Old Man Quotes

Old Man Quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero, John Patrick Shanley, Henry Ford, James Cromwell, Bear Bryant, Francis Bacon and many others.

An old man with something of the youth in him, may feel

An old man with something of the youth in him, may feel young in mind and heart only.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
When I finally went to Ireland, I had to go. It was 1993. My father was finally too old to travel alone, and he asked me to take him home. When an old man asks you to take him home, you have to do it.
John Patrick Shanley
Old men are always advising young men to save money. That is bad advice. Don’t save every nickel. Invest in yourself. I never saved a dollar until I was forty years old.
Henry Ford
I play an 89-year-old man whose wife has Alzheimer’s in a movie called ‘Still.’ I play a World War II veteran, I acted with my son and it’s called ‘Memorial Day.’
James Cromwell
In my lifetime, I may have put too much emphasis on winning, because here I am an old man and the only fun I’ve had is winning, and that’s ridiculous.
Bear Bryant
Wives are young men’s mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men’s nurses.
Francis Bacon
I think overseas viewers assume that Black Mirror is written by the Unabomber, essentially – a LuddВ­ite, technology-hating, angry old man waving his fist at the App Store.
Charlie Brooker
That is a question you have to ask the Old Man of the Moon.
Grace Lin
An inebriated elderly gentleman in the last depths of shabbiness… played the calm and virtuous old men.
Charles Dickens
As he glided stealthily along, creeping beneath the shelter of the walls and doorways, the hideous old man seemed like some loathsome reptile, engendered in the slime and darkness through which he moved: crawling forth, by night, in search of some rich offal for a meal.
Charles Dickens
I’m sort of an old man, always tinkering in the backyard. Since I grew up playing outdoors, I still like to plant things, sit out on the deck, or go hiking.
Josh Duhamel
But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
Ernest Hemingway
It is always in season for old men to learn.
I saw [Allen Ginsberg] more as an old man who liked poetry and who had a lot of physical and emotional problems. We liked our time together.
Ai Weiwei
It really costs me a lot emotionally to watch myself on screen. I think of myself, and feel like I’m quite young, and then I look at this old man with the baggy chins and the tired eyes and the receding hairline and all that.
Gene Hackman
Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye, And where care lodges, sleep will never lie.
William Shakespeare
I was very young when I saw ‘Gone With the Wind,’ but I fell in love with Clark Gable. And when I got to work with him, I couldn’t believe it. I still had a crush on him. He was quite an old man by then; he must have seen that I was head over heels, even though I was married.
Carroll Baker
It was one of the most disgusting spectacles I’ve ever seen– this white-haired old man, who should have been thinking of the hereafter, standing there lying like an actor.
P. G. Wodehouse
An old man is twice a child, and so is a drunken man.
I always liked playing music and I always wanted to be good at playing guitar. I always saw myself as an old man living in the mountains playing a guitar, but I didn’t really turn that into a desire to be a professional musician or a singer or a rock star or anything like that.
Brett Dennen
It is a fact that everyone’s got a limited run in music – but who’s to say how long that run lasts? I used to think that there would be no way I’d still be in music when I was 40. I used to think anyone who was 40 was an old man, and they probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore.
Ian Brown
An old man dies. A young woman lives. A fair trade.
Frank Miller
Only a white-haired old man, who would be a prophet Yet is not a prophet, for he’s much too busy, Repeats while he binds his tomatoes: No other end of the world will there be, No other end of the world will there be.
Czeslaw Milosz
On the floor, and hanging on to the bar, squatted an old man, immobile as an object. His years had reduced and polished him as water does a stone or the generations of men do a sentence.
Jorge Luis Borges
Be kind to an old man.
Walter Cronkite
A 30-year-old rock climber is an old man. At 40, one is in the middle of his high-altitude power. At 50, a crosser of deserts is at his best age. But at 60, each of us is out of the game.
Reinhold Messner
In Africa, when an old man dies, it’s a library burning.
Amadou Hampate Ba
When he is forsaken, Withered and shaken, What can an old man do but die?
Thomas Hood
Chastity is not chastity in an old man, but a disability to be unchaste.
John Donne
I’d never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work.
Trent Reznor
I think probably the best example was the year Jack Palance dropped down and gave us push-ups when he accepted his award for supporting actor. Then we got to throw away a lot of the script because we just did Jack Palance jokes, because it was just too delicious, watching this old man carry on like that.
Bruce Vilanch
I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer.
Brendan Behan
The Senate is a body of old men charged with high duties and misdemeanors.
Ambrose Bierce
You never see an old man eating a Twix
Karl Pilkington
Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn’t have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people can’t practice Ashtanga yoga.
K. Pattabhi Jois
You’re making sense, old man, a sense of your own. You’re not crazy the way they think. Yes…I see.
Ken Kesey
My relationship to Brooklyn is probably the relationship that any 40-year-old man has to his hometown, which is that this is where I live, this what I know, yet it’s different, it’s changed. My fascination with the city has maybe subsided and now it’s just where I’m from, where I live.
Let her alone,’ said the enkanto, ‘or I will curse you blind, lame, and worse.’ The old man laughed. ‘I’m a curse breaker, fool.’ The elf grabbed one of the Jim Beam bottles from the table and slammed it down, so that he was holding a jagged glass neck. The elf smiled a very thin smile. ‘Then I won’t bother with magic.
Holly Black
Some old men, continually praise the time of their youth. In fact, you would almost think that there were no fools in their days, but unluckily they themselves are left as an example.
Alexander Pope
The old man was peering intently at the shelves. ‘I’ll have to admit that he’s a very competent scholar.’ Isn’t he just a librarian?’ Garion asked, ‘somebody who looks after books?’ That’s where all the rest of scholarship starts, Garion. All the books in the world won’t help you if they’re just piled up in a heap.
David Eddings
Although not a very old man, I have yet lived a great deal in my life, and I have known sorrow too bitter and joy too keen to allow me to become either cast down or elated for more than a very brief period over any success or defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt
HOLLY KING is a symbol of the waning forces of Nature… The Holly King is depicted as an old man in winter garb. His head bears a wreath of holly and he often carries a staff that is typically a holly branch. Some Santa Claus figures are actually Holly King figures.
Raven Grimassi
And his eyes frighten me, too. They’re the eyes of an old man, an old man who’s seen so much in life that he no longer cares to go on living. They’re not even desperate… just quiet and expectant, and very, very lonely, as if he were quite alone of his own free choice.
Anne Holm
The approach of liberty makes even an old man brave.
Seneca the Younger
People expect someone with the name ‘Israel Horovitz’ to be a little old man with sideburns carrying a Torah.
Israel Horovitz
When I am an old man, I will tell my grandchildren bedtime stories about when I won the Champions League, hopefully when I won the World Cup, but most of all, I will tell them that their grandfather used to play with Lionel Messi.
Angel Di Maria
Baptism was to put a line of demarcation between your past sins when you are buried with Him by Baptism-you are burying your past sins-eradicating them-putting a line in the sand saying that old man is dead and he is no longer alive any more and I rise up to walk in the newness of life.
T. D. Jakes
I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk and restorative cordial.
Thomas Jefferson
The thing I don’t get about paedophilia… Why the hell do kids find old men in dirty raincoats so sexy?
Frankie Boyle
Pray, do not mock me.
I am a very foolish fond old man,
Fourscore and upward, not an hour more nor less;
And, to deal plainly,
I fear I am not in my perfect mind.
William Shakespeare
Now I’ve literally become neighborhood watch. I call 911 on people. I’m the old man driving 25-miles-per-hour down Sunset.
Bob Saget
In science, the old men are usually wrong. But in politics, the old men are wise, counsel caution, and in the end are often right.
Michael Crichton
I am an old man and have had many worries, but most have never come to pass.
Marcus Aurelius
Bite on the bullet, old man, and don’t let them think you’re afraid.
Rudyard Kipling
Sabi is the color of haikai. It is different from tranquility. For example, if an old man dresses up in armor and helmet and goes to the battlefield, or in colorful brocade kimono, attending (his lord) at a banquet, [sabi] is like this old figure.
Matsuo Basho
There was an Old Man of Messina, Whose daughter was named Opsibeena; She wore a small wig, and rode out on a pig, To the perfect delight of Messina.
Edward Lear
My old man was ruthless. He terrorised us.
Mark Hunt
Old men make wars that young men may die.
Mary Roberts Rinehart
My intention was to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to me the centre of paralysis.
James Joyce
I don’t want to write any more for the old Man-power instruments and am handicapped by the lack of adequate electrical instruments for which I now conceive my music.
Edgard Varese
Old men go to Death, Death comes to Young men.
George Herbert
All wars are planned by old men in council rooms apart.
Grantland Rice
[On men:] On their best days, the best of them are eight years old.
Mary McGrory
What a childhood I had, why, when I took my first step, my old man tripped me!
Rodney Dangerfield
We have been told mankind will be judged on the intent of the heart. No mortal can see into the depth of another. There is only One who can. His is the role of a judge-not ours. If you are prone to criticize or judge, remember, we never see the target a man aims at in life. We see only what he hits.
H. Burke Peterson
Old age is never honored among us, but only indulged, as childhood is; and old men lose one of the most precious rights of man,–that of being judged by their peers.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
And then, for an old man like me, it’s not exactly right,This kind o’ playing soldier with no enemy in sight.
Bret Harte
The shots had dispersed the birds; there remained only two marabous, standing between ten and twenty paces away and plunged in reverie. They were like two old men with bald heads pressed between the shoulders.
Henryk Sienkiewicz
If you think I’m a drunk, you shoulda seen my old man.
Hank Williams
Everybody knows in the business how I feel about country music. I’m an old traditionalist. Then they just call me an old man and stuck in my old ways, but with all the fans I’ve got out there, I can’t be all that wrong. I do love traditional country music. I love the good stuff.
George Jones
Usually when an athlete gets a reputation it sticks with him, even when he’s an old man.
Frank Deford
Yet the hour of emancipation is advancing … this enterprise is for the young; for those who can follow it up, and bear it through to it’s consummation. It shall have all my prayers, and these are the only weapons of an old man.
Thomas Jefferson
You feel like you’re an outcast. You’re the old man. I promise you, all the kids, none of them have beards. They all just have a little stubble on their face. The girls all look like middle schoolers. I just felt really old. It really reminded me how far removed from college I am.
Randall Cobb
The most critical need of the church at this moment is men, bold men, free men. The church must seek, in prayer and much humility, the coming again of men made of the stuff of which prophets and martyrs are made.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Time passed slowly, like and old man climbing a hill.
Roger Zelazny
Don’t cross me Scooby-Doo. I’m not an old man in a mask waiting to be thwarted by you meddling kids.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
It is not the young man who should be considered fortunate but the old man who has lived well, because the young man in his prime wanders much by chance, vacillating in his beliefs, while the old man has docked in the harbor, having safeguarded his true happiness.
An old young man, will be a young old man.
Benjamin Franklin
Sam was slow getting up. To Quinn he looked like an old man standing up after slipping on the ice. But he looked up at Quinn and performed a sort of salute. I owe you, Quinn.” I’m sorry I didn’t get him,” Quinn answered. Sam shook his head. “Man, don’t ever be sorry you don’t want to kill someone.
Michael Grant
Now, the old man happened to be the Lord.
Italo Calvino
Can’t keep track of it no more, son’s becoming husbands to their mothers, and old men turning your daughters into whores.
Bob Dylan
What’s going on?” he demanded. “The usual, old man,” I replied cheerily. “Danger, insane plans… you know, the stuff that runs in our family.
Richelle Mead
Then the Old Man of the Earth stooped over the floor of the cave, raised a huge stone from it, and left it leaning. It disclosed a great hole that went plumb-down. “That is the way,” he said. “But there are no stairs.” “You must throw yourself in. There is no other way.
George MacDonald
For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what God can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard.
John Cleese
It is so seldom that a young fellow has any inclination for the company of an old man. . .
Joanna Baillie
There’s a Chinese proverb that says it all: Painting is an old man’s art.
David Hockney
I’ve always said that at the end of the day, on a legal issue, I think a wise old woman and a wise old man are going to reach the same conclusion.
Sandra Day O’Connor
I do not spoil women. … I don’t send them flowers and gifts. . . . I’m saving those gestures until I am an unpleasant old man who must resort to bribery to win a woman’s synthetic affections.
George Sanders
Musically, he was like an old man in a boy’s skin.
Eric Clapton
I was dreaming … about my grandfather. A very old man, at least as old as I am now, 91. I thought, when I was a boy, that he had been 91 all his life. Now I feel as if I have been 91 all my life.
Thomas Pynchon
Give them a big hug. He’s your old man – why is it so hard?
Nick Cummins
When you ask single men in their 20s, “Do you want children?” they want children more than women do. Again, economics drive this. If you’re a 29-year-old woman, having a baby is going to seriously blow up your career. If you’re a 29-year-old man, it isn’t.
Stephen Marche
That which is usually called dotage is not the weak point of all old men, but only of such as are distinguished by their levity.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I would dearly love to take up the brush again, but I realize that I am an old man and that I cannot set the world afire.
William Wendt
It was the 60th anniversary of ‘Face the Nation.’ During his interview, President Obama said, ‘Our country doesn’t fear the future. We grab it.’ Nothing says you grab the future like going on a 60-year-old show hosted by a 77-year-old-man to speak to a 90-year-old audience.
Jimmy Fallon
When people say ‘Charlie Chaplin’ I still think now of the guy in the moustache and bowler hat and funny walk – I don’t think of an old man who was my grandfather.
Oona Chaplin
It is silly not to hope, besides I believe it is a sin.” The Old Man and the Sea
Ernest Hemingway
Grandpa … was ever ready to cheer and help me, ever sure that I was a remarkable specimen. He was a dear old man who asked little from life and got less.
Miles Franklin
I used to be a good party boy. I’m old. I’m an old man. You pay the consequences. I’m just fine with a couple of drinks, no more than that.
Javier Bardem
An old man concludeth from his knowing mankind that they know him too, and that maketh him very wary.
George Saville
To an old man any place that’s warm is homeland.
Maxim Gorky
Youth doesn’t reason, it acts. The old man reasons and would like to make the others act in his place.
Francis Picabia
Old men when they begin to hear the last trumpet, on the morning breeze, often have a kind of absent-minded smile; like people listening. And their smiles are just politeness.
Joyce Cary
Babies haven’t any hair; Old men’s heads are just as bare; between the cradle and the grave lie a haircut and a shave.
Samuel Hoffenstein
God is a sort of burglar. As a young man you knock him down; as an old man you try to conciliate him, because he may knock you down.
Herbert Beerbohm Tree
Sweet is the infant’s waking smile, And sweet the old man’s rest– But middle age by no fond wile, No soothing calm is blest.
John Keble
There is no one who is without faults, and who is not in some way a burden to others, whether he is a superior or a subject, an old man or a young one, a scholar or a dunce.
Robert Bellarmine
Then not only an old man, but also a drunkard, becomes a second time a child.
It’s very interesting, I had an extremely intense experience with my dad in 2002, when he was an old man and very ill and I was taking care of him and my mother, and he was extremely depressed, virtually lost the will to live, and I realized my main job was cheering him up to save his life.
John Lithgow
We are forlorn like children, and experienced like old men, we are crude and sorrowful and superficial—I believe we are lost.
Erich Maria Remarque
Softball is what old men play to try to feel young again.
Patrick Wallace
General Taylor is, I have no doubt, a well-meaning old man. He is, however, uneducated, exceedingly ignorant of public affairs, and I should judge, of very ordinary capacity.
James K. Polk
Never underestimate a backwoods Cajun in a fight, old man.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The war was about vanity, he said. It was about old men who couldn’t look in the mirror anymore and so they sent the young out to die. Was was a get-together of the vain. They wanted it simple–hate your enemy, know nothing of him.
Colum McCann
Young men speak about the future because they have no past, and old men speak of the past because they have no future.
Boyd K. Packer
And so they played some of the world’s loveliest piano music – the exiled homesick girl, the humiliated, tired old man. Not properly. Better than that.
Eva Ibbotson
This is going to sound weird, but when I was a kid my old man used to tell us that he was a Sioux Indian warrior in his former life. Native American culture was always big in my house – I don’t know why.
Marc Forgione
My old man taught me two things: ‘Mind own business’ and ‘Always cut cards.’
Robert A. Heinlein
An aged man is but a paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick
William Butler Yeats
History — its what those bitter old men write.
Jackie Kennedy
You save an old man and you save a unit; but save a boy, and you save a multiplication table.
Rodney “Gipsy” Smith
I was definitely in acting class in school, but I was never the princess of the play. I will always remember: they always gave me the part of the gypsy or the old man in the corner.
Vicky Krieps
The sun, the hero of every day, the impersonal old man that beams as brightly on death as on birth, came up every morning.
Zora Neale Hurston
People think God is a man. People think God has got ears, nose, teeth and he rises daily in the morning, brushes his teeth and washes his mouth. And he is an old man and he has a beard. All these things people think. But no, God is energy. God is perfect and pure energy.
Prem Rawat
Writing stretches me to my limits and affirms my potential, all while making me aware of my flaws, my mortality, and how much more I have to learn. It’s a singular feeling, both spiritual and corporeal, and I like to think it sparks the same inspiration and curiosity in a child that it does in an old man.
Kit Williamson
When I was a kid, everybody that played golf was an old man. Until Tiger showed up, they weren’t in very good shape.
Norm MacDonald
I wish you would let an old man, who has had his share of fighting, remind you that battles, like hypotheses, are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.
Thomas Huxley
All through my life I’ve had this strange unaccountable feeling that something was going on in the world, something big, even sinister, and no one would tell me what it was.” “No,” said the old man, “that’s just perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the Universe has that.
Douglas Adams
The infant runs toward it with its eyes closed, the adult is stationary, the old man approaches it with his back turned.
Denis Diderot
Texas is a great state. It’s the ‘Old Man River’ of states. No matter who runs it or what happens to it politically, it just keeps rolling along!
Will Rogers
Your bird drinks whiskey and eats tobacco?” The old man frowned.”Just be lad he doesn’t like eatin’ scrawny boys that don’t know their way ’round the Otherworld.
Kami Garcia
I love the irony. I’m perceived as being really young and yet I have the clinical condition of an old man.
Michael J. Fox
There is nothing against which an old man should be so much upon his guard as putting himself to nurse.
Samuel Johnson
It is the bold man who every time does best, at home or abroad.
I’m just an old man and I smell bad, remember?
Stanley Kubrick
The old men know when an old man dies.
Ogden Nash
Old men are prone to invest the futures of young men with their own past sorrows.
Honore de Balzac
My old man never liked me. He gave me my allowance in traveler’s checks.
Rodney Dangerfield
Old men, for the most part, are like old chronicles that give you dull but true accounts of times past, and are worth knowing only on that score.
Alexander Pope
One time I saw an old man in a hurry and I thought, ‘That makes sense.’
Demetri Martin
So you’re suggesting we take the train up to York, meet a ninety-year-old man, leap on him, and yank out his hair? I’m sure the Clave will be ecstatic.” “They’ll just say you’re mad,” said Jessamine. “They already think it, so what’s the difference, really?
Cassandra Clare
What early tongue so sweet saluteth me? Young son, it argues a distemper’d head So soon to bid good morrow to thy bed: Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye, And where care lodges, sleep will never lie; But where unbruised youth with unstuff’d brain Doth couch his limbs, there golden sleep doth reign.
William Shakespeare
In those fifty, the Old Man made me take religion seriously. I’d never been religious, but he told us that religion is important whether or not we believed in one, the same way that historical events are important whether or not you personally lived through them.
John Green
Punch a man on the nose, kick an old man downstairs, shoot somebody or any old thing like that, that’s my job. But argue with women in love—no thank you!
Mikhail Bulgakov
Here I am, an old man in a dry month,
Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain.
T. S. Eliot
I regret behaving badly when I was younger. I did not know any better at the time. The thing is that the incidents that I caused were not funny… Youth is wasted on the young. It is better to have the wisdom of an old man in a young body… I was a bit foolish and teased people, trying to be funny.
Jim Broadbent
Do not let me hear
Of the wisdom of old men, but rather of their folly,
Their fear of fear and frenzy, their fear of possession,
Of belonging to another, or to others, or to God.
The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.
T. S. Eliot
I might look like a honey-eyed schoolgirl on the outside, in my skirt with its regulation four-inches-above-the-knee hem. But I’ll rip those tassels off your shoes, old man. Just try Googling me.
Meg Cabot
Time is never wasted coming to an old man bar.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
“Surely so many countries can’t all be worth dying for.” “Anything worth living for,” said Nately, “is worth dying for.” “And anything worth dying for,” answered the sacrilegious old man, “is certainly worth living for.”
Joseph Heller
Old man’s gotta be the old man. Fish has got to be the fish. Gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what.
Robert McCall
I don’t know how many lions and leopards I’ve shot. I’ve shot two elephants, which was enough – never again. It’s a melancholy and moving thing to hunt an elephant. It’s like shooting an old man.
Wilbur Smith
People expect old men to die, They do not really mourn old men. Old men are different. People look At them with eyes that wonder when … People watch with unshocked eyes; But the old men know when an old man dies.
Ogden Nash
What wouldst thou do, old man?
Think’st thou that duty shall have dread to speak
When power to flattery bows?
William Shakespeare
I don’t want to be the oldest performer in captivity… I don’t want to look like a little old man dancing out there.
Fred Astaire
I am an old man, I just happen to be an old man that can fight.
Bernard Hopkins
Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.
Neil Young
I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.
Mark Twain
Old men, when they scorne young, make much of death.
[Old men, when they scorn young, make much of death.]
George Herbert
I attended a lecture by a gray-haired old man from Finland, who later I discovered was the architect Alvar Aalto. I was very moved. I wasn’t interested in architecture, but it was a moving thing I’ve never forgotten.
Frank Gehry
My one complaint with my father as a parent is that, not only was he not a golfer, but also he was sort of opposed to golf. I was a country club kid growing up. I should have played golf, but my father thought golf was a sport for old men.
Mike Greenberg
When the waitress puts the dinner on the table, the old men look at the dinner. The young men look at the waitress.
Gelett Burgess
The enthusiasm of old men is singularly like that of infancy.
Gerard De Nerval
I was a studio engineer out in L.A. for about six or seven years, and I played sideman for different people, and played in bar bands. I was an old man of 32 when I made my first album.
J. J. Cale
Old men, imagining themselves under obligation to young paramours, seldom keep any thing from their knowledge.
Samuel Richardson
Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel as good as ever.
Don Marquis
Oasis were the last great, traditional rock ‘n’ roll band. We came along before the Internet so, if you wanted to see us, you had to be there. It makes me feel like a righteous old man.
Noel Gallagher
Who sleeps at night? No one is sleeping.
 In the cradle a child is screaming.
 An old man sits over his death, and anyone
 young enough talks to his love, breathes 
into her lips, looks into her eyes.
Marina Tsvetaeva
The old man, especially if he is in society in the privacy of his thoughts, though he may protest the opposite, never stops believing that, through some singular exception of the universal rule, he can in some unknown and inexplicable way still make an impression on women.
Giacomo Leopardi
Know what you are talking about.
Pope John Paul II
I don’t want to be an old man in a pub singing about Margaret Thatcher.
Know what you’re talking about.
George H. W. Bush
I’m really proud of ‘Moneyball.’ To me, it’s about feeling pride in a movie I made. I think when I’m an old man I’ll be able to show it to my grandkids with pride. That’s all I can really go for: making movies to please me.
Jonah Hill
The first guy who lays a finger on this blind old man is fined fifty bucks!
Gene Mauch
It has been the scheme of the Christian Church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of Government to hold man in ignorance of his rights. The systems of the one are as false as those of the other, and are calculated for mutual support.
Thomas Paine
Really, more than anything, The 2000 Year Old Man is a huge influence on all of our comedy, but specifically the live version of Oh, Hello.
Nick Kroll
With my old man I got no respect. I asked him, “How can I get my kite in the air?” He told me to run off a cliff.
Rodney Dangerfield
The young need old men. They need men who are not ashamed of age, not pathetic imitations of themselves. … Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth.
Peter Ustinov
My old man is drunker than a barrel full of monkeys, but my old lady she don’t care.
Elton John
I asked my old man if I could go ice-skating on the lake. He told me, “Wait til it gets warmer.”
Rodney Dangerfield
Everybody says love is about finding the person who is right for me and then everything will be fine. But it’s not like that. It involves work. An old man tells you this!
Alain Badiou
“You’re an old man who dresses like a Hooter’s waitress.”
Greg Giraldo
My first concert makes me sound like a real old man. My very first concert was Jackie Wilson.
Eddie Murphy
The old man laughed loud and joyously, shook up the details of his anatomy from head to foot, and ended by saying that such a laugh was money in a man’s pocket, because it cut down the doctor’s bills like everything.
Mark Twain
It was among farmers and potato diggers and old men in workhouses and beggars at my own door that I found what was beyond these and yet farther beyond that drawingroom poet of my childhood in the expression of love, and grief, and the pain of parting, that are the disclosure of the individual soul.
Lady Gregory
The lovely thing about being forty is that you can appreciate twenty-five-year-old men more.
Colleen McCullough
Old men declare war because they have failed to solve complex political and economic problems.
Art Hoppe
I enjoyed Old Man’s War immensely. A space war story with fast action, vivid characters, moral complexity and cool speculative physics, set in a future you almost want to live into, and a universe you sincerely hope you don’t live in already.
Ken MacLeod
The old man, of whom we know how he has become what he is, is more of an individual than the young man; for it is only in the course of an eventful life that men are differentiated into full individuality.
Erich Auerbach
Old men’s eyes are like old men’s memories; they are strongest for things a long way off.
George Eliot
I’ve certainly never liked the idea of being put in a box. I loved being part of shows like ‘American Idiot’ and ‘In the Heights,’ and I take pride in being able to sing different styles, not just ‘Old Man River.’
Joshua Henry
Hence it is that old men do plant young trees, the fruit whereof another age shall take.
Sir John Davies
Traditionally, sex has been a very private, secretive activity. Herein perhaps lies its powerful force for uniting people in a strong bond. As we make sex less secretive, we may rob it of its power to hold men and women together.
Thomas Szasz
It’s taken me to be an older guy, an old man, to have an old man’s voice. Because I only liked old men’s voices. As a kid, I didn’t like pip-squeaked singers.
Eric Clapton
The misery of a child is interesting to a mother, the misery of a young man is interesting to a young woman, the misery of an old man is interesting to nobody.
Eric Hoffer
You don’t fight to protect warships or old men. Like the book says, you fight to save your civilization. And so often it seems that civilization is composed mainly of the things women and children want.
James A. Michener
Hee wrongs not an old man that steales his supper from him.
George Herbert
I am quite a wise old bird, but I am no desert hermit who can only prophesy when his guts are knotted with hunger. I am deep in the old man’s puzzle, trying to link the wisdom of the body with the wisdom of the spirit until the two are one.
Robertson Davies
I think other than Jim Cornette, who’s just, you know, a bitter old man who wants viewings, other than people like that guy who are just bitter, I could probably find whatever fan out there and show them some match that I’ve done that they would enjoy.
There was an Old Man of Columbia, Who was thirsty, and called out for some beer; But they brought it quite hot, in a small copper pot, Which disgusted that Man of Columbia.
Edward Lear
Medical marijuana users are now lobbying for the right to carry firearms. Because no one is a better shot than a stoned old man with glaucoma.
Conan O’Brien
I was 28 when I played the role of a 65 year old man in my first film.
Anupam Kher
If you look at all the vampires in the past, they were sort of decrepit old men. Stephanie Meyers just made it for a new audience. All the vampires are now young men and she describes them as not being ugly.
Daniel Cudmore
Vanity in an old man is charming. It is a proof of an open, nature. Eighty winters have not frozen him up, or taught him concealments. In a young person it is simply allowable; we do not expect him to be above it.
Christian Nestell Bovee
It’s morning when I go to sleep
In the distant dawn a church bell rings
Another day is coming on
A baby’s born, an old man dies
Somewhere young lovers kiss good-bye
I leave my soul and just move on
And wish that I was there to sing this song
Jon Bon Jovi
So for front-runners we have a black and a woman. It’s like being made to choose between syphilis or having and old man crap on your face. I would do the country a favor and run myself but I couldn’t deprive Hollywood of me for 4 years.
Zach Braff
A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
I was a late child from my parents, so I grew up surrounded by people a lot older than me. I think even when I was 21, I felt like I was a 70-year-old man.
Jonathan Franzen
There is something in the ardour and ingenousness of youth, which is particularly pleasing to the contemplation of an old man, if his feelings have not been entirely corroded by the world.
Ann Radcliffe
I thank God I am as honest as any man living that is an old man and no honester than I.
William Shakespeare
In spite of all the dishonour, the broken standards, the broken lives, The broken faith in one place or another, There was something left that was more than the tales Of old men on winter evenings.
T. S. Eliot
Worry is an old man with bended head, carrying a load of feathers which he thinks are lead.
Corrie Ten Boom
The only thing my old man ever gave me was a beating.
Sonny Liston
Everyone in Hollywood is seeking fame and fortune; it’s in the water here. Everyone from young women to old men – they all want it.
Karrine Steffans
I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t stay too long. I would get out at the top of my career and not be one of those guys who’s body had started to go away and sag and look like and old man trying to still make a living.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
One thing I learned from my old man is that people are going to be happy for you, but not too happy. When the tables are turned and you’re hanging out on top with a guy like Randy Orton, who is in the main event at Wrestlemania, not all the guys are going to like you.
Cody Rhodes
Golf – a young man’s vice and an old man’s penance.
Irvin S. Cobb
I used to write things that might have sounded better coming out of an older person’s voice or vision. Hence, “grandpa-boy.” I’m an old man, but I’m a boy. A really old boy!
Paul Westerberg
The writer, an old man with a white moustache, had some difficulty getting into bed.
Sherwood Anderson
A legend is an old man with a cane known for what he used to do. I’m still doing it.
Miles Davis
Jared glared balefully at the old man, his eyes full of the shock and pain of the betrayed. I had only human comparisons for such a look. Caesar and Brutus, Jesus and Judas.
Stephenie Meyer
Does there, I wonder, exist a being who has read all, or approximately all, that the person of average culture is supposed to have read, and that not to have read is a social sin? If such a being does exist, surely he is an old, a very old man.
Arnold Bennett
My old manager of the Irish National Theatre said ‘Don’t worry about being a star, just worry about being a working actor. Just keep working.’ I think that’s really good advice.
Colm Meaney
My relationship with the track was, I would say, at least fractionally as complicated as my relationship with my old man. So it kept me coming back.
David Milch
Young men’s minds are always changeable, but when an old man is concerned in a matter, he looks both before and after.
Doing nothing is happiness for children and misery for old men.
Victor Hugo
A word, a look, an accent, may affect the destiny not only of individuals, but of nations. He is a bold man who calls anything a trifle.
Andrew Carnegie
I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell or an old man sitting on a throne. I believe in a higher power bigger than me because that keeps me accountable.
Katy Perry
It’s incredibly unfair. You don’t see a lot of 60-year-old women with 20-year-old men onscreen.
George Clooney
And why shouldn’t the miraculous, / Caught on this earth, visit / The old man alone in his hut?
Robert Bly
There’s so much myth and baloney. Like a 80-year-old man able to manhandle a 300-pounder with his little finger. Ridiculous. Or this matter of breaking bricks and boards wth the edge of your hand. Now I ask you, did you ever see a brick or a board pick a fight with anybody?
Bruce Lee
Simultaneously I am myself, the child I was, the old man I will be.
Peter Matthiessen
That old man…had my division massacred at Gettysburg!
George Pickett
Hell, I’m an old man. I’m 70 years old. I’m supposed to be sitting on a rocking chair watching the sunset.
M. Emmet Walsh
My old man used to say that I would argue the hind leg of a donkey. If I didn’t agree with something, I wasn’t prepared to accept it.
Dick Strawbridge
The principles which men profess on any controverted subject are usually a very incomplete exponent of the opinions they really hold.
John Stuart Mill
Why do old men wake so early? Is it to have one longer day?
Ernest Hemingway
Young men think old men are fools, but old men know young men are fools.
George Chapman
Then the old man’s face hardened. “What about you young man?” he asked flatly. “Would you like to get what you deserve?” Jones let that question hang in the air for a moment, then sighed, shook his head, and said “Me? I surely don’t want what I deserve. I’m hoping for mercy, not justice.
Andy Andrews
The worst thing an old man can be is a lover.
Thomas Otway
No-one will ever have golf under his thumb. No round ever will be so good it could not have been better. Perhaps this is why golf is the greatest of games. You are not playing a human adversary; you a playing a game. You are playing old man par.
Bobby Jones
At three years of age, the child has already laid the foundations of the human personality and needs the special help of education in the school. The acquisitions he has made are such that we can say the child who enters school at three is an old man.
Maria Montessori
With my old man I got no respect. When he took me hunting he gave me a three minute head start. Then on the way home he tied me to the fender and put the deer in the car.
Rodney Dangerfield
Forward into the untrodden! Courage, old man, and hold on to your umbrella!
Conrad Aiken
What’s really important for me is, as an old man, I’m known by my own generation and the next generation know me, too.
Christopher Lee
When I wrote ‘Runaways,’ I was a naive kid who thought that all parents were evil. Now that I’m a wise old man with children of my own, I am certain that all parents are evil.
Brian K. Vaughan
‘The best thing about hunting and fishing,’ the Old Man said, ‘is that you don’t have to actually do it to enjoy it. You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight.’
Robert Ruark
Abe shook his head, and now the smile was gone altogether. “That’s not the reason either. Don’t lie to me little girl.” I felt my hackles going up. “And don’t interrogate me, old man.
Richelle Mead
They [Federal Goverment] don’t care if I am guilty or innocent. I serve their purpose in here. Other than what I have mentioned, what fear could they possibly have from a old man with dimming eyesight, arthritis, diabetes, and other health issues that render me hardly a threat to anyone.
Leonard Peltier
I definitely don’t consider myself a kid anymore. I feel like an old man, an old 28-year-old.
Sergio Garcia
When you’re a kid, somebody’s mid-forties, you think they’re an old man. Then you grow up and it’s like, I was a kid.
Billy Bob Thornton
You must try to forget all you have learned,” said the old man. “You must begin to dream. From this time on you must shut your ears to the roaring of the voices.
Sherwood Anderson
It is bad for a young man to sin; but it is worse for an old man to sin.
Abu Bakr
The original Spencer Tracy version of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ was always terribly flawed because of the over-reliance on voice over, but it’s still a beautiful movie.
J. C. Chandor
There was an old man with a beard, who said: ‘It is just as I feared! Two owls and a hen, four larks and a wren have all built their nests in my beard.
Edward Lear
In childhood, death stirred me not; in middle age, it pursued me like a prowling bandit on the road; now, grown an old man, it boldly leads the way, and ushers me on.
Herman Melville
Take these,” said the old man, holding out a white stone and a black stone that had been embedded at the center of the breastplate. “They are called Urim and Thummim. The black signifies ‘yes,’ and the white ‘no.’ When you are unable to read the omens, they will help you to do so. Always ask an objective question.
Paulo Coelho
“You marked the minutes,” the old man said. “But did you use them wisely? To be still? To cherish? To be grateful? To lift and be lifted?”
Mitch Albom
With a tale, forsooth, he cometh unto you; with a tale which holdeth children from play, and old men from the chimney corner.
Philip Sidney
My old man works in the postal service, my mum in a hospital and my brother in a factory. They’re my family and when I play rugby I’m representing them. But coming out was different. More than anyone, I feared for my father. I used to be a postman myself and so I know that working environment.
Gareth Thomas
If there’s one thing I can’t bear, it’s when hundreds of old men come creeping in through the window in the middle of the night and throw all manner of garbage over me. I can’t bear that.
Peter Cook
I really believe that more harm is done by old men who cling to their influence than by young men who anticipate it.
Owen D. Young
The haggard aspect of the little old man was wonderfully suited to the place; he might have groped among old churches and tombs and deserted houses and gathered all the spoils with his own hands. There was nothing in the whole collection but was in keeping with himself nothing that looked older or more worn than he.
Charles Dickens
I think it’s always funny when you see kids do Shakespeare. When I was at school, I was in Hamlet. I played Claudius, who’s supposed to be a 60-year-old man, and I was like 18. It’s inherently ridiculous seeing 18-year-old boys with gray beards. That’s always funny.
Steve Coogan
I don’t believe the writer should know too much where he’s going. If he does, he runs into old man blueprintВ—old man propaganda.
James Thurber
My old man said, `Follow the van, Don’t dilly-dally on the way!’
But I dillied and dallied, dallied and dillied,
Lost the van and don’t know where to roam.
Marie Lloyd
But it was sure a privilege to love him, huh?” I nodded into his shirt. “Gives you an idea how I feel about you,” he said. My old man. He always knew just what to say.
John Green
Give up all self, all egotisms get out of anger, lust, give all to God. “I am not, but Thou art; the old man is all gone, only Thou remainest.” “I am Thou.” Blame none; if evil comes, know the Lord is playing with you and be exceeding glad.
Swami Vivekananda
When I was 17, my father was so stupid, I didn’t want to be seen with him in public. When I was 24, I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in just 7 years.
Mark Twain
And when the Old Man wished to kill someone, he would take him and say: “Go and do this thing. I do this because I want to make you return to paradise.” And the assassins go and perform the deed willingly.
Marco Polo
Tiers of mountains
Cold wind feet
Not need fan
Ice cold through
Moon shines bright
Mist covers everything
Sit all alone
One old man
I’m 59 and people call me middle aged. How many 118 year old men do you know?
Barry Cryer
Can I give a little advice to the old man on Capitol Hill? Stop saying teabagger. Ask your younger staffers what it means.
Andrea Tantaros
That folly of old age which is called dotage is peculiar to silly old men, not to age itself.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Don’t complain about growing old — many, many people do not have that privilege.
Earl Warren
I meet a third man he’s an old man he trips in the street he falls and I help him up, walk him to the curb. He shakes my hand says keep the faith, young man. I ask him what he means, he says keep running and don’t let them catch you.
James Frey
It’s my job, too, to keep up with pop culture and what the kids are into ’cause you don’t want to sound like an old man trying to write for kids. I spend a lot of my time spying on them.
R. L. Stine
To be honest, I don’t see myself acting forever. I just can’t imagine myself being a 70-year-old man fighting for roles. I would love to do small parts in my friends’ movies or things that I’m directing myself. I do envision myself behind the camera as I get a little bit older.
Dave Franco
I wanted to make sure that ‘Up’ wasn’t a 3D movie about a man who sails his house to South America. It’s a movie about an old man who sails his house to South America that also happens to be in 3D. So the first thing is always the story.
Pete Docter
I think the little bush is a bit stupid and more or less the puppet of his old man.
Billie Joe Armstrong
There is not a more repulsive spectacle than on old man who will not forsake the world, which has already forsaken him.
T. S. Eliot
A conservative young man has wound up his life before it was unreeled. We expect old men to be conservative but when a nation’s young men are so, its funeral bell is already rung.
Henry Ward Beecher
Australia is, in fact, an old man’s bureaucracy.
Robin Boyd
An old man said, We are not condemned because of our thoughts that enter us, but because we use our thoughts badly; our thoughts can cause us either to suffer shipwreck or to be crowned.
I think of myself as an actor. The duty of an actor is to be able to impersonate anything – a child, an old man, a tree, a chair, a woman.
Barry Humphries
Leonid Breznev was an old man and despite his own military experience in World War II, he on the other hand was not very close to the military.
Helmut Schmidt
…and the next moment all of them were filled with wonder. For they saw, standing in just the spot the screen had hidden, a little old man, with a bald head and a wrinkled face, who seemed to be as much surprised as they were.
L. Frank Baum
How do you be a 45-year-old man in a rock band, do it well, keep your dignity and not become a parody of yourself? I don’t think it will be simple.
Nate Mendel
Old men dream dreams; young men see visions.
Melvin B. Tolson
It is quite cruel that a poet cannot wander through his regions of enchantment without having a critic, forever, like the old man of the sea, upon his back.
Thomas Moore
A delicate, inexorable lattice of inferences began to assemble themselves, like a crystal, in the old man’s mind, shivering, catching the light in glints and surmises.
Michael Chabon
‘The Impossible Dream’ is, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever written. Here is a man, an old man, a very old man full of daring, bravery, courage, determination, romanticism and dreams.
Christopher Lee
We wait till now? Now, when we’re old men, we get to be brave?
Ernest Gaines
Software development, like professional sports, has a way of making thirty-year-old men feel decrepit.
Neal Stephenson
Safety razors make it hard to grow beards in America: America would be a better place if there were a few bearded, savage, terrible old men.
Lewis Mumford
Let no young man delay the study of philosophy, and let no old man become weary of it; for it is never too early nor too late to care for the well-being of the soul.
I like America anyway. In Japan we are much more formal. If two friends are separated for a long time and they meet they bow and bow and bow. They keep bowing without exchanging a word. Here they slap each other on the back and say: Hello, old man, how goes everything.
Sessue Hayakawa
Finn smiled ruefully. “I’m a Prisoner, old man. Just like you.
Catherine Fisher
Young men make wars, and the virtues of war are the virtues of young men: courage, and hope for the future. Then old men make the peace, and the vices of peace are the vices of old men: mistrust and caution.
Alec Guinness
What a fuss people make about fidelity!” exclaimed Lord Henry. “Why, even in love it is purely a question for physiology. It has nothing to do with our own will. Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot: that is all one can say.
Oscar Wilde
Swift defined observation to be an old man’s memory.
James A. Garfield
It is important that karate can be practiced by the young and old, men and women alike.
Gichin Funakoshi
When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.
Mark Twain
You see me here, you gods, a poor old man, As full of grief as age; wretched in both.
William Shakespeare
I forewarn you, this will be a rather long talk. I am an old man. I do not know how much longer I will live, and so I want to say what I have to say, while I have the strength to say it. …Having been warned, some of you will wish to get comfortable. Pleasant dreams.
Gordon B. Hinckley
As an old man who remembers the intellectual exhilaration and the pleasure of having done good work that characterized the CIA when it was young, I wonder if it might not be better to speak and think in terms of restoring its culture.
Charles McCarry
Old wives’ tales are not enough in a day when old wives and old men, too, are constantly moving away from their labours.
Vincent Massey
You’re a mean old man, Your Grace.” “And that is the way it should be.” Roial informed. “Mean young men are trivial, and kindly old men boring. Here, let me get us something to drink.
Brandon Sanderson
we’ve produced a generation of spiritual panhandlers, begging for coins of wisdom, banging like bums on every closed door…if an old man moves into a shack or a cave and lets his beard grow, people will flock from miles around just to read his “no trespassing” sign
Tom Robbins
There isn’t any New Man. The New Man is the old man, only he whines more.
Roseanne Barr
I’m in a band. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I love punk rock music. Sometimes I use swear words a lot. I respect and admire gay men and women. I’m obsessed with horror films. I know what shame feels like. And guess what old man? Jesus is still my Savior.
Hayley Williams
I like the image of The Old Man and the Sea, of striving and succeeding but finding that the success was ghost success. In other words, in the long run, after a certain age, the motives for success, pride or oppressing people or getting power.
Allen Ginsberg
The approach of liberty makes even an old man brave.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
When people are still getting pleasure from something that you did 30 years ago, it makes you feel good. I always say it makes an old man happy.
Walter Hill
At least us old men remember what a real bear market is like, and the young men haven’t got a clue.
Jeremy Grantham
John Scalzi is a fresh and appealing new voice, and Old Man’s War is classic SF seen from a modern perspective—a fast-paced tour of a daunting, hostile universe.
Robert Charles Wilson
You are killing me, fish, the old man thought. But you have a right to. Never have I seen a greater, or more beautiful, or a calmer or more noble thing than you, brother.
Ernest Hemingway
Tranquility is the old man’s milk.
Thomas Jefferson
I didn’t become an actor until I was an old man of 28 or 29. I declared to the world that I was an actor. Nobody heard me, but I did declare it.
Peter Falk
There once was an old man of Lyme who married three wives at a time when asked, ‘Why a third?’ he replied ‘One’s absurd! and bigamy, sir, is a crime!’
William Cosmo Monkhouse
Her beauty was sold for an old man’s gold. She’s a bird in a gilded cage.
Arthur J. Lamb
Life is about perspective and I have a different perspective from most. I am not trying to be in Hip Hop at 43 and looking like an old man. I always enjoyed business and my independence. I am an Entrepreneur.
Damon Dash
When Michelangelo was an old man, he drew himself sitting in a child’s pushcart.
Kathe Kollwitz
I may appear to be an eccentric old man… But this is a free choice.
Jose Mujica
It strikes me as weird that a 25 year old man would even find a 16 year old attractive.
Joss Stone
Young men want to be faithful, and are not. Old men want to be faithless, and cannot.
Oscar Wilde
The timid man yearns for full value and demands a tenth. The bold man strikes for double value and compromises on par.
Mark Twain
God has given this way of life to Israel: to abstain from everything which is contrary to nature, that is to say, anger, fits of passion, jealousy, hatred and slandering the brethren; in short, everything that is characteristic of the old man.
Yet, every now and then, there would pass a young girl, slender, fair and desirable, arousing in young men a not ignoble desire to possess her, and stirring in old men regrets for ecstasy not seized and now forever past.
Anatole France
President Reagan likes to say Uncle Sam is a kindly old man with a spine of steel, and that he is. But I want to see Uncle Sam as well with a mind and with a heart and with a soul and a conscience.
Walter F. Mondale
I don’t want to be an old-man filmmaker, making old-man movies, and I don’t want to be the one not to know when to leave the party.
Quentin Tarantino
Oh, I was an ugly kid. My old man took me to the zoo. They thanked him for returning me.
Rodney Dangerfield
The old men gazed on them in their loveliness, and turned away with that deep and painful sigh, which the gladness of childhood, and thetransient beauty of youth, are so apt to awaken in the bosom of the aged.
Lydia M. Child
Young people never believe in the possibility of their own deaths. That’s one reason old men can send them to war.
Erica Jong
And in that line now was a whiskered old man, with a linen cap and a crooked nose, who waited in a place called the Stardust Band Shell to share his part of the secret of heaven: that each affects the other and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.
Mitch Albom
With my old man I got no respect. He told me never take candy from a stranger unless he offered me a ride.
Rodney Dangerfield
Airport security is a particular bugbear. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, while I can see that averting terrorism is manifestly important, the measures taken seem, simultaneously, absurd.
James Purefoy
At Stansted I didn’t get paid. There was the occasional… well an old man there who used to give me a fiver if I scored the winning goal!
Dwight Gayle
The worst advice I ever received from my dad was to play by the book. My old man used to flip out whenever I would try to branch out and do something different. Although he didn’t do it on purpose, he really held me back in the beginning.
Dimebag Darrell
Cold Mountain cold Ice freezes rock Mountains are green Snow is white Sun shines bright Every thing melt Every thing warm Warms old man
In dark ages people are best guided by religion, as in a pitch-black night a blind man is the best guide; he knows the roads and paths better than a man who can see. When daylight comes, however, it is foolish to use blind, old men as guides.
Heinrich Heine
Might not most men be as well named boys grown old.
Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke
Old man! ‘Tis not difficult to die.
Lord Byron
I see myself as an old man and an unqualified teacher to the nation. I think being a teacher is probably the most important thing you can be in politics.
Tony Benn
Youth always tries to fill the void, an old man learns to live with it.
Mark Z. Danielewski
I am an old man but in many senses a very young man. And this is what I want you to be, young, young all your life.
Pablo Casals
A young man who is unable to commit a folly is already an old man.
Paul Gauguin
I’m really a pussycat and this [bad-boy] image has been totally overblown for 30 years. Sure, I used to rumble a little but I don’t do that stuff anymore. I’m an old man now. When you reach your 50s, you realise that if you don’t mellow, you won’t last.
George C. Scott
Whenever I think of how religion started, I picture some frustrated old man making out a list of all the ways he could gain power, until he finally came up with the great solution of constant fear and guilt, then he leaped up and started planning a new wardrobe.
Steve Blake
I tell you what really turns my toes up: love scenes with 68-year-old men and actresses young enough to be their granddaughter.
Mel Gibson
Being a 25 year old man with no money or job affected my sense of self-worth. Rejection became unbearable. Auditions weren’t just acting jobs, they were lifelines.
Ncuti Gatwa
I can do lovers. I can do Sir Galahad types. I’m not going to limit myself in voice-overs to irascible old men.
Ed Asner
Old men, what are they? Fast fading the leaf, Three-footed they walk, yet frail as a child, As a dream set afloat in the daylight.
Old men are dangerous: it doesn’t matter to them what is going to happen to the world.
George Bernard Shaw
If countries were people, England and France would be old men. Italy would be dead. Compared with them, America is in its 20s.
You may say that I am just another outdated old man complaining about progress and the changes of time. But, you see, I have well considered that possibility myself, and am prepared o submit to correction by anybody who cares about a community, who can show me how the world is improved by that community’s dying.
Wendell Berry
An old man drinks tea and reads the newspaper–forgetting age for a moment.
Mason Cooley
I have a nap every afternoon like a little boy. Or an old man. Depending on how you look at it.
Gino D’Acampo
The corne hides it self in the snow, as an old man in furrs.
George Herbert
You must become an old man in good time if you wish to be an old man long.
[Lat., Mature fieri senem, si diu velis esses senex.]
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I’m not romantic at all. I’m a moaner. I should be on Grumpy Old Men. I’m terrible.
Bruno Tonioli
Nothing inspires more reverence and awe in me than an old man who knows how to change his mind.
Santiago Ramon y Cajal
Sanctification has a double aspect. Its positive side is vivification, the growing and maturing of the new man; its negative side is mortification, the weakening and killing of the old man.
J. I. Packer
And I thought to myself, What am I doing? Am I reaching them at all? They are acting exactly as the old men did earlier. They are fifty years younger, maybe more, but doing the same thing those old men did who never attended school a day in their lives. Is it just a vicious circle? Am I doing anything?
Ernest Gaines
I’m a religious man. I am Jewish but I believe in all religions. I believe in God and see him as an old man with a big white beard and pray to him every day for a few minutes.
Uri Geller
I’m an old man, and she’s gone now. So don’t worry, okay?
Rebecca Stead
An old mans staffe is the rapper of deaths doore.
George Herbert
Young women that would not be thought coquettish, and old men that would not be ridiculous, should never talk of love, as if they had any concern in it.
Francois Alexandre Frederic, duc de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt
If you need a baby that bad, go down to the pound and get one. Not even a baby – go get an old man. There’s unwanted people of all ages, pre-made and waiting for you.
Doug Stanhope
I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.
John Lennon
Some people have an inner child that speaks to them. I have an inner old man who just yells random [stuff] at me all day.
Rob Cantrell
Oh, you young people act like old men. You have no fun.
Josephine Baker
Repression does for a true man or a nation what fire does for gold.
Mahatma Gandhi
suppose Life is an old man carrying flowers on his head.
e. e. cummings
The barman sidled toward them out of a back room. He was a grump-looking old man with a great deal of a long gray hair and a beard. He was tall and thin and looked vaguely familiar to Harry.
J. K. Rowling
All men [are] of one metal, but not in one mold.
John Lyly
I am glad we do not have to try to kill the stars.
Ernest Hemingway
Nothing is more disgraceful than that an old man should have nothing to show to prove that he has lived long, except his years.
Seneca the Younger
Once an angry man dragged his father along the ground through his own orchard. ‘Stop!’ cried the groaning old man at last, ‘Stop! I did not drag my father beyond this tree.
Gertrude Stein
I’m an old man, and all my life I’ve said that Notre Dame should remain independent because it’s a national school.
Lou Holtz
I don’t think a monarchy led by 75- and 80-year-old men [Saudi Arabia] in today’s modern world is really sustainable.
Thomas Friedman
Love, in the sense of spontaneous, unreflective action, spells the death of the old man.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A true university can never rest upon the will of one man. A true university always rests upon the wills of many divergent-minded old men, who refuse to be disturbed, but who growl in their kennels.
John Jay Chapman
It’s like anything in life, visualizing the old man you’re going to become: As long as you have a clear picture of that – the life you want to lead – eventually you’ll probably get there.
Heath Ledger
The only old man I am interested in is one who is worth at least ВЈ300million and is 103. Obviously you don’t want them to hang around too long, you want to be able to spend his money.
Lady Colin Campbell
There was a patient look on the old man’s face, as if the world were a great mistake and he had nobody with whom to speak his own language or find companionship.
Sarah Orne Jewett
I was an old man when I was 12; and now I am an old man, AND IT’S SPLENDID!
Thornton Wilder
When old men decided to barter young men for pride and profit, the transaction was called war.
Len Deighton
But I think I have done right to save the vision in this way, even though I may die sooner because I did it; for I know the meaning of the vision is wise and beautiful and good; and you can see that I am only a pitiful old man after all.
Black Elk
I would not say that old men grow wise, for men never grow wise; and many old men retain a very attractive childishness and cheerful innocence. Elderly people are often much more romantic than younger people, and sometimes even more adventurous, having begun to realize how many things they do not know.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Man is not made for defeat.
Ernest Hemingway
Within, stood a tall old man, clean shaven save for a long white moustache, and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere.
Bram Stoker
Every child had a pretty good shot, to get at least as far as their old man got. But something happened on the way to that place. They threw an American flag in our face.
Billy Joel
Won’t the new ‘Suggested for Mature Audience’ protect our youngsters from such films? I don’t believe so. I know many forty-five-year old men with the mentalities of six-year-olds, and my feeling is that they should not see such pictures, either.
Shirley Temple
I’ve played quite a lot of crooks and killers, and that’s quite interesting. Then Dumbledore is the complete opposite, isn’t he? He’s a nice old man.
Michael Gambon
No one has a name in ‘The Road.’ Like Cormac McCarthy’s novel from which it’s adapted, ‘The Road’ features characters such as the man, the boy, the wife, the old man and the veteran.
Garret Dillahunt
You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food, he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman. You loved him when he was alive and you loved him after. If you love him, it is not a sin to kill him. Or is it more?
Ernest Hemingway
Tis possible, young sir, that some excess Mars youthful judgment and old men’s no less; Yet we must take our counsel as we may For (flying years this lesson still convey), ‘Tis worst unwisdom to be overwise, And not to use, but still correct one’s eyes.
Arthur Hugh Clough
Oasis were the last great, traditional rock-n’-roll band. We came along before the Internet so, if you wanted to see us, you had to be there. It makes me feel like a righteous old man.
Noel Gallagher
I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money. Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I remember having to read ‘The Old Man and the Sea,’ and I didn’t want to read it; I didn’t want to like Ernest Hemingway. I was being a stubborn teenager.
Dree Hemingway
Life is a kind of sleep: old men sleep longest, nor begin to wake but when they are to die.
Jean de la Bruyere
It is idle to dispute with old men. Their opinions, like their cranial sutures, are ossified.
Santiago Ramon y Cajal
I’d be totally exhausted by mid-afternoon, and I could barely climb the stairs at home. It was particularly alarming because all my life I’d enjoyed doing all my own stunts in shows, taking on every physical challenge. Yet suddenly, I’d become like a very old man. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea what.
Michael Crawford
I’ve written so many songs that are hopeful – songs that are, like, about an old man that gives all his possessions away because he wants to help people. I wrote ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ just to tell a different type of story.
Mark Foster
My mother was physically and emotionally abusive. My father was an extremely cold man.
S. E. Hinton
Now, settle down, settle down. Hell, I’m an old man, it’s early in the morning and I’m gathering my thoughts here.
Donald Rumsfeld
I’m an old man now. I can’t believe it. I’m listening to all sorts because I’m producing people.
Edwyn Collins
I called my cat William because no shorter name fits the dignity of his character. Poor old man, he has fits now, so I call him Fitz-William.
Josh Billings
The old man looked at him with his sun-burned, confident loving eyes.
Ernest Hemingway
You are going to end up as one of those sad old men who poke around in rubbish bins.” “I’m going to end up in a hole in the ground… And so are you. So are we all.
J. M. Coetzee
Old men’s prayers for death are lying prayers, in which they abuse old age and long extent of life. But when death draws near, not one is willing to die, and age no longer is a burden to them.
The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
I think you have to find the humanity in the character and then the deterioration is a part of the process – the journey of the character. It’s like playing King Lear. You can start off as a nice old man who finishes up crazy.
David Wenham
The Conservative Party mustn’t sound like the old man on the park bench who says things were better in 1985, or 1955, or 1855.
George Osborne
With Wordsworth, indeed, the light of revelation did not fall upon human beings so unbrokenly as upon the face of the earth. He knew the birds of the countryside better than the old men, and the flowers far better than the children.
Robert Wilson Lynd
A young man who isn’t a socialist hasn’t got a heart; an old man who is a socialist hasn’t got a head.
David Lloyd George
An old man came on board my boat; the others, both men and women cried with loud voices: “Come and see the men who have come from the sky. Bring them victuals and drink.”
Christopher Columbus
You immediately hear the word ‘Merlin,’ you think magic, you think adventure, excitement – you also think ‘an old man.’
Colin Morgan
Old men are always young enough to learn with profit.
If you’re the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for something that never happens. Then, you die a boring old man.
Robert Kiyosaki
I’ll be a story in your head. That’s okay. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know. It was the best. The daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back.
Steven Moffat
Fear is a cloak which old men huddle about their love, as if to keep it warm.
William Wordsworth
There was an Old Man with an owl, Who continued to bother and howl; He sate on a rail, and imbibed bitter ale, Which refreshed that Old Man and his owl.
Edward Lear
Not only is the old man twice a child, but also the man who is drunk.
The tendency of old age to the body, say the physiologists, is to form bone. It is as rare as it is pleasant to meet with an old man whose opinions are not ossified.
Bob Wells
We are not going to allow to a dictator who is sitting on us to determine the means of confrontation against him. We are not asking his approval to be free. I hope Robert Mugabe, a sick and old man, you are listening. We mean business.
Arthur Mutambara
I am perhaps the oldest musician in the world. I am an old man but in many senses a very young man. And this is what I want you to be, young, young all your life, and to say things to the world that are true.
Pablo Casals
It may be well to repeat here the saying that old men talk of what they have done, young men of what they are doing, and fools of what they expect to do. The Negro race has a rather large share of the last mentioned class.
Carter G. Woodson
Old men only lie in wait for people to ask them to talk. Then they rattle on like a rusty elevator wheezing up a shaft.
Ray Bradbury
I am an old man who will live until I die,” Anselmo said.
Ernest Hemingway
A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
Every sin already carries grace within in, all small children are potential old men, all sucklings have death within them, all dying people – eternal life. The Buddha exists in the robber and dice player; the robber exists in the Brahmin.
Hermann Hesse
Death is as near to the young as to the old; here is all the difference: death stands behind the young man’s back, before the old man’s face.
Thomas Adams
The real Oxford is a close corporation of jolly, untidy, lazy, good-for-nothing humorous old men, who have been electing their own successors ever since the world began and who intend to go on with it. They’ll squeeze under the Revolution or leap over it when the time comes, don’t you worry.
C. S. Lewis
When my old man wanted sex, my mother would show him a picture of me.
Rodney Dangerfield
The truth is that, after 30 years old, men still masturbate. There are still sexual problems that arise for guys.
Jason Biggs
An old man, having retired from active life, regains the gaity and irresponsibility of childhood. He is ready to play, he cannot run with his son, but he can totter with his grandson. Our first and last steps have the same rhythm.
Andre Maurois
My big fish must be somewhere.
Ernest Hemingway
I like the ‘Science Channel,’ the ‘Discovery Channel,’ I like ‘Discovery Times,’ which is a fabulous hybrid of the ‘New York Times’ and ‘Discovery Channel.’ Maybe I’m just an old man, but I like to watch that stuff.
James Marsters
I knew I’d made it when I was sitting on the bus into Rochdale and there was an old man listening to one of my songs. It was fantastic.
Lisa Stansfield
In little pockets of conversation, old men were telling stories of ancient floods. Women were talking of about how much rain there’d been in other towns — Paragould, Lepanto, and Manila.
John Grisham
Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavour to understand him.
George Santayana
We are basically storytellers, descendants of the old men who sat around the fire and told us legends, fairytales, exploits, or maybe just how funny Og looked when he fell into the tar pit.
Sol Saks
Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it’s business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you can’t give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You’ll be an old man before you know it.
Al Lopez
It’s going to hurt if I fall. I don’t want to deal with that, I want to prove that it can be done for a long life, until I’m an old man.
Dean Potter
That old man dies prematurely whose memory records no benefits conferred. They only have lived long who have lived virtuously.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
I was getting old, man. I was staring 27 in the face.
Charlie Bell
I always have the idea in mind that when Botticelli was an old man nobody cared about him because he was out of fashion. Imagine, Botticelli was out of fashion!
Norbert Bisky
The world clings to its old mental picture of the stock market because it’s comforting; because it’s so hard to draw a picture of what has replaced it; and because the few people able to draw it for you have no interest in doing so.
Michael Lewis
When I was about 9 years old, man, I realized that the real thing was not only to do what you were doing totally great, but to look totally great while you were doing it.
Jim Carroll
Why should I laugh?’ asked the old man. ‘Madness in youth is true wisdom. Go, young man, follow your dream, and if you do not find the happiness that you seek, at any rate you will have had the happiness of seeking it.
Andrew Lang
As a kid, I always loved Mel Brooks’ stuff – ‘The 2,000 Year Old Man’ record was something my dad put me onto.
Josh Gondelman
Next door, there’s an old man who lived to his nineties and one day passed away in his sleep. And his wife, she stayed for a couple of days and passed away. I’m sorry, I know that’s a strange way to tell you that I know we belong.
Ben Folds
So here I am – a 75-year-old man sitting on a bar stool in a blues club, trying to figure out exactly how I got here. Any way you look at it, it’s a helluva story.
Buddy Guy
My old man tried to force on me a notion of what it was to be a ‘man.’ And it destroyed my dad.
Sam Shepard
The beard is here because I got tired of shaving and Grissom, subsequently, got tired of shaving. Grissom, like any other 50-year-old man, is going through a series of mid-life changes. Who knows, he may start drinking.
William Petersen
The words I use too often are X-rated, something an old man like me shouldn’t be talking about anyway.
George Clinton
When and where will another come to take your holy place?
Old man mumbling in his dotage, or crying child, unborn?
Margaret Walker
A thousand hills, but no birds in flight,
Ten thousand paths, with no person’s tracks.
A lonely boat, a straw-hatted old man,
Fishing alone in the cold river snow.
Liu Zongyuan
This is war: Boys flung into a breach Like shoveled earth; And old men, Broken, Driving rapidly before crowds of people In a glitter of silly decorations. Behind the boys And the old men, Life weeps, And shreds her garments To the blowing winds.
Amy Lowell
The toughest opponent of all is Old Man Par. He’s a patient soul who never shoots a birdie and never incurs a bogey. And if you would travel the long road with him, you must be patient, too.
Bobby Jones
After four tortured years, more than 400 over life-sized figures, I felt as old and as weary as Jeremiah. I was only 37, yet friends did not recognize the old man I had become.
My old man taught me a lot of stuff in his death that I don’t even know if he would have been able to teach me had he been alive. And that was to never do stuff that can jeopardize the people you love and hurt them.
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Wow, Johnny. I send you out for reinforcements and you come back with an old man, a nerd and this little hobbit guy. Great job.
Pittacus Lore
Harrison Ford may be getting old, but he can fight like a 28 year old man.
Harrison Ford
I thought we had lost you. I thought we’d done something worse than let you die.’ His old arms were tight and strong about me. I was kind to the old man. I did not tell him they had.
Robin Hobb
But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean.
H. P. Lovecraft
I like old men. They can be wonderful bastards because they have nothing to lose. The only people who can be themselves are babies and old bastards.
John Updike
There cannot live a more unhappy creature than an ill-natured old man, who is neither capable of receiving pleasures, nor sensible of conferring them on others.
William Temple
At Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy, I studied under a brilliant and fiery teacher. This tiny, stuttering old man flew into a rage if his students’ white socks failed to reach mid-calf level. Nor could he tolerate floppy hair. We wore hairnets to class – an athletic brigade of short order cooks.
Sascha Radetsky
When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened
Winston Churchill
Do you think that I am an old man? I could prove to this congregation that I am young; for I could find more girls who would choose me for a husband than can carry any of the young men.
Brigham Young
Our religion is the traditions of our ancestors – the dreams of our old men, given them in solemn hours of the night by the Great Spirit; and the visions of our sachems, and is written in the hearts of our people.
Chief Seattle
Many years ago… many, many years ago, I brought up a boy, and I said to him, ‘Son, if you ever become a writer, try to write a good part for your old man sometime.’ Well, by cracky, that’s what he did!
Walter Huston
My father was and is a great journalist. Thirty years ago, I was studying broadcasting in college, and the problem was I wasn’t nearly as good as my father. I wasn’t as quick or as smart as my old man, and I realized it would be a long time before I was ever going to be, and I decided to do something else.
George Clooney
I love the acquaintance of young people; because, in the first place, I do not like to think myself growing old. In the next place, young acquaintances must last longest, if they do last; and then, sir, young men have more virtue than old men; they have more generous sentiments in every respect.
Samuel Johnson
I’m an old man of 73, and I’ve been around a long time. If I don’t know something by now, I probably never will.
John Sununu
The naturalistic literature of this country has reached such a state that no family of characters is considered true to life whichdoes not include at least two hypochondriacs, one sadist, and one old man who spills food down the front of his vest.
Robert Benchley
Im sick and tired of old men sitting around in air conditioned rooms here in Washington, dreaming up wars for young men to die in.
George McGovern
There’s one thing my old man taught me and it’s the best thing he taught me. It wasn’t education at college or university – it was commonsense.
Marcus Wareing
It is wonderful to me that old men should not be sensible that their minds keep pace with their bodies in the progress of decay.
Thomas Jefferson
I don’t like new bands. I don’t want to be one of those pathetic old men in their forties who knows exactly what 18-year-olds are into.
Steve Coogan
I don’t like big events and crowded areas. I’m almost a curmudgeonly old man in that aspect. I’ve been like that forever.
Tom Segura
By working hard, old man, I hope to make something good one day. I haven’t yet, but I am pursuing it and fighting for it . . . .
Vincent Van Gogh
Like my old mentor would always say, Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and I’ll be dead.” Okay, she wasn’t a good poet, but that lady could handle her whiskey.
John Zakour
I don’t have the same knack for the business end that my old man did. Recruiting people has been tough. I don’t envy anyone in that spot, especially some of the great non-WWE promoters like ‘Evolves’ Gabe Sapolsky, Beyond Wrestling’s Drew Cordeiro, or Markus Mac at All Pro Wrestling.
Cody Rhodes
I am not going to become crazy in the ring, because I am already crazy. And I am not going to die in the ring. I am going to die in bed as an old man.
Roberto Duran
Why should anybody be interested in some old man who was a failure?
Ernest Hemingway
I consider myself just a lovable old man who just loves women. I’ve reversed 100 percent.
Bobby Riggs
O good old man, how well in thee appears The constant service of the antique world, When service sweat for duty, not for meed! Thou art not for the fashion of these times, Where none will sweat but for promotion, And having that do choke their service up Even with the having. . . .
William Shakespeare
The sight of one old man kneeling on all fours in front of me assembling a picnic table was enough to put all thoughts of lunch out of my head, possibly for life.
Michael Simkins
One of the fathers saith . . . that old men go to death, and death comes to young men.
Francis Bacon
the old man dance, where I tense up, shuffle my feet intermittently, complain about the music volume, and sit down for a rest.
David Thorne
Dirty old men, ignoring society, continue to follow nature.
Mason Cooley
Inside many of us
is a small old man
who wants to get out.
Anne Sexton
Every life is in many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.
James Joyce
You know when you’re young and you see a play in high school, and the guys all have gray in their hair and they’re trying to be old men and they have no idea what that’s like? It’s just that stupid the other way around.
Clint Eastwood
A famously wise old man in a village was once asked how he came by his wisdom. “I got it from my good judgment,” he answered. And where did his good judgment come from? “I got it from my bad judgment.”
Sydney J. Harris
There are moments as a teacher when I’m conscious that I’m trotting out the same exact phrase my professor used with me years ago. It’s an eerie feeling, as if my old mentor is not just in the room, but in my shoes, using me as his mouthpiece.
Abraham Verghese
The old man began to sing. His voice was very lovely and obviously a part of something that the world had disposed of in its haste, evidence of a grander, kinder past.
Jesse Ball
I haven’t changed my views much since I was about 12, really, I’ve just got a 12-year-old mentality.When I was in school I had a brother who was into Kerouac and he gave me On The Road to read when I was 12 years old. That’s still been a big influence.
David Bowie
Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.
J. K. Rowling
Cato requested old men not to add the disgrace of wickedness to old age, which was accompanied with many other evils.
Vince McMahon is a workaholic; he sleeps 4 hours a night. The last thing that you want to tell the old man is that you are burned out – you need a break.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
What would life be like if everybody insisted you must have actually built such-and-such a thing by yourself? I’d be an old man and have nothing to show for the aging.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Many of us didn’t believe in the image of bin Laden as a wandering Old Man of the Mountains, living on plants and insects in an inhospitable cave somewhere on the porous Pakistan-Afghan border.
Salman Rushdie
I used to imagine that making it in music – really making it in music – is if you’re an old man going by a schoolyard and you hear children singing your songs, playing jump-rope, or on the swings. That’s the ultimate. You’re in the culture.
Tom Waits
I think the vice of our housekeeping is that it does not hold man sacred. The vice of government, the vice of education, the viceof religion, is one with that of the private life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
As soon as I could talk, I was bellowing at the top of my lungs. My parents couldn’t get over how weird I sounded – like an old man when I was just a toddler! But no one was gonna shut me up.
Valerie June
The sea was angry that day my friend, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.
Stevie Smith
One advantage of doing Lear at 70 is that you don’t have to play an old man.
Nigel Hawthorne
I don’t want to be a grumpy old man or too pessimistic, because if I have a chance, I would prefer to watch a film in the cinema with an audience on a big screen instead of watching it on a cell phone. It’s a very different experience, but somehow I think this form will have its own future and life.
Wong Kar-wai
It was not my destiny, I kept thinking it would be, waiting for it to happen, but it never did, and I didn’t care what people thought … It was only boring old men who would ask me. And whenever they went, ‘What? No children? Well, you’d better get on with it, old girl,’ I’d say ‘No! F*** off!’
Helen Mirren
The language of young men is pull down and destroy; but an old man speaks of conciliation.
Chinua Achebe
I think Michael Crawford realised, I think we all realised, once we’d gone the route of casting a very young girl, you can’t really cast a 65 year old man opposite. Slightly different resonance I think. No, we weren’t going to go there. We’d have Jack Nicholson in the lead.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
She walks lightly, old man. She walks lightly upon the earth.
John Green
Grant me an old man’s frenzy, Myself must I remake Till I am Timon and Lear Or that William Blake Who beat upon the wall Till Truth obeyed his call.
William Butler Yeats
Although I am an old man, night is generally my time for walking.
Charles Dickens
I’m going to sound like an old man but at my age, it’s lovely doing something that you’ve never done before.
Roddy Doyle
If you want a peaceful place to dwell Cold Mountain is guaranteed forever A light wind blows softly in the pines The sound is good when you are close One old man sits beneath the trees Reading Lao Tzu and Huang Ti, mumbling I could not find the world if I searched ten years I’ve forgotten the road by which I came
Do not bandy words with your father, nor treat him as a dotard, nor reproach the old man, who has cherished you, with his age.
A young man is a theory, an old man is a fact.
E. W. Howe
I been doing the same things as in my younger days, when I was coming up, and now here I am, an old man, up there in the charts. And I say, well, what happened? Have they just thought up the real John Lee Hooker, is that it? And I think, well, I won’t tell nobody else! I can’t help but wonder what happened.
John Lee Hooker
My old man, he’s done it very differently from me. He had years of honing his craft and years of doing all that stuff before he even had to worry about ‘Game of Thrones.’ So he’s absolutely established himself as an actor without the fear of having to have a personality as well.
Frank Dillane
Stories had always been told about male genies coming out of bottles, but they were usually fat, old men. Never had the genie been a gorgeous woman, so that idea really appealed to me, and I created the series based on that premise.
Sidney Sheldon
I’m very happy and lonely single old man – and bitter.
Chris Kirkpatrick
I can’t believe I’ve turned into a typical old man.
Maurice Sendak
“Young men wish always to dream of what they have lost.”
“And old men?”
“Of what they have not found.”
David Berlinski
My old man claimed that the more complicated the law the more opportunity for scoundrels.
Robert A. Heinlein
Old men grasp more at life than babies, and leave it with a much worse grace than young people. It is because all their labours having been for this life, they perceive at last their trouble lost.
Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
The reason old man use Viagra is not that they are impotent. It’s that old women are so very ugly.
Jimmy Carr
He that steals the old man’s supper does him no wrong.
Benjamin Franklin
Young men know the rules, but old men know the exceptions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Which is crueler, an old man’s lost memories of a life lived, or a young man’s lost memories of the life he meant to live?
Diane Ackerman
Before I was ten I became critical of the anthropomorphic God as interpreted in the churches. I did not warm to One thus revealed as the semblance of a bullying and mean old man who must have all his own way, be praised all the time and for attributes which were deplorable in us.
Miles Franklin
I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him.
Edgar Allan Poe
In my first year, when I was driving in runs, winning games and making headlines, there was an old man who came to games at Seals Stadium, and one day he called me over, introduced himself and told me not to believe anything written about me or think too much of all the accolades.
Willie McCovey
And what a congress of stinks!- Roots ripe as old bait, Pulpy stems, rank, silo-rich, Leaf mold, manure, lime, piled against slippery planks, Nothing would give up life: Even the dirt kept breathing a small breath.
Theodore Roethke
When I was a kid I got no respect. When I went on the roller coaster, my old man told me to stand up straight.
Rodney Dangerfield
The old man always said we should attend to the things we have some hope of understanding, and eternity isn’t one of them. Well, this world isn’t one either.
Marilynne Robinson
A woman shaking in fear from demons in her mind, and the old man who loves her more deeply than life itself, crying softly in the corner, his face in his hands.
Nicholas Sparks
Young men, I beseech you earnestly, beware of pride. Two things are said to be very rare sights in the world- one is a young man that is humble, and the other is an old man that is content. I fear that this is only too true.
J. C. Ryle
Don’t you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!
Ken Watanabe
I don’t read Scripture and cling to no life precepts, except perhaps to Walter Cronkite’s rules for old men, which he did not deliver over the air: Never trust a fart. Never pass up a drink. Never ignore an erection.
Roger Angell
I’m a big fan of certain new acts. I love any genre of music, and I think it’s really great to see that there are new artists coming through. It’s kinda funny to think that I’m like the old man on campus now. But I’m really happy for groups like One Direction. I think they’re really good guys.
Joe Jonas
If Coors Field is the flashy youngster, Wrigley is a wise and weathered, tattered, beat up old man, but rich in charisma and character.
Gabe Kapler
I can’t believe I’ve turned into a typical old man. I can’t believe it. I was young just minutes ago.
Maurice Sendak
I am very healthy. Career wise, even old men get to be in movies. So as long as I am healthy, I will continue to make movies.
John Travolta
Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!
Charles Dickens
The love we have in our youth is superficial compared to the love that an old man has for his old wife.
Will Durant
I do old man things by default, just stay in the hotel room, eat oatmeal, and drink tea.
Old men delight in giving good advice as a consolation for the fact that they can no longer set bad examples.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
“You are old, Father William,” the young man cried, “The few locks which are left you are gray; You are hale, Father William, a hearty old man,- Now tell me the reason I pray.”
Robert Southey
The presidency made John Adams an old man long before there was television. As early as the nation’s first contested presidential election, with Adams and Jefferson running to succeed Washington, you had a brutal, ugly, vicious campaign that was divisive and as partisan as anything we’re experiencing today.
R. J. Cutler
Nothing had excited me-the huge cars, the entourages, the bodyguards, the policeman jumping to attention, all meant nothing to me … till I came to the old man’s office. (On becoming prime minister)
Shimon Peres
Nobody says, hey men should not drink. It’s all about women must dress differently, women must walk differently, women must drink differently. Why are we not able to hold men to account for this behavior?
Jon Stewart
Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man.
Leon Trotsky
We do not count a man’s years until he has nothing else to count.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
John Barrymore
An old man at school is a contemptible and ridiculous object.
Seneca the Younger
Lord, Lord, how subject we old men are to this vice of lying!
William Shakespeare
I’ve been a 90-year-old man since I was 12 years old.
Ryan Eggold
I love Fargo, I love all of them, but Miller’s Crossing just happens to be my favorite. When I heard Coen brothers were doing No Country For Old Men, I thought, “This is it. This is their masterpiece. This is going to be the one, because it’s going to bring every element together.” I just had a feeling about it.
Beth Grant
I would like to take the great DiMaggio fishing,” the old man said. “They say his father was a fisherman. Maybe he was as poor as we are and would understand.
Ernest Hemingway
It was a grand old house, the Ayemenem House, but aloof-looking. As though it had little to do with the people who lived in it. Like an old man with rheumy eyes watching children play, seeing only transience in their shrill elation and their whole-hearted commitment to life.
Arundhati Roy
No, that is the great fallacy: the wisdom of old men. They do not grow wise. They grow careful.
Ernest Hemingway
Old men must die, or the world would grow mouldy, would only breed the past again.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
A child is not frightened at the thought of being patiently transmuted into an old man.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
My old man’s got a problem, he lives with the bottle.
Tracy Chapman
I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.
George McGovern
A tall, thin old man waving a scorecard from the corner of his dugout. That’s baseball.
Ernie Harwell
The condition of matter I have dignified by the term Electronic, THE ELECTRONIC STATE. What do you think of that? Am I not a bold man, ignorant as I am, to coin words?
Michael Faraday
Just because it’s been around for centuries, doesn’t mean it’s cool to be a creepy old man.
Hannah Gadsby
I taught myself to name my name,
To bark back, loosen love and crying;
To ease my woman so she came,
To ease an old man who was dying.
W. D. Snodgrass
An old man in a house is a good sign.
Benjamin Franklin
The young man must store up, the old man must use.
Seneca the Younger
‘These things will become clear to you,’ said the old man gently, ‘at least,’ he added with slight doubt in his voice, ‘clearer than they are at the moment.’
Douglas Adams
Beware the old man in young guy’s clothes. If he’s over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he’s headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign.
Merrill Markoe
When I was at school studying biology, I wanted to be a medical researcher. I did work experience at St Mary’s Hospital in London, and I begged them to let me see the post mortems. So the first time I saw a naked male was at 15, when I saw an 89 year old man who had died of a brain hemorrhage.
Katherine Parkinson
When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.
Chinua Achebe
In twenty years’ time I’ll be eighty-three, just an old man with a stick moving like a sloth bear. While I’m alive, I am fully committed to autonomy, and I am the person who can persuade the Tibetan people to accept it.
Dalai Lama
Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.
Ernest Hemingway
O’ beautiful, for spacious skies
But now those skies are threatening
They’re beating plowshares into swords
For this tired old man that we elected king.
Don Henley
You know, I don’t mind dying. The thing that pisses me off is that I won’t get to be an old man. I was looking forward to that.
Robert Lansing
Up the road, in his shack, the old man was sleeping again. He was still sleeping on his face and the boy was sitting by him watching him. The old man was dreaming about the lions.
Ernest Hemingway
Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready.
Ernest Hemingway
I, 100 percent, feel like an old man, but I love it. I watch the news; I’m up early.
Will Grier
Could you help me catch the moon?” “I might be able to give you some advice,” the old man said reluctantly. “But first you should think this over, boy. When you love something, you have to make sure it loves you back, or you’ll bring about no end of trouble chasing it.
Patrick Rothfuss
Dance on, dance on, we see, we see
Youth goes, alack, and with it glee,
A boy the old man ne’er can be;
Maternal thirty scarce can find
The sweet sixteen long left behind.
Arthur Hugh Clough
My old man was a musician – that’s what he did for a living. And like most fathers, occasionally he’d let me visit where he worked. So I started going to his recording studio, and I really dug it.
Dimebag Darrell
I’m a perfect example of the grumpy, old man. I’m really good at it.
Ned Beatty
I want to be around for a long time. I want this to be a career. I want to sing like Tony Bennett. I want to be an old man and I want to go through all the ups and downs and I wanna still love what I do.
Michael Buble
Hold the door for an old man. Old ladies can take care of themselves; they’ve been doing it long enough.
Perry Brass
I’m gonna reveal something to you that’s going to come as a shock: If you’re a stupid young man, you’re usually a stupid old man. Most people, including myself, keep repeating the same mistakes.
William Shatner
She marking them begins a wailing note And sings extemporally a woeful ditty How love makes young men thrall and old men dote How love is wise in folly, foolish-witty Her heavy anthem still concludes in woe, And still the choir of echoes answer so.
William Shakespeare
Marco Polo tells the tale of The Old Man in the Mountains and how he recruits new members to his Band of Assassins by means of drugs, beautiful women, lush gardens, and religious promises. The unfortunate thing about this world is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones.
W. Somerset Maugham
People always seek to compare. They can take the new, but only if it is somehow connected to the familiar. We need that in our lives, the mix of the new and the old. But of course I’m flattered about the comparison with Old man and the sea. Hemingway is a great writer.
Yann Martel
THE 2,000-YEAR-OLD MAN’S SECRETS OF LONGEVITY 1. Don’t run for a bus – there’ll always be another. 2. Never, ever touch fried food. 3. Stay out of a Ferrari or any other small Italian car. 4. Eat fruit – a nectarine – even a rotten plum is good.
Mel Brooks