Notion Quotes

Notion Quotes by Octavio Paz, Matthew Pearl, Peter Bergen, Heywood Broun, David Papineau, Daniel Garza and many others.

Futurists wanted to suggest movement by means of a dyna

Futurists wanted to suggest movement by means of a dynamic painting; Duchamp applies the notion of delay – or, rather, or analysis – to movement.
Octavio Paz
Though a woman tempted man to eat, my dear Longfellow,” said Holmes, “you never hear of Eve having to do with his drinking, for he took to that of his own notion.
Matthew Pearl
I am very suspicious of the notion that somehow bin Laden was a media creation… Bin Laden’s actions made him into a big deal. Not the media.
Peter Bergen
Every now and then, we hear parents commenting on the fearful things which motion pictures may do to the minds of children. They seem to think that a little child is full of sweetness and of light. We had the same notion until we had a chance to listen intently to the prattle of a three-year-old.
Heywood Broun
I don’t have much use for the concept of innateness. The everyday concept incorporates a number of different notions that can come apart in in many ways, and as a result encourages a range of dangerously fallacious inferences.
David Papineau
You know, probably the notion that conservatives, Republicans, only care about the rich and that Democrats care about the poor – is that true? And nothing could be further from the truth.
Daniel Garza
I think I got from my father and my mother a sense of morality, of the do’s and don’t’s in society; the notion that good people don’t do this; good people are responsible, good people participate in community, and good people vote, good people own land. These were things I heard from my father’s pulpit.
David C. Driskell
I don’t like the notion that artists have a responsibility to be political.
Ezra Furman
We get the odd notion that God is showing mercy because Jesus died. No. Jesus died because God is showing mercy.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
I don’t have the notion that everybody has to write in some single academic style
Clifford Geertz
Today’s parents grew up with the silly notion that music was meant to be heard.
Bill Cosby
Here’s a notion: Peace in the Middle East would come about more easily if the region were governed by women.
Roger Ebert
If you simply announce that things are irrational, then that alone doesn’t get you very far. You have to replace rational agents with some concrete notion of what it means to be irrational.
Lars Peter Hansen
I’m under the impression that this notion of decency is disappearing from our society where conflicts are made worse on cinema and on television, where people are nasty and cruel on the Internet and where, in general, everybody seems to be very angry.
Helen Mirren
The Nation State as such is totally a construction: what we feel for it in terms of habits, traditions, countryside or nature could exist without the notion of Nation.
Janne Teller
I don’t know where we got the notion that God wants us to suffer. Every living thing tends toward the good or we would have been gone a long time ago.
Al Jarreau
That’s a very odd notion because it involves seeing money up there on the screen – if something cost $5 million to make, they want to see that $5 million up there.
Atom Egoyan
The notion of a defense that will protect American cities is one that will not be achieved, but it is that goal that supplies the political magic, as it were, in the president’s vision.
James R. Schlesinger
Every notion is born along with its form. I make reality of ideas as they come into my head
Meret Oppenheim
The point for me is to create relationships based on deeper and more real notions of trust. So that love becomes defined not by sexual exclusivity, but by actual respect, concern, commitment to act with kind intentions, accountability for our actions, and a desire for mutual growth.
Dean Spade
I think you should use whatever power you have to try to help people who need your help. Then we’d all be happy. Instead there’s this bizarre notion the government propounds that we should all run around selfishly acquiring money. I just don’t understand that.
Clive Stafford Smith
In a way, the whole notion of a blueprint of a building is not that different from a script for a movie. A sequence of spaces, which is what you do as an architect, is really the same as a sequence of scenes.
Susanne Bier
Is it possible to put an end to a form of human behavior which has existed throughout history by means of photography?
James Nachtwey
Every other 16-year-old girl wanted to look at bridal magazines; I could not have been more bored with the notion.
Evangeline Lilly
I reject the notion that Boston is a city hopelessly divided by neighborhood, income level or political outlook.
Michelle Wu
I always thought of writing as public, I never thought of writing a diary. I had been struck by, jolted by things I had read, and I wanted to do the same to others. I don’t think it ever was the notion of an autobiography; I skipped that phase totally, I think.
Vito Acconci
The notion of the infinite expanse and copiousness of the cosmos is the result of the mixture, carried to the extreme limit, of laborious creation and free self-determination.
Franz Kafka
Though oppression may give rise to violent and repeated outbreaks, like the convulsions of a man in pain, it cannot mature a settled purpose and plan of regeneration, unless a new notion of happiness is joined to the sense of present evil.
Lord Acton
Elected representatives are so embedded in the basic notion of what constitutes a democratic nation that it has become indistinguishable from any other form of democratic governance.
Eduardo Paes
Podcast listening carries with it a faint aura of cultural snobbery, a notion that to cue up an episode is to do something highbrow and personally enriching, whether it’s a history lecture broadcast from a university or an amateur talk show recorded in someone’s garage.
Michelle Dean
The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time.
Fred Hoyle
When we let go of all our notions about things, everything becomes really true.
Kosho Uchiyama
Books are in no hurry. An act of creation is in no hurry; it reads us, it privileges us infinitely. The notion that it is the occasion for our cleverness fills me with baffled bitterness and anger.
George Steiner
When I was in my teens, Yehudi Menuhin, who was at work on his project ‘The Music of Man,’ introduced me to the great astronomer Carl Sagan. It was Sagan who first opened my eyes to the magnitude of the universe, and essentially to the notion of ‘music of the spheres.’
Daniel Hope
She’s got some sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women.
Kate Chopin
Few writers in history have ever been ‘politically correct’ (a notion that rapidly changes in any case), and there’s no reason to imagine that gay writers will ever suit their readers, especially since that readership is splintered into ghettos within ghettos.
Edmund White
I was not a gigantic fan of ‘The A-Team’ as a kid. I was a huge ‘Miami Vice’ fan. So for me, not necessarily to say that I put a ‘Miami Vice’ish spin on ‘The A-Team,’ but for me, what I was most intrigued by was this notion of these four guys, these four kind of special operators.
Joe Carnahan
It is easy to gain a definite notion of the furnishing of colonial houses from a contemporary and reliable source – the inventories of the estates of the colonists.
Alice Morse Earle
I think I’ve always been drawn to the notion of talk as cinematic.
Noah Baumbach
Many Christians have the mistaken notion that eternal life begins when they die. But that is not biblically accurate. Eternal life begins when we are born again into the Kingdom of God.
David Jeremiah
My God, the corruptions of literature. It put all these notions into our heads.
Charles Baxter
People have a preconceived notion about who I am and it’s interesting. It’s like picking who you want to win for the Oscars and not seeing the movie.
Amanda Bynes
The notion of auspiciousness is something positive, something with forward momentum, coming out of our actions.
Sakyong Mipham
Evolution has no long-term goal. There is no long-distance target, no final perfection to serve as a criterion for selection, although human vanity cherishes the absurd notion that our species is the final goal of evolution.
Richard Dawkins
I think the notion of getting the North Koreans to denuclearize is probably a lost cause.
James Clapper
The notion of a neutral, mainstream national media gained dominance only in World War II and in its aftermath, when what turned out to be a temporary moderate consensus came to govern the country.
Howard Fineman
It was Shakespeare’s notion that on this day birds begin to couple; hence probably arose the custom of sending fancy love-billets.
Washington Irving
We happen to live in an era that is incredibly wrapped up in notions of political correctness; everything is seen through the lens of politics. But being political and politically correct is just another way of fighting, another form of power and strategy, an insidious means of manipulation.
Robert Greene
I can remember in my early days of writing going to sort of writers’ functions and parties and things like that, and I used to get very irritated because when people heard that you came from the suburbs, they had this notion that it was very un-cool to come from there.
Ronald Frame
The notion that the natural world obeys its own rules and doesn’t give a damn about your expectations comes as a massive shock. But the natural world is not so malleable. On the contrary, it will demand that you adapt to it – and if you don’t, you die.
Michael Crichton
One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea. It…makes you think that after all, your favorite notions may be wrong, your firmest beliefs ill-founded….Naturally, therefore, common men hate a new idea, and are disposed more or less to ill-treat the original man who brings it.
Walter Bagehot
I’ve learned that you shouldn’t have preconceived notions about anybody.
Alton Brown
We never consider that the things dogs know about us are things of which we have not the faintest notion.
Jose Saramago
Rejoice in the works of your hands, be happy and thankful that you are valuable, that what you say and do insn’t taken for a ride, that you have rejected the notion of self-doubt and fear, that God isn’t blind towards propagating your positive influence, and finally that you’ll leave a meritorious legacy.
Michael Bassey
It’s a risk, but I’m sort of ready to let go of thinking of movies as books that you can watch. The notion of, ‘If I put the narrative blocks in the right order, this will solve all of my storytelling problems.’ No, it won’t, and you end up with little more than books on film.
Shane Carruth
I reject the notion that America is in a well-deserved decline, that she and her citizens are unexceptional. I do not believe America is the problem in the world. I believe America is the solution to the world’s problems.
Rush Limbaugh
Driving that train, high on cocaine
Casey Jones you’d better watch your speed
Trouble ahead, trouble behind
And you know that notion just crossed my mind
Robert Hunter
There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.
Jane Austen
There is an element of delusional obsession in the French political elite’s preoccupation with the notion that France is still a global power.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
One thing I always want to clear up was the notion that I ‘took time off to have a baby.’ A lot people leapt to that conclusion because becoming a parent happened to coincide with film roles tapering off.
Geena Davis
We have no right to judge where we should be put, or to have preconceived notions as to what God is fitting us for. God engineers everything; wherever He puts us, our one great aim is to pour out a whole-hearted devotion to Him in that particular work. ‘Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.’
Oswald Chambers
Can you dissolve your ego? Can you abandon the idea of self and other? Can you relinquish the notions of male and female, short and long, life and death? Can you let go of all these dualities and embrace the Tao without skepticism or panic? If so, you can reach the heart of the Integral Oneness.
Israeli governments cling to the two-state notion because it seems to reflect the sentiments of the Jewish Israeli majority, and it shields the country from international opprobrium even as it camouflages relentless efforts to expand Israel’s territory into the West Bank.
Ian Lustick
This self-congratulatory notion Americans have that their country is Number One is borne of ignorance and bad manners.
Bryan Cranston
The way in which we experience and interpret the world obviously depends very much indeed on the kind of ideas that fill our minds. If they are mainly small, weak, superficial, and incoherent, life will appear insipid , uninteresting, petty and chaotic.
E. F. Schumacher
I take very seriously the notion that you have to get out in your community; you have to talk to people, but, more importantly, you have to listen to people.
Gary Peters
The notion that love is abroad in the world has shaped my life.
Tim Winton
…the very notion that a candidate should openly solicit votes violated the principled presumption that such behavior itself represented a confession of unworthiness for national office.
Joseph J. Ellis
Life and the Universe show spontaneity;Down with ridiculous notions of Deity!Churches and creeds are lost in the mists;Truth must be sought with the Positivists.
Mortimer Collins
The emerging notion of the Eighties was that publicity was a currency. The old view was that if you had a currency – your talent or your product – publicity might draw attention to it. The new view was that publicity in itself, highlighting you, bestowed value.
Michael Wolff
How deluded we sometimes are by the clear notions we get out of books. They make us think that we really understand things of which we have no practical knowledge at all.
Thomas Merton
I think the notion of understanding each other is a relief. It’s not a thing you get with everyone you hang out with.
Joshua Homme
God is God. Because he is God, He is worthy of my trust and obedience. I will find rest nowhere but in His holy will that is unspeakably beyond my largest notions of what he is up to.
Elisabeth Elliot
Your future is ahead of you. Imagine the notion of the past fifteen years of your life being a blip in your story.
The idea that the Hispanic vote hinges on one issue – immigration – is the most ridiculous and patronizing notion.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
The most difficult idea to reconcile in war is the notion that anything is going to be solved by killing a stranger, or in risking your life for a cause anchored in some distant political arena.
Walter Dean Myers
I don’t think it’s a Western thing to really talk about intrinsic motivation and the drive for autonomy, mastery and purpose. You have to not be struggling for survival. For people who don’t know where their next meal is coming, notions of finding inner motivation are comical.
Daniel H. Pink
The big pay-off was to work as an artist and gain some shred of respect from your friends, who were also artists. But there was never any notion that you could make a living out of art. On the rare occasions you had a gallery show, and sold a little work, well, that was just gravy.
Edward Ruscha
I’m not a literary writer who is wedded to notions of realism and fiction. I believe that you can write anything if you can feel it convincingly.
Christopher Rice
It is dangerous when you start calling people from one part of the world terrorists or fanatic, and you reduce them to some abstract notion. If evil has a geographical place, and if the evil has a name, that is the beginning of fascism. Real life is not this way. You have fanatics and narrow-minded people everywhere.
Marjane Satrapi
I think about the notion of progress; sometimes it does feel like two steps forward, one step back. And that just means you can’t get complacent.
Meena Harris
I don’t know if it’s naivete or just narcissism, but I start out with this notion that I can do anything. It’s not until I get into it that I realize what I’ve thrown myself into, and then I will do anything not to humiliate myself. And that, I think, is the secret to my success.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Playboy was founded on the notion that nice girls like sex too.
Hugh Hefner
The notion that it is improper to look beyond the borders of the United States in grappling with hard questions has a certain kinship to the view that the U.S. Constitution is a document essentially frozen in time as of the date of its ratification.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Indeed, the attempt to live according to the notion that the fragments are really separate is, in essence, what has led to the growing series of extremely urgent crises that is confronting us today.
David Bohm
The notion of women being written out of history is as old as the Bible, but it always seems more galling when it is the history of progressive movements – such as the abolitionist campaign in Britain or the fight for African-American civil rights – in which the role of women has been diminished.
Emily Thornberry
We cannot wholly rely, as though it were Medieval times, [on the notion that] the only reality is what we see in front of us. There are germs. There are changes that are happening in our planet’s ecology that are happening over such a long period of time that we cannot see the changes.
John Hodgman
We have the notion that we exist but we have no way to prove it. ‘I am’ is the closest foundation we can get.
Stan Brakhage
While Democrats, including Barack Obama, mocked the notion that Russia is the greatest threat to our country, nobody has been tougher on Russia and Vladimir Putin than President Donald Trump.
Mike Braun
To prejudge other men’s notions before we have looked into them is not to show their darkness but to put out our own eyes.
John Locke
I had this idea for a while to do mix this Al Green vibe with a samba thing. I tried to do that in many different ways. Peter added his own modern notion of funk and his own deep background in classical music.
Arto Lindsay
People have notions of what a wife’s role should be in this process, and it’s been a traditional one of blind adoration. My model is a little different – I think most real marriages are.
Michelle Obama
The instant that movies became described as character driven was the instant when characters stopped mattering in movies. In other words, the birth of the notion of the character-driven movie coincided with the birth of movies in which characters were incidental to the very activities in which they engaged.
Steve Erickson
Somewhere down the line, I felt the need to come to grips with the realistic – or live action – image which seemed to me central to the notion of film. And then a whole new world opened to me.
Saul Bass
Believing is seeing. It’s much more effective than the old notion that seeing is believing.
Terrence E. Deal
When a human being becomes so still that they begin to lose awareness of their gender, and they are simply looking into that abyss where there is no notion of self whatsoever, the world disappears. And that’s really the only place to go. It’s the only place to remain.
Andrew Cohen
Shelley is truth itself and honour itself notwithstanding his out-of-the-way notions about religion.
Lord Byron
I, being born a woman and distressed By all the needs and notions of my kind.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
For them, it was nothing but an ordinary day on an ordinary day on an ordinary weekend, but for her, there was something revelatory about the notion that wonderful moments like these existed.
Nicholas Sparks
I mentioned the non-competitive spirit explicitly, because these days, excellence is a fashionable concept. But excellence is a competitive notion, and that is not what we are heading for: we are heading for perfection.
Edsger Dijkstra
I used to comfort myself with the belief that it was only certain individuals and their peculiar notions that spoilt things for the rest of us. But how many individuals does it take before it’s not the individuals who are prejudiced but society itself?
Malorie Blackman
I write about race in America in hopes of undermining the notion of race in America.
Richard Rodriguez
In my view, the most damaging evils that are perpetrated upon us are through some abstract notion about good, where we’re willing to sacrifice individuals in the present for some great vision of an improved or perfect future.
Gregory Stock
Adults had the notion that juveniles needed to suffer. Only when they had suffered enough to wipe out most of their naturally joyous spirits and innocence were they staid enough to be considered mature. An adult was essentially a broken-down child.
Piers Anthony
Well I don’t feel sectarian against sparseness, although I sometimes get a little chippy about this. I resent the way that a certain notion of parsimony has become the norm for skilful literary writing.
China Mieville
[ Massachusetts constitution] was [John Adams] attempt to justify that structure by the traditional notion of social estates – that the executive represented the monarchical estate, the senate the aristocratic estate, and the house of representatives the estate of the people.
Gordon S. Wood
I heard it in 2008 and hear it again now – this notion that the only reason one would support Hillary Clinton is because she is a woman – or only because she is experienced and smart. She is all of those things. But I am with her because… Hillary Clinton inspires me.
Pardis Sabeti
The notion that journalism can regularly produce a product that violates the fundamental interests of media owners and advertisers … is absurd.
Robert Waterman McChesney
Before you realize this truth, say the Yogis, you will always be in despair, a notion nicely expressed in this exasperated line from the Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus: ‘You bear God within you, poor wretch, and know it not.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I think this notion that it’s the population of the U.S. against the big companies is just wrong.
Jeffrey R. Immelt
The real lover of cats is one who demands a clearer adjustment to the universe than ordinary household platitudes provide; one who refuses to swallow the sentimental notion that all good people love dogs, children, and horses while all bad people dislike and are disliked by such.
H. P. Lovecraft
The Founders never intended for Americans to trust their government. Our entire Constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible.
Rand Paul
I don’t have a problem with delegation. I love to delegate. I am either lazy enough, or busy enough, or trusting enough, or congenial enough, that the notion leaving tasks in someone else’s lap doesn’t just sound wise to me, it sounds attractive.
John Ortberg
When I started in this [music] business, I had a dream, but it was amorphous, and I had no experience. I just had a fuzzy notion of what life would be like if I became what I pictured.
Bette Midler
Part of the notion in Shambhala teachings is that everybody can live their lives so they get weaker and more stressed out as they go along, or so they get more fortitude and strength.
Sakyong Mipham
The conception of Godhead formed by some devout philosophers and mystics has quite rightly been so immeasurably vast, though still assuredly utterly inadequate and necessarily beneath reality, that the notion of a God revealed in human formborn, sufferin.
Oliver Lodge
A lazy person will try to always find some way to do something; they’ll always be looking for ways of doing something faster, more efficiently, and if you really want to control the world, that’s a really sort of hubristic notion – excessive pride, the thing that Zeus zaps you for having.
Larry Wall
The Islamic world is obsessed with the notion of strong leaders. This is a mistake. We don’t need powerful leaders, but rather unconventional, progressive thinkers with the courage to open our minds.
Tariq Ramadan
The notion that patience is a virtue is something you don’t fully appreciate until you’re a parent. You need endless patience with little ones.
Deirdre O’Kane
I’m of that generation of Jews still deeply influenced by the Holocaust. Certainly the notion that the state power to kill can be subject to such extraordinary abuse is always lurking beneath the surface for me. Certainly my experience and identity as a Jew is there.
Scott Turow
This whole notion of job training centers with the government in charge of making sure you know what to do when certain jobs are lost and new jobs come along? That’s not how people have meaningful lives.
Rush Limbaugh
The notion of getting pleasure from food has gone too far; we can also get pleasure from anticipating a meal, and from not being quite sated.
Giles Coren
The notion that you have a blind trust but you can tell your trustee when to sell stock in it just doesn’t make any sense. It means you have a seeing eye trust and not a blind trust. It’s ridiculous.
Bill Frist
Drag has taught me that I have deliberate control over my image, and when this notion is applied to one’s whole life, it is both powerful and transformative.
Courtney Act
But the fact that the word “chattel” has survived as the inclusive legal term for all movable goods, points, not merely to the great importance of cattle in primitive times, but to the importance of the notion of sale or barter in generating the institution of property.
Edward Jenks
The Japanese government has accepted the notion that Japan is the loser, and it appears to be going to accept unconditional surrender. Such a position frustrates the officers and soldiers of the imperial armed forces.
Hideki Tojo
The notion of a thing, materiality, was something that I think was something very in peoples’ minds when they were dealing with earth and metal and different kinds of metals and the interaction of different sorts of material.
Robert Barry
Most of us make an effort to do and be the best we can be, which leads to a distinction we need to make between the notion of struggle and the notion of effort.
Roger Housden
Well documented, the relationship of literature to myth in the Western world has undergone much change over the millennia, as first the age of gods fell away before the notion of a single god, and then, for many people, that single god slipped away, too.
Kate Bernheimer
I emphatically do not assert the general ‘truth’ of this philosophy of punctuational change. Any attempt to support the exclusive validity of such a grandiose notion would border on the nonsensical.
Stephen Jay Gould
The notion of time bothers me. You look at thirty-year-old photographs and realize how the time has passed.
Christian Lacroix
What I believe unites the people of this nation, regardless of race or region or party, young or old, rich or poor, is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead.
Barack Obama
I myself am a Buddhist, not a Christian. But I cannot help but think that if Christ ran a public establishment, it would be open to all, and He would be the last to refuse service to anyone. It is, simply put, the most un-Christian of notions.
George Takei
Hang ideas! They are tramps, vagabonds, knocking at the back-door of your mind, each taking a little of your substance, each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to live decently and would like to die easy!
Joseph Conrad
I’m so proud of the community we’ve been able to bring together, and the notion of women making the first move is no longer taboo; it’s no longer a scarlet letter to have a voice.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
Animal cruelty is one of the most unfortunate and barbaric demonstrations of human beings manipulating ill conceived notions of ‘power’ over other species.
Ian Somerhalder
I love the notion of the feckless sort of knight in tarnished armor who would love to fill the shoes of the legendary hero but just can’t. And then find a moment when they do. And I love the idea that there’s a myth waiting for each of us to occupy.
Shane Black
It’s not good enough to just keep producing technology with no notion of whether it’s going to be useful. You have to create stuff that people really want, rather than create stuff just because you can.
Genevieve Bell
Marriage of a man and a woman is clear in Biblical teaching in the Old Testament as well as in the New [Testament] teaching. Anyone who seeks to put that notion asunder is likewise running counter to what Jesus Himself said.
Lance B. Wickman
One knows one’s madnesses, by and large. By and large the knowledge is vacuous. The notion of naming the beast to conquer it is the idiot optimism of psychotherapy.
Glen Duncan
I’ve always believed that the most extraordinary results occur only when one feels unbound by any notion of constraint or limitation.
Pat McGrath
Part of the desire to live in a post-racial world includes the desire not to have to talk about racism, which includes a false perception that if you are talking about race, then you’re perpetuating the notion of race. I reject that.
Jordan Peele
Since Britain handed over jurisdiction of its former colony to China 20 years ago, the city has operated under the notion of ‘one country, two systems.’ That increasingly appears to be an empty slogan.
Bari Weiss
Wherever we direct our attention to Hindu literature the notion of infinity presents itself.
William Jones
Congressional mistakes have dramatically increased immigration through a series of what I believe were ill-advised actions going back to 1965 when the basic notions of our immigration laws were revised. In 1990, Congress opened the floodgates by passing a 35-percent increase in legal immigration.
Ronald Reagan
It is urgent to prevent new U.S. aggression. The time is now for the world to say ‘no’ to U.S. threats of air attack against Iran, and to the very notion of a nuclear first-use ‘option’ by America or any other nation.
Daniel Ellsberg
Acting is something that I always wanted, but I never paid attention to the notion that it might actually work out. You have all sorts of ideas about what you want to do – at one stage, I wanted to be a jockey – but this is the one that’s a big deal.
Olivia Thirlby
At that moment, the urge to be writing was stronger than any notion she had of what she might write.
Ian Mcewan
The less experienced a doctor is, the higher are his notions of professional dignity . . .
Arthur Conan Doyle
The Fourth Amendment is quite clear on the notion that search and seizure must not be unreasonable. It is difficult to think of something more unreasonable than searching the private phone records and digital information of citizens who are suspected of nothing.
Ben Shapiro
Whatever the practical origins of aesthetic discernment may have been, it has been used to create great works of art. When the very loftiest human creations are seen to derive from humble origins and functions, what needs revision is not our esteem for these creations but our notion of nobility.
Robert Nozick
the very notion of blindness about color constitutes an ideological confusion at best, and denial at its very worst.
Patricia J. Williams
The possession targets a vulnerability in each of its victims and amplifies it. Essentially, it removes the self-control and notions of good that keep us from acting out on our darkest impulses.
Brian Pinkerton
The American Dream is a romantic notion but it’s newer – not as pretty. You go to Europe, and it says something about the type of person you are. You’re in search of something more intimate and more about yourself.
Kate Hudson
[Speaking about same-sex marriage] It’s about familiarity, and I think the only reason they’re uncomfortable with the notion of same-sex marriages is because they haven’t come into contact with gay and lesbian couples enough to understand that it’s about love – and that it is a civil right.
Jennifer Beals
That romantic notion of a band being a total democracy is just like lying to yourself in the mirror.
Cedric Bixler-Zavala
I think the notion…that liquidity is this – of tradable common stock – is a great contributor to capitalism – I think that is mostly twaddle… The liquidity gives us these crazy booms, which have many problems as well as virtues.
Charlie Munger
One can be certain that every generally held idea, every received notion, will be idiocy because it has been able to appeal to the majority
Nicolas Chamfort
The modern world seems to have no notion of preserving different things side by side, of allowing its proper and proportionate place to each, of saving the whole varied heritage of culture. It has no notion except that of simplifying something by destroying nearly everything.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Do you have any notion of how goddamned crazy you are?
Cormac McCarthy
Zombies let us explore notions of the apocalypse – no water, food, medical care, the government imploding – while letting us sleep at night.
Max Brooks
Oh! this opponent, this collaborator against his will, whose notion of Beauty always differs from yours and whose means (strength, imagination, technique) are often too limited to help you effectively! What torment, to have your thinking and your phantasy tied down by another person!
Alexander Alekhine
Terrorism is based on two major pillars: One is injustice, and the other is a certainty of attitude, the notion that their version of the story is the correct one.
Shirin Ebadi
The very notion of Great Britain’s ‘greatness’ is bound up with empire. Euro-scepticism and Little Englander nationalism could hardly survive if people understood whose sugar flowed through English blood and rotted English teeth.
Stuart Hall
The point of privilege and the notion of mansplaining is that sometimes I definitely feel like I should shut up. That’s it functioning. That’s the notion of privilege functioning.
Tim Minchin
The other aspect of idealism is the one which gives us our notion of the absolute Self. To it the first is only preparatory. This second aspect is the one which from Kant, until the present time, has formed the deeper problem of thought.
Josiah Royce
In all my work there’s this notion of the melancholic. You can make a photograph about the sublime, but you can’t make the sublime itself.
John Divola
Our reality is influenced by our notions about reality, regardless of the nature of those notions
Joseph Chilton Pearce
I’ve never understood the notion that actors and actresses should look great on-screen just because they’re on-screen. That doesn’t make sense to me.
Kate Winslet
Ive come to believe in the primacy of form – the notion of art seducing you through your senses, through your eyeballs.
Fred Tomaselli
The media’s apoplectic reaction to 2018 tax refunds displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the U.S. tax code and the very notion of what a refund actually is.
Kayleigh McEnany
That whole heroic notion of the women warriors known as Amazons is extremely appealing. It was appealing in antiquity, and, throughout the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, they’re always portrayed as heroic, courageous, and the equals of men, and that’s just extremely attractive and has been since antiquity.
Adrienne Mayor
Armaments do not, generally speaking, cause wars. This notion, the logical crux of all arguments in favor of disarmament, turns the causal relationship upside down. Actually, it is wars, or conflicts threatening war, that cause armaments, not the reverse.
James Burnham
The distrust and suspicion which men everywhere evidence toward their adversaries, at all states of historical development, may be regarded as the immediate precursor to the notion of ideology.
Karl Mannheim
Look, I think the notion that there’s a dogma or doctrine of foreign policy that gives you a textbook recipe for how to react to all situations is really nonsense.
Paul Wolfowitz
The English Writers of Tragedy are possessed with a Notion, that when they represent a virtuous or innocent Person in Distress, they ought not to leave him till they have delivered him out of his Troubles, or made him triumph over his Enemies.
Joseph Addison
Even the simple act that we call “going to visit a person of our acquaintance” is in part an intellectual act. We fill the physical appearance of the person we see with all the notions we have about him, and in the totality of our impressions about him, these notions play the most important role.
Marcel Proust
Acting is kind of difficult to intellectualize – it’s a far more visceral experience. It’s really hard to be able to think about and then employ these kind of esoteric notions of this person’s backstory and try to weave it in somehow. It’s just kind of impossible.
Jesse Eisenberg
Some popular quotations smell of airless closets. They exhale the stale imagination of the intellectual lower middle class. “Suspension of disbelief” has become one of them. Dressed up as a scintillating double negation, it serves the pedestrian notion of art as illusion.
Rudolf Arnheim
The once-science-fiction notion of hyper-connectivity – where we are all constantly connected to social networks and other bubbling streams of digital data – has rapidly become a widespread reality.
Geoff Mulgan
The intertwining of corporations and government has become so extensive in this century that the notion of a democratic balancing act has become a dangerous illusion-and one of the cornerstones of the corporate mystique.
Charles Derber
When we’re suffering, we kind of have this notion that we kind of should stop living and we should just focus on his how to ‘get over it,’ how to just ‘get to the other side.’
Claire Wineland
Real Men no longer drive Corvettes. Despite being able to squander gas with the best of them, even today’s least enlightened Real Man finds the notion of a $17,000 plastic car with no trunk somewhat absurd.
Bruce Feirstein
Generally speaking, men are influenced by books which clarify their own thought, which express their own notions well, or which suggest to them ideas which their minds are already predisposed to accept
Carl L. Becker
The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions
Ron Paul
As George Bernard Shaw observed: “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” Yet I have to say, the idea that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos does not seem terribly radical to me, nor does the notion that we could be receiving help from outside of our dimension.
Neale Donald Walsch
The institutions of college athletics exist primarily as unreality fueled by deceit. The unreality is that universities should be in the business of providing large spectacles of mass entertainment. The fundamental absurdity of that notion requires the promulgation of the various deceits necessary to carry it out.
Charlie Pierce
I rebel at the notion that I can’t be part of other groups, that I can’t construct identities through elective affinity, that race must be the most important thing about me. Is that what I want on my gravestone: Here lies an African American?
Henry Louis Gates
Wherefore, by the authority of Apostolic power, We declare inventors of novel notions, which as the Apostle Paul has said are of no edification, but rather are practiced to beget most foolish questions, are to be deprived of the communion of the Church.
Pope Innocent I
The atomists , unlike Socrates , Plato , and Aristotle , sought to explain the world without introducing the notion of purpose or final cause.
Bertrand Russell
If I upset some notions and went against established rules, that wasn’t part of what I wanted to do. It wasn’t my goal.
Brigitte Bardot
In ‘Healing the Soul of America,’ I wrote about Gandhi’s notion of soul force in politics and why it matters to stand on your truth.
Marianne Williamson
Deep down, all of us are probably aware that some kind of mystical evolution is our true task. Yet we suppress the notion with considerable force because to admit it is to admit that most of our political gyrations, religious dogmas, social ambitions, and financial ploys are not merely counter-productive but trivial.
Tom Robbins
Familiarity is a suspension of almost all the laws of civility, which libertinism has introduced into society under the notion of ease.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
I guess, in a very real sense, I’m a Gnostic. I had been looking all my life for some great mystery… I think somewhere deep in my mind is the notion that if I could learn just the right thing, I would be saved.
Whitfield Diffie
Modern thought has transferred the spectral character of Death to the notion of time itself. Time has become Death triumphant over all.
John Berger
The notion of love as a potentially destructive and potentially redemptive human force is something that comes across in all my books.
Mohsin Hamid
I despised their antics because I took life seriously and had a much more lofty and tender notion of romance. But I would have liked to get their attention just the same.
Alice Munro
What better metaphor for the subliminal state than capitalism? This whole notion that you’re trying to do good and make things good for the world, but at the same time the reality is that you have to eat other people to end up on top.
Owen Pallett
One of the things that gets confused often is the difference between marriage and good marriage. Marriage is a theoretical concept of the institution, and ‘you should be married,’ is actually meaningless. Marriage is pretty meaningless without the notion of having a specific person to whom you are married.
Rebecca Traister
I wanted to do it my way with my career, and I had this arrogant notion that people weren’t just interested in my music but me as a person. That was my bit of arrogance, I guess. That’s something I learned from Madonna. I was a fan right from the first time I heard ‘Holiday.’
It’s kind of hard to articulate, but, like, this notion of mercy, forgiveness, was very appealing for me. It was very profound. And it had a deep impact, and I think it still does.
Jim Gaffigan
I hope our people hold tight to the notion that we do not have to be a fear-ridden country focused on restrictions, but rather that we remain the land of the free and home of the brave.
Taya Kyle
Protectionist politicians cannot stand the notion of a fossil-fuel-rich America maintaining record levels of production through exports.
Mike Pompeo
If you simply announce that things are irrational, then that alone doesnt get you very far. You have to replace rational agents with some concrete notion of what it means to be irrational.
Lars Peter Hansen
You can argue about violence. It’s destructive, but people are inherently violent in a lot of ways. Abusing drugs is always bad for people and bad for society, but the whole notion of festival is tied up with intoxication.
Irvine Welsh
The notion of saving the planet has nothing to do with intellectual honesty or science. The fact is that the planet was here long before us and will be here long after us. The planet is running fine. What people are talking about is saving themselves and saving their middle-class lifestyles and saving their cash flow.
Lynn Margulis
I think I’m more marketing- and sales-oriented than others, and the notion of selling books continues to interest me.
Sonny Mehta
The problem in our society and in our schools is to inclulcate, without overdoing it, the notion of education, as in the Latin educere–to lead, to bring out what is in someone rather than merely to indoctrinate him/her from the outside. (89)
Joseph Campbell
Early on I was very involved with the notion of the painting as an object and tended to attack that idea from different directions.
Jasper Johns
Changing is not just changing the things outside of us. First of all we need the right view that transcends all notions including of being and non-being, creator and creature, mind and spirit. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation and healing.
Nhat Hanh
I joined the air force. I took to it immediately when I arrived there. I did three years, eight months, and ten days in all, but it took me a year and a half to get disabused of my romantic notions about it.
Morgan Freeman
We have a very foolish notion in Western countries that progress delivers freedom. But progress doesn’t necessarily bring moral virtue.
Richard Flanagan
She just wanted to be comfortable in her own skin…But she would not stop to seek others’ approval. The notion that she should never seemed to enter her head. Her right to live as she pleased was not up for negotiation, even if it ran against the grain of the milieu at Huntingdon.
Charles J. Shields
It’s very contrary to the notion of what America is to imagine that we can stop migration.
Mohsin Hamid
Even the notion that women should have children at all is based on the idea that a woman’s inherent and most important role is that of mother. Shockingly, men’s ‘innate’ roles are a lot more fun than the ones bestowed on women.
Jessica Valenti
I can assure you, that once you get rid of the notion of art, you acquire a great many wonderful new freedoms.
Jean Tinguely
The herd of mankind can hardly be said to think; their notions are almost all adoptive; and, in general, I believe it is better that it should be so; as such common prejudices contribute more to order and quiet, than their own separate reasonings would do, uncultivated and unimproved as they are.
Lord Chesterfield
Once the notion of time travel starts to come naturally to the human mind, it is supremely easy to assimilate it into our mode of thinking.
Maria Konnikova
One of the consequences of such notions as ‘entitlements’ is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.
Thomas Sowell
Joy and amazement of the beauty and grandeur of this world of which man can just form a faint notion.
Albert Einstein
Work takes different forms. I can spend two or three days without completing anything, and it’s choppy: it’s filled with all kinds of irrationalities and stupid actions. I have some notion, and then I drop it because something else comes along. I’m forever darting from one side of the room to the other.
Edward Ruscha
One of the most popular current errors, and the one out of which springs most of the noisy, blustering religious activity in evangelical circles, is the notion that as times change the church must change with them.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
The notion that inspiration is something that happened thousands of years ago, and was then finished and done with. . . the theory that God retired from business at that period and has not been heard from since, is as silly as it is blasphemous.
George Bernard Shaw
We have a basic notion that unless we find a solution for environmental problems, we will not achieve sustainable growth in the coming years
Hiroyuki Watanabe
Democracy is an interesting, even laudable, notion and there is no question but that when compared to Communism, which is too dull, or Fascism, which is too exciting, it emerges as the most palatable form of government.
Fran Lebowitz
Too much openness and you accept every notion, idea, and hypothesis-which is tantamount to knowing nothing. Too much skepticism-especially rejection of new ideas before they are adequately tested-and you’re not only unpleasantly grumpy, but also closed to the advance of science. A judicious mix is what we need.
Carl Sagan
I love Los Angeles. I love Seattle, too, which is where we have our home. But the notion of spending a lot of time in Los Angeles has been exciting to me for years. The community down there is great.
Steve Ballmer
The sensation of flying is incredible, and it’s such a miraculous notion to go into the air and see the world without delineation.
Ellen McLaughlin
The bottom line is we’re not going to be supporting the notion that someone could collect EI for almost a year after working only 360 hours or nine weeks.
Pierre Poilievre
The notion of law enforcement as professional, not political, began developing as an aspiration and an ethos even while, in practice, the FBI was the personal fiefdom of J. Edgar Hoover.
Benjamin Wittes
I would reject wholeheartedly any notion of a Labour Party that is not committed to returning to power at the first opportunity. Of course that needs to be principled power. But standing on the sidelines looking for the purest ideology is a dereliction of the duty for any Labour member.
Keir Starmer
In many ways, the very notion of school choice operates under a false pretense – an assumption that every child has the same set of choices to make and the same places to choose from.
Clint Smith
The whole notion of owning a person is so ludicrous, there’s plenty of room to make fun.
James McBride
… the outcome of the Clarence Thomas hearings and his subsequent appointment to the Supreme Court shows how misguided, narrow notions of racial solidarity that suppress dissent and critique can lead black folks to support individuals who will not protect their rights.
Bell Hooks
For all the huffing and blowing we get about rugged individualism, the American spirit and the American experiment always have had at their heart the notion that the government is all of us and that, therefore, the government may keep things in trust for all of us.
Charlie Pierce
I used to think this notion of preaching to the choir was a problem, and we kind of use it in a bit of a pejorative sense… but I’ve actually grown to adopt that perspective that the choir needs good preaching – they need good information. They need good tools and insight.
Shaun King
If worms have the power of acquiring some notion, however rude, of the shape of an object and over their burrows, as seems the case, they deserve to be called intelligent; for they act in nearly the same manner as would man under similar circumstances.
Charles Darwin
I had a kind of romantic notion about being a Hollywood Errol Flynn type.
Kelsey Grammer
I am worried about this word, this notion – security. I see this word, hear this word, feel this word everywhere. Security check. Security watch. Security clearance. Why has all this focus on security made me feel so much more insecure? … Why are we suddenly a nation and a people who strive for security above all else?
Eve Ensler
It’s just that to a lot of British people George Bush represents the worst of all things American. He’s the right-wing Christian crusader, the toxic Texan who refused Kyoto, the poll-cheat eel who undermined democracy on the back of something called ‘chads,’ a notion we’ve never entirely grasped.
Graham Joyce
The notion that somehow through a trade war or protectionism or magical thinking that we’re going to return to a romanticized economic past is, in the end, going to be an illusion. And a severe disappointment to millions of decent, hard-working people.
David Remnick
Great groups give the lie to the remarkably persistent but incorrect notion that successful organizations are the lengthened shadow of a great woman or man. However, each great group has a strong leader. In fact, great groups and great leaders create each other.
Warren G. Bennis
I think that burnout happens because of resentment. That notion that, ‘Wow, I worked 100 hours last week, and I couldn’t even have this thing that I really wanted.’
Marissa Mayer
There’s this kind of war on running – people keep telling you you’ll get hurt, get injured, that you need orthotics, that you need go to a special running store before you try it. There’s this totally misconceived notion that it’s hard to do, and it’s not.
Christopher McDougall
Gollum was so interesting to me because he’s morally ambivalent, and I love the notion of a quest that is to lose something. Not to gain, but to get rid of something.
Andy Serkis
I think this notion of acting and glamour is getting in everybody’s way.
Melissa Leo
I certainly think the antagonism came out of a mistaken notion amongst the Indian people that the Chinese aggressed on us, and they thought, Indian people
Subramanian Swamy
The men who start out with the notion that the world owes them a living generally find that the world pays its ‘debt’ in the penitentiary or the poor house.
William Graham Sumner
I had this vague notion that one day I might be editor of ‘Vogue China.’ It was a bizarre ambition, as I didn’t speak a word of Chinese. There were flaws in my plan, admittedly.
Katie McGrath
Perhaps the greatest of all pedagogical fallacies is the notion that a person learns only the particular thing he is studying at the time.
John Dewey
If you feel like loving me, if you’ve got the notion, I second that emotion.
Smokey Robinson
The notion that the ‘leader’ has the right to ask huge sacrifices of your generation for a notional future paradise – if you’d be good enough to lie down under the wheels of the juggernaut – that sentimental and self-aggrandising rationalisation for brute force and cowardice I felt from adolescence was wrong.
Tom Stoppard
Shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just gonna live in it, versus embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it.
Steve Jobs
When God works miracles, he does not do it in order to supply the wants of nature, but those of grace. Whoever thinks otherwise, must needs have a very mean notion of the wisdom and power of God.
Gottfried Leibniz
The way to “find” the perfect career is to give up the notion that you will ever find it, stumble across it, or that it will somehow magically find you, and to get to work designing it.
Nicholas Lore
I grew up in the late ’70s. We played outside all day. I think that’s where I got the whole notion of being an actor, you know, stunt fighting with my friends.
George Eads
That we should obey laws whether good or bad is a new-fangled notion. There was no such thing in former days. The people disregarded those laws they did not like and suffered the penalties for their breach.
Mahatma Gandhi
The notion that we won the war against Iraq is like saying we won a war against Arizona. I mean, the fact of the matter is it’s not that big of a country. Nobody, I don’t think, had any notion that we would do anything but win it.
Carol Moseley Braun
The notion of obligations comes before that of rights, which is subordinate and relative to the former. A right is not effectual by itself, but only in relation to the obligation to which it corresponds.
Simone Weil
People are not wrong in observing Caste. In my view, what is wrong is their religion, which has inculcated this notion of Caste. If this is correct, then obviously the enemy, you must grapple with is not the people who observe Caste, but the Shastras which teach them this religion of Caste.
B. R. Ambedkar
You have to be ready, and also you have to discard notions that are fondly held by a lot of musicians, about sequences and notes and about scales and musical systems as a whole. If you think of music as a language, the space part is where you throw out all the syntax.
Jerry Garcia
And have your mother put my head on a stake? Do you have any notion what that would do to my handsome good looks?
Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Shows itself in the notion that what may be objectively true may in the mouth of certain people become false.
Soren Kierkegaard
The people who have the power want you scared. They want you walking around paralyzed by the notion that you could die at any moment.
Mira Grant
We must abandon the unworkable notion that it is morally reprehensible for some countries to pursue weapons of mass destruction, yet morally acceptable for others to rely on them for security – and indeed to continue to refine their capacities and postulate plans for their use
Mohamed ElBaradei
I am against the notion of style in itself.
Guillermo Cabrera Infante
When men and women punish each other for truth telling, we reinforce the notion that lies are better.
Bell Hooks
In popular culture, there is this notion that African-American men and women can’t get together, and we’re having these issues. I think it’s an American problem because I know a lot of white women and men who are having just as many issues trying to find ‘that person’ as anyone.
Salim Akil
A critique does not consist in saying that things aren’t good the way they are. It consists in seeing on just what type of assumptions, of familiar notions, of established and unexamined ways of thinking the accepted practices are based… To do criticism is to make harder those acts which are now too easy.
Michel Foucault
True charity occurs only when there are no notions of giving, giver, or gift.
Gautama Buddha
We have somehow conned ourselves into the notion that this moment is ordinary. This now moment, in which I’m talking and you’re listening, is eternity.
Alan Watts
First and foremost, I think it’s just such an incredible gift as an actor when you’re presented with a notion of essentially playing two characters in one – which is kind of how I approached Timmy in this version of The Craft.’
Nicholas Galitzine
Personally, I am uneasy about the notion of “a politically engaged university,” for reasons I wrote about over 30 years ago, at the height of protest and resistance (reprinted in For Reasons of State).
Noam Chomsky
I could never even entertain the notion that it’s an option, to not be an artist.
Dustin Yellin
A lot of people talk about the spirituality of Buddhism, and it is a spiritual discipline. But in Shambhala there also is a notion that you have to be synchronized with both heaven and earth.
Sakyong Mipham
My feminist view – that gender is on a continuum and we are all better off dropping a lot of those binary notions – is one that is shared by the more recent generation of trans activists and theorists.
Susan Faludi
A lot of people of my Ulster Protestant background would have been very suspicious of the notion of a film about Bloody Sunday. Our fear would have been that it would be terribly anti-Britain and anti-soldiers: a piece of nationalist propaganda.
James Nesbitt
The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.
Barack Obama
We keep thinking of deity as a kind of fact, somewhere; God as a fact. God is simply our own notion of something that is symbolic of transcendence and mystery. The mystery is what’s important.
Joseph Campbell
Perhaps our national ambition to standardize ourselves has behind it the notion that democracy means standardization. But standardization is the surest way to destroy the initiative, to denumb the creative impulse above all else essential to the vitality and growth of democratic ideals.
Ida Tarbell
Reagan never cottoned to dictators. He was pure in this notion in a true belief that democracy was the best solution in the world because it spoke to people’s hopes and dreams and aspirations, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.
Douglas Brinkley
The notion of representing a sound by a graphic symbol is itself so stupefying a leap of the imagination that what is remarkable is not so much that it happened relatively late in human history, but that it happened at all.
Jack Goody
Living with the notion that you might never have a permanent spot in the world is really quite a powerful metaphor.
Zawe Ashton
Most people I know are not hard-core religious people. They are what I would call ‘lightly religious.’ So I don’t buy the notion that we can’t laugh about religion in America.
Trey Parker
Our true nature is free of any and all notions of gender, of any notions of difference whatsoever.
Andrew Cohen
I don’t really care what people tell children – when you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, one more fib won’t hurt. But I am infuriated by the growing notion, posited in some touchy-feely quarters, that all women are, or can be, beautiful.
Julie Burchill
Free education for all – whilst it is a desirable notion, in South Africa it will simply not be affordable.
Cyril Ramaphosa
I grew up with the idealistic notion that writing and literature were noble causes. I had no inkling, no sense of what I would eventually encounter in terms of people who weren’t being sincere. I’m not saying that it happens always or a lot, but it happens enough that sometimes it makes me feel a little queasy.
Oscar Hijuelos
Idleness, ennui, noise, mischief, riot, and a nameless train of mistaken notions of pleasure, are often classed, in a young man’s mind, under the general head of liberty.
Maria Edgeworth
I love dressing up, and I’m aware that people do say that it can take your attention away from the game. But I disagree with this notion!
P. V. Sindhu
A secret is powerful when it is empty. People often mention the “Masonic secret.” What on earth is the Masonic secret? No one can tell. As long as it remains empty it can be filled up with every possible notion, and it has power.
Umberto Eco
With ‘Wind River,’ I became fascinated with the notion of how you overcome a tragedy – accepting it, making whatever peace you can with it – without ever knowing what really happened.
Taylor Sheridan
Being as versatile as I am, I take offense to the notion that no serious musician would not be doing a late night talk show gig. One has to be open enough in other areas to be able to contribute to a show like this.
Kevin Eubanks
Can any man have a higher notion of the rule of right and the eternal fitness of things?
Henry Fielding
Until Systers came into existence, the notion of a global community of women in computer science did not exist.
Anita Borg
Love is a self-manifested notion depending on how lonely you are – so if you’re really attracted to someone, and you’re really lonely, I think you can fall in love in an instant. It’s all about where you’re at.
Kiefer Sutherland
The notion that I should be fine with the status quo even if I am not wholly affected by the status quo is repulsive.
Roxane Gay
Its quite pretentious, really, isnt it? The notion the audience is going to be interested in you for an hour and a half. Think too much about that and anxiety takes over.
Jean Dujardin
I hate chilling. I hate even the notion of chilling. I like doing stuff.
Jack Lowden
What the Depression teaches us is that when the economy is so depressed that even a zero interest rate isn’t low enough, you have to put conventional notions of prudence and sound policy aside.
Paul Krugman
I have likened writing a novel to going on a journey, with some notion of the destination I will arrive at, but not the whole picture – which emerges gradually as a series of revelations, as the journey goes along.
Rose Tremain
The notion that “this too shall pass” is comforting, both in knowing that whatever pain I’m in will change into something else and allowing myself to experience the pain, not trying to blunt it or brush it aside. It’s important to feel and to be connected to your emotions, whichever way they play out.
Patrick Fabian
My notion of spirituality was different than it is now, but even if I’d been the most fundamentalist of believers, I would have assumed that God had better things to do than arbitrarily smite me with shaking palsy.
Michael J. Fox
I don’t approve of the notion that we should be announcing who should step down from the position of a head of a state unless we are seriously prepared to remove that person. But if we are not, if we are being prudent and careful, then let’s also be careful with how we talk.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
We came up with the notion that not all web pages are created equal. People are – but not web pages.
Sergey Brin
I think if you’re about to lose someone and you’re lucky not to, that bond intensifies because the notion of that is never gonna go away.
Stacy Martin
it must be plain also that we should not anxiously strive for riches and honors by relying on our own diligence or cleverness or by depending on the favor of men or by trusting in the notion of good luck, but that we should always expect the Lord to direct us to the lot he has provided for us.
John Calvin
Sin is ground in the notion of what is there that I want.
Mark Sanford
As for the notion that everything has already been said, maybe it has, but life is like meatloaf: there are so many different ways to present it.
Elizabeth Berg
If it is to be effective as a tool of thought, a notation must allow convenient expression not only of notions arising directly from a problem, but also of those arising in subsequent analysis, generalization, and specialization.
Kenneth E. Iverson
This notion of universal Windows apps is a very powerful concept because we’re now aggregating the 300-plus-million-socket run rate of Windows into one opportunity for our developers.
Satya Nadella
Stupidity is much the same all the world over. A stupid person’s notions and feelings may confidently be inferred from those which prevail in the circle by which the person is surrounded. Not so with those whose opinions and feelings are an emanation from their own nature and faculties.
John Stuart Mill
I had a difficult time hearing my own inner voice about what I wanted to be in this life, because there were all these perfect examples of what a man actually does. The notion is that he goes to college, gets married and provides. That’s what a man does.
Kevin Costner
Any time a party has lost three consecutive elections, it becomes a bit more willing to explore the notion of principled compromise so it’s able to pursue some of its objectives.
Evan Bayh
The way we see the world is not actually the world in itself. What we see is our idea of it. The truth is, we have no notion of what the world is other than through the veils of our perception.
Emma Restall Orr
We must reject that most dismal and fatuous notion that education is a preparation for life.
Northrop Frye
The mere notion of photography, when we introduce it into our meditation on the genesis of historical knowledge and its true value, suggests the simple question: Could such and such a fact, as it is narrated here, have been photographed?
Paul Valery
This notion that we cannot be about jobs and stewardship of the environment is just simply not right. We’ve always done that well as a country. We haven’t had to choose.
Scott Pruitt
The shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history that unites the doctor, the scientist and the artist into a single notion of care-giving and creativity.
Terence McKenna
The twentieth century ended with its dreams in ruins. The notion of the community as a voluntary association of enlightened citizens has died forever. We realize how suffocatingly humane we’ve become, dedicated to moderation and the middle way. The suburbanization of the soul has overrun our planet like the plague.
J. G. Ballard
Let us be done with the notion that religion is confined to petty pieties and small constraints. All too often people who have possessed these pieties have wrought great evil.
A. Powell Davies
That notion that we’re in the post-racism, post-sexism world is so not true.
Margaret Cho
The language of literature is the language of all the world. It is necessary to divest ourselves at once of the notion of diversified vocal and grammatical speech which constitutes the various tongues of the Earth, and conceals the identity of image and logic in the minds of all men.
George Edward Woodberry
In the ’70s and ’80s, the mentality of America was that everything was disposable. The notion of quality wasn’t important.
Les Wexner
There is no origin for the idea of an afterlife, save the conclusion which the savage draws from the notion suggested by dreams.
Herbert Spencer
Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women – two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians – have rendered the notion of “capitalist democracy” into an oxymoron.
Peter Thiel
Whenever the child is given the notion that he needs to be entertained, learning comes almost to a halt.
Polly Berrien Berends
This very concept of police assault is a colonialist notion and it holds no significance in a modern, democratic society.
Pinarayi Vijayan
In N.Y.C., I auditioned for mostly ‘quirky friend’ roles. Since casting directors in L.A. lacked a preconceived notion of me, I was able to reinvent my type a bit, which was essential in booking the role of Amanda on ‘Ugly Betty.’ I don’t believe I would have auditioned for that role in N.Y.
Becki Newton
Because there is that sort of feeling that people don’t know what to do with gaps in their lives. It’s a scary notion, but actually, if you can stand in space just for a little while, a new door will open, or you’ll be able to see in the dark after a while. You’ll adjust.
Jane Campion
We must abandon the notion that the people govern. Instead, we must adopt the theory that, by their occasional mobilisations as a majority, people support or oppose the individuals who actually govern.
Walter Lippmann
In magic we have a variety of “uses” for our art beyond magic itself, which reminds me of the notion of art therapy. The rendering of art inferior to therapy is an interesting one: interesting in the sense that it makes me want to vomit angrily.
Derren Brown
The world takes its notions of God from the people who say that they belong to God’s family. They read us a great deal more than they read the Bible. They see us; they only hear about Jesus Christ.
Alexander MacLaren
There’s a false notion that success is a zero sum game. To win in our careers we have to give up family. To work hard we have to sacrifice sleep. To accomplish we must take (or borrow or steal) from somewhere else in our lives. It’s just not the case.
Maynard Webb
The case against the notion of historical objectivity is like the case against international law, or international morality; that it does not exist.
Isaiah Berlin
The self-styled practical man of affairs who pooh-poohs philosophy as a lot of windy notions is himself a pragmatist or a positivist, and a bad one at that, since he has given no thought to his position.
Alan Watts
The implication that women are poised to make unfounded accusations in droves is even more alarming when every piece of data on false reporting contradicts that false notion. We need to believe women and believe in women.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I caught myself thinking about falling in love with someone who I hoped was out there right now thinking about the possibility of me, but I quickly banished the notion. It was that kind of thinking that landed me in this situation to begin with. Hope can ruin you.
Perry Moore
I always look at films as real stories with real people in real situations. That’s why I struggle with the whole notion of calling someone the ‘good guy’ or the ‘bad guy’, because I think we all have potential to do good things and all have the potential to do bad things.
Guy Pearce
Collective freedom provides the basic conditions for people to narrate their own lives, hold power accountable, and embrace a capacious notion of human dignity.
Henry Giroux
Sometimes, there’s a preconceived notion of how a scene or how a work should be delivered. And I see young performers sometimes try and deliver that, and it’s not really true to their voice or who they are.
Christian Camargo
Millions of us, myself included, go back generations in this country, with ancestors who put in the painstaking work to become citizens. So we don’t like the notion that anyone might get a free pass to American citizenship.
Barack Obama
We understand and promote the notion that while children need to be guided they also have an entrenched right to be whatever they want to be and that they can achieve this only if they are given the space to dream and live out their dreams.
Nelson Mandela
I’m not cross about the idea of baptism; I just think the idea that when a child is born it is inherently sinful and carries sin and needs to be cleaned in order for it to be all right and all good with its creator, I just think that’s an absurd notion.
I would say courage first; then wisdom, which is a sense of knowledge and confidence; and also the wish and desire to uplift. The underlying notion is “How do I help?” That attitude really is a spiritual journey and a path.
Sakyong Mipham
What an absurd notion that women have not intellectual and moral faculties sufficent for anything else but domestic concerns!
Susan B. Anthony
To put it mildly, nothing can be turned and worn inside out with greater ease than one’s notion of social justice, public conscience, a better future, etc.
Joseph Brodsky
Most people turn things like elections into a fetish and think it’s the only way to go: if we just keep giving people the vote, that’ll solve all our problems. In the end, that’s just a silly, infantile notion.
Pankaj Mishra
On the question of taking credit for what goes right and blame for what goes wrong – having led the Conservative party for four years, I have never heard of this notion before.
William Hague
Today, many people take for granted the notion that people whose lives are going to be very heavily affected by public policies should have a say in how they are formulated and carried out.
Barney Frank
We communicate happiness to others not often by great acts of devotion and self-sacrifice, but by the absence of fault-finding and censure, by being ready to sympathize with their notions and feelings, instead of forcing them to sympathize with ours.
Adam Clarke
The notion of the single man began in the 1950’s. The idea of the bachelor as a separate life was new and obscure.
Hugh Hefner
The notion that acting is simply about intuitively responding to situations the way you feel couldn’t be farther away from how I ask actors to work.
Mike Leigh
My emotional investment started when I read the first scene of the actual drama [45 Years]. I can’t explain it, there’s no logic to it, but the notion of one’s youth that somehow comes back but is gone, a man of my age connecting to that timing of life.
Tom Courtenay
I think that the word feminism doesn’t imply enough in terms of solidarity with other liberation struggles. I am firmly committed to the notion that no one group can be freed until all groups are freed.
Sally Potter
At home, we must reject the mistaken notion – a notion that has dominated too much of the public dialogue for too long – that ever bigger Government is the answer to every problem.
Richard M. Nixon
The common notion that free speech prevails in the United States always makes me laugh.
H. L. Mencken
If you’re embarrassed because you have some notion about how men are supposed to behave, and it doesn’t include weeping, then you have some personal work to do.
Ray Bradbury
Even the notion that, you know,[Bill] Clinton was the black president strikes me as the greatest irony of all times.
Henry Giroux
I wanted to, you know, get my story out in the world, which, it turns out, is a very misguided notion.
John Green
Our expensive welfare state is fueled by the destructive notion that ‘greed’ is when you want to keep your own money but ‘compassion’ is when you want to take somebody else’s.
Lawrence Reed
So what does that actually mean?’ ‘To be honest, Ghastly, I haven’t a bull’s notion.’ ‘Elder Bespoke should be addressed by his full title,’ Tipstaff said. ‘Of course,’ Skulduggery said. ‘To be honest, Your Highness, I haven’t a bull’s notion.
Derek Landy
People in the media grew up in the Northeast and can’t comprehend the notion that there are people who like to go out to the clay pits and shoot and, afterward, go eat fried chicken.
Matt Gaetz
I am interested in the notion that people can become so obsessed by their world that they lose sense and awareness of how they appear to other people. They’re so earnest about it. But that’s true of so many things.
Christopher Guest
The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them; their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe.
Jean Paul
What I learned was that celebrities come to me with a preconceived notion. They think I’m fun, or they’ve worked with me, or they know me, or we’ve met. So there’s a lot of backstuff on the ‘Vicki!’ show.
Vicki Lawrence
I try to be careful about wording. One of the things I’ve tried to combat in my blog is the notion that journalists are arrogant and unconcerned with the readership.
Nicholas D. Kristof
Yesterday I was thinking about the whole idea of genius and creative people, and the notion that if you create some magical art, somehow that exempts you from having to pay attention to the small things.
Bell Hooks
I think we have the wrong notion of commercial and intellectual or artistic film. Because all films are commercial.
Luc Besson
My basic notion regarding the matter of historical recognition is basically, it’s a matter that should be left to the good hands of historians and experts.
Shinzo Abe
The notion of humans as inherently rational beings has been not only trashed in economics, but trashed in all the best research on moral decision-making.
Robert Sapolsky
[A]ny notion of the serious life of leisure, as well as men’s taste and capacity to live it, had disappeared. Leisure became entertainment.
Allan Bloom
The more you struggle to live, the less you live. Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure….you are above everything distressing.
Baruch Spinoza
Members of Congress are incredibly blessed and fortune to have the jobs that we have. Nobody makes us run. Every two years we offer for public office, and if you don’t want to do it then don’t run. But the notion that you can make $174,000 in this country and be underpaid is laughable.
Trey Gowdy
If all these guys think that nothing is going to come out for 100 years, they’re going to act a whole lot more boldly. So we need to get back into the declassification business. This notion of overclassification is not just a bleeding-heart liberal issue. When everything is classified, nothing is classified.
Ted Gup
Of course you have to believe in destiny; that everything is sheer chance is an intolerable notion.
Fay Weldon
Information overload refers to the notion that we’re trying to take in more than the brain can handle.
Daniel Levitin
People have to change their concepts of aging and I am not asking them to do so based on some fanciful notion, but on scientific fact.
Deepak Chopra
While we’re in the dream, these are useful notions.
Frederick Lenz
There is this notion that is quite popular in the environmental scene that every little bit helps, or ‘Think global, act local.’ I disagree with that. I think you have to start with how big the solution needs to be to solve the problem and then reason backward from there.
Boyan Slat
All of this strife on the political front might just be the death throes of another set of [less-honorable] American beliefs, that have, at their core, the notion that equality is something the privileged group “gives” to those not so privileged – a reaching down, as it were.
George Saunders
I believe that if you have a person who understands your profession, it is a little easier and in the long run, it helps because you understand the subjectivity of time and notion that comes along with a particular profession.
Rubina Dilaik
While I fundamentally reject the notion that anyone who owned other human beings was either good, moral, or decent, Francis Scott Key left absolutely no doubt that he was a stone-cold bigot. He came from generations of plantation-owning bigots. They got wealthy off of it.
Shaun King
There’s this notion that in order to draw attention and to be considered for roles I want to be considered for, you need a certain amount of notoriety.
Bryan Cranston
Change is a pesky notion. For many folks, the biggest challenge in changing their eating habits isn’t money, time, or education; it’s reframing their connection between food and love.
Kris Carr
When the object is perceived as particular and unique and not merely the member of a family, when it appears independent of any general notion and detached from the sanity of a cause, isolated and inexplicable in the light of ignorance, then and only then may it be a source of enchantment.
Samuel Beckett
There’s a powerful tendency to overcomplicate the whole notion of leadership.
Mark V. Hurd
My culture comes from everywhere. I’m sick of this notion of nationality, that if you’re brought up in the same city or same country you’re the same. Even three kids brought up in the same family with the same genes, they are not the same. Just consider a human a human.
Marjane Satrapi
The fact is safe co-sleeping is not difficult. The notion of babies being smothered is simply not true. And the benefits of sleeping together are profound.
Mayim Bialik
Folklore is a collection of ridiculous notions held by other people, but not by you and me.
Margaret Halsey
Once I moved to Chicago and started trying to get acting jobs, I just tended to book more things that were comedically based than anything else. I never had the preconceived notion, “I will be a comedic actor.” I just thought, “I’ll go into acting and see what kind of work I can get.”
Steve Carell
I went home every night to New Jersey – or most nights – and to help with the six-grade math homework or to make breakfast in the morning, just to make sure that that was there. When I was single and didn’t have children, I used to laugh at this notion of quality time.
Kellyanne Conway
My mother didn’t teach me lessons about being Chinese as strongly as she did the notion of who I was as a female.
Amy Tan
I am a very, very strong advocate of the notion that we shouldn’t equate the arts with other aspects of infrastructure. They have a unique role in any civilised society and that requires appropriate and targeted government support.
George Brandis
Sometime early in life, I developed the notion – one which I have never relinquished – that writing a novel is the very finest thing a person can do.
Irvin D. Yalom
I had a brief period of questioning whether I should perhaps adopt a child. And my New Yorker editor, Henry Finder, was horrified by the notion.
Jonathan Franzen
I reject the notion that a high turnout helps Senator Kerry. I think in Florida at least, it’s going to help President Bush because we have gotten more registered voters than the Democrats, and our base is just fired up – thanks to your help and a lot of others.
Jeb Bush
When you’re doing an out-and-out comedy, the notion of preparing for a character – I hope I don’t reveal too much of myself here – but, uh, no, I’m not doing anything.
Will Ferrell
I can’t stomach any kind of notion that serious fiction is good for us, because I don’t believe that everything that’s wrong with the world has a cure.
Jonathan Franzen
I never was able to believe in the existence of next year except as in a metaphysical notion.
Madame de Stael
The old notion that children are the private property of parents dies very slowly. In reality, no parent raises a child alone. How many of us nice middle-class folk could make it without our mortgage reduction
Marian Wright Edelman
Through the misguided notion that writing about flying was easy, I had McCone become a pilot. When I learned that research in books wasn’t enough, I forced myself to take lessons.
Marcia Muller
My background was fairly conservative, and I think there’s a strong notion of duty in a background like that, and I don’t think that’s always helpful.
Damian Lewis
I have no truck with this notion that immigrants are to blame for all of the country’s problems.
Chuka Umunna
There’s a latter-day notion that artsy hippie types in the 1960s disdained the space program. Not in my experience they didn’t. We watched, transfixed with reverence, not even making rude remarks about President Nixon during his phone call to the astronauts.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
The notion that business and government are and should be partners is ubiquitous, unremarkable, and repeated like a mantra by leaders in both domains. It seems a compelling and innocuous idea – until you think about what it really means.
Joel Bakan
Time starts out as a notion. But after you turn fifty, time is not a notion anymore but a fact that you start feeling clearly, and in a way, it pushes you to become present in the present.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
The notion of democracy beginning to emerge scares the ideologues, the totalitarians, those who want to impose their vision. It just frightens them.
George W. Bush
This notion of changing technology interests me. I work on a computer now, and it’s not been easy to adjust. I still prefer to have my hands on film when I’m editing.
Hal Hartley
I’m drawn to girls with a certain self-effacing, humorous quality and an innate independence and point of view. I love the notion of never taking yourself too seriously or being too put together.
Chris Benz
There’s a lingering notion that elites continue to lead, and the masses will follow. This historic model of influence was predicated on the belief that elites have access to superior information and their interests are interconnected with those of the broader public.
Richard Edelman
I think this notion that public enterprises do not work and therefore nationalization will be a disaster, I mean, it’s not supported by evidence.
Ha-Joon Chang
The Notion Of A Contemporary Epiphany To Me Is Very Exciting, Because It’s A Sort Of Biblical Thing. It’s Something That Has Happened To People In Other Centuries Or In The Context Of Religious Experience…!!!
Pamela Stephenson
A second quality of mature sirituality is kindness. It is based on a fundamental notion of self-acceptance.
Jack Kornfield
People are getting to this place of understanding that their lifestyle choices actually do matter a whole lot as opposed to this notion that you live your life, come what may, and hope for a pill.
David Perlmutter
The dull mind, once arriving at an inference that flatters the desire, is rarely able to retain the impression that the notion from which the inference started was purely problematic.
George Eliot
A life-long mission has been to counter the notion that political engagement is the spinach we must eat in order to have the dessert of freedom.
Frances Moore LappГ©
Until you divest yourself of the notion that you are a collection of needs, an empty vessel that someone else must fill up, there will be no safe place to harbor yourself, no safe shore to reach. As long as you think mostly of getting, you will have nothing real to give.
Merle Shain
Pursuit is a rather desperate act in itself. There’s something kind of frantic about the notion of pursuit.
Michael Leunig
I feel there is no prescribed notion about how strong or how smart one should be. I rather believe one should be themselves and be true to everyone.
Tejaswi Madivada
I have long since abandoned the notion that higher education is essential to either success or happiness. Hothouses of learning do not always grow anything edible.
Robert Moses
To abjure the notion of the truly human is to abjure the attempt to divinize the self as a replacement for a divinized world.
Richard Rorty
Twenty-five years ago, the notion was you could create a general problem-solver software that could solve problems in many different domains. That just turned out to be totally wrong.
Howard Gardner
Maybe it’s naive to say, but it almost seems like, in the past, people tried to sell you something you would actually need, like a hammer or a broom or a toothbrush. But now there’s this notion that they can sell you anything. And all they have to do is convince you that you need it.
Tracy Chapman
The man-made apocalypse we are facing was not written in the stars; it is a notion that grew like mould from the texts of a few frustrated, feather-wielding monks.
Men’s first thoughts in this matter are generally better than their second; their natural notions better than those refin’d by study, or consultation with casuists.
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury
Foreign languages are another favourite topic, and as these men are bilingual they have a fair notion of what it means to speak and think in many different idioms.
John Millington Synge
The problem of vindicating an omnipotent and omniscient God in the face of evil is insurmountable. Those who claim to have surmounted it, by recourse to notions of free will and other incoherencies, have merely heaped bad philosophy onto bad ethics.
Sam Harris
Undermining life-affirming social solidarities and any viable notion of the public good, right-wing politicians trade in forms of idiocy and superstition that mesmerize the illiterate and render the thoughtful cynical and disengaged.
Henry Giroux
Once I became historically aware, I realized there are these formative moments of history tied around tragedy and disaster and sacrifice, that led people to survive and take stock and move on with some kind of notion of betterment.
Fred D’Aguiar
Mom. I have something to tell you. I’m undead. Now, I know you may have some preconceived notions about the undead. I know you may not be comfortable with the idea of me being undead. But I’m here to tell you that undead are just like you and me … well, okay. Possibly more like me than you.
Cassandra Clare
I’ve said goodbye to the overworked notion that architecture has to save the world.
Peter Zumthor
Even when I wrote Basic myself the day before I burned it into a computer I wasn’t making design changes. I didn’t have a testing team. I did all the testing myself. And there was no project methodology or schedule that, there was the notion of coming to a close means testing a lot at the end and making very few changes.
Bill Gates
It is within this fathoms-long carcass, with its mind and its notions, that I declare there is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world and the path leading to the cessation of the world.
Gautama Buddha
Jesus did not give the parables to teach us how to live. He gave them, I believe, to correct our notions about who God is and who God loves.
Philip Yancey
America has no north, no south, no east, no west. The sun rises over the hills and sets over the mountains, the compass just points up and down, and we can laugh now at the absurd notion of there being a north and a south. We are one and undivided.
Sam Watkins
This whole notion that all African-Americans are not going to vote for Obama is not necessarily true. I believe a third would vote for me, based on my own anecdotal feedback. Not vote for me because I’m black but because of my policies.
Herman Cain
You know, this idea of going around the world imposing democracy by growing a middle-class, a trading merchant class that is independent of your faith, is a good notion, but we’re all partially different – it’s no good imposing systems on people that it doesn’t suit.
Damian Lewis
Our notions with respect to the importance of life, and our attachment to it, depend on a principle which has very little to do with its happiness or its misery. The love of life is, in general, the effect not of our enjoyments, but of our passions.
William Hazlitt
The blind have no notion of time. The things of time are hidden from them too.
Samuel Beckett
It’s an amusing idea to some, this feminism thing – this audacious notion that women should be able to move through the world as freely, and enjoy the same inalienable rights and bodily autonomy, as men. At least, that’s the impression given when feminism and feminists are all too often the targets of lazy humor.
Roxane Gay
Analytic It is clear that the definition of “logic” or “mathematics” must be sought by trying to give a new definition of the old notion of “analytic” propositions.
Bertrand Russell
To be or not to be is not the question.
The question is whether you can transcend these notions.
Nhat Hanh
That dangerous but too commonly received notion, that a reformed rake makes the best husband.
Samuel Richardson
General notions are generally wrong.
Mary Wortley Montagu
Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing.
Thomas Huxley
When nature suffers because it is destroyed by human activities, the notion of beauty is really losing its meaning, because nothing is more aesthetic than the natural beauty.
Marieta Maglas
Even putting aside the Judeo-Christian morality upon which the Constitution and our nations culture are based, the notion of forced euthanasia would contradict the long-held body of medical ethics to which all American doctors must adhere.
Sherwin B. Nuland
The notion dies hard that in some sort of way exports are patriotic but imports are immoral.
David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech
A person deprived of beauty and pleasure puts me in mind of the Haitian notion of a zombie – a person disconnected from his or her soul, a person who works for others’ profit but never his own, a person who mindlessly does the bidding of the boss and exists in an emotional and mental limbo.
Ben Fountain
I feel humiliated that I live in a country that demands more already. Why do we cling to the notion that not only must we maintain the current level of consumption, but that it must continue to grow by an exponential factor of 2 to 7 percent every year?
David Suzuki
Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time.
Madame de Stael
If the immigrant is responsible for assimilation of the country, and some of these people are in fact are born there. But if you find it unwelcoming to your own barbaric notions of equality, that is not on the country, that is on you. If you leave a horrible place, please leave your horrible practices behind.
Greg Gutfeld
By translating their inner turmoil or understanding into art, artists challenge the accepted notions of reality and create new ones.
Wes Nisker
The notion of ‘building a career’ had never been heard or dreamed of when I was young.
Vanessa Redgrave
That is another of your odd notions,” said the Prefect, who had a fashion of calling every thing “odd” that was beyond his comprehension, and thus lived amid an absolute legion of “oddities.
Edgar Allan Poe
I always had this notion of a noir novel in Galway. The city is exploding, emigration has reversed, and we are fast becoming a cosmopolitan city.
Ken Bruen
Don’t get bogged down by the notion of limits. There aren’t any.
Sunita Williams
You have to decide in advance whether you’re ready go to war. If you guys are ready to send a million troops into Ukraine and fight World War III, you’re going to do it without my support because I think that’s a really foolish notion.
Rand Paul
I want to bring drawing back to the basics, make it about the pleasure that it can afford and remove the notion that it’s some kind of precious or difficult activity. It’s another way of telling a story.
Chris Riddell
I didnt set out with the notion of running for elective office; it sort of grew over time. And I honestly at times questioned if progressive change can be effected through elected office.
Bill de Blasio
I came with the notion of perhaps saying something for monks and to monks of all religions because I am supposed to be a monk. … My dear brothers, WE ARE ALREADY ONE. BUT WE IMAGINE THAT WE ARE NOT. And what we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are
Thomas Merton
For the ones who had a notion, A notion deep inside, That it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive I wanna find one face that ain’t looking through me I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these badlands
Bruce Springsteen
There is nothing left worth preserving in the notions of unseen powers, controlling human destiny, to which obedience and worship are due.
John Dewey
I’m fascinated by the notion of a perpetual sound: a sound that won’t dissipate over time. Essentially, the opposite of a piano, because the notes never fade. I suppose, in literary terms, it would be like a metaphor for eternity.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
I think that Judaism has been, throughout its history since A.D. 70, a diaspora culture that’s all about being a minority. In fact, being a small minority. When I’m in Israel, I cannot get used to the notion that we’re all Jewish. It doesn’t seem to me that we’re supposed to all be Jewish.
Mark Kurlansky
I think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we’re supposed to make.
Sandra Bullock
The notion is tough guys challenge the bench and skill players never do. I’m considered a skilled player, but I don’t carry myself like a skilled player.
P.K. Subban
The Right, much more than the Left, believes in the notion of live and let live, and that is the true definition of tolerance.
Dave Rubin
I guess I feel very strongly that I disagree with the notion of personalizing history and movements and big events.
Bernardine Dohrn
The notion of a universality of human experience is a confidence trick and the notion of a universality of female experience is a clever confidence trick.
Angela Carter
Americans have a strange notion that the ordinary laws of economics do not apply to them. So doubtless they will think they are prosperous if the boom starts, and that deficits and indebtedness are merely signs of how prosperous they are.
Albert J. Nock
The model I like to sort of simplify the notion of what goes on in a market for common stocks is the pari-mutuel system at the racetrack. If you stop to think about it, a pari-mutuel system is a market. Everybody goes there and bets and the odds change based on what’s bet. That’s what happens in the stock market.
Charlie Munger
Formerly, leaders of states practiced realism, but did not honor it. With them morality was violated, but moral notions remained intact. The modern governor, owing to the fact that he addresses crowds, is compelled to be a moralist, and to present his acts as bound up with a system of morality.
Julien Benda
I had the brief notion that his heart, pressed flat as a flower, crimson and thin as tissue paper, lay in this file. It was a very thin one.
Angela Carter
I am trying to cultivate the notion that constantly misplacing one’s cell phone is a charming eccentricity… my children aren’t buying it.
Alice McDermott
If one watches whence the notion ‘I’ arises, the mind gets absorbed there; that is tapas. When a mantra is repeated, if one watches whence that mantra sound arises, the mind gets absorbed
there; that is tapas.
Ramana Maharshi
The prevailing notion is that the state should be neutral as to religion, and furthermore, that the best way to be neutral about it is to avoid all mention of it. By this sort of logic, nudism is the best compromise among different styles of dress. The secularist version of ‘pluralism’ amounts to theological nudism.
Joseph Sobran
You know, when I joined the WP, I didn’t join with the notion of being sec-gen or coveting any sort of leadership appointment.
Pritam Singh
It’s a pretty widely-accepted notion that the atmosphere is a ridiculously complex system, and the best we can do with our models is a rough approximation.
Jamais Cascio
We tried war, we tried aggression, we tried intervention. None of it works. Why don’t we try peace, as a science of human relations, not as some vague notion – as everyday work.
Dennis Kucinich
I had a very misguided notion of what ‘network notes’ were. I thought they were well-meant suggestions, perhaps urgently meant, but just suggestions nonetheless. And actually, they’re demands. You have to do them, or you will not be paid.
Chris Eigeman
You take for granted the details that make something look real. It can still look fabulous, but if you add a light switch, a vent, or the notion of air conditioning, it can look real.
James Pearse Connelly
Although the notion of one god may give comfort to those in need of a daddy, it reminds the rest of us that the totalitarian society is grounded upon the concept of God the father. One paternal god, one paternal leader. Authority is absolute.
Gore Vidal
I think that, occasionally, fame and popularity can garner more attention for individuals or films. But as a person who believes in my craft, I like the romantic notion that skill and hard work is more important than notoriety.
Nargis Fakhri
Notions of property, value, ownership, and the nature of wealth itself are changing more fundamentally than at any time since the Sumerians first poked cuneiform into wet clay and called it stored grain … few people are aware of the enormity of this shift and fewer of them are lawyers or public officials.
John Perry Barlow
I’ve always admired the tradition of storytellers who sat in the public market and told their stories to gathered crowds. They’d start with a single premise and talk for hours – the notion of one story, ever-changing but never-ending.
Nicolas Roeg
One of the great cliches of campaign journalism is the notion that American elections have long since ceased to be about issues and ideas.
Matt Taibbi
Reading and writing are in themselves subversive acts. What they subvert is the notion that things have to be the way they are, that you are alone, that no one has ever felt the way you have.
Mark Vonnegut
The notion that somehow you’re going to have freedom just kind of outbreak in Cuba, I think is false.
Jeb Bush
The irruption of the supernatural into our world is a much more enticing notion to explore than the same thing happening in some past time, or in a wholly imaginary world.
Elizabeth Hand
I think the notion of retirement is just a dreadful, dreadful idea and I hope I never have to do that.
Michael Moritz
Artists disbelieve and dispute society’s most cherished notions.
Eric Maisel
If the average church should suddenly take seriously the notion that every lay member man or woman is really a minister of Christ, we could have something like a revolution in a very short time.
D. Elton Trueblood
I am generally wary of the demand for ‘likeability’ in fiction, which I think is a bastardisation of the demand of identification – itself something of a suspect notion.
Katie Kitamura
The notion that disarmament can put a stop to war is contradicted by the nearest dogfight.
George Bernard Shaw
But I’m not pro death penalty. I – I’m just anti the notion that it is not a matter for democratic choice, that it has been taken away from the democratic choice of the people by a provision of the Constitution.
Antonin Scalia
I don’t putt face-on exclusively, but in the back on my mind I’m haunted by the notion that I’m sure it’s the best way to putt.
Gary McCord
Evolution in nature is not opposed to the notion of Creation, because evolution presupposes the creation of beings that evolve.
Pope Francis
Our notions of what a human being is problematically depend on there being two coherent genders. And if someone doesn’t comply with either the masculine norm or the feminine norm, their very humaness is called into question.
Judith Butler
We love comfort, and people make a lot of money selling us comfort, but I would challenge the notion that comfort is usually good for us.
Daniel Lieberman
Sometimes it feels like people can’t wrap their head around the notion that an ‘androgynous’ trans woman with shorter hair could be beautiful.
Hari Nef
I wanted to make it a really strong point to not watch Battlestar Galactica before starting Caprica because I was afraid it was going to give me a lot of pressure and preconceived notions of what it was going to be like.
Magda Apanowicz
There’s this notion that music has to be confined to some small, simple place to be popular, something I never believed.
Kamasi Washington
… we are most of us brought up in the notion that the highest motive for not doing a wrong is something irrespective of the beings who would suffer the wrong.
George Eliot
I think there is pressure when it comes to the perceived notion that if you are woman in sports you’re there for your looks. You cannot try to look nice on TV and also know what you’re talking about.
Samantha Ponder
I’ve always subscribed to the notion that a writer always has something else to say, and the more you write, the more you have to write about, because the act of writing is self-generating.
Kate Christensen
Delude not yourself with the notion that you may be untrue and uncertain in trifles and in important things the contrary. Trifles make up existence, and give the observer the measure by which to try us; and the fearful power of habit, after a time, suffers not the best will to ripen into action.
Carl Maria von Weber
On one level, of course, the notion of judging films or books or music against each other is completely ridiculous. Who’s to say ’12 Years A Slave’ is a better film than ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? Or that one album in a certain genre is better than another in a completely different genre?
John Niven
The conventional notions of art have changed, and a lot of things done today are considered works of art that would have been rejected in the past.
David Rockefeller
I think having a great range of experiences in my life had helped me as a writer, particularly a writer of fiction. I have known a great many different sorts of people in different situations, and I have a notion how very well of badly people can behave in times of stress or danger or violence.
Marge Piercy
When I am painting I have a general notion as to what I am about. I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident.
Jackson Pollock
Every time we pick up a book from a sense of duty and we find that we’re struggling to get through it, we reinforce the notion that reading is something we should do, but telly is something that we want to do.
Nick Hornby
The foolish and cruel notion that a wife is to obey her husband has sent more women to the grave than to the courts for a divorce.
Lemuel K. Washburn
The promise of individual and collective emancipation implicit in the notion of progress appears to be broken.
Isabelle Kocher
It is a distortion of the notion of romantic love to want to see obedience as the quintessential expression of respect.
Bell Hooks
We need to identify the least effective or ineffective teachers and for those people we need to either quickly accelerate their practice or move them out of the profession. That’s what I believe and quite frankly I have never met anybody at least to my face who said they disagree with that notion.
Michelle Rhee
I always feel like I want more time with my kids. But I reject the notion that you can’t have it all. I think you can: just not necessarily in abundance.
Megyn Kelly
New York was no mere city. It was instead an infinitely romantic notion.
Joan Didion
The notion of a contemporary epiphany to me is very exciting, because it’s a sort of biblical thing. It’s something that has happened to people in other centuries or in the context of religious experience.
Pamela Stephenson
Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.
Wilma Rudolph
The notion that war forever separates veterans from the rest of mankind has been long embedded in our collective consciousness.
Phil Klay
For some reason, it popped into my head the notion that a lot of the Next Generation cast in the long run of that show managed to step behind the camera.
Michael Shanks
I’m interested in taking a form, breaking it apart, and then rebuilding it. It is about transformation for me…it is a very core notion that stabilizes my practice.
Shahzia Sikander
Superstitious notions propagated in infancy are hardly ever totally eradicate, not even in minds grown strong enough to despise the like credulous folly in others.
Samuel Richardson
The notion of the hero as outsider, as alien, is forget it, over, done with. It’s not about being against society anymore. It’s about standing there, holding something up. It’s not pulling away.
Twyla Tharp
Those who sniff decay in every shift of sense or alteration of usage do the language no service. Too often for such people the notion of good English has less to do with expressing ideas clearly than with making words conform to some arbitrary pattern.
Bill Bryson
If you have Palestinians who have no hope, who don’t have a job, who’ve used up all their resources, the notion of getting rid of violence is a dream.
James Wolfensohn
Any realistic vision of change must be based on the notion of empowerment of people.
Michael Manley
The first view of the Earth is magical. It is a very overpowering realization that the Earth is so small. It affected me. I could not get over the notion that in such a small planet, with such a small ribbon of life, so much goes on. It is as if the whole place is sacred.
Kalpana Chawla
I think that growing up in a crowded continent like Europe with an awful lot of competing claims, ideas… cultures… and systems of thought, we have, perforce, developed a more sophisticated notion of what the word ‘freedom’ means than I see much evidence of in America.
Douglas Adams
Seeing is no longer believing. The very notion of truth has been put into crisis. In a world bloated with images, we are finally learning that photographs do indeed lie.
Barbara Kruger
“One and one make two” assumes that the changes in the shift of circumstance are unimportant. But it is impossible for us to analyze this notion of unimportant change.
Alfred North Whitehead
When I was little I had this notion of being a marine biologist. I grew up by the ocean so I was always in the water but realistically, I don’t think I would make the best marine biologist.
Victoria Justice
I love to play with the notion of who the protagonist is – who is the audience supposed to root for? I did it in ‘Sicario’ and feel it was the strength of the script – guiding the audience’s allegiance toward the villain because they think he’s the hero, until it’s revealed that he’s the villain.
Taylor Sheridan
When I get interested in a new topic I teach a class on it. There’s a graduate seminar I teach in which the students and I try to expand the terminology we use to talk about poetry as well as expand our notion of what makes a poem – we read source texts on architecture, dance, photography, film and the graphic novel.
Matthea Harvey
What doubts, what hypotheses, what labyrinths of amusement, what fields of disputation, what an ocean of false learning, may be avoided by that single notion of immaterialism!
George Berkeley
I pledge allegiance to the living, and I will defend art from history. I will rescue art from the future, from its attrition into taste, and from the speculative notion that it will become more valuable with time.
Rene Ricard
The Ultimate and Highest leave taking is leaving God for GOD, leaving your notion of God for an Experience of That which transcends all notions.
Meister Eckhart
I have some notions that have people conceiving of themselves as capable of changing the world. That’s why, for me, the issues of self-love, self-respect and self-regard are preconditions for human agency and especially black agency, given the fact that we have been and are such a hated and despised people.
Cornel West
I don’t think people understand that being poor means you have to work from dawn until dusk just to survive through the day. I think there’s some notion that poor people lie about all day not doing anything.
Emma Thompson
My entire philosophy of teaching is based on the notion that when an artist finds a certain process really effortless, that’s probably what he or she should choose to do. So often, students take the opposite tack; they have no use for the skills that come easily to them.
Marilyn Minter
People watch movies – and it’s vague ideas, it’s vague notions, but people pick up on these things, that they are supposed to think certain ways or that they’re not supposed to think, basically, and they don’t.
Crispin Glover
Filmmaking has always involved pairs: a director coupled with a producer, a director alongside an editor… The notion of couples is not foreign to cinema.
Luc Dardenne
Younger anthropologists have the notion that anthropology is too diverse. The number of things done under the name of anthropology is just infinite; you can do anything and call it anthropology
Clifford Geertz
Servile, and base, and mercenary, is the notion of Christian practice among the bulk of nominal Christians. They give no more than they dare not with-hold; they abstain from nothing but what they must not practise.
William Wilberforce
But what does interest me is the notion that if you do a lot of work it means there’s a potential for other people to understand that a lot of things are possible with a sustained effort and that the broadening of experiences is possible and I think that’s all art can be.
Richard Serra
I sometimes despair of getting anything quite simple and honest done in this world by the help of men. They would have to be passed through a powerful press first, to squeeze their old notions out of them, so that they would not soon get upon their legs again.
Henry David Thoreau
The perfectibility of the human mind is a theme that has captured our imagination for centuries – the notion that, with the right tools, the right approach, the right attitude, we might become better, smarter versions of ourselves.
Maria Konnikova
I have always wanted to play different kinds of stuff, but it’s hard, first to find good material, and then to change people’s perception of you so they’ll let you do it. I mean, I would really like to play a poet, but once they get this notion of you as a street guy, it’s hard to change that.
Matt Dillon
Look, freedom is an overwhelming American notion. The idea that we want to see the world, the peoples of the world free is something that all of us subscribe to.
Joe Biden
I absolutely don’t relate to being beaten down my whole life – I had amazing opportunities at a young age – but there is still in many, many people’s minds the notion that I’ll never be able to escape Harry Potter.
Daniel Radcliffe
There is bias and sexism everywhere, just like there are problems of racism and homophobia stemming from the whole notion that we’re arranged in a hierarchy, that we’re ranked rather than linked.
Gloria Steinem
We’re told all the time to give up everything for love. That’s the Western notion of what love is – love conquers all, all you need is love. And there are so many different kinds of outside, conflicting pressures on women.
Rachel Bloom
[The notion of separating church and state with such policies as disallowing prayer in public schools] is a deception from Satan.
Joyce Meyer
Our ability to find humor in the world, to make connections between previously unconnected notions, to create new ideas, to share in a common culture: All these essentially human acts depend on memory.
Joshua Foer
I’m very attracted to poetry for all the reasons someone likes poetry. The notion of compression seems to fit my personality.
Daniel Woodrell
I always entertain the notion that I’m wrong, or that I’ll have to revise my opinion. Most of the time that feels good; sometimes it really hurts and is embarrassing.
Anthony Bourdain
I’d like to think that the notion of inspiration will transcend cultural things that are going on. There’s something classic about this movie that I’m hoping reaches kids.
Rob Morrow
The notion of dream interpretation far antedates the birth of psychoanalysis, and probably served an important function in most, if not all, historical societies. In having lost this function, modern man has also lost the best part of his nature, which he obliviously passes on to the next generation of dreamers.
Neel Burton
The attachment to a rationalistic, teleological notion of progress indicates the absence of true progress; he whose life does not unfold satisfyingly under its own momentum is driven to moralize it, to set up goals and rationalize their achievement as progress.
John Carroll
At an individual level just as much as a corporate level, this notion of if you’re not really passionate about the work you’re doing in a world of mounting pressure, you’re going to experience more and more stress. You’re going to burn out. You’re going to become marginalized.
John Hagel III
Playboy isn’t like the downscale, male bonding, beer-swilling phenomena that is being promoted now by (some men’s magazines). My whole notion was the romantic connection between male and female.
Hugh Hefner
The limits of thought are not so much set from outside, by the fullness or poverty of experiences that meet the mind, as from within, by the power of conception, the wealth of formulative notions with which the mind meets experiences.
Susanne Katherina Langer
Libertarian presidential candidate AndrГ© Marrou’s idea is that “government power is opposed to individual liberty.” Must we still debate such sophomoric notions?… Besides, liberty, although very important, is not the only value.
George Will
Education must become central to any viable notion of politics willing to imagine a life and future outside of casino capitalism.
Henry Giroux
It’s pretty easy to kind of lose your way. Having kids is really helpful. They kind of disabuse you of the notion of your greatness pretty quickly.
Matt Damon
People in the church should not accept the notion that the public square is off limits to religious values.
Lloyd Billingsley
Unconditional love is an illogical notion, but such a great and powerful one.
A. J. Jacobs
The notion that I had become a political lightning rod was painful for me to experience.
Susan Rice
The sensation of flying is incredible, and its such a miraculous notion to go into the air and see the world without delineation.
Ellen McLaughlin
Having spent a substantial part of my career parodying religious figures from my own Christian background, I am aghast at the notion that it could, in effect, be made illegal to imply ridicule of a religion or to lampoon religious figures.
Rowan Atkinson
The notion that we would market devices that would allow someone to place themselves beyond the law troubles me a lot.
James Comey
The one thing I have learned about editing over the years is that you have to edit and publish out of your own tastes, enthusiasms, and concerns, and not out of notions or guesswork about what other people might like to read.
Norman Cousins
Realists are, as a rule, only men in the rut of routine who are incapable of transcending a narrow circle of antiquated notions.
Theodor Herzl
Doing life consciously was a compelling notion to me.
Allan Kaprow
How does one keep from “growing old inside”? Surely only in community. The only way to make friends with time is to stay friends with people…. Taking community seriously not only gives us the companionship we need, it also relieves us of the notion that we are indispensable.
Robert McAfee Brown
What is supposed to be the very essence of Judaism – which is the notion that it is by study that you make yourself a holy people – is nowhere present in Hebrew tradition before the end of the first or the beginning of the second century of the Common Era.
Harold Bloom
Essentially, we wanted to be in one of Azazel’s films, so the notion was we’d simply write an Azazel Jacobs movie ourselves, and then give it to him and be like, ‘Right, here’s you next film, now direct us. Go.’
Dolly Wells
We were interested in this notion of compression- a lot of the songs were really short so that you’d absorb them in memory rather than when you’re actually hearing them.
Arto Lindsay
I needed to sit down. I’d heard other people talk about having to sit down when shocked by an event or revelation and I had dismissed the notion as pure exaggeration. Little did I realize the actual physical weakness. It felt as if my bones had dissolved and my muscles could no longer support my weight.
Maria V. Snyder
I believe novels can have secrets from their author, a notion I imagine would appall Nabokov.
Steve Erickson
Nothing is more false than the notion that the triumph of Communism is inevitable or that the Communists are steadily pushing the free world into a corner.
Robert Kennedy
I’ve come to believe in the primacy of form – the notion of art seducing you through your senses, through your eyeballs.
Fred Tomaselli
I have many reasons why I think reading is really important. It provided for me a refuge, especially during difficult times. It provided me with the notion that I could find an ending that was different from what was happening to me at the time.
Amy Tan
I don’t think I’ll ever escape the fact that I don’t belong anywhere in particular. I’ve often dreamed about going back to Nigeria, but that’s a very romantic notion. It’s a hideous country to go to in reality.
Hugo Weaving
Much serious thought has been devoted to the subject of chocolate: What does chocolate mean? Is the pursuit of chocolate a right or a privilege? Does the notion of chocolate preclude the concept of free will?
Sandra Boynton
I always look at films as real stories with real people in real situations. That’s why I struggle with the whole notion of calling someone the ‘good guy’ or the ‘bad guy,’ because I think we all have potential to do good things and all have the potential to do bad things.
Guy Pearce
As the Internet of things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.
Geoff Mulgan
I have never been one of those who cares about happiness. Happiness is a strange notion. I am just not made for it. It has never been a goal of mine; I do not think in those terms.
Werner Herzog
The first dogma which I came to disbelieve was that of free will. It seemed to me that all notions of matter were determined by the laws of dynamics and could not therefore be influenced by human wills.
Bertrand Russell
I went back to the notion of story, which is always a good thing to have if you’re trying to get people to pay attention to a book and pick up information along the way.
David Macaulay
When did “sentimental” become a pejorative barb? I do not at all share the notion that a piece of music, or a poem, or a film that bypasses the brain and aims straight for the heart . . . should automatically be heaped with scorn. I think it is symptomatic of a sad and dangerous impoverishment of spirit.
Bill Richardson
I have to object to this notion that children form their sexuality and their sexual identity from their parents. The truth is that scientists, biologists, we don’t know how sexuality is formed in people. And to suggest that people are going to be gay if they’re raised by gay parents is just scientifically unfounded.
Margaret Hoover
The whole bloody system is sick: the very notion of leadership, a balloon with a face painted upon it, elected and inflated by media’s diabolic need to reduce ideas to personalities.
Kate Millett
The notions of going to work, putting in set hours, and getting ‘face time’ are increasingly antiquated ideas. Because of technology we have entered a modern era of work where we can work from wherever we want, whenever we want and we can be more productive and make greater contributions than ever before.
Maynard Webb
Government restrictions are attractive to people who want to impose their pet notions without having to count the costs.
Thomas Sowell
There’s a lot of romanticisation of the intuitive actor and method acting and all kinds of notions about getting inside a character and coming out from there.
Edward Norton
Walter Benjamin has this notion of the angel of history and in a way that’s paradoxical itself. We don’t have angels in history anymore. We don’t believe in these mythical creatures anymore.
Steve Stern
The notion of human right builds on our shared humanity. These rights are not derived from the citizenship of any country, or the membership of any nation, but are presumed to be claims or entitlements of every human being. They differ, therefore, from constitutionally created rights guaranteed for specific people.
Amartya Sen
The notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea. Those who are afflicted with this notion are the first ones to give up their souls, their freedom. Your desire that it be that way will enslave you and make your life vacuous.
Cormac McCarthy
As far as I could discover, the notion that a play could succeed without any further help from the actor than a simple impersonation of his part never occurred to Tree.
Herbert Beerbohm Tree
I was raised with the notion that you can do pretty much do anything you want. I always kind of just went ahead and tried things.
Pierre Omidyar
I reject the notion of a post-truth area. I don’t believe there is such a thing, and we shouldn’t accept that.
Daniel Levitin
The whole 1950s notion was find the right girl, get married, move to the suburbs and then hang out with the guys while she stayed home with the babies. I felt that was sort of sad.
Hugh Hefner
It’s important not to get hung up on the notion that everyone who has an injury is trying to dodge it.
Steve Clarke
You know, ever since man had any notion that some of his other people, his colleagues, could be different, could be strange, could be severely depressed or what we now recognize as schizophrenia, he was certain that this kind of illness had to come from evil spirits getting into the body.
Sherwin B. Nuland
Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal.
We in America count on the profit motive to get people to do the right thing. That’s our basic American notion when it comes to business.
Chris Matthews
Patriarchy is a bully notion, which if you will notice NEVER attacks a nation that can defend itself. Zionism is patriarchal and sets Judaism on its head.
Roseanne Barr
How, given the canine teeth and close-set eyes that declare the human animal to be a predator, had we come up with the notion that oat bran is more natural to eat than chicken?
Valerie Martin
For photography to be an art involves reformulating notions of art, rejecting both material and formal purism and also the separation of art from commerce as distinct semiotic practices that never interlock.
Peter Wollen
The point is not for women simply to take power out of men’s hands, since that wouldn’t change anything about the world. It’s a question precisely of destroying that notion of power.
Simone de Beauvoir
One of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is that I seem to be fascinated as a writer with the notion that we already have all that we need.
Vera Nazarian
We have this mistaken notion that everybody in the world has to go to college. The colleges are already crowded with people who never in this world will absorb more than a rudimentary education, and we dilute everything to meet this low standard.
Katherine Anne Porter
The notion that you can endanger your physical and mental health by letting strong passions go unsatisfied is a vicious falsehood.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
In Sweden, we’ve moved away from the notion that mothers have some magical, special bond with children.
Camilla Lackberg
Looking deeply into the wrong perceptions, ideas, and notions that are at the base of our suffering is the most important practice in Buddhist meditation.
Nhat Hanh
The last time Congress seriously addressed the notion of creating a way to keep track of America’s guns was 1968.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
The appeal of travel books is also the sense that you are different, an outsider, almost like the Robinson Crusoe or Christopher Columbus notion of being the first person in a new place.
Paul Theroux
Man is an evasive beast, given to cultivating strange notions about himself.
Upton Sinclair
I’m probably the only novelist who has ever written about political fugitives who actually knew a lot about them, had contact with them, and had a realistic notion of how they survived.
Marge Piercy
I am of course a skeptic about the divinity of Christ and a scorner of the notion that there is a God who cares how we are or what we do.
Kurt Vonnegut
There’s a danger in the internet and social media. The notion that information is enough, that more and more information is enough, that you don’t have to think, you just have to get more information – gets very dangerous.
Edward de Bono
I don’t think an NC-17 rating is the kiss of death. Nor do I think that, in the hands of the right filmmakers, studios have a preconceived notion to pass on NC-17 material.
Steve Tisch
It was official. I now wanted to murder a ghost, a notion I’d discarded as unlikely only twenty minutes before. (Cat)
Jeaniene Frost
An intellectual challenge presents itself? I am in bliss. Instantly, it brings forth the notion of triumph.
Philippe Petit
The notion that Playboy exploited women, because we showed them in beautiful photographs, sexually oriented, strikes me as rather bizarre.
Hugh Hefner
Most writers or performers walk around with the notion in their head that – a paranoid worry that maybe people don’t like them.
Charlie Brooker
. . . we have overcome the notion that mathematical truths have an existence independent and apart from our own minds. It is even strange to us that such a notion could ever have existed.
Edward Kasner
This old notion that work is drudgery is nonsense. Most days, even back when Xerox was under siege, I could not wait to get to the office.
Ursula Burns
What I am against is false optimism: the notion either that things have to go well, or else that they tend to, or else that the default condition of historical trajectories is characteristically beneficial in the long-run.
Tony Judt
It’s quite an obscure notion for a kid, no? To want to be a curator. But even then, I knew that I would do this.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist
If you look at all the notions we accept about who we are, you find that they are all based upon our perceptual experiences.
Deepak Chopra
Certainly I shall use the police, and most ruthlessly, whenever the German people are hurt. But I refuse the notion that the police are protective troops for Jewish stores. No, the police protect whoever comes into Germany legitimately, but it does not exist for the purpose of protecting Jewish money-lenders.
Hermann Goring
In our culture right now, I want to take on this notion of what a singular success means. We think success is one thing, but it’s actually a spectrum of where our life takes us.
Mike Birbiglia
I don’t know where the shape of a poem comes from. I certainly don’t impose it. I write out of a jumble of emotions and vague notions and scraps of knowledge. At some stage a form or, rather, a shape mysteriously emerges.
Michael Longley
Karma is often wrongly confused with the notion of a fixed destiny. It is more like an accumulation of tendencies that can lock us into particular behavior patterns, which themselves result in further accumulations of tendencies of a similar nature… But is is not necessary to be a prisoner of old karma.
Jon Kabat-Zinn
A man is known by the books he reads, by the company he keeps, by the praise he gives, by his dress, by his tastes, by his distastes, by the stories he tells, by his gait, by the notion of his eye, by the look of his house, of his chamber; for nothing on earth is solitary but every thing hath affinities infinite.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers. On the contrary, our Founders’ political views were strongly informed by their religious beliefs.
Ron Paul
As biological organisms made of matter, we are subject to the laws of physics and biology: as conscious persons who create our own history we are free to decide what that history shall be. Without science, we should have no notion of equality; without art, no notion of liberty.
W. H. Auden
I am a fairly mongrelized person – you know I’ve been a migrant my whole life, and it’s hard to think of myself as any pure one thing. And so I take it, I guess, very personally – this notion that migrants are bad and that mixing is bad and that people from other places are bad.
Mohsin Hamid
When the epistemologists’ concept of consciousness first became popular, it seems to have been in part a transformed application of the Protestant notion of conscience.”Consciousness” was imported to play in the mental world the role played by light in the mechanical world.
Gilbert Ryle
Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals.
Marvin Harris
Now I admit that the notion of a warless world is a pleasant and attractive thought. But people who believe that there can be such a thing should ask it of Santa Claus, in whom they doubtless also believe.
Revilo P. Oliver
I wake up in the morning quite excited by the notion that I get to immediately have a meal. That’s the thing that gets me out of bed – just the thought of having a poached egg, or even some granola.
Tim Minchin
The basic notion was the idea that the loudspeaker should have a voice which was unique and not just an instrument of reproduction, but an instrument unto itself.
David Tudor
Thrift is not some obsolete Victorian notion. . . . It will be the difference between those who prosper and achieve respect and those who become a burden to their children and society.
Peter George Peterson
I had always fantasized about going to the Pyramids, the Great Wall; I’ve always been sort of obsessed with the whole notion of Everest.
Justin Zackham
The notion of a conscious model of oneself as an individual entity actively trying to establish epistemic relations to the world and to oneself, I think, comes very close to what we traditionally mean by notions like “subjectivity”.
Thomas Metzinger
I’m interested in how small the world really is, and this notion that what happens in one place affects someone else.
Tim Kring
Trump’s victory is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state.
Naftali Bennett
Not that I’m against sneaking some notions into people’s heads upon occasion. (Or blasting them in outright.
Larry Wall
No man will be found in whose mind airy notions do not sometimes tyrannize, and force him to hope or fear beyond the limits of sober probability.
Samuel Johnson
The notion that inventors are anorak-wearing crackpots with glasses held together with Sellotape is beguiling but wrong.
Trevor Baylis
The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.
Marcus Aurelius
I don’t have any sentimental notion about how people are going to remember me.
Billy Corgan
The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them.
Arundhati Roy
Thought is a disease of the brain. The mind defends itself against the degenerative process of creativity; it begins to jell; notions solidify into inalterable systems.
Thomas M. Disch
The notion of a healthy society, of capable people who are able to enjoy life, arose in the liberal, middle-class, leftist and non-religious segments of society. The euthanasia idea came from neither the radical right-wing nor the conservative corner. It was and remains part of the modern age and progressive thought.
Gotz Aly
The power to rethink a situation is our greatest tool for transforming the world. This notion is taking hold in medicine, in business, in education. But not in politics and the media. They are the last holdouts of old-paradigm thinking.
Marianne Williamson
I’m sorry that some self-styled anarchists have picked up on the word spirit and have turned me into a theological ecologist, a notion which I think is crude beyond all belief.
Murray Bookchin
This notion that I was somehow special and deserving of a more involved education was wrong.I was smart at taking tests, but I knew how smart some of my friends were; they were just smart in different ways.
Kamasi Washington
As a storyteller, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of recreating this notion of choices in fiction. My dream was to put the audience in the shoes of the main protagonists, let them make their own decisions, and by doing so, let them tell their own stories.
David Cage
Singing as a full-time job was not something I had given a lot of thought to and I had no clear notion of the money to be made in it.
Charley Pride
Mostly, as I said, a desire to do a bit of good, and the quaint notion that this is what we signed up for, this is the business that we have chosen.
Christiane Amanpour
The reason I’m a Democrat is because the essence of the Democratic Party is an abhorrence for the abuse of power on the one hand, and the notion that everyone’s entitled to be treated with dignity. That message never got through.
Joe Biden
Early investors in Uber and Airbnb, though they remain private companies, have valued them at stratospheric multiples based largely on the notion that Uber will transform and dominate local transportation and Airbnb will revolutionize the hotel industry.
James B. Stewart
They won’t listen. Do you know why? Because they have certain fixed notions about the past. Any change would be blasphemy in their eyes, even if it were the truth. They don’t want the truth; they want their traditions.
Isaac Asimov
here are economies like China’s economy where it’s less than a tenth [of a percent] today, although it is growing, is quite small, because of the notion that the government takes care of everything, and Europe and China, philanthropy has not been nearly of the same scale.
Bill Gates
We know that the ability to take on complex ideas, to handle the notion of a multiplicity of viewpoints, to deal in abstract thought relies on a person’s experience of reading widely and often – in combination with open-ended but challenging discussion.
Michael Rosen
The notion that you have to hold something in your head seems to have been forgotten. It is an absurdity that children learn to investigate topics without having dates in their heads, or the facts.
David Starkey
Sit down before facts as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion — or you shall learn nothing.
Gerald R. Ford
The Feminine force of life is often too wise for the Masculine’s need to know: The mysterious energy of the evolving cosmos is always superior to our temporary scientific notions about it. . .
David Deida
I think about Dischord. There’s been a pretty consistent notion that Dischord have been some sort of “overlords” of the scene. Some people have felt ‘they are too cool for us,’ or ‘they won’t put this out,’ etc. All we’re doing is our own work, our own thing. That’s all we’ve ever done. Our work.
Ian MacKaye
The bourgeoisie’s weapon is starvation. If as a writer or artist you run counter to their narrow notions they simplyand silently withdraw your means of subsistence. I sometimes wonder how many people of talent are executed in this way every year.
Robert Louis Stevenson
I’ve often dreamed about going back to Nigeria, but that’s a very romantic notion. It’s a hideous country to go to in reality.
Hugo Weaving
You obtain God only when you get rid of the notion of separateness from God.
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
Isaac Asimov
It’s only a drawback in the States, where most people seem to have no real interest in other countries and the notion of a novel which might offer insight into life in the UK doesn’t seem to appeal very widely.
Jonathan Coe
My notion of an elegant table is you don’t leave the knife sticking out of the mayonnaise jar.
Sue Grafton
Conversation opens our views, and gives our faculties a more vigorous play; it puts us upon turning our notions on every side, and holds them up to a light that discovers those latent flaws which would probably have lain concealed in the gloom of unagitated abstraction.
William Melmoth
I was in the gym working on my triceps, and I was thinking, just as I did the 50-pound pulldown, I am going to be in better shape by the end of the year [2016] than I’ve ever been in my life. I really just smiled at the notion: Wow, what a thing.
Oprah Winfrey
It was my notion that teaching had to be thorough, it had to be well done, and it had to connect to something beyond the classroom; life.
David C. Driskell
It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream – making a vain attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream-sensation, that commingling of absurdity, surprise, and bewilderment in a tremor of struggling revolt, that notion of being captured by the incredible which is of the very essence of dreams.
Joseph Conrad
New York was no mere city. It was instead an infinitely romantic notion, the mysterious nexus of all love and money and power, the shining and perishable dream itself. To think of ‘living’ there was to reduce the miraculous to the mundane; one does not ‘live’ at Xanadu.
Joan Didion
I’ve always operated under the notion that audiences don’t always know when they’re being lied to, but that they always know when they’re being told the truth.
Sean Penn
Contrary to the prevailing notion that good governance is bad politics, in reality good governance is good politics. A government should work keeping in mind the welfare of future generations, not the next election.
Narendra Modi
I think it’s important to travel around in order to get a notion of what’s going on, to find out what people are think about. I enjoy talking on campuses most because people are more informed and discussion is generally livelier.
Harrison Salisbury
Until Systers came into existence, the notion of a global ‘community of women in computer science’ did not exist.
Anita Borg
This notion that borders wouldn’t matter, that we would have commonality of interests around the world. Well, guess who got there first? The plutocrats.
Chrystia Freeland
Normalising the term ‘white privilege’ does not eliminate racism, it reinforces the notion that everyone and everything around ethnic minorities is racist and makes the majority white population more conscious about their race and exacerbates feelings of difference, creating a less cohesive society.
Kemi Badenoch
The whole relationship between a writer’s spiritual/emotional condition and the kind of wordstuff and form-making that’s going on in his work is an interesting one. When I was an undergraduate, there was a glib notion around that there was no reason to suppose a bad man could be a good writer.
Seamus Heaney
I have been thinking about the notion of perfect love as being without fear, and what that means for us in a world that’s becoming increasingly xenophobic, tortured by fundamentalism and nationalism.
bell hooks
I’m so tired of this notion that women only need to support women. Why can’t we all support each other?
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I’ve never encountered homophobia in casting from the studios or networks – not once, not ever. Where you encounter it is with the agents and the managers, they’re the ones who have an outdated notion of the price an actor might pay if it’s discovered that they’re LGBTQ.
Dustin Lance Black
Bitcoin seems to be a very promising idea. I like the idea of basing security on the assumption that the CPU power of honest participants outweighs that of the attacker. It is a very modern notion that exploits the power of the long tail.
Hal Finney
By the by, if the English race had done nothing else, yet if they left the world the notion of a gentleman, they would have done a great service to mankind.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Perhaps the seeds of redemption lay not just in perseverance, hard work, and rugged individualism. Perhaps they lay in something more fundamental—the simple notion of everyone pitching in and pulling together.
Daniel James Brown
I don’t hold with the notion that only bad books make good movies.
Anthony Minghella
From a linguistic point of view, you can’t really take much objection to the notion that a show is a show is a show.
Walter Becker
Because of my methodology and my sensibilities to write songs, I’m not very comfortable with the notion to rush in any creative endeavor.
Rodney Crowell
So I was surprised at the notion that I might have brought anthrax to my home, and would have been even amused if it was not for the fact that this matter is so grave and serious.
Steven Hatfill
I just think music is so intrinsically linked with images in the culture that we live in that youll be hard-pressed to have an experience with the music without a preconceived notion.
Esperanza Spalding
I’m not thinking much about overall themes or preoccupations or anything like that. Instead I’m just trusting that, if I’m working hard, various notions and riffs and motifs and so on are very naturally suffusing the stories and the resulting book.
George Saunders
I don’t think you can help but personalize a role. You almost play to none of the preconceived notions of it. It’s more or less a personal experience and journey.
Ryan Reynolds
Freddie was very much able to ride the neutral wave. We all respected his views because he was such a great songwriter. It was his idea that we share all the credits. It was decided all the songs would be attributed equally to Queen. That immediately got rid of the arguments. That was a fantastic, democratic notion.
Roger Taylor
I like the notion of guiding, because I can offer advice through my own experiences, tastes and beliefs. But it’s all in that individual’s hands.
Erol Alkan
The continual linking of the notions of terrorist and terrorism with Muslims and the Middle East is, essentially, an act of propaganda that cannot help but promote “Islamophobia.”
Lawrence Davidson
The contemporary notion that it’s somehow inherently bad for a film to be ‘talky’ has done grave damage to the culture of American movie-making, enough so that a growing number of people, myself among them, have all but given up on Hollywood.
Terry Teachout
When you’re a black superhero, you can’t erase the notion that you’re black. If you’re black, living in the community, and you want to change things, there are going to be things that happen. That’s true of anybody. I mean, you could use celebrity as a similar metaphor.
Cheo Hodari Coker
The notion that employees and companies have a social contract with each other that goes beyond a paycheck has largely vanished in United States business.
Alex Berenson
We all want to be happy. We need to expand the notion of what that means, to make it bigger and wiser.
Sharon Salzberg
One of the things that’s beautiful about New Orleans is how culturally rich we are and how well we have worked together. People call us a gumbo. It’s really important that we get focused on the very simple notion that diversity is a strength, it’s not a weakness.
Mitch Landrieu
Japanese people tend to be much better adjusted to the notion of work, any kind of work, as honorable.
Akio Morita
I come from a background where people have had their own business, where it has been incredibly tough for a long period of time, and you are only as good as the last contract you have got, as the last job you have done, where the notion of a precarious existence does exist, as it does for a lot of people.
Esther McVey
I see the notion of talent as quite irrelevant. I see instead perseverance, application, industry, assiduity, will, will, will, desire, desire, desire.
Gordon Lish
Historically, I guess that’s how science fiction works: you start by using aliens to think the unthinkable В— and then, eventually, another writer, having grown a little more comfortable with the earlier notion, brings it into the human.
Samuel R. Delany
In searching for a rationale to go to war, Bush settled on the notion of Saddam as an incarnation of evil, basically, and convinced himself that Saddam was fundamentally Adolf Hitler reborn. I think his feelings towards Saddam were in fact quite genuine and quite legitimately hostile. He was not play acting.
Rick Atkinson
There is this notion that the lives of the comfortable-off middle class don’t merit being treated seriously and with compassion.
William Nicholson
The idea that a big country is going to go out and send troops into some country to take their resources, and then the rest of the world is going to somehow trust us is just a ridiculous notion.
David Brooks
The problem with hate crimes is that it is about somebody’s perceived notion of a crime… that is a very dangerous path to go down.
Gerard Batten
He tried to give his wife pleasure in little ways, because he had come to realize, after nearly two decades together, how often he disappointed her in the big things. It was never intentional. They simply had very different notions of what ought to take up most space in life.
J. K. Rowling
The modern notion of art is an essentially religious or magical one in which the artist is viewed as a holy beast who in some way, big or small, receives flashes from the godhead, which is known as creativity.
Tom Wolfe
There are two atheisms of which one is a purification of the notion of God.
Simone Weil
Although it may be true that the notion of teaching virtues such as honesty or integrity arouses little controversy, it is also true that vague consensus on the goodness of these virtues conceals a great deal of actual disagreement over their definitions.
Lawrence Kohlberg
This notion that ‘what happens in your house doesn’t affect what happens in my house’ on the subject of the institution of marriage may be the ultimate sophistry of those advocating same-gender marriage.
Lance B. Wickman
How many artists subscribe to the notion that creative success depends on input from the fickle muse or her modern avatar, mental illness? Probably very few.
Kathryn Harrison
People have this preconceived notion of me. I’m ‘Gob’ to them: this thoughtless sociopath who lives this bizarre, ego-driven life. That would be insanity.
Will Arnett
Our world faces incredible economic uncertainty. The notion of what is a super power has evolved, and who actually can carry what muscle has changed.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
If we work on it, we can absolutely refuse any notion that suggests that after generations of contributing to this country, being a part of the bones and the marrow, that I’m supposed to be uncomfortable here.
Lizz Wright
While Labour Party orators readily remember the 1980s for Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s free-booting variety of entrepreneurial meritocracy, what gets forgotten is that Thatcher also gave the heave-ho to the old establishment’s notion of merit – good breeding, a posh school, and so on.
Terry Glavin
On the videos for ‘1234’ and ‘My Moon My Man’ I wanted to make the songs visible. And, really, what way can you make sound visible other than good old naive dancing? I was working with a choreographer, but I’m not a dancer. Any notion of elegance is impossible with me.
We have so exalted a notion of the human soul that we cannot bear to be despised, or even not to be esteemed by it. Man, in fact, places all his happiness in this esteem.
Blaise Pascal
I had held a notion that I could make a pretty fair appraisal of the worth of an opponent simply by speaking to him on the first tee and taking a good measuring look into his eyes.
Bobby Jones
You try to hold on to some notions you might have had before, that this will somehow work out, this is a spell that will lift or be broken.
Ron Suskind
It is a quaint comment on the notion that the English are practical and the French merely visionary, that we were rebels in arts while they were rebels in arms.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It’s somewhat disquieting that the same parents and educators who are horrified by the notion of child soldiers have bestowed upon ‘The Hunger Games’ a double mantle of critical praise and global bestsellerdom.
Kenneth Oppel
Veganism is an act of nonviolent defiance. It is our statement that we reject the notion that animals are things and that we regard sentient nonhumans as moral persons with the fundamental moral right not to be treated as the property or resources of humans.
Gary L. Francione
We who live in free market societies believe that growth and prosperity, and ultimately human fulfillment are created from the bottom up, not the government down.
Ronald Reagan
People have romantic notions about television. In the highest realms they think it’s some sort of art medium, and it’s not. Others think it’s an entertainment medium, it’s not that either. It’s an advertising medium. It’s a method to deliver advertising like a cigarette is a method to deliver nicotine.
Bill Maher
The whole dear notion of one’s own Self-marvelous old free-willed, free- enterprising, autonomous, independent, isolated island of a Self- is a myth.
Lewis Thomas
Thirty years ago, in 1976, the notion of organized activity to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was an extremely controversial one.
Robert Brady
I’ve always been fascinated by twins. In my forty years of photographing, whenever there was an opportunity, I would take a picture of twins. I found the notion that two people could appear to look exactly alike very compelling.
Mary Ellen Mark
I shattered the notion that a movie had to be advertised with realistic elements from the story.
Saul Bass
One of the most heinous, insidious lies is the notion that you have to be an asshole to be a successful business person.
Alan Cooper
When it comes to police officers, I have concerns about the training that they receive. This whole notion of implicit bias, looking at people and having stereotypical reactions to them on the basis of their ethnicity.
Eric Holder
I found it an interesting portrait of a marriage in exploring notions of how one partner supports the other, whilst not jeopardizing the greater good – which is the family.
Rachel Griffiths
I think that notion of being a seeker, somebody who never felt totally fulfilled, but was always passionate about the search, that comes from the background, probably.
Walter Isaacson
There came this point where I sat down with all my notebooks and I had to start to write, when I thought: this whole notion of writing for the person who understands nothing, the average reader… He has to die! I can’t have him in my head. And so the person I started writing for was the homicide detective.
David Simon
I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more important or less important.
William Eggleston
A work, however, should be judged by its design and its execution, and not by any preconceived notion of what it ought to be according to the critic, rather than the author.
Isaac D’Israeli
I didn’t set out with the notion of running for elective office; it sort of grew over time. And I honestly at times questioned if progressive change can be effected through elected office.
Bill de Blasio
My own background is fairly liberal and so this notion of ‘protecting women from outside intrusion’ is not in my nature, nor in my upbringing.
Khaled Hosseini
Somehow we’ve even developed the notion that a woman who seeks to meet her husband’s needs is subservient (but a husband who fails to meet his wife’s needs is a pig.)
Laura Schlessinger
I’m suspicious of the notion of a single book that would benefit everyone to read.
Kristin Cashore
There was a degree of interventionism in American foreign policy, the notion that we must be the superpower and we have to intervene everywhere, that I think makes no sense.
Barney Frank
Why are solutions not just as newsworthy as problems? The notion that hostility is necessary all the time to create interest and news is not going to help us [humanity] come to agreements and solve the huge problems we have.
Gloria Steinem
There is so much focus on being self-sufficient, and it makes it very difficult to ask for things. I’ve been crippled by this notion of high-functioning self-sufficiency. And I see it a lot in younger girls. Asking for help brings people closer in a way that I suspected but didn’t actually put into practice.
Mary H.K. Choi
From the moment the tourist enters the site, everyone has to be photographed in front of every feature of note…. The photographic record of the visit has almost destroyed the very notion of actually looking.
Martin Parr
I’m just confusing the thrill of being young with the notion that the era in which I was young was in any way especially creative or remarkable.
Stewart Lee
The German philosopher Walter Benjamin had the curious notion that we could change the past. For most of us, the past is fixed while the future is open.
Terry Eagleton
But to me the notion that spirituality is separate from the rest of life does not allow for a practical approach to living a life that has extraordinary quality.
Tony Robbins
I’m grateful to be successful, and I’m grateful that we can make a living, and I hope we can maintain our integrity forever. That’s really my only dream. The notion of bigness or smallness, I feel like that comes and goes in such waves that are kind of out of my control.
Jim James
Everyone remembers the pop-quiz hotshot bit from ‘Speed’ because it’s extremely funny, and it’s really smart and really witty. And the notion that action movies can have dialogue that pops just as well as the explosions is something that I hope more people continue to remember.
Graham Moore
To what a bad choice is many a worthy woman betrayed, by that false and inconsiderate notion, That a reformed rake makes the best husband!
Samuel Richardson
We must overcome the notion that we must be regular… it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre.
Uta Hagen
I really think that’s the key, part of the spiritual renewal that America needs to have, the notion that we really can have confidence in a better tomorrow.
Carol Moseley Braun
There is no doubt that a parallel exists between the big bang as an event and the Christian notion of creation from nothing.
George Smoot
Society would not tolerate legislation declaring that the theory that the sun circles the earth be given equal time with the theory of a heliocentric solar system; it should not pay attention to the equally preposterous notions of scientific creationism
Robert E. Ornstein
Everyone has the notion that hip-hop is messy and loose, but there’s also another level to it.
Laurieann Gibson
It is time to lay to rest the notion that germs jump into people and cause diseases.
E. Cheraskin
For the grand and inescapable tradition of western literary classics confronts us with fundamental choices over our understanding of words, reading and art, as well as citizenship, civilization, faith, and the whole notion of the true, the good, and the faithful.
Os Guinness
The notion of ‘we’ is very important. I think, for any family, any community to be able to say ‘we’ in this family, it means something. It’s dangerous to society when somebody will place himself or herself on the outside of ‘we.’
Jonas Gahr Store
All too often, the pitchmen are selling the notion that if you gain ‘control’ over your financial destiny – pick your own stocks and execute your own trades – it will be the first step on a short road to riches.
Gary Weiss
We have to understand ourselves as a part of the narrative of evolution. And evolution never stops. The notion that human evolution at some point stopped and “history” took over is absurd, though it is widespread among various social scientists and humanists.
Robert Neelly Bellah
Luck generally comes to those who look for it, and my notion is that it taps, once in a lifetime, at everybody’s door, but if industry does not open it luck goes away.
Charles Spurgeon
There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.
Isaac Asimov
When I was a kid and started to be obsessed by art in the 1980s, the art world was in this polarity Warhol/Beuys, Beuys/Warhol. Both expended the notion of art extremely, but in very different ways.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist
I think it’s very hard to reconcile oneself to the notion that it may not matter what you think if you still want to write.
Lynne Tillman
If you can follow only one bit of data, follow the earnings – assuming the company in question has earnings. I subscribe to the crusty notion that sooner or later earnings make or break an investment in equities. What the stock price does today, tomorrow, or next week is only a distraction.
Peter Lynch
Our rulers at the present day, with their machines and their preachers, are all occupied in putting into our heads the preposterous notion that activity rather than contemplation is the object of life.
John Cowper Powys
The structural notions to me always have to be worked out very carefully in the script stage. Whatever a particular structure is. Whether it’s chronological or non-chronological. To me that’s always about what point of view are we trying to address in the film?
Christopher Nolan
So long as we think of it objectively, time is Fate or Chance, the factor in our lives for which we are not responsible, and about which we can do nothing; but when we begin to think of it subjectively, we feel responsible for our time, and the notion of punctuality arises.
W. H. Auden
I do not agree with this notion that somehow if I go to try to attract votes and to lead people toward a better tomorrow somehow I get subscribed to some-some doctrine gets subscribed to me.
George W. Bush
In some deep place in her heart, Caroline had kept alive the silly romantic notion that somehow David Henry had once known her as no one else ever could. But it was not true. He had never even glimpsed her.
Kim Edwards
I was raised with the notion that it was OK to ask questions, and it was OK to say, I’m not sure. I believe, but I’m not quite so certain about the resurrection.
Peter Jennings
I reject the notion that human beings have a single intelligence, which can be drawn on for the full range of problem solving.
Howard Gardner
Many intelligent people, when about to write . . . , force on their minds a certain notion about style, just as they screw up their faces when they sit for their portraits.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
I mean, the notion that we must love everything in this country or get out and go someplace else is ridiculous. I mean, if you — the best thing a patriotic American can do is to look and be critical and find out what’s wrong and try to make it better. That’s what a patriotic American does.
Andy Rooney
Somehow the notion has been loosed that nature is hostile to man or that her ways are offensive or slovenly, so that every step of progress is measured by how far we have altered these. Nothing short of a recovery of the ancient virtue of pietas can absolve man from this sin.
Richard M. Weaver
The popular notion is that Americans are addicted to fossil fuels, but I find that’s not true; most people would be happy to power their lives with anything else.
Bill McKibben
If the notion on this is we’re going to elect somebody to the United States Senate so they can be the 100th least senior person in there and be polite, and somewhere in their fourth or fifth year do some bipartisan bill that nobody cares about, don’t vote for me.
Elizabeth Warren
Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant to me … I should like to find a genuine loophole.
Arthur Eddington
I struggled with that notion early in my career. ‘I know this is funny but nobody is laughing.’ This thought occurred for years.
Mike Birbiglia
To think of education as a means of preserving institutions however excellent, is to have a superficial notion of its end and purpose, which is to mould and fashion men who are more than institutions, who create, outgrow, and re-create them.
John Lancaster Spalding
Donald Trump disproved the notion that there is a direct dollar-for-dollar correlation between how much money you had in your traditional war chest and what your election outcome was going to be.
Sheldon Whitehouse
My old man tried to force on me a notion of what it was to be a ‘man.’ And it destroyed my dad.
Sam Shepard
This whole notion of the acting career as a monopoly where you rise to power… it doesn’t really work that way. I don’t ever really feel powerful in any way. It’s kind of the same thing it’s always been: You just figure out what you want to do and you do it.
Michael Shannon
My brand of fantasy is completely devoid of the traditional notions of magic as ritual. Instead I see the fantastic as a meta-layer of existence beyond the real world.
Vera Nazarian
The Party System was founded on one national notion of fair play. It was the notion that folly and futility should be fairly divided between both sides.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I landed the role of Bravo 5, the only female fighter pilot in ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.’ I did my bit and fired my guns, but I haven’t a notion of which side I was on or who I was firing the guns at.
Celia Imrie
The notion that there’s finite spectrum is mostly wrong.
Martin Cooper
There is always that thought that you might get stuck with a character. But there’s always the notion that every character is always evolving.
Lena Headey
The revolutionary idea that defines the boundary between modern times and the past is the mastery of risk: the notion that the future is more than a whim of the gods and that men and women are not passive before nature.
Peter L. Bernstein
… the notions category and functor were not formulated or put in print until the idea of a natural transformation was also at hand.
Saunders Mac Lane
What the political left, even in democratic countries, share is the notion that knowledgeable and virtuous people like themselves have both a right and a duty to use the power of government to impose their superior knowledge and virtue on others.
Thomas Sowell
The ultimate vision is to instate in the Muslim world the notion of multiculturalism, which is part of our heritage and history, part of the fundamental, mainstream ideals of Islam.
Feisal Abdul Rauf
I could never understand, when I watch romantic comedies, the notion that for some reason, unattractive or heavy people don’t fall in love. If they do, it’s in some odd, kooky, roundabout way – and it’s not. It’s exactly the same.
James Corden
Anyway, as the old barrelhouse song says, My God, how the money rolled in. Norton must have subscribed to the old Puritan notion that the best way to figure out which folks God favours is by checking their bank acounts.
Stephen King
Personally, I don’t endorse the notion of mortality. It’s fine for other folk, but I disapprove of the concept for me and my loved ones.
Sue Grafton
That’s the great illusion of travel, of course, the notion that there’s somewhere to get to. A place where you can finally say, Ah, I’ve arrived. (Of course there is no such place. There’s only a succession of waitings until you go home.)
David Gilmour
Afro-Caribbean influences are in me as a creative being the same way Spanish influences were in Picasso’s work. I think the notion of labels – “black dancer, black choreographer” -is a ploy to divide and conquer, and to limit.
Garth Fagan
I don’t think a female running a house is a problem, a broken family. It’s perceived as one because of the notion that a head is a man.
Toni Morrison
true emancipation … will have to do away with the absurd notion of the dualism of the sexes, or that man and woman represent two antagonistic worlds.
Emma Goldman
Silicon Valley has been developing as a startup community for over 60-70 years. This notion that you can create something in two or five years is foolish.
Brad Feld
Among a democratic people, where there is no hereditary wealth, every man works to earn a living, or is born of parents who have worked. The notion of labor is therefore presented to the mind, on every side, as the necessary, natural, and honest condition.
Alexis de Tocqueville
I believe in mythology. I guess I share Joseph Campbell’s notion that a culture or society without mythology would die, and we’re close to that.
Robert Redford
Mother goddesses are just as silly a notion as father gods. If a revival of the myths of these cults gives woman emotional satisfaction, it does so at the price of obscuring the real conditions of life. This is why they were invented in the first place.
Angela Carter
I had many moments of disappointment, despondency, and exhaustion, but I always found that by reading the literature and showing up at my lab looking at the data as they emerged day by day and discussing them with my students and postdoctoral fellows, I would gain a notion of what to do next.
Eric Kandel
There’s been an awful lot of discussion about what is or isn’t simple, and people have gotten a pretty sophisticated notion of simplicity, but I’m not sure it has helped.
Ward Cunningham
To understand something changing form as a destructive act is a very modern, Western gut reaction to things, and I get it. But what I’m suggesting is nothing radical, this notion of things constantly changing, and that the change is not inherently destructive.
Dario Robleto
All classes in proportion to their lack of travel and familiarity with foreign literature are bellicose, prejudiced against foreigners, fond of fighting as a cruel sport – in short, dog-like in their notions of foreign policy.
George Bernard Shaw
When I first entered the corporate world, doing good and making money were seen as separate and contradictory threads. Challenging that notion set my career – and life – on a new course.
Dan Schulman
I have a notion that if you are going to be spiritually curious, you better not get cluttered up with too many material things.
Mary Oliver
It’s not about knowing who you are. It’s about thinkin you got there without takin anything with you. Your notions about startin over. or anybody’s. You dont start over. That’s what it’s about. Every step you take is forever. You can’t make it go away. None of it.
Cormac McCarthy
We reject creationism because there is no evidence to support it. By contrast, the notion that biology is at least partially the basis of gender is an empirically supportable, and even well-supported, proposition. The gender scholars reject it on ideological, not evidentiary, grounds.
Christina Hoff Sommers
The Eastern Europeans invested too many of their hopes in the notion that somehow or other the missile shield, even if directed at Iran, would reinforce their security links with the U.S. vis-Г -vis Russia.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
It wasn’t that I was shy to go out with him, I just didn’t want people with preconceived notions to assume anything about why we were together. I was pretty careful for a while.
Rose McGowan
It’s all love or sex these days. Friendship is almost as quaint and outdated a notion as chastity. Soon friends will be like the elves and the pixies – fabulous mythical creatures from a distant past.
C. S. Lewis
I think, first and foremost, Marie Antoinette was intellectually impoverished. She really had never been introduced to the notion of abstract thinking – of thinking at all in any profound way.
Kathryn Lasky
I remember the initial genesis quite clearly. My interest in dreams comes from this notion of realizing that when you dream you create the world that you are perceiving, and I thought that feedback loop was pretty amazing.
Christopher Nolan
You need to look no further than Apple’s iPhone to see how fast brilliantly written software presented on a beautifully designed device with a spectacular user interface will throw all the accepted notions about pricing, billing platforms and brand loyalty right out the window.
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
In a first pregnancy, you don’t have a child yet, so you can nap and see movies and exercise. The notion of ‘baby’ is abstract. You look at the ultrasound and don’t really understand that the creature you’re seeing is soon going to be your roommate.
Kelli Williams
The notion that female initiative is useless because men know what they want is particularly odd – most people don’t even know what they want for dinner.
Katha Pollitt
I was 24 years old at the time. I had no real notion of what photography was about. I had no training. By accident, I put a negative in an enlarger, and you can do many things with that negative.
William Klein
My notion of a wife at 40 is that a man should be able to change her, like a bank note, for two 20s.
Warren Beatty
When you are being anti-lie or pro-truth, you come across as being anti-Trump or pro-Democrat, and it’s a very tough thing for those of us who are just working journalists and still believe in the notion of objectivity.
Dana Bash
Honor’s a fine imaginary notion, that draws in raw and unexperienced men to real mischiefs.
Joseph Addison
I created my bags from the notion of developing a well-edited line of fashionable, but not “trendy” handbags. By designing styles that will be as relevant tomorrow as they are today, my brand has established itself as a modern classic.
Kate Spade
The notion that you could discard the old world and now make a new one. This is what was so bad about Modernism.
Jane Jacobs
I stand before you today to repudiate the ridiculous notion that the American people will not vote for qualified candidates simply because he is not white or because she is not a male.
Shirley Chisholm
The notion that Nature does not proceed by jumps is only one of the budget of plausible lies that we call classical education. Nature always proceeds by jumps. She may spend twenty thousand years making up her mind to jump; but when she makes it up at last, the jump is big enough to take us into a new age.
George Bernard Shaw
A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.
J. B. Priestley
A man would never get the notion of writing a book on the peculiar situation of the human male.
Simone de Beauvoir
We have heard much about the poetry of mathematics, but very little of it has yet been sung. The ancients had a juster notion of their poetic value than we.
Henry David Thoreau
For me, I guess I feel like the notion of ‘feel good’ entertainment… I’m all for it, but I just think you really, really, really have to earn it. I’m not sure I have a lot of movies in me where I see a world that earns it.
Karyn Kusama
Religion is a strange, wonderful thing. More crimes have been committed in the name of righteousness than any other notion.
Tom T. Hall
The Western notion of masculinity goes back a long way. It doesn’t allow for women, and it’s also racist – it doesn’t allow for other cultures.
Larry McMurtry
A novelist’s sense that he or she is ‘above’ a certain genre mainly comes out of the notion that the genre is somehow a debased version of his or her preferred form.
Lynn Coady
A child gets moral notions from the fairy-tales he delights in, as do his elders from tale and verse.
Charlotte Mason
A lot of unpredictable things happened in the Republican party, but I think the notion that we’re gonna demonize Donald Trump or we’re gonna mischaracterize him is completely unfair.
Anthony Scaramucci
It is possible to say that all of my books concern themselves with the notion of what it means to be female – whether it is in New York City in 2000 or Calcutta in 1836. In that way, my books really are the same.
Susanna Moore
We live on a planet of limited resources – an abstract notion for some of the world’s population, but for many of the poorest and most vulnerable, those limits are all too real.
David Harewood
It was the Spice Girls who messed it all up. And obviously, the appropriating of the phrase “girl power”, which at that point overrode any notion of feminism, and which was a phrase that meant absolutely nothing apart from being friends with your girlfriends.
Caitlin Moran
Socialism and Communism both demand a degree of joint effort and administration which would beget more regulation than is wholly consistent with ideal Anarchism; Individualism and Mutualism, resting upon property, involve a development of the private policeman not at all compatible with my notion of freedom.
Voltairine de Cleyre
How do we innovate and make things that challenge the notion of being stuck in a place of just being popular?
Eugene Lee Yang
Our institutions, if they do not erode entirely, can survive periods of decadence brought on by our material success, eras when the whole notion of civic militarism seems bothersome, and in which free speech is used to focus on our own imperfections without concern for the ghastly nature of our enemies.
Victor Davis Hanson
We never fully grasp the import of any true statement until we have a clear notion of what the opposite untrue statement would be.
William James
We shouldn’t overdramatize the current disagreements with the Russians. They are real, but they’re not really all that threatening. And the notion that we’re moving back to some Cold War I think is really an exaggerated judgment.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
At the moment, our society’s notion of success is largely composed of two parts: money and power. But it’s time for a third metric, beyond money and power – one founded on well-being, wisdom, our ability to wonder, and to give back.
Arianna Huffington
Louis Brandeis started off by embracing the Theodore Roosevelt notion that hyphenated Americanism was unpatriotic. You couldn’t have dual loyalties. But then he thinks and he reads and he becomes the head of the American Zionist movement after having previously been a secular Jew in this amazing intellectual evolution.
Jeffrey Rosen
Only in Washington would the Republican operatives get the entire press corps ginned up over the notion that I’m going to be home campaigning instead of going to a bunch of worthless parties at a convention that’s only being held to do something we all know is going to happen anyway.
Claire McCaskill
The importance of human life should be universally respected – and that refers to children before they are born and after. All children have the right to be brought up in a loving two-parent family where the notion of divorce is not even possible.
Christopher Monckton
The notion that you can duff up a country for three months, pacify it for a bit longer and then miraculously transform it into a liberal democracy is just ludicrous. You might achieve some kind of democracy: it’s the liberal bit I take issue with.
David Starkey
The old notion that the savage is the freest of mankind is the reverse of the truth. He is a slave, not indeed to a visible master, but to the past, to the spirits of his dead forefathers, who haunt his steps from birth to death, and rule him with a rod of iron.
James G. Frazer
Our notion of the perfect society embraces the family as its center and ornament, and this paradise is not secure until children appear to animate and complete the picture.
Amos Bronson Alcott
There is no such thing as educational value in the abstract. The notion that some subjects and methods and that acquaintance with certain facts and truths possess educational value in and of themselves is the reason why traditional education reduced the material of education so largely to a diet of predigested materials.
John Dewey
People are being overwhelmed with social issues, political problems and economic problems – and this notion of giving everything up and going to live off-grid and to have a simpler way of life is quite attractive.
Ben Fogle
The ultimate notion of right is that which tends to the universal good; and when one’s acting in a certain manner has this tendency he has a right thus to act.
Francis Hutcheson
Honestly, I was always very keen on acting in the South Indian films. I think people here have a notion that Bollywood actresses aren’t keen on doing films here but let me tell you, we are.
Zareen Khan
The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naГЇve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.
H. L. Mencken
The notion of a world government to defend our rights would have sent the founding fathers running for their muskets.
Pat Buchanan
The very notion of tabu is one of the rightest notions in the world. Better any old tabu than none, for a man cannot be said to be”on the side of the stars” at all, unless he makes refusals.
Katharine Fullerton Gerould
I love challenging the notion that, in order to be a tech founder, you have to be holed up in a dark room wearing a T-shirt and baggy jeans.
Kevin Systrom
When I worked on 2001 – which was my first feature film – I was deeply and permanently affected by the notion that a movie could be like a first-person experience.
Douglas Trumbull
Mr. Doctor, that loose gown becomes you so well I wonder your notions should be so narrow.
Elizabeth I
The truth is, the notion that gay marriage is harmful to marriage, is sort of mind-boggling, because these are people trying to get married. But it seems to me, if you want to defend marriage against something, defend it against divorce.
Cokie Roberts
Bad writers are nearly always haunted by the notion that Latin or Greek words are grander than Saxon ones.
George Orwell
I felt slightly snobby about the genre. My pre-conceived notion of the comic book world had been: “Oh, that’s nothing that I need to worry about!”
Matthew William Goode
What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents. They ignore the law. They riot in the streets inflamed with wild notions. Their morals are decaying. What is to become of them?
People use the notion of God to bully people and hurt people, when we can use the concept to respect and uplift.
Victor LaValle
L’absurde est la notion essentielle et la premie’ re ve? rite? . The absurd is the fundamental idea and the first truth.
Albert Camus
We have overcome the notion that mathematical truths have an existence independent and apart from our own minds. It is even strange to us that such a notion could ever have existed.
James Newman
The notion of what is public and what is private has been dissolved. My children see documentaries; they see Instagram. Everyone is very open: it has become less taboo to expose lives.
Karl Ove Knausgard
There’s this notion that allows people to create their own collection of songs, so it rewrites what a song is. They may only want 10 seconds of something, or they may only want this particular song, or they want this group of songs. It becomes much more user-controlled.
Michael Nesmith
Now everybody’s got a crazy notion of their own. Some like to mix up with a crowd, some like to be alone. It’s no one elses’ business as far as I can see, but every time that I go out the people stare at me, with me little ukulele in me hand.
George Formby
When you’re a black superhero you can’t erase the notion that you’re black.
Cheo Hodari Coker
… if one were to refuse to have direct, geometric, intuitive insights, if one were reduced to pure logic, which does not permit a choice among every thing that is exact, one would hardly think of many questions, and certain notions … would escape us completely.
Henri Lebesgue
The notion of having your muse was not something that was built for women originally. That’s not to say women don’t have muses. I get muses in terms of actors or writers who inspire me, so I understand the concept.
Abi Morgan
I don’t think anyone would argue with the notion that there have been serious abuses on Wall Street.
Andrew Cuomo
No chord in populism reverberates more strongly than the notion that the robust common sense of an unstained outsider is the best medicine for an ailing polity. Caligula doubtless got big cheers from the plebs when he installed his horse as proconsul.
Alexander Cockburn
I’m a big believer in the notion that to know where you are going, you have to know where everything has been.
Justin Gatlin
It is an old liberal theme that conservative ideas, being red in tooth and claw, cannot possibly emerge from any notion of the public good.
Charles Krauthammer
I know how people are, with their habits of mind. Most will sail through from cradle to grave with a conscience clean as snow…I know people. Most have no earthly notion of the price of a snow-white conscience.
Barbara Kingsolver
That’s part of the appeal of time-travel movies: The notion of going back and fixing something.
Rian Johnson
Without question, the notion of the doctor as a legitimate fee-for-service entrepreneur, making his fortune from misfortunes of his patients, is old-fashioned, distasteful, and doomed.
Michael Crichton
It is not faith per se that creates the problem; it is conviction, the notion that one cannot be wrong, that opposing views are necessarily invalid and may even be intolerable.
Jack McDevitt
One of the things I benefited from when I started this business was that I didn’t know anything. I was just instinct with no preconceived notions. This enabled me to learn and change quickly without having to worry about maintaining any kind of status quo, like some of my bigger competitors.
Michael Dell
Why, when an athlete says something, why is it downplayed or considered not OK? I’ve always challenged that notion.
Jaylen Brown
I really tried to get comfortable with the notion of shooting digital on ‘Foxcatcher’ and just couldn’t. I shot many tests and experimented with all sorts of techniques to manipulate it into a place that worked for us, but it just didn’t happen.
Bennett Miller
For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside That it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive
Bruce Springsteen
Christians are guilty of the notion that there was a time when people were required to live by the mosaic law, I just don’t know that ever was the case.
John Middendorf
When I was thin, I had no notion of what being fat is like. When I worked in a department store, I had sold clothes to women of most sizes, so I should have known; but perhaps you have to experience the state from the inside, to understand what fat is like.
Hilary Mantel
I am in favour of the notion of Australia as an immigrant society
Tony Abbott
I think the notion of traditional anchor is fading away – the all-knowing, all-seeing person who speaks from on high. I don’t think the audience really buys that anymore. As a viewer, I know I don’t buy it.
Anderson Cooper
Notions of Good and Evil depend entirely on social context. It is not that people are good or bad, they are raised in an aberrant or twisted environment.
Jacque Fresco
Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable.
Barbara Ehrenreich
The dismissive notion that conservatives leak to outlets on the right for ideological reasons ignores the fact that liberals often do the same thing with news organizations that are either left-of-center or likely to be sympathetic to the message being peddled.
Howard Kurtz
At university I had a big coloured scarf and people would often say, ‘All right, Doctor Who?’ And, I thought, I rather liked that notion.
Matt Smith
I’d like to put across the notion that bad taste is actually good for you.
Margaret Cho
Truth is an illusory notion.
Peter Morgan
Idonot likebeingmoved:for thewill isexcited;andaction Is a most dangerous thing: I tremble for something factitious, Some malpractice of heart and illegitimate process; We are so proneto thesethings with our terrible notions of duty.
Arthur Hugh Clough
Filmmaking is not about what we see – it’s a very misconceived notion; it’s about what we don’t see.
Nicolas Winding Refn
At the most difficult moments of my life, when it seemed that every door was closed to me, the taste of those apricots comes back to comfort me with the notion that abundance is always within reach, if only one knows how to find it.
Isabel Allende
Multitudes of words are neither an argument of clear ideas in the writer, nor a proper means of conveying clear notions to the reader.
Adam Clarke
Novelty is vital to the stimulation of life… New neural paths are sparked by caving in to notions.
Robert Genn
I just think we shouldn’t judge her, or anyone, without tryo g to understand them first. That maybe we should get the full story before jumping to conclusions. Crazy notion, I know.
Marissa Meyer
It’s amazing what ordinary people can do if they set out without preconceived notions.
Ben Stein
Don’t freight your answers with any notions of what you’re “supposed” to do, and just see where your feelings point you. It can feel weird to be so formal about it, but if you’re not used to doing it, then there’s no shame in retraining yourself.
Carolyn Hax
Our world and our lives have become increasingly interdependent, so when our neighbour is harmed, it affects us too. Therefore we have to abandon outdated notions of ‘them’ and ‘us’ and think of our world much more in terms of a great ‘US’, a greater human family.
Dalai Lama
I had this notion that everyone was staring at me and judging everything about me, from my appearance to the way I talk and everything.
Ricky Williams
The idea that all souls are mortal is the only notion surely terminating love and all its forms.
Criss Jami
A page of Addison or of Irving will teach more of style than a whole manual of rules, whilst a story of Poe’s will impress upon the mind a more vivid notion of powerful and correct description and narration than will ten dry chapters of a bulky textbook.
H. P. Lovecraft
To judge from the notions expounded by theologians, one must conclude that God created most men simply with a view to crowding hell.
Marquis de Sade
There’s this false notion that this is a regional phenomenon, when in fact every state in the union has hardcore rednecks. No exceptions.
Carl Hiaasen
When I learned a little bit about du Pont and a little bit about Mark Schultz, I was attracted to the notion that these incredibly different people found each other and seemed, for a moment, to be the answer that each was looking for.
Bennett Miller
Instead of antiquated notions of physical daring, courage is much more about making small choices to take initiative even when we are experiencing anxiety and facing risk.
Robert Biswas-Diener
The Left has never been comfortable with the notion that values are more determinitive than socioeconomic factors in human behavior
Dennis Prager
Our notion of an optimist is a man who knowing that each year was worse than the preceding, thinks next year will be better. And a pessimist is a man who knows the next year can’t be worse than the last one.
Franklin P. Adams
This whole notion of a post racial America was nonsense from the very beginning. It was a bad idea, a bad notion, a bad formulation when it was first raised.
Tavis Smiley
Every notion that any man, dead, living, or unborn, might form as to the universe will necessarily prove wrong
James Branch Cabell
Sometimes I have a notion that what might improve the situation is to have women take over the occupations of government and trade and to give men their freedom.
Phyllis McGinley
The notion of the competitiveness of countries, on the model of the competitiveness of companies, is nonsense.
Martin Wolf
I think when religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism – as well as Christianity and Judaism – were founded, at that time societies were generally male-dominated. So, therefore this social notion also influenced religion.
Dalai Lama
In the U.S. I think there are really two reasons we should pursue energy policy. One is climate change, and the second is this notion that the oil market is cartel-ized by people, some of whom are friendly, some of whom are not, some of whom are in a more ambivalent position to us.
Brad Carson
I have never indulged our society’s misguided notion that my personal life is relevant to my work, so any reporting surrounding that is necessarily hearsay, speculation or fantasy.
Billy Crudup
The notion that the church, the press, and the universities should serve the state is essentially a Communist notion. In a free society these institutions must be wholly free – which is to say that their function is to serve as checks upon the state.
Alan Barth
I’m a believer in the notion that artists who do good work believe in the ideas of extremes.
Wayne Thiebaud
I know, from the three visits I made to him, the blended composite of love and fear that exists only in a boy’s notion of his father.
Donald Miller
The world view of the underdog socialist is encapsulated in the notion that the establishment has mastered the game of reason, judgment and statistics, leaving the left with emotion. Its heart is in the right place.
Rutger Bregman
You become tyrannized by this notion that women must not only be treated equally, but they must never fail.
David Duchovny
I always had this romantic notion of living in New York. I just felt like, everyone could be different and weird and whatever they are in New York.
Jim Gaffigan
I rejected the notion that my race or sex would bar my success in life.
Constance Baker Motley
To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.
Louis L’Amour
In the 5,000-year history of Jewish thought, the notion of a God-man is completely anathema to everything Judaism stands for.
Reza Aslan
Mainly as sort of blueprints for dealing with most of the adults in their lives, to some extent with their fellows. It is this notion of aiming high and there’s always hope, aim low and you might as well stop now.
Diana Wynne Jones
Preconceived notions and rules are antithetical to the creative process.
Scott Kahn
Obama’s entire foreign policy was predicated on the notion that by existing, he would bridge all gaps and bury all hatchets. Instead, the Muslim world burns his picture even as he tells them he respects their radicalism. It turns out that diversity is a one-way street for the devotees of global Islam.
Ben Shapiro
Although I believe deeply that the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Community Health Center program are invaluable, I reject the notion that we cannot reauthorize these programs without plundering other equally vital programs.
Seth Moulton
“The most powerful single idea in mathematics is the notion of a variable.”
Alexander Dewdney
There is a field beyond all notions of right and wrong. Come, meet me there.
I put forward formless and unresolved notions, as do those who publish doubtful questions to debate in the schools, not to establish the truth but to seek it.
Michel de Montaigne
I don’t happen to subscribe to the notion that everybody who criticizes Tom Daschle is criticizing Tim Johnson. I think that’s a bit of a stretch.
John Thune
The common-sense notion that ‘there is a time and a place for everything’ gets carried into a set of prescriptions which replicate the social order by assigning social meanings to spaces and times.
David Harvey
Just, harmonious, temperate as is the spirit of liberty, there is in the name and mere notion of it a vagueness so opposite to the definite clearness of the moral law.
Augustus William Hare
With capitalism and prosperity came something new: the idea of progress. This is the notion that things are getting better and will continue to get better in the future.
Dinesh D’Souza
The idea that democracies could be vulnerable to demagogues is not a new notion.
Bill Kristol
This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table
George W. Bush
A fine lady is a squirrel-headed thing, with small airs and small notions; about as applicable to the business of life as a pair of tweezers to the clearing of a forest.
George Eliot
People think genes are an absolute cause of traits. But the notion that the genome is the blueprint for humanity is a very bad metaphor. If you think we’re hard-wired and deterministic, there should indeed be a lot more genes.
Craig Venter
I worry that track is going to enter into an impossibly complicated stage, where our understanding of the complexities of human physiology – and our ability to accentuate and exploit them – is going to make the notion of pure competition impossible.
Malcolm Gladwell
When I started writing, I did have some idealised notion of my dad as a writer. But I have less and less of a literary rivalry with him as I’ve gone on. I certainly don’t feel I need his approval, although maybe that’s because I’m confident that I’ve got it.
Paul Theroux
The whole notion of never growing up is incredibly intense and emotional.
John Tiffany
In psychology (okay, Twilight) they teach you about the notion of imprinting, and I think it applies here. I reverse-imprinted with athleticism. Ours is the great non-love story of my life.
Mindy Kaling
The romantic notion of the clubhouse as a traveling fraternity of working-class heroes – the boys of summer – is perhaps the most potent in all of baseball.
David Grann
We have to be realistic about what we can achieve in Afghanistan. The notion that the United States can build a Western-style democracy there is a myth
Barbara Boxer
Successful businesses create jobs; that is true. But the notion that if we cut taxes enough for the very rich and for already hugely profitable businesses, then all that money will trickle down to everyone else in the form of job creation is simply false.
Marianne Williamson
We must cease to think of the church as a gathering of institutions and organizations, and we must get back to the notion that we are the people of God.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
You youngsters nowadays think you’re to begin with living well and working easy; you’ve no notion of running afoot before you get on horseback.
George Eliot
I’ve always been interested in this notion of what is authentic and how we define that and why our culture imposes certain emotions and emotional constraints onto experiences.
Meghan Daum
We often take for granted the notion that some people are insiders, while others are outsiders. But such a notion is a social contrivance, that, like virtually every public construct, is a legacy of a primordial and tribal mentality.
Jamake Highwater
Often we don’t have a good notion of what our talents are, because we have never had a chance to try them out.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
So Marxism, Freudianism: any one of these things I think is an irrational cult. They’re theology, so they’re whatever you think of theology; I don’t think much of it. In fact, in my view that’s exactly the right analogy: notions like Marxism and Freudianism belong to the history of organized religion.
Noam Chomsky
If the workers took a notion they could stop all speeding trains; every ship upon the ocean they can tie with mighty chains.
Joe Hill
Don’t strive for somebody else’s notion of perfection. It’s an unattainable and ultimately ridiculous goal. Strive instead to be uniquely yourself and when in doubt listen to your gut, because it already knows what you want to become.
Meredith Vieira
We are assumed to be rather hopeless – swallowed up by incorrect notions, divorced from the original genius with which we are born, lost within days of living this distracting life.
Elizabeth Berg
Love is the single most powerful and important word and notion in culture and language. Until the power of love supersedes the love of power we have no chance of ever being successful.
Bill Walton
The notion of education through handicrafts rises from the contemplation of truth and love permeating life’s activities.
Mahatma Gandhi
What some people term Freedom is nothing else than a liberty of saying and doing disagreeable things. It is but carrying the notion a little higher, and it would require us to break and have a head broken reciprocally without offense.
William Shenstone
I have no notion of a perfect woman, as I feel if I fall in love, it can be with a wrong person also.
Shaheer Sheikh
The idea is that in any situation, people have a notion as to who they are and how they should behave. And if you don’t behave according to your identity, you pay a cost.
George Akerlof
One of the lessons from Sept. 11 is that America requires a long-term presence in those parts of the world that endanger us. This notion has become controversial, but frankly, the need could not be clearer.
Rudy Giuliani
Gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original; in fact, it is a kind of imitation that produces the very notion of the original as an effect and consequence of the imitation itself.
Judith Butler
I just had this notion that I wanted to do the most extreme thing I could and I also very consciously wanted to do something that was very different from Mars because we were all very close.
Arto Lindsay
I’m not one of these guys who says ‘Now I’m on a really hot show. Better quit soon before I get labeled.’ That’s the most ridiculous notion I’d ever heard.
Jeff Probst
Far from wife and son am 1, far from land and wealth and other notions of that kind. I am the Witness, the Eternal, the Inner Self.
Guru Nanak
The notion of the large, massive public university that can exist in isolated splendor is dead.
Gordon Gee
The notion that the records of government are the property of the people is radically democratic, but it is broken in practice.
Ryan Shapiro
An important notion in Indian political thought that is of great value to Hungary is the idea of peaceful development.
Viktor Orban
The potential for greatness lives within us all.
Wilma Rudolph
This notion that we’re going to prop up foreign governments, that we’re going to invade other countries for some kind of perceived benefit where we’re going to install somebody who’s going to be supportive of American interests or American corporate private interests needs to stop.
Matt Gonzalez
The notion of art as the dearly purchased outcome of an immense spiritual risk, one whose cost goes up with the entry and participation of each new player in the game.
Susan Sontag
Charles Darwin got his theory, his notion of natural selection, evolution, and so did its independent discoverer, Alfred Wallace, from reading Malthus.
Paul Samuelson
Now, I find that very difficult to reconcile with notions about a merciful God.
David Attenborough
A lot of people have that notion that it must have been easier for me because I had the Malik tag. But I don’t feel it’s right. With due respect to someone like Ankit Tiwari who leaves everything at home to come and make it big here without any backing, I agree I have an advantage.
Amaal Mallik
Anyone who resists the notion of women preachers is functioning as a tool of the devil.
Tony Campolo
Demonization of people on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other criteria leads to dehumanization. The notion that some are ‘other’ is a dangerous and slippery slope.
Kerry Kennedy
The basic notion of justice, is that the rights of everybody are equals, in principle. In the rights of others, we have to respect our own rights. It is only in that condition that we can reasonnably require that it be respected by others.
African Spir
The whole notion of an alternative truth is a paradox. How can you have an alternative to truth?
Steven Wilson
The notion that human life is sacred just because it is

The notion that human life is sacred just because it is human life is medieval.
Peter Singer
As a Liberal of course I am very strongly committed to the notion of artistic freedom and very hostile to the idea of there being a single view of cultural policy dictated from on high.
George Brandis
I once spoke to a human geneticist who declared that the notion of intelligence was quite meaningless, so I tried calling him unintelligent. He was annoyed, and it did not appease him when I went on to ask how he came to attach such a clear meaning to the notion of lack of intelligence. We never spoke again.
Peter Medawar
I try not to have too specific notions because it messes up the process later on. I leave it very open to interpretation until I start casting. Everything changes a lot when you start casting. I mean everything.
Nicolas Winding Refn
I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or has a will of the type of which we are conscious in ourselves. An individual who should survive his physical death is also beyond my comprehension, nor do I wish it otherwise; such notions are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls.
Albert Einstein