Normally Quotes

Normally Quotes by Josh Peck, Radamel Falcao, Bat for Lashes, George Hill, Cynthia Erivo, Jamie Oliver and many others.

With drama, you need to be laughing, in between takes,

With drama, you need to be laughing, in between takes, ’cause you’re going to those recesses of your soul and those dangerous parts. Normally, if you’re not an actor or some crazy artist, you don’t feel the need to run around in those areas. You keep them separate because it’s painful.
Josh Peck
I trusted in God to return to football. I have worked very hard every day to achieve it, and thank God, my work paid off, being able to come back normally, scoring goals.
Radamel Falcao
I like it when people make an effort to wear things that you wouldn’t normally put together – I like eccentrics.
Bat for Lashes
My kids wake up at 7 o’clock every morning, so I’m normally up around 7.
George Hill
What’s amazing with ‘The X Factor’ is that it gives people a chance who wouldn’t normally have one. I couldn’t go on it, because it would be, like, me being lazy, because I’ve definitely had my opportunities.
Cynthia Erivo
Like most of the other teachers, I’d done a bit of teaching and we all think we’re great at what we do, but you realize that normally you have an audience who are all onside, who all want to listen.
Jamie Oliver
I haven’t always been the guy that walks into a room and automatically the attention is on me. I’m normally the guy that stands off in the corner.
Josh Turner
Most of the time when you’re open that’s when it’s tough to make shots because you try to get some different focus than normally when some guys try to contest your shots.
Serge Ibaka
Sevilla, in general, usually show up well against Madrid, both at the Pizjuan and the Bernabeu. Normally, they are very attractive matches with a lot of goals.
Jesus Navas
The recreational golfer who gives it careful thought will conclude that the favorite golf hole in his life played downhill, gradually or severely, and normally was downwind as well.
Dan Jenkins
Normally I start with a plot, and write a synopsis, and the ideas come from the construction.
Jo Nesbo
For me, personally, when I’m afraid of something – when you’re afraid of something, normally you try to go away, you try to avoid it. Instead of avoiding it, to overcome your fear, I believe you need to embrace it.
Georges St-Pierre
I’m more of the girl who’s always in the friend zone, and I try to help if my other friend wants to get with someone. I can be a bit cheeky and say stuff that embarrasses my friends, but I’m normally the girl who guys like to be friends with, so I become friendly with the guy and then go, ‘Oh, this is my other friend.’
Rebel Wilson
Songwriting is such an intimate thing, and with people you don’t normally write with, you’re naked.
Tony Kanal
It’s a quiet life. Normally it’s training, house, gym.
Bojan Krkic
My idea about the role of artists is to get people to look at things in a way that’s different than the way they normally would if they are being told how to think, what to do. I think when people receive information through art, they are more open-minded.
Shepard Fairey
Normally, I never listen to the people who speak about me.
David de Gea
I’m interested in taking hold of the dull truth narrative and finding inside it the transcendence and spirituality and hysteria normally associated with religion.
Jim Crace
I suffer from an amazing amount of insecurities, and I’m grateful that my body image, it’s normally not something I pay attention to.
Callie Thorne
The Internet has given us an unlimited platform of knowledge and inspiration. Sometimes the most efficient way to create a new sound is to cross between genres and experiment with noises/tempos that wouldn’t normally go together.
Normally, ‘black responsibility’ is a forbidden phrase for a black leader — not because blacks reject responsibility, but because even the idea of black responsibility weakens moral leverage over whites.
Shelby Steele
Egoic consciousness is the one we all normally operate with, until we are told there is something else! Every culture teaches egoic consciousness in different ways. At that level it is all about me, my preferences, my choices, my needs, my desires and me and my group as the central reference point.
Richard Rohr
I don’t normally have time to read, so when I go away I like to take a few books.
Paloma Faith
I know I can eat a lot. Normally, at home, I finish my steak, eat the rest of my fiancee’s steak, and think about eating the two that are still left on the grill. I just can’t stop eating.
Cain Velasquez
Most Hindi movies tend to dramatise events. They are very dialogue heavy. Characters don’t speak like people normally do in real life.
Farhan Akhtar
I’d like to make over Marilyn Manson and just dress him really normally to see what he looks like. That’d be really weird!
Karen Gillan
I love keeping. I’m in the game all the time. I see angles that I wouldn’t normally see, and I feel part of what the captain does.
AB de Villiers
In the corporate world, there’s, like, a 300 percent markup. In our world, we normally don’t go above a 100 percent markup.
Danielle Colby
Normally I begin writing a song with just with aim to express something, and sometimes I don’t know what I want to express until a sentence comes to my head that will sum up everything about how I’m feeling at the time.
Lianne La Havas
Academics don’t normally manage to alter people’s way of thinking through their strength of argument.
David Crystal
Normally, I am a vocal advocate for ‘looking both ways’ and ‘knowing the size of one’s own body.’ But working, socialising and simply running errands in Manhattan, means I am bound to break my own rules on occasion.
Sloane Crosley
Normally the amount of music we have is what you hear on the album and that’s it.
Curt Smith
It’s my mission in life to put people on the screen who don’t get normally represented.
Sarah Gavron
For the moment, whenever I read, it is normally scripts. You start a book and then you think, ‘I should be reading these five scripts.’
Douglas Booth
The majority of the time having first touches, when the ball comes to you, you’re normally free so you’ve got time to control, but as a centre forward, you’ve got to be able to ride it. You’ve got to tense your body, but then have your foot be soft enough to control the ball, as well.
Michail Antonio
It’s crazy: when it’s raining, it makes no sense to me that people drive 10 miles an hour faster than they normally would, but then the other thing that makes no sense is when people drive 30 miles an hour slower than normal.
Katee Sackhoff
I love discordancy. It makes people ill at ease and wakes up a part of their brain that’s normally asleep.
John Lydon
Breathing in, I am aware of my heart. Breathing out, I smile to my heart and know that my heart still functions normally. I feel grateful for my heart.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Normally, adults process their waking experiences during sleep. Children cannot yet carry their waking experiences into sleep. Thus, in sleep, they settle into the general cosmic order without taking their physical experience into the cosmic order.
Rudolf Steiner
Normally, it’s more efficient to climb fast.
Adam Ondra
Normally I’ve been burning lots of calories by dancing, going to shows and generally being active. But since we went into the first lockdown I’ve mainly sat on the sofa.
One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity.
Edward de Bono
Our songs aren’t metaphorical, normally: they’re literal in their interpretation.
Brad Paisley
As a rule, anything that is pretty you avoid when on an expedition in the polar extremes. Normally anything other than white means a hazard such as a crevasse.
Ranulph Fiennes
Normally, you spend the play convincing people of the world and the characters.
Jamie Parker
Every bad joke, every endorsement deal, all of the things that a typical host would normally get creamed for, people don’t mind, because they know I don’t cheat when it comes to the work I actually try. I’m a lab rat. I’m a perpetual apprentice. The joke is on me if there is one.
Mike Rowe
When someone gets sick, it is easy to get walked all over, walk all over people, and be so beat down you agree to things you would never normally agree to.
Jenna Morasca
What I always say to people is dress from the feet up. If you don’t normally wear colour, try some colour on your feet; it’s the place, I think you can have fun and update your outfit.
Edgardo Osorio
I would never have picked up cycling had it not been for my disability because it just wasn’t something I saw. You see someone riding past in their Lycra and it’s normally white, middle-class males and I never would have seen myself in that position, being an elite cyclist.
Kadeena Cox
People who don’t normally read make an exception for my books, possibly because they’re short.
Mitch Albom
I use a portable pocket ultrasound device instead of a stethoscope to listen to the heart, and I share it with the patient in real time. ‘Look at your valve, look at your heart-muscle strength.’ So they’re looking at it with me. Normally a patient is tested by an ultrasonographer who is not allowed to tell them anything.
Eric Topol
Humor disarms people. It opens them up to starting a dialogue about things they wouldn’t normally talk about. I don’t understand how people who don’t have a sense of humor get through life.
Zach Anner
My family is normally ‘Shameless’ meets ‘The Royle Family.’
Gok Wan
It is not that we have class prejudice, but only that we find comfort and ease in our own class. And normally there are plenty of people of our own class, or race, or religion to play, live, and eat with, and to marry.
Gordon W. Allport
The choice is not normally between the north and south. It might be between Britain and Europe.
John Prescott
Guess girls are normally blonde, blue-eyed bombshells. It was nice to be a brunette one.
Priyanka Chopra
Normally you hear about Southeast London, and you hear about all the stuff that goes on down there, all the negative things, and the tabloids kind of stay away from all the positive things that happen that I see every day, which kind of outshines the negative.
John Boyega
In film, you get the license to try and go for emotions that you normally try to keep away from you.
Alicia Vikander
Theresa May is normally at her best when she is at her boldest.
Damian Green
I normally write on acoustic guitar, although piano is the instrument that I actually studied. Occasionally, I’ll write on the piano or sometimes with no instrument at all.
Adam Schlesinger
Normally I’m really looking forward to the clay court season.
Kiki Bertens
I don’t normally cook, but if I did it probably would be beans, sausage, bacon and eggs. I never really get to eat that to be honest.
Wayne Rooney
Sometimes you can get distracted by figures that are thrown out there and you’re doing things you wouldn’t normally try to do.
Sean Longstaff
Having the family around is always very important because they are supportive. If you have a good day, you can enjoy it together. And if you have a bad day, you always find something as a distraction with your children, because they are normally happy.
Rafael Benitez
I love buying things I wouldn’t normally buy, especially cigars.
Lee Mack
I tend to like to make my statements more in fashion than in beauty, because what I normally respond to is when someone looks really effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise, and they’re fashion is really grand. Someone like Kate Moss is a great example.
Blake Lively
Normally as a director, you do look at other films and things that are relevant. But with this film, it became impossible because I became so aware of the camera placement.
Peter Weir
Normally I don’t feel like having a belly full of pasta.
Elizabeth Olsen
I was very keen on squash. My father used to go to sleep in the afternoon. Normally, in Pakistan, everybody goes to sleep in the afternoon, because it’s really hot. I’d go and play without telling anybody.
Jahangir Khan
Normally, a loss, it’s hard to swallow, but you get over it sooner or later.
Mark Hunt
Normally, my birthdays are very quiet. I go to the temple with my family and later take blessing from my parents. A few friends come over to my house, and we talk about the year gone by.
R. Madhavan
After a couple losses, I normally wouldn’t say anything to my wife in the morning, just kind of grunt and grumble and grab my coffee and get on my way out.
Erik Spoelstra
The addition of vinaigrette to freshly roasted vegetables gives them a freshness and juiciness they don’t normally have; the acidity brings out new shades of flavour, too.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I’m a person who likes these sort of movies… sad but moving ‘art movies’ that normally are at a festival and then they go to a small art house theater and disappear.
Zach Braff
Normally, if someone’s legacy will outlast their life, it’s apparent when they die. On the day when Alexander the Great, or Caesar Augustus, or Napoleon, or Socrates, or Muhammad died, their reputations were immense. When Jesus died, his tiny, failed movement appeared clearly at an end.
John Ortberg
Diets play with your mind rather than your body, so if I’m doing a diet, I think about food more than if I’m just eating normally.
Caroline Flack
Day-to-day I normally wear concealer and bronzer. For occasions, lots of eye make-up, a strong mascara and a smoky or glittery eye in gold or silver.
Lady Amelia Windsor
Any rehearsal process – I find, anyway – does have quite an effect on me, and I very much live in that world for the whole period of time that I’m involved with the production. But normally, afterwards with a little bit of space, I can come right back out of it again.
Laura Donnelly
Art has the power to influence and to make you react to something that you normally wouldn’t concern, worry, or even think about or wouldn’t want to talk about.
Nicolas Winding Refn
I normally put on Lycra or Speedos to plead with the British public to put their hands in their pocket for Red Nose Day.
John Bishop
The thing that’s good about music-making software like the DAW-kinda systems is that they’re all generally the same; the kind of interface is normally laid out in a similar way. Depending on the program, the sounds might be quite different, but they tend to all have a drum machine or synthesizer or a sampler.
Washed Out
Normally, when people compose for film, you give them the film, and they look at it, and they compose it.
Hideo Kojima
Courage comes normally to me.
Shikhar Dhawan
‘Eureka’ moments are very, very rare in my experience. It normally takes several weeks of experiments to tease out the truth, even when you have a really pretty good idea of what is going on.
Tim Hunt
Normally you read a screenplay – and I read a lot of them – and the characters don’t feel like people. They feel like plot devices or cliches or stereotypes.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I think it’s ironic when Plato makes the learned woman Aspasia Socrates’ teacher, but I think women crop up more in the Platonic dialogues than they do normally in texts of the period, and in an un-hysterical way.
Bettany Hughes
I normally get four weeks off each year, so often I’ll go to Los Angeles, or if I have a weekend off, I’ll do a European city.
Tom Daley
Well, I’m not a violent person. You have to back off. People sometimes will try you and try you until you try not to, but you have to react. Normally, I just walk away.
Bubba Smith
Rarely do political contributions lead to direct quid pro quo transactions – donations for votes – and those that cross this line normally get caught.
Chris Murphy
One place that I have very strong memories of is the Congo. That’s somewhere I’ve been to four times. It’s not a place where normally outsiders go, which is what makes it very special.
Jeremy Wade
Normally, I’m the one fawning over the man, but in ‘Call The Midwife,’ I’m the experienced woman.
Jessica Raine
This book was company for me – I wrote these things when I was in hotels, far from where I normally live. I never intended to publish it.
Catherine Deneuve
The term ‘triage’ normally means deciding who gets attention first.
Bill Dedman
When things that normally work aren’t working, you have to go to something else.
Erik Spoelstra
Well that’s the point: People don’t normally take away things from films anymore. You go and see a $100 million film, half an hour later, your biggest concern is what are you going to be eating.
Eriq La Salle
Normally, improving contrast sensitivity means using glasses or surgery to correct the eye. But we’ve found that action video games train the brain to process visual information more efficiently and improve vision.
Daphne Bavelier
I’m normally the least busy person I know.
Gaby Hoffmann
Normally, I focus on my job and focus on trying to help my team and trying to improve every training session and try to be as a good as I can.
David de Gea
I even get tired performing standup, which is normally a low-impact exercise in futility but looks hard the way I do it. That’s why I take a lot of breaks, often stopping in the middle of a joke to catch my breath, or blame the crowd for not laughing before the punchline.
Andy Kindler
When I studied in DPS Mathura Road in Delhi, there was a school for blind exactly opposite to our school. I used to go there every week and spend time seeing how these students played cricket and did other things normally.
Shriya Saran
As a youngster, you normally have to play. How will you be one of the best not playing?
Romelu Lukaku
That’s the great thing about ‘Total Divas,’ is that it brings fans in that weren’t already watching or wouldn’t normally watch.
Mandy Rose
The process of coming out is normally very disappointing. It’s not that people react badly to it – they really don’t care.
Derren Brown
Normally, when someone we love is turning away from a struggle, we self-protect by also turning away. That’s definitely my first response. I think change is more likely to happen if both partners have common language and a shared lens to see problems.
Brene Brown
Normally, if you play a part, you have the words, and you invent the personality out of your experience, your knowledge – your life, in a way.
Barbara Sukowa
When I played Bobby Fischer, my opponent fought against organizations – the television producers and the match organizers. But he never fought against me personally. I lost to Bobby before the match because he was already stronger than I. He won normally.
Boris Spassky
Normally I don’t have a scrap of makeup on me when I’m on the radio.
Sara Cox
I normally get up around 8:30. I’ll have a little something to eat. Just some avocado toast or some cereal or something. Or sometimes just a protein shake when I get up and then I’ll go in my gym.
Nyjah Huston
It’s often lost in most Silicon Valley startups, the importance of storytelling when most people are thinking about they assemble their team and the critical functions that the team needs to be successful. Storytelling is normally not on the list.
Brock Pierce
I didn’t try to be a tough guy. I didn’t try to be a big mobster. I was who I was. I didn’t stop doing what I normally did. I worked out. I lifted weights. I ran. That’s what I usually did.
Joseph D. Pistone
Boxing’s not going to retire me; I’ll retire from boxing. That’s where most people make mistakes. They normally stay in the game a bit too long.
Amir Khan
For me, writing a novel is like having a dream. Writing a novel lets me intentionally dream while I’m still awake. I can continue yesterday’s dream today, something you can’t normally do in everyday life.
Haruki Murakami
When you’re younger, you might make some shots you’re not normally capable of, because you’re more fluid, maybe stronger, maybe faster. As you get older, you learn not to take those crazy shots.
John Stockton
I’m a big fan of Die Antwoord, which is a different style than I normally listen to.
Taylor Momsen
I’m not normally the kind of person who holds on to grudges, I’m really not.
Rachel Stevens
I don’t normally do pure historical work.
David Grann
We hope to win over new listeners who would normally never listen to an Aly & AJ record. That’s our greatest expectation we’ve set for ourselves.
AJ Michalka
The Bushes were certainly part of Texas in their mind, but they didn’t have the kind of political flavor that you normally find in Texas politicians. It’s just Texas is such a unique place to itself that politically, at least so far, they haven’t found anybody to play nationally.
Gail Collins
There’s nothing wrong with furthering education and working your brain in a different way than you normally work it.
Stephen Gostkowski
When the pressure is on, you’re going to default back to how you’ve played your whole life and how you’d normally pitch.
Trevor Bauer
Normally, people give up parliament because they want to do more business or spend more time with family. My wife said ‘why don’t you say you’re giving up to devote more time to politics?’. And it is what I have done.
Tony Benn
Normally for photo shoots I get a full wax, some tanning, a facial.
Elizabeth Banks
When you get in some people minds, they won’t think how they normally would.
Jalen Ramsey
Telling your story out loud is the way human beings communicate. We don’t normally think up words, translate how to spell them and then move our fingers up and down over this randomly arranged set of keys to make the same letters appear on a screen.
Kevin J. Anderson
Melody has a certain way that it projects back to you. It triggers certain nerves in your body and certain instincts that normally wouldn’t be triggered by a normal voice.
In earlier comics, my only priority was telling a joke in the last panel, but now I try to make every panel as interesting as possible, and that normally means at least a li’l joke there.
Ryan North
Do I think it is good policy for the government to own companies? Normally, I’d say ‘no.’ But in my world, if a firm puts itself in a position that it needs a last minute rescue, and the future is uncertain at best, then the investor who steps into that breach ends up owning the company. Full stop.
John Delaney
Normally, if you go through a game without attracting attention, you are doing a hell of a job.
Jerry Kramer
Maybe the best things about celebrity are the things like being able to get that seat on the plane that you wouldn’t normally get, but that’s kind of like cheating.
David Duchovny
Every single administration in American political history has put cronies and pals and donors into political positions. But normally those people become the ambassador to Liechtenstein or the deputy undersecretary of commerce.
Irwin Redlener
Thanks to ‘It,’ you’re going to see the studios take a lot more chances on a very specific vision. An R-rated horror film about children being eaten by a monster that lives in a sewer is not normally something that a studio would throw their weight behind. But we’ve seen the success of it, which props everyone up.
Mike Flanagan
I think it’s good for parents to be supportive, to motivate, and to somewhat nudge their kids because the majority of kids will want to quit something when it gets hard – that’s just their nature. Children will normally take the easier road.
Dominique Dawes
Normally, an actress has to work to bring out her male side. In our case, the dynamic is reversed. The actor playing her modelled himself on Sharon Stone.
Edward Hall
I don’t like to look too far ahead normally, I see it season-by-season or game-by-game.
Nathan Ake
When I read ‘The Water Diviner,’ I was having the same kind of visceral reaction that I would normally have acting in something. I believed that I was the only person that could tell this story the way it needed to be told. That’s the real arrogance of a director!
Russell Crowe
The Green Lanterns are very forward and very courageous, very forceful. The Red Lanterns are out of control, and they’re not in their right mind because when we’re angry or in rage, we say things and we do things we wouldn’t normally do.
Geoff Johns
I’m normally a really humble guy.
Finn Balor
I don’t normally associate bingeing of any kind with healthy results in life. And I’m not a binge-watcher by nature myself.
Mark Frost
What I discovered was that just by eating normally, we all have background levels of contaminants.
Nell Newman
Normally, I always had a machine gun in my car and a bulletproof vest.
Dan Bilzerian
When our minds as people normally starts to wrap around things, we start to attach all these ideas to it that really aren’t that necessary to the core of it, if you just experience it and kind of go through it.
Josh Holloway
We shot on location in our very first weeks, in our very first shows. I would like to go on location again, Hawaii would be good!! But normally, we tape five days a week in the studio starting at about 8:00 a.m. and continuing until about 8:00 p.m.
Juliet Mills
The good Lord didn’t see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all considered, one would not normally choose to go. But we go where the business is.
Dick Cheney
I normally don’t love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they’re low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm.
Gayle King
Then suddenly something just kicked me. I kind of woke up and realised that I was in a different atmosphere than you normally are. My immediate reaction was to back off, slow down.
Ayrton Senna
Normally when I work with bands I’m trying to refine and improve what’s already there.
Jerry Harrison
Just like how male actors get to play varied characters, I would also like to play characters that people don’t normally see female characters portraying on screen.
Song Hye-kyo
Normally when I do an album, I have a concept behind it.
I enjoyed so much working with the guys from Wilco, and riffing off of them, and having someone come up to me with ideas, because normally in the studio it’s me who has to come up with all the ideas.
Billy Bragg
Normally, I try to get my haircut when I’m in a developing country. Last time, it was in Vietnam.
Ingvar Kamprad
With ‘Hang the DJ,’ I was concerned that it was more comedic and much lighter than we normally do for ‘Black Mirror.’
Charlie Brooker
I love growing older. Normally, I don’t bother with make-up. This face in the mirror is changing. I’ve got new lines from smiling at the sprog so much.
Rachael Stirling
Big Internet companies on average are capable of generating revenue of $1 million per employee, and that compares to 10 to 20 percent of that which is normally generated by traditional offline businesses of comparable size.
Yuri Milner
What do you say to a person who is going to their death? Normally, we would just say, ‘Hang in there, keep your hope up,’ because there is hope until the very last second.
Anthony Ray Hinton
Once I know people know who I am, it gives me a lot of licence and freedom to behave in ways I wouldn’t normally.
Larry David
Normally, I like to eat at home. We don’t go out much. The food at home is so good.
Martti Ahtisaari
I’m not the hottest tuner on the planet, so I normally get someone to come out and do it for me.
Caroline Corr
I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when I came out of jail, many people embraced me, including my enemies, and that is what I normally tell other people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorists.
Nelson Mandela
I normally start at the computer with something really simple like a four-bar loop of a drum sample or a bass line. And then I just start adding layers of synthesizers.
Washed Out
China, as a nation, is a country under the one-party rule of the Communist Party, but it has introduced the market economy. As a country that is under the one-party rule of the Communist Party, normally what they should be seeking is equality of results.
Shinzo Abe
Normally, I’m so shy.
Jessica Simpson
Normally I work out a general summary of what I mean to do, then start writing, and the details can be different from my anticipation. So there is considerable flow, but always within channels.
Piers Anthony
I didn’t have to audition. That’s common, but it had never happened to me before. Normally, I hate auditioning. I need to stew and think… let the character develop and grow inside me.
Casey Affleck
Braising eggs in a flavoursome, aromatic sauce is all the rage. It is warming and comforting, ideal for the morning when you are not normally up for a great culinary challenge.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Normally, Celtic dominate in their own league but it’s difficult to get good results in Europe.
Frank de Boer
People who might normally have to travel hours to a distant city to see a cardiologist can now do so virtually, through Cisco technology, at their local hospital or health clinic. Clinicians use technology to share patient reports and diagnostic images and collaborate on cases.
John T. Chambers
Before every match, I eat pasta with tomato and chicken breast a few hours beforehand. In the hottest months, I choose to drink an energy drink before the match, too, but normally, I drink just water.
Andrea Pirlo
My first guitar was like a campfire guitar. And it was left at a house that my family had moved into… and the guitar was at the house. It was all strung up. It’s normally something that would be beyond a bit of rubbish.
Jimmy Page
The great thing about ‘Fargo’ is that it’s a more objective style of filmmaking: the camera moves in very classical ways, and the most interesting things normally are the characters.
Noah Hawley
I’m just chilled out, you’ll always catch me in a mad tracksuit. Normally a black tracksuit, I’m not really an out there person.
Alex Iwobi
I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don’t expect it.
Jean Paul Gaultier
I’m a cynical person who’s normally attracted to the dark side of things.
Kevin Macdonald
If I’m DJing a show, I will normally wear the designer I’m DJing for; if I’m DJing a party, I will most likely be wearing very high heels.
Chelsea Leyland
Normally, architects render a service. They implement what other people want. This is not what I do. I like to develop the use of the building together with the client, in a process, so that as we go along we become more intelligent.
Peter Zumthor
I live in Sheffield, and most auditions are in London, meaning I’m normally a bag of nerves on the train to London because you have all that time to think.
Jonas Armstrong
We talk about quantum weirdness and things being in two places at once, but it all involves atoms and molecules, stuff we don’t normally interact with.
Aaron D. O’Connell
Today, the technology is there to give early and normally ample warning when a powerful tornado approaches. When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk.
Spencer Bachus
I’m quite chameleon in my work – not normally looking much like I do in real life.
Lesley Manville
Normally, the market peaks before bad news emerges. That’s what happened in 1929, and that’s what happened in 2000.
Kenneth Fisher
Normally, people would spend thousands to watch a trashy film in a multiplex, but not shell out a few bucks to watch a play. But in bigger cities, we are more likely to find a bigger section of people who would want to watch a play.
Himani Shivpuri
When I get tired, I start eating things that I wouldn’t normally crave, like biscuits, because they’ll give me a bit of energy to keep going.
Carol Vorderman
Normally I keep criticism of my players inside but sometimes people need to know what the manager is thinking.
Ronald Koeman
I normally eat everything under the sun, but once a year, for a whole month, I eat nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean fish, and I feel great!
Elizabeth Mitchell
Normally skeptical journalists routinely give renewables a pass. The reason isn’t because they don’t know how to report critically on energy – they do regularly when it comes to non-renewable energy sources – but rather because they don’t want to.
Michael Shellenberger
The character of the computer whiz is not one that would normally be associated with me.
Ving Rhames
Museums are not normally presenting the works on the walls as provocations to work. It’s more like going to a Jacuzzi.
Hans Haacke
I’m normally a burger and chips girl – such a cheap date.
Sheridan Smith
Normally, a goalkeeper has to be a perfect man. All my mistakes are visible so I have to keep my concentration all the time.
P. R. Sreejesh
Normally, I’d believe that the saying ‘There’s no small parts, only small actors’ is a load of crock because, more often than not, actors relegated to the small-part category stay in ‘Who was that guy from that thing’ purgatory – however, ’90s sitcom ‘Friends’ proved that the saying is true.
Phoebe Robinson
Normally, on the rare chance that a celebrity comes to my property, I get real nervous.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
I’ve got a Range Rover and a little Mercedes. I normally drive my Range Rover because I feel like a monster in it. Nobody messes with me.
Emma Bunton
What I normally do before going on stage is pray – normally we do a group prayer with the crew or whoever is around, like our security guard, our tour manager and whoever else is back there and wants to pray with us.
Normani Kordei
The popularity of ‘2 Dope Queens’ just showed there was like a hunger for new stories because we have alternative comics on our show that wouldn’t normally be featured on, like, a white guy’s comedy show.
Jessica Williams
It meant the world to see kids excited about theatre. That’s the great thing about ‘Hamilton’ for me is to see young people who wouldn’t normally think theatre is cool being really excited about how it works and getting involved.
Okieriete Onaodowan
My knee bends only to a 60 degree angle. Normally, like on my right leg, my heel can touch my glute if I just pull my leg back. On my left side, there’s still a big percentage missing. That has made me change my style in the ring.
Rey Mysterio
That’s what I normally pride myself on, being a solid defender and giving all my energy on the defensive end.
George Hill
Normally, I bolt at the idea of playing anyone for too long because I don’t want it to become dull and like another job.
Douglas Henshall
I love going to conventions, and I love spending time with the fans and going to parts of the world where I wouldn’t normally go.
Aaron Douglas
Backstreet has been around a long time. Normally, groups like us have a shelf life of two to four years. We always wanted to have a long stay in the music world.
Brian Littrell
With the ‘Born This Way’ album, generally we said, how do we find strategic partners that can help us with our vision? Part of that is about putting the music in places people wouldn’t normally put music, like with Google and with Gilt.
Troy Carter
To express to you in mere words, our personal feelings on this occasion you must know to be impossible, and particularly so for one who normally has to describe only things outside himself.
Melvin Calvin
Had I been in Toronto, I would certainly have been killed in this attack. In the room where I normally sleep, the flames and the smoke and the soot is such that the gases would have killed me.
Ernst Zundel
I never quite know how to describe what I do. I normally just say, ‘Oh, I’m a magician’, which probably puts fairly naff ideas in people’s minds but is pleasantly conversation-stopping.
Derren Brown
Practicing is not normally fun. Sometimes people say they’re practicing, but they’re really just enjoying themselves and the instrument. That’s not real practice.
Damien Chazelle
I don’t watch the beginnings of many series; I don’t know why – maybe because I’m normally working.
Grant Bowler
Normally when I train, I’m all mad, thinking about all I’ve been through to push me.
Gervonta Davis
For ‘Vikings,’ we have to do so much outside shooting, and it’s normally – I think with American shows, it’ll be 60 or 70 percent inside and a little bit outside, but with us, it’s almost 70 percent outside, and that’s huge and really difficult.
Michael Hirst
It’s really fun to put yourself into a character – into shoes you wouldn’t normally be in.
Billie Eilish
What is normally called religion is what I would tend to call music – participating in music, listening to music, making records and singing.
Will Oldham
There can be a lot of pressure on girls to dress the way they wouldn’t normally dress: on social media, at school, among friends.
Bindi Irwin
I want the opportunity to play for a Stanley Cup, but I want to be able continue living life normally.
Carey Price
I normally take a long time finding titles. I finish the book and go into sweats for months afterwards trying to think of them.
Howard Jacobson
Normally, young writers have all the time in the world and they don’t always use it well.
Zadie Smith
What normally we see is the finished product, someone’s performance on screen, but behind the scenes, a lot goes into it.
Aditya Roy Kapur
Whatever I’m writing has seemed to be about something I don’t feel I could freely express in my everyday life, and stand-up is a really effective medium for getting people to hear exactly the things and viewpoints that they normally don’t want listen to.
Jaboukie Young-White
I’m not normally very adventurous with food.
Bethany Mota
I’m used to taking risks – my career was a risk. Being a stand-up comic is not something that’s normally accepted when your mother is Filipino.
Jo Koy
I’m interested in doing movies I wouldn’t normally be interested in doing.
Eric Stoltz
I show up ready to play, so I normally try and fit the situation.
Matt Cameron
It is very tough in England. Every away game is hard, of course. And normally, if you’re a big club like Chelsea, you’re supposed to win games at home against smaller clubs. But in England, that’s not the case. We must play well every game.
Thibaut Courtois
The driver is normally responsible for adjusting the brake balance, so if it is happening automatically you could brake later and take more speed into each corner.
Ralf Schumacher
I think Americans are aware that they are involved in all sorts of violence around the world. They normally don’t want to look at that.
Joshua Oppenheimer
I don’t normally make documentaries. I’m a drama director. I’ve made a few short docs, but I don’t like talking heads or ‘voice of God’ narrators.
Asif Kapadia
I had a big Akita, Yoshi, who was fabulous. I loved him. We lost him when he was 12, and I’ve never been able to replace him. Normally, most people lose a pet and get another and keep going on. But it just felt wrong to me; it felt disloyal.
Robert Crais
The only reason why I’m on Twitter is because Dixie Carter made me. I’ll go on Twitter every now and again and just say some things. Normally, it’s just to hype wrestling and to hype what’s coming on TV and whatnot.
Bobby Roode
On ‘Handmaid’s’ you are given complete freedom – unlike some shows where you’re really expected just to ‘fold in’ and ‘deliver the script’ and ‘put the camera where we normally put the camera.’
Kari Skogland
When I was shopping around trying to get signed, I made it a point to say, ‘This is who I am.’ I dress the way I normally dress, and I just wanted to find a label that would accept me for that.
Alessia Cara
Leeks are normally given the job of flavouring other things, such as stocks and soups, but I find their creaminess and sweet, oniony flavour very satisfying.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Policy makers, like most people, normally feel that they already know all the psychology and all the sociology they are likely to need for their decisions. I don’t think they are right, but that’s the way it is.
Daniel Kahneman
I grew up as normally as any other kid. Between that small TV part I did at five and when I turned professional actor at 18, I stayed away from the limelight, so I was just like any typical kid who went to school.
Timothy Hutton
Silverstone is normally quite a tricky place for the set-up and for finding a good balance, because you have a big difference between the low-speed and high speed corners, and there are not really any medium-speed corners in between.
Robert Kubica
Normally in life there are all these distractions but in lockdown all that stuff was gone. You were forced to just sit and think. Creatively, it had its benefits.
Arlo Parks
I didn’t care about anyone or listen to nobody, only my father or mother. I would fight my coaches and say: ‘Who are you to scream or shout at me? Are you my dad? Talk to me normally.’
Marko Arnautovic
One of the standard story-generating engines for science fiction is to take something we normally think of as metaphoric and treat it as if it were literal.
Robert J. Sawyer
When I take go-karts out with my friends, it’s a disaster normally. But in the race car, I’m calm because they pay me to do this, and I have to be professional.
Fernando Alonso
Normally I provide a lot of assists and do a lot of dribbling – but it’s always great when you score a goal.
Franck Ribery
My looks vary, but I definitely think about it and plan. I like to shop, too, so I’m always mixing it up. But normally, I’ll be wearing something like a college T-shirt and a sweater, something like that. But I definitely have to plan.
J. R. Smith
Actors normally go to the gym to achieve a certain kind of fitness for a role but when you start playing a sport, then you realise that being athletically fit is a very different kind of fitness.
Tahir Raj Bhasin
The race for the White House is normally an event suffused with drama, sucking eyeballs to the page all over the globe.
Matt Taibbi
Every winter, I’m a sexy academic deconstructionist. And in the summer, it’s normally Brigitte Bardot on holiday in the 1950s.
Liz Goldwyn
Normally when I have students over, we sit in the house and look at the fields to try to catch a glimpse of a bobcat hunting.
Steve Blank
I’m not a big crier normally, but when I see people having life-changing experiences on reality shows, that’s a different story.
Ashley Roberts
Normally, when I read a script, I read 30 pages, and then go have a cup of tea and come back. And then, I read 20 pages and go make a phone call, and then go back to it.
Luke Pasqualino
Meditation is such a more substantial reality than what we normally take to be reality.
Richard Gere
Normally, when politicians talk about ‘cutting the budget,’ they really mean reducing the amount of increase. Actual spending goes up while the politicians claim to have ‘cut the budget.’
Mark McKinnon
I thought that, as a black audience member, I would like to see something that reflected an experience that’s not normally exhibited in documentaries, or is so much about black people as victims in this country, and black people not taking control of their own lives and their own destinies.
Elvis Mitchell
Normally when you write for an orchestra, you think about melody and harmony and countermelody.
Ludwig Goransson
If you present your dog to a veterinarian with the instruction to put him to sleep, you would normally mean something very different than you would upon taking your wife or husband to an anesthesiologist with the same words.
Raymond Moody
But I never worried about having a child in my 40s, which is unusual – normally, I’m the queen of worry.
Debra Winger
You see, ‘The Look of Silence’ is the first film ever made where survivors confront perpetrators who still hold a monopoly on power. It’s normally never done because it is too dangerous.
Joshua Oppenheimer
I appreciate a lot in this life; the things you cannot buy. Life is only once. I am happy being here and all the things that are a risk I normally avoid.
Rafael Nadal
I don’t like it if I am being held like a baby. If someone holds me normally, and I’m not being coddled, I feel much more comfortable.
Jyoti Amge
I just lead my life as naturally, as normally as I possibly can. But I can’t help it if controversy is hounding me day in and day out. I’m quite amazed sometimes by the way they go about it. I grow a beard and it lands up in the editorial in The Times of India.
Amitabh Bachchan
One of the reasons why when Elvis dies or the Son of Sam is captured ABC News’ ratings go up is because people who don’t normally watch news are watching then. The question is, do you want to attract people who don’t watch network news or fight over the people who do?
Roone Arledge
I normally don’t eat junk food.
Martin Yan
In many respects I have gone out of my way to avoid the usual approach adopted in crime novels. I have used some techniques that are normally outlawed – the presentation of Mikael Blomkvist, for instance, is based exclusively on the personal case study made by Lisbeth Salander.
Stieg Larsson
I work out most days, normally first thing, and then I just see where the day takes me. I recipe test most days, do lots of social media and emails, but nothing else is constant. Some days, I film YouTube videos; other days, I have lots of meetings, work on blog posts, brainstorm ideas, and work on upcoming projects.
Ella Woodward
Everyone has the opportunity to do a horror film. There’s something great about it as an actor. You have to go to places you’d normally never go and be put in situations you would never be put into. You don’t get the opportunity in a lot of films to have this kind of acting. It’s an interesting challenge.
Alexandra Daddario
I had a tough year, losing my dad. And I really needed to have some quiet time, and not be engaged the way I normally would be with the Lakers.
Jeanie Buss
When you’re young, no one cares who your parents are, although Mum would arrive to pick me up in her full hair and make-up and fur, and I used to say, ‘Can’t you just dress normally, like all the other mums?’ I wanted her to blend in more, but I’ve always been really proud of Mum – as proud as she is of me.
Georgia May Jagger
I love graffiti because it enables kids from every social extraction to do something that brings them closer to art, when they normally wouldn’t be stimulated to be visually creative. Graffiti helps to develop an awareness of immediate expressive and uncontrolled freedom.
Barry McGee
I’m normally not really an angry person. Maybe some other people have a different opinion.
Max Verstappen
Normally when I look at stuff, I try to look at the good things. When I watch video, I try to watch the good starts so I can see how my mechanics are in those.
Jacob deGrom
I think the way you dress should be fun. Wearing stuff that people don’t normally wear or wouldn’t particularly think is their style, I love that. I think that’s fun and I think everybody should do it.
P. J. Tucker
Life normally rewards you for hard work.
Mario Gomez
Political disagreements have the colour and fragrance that normally is seen and felt in a political bouquet, while remaining united on one issue that democracy is the future of Pakistan.
Asif Ali Zardari
Dubbing for myself in Hindi is a big task. I know Hindi. I can read and write Hindi, but I dont normally speak the language, and that is very important.
It’s things I wouldn’t normally do in my real life, so when I go to work and get to beat people up and shoot guns and get waterboarded, those are things I find completely interesting.
Katee Sackhoff
One very important side of my playing lies in rhythm; I have a very percussive style. It’s one I’ve developed with Dream Theater over the years, and requires the guitar to be very locked into the rhythm of the drums… way more than what would normally entail.
John Petrucci
Normally, when you do a movie, you have those mundane days when it’s like, ‘Today is the scene where I get coffee.’
Bill Skarsgard
It’s better to not overthink and let things happen normally instead.
Radamel Falcao
Normally, I just sit in my quiet little room and do the small things that bring me pleasures. I read my books, I answer email, I write a little bit.
Aaron Swartz
I’ve been in public life for long enough that I know you just have to live your life normally.
Gladys Berejiklian
Normally, in a film with lots of twists and turns, half of them don’t make sense; they’re just there for their own sakes.
Domhnall Gleeson
Normally, when I write the setlist for a Dream Theater show, I’ll change it up every night, and we can basically play whatever we want.
Mike Portnoy
I’m normally based in L.A.
Jordan Fisher
I normally live in Los Angeles, if you can call it normally living.
No one with a body full of aliments can have a luminous soul and other intellectual faculties. It is necessary to care for the body if we wish the spirit to function normally.
Michael Servetus
Normally, when my stuff’s on the telly, I don’t watch my own bits.
Dean-Charles Chapman
What I normally do with long scenes is that I understand the emotional content and the words fall into place.
Shefali Shah
Most women prefer circles of sharing to pyramids and hierarchies. They prefer conversation to construction. They will usually choose nurturance and empathy over competition and climbing. They will normally choose connection over simple performance games.
Richard Rohr
Daft Punk wouldn’t have normally fit into anything that was pop on the radio, but they just did it.
Danger Mouse
When you’re going a bit higher than you think you normally can, and you can feel the adrenaline and excitement of the public, that’s really great.
Sergei Polunin
If I have several bad guys and I only want to end up with one of them, then I have to decide which one I want in the end. And normally it’s the one who is the most interesting talker.
Elmore Leonard
History shows that it is incredibly tough for a defender to be named Footballer of the Year because over the course of a year there is normally always a forward who steals the headlines up front.
Philipp Lahm
When we were younger, my brother and I would go out bow hunting. That got me into it. We hunted all kinds of wildlife – things with big horns normally. Deer, kudu, stuff like that.
Faf de Klerk
I mean normally you have your agent call the other agent and all the agents talk and then finally you get a phone call and you hear some misrepresentation of what someone else had to say.
Radha Mitchell
Normally our season is seven weeks in the Drama Theatre and four weeks in the Opera Theater.
Graeme Murphy
I’m tempted to say that Conservative governments are normally elected to clear up the mess left by Labour governments.
George Osborne
I want to get better as an actor, to keep trying to work harder, trying to discover something different. In some ways, it’s a pretty frightening experience. But normally, I do tend to walk against fear and hope that I’ll be able to survive.
Forest Whitaker
I’m bored, normally, when I travel.
Yasmine Hamdan
I normally speak by moving my hands, and I’m very expressive with my face – something Cuban, I guess.
Ana de Armas
Normally, if we’re staying in a town before a show, I’ll go to a barcade. Those are dive bars that have tons of arcades, since there aren’t a ton of arcades where kids can put quarters in games and actually have that kind of arcade experience.
Xavier Woods
The funny thing is that I’m the girl who no one sees at the beach. Ask anyone who’s traveled with me. Normally, I’m in so many layers, I look like Lawrence of Arabia!
Vera Wang
I think because Sport Lux has come in and leisure wear is a new thing, girls can sneak in hoodies and leggings and so on where they wouldn’t normally – it has been proper legitimate fashion.
Zoe Foster Blake
For me I normally rise up to a Paralympics, I love those pressured environments.
Ellie Simmonds
I sort of felt like being young was normally written about as being very fun and light-hearted. And I think that’s true, but I don’t feel like there’s a lot of songs about how hard it is when you don’t really know who you are or what you want, and you feel like you have to apologize for simply just existing.
Chloe Kohanski
I’m not scared of any other player, but I normally know the quality of the others and try to be ready before the game. But I don’t forget my own style to play soccer.
Joshua Kimmich
People have said to me, ‘Oh, you are much nicer making documentaries than you were in politics.’ So I should be. If you are making a documentary, you are having fun. You are not under any pressure, normally.
Michael Portillo
On every single picture on my Instagram page, you’ll find a negative comment. My supporters will normally stand up to that hateful person, and then it will become a big argument, and it’s just a lot. I try to tell myself not to listen to the haters, and I try not to read the comments because it’s not worth it.
Jazz Jennings
Normally, you should be dead if you have a retrospective.
Daphne Guinness
Normally, when New York catches a cold, London sneezes.
Nigel Farage
I used to get off the bus, and there’d be a crowd around, you know, and I was thinking, ‘God, I hope this is not for me.’ And it normally was, and it was because someone said something to my sister, and the first she says is, ‘Well, I’ll get my brother.’
Antoine Fuqua
A lot of times, comedic actors are discriminated against. People just assume they can’t do something other than what they do, rather than thinking, ‘Oh, wait – doing what they do normally is really hard.’
Brett Gelman
To me, there was something moving about the idea of telling the story of a lady who is, in a way, a forgotten character – someone who would normally be a secondary role in a movie.
Sebastian Lelio
The Federal Highway Administration has allowed states to take advantage of a loophole in federal regulations, delaying bridge inspections to every four years instead of the two years normally required.
Bill Dedman
The Games are just a nice, positive way to build friendships, camaraderie and, of course, self-esteem. Plus, the Games are a great opportunity for people to participate in sports who normally wouldn’t.
Greg Louganis
You eat when you’re hungry, and I’m not normally hungry in the mornings.
Eric Bristow
Normally, the secrecy and lack of transparency surrounding the appointment of judges of the higher judiciary ensures that citizens come to know of these appointments only after the Presidential notification, announcing the appointments, is issued.
Prashant Bhushan
I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is beautiful if you learn it the right way.
Dave Chappelle
Normally I don’t race other people; I challenge the environment and my own limitations.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
To follow my meal, I’d drink a glass of my uncle’s homemade apricot schnapps. He puts it in beautiful glass bottles and sells it at his local market in Austria. You don’t normally drink with Asian food, so this would be a fitting end to the meal.
Rachel Khoo
As a young person, and I know it’s hard to believe that I was shy, but you could take your camera, and it would take you to places: it was like having a friend, like having someone to go out with and look at the world. I would do things with a camera I wouldn’t do normally if I was just by myself.
Annie Leibovitz
There is always a sacred hour in the theatre – after rehearsals and before performances, in the afternoon, between three and five o’clock. Normally the theatre is empty then, and this is a wonderful hour.
Henning Mankell
No one would normally accuse me of being soft on crime.
Chris Grayling
I normally read the comments on my video two hours after it’s been uploaded.
Bhuvan Bam
Where two or more crops are taken normally, it is time to begin preparation for a good rabi crop by assembling the seeds, soil nutrients, and other agronomic inputs needed for timely sowing and good plant population.
M. S. Swaminathan
There’s an authenticity in just being who you are and not having an act about it or wear clothes you normally wouldn’t wear. I’m just comfortable in my own skin.
Luke Combs
I don’t like music docs, usually. There’s nothing to really say. What can you say about music? Normally, you can’t say too much. There are a few really good ones, but the majorities are boring, I think.
Malik Bendjelloul
Normally in the past whenever Everton have beaten Liverpool, the accusation was that they wanted it a little bit more.
Jamie Carragher
Normally, I love to go to the movies and when I see a character portrayed by different actors at different ages, it kind of pops a little bit for me. It brings me out of the movie experience. Now we have the technology to cure that.
Jeff Bridges
Often my best work comes from somebody trying to stretch me in a direction that I wouldn’t normally want to go in. It’s not something I fight at all.
Alan Menken
During the fight, if you feel something, you know it’s pretty bad, because normally you don’t feel anything. You get punched and elbowed in the face, you don’t feel it until after the fight.
Stephen Thompson
I am normally the manly-ish girl on the planet.
Rita Ora
I wouldn’t want to play as left forward if I normally play right-back.
Lothar Matthaus
I tend to focus on young people and on giving a voice to groups of people who don’t normally get their voices heard.
Alexandra Robbins
I like to see people laugh who are normally serious.
Jimmy Fallon
Being a journalist always makes you a quick study of wherever you’re at. You’re out all the time and seeing places that normally you wouldn’t get to see. It gives you an unusual level of insight into any place.
Michael Connelly
Playing Mo-yeon was satisfying because I could be irritable. I normally can’t be like that in public because of my image.
Song Hye-kyo
I cannot live or write without music. It stimulates the normally dormant parts of my brain that come in handy when constructing fiction.
Aleksandar Hemon
Children should be kept as normal as possible. At a very young age, they are not even aware of the happenings around them. You need to do whatever you can to grow them normally.
Pankaj Kapur
Normally doing an album you go from track to track and go, ‘Let’s not work on this one today, let’s go work on the other one,’ and I think you tend to get more self-indulgent that way.
Curt Smith
It does hurt that your parents are not together and they are fighting. Looking back, I grew up a little quicker than I would have normally. I spent half the week with my mom and half with my dad.
Vikramaditya Motwane
On one show before a live audience, I had to look out the door and call for Will Smith to come in. The audience couldn’t see him, but there he was with his naked butt staring me in the face. I didn’t normally hang out with twenty-something practical jokers, so sometimes he was a little much.
James Avery
A lot of stuff doesn’t faze me. I think it’s because I was brought up in a small town, and normally, when you’re from a small town, when you see a famous person, you’d be like, ‘Oh my god. This never happens,’ but I’ve always kind of been like nonchalant.
Jorja Smith
What we normally define as history doesn’t interest me. It’s a constraint.
David Christian
I try not to shoot unnecessarily or spend on extra expenses that normally happen on a film set – like actors’ fees.
Shoojit Sircar
If you think of a solo artist, you normally know them by their name; you don’t normally describe their kind of music. You just say, ‘It’s so and so, or it’s so and so.’ But with bands, everyone feels an obligation to categorize them.
Ian Gillan
I love audiences. They are my oxygen. I only breathe with audience. When I’m alone, I am normally a miserable you-know-what.
It was interesting doing impressions as somebody else doing impressions. Normally, I’ll do a voice, and it’s me doing the voice. To have to be Robin Williams doing the voice was an interesting sort of study in getting into somebody’s head.
Chris Diamantopoulos
People don’t normally just say, ‘Do you want to come and audition for one of your favorite directors?’
Stacy Martin
We rarely just hate people or love people. Normally, the people we have moments of the most impassioned hate for, it’s because we love them so much.
Adam Rayner
The genuine artist is never ‘true to life.’ He sees what is real, but not as we are normally aware of it. We do not go storming through life like actors in a play. Art is never real life.
Wallace Stevens
I don’t do anything specific for the stage. I’m just myself. I can’t stand still for five seconds. I’m normally quite active, so that just comes out on stage. If I see people react to me and my music, I just have to give back and express myself.
Shreya Ghoshal
I wanted to eat what I wanted but I made sure that portion control was basically half of what I normally would eat.
Cheryl Burke
The little town I was brought up in, I’d go to the film society to these very extreme sorts of films that you wouldn’t normally see in the movie houses. But I never dreamed that I would get into the position to be shooting movies equivalent to the ones I loved as a kid.
Roger Deakins
Normally, it takes me about three years to write one of the big books. It is usually four years between releases because of the huge amount of travel and PR and just nuisance going on around them. I have a lot of pressure from publishers and agents.
Diana Gabaldon
We are not generally included in that narrative – people of color – definitely, women of color don’t normally fit that narrative that has been built around the whole image and the whole story of the Silicon Valley.
Kimberly Bryant
It’s always bitterly disappointing to people to see how normally one can live.
Eric Bana
I normally work out six days a week. I’ll do Pilates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and I’ll do cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Rachel Nichols
I’m normally a pretty loquacious, kind of fun person.
David Harbour
I went to film school so I have a writing and directing background, and I think a lot of the material I’m interested in writing and getting out there is stories about anti-heroes and people you should just not ordinarily root for – trying to figure out a way of appealing to people they wouldn’t normally appeal to.
Danny McBride
Reed College required a thesis for a Bachelor’s degree. Normally a Bachelor’s is sort of like being stamped ‘Prime US Beef.’ They just walk you through, hand out the diplomas and you fill in your name later on.
David Eddings
Normally, I would run with a group of guys in my camps. A couple of days before the fight, I would run by myself. That was my time to choreograph the fight in my head, so I needed to be myself.
Sugar Ray Leonard
I believe in method acting. Whenever I’m working on a character, I start behaving like him. I start doing these things which the character would normally do. Maybe that’s the way I function as an actor, and I believe in it. And that’s how I try and portray a character.
Kartik Aaryan
It’s important to have people around you with enough confidence to say if you are not acting in a good way. Normally, when you are at the top, people say everything is fantastic. Probably in that moment it is what you want to hear, but it’s best to be reminded how to act properly.
Rafael Nadal
I do love Louboutin shoes, but I need to stop buying them because I don’t go to many ‘dos,’ so they just line up. I’m normally in my trainers.
Sheridan Smith
There’s a tradition in the history of dissent in authoritarian countries of a certain kind of dissident, and their form of dissent is to live their lives as normally as possible.
Evan Osnos
Normally, the law of nature is such that one who rises falls, and one who rises quickly falls as quickly. I don’t know how the law of nature will work as far as Modi is concerned. But some time or the other, all bubbles burst. This bubble will also burst.
Kapil Sibal
I’ve never been a collector – just a consumer – and these days unless a book is signed to me by another author, I don’t normally have any qualms about passing it to a friend or donating it to the library.
Rick Riordan
Normally I get called Sammi Sweetheart on a daily basis.
Sammi Giancola
Normally I will have five or six cups of tea a day, and if I can have them poured from a teapot, then all the better. I think tea tastes so much nicer from a pot.
Phyllis Logan
Normally I sleep for 9, 10 hours a night.
Andy Murray
We don’t normally go on about the fact that Roman Catholics once upon a time didn’t have the vote and weren’t allowed to have their own churches because we had Catholic emancipation.
David Starkey
Women who have managed to get successful normally have had to carve out pretty much their own route for doing it, because there are few roadmaps for how, as a woman, you become successful. You think about having to do it yourself, you carve your own way. Does that relate to being Jewish?
Noreena Hertz
Normally, in the presence of radiation, communication links fail. But with autonomous robots, you don’t need communications.
Vijay Kumar
I can’t belong to groups. I’ve tried. I behave normally, but people don’t look at me normally.
Jeanne Moreau
‘What’s the Use’ is normally done with all the women onstage with Julie. Sometimes it’s staged as a ‘lay at my feet, dear children, and let me tell you the ways of life.’ We felt like that wasn’t really what was going on.
Jessie Mueller
Martial arts just normally would not draw me to the box office.
Mary Hart
With ‘Good Will Hunting,’ Miramax made certain the recruited audience wasn’t expecting to laugh at Robin Williams like they normally do. From my limited experience, you can really blow test screenings by conducting them in the wrong way.
Gus Van Sant
I normally sleep very well, but when I do have bad dreams, they always involve my children.
Michael Robotham
I’ve just started school again, and it was a bit strange to start off with; it took me three or four days to get used to it. My friends have been great, they’ve been treating me normally.
Rupert Grint
Cricket is my life. Before the cancer, I was happy-go-lucky. I used to think about my career and worry about the future. But post it, my thinking has completely changed. I’m happy to eat and breathe normally. I’m happy to have my life back.
Yuvraj Singh
I normally don’t listen to my instincts because I’m so full of doubt.
Victoria Pendleton
I normally don’t have that much confidence. I usually am trying to talk to directors out of giving me a job.
Mark Ruffalo
Normally during the week between Christmas and New Year I’m slumped in a chair in Birmingham, eating, farting and spouting total nonsense.
Joe Lycett
I love palm strikes because you have a longer reach. Normally, when you give a left hook and then a right straight, you are too close for the right straight. Why? Because the hook is shorter.
Bas Rutten
I eat in a strange way, but I enjoy it. Everything became well when I finally understood that I enjoy being hungry. Normally, I only eat in the evening.
Amelie Nothomb
Directing all six episodes was a really unique experience, right? Because normally TV is run through the showrunner system, and Marvel didn’t do that on ‘Loki.’
Kate Herron
Normally I’m really lucky because I can go down to my local shops and no one cares. I take the Tube and the bus so it’s kind of the perfect balance.
MyAnna Buring
Sometimes, when comedians get success, they don’t do as much weird stuff as they normally do.
Thomas Middleditch
Normally, however, I try to avoid repetitions of any shot.
Michelangelo Antonioni
If I were trying to impress a girl, I wouldn’t get all super dressed because I would look like I was trying too hard. Instead, I would probably wear what I normally would.
Taylor Lautner
I genuinely enjoy the puzzle put before me with a crossover – how do I use this bigger piece of the Marvel Universe to tell a character-based tale I wouldn’t normally think to tell?
Mark Waid
Greed is normally balanced by fear.
Peter Schiff
Normally, if I would read in a script that there’s mostly flashbacks and mostly voiceover, I would run as far away as possible.
Reed Morano
Since the beginning of the Bush administration when we were attacked, September 11th, we’ve not had any major terrorist attack in this country. We’ve had individual crazy people, of normally, they look more like me than they look like Middle Easterners.
Sherrod Brown
Pogba is a midfielder who has all the qualities. When you are a midfielder you normally have some special qualities but he has everything.
Ander Herrera
Normally, you cast a pilot, and you have to make compromises about being political about who you cast.
Jill Soloway
Normally, my goal is to get past the first round, because that’s the hardest.
Karolina Pliskova
There’s some downsides to being famous, which are not even worth mentioning. But to combat the bad sides of being famous, you really should take advantage of the good sides. The good sides are, you can use that fame to get projects you might not normally get.
Chris Rock
When we do reggae, it’s normally a one-chord or a two-chord, or whatever it is. With Sting, there’ll be chord changes, key changes.
Normally, politicians lie because they want to persuade us of the truth of what they are saying. A candidate for Congress will claim that he earned a medal of honor when he did not, so that we will love and revere him.
Zephyr Teachout
I always want to set myself a challenge by doing something no-one would expect me to do! But, having said that, I don’t feel as a musician you can steer too far away from what you normally do.
I was there less than a year before I was assigned to the Paris bureau. I spent two years there and, in fact, before I even went on the staff I was sent to Europe to do assignments which they wouldn’t normally do for a young photographer just starting out.
Gordon Parks
Normally I don’t sleep much during a Test match.
Nasser Hussain
‘The Dice Man’ is an anti-establishment cult novel, and you don’t normally make studio films from such dark comedy material.
Luke Rhinehart
Normally, I stay away from politics – unless I’m going to run for president.
Grace Jones
Virtual reality is a tough sell for a software developer. They have to convince investors that not only are they going to build a good game, which is what they normally have to do, they have to convince them that it’s going to be a good game and that virtual reality will be successful.
Palmer Luckey
Normally, I never dress up.
Roberto Cavalli
I’m normally a player that plays well under the TV lights, the cameras and everything, I normally do produce quite well.
Kurt Maflin
Normally, when congee is served, the different condiments and garnishes are placed in little bowls on the side so diners can make their own personal creations.
Yotam Ottolenghi
When you find something where you can give people a message and still make it an exciting movie, you get very, very excited about something. You probably even work harder than you normally do.
Roland Emmerich
I know, normally folks on TV wouldn’t readily admit their age, but since there’s nothing you can do about it, you might as well own it and be happy.
Gretchen Carlson
On some sets, if a helicopter goes by, what would normally happen is that somebody would go, ‘There’s a helicopter. Stop.’ I’d never stop for a helicopter. I am always trying to make sure that the machine is in service to the actors.
Jill Soloway
‘Star Trek’ put sci-fi on the map and changed television, and ‘Battlestar’ has changed it in another direction by making it a little more mainstream and acceptable to people who wouldn’t normally watch sci-fi.
Aaron Douglas
The culture is about moving to a place where tobacco and smoking isn’t part of normal life: people don’t encounter it normally, they don’t see it in their big supermarkets, they don’t see people smoking in public places, they don’t see tobacco vending machines.
Andrew Lansley
The television presenting I have done has been quite sporadic, and it’s normally only lasted a few weeks or months, so it would be really fun to get a gig that was a bit longer.
Chloe Madeley
An interesting thing happened in 1989, right as I was graduating: the stock market crashed and really changed the landscape of the art world in New York. It made the kind of work I was doing interesting to galleries that wouldn’t have normally been interested in it.
Matthew Barney
I wanted to really just understand… how could a whole generation of children who were just children at the time – boys riding their bikes, flying kites, and doing all kinds of things they normally do – how could they suddenly be taught a completely different curriculum?
Christine Leunens
Normally, I can get through a whole show with one guitar pick.
Paul Gilbert
It is hard to get animals which normally pay little attention to each other to do things together. One can teach dolphins to jump simultaneously out of the water precisely because they show similar behavior spontaneously, but try to make two domestic cats jump together and you will fail.
Frans de Waal
I used to try and make up visually for what I couldn’t play as a musician. I used to get into very incredible visual things where, in order just to make one chord more lethal, I’d make it a really lethal looking thing, whereas really it’s just going to be picked normally.
Pete Townshend
The wish fulfillment of growing younger is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. You have new problems that arise which you are not anticipating and you deal with the same problems you would deal with if you were ageing normally: what is the end of life about? What have I accomplished?
Eric Roth
NME is normally associated with indie rock. It ain’t something I read as a kid.
Dizzee Rascal
I think we mixed a lot more curveballs than normal because they were either going after my drop or laying off of it and that’s normally my go-to (pitch).
Cat Osterman
We’re not a city that has normally relied on major corporations. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have major anchor tenant corporations in our city. We love to have them, but for whatever reason we’ve been a city that’s been very entrepreneurial.
Francis X. Suarez
Normally I sleep in until 7, and most days, I go right into the office. On Tuesdays, though, I stay home and do work. I need a day when I’m not in meeting after meeting. You need time to try to get into your head again and see what’s next.
Maria Cornejo
To look is one thing, to see is another thing; to see is very difficult, normally; to look is to try to see. I have looked and I hope I have seen.
Eduardo Chillida
In top-down processing, which is normally what we do in psychotherapy, we talk about our problems, our symptoms, or our relationships. And then the therapist often tries to get the client to feel what they’re feeling when they talk about those kinds of things.
Peter A. Levine
Sundays are great for a lie in, a read of the papers, a potter around at home and then brunch, which is normally cheese on toast!
Rachel Khoo
A fish with a big mouth, like a catfish, they’ve been known to bite people’s legs. Normally not because they’re hungry, but because they’re protecting a nest or something like that.
Jeremy Wade
In Hollywood, normally things don’t work out, and dreams are crushed.
Jessica St. Clair
I have done everything in my life very normally. And marriage is definitely there on my agendas in life. But I don’t know when will it happen.
Anushka Sharma
I’m not normally content with what I do unless I win.
Paula Creamer
I’m not the best at getting myself breakfast, but if I do, I’ll normally have toast and marmalade.
Jonathan Anderson
Rather than doing the kind of fact-checking that normally goes with a story, you ran with certain stories for not wanting to get beat. There’s a pressure that exists in your profession. I would be surprised in any honest exchange that you say that doesn’t exist.
Rahm Emanuel
When you’re undercover you try to stay as true to your identity as you are. You know who you are, and you know how you normally function. If you try to put on a pretense, such as assuming a fake voice, you have to put on that fake voice all of the time. And you can’t afford to slip out of it. It’s too dangerous.
Ron Stallworth
I think that art is still a site for resistance and for the telling of various stories, for validating certain subjectivities we normally overlook. I’m trying to be affective, to suggest changes, and to resist what I feel are the tyrannies of social life on a certain level.
Barbara Kruger
The use of drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. On the battlefield, a squad leader can receive real-time data from a drone that enables him to view the landscape for miles in every direction, dramatically expanding the capabilities of what would normally have been a small and isolated unit.
Michael Hastings
I really try to make smart choices about my fashion and really live a life on the carpet that’s the same as the life I live normally.
Aisha Tyler
‘Laguna Beach’ was definitely not as manufactured as ‘The Hills’ was for me. ‘Laguna Beach’ was more putting us in situations where we normally wouldn’t be in or hanging out with people we wouldn’t necessarily hang out with.
Kristin Cavallari
When I got on stage, I would have a rush of adrenaline; everybody gets it. Normally after the first night it becomes more controllable, and as long as I could ride the wave, I was still in charge.
Samantha Bond
When you go through those hard times, that’s when you ask those questions that normally you wouldn’t. If you win, you don’t ask questions. You don’t worry about it.
Tony Gonzalez
Well, normally we don’t think all that hard about titles.
Robert Forster
Normally, I only put on a little foundation and I think that’s because I wear make-up for work so much. I am a big fan of mascara though.
Stacy Martin
You do nonfiction, you get to meet people you would not normally meet.
John Gregory Dunne
It is strange how your understanding of a play changes. It normally happens after a performance and you suddenly think, ‘So that’s what that line really means’ – it’s like a light going on.
Richard McCabe
Not everything, always, is about your performance. It’s about the team performance. When the team is not playing well, then normally, you will not play well. It’s all about the team.
Gerard Pique
Normally, we push away the things we’re scared of.
Jeff Bridges
Normally the teams that are in the NFC and AFC championship games are the teams that are going to be right there in the forefront as the season begins.
Cris Carter
I don’t go to clubs and stuff like that, so I don’t have to put up with it in there. And normally, because obviously I could hurt somebody, and if I look at it that way, I have to back off.
Bubba Smith
I think I’ve become one of the best finishers in boxing; if I hurt a guy, I normally take him out.
Sugar Ray Leonard
All we think about is how to keep the audience engaged, and normally we’re big on plot because that’s the easy way to do it.
Ethan Coen
The thing I’m afraid of the most with the 800m is injuries. That’s why I don’t normally like to run in a group: I prefer to be in front, just in case someone pushes me with their spikes. I don’t like stuff like that.
Caster Semenya
I normally have a healthy fear of journalists.
Alex Kingston
What I’ve gathered from people who are big fans of the ‘Musketeers’, they adore the books to the degree where an awful lot of them, even if they have problems with an adaptation, normally still lap it up because they just love the whole idea of it.
Tom Burke
Normally the biggest stars, as Wayne Rooney is, are selfish but he is not.
Ander Herrera
Music is there to access those dark emotional corners that we don’t normally get too close to.
Lesley Garrett
When you work in Norway, you actually have to have a contract about lunches because Norwegians don’t eat lunch normally, so they just throw out a loaf of bread and some coldcuts.
Stellan Skarsgard
I don’t normally try to stay trim over the festive period – a nice little shift dress and some tights always hides the Christmas bulge.
Caroline Flack
It’s always a lot more fun as a quarterback if you can do things you don’t normally get to do. So if I can catch a pass and make a play for the team, that’s what I’m willing to do.
Robert Griffin III
Normally, if you have a huge category that leads a bear market all the way down to the bottom – like tech after 2000, or energy in the ’80-’82 bear market – you get one quick pop, and then years of lag as we fight the old war.
Kenneth Fisher
What people don’t normally know about us is the hustle is very real, and it’s sorely driven a lot by how we consider ourselves. We don’t pay a whole lot of attention to any type of judgment that we might get from outside people. I think that comes from growing up onstage.
Lzzy Hale
I am not normally a fan of organised tours: few public figures are, feeling themselves objects of constant curiosity.
Ann Widdecombe
Diwali is chaotic in the Kapoor household, and that’s an understatement. I normally throw a huge card party with all my close friends and my close knit group from the industry.
Ekta Kapoor
I normally try to drive carefully.
Alexander Ovechkin
In the work that I normally do, you have a whole script, a whole arc, that you play. And I do believe a good actor will play every bit of information they’re given.
Jessica Pare
Marriage happens; it can’t be planned. When it has to happen, it will happen. Normally, what we always believe is that however prepared you are, if it’s not meant to happen, it won’t. And however much we have not planned, it will still happen if it’s destined.
Rani Mukerji
People sometimes get a little extra criticism when they try something that they don’t normally do, but I think that’s just a natural thing for artists. It’s like, ‘Okay, I did that, and now I want to try this.’
Kristen Wiig
I know in war good people can feel obliged for good reasons to do things they would normally object to and recoil from.
John McCain
At my ashram, people work long hours joyfully because they are inspired. When people are involved and joyfully doing something, they usually turn out ten times more and do more than what they would normally do as a duty.
Jaggi Vasudev
Normally you have more adrenaline and tension when you see 80,000 fans, screaming after every corner or chance. You have to push yourself and your teammates. Normally when there are fans you are focused just because of that. You feel mistakes more. Also you feel more if you score a goal.
Joshua Kimmich
The normal storyline of a horror film or a slasher film is the young, beautiful college folks go camping and get systematically killed by the person in a mask. So that’s how it normally is.
John Schneider
I’ve been successful, but I haven’t had any unwanted attention. To be honest, I’ve never invited or courted attention. I think if you act normal, then people will treat you normally. If you go around with a big entourage all the time, you’re not staying true to yourself.
Bonnie Tyler
I am not an early bird. I go to bed normally between midnight and 1 o’clock, so it is understandable that I cannot be an early bird. I wake up around 9 o’clock.
Dieter Rams
Each driver has their own identity and from one week to another, normally it stays the same.
Kurt Busch
If there are differences in the race pace it is normally because the tyre is overheating on my side.
Valtteri Bottas
We came from an era when women normally did not rock.
Nancy Wilson
I don’t normally do shows around Christmas time.
Liz Mitchell
Something that I don’t normally tell, and it’s not necessarily because I wanna keep it from anybody – I just don’t think about it – but one thing about me that not a whole lot of people know and that never really gets brought up is that I actually don’t have a driver’s license. I’ve never taken a driver’s test.
Lzzy Hale
Normally when you go to a queer space the people often look like you, they are the same age as you and so on, but at Mardi Gras and at queer events in general, everybody is different, everybody comes together. And that is what I love about Pride and Mardi Gras and those sort of events.
Courtney Act
I think that when you’re writing fiction what you’re doing is reflecting life as you see it, and putting down how you think and how other people think, and the sort of confusions that you don’t normally like to admit to.
Helen Fielding
I normally keep a series of draft in a catalogue type of book in which I scribble, sketch and draw ideas.
Jonathan Shapiro
You don’t normally see incredibly ugly people who’ve gone missing and it becomes a sensation.
Gillian Flynn
London audiences are tricky, too. They don’t laugh as much as the Northern audiences because, and I hate to say this, they are a bit cleverer normally, and they are picking up on all the little details and listening more carefully.
Steve Coogan
In ‘Breaking Bad,’ we have a lead character who definitely finds himself in a situation he would never have expected to find himself in normally.
Michelle MacLaren
Normally, the coach does not like to make changes that are not necessary – because a team has to find itself.
Lothar Matthaus
As a writer, Chris Columbus was a big influence. ‘The Goonies’ was the first movie I ever saw that kids speak normally and not imagined how kids would talk. Always a big fan of Chris Columbus’ dialogue and storytelling.
Adam Green
I don’t normally get too excited. I just – yeah, I just try and keep it pretty simple, and that’s just my personality, really.
Ashleigh Barty
I’m actually thinking about maybe, on a spacewalk, not wearing my glasses. I normally wear those both for reading and a little bit of a distance correction, but the distance vision seems like it’s gotten a little bit better. So I might go without.
Scott Kelly
Normally I tell the truth whether it’s nice or not.
Heikki Kovalainen
Horror is one of the few genres that allows you to explore areas in film that normally you wouldn’t otherwise.
Lydia Hearst
I like taking people to a world they wouldn’t normally go to and to creatures that a lot of people didn’t know existed.
Jeremy Wade
When people laugh at me, they are not laughing in the way that they normally would at a comedian. They are laughing with relief, because the truth has been spoken, and political correctness has not strangled this particular gigastar.
Barry Humphries
As far as I’m concerned, I want to do everything because life is short. So, when I did ‘The Red Violin’ film, I got to go to the Oscars, and I got to meet Samuel Jackson, and I got to do stuff that one wouldn’t normally do in my world.
Joshua Bell
Casseroles don’t have to be about canned ingredients and vegetables you normally wouldn’t even think of eating alone, much less stuck in between layers of sauce and breadcrumbs. They can vary from everyone’s favorite all-time casserole, macaroni and cheese, to the ultimate English casserole, Shepherd’s Pie.
Marcus Samuelsson
Everybody’s like, ‘You’re tall. You didn’t play basketball?’ They asked me when I was a freshman in high school, and basketball practice was the same time a lot of stuff happened with choir. And I picked choir, which, normally, people would scratch their heads at, but it worked out okay.
Chris Young
‘Samurai’ is not an animated show like you would normally watch on TV. We tell the stories from a different perspective – backward, very nonlinear. It treats it more seriously as an art form.
Genndy Tartakovsky
I have been doing 120 miles a week, when normally I would do about 140.
Paula Radcliffe
I look forward to going to Chicago because it’s where I grew up, and the food there is so munch. Especially during the winter, I get deep dish pizza or Italian beef, and it warms me up. It’s something I don’t normally get, especially here in L.A. where you’re always trying to be healthy.
Ron Funches
My readers – and I get 400 emails for a day, my readers normally they say, well, you understand me, and I answer, you do understand me also. We are in the same level.
Paulo Coelho
You’d be surprised how inspired you’ll be when you go into a different store than the one you normally go to for gifts.
Phoebe Cates
I’d first come to Chelsea from Kosice and, for me, that was a dream. It’s not easy making that move. I was maybe the first player to come from Slovakia to a club like Chelsea, who normally buy players from Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal.
Nemanja Matic
Normally, some people think about 50 as a big moment in life. I kind of think 30 because in your baseball career, 30 was considered on top kind of looking at the end of your career. So I remember thinking about 30 in different ways, but 50 just seems like another step right now.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
As a tennis player, normally you lose almost every week.
David Goffin
Normally, when I skydive, even in winter, I wear very thin gloves. I want to be flexible, with fast reactions.
Felix Baumgartner
I’m kind of naturally thin, so if I were to completely crash diet, I’d almost be too skinny, and for the VS show, you want to look strong and muscular and fit. Leading up to the show, I eat everything that I normally do, but I moderate it.
Devon Windsor
We want to talk to celebrities about the things celebrities don’t normally talk about. Like, we’d love to get Kim Kardashian to talk to us about finance. She is a businesswoman, after all.
Jennifer Konner
I normally go through every single line as part of my warm-up before a show. When I’m working on a film or TV programme, there often isn’t a rehearsal, so I tend to learn my lines much later. They are often shorter, too, so they’re essentially just there.
Ray Fearon
We live in the countryside, 15 minutes from the closest town, so I would never have time to drive and go somewhere. So I have a personal trainer come to my house, normally three times a week, and we do circuit training depending on what I need.
Margherita Missoni
Second, this epic tale allows the audience to actually listen to the Native Americans and receive their wisdom. Spielberg conveys the respect for Native Americans that is normally lacking in Western films.
Beau Bridges
Normally sports day is once a year for kids, where you have fun, and everybody is jostling. For us, making movies is like having sports day everyday: competing with each other, doing your best. It’s like that except we don’t get awards every day in our sports day.
Takashi Miike
I think people get excited about summer wardrobes and what they will wear on holiday, and people have an opportunity to wear things that they don’t normally wear when they’re in the city.
Jade Jagger
Chase scenes normally just have to be exciting and, you know, not a lot of emotion you need to go through. It’s just about getting from A to B with as much excitement as you can.
Hildur Gudnadottir
Normally, you want the river when the water is low and not when it’s flooded. For example, there are parts of the Amazon where the water goes up to 15 meters high. This floods the forest, so a lot of the fish that normally stay close together are suddenly very hard to find.
Jeremy Wade
I’m normally getting glammed for my events and when I can give my skin a break, I do.
I can see there’s a connection between not following normal thinking and doing creative thinking. I wouldn’t have had good scientific ideas if I had thought more normally.
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Normally, I rely heavily on my director to massage me out of my actor comfort zones.
Vera Farmiga
Normally, the same strange impulse which brings a crowd to an accident is present in the reaction to a concert in which something goes wrong.
Lara St. John
The one thing about dealing with anxiety is normally getting to the gym, fitness.
Jordyn Woods
In my horror movies, I was always trying to deal with real characters and real character drama played by good actors… Laura Linney, Ethan Hawke, Eric Bana, and Tom Wilkinson, people who don’t do horror normally.
Scott Derrickson
An antenna collects radiation from a desired direction incident upon an area, called its collecting area, and focuses it on a receiver. An antenna is normally designed to maximize its response in the direction in which it is pointed and minimize its response in other directions.
Robert Woodrow Wilson
Normally for me, it’s not interesting. When do you see in the jungle, female fighters fighting each other? I mean it’s not human nature.
Gegard Mousasi
Normally you have more adrenaline, and more tension inside your body when you walk in and see the 80,000 fans screaming.
Joshua Kimmich
I can act normally, and I can go out, but people around you don’t act normally. If it was normal, I’d go out and have my dinner and nobody would be video-phoning me eating my dinner.
Cheryl Cole
I hate that people think going to the theatre is a special occasion. I wish people would treat it as normally as going to the cinema.
Brenda Blethyn
I normally write in the first person, and my narrators are as real to me as any of the people I have worked with. They live and breathe in my imagination.
Michael Robotham
Normally, I spend a week on the outline and take two weeks to write the book.
R. L. Stine
You don’t normally get to hear that, you don’t normally get to hear your coaches yelling at you from the sideline when you got fans there.
Bobby Wagner
You may be embarrassed about the way you looked and the wacky clothes you wore when you were young, but normally, at least it’s hidden in a box in the attic.
John Oates
I’m not normally a jewelry person. I’m supposed to be a working class champion and all, and I don’t like to rub my success in people’s faces.
Bubba Sparxxx
I don’t start a song with an idea of what ingredients are going to go into a song. It’s not like a recipe. I will normally either talk from personal experience or I’ll make a character and then try to allow that character to behave the way he or she naturally would.
Jason Isbell
We are normally involved in Ozzfest and heavier tours. We love all the tours we’ve done, but I always thought it’d be cool to do Warped, since a lot of these kids are young girls.
Maria Brink
Fundamentally I feel that there is as much difference between the stage and the films as between a piano and a violin. Normally you can’t become a virtuoso in both.
Ethel Barrymore
I’m not going to normally get hired to play those emotional things, and I’m capable of it. I was raised by a single mother in Iowa – I’m just trapped in a big, dumb body.
Jason Momoa
Runners, by nature, are intentional people and normally pretty light on our feet.
Kristin Armstrong
Movies aren’t normally, necessarily viewed by a community of fans, and we thought if we could take the energy we see at our live performance and inject that into theaters, it might be a special thing.
Sal Vulcano
No one would have picked me out in high school and said, ‘This guy is going to be in show business.’ I don’t have any of the talents you would normally associate with show business.
Jerry Springer
You have to see if the batsman is coming out, if he is staying back, what his grip is like, to gauge his intentions. A common trend I have observed is, a lot of batsmen change their grips when they are looking to hit: normally they either go high or slide their hand to the bottom of the handle to get maximum power.
Harbhajan Singh
My mom, Nellie, got me a rosary at church. I don’t use it to pray before a competition. I’ll just pray normally to myself, but I have it there in case.
Simone Biles
Normally in spy movies, the person that the hero deals with is at the centre of power, surrounded by video screens, and they’re old and grizzled. I’m no stranger to that dynamic.
Doug Liman
In the morning, raw foodists don’t normally have breakfast. We have a lot of fluids. So I make all these different drinks which are quite strengthening.
Boy George
Now, normally I do all my research on existing recipes before I start working on my own version.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I accept MMA, I appreciate MMA, I even get techniques from MMA, surprisingly, like footwork techniques and how I move. It’s different and unorthodox to what boxers are normally used to.
Daniel Jacobs
Normally when we go in and write the songs we write, we think about doing a cover, but never a covers record. That would be, for us, a concept. We don’t want to have a concept!
Robert Cray
Buses and subways are this remarkable social club. You talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to.
Carol Kane
It’s good for you to go somewhere that you wouldn’t normally go.
Stephen Root
I like to get the body temperature up, the heart rate up. I’ll do anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes either on a bike, a rower, a StairMaster, or a combination of the three of those. And then I’ll normally run through a 20- to 30-minute session either on the Pilates reformer, the Cadillac, or the Pilates chair.
Jake Arrieta
I think I’m basically the same guy I always was. Maybe I’ve learned, through experience, to rein in some of the anger and temper they say redheads normally have.
Willie Nelson
We don’t get typhoons in December. They normally end by September. A typhoon happening in October is considered a late event.
Benigno Aquino III
Getting comfortable again and being in a vocal booth on the opposite end of the spectrum, when you’re normally the one tracking the vocals, is kind of scary.
When the fans spend money, you normally leave the audience happy.
Scott Hall
My background is getting into the kinds of places where outsiders don’t normally go, with enough energy left to put a line in the water.
Jeremy Wade
I do explore the city if I have the time for it, but normally, I would rather stay relaxed at home. London can be a stressful place because it’s crowded and it’s a big city.
Alexis Sanchez
I am not a typical wife. We are two friends who live together. We love each other, but I don’t do the usual things that wives normally do for their husbands, like giving medicines on time, or making sure the clothes are ironed or dry-cleaned.
Kirron Kher
When I have red velvet cake, I normally have cream cheese icing.
Adriano Zumbo
See, if there is zero possessiveness in a relationship, then one needs to put a reality check to see if things are really going fine. So, normally, everyone is a bit possessive, and so am I.
Kunal Khemu
You don’t normally do another presentation of All About Eve. You do one All About Eve, and that’s it.
Sydney Pollack
It doesn’t matter who you play against in midfield, you need to try to come out on top and more often than not when a team wins a midfield battle they normally have a good chance of winning the game because that’s where a lot of the play goes through.
Jonjo Shelvey
When I write, I normally write anywhere that I can feel at peace, so if it’s in my bedroom, if it’s at the park, if it’s by a lake somewhere, wherever I feel calm is where I like to write.
Little Simz
Since becoming a pop star, I’ve experimented a lot more. I’ve gotten more creative with what I wear. My stylist is a bit more adventurous than I would normally be, but it’s really worked, and the colours really work together. I think everyone should be a bit more confident: if it’s a summer’s day, wear some bright colours.
Olly Murs
My favorite part of the film business is the research part, with the access we get from people who are excited to be involved and the things we get to see and do, which we’re not normally going to get in everyday life.
Jason Clarke
‘LOL’ is one of several texting expressions that convey nuance in a system where you don’t have the voice and face to do it the way you normally would.
John McWhorter
‘Places to Go’ is something that I would never normally write because I would usually be worried with what people would think about me.
All syncopation means is accenting beats that you don’t normally accent.
Dimebag Darrell
Being ‘Strictlyfied’ is the opposite to who I am normally, but on this show, you definitely have to go with the flow.
Caroline Flack
A lot of people who don’t write for kids think it’s easy, because they think kids aren’t as smart as they are, or that you have to dumb down what you would normally write for kids. But I think you have to work harder when you write for kids, to make sure every word is right, that it’s there for the right reason.
Brian Selznick
For me, a holiday is doing something else apart from what I normally do.
Milind Soman
Two minutes later the right arm was pointing normally and the reaction to the left appeared. The patient made no complaint at all about the experiment.
Robert Barany
The wear time on clothing for plus-sized women is half the life span of a straight-sized woman’s clothing. Straight-sized women’s bras can last them three, six months? Our bras don’t last as long as a straight-sized woman’s bras normally do because we have more movement; we have more weight.
Ashley Nell Tipton
Normally, banks record profits on loans only as they are repaid, whether they securitize the loans or hold them on their books.
Alex Berenson
Normally, making polenta means having a convenient excuse to use all the butter, milk, and Parmesan in my fridge. Using miso and water instead builds tons of flavor but keeps the texture light.
Chris Morocco
Writing and creating, those things come to me on their own. I feel like… you sort of summon them and it’s like allowing the universe to enter your heart in an entirely different way to what it normally does. It’s like inviting that energy of the universe to enter into your craft in a way where it has a meaning.
Ryan Adams
Massive numbers of people are going to come online from cultures we don’t normally interact with.
Jimmy Wales
I don’t pay attention to which foot I’m developing. I just train normally and use both feet. I’d say I’m right-footed.
Santi Cazorla
Normally book ideas come to me in a moment.
Tracy Chevalier
I do always the music before the lyrics. The story or an idea for the lyrics appears during the composing process normally, but some other times I already have a strong idea of the story I would like to sing before any music comes to my mind.
Tarja Turunen
At first it was a bit daunting, but once I started to do it, the more I got into it, the more I started enjoying it and being able to say things lyrically that I would normally have to say musically.
Jimmy Chamberlin
I normally don’t wake up until 1 P.M. and I’m not about to screw with my biorhythm.
Dan Bilzerian
I know enough to know every time a cable show beats a broadcast show… you’ve attracted people outside the scope of what you normally reach.
Harris Faulkner
Gravity Falls’ normally follows very particular rules: we start out in reality close to the world as we know it, usually one magical element presents itself, and then it’s essentially vanished or hidden back to where it came from by the end of the 20 minutes.
Alex Hirsch
People always look at reality shows and think, ‘How do they fall in love so quickly?’ When you are quarantined with the same people, the emotions you normally feel after a year come within a week.
Karamo Brown
I am not normally a betting person, but I say that putting your money on the American people is about as close to a sure bet as you are going to get.
Blanche Lincoln
I read a lot of news online, but I like buying a paper because I’ll read an article I wouldn’t normally read. And more often than not, the articles that you don’t expect to care about are the ones that grab you.
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis in every single movie I’ve seen him in, except ‘Death Becomes Her’ and ‘Mortal Thoughts,’ which is another movie he was in that was very different from what he normally does.
Guillermo Diaz
The ratio of celebrity divorces is probably about the same as non-celebrity divorces; it’s just that the non-celebrity divorces don’t get a lot of public scrutiny, normally.
Megan Mullally
Normally, if I don’t qualify as well as I think I can, I seem to carry a little chip on my shoulder for the race, and that normally helps me out.
Daniel Ricciardo
I’m not going to talk like I know about politics, because I’m a total amateur, but maybe I can be a spokesperson for people who aren’t normally interested in politics.
I try to be in the office as much as possible to get the full experience working with volunteers, making phone calls, putting out signs – things that the communications director probably normally wouldn’t do.
Hope Hicks
I hate how old people get in my way when I’m swimming. You’re trying to get into the zone and normally, if there’s someone faster than you, you get out of the way, but old people don’t; they’re like, you can go round me. I give a little tut when I pass them.
Sara Pascoe
I normally feel relief that I didn’t die onstage or forget all my lines. Then I start remembering that I have to do it again sometime, and it’ll probably not go as well.
Amy Hoggart
Comics who consider themselves ‘mavericks’ or think the crowd doesn’t get them are normally lousy comics.
Jim Norton
I normally raise pre-flop with K-K or A-A but occasionally I’ll limp in, especially if it appears that the others at the table are playing tight. I don’t want anyone to fold too soon when I’ve got such a big hand.
Phil Hellmuth
Normally, we see characters that have God complexes. How interesting, I thought, it would be to capitalize on that. And say, OK, well fine, you have a God complex, well this person has a Satan complex. And the doctor chooses to treat him scientifically.
Eriq La Salle
To play these twisted, tormented characters is very draining. You have to sit in the pocket of that character for the duration of the shoot, which is normally an average of three months, and that can be taxing!
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
I think competition turns people into what they normally wouldn’t be.
Shane Dawson
You need to eat normally and healthfully, and you need to exercise. I’m so passionate about this because I think people spend their lives not happy in their bodies.
Courtney Thorne-Smith
I normally go with the flow.
Andrea Arnold
Most period drama is so earnest. A lot of it is about making yourself take seriously things you wouldn’t normally.
Joe Thomas
I don’t get angry very often. I lose my temper rarely. And when I do, there’s always a legitimate cause. Normally I have a great lightness of being. I take things in a very happy, amused way.
Julia Roberts
Eleven years old is not an early age to set your sight on the Olympics for a gymnast, because we normally peak in high school. I first qualified for the Olympics team during my sophomore year in high school, when I was 15 years old.
Dominique Dawes
You normally can capitalize when your opponent makes mistakes, but at Talladega, you can’t.
Denny Hamlin
You normally either get bitten by a character and decide that is the way to play it, and then that begins to inform everything you do, or you decide, ‘I don’t need to use much character in this – I have basically got to be me’.
Tim Pigott-Smith
Moving to L.A., I got really into hip-hop and trap music and basically a lot of the sounds you would maybe normally see in a festival, but for whatever reason, I was so involved in vinyl and house at the time, I didn’t even know that I liked trap.
Normally in dangerous situations I have a getaway car.
Sacha Baron Cohen
Since ‘School of Rock’ opened, for the first time in my career, ever, really, I’ve had a lot of projects offered to me. It’s extraordinary. Normally, I’ve initiated them all myself.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I am normally afraid of birds and have never dreamt of any bird in my life.
Ingmar Bergman
Pilot season’s such a strange time. You get such a concentrated amount of scripts. A lot of them become white noise after a while. When something really pops, it becomes apparent very quickly. I’m quite instinctive about that. I know, normally by about 10 pages in, whether I want to do something or not.
Tom Ellis
I grew up a very open and free mind, but also with the flaws of a look on life with too much liberty than people normally have.
Adriano Giannini
Normally, my digital peregrinations take me to destinations like Facebook, YouTube, and
Steven Levy
Boxing combines, in perfect proportion, strength, speed, and endurance. Normally, most sports are either about one of the three: either about speed or endurance or strength. Boxing combines all three of them. It’s really intense.
Edgar Ramirez
When people grow up in atmospheres of violence or atmospheres of poverty, they don’t normally use hi-falutin’ language to describe those things. They would describe some brutal event the same way we would describe getting a taxi or missing the bus.
Philipp Meyer
If I write something down, it’s normally just a sharp one-liner.
Courtney Barnett
Normally street children are shown in terms of the tragedy of their lives – which is true – but there’s also another dimension: their wisdom, dignity and enormous capacity for survival.
Henning Mankell
My hair is normally really unkempt – I’ll just use my sunglasses like a headband or throw on a felt cloche by Behida Dolic in windy weather.
Morena Baccarin
I’m not really making decisions that people normally expect.
Ryan Babel
I don’t actually go to that many conferences. I do that a couple of times a year. Normally, I am not recognized; people don’t throw their panties at me. I’m a perfectly normal person sitting in my den just doing my job.
Linus Torvalds
I’m normally late, so I just kind of throw on the sort of thing that’s at hand. And then I’ll go through phases of wearing the same thing again and again and again – and my wardrobe is mainly about black and white, so it goes together. I’ll play with certain elements, but I don’t really think about it too much.
Daphne Guinness
I think that Oprah’s on a mission to improve the lives of the average American in various ways. And one of them is to bring literature to people who would normally not be quite as demanding in their reading tastes, to show them writing that can be more than just entertainment.
Janet Fitch
Living life as normally as possible gives you a richer well of experiences to draw from.
Tara Lynne Barr
Normally, I think the people you would use on your first film, it would be a real struggle to bring them with you onto your television show. I just brought every single person with and expanded my little indie film world.
Jill Soloway
There’s something advantageous about having people underestimate your intellect, insomuch as a lot of things are revealed to you. They assume you don’t know what you’re talking about, then all of a sudden, you do. And the next thing you know, you have information you wouldn’t normally have.
Ashton Kutcher
A great tennis career is something that a 15-year-old normally doesn’t have. I hope my example helps other teens believe they can accomplish things they never thought possible.
Maria Sharapova
In most legislatures, punctilious attention to correct usage is considered elitist. The word ‘government,’ for example, is normally pronounced ‘gummint’; bureaucracy is ‘bureaucacy’; fiscal comes out ‘physical,’ and one moves not to suspend the rules, but to ‘suppend.’
Molly Ivins
I’ve always envied people who compose music or paint, because they don’t have to be bothered with the sort of crude mess that language normally is, in everyday life and in the way we use it.
Franz Wright
We have fluctuations all the time, business cycles, and they come about in various ways, but normally what sets them off is some reduction in the willingness of our population, our businesses, and foreigners to buy.
Robert Solow
There’s always been a lot of interest in the tech community about how to foster innovation and creativity – both within a company but also in the ecosystem of a tech cluster. In both cases, creating opportunities for people who don’t encounter each other normally to meet and talk is key.
Taavet Hinrikus
There isn’t really a typical day in my life, I kind of wish there was, but it always starts too early, there are always lots of children running around, normally my own and not just random children, and there’ll be the routine of the school run and walking the dog to start the day.
Sara Cox
Normally, with stand-up, it’s quite solitary, you write the material on your own, you perform it on your own, it’s all very much on you. Your own thoughts. You have to sort of modulate your own performance.
Bill Bailey
I’m interested in what would normally be considered the worst aspects of commercial art. I think it’s the tension between what seems to be so rigid and cliched and the fact that art really can’t be this way.
Roy Lichtenstein
A lot of the vocal music I’ve been doing recently has been quite clubby. But that’s mainly because I’ve had more time to go to clubs, and that normally breeds that kind of influence.
James Blake
Normally when we play against Brazil, we will just try to stop them from winning.
Dusan Tadic
Normally, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is about as entertaining as an ocular migraine.
Greg Gutfeld
The strikers are the ones that normally go for big, big money because they’re the ones who decide the games, nine times out of 10.
Graeme Souness
Everybody said that a film that funny can’t win because normally your Cannes winner will be something more serious. It’s not very often that a film that’s bordering on comedy has won in Cannes.
Claes Bang
I normally like to do a lip pencil and then fill it in with the same pencil because it stays on all day, and you don’t have to reapply it.
Khloe Kardashian
That’s what fascinates me about these writers’ retreats: You’re in these small spaces with small groups of people, and all of the sudden, the spotlight is shining on you harder than it normally is.
Lynn Coady
I used to write travel essays, and I was struck by how the fact of writing about a place would change my relationship with it. I would make completely different choices, do things I wouldn’t have normally, because I had to fill this narrative shape.
Chelsea Cain
When I was much younger, I realized that when I was handling something very large, and I was on my own doing that, that my breathing rate would increase, and that would affect my ability to think as well as I normally would. So when that starts happening, I slow down.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Aging is basically the build-up of error: error at the genetic level, error at the cellular level. Cells normally repair themselves; that’s why you heal when you get a cut. But even the mechanism of repair eventually falls apart.
Michio Kaku
But I’m aware of the fact that I’m working in a commercial venue where I’m producing something that I wouldn’t normally be approaching the way I’m doing it.
Bill Sienkiewicz
Normally I don’t watch myself, because I’m not very objective.
Nancy McKeon
Normally, learning lines is fairly easy for me, but when you add an accent onto that, it adds a complexity that I had not anticipated.
Rachel Skarsten
Normally, we are happy to find a fragment of jaw, a few isolated teeth, a bit of an arm, a bit of a skull. But to find associated body parts is extremely rare.
Donald Johanson
I would normally never set out to write a trilogy.
David Brin
People get excited around me and behave differently than they would normally. I don’t feel different from anyone else, except that I drive a racing car round in circles faster than somebody else.
Michael Schumacher
Normally, whenever I try to photograph my mother, she is extremely impatient and will only stand for a minute and insists on knowing exactly what I’m doing.
Juergen Teller
Acting is great therapy – you get to do things you’d normally get arrested for.
Ian McShane
I liked school, but I used to dread those moments when the teacher would call me up to give an oral report. I forced myself to deal with it and not dwell on the class in front of me – to keep a straight face, give the report and concentrate on getting it right. That’s normally how I perform. That’s how I am.
Steven Wright
I normally fly under the radar, and I’m normally not the best in my family, even though I’m sort of second or third best in the world.
Bronte Campbell
The power of fantasy is that you can make people understand the deeper realities of our world in a way that they wouldn’t normally be able to because of all the things in our world that closes them off.
Tomi Adeyemi
When you are winning games in a row, normally what the people say about you is good.
Marco Silva
With ECW, I had a lot of time for matches. I could go out there and do a 20-25 minute match, where normally I’d get to do a 7-8 minute match.
Christian Cage
I normally don’t endorse in Democratic primaries.
Ed Rendell
I normally don’t get frizzled.
Matt Nagy
We need to bring music to the people, even to those who normally do not listen to classical music.
Simon Rattle
Only teams with style succeed. But, in the end, success is normally what matters in modern Europe.
Andre Villas-Boas
Normally, it’s difficult for me to watch a movie that I’m in.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
On the night before a triathlon, I normally eat something simple like a pizza. You know where you stand with pizza. It’s not going to upset you or give you food poisoning, and it contains carbohydrates and a bit of salt, which is perfect before a triathlon.
Jonathan Brownlee
I never get sick normally, but having strep throat three times in four months – that’s pretty crazy.
Sage Northcutt
Normally, the action is just a gratuitous thing. In the case of Bourne, he was going to learn about himself in the action scenes.
Doug Liman
I want people to treat me as normally as they can. Anybody who doesn’t, I feel awkward with.
Daniel Craig
Normally when you meet a person you don’t like, you might have words with them, but then you walk away. When you’re filming a show, you can’t walk away.
Teresa Giudice
I set very high standards, normally for myself. For other people, I try to lower my standards.
Carrie Lam
Generally I don’t like doing remakes, but I think that’s more in the cynical world of Hollywood where normally remakes are purely for commercial reasons.
Gerard Butler
I enjoy working with Melissa a great deal. We’re always looking for projects to do together. I was happy to have her do the show, because she doesn’t normally do episodic unless she’s starring, and I was very happy with the results.
Bruce Boxleitner
I will normally eat about seven or eight mince pies in one sitting. Sometimes, I can get to double figures. My friends, and probably most people, stop at two, so they probably dislike me a bit for it.
Tamsin Egerton
I did all sorts of things that you wouldn’t normally find on an engineer’s docket, but it made an educated person out of me.
Frances Arnold
I travel a lot, and that makes it harder to date, but it also opens up opportunities for me to meet people where I wouldn’t normally meet them.
Cameron Dallas
On ‘Queer Eye,’ I really get to see the way someone lives. They know the Fab Five are coming, but they don’t know when or how, so our producers make sure they don’t clean up so that we can experience exactly how they normally live.
Bobby Berk
Normally movies have the same people they use over and over for everything. It’s called typecasting. They don’t like to take chances. They’ll go with the guy they had before.
Albert Brooks
Sitcom characters, my writing partner Sam Bain and I sometimes tell each other, are not normally self-conscious. Or not quite. The best sitcom characters are probably just a little self-conscious. Deep enough to feel pain and humiliation, but shallow enough that there are no hidden depths.
Jesse Armstrong
Normally, Indian companies follow the trend set by companies abroad. There is usually a long lag period.
Ajay Piramal
Only the pun remains. The pun, beloved of Shakespeare, children and tabloid headline-writers, is normally eschewed in the modern, sophisticated circles in which I move.
Arthur Smith
I love it when people who don’t normally see fashion shows see them, because they find it so exciting.
Jenny Packham
I’m not afraid of a challenge, so I couldn’t say no when KFC asked me if I wanted to attempt to pull a massive amount of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches instead of a semi-truck like I normally do.
Hafthor Bjornsson
Normally when I’m sent a script I’ll read it through to see how it hangs as a story and then I’ll go back and read it through again and look at the character.
Colm Meaney
That’s what counts for you as a player if you are on a high salary and you are earning, let’s say, enough money, which you normally can’t spend in your lifetime. It’s something you should really think about – where you play, what level you play, the audience.
Michael Ballack
I really try to take care of myself. I really put forth the effort to make a regimen just a part of my life. When I can’t, for instance if I’m in a location someplace and I can’t work out because of the schedule of the picture or whatever it is, as much as I normally do when I’m home, I still do something.
Carl Weathers
Normally when one reporter talks to you at a tournament it’s no big deal.
Bubba Watson
I’m slightly concerned, because as a centre-half who took a lot of knocks to the head I’m not normally synonymous with being a fashion icon.
Gareth Southgate
Ghosts of Marriages Past can haunt many aspects of a new relationship – your expectations of what a man should do, how you behave in conflict, your ideas of how commitment should look – they can even make your new man look untrustworthy when he’s really behaving normally.
Emily V. Gordon
There’s a variety and depth to the song topics I get to write about in children’s music and books: being able to write about things I wouldn’t normally write about, like a disappointing pancake, or monsters or opposite day is really different than writing about heartbreak and relationships.
Lisa Loeb
Despite the fact that important measures such as the Americans with Disabilities Act passed only with crucial Republican support, the public – and the community of disability advocates – normally identifies this issue with the Democratic party.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I believe in eating everything and love my rice and sweets. And eating it without guilt and worry… I feel that’s the best way to digest food. I don’t ever do a rigorous dieting normally.
Sayani Gupta
I normally did isolation/bodybuilding-style workouts. But since coming to the Performance Center, the strength and conditioning coach has me doing a lot of different workouts I’ve never done before, and it’s really shocked my body in a good way.
I don’t normally think of a specific actor. I concentrate on the character, and then when we get into pre-production, that’s how names come up.
Jed Mercurio
I like listening to people talk about things that they love. They get to express things they don’t normally get to express.
Chris Hardwick
I like styling girls that don’t normally dress in vintage clothes and don’t normally wear red lipstick; I like seeing those kind of girls restyled in a retro way.
Dita Von Teese
Occasionally when I’m procrastinating writing, I’ll while away the hours on iTunes. You can just keep going forever and find these bands you’d never normally hear of.
Marisha Pessl
Everyone knows how much Australia means to me. I try to get back here as much as I can, but normally it’s for work, so I’m in and out and jetlagged and stressed.
Kylie Minogue
Taking time to do something slower than you normally would is a privilege that should not be ignored.
Harper Reed
Normally, when a fighter gets challenged, they answer.
Shayna Baszler
I can say when it comes to championships it’s a tactical race and normally you don’t have a pacesetter who can set a pace for fast times. That is why you see that obviously we fall around 1:43 because that is the most favorable one can run from the front.
David Rudisha
When you’re normally networking, it’s with men. And they claim they want to help you and work with you, but when it comes down to it, they want to go on dates.
I normally play very serious characters.
Kylie Bunbury
When I’m training for a fight, I’m not the same person that I normally am when I’m at home. I’m always thinking about fighting. I’m doing it day in and day out. Pretty soon, my personality starts to change. My temper’s a little bit shorter, I don’t have a lot of patience for a lot of things.
Rashad Evans
I always ask any of the artists that open up if they know ‘Family Tradition’, since that’s my last song in the set, and if they do, I normally ask them to come on out and take a verse and have fun. When that song is done, I am gone.
Hank Williams Jr.
It’s heartbreaking for the people who work behind the scenes. A lot of people who are at clubs normally get affected by relegation. We feel sorry for them.
Troy Deeney
I love playing the stuff with McGee at home with Delilah. We’ve had episodes where it shows them at home arguing over making dinner and things like that. I love doing that stuff because it’s different than what the show normally does.
Sean Murray
A politician normally flatters you in your face and criticises you behind your back.
Sanjaya Baru
It is kind of easy for me to speak out. Just because I am very vocal in my music about a lot of different emotions, like anger, and normally stuff that people would hide, I’m okay with as a woman.
Rico Nasty
We normally know Jesus as a humble, loving servant, which He is. But Revelations gives us the bigger picture of who Jesus is, in His glory.
Jud Wilhite
I don’t normally watch myself on the telly.
Frank Bruno
I call it ‘The Breakfast Club’ philosophy. There’s something about being trapped in a dire situation with a group of people that you would never normally be trapped with.
Julie Plec
The Democratic Republic of Congo was the most unbelievable place I have ever seen. Now, I’m not normally a massive fan of landscapes, but the country was just so so stunning!
Stacey Dooley