Old Time Music Quotes

Old Time Music Quotes by Ralph Stanley, Ketch Secor, David Grisman and many others.

Speaking of WAMU, [bluegrass and old time music DJ] Ray

Speaking of WAMU, [bluegrass and old time music DJ] Ray Davis did a lot of work there. I’ve know Ray, I guess for 50 years – 40, or 50 years. And, he plays a lot of my records.
Ralph Stanley
It’s true that bluegrass is a virtuosic form and asks that of its performer. Old-time music is older rawer and purer. It’s less stylized. We don’t solo. Well sometimes we do, but it’s different it has more to do with rock-and-roll than bluegrass does.
Ketch Secor
It was around that time, early 60s. There were like three kindred spirits in New Jersey. I had two friends who played folk music, old-time music and bluegrass and we started a little band called the Garret Mountain Boys.
David Grisman