Oh Yeah Quotes

Oh Yeah Quotes by Billy Porter, John Travolta, Brianna Hildebrand, Fred Seibert, Sam Lloyd, Sonny Bill Williams and many others.

Many movie stars or American Idol contestants sort of f

Many movie stars or American Idol contestants sort of fall into theater… and say, ‘Oh, yeah, I would love to do theater.’ And then they get here and say, ‘Oh, wait a minute, this actually is a craft!’ It’s not just show up one day and do it. It’s show up eight times a week, twice on Wednesdays and twice on Saturdays.
Billy Porter
Oh yeah, dancing’s part of my soul. I enjoy it, it makes people happy, and it makes me happy.
John Travolta
It helps to write as the character that I am trying to be, and try to journal every day as them. Once I’ve already recorded thoughts as this person, it’s easier to just flip back through and be like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is what she’s thinking; this is what she’s feeling.’
Brianna Hildebrand
If you mentioned Hanna-Barbera to people, they said, ‘Oh yeah, Flintstone, Yogi, Scooby-Doo, Jetsons,’ and that was pretty much it. We have characters with very high recognition factors and great films, but no organized plans for really making the most of them and increasing their value.
Fred Seibert
We called ourselves The Blanks because when we say who we are, everyone stares at us with a blank expression. But when we then say ‘Ted’s band from ‘Scrubs’ everyone goes, ‘Oh yeah, you guys.’
Sam Lloyd
One of my major goals off the field is to conduct myself in a way that… parents are proud to say, ‘Oh yeah, look, he wants to be like Sonny Bill Williams.’
Sonny Bill Williams
Oh yeah, I’m about to host the Genies, which are the Canadian Academy Awards.
Andrea Martin
The trouble when you die is that everyone says you were nice. I would like to be thought of as genuinely nice. I would like there to be people who can honestly say, ‘Len! Oh yeah, there was more good than bad in him.’
Len Goodman
I started billboard painting in Minneapolis, and I went to General Outdoor Advertising, and I said, ‘I could do that.’ They said, ‘Oh yeah… we can always use a good man around here.’
James Rosenquist
Oh, yeah. I know Dizzy. For years he’s been my buddy way, way, way back. Dizzy is one of the most astute guys and one of the most learned guys in the world and knows exactly what he’s doing musically.
Billy Eckstine
It’s very easy in the studio to get overzealous with your vocal takes, thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I can do it over and over. I can sing at the top of my range for this whole song.’ But when you’re doing it every night on the road, it’s pretty intense.
Oh yeah – for sure – hardly a week doesn’t go by when I don’t hear something wonderful that someone has made in some low-budget situation, primarily with a view to selling a few hundred copies at their concerts.
David Knopfler
Oh yeah, that’s the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp, he’s the real deal, isn’t he? He doesn’t get the girl, and he doesn’t care.
William H. Macy
Just because two guys are homosexual and happen to be the only two homosexuals on-screen doesn’t mean they’re going to be like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s get together!’ It doesn’t always happen like that.
Chandler Massey
Do I perform sometimes in a manic style? Yes. Am I manic all the time? No. Do I get sad? Oh yeah. Does it hit me hard? Oh yeah.
Robin Williams
Oh yeah people recognize me, but the craziest thing? I mean I’ve had the normal autographs… but I had to sign a baby’s carriage once. I thought that was weird, so yeah, I guess that’s the craziest thing.
Terrence J
I originally wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid. Then I had this huge fear of black holes because my brother learned a bunch of stuff about it, and he’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, if you go into one you’re never coming back.’
Paris Jackson
Let’s just cut a live record with three microphones in four days and talk about lizards and aliens. If I had taken that idea to even an independent label, I don’t see a label out there that would’ve said, ‘Oh yeah, that sounds great. We know how to market this.’
Sturgill Simpson
My wallet is full of change. I’m like, Why is this bag so heavy? Oh, yeah. It’s the $100 in quarters!
La La Anthony
If I’m ever feeling uninspired, all I have to do is go see Exodus or Arch Enemy, and think ‘Oh yeah, that’s what we’re doing this for.’
Kerry King
I used to tell people I was a comic and they’d be fascinated. Now all you get is: ‘Oh yeah, my cousin Steve’s a comic.’
Lee Mack
I don’t want to sing, you know: ‘oh yeah, I love you baby, you love me too.’
Lara Fabian
Oh, yeah, I did the online dating thing. I did Nerve, I did Match. On Nerve there was this one guy who, when I asked him what he did for a living, said he ‘used to be in a band.’ I was like, ‘That is not an occupation.’
Julie Klausner
Oh, yeah, I love DVD’s. I don’t have what you’d call an extensive collection, maybe a couple of hundred or so. But I have something on almost all the time.
David Fincher
I like to tell kids that I started thinking about stories when I first started reading stuff like Dr. Seuss and ‘Go, Dog. Go!,’ thinking, ‘Oh yeah, that’s funny. I’d like to do that.’ And then writing throughout school, but at the same time I was studying pre-med stuff, because my mom told me I should be a doctor.
Jon Scieszka
There’s the cool factor, right? You see your face on a sign or your name on something, like, ‘Ahh! Here I am!’ And then there’s a huge responsibility and the scary part of it, which is like, ‘Now what happens?’ And then you realize, ‘Oh, yeah, this is my job.’
Phillipa Soo
I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model.’ I don’t know – the camera is just fun.
Selah Louise Marley
When I was on the radio, I used to be able to go a lot farther than I can now. You don’t really remember until you’re on the radio again, sometimes in your old radio station and sitting with the guys you used to work with and you go, ‘Oh yeah, I can’t say these things anymore. I’m handcuffed.’
Jimmy Kimmel
Oh yeah, 100%, I’ve been an open book. Even my whole career, I’ve kind of been like an open book.
Oh yeah, the ‘Chef’ movie was awesome.
Roy Choi
When they first told me, ‘Oh yeah, you developed asthma,’ I was like, ‘What? There’s no way. How do you develop asthma? You’re supposed to be born with that.’
DeAndre Jordan
Oh yeah, I’d love to be a comedian. I’ve done a lot, but always in the confines of plays.
Michael Gambon
I wanted to act when I was young. When I was 12, I asked the head of English at my school, ‘Can I audition?’ and he said, ‘What would we want you for?’ And I remember going, ‘Oh yeah. Why would they want me?’
Alison Moyet
Oh yeah – I watched Knife in the Water, saw the shot, and repeated it. But even if I hadn’t seen that film, inevitably the camera would’ve ended up on top of that mast, I mean if you think of it there are only so many dynamic shots on a boat.
Phillip Noyce
I got in a fight one time with a really big guy, and he said, ‘I’m going to mop the floor with your face.’ I said, ‘You’ll be sorry.’ He said, ‘Oh, yeah? Why?’ I said, ‘Well, you won’t be able to get into the corners very well.’
Emo Philips
In L.A., fat people are mythical. We’re like Big Foot. ‘Oh, yeah, my cousin knows someone who’s fat.’ Nobody’s fat in L.A.
Ralphie May
Someone said to me at a party once, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re a comedian? Then how come you’re not funny now?’ And I just wanted to say, ‘Well, I’m just going to take this conversation we’re having and then repeat that to strangers, and then that’s the joke. You’re the joke later.’
Mike Birbiglia
I just watched a ton of comedy and saw a ton of different styles, and eventually you think, ‘Oh, yeah, I could be like that.’
John Mulaney
Oh yeah, ‘Starship Troopers’ was one of the best experiences of my life, and I made some lifelong friends.
Jake Busey
I’ve never looked at myself and thought, ‘Oh yeah, I’m sexy’. I’ve felt sexy and confident, but I don’t look at myself that way.
Ashlee Simpson
I always thought I’d be playing; now I watch Manchester United every weekend on Sky Sports and they’re using ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ as a theme song – and I’m sitting at a pub and it comes on and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, mad.’
Thomas Grennan
Most men that run for office wake up in the morning and say, I am worthy to be the president of the United States of America. I want women to channel their inner man and say, Oh yeah, I am worthy.
Nina Turner
Women are prepared to run for office. They’re prepared to show up. Oh yeah, women have big roles to play, and they have stepped up to the plate already.
Maxine Waters
I never really watched much stand-up growing up. I just was not really that into it. But I can say I honestly fell in love with it the second I touched the microphone. It was like this weird thing where it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is what I’m supposed to do.’
Phoebe Robinson
Oh yeah, we all write. That’s what’s great about when you have basics in piano.
Caroline Corr
I remember for my 18th birthday, I was going to get a tattoo, and I made the mistake of thinking I was a man and telling my father, and he was like, ‘Oh yeah? You better tattoo a new address on your arm, because you’re not living here!’ And that was the end of that discussion.
Adam Ferrara
The definition of success is that the company doesn’t miss a beat. Do I love what I do? Oh yeah – I love it more than ever. You’ve got to have that energy level 24/7. But you’ve also got to make sure the transition is smooth. Being realistic, most high-tech companies haven’t done that well.
John T. Chambers
The black comedians meeting? Oh yeah, we hold one every year at Eddie Murphy’s house.
Jay Pharoah
Oh yeah, I’m motivated. Always.
Goran Dragic
Oh yeah, I don’t eat a lot of candy on tour. When I get home, man, I love candy. Oh, man, and ice cream. I can’t eat it on tour because of the sugar and my throat.
Hayley Williams
Oh, yeah. I grew up in Southern California in the 1960’s. It was very different. I was an only child as opposed to having siblings. My brothers all lived with my step-mom. I am very close to them, but we were not raised in the same house.
David Cassidy
I love that my music is connecting with people, but I don’t think there’ll be a point where I feel like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m famous now.’
Oh yeah, I mean every fighter has got be dedicated, learn how to sacrifice, know what the devotion is all about, make sure you’re paying attention and studying your art.
Marvin Hagler
We’re just not the type of artists that take anything for granted and just feel like, ‘Oh yeah, you just know something great is going to happen.’ We’re not like that.
Rozonda Thomas
I did almost two years on ‘One Life to Live,’ so I was thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I’m an actor now.’
Teddy Sears
Being 5′ 10, I was supposed to be too short to play college volleyball. So that gave me the hunger and the fire to say, Oh yeah? I’d just hit the crap out of the ball.
Summer Altice
When I was a kid, the idea of why I wanted acting to be the thing I do for the rest of my life was different. It was, Oh yeah, I’ll get girls and be famous.
Edward Furlong
Republicans: steely, rational, paternalistic, respectful of authority, easy to herd, the party of No. Democrats: sugary, emotional, idealistic, yearning for novelty, hard to marshal, the party of Oh Yeah, Baby, Make Mama Feel Good.
James Wolcott
I did a bit of everything, and I was never beaten. I was into Bruce Lee, mate. Oh yeah! I love my combat sports.
Nigel Benn
They think that, if we were just smart enough, we’d be able to understand their policies. And I so want to tell ’em, and I do tell ’em, Oh, we’re plenty smart, oh yeah – we know what’s goin’ on. And we don’t like what’s goin’ on. And we’re not gonna let them tell us to sit down and shut up.
Sarah Palin
People always expect Hulk Hogan to be standing up straight, or to have the bandanna on, or to not have my arms covered up. If I have an extra large shirt on people go ‘oh yeah you look small.’ It kind of ruins the mystique.
Hulk Hogan
To be a great poker player, you’re going to have to learn this fact: Everything that’s said at a poker table is worth listening to. It’s all information that you can use to make better decisions, whether people are talking about baseball, politics, or, oh yeah, poker.
Daniel Negreanu
Oh yeah, I mean, it wasn’t a very good guitar, most good guitars have got thrust rods in the necks that you can adjust or that’ll keep them in shape, you know keep them straight. This one just, well it turned into a bow and arrow after a couple of months.
Eric Clapton
I’ll never look down on and I love running into actors who say ‘Oh yeah, I did a soap.’ I say ‘Tell me which one!’ It’s like being a member of a secret society.
Nathan Fillion
So yeah, a good director will be able to listen and hear everything, but have a confident vision of his own that he can say, ‘oh yeah – that’s a great point.’ And you never know; often you can help far more than you think you can, because there’s so much more that he’s juggling than an actor.
Christian Bale
I want to do stories that are about the bits of cultural furniture that are sitting there that we’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s been there for years! What could possibly be weird about it?’ And then we’re going to lift that piece of furniture and look at all the bugs scurry away.
Adam Conover
I think whenever I’ve thought something might go well, it hasn’t, and when I’ve thought, ‘Oh yeah, just chuck it out there,’ that’s when it kicks off, so now, I don’t claim to understand anything.
I just feel like bands with the same people, no matter how different the band themselves thinks it is, the listeners go, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s another Nirvana record.’
Pat Smear
Even if a story has nothing to do with my life, if I can recognise something of myself in the character and think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s what I’d do…’ Yeah, that’s what I look for.
Tom Hanks
Oh yeah, I’ve been in therapy in and out of my whole life.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Oh, yeah. I think it’s very serious that if you don’t take care of yourself, and you know, try to live and eat healthy, it will catch you down the line and sit you down or put you in a hospital. So I think it’s good to learn good habits, and you know, learn the good things to eat to make you actually feel better.
Da Brat
The fact that I didn’t believe in God was something that I just didn’t consider. And then when I did, it was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m out.’
Ari Shaffir
Oh, yeah – ‘The Good Wife’ was a lot of fun to do. It was a short scene I did, but Josh Charles was very nice, and Julianna Margulies was so sweet. We had a very good time.
Brandon Victor Dixon
Oh yeah; I love when I’m writing something that makes me cry – that’s so cool. If it got me to do that, it’s going to get someone else to do that.
Diane Warren
‘Alien?’ Oh, yeah. I still get fanmail almost every week, pictures from all over the world on that movie. That’s one of the most popular films I’ve done.
Harry Dean Stanton
There’s people I respect, and I guess that can be a crush. I think someone like Eddie Redmayne, he’s incredibly talented, and he’s realistic to say, like, oh yeah, that can be a crush because he’s not, like, fifty years old.
AJ Michalka
There is something about the South that accepts the supernatural. If you don’t accept it and you’re having a conversation with someone who does, it’s just one of those polite things where you don’t question their belief in ghosts. You just go, ‘Oh, yeah, okay.’ It’s amazing to be able to have conversations like that.
Alice Englert
Oh, yeah – I could see myself as a catch and shooter, come off curls and shooting. I really feel good about shooting the ball.
Tony Snell
Oh yeah, I’ve got a good relationship with Marshmello.
Roddy Ricch
Oh yeah, I would have been a coal miner, I would think, if I hadn’t had tuberculosis when I was 12.
Tom Jones
I’m in favour of politicians having extra-marital relationships. Oh yeah. It makes them more understanding of the flaws that the rest of us have.
Joe Klein
Oh yeah, I’m a huge romance fan. And some women like action.
Morris Chestnut
Animation has revitalized a part of my brain that says, ‘Oh yeah, I do like doing this. This is fun.’
Patti Harrison
I always like it when I eat myself out of breath. That’s a good boost to my day. You know, I’m eating, and I go, ‘Oooohhh.’ It’s better a few moments later when you get to think about it, when you’re like, ‘Why did I just stop to take a deep breath? Oh yeah, my body also needs air.’
Tom Segura
If at the end of the day, people look at it and say, oh, yeah, I liked his stuff, or for the most part I liked his stuff, or I’ve enjoyed watching some of the things he’s done, that’s all I can hope for.
Joe Mantegna
Did I run real swindles? Oh, yeah. I mean, I started as a – on the street. I did not begin as a performer. I began running the shell game.
Harry Anderson
Well, the studios don’t really want to take those risks right off the bat. They’ll take the risk after they’ve seen the finished product and say oh yeah we want that. This is a great film but they are hesitant to take the risk when you just see it on paper.
Nia Long
For me, it’s my work – I have a job, and that job happens to be with insanely talented actors. At this stage, it’s normal to me. But when I meet new people, I realise, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s actually really strange. I have a very unique hobby.’
Angourie Rice