Newspapers Quotes

Newspapers Quotes by Harry Triguboff, Zadie Smith, Ben Rhodes, Elbert Hubbard, Richard Cobden, Federica Mogherini and many others.

The newspapers were always against me in the beginning

The newspapers were always against me in the beginning because they thought I was depriving people of what they wanted.
Harry Triguboff
I’m most honest about writing when I’m talking to family or friends, not to newspapers.
Zadie Smith
All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus. Now they don’t. They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington.
Ben Rhodes
The newspapers print what the people want, and thus does the savage still swing his club and flourish his spear.
Elbert Hubbard
The newspapers were against me. They were telling me that the Australian dream was a home. But that dream became worse and worse as they had to live further away from the city. My dream became better as we could build higher and higher.
Harry Triguboff
A newspaper should be the maximum of information, and the minimum of comment.
Richard Cobden
My passion was reading newspapers – and I became curious, in particular, about Islam and the Arab world.
Federica Mogherini
You will read in the newspaper more often about federal courts, but the law that affects people, the trials that affect human beings are by and large in the state courts
Stephen Breyer
The problem of burgeoning population can be addressed if we begin with women itself. And, we need to educate them and spread awareness about birth control and family planning through TV channels and newspapers.
Geeta Phogat
God, I’m glad I grew up in a time when kids followed sports in the newspaper and on TV and knew every sport.
Michael Wilbon
The whole problem with news on television comes down to this: all the words uttered in an hour of news coverage could be printed on a page of a newspaper. And the world cannot be understood in one page.
Neil Postman
Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.
Joseph Pulitzer
The hard-drinking newspaperman is, or used to be, a stock character of fiction. Now he is being phased out of literature just as he is being phased out of life.
Waverley Root
I worked for a newspaper in Europe for, I lived in Europe for about seven years, so I worked in this sort of a yellow journalism kind of a thing, it was like a scandal sheet.
Kurt Loder
I believe it has been said that one copy of The Times contains more useful information than the whole of the historical works of Thucydides.
Richard Cobden
The first newspaper I worked on was the ‘Springfield Union’ in Springfield, Massachusetts. I wrote over a hundred letters to newspapers asking for work and got three responses, two no’s.
Tom Wolfe
Often, entertainment goes deeper, in terms of ideas, than the newspapers.
Joel Grey
I’m naturally curious, and I read four newspapers a day.
Eli Broad
A newspaper is a private enterprise owing nothing whatsoever to the public, which grants it no franchise. It is therefore affected with no public interest.
William Peter Hamilton
Reality’s just the accumulation of ominous prophecies come to life. All you have to do is open a newspaper on any given day to weigh the good news versus the bad news, and you’ll see what I mean.
Haruki Murakami
Perhaps the best thing which can be said about newspapers in the United States is that they are in chronic disagreement with each other. That is what is meant by a free press.
Jim Bishop
A lot of stories that have fascinated me are tabloid stories that have come from other newspapers, like ‘The New York Times.’
Errol Morris
I’ve never canceled a subscription to a newspaper because of bad cartoons or editorials. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have any newspapers or magazines to read.
Richard M. Nixon
If words were invented to conceal thought, newspapers are a great improvement of a bad invention
Henry David Thoreau
To make a poem, take one newspaper, one pair of scissors, snip the words one by one and put them in a bag. Shake gently, draw them out at random, and copy them conscientiously… DADA est mort. DADA est idiot. Vive DADA!
Tristan Tzara
… we shall never become an immense power in the world until we concentrate all our money and editorial forces upon one great national daily newspaper, so we can sauce back our opponents every day in the year; once a month or once a week is not enough.
Susan B. Anthony
Having loving and supporting parents didn’t make me feel any better about the possibility of seeing my personal life splashed across newspapers and tabloids.
Mary Cheney
I remember reports that the American and English newspapers were very happy about the fact that so many were killed in Dresden. There are many instances of barbarity and cruelty on the part of the Allies which I could tell you.
Julius Streicher
As long as white newspapers were unwilling or unable to attack ‘anti-Negro’ forces or to air the views of black reformers, there was a service black newspapers could provide.
Darryl Pinckney
You know, the men go to tea houses with the expectation that they will have a nice quiet evening and not read about it the next morning in the newspaper.
Arthur Golden
Nietzsche said the newspaper had replaced the prayer in the life of the modern bourgeois , meaning that the busy, the cheap, the ephemeral, had usurped all that remained of the eternal in his daily life.
Allan Bloom
I worked at my high school newspaper at Andover, which came out weekly, unusual for a high school paper. Then my first day at Penn I went right to the ‘Daily Pennsylvanian’ and pretty much spent most of my college career working both as the sports editor and then editor of the editorial page.
Buzz Bissinger
In a newspaper, you only have so much room. It teaches you the value of getting to the point, of not pampering yourself with your glorious writing. I’ve always been much more interested in one powerful sentence that stays with you. That’s my style.
Mitch Albom
When you think of couponing, you picture a mom cutting coupons out of the back of the newspaper.
Andrew Mason
I don’t drink. Never taken a drug in my life ever. In fact from a newspaper point of view I’m very boring. I don’t do anything. I don’t drink no booze, no drugs, no kinky carryings on, don’t go to brothels.
Jimmy Savile
There should be a background check every time a firearm is transferred. You shouldn’t be able to go to a gun show and buy guns without a background check. There are Internet gun sales, classified ads in the newspapers – and you can buy guns without background checks.
Michael D. Barnes
The newspapers loved pinup pictures of pretty young swimmers, and as a national champion, I got more than my share of space in the sports pages.
Esther Williams
Why didn’t Eternity have this deformed age aborted ? Its birthmark is the stamp of a newspaper, its medium is printer’s ink, and in its veins flows ink.
Karl Kraus
Think of it: television producers joining with newspapers to tell stories. It’s journalism of the future. Advertising will follow the crowd – the ‘crowd’ being viewers and readers, of course, which could bring revenue back into journalism.
Bill Kurtis
My story is endless. I put in a teletype roll, you know, you know what they are, you have them in newspapers, and run it through there and fix the margins and just go, go – just go, go, go.
Jack Kerouac
Will Rogers…used to come out with a newspaper and pretend he was a
yokel criticizing the intellectuals who ran the government. I come out with
a newspaper and pretend I’m an intellectual making fun of the yokels
running the government.
Mort Sahl
“Now you can trade the S&P 500 Index in real time” was the slogan in the newspapers for the first ETF. What kind of nut would do that?
John C. Bogle
One of the things that I have my students do is to take a look at English-language newspapers from all around the world in order to see the different ways in which the same story might be told.
Maya Soetoro-Ng
Required to be constantly recumbent I write slowly and with difficulty…. Weakened in body by infirmities and in mind by age, now far gone into my 83rd year, reading one newspaper only and forgetting immediately what I read.
Thomas Jefferson
Like the newspapers used to say, if the truth isn’t big enough, you print the legend.
Neil Gaiman
I don’t read newspapers in the morning. I take a look at the dailies in the afternoon, but only when I’ve finished my work for the day. Reading about what is happening in Turkey once again would only be demoralizing for me.
Orhan Pamuk
Any person that don’t read at least one well-written country newspaper is not truly informed.
Will Rogers
I think that money is devoted to serious journalism, with analysis, interestingly presented, by good writers can still sell newspapers.
Phillip Knightley
It’s not fair that our name can be used in any newspaper, any article connected with anything, and we can’t really fight about it. It’s like any newspaper that might take a picture of you, bad or good, and sometimes they’re awful pictures, and they can use them without your approval and you can’t do anything about it.
Diana Ross
Don’t read newspapers for the news (just for the gossip and, of course, profiles of authors). The best filter to know if the news matters is if you hear it in cafes, restaurants… or (again) parties.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
America’s great newspapers have staffs that range from 50 percent to 70 percent of what they were just a few years ago.
Eric Alterman
Never bring a gun to a fight where the other guy has a time-machine and tomorrow’s newspapers.
James Nicoll
Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading about in the newspaper the next day.
Joel Osteen
Things that appear on the front page of the newspaper as ‘fact’ are far more dangerous than the games played by a novelist, and can lead to wars.
E. L. Doctorow
History is little more than the story of man’s sin, and the daily newspaper a running commentary on it.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
There’s not a lot of positive role models of women in newspapers and magazines. I think it puts pressure on girls. They think that the image put out, it’s the way you have to look.
Katie Taylor
PILLORY, n. A mechanical device for inflicting personal distinction – prototype of the modern newspaper conducted by persons of austere virtues and blameless lives.
Ambrose Bierce
I wrote my first short story for a competition and won second prize. Another competition came up and I won first prize. The first story was published in a newspaper. The second went out on radio.
Ian Rankin
Nellie Bly
The true meaning of America, you ask? It’s in a Texas rodeo, in a policeman’s badge, in the sound of laughing children, in a political rally, in a newspaper… In all these things, and many more, you’ll find America. In all these things, you’ll find freedom. And freedom is what America means to the world. And to me.
Audie Murphy
The film’s success so far involves winning a couple of prizes at Cannes and Sundance, and getting some very nice reviews in newspapers and magazines. That hasn’t had a big impact on my life yet.
Harvey Pekar
Nothing had changed in my routine, except that when I went down the chippy and got me special fried rice, it would be wrapped in a newspaper that had my picture all over it.
Robbie Fowler
To my surprise I found that when other top players in the precomputer age (before 1995, roughly) wrote about games in magazines and newspaper columns, they often made more mistakes in their annotations than the players had made at the board.
Garry Kasparov
Dogs need to sniff the ground; it’s how they keep abreast of current events. The ground is a giant dog newspaper, containing all kinds of late-breaking dog news items, which, if they are especially urgent, are often continued in the next yard.
Dave Barry
Most of life is so dull it is not worth discussing, and it is dull at all ages. When we change our brand of cigarette, move to a new neighborhood, subscribe to a different newspaper, fall in and out of love, we are protesting in ways both frivolous and deep against the not to be diluted dullness of day-to-day living.
Truman Capote
The secret of a successful newspaper is to take one story each day and bang the hell out of it. Give the public what it wants to have and part of what it ought to have whether it wants it or not.
Herbert Bayard Swope
I can’t say anything other than the fact that I feel a range of emotions including guilt, shame, sadness, betrayal, freedom and appreciation for those who have stood by me, been tough on me, and have taken the time to understand that there is a deeper story and not to believe everything they read in the newspapers.
Jayson Blair
What you newspaper and magazine writers, who work in rabbit time, don’t understand is that the practice of architecture has to be measured in elephant time.
Eero Saarinen
New York establishment isn’t really a literary establishment. It’s just a collection of broken down old newspaper hacks who pass judgment on books that they have not even read, with assuredness of Jehova.
James Purdy
What does it feel like to represent a newspaper that used to support Adolf Hitler? And supports the banker Kabbalists that are ruining the world? Did you vote Tory?
Ian Brown
When the internet came along, everybody said it would mean the death of television, newspapers. There is a dip, and it comes back to a new normal. We’re in the dip; we’re waiting to see what the new normal is.
Maria Rodale
I wanted to be some kind of captain of industry. Then I wanted to be in advertising, and then I wanted to be a newspaper reporter.
Ken Follett
It was 1966 by the time I started taking pictures seriously and books, newspapers and magazines of the time were full of great pictures that helped to inspire me.
Fay Godwin
Instead, we were given a publication called the Weekly Reader, which was like a newspaper for four-foot illiterates.
Chuck Klosterman
I respect newspapers, but the reality is that magazine ‘photojournalism’ is finished. They want illustrations, Photoshopped pictures of movie stars.
Mary Ellen Mark
Newspapers are what matter in this country, not magazines.
Andrew Neil
In America one of the first things done in a new State is to make the post go there; in the forests of Michigan there is no cabin so isolated, no valley so wild, but that letters and newspapers arrive at least once a week.
Alexis de Tocqueville
The truth is not wonderful enough to suit the newspapers; so they enlarge upon it, and invent ridiculous embellishments.
Anne Sullivan Macy
Good speakers usually find when they finish that there have been four versions of the speech: the one they delivered, the one they prepared, the one the newspapers say was delivered, and the one on the way home they wish they had delivered.
Dale Carnegie
I was reading newspaper front pages from the 1930s, and I was taken aback. I’m not naive about American history, but I was a bit knocked off my feet by things that used to be on the front pages of newspapers.
Daniel Woodrell
When I started out, people were afraid of parish priests. Now they’re afraid of newspaper editors.
Michael D. Higgins
Only a newspaper! Quick read, quick lost, Who sums the treasure that it carries hence? Torn, trampled under feet, who counts thy cost, Star-eyed intelligence?
Mary C. Ames
In my opinion, any man who can afford to buy a newspaper should not be allowed to own one.
Roy Hattersley
Rock bands were never newsworthy. In the ’60s and ’70s, rock bands weren’t in the newspapers because they weren’t considered mainstream; they wouldn’t sell papers.
Roger Taylor
Immigration is not an issue that I read about in the newspaper or watch a documentary on PBS or CNN. It’s an issues I’ve lived around my whole life. My family are immigrants. My wife’s family are immigrants. All of my neighbors are immigrants.
Marco Rubio
They pulled Resurrection out of the theatres, so it was running in New York and I was nominated for the Oscar and there was no ad in the newspapers to say it was running. So it was literally killed.
Ellen Burstyn
I start the day off with a pot of coffee, and I read all the newspapers online, then I delve around for new music.
Jamie Hince
I thought, Hey, maybe these people shouldn’t be making up holidays to drink more. Maybe if they drank less they might be able to title their newspaper articles more specifically. For example, I would title this last article “Drunk Driver Hits Drunk Walker Drunkety-Drunk I’m So Drunk.”
Mike Birbiglia
I do not read newspapers. I do not take any information which I don’t want to take. I make sure I keep my composure.
Shikhar Dhawan
The newspapers are always reminding the public that I am an unpopular prime minister.
Ehud Olmert
Something like going to get the newspaper can increase your writing efficiency by taking you away from the material. When I’m doing other things, writing stuff will be swirling around in my head, and sometimes I’ll see a new way into the material.
Nathaniel Philbrick
Newspapers have developed what might be called a vested interest in catastrophe. If they can spot a fight, they play up that fight. If they can uncover a tragedy, they will headline that tragedy.
Harry Allen Overstreet
If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.
Mark Twain
Vietnam affected everything in life while it went on. My time in the service made it clear to me that what we were being told in our newspapers and newscasts, back in the States, wasn’t half the story of what was really going on.
Jim Starlin
Most newspaper companies still have their heads in the sand, but other media companies are aggressive.
Rupert Murdoch
When I say ‘serve you better,’ I mean ‘increase our profits.’ We newspapers are very big on profits these days.
Dave Barry
The devil’s aversion to holy water is a light matter compared with a despots dread of a newspaper that laughs.
Mark Twain
Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.
Elbert Hubbard
If you are reading a large newspaper, all spread out on the table, your cat will come and sit on the very paragraph you are reading, the talented cat draping her tail with miraculous precision over the very line you’re not finished with.
Leonore Fleischer
While a lot of my friends were working in Sainsbury’s, I was travelling the world and appearing in newspapers, magazines and attending glamorous photoshoots.
Keeley Hazell
I don’t use names or captions for my many portraits of politicians and authors for newspapers. The drawing has to be self-explanatory, so I spend a lot of time sketching to find an idea and an angle that is clear.
Siegfried Woldhek
Some newspapers have a hands-off policy on favored politicians. But it’s generally very small newspapers or local TV stations.
Bob Woodward
What is meant by reality? It would seem to be something very erratic, very undependable – now to be found in a dusty road, now in a scrap of newspaper in the street, now a daffodil in the sun. It lights up a group in a room and stamps some casual saying
Virginia Woolf
The only people who should use the possessive ‘we’ are kings, newspaper editors, and persons with tapeworms.
Mark Twain
‘Acting as if…’ I decided, ridiculously in retrospect, that my experience covering women’s volleyball for my college newspaper was sufficient for me to at least try to become a war correspondent.
Samantha Power
Middle age is when you realize that you’ll never live long enough to try all the recipes you spent thirty years clipping out of newspapers and magazines.
Bill Vaughan
What people think of me doesn’t affect me. As bizarre as it sounds, I don’t have a Google alert on my phone; I don’t read newspapers, and I don’t watch television. If something important happens, I will get to know about it.
Sushant Singh Rajput
It is the advertiser who provides the paper for the subscriber. It is not to be disputed, that the publisher of a newspaper in this country, without a very exhaustive advertising support, would receive less reward for his labor than the humblest mechanic.
Alexander Hamilton
Here in the U.S., culture is not that delicious panacea which we Europeans consume in a sacramental mental space and which has its own special columns in the newspapers – and in people’s minds. Culture is space, speed, cinema, technology. This culture is authentic, if anything can be said to be authentic.
Jean Baudrillard
The fact that a thirteen-year-old project still resonates and can still have a large exhibit with lots of newspaper, magazine and TV press shows the timelessness of the project.
Peter Menzel
He who is without a newspaper is cut off from his species.
P. T. Barnum
My greatest fear in the state of Maine: newspapers. I’m not a fan of newspapers.
Paul LePage
Even if I couldn’t get my early novels published, I could still write. I went into newspapers, where I got paid to write every day. If there’s a better school for would-be novelists, I don’t know what it is.
Linwood Barclay
I can read in any book and newspaper about the city of Detroit, but I want to hear what the people in Detroit have to say about Detroit. My best education is actually talking to people.
Erin Cummings
And we also read Newsweek, Time and several newspapers.
Hanoi Hannah
If I had my choice, I would be writing by typewriter. I worked on newspapers for 10 years. I typed with the touch system, and unfortunately, you can’t keep typewriters going today. You have to take the ribbons back to be re-inked. You have to – it’s a horrible search to try to find missing parts. So I went to the computer.
Tom Wolfe
Newspapers are being read all around. The point is not, of course, to glean new information, but rather to coax the mind out of its sleep-induced introspective temper.
Alain de Botton
All our reporters and editors now work seamlessly in print and online. This integration has transformed the way we work. I believe this is vital to the success and growth of newspapers.
Lionel Barber
When the newspapers have got nothing else to talk about, they cut loose on the young. The young are always news. If they are up to something, that’s news. If they aren’t, that’s news too.
Kenneth Rexroth
I was an English major in college, took a ton of creative writing courses, and was a newspaper reporter for 10 years.
Jennifer Weiner
The Higher Education Industry is very analogous to the Newspaper industry. By the time they realize they need to change the costs to support their legacy infrastructure and costs will keep them from getting there.
Mark Cuban
Newspapers have an extraordinary amount of local content, including real estate listings and restaurant reviews.
Kimbal Musk
God, newspapers have been making up stories forever. This kind of trifling and fooling around is not a function of the New Journalism.
Tom Wolfe
I’ve thought for the last decade or so, the only actual place raw truth was seeping through in newspapers was on the Comics Pages. They were able to pull off intelligent social comment, pure truths not found elsewhere in the news pages, and had the ability to make it all funny, entertaining, and pertinent.
Elayne Boosler
A day without newspapers is like walking around without your pants on.
Jerry Coleman
I feel that I belong to the 19th century. Some composers’ music is very topical. It almost says, ‘This is about what I read in newspapers yesterday.’ Not mine.
Gordon Getty
I consider myself a law-abiding person. But I’m exhausted. I don’t know where to put the bottles, newspapers, cans, and other stuff for garbage pickup outside my house. The rules are so thick you need someone from M.I.T. to explain them.
Bill O’Reilly
For those who govern, the first thing required is indifference to newspapers.
Adolphe Thiers
Nobody recognizes that a bookstore or library can also be a drowning polar bear. And in this country [US], magazines, newspapers, and bookstores are drowning polar bears. And if people can’t see that or don’t want to talk about it, I don’t understand them at all.
Sherman Alexie
It was very hard when the newspapers were chasing me. It was also very weird. I know I’d just become world champion but shouldn’t they be following someone who has done something wrong?
Adrian Lewis
When the BBC decided to bring Doctor Who back as a feature film a few years ago, one national newspaper ran a poll to ask its readers who should be the new Doctor, and I topped it.
Simon Callow
Embarrassed journalists ask me embarrassing questions, and they get embarrassing answers, and then hand out embarrassing stories to the embarrassing editors, who put them to the front pages of newspapers. When is this going to end?
Yao Ming
They [some countries] borrowed money to go acquire things, Indian power plants and Danish newspapers and British soccer teams. And they did it willy-nilly, and they themselves a story, that Icelandic history and culture and DNA leaves us very well-suited to being investment bankers.
Michael Lewis
Newspapers are tutors as well as informers.
Neil Kinnock
We are not a religious people, but we are a nation of politicians. We do not care for the Bible, but we do care for the newspaper.At any meeting of politicianshow impertinent it would be to quote from the Bible! how pertinent to quote from a newspaper or from the Constitution!
Henry David Thoreau
I couldn’t open up a magazine, you couldn’t read a newspaper, you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing about the obesity epidemic in America.
Morgan Spurlock
More and more, I tend to read history. I often find it more up to date than the daily newspapers.
Joe Murray
When I used to see things in the newspapers, going onto the pitch was the best way to get away from it.
Ashley Cole
Newspapers and magazines didn’t want pictures of musicians behaving badly back then. Now, because of the Internet, that’s all the media wants.
Mick Rock
I don’t read all the newspapers.
Greg Rusedski
They are so filthy and bestial that no honest man would admit one into his house for a water-closet doormat.
Charles Dickens
I like newspapers. Maybe the iPad is very modern and everything, and I’m not against it, but I like the physical contact. And the physical contact of metal and glass is not as sensuous as paper.
Karl Lagerfeld
There are so many parallels in society today [with era of J. Edgar Hoover ] that you can use, whether it’s the head of a studio or the head of an organization, a major newspaper, a major factory or company, of people who stay too long, maybe, and overstay their usefulness.
Clint Eastwood
In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other newspaper should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly.
Hugo Black
One of the objects of a newspaper is to understand popular feeling and to give expression to it; another is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments; and the third is fearlessly to expose popular defects.
Mahatma Gandhi
Trying to keep up is the ultimate act of uncoolness. And so I still retrieve not one but two daily newspapers from the driveway.
Steve Rushin
I still get my news from the newspaper in the morning. I just have an affection for paper, and that’s no secret, I guess.
Dave Eggers
Someone remarked that the newspapers or the news magazines are the same as the psalms except that the names changed in the stories. Maybe you can’t understand the psalms without understanding the newspaper and the other way around.
Corita Kent
I’ve been writing articles for newspapers and magazines. And writing is a very beautiful way of expression.
Divya Dutta
The vast majority of Americans agree with us. We’re doing everything that we can. We’re advertising, right now we’re on television with an advertisement running in the Washington area. We’ve got newspaper ads.
Michael D. Barnes
I went to a large consolidated school in Appalachia. And I wrote the story when I was in the second grade and I took it up to the third floor to the school newspaper office that was written and edited by juniors and seniors.
Tom Robbins
A harsh reality of newspaper editing is that the deadlines don’t allow for the polish that you expect in books or even magazines
Bill Walsh
I’ve got some of my best yarns from park benches, lamp posts and newspaper stands.
O. Henry
Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.
Thomas Jefferson
As a friend at a major American newspaper said to me when I complained about this tendency in his own paper, “You know how these media narratives are. They’re like bamboo.” Meaning, once they start growing, you can’t kill them.
George Weigel
I’m a journalist, so my friends are journalists: magazines, newspapers, even public radio. Nobody had their kids in public school.
Sandra Tsing Loh
Newspapers with declining circulations can complain all they want about their readers and even say they have no taste. But you will still go out of business over time. A newspaper is not a public trust – it has a business model that either works or it doesn’t.
Marc Andreessen
There was a time when the reader of an unexciting newspaper would remark, ‘How dull is the world today!’ Nowadays he says, ‘What a dull newspaper!’
Daniel J. Boorstin
I went to work. That was a turning point. When you have to do eight shows a week and your name is on the marquee, no matter what is going on at home or what’s on the cover of the newspapers, you’ve got to do your job.
Marla Maples
A headline last year, after the death of Saddam Hussein, read: ‘Tyrant is hanged’. My auntie looked at the newspaper and sobbed, ‘Who’s going to present “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”‘
Steve Williams
I always thought the name of Utah’s major newspaper was some sort of weird misspelling of the word “desert.” But no, Deseret is the “land of the honeybee,” according to the Book of Mormon. I guess I should have figured they would have caught a typo in the masthead after 154 years.
A. J. Jacobs
The fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw of character.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I was at the breakfast table this morning and I read in the newspaper that more and more adults are living at home with their parents. That surprised me, I was like Mom did you read this?
Brian Regan
Some billionaires like cars, yachts and private jets. Others like newspapers.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
To create a comedy major, I ended up starting a comedy night in the basement of my dorm, and I promoted and produced my final project, which meant I faxed press releases from an old Apple IIC, or whatever it was, to newspapers, not knowing if that would work or if that’s how you do things.
Eugene Mirman
I guess you’re happy if you have some kind of balance in you. I’m a human being. I have days when I feel paralyzed, days when I feel like a slug. Then I have days when I have good energy, I’ve read the newspaper and I’ve done different things.
Frances Conroy
I knew that I was a good writer in high school and won awards, and I was the editor of my school newspaper. So I knew that I was a good writer and I wanted to somehow capitalize and sort of utilize a talent that I thought I had.
Halle Berry
I had brought up from Chile a contract agent whose cover was that of a newspaper publisher in Santiago, a young, very talented man, named Dave Phillips, who later on carved quite a career for himself in the agency.
E. Howard Hunt
Society always consists, in greatest part, of young and foolish persons. The old, who have seen through the hypocrisy of the courts and statesmen, die, and leave no wisdom to their sons. They believe their own newspaper, as their fathers did at their age.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fancy cutting down all those beautiful trees…to make pulp for those bloody newspapers, and calling it civilisation. – Winston Churchill, remarking to his son during a visit to Canada in 1929
John Vaillant
Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock.
Ben Hecht
Newspapers are the world’s mirrors.
James Ellis
I always had to prove myself through my actions. Be a cheerleader. Be class president. Be the editor of the newspaper.
Halle Berry
One-newspaper towns are not good because all the surviving newspaper does is print money. They make 25 percent on their money every year, and if they go down to 22 percent, they start laying people off.
Pat Oliphant
Maybe it stems from my newspaper-reporting days, but I took notes the whole time – getting the call, how I felt. As soon as I put pen to paper, it became a story [Hunger Heart], not something happening to me but something I was recording.
Jennifer Weiner
As editor of the largest newspaper in West Virginia, I scan hundreds of reports daily . . . and I am amazed by the frequency with which religion causes people to kill each other. It is a nearly universal pattern, undercutting the common assumption that religion makes people kind and tolerant.
James A. Haught
The editor of a newspaper cannot be independent, but must work with one hand tied behind him by party and patrons, and be content to utter only half or two-thirds of his mind . writers of all kinds are manacled servants of the public. We write frankly and fearlessly, but then we “modify” before we print.
Mark Twain
I read the newspaper.
George W. Bush
Adults are living increasingly as children: completely in their imaginations. Reading Harry Potter while every newspaper in the country goes out of business. They know so little that is real.
Lorrie Moore
You’ve read newspaper stories about elderly widows who die and leave their entire estates to their pet cats, right? Well, your cat reads those stories too, and has spent most of its skulking, devious little life dreaming about inheriting all your money.
Dave Barry
I still have the newspapers of my first match at Barcelona. It was a disaster. We lost 2-0 and everybody was questioning my arrival.
Ronald Koeman
Paper should be edible, nutritious. Inks used for printing or writing should have delicious flavors. Magazines or newspapers read at breakfast should be eaten for lunch. Instead of throwing one’s mail in the waste-basket, it should be saved for the dinner guests.
John Cage
I was sorry to see the News of the World go down, I think it was a great campaigning newspaper. Who can forget the News of the World’s high profile campaign against child sex offenders which led to News of the World readers burning down the home of a paediatrician, throwing rocks at a pedalo, stamping on a centipede.
Stewart Lee
I’m in the storytelling business, and so you’re always drawn to the unusual. And early on, I discovered that’s the easiest way to tell stories… If you come up through a newspaper as I did, your whole goal is to get a story on the front page, and you only get something on the front page if it’s unusual.
Malcolm Gladwell
A newspaper, not having to act on its descriptions and reports, but only to sell them to idly curious people, has nothing but honor to lose by inaccuracy and non-veracity.
George Bernard Shaw
Those media reporters who know me well and my friends know what my real personality is. Those who read newspapers and watch TV don’t know what my real personality is.
Zhao Wei
My suggestion to newspapers everywhere is to give the public a reason to read them again. So here’s an idea: get on a big story with widespread public appeal, devote your best resources to it, say a quiet prayer, and swing for the fences.
Graydon Carter
You are welcome to your intellectual pastimes and books and art and newspapers; welcome, too, to your bars and your whisky that only makes me ill. Here am I in the forest, quite content.
Knut Hamsun
I used to get these reviews in American newspapers saying that they didn’t understand what my lyrics were about. I saw that as a compliment. That’s exactly what English songwriters should be doing!
Gilbert O’Sullivan
Half the American population no longer reads newspapers: plainly, they are the clever half.
Gore Vidal
America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men.
Alexander Graham Bell
If you talk to most people under 30, they don’t read a newspaper.
Douglas Alexander
However, if I shall live to be eighty I shall probably be the only person left in England who reads anything but newspapers and scientific publications.
Matthew Arnold
We need to create a level regulatory playing field. It makes no sense for Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to be allowed to buy newspapers while a small AM radio station is prohibited from purchasing its local paper.
Ajit Pai
If you’re going to have a character appear in a story long enough to sell a newspaper, he’d better be real enough that you can smell his breath.
Ford Madox Ford
Paint with whatever material you please – with pipes, postage stamps, postcards or playing cards, painted paper, or newspapers.
Guillaume Apollinaire
Jamming a coin into a monopoly newspaper box or liberating a billboard in the middle of the night can be a rather honest and joyful thing to do.
Kalle Lasn
The Washington black community was able to succeed beyond his wildest dreams. I mean, we had our own newspapers, our own restaurants, our own theaters, our own small shops, our own clubs, our own Masonic lodges.
Ed Smith
I used to imitate Stone Cold Steve Austin. Identical. I literally made my own waistcoat like Stone Cold, put a little ‘3:16’ I cut out of newspapers for it.
Anthony Yarde
Everyday, I get up in the morning and I see a picture of my grandson in newspapers. Now everyone recognizes his maid also! That’s because of the paparazzi.
Randhir Kapoor
I think a newspaper should be provocative, stir ’em up, but you can’t do that on television. It’s just not on.
Rupert Murdoch
I’ve thought for years that newspapers should all be owned by nonprofits.
Molly Ivins
I love speculating about solutions to problems in mathematics. I have no interest whatever in sudoku. But I do look at chess and bridge problems in newspapers. I find that relaxing.
Vikram Seth
Any expensive ad represents the toil, attention, testing, wit, art, and skill of many people. Far more thought and care go into the composition of any prominent ad in a newspaper or magazine than go into the writing of their features and editorials.
Marshall McLuhan
I don’t like anything unsigned in a newspaper that purports to be the opinion of some group if we don’t know who the group is. It’s laughable to say that The Miami Herald’s editorials or any newspaper’s editorials represent any views other than those of the people writing them, so why don’t we tell everybody who they are?
Dave Barry
A newspaper reported I spend $30,000 a year buying Paris clothes and that women hate me for it. I couldn’t spend that much unless I wore sable underwear.
Jackie Kennedy
One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that, in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid.
James D. Watson
I see men assassinated around me every day. I walk through rooms of the dead, streets of the dead, cities of the dead; men without eyes, men without voices; men with manufactured feelings and standard reactions; men with newspaper brains, television souls and high school ideas.
Charles Bukowski
It used to be that artists thought of nature as their environment. Now media is our environment. It has been for the past 50, 70 years. It’s what you see on TV, on the computer, what is in the magazines and newspapers.
Richard Hell
Having been in the newspaper business for a long, long time, I often wonder, Why do we actually need to know about something like a bus crash in Bangladesh that has no effect on us at all? That can be nothing other than voyeurism.
Simon Winchester
We made a great mistake in the beginning of our struggle, and I fear, in spite of all we can do, it will prove to be a fatal mistake. We appointed all our worst generals to command our armies, and all our best generals to edit the newspapers
Robert E. Lee
If you look at the newspapers here – the Washington papers – most of the discussion deals with campaign gossip.
Bernie Sanders
Poetry, the best of it, is lunar and is concerned with the essential insanities. Journalism is solar (there are numerous newspapers named The Sun, none called The Moon) and is devoted to the inessential.
Tom Robbins
An American of the present day reading his Sunday newspaper in a state of lazy collapse is one of the most perfect symbols of the triumph of quantity over quality that the world has yet seen.
Irving Babbitt
I absolutely want and prize and love and revere every single media review I get, but if I got 50 reviews from major newspapers and one review from Amazon, I still would feel a little weird: ‘What’s going on? Why aren’t people responding?’
Caroline Leavitt
As far as I can recall, the initial shiver of inspiration [for Lolita] was somehow prompted by a newspaper story about an ape in the Jardin des Plantes, who, after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: this sketch showed the bars of the poor creature’s cage.
Vladimir Nabokov
I keep reading between the lies.
Goodman Ace
Printer’s ink is the great apostle of progress, whose pulpit is the press.
Horace Greeley
The future is electronic. It’s radio, television and the Internet; it’s not really newspapers anymore.
Will McDonough
My agent pointed out one day that I had been quoted by a columnist in some American newspaper, and he noted with some glee that they simply identified me by name without reminding people who I was, apparently in the clear expectation that their readers would know who I am.
Terry Pratchett
When a person goes to a country and finds their newspapers filled with nothing but good news, he can bet there are good men in jail.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
A lot of newspapers say, Terence Stamp is playing himself and we’re as bored as he is.
Terence Stamp
I wrote newspaper articles professionally for seven years, and I love newspapers.
Al Gore
We knew the time would come that we’d have to step down because we’d been winning Oscars for 15 years. I discovered this one day when I got home, my mother was reading a newspaper and she said, ‘Again? What are you doing in the papers?’ And I realized if my mother thought that of me, what would my enemies think?
Ferran Adria
Large and profitable newspapers have the ability to drop the cover price of their publications to increase circulation – this, in turn, attracts the advertising bucks and makes them more powerful.
Sucheta Dalal
I do believe life begins at conception. The very first time I ran for election, I took out an editorial in the local newspaper and said ‘look I am a democrat. (But) on this issue, because I see it as a human rights issue, if you wanted me to vote to promote that I wouldn’t be able to do that.
Stockwell Day
I wish I had as much in bed as I get in the newspapers.
Linda Ronstadt
We always get up about 5:30, and George gets up and goes in and gets the coffee and brings it to me, and that’s been our ritual since we got married. And we read the newspapers in bed and drink coffee for about an hour probably, read our briefing papers.
Laura Bush
I just wanted to say that there is so much goodness in the world. We keep looking at the terrible and diabolical things when we open newspapers.
Twinkle Khanna
I don’t so much mind that newspapers are dying – it’s watching them commit suicide that pisses me off.
Molly Ivins
Film is one small voice in a great cacophony of noise from newspapers, from the television, from social media, so it can have a little dent, you know? It can help to create a climate of opinion.
Ken Loach
We [journalists] tell the public which way the cat is jumping. The public will take care of the cat.
Arthur Hays Sulzberger
Even as a little kid, I was fascinated by newspapers and magazines. They were my TV. I’d be the first one up to grab the morning paper, mainly to look at the sports pictures, the war pictures.
Dan Jenkins
When the Internet first launched, you had all these newspapers saying that the Internet was only used by bad people, to do bad things and what was the point of it. But the Internet changed everything, just like Bitcoin will.
Brock Pierce
Ah, the life of a newspaper cartoonist – how I miss the groupies, drugs and trashed hotel rooms!
Bill Watterson
Man’s sense of values is so degraded that he does not revere the Geetha, as much as he values and scans the pages of the daily newspaper. This is to be attributed to sheer ignorance and perversity, or pitiable fate.
Sathya Sai Baba
What a moment to take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other and watch the unfolding of the great drama of the ages. This is an exciting and thrilling time to be alive. I would not want to live in any other period.
Billy Graham
A lot of drive is innate, self-perpetuated, reinforced energy. As a kid, I could always sell anything I could get my hands on – from newspapers to lemonade to ‘TV Guide.’ I knew how to make a presentation.
Michael Ovitz
We’re a free society; we’ve got television. We have radio. We have newspapers. We have the videocassette, which is coming into play. These are new freedoms.
Ray Bradbury
Newspapers are even worse for me than ice cream; headlines, and the big issues that generate the headlines, are pure fat.
John Irving
I am convinced that a person is entitled to as much privacy as he wants. It should be his privilege to keep certain areas of his life out of the newspapers.
Paul Newman
For 30 years I wrote for newspapers and magazines, wrote books on the Dallas Cowboys’ dynasties of the ’70s and ’90s, wrote about Michael Jordan in Chicago and Barry Bonds in the Bay Area, even wrote columns for from 2004 to 2006.
Skip Bayless
You shouldn’t presume that all quotes that are in a magazine or a newspaper are accurate.
Andrew Card
I hate to be defended in a newspaper. As long as all that is said is said against me, I feel a certain assurance of success. But as soon as honeyed words of praise are spoken for me, I feel as one that lies unprotected before his enemies.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Newspapers and their editors have to become as accountable as the rest of us – they are not ‘a special case,’ and they have only themselves to blame for having lost the argument for ‘exceptionalism’ – and with it the right to ‘self-regulation.
David Puttnam
None of the black abolitionist newspapers, the first of which appeared in 1827, was in existence after the Civil War.
Darryl Pinckney
For fear of the newspapers politicians are dull, and at last they are too dull even for the newspapers.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I’m not focused on the outrageousness. I’m just focused on being funny, and raising my kids. I don’t even read the newspaper, I don’t read that crap.
Tracy Morgan
I was too impatient to work at the usual duties assigned women on newspapers.
Nellie Bly
I run a couple of newspapers. What do you do?
Where ignorance is bliss it’s foolish to borrow your neighbor’s newspaper.
Kin Hubbard
Just because something is typed-whether it is typed on a business card or typed in a newspaper or book-this does not mean that it is true.
Daniel Handler
It was in the air, or so it seemed to Kiki, this hatred of women and their bodies- it seeped in with every draught in the house; people brought it home on their shoes, they breathed it in off their newspapers. There was no way to control it.
Zadie Smith
It is an odd thing about newspapers that they live by exposure, yet they keep their own worlds concealed.
Nick Davies
In 1938… the year’s #1 newsmaker was not FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. Nor was it Lou Gehrig or Clark Gable. The subject of the most newspaper column inches in 1938 wasn’t even a person. It was an undersized, crooked-legged racehorse named Seabiscuit.
Laura Hillenbrand
The best language is always found in books because it’s considered. It’s a high language. Sometimes, it is complex and difficult. It’s empowering and offers a way to speak about yourself that you don’t have if all you are doing is reading the newspaper and watching TV.
Jeanette Winterson
Newspapers are the engines that drive the Web.
George Vecsey
We will never know if any other president approached Nixon in paranoia, profanity or potential criminality, since only his conversations were captured, subpoenaed and ultimately released on the front pages of newspapers.
Nancy Gibbs
‘Modesty Blaise’ is not well known in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, she’s an institution – especially for a comic book reader of a certain age. She’s a wonderful creation, and her strip ran in newspapers for a long time. So whenever female spies come to mind for us, they think of ‘Modesty Blaise’.
Antony Johnston
In the little hall leading to it was a rack holding various Socialist or radical newspapers, tracts, and pamphlets in very small print and on very bad paper. The subjects treated were technical Marxist theories.
Agnes Smedley
Newspaper readership is still growing in India.
Bill Gates
I never did like the idea of sitting on newspapers. I did it once, and all the headlines came off on my white pants. On the level! It actually happened. Nobody bought a paper that day. They just followed me around over town and read the news on the seat of my pants.
Clark Gable
I think most things I read on the Internet and in newspapers are propaganda. Everyone from the ‘New York Times’ to Rupert Murdoch has a point of view and is putting forth their own propaganda. They’re stuck with the facts as they are, but the way they interpret and frame them is wildly different.
Frank Miller
Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.
Karl Barth
Just as with the man in the fairy tale who turned whatever he touched into gold, with me everything is turned into newspaper clamor.
Albert Einstein
Genius, indeed, melts many ages into one, and thus effects something permanent, yet still with a similarity of office to that of the more ephemeral writer. A work of genius is but the newspaper of a century, or perchance of a hundred centuries.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Writers were a strange sort; I knew that much from the newspapers.
Chris Priestley
My feelings towards the newspapers are very affectionate.
Annalena McAfee
I was always able to understand my friend who decided to quit smoking and who, through an effort of will, succeeded in doing so. One morning, he opened the newspaper, read that the first H- bomb had exploded, found out about the bomb’s admirable effects and went straight to the tobacconist’s.
Albert Camus
If you don’t believe your salmon is wild, ask it to fetch your newspaper and see what happens.
Scott Adams
I come from a big family of hairdressers; they didn’t read newspapers. I would say, ‘I’m off to Afghanistan…’ and they would say, ‘Have fun!’
Lynsey Addario
What kind of morons do you have working at newspapers in Austin that would base an entire review of an artist’s performance on whether or not they had a good seat?
Al Yankovic
Obviously you have to make a profit to put out a newspaper. I’m not an idiot. But when the margins are in excess of 25 per cent you’re talking about greed.
Carl Hiaasen
My style has been pretty much like a newspaper. It’s got politics in it, it’s got media, sports, family relations, you know, all the sections you would expect, and wonderful religion things.
Kate Clinton
I would honor the man who give to his country a good newspaper.
Rutherford B. Hayes
For better or worse, editing is what editors are for; and editing is selection and choice of material. That editors newspaper or broadcast can and do abuse this power is beyond doubt, but that is no reason to deny the discretion Congress provided.
Warren E. Burger
My three years in Manhattan were sort of my university years. I was learning by myself, and it was a tough time. That’s when I began writing articles for newspapers back home about life in New York. This interest took over, and I moved from painting to writing.
Hallgrimur Helgason
I just think Barack [Obama], he doesn’t dig being asked at all. He’s got a bit of an imperious nature about him. I guess nobody has told him that nobody reads newspapers anymore. That is a dying art form.
Bill O’Reilly
Fortunately for me, I was able to see the newspaper and saw that they were hiring in a new program called the Cedar Program, and I recall going to one of my Olympic buddies and saying, “Hey, man, this might be a shot in the arm for us. Let’s go down and apply for these Cedar jobs.”I took a job as a gardener caretaker.
John Carlos
You know, the more I appear on newspapers, the more famous I become.
Brenda Fassie
I already read everything. I read poems and plays and novels and newspapers and comic books and magazines. I read tins in supermarkets and leaflets that come through the door, unsolicited mail. None of it lasts long and it doesn’t give me answers. Reading too fast is not soothing.
Janice Galloway
One can make one’s life a complete misery, worrying about burglaries and shipwrecks, but ask anyone, anyone you know … earth-shattering disasters and fabulous inheritances all seems to take place exclusively in the newspapers.
Jean Anouilh
The problem is that with blogging, the model is publish first, maybe fact-check later. In newspapers, the model is you fact check first and then publish. But those models are merging.
Craig Newmark
Nothing is so contrary to military rules as to make the strength of your army known, either in the orders of the day, in proclamations, or in the newspapers.
Napoleon Bonaparte
There was an opinion expressed in the newspapers that, after 20 years, maybe the Israel Philharmonic should consider asking me to leave. I thought they might have a point, so I asked my orchestra. They told me overwhelmingly that they wanted me to stay.
Zubin Mehta
I belong on the stage. I love how the day’s events, whatever you read in the newspapers or watch on the TV, are reflected in the performance and how it’s received.
Mandy Patinkin
I have opened newspapers and read incredible lies.
Ken Livingstone
An old man drinks tea and reads the newspaper–forgetting age for a moment.
Mason Cooley
If the newspapers cut me up so much that I shall not venture before the world again, I have resolved to become a house painter; that would be as easy as anything else, and I should, at any rate, still be an artist!
Frederic Chopin
There are strange things lost and forgotten in obscure corners of the newspaper.
Arthur Machen
The Guardian,[is] one of the most consistently anti-Catholic newspapers in the world.
George Weigel
Joao Gilberto on guitar could read a newspaper and sound good.
Miles Davis
A city with one newspaper… is like a man with one eye, and often the eye is glass.
A. J. Liebling
Reading, at the deepest level, is a physical experience. Most people are not attuned to this, most people don’t learn how to read – poetry for example, or high-quality prose. They’re used to reading magazines and newspapers, which are only of the mind, but not of the body.
Paul Auster
The newspapers at one time said that I was dead but after carefully examining the evidence I came to the conclusion that this statement was false.
Bertrand Russell
It is well to remember that freedom through the press is the thing that comes first. Most of us probably feel we couldn’t be free without newspapers, and that is the real reason we want the newspapers to be free.
Edward R. Murrow
The newspapers! Sir, they are the most villainous – licentious -abominable – infernal – Not that I ever read them – No – I make it a rule never to look into a newspaper.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
I don’t want to be in the newspapers or to feel like I have to manipulate things to make my life seem a way it’s not.
Nadine Coyle
I don’t really read a lot of newspapers. I don’t pay attention to what is being said or written about me. I’ve had lots of experiences in the past when I got too much into it. That sort of diverts your focus.
Virat Kohli
Dreams, though, are just one kind of inspiration – no more or less special than something in a newspaper article or from the world around you sparking inspiration.
Jeff VanderMeer
In the nineteen-thirties, one in four Americans got their news from William Randolph Hearst, who lived in a castle and owned twenty-eight newspapers in nineteen cities.
Jill Lepore
Maybe it has something to do with being a reporter for a long time that I don’t look to newspapers and television and so forth for inspiration most of the time.
Michael Connelly
Well I just always wanted to be a newspaper reporter.
Buzz Bissinger
Journalism is popular, but it is popular mainly as fiction. Life is one world, and life seen in the newspapers is another.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
The way for newspapers to meet the competition of radio and television is simply to get out better papers.
H. L. Mencken
You know how some people complain about the way carriage horses are treated? That they are in a small stall? That is mistreatment. In a holding cell, you get very bored. You have no newspapers, you have no anything.
Bernhard Goetz
Twitter has always been that refreshing place where I can quickly find out what is going on in my tech world. I follow mostly entrepreneurs and VCs – some who I know and some who I don’t know. I have a few companies in my feed. But no newspapers, no magazines, and no mainstream media.
Brad Feld
I didn’t get how big it was until I went home, turned on the television and saw it on all the news, and later that night on the front pages of all the newspapers. Then I got it.
Paul Simon
We’re certainly not perfect, and we’re not probably even better than anybody else, except that perhaps we are given to certain kinds of contemplation that provide a valuable balance to the knee-jerk reactionary behavior of most of our newspapers and political leaders. Poets are great doubters.
Sam Hamill
Every newspaper in the country covers stories that other newspapers cover. Every industry is filled with people who are competing to do the best job providing a particular service.
Ezra Klein
If Obama needs to be criticized, I will criticize him. There’s a tremendous amount of excitement about him. And a corollary of that is, as we’re learning, from newspapers and magazines that are going into overdrive reprinting Obama editions, etc.
Frank Rich
Professional investment may be likened to those newspaper competitions in which the competitors have to pick out the six prettiest faces from a hundred photographs, the prize being awarded to the competitor whose choice most nearly corresponds to the average preferences of the competitors as a whole.
John Maynard Keynes
I have always argued that newspapers should not have any civic purpose beyond telling readers what is happening… A reporter who doesn’t quickly tell readers what they most want to know – the score – won’t last long. Better he should teach political science.
Jack Germond
Since news breaks on digg very quickly, we face the same issues as newspapers which print a retraction for a story that was misreported. The difference with digg is that equal play can be given to both sides of a story, whereas with a newspaper, a retraction or correction is usually buried.
Kevin Rose
Look, in 1800 the sainted Thomas Jefferson arranged to hire a notorious slanderer named James Callender, who worked as a writer at a Republican newspaper in Richmond, Va. Read some of what he wrote about John Adams. This was a personal slander.
Karl Rove
The advertisements in a newspaper are more full knowledge in respect to what is going on in a state or community than the editorial columns are.
Henry Ward Beecher
Patrick Kenzie asking a bemused waitress for a newspaper in smalltown USA. ‘It’s like a homepage without a scroll button?’
Dennis Lehane
I’ve always noted with some awe the reading habits of the Australian public. Australians read more newspapers and magazines per head of population than almost any other country in the world.
Felix Dennis
Two hours on television just doesn’t automatically happen. I’m up early, I’m reading newspapers online, talking to my staff, coming up with ideas.
Wolf Blitzer
When we got off the streetcar at Times Square, it was somewhat of a letdown. Newspapers were blowing about the road and pavement, and Broadway looked seedy, like a slovenly woman just out of bed.
Charlie Chaplin
Many people find their calling very early in their lives. These are the kind of people we read about in school books and newspapers. Then there are some who don’t have a clue of what they want to do in their lives; I am belong to the latter category.
I’ve been drawing authors and politicians for newspapers for many years. I try to read up on the person; in the case of authors, read one of their books. I watch interviews via YouTube and collect pictures via the Internet.
Siegfried Woldhek
The noiseless din that we have long known in dreams, booms at us in waking hours from newspaper headlines.
Theodor Adorno
Don’t worry over what the newspapers say. I don’t. Why should anyone else? I told the truth to the newspaper correspondents – but when you tell the truth to them they are at sea.
William Howard Taft
I’ve been interested in cartooning all my life. I read the comics as a kid, and I did cartoons for high school publications – the newspaper and yearbook and soon. In college, I got interested in political cartooning and did political cartoons.
Bill Watterson
So here, at Arsenal, we are often surprised when we are shown some of the newspapers, and at the bottom of an article there is a line saying if you know of anyone who had an affair with a player, call this number. It is very strange to us.
Dennis Bergkamp
And the whole schtick of the psychedelic experience, I think, is reclaim immediate experience, realize that you out vote all parliaments, police forces, and major newspapers on the planet because, who knows, they may be illusions.
Terence McKenna
Washington newspaper men know everything.
Buffalo Bill
Malcolm X was the national spokesperson of the N.O.I., and he wasn’t represented in their own newspaper for over a year.
Manning Marable
The fault I find with most American newspapers is not the absence of dissent. it is the absence of news. With a dozen or so honorable exceptions, most American newspapers carry very little news. Their main concern is advertising.
I. F. Stone
Every time a boy falls off a tricycle, every time a black cat has gray kittens, every time someone stubs a toe, every time there’s a murder or a fire or the marines land in Nicaragua, the police and the newspapers holler ‘get Capone.’
Al Capone
I’ve been doin’ drive-bys all of my life. Except the bullets are newspapers, the car is my bike.
Bo Burnham
I never look at the newspaper in the morning. That’s the worst thing you can do with your brain.
Steven Holl
I think it works if there’s something online that is not in the show, or in a newspaper, if there’s some added value to it – reading a newspaper on line, sometimes you can get video, which you can’t get from reading a newspaper.
Edward Allen Bernero
I never wanted to write. I just wrote letters home from a kibbutz in Israel to reassure my parents that I was still alive and well fed and having a great time. They thought these letters were brilliant and sent them to a newspaper. So I became a writer by accident.
Maeve Binchy
Do not read the newspapers.
Henry David Thoreau
A study last year showed that the page you turn to first in the newspaper can be a predictor of how long you will live. No surprise, turning first to the Comics Pages prolongs your life.
Elayne Boosler
Try looking at your mind as a wayward puppy that you are trying to paper train. You don’t drop-kick a puppy into the neighbor’s yard every time it piddles on the floor. You just keep bringing it back to the newspaper.
Anne Lamott
Sunday morning may be cheery enough, with its extra cup of coffee and litter of Sunday newspapers, but there is always hanging over it the ominous threat of 3 P.M., when the sun gets around to the back windows and life stops dead in its tracks.
Robert Benchley
When my stories were translated into other languages and received good reviews in the international press and won prizes, some Arab festivals and newspapers began to take an interest in what I had produced. This sudden Arab interest is a form of hypocrisy and nonsense.
Hassan Blasim
I’ve always been a writer, and in high school, I was the editor of my school newspaper and I got a writing scholarship. It’s always been a passion of mine.
Zoe Lister-Jones
You learn a lot though when you have kids, I’ll tell you what. Did you know when a baby poops its diapers, you’re not supposed to hit him with a rolled-up newspaper?
Larry the Cable Guy
Beggars, especially noble beggars, should never show themselves in the street; they should ask for alms through the newspapers. It’s still possible to love one’s neighbor abstractly, and even occasionally from a distance, but hardly ever up close.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
I can’t comment on every article in the newspapers.
Toni Kroos
Remember,the press is a business: Newspapers and magazines are in business to make money – sometimes at the expense of accuracy, fairness and even the truth.
Michael Jackson
We need a daily paper edited and composed according to woman’s own thoughts, and not as woman thinks a man wants her to think and write.
Susan B. Anthony
In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam War, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the Founders hoped and trusted they would do.
Hugo Black
The first intimation I had that the Yankees were for sale was through an item to that effect in the newspapers. The idea instantly occurred to me that here was a prospect to become interested in a major-league club at home.
Jacob Ruppert
Really now: If you can’t get me my newspaper on time, how can you expect me to refrain from killing people?
Jeff Lindsay
That’s the only time when newspapers have some influence, when they are pushing the British public in a direction they are already minded to go.
Andrew Neil
The student newspapers are as important to me as the ‘New York Times.’
DeRay Mckesson
I had – all my life, everybody who knew me thought that I would probably grow up to be a reporter, a newspaper reporter because we didn’t have much television in those days.
Bob Schieffer
I’m pleased to see that the cab is cluttered with cough drop wrappers and empty milk bottles and bits of mud-smeared newspapers made brittle by age. Neatness makes me feel like I have to be on my best behavior. Clutter is my natural habitat.
Maggie Stiefvater
My dad grew up with straight-up no running water. He slept in a twin bed with his two sisters and his mom, like ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ style: like, feet at the head, feet at the head alternating. And then I think his dad slept on, like, a bed of newspapers on a floor in their apartment.
Ali Wong
Rise early. Write. Disappoint your sons. Read the newspaper. Go to bed early. Success.
Arthur Miller
When you become a ‘public person,’ I find it very difficult to keep following social media. It is too harsh, too violent. I only read newspapers online.
Leila Slimani
Newspapers should be read for the study of facts. They should not be allowed to kill the habit of independent thinking.
Mahatma Gandhi
Newspapers can make their own judgment in terms of who they support in a general election. Our responsibility is to make a considered judgment about where the national interest lies.
Douglas Alexander
I don’t have family members calling me and saying, “Is this rumor about you in the newspaper true?,” because they know it’s all bullshit. I already have that support system, and it’s actually been really helpful. My parents have been in the entertainment business for so long that they really know what not to do.
Eve Hewson
One thing I’ve noticed about history – you can search on newspapers going back hundreds of years, search for ‘economic forecast,’ you don’t find it. It would be very rare to find it.
Robert J. Shiller
I hope we never live to see the day when a thing is as bad as some of our newspapers make it.
Will Rogers
A newspaper is a circulating library with high blood pressure.
Arthur Baer
Books and newspapers assume a “common reader” that is, a person who knows the things known by other literate persons in the culture. Obviously, such assumptions are never identical from writer to writer, but they show a remarkable consistency
Edward Hirsch
I still read newspaper comics, but without much hope for their future.
Bill Watterson
If you are working 50 hours a week in a factory, you don’t have time to read 10 newspapers a day and go back to declassified government archives. But such people may have far-reaching insights into the way the world works.
Noam Chomsky
And so to dismiss these homegrown terrorists as boobs, which is one of the terms that was used in one of the New York newspapers after the Miami raid, is true now, but to bet on that is I think a sure way to lose your bank account.
Michael Scheuer
Being able to provoke a different point of view to the standard current ideological or political perspective as played out in conventional newspaper or radio reportage is what a public intellectual does. But it’s not merely about being oppositional, because that’s too negative.
Susie Orbach
I’m cynical about society, politics, newspapers, government. But I’m not cynical about life, love, goodness, death. That’s why I really don’t want to be labeled a cynic.
John Lennon
The worst part of my life is newspapers are still alive – sorry, I had to say it.
Paul LePage
We are given in our newspapers and on TV and radio exactly what we, the public, insist on having, and this very frequently is mediocre information and mediocre entertainment.
Eleanor Roosevelt
If information is true, if it can be verified, and if it’s really important, the newspaper needs to be willing to take the risk associated with using unidentified sources.
Bob Woodward
Slavery is no scholar, no improver; it does not love the whistle of the railroad; it does not love the newspaper, the mailbag, a college, a book or a preacher who has the absurd whim of saying what he thinks; it does not increase the white population; it does not improve the soil; everything goes to decay.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
My great wish is to go on in a strict but silent performance of my duty; to avoid attracting notice, and to keep my name out of the newspapers.
Thomas Jefferson
That a Parliament, especially a Parliament with Newspaper Reporters firmly established in it, is an entity which by its very nature cannot do work, but can do talk only.
Thomas Carlyle
Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil.
[Fr., Tout faiseur de journaux doit tribut au Malin.]
Jean de La Fontaine
I’ve never worked for a newspaper. I’ve had some very bad reviews in newspapers.
Truman Capote
One of the Sunday newspapers asked me to make my favorite dish, and they photographed me holding it in the kitchen. It was roasted salmon with roasted vegetables. That’s not cooking; that’s putting things in a pan. It looked quite nice, but I’m not saying it was good.
Lesley Nicol
From that moment on, the newspaper became a highly lucrative investment for those with a talent for making money or for publishers wanting to gain a fortune.
Ferdinand Lassalle
Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses. He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions of his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else.
Albert Einstein
The real news is bad news.
Marshall McLuhan
Amy Winehouse’s mother wrote an open letter to the News of the World newspaper telling Amy she’s worried about her and to please call her. I doubt this is the best way to communicate with Amy – she should try spelling it out in lines of cocaine.
Chelsea Handler
As long as sixty years ago, when I first started to read newspapers, I read of floods on the Yellow River and the Yangtze. Who rushed in with men and money to help? The Americans did.
Gordon Sinclair
I think democracy’s undermined when those who own newspapers fill them with trivia rather than real issues.
Ken Livingstone
My number one thing is to recycle everything from newspaper to aluminum cans, and I even use a canvas bag instead of the plastic ones when I go to the grocery store.
Maiara Walsh
My father, while touring Ramanathapuram, came to know about my affiliation with the BJP when newspapers carried articles about the new faces of the party.
Tamilisai Soundararajan
In a climate where people don’t understand the numbers, newspapers, campaigners, companies, and politicians can get away with murder
David J. C. MacKay
I’m definitely scared about newspapers. The problem is nobody wants to catch a falling knife, and nobody knows where things will stabilise. The value of newspapers has dropped significantly. I think we still have more pain to be felt.
Jared Kushner
Democrats were simply hoping to win some political points by getting their outlandish rhetoric published in the newspapers and heard on the talk shows.
John Doolittle
A Bible and a newspaper in every house, a good school in every district; all studied and appreciated as they merit; are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civil liberty.
Benjamin Franklin
I was put in the Anda cell at the Arthur Road jail which is the most secluded cell. You have no contact with anyone and you don’t even get newspapers. I was completely numb.
Sooraj Pancholi
As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers, and then say what we read on television like it’s our own opinion.
Janeane Garofalo
I do read movie blogs. I think what’s really interesting – Probably everyone says this, but what’s interesting is it, it takes away the power, from the newspaper magnates, so be it Murdoch or whatever. I mean, it’s like the people taking it back. Isn’t it? I mean, do people talk about this all the time?
Rachel Weisz
The question I ask myself is what would have happened if newspapers hadn’t initially given their content away for free on the Internet. It’s so hard to get people to pay once they are accustomed to having something for free.
Tom Rachman
It’s extremely damaging to a fair trial to have people reaching judgment about the case in the newspapers and on the radio before the facts are heard in a case.
Bill James
Calm and silent and steady work, and no newspaper humbug, no name-making, you must always remember.
Swami Vivekananda
Newspapers and magazines have been valuable to us precisely because they apply filters to information, otherwise known as editing, and often the Internet seems valuable for exactly the opposite reason: You can get your news without a filter.
Michael Specter
The media love to cover black people on the front page. After all, when you live in a society that will lock up about 30 percent of all black men at some time in their lives and send more of them to prison than to college, chances are a fair number of those black faces will end up in the newspaper.
Michael Moore
I been seeing newspapers every Sunday morning, white dudes be in there in their drawers, never having no bulge in they drawers. Smiling at you. If I ain’t have no bulge, I wouldn’t be smiling!
Eddie Murphy
Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul.
Henri Matisse
There are only so many things we can do that make us feel better. We pick up the newspapers and we want to cry every day. We turn on the news and we want to jump out the first window, jump in front of the first truck.
Kenneth Cole
I collect words and phrases and cut things out of newspapers and keep scrapbooks and write down ideas in my phone or 10,000 notebooks all around my house. It’s not very organised, but I keep collecting, so I did have a lot of material to help me to write songs.
Roisin Murphy
Reading the morning newspaper is the realist’s morning prayer.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
A journalist is a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns, a tutor of nations. Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Seeing my name in the newspapers after winning the national junior championship motivated me to win more medals and I have never looked back since then.
Geeta Phogat
Every company is its own TV station, magazine, and newspaper.
Jay Baer
I buy newspapers to make money to buy more newspapers to make more money.
Roy Thomson
Jessica Battilana has been my kindred cooking spirit for more than 10 years. Our careers as cooks and writers have taken us through the same Bay Area restaurants, bakeries, magazines, and newspapers.
Samin Nosrat
I am far from denying that newspapers in democratic countries lead citizens to do very ill-considered things in common; but without newspapers there would be hardly any common action at all. So they mend many more ills than they cause.
Alexis de Tocqueville
Working on newspapers, you’re writing to a certain length, often very brief pieces; you tend to look for easy forms of humor – women can’t drive, things like that. That’s about the level of a lot of newspaper humor. It becomes a form of laziness.
Tom Wolfe
Merely transferring the content of existing newspapers online and expecting payment won’t work because they are two separate business concepts.
Robert G. Picard
There’s a thrill when you steal something in plain view of other people. When you drop a newspaper over a sign and walk away with it, or take something off a wall and the sound of the glue ripping makes people turn around. Your heart is racing, it’s a rush.
George Carlin
Look at the mother of Washington! She raised a boy that could not tell a lie–could not tell a lie! But he never had any chance. It might have been different if he had belonged to the Washington Newspaper Correspondents’ Club
Mark Twain
It may be coincidence that the decline of newspapers has corresponded with the rise of social media. Or maybe not.
Ryan Holmes
These newspaper reporters… ever since Sullivan versus New York Times… have got a license to lie.
Edward Bennett Williams
As a child growing up in the precincts of wealth, and later as a college student, newspaper reporter and resident of New York’s Upper East Side, I got used to listening to the talk of financial killings and sexual misalliance that animates the conversation of the rich and the familiars of the rich.
Lewis H. Lapham
Frankly, no newspaper is set up to monitor for cheats and fabricators.
Howell Raines
I wrote newspaper articles professionally for seven years, and I love newspapers. I’m hopeful that new business models will emerge that allow the newspaper culture to genuinely thrive in the digital age.
Al Gore
The smaller newspapers probably won’t have any critics at all. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing because there’s a certain level of seriousness that you can’t get with a small newspaper for critics.
Terry Teachout
The Press blew, the public stared, hands flew out like a million little fishes after bread.
Enid Bagnold
A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.
Burton Malkiel
The Washington Post was interesting because it’s such a politically minded newspaper.
Rachel McAdams
There are ways you can find people to help you market your company on the Internet. If you have the right people helping you, you can get the word out. Newspaper and TV ads are expensive. If you can get the word out through social media, that’s a big advantage.
Michael Franzese
I would have a poet able bodied, fond of talking, a reader of the newspapers, capable of pity and laughter, informed in economics, appreciative of women, involved in personal relationships, actively interested in politics, susceptible to physical impressions.
Louis MacNeice
Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.
Thomas Jefferson
Formula One gives a platform to companies like Rolex – and that’s just in media space, watching television or reading newspapers, digital or physical. You see the brand in the context of the competition and bring it to the attention of everybody on a regular basis.
Martin Sorrell
I’m afraid that this is me getting on my high horse now but we have yob television, yob newspapers, and funny enough whereas it was my mum and dad, school, police, church who used to set the standards, now it’s tabloids and yob television who set the standards by which people live.
Gordon Strachan
More than print and ink, a newspaper is a collection of fierce individualists who somehow manage to perform the astounding daily miracle of merging their own personalities under the discipline of the deadline and retain the flavor of their own minds in print.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
I read the newspapers with lively interest. It is seldom that they are absolutely, point-blank wrong. That is the popular belief, but those who are in the know can usually discern an embryo of truth, a little grit of fact, like the core of a pearl, round which have been deposited the delicate layers of ornament.
Evelyn Waugh
The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.
Henry Ward Beecher
I’m old enough to remember the end of World War II. On Aug. 14, 1946, a year after the Japanese were defeated, most newspapers and magazines had single articles commemorating the end of the war.
Harry Browne
Nothing could be older than the daily news, nothing deader than yesterday’s newspaper.
Edward Abbey
Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte
A newspaper man wrote an article that I had 300 million dollars, well, I wish I had a million dollars
Meyer Lansky
A truth now and then projecting into the ocean of newspaper lies serves like headlands to correct our course. Indeed, my scepticism as to everything I see in a newspaper makes me indifferent whether I ever see one.
Thomas Jefferson
Before she married my father, my mother was a film reviewer for The Akron Beacon Journal – a small newspaper.
Jim Jarmusch
As editor-in-chief of the ‘Guardian’ and the ‘Observer’, my job is to ensure that our independent journalism continues to be enjoyed by as many readers as possible and that our print newspapers make a positive financial contribution to securing a sustainable future.
Katharine Viner
Some newspapers in Britain have become closer to these kind of mafia families. They wield an incredible power. They choose our governments, they choose our prime ministers, and they live above the law.
Hugh Grant
Since that deluge of newspaper articles I have been so flooded with questions, invitations, suggestions, that I keep dreaming I am roasting in Hell, and the mailman is the devil eternally yelling at me, showering me with more bundles of letters at my head because I have not answered the old ones.
Albert Einstein
I am personally acquainted with hundreds of journalists, and the opinion of the majority of them would not be worth tuppence in private, but when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking (the pygmy scribe is not visible) and then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy.
Mark Twain
Hollywood is right. A good and strong movie can have a more powerful social impact than any and all political speeches or newspaper editorials and columns.
Mike Royko
Blessed are they who never read a newspaper, for they shall see Nature, and through her, God.
Henry David Thoreau
My first paid job was delivering newspapers. The first paid acting job I got was dressing up as Edam cheese and handing out leaflets on London’s Oxford Street. I got pushed over by these little herberts and given a good shoe-in.
Jason Flemyng
I’m very always saddened by the fact that people aren’t buying newspapers. They may be reading the news online, but the depth, width, breadth of what we really need to understand in the world, to be informed and engaged, I think that’s sometimes challenged.
Kathy Eldon
People hear about stuff from their friends or a magazine or a newspaper.
David Byrne
When you think about advertising, it’s understanding that whether it’s newspaper, radio, or television, you have to know how to advertise, how to market, because ultimately, everything comes down to ratings and revenue or ratings and subscribers and revenue, whether it’s newspapers or radio or television.
Stephen A. Smith
To wake up in England and have the newspaper on your front door with a headline that says, ‘Ozzie’s Beach Whale of a Daughter,’ doesn’t really do much for your self-esteem at all.
Kelly Osbourne
I read in the newspaper that the Catholic Church finally decided that it had been theologically improper to try to convert the Jews. Whoops! Sorry for all those inquisitions, crusades, and autos-da-fe. Previous popes were wrong – infallible, perhaps, but wrong.
Alan Dershowitz
People are tried and convicted in the newspapers and on television before they ever see a courtroom.
Assata Shakur
Newspapers are the Bibles of worldlings. How diligently they read them! Here they find their law and profits, their judges and chronicles, their epistles and revelations.
Charles Spurgeon
Newspapers and their editors have to become as accountable as the rest of us – they are not ‘a special case,’ and they have only themselves to blame for having lost the argument for ‘exceptionalism’ – and with it the right to ‘self-regulation.’
David Puttnam
If [Barack] Obama or the boss or the newspapers or anyone else tells you they’re doing this, that, or the other thing, dismiss it or assume the opposite is true, which it often is.
Noam Chomsky
As a four-year-old, my mother told me I was climbing the fence, jumping off and calling myself an ‘eppyplane’… I bought books on aeroplanes, I followed everything in the newspapers about aeroplanes. Amy Johnson flew to Australia in 1930 – why couldn’t I do something like that?
Nancy Bird Walton
Common-sense appears to be only another name for the thoughtlessness of the unthinking. It is made of the prejudices of childhood, the idiosyncrasies of individual character and the opinion of the newspapers.
W. Somerset Maugham
I loved writing for the school newspaper. I liked to report and interview people, but I really liked to write columns, funny columns.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Nowhere else can one find so miscellaneous, so various, an amount of knowledge as is contained in a good newspaper.
Henry Ward Beecher
I met Ulrika Jonsson on December 8, 2001, at some party hosted by the Daily Express, or maybe it was the Daily Star. The FA wanted me to travel around to various newspapers to be courteous and meet the editors. I visited the News Of The World too, and met a woman with big, red hair. I didn’t memorise her name.
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Only the aspirants for president are fool enough to believe what they read in the newspapers.
Christopher Hitchens
Publishers have realized that, unlike the previous time period, American teenagers are both smarter and require more topical material than they had been giving them before that. For one thing, they’ll read thicker books. Besides, has anybody looked at the news or read the newspapers recently?
Tamora Pierce
Nowadays, her life is more like a newspaper: aimless, up-to-date and full of meaningless events
Michel Faber
Never believe in mirrors or newspapers.
Tom Stoppard
And he remembered thinking then that if she died, he was certain he wouldn’t cry. For it would be the dying face of an unknown, a street face, a newspaper image, and it was suddenly so very wrong that he had begun to cry, not at death but at the thought of not crying at death, a silly empty man near a silly empty woman.
Ray Bradbury
Italy in the 1920s, Germany in the ’30s, East Germany in the ’50s, Czechoslovakia in the ’60s, the Latin American dictatorships in the ’70s, China in the ’80s and ’90s – all dictatorships and would-be dictators target newspapers and journalists.
Naomi Wolf
The Defense Department’s plan to ban newspaper reporters from pool coverage of military operations is incredible. It reveals the administration to be out of touch with journalism, reality and the First Amendment.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
Radio, newspapers, they were normal parts of my life. In those days, you had to go somewhere to watch television and leave something to see it.
Robert Redford
God is unchanging in His love. He loves you. He has a plan for your life. Don’t let the newspaper headlines frighten you. God is still sovereign; He’s still on the throne.
Billy Graham
Far more thought and care go into the composition of any prominent ad in a newspaper or magazine than go into the writing of their features and editorials.
Marshall McLuhan
Colm Feore. Newspaper column, Norwegian water. Column of steel, column of virtue, just for God’s sake, Colm.
Colm Feore
My Dad took a workshop from a photographer who worked at the Toledo Blade, a newspaper I delivered. I knew this photographer’s work. My Dad took a night class from him at the University of Toledo. Without that class, I wouldn’t have become a photographer, because my Dad came home and taught me what he learned in class.
Sam Abell
It’s always helpful to look outside of the web for your inspiration, to places where you might not at first expect to find a solution. The world is a collage of inspiration, from newspapers, magazine publishing, and advertising to product design, architecture and the fine arts.
Andy Clark
Because people have read those things in the newspapers, they think it is true. Ten years ago all these things I have just mentioned would have upset me.
Ruud van Nistelrooy
It’s still a great, big, beautiful, wonderful world no matter what the headlines of the newspapers are and it’s there to be explored. It’s there for our children to go out and explore and explore different cultures and learn from it. I never lose hope.
Liam Neeson
if newspapers were written by people whose sole object in writing was to tell the truth about politics and the truth about art we should not believe in war, and we should believe in art.
Virginia Woolf
Speaking specifically about the memoir, I know that’s a criticism that people can have about my work. When I look at the young men’s lives, if they’re reduced to the worst thing they’ve done, then it’s easy for them to become a stereotype. I keep running into that with newspaper articles that are very short.
Jesmyn Ward
By the time I received my doctorate in American studies in 1957, I was in the twisted grip of a disease of our times in which the sufferer experiences an overwhelming urge to join the ‘real world.’ So I started working for newspapers.
Tom Wolfe
A time will come when people will think I am a myth, or rather something the newspapers have made up.
Paul Gauguin
If I read the newspaper I come out dirtier than I went in. If I read my Bible, I come out cleaner than I went in, and I like being clean!
Smith Wigglesworth
I don’t go looking for the post-match team pictures posted by players on Instagram, but usually, someone ends up showing them to me, or I notice them when they get printed in the newspapers.
Paul Scholes
There is no substitute for a local newspaper that is doing its job.
Warren Buffett
I don’t have to run the Peace Corps. I could live without seeing my picture in the newspapers and without being interviewed.
Sargent Shriver
If one were searching for the best means to efface and kill in a whole nation the discipline of self-respect, the feeling for what is elevated, he could do no better than take the American newspapers.
Matthew Arnold
The thing with newspapers is that they are a filter. We’re relying on the editors of that paper to be a filter and to tell you that this is worth reading about, this is quality, and this is quite reliable.
Kevin Macdonald
I always got appreciation for the columns I wrote for newspapers.
Divya Dutta
What I enjoy about reviewing and writing for newspapers and periodicals is simply the chance to talk about all kinds of books and lots of them.
Michael Dirda
I still really like newspapers. I’m gonna feel really sad when they go. Or not – maybe I’ll be dead.
Michael Keaton
the ‘public’ – a term often used in America to indicate the great metropolitan newspapers.
Mary Ritter Beard
Even if he was happier in Asia than he’d been in Latin America, the wanderlust still worked on my father’s insides like a disease. One of the most recurrent memories of my childhood is of him sitting in his armchair in the evenings, poring over atlases the way other fathers read newspapers or books.
Scott Anderson
When you get deep ecologists who are philosophers, and they drive cars and take newspapers and don’t grow their own vegetables, in fact they’re not deep ecologists – they’re my enemies.
Bill Mollison
If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
Malcolm X
The subjects I wanted to write about – the mystery of the human soul, evil – didn’t interest newspapers, and news reporting bored me.
Svetlana Alexievich
Years ago, when James Bulger was murdered, every newspaper front page was talking about evil. At that point, having suppressed it for years, I remembered when I was four or five, I tried to kill my own brother.
Tilda Swinton
You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don’t know what was in the newspapers that morning a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.
Joseph Campbell
I can’t think of a single one of my plays that does not represent a coincidence between an external and an internal event. Something outside of me, outside even my own life, something I read in a newspaper or witness on the street, something I see or hear, fascinates me. I see it for its dramatic potential.
Athol Fugard
Think of something you really care about. Then add hour to hour and calculate the fraction of your life that you’ve actually spent in doing it. And then calculate the time you’ve spent on things like shaving, riding to and fro on buses, waiting in railway junctions, swapping dirty stories, and reading the newspapers.
George Orwell
Too many journalists and scientists have built their careers on the global-warming alarm. Certain newspapers have staked their reputation on it. The death of this theory will be painful and ugly. But it will die. Because it is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Martin Durkin
In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly.
Hugo Black
How something important happens is the business of historians and newspapers, the effect it has is the business of philosophers and writers and especially poets.
Karl Shapiro
A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.
H. L. Mencken
You know, there are not only – all of the networks, and I mean every television news operation and print and radio and magazines, newspapers, all of them, are remiss in the diversity area. I mean, none of these organizations have reached a level of parity
Connie Chung
The information superhighway is a revolution that in years to come will transcend newspapers, radio, and television as an information source. Therefore, I think this is the time to put some restrictions on it.
J. James Exon
After three days without one, the desire to read a newspaper vanished. And really, one was happier without.
Josephine Tey
I think that the days when newspaper barons could basically click their fingers and governments would snap to attention have gone.
Nick Clegg
Scanning the newspapers and absorbing with a mixture of incredulity and indignation the enormities they report, I conclude that what England lacks today is, quite simply, sense.
Paul Johnson
Throughout the day remind yourself that you are moving through eternity. Be focused. Be centered. Be in the now. Know what is going on in the world. Read a newspaper once in a while.
Frederick Lenz
I think almost every newspaper in the United States has lost circulation due to the Internet. I also think the Internet will lead to a lot of plagiarism in journalism.
Will McDonough
Theater is a very changeable art. It responds to the moment in history the way the newspaper does, and there’s no predicting what to come up with next.
Arthur Miller
While we reduce our own carbon footprint we will encourage the companies who truck our DVDs and newspapers, sell us paper, and provide an enormous range of products and services to all contribute.
Rupert Murdoch
I will be in Orlando during the atheist convention to do my best to counter the assaults upon Christ of the atheists. I also plan on running a large newspaper ad in the Orlando Sentinel addressed to the atheists and warning the Orlando area of the atheists’ vile plans for their children.
Bill Murray
When my book ‘Rich Dad’s Prophecy’ was released in 2002, most financial newspapers and magazines trashed it because I discussed a looming stock market crash.
Robert Kiyosaki
Once in 1919, when I was traveling at night by train, I wrote a short story. In the town where the train stopped, I took the story to the publisher of the newspaper who published the story.
Mikhail Bulgakov
If you would be a poet, write living newspapers. Be a reporter from outer space, filing dispatches to some supreme managing editor who believes in full disclosure and has a low tolerance for bullshit.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
I do not read newspapers. I do not watch television. I am not interested in current events, although I will occasionally discuss them if other people want to discuss them.
Diane Wakoski
Whenever I read the newspaper, I say to myself, ‘At least my wife loves me.’
Bill Gross
Three centuries after the appearance of Franklin’s ‘Courant’, it no longer requires a dystopic imagination to wonder who will have the dubious distinction of publishing America’s last genuine newspaper. Few believe that newspapers in their current printed form will survive.
Eric Alterman
Well, except for ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, the Washington Post, and about another 100 newspapers, I find little evidence of liberal bias in the media.
Rupert Murdoch
A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.
Mark Twain
General de Gaulle is again pictured in our newspapers, looking as usual like an embattled codfish.
Sylvia Townsend Warner
The journalists have obviously failed to capture my innate magnetism, humour and charisma, and they all need to be fired from their newspapers right away.
Alexei Sayle
The newspaper is a marvelous medium. It is extraordinarily convenient and cheap. Let’s see. This one cost 75 cents. Now that’s a little high. I bought it when I was downtown this morning.
Harrison Salisbury
The Australian sees itself not as a mere newspaper, but as a player in the game of national politics, calling upon the vast resources of the Murdoch empire and the millions of words it has available to it to try to make and unmake governments.
Robert Manne
All the legal action I’ve taken against newspapers has had a massively positive effect on my life and achieved exactly what I wanted, which is privacy and non-harassment.
Sienna Miller
The votes of 60,000 Floridians were not counted. The Court threw out all 60,00 votes. And that’s what the newspapers around the country are counting now.
Vincent Bugliosi
The reason we have not gone to newspapers is because its a slow growth industry and I think they are dying. I’m not sure there will be newspapers in 10 years. I read newspapers every day. I even read Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal.
Sumner Redstone
There is a dumbing down of the news. Newspapers today seem more like tabloids. I have to wade through seven newspapers before I can find a couple of paragraphs that are serious news. What a pity!
Shabana Azmi
Let me make the newspapers, and I care not what is preached in the pulpit or what is enacted in Congress.
Wendell Phillips
I love the way my weight fluctuates in the newspapers. It was 18 stone and then people look at a bad picture of me and add a few more stone on. I think the highest was 22 stone.
Johnny Vegas
Every day, TV, newspapers, and the Internet bombard us with a message that we’re destroying the earth. Ice caps are melting, rivers are dying, polar bears are drowning, and trees are doing something.
Penn Jillette
Political satire is a serious thing. In democratic newspapers throughout the world there are daily cartoons that often are not even funny, as is the case especially in many English-language newspapers. Instead, they contain a political message, and the artist takes full responsibility.
Umberto Eco
For chat-room tyros who expect to make their first million day-trading by age 27, paging through the Sunday newspaper with a pair of scissors just to save a couple of cents on Cheetos seems so, well, old economy.
Alex Berenson
Over no nation does the press hold a more absolute control than over the people of America, for the universal education of the poorest classes makes every individual a reader.
Washington Irving
In the end, does it really matter if newspapers physically disappear? Probably not: the world is always changing. But does it matter if organisations independent enough and rich enough to employ journalists to do their job disappear? Yes, that matters hugely; it affects the whole of life and society.
Andrew Marr
Every child should have time for arts, music, sports, drama, robotics, school newspapers and the like, not to mention recess and play.
Chris Gabrieli
We must not seek the child Jesus in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs. We must seek him among the undernourished children who have gone to bed at night with nothing to eat, among the poor newsboys who will sleep covered with newspapers in doorways.
Oscar Romero
It’s (baseball) on the radio and in the newspapers every day, the only game you can follow on that basis. From whatever arm’s length you choose, it’s always there.
Tom Seaver
When newspapers started to publish the box office scores of movies, I was horrified. Those results are totally fake because they never include the promotion budget.
Francis Ford Coppola
People are hysterical about the death of newspapers, and I would say, ‘They’re not dying; they’re just kind of reinventing themselves.’
Jared Kushner
Right after 9-11, as far as I know, one newspaper in the United States had the integrity to investigate opinion in the Muslim world: the ‘Wall Street Journal.’
Noam Chomsky
Read to your children all of the time
Novels and nursery rhymes
Autobiographies, even the newspaper
It doesn’t mater; it’s quality time
Because once upon a time
We grew up on stories in the voices in which they were told
We need words to hold us and the world to behold us
For us to truly know our souls
Taylor Mali
I just have friends that don’t sell their pictures to newspapers.
Heather Mills
Each time I have the urge in me to make a statement or send a message or to issue a manifesto, I don’t bother to write a novel. I write an article and publish it in a popular newspaper, or I make a television appearance.
Amos Oz
Information on the Internet must be as free as in the newspapers.
Omar Bongo
Newspaper : A device unable to distinguish between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilisation.
George Bernard Shaw
The newspaper is a lecture. The Web is a conversation.
James Lileks
Composers need words, but they do not necessarily need poetry. The Russian composer, Aleksandr Mossolov, who chose texts from newspaper small ads, had a good point to make. With revolutionary music, any text can be set to work.
James Fenton
As the newspaper industry continues to contract, one of the most commonly voiced fears is that serious investigative journalism will be among the victims of the scaleback. And, indeed, many newspapers are drastically reducing their investigative teams.
Arianna Huffington
. . . the newspapers of Utopia, he had long ago decided, would be terribly dull.
Arthur C. Clarke
Yes, the disruption of the Internet can be blamed for the destruction of the business model that once made journalism a thriving, well-paying enterprise, but it has also created an array of new tools for reporting. Somebody will eventually figure out how to make online newspapers profitable – I hope.
David Horsey
A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.
Arthur Miller
The difference between burlesque and the newspapers is that the former never pretended to be performing a public service by exposure.
I. F. Stone
Karl Barth said it well: “We have to read the Bible in one hand… and the newspaper in the other.” Our faith should not cause us to escape this world but to engage it.
Shane Claiborne
We live in an age in which the imagination of the novelist is helpless against what he knows he is going to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.
Philip Roth
The truth is that very few newspapers in the country are willing to do a fair and impartial investigation into the shenanigans of industrialists, politicians or government.
Sucheta Dalal
Let me make the newspapers, and I care not what is preached in the pulpit or what is enacted in Congress
Wendell Phillips
The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism.
Henry A. Wallace
I know so many acting careers that are deliberately kickstarted by a publicist placing a bit of rubbish in a newspaper. And I don’t want that. If someone recognises me, I want it to be because they’ve seen me in something, not because they have seen me at something.
Sophia Myles
I have not looked at a newspaper in twenty years; if one is brought into the room, I flee. This is not because I am indifferent but because one cannot follow every road.
Jean Cocteau
A well known Los Angeles newspaper referred to a small group of gentlemen who live up on a mountain and practice Zen as ‘the Zen cult’. The cult phenomenon is definitely journalistically ‘in’.
Frederick Lenz
Reform keeps many scores of newspapers in its service, but not one man.
Henry David Thoreau
I think we are living in a time where the consumer has lots of choices, whether it’s coffee, newspapers or whatever it is. And there is parity in the market place, and as a result of that, the consumer is beginning to make decisions, not just on what things cost and the convenience of it.
Howard Schultz
I know there’s a lot of competition in the world of magazines and newspapers and we have to make headlines and be sensational and sell, and saying bad things about me is going to sell more papers than writing good things about me.
Madonna Ciccone
Newspapers. . . give us the bald, sordid, disgusting facts of life. They chronicle, with degrading avidity, the sins of the second-rate, and with the conscientiousness of the illiterate give us accurate and prosaic details. . .
Oscar Wilde
I think any good cartoon sums things up for people. It’s kind of ironic we appear on the editorial pages of newspapers, but now of course we’re transferring over to the net, and that gets a lot more attention.
Terry Mosher
None of the established museums were treating cartoons seriously. It was considered a lesser art or no art at all, just a way to sell newspapers. Even the syndicates who were dedicated to the cartoons were throwing them out, figuring they had no value after they were printed.
Mort Walker
I mentioned that Mignolet is bad at coming for crosses and as soon as that went into the newspapers, he got better.
Bruce Grobbelaar
If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
Malcolm X
Every editor of newspapers pays tribute to the devil.
Jean de La Fontaine
LICKSPITTLE, n. A useful functionary, not infrequently found editing a newspaper . . . the lickspittle is only the blackmailer under another aspect, although the latter is frequently found as an independent species.
Ambrose Bierce
If we did ten things, nine were bad and got disclosed by the newspapers, we will be over. Then I will go, to the countryside, lead the peasant and revolt. If the Liberation Army do not follow me, I will get the Red Army.
Mao Zedong
I happen to have a public profile. Ditto newspaper editors. It’s a result of what I do, not an end.
Steve Coogan
To me, smoking pot meant sitting with a newspaper on my legs, rolling the seeds down, pulling the twigs out and finally producing a perfectly cylindrical, absolutely wonderful joint that you either locked at both ends or pinched off, or pinched at one end and left open at the other.
George Carlin
Read two newspapers a day. And not just online. Hold them in your hands. Get ink on your fingers.
John Callaway
I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper.
Henry David Thoreau
I personally made lots of mistakes during my 10-12 years as a newspaper editor. Some of which I felt were big mistakes I have tried to address.
And I sometimes find that members of my family are reading completely different news from what I’m reading, because they’re not reading general interest newspapers at all. They’re getting all their news from certain Internet sites that are rather political.
Martha Nussbaum
In general, Hitler embodied the view of any popular newspaper.
A. N. Wilson
I think there’d be huge losses if there weren’t newspapers. I know everything’s shifting to the Internet and some people would say, ‘News is news, what you’re talking about is a change of consumption, not the product that’s out there.’ But I think there is a change.
Michael Connelly
In France we have a law which doesn’t allow the press to publish a photo that you didn’t approve. It lets the paparazzi take the picture, but if they publish this picture, you have the choice to sue the newspaper. So me, I always sued them.
Audrey Tautou
Deprived of their newspapers or a novel, reading-addicts will fall back onto cookery books, on the literature which is wrapped around bottles of patent medicine, on those instructions for keeping the contents crisp which are printed on the outside of boxes of breakfast cereals. On anything.
Aldous Huxley
If you want to touch the hearts of people you can’t do that with newspapers or with radio, you have to do it with TV.
Gerhard Zeiler
I get all the truth I need in the newspaper every morning, and every chance I get I go fishing, or swap stories with fishermen to get the taste of it out of my mouth.
Ed Zern
If you took away all pain, if everyone lived forever, everything would be bland, flat and boring; there would be no reason for art, music, newspapers, love because we would all be in a mono state of happiness.
Matt Haig
Most of us live for the critic, and he lives on us. He doesn’t sacrifice himself. He gets so much a line for writing a criticism. If the birds should read the newspapers, they would all take to changing their notes. The parrots would exchange with the nightingales, and what a farce it would be!
William Morris Hunt
The biggest challenge for newspapers has been that the public has far more choices for news, information, and diversion than in the past.
Robert G. Picard
A newspaper is lumber made malleable. It is ink made into words and pictures. It is conceived, born, grows up and dies of old age in a day.
Jim Bishop
If I want to ban any newspaper, I will, with good reason.
Yahya Jammeh
Oh, how few find time for prayer! There is time for everything else, time to sleep and time to eat, time to read the newspaper and the novel, time to visit friends, time for everything else under the sun, but-no time for prayer, the most important of all things, the one great essential!
Oswald J. Smith
The follies, vices, and consequent miseries of multitudes, displayed in a newspaper, are so many admonitions and warnings, so many beacons, continually burning, to turn others from the rocks on which they have been shipwrecked.
Thomas Hartwell Horne
I was sports editor for my high school newspaper, but I think I shied away from journalism.
Jenna Bush
When you have a foreign invasion – in this case by the Indonesian army – writers, intellectuals, newspapers and magazines are the first targets of repression.
Antonio Tabucchi
I went through a period of first successes. Then there was the inevitable change: the bad newspaper articles. Some people don’t care about that, but I do. I’m hurt. I feel it. I don’t think I’ve done anything dreadful. Sometimes you do things for reasons the press doesn’t know. But I’m happy to go on as I have.
Audrey Hepburn
He is not someone who went off to play in Europe and only a few Americans follow. He has the potential to be on magazine covers and more newspaper coverage.
Lamar Hunt
I think in daily newspapers, the way comic strips are treated, it’s as if newspaper publishers are going out of their way to kill the medium.
Matt Groening
I think my becoming a writer had much to do with spending a chunk of each year sitting by myself out in a tent without radio, without newspapers, without a whole lot of people to interact with, without anybody having any sort of similar background to me.
Robert Sapolsky
Newspapers should have no friends.
Joseph Pulitzer
Why did I become a writer? Because I grew up in New York City, and there were seven newspapers in New York City, and my family was an inveterate reader of newspapers and I loved holding a paper in my hand. It was something sacred.
H. G. Bissinger
The tabloids operate in an amoral parallel universe where the bottom line is selling newspapers.
Steve Coogan
I ran the high school newspaper and was in student government. I played sports my whole life but was never picked as captain.
Bing Gordon
Whenever I write anything that sets up controversy its meaning is distorted almost instantly. Even the editorial writers of newspapers seem to be unable to understand the plainest sentence.
H. L. Mencken
Newspapers today have almost replaced the Bible, the Koran, the Gita and other religious scriptures.
Mahatma Gandhi
The newspaper is dying. I’m not sure there will be newspapers and its one business I’d never be in
Sumner Redstone
That endless book, the newspaper, is our national glory.
Henry Ward Beecher
I tend to be a bit of a proselytiser for the importance of royal courts, but all politics – in fact every form of human organisation, and this is something that’s so dreadful for all those brought up in the 60s – naturally reverts to monarchy. Newspapers have editors, companies have chief executives.
David Starkey
He had read books, newspapers and magazines. He knew that if you ran away you sometimes met bad people who did bad things to you; but he had also read fairy tales, so he knew that there were kind people out there, side by side with the monsters.
Neil Gaiman
I don’t open the newspapers (to see what’s written about me). I don’t read them and you can see them hanging at the stand outside my hotel room. I focus on my game only. Last 21 years have been really special for me and I throughly enjoyed my joyful journey
Sachin Tendulkar
Have you noticed that life, with murders and catastrophes and fabulous inheritances, happens almost exclusively in newspapers?
Jean Anouilh
Those who don’t read the newspapers are better off than those who do insofar as those who know nothing are better off than those whose heads are filled with half-truths and lies.
Thomas Jefferson
The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Newspapers tell beforehand what is going to happen – maybe.
Carl Sandburg
I can read a lot of French newspapers with Google Translate and have them read quite comfortably.
Ethan Zuckerman
For many years I have devoted articles and essays to newspapers, from the inside. So criticism of the newspapers was a topic that I practiced for a long time.
Umberto Eco
It wouldn’t kill you to watch a film or pick up a newspaper once in a while.
Aaron Sorkin
My theory was that a city without a newspaper is a city without a soul.
Luis A. Ferre
Suddenly the whole imagination of writing and editorial and newspaper and all these presumptions about who am I reading this, and who else other people may be, and all that, it’s so grimly brutal!
Robert Creeley
I suppose I will go on selling newspapers until at last will come the late night final.
Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook
in the newspapers I read a biography about an American. He left his whole huge fortune to factories and for the positive sciences, his skeleton to the students at the academy there, and his skin to make a drum so as to have the American national anthem drummed on it day and night.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Newspapers are not free and they never have been. They can appear to be so, but someone, somewhere is covering the costs whether that is through advertising, a patron’s largesse or a license fee. Advertising is no longer subsidising the industry and so the cost must fall somewhere – why not on the people who use it?
Heather Brooke
But I know newspapers. They have the first amendment and they can tell any lie knowing it’s a lie and they’re protected if the person’s famous or it’s a company.
Steve Wozniak
Whether I’m reading a national publication or one of my local Chicago newspapers, I don’t need to turn too many pages before I stumble upon another scandal. Not only do ethics violations deteriorate the public trust, but they also disrupt and undermine legitimate debate and policy.
Mike Quigley
I have quite good general knowledge and I had a very drilled education from an early age. I do know more than most people. I know more than most journalists. I know more than most columnists on big, important newspapers.
Giles Coren
Somebody once said I had a face for radio and a voice for newspapers.
Jerry Springer
Newspaper men, perhaps more than any other class, are rated by ability.
Franklin Knight Lane
As for what is not true, you will always find abundance in the newspapers.
Thomas Jefferson
There were always plenty of newspapers in the house. The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail were all regular fixtures on the coffee table. I used to enjoy reading The Times editorial pages and the Daily Mail sports pages.
Lionel Barber
I grew up in a very British family who had been transplanted to Canada, and my grandmother’s house was filled with English books. I was a very early reader, so I was really brought up being surrounded with piles of British books and British newspapers, British magazines. I developed a really great love of England.
Alan Bradley
Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words in a book or a newspaper the resulting effect is physical as well as spiritual, and electrically prompt.
Mark Twain
The truth is that the newspaper is not a place for information to be given, rather it is just hollow content, or more than that, a provoker of content. If it prints lies about atrocities, real atrocities are the result.
Karl Kraus
I don’t really use the Internet or the newspapers to find out about people.
Rupert Friend
In 10 years, this sleepy Canada will be ripe for annexation – the farmers in Manitoba, etc., will demand it themselves. Besides, the country is half annexed already socially – hotels, newspapers, advertising, etc., all on the American pattern.
Friedrich Engels
Daily, from sunrise to sunset, the radio, newspapers and magazines broadcast to the world how to maintain health, how to regain health… the conflicting information, expressive of the different opinions of these various health authorities, has proved to be nothing less than confusion.
Joseph Pilates
Essence of newspaper is the large size. You are a reader you’re an eagle flying over the desert, you’re scanning. You see the rabbit and you zoom down and you grab it. That just happens naturally in a size that fits very well with how the human body works. Got to have a large display and it has to be portable.
Russ Wilcox
People looking at advertisements or reading their local newspapers would have had no idea that what they were reading was bought and paid for with their tax dollars.
George Miller
As a little boy, my first job was delivering newspapers, and then I had a variety of different jobs. I worked in a butcher shop. I worked in a supermarket. I worked in construction. I dug ditches on the Long Island Expressway in 1954, 1955, 1956.
Kenneth Langone
And, with much of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, and Mussolini’s armies in Albania, on the Greek frontier, one wasn’t sure what came next. So, don’t trust the telephone. Or the newspapers. Or the radio. Or tomorrow.
Alan Furst
Nothing can now be believed that is seen in a newspaper.
Thomas Jefferson
I think people ought to realize that if you’re doing investigative reporting, you’re putting something on your newspaper or on your website that no one can get anywhere else, and theoretically at least, that should make people subscribe.
Mark Ruffalo
One of the issues that we professional newspaper columnists are required by union regulations to voice grave concern about is the federal budget deficit, which we refer to as the “mounting” deficit, because every extra word helps when you have to produce a certain number of gravely concerned newsprint inches.
Dave Barry
I have quite a bit of experience reporting on corporate behavior, both doing it with independent operations in early in my career, in the underground press, to magazines like ‘Rolling Stone,’ to regional newspapers and television, and television news programs, to papers like the ‘New York Times’ and public television.
Lowell Bergman
You don’t want a diction gathered from the newspapers, caught from the air, common and unsuggestive; but you want one whose every word is full-freighted with suggestion and association, with beauty and power.
Rufus Choate
It is hard to read a newspaper or watch a television newscast without encountering someone who has come up with a new ‘solution’ to society’s ‘problems.’
Thomas Sowell
I am fascinated by all the new technology that creates places for us to meet in what is called cyberspace. I understand what it must have meant for the rebellions in the 19th century, especially in 1830 and 1848, when the mass circulated newspaper became so important for the spreading of information.
Henning Mankell
Most British newspapers now have more columns than the Acropolis
Ian Jack
There was a time when the newspapers said that only twelve men understood the theory of relativity. I do not believe there ever was such a time … On the other hand, I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.
Richard P. Feynman
Modeling was another job like some of the other ones I had. Working as a cashier, I delivered newspapers, I worked in a retirement home feeding elderly people. . . so I never stopped and thought about, boy, I’m a successful model.
Kathy Ireland
When I made coffee and Xeroxed and distributed newspapers at ABC News, I thought my life was over.
Katie Couric
It’s strange that the newspapers don’t see a connection between their false revelations about my private life and my need for seclusion and security.
Agnetha Faltskog
Every time a story about me appears in a newspaper, I am injured professionally.
Norman Mailer
Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.
Clay Shirky
From the American newspapers you’d think America was populated solely by naked women and cinema stars.
Nancy Astor
Let’s face it: Most of us don’t realize it, but we are failing our kids as reading role models. The best role models are in the home: brothers, fathers, grandfathers; mothers, sisters, grandmothers. Moms and dads, it’s important that your kids see you reading. Not just books – reading the newspaper is good, too.
James Patterson
Never do anything in life if you would be ashamed of seeing it printed on the front page of your hometown newspaper for your friends and family to see.
Warren Buffett
The difference between real material poison and intellectual poison is that most material poison is disgusting to the taste, but intellectual poison, which takes the form of cheap newspapers or bad books, can unfortunately sometimes be attractive.
Leo Tolstoy
Success is the space one occupies in the newspaper. Success is one day’s insolence.
Elias Canetti
There is no substitute for knowledge. To this day, I read three newspapers a day. It is impossible to read a paper without being exposed to ideas. And ideas – more than money – are the real currency for success.
Eli Broad
Despite my involvement in difficult and sometimes controversial questions I have received consistent support from the people of Ashfield. They have recognised that it is necessary to take difficult decisions, that newspapers do not always report fairly or accurately.
Geoff Hoon
When we listen to the radio, look at television and read the newspapers we wonder whether universal education has been the great boon that its supporters have always claimed it would be.
Robert M. Hutchins
In spring training I’m in every newspaper (in Korea) every day. In the regular season, they watch it on TV.
Hee-seop Choi
The English gentleman is a combination of silence, courtesy, dignity, sport, newspapers and honesty.
Karel Capek
The liberty of the press is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It necessarily embraces pamphlets and leaflets.
Charles Evans Hughes
I was out of the U.K. as a care-free, fun-loving student for much of Mrs. Thatcher’s time in Downing Street, and as I didn’t own a television in New York, never read the newspapers, and am old enough to have lived before the Internet, she is a shadowy figure in my memory.
Stephen Hough
Take me ham away, take away my eggs, even my Chili, but leave me my newspaper.
Will Rogers
You read some columnists in the newspapers; you have to wonder who they are really working for. You can see they have an agenda.
Alec Baldwin
We went from journalism, in newspapers that gets heavily edited, to blogs, where you can express your opinions, to tweeting, where you can say anything, and it gets repeated and becomes fact when it isn’t. It’s something the entire world is going to have to come to grips with.
Gary Bettman
If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.
Mark Twain
Dig a trench through a landfill and you will see layers of phone books like geographical strata or layers of cake…. During a recent landfill dig in Phoenix, I found newspapers dating from 1952 that looked so fresh you might read one over breakfast.
William Rathje
It’s one of the biggest fibs going that American newspapers are now being forced to give up their commitment to investigative reporting. Most of them gave up long ago as their greedy managements squeezed every cent out of the bottom line and turned their newsrooms into eunuchs.
Tina Brown
If you work in either journalism or politics… you will be flogged for being right and flogged for being wrong, and it hurts both ways-but it doesn’t hurt as much when you’re right.
Hunter S. Thompson
Successful brands get into the mind slowly. A blurb in a magazine. A mention in a newspaper. A comment from a friend. A display in a retail store. After a slow buildup, people become convinced that they have known about the brand forever.
Al Ries
When I was a little boy and played Liebestraum, my father used to hit me on the head with a newspaper every time I slopped the cadenza . . . I hate Liebestraum.
Victor Borge
[On not reading newspapers:] If something important happens, your mother calls you.
Fran Lebowitz
From the time you open the newspapers to the time the lights go off at night, it’s all lies. We lie the most to the people closest to us. For fear of hurting them, breaking their heart, or worrying them.
Karan Johar
I wasn’t for Vietnam. When I told that to the hippie newspaper, all my people got nervous.
Loretta Lynn
If the newspapers are useful in overthrowing tyrants, it is only to establish a tyranny of their own.
James F. Cooper
I’m not sure I knew what an entrepreneur was when I was ten, but I knew that starting little businesses and trying to sell greeting cards or newspapers door-to-door or just vending machine kind of thing is.. there’s just something very intriguing to me about that.
Steve Case
the heaviest restriction upon the freedom of public opinion is not the official censorship of the Press, but the unofficial censorship by a Press which exists not so much to express opinion as to manufacture it.
Dorothy L. Sayers
The Fifties and Sixties were years of unreal optimism about weather forecasting. Newspapers and magazines were filled with hope for weather science, not just for prediction but for modification and control. Two technologies were maturing together: the digital computer and the space satellite.
James Gleick
I don’t think we treat people very well in the media, both as customers – and I call them customers – of newspapers and magazines, or TV news, and we don’t understand that the greatest story that we could tell, each and every day, is the story of the people around us.
Mike Barnicle
Newspapers are a centre of public culture. We can’t give in to extortion.
Alexander Lebedev
Right now I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna do, ’cause I don’t want to sit around on my backside all day. If I’m gonna do that I’ll be a newspaper reporter.
Joe Paterno
We’re not a manufacturer, or an airline, but we do use energy. Printing and publishing newspapers, producing films and television programs, operating 24-hour newsrooms. It all adds carbon to the atmosphere.
Rupert Murdoch
I do not know but it is too much to read one newspaper a week. I have tried it recently, and for so long it seems to me that I have not dwelt in my native region. The sun, the clouds, the snow, the trees say not so much to me. You cannot serve two masters.
Henry David Thoreau
The best discussion of trouble in boardroom and business office is found in newspapers’ own financial pages and speeches by journalists in management jobs.
Russell Baker
A good newspaper is never nearly good enough but a lousy newspaper is a joy forever.
Garrison Keillor
Politics is there the way men and women are there, the way the Atlantic Ocean is there. Sometimes I’ve written about politics specifically, I mean about politics as it’s understood on television and in newspapers.
Kenneth Koch
Once they become AKC registered, the newspapers will become flooded with ads for them. And you’ll see Border collies in pet stores and animal shelters.
Donald McCaig
You just have to open the newspapers in most Western news to see real violence.
Ray Stevenson
I’ve always studied business. Even when I was a ball player, I’d read business journals and the business sections of newspapers.
Magic Johnson
The newspapers are full of what we would like to happen to us and what we hope will never happen to us.
John Fowles
My grandfather had been a newspaper reporter, as was my uncle. They were pretty good writers and so I thought maybe somewhere down the line I would do some writing.
Gene Hackman
I’m a big consumer of news and I have my six newspaper sites booked. And what I like bout Twitter is it’s almost, it allows me to make a comment about something that’s just on my mind.
Albert Brooks
I’m not a righteous man. People put me up on a pedestal that I don’t belong in my personal life. And they think that I’m better than I am. I’m not the good man that people think I am. Newspapers and magazines and television have made me out to be a saint. I’m not. I’m not a Mother Teresa. And I feel that very much.
Billy Graham
There were always plenty of newspapers in the house. ‘The Times’, ‘Guardian’, ‘Daily Telegraph’ and ‘Daily Mail’ were all regular fixtures on the coffee table. I used to enjoy reading ‘The Times’ editorial pages and the ‘Daily Mail’ sports pages.
Lionel Barber
I hope some historian will confirm that I was the first cartoonist to use the word ‘booger’ in a newspaper comic strip.
Bill Watterson
I’m an amateur science enthusiast. I’m not even a professional enthusiast. I don’t know anything; I never even passed biology in high school. But I read the science section of the newspaper.
Dave Eggers
One of the problems I have always discussed is the refusal to distinguish between comment and fact. The newspaper wraps every fact into a comment. It is impossible to give mere fact without establishing point of view.
Umberto Eco
There is a healthy American newspaper tradition of not taking yourself seriously It is the story you must take that way… And if you do take yourself seriously, according to this sound convention, you are supposed to do your best not to let anyone else know about it. (Like bed-wetting.)
A. J. Liebling
All successful newspapers are ceaselessly querulous and bellicose. They never defend anyone or anything if they can help it; if the job is forced on them, they tackle it by denouncing someone or something else.
H. L. Mencken
I keep on reading the Morning Star newspaper to see if there’s any hope, but it seems to be in the 19th century; it seems to be written for dropped-out, middle-aged liberals.
John Lennon
The patient in the bed next to me told me that the newspapers were reporting on the test, and it was on television all day long.
Patrik Sinkewitz
I read the newspapers avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction.
Aneurin Bevan
I follow politics very closely. I read several newspapers every day.
Fernando Botero
The packaging for music has become a sort of King James Bible, where it elevates the contents to something more spiritual. This is something else that drove me to a newspaper format. I thought, “Let’s put it in a newspaper, to get away from that spiritual thing.”
Stanley Donwood
I don’t do well with changes in my routine. I read at least three newspapers a day, for example. I’m frustrated if for some reason I can’t get ahold of all three.
Larry McMurtry
I would like [the working man] to give me back books and newspapers and theories. And I would like to give him back, in return, his old insouciance, and rich, original spontaneity and fullness of life.
D. H. Lawrence
You have to design a story that might appear on the front page of the newspaper for the website. You don’t have to design it in such a way that it can be self contained, that it makes sense if you never hit the front page of it.
Khoi Vinh
When you’re given a newspaper column, you’re not being paid to sit on a fence and scratch your chin and say ‘On the one hand this’ and ‘On the other hand that.’ You’re getting paid for your opinion.
Carl Hiaasen
A ballplayer has two reputations, one with the other players and one with the fans. The first is based on ability. The second the newspapers give him.
Johnny Evers
With the newspapers cheering, Lieutenant Colonel Roosevelt chose a top-notch regiment of more than 1,250 men. They were first called Teddy’s Texas Tarantulas and went through three or four other monikers until Roosevelt’s Rough Riders stuck.
Douglas Brinkley
I didn’t DJ at Liverpool’s Ruby Sky nightclub but a couple of newspapers said how great my DJ set was, and how I’ve straightened up, which is true, and how I was drinking tea. But I wasn’t there!
Shaun Ryder
I began after college, about 1972. I began to teach myself photography. I went to work for a local newspaper for four years as a kind of basic training.
James Nachtwey
Ever noticed that no matter what happens in one day, it exactly fits in the newspaper?
Jerry Seinfeld
Those who want to be offended don’t have the right to try and close down the newspaper that offends them.
Christopher Hitchens
I have always had strong maternal instincts. Even when I was still a child I cut out pictures of prams from newspapers and imagined the feeling of pushing my own pram through fresh winter snow and seeing the wheels’ tracks behind me in the snow.
Agnetha Faltskog
I think a lot of newspapers have lost touch with that sense of community, which so impressed me as a teenager when I had to knock on people’s doors.
Harold Evans
I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The power is to set the agenda. What we print and what we don’t print matter a lot.
Katharine Graham
I think I’m a born storyteller. Inspiration is all around me. I can read a newspaper article and come up with an idea for a book.
Jackie Collins