Most Powerful Quotes

Most Powerful Quotes by Eddie Adams, Matt Taibbi, Joseph Rotblat, Janet Echelman, David Jeremiah, Neil deGrasse Tyson and many others.

Still photographs are the most powerful weapons in the

Still photographs are the most powerful weapons in the world. Words and pictures have a continuing struggle for primacy. In my mind, a person can write the best story in the world; but a photograph is absolute.
Eddie Adams
The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.
Matt Taibbi
If the militarily most powerful – and least threatened – states need nuclear weapons for their security, how can one deny such security to countries that are truly insecure? The present nuclear policy is a recipe for proliferation. It is a policy for disaster.
Joseph Rotblat
The most powerful part of the art is experiential, yet it’s the hardest to describe because it’s nonverbal.
Janet Echelman
The simple, daily influences of prayer, persuasion, and promoting of godly values are the most powerful tools a mother can use to unleash the potential of her children.
David Jeremiah
A supernova is one of the most powerful explosions in the universe. It’s so luminous, it can be seen across billions of light years. It releases as much energy in an instant as our sun will produce over its 10-billion-year lifetime.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Science is, rightly, searching for drugs to arrest ageing or to slow the advance of dementia. But the evidence suggests that many of the most powerful factors determining how you age come from what you do, and what you do with others: whether you work, whether you play music, whether you have regular visitors.
Geoff Mulgan
I used a psychologist when I was playing, It’s one of the most powerful things: how you can have a concrete head and not let things in.
Scott Parker
The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Albert Einstein
Being with the president’s daughter, no matter who the president is, you are connected to the most powerful political force on earth, and that’s scary. And when you mix crystal meth and alcohol with that, it’s…kind of exciting. A little too exciting.
Rufus Wainwright
Education is the most powerful tool countries have for boosting economic growth, increasing prosperity and forging more just, peaceful and equitable societies. Where educational deprivation exists, it breeds conflict and enables repression.
Wendy Kopp
Science and religion are the two most powerful forces in the world. Having them at odds… is not productive.
E. O. Wilson
Reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out, and storytelling is what links both: it is the soul of literacy. The most powerful tool that we have to strengthen literacy is often the most underused and overlooked, and that is a child’s own stories.
Pam Allyn
The most powerful people in my town were the doctors and the lawyers. I didn’t really have any experience dealing with really powerful people until I started practicing law.
Megyn Kelly
When I accomplish a challenging goal it is one of the most powerful and wonderful feelings in the world.
Robert Cheeke
Reducing our dependence on foreign energy – that is critically important to America’s economic future. Excellence in education – if we’re not the best educated, we’re not going to be the most powerful for very long.
Kent Conrad
Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.
Malala Yousafzai
VR is a very intense visual experience and having the most powerful PC is the only way to deliver certain experiences.
Mark Zuckerberg
The erotic state – again, a mixture of concentration and spontaneity – is a hypnoidal state, probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing, and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed, as the majority of people know from experience.
Peter Redgrove
True power is invisible and impeccable, like good taste. It is never clumsy or artless. Powerful people whisper, suggest, seduce, in order to coerce. They only use volume for effect. This is how you can tell a blowhard from a mogul. … Most powerful people don’t need to coerce; their mere presence is coercive.
Lynda Obst
Don’t settle, as with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it
Steve Jobs
Gentle words, quiet words, are after all the most powerful words. They are more convincing, more compelling, more prevailing.
Washington Gladden
Grand opera is the most powerful of stage appeals and that almost entirely through the beauty of music.
John Philip Sousa
Necessity is the most powerful divinity the world knows – it is the result of physical forces set in operation by ethical forces.
Jose Rizal
Let us not be unmindful that liberty is power, that the nation blessed with the largest portion of liberty must in proportion to its numbers be the most powerful nation upon earth.
John Quincy Adams
You educate people, especially young people, by stirring their passions, so you take every opportunity to grab the imagination of your employees, you get them to feel they are doing something important, that they are not a lone voice, that they are the most powerful and potent people on the planet.
Anita Roddick
Powerful messages that defend life and celebrate true heroines can’t be contained, not even by the best efforts of some of the most powerful liberals on the planet.
Paula White
Encouragement and hope are the two most powerful qualities any person can provide to others.
Zig Ziglar
The most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is.
Amish Tripathi
Satan is ever present, trying to destroy our glory and remove our crown. One of his most powerful tools is discouragement. Don’t let your discouragement make Satan rejoice.
Marvin J. Ashton
The most powerful thing we have is our psyche. And to use our minds, we must be clear, vulnerable and open, which will take us to places we didn’t even know were there or couldn’t imagine ourselves going.
Gary Busey
I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.
Harper Lee
I think the greedy corporate owners have to be confronted with the fact that they are ignoring their most powerful resource – their workers.
John Sweeney
Folks, Russia is perhaps the second most powerful nuclear country in the world. If you don’t have dialogue, you have to be fools.
Donald Trump
My main life lesson from investing: self-interest is the most powerful force on earth, and can get people to embrace and defend almost anything.
Jesse Lauriston Livermore
The web as a platform is the most powerful platform we have ever seen.
Mitchell Baker
Express your most powerful thought in the shortest sentence.
Roy Peter Clark
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s strategy is to lead from behind. It sounds like what he is outlining is not to lead at all. We cannot continue to outsource foreign policy. We must lead. We are the most powerful nation in the world. We need to begin to act like it, again.
Marco Rubio
The climate of England has been the world’s most powerful colonizing impulse.
Russell Green
Silence is most powerful. Speech is always less powerful than silence.
Ramana Maharshi
All the nationalists are wasms – except one, the most powerful of this century, indeed, of the entire democratic age, which is nationalism.
John Lukacs
We’re paying the highest tribute you can pay a man. We trust him to do right. It’s that simple.
Harper Lee
Dried oregano has thirty times the brain-healing antioxidant power of raw blueberries, forty-six times more than apples, and fifty-six times as much as strawberries, making it one of the most powerful brain cell protectors on the planet.
Daniel Amen
Silence is the most powerful state.
Harry Dean Stanton
People in their right minds never take pride in their talents.
Harper Lee
People would ask me how I could stand the long campaigning, how I could stand being charged with the responsibilities of a great nation, one of the most powerful and difficult jobs in the world.
It wasn’t any more difficult than picking cotton all day or shaking peanuts.
Jimmy Carter
It is just so cool to play on the beach right next to the water. I am deeply moved by water as I think most people are – so to play music with it is a most powerful experience.
Jim James
I was in a garden at the Rodin Museum. For a few minutes I was alone, sitting on a bench between two long hedges of roses. Pink roses. Suddenly I felt the most powerful feeling of peace, and I had the thought that death, if it means an absorption into a reality like the one that was before me, might be all right.
Irving Howe
Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating. Youngsters need good models more than they need critics. It’s one of a parent’s greatest responsibilities and opportunities.
John Wooden
Harnessing steam power required many innovations, as William Rosen chronicles in the book ‘The Most Powerful Idea in the World.’
Bill Gates
There’s something about getting onstage in a play where the actor tells the story, beginning, middle, and end, the way they want to tell it. For me, it’s the most powerful place to be, and it’s the most empowering place to be.
Katie Lowes
The future of Cuba is one earned by a country that has resisted for over 50 years against the most powerful empire on Earth. The resilience of its people made this triumph materialize.
Alejandro Castro Espin
Whatever our background, culture or race, what rewards us most powerfully and consistently are the most deceptively simple abilities of all: the ability to be kind.
Stephanie Dowrick
… in a cycle as old as tribalism, ignorance of the Other engenders fear; fear engenders hatred; hatred engenders violence; violence engenders further violence until the only “rights”, the only law, are whatever is willed by the most powerful.
David Mitchell
The Chinese say that water is the most powerful element, because it is perfectly nonresistant. It can wear away a rock, and sweep all before it.
Florence Scovel Shinn
If you can’t change it.. change the way you think about it
Mary Engelbreit
The most powerful military country in the world, America – which makes all the guns, all the machinery, all the bullets – taught us how to shoot the guns.
Muhammad Ali
Economic development over the past two centuries has taken most of humanity from lives that were brutal, ignorant and short, to personal health and security, material comfort and knowledge that were unknown to the elites of the wealthiest and most powerful societies in earlier times.
Ross Garn
It is my observation that 98% of the people are spending 98% of their time focusing on the 98% of things that don’t matter. Stopping meditation is one of the easiest, quickest and most powerful forms of meditation. It is virtually effortless and its power relative to the effort is remarkable.
Neale Donald Walsch
The most powerful lesson I learnt was to have faith in humanity.
HoYeon Jung
Empathy is the most powerful weapon […]
Augusto Boal
I couldn’t wait to get to the most powerful position, because I thought then I would be able to fix problems that only the leader can fix. But when I got there, I realized we needed revolutionary change.
Mikhail Gorbachev
Real art is one of the most powerful forces in the rise of mankind, and he who renders it accessible to as many people as possible is a benefactor of humanity.
Zoltan Kodaly
Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have.
Mark Hunt
America has a critical role to play as the most powerful member of the world community.
Adam Schiff
Our first computers were born not out of greed or ego, but in the revolutionary spirit of helping common people rise above the most powerful institutions.
Steve Wozniak
Most people believe in God because they have been taught from early infancy to do it, and that is the main reason. Then I think that the next most powerful reason is the wish for safety.
Bertrand Russell
Womens currency is their looks. Like it or not, the most powerful woman is an 18-year-old woman.
Susan Cheever
The flood of photos sweeps away the dams of memory. Never before has a period known so little about itself. In the hands of the ruling society, the invention of illustrated magazines is one of the most powerful means of organizing a strike against understanding… The ‘image-idea’ drives away the idea.
Siegfried Kracauer
Facebook has become the richest and most powerful publisher in history by replacing editors with algorithms – shattering the public square into millions of personalised news feeds, shifting entire societies away from the open terrain of genuine debate and argument while they make billions from our valued attention.
Katharine Viner
When women stops blushing, she has lost the most powerful weapon of charm.
Elizabeth Taylor
You can’t come up against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and not accept the risk. If they want to get you, over time they will.
Edward Snowden
Look at an avalanche, and see that we are at our most powerful when we let go. Look at a flower, and see that we are at our most beautiful when we open up.
Shane Koyczan
The most honest of men is the one who thinks and acts best, but the most powerful is the one who writes and speaks best.
George Sand
We are bound together by the most powerful of all ties, our fervent love for freedom and independence, which knows no homeland but the human heart.
Gerald R. Ford
I have never been religious. I talk to God every day, but He’s never said a word to me about religion! I think the most powerful prayer is surrender.
Raymond Moody
Painful experiences can be the most powerful teacher.
Erik Spoelstra
Some of the most powerful memories are those when you are very, very young. Adult life is seen through the reflection of complex, rational thought.
Hisham Matar
The biggest thing I’ve had to overcome was clinical depression. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have once you can get control of your mind… I had to stop hearing the negative voices where Jennifer was not worthy of love or living.
Jennifer Holliday
The men who have most fully illustrated Christ in their character and have most powerfully affected the world for Him have been men who spend so much time with God as to make it a notable feature in their lives.
Edward McKendree Bounds
The reality of Barack Obama being the president of the United States – quite possibly the most powerful nation in the world – means that the image of power is completely new for an entire generation of not only black American kids but every population group in this nation.
Kehinde Wiley
Today, America has become one of the most powerful forces for good on earth. We must keep it so.
Harry S. Truman
And the banks – hard to believe in a time when we’re facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created – are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place.
Dick Durbin
I swear love is the most powerful emotion thats ever existed. It owns people, devours them, tears them open and bleeds them out from the inside, making them defenseless to everything. Hate is the same way. Hate takes your levelheadedness and even your sanity away from you.
Jessica Sorensen
The most powerful force changing our society is the information revolution.
Newt Gingrich
Creating a positive future begins in human conversation. The simplest and most powerful investment any member of a community or an organisation can make is to begin with other people as though the answers mattered.
William Greider
If you wanted to build the most powerful computer you could, you can’t do better than including everything in the universe that’s potentially available.
Seth Lloyd
Materialist philosophies that treat human beings as machines or animals possess the high ground in our culture – academia, the most powerful media and many of our courts.
Marvin Olasky
What are the lessons learned? Well, I think number one is curiosity. It’s the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world.
James Cameron
the most powerful bodies in the world, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, are also the least democratic and inclusive.
Anita Roddick
I’m always trying to evolve and I’m always trying to learn new things. The mind is the most powerful weapon you have.
Myles Jury
The most powerful programming language is Lisp. If you don’t know Lisp (or its variant, Scheme), you don’t appreciate what a powerful language is. Once you learn Lisp you will see what is missing in most other languages.
Richard Stallman
After all, the ordinary hero hiding in each of us is often the most powerful catalyst for change.
Tate Taylor
Religion, charity, pure benevolence, and morals, mingled up with superstitious rites and ferocious cruelty, form in their combination institutions the most powerful and the most pernicious that have ever afflicted mankind.
John Quincy Adams
The single most powerful element of youth is our inability to know what’s impossible.
Adam Braun
Even the most powerful people at a given point in terms of class, will all play by the same rules.
Lorne Michaels
Money is not the sole or most powerful motivation for many people. A higher and tougher test is to look back and see how you’ve made the world a better place.
Guy Kawasaki
Leading by example is the most powerful advice you can give to anybody.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
If I had to say who is the number-one most powerful figure is in reality TV, it’s very easy. It is the general public. They’re the only people who have power now.
Simon Cowell
The most powerful ideologies are not those that prevail against all challengers but those that are never challenged because in their ubiquity they appear as nothing more than the unadorned truth.
Michael Parenti
Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is software, protein are hardware, cells are factories.
Arvind Gupta
The most powerful tool that I can share with you to transform any situation is the power of blessing with love. No matter where you work or how you feel about the place, bless it with love.
Cheryl Richardson
Love is the humblest yet the most powerful force that the human being has.
Mahatma Gandhi
I knew we could improve our lives even in jail. We could come out as different men, and we could even come out with two degrees. Educating ourselves was a way to give ourselves the most powerful weapon for freedom.
Nelson Mandela
Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.
William Gibson
Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. If you can’t learn to forgive, you can forget about achieving true success in your life.
Wayne Dyer
We three belong to the Middle Ages. We have this need of heroism, and there is no place for such feelings in modern life. That is our tragedy. Once I wanted to be a saint. It seemed the only absolute act left to do, for what is most powerful in me is the craving for purity, greatness.
Anais Nin
For great many species today, fitness means the ability to get along in a world in which humankind has become the most powerful evolutionary force.
Michael Pollan
By the end of World War II, we were the most powerful and least damaged of the great nations. We also had most of the money. America’s hegemony lasted exactly five years.
Gore Vidal
Donald Trump isn`t doing anyone any favors by running to be the most powerful person on the planet, right?
Chris Hayes
There can be no life which does not contain something to be grateful for, and the habit of gratitude is one of the most powerful assets of success and happiness which can be named.
Orison Swett Marden
Our intellect, our awareness, and our consciousness is the most powerful form of life on this planet.
James McAvoy
The three most powerful and most apparent means used by Rome to retain her power over the minds of her votaries are Ignorance, Superstition, and Persecution.
Charles Spurgeon
When we understand the connection between how we live and how long we live, it’s easier to make different choices. Instead of viewing the time we spend with friends and family as luxuries, we can see that these relationships are among the most powerful determinants of our well-being and survival.
Dean Ornish
‘Game of Thrones’ has never much concerned itself with shining a torch on the powerless. Their hunger and suffering in a land ravaged by war is of little concern to the story’s most powerful characters, whose antics bring so much pain to the people.
Julia Gillard
I think the names of colors are at the edge, between where language fails and where it’s at its most powerful.
A. S. Byatt
You just hold your head high and keep those fists down. No matter what anybody says to you, don’t you let ’em get your goat. Try fighting with your head for a change…
Harper Lee
Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant to the immune system.
Bernie Siegel
Computers are the most powerful tools that humanity has ever created. Yet, we treat them largely as a black box; as if it were an alien artifact that magically appeared on desks, in homes, and in our pockets.
Tobias Lutke
Prayer is the highest intelligence, the profoundest wisdom, the most vital, the most joyous, the most efficacious, the most powerful of all vocations.
Edward McKendree Bounds
When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.
Fear is the most powerful enemy of reason.
Al Gore
And realising that humour is the most powerful way to make a political statement and say the things that you want to say. And it’s not used enough, at least not in the U.S.
Michael Moore
The most powerful state for a human to be in is the state of embracing completely the reality of what is – Now. It is to say “Yes” to life, which is now and always now. There is a vast power in that “Yes,” that state of inner non-resistance to what is.
Eckhart Tolle
Ideas are indeed the most dangerous weapons in the world. Our ideas of freedom are the most powerful political weapons man has ever forged.
William O. Douglas
Piper, you’re the strongest, most powerful beauty queen I’ve ever met. You can trust yourself. For what it’s worth, you can trust me too.
Rick Riordan
The owners of labor, on the other hand, are being taught, by the most powerful and well-publicized examples, that the highest rewards are not for production, but for the employment of organized power to take over a share of what others produce.
Louis O. Kelso
The older we get, the more we desire to reclaim our body at 25; we’ll take our face at 35, the elasticity of our mind at its most powerful, to return ourselves somehow to our most vital moment of rigor and protean creation.
Michael Paterniti
Let us pick up our books and pencils. They are our most powerful weapon.
Malala Yousafzai
L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle. “It means that love is the most powerful force in the world. That love can do anything.
Cassandra Clare
Faith is the most powerful of all forces operating in humanity and when you have it in depth nothing can get you down.
Norman Vincent Peale
When you look at a company like Amazon, one of the reasons that Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world is because we want to buy cheap stuff. If Donald Trump were to change trade laws, we couldn’t buy the cheap stuff or in our Wal-Marts, they would cost a whole lot more.
Stephanie Ruhle
Absence of thought is indeed a powerful factor in human affairs, statistically speaking the most powerful, not just in the conduct of the many but in the conduct of all.
Hannah Arendt
Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious minds. The most powerful ones are those we can’t even describe and aren’t even aware of.
Ellen Goodman
We live in a hemisphere whose own revolution has given birth to the most powerful force of the modern age; the search for freedom and self fulfillment of man.
John F. Kennedy
Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.
Stefan Banach
I know some of the richest and most powerful men in the world, and they’re jealous of me.
David Choe
We are the most powerful nation on earth. No external power, no terrorist organization can defeat us. But we can defeat ourselves by getting caught in a quagmire.
George Soros
She raised her eyebrows in a look that she hoped conveyed how much she was all right with him leaving her. After all, he was a prince. The most powerful men and women on Earth had summoned him. She understood. And yet he was still here, with her. “I’m fine,” she said. “Go away.
Marissa Meyer
After all, Wall Street is clearly the most powerful lobbying force on Capitol Hill. From 1998 through 2008, the financial sector spent over $5 billion in lobbying and campaign contributions to deregulate Wall Street.
Bernie Sanders
Forgiveness is the Most Powerful thing you can Do for Yourself on the Spiritual Path.
Wayne Dyer
Perhaps the shortest and most powerful prayer in human language is help.
Thomas Keating
This is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in life—investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute.
Stephen Covey
The right to hope is the most powerful human motivation I know.
Aga Khan IV
Australia’s defamation laws help explain why the #MeToo movement, while managing to take down some of the most powerful men in the entertainment and media industry in the United States, has not taken off there.
Bari Weiss
I have seen something of the project of M. de St. Pierre, for maintaining a perpetual peace in Europe. I am reminded of a device in a cemetery, with the words: Pax perpetua ; for the dead do not fight any longer: but the living are of another humor; and the most powerful do not respect tribunals at all.
Gottfried Leibniz
Since the governments are in the pockets of businesses, who’s going to control this most powerful institution? Business is more powerful than politics, and it’s more powerful than religion. So it’s going to have to be the vigilante consumer.
Anita Roddick
The most powerful factors in the world are clear ideas in the minds of energetic men of good will.
J. Arthur Thomson
New Jersey’s governorship is the most powerful in the nation.
Steve Kornacki
Our intellect, our awareness, and our consciousness is the most powerful form of life on this planet. It’s totally worthwhile. If our animal instincts stopped, we would die. We don’t think about it, but if your consciousness were responsible for all of your bodily functions, you would die.
James McAvoy
Dreaming is the most powerful thing because no one can take it from you.
Catherine Malandrino
One of the most powerful ways to keep people controlled is to use faith or guns or both.
Nikolaj Arcel
The mind…the mind was the most powerful force for and against someone.
J.R. Ward
The Toothbrush mustache is the most powerful configuration of facial hair the world has ever known. It overpowers whoever touches it. By merely doodling a Toothbrush mustache on a poster, you make a political statement.
Rich Cohen
People used to respect royalty to an insane extent that doesn’t exist nowadays. These people never shouted. They never moved, really. Their effort was minimum. They were the most powerful people, but they were just calm.
Sofia Boutella
The Democratic Party is the – was the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery in the English-speaking world. And it is the only one that has survived to the 21st century!
Sean Hannity
The most powerful political voices are those with a different way of seeing and processing the world and the sounds that emanate from it.
Saul Williams
The most powerful words in English are ‘Tell me a story,’ words that are intimately related to the complexity of history, the origins of language, the continuity of the species, the taproot of our humanity, our singularity, and art itself.
Pat Conroy
I’m used to seeing women being degraded, slut shamed, harassed for what they look like. Even the most powerful women in the world are measured by their appearance and constantly ridiculed for it.
Petra Collins
The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the planet; food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic illness.
Mark Hyman, M.D.
hold your head high and keep those fists down – Atticus Finch
Harper Lee
Words are the most powerful thing in the universe… Words are containers. They contain faith, or fear, and they produce after their kind.
Charles Capps
The most powerful political moments for me come when I feel like my actions are aligned with a certain truth. I can feel it. When I’m talking to a group and I’m saying something truthful, I can feel a power that comes out of those statements that is different than when I’m just being glib or clever.
Barack Obama
I like television. I still believe that television is the most powerful form of communication on Earth – I just hate what is being done with it.
Alton Brown
We cannot evangelize until we have been evangelized. This happens most powerfully through solitary prayer.
John Michael Talbot
Humans only really learn from each other by storytelling. We didn’t evolve to memorize things. We evolved to hear each other’s stories and feel them in our heart. Your life is the most powerful story you can tell.
Martha Beck
The willing sacrifice of the innocents is the most powerful retort to insolent tyranny that has yet to be conceived by God or man.
Mahatma Gandhi
The most powerful argument of all for saving open space is economics; in most states, tourism is the number two industry.
Jim Fowler
The basis for all human relationships and where we derive our greatest strength and power, trust is single-handedly the most powerful source of positive energy and, once in place, unlocks a freedom and peace to explore.
Angela Ahrendts
We need to be asking for the vote in the most powerful way possible, which is to have people asking for the vote who are comfortable and look like and sound like the people that we’re asking for the vote from.
Karl Rove
Reporters are like puppets. They simply respond to the pull of the most powerful strings.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles: when things always behave the same, users don’t have to worry about what will happen. Instead, they know what will happen based on earlier experience.
Jakob Nielsen
A list of your own making is the most powerful list of all… The good stuff can be ‘love at first sight’ – in need of study, courting and claiming. And like a love note, it’s nice to have things in writing.
Robert Genn
You can make the most powerful movie ever made, and you hope that whatever resonates gets taken home and survives the night. You also hope that, the next morning, it gives someone pause before they would act on their more base instincts, or out of habit.
Christopher Jackson
We have to get to a place in the city where our young officers understand that respectful, constitutional engagement with the community is their most powerful tool.
Lori Lightfoot
The most powerful decision-making part of the audience is women. Boys have a lot of impact on the industry, but it’s often women who impact what stories get made.
Nina Jacobson
Education is and will be the most powerful tool for individual and social change, and we must do all that it takes to facilitate it.
Shiv Nadar
You have to love yourself. That’s the single most powerful thing.
Nia Peeples
The most powerful determinant of whether a woman goes on in science might be whether anyone encourages her to go on.
Eileen Pollack
They’re not trying to prevent Hollywood from making movies. They’re asking that the most powerful image-building machinery in the world stop grinding out killer dykes and twisted homo sex fiends as if sexual orientation had anything to do with criminal behavior.
Roger Ebert
I’ll never forget, Jill Ellis, the U.S. national team coach, texted me and said: ‘Welcome to the coaching fraternity, you haven’t coached unless you’ve been fired.’ It was the most powerful thing anyone could have told me. Of course it hurt like hell, but it was an important learning curve.
Emma Hayes
There is great mystery in a church. For me, there is a great privilege to be confronted with the design of a church because it shelters the most powerful themes of humanity: birth, marriage, death.
Mario Botta
The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.
Leo Tolstoy
I am at my most powerful when I am working with life rather than against it.
Anita Moorjani
you know, a daydream properly utilized can be the most powerful force in the universe. One need only dream of freedom to begin to break the spell of enslavement.
William Joyce
Evolution is one of the most powerful and important ideas ever developed in the history of science. Every question it raises leads to new answers, new discoveries, and new smarter questions. The science of evolution is as expansive as nature itself. It is also the most meaningful creation story that humans have ever found.
Bill Nye
When you follow your heart’s calling, you wind up becoming your most powerful self. You don’t need to take power from others if you can tap into your own inner power.
Karen Salmansohn
In fact, if you were interested in a global platform there are only three sporting events: probably the most powerful – or equally powerful [to F1] – are the World Cup and the Olympics, and then Formula One. And there it gets interesting.
Martin Sorrell
In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.
Howard Schultz
O innocence, how glorious and happy a portion art thou to the breast that possesses thee! thou fearest neither the eyes nor the tongues of men. Truth, the most powerful of all things, is thy strongest friend; and the brighter the light is in which thou art displayed, the more it discovers thy transcendent beauties.
Henry Fielding
If people stop being interested, it’s because you haven’t written a good enough album. Music will always be the most powerful thing. It doesn’t matter what record labels or journalists say. It’s the song.
Tom Odell
Women’s currency is their looks. Like it or not, the most powerful woman is an 18-year-old woman.
Susan Cheever
The squat is ideal for building strength in the glutes, perhaps the most powerful collection of muscles in our bodies.
Gabe Kapler
Religion is among the most powerful causes of enthusiasm.
Edmund Burke
This is the most powerful thing I can do! I’m going to be a writer.
Candace Bushnell
Education is the most powerful tool for everything but certainly to create opportunities for yourself, and I know that not everyone has the privilege of an education like here in America.
Lana Condor
Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.
BrenГ© Brown
The most powerful life is the most simple life. The most powerful life is the life that knows where it’s going, that knows where the source of strength is; it is the life that stays free of clutter and happenstance and hurriedness.
Max Lucado
Who’s Chernabog?” Grumbled Maybeck. Philby answered,”Only the most powerful villian Walt Disney ever created.
Ridley Pearson
It’s strong to be vulnerable. To be able to communicate with other women is one of the most powerful things.
Cara Delevingne
I saw people rise out of poverty right in front of me. … It made me believe that the market was the most powerful tool for change that we could hope to have.
Paul Rice
I finished Edson Barboza in a d’arce choke. What else do you want? He’s very hard to take down. Spinning heel kicks, spinning kicks. I took some of his most powerful shots and I just kept coming forward. I’m the Boogeyman out there.
Tony Ferguson
The most powerful soporific is sleep itself.
Marcel Proust
Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful.
John Marshall Harlan
The most powerful leadership tool you have is your personal example.
John Wooden
I am convinced that the women of the world, united without any regard for national or racial dimensions, can become a most powerful force for international peace and brotherhood.
Coretta Scott King
Love is the most powerful weapon in the world for good. I really believe that.
Gary Chapman
Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.
Stephen Covey
The joy of great fiction is that it transports the reader to another world, where new characters live in otherwise unimaginable ways. It is one of the most powerful ways of generating empathy that I know.
Neal Katyal
The most powerful person in the world is the story teller.
The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda
of an entire generation that is to come.
Steve Jobs
Being reminded about the incredible power of God’s love, and living as He intended, is the most powerful motivation to change.
Rick Warren
Magic Johnson was in the seventh year of his Hall of Fame career when thoughts of his basketball afterlife led him to the office of uber-executive Michael Ovitz, co-founder of Creative Artists Agency, Hollywood’s most powerful agency.
Don Yaeger
The most powerful predictable people builders are praise and encouragement.
Brian Tracy
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw
As an actor, I was taught, from an early age, that secrets are the most powerful thing that you can have on screen, and that what you withhold is as important as what you share.
Rose McIver
You become most powerful in whatever you do if the action is performed for its own sake rather than as a means to protect, enhance, or conform to your role identity.
Eckhart Tolle
Most powerful is when you see a person on camera with a disability, and it’s not the point of the story. That’s happening more and more. Not enough, let’s be clear, but it’s happening more.
Jason Winston George
Even the most powerful women I know go out of their way to say that they’re not really interested in power. Imagine a man saying that.
Susan Estrich
I agree with Schopenhauer that one of the most powerful motives that attracts people to science and art is the longing to escape from everyday life.
Albert Einstein
Those who know God the best are the richest and most powerful in prayer. Little acquaintance with God, and strangeness and coldness to Him, make prayer a rare and feeble thing.
Edward McKendree Bounds
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
Calvin Coolidge
There is power in well-chosen words, and often there is equal power in silence. Learning when to talk and when to listen are among the most powerful skills you can develop.
Sharon Anthony Bower
For many of the most powerful people in the entertainment business, hostility to organized religion goes so deep and burns so intensely that they insist on expressing that hostility, even at the risk of financial disaster.
Michael Medved
Atticus, he was real nice.” “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.
Harper Lee
Being in love is one of the most powerful experiences anyone can have. I think that’s why we have crushes when we’re younger. Maybe it’s how we get ready for real love.
Lauren Tarshis
At every stage, addiction is driven by one of the most powerful, mysterious, and vital forces of human existence. What drives addiction is longing–a longing not just of brain, belly, or loins but finally of the heart.
Cornelius Plantinga
The fact that the most powerful and significant connections in our lives are (at the time) invisible to us seems to me a compelling argument for religious reverence rather than skeptical empiricism as a response to life’s meaning.
David Foster Wallace
I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world.
Bill Gates
Some of the most powerful times are when we’re quiet
Michael W. Smith
Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world. It brings us all together. Even religion separates us, but a hit record unites us across religious beliefs, race, politics.
Puff Daddy
If you want it to be, your heart can be your biggest and most powerful muscle in your body.
Robert Cheeke
I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan
We are the most powerful nation on earth. No external power, no terrorist organization, can defeat us. But we can defeat ourselves by getting caught in a quagmire.
George Soros
Even the most powerful human being has a limited sphere of strength. Draw him outside of that sphere and into your own, and his strength will dissipate.
Morihei Ueshiba
The rosary is the most powerful weapon to touch the Heart of Jesus, Our Redeemer, who loves His Mother.
Louis de Montfort
Libraries serve the information needs of all of the people in the community — not just the loudest, not just the most powerful, not even just the majority. Libraries serve everyone.
Judith Krug
Generalized intelligence and mental alertness are the most powerful enemies of dictatorship and at the same time the basic conditions of effective democracy.
Aldous Huxley
Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust.
Marquis de Sade
Social media constitute the most powerful readily accessible communications weapon Hamas has in its arsenal.
Lee Zeldin
Artists can be the most powerful people in the world because they can use their voice for good. Politicians should be the most powerful people in the world but they aren’t going to do anything.
Oliver Sykes
I do not want to be controlled by any superpower. I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world, and that is why I do not let any superpower control me.
Idi Amin
I think it was wonderful when Princess Di died so that everyone could cry in unison. I thought that the crying together was the most powerful gift that she gave in her death.
One of the most powerful insights in economics is this idea of a division of labor. You do the thing you’re good at. Other people do something else that they’re good at. The net effect is better for everybody.
Paul Romer
People live for love. They kill for love. They die for love. They have songs, poems, novels, sculptures, paintings, myths, legends. It’s one of the most powerful brain systems on Earth for both great joy and great sorrow.
Helen Fisher
The relationship between stars and their fans is always ambivalent and often highly charged with contradictory and ambivalent emotions, of which the most powerful is need.
Michael Korda
One of the most powerful wellsprings of creative energy, outstanding accomplishment, and self-fulfillment seems to be falling in love with something – your dreams, your image of the future.
Ellis Paul Torrance
I used to get worried about writing a love song, because everyone else is doing them, and there are already enough of them out there. But I came to realize that there’s a reason for that: Love is powerful, one of the most powerful emotions there is.
Boots Riley
The most powerful ties are the ones to the people who gave us birth … it hardly seems to matter how many years have passed.
Anthony Brandt
Consider Palin for President? The most powerful job on earth? You don’t give the dumb cheerleader the Uzi. That’s in the Bible.
Christopher Titus
The rise of statism in our time is the natural result of the longing of godless, unchurched people for some kind of protection. When we lose to God we turn to what looks like the next most powerful thing, which is the state. How bad a choice that is, let Germany and Russia in recent years testify.
Sam Shoemaker
The most powerful book in the world at the beginning of the twentieth century is the check-book.
I think of all media, television is the most powerful when it comes to selling books, because when you have a feature film, yeah, there’s a rush. But then after that month is over and the movie goes out of release, that’s it.
Tess Gerritsen
We can master change not though force or fear, but only though the free work of an understanding mind, though an openness to new knowledge and fresh outlooks, which can only strengthen the most fragile and most powerful of human gifts: the gift of reason.
Robert Kennedy
Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
Robert McAfee Brown
I think we need to find out why the citizens of the world’s wealthiest, most envied, most powerful country are so cynical, so distressed, so angry, so ticked of about so many things.
William Bennett
Many people are passionate, but because of their limiting beliefs about who they are and what they can do, they never take actions that could make their dream a reality
Tony Robbins
I came to realize that visualizing, projecting yourself into a successful situation, is the most powerful means there is of achieving personal goals.
Leonard Lauder
Prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has.” ~Blink
Ted Dekker
No sign of purpose can be detected in any part of the vast universe disclosed by our most powerful telescopes.
Hugh Elliot
Love is probably the most powerful force in the cosmos, capable of creating miracles.
Mike Love
You know that in the Eurasian space, Russia is the central state, the most powerful state. But to become an empire, a member of some empire, a province in this empire – you know, we’re probably not ready for that yet, neither in Kazakhstan nor in Belarus.
Alexander Lukashenko
The single most powerful thing I can be is to be myself.
Dwayne Johnson
Humor is most powerful thing that uses laughter as it base to chase your blues away.
Kareena Kapoor
There is too large a divergence at the moment in the interests and values of the world’s most powerful states.
Ian Bremmer
Business is the most powerful institution on earth today. It is more powerful than politics. Business serves us very well in some ways, but it doesn’t serve us as fully as it should; it doesn’t serve us fully as people.
Michael Rennie
You know, the taxing authority of the United States is our most powerful weapon. You know, the reason we separated from England was because the British were using it abusively.
Judd Gregg
As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Just as food causes chronic disease, it can be the most powerful cure
Hope could be the most powerful thing or the most useless.
Deb Caletti
Lenin in 1921 observed very presciently that motion pictures were the most powerful tool ever invented to shape the way we thought. He was right. Political films can be successful.
Charlton Heston
The most powerful nation on earth should be able to pass a fair, effective immigration law that combines compassion with responsibility and does not injure hard working Americans who are taxed up to here.
Bill O’Reilly
Simply put, Redeeming Love is the most powerful work of fiction you will ever read.
Liz Curtis Higgs
One of the most powerful feelings in the world is after a really, really long run.
Ellie Goulding
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou
The most powerful force when changing people’s hearts and minds is a person-to-person conversation.
Chris Murphy
The most powerful men were those who most effectively used the power of adult competence to enforce childish agreements.
George W. S. Trow
In fact, it was the largest expeditionary force of the 18th century. The largest, most powerful force ever set forth from Britain or any nation.
David McCullough
Obama has made America cool again – and more than that, he’s made his own brand arguably the most powerful the world has ever known.
Dee Dee Myers
Through this most powerful law, your thoughts become things in your life.
Rhonda Byrne
TV is the most powerful medium, which has taken me right into the homes of so many people.
Yo Yo Honey Singh
The Occupy Wall Street protests are shining a national spotlight on the most powerful, dangerous and secretive economic and political force in America.
Bernie Sanders
Love is the most powerful force in the world.
Dallin H. Oaks
Vision is the most powerful weapon in the leader’s arsenal.
Bill Hybels
Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating…too often fathers neglect it because they get so caught up in making a living they forget to make a life.
John Wooden
One of the most powerful weapons in the Food and Drug Administration’s arsenal is its ability to censure companies that promote drugs for unapproved uses.
Mina Kimes
The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.
Steve Jobs
Change is the one unavoidable, irresistible, ongoing reality of the universe. To us, that makes it the most powerful reality, and just another word for God. Earthseed: The Books of the Living Lauren Oya Olamina
Octavia Butler
The man at the center [Donald Trump], soon to be the world’s most powerful, now shoulders the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans, the fear and anxiety of millions more.
George Stephanopoulos
The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.
John Lewis
The Colin Kaepernick Kneeling Trojan Horse has turned sports into the victimhood Olympics, the most powerful venue in popular culture to preach critical race excuse-making.
Jason Whitlock
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan
I run a taxpayer group – the most powerful guy in D.C., nonsense. OK? There are buildings with thousands of people in them, all lobbying for more spending and higher levels of spending and more government commitments. And there are a handful – a handful of groups that fight for less spending.
Grover Norquist
The most powerful forces in economics are not numbers or facts. They are prejudices and preferences. No amount of evidence will ever change the degree to which many of the rich and powerful prefer themselves to be richer and more powerful and others poorer and weaker.
Nick Hanauer
Ridicule is about the most powerful weapon possible.
Barney Frank
Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.
Viktor E. Frankl
Time is: Too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear.
Henry Van Dyke
Grief is nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac.
Will Ferrell
Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself.
Marianne Williamson
There are a lot of ways to make people not like you, but one of the most powerful – if least fair – is to be really, really successful. Nobody resents the guy who just lost his job. But the guy whose Internet start-up made him a billionaire at 25? That’s a whole different kettle of envy.
Jeffrey Kluger
The most powerful call to action of anything that we’ve ever tested: Let’s get to work.I didnt create that phrase. It came from Rick Scott, the current governor of Florida.
Frank Luntz
The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.
Copyright: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Limited Partnership.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Keeping your mind open in the face of uncertainty is the single most powerful secret of unleashing your creative potential.
Michael J. Gelb
The most powerful teaching moments are the ones where you screw up.
BrenГ© Brown
If all the Churches of Europe closed their doors until the drums ceased rolling they would act as a most powerful reminder that though the glory of war is a famous and ancient glory, it is not the final glory of God.
George Bernard Shaw
The most powerful thing we own is our vote.
Bev Perdue
I’ve always thought that the most powerful weapon in the world was the bomb and that’s why I gave it to my people, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the most powerful weapon in the world is not the bomb but it’s the truth
Andrei Sakharov
The particular feature of Berlin – well, all you need to do is look at the map: the geographical position of the city right in the heart of Europe, and the separation of the most powerful two blocs we’ve ever had in history, which went all the way through Germany.
Markus Wolf
It is stories – both real and fictional – that can captivate hearts, change minds and, in the most powerful examples, spur action.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of power. Without wisdom, a powerful person does not become more powerful. Their power will turn back on them and eventually destroy them. So those who are truly wise become most powerful.
Frederick Lenz
Beautiful people do not just happen
Copyright: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Limited Partnership.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
The most powerful thing in the world is an idea.
David O. McKay
If you believe that this war will be decided on the home front, then you must believe that radio used as an instrument of war is one of the most powerful weapons a nation possesses.
Edward R. Murrow
All of life presents itself as a cycle of cause and effect. When this cycle is negative, there are three ways to change. You can change the cause, change the effect, or choose the most powerful option become the cause!
Bill Crawford
I am now the target of the most powerful man in this country, with an army of aides whose major responsibility today seems to be to attack me and get rid of me.
Gerald Walpin
Bush has done more to create passions for what they call terror than any other Administration in this nation’s history. I get rather afraid when the most powerful man in the world talks to, and gets answers back from, God.
Randall Robinson
Our American heritage is threatened as much by our own indifference as it is by the most unscrupulous office or by the most powerful foreign threat. The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
As a product of education, I have always believed in the power of education as the most powerful, high-impact catalyst for transformation. Look at the impact that the Indian Institutes of Technology have had globally.
Shiv Nadar
So, at one extreme you have indigenous, tribal societies trying to stem the race to disaster. At the other extreme, the richest, most powerful societies in world history, like the United States and Canada, are racing full-speed ahead to destroy the environment as quickly as possible.
Noam Chomsky
To appeal to God is to appeal to the action of universal love. Love never fails to come when we call to it, but it will always seem to fail us when our bidding is self-centered. The most powerful prayers are simply for God’s will to be done, because God’s will is healing for all living things.
Marianne Williamson
When I was growing up, the brands that were most powerful were people brands, like Michael Jackson or Madonna. They stood for something that, perhaps, wasn’t wholly who they were, which then became an image that they sold. That’s still a brand to me.
Bozoma Saint John
When you’re depressed, the whole body is depressed, and it translates to the cellular level. The first objective is to get your energy up, and you can do it through play. It’s one of the most powerful ways of breaking up hopelessness and bringing energy into the situation.
O. Carl Simonton
Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and you know, what love brings is joy.
DJ Khaled
The most powerful presentations were based on legal precedents, especially Calvin’s Case (1608), which, it was claimed, proved on the authority of Coke and Bacon that subjects of the King are by no means necessarily subjects of Parliament.
Bernard Bailyn
House Republicans are the most powerful force for limited government, strong national defense, and economic opportunity that exists in America today. But it is not enough to just talk about conservative values.
Steve Scalise
I have a vision for a world where business is the most powerful force for positive change.
Lucas Donat
I think there are many experts who say, in fact, the most powerful nations on earth are more vulnerable today than the weaker nations because they’re the targets of so many of these groups that are trying to steal, to buy, to build nuclear weapons.
Queen Noor of Jordan
Discretion is the most powerful tool a police officer carries on the beat, because an appropriate level of discretion can short-circuit the use of lethal force. Discretion and de-escalation measures are pro-community, pro-police, and create more trust while making everyone safer.
John Fetterman
The largest and most powerful computers are still no match for the smallest and weakest humans.
Alison Gopnik
The humblest is the peer of the most powerful.
John Marshall Harlan
the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
Steve Jobs
Fiction is often most powerful when the author is exploring an issue – and not writing like a know-it-all who has the perfect answer.
Gillian Cross
Most great leaders are also great communicators. Great leaders have learned how to persuade so their objectives can be reached. The most powerful device to persuade is story. Stating facts and figures is not memorable. Emotionally connecting your audience to your idea through story will move them.
Nancy Duarte
I’m so glad that talented writers and everybody who produces shows are being meeting with such success – it gives me more hope for the future of satire. They’re probably the most powerful form of satire out there today.
Mark Fiore
I think that dreamers are the most powerful people in the world.
Jim Kerr
There is nothing that deceives us more than our own judgment when used to give an opinion on our own works. It is sound in judging the work of our enemies but not that of our friends, for hate and love are two of the most powerfully motivating factors found among living things.
Leonardo da Vinci
Let me tell you right now, you are not alone. Seeking help requires incredible strength and courage. The most powerful weapon you have against bullying is your voice.
Derek Hough
The most powerful teaching of children is by the example of their parents.
Dallin H. Oaks
Of all powers, love is the most powerful and the most powerless. It is the most powerful because it alone can conquer that final and most impregnable stronghold which is the human heart. It is the most powerless because it can do nothing except by consent.
Frederick Buechner
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
Albert Einstein
Questions about political theatre always overlook America’s most powerful and effective political theatre, which is always thriving: the American musical. The politics is conservative but, to my mind, effective and insidious.
John Lahr
Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct. To be more safe, [nations] at length become willing to run the risk of being less free.
Alexander Hamilton
At one and the same time, therefore, society is everything and society is nothing. Society is the most powerful concoction in the world and society has no existence whatsoever
Virginia Woolf
Ridicule has even been the most powerful enemy of enthusiasm, and properly the only antagonist that can be opposed to it with success.
Oliver Goldsmith
I love my life as a missionary, keeping myself on the front lines. The image in my mind is that God, my general, stands at the door when I go out every morning; and, knowing what the war is like, day after day he gives me his most powerful weapon: his Spirit. For this I am grateful.
Clayton M. Christensen
I think the aloe is one of South Africa’s most powerful, beautiful and celebratory symbols. It survives out there in the wild when everything else is dried.
Athol Fugard
It’s no good in a scene to have one actor lie down because the scene says it’s the other actor’s moment. Each actor has to believe that with extra will, the outcome of a scene can be different. An actor can win the scene if he exerts the most powerful will in that moment.
Paul Greengrass
The most powerful narcotic in the world is the promise of belonging.
Kalle Lasn
The pop-music video is one of the most powerful communication tools we have. Most people have access to a phone, and you can click a video and absorb it in three minutes. If it’s potent enough, you can take in the message or have some sort of experience in multiple dimensions, the music with the image.
Let the storm rage and the sky darken – not for that shall we be dismayed. If we trust as we should in Mary, we shall recognize in her, the Virgin Most Powerful “who with virginal foot did crush the head of the serpent.
Pope Pius X
Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.
Yehuda Berg
Love, by its very nature, is unworldly, and it is for this reason rather than its rarity that it is not only apolitical but antipolitical, perhaps the most powerful of all antipolitical forces.
Hannah Arendt
Ultimately, human intentionality is the most powerful evolutionary force on this planet.
George Leonard
Albert Einstein when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe answered: Compound interest! What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.
Mignon McLaughlin
To me, presentations are the most powerful device. You can’t really name a movement that didn’t start with the spoken word.
Nancy Duarte
One minute I’m exactly what Churchill described me the most powerful man in history. Now the Order’s given, hell; I’m just audience front row center to the shoe. But a Corporal on Juno, a Private on Utah there the ones who will affect the outcome not me. It’s up to them now.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
There is poetry and there is beauty in real sympathy; but there is more – there is action. The noblest and most powerful form of sympathy is not merely the responsive tear, the echoed sigh, the answering look; it is the embodiment of the sentiment in actual help.
Octavius Winslow
Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.
Randy Pausch
Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world. People believe them, but photographs do lie, even without manipulation. They are only half-truths.
Eddie Adams
What gives me hope is art – it’s the most powerful weapons ever created. It’s a weapon of mass construction.
Louie Psihoyos
Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the world.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious minds. The most powerful ones are those we can’t even describe, aren’t even aware of.
Ellen Goodman
The tax issue is the most powerful issue in American politics going back to the Tea Party.
Grover Norquist
Only Americans vote for their president, but foreigners care almost as much – and sometimes more – about who will lead the most powerful nation in the world.
Daniel Lubetzky
One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so.
Christine Gregoire
The press must grow day in and day out – it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.
Joseph Stalin
With the most powerful binoculars, I cannot see Alaska.
Mikheil Saakashvili
I believe that inspiration is one of the most powerful forces in life. In career and in relationships, it’s worth searching for the path that inspires you. Pursuing such a path often entails risk – it may involve making a big change in what you’re doing – but the career risks we regret most are the ones we don’t take.
Vivek Murthy
One of the most powerful transformational catalysts is knowledge, new information, or logic that defies old mental models and ways of thinking.
Elizabeth Thornton
Some of the most powerful times are when we’re quiet.
Michael W. Smith
Mexico was most powerfully my father’s smile and not, as you might otherwise imagine, not language, not pigment.
Richard Rodriguez
A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.
John Wooden
President Bush spent last night calling world leaders to support the war with Iraq and it is sad when the most powerful man on earth is yelling, ‘I know you’re there, pick up, pick up.
Craig Kilborn
The most powerful thing in politics is voter-to-voter contact. People take in ideas and formulate opinions by contact with other people they perceive to be trustworthy – other voters, people from their communities.
Tom Steyer
Positive thinking is the most powerful thing in the world.
Steve Garrigan
The most powerful love songs always turn on the discrepancy between the act of declaring love and the knowledge that the ostensible addressee is no longer there, was never there, and could never be there.
Mark Fisher
The welfare of the weakest and the welfare of the most powerful are inseparably bound together. … The general welfare cannot be provided for in any one act, but it is well to remember that the benefit of one is the benefit of all, and the neglect of one is the neglect of all.
Calvin Coolidge
… despite the limitations and problems inherent to photographic representation (and especially the representation of politics), it remains for me the most powerful and engaging medium today – one central to the development of cultural dialogue.
Richard Misrach
I suppose is very cathartic to do a show to the masses and you get to make magic in a manner that you can’t do in regular life, but I suppose that self esteem effect is one of the most powerful.
Sinead O’Connor
He will always see the most beauty whose affections are the warmest and most exercised, whose imagination is the most powerful, and who has most accustomed himself to attend to the objects by which he is surrounded.
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey
Love will always be the most powerful force.
Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton
Private dreams are the most powerful. You have to dream of success to make it happen, and if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. But that doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone about it.
Tony McCoy
I am neither the handsomest nor the richest nor the most powerful, but I’ve had the greatest women in the world.
Oleg Cassini
The most powerful times in our lives can be the time between times, or life’s transitions that give us the opportunity to choose.
Bill Crawford
I think one of the things about listening is that it’s always at its most powerful when it’s present, when it’s right here, when it’s right now. And that’s a lesson about improv that I think just made me a much more social person.
Chris Gethard
Perhaps the most powerful thing Christians can do to communicate to a skeptical world is to live fulfilled lives, exhibiting proof that Jesus’ way truly leads to a life most abundant and most thirst-satisfying.
Philip Yancey
Contentment may be the most powerful Financial Principle. You can give more, avoid debt, and live better.
Dave Ramsey
Stories and narratives are one of the most powerful things in humanity. They’re devices for dealing with the chaotic danger of existence.
Wes Craven
Business is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth for creating wealth and opportunity and helping to lift people out of poverty. When you think about it that way, then business is not separate from development policy.
Peter Blair Henry
We are the most powerful nation in the world, but we’re not the only nation in the world. We are not the only people in the world. We are an important people, the wealthiest, the most powerful and, to a great extent, generous. But we are part of the world.
Studs Terkel
Regular exercise is one of the most powerful ways to grow younger and live longer.
Deepak Chopra
Peter Forsberg’s skills and determination made him one of the most powerful forwards in the NHL during the best years of his career. Hearing of his retirement is sad news but one day every athlete has to come to this decision. He should be very proud of all he accomplished throughout his career.
Patrick Roy
People in the U.K. cannot understand whether Blair has lost his mind or whether his ambition to be the second-most-powerful man in the world made him lose his mind.
Bianca Jagger
I tell my students that the single most powerful thing that we have in this country – something that literally harbors no dissent and no questioning – is the all-powerful elite narrative.
James Carville
Praise, of all things, is the most powerful excitement to commendable actions, and animates us in our enterprises.
Jean de la Bruyere
When black women stick together, we are the most powerful force in the universe.
Alfre Woodard
There are many powerful men and women in mobile. I’m fortunate to be part of that group. But by no means do I think I’m the most powerful person.
Sundar Pichai
Respect people with less power then you. I don’t care if you’re the most powerful cat in the room, I will judge you on how you treat the least powerful. So there.
Tim Minchin
Rhythm is one of the most powerful of pleasures, and when we feel a pleasurable rhythm we hope it will continue. When it does, it grows sweeter.
Mary Oliver
Walmart is an amazing story of entrepreneurship and, as one of the world’s most powerful brands, touches millions of lives every day.
Marissa Mayer
One of the most powerful sayings I have come across is by Imam ash-Shafi’I, “My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.”
Agapi Stassinopoulos
Knowledge is our most powerful engine of production.
Alfred Marshall
The most powerful woman I know is my mother, and she doesn’t wear any make up at all.
Sharon Needles
If we would understand the Scientific Revolution correctly, we should always remember that its most powerful impetus was the unremitting search for hidden divinity. As such, it is a direct descendant of the breakdown of the bicameral mind.
Julian Jaynes
Johnson had been the most powerful man in the world, yet the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong had resisted, overcome his power, broken his will.
Stephen Ambrose
Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating
John Wooden
Percy is the most powerful demigod I’ve ever met. No offense to you guys but it’s true.
Rick Riordan
The most powerful person in your life is the one that knows all your secrets and all your lies.
Christopher Titus
Christian Zionism has become the most powerful and destructive force at work in America today. Influential in shaping Western foreign policy on the Middle East, they are not only inciting hatred between Jews and Muslims but are also the greatest roadblock to lasting peace in the Middle East.
Stephen Sizer
The most powerful weapon is hope.
Juliet Marillier
Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe.
Neale Donald Walsch
One of the most powerful networking practices is to provide immediate value to a new connection. This means the moment you identify a way to help someone, take action.
Lewis Howes
The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple. Make your customers happy.
Kevin Stirtz
The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
Carlos Santana
Men are most powerfully affected by those evils which themselves feel, or which appear before their own eyes.
Samuel Johnson
Sound is one of the best most powerful tools. All the ancient traditions confirm that in the beginning was the word. Sound sort of predates form.
MC Yogi
Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind.
Mahatma Gandhi
Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the global fashion industry, the first lady of fashion. She’s a politician; I’m a stylist. They are two very different jobs.
Carine Roitfeld
Even divorce, she thought, cannot erase all the bonds forged by years of marriage. Long after the papers are signed, decrees notarized, the ties still remain. And the most powerful tie of all is written in a child’s flesh and blood.
Tess Gerritsen
We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.
Mother Teresa
Knowing that I inspired SAM SMITH is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had as an artist. I was Sam. I still am Sam.
Lady Gaga
Chile isn’t the biggest, richest or most powerful country in the world, but we should dedicate ourselves to transforming it into the best country in the world. We don’t have a single minute to lose.
Sebastian Pinera
The most powerful force in the world is compound interest.
Albert Einstein
One can choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.
Viktor E. Frankl
It must be that there is something in the hearts of human beings, some natural fluid perhaps, that insists on happiness, even confronted with the most powerful arguments against it.
Ben H. Winters
You are the most powerful force in your life.
Brian Wong
Savings give you a lot of strength, flexibility and control. They are what give you the most powerful Answer In The World.
Patrick Bet-David
True love can break the most powerful curse
Jodi Picoult
You can’t come up against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and not accept the risk.
Edward Snowden
The last word always belongs to the audience. … Yes, that is a most powerful feeling. One that is worth savouring on dark nights when the wind blows. On the other hand, there is no way of ever knowing, when one steps out into that circle, if the connection will be made.
Ruth Cracknell
Genre pleasures are many, but the quality of shared values within an ongoing discussion may be the most powerful, enlisting lifelong devotion in its fans.
Gregory Benford
Al is loyal, a loyal guy. He has treated me extremely well and he likes that I have been loyal to him as well. He runs things but he has treated me extremely well. I speak to Al Haymon whenever I want. He is a mysterious guy but he is the main man. He is the most powerful man in boxing.
James DeGale
Any real record person knows that the number one most powerful marketing tool when it comes to music is repetition.
Nile Rodgers
[Visualisation] works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality on the unseen level. It’s already there.
Eckhart Tolle
The most powerful people on earth are focus groups.
William J. Clinton
You are the most powerful cultural force in the world.
William J. Clinton
In the Orient we have known for thousands of years that the most powerful tonic for ill health is a happy and clear mind.
Frederick Lenz
The oil lobby, perhaps the most powerful lobby on earth, is almost matched by hospital owners and doctors.
Jimmy Carter
Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling
In speed skating, we want to have the strongest, most powerful lower half of the body and don’t want to have any weight on top.
Eddy Alvarez
Cartoons, if you ask me, are the most powerful weapon in today’s politics. Balasaheb Thackeray has proved this.
Raj Thackeray
The Beckhams are really inspiring and have very elegantly risen to being the most powerful brand in the country. I’m sure a lot of couples look at that and say, ‘Wow.’
Ronan Keating
Building infrastructure is our most powerful tool to create jobs and improve the playing field for all businesses.
Conor Lamb
I feel comedy is one of the strongest emotions that an actor portrays and the most powerful one too.
Rajpal Yadav
Water is the softest of all things, yet it is the most powerful. The ocean patiently allows all things to flow into it. It is always flexible. The Tao is not about grasping, but allowing, like water.
Wayne Dyer
The good news is when we are in full-on sisterhood, women are the most powerful, political force in America.
Cecile Richards
“Which side are you on” asks a question. That’s one of the most powerful, persuasive ways to make a case, to say something, to advertise something or to communicate it. Don’t make a statement. Ask a question.
Frank Luntz
Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Harper Lee
Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.
Seneca the Younger
The U.S. is not a claimant state in the South China Sea or in the China-Japan dispute over the Senkaku Islands. But, of course, the 7th Fleet has been a presence in the region since the Second World War, and it is the most powerful fleet in the region.
Lee Hsien Loong
It always trips me out that America, the most powerful and magnificent nation in the history of the world, whose might was built by immigrants from all over the world, only speaks one language.
Cheech Marin
You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be heard – the most powerful tool you have is your voice.
Matt Barnes
The Senate has passed a new bill that requires TV stations to lower the volume level on commercials. This is great, a hundred of the most powerful people in the nation have managed to do the same thing my remote does.
Jimmy Fallon
Love is of all stimulants the most powerful. It sharpens the wits like danger, and the memory like hatred; it spurs the will like ambition; it intoxicates like wine.
Amelia B. Edwards
Life has an interesting way of teaching even the most powerful people that joy from wealth is fleeting at best.
Anand Mahindra
Two of the most powerful of these power places are located in the Boston and Los Angeles areas. Highly evolved souls tend to be drawn to these areas because it’s easier for them to increase their awareness there.
Frederick Lenz
Leaders have the privilege and responsibility of going first. The most powerful way that anybody can lead is by example.
Michael Hyatt
Women of South Africa are some of the most powerful people on Earth. Change what you believe is possible for yourself.
Oprah Winfrey
The word is not just a sound or a written symbol. The word is a force; it is the power you have to express and communicate, to think, and thereby to create the events in your life. The word is the most powerful tool you have as a human; it is a tool of magic.
Miguel Angel Ruiz
Be The Peace You Wish To See In The World!
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.
Bruce D. Perry
As the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, our president is more than a list of policies. They set the tone of our national character.
Max Joseph
If we’re to have a future in the 21st century, we’ll want to be able to say, “Now what was the 20th century like in the United States of America, the most powerful of all countries of that century? What was it like to be an ordinary person?”
Studs Terkel
The most powerful medicine is at the end of your fork, not at the bottom of your pill bottle. Food is more powerful than anything in your medicine cabinet!
Mark Hyman, M.D.
The indisputable fact is that nutritional science is the most powerful weapon available to win the war on cancer.
Joel Fuhrman
Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth.
Prince Ea
The quickest, simplest, and most powerful way I know to handle any emotion is to remember a time when you felt a similar emotion and realize that you’ve successfully handled this emotion before.
Tony Robbins
Occupying my mind with complex problems has been my best and most powerful and most reliable defense against my mental illness.
Elyn Saks
Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs. Giggles can spread from person to person. So can blushing. But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.
Vera Nazarian
If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
Maya Angelou
The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself – but that force in not independent of the belief system. Everything begins with belief. What we believe is the most powerful option of all.
Norman Cousins
The ten most powerful two-letter words in the English language are: If it is to be, it is up to me.
Harvey Mackay
Start a meditation session by repeating a mantra, perhaps, “Aum”, which is the most powerful of all mantras. Then, after repeating the mantra perhaps a dozen times, focus on a yantra.
Frederick Lenz
The American way of life, as I see it, is really the American way of death. Everything is determined by greed and the insatiable desire to be the richest and most powerful. And that desire is limitless.
Lydia Lunch
Hair on a man’s chest is thought to denote strength. The gorilla is the most powerful of bipeds and has hair on every place on his body except for his chest.
Anton Szandor LaVey
Microsoft is already the most powerful company on earth but you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Larry Ellison
It’s bizarre how the most powerful, moving things in the world, there’s no money. But that’s going to be the most uplifting thing in anyone’s life. There’s not going to be a paycheck.
Jim Breuer
It goes without saying that what a girl goes through, boys could not even comprehend. If we get the flu, we need a week. We’re idiots. But what was the most powerful realization to me was, how do single mothers with a low income cope? I can’t complain about my dumb life. That’s what was most revelatory to me.
Gavin Rossdale
Ironically, gratitude’s most powerful mysteries are often revealed when we are struggling in the midst of personal turmoil.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.
Harper Lee
Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.
Rita Dove
The structures of the WTO need to be reformed to increase participation. There must be a greater sense of shared ownership of the substance of the trade negotiation agenda. Decisions about issues to be negotiated, and in which sequence they should be taken, should rest with all WTO members, not only the most powerful.
Mary Robinson
The most powerful step that anyone can take to turn their dreams into reality is a simple one. You just need to start.
Marc Randolph
Calculus is the most powerful weapon of thought yet devised by the wit of man.
Wallace B. Smith
The point of existence is not to find the most powerful thing you can imagine and then grovel before it.
Graham Kendall
The most powerful Vietnam movie, to me, was ‘The Deer Hunter,’ which was more about what happened to the folks who went and about their relationships.
John F. Kerry
The E.U. needs Britain more than Britain needs the E.U. The London Stock Exchange is one of the most powerful financial centers in the world. Frankfurt will never replace it.
Lawrence Kudlow
The most powerful weapon known is the weapon of blessing. Therefore, a clever person relies on it. He wins with peace, not with war.
The most powerful hallucinogen in this planet is called Love. Highly Addictive! You will see and hear things that don’t exist!
Paulo Coelho
The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospects mind.
Al Ries
Masonry superadds to our other obligations the strongest ties of connection between it and the cultivation of virtue, and furnishes the most powerful incentives to goodness.
Joseph Fort Newton
There is a practice that is most powerful in keeping us united with God. That practice is the constant recollection of His presence.
Alphonsus Liguori
You hear a lot about God these days: God, the beneficent; God, the all-great; God, the Almighty; God, the most powerful; God, the giver of life; God, the creator of death. I mean, we’re hearing about God all the time, so we better learn how to deal with it. But if we know anything about God, God is arbitrary.
Bob Dylan
I like to believe that the voice is the most powerful, expressive instrument. And you can use it to fit most any style.
Mitch Grassi
Nonviolent struggle is the most powerful means available to those struggling for freedom.
Gene Sharp
I believe we should work and want to have the most powerful military, but hope we never have to use it. I strongly believe the military should know they are 100 percent supported by the commander in chief.
Phil Roe
A reduction in meat consumption is the most powerful single act that you can take to halt the destruction of our environment and preserve our natural resources.
John Robbins
Love is probably the most powerful force in the cosmos, capable of creating miracles. Love can manifest in so many ways – love between parent and child, husband and wife, partner and partner, teacher and student, service volunteer and recipient, God and one’s spirit. The manifestations of love are innumerable.
Mike Love
It scares me that people are going to stop writing music. I don’t mean music that has to be physically written down, but they’ll stop using their brain which is without a doubt the most powerful tool that you could have in any art.
Glenn Branca
The Pentagon is, admissibly, the most powerful institution in history.
Philip Berrigan
Podcast listening, much like radio listening, is largely a question of habit. And the most powerful habits are the ones that fit into our daily routine.
David Hepworth
One of the most powerful forms of information is feedback on our own actions.
John P. Kotter
Of all human foibles love of living is the most powerful.
Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Calvin Coolidge
Music is the most powerful sound there is, often inappropriately deployed. It’s powerful for two reasons: you recognize it fast, and you associate it very powerfully.
Julian Treasure
You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.
Harper Lee
I believe that truth is one of the most powerful tools we possess against victimization, exploitation, and fear.
Janet Varney
It’s not the most powerful animal that survives. It’s the most efficient.
Georges St-Pierre
Falling in love is not a choice. To stay in love is.
John Spence
The most powerful of men can fail when they forget that a mighty river can be crossed at its source.
Clarence H. Burns
You give power to issues if you pay a lot of attention to them. The more attention you give them the more power they have. So the most powerful thing you can do is just get on and ignore it.
Deborah Meaden
I feel I have to play a role in the transformation of my thoughts. Music is the most powerful way for me to do that, through my own music, through listening to other people’s music.
Becky Stark
Relations between the United States and other countries, and our role as a global leader, are advanced by our willingness to help other countries in need. Foreign aid is essential to protecting U.S. interests around the world, and it is also a moral responsibility of the wealthiest, most powerful nation.
Patrick Leahy
If I can turn the most powerful part of the world into a land of wisdom and compassion, it’s going to change the rest of the world.
Chade-Meng Tan
For me, an ideal novel is a dialogue between writer and reader, both a collaborative experience and an intimate exchange of emotions and ideas. The reader just might be the most powerful tool in a writer’s arsenal.
Jonathan Evison
If people stop being interested it’s because you haven’t written a good enough album. Music will always be the most powerful thing. It doesn’t matter what record labels or journalists say. It’s the song.
Tom Odell
I believe love is the most powerful energy we have in this life. Everything is about love.
When I found film, it was like, ‘Of course!’ It was this very intense realization that this is perhaps the most powerful, honed context that I’ve found.
Ezra Miller
The revenge of history is more powerful than the revenge of the most powerful General Secretary.
Leon Trotsky
Each of you possesses the most powerful, dangerous and subversive trait that natural selection has ever devised. It’s a piece of neural audio technology for rewiring other people’s minds. I’m talking about your language.
Mark Pagel
The four most powerful words in the English language – please, thanks, sorry and why.
Wendy Alexander
As we move toward the millennium, the year 2000, the most powerful nations are not those that have nuclear bombs, but those that control the media. That’s where the battle is being fought; that is how you control people’s minds.
Spike Lee
A fleet of the most powerful vessels would be of little use in war without a personnel at least as efficient as that of our possible enemies.
William Sims
Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I try to get it to tell stories.
Steven Levitt
The most powerful demonstration of leadership is not a clenched fist of brute force but an open hand of humble assistance.
Mike Huckabee
You can’t come forward against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk.
Edward Snowden
All the most powerful speeches ever made point to a better future.
Patrick Dixon
When I won the Cesar, I was, first of all, an actor. I have to say, it’s humanity first. That’s the future. We have to stop seeing the skin color. I believe that’s the most powerful way to change mentalities and behavior.
Omar Sy
We have to remain humble about our understanding of the brain, because even our most powerful tools remain pretty blunt instruments for decoding the brain. In fact, we still do not know how to decipher the basic language of how the brain works.
Thomas R. Insel
That would be the most powerful thing I’ve ever achieved, if I can take a kid who doesn’t like exercise and get them to enjoy it. That would be the ultimate, ultimate achievement for me.
Joe Wicks
To sit patiently with a yearning that has not yet been fulfilled, and to trust that, that fulfillment will come, is quite possibly one of the most powerful “magic skills” that human beings are capable of. It has been noted by almost every ancient wisdom tradition
Elizabeth Gilbert
Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who’s ever disagreed, whoever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.
Omarosa Manigault Newman
One of its most powerful weapons has always been ‘barbarity’: ‘we’ know that ‘we’ are civilised by contrasting ourselves with those we deem to be un-civilised, with those who do not – or cannot be trusted to – share our values.
Mary Beard
I know that I have in my make-up layers of synthetic experiences, and that the most powerful of my memories are only half true.
Elizabeth Bowen
The most powerful benefits of meditation come from having a regular, daily practice.
Deepak Chopra
You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No.
Alison McGhee
To speak seriously: the standards of “goodness” which are generally recognized by public opinion are not those which are calculated to make the world a happier place. This is due to a variety of causes, of which the chief is tradition, and the next most powerful is the unjust power of dominant classes.
Bertrand Russell
When the laws are written and administered by the most powerful leaders in a society, it is human nature for them to understand, justify, and protect the interests of themselves and people like them. Many injustices arise from this natural human failing.
Jimmy Carter
Having a sit down, no screens, home cooked dinner is one of the most powerful things you can do as a parent and I believe it’s the most important activity you can do as a family.
Laurie David
The world is full of educated derelicts.
Calvin Coolidge
He’s not just the most powerful man in labor,” Robert Kennedy had said in the wake of Hoffa’s announcement; “he’s the most powerful man in the country, next to the President.
Jimmy Hoffa
When the printing press was invented, it was inspired by the desire to make the Bible accessible to everyone. Today, people of passion who want to share their faith and provide quality entertainment for families are working in one of the most powerful media of our time–the interactive video game.
Jay Moore
The most powerful State in the world, which up to now was relatively protected from terrorist violence, is no longer an inviolable sanctuary.
Omar Bongo
Offer some gesture of kindness to yourself. Sometimes it’s just a message, to say: “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay. We’ve been through this before.” The intention is reassurance, that you are not alone and you can do this. It is the most powerful way to come out of what I call the “trance of unworthiness.”
Tara Brach
For some of Britain’s most powerful people, hunting and shooting are primordial rights, and any challenge to them is treated as illegitimate. They assert ownership not only of the land but also of the social relationships surrounding it.
George Monbiot
Exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function…exercise has a profound impact on cognitive abilities and mental health. It is simply one of the best treatments we have for most psychiatric problems.
John Ratey
It is pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.
Noam Chomsky
There’s no denying that television is one of the most powerful propaganda media we’ve ever invented.
Jim Fowler
One of the more fatuous remarks I’ve heard in recent days is that ‘My Life,’ Clinton’s autobiography, is too long and, at almost 1,000 pages, short it is not. But this man was for eight years the President of the most powerful country on earth.
Alastair Campbell
The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it.
Vincent de Paul
Line is the most powerful device of drawing.
John French Sloan
A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.
A. Philip Randolph
Man is the most powerful creature on the planet. And we’re arrogant. I mean, people own birds. It’s like, there’s a creature with the gift of flight. I want it. I’m going to put it in my kitchen and make it crap on old information.
Demetri Martin
We believe that our cost effectiveness is one of our most powerful competitive advantages in Networks, and we will not lose sight of that in the future.
Rajeev Suri
People imagine enlightenment will make them incredibly powerful. And it does. It makes you the most powerful being in all the universe- but usually no one else notices.
Brad Warner
Live your life without hurting anybody. Harmlessness is a most powerful form of Yoga and it will take you speedily to your goal. This is what I call nisarga yoga, the Natural yoga. It is the art of living in peace and harmony, in friendliness and love. The fruit of it is happiness, uncaused and endless.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
The internet is the most powerful mechanism we can imagine to match perfectly individuals who needs something, and people with something to offer.
John Goodwin
But the – look, I think that this – the United States of America is still the most powerful economy in the world. It is an incredible engine for creativity and innovation. And it has the most – smartest, most effective workforce in the world. So we have a lot going for us, in spite of the fractiousness of our politics.
Jay Carney
It is through our deepest intimate relationships that we can gain some of our soul’s most powerful spiritual advancements.
John Friend
You know, if you think about it, the most powerful people on this earth probably never raise their voices – they just say it and people hop to, because they have that power.
Erika Slezak
Words that are carefully framed and spoken are the most powerful means of communication there is.
Nancy Duarte
To know that God loves us in the state of grace or disgrace is the most powerful motivation to respond with the aid of grace to His loving call.
Michael Card
It turns out the most powerful way we can turn the tide on chronic disease is something we have been doing for millennia: That is walking.
Vivek Murthy
Modeling is the most powerful of all teachers!
John G. Miller
The most constant, the most powerful, and the most generous of all my enemies.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The most powerful thing we can do is get involved locally. Help our local community and become community activists in our own smaller circle.
Gavin Creel
Sloth is all passions the most powerful.
Samuel Beckett
The Soviet Union, the socialist camp, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea helped us resist, with essential supplies and weapons, the implacable blockade of the United States, the most powerful empire ever to exist.
Fidel Castro
The United States will remain the most powerful nation on Earth for the next 10, 15 years, but the context in which she holds her power has now radically altered.
Paddy Ashdown
Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.
Ralph Marston
The most powerful men are not public men: a public man is responsible, and a responsible man is a slave. It is private life that governs the world.
Benjamin Disraeli
Body language and tone of voice – not words – are our most powerful assessment tools.
Christopher Voss
Love for one’s motherland is one of the most powerful and uplifting feelings. It manifested itself in full in the brotherly support to the people of Crimea and Sevastopol, when they resolutely decided to return home, this event will remain a very important epoch in domestic history forever.
Vladimir Putin
In a world of wolves one should go armed, and one of the most powerful defensive weapons within the reach of Negroes is the practice of race first in all parts of the world.
Marcus Garvey
He who fears he will suffer, already suffers from his fear.
Michel de Montaigne
America is a mosaic not of groups but of individuals, each of whom carries a host of cultural influences, some chosen, some inherited, some absorbed by osmosis. That mosaic is held together by the pursuit of happiness, the most powerful mortar ever conceived. Left alone, it will long endure.
Virginia Postrel
Education is the most powerful tool countries have for boosting economic growth, increasing prosperity, and forging more just, peaceful and equitable societies.
Wendy Kopp
I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world. People who are pessimistic about the future tend to extrapolate from the present in a straight line. But innovation fundamentally shifts the trajectory of development.
Bill Gates
I’ve always found that the most powerful way to create change is to be myself and not be afraid to express who I am.
Michael Feinstein
People need love. It’s the most powerful emotion in the world.
Michael Jackson
The strength required for the vision of the most powerful reality is not only compatible with the most powerful strength for action, for monstrous action, for crime – it even presupposes it.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Cradles are the most powerful pinning combination known to man
Wade Schalles
I think empathy is a beautiful thing. I think that’s the power of film though. We have one of the most powerful, one of the greatest communicative tools known to man.
Michelle Rodriguez
Whether it’s from the biggest, most powerful city, or from the dinkiest little podunk town, there is a certain attachment and connection, and yes, pride about where you came from.
Cheech Marin
The reason that I keep writing is that all my most powerful messages about the fates of wild places that I care about need to have words as well as images.
Galen Rowell
The words ‘alone,’ ‘lonely,’ and ‘loneliness’ are three of the most powerful words in the English language. Those words say that we are human; they are like the words hunger and thirst. But they are not words about the body, they are words about the soul.
Donald Miller
The atomic bomb certainly is the most powerful of all weapons, but it is conclusively powerful and effective only in the hands of the nation which controls the sky.
Lyndon B. Johnson
It doesn’t matter to me who’s the most powerful or profitable country in the world. All countries want to be prosperous. What’s happening is a zero-sum game between China and the U.S., where their gain is our loss.
Peter Navarro
Once upon a time,” he said out loud to the darkness. He said these words because they were the best, the most powerful words that he knew and just the saying of them comforted him.
Kate DiCamillo
We need more men to talk about their experiences of being a dad with colleagues, friends and family. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear about men being good fathers and it’s one of the most powerful ways we can counter the harmful ‘hapless dad’ stereotype.
Jo Swinson
Giving thanks is a key that opens a door to greater connectedness and greater participation in the life of the world. It is one of the most powerful spiritual practices available to us.
David Spangler
The reason that I keep writing is that all my most powerful messages about the fates of wild places that I care about need to have words as well as images
The parent-child connection is the most powerful mental health intervention known to mankind.
Bessel van der Kolk
Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. Kindness that catches us by surprise brings out the best in our natures.
Bob Kerrey
I firmly believe that the Constitution is the most powerful challenge to illiberal tendencies. If the Constitution is followed in letter and spirit and if the laws are made in the spirit in which Constitution was made, liberties can indeed be protected.
P. Chidambaram
I’ve learned that I’m most powerful when I’m doing my art.
Andre Benjamin
The guides from the book of Joshua will combine to provide the most powerful source of courage and strength there is: faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ.
Ann M. Dibb
Popular culture is most powerful when it offers us a vision of how our society should look – or at least reproduces our reality.
Janet Mock
Come from a place of love. Love isn’t passive or shy. It’s actually the most powerful energy in the universe.
Doreen Virtue
Gratefulness for what is there is one of the most powerful tools for creating what is not yet there. What does gratefulness mean? It means you appreciate what is. You value, you give attention to, you honor whatever is here at this moment.
Eckhart Tolle
I looked for it [heavy hydrogen, deuterium] because I thought it should exist. I didn’t know it would have industrial applications or be the basic for the most powerful weapon ever known [the nuclear bomb] … I thought maybe my discovery might have the practical value of, say, neon in neon signs.
Harold Urey
The most powerful person is he who is able to do least himself and burden others most with the things for which he lends his name and pockets the credit.
Theodor W. Adorno
The two most powerful things in existence: a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.
Kenneth Langone
Meditation is the single most powerful tool to aid recovery from disease and lead to a life of maximum health
Ian Gawler
Under Hitler it was the entrepreneurial and professional classes who were the first victims of Nazi boycotts and exclusion. Today it is Israel, the most powerful symbol of Jewish national resurgence in two millennia.
Jack Schwartz
He is most powerful who governs himself.
Seneca the Younger
Truth is the most powerful force on earth because it cannot be changed.
Mike Murdock
I brought out the most powerful tool I had in my arsenal. “If you resist,” I said into Reyes’s ear, “I’ll be forced to Taser you.” He looked at what I had in my hand. “That’s a phone.” “I have an app. You’ll probably experience nerve damage. Slight memory loss.
Darynda Jones
The ability to connect and communicate is one of the most powerful, and you cannot find anyone who has been truly successful in life that doesn’t have that ability because you’ve got to motivate, and you’ve got to -frankly, you have to influence.
Frank Luntz
The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.
William Bernbach
Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.
Brene Brown
Of all the forces that are exerted on us over our lifetime, at least for me, love has been the most powerful of all.
I think the most important thing… is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young women and girls for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labeled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity.
Zozibini Tunzi
America is supposed to be the richest and most powerful nation and we don’t have health care for everybody.
Don King
How could you set yourself up as the most powerful institution on earth? You first find out what every man feels at least once a day, establish that as a sin, and set yourself up as the only institution capable of pardoning that sin.
Anton Szandor LaVey
Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
When you take away everything else, ‘Star Wars’ is really an underdog story. Even Luke came from humble beginnings, and he ended up being one of the most powerful Jedi out there.
Donovan Mitchell
The most powerful person can wind up in jail.
Benigno Aquino III
Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world. It brings us all together. Even religion separates us, but a hit record unites us across religious beliefs, race, politics.
Sean Combs
When you label them, when one of the most powerful social media companies in the world labels people as Nazis, you could make the argument that’s inciting violence.
Dan Crenshaw
The ability to save automatically is among the most powerful tools available to us.
Sendhil Mullainathan
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
Sing, that’s the most powerful weapon you have.
Gerard Way
The strongest feelings I experienced were in Davis Cup. It was the most powerful thing: the victories and the losses. It hits you in a distinct way. It’s another level of satisfaction – another level of sadness.
David Nalbandian
The most powerful force in the human psyche is people’s need for their words and actions to stay consistent with their IDENTITY – how we define ourselves.
Tony Robbins
When I was 8, I was reading a book in which it was snowing. When I looked outside, I expected there to be snow on the ground. I thought, “This is the most powerful thing I can do! I’m going to be a writer.”
Candace Bushnell
In 1763 the English were the most powerful nation in the world.
Albert Bushnell Hart
The most powerful force in the world is a big idea- if it is the hands of a great entrepreneur.
Bill Drayton
Unarmed love is the most powerful force in all the world.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
He had long ago learned that society imposes insults that must be borne, comforted by the knowledge that in this world there comes a time when the most humble of men, if he keeps his eyes open, can take his revenge on the most powerful.
Mario Puzo
For those who love… time is eternity.
Henry Van Dyke
Person who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul. So if we want to live better and invest wisely in our souls, we’ve got to change our approach to the way we make decisions. We’ve got to rethink how we use the two most powerful words, yes and no.
Lysa TerKeurst
Prayer is the most powerful resource we have in this life; yet, many only turn to it as a last resort. When unbelievers pray for repentance of sin and ask for God’s forgiveness, prayer is the spiritual dynamite that obliterates the darkness and despair of a sin-soaked soul.
Franklin Graham
If, when the chips are down, the worlds most powerful nation, the United States of America, acts like a pitiful, helpless giant, the forces of totalitarianism and anarchy will threaten free nations and free institutions throughout the world.
Richard M. Nixon
With the most powerful binoculars, I cannot see Alaska.
Mikhail Saakashvili
The things you’re most embarrassed about, most ashamed of, and most reluctant to share are the very tools God can use most powerfully to heal others
Rick Warren
Developments in information technology and globalised media mean that the most powerful military in the history of the world can lose a war, not on the battlefield of dust and blood, but on the battlefield of world opinion.
Timothy Garton Ash
Once more, I am watching the most powerful men in the kingdom bring their power to bear on a woman who has done nothing worse than live to the beat of her own heart, see with her own eyes; but this is not their tempo nor their vision and they cannot tolerate any other.
Philippa Gregory
If our animosities are born out of fear, then confident generosity is born out of hope. One of the central lessons I have learned after a half century of working in the developing world is that the replacement of fear by hope is probably the single most powerful trampoline of progress.
Aga Khan IV
Turkey’s regime is fast degenerating into outright dictatorship, emboldened by the imminent ascent of Donald Trump to the most powerful position on Earth.
Owen Jones
The paradigm of physics – with its interplay of data, theory and prediction – is the most powerful in science.
Geoffrey West
The most powerful lesson you can learn in running? You’re capable of much more than you think.
Amby Burfoot
DMT is the most powerful hallucinogen there is. If it gets stronger than that I don’t want to know about it.
Terence McKenna
The Palestinians are fighting with human suicide bombers, that’s all they have. The Israelis… they’ve got one of the most powerful military machines in the world. The Palestinians have nothing. So who are the terrorists? I would make a case that both sides are involved in terrorism.
Ted Turner
Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.
Harper Lee
We are the nation the most powerful, the most armed and we are supplying arms and money to the rest of the world where we are not ourselves fighting. We are eating while there is famine in the world.
Dorothy Day
Of all human inventions the organization, a machine constructed of people performing interdependent functions, is the most powerful.
Robert Shea
That said, I should also add that I learned a great deal from being allowed in these privileged circles and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with some of the most powerful and successful people in the business including Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner.
Douglas Wood
The most powerful weapon in Chess is to have the next move
David Bronstein
Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have.
Pat Summitt
Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love.
Nelson Rockefeller
Not every ant which stays under the elephant’s foot dies; the most powerful cannot always kill the weakest!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When your life is on course with it’s purpose, you are your most powerful.
Oprah Winfrey
She was chosen,’ Mae insists. No, you’re wrong,’ I say. ‘She was only a girl.’… She was gone for some time. You were the only force that kept her from turning completely. That’s magic. Perhaps the most powerful I’ve seen.’ -In response to Felicity’s love for Pippa keeping her from turning into a Winterland creature.
Libba Bray
One of the most powerful defences the media can offer for controversial actions is, of course, public interest.
Rowan Williams
The most powerful tools of revolution through intention are humility and consciousness.
Bryant H. McGill
One of the most powerful devices of poetry is the use of distortions. You can go from talking about the way a minute passes to the way a century passes, or a lifetime.
Robert Morgan
Water is the most powerful thing in the world. Just being in it, around it, it gives me some sort of peace. Watching it, looking at it, I love it.
John Collins
One of the most powerful lessons I learned is when you make an argument in a film, you have to make sure both characters are right.
Justin Simien
You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts
Rhonda Byrne
Of all the arts, movies are the most powerful aid to empathy, and good ones make us into better people.
Roger Ebert
Compassion for myself is the most powerful healer of them all.
Theodore Isaac Rubin
There is but one nation on the globe from which we have anything serious to apprehend, but that is the most powerful that now exists or ever did exist. I refer to Great Britain.
John C. Calhoun
The most powerful natural species are those that adapt to environmental change without losing their fundamental identity which gives them their competitive advantage.
Charles Darwin
It is a self-deception of philosophers and moralists to imagine that they escape decadence by opposing it. That is beyond their will; and, however little they acknowledge it, one later discovers that they were among the most powerful promoters of decadence.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Surprise becomes effective when we suddenly face the enemy at one point with far more troops than he expected. This type of numerical superiority is quite distinct from numerical superiority in general: it is the most powerful medium in the art of war.
Carl von Clausewitz
To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them.
John Calvin
Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender that you are, it has the power to unite us.
Lady Gaga
The most powerful force in American politics is not anger, it’s nostalgia.
Pete Hamill
Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.
Brenna Yovanoff
Perform anonymous service. Whenever we do good for others anonymously, our sense of intrinsic worth and self-respect increases. … Selfless service has always been one of the most powerful methods of influence.
Stephen Covey
The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.
Lyndon B. Johnson
…all the most acute, most powerful, and most deadly diseases, and those which are most difficult to be understood by the inexperienced, fall upon the brain.
…words are some of the most powerful and important things I know….Language is the tool of love and the weapon of hatred. It’s the bright red warning flag of danger–and the stone foundation of diplomacy and peace.
Ani DiFranco
If it’s correct to say that there is a closing of minds around the world, story is one of the most powerful agents of reviving the conversation between ideas. Ultimately, that’s all stories are trying to do – open the conversation. They cannot give a proscription. It’s not clairvoyant art.
Anthony McCarten
I grew up in Belle Harbor, which is in New York City, but it has the most powerful sense of nature and seasons. It wasn’t even the beach and the water. I just dreamt about everything that had to do with nature. I read about Thoreau.
Joel Sternfeld
My point is that love is the most powerful motivator in the world. It spurs mortals to greatness. Their noblest, bravest acts are done for love.
Rick Riordan
The main reason why I’m a documentary filmmaker is the power of the medium. The most powerful films I’ve seen have been documentaries. Of course, there are some narrative films that I could never forget, but there are more documentaries that have had that impact on me.
Richard Ray Perez
A missionary who is inspired by the Spirit of the Lord must be led by that Spirit to choose the proper approach to be effective. We must not forget that the Lord Himself provided the Book of Mormon as His chief witness. The Book of Mormon is still our most powerful missionary tool. Let us use it.
Ezra Taft Benson
Most Americans honestly believe America is the most powerful nation on earth, but actualy the most powerful nation is imagi-nation.
Zig Ziglar
I have never seen where hatred overcomes love. When you love, you overcome. Love is the most powerful weapon.
T. B. Joshua
Buddha’s teaching are very simple, you don’t have to break your head to understand the message. The part that I like the most from Buddha’s teachings and from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, is that the most powerful weapon is to not attack, to be able to have self-control.
Ricky Martin
I believe that having something to hope for – even if it’s just a better tomorrow- is the most powerful drug on this planet.
Jodi Picoult
Individual liberty is individual power, and as the power of a community is a mass compounded of individual powers, the nation which enjoys the most freedom must necessarily be in proportion to its numbers the most powerful nation.
John Quincy Adams
Decisions just look different with women at the table. We still have a long way to go. The most powerful thing we own is our vote.
Bev Perdue
The fork is the most powerful tool ever placed in our hands.
John Robbins
Trump is an intemperate, mean-spirited, lying bully. If a man like that asked you for permission to marry your daughter, what would your answer be? If it’s no, I think it’s obvious we shouldn’t give him the most powerful office on the face of the Earth.
Richard Dreyfuss
Rationality tied to moral decency is the most powerful joint instrument for good that our planet has ever known.
Michael Shermer
Personal savings accounts to me are one of the most powerful things, not necessarily in saving, solvency, or bankruptcy of the program, but in guaranteeing, the words I used a few minutes ago, a safe and secure retirement for our seniors.
Bill Frist
The most powerful speaking you can do is the speaking that comes from your heart and your love.
Sandra Cisneros
I might be botching this quote but I agree with the idea that a measure of society is not how it treats its most powerful but how it treats its most vulnerable, including the poor and incarcerated and – I would add to that – the people whose ideas are not currently in favor.
Shepard Fairey
I don’t know of any situation where you’re going to have an officeholder in a country of eight million people who’s cut off at the knees by the most powerful force in this world and who can still make it fly.
Randall Robinson
I call white the most powerful non-color; it’s clean, optimistic, powerful.
Jason Wu
It doesn’t take the most powerful nations on Earth to create the next global conflict. Just the will of a single man.
Vladimir Makarov
When I heard Grateful Dead music, I knew that it was the most powerful force on the planet.
Mickey Hart
Love is the most powerful energy there is.
Lenny Kravitz
Yes, there is racism. There is discrimination. Mr. Trump may have the most powerful job in the world, but that does not make him a respectful person.
Carmen Yulin Cruz
Love is the single most powerful and important word and notion in culture and language. Until the power of love supersedes the love of power we have no chance of ever being successful.
Bill Walton
On our knees we are the most powerful force on earth
Billy Graham
A fulfilling sex life is one of the most powerful marital glues a couple can have.
Kevin Leman
The most powerful symptom of love is a tenderness which becomes at times almost insupportable.
Victor Hugo
You were supposed to have hope, right? You were supposed to respect its power and hold on. And so I did. I held, and held, and let hope fill me. But as the days went on, it seemed I could be holding for a long, long time. Hope could be the most powerful thing or the most useless
Deb Caletti
Today, 9 May, exactly forty-nine months and three days after the Fascist attack on Yugoslavia, the most powerful aggressive force in Europe, Germany, has capitulated.
Josip Broz Tito
It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.
Beyonce Knowles
It is the central bank governor, unlike other regulators or government secretaries, who has command over significant policy levers and has to occasionally disagree with the most powerful people in the country.
Raghuram Rajan
Dance is one of the most powerful forms of magical ritual…It is an outer expression of the inner spirit.
Ted Andrews
Part of the reason people abroad resent the United States is something Americans can do very little about: envy. The richest, most powerful country in the world attracts the jealousy of others in much the same way that the richest, most powerful man in a small town attracts the jealousy of others.
Mohsin Hamid
What is new is that environmentalism intensely illuminates the need to confront the corporate domain at its most powerful and guarded point – the exclusive right to govern the systems of production.
Barry Commoner
The failure so far of the governments of so many of the worlds most powerful countries in the face of such egregious unfairness … to make the slightest progress on the issue of fair trade is hard to explain.
Colin Firth
Fiction is most powerful when it contains most truth; and there is little truth we get so true as that which we find in fiction.
J. G. Holland
Small endeavours obtain strength by unity of action: the most powerful are broken down by discord.
Trade is now clearly designed to favor the wealthiest and most powerful corporations at the expense of the rest of us. The three wealthiest people on earth now control more assets than the combined incomes of 600 million people in the world’s 48 poorest countries.
Jim Wallis
If you want to do bad things, science is the most powerful way to do them.
Richard Dawkins
The worst thing that can be said of the most powerful is that they can take your life; but the same can be said of the most weak.
Charles Caleb Colton
Stories are one of the most powerful forces of persuasion available to us, especially stories that fit in with our view of what the world should be like. Facts can be contested. Stories are far trickier. I can dismiss someone’s logic, but dismissing how I feel is harder.
Maria Konnikova
In 1980, a well-meaning fundraiser came to see me and said, “Miss Graham, the most powerful thing you have going for you to raise money is your respectability.” I wanted to spit. Respectable! Show me any artist who wants to be respectable.
Martha Graham
Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.
Harper Lee
I’m Sorry are two of the most powerful words in our language, especially when they are not flipped blithely over the shoulder but spoken from the heart. They help restore order, balance, harmony. They reduce pain. They heal broken friendship. If they were medecine, they’d be called a miracle.
Jerry Spinelli
Measured against the Problem We Face, planting a garden sounds pretty benign, I know, but in fact it’s one of the most powerful things an individual can do – to reduce your carbon footprint, sure, but more important, to reduce your sense of dependence and dividedness: to change the cheap-energy mind.
Michael Pollan
Evolution… is the most powerful and the most comprehensive idea that has ever arisen on Earth.
Julian Huxley
You little fool. You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth.
Walt Disney
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt
One of the most powerful things we have is to tell our story.
Mara Brock Akil
When reviewing one’s portfolio, it is important to be aware of common mental mistakes that may lead to bad decisions. The most powerful is commitment bias, which, as manifested in investing, is the tendency to fall in love with one’s stocks.
Whitney Tilson
Melting our attachment to self is the most powerful medication for bringing mental and emotional imbalances in check.
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
Part of being an artist is that you are achingly self-conscious about every aesthetic decision you make, and taste is at its most powerful when it’s a default, unconscious decision because that’s when all the influence of your childhood and background and society comes into play.
Grayson Perry
The most powerful way to control your focus is through the use of QUESTIONS
Tony Robbins
The most powerful force possessed by the individual citizen is her own government. … Government is the only organized mechanism that makes possible that level of shared disinterest known as the public good.
John Ralston Saul
I believe that one of the most powerful things of all is aesthetics.
Kalle Lasn
When thought and action are combined, the results are powerful-among the most powerful forces on earth. The combination of successful communication-the sharing of thoughts-and physical action can, literally, move mountains.
Peter McWilliams
The most powerful purpose statements are crystal clear and single-minded in their focus.
Roy Spence
The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison
Ann Wigmore
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
The most powerful element is that a designer has to reflect the times. So often you can only sense a change, and not really understand until much later its significance.
Suzy Menkes
Do you want to know the closest thing to feeling the most powerful you can feel ? Flying alone at night.Risky.Nothing but you and the wind soaring way above everything , Slicing through the air like a Sword. Up and up until you feel like you can grab a star and hold it to your chest like a burning, Spiky thing
James Patterson
Women spend 80 cents of every dollar in the marketplace. We could be the most powerful force for economic and environmental change in the 21st century if we focused our money where it could make the biggest difference. If a million people did that, it would have a $1 billion impact.
Diane MacEachern
‘Captain Marvel,’ whereby the steel trap is challenged, where the hero is a heroine, where the most powerful person who has the welfare of the future of the human race is a woman. What else can it be? Because that was the role of my mother when I was a kid.
John Kani
Throughout his work, Philip Levine’s most powerful commitment has been to the failed and lost, the marginal, the unloved, the unwanted.
Edward Hirsch
A good diet is the most powerful weapon we have against disease and sickness.
T. Colin Campbell
A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.
Ernest Holmes
Imagination is the most powerful tool you have. You learn it from all the greats. The Star Wars films are secretive. Anything J.J. Abrams does is secretive. Those guys haven’t done too poorly.
John Krasinski
The most powerful music is music with purpose.
Tom Morello
I think the ‘counterculture’ believes that there are ways to manage being the world’s most powerful country that involve creation of consensus – ruling by virtuous example rather than by force of arms.
John Perry Barlow
I loved her. I still love her, though I curse her in my sleep, so nearly one are love and hate, the two most powerful and devasting emotions that control man, nations, life.
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.
Bryant H. McGill
One of the most powerful of all our passions is the desire to be admired and respected.
Bertrand Russell
One of the most powerful scientific tools ever invented is the telephone.
John C. Mather
Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.
Leo Tolstoy
Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct. Even the ardent love of liberty will, after a time, give way to its dictates.
Alexander Hamilton
Truth is the most powerful thing in the world, since even fiction itself must be governed by it, and can only please by its resemblance.
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 10th Earl of Shaftesbury
I definitely know that love is the most powerful thing of all.
J. K. Rowling
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.
Henry Van Dyke
I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals.
Harvey Mackay
If we tackle corruption, no child would sleep hungry, there would be no injustice, every child would be in school.
Strive Masiyiwa
Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is the straight-up peak of hip-hop. Straight-up one of the most powerful records ever made, period, in music.
Mr. Lif
The most powerful place you can come from is just having a really deep knowing of who you are and what you want for yourself.
Sara Bareilles
There are many powerful men and women in mobile. I’m fortunate to be part of that group. By no means do I think I’m the most powerful person.
Sundar Pichai
We can start working with time if you wish,” Chiang said, “till you can fly the past and the future. And then you will be ready to begin the most difficult, the most powerful, the most fun of all. You will be ready to begin to fly up and know the meaning of kindness and of love.
Richard Bach
You can’t really divorce women’s struggles in the world from women’s in the cinema. As long as there’s hierarchy it means that women are somehow secondary or second class or less than. That’s going to be reflected in movies because films are the most powerful medium to reflect back society’s view of itself
Sally Potter
On certain occasions, the eyes of the mind can supply the want of the most powerful telescopes, and lead to astronomical discoveries of the highest importance.
Francois Arago
It’s when the discomfort strikes that they realize a strong mind is the most powerful weapon of all.
Chrissie Wellington
Ironically, it is when we identify with our spirits rather than our bodies that we are most powerful on the material plane. Our overidentification with the world does not give us power within the world so much as it diminishes our power here. It makes us frightened and nervous and full of anxiety.
Marianne Williamson
The tax issue is the most powerful issue in American politics going back to the Tea Party. People say, ‘Oh, Grover Norquist has power.’ No. Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform focus on the tax issue. The tax issue is a powerful issue.
Grover Norquist
It turns out that the most powerful use of technology is to connect people together socially.
Tim Sweeney
What is the most powerful lever you can imagine? A big idea, but only if it’s in the hands of a truly outstanding entrepreneur. It starts with the person and the idea, and then grows to the institution. All three are intertwined.
Bill Drayton
Free-enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had. But we can aspire to something even greater.
John Mackey
There’s always a way,” his sister lectured. “We’ll need help, though.” “What help?” Amy grinned. “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a part of the most powerful family in human history.
Gordon Korman
I think that all politicians who aspire to the presidency are a little nuts, but for different reasons. What kind of person aspires to be the most powerful person in the world? The answer is someone with an internal drive that is so dynamic and so determined.
Rick Perlstein
Good heart is the best religion; its light is the most powerful light.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Words must surely be counted among the most powerful drugs man ever invented.
Leo Rosten
In our skulls, we carry around 3 pounds of slimy, wet, greyish tissue, corrugated like crumpled toilet paper. You wouldn’t think, to look at the unappetizing lump, that it was some of the most powerful stuff in the known universe.
Eliezer Yudkowsky
The reality is that the media are probably the most powerful of all our institutions today and they, or rather we [journalists], too often are squandering our power and ignoring our obligations. The consequence of our abdication of responsibility is the ugly spectacle of idiot culture!
Carl Bernstein
New Horizons is a very high-tech, small, roughly 1,000-pound spacecraft with the most powerful battery of scientific instrumentation ever brought to bear on a first reconnaissance mission.
Alan Stern
The ideal of morality has no more dangerous rival than the ideal of highest strength, of most powerful life. It is the maximum of the savage.
The most powerful entities on earth are not governments but the multi-national corporations that see women as their territory, indoctrinating them with their versions of beauty, health and hygiene, medicating them and cultivating their dependency in order to medicate them some more.
Germaine Greer
The pressure of adversity is the most powerful sustainer of accountability. It’s as though everything you do is multiplied by 50 in order to surpass those with a head-start. I was never capable of slacking when at the threshold of failure.
Criss Jami
Prosecutorial misconduct is one of the most detrimental problems in our criminal justice system, because prosecutors are essentially the most powerful actors in our justice system because they set the charges, they basically set up the rules of the game.
Maya Moore
The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant.
Robert Kiyosaki
An alliance of civilisations can be our most powerful weapon in the fight against terror.
Federica Mogherini
I think India should be our top ally in Asia Pacific. And the two countries have so much in common, including being the largest and most powerful democracies.
John T. Chambers
of all the weapons of destruction that man could invent, the most terrible-and the most powerful-was the word. Daggers and spears left traces of blood; arrows could be seen at a distance. Poisons were detected in the end and avoided. But the word managed to destroy without leaving clues.
Paulo Coelho
I said to George Lucas, “I’d like a purple lightsaber.” And he said, “Why?” and I said, “I just want to be able to find myself. I’m the most powerful Jedi in the universe, and I think it would be an interesting thing for me to have a different color lightsaber than anybody else.”
Samuel L. Jackson
One of the most powerful forces in the world is the will of men and women who believe in themselves, who dare to hope and aim high, who go confidently after the things they want from life.
Richard DeVos
Setrakus is more or less invincible. Only Pittacus Lore, the most powerful of all the Lorien Elders, would have been able to defeat him.
Pittacus Lore
The government union bosses are the most powerful politicians in Springfield.
Bruce Rauner
Living a life of service to others is the most powerful sermon of all, don’t you think?
Serena B. Miller
Simply put, the most powerful state is the one that prevails in a dispute.
John Mearsheimer
Prayer joined to sacrifice constitutes the most powerful force in human history.
Pope John Paul II
In my world, a woman was the most powerful thing that I knew. Still is. A woman made the money in my house; a woman made my food. A woman beat my ass when I wasn’t a good kid. Women were behind a lot of what spurred South Africa toward democracy.
Trevor Noah
My pictures are about a search for a moment—a perfect moment. To me the most powerful moment in the whole process is when everything comes together and there is that perfect, beautiful, still moment. And for that instant, my life makes sense.
Gregory Crewdson
You’ve got a friend in God and He’s the most powerful entity the universe has ever known, the One that created it all. So, you are strong with Jesus by your side, if you just recognize it and open your heart to Him.
William Tucci
The most powerful moral influence is example.
Huston Smith
The most powerful healing arises from the simple intention to love the life within you, unconditionally, with as much tenderness and presence as possible.
Tara Brach
Finding that financial independence away from a broken relationship is probably one of the most powerful places a woman can get to.
Yolanda Hadid
As nature discovered early on, vision is one of the most powerful secret weapons of an intelligent animal to navigate, survive, interact, and change the complex world it lives in.
Fei-Fei Li
Congress is the most powerful branch. It can expand a progressive society, or it can block a progressive society.
Ralph Nader
Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit.
Howard Gardner
If you want to do evil, science provides the most powerful weapons to do evil; but equally, if you want to do good, science puts into your hands the most powerful tools to do so
Richard Dawkins
Moral outrage is the most powerful motivating force in politics.
Morton Blackwell
Even the most powerful woman needs a place to unwind.
Barbara Taylor Bradford
Here’s a man who was twice elected to the most powerful position on Earth despite needing a TelePrompTer to correctly identify what year it was.
Dave Barry
In the literary as well as military world, most powerful abilities will often be found concealed under a rustic garb.
Pliny the Elder
The office of the president is the most powerful in the world. It is also, at times, the most powerless.
Mark McKinnon
You can choose your friends, but you sho’ can’t choose your family.
Harper Lee
Our human face happens to be one of the most powerful channels that we all use to communicate social and emotional states: everything from enjoyment, surprise, empathy, and curiosity.
Rana el Kaliouby
We, as pop stars, are people not androids. We’ve got views. I’ve got opinions and I don’t see why I shouldn’t use a bit of my art to put them over. I think music is one of the most powerful media forces in the world today.
Roger Meddows Taylor
Prayer is the easiest and hardest of all things; the simplest and the sublimest; the weakest and the most powerful; its results lie outside the range of human possibilities-they are limited only by the omnipotence of God.
Edward McKendree Bounds
You’ve got to ask! Asking is, in my opinion, the world’s most powerful – and neglected – secret to success and happiness.
Percy Ross
The World’s most powerful army is the Army of Medicine, as it is fighting against a real enemy, the most powerful one: The Death!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
These Hillary supporters just drove a car into a giant ditch named Trump. They let Trump win. They let him become the most powerful man on Earth. Sorry, you’re not getting the wheel again after driving into the ditch.
Cenk Uygur
I know by experience that Jesus Christ is a very powerful spirit – I know by experience that he is probably the most powerful spirit in the universe. I know by experience he is not a mere human being. He is something beyond that.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Sin is the second most powerful force in the universe, for it sent Jesus to the cross. Only one force is greater-the love of God.
Billy Graham
From a yogic perspective, stillness, coupled with expanded awareness, is by far the most powerful medium by which you can affect your destiny.
Rod Stryker
Fear, to me, is the most powerful feeling there is – fear.
Kathy Hilton
If you look at history, there seems to be a regular pattern: the country with the most powerful military also happens to be the one with the world trade currency. That gives them an enormous economic advantage, which causes goods to flow into their country.
David Graeber
Hardly anyone ever leaves. This is because Des Moines is the most powerful hypnotic known to man. Outside town there is a big sign that says, WELCOME TO DES MOINES. THIS IS WHAT DEATH IS LIKE. There isn’t really. I just made that up. But the place does get a grip on you.
Bill Bryson
Padmasree Warrior has been on all the lists. The most powerful women in tech. The most powerful women in the world.
Emily Chang
A Cherubim or leader of a kingdom of angels is the fountain or heart of his whole kingdom, and is made out of all the powers out of which his angels are made, and is the most powerful and the brightest of them all.
Jakob Bohme
I think we too are the people who, on the one hand, want to listen to Jesus, but on the other hand, at times, like to find a stick to beat others with, to condemn others. And Jesus has this message for us: mercy. I think – and I say it with humility – that this is the Lord’s most powerful message: mercy.
Pope Francis
Of all things known to mortals, wine is the most powerful and effectual for exciting and inflaming the passions of mankind, being common fuel to them all.
Francis Bacon
It’s pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.
Noam Chomsky
The most powerful movement of feeling with a liturgy is the prayer which seeks for nothing special, but is a yearning to escape from the limitations of our own weakness and an invocation of all Good to enter and abide with us.
George Eliot
The most powerful drive in the ascent of man is his pleasure in his own skill. He loves to do what he does well. And having done it well, he loves to do it better.
Jacob Bronowski
None of most powerful tech companies answer to what’s best for people, only to what’s best for them.
Tristan Harris
I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’
Muhammad Ali
Mathematics is one of the deepest and most powerful expressions of pure human reason, and, at the same time, the most fundamental resource for description and analysis of the experiential world.
Hyman Bass
It’s not just that individuals have lost faith in the integrity of their leaders, it’s that they no longer believe society’s most powerful institutions are acting in their interests.
Gary Hamel
My helpless friend, your helplessness is the most powerful plea which rises up to the tender father-heart of God. You think that everything is closed to you because you cannot pray. My friend, your helplessness is the very essence of prayer.
Ole Hallesby
Of the affairs of love … my only advice is to be honest. That’s your most powerful tool to unlock a heart or gain forgiveness.
Christopher Paolini
Think about one of the most powerful influences on a young child’s life – the absence of a father figure. Look back on recent presidents, and you’ll find an absent, or weak, or failed father in the lives of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
Jeff Greenfield
The Connection Machine was the most powerful supercomputer in the world. It is a complex supercomputer and it will take forever to completely describe how it works.
Philip Emeagwali
One of the most powerful devices is to distort time, to go from human time to atomic time, geologic time. Sometimes you can actually accomplish that, with one unexpected word choice.
Robert Morgan
The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and consequently the most powerful in existence.
Charles F. Haanel
While The United States is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, it is also the most detested nation that the world has ever known.
Harold Pinter
Wish’ is the most powerful thing in the world. Higher than God.
G. I. Gurdjieff
Among the sentiments of most powerful operation upon the human heart, and most highly honorable to the human character, are those of veneration for our forefathers and of love for our posterity.
John Quincy Adams
Sponsorship is about putting your name and reputation on the line for someone else. It could be as simple as recommending someone for a new role, yet it’s one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has.
Lynne Doughtie
This microphone is the key to the universe. When you have this in your hands, you are the most powerful person in the whole world, let’s get!.
Hayley Williams
Taking complete ownership of your outcomes by holding no one but yourself responsible for them is the most powerful thing you can do to drive your success.
Gary W. Keller
Love is the most powerful four letter word.
John Wooden
Everyone had told her, since she became a princess-in-training, that she was very likely the most beautiful woman in the world. Now she was going to be the richest and the most powerful as well. Don’t expect too much from life, Buttercup told herself as she rode along. Learn to be satisfied with what you have.
William Goldman
A century that began with children having virtually no rights is ending with children having the most powerful legal instrument that not only recognizes but protects their human rights.
Carol Bellamy
The most powerful idea that’s entered the world in the last few thousand years – the idea of grace – is the reason I would like to be a Christian.
Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.
Helen Keller
The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
Malcolm X
Fortunately for Canada it is part of the so-called Five Eyes network, along with the U.S., Britain, Australia and New Zealand. These nations are in fact so integrated that they effectively comprise a single colossal listening organization, the most powerful in history, with America in charge.
Neil Macdonald
If Xi Jinping is the world’s most powerful man, conventional wisdom puts Vladimir Putin a close second. He’s made his own bare-chested virility synonymous with a resurgent Russia.
Antony Blinken
The most powerful single force in the world today is neither Communism nor Capitalism, neither the H-bomb nor the guided missile — it is man’s eternal desire to be free and independent.
John F. Kennedy
Hip-hop culture is probably one of the most powerful things to come out of America in a long time – everything from the music to the art to the dance to the language.
The most powerful lessons occur where studies intersect with real life.
Oliver DeMille
Mother love is the most powerful, the most irrational force on earth, even more powerful than sexual love. However, one does lead to the other, so best not to spurn the former.
Rita Mae Brown
The president of the United States from the 1940s until 2017 was considered the leader of the free world – probably the most powerful person in the world – not simply in terms of America’s military might but in terms of the moral authority of the president. Donald Trump has largely abdicated that.
H. W. Brands
Aligning private development with community needs for equity and resiliency is one of the most powerful roles of city government.
Michelle Wu
There’s no law of nature that says America must remain the most powerful country in the world.
Tucker Carlson
The Eucharist is the bread that gives strength… It is at once the most eloquent proof of His love and the most powerful means of fostering His love in us. He gives Himself every day so that our hearts as burning coals may set afire the hearts of the faithful.
Father Damien
Believing in and practising the principles of the rule of law is, with our liberty and democracy, among the most powerful weapons we have. It is less effective if we blur its clarity and we should do this as sparingly as possible.
Dominic Grieve
You have control over three things – what you think, what you say, and how you behave. To make a change in your life, you must recognize that these gifts are the most powerful tools you possess in shaping the form of your life.
Sonia Friedman
America is the most creative country and the most powerful government in the world.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Britain kept its position as the dominant world power well into the 20th century despite steady decline. By the end of World War II, dominance had shifted decisively into the hands of the upstart across the sea, the United States, by far the most powerful and wealthy society in world history.
Noam Chomsky
Two of the most powerful words you can hear someone say are ‘me too.’
Rob Bell
I tell myself, ‘You’re great, you’re powerful, you’re strong. You’re the greatest, most powerful, strongest fighter in the world.’ I acknowledge my greatness. I bow down before my greatness. I inflate myself like that, and then I pop the balloon in a single sentence by saying: You can be beaten.
Keith Thurman