Everybody is in a better mood because he’s there.
Doug Liman
I like it when I’m watching a movie which has a harmonious feeling to it. It’s as if the environment puts you in the mood for the characters and story you experience.
Brian Stelfreeze
It is not paradox to say that in our most theoretical moods we may be nearest to our most practical applications.
Alfred North Whitehead
Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman’s make-up kit. It has the power to transform the appearance and mood of the person wearing it, and, at the same time, arouses the admiration of everybody else.
Monica Bellucci
How you use your voice is really important, and it’s really driven by context more than anything else, and your tone of voice will immediately begin to impact somebody’s mood and immediately how their brain functions.
Christopher Voss
It looks to me like the Republican Party`s in no mood to give them [voters] a reasonable choice with this clown show going on right now from the likes of, well, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. What a duo.
Chris Matthews
I had a mini marathon once I landed the role – going from ‘Splendor in the Grass’ to ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ to ‘Shampoo’ to ‘Reds.’ I watched them back to back. I found that when you’re in the mood for ‘Reds,’ you’re not in the mood for ‘Shampoo.’
Lily Collins
Terrorism and the refugee crisis have changed the political mood in the West and brought the extreme right to prominence there.
Jamal Khashoggi
It’s a curious fact about Americans that in their most fiercely patriotic moods they are willing to set aside their Constitution, the guarantor of their freedom, in order to prosecute war — yet they insist that the war is for ‘freedom’.
Joseph Sobran
My style is all over the place. It goes by my mood, but on a day-to-day basis it’s relaxed and comfortable, just jeans and T-shirts and no heels unless I’m going to a meeting.
Laila Rouass
Thank God for running. It is the ultimate detox for me, whether my poison is bubbles, a foul mood, or a bad attitude. If I combat inertia, get out, and get moving, eventually every kind of toxin works its way out.
Kristin Armstrong
People always ask me how I start a collection, and I tell them that I just look around. What am I tired of? What am I in the mood for? Real fashion change comes from real changes in real life. Everything else is just decoration.
Tom Ford
The writer has to take the most used, most familiar objects – nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs – ball them together and make them bounce, turn them a certain way and make people get into a romantic mood; and another way, into a bellicose mood. I’m most happy to be a writer.
Maya Angelou
I stood under the awning for a moment, but finally I decided that being in a bad mood with your friends beats being in a bad mood without them.
John Green
My UK fans are quite similar to the States but they pay much more attention to the details, that I like. They listen, party, and dance moving through the changing moods of the music with me.
Raphael Saadiq
If the whole world went vegan, there would be less war. How you eat determines your mood and your outlook on life.
Alexandra Paul
My playlist on game day kind of varies. Some days I may be in an R&B mood and that’s what pumps me up, and some days it may be country, some days it may be hip-hop or just a Drake album.
Jarvis Landry
A man likes to believe that he is the master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or to be conscious of the myriad secret ways in which unconscious factors insinuate themselves into his arrangements and decisions, he is certainly not his own master.
Carl Jung
I love art. It really changes my mood and wakes me up.
Killer Mike
Poetry reproduces an indefinable mood that is more amorous than love itself. Venus is not so beautiful all naked, alive, and panting, as she is here in Virgil.
Michel de Montaigne
Apparently I wasn’t in the mood to listen to myself.
Obert Skye
Does your ma know you’re this silly?” she demanded tartly. He nodded, comically sad. “The few gray hairs she has on her head are my doing. But” — with an exaggerated change of mood — “I send her plenty of money, so she can pay to have them dyed!” “I hope she beat you as a child,” Onua grumbled.
Tamora Pierce
Why should I spoil my mood by wearing an ugly suit?
Bryan Ferry
Time drops in decay Like a candle burnt out. And the mountains and woods Have their day, have their day; But, kindly old rout Of the fire-born moods, You pass not away.
William Butler Yeats
Puritanism was an honourable mood; it was a noble fad. In other words, it was a highly creditable mistake.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I like to think about what the song is saying, the story of it, and conveying the mood of that to the audience. But at the same time, sharing through interacting with them and engaging them.
Bridgit Mendler
You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.
Warren Ellis
When (Big) Walter was in the right mood, he could be the most ferocious, the most inventive, the most dangerous harp player I ever heard.
Charlie Musselwhite
To me, that’s what music is: creating a mood, and taking the listener to the place that you’re going.
Paul Rodgers
For Fleur de Chine, I imagined the romantic and mysterious women from Asia’s cinematic past-from the ’30s femme fatale in a cheongsam and dark lipstick, to the’60s Hong Kong heroine of In the Mood for Love. I wanted to capture that fascinating, exquisite and slightly scandalous femininity.
Tom Ford
Okay, you’re right about that. But this whole ghost thing’s irritating.” “Park benches are irritating to you in some moods.” “Depends on whether or not I want to sit down.
Nora Roberts
If the extrovert watches and listens a bit more, the introvert’s true mood will become more evident.
Laurie Helgoe
I’m in a mood, Dave. A bad mood, a very bad mood! I was fired from my ice cream truck job today! No more Fudgicles!
Adam Sandler
When I’m in the mood for room service, my favorite order is a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.
Pharrell Williams
Don’t force yourself to write. Some people can write a novel in a few months, whereas for others it can take over a year. I’m lucky to be one of the former – but, even so, if I’m not in the mood to write, I won’t. I’ll go off, do something else and come back to it when I’m ready.
Cecelia Ahern
I’ve been playing since I was about 7. I never really used a pick very much. I mean, once in a while, if you’re in a festive mood, you might draw a little blood, but nothing significant… But my hands aren’t abused, really.
Lindsey Buckingham
Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows, bringing light to bear on the dark corners where troubles fester. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
Sydney J. Harris
For me, makeup is about being your best self. If I wake up in a foul mood and have to deal with temper tantrums and an exploding diaper–I know taking 10 minutes to get my game face on will reset my stress levels. It’s a chance to check in and remind myself–you got this.
Jessica Alba
Adolescents need to be reassured that nothing-neither their growing maturity, their moods, their misbehavior, nor your anger at something they have done-can shake your basic commitment to them.
Laurence Steinberg
A mood can be a dangerous state of mind, because it can crush reason under the weight of feeling.
Ravi Zacharias
I’ve always been sort of addicted to genre-jumping. I’ve never been in the mood to do the same thing I did last time. Hence, me going from ‘Big Love’ to romantic comedy, to period film I can’t sit still.
Ginnifer Goodwin
Every time I sit down in front of my piano, I like to improvise with the instrument. It depends on my mood of that day what kind of melodies and rhythms I am playing around. Sometimes, even before starting to play I already have a quite clear picture of a song I would like to compose, or at least the sound of it.
Tarja Turunen
I’m in the mood for ‘Shark Tank’ sometimes. When I am, my son and I can’t stop watching. But I probably watch ‘The Bachelor’ more, and Scott Foley and I text about it, like, ‘Oh my God, did you see that?!’ I love it. It’s such a train wreck.
George Newbern
I’m currently doing a Soul Pancake show called Top of the Monday, which is basically a good morning news show. It’s just me being silly, telling people about good news that’s going on in the world, putting them in the mood to start their week.
Zach Anner
At first, I only laughed at myself. Then I noticed that life itself is amusing. I’ve been in a generally good mood ever since.
Marilyn vos Savant
You have an incredible body.” He reaches out to touch my stomach. I feel no pleasure in his compliment or his touch, only impatience. This is the only feeling. I feel like the paper on which my mood chart is printed.
Augusten Burroughs
Everybody makes fun of me because I have no genre! My playlist is filled with different music. I decide the genre according to my mood.
Athiya Shetty
For oft, when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood they flash upon that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude
William Wordsworth
Relations between India and America should not be seen within the limits of just Delhi and Washington. It’s a much larger sphere. The good thing is that the mood of both Delhi and Washington is in harmony with this understanding. Both sides have played a role in this.
Narendra Modi
I think that what I do is a form of pathetic fallacy, the literary trope in which nature is in sympathy with the mood of the story. I connect the physical setting and props in the story to the emotional state of the characters.
Elizabeth Wein
Social media has a way of changing your mood. I can see a picture of my ex, and it ruins my day.
Kim Stolz
It doesn’t matter to me what is going on today because my music encompasses every kind of mood that exists in human beings. That’s my stick.
Nina Simone
Because I worked in fashion, I know that I like fashion. Haute couture is a form of art that I can appreciate. I’m definitely not someone who wakes up every day and thinks about what I’m going to wear, but on the red carpet, it’s reflective of the mood I’m in, or the movie I’m going to represent.
Diane Kruger
I feel bad about that, that I worship celebrities… but their moods create weather.
Maria Bamford
If I’m in a bad mood, my thing is I go clean! That’s what relaxes me! I go and clean everything.
Corbin Bleu
Research the venue and location before outfit shopping, as it helps set the mood and style focus: a traditional wedding in the countryside offers a different set of sartorial rules to a tropical, beach vibe, for instance.
Jenny Packham
Those who are compelled to paint by force, without being in the necessary mood, can produce only ungainly works, because this profession requires an unruffled temper.
I am a chameleon when it comes the way I dress. I am constantly changing it up, and I really can’t commit to one thing because dressing for the day or for an event is really a mood thing. I like variety, and I don’t mean just designers, I mean mixing the high-end garments and the cheaper clothing.
Darby Stanchfield
I was in a lecture about concussions and of the 10 symptoms the guy mentioned, I had eight. The symptoms would be, for example, mood swings, getting angry very fast, forgetting some things, having difficulty sleeping.
Wanderlei Silva
I don’t know how to put on an act; I always show myself for what I am, in whatever mood I’m in.
Indira Gandhi
My experience of test screenings is that you don’t know what kind of mood people are going to be in, and sometimes the studios accept what Joe Blo says – and this guy could just be a frustrated filmmaker, or not paying attention.
Antoine Fuqua
Sing us a song you’re the piano man.
Sing us a song tonight.
Cause we’re all in the mood for a melody,
And you’ve got us feeling all right.
Billy Joel
We fear our neighbor’s hostile mood because we are afraid that this mood will lead him to penetrate our secrets.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I argued that physical discomfort is important only when the mood is wrong. Then you fasten on to whatever thing is uncomfortable and call that the cause. But if the mood is right, then physical discomfort doesn’t mean much.
Robert M. Pirsig
A good smell puts me in a great mood and even inspires my creativity.
Maria Canals Barrera
When I go out or to an event, I’ll wear blue jeans and a shirt. And sometimes when I go to an event I’ll wear camouflage. It depends what kind of mood I’m in.
Si Robertson
Humor is not a mood but a way of looking at the world. So if it is correct to say that humor was stamped out in Nazi Germany, that does not mean that people were not in good spirits, or anything of that sort, but something much deeper and more important.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
I want to capture the mood I have now, post-cancer, in my music.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
I wanted to write a book that talked about the emotions of children, which is the rainbow. We all have moods. We talk about being blue when we’re sad, and being yellow when we’re cowards, and when we’re mad, we’re red.
Dolly Parton
Reaching for the stars, perfectionists may end up clutching air. They suffer from mood disorders, troubled relationships, and stress. They may even achieve less than others.
David D. Burns
Place has always been important to me, and one thing today’s Chicago exudes, as it did in 1893, is a sense of place. I fell in love with the city, the people I encountered, and above all the lake and its moods, which shift so readily from season to season, day to day, even hour to hour.
Erik Larson
I’m confident that the wrong cinematographer on a project can very much derail the mood and the feeling on set when you’re trying to create a bubble of trust, effectively.
Greig Fraser
I hate my picture being taken. A photograph by definition captures one mood. And I have a million facets to my personality; I never use just one. That’s why I like TV more.
Jane Pauley
To me, a WrestleMania Sunday is ‘I serve at the behest and at the pleasure of my beast.’ I’m there to lighten the mood. I’m there to keep the mood light and not make it too heavy, and to keep the pressure off Brock Lesnar.
Paul Heyman
There is definitely a mood in the party for making sure that two cabinet heavyweights we have got, who come from different traditions, different sides of the EU referendum campaign, Theresa May and Michael Gove – it would be right to put them to the party in the country.
Nicky Morgan
I often have a few scents depending on if I’m playing a character. The character may be wearing a scent that perhaps I wouldn’t wear. We’ve all got different moods and ways we want to express ourselves; scent is a very powerful way to let people in to your secret life.
Cate Blanchett
The spiritual life is a life beyond moods. It is a life in which we choose joy and do not allow ourselves to become victims of passing feelings of happiness or depression.
Henri Nouwen
I am fortunate to stay at lots of lovely hotels when I’m on tour, but my favourite hotel group in Britain is Malmaison. I recently stayed at the Malmaison in Manchester, which was pretty amazing. It had a fabulous bar and restaurants, as well as fantastic rooms with mood lighting.
Olly Murs
Write regularly, day in and day out, at whatever times of day you find that you write best. Don’t wait till you feel that you are in the mood. Write, whether you are feeling inclined to write or not.
Arnold J. Toynbee
You sort of sense the mood of the audience and it means a lot. And when you look back on those times, it means so much because, after all, that’s all you have.
Agnes Moorehead
The symphony orchestra had played poorly, so the conductor was in a bad mood. That night he beat his wife–because the music hadn’t been beautiful enough.
George Carlin
I would like to go mad on one condition, namely, that I would become a happy madman, lively and always in a good mood, without any troubles and obsessions, laughing senselessly from morning to night.
Emile M. Cioran
It’s a real luxury to have a studio all to myself, somewhere to start mood boards for the next collection.
Alice Temperley
I’m very easily distracted unless I have music on. Listening to music while I brainstorm makes me think of scenes that would fit the mood of the music I’m playing.
Maggie Stiefvater
I’ve had it with being nice, understanding, fair and hopeful. I feel like being negative all day. The chip on my shoulder could sink the QE2. I’ve got an attitude problem and nobody better get in my way…I’m in a bad mood and the whole stupid little world is gonna pay!
John Waters
Whether it’s Memorial Day or any other holiday, music has the power to set any mood and build long-lasting memories.
Nadia Ali
I do believe, especially with the character of Batman, that the tone and the mood of the book is 80% of the job right there. And the more control I had over the story, the more control I had over the tone and the mood.
David Finch
My practice schedule is not constant and changes a lot and depends on my moods also.
Viswanathan Anand
Hoo! You’re like a giant mood ring! I wonder if I can make different colors show up depending on where i touch you – Nell Harris
Katie MacAlister
Every book is good to read which sets the reader in a working mood.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hatta always gave the impression of rain. If I was in a real good mood and full of ideas and then happened to encounter Hatta, I felt I was suddenly surprised by a shower of rain and got wet all over the body. My good mood was gone, and also my ideas.
There are no reasons for my photographs, nor any rules; all depends on the mood of the moment.
Jeanloup Sieff
Temperament lies behind mood; behind will, lies the fate of character. Then behind both, the influence of family the tyranny of culture; and finally the power of climate and environment; and we are free, only to the extent we rise above these.
John Burroughs
Used throughout a room, orange can become surprisingly neutral, and yet it can be bright and mood-enhancing.
Jonathan Adler
Each individual work serves as an expression of our most personal state of mind at that particular moment and of the inescapable, imperative need for release by means of an appropriate act of creation: in the rhythm, form, colour and mood of a picture.
Lyonel Feininger
I’m always gonna be smiling. I’m always gonna be in a good mood.
Shaquem Griffin
I’m a firm believer that lighting affects mood, and twinkly lights on strings bring something magical to occasions ranging from concerts to weddings, though I’m fond of using them as year-round home decor.
Erin Morgenstern
When our honor becomes greater than our moods, that is where transformation happens
Stephen Covey
All day long he was docile, intelligent, good, Though sometimes changing to a darker mood. He seemed hypocritical, could tell better lies, in the dark he saw dots of colors behind closed eyes, clenched fists, put his tongue out at his elder brother.
Arthur Rimbaud
Yeah, well, to hear you talk, most men should come with warning labels. (She lifted her hands up to frame her next statement.) Attention, please, Psycho Alert. Me, he-man, am prone to nasty mood swings, lengthy pouts, and possess the ability to tell a woman the truth about her weight without warning. (Selena)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Even though you’re filming something and it’s all scripted, there’s still a sense of ritual about it because you’re filming a ritual. It has all these little details that you want to capture, and a very specific mood and tone.
Jeremy Podeswa