Nations Quotes

Nations Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, Ehud Olmert, Stephen Decatur, Jonathan Cahn, Chiang Kai-shek, Giuseppe Mazzini and many others.

Between the two, the nationalist and the imperialist, t

Between the two, the nationalist and the imperialist, there is no meeting ground.
Mahatma Gandhi
The fundamental interest – long-range strategic interest – of the state of Israel is that we will have the international bodies and primarily the United Nations recognize the two-state solution, so that there will never be any doubt as to the right of Israel to have its own Jewish independent state.
Ehud Olmert
Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.
Stephen Decatur
To whom much is given, much is required. Righteousness exalts a nation…but sin is a reproach to any people
Jonathan Cahn
The aim of the Revolution is, so far as the interests of China herself are concerned, the restoration of her original frontiers and, in regard to the rest of the world, a gradual advance of all nations from the stage of equality to that of an ideal unity.
Chiang Kai-shek
A nation isthe universality of citizens speaking the same tongue.
Giuseppe Mazzini
America’s fighting men and women sacrifice much to ensure that our great nation stays free. We owe a debt of gratitude to the soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for this cause, as well as for those who are blessed enough to return from the battlefield unscathed.
Allen Boyd
Education is the cheap defense of nations.
Edmund Burke
It is tragic that the Fuehrer should have the whole nation behind him with the single exception of the Army generals. In my opinion it is only by action that they can now atone for their faults of lack of character and discipline.
Alfred Jodl
In order to have a literature, a nation must live, not merely on the practical, but on the moral and spiritual plane as well, contributing through its national life to the development of some side of the universal spirit of man.
Vissarion Belinsky
When my mom ran for the Senate, my dad was there for her every step of the way. I can still hear her saying in her beautiful voice, ‘Why should women have any less say than men, about the great decisions facing our nation?’
Mitt Romney
To a significant degree, we are an overfed and undernourished nation digging an early grave with our teeth, and lacking the energy that could be ours because we overindulge in junk foods.
Ezra Taft Benson
The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy.
Barack Obama
Ours is the most wasteful nation on Earth. We waste more energy than we import. With about the same standard of living, we use twice as much energy per person as do other countries like Germany, Japan, and Sweden.
Jimmy Carter
The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking by cowards.
William Butler
Rivers run through our history and folklore, and link us as a people…. We are a nation rich in rivers.
Charles Kuralt
From the city of angels off the Pacific Ocean. Good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world. I’m George Noory. Welcome to America’s most listened-to late night talk show, Coast to Coast AM.
George Noory
We are now physically, politically, and economically one world and nations so interdependent that the absolute national sovereignty of nations is no longer possible.
John Boyd Orr
He is the greatest influence in the world today. There is… a fifth Gospel being written – the work of Jesus Christ in the hearts and lives of men and nations.
William Griffith Thomas
For plague and pestilence, plunder and pollution, the hazards of nature and the hunger of children are the foes of every nation. The earth, the sea and the air are the concern of every nation.
John F. Kennedy
The difference between a nation and a nationality is clear, but it is not always observed. Likeness between members is the essence of nationality, but the members of a nation may be very different. A nation may be composed of many nationalities, as some of the most successful nations are.
Louis D. Brandeis
I strongly believe being mayor is the public post in which you have the greatest opportunity to change peoples’ lives for the better. People live in cities, not states or nations. As a mayor, you are connected directly to citizens.
Eduardo Paes
Nor was it only from the millions of slaves that chains had been removed; the whole nation had been in bondage; free speech had been suppressed.
Matthew Simpson
Popularity makes no law invulnerable to invalidation. Americans accept judicial supervision of their democracy – judicial review of popular but possibly unconstitutional statutes – because they know that if the Constitution is truly to constitute the nation, it must trump some majority preferences.
George Will
As the cost of gasoline rises and our dependence on foreign oil continues to increase, the effect of sending over $100 billion each year to OPEC nations hurts every American.
Paul Gillmor
America is a nation with no truly national city, no Paris, no Rome, no London, no city which is at once the social center, the political capital, and the financial hub.
C. Wright Mills
When you want a nation, that’s called nationalism… Black nationalism. A revolutionary is a Black nationalist. He wants a nation.
Malcolm X
Our obligation to the world is, primarily, our obligation to our own future. Obviously, we cannot develop beyond a certain point unless other nations develop, too.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside. Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect.
Barack Obama
Is this Nation stating it cannot afford to spend an additional $600 million to help the developing nations of the world become strong and free and independentan amount less than this countrys annual outlay for lipstick, face cream, and chewing gum?
John F. Kennedy
If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.
Peter Handke
The right of self defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and to individuals, and whether the attack be made by Spain herself or by those who abuse her power, its obligation is not the less strong.
James Monroe
A nation that is capable of limitless sacrifice is capable of rising to limitless heights. The purer the sacrifice the quicker the progress.
Mahatma Gandhi
Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose – and you allow him to make war at pleasure.
Abraham Lincoln
We wonder if we will be the first generation in American history to leave our children with fewer opportunities and a less prosperous nation than the one we inherited.
Paul Ryan
The hardest lesson of my life has come to me late. It is that a nation can win freedom without its people becoming free.
Joshua Nkomo
The nation-state became powerful in the wake of the French Revolution, whereas the nation-state has become powerless in light of globalization.
Grace Lee Boggs
Recent school shootings have lured ill-informed Americans into a war on our Second Amendment guarantees, led by the nation’s tyrants and their useful idiots. … The Second Amendment was given to us as protection against tyranny by the federal government and the Congress of the United States.
Walter E. Williams
I had become increasingly concerned in recent years about the lack of civics education in our nation’s schools. In recent years, the schools have stopped teaching it. And it’s unfortunate.
Sandra Day O’Connor
We have to make sure that not only we [politicians] actually focus on, but the entire nation knows we’re focusing on, growth and competition within the United States of America and compete internationally. I don’t know anywhere where it’s written that we have to be number two.
Joe Biden
Truly, God’s plan of redemption is about more than me and you and our neighbor down the street. It’s about men and women from every tribe, tongue, and nation on earth becoming a part of His covenant community.
Matt Chandler
The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation than its wealth. The Bible is endorsed by the ages. Our civilization is built upon its words. In no other book is there such a collection of inspired wisdom, reality, and hope.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Let me make the superstitions of a nation and I care not who makes its laws or its songs either.
Mark Twain
We are a European nation – must stay one.
David Miliband
The romantic idea is that everybody around a writer must suffer for his talent. I think a writer is a citizen of humanity, part of his nation, part of his family. He may have to make some compromises.
Irwin Shaw
The United Nations emerged as a temple of official good intentions, a place where governments might – without abating their transgressions – go to church; a place made remote – by agreed untruth and procedural complexity, and by tedium itself – from the risk of intense public involvement.
Shirley Hazzard
He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.
Thomas Paine
Chinese people are indignant. Indignant! For decades, despite everything, they tried to make peace with the West. They are in fact the most peaceful big nation on Earth and what do they get in return? They get insults, provocations and intimidation.
Andre Vltchek
Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.
Bob Marley
Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The attacks of 9/11 came out of Afghanistan. It was a failed state, a rogue nation. That’s why al Qaeda was there in the first place.
Sebastian Junger
Neither the military might nor the economic and technological development makes a nation great. It is made great by it’s citizens with Self Respect and Integrity ingrained in their lives.
Pandurang Shastri Athavale
What happened to Haiti is a threat that could happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know, because of global warming, because of climate change and all this.
Danny Glover
It is our duty to watch over the actions and activities of this government and to insist that, in words as well as in deeds, the interests of our constituency primarily and of the Nation ultimately are served.
Diane Watson
Hopefully, nations will refuse to accept a situation in which nuclear accidents actually do occur, and, if at all possible, they will do something to correct a system which makes them likely.
Herman Kahn
I think that before you take on nation building in your mind’s eye as to how it should be, you’d better have a clear understanding if this is doable and will work.
Anthony Zinni
Hillary [Clinton] can’t stop [Forces of Nature], [Bernie] Sanders can’t stop it, [Donald] Trump can’t stop it. But you can do something that will cause God to give America a longer time to exist as a nation.
Louis Farrakhan
As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this.
George Mason
Ever since the invention of gunpowder.. I continually tremble lest men should, in the end, uncover some secret which would provide a short way of abolishing mankind, of annihilating peoples and nations in their entirety.
Baron de Montesquieu
The Russians have turned out to be the largest divided nation in the world nowadays. Is that not a problem?
Vladimir Putin
America has value-based leadership. America is valued – America is followed by other nations, including my own nation, because it’s based on the values that America has to offer to the rest of the world – freedom, freedom of choice, democracy, open market.
Mikhail Saakashvili
As far as we can look back into history, the downfall of any nation can be traced from the moment that nation became timid about spending its best blood.
Frederick Russell Burnham
I have been happy . . . in believing that . . . whatever follies we may be led into as to foreign nations, we shall never give up our Union, the last anchor of our hope, and that alone which is to prevent this heavenly country from becoming an arena of gladiators.
Thomas Jefferson
I am working for a better United Nations. Nothing is perfect. You should never rely on only one source, but rather rely on those you believe in the most.
Angelina Jolie
I want to see the U.S become an Islamic nation.
Ibrahim Hooper
There are things a man must not do even to save a nation.
Murray Kempton
During my training I was trained in Psycho-politics. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health.
Kenneth Goff
The surest way to lose democracy is to take it for granted. Every citizen must contribute to its advancement in some way. No nation or culture can long survive the absence of transcendent values and absolutes.
Carl F. H. Henry
Scotland is my country, the nation that shaped me, that taught me my values. A nation whose achievements inspired and inspire me, a community whose failings drive me – drive my overwhelming desire to fight for social justice and equality.
Johann Lamont
We should not allow the fundamentalists and the bigots to take over and speak for the great faiths any more than we should let them take over and speak for the great nation.
Van Jones
We have to consider who is going to be the best prime minister to take on a “one nation” agenda.
Damian Green
Canada is destined to be one of the great nations of the world and Canadian women must be ready for citizenship.
Nellie L. McClung
We want to make nation-building a people’s movement.
Narendra Modi
See, I believe that it is not true that different races and nations are alike. I’m profoundly convinced that that’s a total lie. I think people are different. Sardinians, for example, have stubby little fingers. Bosnians have short necks.
Orson Welles
We are a nation that worships speed and power. And for good reason. Without power we would still be part of England and everybody would be out of work… Bicycles are too slow and impuissant for a nation like ours. They belong in Czechoslovakia.
P. J. O’Rourke
The Fall is where the nation is. The Fall is the locus of America.
William Stringfellow
….Man’s struggle to be rational about himself, about his relationship to his own society and to other peoples and nations involves a constant search for understanding among all peoples and all cultures-a search that can only be effective when learning is pursued on a worldwide basis.
J. William Fulbright
I’m always looking for a way to serve the nation, but I don’t believe that it will be as vice president and I’m really not seeking it, I’m not requesting it and it won’t happen.
Marco Rubio
The numbers of distinct human societies or nations, when our race is twice its present age, may be far greater than the total number of all the men who have ever lived up to the present time.
Arthur C. Clarke
It is not so much the United States that is trying to push the European Union in one direction or another, it is developing nations as a whole that are pushing the United States and Europe to open their markets a little more.
Pascal Lamy
Progress is not possible without discipline. A nation, institution, family or individual can advance only by heeding the words of those who deserve respect and by obeying the appropriate rules and regulations. Children, obedience is not weakness. Obedience with humility leads to discipline.
Mata Amritanandamayi
After our humiliating loss of Alsace-Lorraine, France needs a victory to restore pride in the nation.
Jules Ferry
Nationalism has two fatal charms for its devotees: It presupposes local self-sufficiency, which is a pleasant and desirable condition, and it suggests, very subtly, a certain personal superiority by reason of one’s belonging to a place which is definable and familiar, as against a place that is strange, remote.
E. B. White
We need to get serious about combating gang violence on Long Island, and the entire nation.
Tim Bishop
Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.
Samuel Roth
Caring for our veterans is the duty of a grateful nation.
Patty Murray
I would never betray a friend to serve a cause. Never reject a friend to help an institution. Great nations may fall in ruin before I would sell a friend to save them.
Edward Abbey
Wherefore it is impossible to succeed in comparing wealth of different eras or different nations. This, in political economy, like squaring the circle in mathematics, is impracticable, for want of a common mean or measure to go by.
Jean-Baptiste Say
Civilization and the life of nations are governed by the same laws as prevail throughout nature and organic life.
Ernst Haeckel
A nation’s hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Nations around the world look to us for the leadership not merely by strength of arms but by strength of our convictions.
Robert Kennedy
America has to act. But, when America acts, other nations accuse us of being ‘hegemonistic’, of engaging in ‘unilateralism’, of behaving as if we’re the only nation on earth that counts. We are.
P. J. O’Rourke
[T]he first transactions of a nation, like those of an individual upon his first entrance into life make the deepest impression, and are to form the leading traits in its character.
George Washington
I have decided that now is not the right time for me to run for the leadership – though I remain completely committed to ensuring we secure our position as a great trading nation with sensible controls on migration. I believe that Theresa May has the strength, judgment and values to deliver those things.
Jeremy Hunt
Margaret Thatcher was a great leader for her nation at a pivotal and a perilous time. So, I find the comparison flattering, but that’s up to others to say whether that comparison is justified.
Carly Fiorina
All over this nation, all over this world there are people going to church today and they say they are believers, but until you can take what you’ve been taught and bring it to the place you gave up – you will never be the radical believer that you need to be for the times in which we live.
T. D. Jakes
Space exploration and experimentation are critically valuable to our nation. I know of no better way to honor those seven who sacrificed their lives than to recommit ourselves to defend and enhance America’s important strategies in space.
Rob Bishop
Different nations have different ways of forming their national identity. In America, for instance, the model was one of homogeneity breaking from different backgrounds, and the whole effort was to blend them all together like a wonderful making of a milkshake!
Kabir Bedi
Hillary Clinton and I believe in comprehensive immigration reform. Donald Trump believes in deportation nation. You’ve got to pick your choice.
Tim Kaine
Instead of starting a new nuclear arms race, now is the time to reclaim our Nation’s position of leadership on nuclear nonproliferation efforts.
Dianne Feinstein
Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.
George S. Clason
Nations die first in the big cities.
Austin O’Malley
My story is the story of countless millions of children whose families and nations were torn apart for money in the name of Jesus Christ.
Sinead O’Connor
A nation’s path to greatness lies in its economic prowess and … militarism, empire, and aggression lead to a dead end.
Fareed Zakaria
Bosnia is a complicated country: three religions, three nations and those “others”. Nationalism is strong in all three nations; in two of them there are a lot of racism, chauvinism, separatism; and now we are supposed to make a state out of that.
Alija Izetbegovic
Genius is a will-o’-the-wisp if it lacks a solid foundation of perseverence and fanatical tenacity. This is the most important thing in all of human life.
Adolf Hitler
We, unlike Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy, have never stopped being a nation of laws, not of men. But witness how men with motives and a majority can manipulate law to cruel and unjust ends.
Robert Byrd
I know too that we Americans like to think of ourselves as cleaner than clean, a healthy nation who would never take anything when a recent poll suggested that 65 per cent of the population would risk dying in 10 years if they would be guaranteed Olympic gold.
Greg LeMond
In order to fix Social Security, we must restructure it so that we continue to provide for our Nation’s seniors that are approaching retirement age, but allow for younger taxpayers to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in private accounts.
Herman Cain
We must never forget why we have, and why we need our military. Our armed forces exist solely to ensure our nation is safe, so that each and every one of us can sleep soundly at night, knowing we have ‘guardians at the gate.’
Allen West
Ever since [Ronald] Reagan, they’ve been able to capture the message and an understanding – or persuade people of a certain understanding of what the nation is about and what’s good for it.
Steve Inskeep
The tattoo of the History is permanent; once a nation or a man is marked by this tattoo, erasing is impossible.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Nearly 60 years ago, the international community made a commitment to put an end to the crime of genocide by ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
Alcee Hastings
We have to be faster in calming down a resentment than putting out a fire, because the consequences of the first are infinitely more dangerous than the results of the last; fire ends burning down some houses at the most, while the resentment can cause cruel wars, with the ruin and total destruction of nations.
The Wealth of Nations may not be an original book, but it is unquestionably a masterpiece.
Robert Heilbroner
There was a lot of protest after Bravo, from countries like India, for example. India was the first country which came forward and proposed at the United Nations that all of these nuclear tests should be stopped, that there should be a complete ban on nuclear testing.
Martha Smith
Italy is one of the eight major industrial nations. What will happen if a G-8 country within the European Union goes bankrupt? Does anyone think Germany wouldn’t be affected? Italy is one of our key markets.
Martin Schulz
I will frankly confess that I was convinced that God had ordained me to do certain things for the service of my nation, things that perhaps could not be done by anyone else. In whatever I have done and whatever I do in the future, I consider myself as an agent of the will of God.
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
From secrecy and deception in high places, come home, America. From military spending so wasteful that it weakens our nation, come home, America.
George McGovern
If we do an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, we will be a blind and toothless nation.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation
Nelson Mandela
Man arose to high moral vision two thousand years before the Hebrew nation was born.
James Henry Breasted
There is a peculiar pathos in the extinction of a nation.
Homer Hulbert
The Jew is contrary to our being. … He desecrated our people, spit on our ideals, paralyzed the strength of the nation, made our customs rotten, and polluted the morale.
Joseph Goebbels
It would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being Who rules over the universe, Who presides in the councils of nations, and Whose providential aids can supply every human defect.
George Washington
Now, as a nation, we don’t promise equal outcomes, but we were founded on the idea everybody should have an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, you can make it. That’s an essential promise of America. Where you start should not determine where you end up.
Barack Obama
Clever policy consists in making nations believe they are free.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Vulgarity in a king flatters the majority of the nation.
George Bernard Shaw
Joyful, all ye nations, rise. Join the triumph of the skies. With angelic hosts proclaim “Christ is born in Bethlehem!
Charles Wesley
People aren’t happy unless they buy stuff, and that’s because we have become this industrialized nation.
Glenn Beck
Terrestrial scenery is much, but it is not all. Men go in search of it; but the celestial scenery journeys to them; it goes its way round the world. It has no nation, it costs no wearinesss, it knows no bonds.
Alice Meynell
Americans are the nicest, most generous, and sentimental people on earth. Yet Americans have killed more unborn children than any nation in history.
Walker Percy
Our National Motto – ‘In God We Trust’ – was not chosen lightly. It reflects a basic recognition that there is a divine authority in the universe to which this nation owes homage.
Ronald Reagan
I will believe in the right of one man to govern a nation despotically when I find a man born unto the world with boots and spurs, and a nation with saddles on their backs.
Algernon Sidney
Brazil is the second blackest nation in the world.
Henry Louis Gates
Woe to that nation whose literature is disturbed by the intervention of power. Because that is not just a violation against “freedom of print,” it is the closing down of the heart of the nation, a slashing to pieces of its memory.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
We urge all democratic nations and the United Nations to answer the Iraqi Governing Council’s call for support for the people of Iraq in making the transition to democracy.
Dick Cheney
The United Nations will spearhead our efforts to manage the new conflicts (that afflict our world)… Yes the principles of the United Nations Charter are worth our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
Colin Powell
No nation was ever ruined by trade.
Benjamin Franklin
Manchester is the belly and guts of the nation
George Orwell
If a few nations step forward and begin changing the narrative of ‘us and them’ to ‘everyone,’ we will see a new dawn. If a few nations begin actually making operational a verification system we can all depend upon and push to bring all into such a system, we will all benefit.
Jonathan Granoff
A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.
Alexander Hamilton
As a matter of record, New York City spends a higher portion of its budget on instruction and associated costs within the schools themselves than any of the other 100 largest districts in the nation.
Jonathan Kozol
We are a nation of 20 million bathrooms, with a humanist in every tub.
Mary McCarthy
The nation’s government has just handed me the bill that grants us our civil rights. I am receiving it before you, certain that I am accepting this on behalf of all Argentinean women, and I can feel my hands tremble with joy as they grasp the laurel proclaiming victory.
Evita Peron
A nation has a right to manage its own concerns as it thinks fit.
Alexander Hamilton
In the words of a very famous dead person, ‘A nation that does not know its history is doomed to do poorly on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.
Dave Barry
A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amnesia.
David McCullough
If nations could only depend upon fair and impartial judgments in a world court of law, they would abandon the senseless, savage practice of war.
Belva Lockwood
… a nation without humor is not only sad but dangerous.
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller
A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.
John F. Kennedy
No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.
Edward R. Murrow
Empires, essentially, create order. In their absence, you don’t end up with lots of happy, little nation-states full of people sitting around campfires singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” What you end up with is civil war, anarchy.
Niall Ferguson
I think there’s tremendous significance and opportunity in Americans seeing legally married gay couples treated with respect in our nation’s capital.
Evan Wolfson
For history is to the nation as memory is to the individual.
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
We live in a world of diverse cultures, and we know very little about social engineering and how to ‘build nations.’ And when we cannot be sure how to improve the world, hubristic visions pose a grave danger.
Joseph Nye
The founders proscribed the establishment of a state religion, but they did not countenance the elimination of religion from the public square. We are a nation ‘Under God’ and in God, we do indeed trust.
Mitt Romney
Who would have guessed that the shots heard ’round the world 225 years ago would fall on deaf ears in a nation now more sympathetic to the gun-grabbing Redcoat than the gun-bearing rebel?
Michelle Malkin
Mengistu does not understand the meaning of self-determination, either historically or in the abstract. He cannot conceive of a nation as anything but an absolute centralized authority, totalitarianism, for his rule is nothing less than that now.
Mengistu Haile Mariam
When the family dies, the nation follows.
Mark Steyn
As 17th U.S. Surgeon General, I was privileged to serve as the nation’s doctor. I focused much of my time on promoting proven programs and individual steps that lead to good health.
Richard Carmona
The States are nations.
Daniel Webster
A Darwinian nation of economic fitness abhors idleness, dependence, non-productivity.
Simone de Beauvoir
We must travel; we must go to foreign parts. We must see how the engine of society works in other countries, and keep free and open communication with what is going on in the minds of other nations, if we really want to be a nation again.
Swami Vivekananda
Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education… no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both.
Abraham Flexner
For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death.
Adolf Hitler
A true libertarian supports free enterprise, opposes big business; supports local self-government, opposes the nation-state; supports the National Rifle Association, opposes the Pentagon.
Edward Abbey
If they [the dead] should speak, it would be found that in matters of opinion no departed person was exactly what he had passed for in life. They would realise, deep down, that they, and whole nations along with them, are not really what they seem to be-and never can be.
Mark Twain
All nations teach their children to be “patriotic”, and abuse the other nations for fostering nationalism.
Richard Aldington
A great nation like the United States has many and varied interests, and we need both to do business with tyrants and to engage constantly in multilateral diplomacy.
Elliott Abrams
Lincoln did but pour the soul of the nation into the monumental act of universal liberty; and that soul was inspired by the gospel.
Edward Thomson
But through world wars and a Great Depression, through painful social upheaval and a Cold War, and now through the attacks of September 11, 2001, our Nation has indeed survived.
Nick Rahall
I’ve never really been into flags of any kind, cause flags can bring people together, but they always bring people together against other people, and I don’t really consider myself to be a patriot in the sense that I say, ‘okay, this is my nation,’ I consider myself to be a child of this whole planet.
Michael Franti
When you look at belief in such things – as do you go to heaven, is there a devil – we have more in common with (Muslin countries) Turkey and Iran and Syria than we do with European nations and Canada and nations that, yes, I would consider more enlightened that us.
Bill Maher
Freedom of religion, as the Founding Fathers saw it, was not just the right to associate oneself with a certain denomination but the right to disassociate without penalty. Belief or nonbelief was a matter of individual choice – a right underwritten in the basic charter of the nation’s liberties.
Norman Cousins
The whole [Scotch] nation hitherto has been void of wit and humour, and even incapable of relishing it.
Horace Walpole
You know, this country today, it seems to me – it’s about fear. And it shouldn’t be about fear. It should be about hope and optimism and creativity and accepting a challenge and being a moral leader and being a great nation.
Tom Vilsack
The Aegis Ashore sites in Poland and Romania are designed to counter long-range ballistic missiles that may be launched from other nations, outside of the Euro-Atlantic area, against our European NATO partners.
James A. Winnefeld, Jr.
It is religion which has made modern Europe what she is by its stability amid the ruin of nations, by adapting itself to circumstances, to times, and places, without ever abating an iota of its unshaken principles.
Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
Wise laws and just restraints are to a noble nation not chains, but chains of mail, — strength and defense, though something of an incumbrance.
John Ruskin
The people of the United States don’t recognize it, but the oil industry has given the greatest gift to the people of the nation, and that gift is the low cost of energy. Bottom line is this enables the country to be very competitive manufacturing-wise and in the world economy.
Ray L. Hunt
Peace among the nations, like happiness for the individual, is not an end, but a by-product that usually comes when you live right.
Edward Howard Griggs
England is an aquarium, not a nation.
Rita Mae Brown
France will always be a great nation.
Napoleon Bonaparte
There was never a nation that became great until it came to the knowledge that it had nowhere in the world to go for help.
Charles Dudley Warner
One can unite the French only under the threat of danger. One cannot simply bring together a nation that produces 265 kinds of cheese.
Charles de Gaulle
Righteousness alone can exalt them [America] as a nation. Reader! Whoever thou art, remember this, and in thy sphere practice virtue thyself and encourage it in others.
Patrick Henry
People forget that the church is bigger than China. It speaks more languages than the United Nations. It has more volunteers than all the NGOs in the world put together.
Rick Warren
Food prices are often kept artificially high. The result is that the Millennium Development Goals set out by the United Nations at the start of the new millennium are not being reached. Fine words have not yet been turned into deeds.
Jonathan Sacks
For thirty years, beginning with the invention of a privacy right in the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, the Left has been waging a systematic assault on the constitutional foundation of the nation.
David Horowitz
Twelve states in the Great Plains have a wind energy potential greater then the electric use of our entire nation.
Michael Pare
Peace and commerce with foreign nations could be more effectually and cheaply cultivated by a common agent; therefore they gave the Federal Government the sole management of our relations with foreign governments.
Robert Toombs
An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.
Adolf Hitler
It was [the concept of] nationalism that Indonesia was established on. Not the Javanese, not the Sumatran, not the Bornean, Sulawesi, Bali or others, but the Indonesian, that together became the foundation of one nationale staat (nation-state).
The world knows of a vast stock of epic material scattered up and down the nations; sometimes its artistic value is as extraordinary as its archaeological interest, but not always.
Lascelles Abercrombie
In a nation of celebrity worshipers, amid followers of the cult of personality, individual modesty becomes a heroic quality. I find heroism in the acceptance of anonymity, in the studied resistance to the normal American tropism toward the limelight.
Shana Alexander
. . . unless there comes to the Nation a greater emancipation than Lincoln’s Proclamation effected, it is doomed, it is bound to go down.
Francis James Grimke
I could think of no worse example for nations abroad, who for the first time were trying to put free electoral procedures into effect, than that of the United States wrangling over the results of our presidential election, and even suggesting that the presidency itself could be stolen by thievery at the ballot box.
Thomas Jefferson
American exceptionalism? Exceptional at what? Waging wars against innocent people for fake reasons? Exceptional at what? Being addicted to pharmaceutical drugs that have people’s minds wasted? Exceptional at what? Eating more junk food and becoming the most obese nation on Earth?
Gerald Celente
Keeping small nations enslaved because of the deals between the great nations or because of any pragmatic considerations that might have been there are totally unacceptable.
Mikhail Saakashvili
Japan will help vulnerable developing nations make progress on emissions. In fact, we pledged assistance of about $16 billion over three years from 2013 and met this goal in about a year and a half.
Shinzo Abe
There is not much danger of the smaller nations if the big nations will behave.
George William Norris
Our poor country is fighting at an extraordinary hard conjuncture of an unparalleled war and internal problems such as we have never seen before, and only a strong Governmental power able to rely on the confidence of the nation can save it.
Alexander Guchkov
The nations of Asia and Africa are moving with jetlike speed toward the goal of political independence, and we still creep at horse-and-buggy pace toward the gaining of a cup of coffee at a lunch counter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
A nation can assume that the addition of the words “under God” to its pledge of allegiance gives evidence that its citizens actually believe in God whereas all it really proves is that they believe in “believing” in God
Huston Smith
I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good.
George H. W. Bush
The security of people and nations rests on four pillars – food, energy, water and climate. They are all closely related, and all under increasing stress
Tom Burke
For as long as multinational communities have existed, their weak point has always been the relations between different nations.
Slobodan Milosević
‘Tis done. We have become a nation.
Benjamin Rush
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
John F. Kennedy
We were granted the right to exist by the God of our fathers at the glimmer of the dawn of human civilization nearly 4,000 years ago. For that right, which has been sanctified in Jewish blood from generation to generation, we have paid a price unexampled in the annals of the nations.
Menachem Begin
An aggressor nation or extremist group could gain control of critical switches and derail passenger trains, or trains loaded with lethal chemicals.
Leon Panetta
Obama’s coalition would have consigned him to the political margins as little as 12 years ago, but the nation’s demographic changes are moving far more quickly than most Republicans anticipated.
John Podhoretz
They [Arabs] wanted to catch up with the modern world. The West appreciated that, but was more interested in colonies, markets, and spheres of influence. Such is the way in which historical forces operate: the give and take between nations, as betweenВ cultures, is noВ simple exchange
Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
It’s now our responsibility to prove to ourselves, to other nations, and especially to our children and our grandchildren, that politics is full of fun; politics has some wisdom. Politics is freedom.
Joko Widodo
Countries around the world have their own immigration laws and methods of dealing with a recurring theme: desperate people searching for peace from volatile parts of the world. And nations everywhere thrive and prosper from the contributions of immigrants and the children of immigrants – including right here in the U.S.
Al Sharpton
In short, I am convinced, both by faith and experience, that to maintain one’s self on this earth is not a hardship but a pastime, if we will live simply and wisely; as the pursuits of the simpler nations are still the sports of the more artificial.
Henry David Thoreau
For over 221 years our Corps has done two things for this great Nation. We make Marines, and we win battles.
Charles C. Krulak
Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations.
Thomas Gray
The nation which indulges towards another an habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.
George Washington
I’d play music on the street, especially in developing nations where a lot of kids couldn’t wear shoes. In order to relate with kids that would be following me barefoot, I would take off my shoes, and they would all laugh at me because I couldn’t go three steps without wincing.
Michael Franti
All peoples and nations are of one family, the children of one Father, and should be to one another as brothers and sisters.
This resolution simply says Israel has the right to defend itself. This includes conducting operations both inside its borders and in the territory of nations that threaten it, which is in accordance with international law.
John Boehner
I know about technology, about research, scientific applications, culture, civilization, differences between nations of the world, the nature of history.
Mohammed Morsi
The only reasonable outcome of a nation’s sins is to learn not to repeat them.
James Cook
To reform a world, to reform a nation, no wise man will undertake; and all but foolish men know, that the only solid, though a far slower reformation, is what each begins and perfects on himself.
Thomas Carlyle
A nation of slaves is always prepared to applaud the clemency of their master who, in the abuse of absolute power, does not proceed to the last extremes of injustice and oppression.
Edward Gibbon
My family are doctors and pilots and people involved in indigenous First Nation land rights; not overtly artistic.
Deborah Kara Unger
Parliament is a deliberate assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole; where, not local purpose, not local prejudices ought to guide but the general good, resulting from the general reason of the whole.
Edmund Burke
It isn’t like the rest of the country – it is like a nation itself – more tolerant than the rest in a curious way. Littleness gets swallowed up here. All the viciousness that makes other cities vicious is sucked up and absorbed in New York.
John Steinbeck
In coming to the Congress as a new Member and becoming a fellow Blue Dog, we have had an opportunity to share and really spend a great deal of time in examining the challenges that our Nation finds itself in in getting its fiscal house in order.
Jim Costa
The nation needs to return to the colonial way of life, when a wife was judged by the amount of wood she could split.
W. C. Fields
We must have an expansionary vision, one that captures the imagination and diversity of the whole community, one which benefits a nation which has moved beyond the basics of literacy and numeracy and which wants to develop a learning culture.
Bob Brown
We have a deep sense of American equality and opportunity, and that informs the way in which we brought our American power to the world, because we thought that other nations were entitled to that same opportunity in a rules-based system.
Daniel Fried
South Sudan is the youngest nation on the planet.
Tom Hiddleston
The earliest voice listened to by the nations in their infancy was the voice of the storyteller.
Agnes Repplier
We see nation-states collapsing all around us: Libya, Syria, Iraq. We do not want another failed state in our neighborhood, which would rapidly turn into a stronghold for terrorists, as we have seen in Gaza. We do not want tunnels to suburbs of Tel Aviv or missiles pointed at Jerusalem.
Ayelet Shaked
Those who dare to interpret God’s will must never claim Him as an asset for one nation or group rather than another. War springs from the love and loyalty which should be offered to God being applied to some God substitute, one of the most dangerous being nationalism.
Robert Runcie
You think history is going to remember the United States as a great democracy? No, they’re going to think of us as a nation that became addicted to war. They’ll call us warlords.
Michael Moore
The State dominates the Nation because it alone represents it.
Adolf Hitler
Europe is my home, Europe is my continent. Europe is where we live. The European Union is a political bureaucratic organization that took away our identity and our national sovereignty. So, I would get rid of the European Union and be a nation-state again.
Geert Wilders
But it is important to observe that when Europe or the United Nations impose sanctions that are supposed to be aimed against a certain regime, usually generally millions of people end up being directly punished.
Omar Bongo
Other nations use ‘force’ we Britons alone use ‘Might’.
Evelyn Waugh
Whether we are poor among the poorest, or less poor among the wealthier, let us stand proud and noteworthy, united and strong, comforted by our belonging to the Community of the Free Nations of our Planet.
Mathieu Kerekou
The prosperity and advancement of a nation depend upon its intelligentsia, and Muslim India is looking forward to her young generation and education classes to give a bold lead for our guidance and a brilliant record of histrorical achievements and traditions.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
To draw around the whole nation the strength of the General Government
as a barrier against foreign foes… is [one of the] functions of the General Government on which [our citizens] have a right to call.
Thomas Jefferson
The nation is faced with one of the most corporate-orientated anti-consumer Congresses in our history.
Ralph Nader
There is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.
John F. Kennedy
The lax multiculturalism that urges Americans to accept the unacceptable from their fellow citizens is one of this nation’s greatest vulnerabilities in the war on terror.
Richard Perle
Any nations right to a form of government and economic system of its own choosing is inalienable. Any nations attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The government has created a nation of paper criminals. People can be put in jail and lose civil rights and liberties through bureaucratic procedures.The only thing that is keeping you out of jail is government goodwill.
Ayn Rand
Let’s ask the Lord to give us a Jubilee strategy for this nation! Below, I have an article related to the Freedom Fighters and Triumphant Reserve that the Spirit of the Lord is rising up in days ahead. That is why we need Apostolic Hubs (Freedom Outposts).
Chuck Pierce
Enough generations of socialist policies have now passed for us to judge their effects. They are bleak. Socialism undermines the character of a nation and of its citizens. In simpler words, socialism makes people worse.
Dennis Prager
Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions. That which the droning world, chained to appearances, will not allow the realist to say in his own words, it will suffer him to say in proverbs without contradiction.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is not blood that makes you Irish but a willingness to be part of the Irish Nation.
Thomas Davis
In any nation in which people’s rights have been subordinated to the rights of the few, in any totalitarian nation, the first institution to be dismantled is the jury. I was, I am, afraid.
Gerry Spence
Economic transactions between national bodies who are at the same time the supreme judges of their own behavior, who bow to no superior law, and whose representatives cannot be bound by any considerations but the immediate interest of their respective nations, must end in clashes of power.
Friedrich August von Hayek
All upright Germans will be National Socialists, but only the best National Socialists will be party members!
Adolf Hitler
Texas has long been known as the nation’s largest energy producer, but we are equally proud of our distinction as the nation’s leading energy innovator.
Rick Perry
The exploration of space will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, and it is one of the great adventures of all time, and no nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this race for space.
John F. Kennedy
In America, we must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism. Until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place, we don’t want them in our country.
Donald Trump
I got my degree. More importantly, I got a key to American opportunity. That’s who we are – a nation that rewards ambition with opportunity. Where hard work can lead to success, no matter where you start.
Eva Longoria
Liberty is a blessing so inestimable, that, wherever there appears any probability of recovering it, a nation may willingly run many hazards, and ought not even to repine at the greatest effusion of blood or dissipation of treasure.
David Hume
On the contrary. Internationalism also recognizes, by its very name, that nations do exist. It simply limits their scope more than one-sided nationalism does.
Christian Lous Lange
For those who aspire to live in a high cost, high tax, big government place, our nation and the world offers plenty of options. Vermont, Canada and Venezuela all offer you the opportunity to live in the socialist, big government paradise you long for.
Marco Rubio
To harmonize the One with the Many, this is indeed a difficult adjustment, perhaps the most difficult of all, and so important, withal, that nations have perished from their failure to achieve it.
Irving Babbitt
The Hindus have cultivated the power of analysis and abstraction. No nation has yet produced a grammar like that of Panini.
Swami Vivekananda
In a stupid nation the man of genius becomes a god : everybody worships him and nobody does his will.
George Bernard Shaw
This intolerable dependence on foreign oil threatens our economic independence and the very security of our nation. The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our nation. These are facts and we simply must face them.
Jimmy Carter
Have you ever found in history, one single example of a nation, thoroughly corrupted, that was afterwards restored to virtue? And without virtue there can be no political liberty.
John Adams
While our nation faces many challenges that must be met regarding homeland security and our military readiness, it is imperative that we live within our means and wisely spend taxpayer dollars.
Michael Dean Crapo
We are a nation of many nationalities, many races, many religions-bound together by a single unity, the unity of freedom and equality. Whoever seeks to set one nationality against another, seeks to degrade all nationalities.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
If you have sacrificed my nation to preserve the peace of the world, I will be the first to applaud you. But if not, gentlemen, God help your souls.
Jan Masaryk
In the Great Society, work shall be an outlet for mans interests and desires. Each individual shall have full opportunity to use his capacities in employment which satisfies personally and contributes generally to the quality of the Nations life.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Giving out crowns to everyone will not make a nation of kings.
Mason Cooley
Your country, my country – each is a better and stronger and more influential nation because each can rely upon every resource of the other in days of crisis. Beyond this, each can work and grow and prosper with the other through years of quiet peace.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
When a nation gives birth to a man who is able to produce a great thought, another is born who is able to understand and admire it.
Joseph Joubert
Pakistan produces people of extraordinary bravery. But no nation should ever require its citizens to be that brave.
Nadeem Aslam
Making of poetry, music, dance and art as culture-making in the service of nation-making. You can find writings that make that purpose for art quite explicit.
Mark McMorris
Where there is a confluence of interests among nations, as, for example the swine flu or polio, you can get well functioning international institutions like the World Health Organization. And you can act. Climate change is different, because the science remains hypothetical and the potential costs staggering.
Charles Krauthammer
Excessive liberty leads both nations and individuals into excessive slavery.
[Lat., Nimia libertas et populis et privatis in nimiam servitutem cadit.]
Marcus Tullius Cicero
We are a nation that has a government-not the other way around. And that makes us special among the nations of the earth.
Ronald Reagan
We have come to this earth upon a mission … that we may have power to go forth and warn the nations of the earth. … As elders of Israel, very few of us fully comprehend our position, our calling, our relationship to God, our responsibility, or work the Lord requires at our hands
G. Homer Durham
Bush and Blair combined their efforts to deceive both nations in a carefully coordinated manner, more so than anyone is willing to point out in the media.
Bianca Jagger
Obama still has work to do with the vision thing. Convincing voters that he has a credible, practical plan to turn the nation around is a process, not a speech.
Ron Fournier
I never revolted in vain, as a rebel or as a tyrant, but I rose seeking reformation for the nation of my grandfather Mohammad. I intend to enjoin good and forbid evil, to act according to the traditions of my grandfather, and my father Ali Ibn Abi-Talib.
Husayn ibn Ali
If an armed nation were a polite nation, America would be paradise. We have more than 200 million guns in private owernship here. But our manners are not getting better.
Molly Ivins
The many woes that afflict out nation are rooted in the morally bankrupt paradigms of socialism, interventionism, and empire that have held our nation in their grip for decades and that the only real solution to such woes is libertarianism.
Jacob G. Hornberger
Members of al Qaeda and other affiliated organizations spent a great deal of time blending into the populations of several nations around the world and exploring all aspects of life there.
Jo Bonner
There is a common belief that under modern conditions peace cannot be assured except on the basis of an equal balance of armaments…[but] true and lasting peace among nations cannot consist in the possession of an equal supply of armaments but only in mutual trust.
Pope John XXIII
No one person, no one alliance, no one nation, no one of us is as smart as all of us thinking together.
James G. Stavridis
Every reform means awakening. Once truly awakened, the nation will not be satisfied with reform only in one department of life.
Mahatma Gandhi
There is a moment in the history of every nation, when . . . the perceptive powers reach their ripeness and have not yet become microscopic: so that man, at that instant . . . with his feet still planted on the immense forces of night, converses by his eyes and brain with solar and stellar creation.
Marsilio Ficino
We are a nation of politicians, concerned about the outmost defenses only of freedom. It is our children’s children who may perchance be really free.
Henry David Thoreau
Life never forgives weaknesses.
Adolf Hitler
Each nation has its own peculiar method of work. Some work through politics, some through social reforms, some through other lines. With us, religion is the only ground along which we can move.
Swami Vivekananda
Genuine peace must be the product of many nations, the sum of many acts. It must be dynamic, not static, changing to meet the challenge of each new generation. For peace is a process-a way of solving problems.
John F. Kennedy
Bush has done more to create passions for what they call terror than any other Administration in this nation’s history. I get rather afraid when the most powerful man in the world talks to, and gets answers back from, God.
Randall Robinson
At the moment the British Common-wealth is a Commonwealth of White nation.
Mahatma Gandhi
If we go back to the heyday of that era I think we will see replicated again the extraordinary human damage that we as a nation have suffered from.
Glenda Jackson
One of the main lessons I have learned the last five years as Secretary-General is that the United Nations cannot function properly without the support of the business community and civil society. We need to have tripartite support – the governments, the business communities and the civil society.
Ban Ki-moon
Here at Carolina, our World Cup opponents marked their calendars. Obviously the other nations wanted to win every game, but a big upset over the U.S. was something we knew other teams would cherish.
Lorrie Fair
Kinship among nations is not determined in such measurements as proximity of size and age.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage. The outcome of this debate is important-and so is the way we conduct it. The same moral tradition that defines marriage also teaches that each individual has dignity and value in God’s sight.
George W. Bush
Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.
Muhammad Ali
The call of repentance is for the righteous and unrighteous, the godly and ungodly alike. If the righteous had been the lights they were called to be, the nation would never have fallen as it did.
Jonathan Cahn
We’re going to fight and we’re going to fight for every stretch of this nation.
Donald Trump
If the president is the head of the American body politic, Congress is its gastrointestinal tract. Its vast and convoluted inner workings may be mysterious and unpleasant, but in the end they excrete a great deal of material whose successful passage is crucial to our nation’s survival. This is Congress’s duty.
Jon Stewart
The kind of national goal we ought to be thinking about is way beyond national product – it is how do we as a nation help our children be the best kinds of people they could possibly be?
Paul Wellstone
The way we treat our children in the dawn of their lives and the way we treat our elderly in the twilight of their lives is a measure of the quality of a nation.
Hubert H. Humphrey
A nation must be embraced, rehabilitated and expressed as a tangible sign of human creativity and as an integral element of mankinds heritage.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika
The U.S. is, so far as I know, the only nation which places such extensive reliance on the polygraph. It has gotten us into a lot of trouble.
Aldrich Ames
As an immigrant, I chose to live in America because it is one of the freest and most vibrant nations in the world. And as an immigrant, I feel an obligation to speak up for immigration policies that will keep America the most economically robust, creative and freedom-loving nation in the world.
Rupert Murdoch
As a result of the strategic patience policy, we now have North Korea testing four times an atomic weapon; they’ve violated numerous United Nations sanctions, U.S. sanctions by launching ballistic missile tests.
Cory Gardner
I am much nearer to creating one nation than Labour will ever be. Socialism is two nations. The privileged rulers, and everyone else. And it always gets to that. What I am desperately trying to do is create one nation with everyone being a man of property, or having the opportunity to be a man of property.
Margaret Thatcher
We can’t afford as a nation – not because of money but because of our social fabric – to have large numbers of people who are not working.
Donna Shalala
I can at once refute the statement that the people of the West object to conservation of oil resources. They know that there is a limit to oil supplies and that the time will come when they and the Nation will need this oil much more than it is needed now. There are no half measures in conservation of oil.
Herbert Hoover
Give Donald Trump a chance. Be there for him. Come together as a nation.
Kellyanne Conway
In the past, Japan through its colonial rule and aggression caused tremendous damage and suffering for the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations.
Junichiro Koizumi
The oil dinosaurs want to win so badly in my home state because what happens here matters everywhere. The nation often follows where California goes.
Rebecca Solnit
Our Nation is in great need of young men and women of character to lead in every arena of our society.
Michael C. Burgess
Ye who made war that your ships Should lay to at the beck of no nation, Make war now on Murder, that slips The leash of her hounds of damnation; Ye who remembered the Alamo, Remember the Maine!
Richard Hovey
What you do, what each of us does, has an effect on the country, the state, the nation, and the world.
Hubert H. Humphrey
By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation.
Edmund Burke
Peace must begin within self before there can come action or self application in a way to bring peace-even in thine own household, in thine own vicinity, in thine own state or nation.
Edgar Cayce
We are truly one nation, under God, indivisible and that we must remain so in the face of any threat to ensure our country remains strong, united and free.
Michael Enzi
A highwayman is as much a robber when he plunders in a gang as when single; and a nation that makes an unjust war is only a great gang.
Benjamin Franklin
Nice is a pallid virtue. Not like honesty or courage or perseverance. On the other hand, in a nation notably lacking in civility, there is much to be said for nice.
Molly Ivins
These guys from the nation’s capital – now they do a lot of thinking. Referring to boxers from D.C., not politicians.
George Foreman
Liberia can move on and break from the past. That is very important for us to try to achieve our development goals and reconcile our nation.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
When mother is happy, family is happy. When family is happy, nation is happy.
Abdul Kalam
Defaulting on the nation’s debt would be cataclysmic. The U.S. Treasury’s Aaa rating is the one constant in the world’s financial system. When times are bad anywhere on the planet, global investors flock to Treasury bonds because they know they will get their money back.
Mark Zandi
No money on earth can buy the love and affection that has been given to me by a grateful nation.
Abdul Qadeer Khan
The U.S. has always understood itself to be united around political principles and not around culture, whereas the nations of Europe have a much more traditional conception of nationhood that is connected to romanticism, which thinks of religion and culture as ingredients of nationhood.
Martha Nussbaum
Social prosperity means man happy, the citizen free, the nation great.
Victor Hugo
“a fatal and perhaps fateful error of judgment” “…this was the last chance for the United Nations to get a grip on themselves and apply the principles of their Charter”
Alec Douglas-Home
There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand that right soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity.
Isaac Asimov
A nation has honor precisely as it has fleas – on this or that body. The statesman who talks of honor – unless he means something else, quite different – is a rogue.
Storm Jameson
The life of nations no less than that of men is lived largely in the imagination.
Enoch Powell
Last year, the Assembly of the League, as a result of the initiative taken by the Scandinavian nations, further limited and clarified all the provisions of the clause prescribing the duty of states to participate in sanctions.
Hjalmar Branting
What counts in a man or in a nation is not what the man or the nation can do, but what he or it actually does.
Theodore Roosevelt
Not only must Americans admire Israel, there can be no doubt that we have an interest in, and special responsibility for, that valiant nation.
George Ball
South Africa is labouring to find its revolutionary path; the colours of the Rainbow Nation have difficulty blending together; the wealthy elites (white, black or Indian) profit from de facto segregation.
Tariq Ramadan
In the religion of all nations a purity is hinted at, which, I fear, men never attain to.
Henry David Thoreau
As we grow in our consciousness.. there will be more compassion and more love. And then… the barriers between people.. between religions.. and between nations will begin to fall.
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Ram Dass
The best nations are those most widely related; and navigation, as effecting a world-wide mixture, is the most potent advancer ofnations.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
What can we expect from nations still less advanced in civilization than the Greeks?
Jean-Baptiste Say
A nation writes its history in the image of its ideal.
Abba Eban
Choosing education is a very good decision, not only good for the student, but also for our country. The United States was the first nation in history to recognize that public education for every citizen, regardless of class or station, was vital to its future . . .
Mitt Romney
On the issue of Iraq, it is my hope, and my challenge to my colleagues, that our debate will be based on what is best for the future of our nation and for Iraq, not what’s best for a political party or presidential campaign.
Mitch McConnell
The world measures the government of a nation on the basis of its condition in its own country, on how strong their word is in their own country.
Narendra Modi
Buried was the bloody hatchet; Buried was the dreadful war-club; Buried were all warlike weapons, And the war-cry was forgotten. Then was peace among the nations.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The American taxpayer should not be treated more shabbily than debtors from other nations and we should be encouraging other nations to help rebuild Iraq’s economy.
Hillary Clinton
When it comes to immigration reform, now is the time … I’ve never seen a better political environment … I’m not doing immigration reform to solve the Republican Party’s political problem. I’m trying to save our nation from, I think, a shortage of labor and a catastrophic broken system.
Lindsey Graham
2009 was a tough year, but Australia rose to the challenge of the global financial crisis. It shows what can be done when we all join together and work together, governments of all persuasions state, territory and local; businesses large and small; unions and local communities right across the nation.
Kevin Rudd
The nation becomes the master of its fate not only when it has many good sons, but also when it possesses enough strength to restrain its bad ones.
Roman Dmowski
The middle classes shouldn’t be getting tax cuts, while those in tough, poorly paid jobs, who are already running out of money at the start of the month, are getting their benefits cut. That’s not one-nation conservatism; it’s two nations conservatism.
Tim Montgomerie
There comes not seldom a crisis in the life of men, of nations, and of worlds, when the old forms seem ready to decay, and the old rules of action have lost their binding force. The evils of existing systems obscure the blessings that attend them, and, where reform is needed, the cry is raised for subversion.
Benjamin N. Cardozo
They are nations of eternal war. All their energies are expended in the destruction of the labor, property, and lives of their people.
Thomas Jefferson
Our strength as a nation comes in our unity. We are the United States of America, not the divided states. And those who want to divide us are trying to divide us, and we shouldn’t let them do it.
Benjamin Carson
In a democratic nation, power must be linked with responsibility, and obliged to defend and justify itself within the framework of the general good.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
A nation is not defined by its borders or the boundaries of its land mass Rather, a nation is defined by adverse people who have been unified by a cause and a value system and who are committed to a vision for the type of society they wish to live in and give to the future generations to come.
Tara Fela-Durotoye
America seems to be at once the most religious and the most secular of all nations.
Will Herberg
We stand united, facing the big responsibility to change our country into a nation of justice, solidarity, humanity and green development.
George Papandreou
Bush humble foreign policy was hijacked into nation-building.
Ron Paul
We got dreams and we got the right to chase ’em, Look at the nation, that’s a crooked smile braces couldn’t even straighten.
J. Cole
The world is an increasingly dangerous, troubled place. There are nations that seem to be ungovernable. Nations where violence and religious combat are as common as the sunrise.
Mike Barnicle
A conquered nation is like a man with cancer: he can think of nothing else.
George Bernard Shaw
Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so.
Brigham Young
We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear
Hunter S. Thompson
If you look at it, the history of comedy has always been strongest among the nations who have been persecuted the most.
Trevor Noah
Some of the greatest spiritual revivals in the past occurred just when the situation seemed to be the darkest. In the history of our own nation, for example, countless thousands turned to Christ during the darkest days of the Civil War, setting the stage for national reconciliation later on.
Billy Graham
All over the world, particularly in the newer nations, young men are coming to power–men who are not bound by the traditions of the past–men who are not blinded by the old fears and hates and rivalries– young men who can cast off the old slogans and delusions and suspicions.
John F. Kennedy
If I ever felt inclined to be timid as I was going into a room hill of people, I would say to myself, “You’re the cleverest member of one of the cleverest families in the cleverest class of the cleverest nation in the world-why should you be frightened?
Beatrice Webb
If one were loyal to one’s nation only because it was good and true … one would not be loyal to any nation but to truth and goodness. The idea of patriotism would have no place either in our dictionaries or our lives.
Max Eastman
If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations. When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.
Sathya Sai Baba
You’ll find that street casting in America is a lot different than street casting in different nations.
Kehinde Wiley
We cannot expect that all nations will adopt like systems, for conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
John F. Kennedy
A hundred years ago, the electric telegraph made possible-indeed, inevitable-the United States of America. The communications satellite will make equally inevitable a United Nations of Earth; let us hope that the transition period will not be equally bloody.
Arthur C. Clarke
Stiff-necked America, in flagrant rebellion against God, is indulging a caterwauling orgy of sinful maudlin cinementality on the 5th anniversary of God’s 9/11 vengeance upon this evil nation for its sodomite sins!
Fred Phelps
Canada is the greatest nation in this country.
Allan A. Lamport
I cannot see that any rational American. . . could conceivably try to fulfill the major national purposes of the United States through the United Nations. It would be comparable to the United States seeking to pass its legislation through the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
Charles Lichenstein
By adopting programs to distribute substantial amounts of income, a nation guarantees that its government will become more powerful and invasive in other ways.
Robert Higgs
We are the most powerful nation on earth. No external power, no terrorist organization can defeat us. But we can defeat ourselves by getting caught in a quagmire.
George Soros
This is an election where there is a tea seller from the Opposition, and to defeat him, everyone has come together. They say Modi should not come. This is because those who looted the nation know that after 16th May what is going to happen.
Narendra Modi
I’m not condemning the Catholic Church – it’s too big, it’s like condemning a nation and that would be prejudiced.
David LaChapelle
None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army
Thomas Jefferson
The nations slithered over the brink into the boiling cauldron of war without any trace of apprehension or dismay… The nations backed their machines over the precipice not one of them wanted war, certainly not on this scale
David Lloyd George
As long as the League of Nations constitutes only a treaty of guarantee for the victorious nations, it is by no means worthy of its name.
Adolf Hitler
The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation – which speculates upon the labor of people – will always find the means for its existence.
Mikhail Bakunin
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
But inwardly we are as corrupt as the person who sits in an office and plans war-because, we want to be somebody in the family, in a group, in society, in the nation.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
‘Muslim’ is not a political party. ‘Muslim’ is not a single culture. Muslims go to war with each other. There are more Muslims in India, Russia and China than in most Muslim-majority nations. ‘Muslim’ is not a homogenous entity.
Maajid Nawaz
The greatest danger facing our nation isn’t terrorism, global warming or the energy crisis. It is out-of-control, unbridled government spending.
R. Lee Wrights
The men and women of Afghanistan are building a nation that is free, and proud, and fighting terror – and America is honored to be their friend.
George W. Bush
A nation, as an individual, has duties to fulfill appointed by God and His moral law.
Benjamin Disraeli
From hence, let fierce contending nations know, what dire effects from civil discord flow.
Joseph Addison
America is a nation of immigrants, and we should treat those who come to our country with dignity and respect.
Hillary Clinton
Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation
Thomas Jefferson
The American people have every right to be outraged with the administration’s approval of the UAE port deal. It is time the people’s House make the security of our Nation’s ports a priority.
Russ Carnahan
The young people of India will build a strong and powerful nation, a nation that is politically mature and economically strong, a nation whose people enjoy both a high quality of life as well as justice.
Pranab Mukherjee
Traditionally Marxism attracts the oppressed. This, however, is not the case in the Arab nation… The socialist programs in Arab history did not always come from the poor, but from men who had known no oppression and became the leaders of the poor. The Arab nation has never been as class-conscious as other nations.
Saddam Hussein
A war for a great principle ennobles a nation. A war for commercial supremacy, upon some shallow pretext, is despicable, and more than aught else demonstrates to what immeasurable depths of baseness men and nations can descend.
Albert Pike
Just as the power of the feudal aristocracy had to be broken in order for capitalism to emerge fully, so must imperialism and capitalism in Third World nations be overcome if a new system is to prevail.
Michael Parenti
United States and Coalition forces will remain in Iraq and will operate under American command as part of a multinational force authorized by the United Nations.
Jim Gerlach
Our way is straight and clear – the building up of a socialist democracy at home, with freedom and prosperity for all, and the maintenance of world peace and friendship with all nations abroad.
Lal Bahadur Shastri
The orator is the mouth (os) of a nation.
Philibert Joseph Roux
In 1919, at the Paris Peace Conference, Japan had put forward a proposal to guarantee racial equality at the League of Nations, but Woodrow Wilson overturned it in the face of majority support.
Pankaj Mishra
Sound moral principle is the only sure evidence of strength, the only firm foundation of greatness and perpetuity. Where this is lacking, no man’s character is strong; no nation’s life can be lasting.
Orson F. Whitney
It is no longer simply the merchant prince, or the aristocratic monopoly, or even the employing class, that is exploiting the world: it is the nation, a new democratic nation composed of united capital and labor.
Howard Zinn
Prosperous farmers make for a prosperous nation, and when farmers are in trouble, the nation is in trouble.
Harry S. Truman
A great nation betrayed the principles which have made it great, and thereby became hostage to hostage-takers.
Daniel Inouye
To gain support in U.S. Congress and from other nations requires clarity, an acceptable mission and an explicit outcome.
Donald Rumsfeld
I don’t believe America will justifiably make an unprovoked attack on another nation. It would not be consistent with what we have been as a nation or what we should be as a nation.
Dick Armey
The choices that women make have huge impact on families, on communities and on nations. Being able to provide an enabling environment for them to exercise their rights and make choices in their lives is crucial. It is at the heart of human development!
Babatunde Osotimehin
Peoples have come to experience that political structures and divisions of power are not immutable. Nor will they perceive the distribution of wealth and resources between nations to be unalterably ordained by heaven and incapable of drastic rearrangement by the less than gentle manipulation of man.
Bob Hawke
States that rise quickly, just as all the other things of nature that are born and grow rapidly, cannot have roots and ramifications; the first bad weather kills them
Niccolo Machiavelli
All Australians understand that high-quality, reliable and affordable broadband is a critical part of the infrastructure our nation needs to prosper in coming years.
Malcolm Turnbull
We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them.
Carl Levin
The sea, as well as the air, is a free and common thing to all; and a particular nation cannot pretend to have the right to the exclusion of all others, without violating the rights of nature and public usage.
Elizabeth I
The E.U. is more than just a trade organization or a common market; it is a guarantee of democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights. Nations cannot stay in the E.U. if they do not respect these guarantees.
John Bruton
The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of Earth must some day make a common front against attack by people from other planets.
Douglas MacArthur
This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I really think that the planet is growing a new nervous system. I mean, when you think of Facebook as the third largest nation in the world, that’s so unprecedented, so amazing. Think of how many people are texting and twittering. The planet has created a nervous system for massive, rapid connectivity.
Barbara Marx Hubbard
There is a genius of a nation, which is not to be found in the numerical citizens, but which characterizes the society.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A European currency will lead to member-nations transferring their sovereignty over financial and wage policies as well as in monetary affairs… It is an illusion to think that States can hold on to their autonomy over taxation policies.
Hans Tietmeyer
If we invest in the American people, the American people always bring this Nation a good return.
Blanche Lincoln
Nothing is good for a nation but that which arises from its own core and its own general wants, without apish imitation of another.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The core issue here is that the Israeli government refuses to commit to terms of reference for the negotiations that are based on international law and United Nations resolutions, and that it frantically continues to intensify building of settlements on the territory of the State of Palestine.
Mahmoud Abbas
War is not the best engine for us to resort to; nature has given us one in our commerce, which if properly managed, will be a better instrument for obliging the interested nations of Europe to treat us with justice.
Thomas Jefferson
Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world… Tomorrow we will lead the world, Allah willing. Apologize today, before remorse will do you no good. Our nation is moving forwards, and it is in your interest to respect a victorious nation.
Khaled Mashal
All peoples are struggling to blast a way through the industrial monopoly of races and nations, but the Negro as a whole has failed to grasp its true significance and seems to delight in filling only that place created for him by the white man.
Marcus Garvey
Someday, I hope that we will all be patriots of our planet and not just of our respective nations.
Zoe Weil
There are so many items that are not in the copyright domain. And people might not realize the Library of Congress manages the copyright process for the nation.
Carla Hayden
Like Canada, we very much wanted the United Nations to be a relevant and effective body. But once those efforts failed, we no longer saw things from a multilateral perspective. For us, now, it is much more basic than that. It is about family.
Paul Cellucci
The digital revolution has deepened the crisis within representative democracy. But as it forces its demise, it might also dictate its future. Traditional representative democracy within nations is no longer enough. People want more participation and collaboration with their government.
Eduardo Paes
Stronger women build stronger nations.
Zainab Salbi
A nation that forgets its past has no future.
Winston Churchill
The change we seek for our nation is not the choice of an individual but must be the calling of a country.
Cory Booker
With respect to public acknowledgment of religious belief, it is entirely clear from our nation’s historical practices that the Establishment Clause permits this disregard of polytheists and believers in unconcerned deities, just as it permits the disregard of devout atheists.
Antonin Scalia
Every nation on the Earth that embraces market economics and the free enterprise system is pulling millions of its people out of poverty. The free enterprise system creates prosperity, not denies it.
Marco Rubio
Wine takes away reason, engenders insanity, leads to thousands of crimes, and imposes such an enormous expense on nations.
Pliny the Elder
The Ancient Egyptians were not fools, Carter. They built the pyramids. They created the first great nation state. Their civilization lasted thousands of years.” “Yeah,” I said. “And now they’re gone.
Rick Riordan
I head a nation of a million presidents.
Chaim Weizmann
A good government may, indeed, redress the grievances of an injured people; but a strong people can alone build up a great nation.
Thomas Francis Meagher
A nation which thinks that it is belief in God and not good law which makes people honest does not seem to me very advanced.
Denis Diderot
Antipater, now undisputed heir, had called down on his head the utter loathing of the nation, for everyone knew that all the slanders directed against his brothers had originated with him.
On this National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, we ask almighty God to watch over our nation, and grant us patience and resolve in all that is to come. We pray that He will comfort and console those who now walk in sorrow. We thank Him for each life we now must mourn, and the promise of a life to come.
George W. Bush
The Bible is clear that those who fail to heed the Lord’s discipline – whether nations, cities, or individuals – suffer devastating consequences.
Charles Stanley
I think most Coloradans would agree that our state is the most beautiful in the nation, and the water flowing through our borders is its life blood.
Wayne Allard
People have prejudices against a nation in which they have no acquaintances.
Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Many upscale American parents somehow think jobs like their own are part of the nation’s natural order. They are not. In Europe, they have already discovered that, and many there have accepted the new small-growth, small-jobs reality. Will we?
Daniel Henninger
Liberty is, to the lowest rank of every nation, little more than the choice of working or starving.
Samuel Johnson
I believed in Obama for social issues. I believe he brought our nation together and healed our racial divide. Martin Luther King’s dream came true when he was elected. That’s huge.
Melissa Etheridge
A prominent judge was asked what we, as citizens of the countries of the world, could do to reduce crime and disobedience to law and to bring peace and contentment into our lives and into our nations. He thoughtfully replied, ‘I would suggest a return to the old-fashioned practice of family prayer.’
Thomas S. Monson
Someday we’ll learn the whole story of why George W. Bush brushed off that intelligence briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.’ But surely a big distraction was the major speech he was readying for delivery on Aug. 9, his first prime-time address to the nation.
Frank Rich
When the Negro cries with pain from his deep hurt and lays his petition for elemental justice before the nation, he is calling upon the American people to kindle about that crucible of race relationships the fires of American faith.
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
Ireland was, of old, called the Isle of Saints because of the great number of holy ones of both sexes who flourished there in former ages or who, coming thence, propagated the faith amongst other nations.
Sabine Baring-Gould
The just response to this terrible event [9/11] should be to go immediately to the world community, the United Nations. The rule of international law should be marshaled, but it’s probably too late because the United States has never done that; it’s always gone it alone.
Edward Said
In this most powerful nation in the world, lack of access to health care should not force local and state governments, companies and workers into bankruptcy, while causing unnecessary illness and hospitalization.
John Conyers
I have one thing in common with the emerging black nations of Africa: We both have voices, and we are discovering what we can do with them.
Miriam Makeba
More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any ‘scientific’ explanation. . .I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on earth.
Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding
I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.
Douglas MacArthur
The artist is still a little like the old court jester. He’s supposed to speak his vicious paradoxes with some sense in them, but he isn’t part of whatever the fabric is that makes a nation.
William Faulkner
If you think, what was the last really big, big accomplishment for the nation that came purely out of the legislature? It might be the Americans with Disabilities Act. I mean that really was a legislative creation.
Tim Kaine
By the late Nineties, we had become a more visual nation. Big-money taste moved to global standards – new architecture, design and show-off contemporary art. The Sloane domestic aesthetic – symmetry, class symbolism and brown furniture – became as unfashionable as it had been hot in the early Eighties.
Peter York
Two European nations emerged with credit from the Iraq disaster: France and Germany. Both had the courage to withstand the Bush administration and oppose the U.S.-led invasion.
Martin Jacques
The fight against terror is a common imperative for democracies and must become so for all nations.
Lionel Jospin
Can one preach at home inequality of races and nations and advocate abroad good-will towards all men?
Dorothy Thompson
The upward course of a nation’s history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women
Queen Elizabeth II
Nothing disturbs me more than the downward trend of productivity in our nation today. The consequences of a decrease in productivity are a diminished standard of living, higher labor costs, less competitive prices, and more inflation.
Robert S. Strauss
Unjust war is to be abhorred; but woe to the nation that does not make ready to hold its own in time of need against all who would harm it! And woe thrice over to the nation in which the average man loses the fighting edge, loses the power to serve as a soldier if the day of need should arise!
Theodore Roosevelt
I hope my music can help many nations all over the world see that the true things come out of the earth, and then they go back into the earth. But the true love you have to find within yourself and learn to respect one another from nation to nation.
Charles Bradley
The right place for the League of Nations is not Geneva or the Hague, Ascher Ginsberg has dreamed of a Temple on Mount Zion where the representatives of all nations should dedicate a Temple of Eternal Peace. Only when all peoples of the earth shall go to THIS temple as pilgrims is eternal peace to become a fact.
Ahad Ha’am
The busybodies have begun to infect American society with a nasty intolerance – a zeal to police the private lives of others and hammer them into standard forms – A Nation of Finger Pointers.
Lance Morrow
The English (it must be owned) are rather a foul-mouthed nation.
William Hazlitt
As the nation at last confronts global warming, it is no time for denial, greed, cynicism or pessimism.
Bernie Sanders
Hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy.
Liu Xiaobo
I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.
E. M. Forster
As nations improve, so do their gods.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.
Sun Tzu
I have always regarded as a stroke of good fortune that I was not born or brought up in a small American town; they may be the backbone of the nation, but they are also the backbone of ignorance, bigotry, and boredom, all in vast quantities.
Gore Vidal
We become distracted from productive labors by our perceived opponents; we become focused on them and not on our larger calling to advance our nation; our debate becomes more about scoring points against an adversary and less about advancing our common cause.
Cory Booker
It is by no means necessary that a great nation should always stand at the heroic level. But no nation has the root of greatness in it unless in time of need it can rise to the heroic mood.
Theodore Roosevelt
We offer peace and neighborliness to all the neighboring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Hebrew nation for the common good of all.
David Ben-Gurion
We are all equal children before our mother; and India asks each one of us, in whatsoever role we play in the complex drama of nation-building, to do our duty with integrity, commitment and unflinching loyalty to the values enshrined in our Constitution.
Pranab Mukherjee
Working together, we can meet our shared goal to combat climate change. From harmonizing vehicle emissions standards to using our trading relationship to boost investment in clean energy, the actions the United States and Canada take together will help both nations meet international goals.
Amy Klobuchar
Marriage partners, not government, should define the terms and spiritual orientation of their union in accordance with our nation’s guarantee of religious freedom.
Michael Badnarik
Infrastructure sector is all about building assets for the country. It is part of nation building.
Gautam Adani
Dhoni has the respect of all other playing. nations. I’ve found him to be a really strong. leader
Glenn McGrath
And why should we, of all people, expect the proud new developing nations to see the world precisely as we see it? Was any new nation ever more outspoken, independent and unaligned than the young America of Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln?
Chester Bowles
President Barack Obama’s administration sometimes finds itself at odds with members of Congress who oppose nearly everything the United Nations does on principle.
Rebecca MacKinnon
We have got to encourage other nations also to come along with us with the impacts of climate change, what we can do about that.
Sarah Palin
No nation can be really great that is held together by Gatling guns, and no true loyalty can be induced and kept through fear.
Clarence Darrow
The accounts that history presents have to be paid. Past has to be reconciled with present in the life of a nation. History is an insistent force: the past is what put us where we are. the past cannot be put behind until it is settled with.
William Pfaff
What is the difference between burning and gassing people in ovens and doing it to a whole nation out in the open?
Norodom Sihanouk
No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.
Salmon P. Chase
No government can sell its nation on the backs of its people.
Fidel Castro
Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.
John F. Kennedy
I am always fascinated when people talk about ‘the forging of a nation’. Most nations are forgeries, perpetrated in the last century or so.
Neal Ascherson
Your behavior determines, to some extent, the destiny of your nation and your group.
John Henrik Clarke
I pity from the bottom of my heart any nation or body of people that is so unfortunate as to get entangled in the net of slavery.
Booker T. Washington
Nothing is more essential, than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular Nations, and passionate attachments for others, should be excluded; and that, in place of them, just and amicable feelings towards all should be cultivated.
George Washington
Even this nation (the US) will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground, and when the Constitution is upon the brink of ruin, this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean, and they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
There is no softer target in GOP primaries than the United Nations and foreign-aid spending.
Elliott Abrams
A nation devoid of art and artists cannot have a full existence.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Peace cannot exist without justice, justice cannot exist without fairness, fairness cannot exist without development, development cannot exist without democracy, democracy cannot exist without respect for the identity and worth of cultures and peoples.
Rigoberta Menchu
Our family has been honored to serve our state and nation. Like many American families, we have been fortunate and blessed to raise three wonderful children and put them through college while doing work that we love.
Mike Pence
There is no equivalency between the United States of America, the greatest freedom loving nation in the history of the world, and the murderous thugs that are in [Vladimir] Putin’s defense of his cronyism. There’s no moral equivalency there.
Benjamin E. Sasse
I think I’ve done more right than wrong on foreign policy. I’ve criticized the president for being weak and indecisive. I’ve been a problem solver in Washington and I think I’ve got something to offer the party and nation.
Lindsey Graham
I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I’d like to be the next president of the United States to support and help this great nation and to make sure that we all together remain America as the hope of the earth.
Mitt Romney
The book trade is a spiritual barometer of a nations well-being.
John Buchan
Today, peace means the ascent from simple coexistence to cooperation and common creativity among countries and nations.
Mikhail Gorbachev
American business can out-think, out-work, out-perform any nation in the world. But we can’t beat the competition if we don’t get in the ball game.
George H. W. Bush
So long as war is the main business of nations, temporary despotism – despotism during the campaign – is indispensable.
Walter Bagehot
Politics isn’t just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it.
Sarah Palin
This world is divided roughly into three kinds of nations: those that spend lots of money to keep their weight down; those whose people eat to live; and those whose people don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
David Landes
In order to persuade Britain to pack up, to compel her to make peace, it was essential to rob her of her hope of being able still to confront us, on the continent itself, with an adversary of a stature equal to our own.
Adolf Hitler
nations decay from within more often than they surrender to outward assault.
Ellen Glasgow
It’s important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It’s not only life of babies, but it’s life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet.
George W. Bush
The nations that offer to arbitrate are the ones that think they should rule the world.
Orson Scott Card
Most of her participation in the United Nations, which [??] history, as I say, I don’t take too seriously, because I know how that UN operation works, and it is essentially a facade in which the work is done back in Washington and in the capitals involved, and the people up front are just going through the motions.
William A. Rusher
The great unexplored frontier is complexity … I am convinced that the nations and people that master the new science of Complexity will become the economic, cultural, and political superpowers of the next century.
Heinz Pagels
The notion of human right builds on our shared humanity. These rights are not derived from the citizenship of any country, or the membership of any nation, but are presumed to be claims or entitlements of every human being. They differ, therefore, from constitutionally created rights guaranteed for specific people.
Amartya Sen
Laws are always unstable unless they are founded on the manners of a nation; and manners are the only durable and resisting power in a people.
Alexis de Tocqueville
The UN may not be very effective but I am a fan of the idea of the United Nations. I have been there, I know the problems. To parody Winston Churchill: It is the worst system, except we don’t have any other.
Mary Robinson
The mandate you go with is intimidating and also is a source of respect that you gain, because you have come with this mandate from the United Nations.
Lakhdar Brahimi
What is poetry which does not save nations or people?
Czeslaw Milosz
This nation is so friendly that the leading cause of injury is getting passionately embraced by strangers.
Dave Barry
Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good.
John Adams
Lasting peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan will be achieved when we establish the conditions for democratic, economically viable nations.
John Warner
There is no force like success, and that is why the individual makes all effort to surround himself throughout life with the evidence of it; as of the individual, so should it be of the nation.
Marcus Garvey
America is a nation of immigrants. And so the question is, how do we make legal immigration faster, less bureaucratic, cut the red tape?
Barack Obama
Prior to the United Nations even being formed, Palestine was a country. But the right of the Palestinian people were trampled, and unfortunately, international organizations contributed to those rights being trampled.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
A man may have to die for our country: but no man must, in any exclusive sense, live for his country. He who surrenders himself without reservation to the temporal claims of a nation, or a party, or a class is rendering to Caesar that which, of all things, most emphatically belongs to God: himself.
C. S. Lewis
The nation was not founded by habitual groupthinkers. But it stands a fair chance of being destroyed by them.
Barbara Ehrenreich
It has been said that a nation reveals its character by the values it upholds.
Kay Granger
Britain’s continuing membership of the Community would mean the end of Britain as a completely self-governing nation…
Tony Benn
The friendships of nations, built on common interests, cannot survive the mutability of those interests.
Agnes Repplier
So how as a nation can we sit around and eat Mexican food, and drink beer and make friends? That’s the question. If we can do that on a broader scale, I think we’ll come out of it all right.
Sandra Day O’Connor
Energy in a nation is like sap in a tree; it rises from bottom up.
Woodrow Wilson
Parliament is more than procedure – it is the custodian of the nation’s freedom.
John Diefenbaker
Coal research and development provides huge benefits for the nation, and pay for itself many times over through taxes flowing back to the Treasury from expanded economic activity.
Tim Holden
Any nation that decides the only way to achieve peace is through peaceful means is a nation that will soon be a piece of another nation.
Richard M. Nixon
I’m optimistic about the future. I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. I want to see peace. I want to see growing peace in America. It’s our objective.
Mitt Romney
[The Library of Congress] is a multimedia encyclopedia. These are the tentacles of a nation.
[Referring to the diverse holdings of the library, including motion pictures, photographs, recordings, posters and other historic objects which collectively far outnumber the books]
Daniel J. Boorstin
If in the past, after every lost war, the unlucky vanquished were divested forever of their honor and their equality of rights, the League of Nations would even now have to be satisfied with a whole series of non-equal and thus ultimately dishonorable and inferior nations.
Adolf Hitler
Moreover, broad plans commensurate with our national purpose and resources would bring conviction of our power to every soldier in the front line, to the nations associated with us in the war, and to the enemy.
Kelly Miller
There’s no doubt that we have, as we always do in the nation, reacted to the reality of 911 here in the country as an aviation incident. There are other vulnerabilities to be dealt with.
James M. Loy
There can be no time, no state of things, in which Credit is not essential to a Nation.
Alexander Hamilton
Always the path of American destiny has been into the unknown. Always there arose enough reserves of strength, balances of sanity, portions of wisdom to carry the nation through to a fresh start with ever-renewing vitality.
Carl Sandburg
Mr. Speaker, in seeking to return to the United Nations, the Republic of China on Taiwan will once again ask diplomatic allies to present its case before the United Nations this fall.
Nick Lampson
True loyalty consists not in bowing the knee to earthly greatness, or in heroic deeds to “gild the kingly knave, or garnish out the fool,” but in noble, generous acts of honest purpose, where truth, honor, and virtue, and a nation’s welfare, are dearer than life.
James Ellis
To establish any mode to abolish war, however advantageous it might be to Nations, would be to take from such Government the most lucrative of its branches.
Thomas Paine
The United States spends more money on African aid than any nation on earth.
Tony Snow
America as a nation cannot walk in faith and fear at the same time.
Dennis Kucinich
Globalization is going to bring us closer and closer together across nations and technology you can’t stop.
John P. Kotter
Every time a new nation, America or Russia for instance, advances toward civilization, the human race perfects itself; every time an inferior class emerges from enslavement and degradation, the human race again perfects itself.
Madame de Stael
In my lifetime all our problems have come from mainland Europe and all the solutions have come from the English-speaking nations across the world.
Margaret Thatcher
What I believe unites the people of this nation, regardless of race or region or party, young or old, rich or poor, is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead.
Barack Obama
While Democrats fussed with the details of health care reforms, conservatives spent months telling the nation that the real issue is freedom, that what’s on the line is American liberty itself.
Thomas Frank
It seems to me the Washington Monument is a symbol of America’s power. It has been the symbol of our great nation, we look at that monument and we say this is one nation under God.
Pat Robertson
The United Nations passed so-called sanctions again on North Korea, and they’ve said they ‘will exercise their preemptive right to a nuclear attack.’ I don’t think this ought to be taken kindly.
Oliver North
He watched them grow, until eventually, great forests of words had risen throughout Germany…. It was a nation of farmed thoughts.
Markus Zusak
When Secretary [Hillary] Clinton talks about people that didn’t get paid, first of all, they did get paid a lot, but taken advantage of the laws of the nation.
Donald Trump
Nation after nation, when at the zenith of its power, has proclaimed itself invincible because its army could shake the earth with its tread and its ships could fill the seas, but these nations are dead, and we must build upon a different foundation if we would avoid their fate.
William Jennings Bryan
We believe. We believe in our destiny as a nation. We believe we have been called to do good, to spread the blessings of liberty and encourage the sense of trust upon which free societies depend.
Tony Snow
The Declaration of Independence, the words that launched our nation — 1,300 words. The Bible, the word of God — 773,000 words. The Tax Code, the words of politicians — 7,000,000 words — and growing!
Steve Forbes
The founding of our Nation was more than a political event; it was an act of faith, a promise to Americans and to the entire world. The Declaration of Independence declared that people can govern themselves, that they can live in freedom with equal rights, that they can respect the rights of others.
Jimmy Carter
My top three priorities for my first term in Congress are growing our economy; providing for quality, affordable health care; and keeping our nation and communities safe.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Britons are good, though often brutal, colonists where they come into relations with entirely uncivilized tribes whose past is so remote as to be forgotten. But they trample with their heavy boots over the sensitive, delicate susceptibilities of an ancient, highly civilized and cultured nation, such as India.
Annie Besant
By and by when each nation has 20,000 battleships and 5,000,000 soldiers we shall all be safe and the wisdom of statesmanship will stand confirmed.
Mark Twain
One can lead a nation only by helping it see a bright outlook. A leader is a dealer in hope.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Contemporary nations such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland, where women are half of the national legislatures, have more caring policies, less violence, and more environmentally sustainable policies. These are connections we must pay attention to if we are to build a better future for us all.
Riane Eisler
All I want is the same thing you want. To have a nation with a government that is as good and honest and decent and competent and compassionate and as filled with love as are the American people.
Jimmy Carter
But this is the great danger America faces. That we will cease to be one nation and become instead a collection of interest groups: city against suburb, region against region, individual against individual. Each seeking to satisfy private wants.
Barbara Jordan
Those who have once got an ascendancy, and possessed themselves of all the resources of the nation, their revenues and offices, have immense means for retaining their advantage.
Thomas Jefferson
For a man who has compared himself to Theodore Roosevelt and the nation’s challenges to those of the Gilded Age, Obama put forward a tepid agenda.
Ron Fournier
Every nation determines its own destiny; the clever the nation, the better the fate!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Of course the case of the Christian Church planted among the nations must differ, in various ways, from that of any sect forming in connection with religious awakening in a territory of professing Christianity.
Robert Rainy
The people that I represent in Illinois care passionately about protecting open space and safeguarding our nation’s natural treasures, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Robert Dold