Occasional Quotes

Occasional Quotes by Dean Kamen, Francis Galton, Andre Dubus, Miles Robbins, Taron Egerton, Thomas Lux and many others.

Most of the time you will fail, but you will also occas

Most of the time you will fail, but you will also occasionally succeed. Those occasional successes make all the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile.
Dean Kamen
Exercising the right of occasional suppression and slight modification, it is truly absurd to see how plastic a limited number of observations become, in the hands of men with preconceived ideas.
Francis Galton
I work out four days a week in the off-season, and in the warm, running weather months, I do five days. A push/pull regime of weightlifting, cycling, and the occasional Saturday or Sunday run with my oldest son, even if it’s cold out.
Andre Dubus
I wear dresses on stage and to occasional fancy dress events because I do not enjoy neckties.
Miles Robbins
You go to drama school, and the people you revere and admire are those who work on the London stage, and you hope that’s a world that you’ll be able to break into and do enough occasional television and small film work to eventually get to the point where you’re paying the bills.
Taron Egerton
The poem began with the title. Then I was annoyed by one of the occasional poetry-is-dead articles. Then I refute that notion.
Thomas Lux
Occasional kindness does not cancel out cruelty. Hitting is never acceptable under any circumstances.
Sam Horn
Both Republicans and Democrats championed a structure that allowed the ‘application layer’ of Internet architecture to be free from government intervention, apart from occasional Federal Trade Commission activity.
Michael O’Rielly
An occasional lucky guess as to what makes a wife tick is the best a man can hope for, Even then, no sooner has he learned how to cope with the tick than she tocks.
Ogden Nash
Those who draw their sustenance from science are blessed. It is for me to only derive an occasional pleasure. This is nothing worthy of conceit, but I am indeed touched by the joys. This book is an ode to such joys, a digest of my collections from various sources.
Rabindranath Tagore
Most writers flourish greatly on a simple, healthy routine with occasional time off for gaiety.
Dorothea Brande
It is true that despite occasional gleams of Churchillian eloquence he [Gen. Douglas MacArthur] usually spoke poorly. He was far more effective in conversations a deux. But those who dismiss him as shallow because his rhetoric was fustian err.
William Manchester
There was no more grass, no flowers, not even any moss: dusty granite blocks covered the ice and an occasional grinding groan reminded us that we were on a slow-moving glacier.
Chris Bonington
I know publishing now more as an author than with occasional peaks inside those elite offices than as an industry insider. It was difficult publishing a novel the first time around, while working behind the scenes, knowing all that has to happen to make a book a success and to still make the leap as an author.
Jennifer Gilmore
Each of us is here to discover our true selves; that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form; that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences
Deepak Chopra
I had a wife and children. I was mostly working in painting and decorating and then taking the occasional acting job as they came along. At that stage in your life you have to think about your priorities. It looked like I was going to have to take the building more seriously and give up acting.
Charley Boorman
I’d done occasional short stories, but I don’t like publishing them in literary magazines; they treat you too much like college boys.
Mark Kurlansky
God would prefer we have an occasional limp than a perpetual strut.
Max Lucado
Millions of people die every day. Everyone’s got to go sometime. I’ve came by this particular tumor honestly. If you smoke, which I did for many years very heavily with occasional interruption, and if you use alcohol, you make yourself a candidate for it in your sixties.
Christopher Hitchens
Nobody’s sex life is such that every experience is a ten. You may have to be satisfied with regular eights or sixes and even an occasional three.
Kevin Leman
Following Christ is not a casual or occasional practice but a continuous commitment and way of life that applies at all times and in all places.
Dallin H. Oaks
But I’ve grown thoughtful now. And you have lost Your early-morning freshness of surprise At being so utterly mine: you’ve learned to fear The gloomy, stricken places in my soul, And the occasional ghosts that haunt my gaze.
Siegfried Sassoon
I exercise, walk a lot, and break into the occasional trot. I also lift weights three days a week, and I like to read about what makes a good diet. Overall, I do follow a healthy lifestyle.
Marv Levy
Man is a multi-sensorial being. Occasionally he verbalizes … and we must seriously examine the implications of the fact that man does not communicate by word alone.
Ray Birdwhistell
I still write the occasional short story, and poked at a novel once, but it’s just not what I want to do.
George Murray
Canadians are hardly assertive or demanding. We don’t expect U.S. presidents to bow down to our prime ministers when they visit us in Ottawa, nor are we looking for the occasional kickback on an F-16 deal.
Vaclav Smil
Tournament play demands patience to survive and win. Winning at cash games demands a whole other level of thought and deception. You need to reach into your bag of tricks and run the occasional big bluff to be a consistent cash game winner.
Daniel Negreanu
Studying with a teacher doesn’t simply mean going to an occasional seminar or Zen retreat. It means fully applying yourself to what the teacher says, most of which is not verbal.
Frederick Lenz
I find it ridiculous to assign a gender to an inanimate object incapable of disrobing and making an occasional fool of itself.
David Sedaris
Chicago happened slowly, like a migraine. First they were driving through countryside, then, imperceptibly, the occasional town became a low suburban sprawl, and the sprawl became the city.
Neil Gaiman
Makeup is only fun if it’s occasional and capricious – just like it’s a treat to have an empty day ahead, but it wouldn’t be if you were doing 20 years in Parkhurst.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
I get a delivery of a diet food during the week, which doesn’t mean that I don’t eat the occasional Krispy Kreme doughnut.
Lauren Graham
I still think I’m fat. Right now I’m worrying about how I’m going to lose weight after the pregnancy. I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great.
Lily Allen
I don’t act because I love doing it, I act because it’s my job. At the end of the year, I gotta pay my taxes, bills, doctors, insurance, car insurance, the occasional vacation. It’s a wonderful job. The upside is that it is exciting and different… the downside is that it is an extremely insecure job.
Clint Howard
The most important and visible outcropping of the action bias in excellent companies is their willingness to try things out, to experiment. If you wait until you believe you are safe, sure to be without occasional foolish feelings, you’ve most likely waited too long.
Tom Peters
I’m very motivated by the occasional creative payoff that comes when something goes really well, be it a song, a recording or performance. The payoff is enormous – when you get it. Most of the time, though, I’m filled with self-loathing and general frustration at the limitations I have as a musician.
Ian Anderson
When dozens of company results are flooding newspaper offices everyday, an occasional fraudster slips in what looks like an authentic press release, with fake company results/information aimed at manipulating share prices.
Sucheta Dalal
Dad was pretty solid. He had great grooves and there was occasional moments of sheer brilliance with fills and things, but in general, the sheer brilliance is the simplicity, how much groove, how much feel he had, all the subtleties that we miss.
Jason Bonham
What I treasure most at any moment is intimacy, surprise, a sense of mystery, wit, depth and love. A handful of cherished friends offer me this, and the occasional singer or film-maker or artist. But my most reliable sources of electricity are Henry David Thoreau, Shakespeare, Melville and Emily Dickinson.
Pico Iyer
Landscaping is the great cardinal sin of modern architecture. It’s not your garden, it’s not a park – it’s a formless patch of grass, shrubbery and the occasional tree that exists purely to stop the original developer’s plans from looking like a howling concrete wilderness.
Ben Aaronovitch
Although I certainly do love animals, I have to admit that I also love eating them. (Particularly cows. And chickens. And the occasional lamb).
Kat Timpf
I’m labeled a comedic actor, which is awesome. But I love getting the occasional dramatic role, too. Some of your best dramatic actors are ultimately comedians.
Jim O’Heir
A good meditation, even when it is interrupted by occasional nodding, is much more beneficial than many outward religious exercises.
Johannes Tauler
I wrote the first draft of ‘Madame Bovary’ without studying the previous translations, although I gathered them and took the occasional peek.
Lydia Davis
Bin Laden was 200 miles away from the area where all of these drone strikes were taking out his key leaders in al-Qaida. He was able to indulge in his hobbies… He was making occasional video tapes and audio tapes for release to the wider world.
Peter Bergen
The fastidious taste will find offence in the occasional vulgarisms, or what we now call slang, which not a few of our writers seem to have affected.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The good life is best construed as a matrix that includes happiness, occasional sadness, a sense of purpose, playfulness, and psychological flexibility, as well autonomy, mastery, and belonging.
Robert Biswas-Diener
What I disliked most about working as a shop assistant wasn’t the occasional snooty customer or the shop or the hours, but the way people reacted when I told them I was a shop assistant – their automatic assumption that I didn’t enjoy it.
Charlie Brooker
I invite people to read the hundreds of positive articles instead of getting affected by the occasional outburst from a troll.
Walter O’Brien
Women need food, water, and compliments That’s right. And an occasional pair of shoes.
Chris Rock
Because of old sports injuries, yoga has become a physical lifesaver. I also have an honest, loving, and caring circle of friends. A little bit of laughter and an occasional adult beverage never hurt nobody.
Erica Tazel
A long, hot bath is a real treat. But from a ‘green’ point of view, that’s probably what it should be: an occasional treat.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
I crave clean food, but do have an occasional chocolate bar or ice cream.
Camille Kostek
At home, I dedicate occasional whole days to reading as if I’m a convalescent. The ideal place for this is the bath, where the body floats free. Books go a little wavy, but they’re mine, so who cares.
Rachel Kushner
In April 2001, I visited Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky. The heaps of mastodon and other large skeletons that used to loom out of the brackish backwaters along the Ohio River here are long gone, though the occasional big bone sometimes comes to light.
Adrienne Mayor
Except for an occasional heart attack I feel as young as I ever did.
Robert Benchley
The true history of Vietnamese civilian suffering does not fit comfortably into America’s preferred postwar narrative – the tale of a conflict nobly fought by responsible commanders and good American boys, who should not be tainted by the occasional mistakes of a few ‘bad apples’ in their midst.
Nick Turse
I don’t want to do a TV series. It’s no fun working from dawn to sunset every day. An occasional movie would be fine, and then I’ll see what might develop on the political front.
Ronald Reagan
Should one continue to base one’s life on a system of belief that–for all its occasional wisdom and frequent beauty–is demonstrably untrue?
Charles Templeton
Aside from the occasional genocide, oppression, evil and torture, etc., it is inarguable that public policy could be implemented more rapidly in an autocracy.
David Harsanyi
Minds, like diapers, need occasional changing.
Karen Cushman
Love was above everything else, and there was no hatred in love, only the occasional mistake.
Paulo Coelho
Man watches his history on the screen with apathy and an occasional passing flicker of horror or indignation.
Conor Cruise O’Brien
Executive orders are meant for occasional use, not to force something through that the people’s elected representatives aren’t going to make law.
Fabrizio Moreira
Rest time is not waste time. It is economy to gather fresh strength… It is wisdom to take occasional furlough. In the long run, we shall do more by sometimes doing less.
Charles Spurgeon
It was a relationship with occasional moments of beauty, but one that had never found it’s balance.
Guillaume Musso
Camels are still trained in Alice Springs for tourist jaunts and for occasional sale to Australia’s zoos.
Robyn Davidson
One cannot blame an organization that picks up an occasional black sheep, one only takes exception if it retains an accumulation of them.
Dion Fortune
The healthy being craves an occasional wildness, a jolt from normality, a sharpening of the edge of appetite, his own little festival of Saturnalia, a brief excursion from his way of life.
Robert Morrison MacIver
Ours was a pork-free household. The rules were arbitrary but strict: No pork in the house, ever. Except for the occasional pepperoni pizza. Or maybe Hawaiian.
Samin Nosrat
The stars look the same from night to night. Nebulae and galaxies are dully immutable, maintaining the same overall appearance for thousands or millions of years. Indeed, only the sun, moon and planets – together with the occasional comet, asteroid or meteor – seem dynamic.
Seth Shostak
‘The Wonder Years’ family was the kind where everything seemed to be bubbling and simmering with the occasional explosion. There were a lot of things that went unsaid in that family. In my family, everything is said – on the surface, you scream and yell about it, and three minutes later, you’re all friends.
Adam F. Goldberg
From time to time, one imagined Bill Clinton had charisma, but it never really was more than an occasional false glare.
Michael Korda
It’s simply human nature to have an occasional, fleeting interest in someone whom you once loved.
Emily Giffin
The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.
I know that doesn’t sound very radical and webby of me to say that but I think the New York Times is important. I also think there’s an occasional piece that will pop out.
David Talbot
A pacifism which can see the cruelties only of occasional military warfare and is blind to the continuous cruelties of our social system is worthless.
Mahatma Gandhi
I used to be the occasional social drinker earlier. But now my intake of alcohol has ceased completely. I want to be fighting fit for the boxing ring.
Yo Yo Honey Singh
At Stansted I didn’t get paid. There was the occasional… well an old man there who used to give me a fiver if I scored the winning goal!
Dwight Gayle
We have to accept that making movies is a never-ending process of occasional progress, frequent setbacks, and unexpected curveballs being thrown our way. Navigating that process requires stamina, curiosity, openness, and creative fire.
Karyn Kusama
The things that make me happiest in the whole world are going on the occasional picnic, either with my children or with my partner; big family gatherings; and being able to go to the grocery store – if I can get those things in, I’m doing good.
Kate Winslet
A three-year diet of rubber chicken and occasional crow.
Charles Krauthammer
Elevating baked eggs to exotic, spice-laden heights, Australians have come a long way since the days of only knowing Middle Eastern cuisine to be dried-out pucks of falafel, or the occasional late-night kebab.
Melissa Leong
Even though I avoid buying clothes that are ‘in fashion’, choosing things I fall in love with and wearing them till they fall apart – and generally going for vintage when it comes to evening wear – I still, like every woman I know, suffer from occasional pangs of ‘clothes guilt’.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
My freezer is a labelled-and-dated marvel of soups, stews, braises, cooked grains, bread, and the occasional half-eaten dessert. Any of them can be defrosted and ready to eat in under 25 minutes.
Chris Morocco
Y2K is showing everyone what technical people have been dealing with for years: the complex, muddled, bug-bitten systems we all depend on, and their nasty tendency toward the occasional disaster.
Ellen Ullman
Literary life used to be quite different in Britain in the years I lived there, from 1971 to 1989, because money was not a factor – no one made very much except from U.S. sales and the occasional windfall.
Paul Theroux
The occasional motivational speech gig tends to pay better than the books and television.
Bettany Hughes
My background is in art. I was a painter and an occasional sculptor, and I really like materials – you know, stuff. Physical objects. The world and the trees and the sunshine and the flowers. And all of that doesn’t seem to really exist out in the ether of the Internet.
Caterina Fake
I work out four days a week in the off-season, and in the warm, running weather months, I do five days. A push/pull regime of weightlifting, cycling, and the occasional Saturday or Sunday run with my oldest son, even if it’s cold out.
Andre Dubus III
I pretty much eat all day to keep my strength up. I’m primarily a vegetarian who has an occasional side of fish.
Jaimie Alexander
My readership seems to be the sensitive people, for the most part. Then there are the occasional fans who are like, “Ah, video games!”
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Child of woe is wane and delicate… sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns… a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost… secretive and imaginative, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums… has six toes on one foot.
Charles Addams
She took comfort in the soft occasional sound of turning pages.
Lauren Kate
Letters form a by-path of literature, a charming, but occasional, retreat for people of cultivated leisure.
Agnes Repplier
It is more satisfying to be a bad player at golf. The worse you play, the better you remember the occasional good shot.
Nubar Gulbenkian
I do think… gene technology has got real benefits to offer, which will have maybe an occasional downside, but I suspect not very many.
Princess Anne
While I am happy to make the occasional foray into educational philosophy – writing, for example, of the difficulty in the contemporary context for a teacher to be ‘truthful’ – it is more the personal conduct of a life than social institutions that I am concerned to examine.
David E. Cooper
The only way you can continue to make artistic films is to make an occasional one of those. They kind of keep your marketability going to the extent that people will employ you.
Gabriel Byrne
I grew up singing in church. My family owned funeral homes so I would sing for the occasional funeral, as well.
Christopher Jackson
The uses of travel are occasional, and short; but the best fruit it finds, when it finds it, is conversation; and this is a main function of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Add to this occasional journeys, ministers’ meetings, etc., and you will rather wonder that I have any time, than that I have so little. I am not my own, nor would I choose for myself. Let God employ me where he thinks fit, and give me patience and discretion to fill up my station to his honour and glory.
William Carey
Donald Trump and Senator Cruz have occasional Manichean tendencies.
Cass Sunstein
Right now, I’d like to just continue on a series where I am doing good work with a balance of comedy and drama. That and do occasional features and movies.
Mario Lopez
The soul is never perfectly secure from the influence of passion; the occasional tranquility she seems to enjoy, is rather relaxation than imperturbable triumph.
Norm MacDonald
I’m a very slow reader – I read maybe three or four books a year – so I listen to podcasts and the occasional audiobook, and I watch TED talks.
Jose Gonzalez
The redundant population, necessarily occasioned by the prevalence of early marriages, must be repressed by occasional famines, and by the custom of exposing children, which, in times of distress, is probably more frequent than is ever acknowledged to Europeans.
Thomas Malthus
Someone ought to write a novel about me,” said Lebedeva loftily. “I shouldn’t care if they lied to make it more interesting, as long as they were good lies, full of kisses and daring escapes and the occasional act of barbarism. I can’t abide a poor liar.
Catherynne M. Valente
During dull moments at school, I admit, I not only drew soldiers shooting one another but also tanks, bombers, fighters, and even the occasional space ship with planet-destroying powers.
Charlie Sykes
Find your passion is in life, and do what you can to integrate that into your work life. That’s not to say you won’t have occasional frustrations in your job – that just goes with the territory – but at least you’ll feel better inside, and that, over time, will mean more to you than you might think.
Edward Whitacre, Jr.
That evening, rowing on the quiet river as sunset turned to dusk, I saw an occasional smoky smudge on the towpath, always slightly ahead of me, like a dark star guiding me home.
Deborah Harkness
We are the planet, fully as much as water, earth, fire and air are the planet, and if the planet survives, it will only be through heroism. Not occasional heroism, a remarkable instance of it here and there, but constant heroism, systematic heroism, heroism as governing principle.
Russell Banks
Nothing can hide from me the conviction that an immortal soul needs for its sustenance something more than visiting, and gardening, and novel-reading, and crochet-needle, and the occasional manufacture of sponge cake.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.
Ogden Nash
Love…who needed love? As long as she had her books and her friends and an occasional hookup, she was perfectly content.
Lauren Conrad
I wanted the new Green Arrow to somehow sense his long, brutal past. It’s like someone who has past lives they can’t remember but feels occasional flashes of.
Ann Nocenti
I’ll do my core, I’ll do my strength training, I’ll do my occasional cross training if I need it.
Mary Cain
There may be writing groups where people meet but it’s occasional. You really do it all at your own computer or your own typewriter by yourself.
Anne Rice
I believe we are going to move into a situation where the more effective conferences will be smaller, more specialized, more focused, with occasional large gatherings to get the attention of the larger world.
Maurice Strong
In marriage, the occasional catastrophic crisis is easier to manage than the daily routine.
Edward Abbey
I will never have the willpower to completely swear off pizza or a good summer sale, but I’m working on realizing the difference between the occasional craving and the compulsion to mindlessly consume as a feeble means of self-medication.
Dan Levy
Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter’s core experience isn’t about photos. It’s a world of text, with occasional embedded photos, animated gifs, and short video clips.
Om Malik
Without the letters of condolence, telegrams of congratulations and even occasional postcards, the friendship of a separated friend is not a social reality. It has no existence without the rites of friendship. Social rituals create a reality which would be nothing without them.
Mary Douglas
Walking is a great way to exercise, and we can find ways to take additional steps each day by parking a car farther away from a destination, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator, and walking during occasional breaks from sitting at a desk.
Margaret Cuomo
I get occasional tweets from people asking what shampoo and conditioner I use. I go straight for the Costco brand, Kirkland brand, the bulk shampoo. That’s as far as I go.
Freddie Wong
An incredible advertising career is not about creating an incredibly amazing ad, it’s about making an incredible amazing ad every single day of your career, it’s about getting those adds killed, and resurrecting them over and over again. It’s about your season average not that occasional home-run.
Lee Clow
I say what I think. I’m a real person, not some manufactured pop tart who’s afraid to step out of the hotel room. I am flawed. I swear, I have the occasional cocktail, I pick my nose and I fart. I’m not running for any presidential campaign at the moment. I’m a sassy girl.
Katy Perry
Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians – except for the occasional mountain lion steak.
Ted Nugent
Only friendship which can stand occasional plain speaking is worth having.
Lin Yutang
I do have an occasional temper – I sort of inherited my dad’s short fuse.
Princess Eugenie of York
Yes, I did have occasional scripts like a ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ or a ‘Talwaar’ that nurtured the performer in me, but I do wish there were more options.
Konkona Sen Sharma
It’s important me as a musician and also as an occasional show goer to feel the presence of a band on stage, to hear a PA reverberating and slapping off the walls, the push and pull of an audience, the blood, sweat, and heat. It’s a primal thing in a way.
Jacob Bannon
Political leaders, lacking documents that could be kept secret (apart from the occasional exception), lacking media they could control, were of necessity brought into a direct and immediate relationship with their constituents, and therefore under more and direct and immediate control.
Moses Finley
The things that make me happiest in the whole world are going on the occasional picnic, either with my children or with my partner. Big family gatherings, and being able to go to the grocery store – if I can get those things in, I’m doing good.
Kate Winslet
I think the occasional appearance of the UFO is a very oblique pop-cultural reference that anyone who was alive and sentient in the late 1970s will get right away.
Hank Stuever
So much were we together that Nanny became almost a part of me. Consequently, it was my occasional encounters with my parents that stand out as the events of the day.
Christopher Robin Milne
I pile on the weight when I work. All that location catering’s not good for the love handles. I lose a bit when I’m not working, but I love my food and the occasional snifter.
Ray Winstone
In Heaven all reviews will be favorable; here on earth, the publisher realizes, plausibility demands an occasional bad one, some convincing lump in all that leaven, and he accepts it somewhat as a theologian accepts Evil.
Randall Jarrell
Every person who speaks or writes for the public will make an occasional faux pas, and sooner or later will write or say something inappropriate.
Dennis Prager
All this happiness on display is suspect… If they think – and they could be right – that continued torture and summary executions, ethnic cleansing and occasional genocide are preferable to an invasion, they should be sombre in their view.
Ian Mcewan
Comedy keeps the heart sweet; but we all know that there is wholesome refreshment for both mind and heart in an occasional climb among the pomps of the intellectual snow-summits built by Shakespeare and those others.
Mark Twain
I’ve remained somewhat active in the public sphere with various things, including the occasional film.
Waheeda Rehman
Is it indeed from the experience of beauty and happiness, from the occasional harmony between our nature and our environment, that we draw our conception of the divine life.
George Santayana
A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.
Groucho Marx
Let the man stand on his feet. Let religion cease to be occasional; and the pulses of thought that go to the borders of the universe, let them proceed from the bosom of the Household.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Democracy doesn’t require a whole lot of work of its citizens, but it requires some: It requires taking a good look outside once in a while, and considering the bad news and what it might mean, and making the occasional tough choice, and soberly taking stock of what your real interests are.
Matt Taibbi
There’s the occasional script that just hammers you, that you can’t shower off.
Mariska Hargitay
In our city spring came from the sky, not from the soil, which was ruled by stone that recognizes no seasonal change. The change of the season could be glimpsed in the thinning of clouds, the appearance of the birds and the occasional rainbow.
Ismail KadarГ©
I am in the representational business, a portraitist. I have tried to walk an amused line amid hyperbole, documentary detail, cruel characterisation, occasional affection, some good punchlines and anthropological social insight. It’s been a good living.
Michael Wolff
If you’re actually being paid to be miserable, and to be as miserable as you can be, that’s a very fortunate thing, if you’re prone to occasional lapses of spirit.
Tom Hollander
In most organizations, change comes in only two flavors: trivial and traumatic. Review the history of the average organization and you’ll discover long periods of incremental fiddling punctuated by occasional bouts of frantic, crisis-driven change.
Gary Hamel
The dullest observer must be sensible of the order and serenity prevalent in those households where the occasional exercise of a beautiful form of worship in the morning gives, as it were, the keynote to every temper for the day, and attunes every spirit to harmony.
Washington Irving
I write the occasional poem. I think my dabbling in poetry makes me better at screenplays. Poetry teaches the value of condensing, the importance of talking in a few words.
Kamal Haasan
My life used to be boring. A damnation here, a curse there, with an occasional blight or two to break routine. Now I have Aisling…She’s better than reality TV, Internet porn sites, and the trashloids all put together.’ – Jim
Katie MacAlister
Many a man gets weary of clamping down on his rough impulses, which if given occasional release would encourage the living of life with salt in it, in place of dust.
Henry S. Haskins
The use of thesis-writing is to train the mind, or to prove that the mind has been trained; the former purpose is, I trust, promoted, the evidences of the latter are scanty and occasional.
Clifford Allbutt
Someone who lies for you will also lie to you. The occasional benefit your business may gain from a successful deception or concealment is always outweighed by the encouragement it provides to those willing to risk trust for success.
Michael Josephson
My life has become a series of planes, trains, and automobiles with some occasional downtime at a hotel.
Shenaz Treasury
Growth is a process of experimentation, a series of trials, errors, and occasional victories. The failed experiments are as much as part of the process as the experiments that work.
Cherie Carter-Scott
You will be at your best forever, Even now you have good moments. Occasional glimpses of your heavenly self. When you change your baby’s diaper, forgive your boss’s temper, tolerate your spouse’s moodiness, you display traces of saintliness.
Max Lucado
Basing my conclusions on experience I am absolutely convinced not only of survival but of demonstrated survival, demonstrated by occasional interaction with matter in such a way as to produce physical results.
Oliver Lodge
Conceived as a short-term remedy to the occasional ailment of acute labour shortages in key industries, the indentured-labour service had to be dismantled by the Conservatives owing to its inevitably scandalous abuse by disreputable employers. By 2012, there were 338,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada.
Terry Glavin
It is, indeed, at home that every man must be known by those who would make a just estimate either of his virtue or felicity; for smiles and embroidery are alike occasional, and the mind is often dressed for show in painted honor, and fictitious benevolence.
Samuel Johnson
I am neither hurt nor disturbed by the occasional backbiting and criticism from my colleagues. By and large, the music industry has been very supportive.
Himesh Reshammiya
I have to admit to the occasional need for ‘Come Dine with Me.’ I am the most atrocious cook, and that’s probably why I find it so entertaining. It looks exotic to me.
Nicola Walker
In our era of zero tolerance, I would surely have spent most of elementary and middle school shuttling between suspensions and expulsions, with an occasional time out for social studies.
Charlie Sykes
Although it’s not something I’m particularly proud of, I’m willing to admit that, in addition to whiling away the long stretches of time in the air and waiting in airport lounges reading the ‘New Yorker’ and ‘New York Times’ on my Kindle, I’ve picked up the occasional tabloid magazine.
Derek Blasberg
I don’t mind doing occasional guest appearances on shows, but I have other things I’d like to do in my life now.
Jodi Sweetin
My adolescence progressed normally: enough misery to keep the death wish my usual state, an occasional high to keep me from actually taking the gas-pipe.
Faye Moskowitz
dating you would be like a series of unnecessary root canals interspersed with occasional makeout sessions.
John Green
Prayer is not a stratagem for occasional use, a refuge to resort to now and then. It is rather like an established residence for the innermost self. All things have a home: the bird has a nest, the fox has a hole, the bee has a hive. A soul without prayer is a soul without a home.
Abraham Joshua Heschel
I like to do an occasional guest spot, but it seems that everybody wants me to go the host route. ABC, NBC, CBS and most of the independents have talked to me about it – Carson himself once asked me if I was interested and added he wouldn’t be there forever. But I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world.
Bob Crane
Don’t let a lack of big company names on your resume get you down, but also, don’t let it feed a Silicon Valley ego. Oftentimes, the best candidates come from startups or smaller companies. It shows they are open to risk and can keep up with the long hours and occasional harsh demands.
Brit Morin
If we seek the pleasures of love, passion should be occasional, and common sense continual.
Robertson Davies
Do not fear to put novels into the hands of young people as an occasional holiday experiment, but above all, good poetry in all kinds,–epic, tragedy, lyric. If we can touch the imagination, we serve them; they will never forget it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I won’t lie – I picked up the occasional gossip magazine in the past because I thought that maybe 5 to 10 percent of it was true. Now I think it’s zero percent.
Lindsey Vonn
However much we admire the orator’s occasional bursts of eloquence, the noblest written words are commonly as far behind or abovethe fleeting spoken language as the firmament with its stars is behind the clouds.
Henry David Thoreau
I’m far from being reclusive. I have 30- or 40-year friendships that I prefer to meeting new people. I go to an occasional party, but just because I don’t go to a lot of events, and I’m not out in public all the time doesn’t mean I’m anti-social or a recluse.
Kirk Kerkorian
Have you ever noticed that life consists mostly of interruptions, with occasional spells of rush work in between?
Buwei Yang Chao
I work at home, in the country, and days will go by when, except for my husband and son and the occasional UPS man, the only sentient creatures that see me are my chickens and turkeys.
Susan Orlean
A prophet or an achiever must never mind an occasional absurdity, it is an occupational risk.
Oswald Mosley
The ties that bind us are stronger than the occasional stresses that separate us.
Colin Powell
In my 20s, I mostly ate burritos and nachos, with the occasional burger.
Neil Patrick Harris
I’ve found you can ignore half of what Dox tells you and not miss much-except for maybe they occasional complaint that you’re spending too much.
Brandon Sanderson
Apart from the occasional bit of dad dancing, I really can’t dance.
Andrew Flintoff
I write the occasional entry for the ‘Times’ Theatre blog, especially when I’m in London and seeing two shows a day, but I don’t tweet. I don’t want to have to express my opinion in 140 characters. That’s like writing haiku. You need a certain amount of legroom to review a play properly.
Ben Brantley
I grew up in New York City, where we played highly unorganized sports: stick ball, stoop ball, and the occasional game of baseball with no adult supervision.
Jeff Greenfield
I came back to performing with a different attitude about performing and myself. I wasn’t expecting perfection any more, just hoping for an occasional inspiration.
Neil Diamond
The impression of wood-grain… must be considered, not only as regards texture and visibility, but for the occasional possibility of the expression of form. A soft wood, with hard annulations, such as fir, prints very dearly.
Walter J. Phillips
Then I would have an occasional cigarette and then I started back dipping. I started dipping last year. My family has asked me again to stop, and I’m trying my best to do that.
Payne Stewart
I enjoy going on hikes, and I enjoy the occasional yoga. The one thing I’m good at athletically – and I don’t know if I’m good at it anymore because I haven’t done this in a while – I can throw a pretty good spiral in football, but I have no idea how to play.
Bridgit Mendler
The significance and joy in my science comes in those occasional moments of discovering something new and saying to myself, ‘So that’s how God did it.’ My goal is to understand a little corner of God’s plan.
Henry F. Schaefer, III
We [with Nimai Larson] listened to hardly any music except Hare Krishna music growing up and the occasional Garth Brooks that our babysitter would play for us. From a very early age, we looked at music as mantra based, very cyclical, and having no linear time.
Taraka Larson
My prayer is spasmodic, occasional, desperate. It has a great deal to do with my children’s physical well-being – that when they’re traveling in the air the plane not crash, things like that.
Frederick Buechner
Women like other women fine. The more feminine she is, the more comfortable a woman feels with her own sex. It is only the occasional and therefore noticeable adventuress who refuses to make friends with us.
Phyllis McGinley
We all profess that we are bound for heaven, immortality, and glory: but is it any evidence that we really design it if all our thoughts are consumed about the trifles of this world, which we must leave behind us, and have only occasional thoughts of things above?
John Owen
The actress I had the most fun working with was Alex Kingston. It was a fun relationship to play because it was a combination of occasional sexual harrassment with genuine affection. She’s such a terrific actress and such a lovely person.
Paul McCrane
I was a bit of a delinquent growing up, a very poor student – I nearly failed several grades before dropping out of high school and getting a G.E.D. But I still read a lot. Thrillers and war novels, mostly, along with the occasional literary novel from my parents’ bookshelf.
Philipp Meyer
Once citadels of free expression and occasional revolutionary ideas, today many American colleges have endorsed political correctness.
John J. McLaughlin
An occasional compliment is necessary to keep up one’s self-respect.
Mark Twain
I’m a green tea addict, though the occasional glass of red wine is nice, too.
Shilpa Shetty
If we are in tune with Nature, all her music can find a way into the heart. When bird music is rare, their occasional songs are precious to the ear.
Frank Bolles
Lighting does occasionally strike and occasional the result isn’t a corpse.
Tillie Olsen
When someone says ‘comic book movies’, what they inevitably mean is a summer superhero blockbuster, with heavily-muscled and tightly-gluted men (plus the occasional token woman) in tight-fitting costumes punching the living daylights out of one another for two hours.
Antony Johnston
Never look back, except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future. Success is not built on past laurels, but rather on a continuous activity. Keep busy searching out new ideas and, experimentally, keep ahead of the times, or at least up with them.
Dorothy Draper
He knows that there are occasional pauses in the struggle.
Paulo Coelho
You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you’ll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless.
Caroline Myss
Here and there one sees the blush of wild rose haws or the warmth of orange fruit on the bittersweet, and back in the woods is the occasional twinkle of partridgeberries. But they are the gem stones, the rare decorations which make the grays, the browns and the greens seem even more quiet, more completely at rest.
Hal Borland
I genuinely enjoy the process of making colourful, delicious food. But I do allow myself an occasional piece of chocolate – today I had a pastry. If I fancy something, I’ll have it.
Victoria Pendleton
Basically, I come to Washington a couple of times a year, sort of on a strictly business basis: talk to my counterparts at the Federal Trade Commission, of the DOJ, give an occasional talk, very often in a lawyer or academic environment.
Margrethe Vestager
Some of the finest comedies have chosen the Church as its subject and would indeed make most Christians laugh, give or take the occasional wince as a barb goes home. I have very fond memories of ‘Our Man at St Marks’ and long for the day when it is released on DVD but I won’t hold my breath.
Ann Widdecombe
I follow my own advice: eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains, and don’t eat too much junk food. It leaves plenty of flexibility for eating an occasional junk food.
Marion Nestle
Fine dining is an occasional treat for most people.
Rene Redzepi
I want my office to be quiet. The loudest thing in the room – by far – should be the occasional purring of the cat.
Linus Torvalds
The price for men in motion is the occasional collision.
Carroll Smith
Hitler … lacked the [inclination] for anything more than the occasional sensational display of emotion, in particular the great set-piece speech which mesmerized the mob and left him drained of … energy.
John Keegan
Everything in moderation, with occasional excess.
Neil Peart
The outdoor Christmas lights, green and red and gold and blue and twinkling, remind me that most people are that way all year round–kind, generous, friendly and with an occasional moment of ecstasy. But Christmas is the only time they dare reveal themselves.
Harland Miller
The pure administration of Graham-and-Doddery really needs a long-term lock-up like Warren Buffett has, or it will have occasional quite dreadful client problems.
Jeremy Grantham
The only chance for much intellectual improvement in the female sex, was to be found in the families of the educated class and in occasional intercourse with the learned.
Abigail Adams
I’m an occasional drinker, the kind of guy who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard.
Raymond Chandler
As a healthy person, my breakfasts are very bland and boring. Think kind of a white pasty gruel. Or there can be an occasional banana over the top.
Billy Corgan
I did Broadway shows. And I started realizing that this is actually how I’m going to make my living. So maybe I should try to do television and film and make a better living and get an occasional residual check so I can pay a mortgage someday.
J. K. Simmons
Basing my conclusions on experience I am absolutely convinced not only of survival but of demonstrated survival, demonstrated by occasional interaction with matter in such a way as to produce physical results.
Oliver Joseph Lodge
Poets suffer occasional delusions of angelhood and find themselves condemned to express it in the bric-a-brac tongues of the human world. Lots of them go mad.
Glen Duncan
Even the revolutionary writer will err if he fails to grasp the enormous effectiveness of occasional understatement.
Heywood Broun
My mom was on welfare and the occasional food stamp, but I have never participated in any of those governmental programs, even the ones that kind of work like education, scholarships and whatever, and I managed to do just fine.
Adam Carolla
The White Company offers its loyalists an altogether better, whiter world. The White people have edited out any colours that aren’t white, off-white, milk chocolate, grey, taupe or black. They can’t be doing with Johnnie Boden’s cheery Sloane jokes, his spots and stripes, his occasional ‘if it’s me, it’s U’ loud colours.
Peter York
All the other passions do occasional good, but whenever pride puts in its word, everything goes wrong, and what it might really be desirable to do, quietly and innocently, it is mortally dangerous to do, proudly.
John Ruskin
This occasional sports columnist, who has been to his share of Super Bowls, had been glad to be home on Super Bowl Sunday, but the scary commercials made me want to be in the melee of the arena, where you are not aware of commercials.
George Vecsey
Recent results from astronomers who study the occasional gravitational lensing of unknown worlds by intervening stars suggest that orphan planets could be at least as numerous as the stars. In other words, there could be hundreds of billions of orphan worlds shuffling through our galaxy.
Seth Shostak
History, like a badly constructed concert hall, has occasional dead spots where the music can’t be heard.
Archibald MacLeish
I am in the middle of it: chaos and poetry; poetry and love and again, complete chaos. Pain, disorder, occasional clarity; and at the bottom of it all: only love; poetry. Sheer enchantment, fear, humiliation. It all comes with love
Anna Akhmatova
I was never exposed as a kid to any real science. I read the occasional popular science book, and I loved Mechanics Illustrated, which had a lot of pseudo-science in it: It wasn’t until I got to college that I began to appreciate what physics is all about, and that was really an accident also.
Jim Peebles
Anybody’s marriage might benefit from an occasional embargo on talk.
Richard Yates
I write a column for The Village Voice, which I’ve done since time immemorial, and occasionally – and books. And I occasionally write minor notes for record albums and occasional articles.
Nat Hentoff
History, in spite of the occasional protest of historians, will always be used in a general way as a collection of political and moral precedents.
C. V. Wedgwood
I like an occasional glass of wine, though I don’t drink before a shoot or a show – blotchy skin is not a good idea, however good your make-up artist.
Jourdan Dunn
Be it a private event or a college fest or the occasional wedding sangeet, my visits to Noida are frequent.
Neha Kakkar
There is nothing like the occasional outburst of profanity to calm jangled nerves.
Kirby Larson
I enjoy commentating on the big tournaments for the BBC, the occasional exhibition match, and my business interests.
Stephen Hendry
When I go in to see people – and I sell an occasional ad now – I never say, ‘Help me because I am black’ or ‘Help me because I am a minority.’ I always talk about what we can do for them.
John H. Johnson
To avoid long-term deleterious effects, game developers must commit to stop facilitating a culture in which crunch is the norm. The occasional long night or weekend at the office can be useful and even exhilarating, but as a constant, it is damaging.
Jason Schreier
The only black people you found were occasional characters or characters who were so feeble-witted that they couldn’t manage anything, anyway. I wrote myself in, since I’m me and I’m here and I’m writing.
Octavia Butler
I wanted to be an author as far back as I can remember, mixed with occasional bouts of wanting to be a werewolf when I grew up. But mostly, when I daydreamed, it was about being an author.
Neil Gaiman
Woe to us if we get our satisfaction from the food in the kitchen and the TV in the den and the sex in the bedroom with an occasional tribute to the cement blocks in the basement!
John Piper
If actors could actually make a living doing theater, that would be my first choice. Sitcoms are the closest thing to being onstage in front of an audience. If I had to choose, it would be theater and doing the occasional movie once in a while, and spending time doing nothing.
Enrico Colantoni
Until recently, I thought ‘occasional poetry’ meant that you wrote only occasionally.
Billy Collins
The muted color scheme allows the occasional brighter yellow or red to pop out on the wall in a show, which I like.
Marcel Dzama
If women dressed for men, the stores wouldn’t sell much – just an occasional sun visor.
Groucho Marx
Nature builds things that are antifragile. In the case of evolution, nature uses disorder to grow stronger. Occasional starvation or going to the gym also makes you stronger, because you subject your body to stressors and gain from them.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Isn’t it sad how some people’s grip on their lives is so precarious that they’ll embrace any preposterous delusion rather than face an occasional bleak truth?
Bill Watterson
Of course on air I use occasional hyperbole to tell a story.
Adam Carolla
People are surprised because I drive a Jaguar XK sports car and say the occasional intelligent thing. People think I’m an exception, but I’m typical of a lot of women of my age.
Sheila Hancock
When it comes to your life’s work, you can’t take yourself too seriously. Even Jesus had an occasional joke with the boys, take walking on water, for instance – but there’s a time and place for fun. Jesus never faltered when it came time to tip over the money stalls or to take his hard walk up the mountain.
Deacon Jones
Bin Laden was 200 miles away from the area where all of these drone strikes were taking out his key leaders, he was able to indulge in his hobbies… and he was making occasional video tapes and audio tapes to the wider world.
Peter Bergen
The world was held in a savage gloom – cold and intolerable. Outside, all was quiet – quiet! From the dark room behind me, came the occasional, soft thud of falling matter – fragments of rotting stone. So time passed, and night grasped the world, wrapping it in wrappings of impenetrable blackness.
William Hope Hodgson
Our lives are one endless stretch of misery punctuated by processed fast foods and the occasional crisis or amusing curiosity.
Augusten Burroughs
We all have a personal recipe for productivity. One person may need six cups of autonomy and just a pinch of collaboration. Another person may require heaps of sociability and noise, with just a teaspoon of occasional privacy.
Neil Blumenthal
It was a perfect night for a train. The occasional whistle told Louis of all the farewells he had ever known.
Charles Tennyson Turner
I’m only seeing tennis balls these days. And maybe the occasional fashion sketch.
Venus Williams
Solidarity is not the same as support. To experience solidarity, we must have a community of interests, shared beliefs and goals around which to unite, to build Sisterhood. Support can be occasional. It can be given and just as easily withdrawn. Solidarity requires sustained, ongoing commitment.
Bell Hooks
All that most parents hope is that their children are happy, funny, well adjusted, and have a passion for something in their lives. What would negate everything is if the next generation that we’re responsible for has a passionless existence. And that’s cause for occasional sleepless nights.
Tom Hanks
The oversized chairs are white; the walls, covered with occasional landscape paintings, are white; and the plush carpet is the whitest of all. I’m insanely glad I didn’t bring a cup of grape juice with me.
Wendy Mass
Remember, people who peek through keyholes have to expect an occasional poke in the eye.
Gary K. Wolf
I have no warm up exercises, other than to take an occasional drink.
E. B. White
When I start on a book, I have been thinking about it and making occasional notes for some time… So I have lots of theme, locale, subjects and technical ideas… I don’t worry about long periods of not doing anything. I know my subconscious is busy.
Arthur C. Clarke
I tried to be a serious student and not procrastinate, but I was still somebody that would be described as somebody who liked to have fun, too, and go to the occasional party – or two or three.
Michelle Obama
Like cars, every relationship requires a bit of an occasional service, and fine-tuning should be compulsory.
Mariella Frostrup
I never met Lou Reed, never was one of those journalists lucky enough to be the object of his derision, contempt, condescension, indifference, and occasional piercing honesty.
Tom Junod
Steve Jobs is considered an amazing genius and made billions of dollars. Sure, we overlook that he didn’t pay his share of taxes and didn’t believe in charity. But other than these occasional rumblings of dissent, he is pretty much held in high esteem.
Tom Green