My Brother Died Quotes

My Brother Died Quotes by Thom Yorke, Giada De Laurentiis, Marc Forster, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Quincy Jones and many others.

Ironically my brother died in a car accident shortly af

Ironically my brother died in a car accident shortly after Airbag was recorded. He’s not an identical twin so I didn’t care.
Thom Yorke
I keep my skin – especially on my face and neck – out of the sun. My brother died of melanoma eight years ago, and I’ve got SPF on all the time, 24-7. It makes you realize, the sun is a wonderful thing, but it can be a very devastating thing. So sunscreen is key, and a lot of laughter, too.
Giada De Laurentiis
Three days after my brother died, my father was in the hospital. He just did not want to live anymore. Before, he was fighting and loving life.
Marc Forster
I was not sorry when my brother died.
Tsitsi Dangarembga
My brother died of cancer two years ago (1998), renal cell carcinoma. He was my only real brother and I didn’t know what to do. I’d never been so desperate in my life.
Quincy Jones