Natural Materials Quotes

Natural Materials Quotes by Natalie, Duane Elgin, Albert Hofmann, Roberto Burle Marx, Laetitia Casta, David Trubridge and many others.

Had a filling done yesterday with no freezing, natural

Had a filling done yesterday with no freezing, natural materials, essentials oils, and homeopathic remedies. We absolutely must push for more holistic biological dentistry.
An elegant simplicity is an understated, organic aesthetic that contrasts with the excess of consumerist lifestyles. Drawing from influences ranging from Zen to the Quakers, it celebrates natural materials and clean, functional expressions, such as are found in many of the hand-made arts and crafts from this community.
Duane Elgin
LSD is really just a small chemical modification of a very old sacred drug of Mexico. LSD belongs, therefore, by its chemical structure and by its activity, in the group of the magic plants of Mesoamerica. It does not occur in nature as such, but it represents just a small chemical variation of natural material.
Albert Hofmann
A garden is a result of an arrangement of natural materials according to aesthetic laws; interwoven throughout are the artist’s outlook on life, his past experiences, his affections, his attempts, his mistakes and his successes.
Roberto Burle Marx
I feel best in soft and natural materials such as cotton and silk. I wear collections from all designers. They all have outstanding cuts and extremely pleasant materials.
Laetitia Casta
I work within the limits of what I have and know, simplicity and low impact, natural materials and processes, leaving a delicate footprint.
David Trubridge
We prefer synthetic rather than natural materials. Natural products are almost too valuable. Wood is much harder to produce than metal. And metal is recyclable, while wood isn’t.
Helmut Jahn