Moving Parts Quotes

Moving Parts Quotes by Stephen Curry, Ed Helms, Conrad Hilton, Ian Poulter, Abhinav Bindra, Jeremiah Brent and many others.

I'm blessed to have such a tight-knit family that we ca

I’m blessed to have such a tight-knit family that we can talk about anything. Whether we talk frequently or not, since we’re on separate ends of the country, there are a lot of moving parts, and we always stay tight and find that center ground that keeps us together.
Stephen Curry
Getting any movie made is just like trying to push a giant boulder up a mountain, and there’s so many moving parts. Obviously, there’s the creative side, and then there’s the logistical side, and they’re both colossal.
Ed Helms
Success … seems to be connected with action.
Conrad Hilton
Rest is key. I need to get the right rest time and family time to stay refreshed. My downtime is for family activity. That’s all about there is. I never switch off. Running my day-to-day golf business is a fairly busy one. There’s a lot of moving parts and I’m trying to simplify it and make it easier.
Ian Poulter
To organize an Olympic Games is probably the most complex thing on the planet because it has so many moving parts.
Abhinav Bindra
There are so many moving parts to a wedding, and I, it turns out, am a bit of a perfectionist.
Jeremiah Brent
It’s a lot of stress being a manager – a lot of moving parts.
Mathew Knowles
The reason steampunk attracts people is that it is premised on a technology which is visible and pleasing to the naked eye, and whose moving parts are comprehensible on a human scale.
Nick Harkaway
I’ve been a solo act, a columnist and worked from home, only relying on myself. Now I’m part of a team, a leader, and I have to fit in at a big corporation and deal with all the moving parts, all the different personalities. That has been a challenge, to be quite honest, that I’ve embraced.
Jason Whitlock
The most obvious feature of the brain is that it is not homogeneous, but composed of different regions. There are no intrinsic moving parts, no obvious way of knowing where to start to understand what is actually happening, or what functions are taking place.
Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield
The key is to constantly keep the audience surprised. If they feel like something is going to happen, or they think from an educational standpoint that something is about to happen because of all the moving parts, it is your job to break that expectation and show the audience something different.
James Wan
An automobile has about 10,000 moving parts, right? An airplane has two million, and it has to stay up in the air.
Alan Mulally
Comic-strip artists generally have very modest ambitions. Day to day, we labor to fit together all these little moving parts – a character or two, a few lines of dialogue, framing, pacing, payoff – but we certainly don’t think of them adding up over time to some larger portrait of our times.
Garry Trudeau
Communication is like the basics of mechanical engineering, the more moving parts you have the more likely it is to break down!
Garrison Wynn
By the fourth grade, I graduated to an erector set and spent many happy hours constructing devices of unknown purpose where the main design criterion was to maximize the number of moving parts and overall size.
Steven Chu
Coach John Wooden used seven players at UCLA. Coach Denny Crum used to say, ‘The more moving parts you have, the greater the chance you have for a breakdown.’ I think there’s a lot of veracity to that.
Skip Prosser
It’s not easy putting on a festival, there’s a lot of moving parts.
Kyle Gass
That suspension of disbelief that’s required as an actor to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances is different to what needs to happen as a director, in the sense that you are the master of all the moving parts. You create the world in every detail.
Alex O’Loughlin
The most moving parts of ‘Real American’ come when Lythcott-Haims stares unflinchingly at her own self-loathing, writing about the racist encounters of her childhood that convinced her from a young age that there was something inherently wrong with being black.
Jenna Wortham
I believe that every character is a setting, a world with moving parts, and on the other hand, every setting is, in fact, a character – a living breathing thing with personality and backstory. The way stories come to life, at least for me, is when these elements commune in relationship to one another.
Jason Reynolds
Well ‘The Pod F. Tompkast,’ as much as I love the result of it, was a really labor intensive show. There’s a lot of writing, there’s a lot of scheduling, there’s a lot of recording – it’s not a show that we can necessarily do in one day because there are so many moving parts to it.
Paul F. Tompkins
You can tell if something feels special. But there are so many moving parts involved in making the song a hit. The radio has to deliver, the management has to deliver in terms of booking the right promotions… just being a good song isn’t enough.
Justin Tranter
When a film works, the director had a lot to do with that, but the director also didn’t have a lot to do with that. There are so many moving parts. It’s really about being open to how the river is flowing and trying to get on the river.
Mike Mills
I think the most moving part of my trip [to Africa] so far was seeing 92-year-old Nelson Mandela, and just thinking about his life. This man has lived through a struggle that few nations have known.
Michelle Obama
I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts. This idea came from the huge power of cyclones.
Henri Coanda
A two-career couple with children is a complex, sensitive piece of machinery with lots of moving parts. Anything less than total cooperation will throw it out of whack and shut it down. A couple can wind up paying the ultimate price for trying to have it all – losing it all.
Kathie Lee Gifford
It’s so hard to communicate because there are so many moving parts. There’s presentation and there’s interpretation and they’re so dependent on each other it makes things very difficult.
Garth Stein
Success … seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
Conrad Hilton
I’m the test kitchen manager, which means I’m in charge of sourcing all of our ingredients and kitchen equipment. I also manage the budget, help out on photo shoots, and generally coordinate all the moving parts to keep our kitchen functional.
Brad Leone
And that because the moving parts are a million times smaller than the ones we’re familiar with, they move a million times faster, just as a smaller tuning fork produces a higher pitch than a large one.
K. Eric Drexler
I personally think skateboarding is harder because it has so many moving parts. With snowboarding, your feet are strapped to your board.
Shaun White
Television production is so insane. There’s so many moving parts and flying pieces and you’re desperate to make it cohesive and artistic and have something to say about the human condition that feels like it has value to its existence.
Bryan Fuller
One of my earliest memories of something that caught my attention was of a steam locomotive. I guess mainly because they have so many moving parts that are out in the open. You can watch the valves moving back and forth – the driving rods.
Jim Peebles
Polo is like playing golf with a saddle, and there are a lot of moving parts.
Joel Edgerton
Writing is a solitary existence. Making a movie is controlled chaos – thousands of moving parts and people. Every decision is a compromise. If you’re writing and you don’t like how your character looks or talks, you just fix it. But in a movie, if there’s something you don’t like, that’s tough.
Dan Brown
Some filmmakers are great at making complex things and films with a lot of moving parts, and I’m just not that way.
David Lowery
I feel like in Australia, all the films I’ve done, we’re all equal moving parts in this equation of making the film – an actor is another crew member, essentially.
Emily Browning
Well, there are a lot of things outside our control – outside my control. And this is true with anybody’s life: You try to keep the train on a certain track, and then there are a lot of moving parts that you can’t control. And that tends to make you nervous.
Brian France
On ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me,’ it wasn’t fear as much as it was feeling overwhelmed because there were so many moving parts. But I felt that I knew what I was doing. And on a movie like this, there’s so much preparation that goes into it that by the time you were there, you had done months of planning.
Susanna Fogel
An economy is not a complicated thing; it just has a lot of moving parts.
Ray Dalio
It’s just part of the NFL. There’s going to be moving parts constantly. There’s going to be roster changes. There’s going to be coaches going somewhere else.
Matt Cassel